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    Braid line for jig reel.

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    Braid line for jig reel.

    Here's another vote for Daiwa J-Braid ×8. I used original Power Pro for a long time and liked it, but last year switched to the J-Braid on my jig stick. Casts and feels so much better. Braid over straight 40lb mono which I used growing up let's me use smaller reels now for surface iron.
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    TRADE Newell P229 for Saltist 35h

    Looking to trade a Newell P229 in great condition for a Saltist 35h blue and black model in great condition ( I don't need one that's scratched up).P229 comes with clamp, after market handle and original handle with box. It has about 300yds of 50lb PP. there's mono underneath. Face to face in...
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    The 4th is with us at full force at OB pier:)

    The way you prepped that mackerel looks tasty!
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    Daiwa saltist bg20 vs other reels?

    The BG20 is the best in its class(price and performance)
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    Brown Bait

    As a young kid in the late 70's I grew up fishing the Daily Double and the La Jollan if i had extra $$. Paul Nakamura was captain of the DD at the time and Fred Huber was a young deckhand. They both taught me to always butt hook a brown bait. It was always queenfish or white croaker. Both were...
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    Daiwa Saltist for Surface Iron

    I have both and prefer the 35 over the 40 for throwing iron.
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    Rod recomendation for Daiwa Lexa 400 HSP

    I've used my 400 on an older 270-8c and a 270h-8c and slightly prefer the 270 for what the original post from 2017 was asking. Perfect for ME to throw both plastics and lighter iron like Tady C. Gotta get clamp though.
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    Salty met Elvis...epic day

    Best report I've ever read on here. Congrats on the Sword and BFT!
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    You can only eat so much Poke and Seared Ahi...any other suggestions?

    Marinate 1in thick fillets in your favorite vinegar for 20-30 min. Season with season salt then roll in Panko bread crumbs. In a non stick pan over medium heat and a little cooking oil brown til panko is crispy. Just before taking out pour a little beer over the top and let it cook another 20-30...
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    53.46 Lb. Yellowtail off Crystal Pier

    As a kid the OB pier bait shop always had a hoop net ready just for this reason. You would just run over there and they would give it to you. During the early years my brother landed a 30lb class YT this way. In 1979 I landed a 24lb black seabass at the end of the pier this way. It took a few...
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    Caught a ......salmon? Off of buoy number 3 in Point Loma.

    Cool catch congrats! We got one to the boat while fishing for reds off LJ in April. Ate a frozen chove on the way up. When we saw it three of us were kinda shocked. We didn't want to gaff it so made quick decision to bounce it. Snapped the leader and was gone, bummer. My dear late brother Jun...
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    Daiwa Lexa-HD400HS 7.1:1 $169.99 delivered

    New Lexa HD is coming out. New color with some improvements.
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    Best floro to mono knot?

    2 turn Surgeons knot tightened evenly. Easy, quick and strong.
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    "Lets Talk Hook Up" Radio Show Dead?

    Lets Talk Shimano
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    Thankful to live in San Diego!

    Time to eat and be thankful! Caught last Tues 150 ft in 63° very clean water. Released some big sandbass, but was pretty slow using frozen squid. Trolled back for bonito while cleaning our catch for nothing.
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    SOLD Life Jackets toddler, child, adult

    Gone thanks
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    1/2 day morning trip, Tuesday

    Everything I need to know. Thanks for the report!
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    Question regarding 5yr old on 1/2 day

    If you don't mind him thinking about fishing everyday for the rest of his life do it! That's what happened to me. My dad started me very young.
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    Super Seeker 6460

    I want it, but I'm in San Diego. If your headed this way I'll take it. If not GLWS
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    Coronado Islands 8/19/17 with my boys

    Nice Rob! You're lucky to have each other. Blessings proud Papa!
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    Grande overnignt returning 7-26

    James is a great captain & great man! My late brother, Jun, was a regular on the Pegasus, Domonator & Grande. He was there to see James grow up to be the man he is. The year Jun passed, James held a memorial trip in his honor and gave all profits to his wife. This will never be forgotten...
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    Bonito limit?

    Mexican waters
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    My brother caught and kept a striped marlin several years ago. It taste better to me than YFT.
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    A few seasons ago off San Diego. Got 7 all the same size. Kept one and gave the rest away. I tried peeling 3 layers of skin, tenderizing, soaking in milk & cooking it a couple different ways, but didn't turn out well. Seeker BSC6460XXH-6'AR & Avet 30. 1st drop 700 feet with biggest squid jig you...
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    Boat gear and stuff Cleanout

    I'll take fillet table.Pm'ed you.
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    Avet SX

    The one on the right is sold. BOTH SOLD Thanks BD
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    Avet SX

    I have 2 used Avet gold single speed reels up for sale. 50# power pro non MC. Both have normal wear I tried to show in pics, but well taken care of. Both in good working condition. Box & clamps included. Face to face in San Diego only. No shipping or trades. BOTH SOLD Thanks guys
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    Newell aluminum handle for sale

    I'll take it if you're ever in San Diego
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    WTT Daiwa Saltist BHG35

    I have a gold single speed used Avet sx if your interested and in San Diego. Any pics of BG35
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    making mac @ night

    X3 Night with light is best
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    Daiwa Shimano Okuma Penn reels

    I'll take Metaloid. PMed
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    Newell P220F

    Sold thanks Jim
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    Newell P220F

    Thanks for your interest in the reel, but I have someone picking it up today. Price is $150
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    Thanksgiving Bay!

    My girls caught lots of small bonito under birds just like OP said. Fished outgoing tide.
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    Thanksgiving Bay!

    Took my daughters out there today because of your report. Good fun.
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    Newell P220F

    PM's replied
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    Newell P220F

    Used P220F with clamp, box & extra washers $150. San Diego cash pick up only. No trades.
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    Skipjack Question

    The first time I ate raw Skipjack I couldn't believe how good it was up until I found a live worm in the flesh! I know that there's parasites and worms in many fish, but they are more prominent in some. This is the same reason why I don't eat Bocaccio anymore. I'm no food Nazi and know that...
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    Huge! Callaway #1 on the water too! Congrats
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    All Sold

    I'll take magna rod holder fillet table if you're anywhere around San Diego or Palm Springs. PM'd you
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    CONDOR Wahoo Thursday pics

    No worries. We're talking over 20 years ago. You used to deliver to the store I worked at Woo Chee Chong. You told me what jigs to use and to fish between the boulders. I'll never forget the first time my late dad & I went. We caught 21 crappie for a total of 36lbs! He passed at the age of 92...
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    CONDOR Wahoo Thursday pics

    Congrats on the Wahoo Norm! You might not remember, but you taught me & my dad how to catch crappie years ago at El Cap. Rob
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    Big blue!!!

    Yeah baby! I'm headed to Squidco right now to get a Mean Joe Green before they run out. Wait they're closed! LOL Congrats that thing is as big as my boat!
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    Lit up my boat on a budget

    For around 10 bucks I put these on for fun and to kill time on land. Don't expect much out of these lights. Just passing on what I did with $50
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    Lit up my boat on a budget

    Yes, they are advertised for use above or below waterline. I had my doubts, but they have lasted for more than a year. My boats in the water at least once a month.
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    Lit up my boat on a budget

    I used these. Got them on sale for $7.99 when I bought them
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    Father & Daughter Double Wahoo at the 14!

    This is not helping my addiction. Best report I've ever read! Congrats
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    Lit up my boat on a budget

    Installed these LED's a year ago on my little skiff and all still work perfect. I used 8 assorted lights I got on sale at BPS & All materials just under $50. The underwater lights I got for 8 bucks each are the ones I didn't think would last, but still good. They aren't thru hull so...
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    Big YT out of SMB

    BEAST! Congrats & nice pics
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    IB 9/14

    LOLo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O Don't want the Ice Police to find me.LOL
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    Shelter Island 530 launch

    I have extra gaffs. I'll give one to him Bee.
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    IB 9/14

    Left SI at 5:30 then made about 20 macs. Look down and new bait pump I installed about 2 months ago not working (broken impeller). Stop making bait & manually use 5 gal bucket to keep bait alive. Get to IB to find 73° green water. Not the dark blue water that's been there, but worked hard to get...
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    Crystal Pier Kids Derby Pics & Thanks

    This brings back a lot of memories of my childhood with my family. Congrats to all the volunteers for taking care of the future or our great sport!
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    7/25/15 tuna deuce

    Thanks for info Rob. I'll try small sniper next time out. Rob
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    San Diego inshore 7/22/15

    I told him to call in sick. He felt sick after I sent him the pics!
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    San Diego inshore 7/22/15

    Got there at 6:45 & left at 11:00. Got 1st one 5 minutes in last one around 10:30
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    San Diego inshore 7/22/15

    Did a solo a.m. trip today and spent about an hour making bait. Then on to Lj for 5 yellows. 65# spectra 50# flouro to circle. Lots of choices right now. Oh yeah for the Ice Police the fish were laid out for pic then back on ice.
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    YFT West of Mission Bay 7/17/15

    Us too. I'll show Mats the pics of you, Mike & the dodos.
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    YFT West of Mission Bay 7/17/15

    Got to MB bait receiver at 4:45 this morning to find only one other boat in line. Perfect timing as boats were filling in as we pull away with a tank full of dines. Bad news is bait pump dies a half hour later. With dead bait we head west. At 8 miles we start to see life. At 14 miles we get a...
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    7/17/2015 San Diego yellowfin and dodo's

    Nice! Mats & I were fishing west of Mission Bay today and could hear Mike laughing!
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    LJ 7/5 & today 7/8

    Thanks Rob. There's nothing Mats would rather be doing. See you out there!
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    LJ 7/5 & today 7/8

    After stopping in LJ Sunday morning before going out looking for tuna we got two yellows pretty quick. Water was a crystal clear blue 70 degrees. After no tuna for us we decided to spend the entire morning today at LJ. We did manage one, but water is now a bit green and 69. All sardine at MB...
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    Flare gun, Safety gear bag and throw cushion

    Thanks Rich. Very cool!
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    Flare gun, Safety gear bag and throw cushion

    I can use flare gun & cushion. Can pick up today
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    Thanksgiving Rockfish Point Loma

    Quick trip this morning to Point Loma. 110 feet using Mega Baits & plastics. Amazing weather out there with very little traffic.
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    mlpa map

    The DFG office on Ruffin Rd. has them for free.
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    Mercury 60 Bigfoot

    My mechanic used synthetic on my first service and that's all we've used since. He did all the maintenance until the warranty expired and used only Mercury products. Mine is 7 yrs old and now I do all the work. This is what I've used. Gear oil (Merc), oil (Merc & Quick), filter ( Merc, Quick &...
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    Grande Overnight 8/10

    I've fished the Grande many times with James and it's always my first choice. Good luck!
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    Caught some fish 7-14

    Nice catch so close to home. I like your Igloo latches. I've been through so many plastic ones that don't last long. Do you recommend those?
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    The New Gen of Cutters for Spectra

    Fiskers work for me.
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    Daiwa salstits 2speed 40 vs. avet jx 6/3

    You've probably already picked, but I have a SX, MXJ and a JX. I haven't tried the Saltist 40 2 speed, but last year was given a Saltist 20 2 speed to try out for one trip. I've got to say I liked the Daiwa better than the Avets. Drag was smooth and gears were strong.
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    Full moon hoopin

    I agree too much current is no good. It's no fun fighting with kelp and chasing nets. I've had some of my best nights during slack tide. If they're crawling they're crawling.You never know.
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    Lost hoops SD Bay Fri Oct 21

    x3 I was out 2 weeks ago and watched as a net from the guys set up current from me drift right past me. It was lit up with chem stick but they never saw it heading out to sea. I let them know and they still couldn't find it til I pointed it out with my spot light. Stop accusing people and stay...
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    How do you prepare bellies and collars??

    I marinate my YT and tuna bellies in teryaki sauce then cook quickly over hot BBQ. I like albacore best. The bellies have the most fat content. Some like it and some don't. To me it's like choosing rib-eye steak over filet. More fat more flavor.
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    Cheap Baitcasting Reel?

    Good advice! The C3 series are affordable and a great way to see if baitcasters are for you. They're also very easy to sell if you decide to upgrade so don't worry about buying twice.
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    7/20 1/2 day good calico & jacked JP

    If brought my family from Arizona I would expect to be treated right. If the JP was $5 it doesn't sound right and I would be worried about it. If the crew needs the money then earn it by taking care of your customers!
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    No, We Don't Need limit Changes

    A legal bass is a legal bass. If you want to keep it, good for you enjoy the tacos. If you want to throw it back, good for you i'll catch it next time.
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    Extratuf Boot Poll

    I use 16 non insulated. Went one size bigger just in case I go over the rail and into the water. The extra size will make them easier to get off and swim.
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    Anyone actaully ever have to use their mex insurance

    About 15 years ago my brother and I rolled his 4runner about an hour past Guerrero Negro. Truck was totaled with 2 tires blown off the rims. Luckily nobody was hurt and two of my brothers buddies in our caravan were TJ residents. They dealt with the Federales and everything went smoothly. I...
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    Paradise Point Resort 411

    If you don't mind fishing an open party 3/4 day boat try the San Diego midweek out of Seaforth Sportfishing. Spotted bay bass can be caught in the bay on plastics. If you can get ghostshrimp you can catch all kinds of stuff usually incoming tide is best. Dana Landing Market just south of the...
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    DFG is after me Follow Up

    All this speculation about what really happened that day is just that, speculation! You, your friends and the officers are the only ones who really know the details so who cares what anybody else thinks. You got a ticket and you got it cleared. Good for you. Move on.
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    Salton Sea was fishy (cooking techniques?)

    That's dinner to me bruddah!
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    Got a Ticket

    I got checked today at Dana Landing by two officers. Go through the reg book there's a lot of stuff in there you probably don't expect. Good luck with ticket.
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    La Jolla

    We hit La Jolla at 6:30am today. 62 was the warmest water we could find with no sign of life for us. Ended up with 7 reds (4 over 2lbs), 1 barber pole, 1 rosie and 1 boccacio released to salvage day. We also got checked by DFG and state surveyor at Dana Landing at 11:00. Make sure to know your...
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    How to spool Avet SX?

    There's a lot of reasons why people use long mono tops, but the advantage is stretch. Mono strecthes and imo is better for fishing iron(surface or yoyo) and trolling. I've tried straight spectra and seem to get short bit more. I do use straight spectra & short fc for everything else. Kelp...
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    SD Bay Lately (A Pictoral Report)

    Nice Angel Shark. Watch those teeth!
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    3/4 San Diego out of Seaforth

    I've fished the Chubasco 2, Malahini, Point Loma, San Diego, La Jollan(remember that old boat) and imo the San Diego easily the best of them all. If the fish are there Booger will find them. If sat is the only day you can go no worries. The boat is big and the crew will do their best to keep you...
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    3/4 day at Coronados on Mission Belle

    Caught my first yellow on the Mission Belle 33 years ago. I was 12 years old fishing with my late brother Jun Ranches.
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    12/20/10 Corona Lake...LIMITS on the tube in the rain (and VIDEO!)

    Were you using a GoPro 960? I'm just about to pull the trigger, but still not sure which model.
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    What Pump for 22gal Kodiak

    Tank can handle a full scoop of dines when water temp is cool enough. Once the water temp hits about 68 it can only handle a half. Half scoop of chovies seems to be best. I've tried to mix dines and chovies with bad results. Squid?
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    What Pump for 22gal Kodiak

    Rule 500, I've had the same tank for 6 years.
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    I had my water pump replaced on my Merc a year ago and there was a lot of salt build up in the lower unit despite flushing it out after every use. I now flush it out with Saltaway everytime and wonder if it works or if I'm just wasting my money. I'll know for sure next water pump.
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    Got Lucky Again 7-1-10

    No wonder I get my mail so late you're always on the water! This is Rob the Mailman from Tierrasanta. I think I used to be your T-6 9 years ago when I turned regular. Great report.
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    Which Bait Casting reel to get

    That's what I would do. Good luck.
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    Which Bait Casting reel to get

    I have 2 BPS Nitro reels that I have used in saltwater for 2 years with no problems. They are very similar to the Offshore Angler Extremes, same gears and drags. I fish them with 30lb spectra for bass and shallow water rockfish. Largest fish I've landed with them was a 16lb yellow. Drag handled...
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    Lake Powell

    Nice. Can't wait to go back
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    Seeker,Newell,Abu Garcia, bait tank

    Seeker sold, Abu's sold, both Newells pending Thanks, Rob
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    Seeker,Newell,Abu Garcia, bait tank

    seeker rod is sold, abu's pending till Thursday afternoon.
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    Seeker,Newell,Abu Garcia, bait tank

    Hilarious Brian. No shoes or home decor yet, but the pole is yours. The Abu's are pending!
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    Seeker,Newell,Abu Garcia, bait tank

    Newell P229-F like new with box, paperwork, extra washers and clamp SOLD Newell S229-5 excellent condition with 20lb p-line and clamp SOLD 2 Abu Garcia 6500C3's with power handles, 20lb yo-juri hybrid line, box with papers, oil and reel tool. Both have normal scratches, but in good working...
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    newell p229

    I've got one if your interested. PM sent.