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    SOLD Invader 17’ Reef Runner CC

    I'm interested, text me (760) 450-457 five.
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    10/29- Epic BFT trip on the Pacifica

    Stoked for you and Rusty, Keith. Thanks for the report. As far as fishing your own balloon/flyers, were you using a separate rod for the balloon or just putting it on the bait line? Any other details about the rig you don't mind sharing?
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    SOLD SOLD... Price drop Grande Sport fishing Full day 2 passes $250

    That's a steal. I don't know if you're on facebook stuman but if so I'd post it in the Socal Sportfishing Club page I bet you'll get a buyer.
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    3-1/2 Day Pacific Voyager

    Yes, it was the first boat I ever saw the double trouble rig fished on.
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    3-1/2 Day Pacific Voyager

    It was a banger trip last year Dave! First time I've ever been spooled when I hooked that bluefin in the photo's twin on 30#. I don't think the dates work for me this year, but if I can swing it, I'll let ya know asap.
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    For Sale Lots of great Grundens gear - new

    Got my bibs in a timely fashion! Thanks TJ.
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    10/8 Lucky > Good

    You guys are welcome! I feel like there's been a real lack of reports lately. Just filling in as a deckhand on a 6-pack. It's been rad though, learning a lot and getting my 'fix' so to say while actually making a little money. You get on the waitlist for that Nov trip yet? :)
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    10/8 Lucky > Good

    I normally don't post reports for trips I'm working but with the dismal counts yesterday and the lack of reports on here I figured this could help motivate some of ya'll to keep after it! Grabbed the worst bait of the season, perhaps the worst I've ever seen, at the barge. The water running out...
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    SoA 9/16-9/24

    Thanks for the report man, I'm excited to read the rest! As someone who has suffered from similar frustrations, I now type up all of my long stuff on google drive and then just copy and paste it into the forum/wherever. Googly drive autosaves every time you change anything so you'll never lose...
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    For Sale Classic Wood Dory Boat $11,900 They keep updating the craigslist add so I'd say it's still for sale.
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    SOLD Penn Spinfisher 7500

    Used Penn Spinfisher 7500 for sale. Just don't have a use for this thing. Was a hand me down and I never used it once so not positive of the condition, but it looks like it was barely used. I just popped the spool off as writing this and took a couple photos, inside looks perfect. $100 obo...
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    SOLD AVET LX 6/3 two speed!!

    AVET LX for sale, 80% filled with 65# power pro. Has some boat rash for sure but fully serviced last season and has only pulled on a few fish since then so ready to go mechanically. $220 obo Would consider trade (+ cash on either side depending) for decent rod. Looking for a jig stick and a...
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    Bait and Launch

    If you're going south launch out of shelter island. If you're fishing US waters then dana landing in Mission Bay. I've heard of guys ordering ballyhoo from florida but they aren't used nearly as much here. The marlin guys around here use mackerel as their pitch bait.
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    BOLA video

    Thank you! It was my first year on this trip but a couple of the other guys have been doing it for a few years, so they got it kinda dialed for us. Ha thanks! Will definitely be back. Thanks Robert! I know it's been too long. I have some questions about wrapping rod I may give ya a call this...
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    BOLA video

    Hey BD, I went down to Bola in June and brought the gopro. Just got done putting an edit together and thought you all might enjoy it! It was an awesome trip, can't wait to go back.
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    For Sale 1991 Trophy model 2003 ( Custom Wheel House )

    I really like your boat and would normally message you to come check it out. However I'm leaving on a hunt on thursday and have obligations after that until the 25th. If it's still available then I may give you a call, but I have a feeling it won't be. GLWS.
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    8/1 Bluefin close to home

    Yooooooo it's Ernie. That was an epic day. So many moments that I won't forget... (that mako aerial display!!!) . Your present for the grom was next level too. Way to get the next generation hooked. It was a blast fishing with you guys!
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    LA Bay highway 5 today.

    Did it last week, same story more or less. They did want one document at the stop after SF but we didn't have the right one and they still let us through after a couple mins.
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    For Sale Don’t buy Robalo San Diego

    FWIW I went to check out the $3500 robalo for sale in Fallbrook that's been on and off craigslist. That boat seemed okay, but it was obvious the guy didn't really want to sell it. His wife posted it and they've been going back and forth about whether he should sell it or not. He didn't even want...
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    Bahia De LA July 10-13

    Just got back yesterday. Fishing is great. Lots of yellows to 30# and a couple more lost that we didn't get to see so they we're obviously giants. We stayed with Antonio at Campo Archelon and it was awesome. We fished with Angel Blanco and he was also amazing. He speaks great english and is...
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    3/11 offshore skunk

    edit: 6/11 Launched at shelter island at 6:40ish and didn't clear the point until 8:15 (not many parking spots left but there were at least 10 trailers that were taking up 2 spots). Loooooong line for bait 30+ boats. Did make 10 macs while waiting. Bait was good mostly 5-6 inch sardine with...
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    Bluefin on a Cedar plug

    Heard your report on the radio today, thanks for that. Gave us some confidence to keep trolling but we still blanked. Congrats on the fish!
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    Liberty Full Day 6/9

    Hey BD, If anyone wants to ride the liberty tomorrow I'd give fisherman's landing a call. I had a spot booked and had to give it up unfortunately so there may be 1 even if the site says full.
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    SOLD 2005 Nitro 1900 Center Console

    Sent my buddy to see it and he drove off with it! Stoked we're taking it out Saturday. *MODS boat is sold if you want to change/delete
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    Bluefin 5/24

    Nice fish Robert! I'm jelly haven't made it offshore yet this year.
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    California Fishing News

    I haven't been updating this thread but I'm still rolling along with episodes. Things are slower this time of year, but there are still plenty of fish being caught! Here's the snippet from this week's episode: Another quick episode as we wait for the waters to warm! Still plenty of info...
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    Halibut report - Santa Barbara

    Yew! I went to highschool with Brad and always watch and comment on his fishing stuff. Stoked to see you guys got one!
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    HALIBUT CLASSIC suffers huge loss with tragic death!

    Very sorry for you loss. I found a boat however and am excited to fish the tournament. I was going to put it in the mail tomorrow but I see that will be too late to save me the $20... oh well, $60 is still fine since I'll be winning the dang thing anyway right? (friendly boasting, I'm actually...
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    Big blow coming 11/20

    Given the water is already 65 degrees and the yellowfin should already be gone, it could definitely shut them down. But it's only calling for 10-20 knot winds with gusts to 25 now, nothing super nautical. Given I leave on a 3.5 day on thursday, I'm staying optimistic. Either way the bluefin...
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    Fish processing

    The processors are like the boats: everyone has some they swear by and others they won't ride. Try them and form your own opinion. Fisherman's processing has the newest facilities, 5 star seemingly has the best customer service, Sportman's has the lowest prices. I've used sportsman's a few...
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    2019 Halibut Classic - Those looking for boat or crew....

    Put me on the list as an angler looking for a boat!
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    1.5 - 2 day trips out of San Diego

    They're all good. Personally out of those I'd fish the tribute, very professional operation. Last time I went all of the deck crew were even qualified 100 ton captains. Plus the parking situation at Seaforth. I've also fished with Steve, the captain of the Mustang, and really liked the way he...
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    3-1/2 - Day Pacific Voyager

    Where do you look at for wind/weather forecasts farther out than 3-4 days? Just curious. All my go-to's generally don't go beyond that.
  34. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Can Overnight's still reach the tuna grounds?

    The fleet is currently fishing ~50 miles from the point. You can safely assume the fleet travels at 10 knots (11 mph). So less than a 5 hour run there which is easy. You'll have to stop fishing by 2 or 3 pm to be back in time but still doable.
  35. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Any landings running hooping trips?

    There are at least 3 boats out of SD that run often, the Josie Lynn, Alicia, and Jig Strike. Two are out of H&M and one is out of PL I think.. check the landing sites.
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    Pumpkin Carving Contest 2019 Is On!

    People really stepped their game up this year! Congratulations to the top 5.
  37. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Pumpkin Carving Contest 2019 Is On!

    I call it... "The Southern California Bight"... ... Get it?
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    3-1/2 - Day Pacific Voyager

    Super stoked for this one Dave. Still trying to recruit a couple buddies. If anyone is curious about how good the fishing can really be this time of year - I've been on this trip the past two years as well, and both have been EPIC! (albeit with a different group but same time of year and...
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    California Fishing News

    Thank you very much! Just recorded this week's episode. As not a ton has been changing gonna work on making them shorter and more succinct so they're quicker listens. Also have always wanted to interview some fisherman so started that as well. Just recorded the first one with a deckhand from...
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    LB Reel Service?

    Bouldin - I use Ken's Custom Reels in Oceanside. Really good work but can take a bit. I'll be in town from mid november until after new years and will be driving up north so could pick em up for ya. If you haven't already got it sorted LMK.
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    California Fishing News

    Now on itunes, sticher, and spotify! Here's episode 5:
  42. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Mr Wong

    Here I thought we were talking about Daryll Wong who makes sweet spearguns...
  43. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Anyone sight casting for dorado?

    +1 to poppers. Didn't know until I saw it myself last year. Another trick I picked up from a fellow angler was using a strip of skipjack belly. Cut it into a triangle shape slab and toss it out there. Guy called his shot before he did it and sure enough landed a dodo. Lastly, when fishing...
  44. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Coltsniper tuna

    I fish them like I do kastmasters for trout, pretty much every different way. They'll get hit on the sink, on a fast retrieve, slow retrieve, on the surface like an iron, fishing it like a skip jig, etc. Just mess around with it and see what works. Everyone will say change the hooks and that's...
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    California Fishing News

    Ep. 4 is up and we are now on the apple podcasts app. Slowly getting better at presenting and staying organized. This week I talk about the best YFT fishing of the season, the big bluefin disappearing (and where I think they went), the Cortez bank bite, and more. It's 30 mins, turn it on next...
  46. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Jumbos still at San Clemente island?

    If you're talking about The Thunderbird, the 4 they got were the ~100 pound class, not the 200+ size. However, Air Pilikia did report seeing some cows on Monday. Not huge schools but 'wolf packs'. He doesn't post where though and covers a huge area so not sure where they were.
  47. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Limit out or keep looking?

    100% go to SCI for any chance at a fish of a limetime. Sure it may just be kite fishing, but I'd be fly lining, or flat falling, or rubber band rig fishing, or doing something just incase I can trick one. There was a super cow caught on a FF recently! And a number of 100#ers on flyline macs. If...
  48. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Most fishy vessel for november - december tuna bite!

    Depends on what you want to target. If you’re after a BIG bluefin you can’t go wrong with The Aztec, New Lo Ann, or Pac Queen. There’s a bunch of other solid operations but those three always seem to stick out. Keep it mind there’s a chance the bite dies anytime in November. The past two years...
  49. NorCalSoCalIDC

    California Fishing News

    A new one is up for October 2nd! I made a couple improvements and really think this one is a better listen than the previous two. you can also get the audio only version here: Thanks for those who listened!
  50. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Oct. 06

    It's late season and a long trip that departs on a Sunday, most people just can't swing it. This time of year the loads will start to get lighter and lighter especially for midweek trips. Can be awesome if they run since the fishing can be better than Summer. Just double check how many they'll...
  51. NorCalSoCalIDC

    9/29 NEW LO-AN 1.5 day

    Very well written report man! Sorry it didn't work out. It is funny how quickly you can go from brimming with optimism to the pits of despair. We've all been there. Keep trying if ya can. The opportunity we have right now is truly amazing, but it's not like every trip you're gonna catch a...
  52. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Current fishing for 1.5d 10/1, is it still 20lb leader?

    Have both. It's been changing day to day. Some days they are finicky and you need to go light. Yesterday The San Diego got on a school that would eat anything. I last fished a month ago and most of the time I was using my 20 lb set up to get a bite, but at one point the YFT went dumb and I...
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    California Fishing News

    Episode 2 is up! Not gonna lie, I was a little over-caffeinated for this one, but it's a work in progress. Thanks for listening!
  54. NorCalSoCalIDC

    California Fishing News

    Thanks again man! I'll be talking to you more soon. Good luck out there! Appreciate the feedback! The glasses are just blue light blockers anyway so I can just do it without them. Definitely had some nervous energy going too. I'm sure I'll settle down and get more comfortable as I do more...
  55. NorCalSoCalIDC

    California Fishing News

    Bouldin! You're the man. Hope that skiff works out for you. Thank you, I really appreciate the feedback. I have two thoughts on the format, either live or edited. One thought is I could stream it live on youtube. It's the 'cool' thing to do these days and when the show grows and has more of...
  56. NorCalSoCalIDC

    California Fishing News

    Hey BD! I've been sitting on this idea for a while now and finally decided it was time to put it into action. Basically it's a weekly youtube video & podcast that talks about the fishing that's happening all over the state of CA. The idea is to provide simple news round up with catches...
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    Beginners Luck 9-19-19

    Good job! You ruined him for life now.
  58. NorCalSoCalIDC

    #TBT Thunderbird (COW BLUEFIN)

    Last week they had an awesome day going 6/9 with 5 of those over 200 and 1 over 300. Jeff said though this was a charter group who specifically wanted to target them. They were all caught on the kite and dead flyers. Jeff said "this fishing would be extremely hard/impossible with an open party...
  59. NorCalSoCalIDC

    How long before your 100# BF

    eush, more days than I can count really. Atleast 6 trips before I got my first bluefin here. Then another summer of fishing avidly before I got my next. So a lot of days and $$$$. Have got a decent # of 40-60 pounders since but still looking for my cow!
  60. NorCalSoCalIDC

    THE BIGHT, 9/15/19

    Beautiful way to tell the story! Congrats on your 'little one'. I had the pleasure of taking a boat ride with Wes once and really liked the dude.
  61. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Bait Report?

    I've heard that LR boats have their own bait that's been cured much longer and is just way better. I have yet to go on a LR trip however so I don't know if that's really true. I'm sure one of the experienced gentlemen here can enlighten us!
  62. NorCalSoCalIDC

    9/16-9/18 Pride 2 day

    Wish I could make this one! $500 for a 2 day is a deal when a 1.5 open party on that boat with 2 more anglers is $390.
  63. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Opah On The AA!!!!

    Awesome! I was on the o-95 a couple years back. Rick stops on some deep meter marks in the dark. We all drop flat falls and one lucky angler hooks up. Fights it for 45 mins or so then passes it to the crew to finish. We all assumed it'd be a #100+ BFT. I'm still fishing when I hear the crew...
  64. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Pacific Queen 2.5 day Oct 8th

    The mods moved it, pal. Good contribution to this thread though.
  65. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Pacific Queen 2.5 day Oct 8th

    I'm sure you will! Just a heads up this should be put in the SoCal Sportboat Trip Planning Forum (we're in the socal offshore fishing reports forum).
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    Pacific Queen 9/10 - 9/13 roll call

    FWIW I got 3 YFT and 1 BFT on 50lb fluoro live bait the 27th and 28th. The YFT was when they went stupid and the BFT was on a good BFT sundowner as the light got low. Sure, most of my fish came on #20, but they'll bite heavier sometimes.
  67. NorCalSoCalIDC

    08-18-19 Mustang Overnight

    Bummer about the fish. A lot better than not catching them though I guess! It's super easy to reach in and rip one gill so I pretty much always do that anyway. If I have time now I'll even gill+gut them real quick myself, its pretty easy on small fish and makes a big difference in how they come...
  68. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Aztec 2-Day Aug 26-28th roll call

    Me and my good buddy Adrien will be on as well! I'll be the tall skinny white guy with long hair and Adrien is an even taller, fatter, Philippino guy (jk Adrien). You know Greg loves to fish for bluefin, so if things go well and we can do work on the YFT the first day I would bet we take a shot...
  69. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Can you fish flyers without a kite or helium balloon?

    I've heard of guys using a pool noodle as a float and fishing them that way. Never seen it first hand though so not sure exactly what it looks like. Anyone know?
  70. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Multi-day Trip Questions...

    1. The boat will have trolling set ups. That being said, they usually aren't the nicest set ups ever and you are more than welcome to bring your own if you'd like. 2. Pretty much every boat has RSW these days and take good care of the fish. The photos you see are either before being dropped or...
  71. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Sabiki yellowfin

    It does look like I (and Jason apparently) was mistaken. I was confused with the rockfish regulation and the freshwater 3 lure/3 hook max regulation. Go for it and let us know how it goes!
  72. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Looking for crew members

    I was lucky to boat ho for Keith a couple of times and have nothing but good things to say about him. That was on his old boat too (which I thought was super nice) so I can only imagine his new rig. Unfortunately I don't live in SD anymore, but I will be in town for two weeks starting August...
  73. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Sabiki yellowfin

    Smart ass comment above aside, there are different regulations for targeting baitfish vs. gamefish.
  74. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Beginner question about surf lure fishing

    If you ever get a chance put on a mask and go for a swim in the surf zone, you'll be surprised what you will see! Basically, the surf perch, croaker, and corbina are all in water as shallow as a few inches. Corbina especially you will see up in 2" of water with their backs sticking out of the...
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    Top Gun 80 3.5 day

    Thanks for the report. It's nice to have reminders that the fishing isn't exactly like social media makes it look a lot of the time.
  76. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Long loop out of Newport Beach. Bluefin and yellowfin report 6/29

    Rad! Thanks for the informative report. On a trip last year I noticed if there were dorado and mixed tuna on a paddy, the dorado would ALWAYS bite the first few baits in the water. However, if the paddy just had dorado on it they would act much lazier and less eager to eat. We were...
  77. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Tribute overnight 6/27

    Dope to get one on the popper! Even if it was Mike Long style haha... The Tribute is a quality operation!
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    New name and owners for the Dominator

    Shh guys don't comment too much or the mods will banish this thread to fishing chit chat in the hopes it won't be seen as much while simultaneously letting every other offtopic post slide....
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    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    You know what doesn't cut it? Having someone DIE on your boat, getting a new one, and having a almost catastrophic accident less than a month after starting to run that one.
  80. NorCalSoCalIDC

    6/23/19 - 6/25/19 Searching the US side

    Nice report! I laughed at the What didn't work: Me part. Keep putting in the time and I'm sure you'll be rewarded!
  81. NorCalSoCalIDC

    6/24 Yellas at Cat on the Pursuit !

    Rad report with lots of pics! Well done. Super cool on the hand off too, karma will be coming your way. That's scary af about the robbing though. Did he take his fishing gear or just want his cash/wallet?
  82. NorCalSoCalIDC

    2.75 on the SA 80

    Thanks for the report! Premier is a IGFA rated line meaning it breaks AT OR UNDER it's labeled strength. Blue label is not and is definitely a little stronger. I caught a bunch of 60 lbers on blue label 30 pound last year and really like it.
  83. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Hodges, a 20+ year family affair!

    My Dad used to fish Hodges a lot in the 90’s and early 2000’s. He’s never owned a boat so would mainly shore fish or occasionally rent one. He generally went on Wednesdays when I was in school, so unfortunately I missed out on most of his adventures. I was always his most captive audience when...
  84. NorCalSoCalIDC

    First trip for the mustang

    Nice! Getting a 100+ on a popper is frickin' rad. But c'mon, you must have a pic of the SOB. Let's see it.
  85. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Coronado Islands report 6/8/2019

    Looks like a super fun solo trip! They're pretty much all fishing offshore for bluefin currently.
  86. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Largemouth Video in Washington DC!

    Thanks! I just moved away from DC but really learned to love it as I learned to catch the local bass this spring. Before I left I went to the Tidal Basin and caught 9 on gopro so I'll be making a video of that when I get the time to edit it!
  87. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Oceanside Ninety Five

    I like the O'95. I used to live in Vista so it was by far the closest and 1.5 days were $250 vs the $350+ of the SD boats. There's also infinite free parking, and it is 95' which is significantly longer that some others. That being said, their average count could be lower for a few reasons that...
  88. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Pacific Voyager 5/27-5/30

    My buddy was on it and said it was slow, he only landed 2 yellows. Said the final day they had one chance at bluefin but he didn’t get bit. The weather was bad at the start and messed it up. My other buddy was on the trip right before and said the ride home was brutal, they only managed to do 6...
  89. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Thailand 2019 Report

    Thank you! I chatted with Tap before our trip and was planning on hitting up Bungsamran but unfortunately a little stomach bug kept us in the hotel for the first couple days. Hey at least there’s something for next time. If only the travel wasn’t so bad I’d be here all the time. I got a good...
  90. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Thailand 2019 Report

    I used the Working Class Zero Citizen swimbait and the mega bass magdraft swimbait. I brought them from the states but they do have a good selection of lures available for purchase. The snakehead lure was similar to a ‘silver buddy blade bait’. (Throw that in google and you’ll see what I mean)...
  91. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Thailand 2019 Report

    No we’ve moved on to the island life for now. Good luck though. I had a blast at pilot but the fishing was far from wide open. The fish get a lot of pressure there. Keep in mind the map they have there showing which fish are in which pond is out of date, ask one of the staff for a better idea...
  92. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Thailand 2019 Report

    Rad! I’m in Thailand currently and fished Pilot111 but skipped the parks you fished. Glad to see your report. I’ll throw up one of my own when I’m back and have time!
  93. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Largemouth Video in Washington DC!

    Hey everyone, I got a GoPro for Xmas this year and have been taking it fishing. I put together a video of me catching a few bass in DC last month. I spent some time editing it trying to make it a fun watch so I’d appreciate it if you checked it out. If ya like it please hit subscribe! I gotta...
  94. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Late Report: CLUBFISH Pacific Voyager charter Nov '18

    Edit: Some of these photos were taken by Robert and Rachel, so I do not have ownership of all photographs included. After a little bit of a long-term weather forecast scare, the trip was set to depart as scheduled on Thursday, November 15th, at 10 am. This trip last year was, well, epic...
  95. NorCalSoCalIDC

    roll call pacific voyager 3.5day 11/15-18

    Hey Robert don't forget your passport this time :rolleyes: And don't worry I'll have my own 80 and 100 pound this year. I m only bringing 6 set ups but enough to have all my bases 25-100lb covered. See you guys in the AM.
  96. NorCalSoCalIDC

    1.5 Day Nov 16 Tribute, Producer, or Liberty

    I haven't rode The Producer or the Condor so I can't comment there. The Tribute and The Liberty are both class acts however. Really well run boats with good captains and crews. I have rode both multiple times and would do so again without hesitation. I'd probably look at their loads and go with...
  97. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Need info on long range

    On multiday trips you are allowed to come back with 3 day limits. In mexico the daily limit is 10 fish with no more than 5 per species. 2 Dorado techinically count as 5 of those which is lame but that is the law. So you could come back with 30 assorted YFT/Wahoo/Yellowtail with no more than 15...
  98. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Constitution questions?

    I rode it for the first time last month on a 4.5 day. I really liked it. The bunks we're roomy, airy, and we had plenty to choose from. I got there late and still had 3 bunks I considered good available to me. I also had a chance to talk to Captain Keith a good bit and like the guy. It was a...
  99. NorCalSoCalIDC

    O95 or Toronado

    I've ridden the O95 a number of times and would definitely do it again. It's big, cheap to ride, and I like Captain Rick a lot.
  100. NorCalSoCalIDC

    AZTEC BFT 2.75 Nov.1-3

    Gl guys I'm jealous! Let us know how it goes (as if I won't already know from checking the reports 3x a day lol)
  101. NorCalSoCalIDC

    AZTEC BFT 2.75 Nov.1-3

    Cows are definitely still there. Bring 30 lb fluoro and small hooks incase the 40-70s are biting and finicky (that's how it was last week). GL should be a rad trip.
  102. NorCalSoCalIDC

    2 day on The Pride 9/25-9/27

    Bump. We have 11 confirmed and 3 maybies - so at least 1 spot left for sure.
  103. NorCalSoCalIDC

    2 day on The Pride 9/25-9/27

    Hey Zac, It depends on if the fishing changes much in the next week but we will almost definitely start on the YFT grounds. The dream is to get limits quickly then head to look for BFT that afternoon and ideally get all night to fish for them too but that’s not a guarantee of course.
  104. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Picking a Ride

    Pac Queen has an awesome reputation and I wouldn't hesitate to fish that boat ever. The Constitution I've heard good things about and they know how to catch the big ones as they target them part of the year in PV. I don't know anything about the other 2 boats you mentioned. But if you can go...
  105. NorCalSoCalIDC

    2 day on The Pride 9/25-9/27

    See you in November! :cheers:
  106. NorCalSoCalIDC

    2 day on The Pride 9/25-9/27

    Bump, still spots available.
  107. NorCalSoCalIDC

    18 Bluefin on Outer Limit 10-12

    In my experience kite fish are split so at least everyone gets some chunks. If you get one on the flatfall it's yours to do what you want with. At least that's how it was on the Ranger 85 this year on a BFT or bust trip.
  108. NorCalSoCalIDC

    18 Bluefin on Outer Limit 10-12

    The Seaforth website says 'Captain Paul just called in with 18 bluefin tuna (4 over 200 pounds!) for their 2 day trip.' I'd bet the rest are a mix of 40-60ish pound fish and 90-110 pound fish just based on the mix most of the boats have been getting lately.
  109. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Jaws III on the Toronado September 4-5

    Thank you for the info! It's funny how you think you know all the techniques you need then someone just blows your mind with another. I'm gonna make a number of these rigs and bring squid on every BFT trip from now on. Just curious, how big are these 'giant' squid you're using? And I'm guessing...
  110. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Clemente "guarantee" ?

    I don't know for sure, but I have a feeling that was actually at either Cortez or Tanner Bank not SCI. The bite there has been good for yellows up to 40 pounds and the smaller ~20lb bluefin. Another option is the Pride out of Seaforth. Sleeps 18 but the prices for charter are pretty low. If...
  111. NorCalSoCalIDC

    2 day on The Pride 9/25-9/27

    4 spots! Book it while you can. FYI the ticket price of this trip w/o food and permits is $395 ($75 dollar meal plan and $30 dollar Mexican license). Open party 1.5 days are $390 these days so it's a great chance to fish a limited load 2 day for the price of a 1.5!
  112. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Toronado - weird operation

    I do really like Captain Ray, and it's hard to beat for the price! It's not a terrible operation. I've rode it a few times. However after the last time I decided it just wasn't for me. They had a couple deckhands that I really didn't like. On one BFT trip we start marking them and one of the...
  113. NorCalSoCalIDC

    2 day on The Pride 9/25-9/27

    Have 5 spots open currently for a 2 day departing 10 pm September 25th and returning at 8 pm September 27th on the Pride out of Seaforth. Limited to 15 anglers. Price is $500 including meals and permits. ($30 off if you already have your Mexican license) The plan is to fish YFT/dorado the first...
  114. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Cow baby- live report, SCI , 9-4-2018

    WTG Keith! Good to see you get one after the trials of last year. New boat? Looks nice!
  115. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Coronado Islands on the San Diego 6/19

    Awesome report! Just need some photos! I'm not sure about the jig question, but are the JRI 7's larger than the 3's? I've been a couple trips in the last year to the nados when the fish were preferring a slightly smaller iron. They'll still hit the big ones but I feel like they commit more to...
  116. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Liberty this week

    Just booked 3 for tomorrow on the liberty. We were the first tho so need 4 more to run. We'all hop on the San Diego if it doesn't get there but I'm bringing the gf and she really likes the bunks on the Liberty.
  117. NorCalSoCalIDC

    O'side pier?

    During summer the surf zone can be good for croakers and perch. The deeper water can be good for sharks/rays with big baits, can be exciting and fun to pull on. I'm sure an occasional halibut is caught but it is not common by any means. Most of the time you see people fishing for macks and smelt,
  118. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Liberty this week

    I am gonna go with 2 others on friday, so if you dont get it to run tomorrow Carter switch to friday!
  119. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Come join me on the Constitution August 2nd.

    Im sure he means August 2nd. Europeans and some other countries list the dates like that day/month/year.
  120. NorCalSoCalIDC

    San Clemente Island Report Sunday 2/4/18

    Sounds epic. I've never had the pleasure of bass fishing SCI, now I can't wait even more. Also crazy about the water temps inside of Catalina! Definitely not complaining.
  121. NorCalSoCalIDC

    New Year New List! Looking for nice people to take fishing this year who loves to fish!

    I never got to fish with ya last year Doug but hopefully this year we do! Nice engine, I'm sure you're stoked!
  122. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Oside Sunday 12/10 with kids...

    There's been some good butts caught in 60'-100' of water recently down to the south somewhere could be worth a try up here too!
  123. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Dec. 3 Bft report

    Niiiiice. What'd you guys get them on?
  124. NorCalSoCalIDC

    First 4 Day on the Pacific Voyager

    I was on the trip with Ed and talked to Ryan about the jigs. He told me the same story of being cut off by the ring but he insisted just to fish the stock hooks. Ken and Andy at Ken's Custom Reels told me the same. Unfortunately there is no scientific way to tell which has a higher hook up and...
  125. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Condor 1.5 Day 11/24-26

    yewwww well done dude, glad you got out and got one.
  126. NorCalSoCalIDC

    TL;DR 3.5 days of EPIC on the PAC VOY

    Thanks John, pretty awesome problem to have... too much tuna! I knew I may write a report so I was kinda keeping mental notes the whole time. I actually had a paragraph about my PJs in there but it seemed weird and I couldn't quite explain it so I left it out, haha! I was not this was my...
  127. NorCalSoCalIDC

    TL;DR 3.5 days of EPIC on the PAC VOY

    In early October I saw Steve Young’s post advertising a few spots open on the CLUBFISH 3.5 day charter on the Pacific Voyager. It seemed like a reasonable price and a good opportunity to fish that boat but I didn’t think I’d be able to make it happen. Let’s just say the stars aligned, I sent my...
  128. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Pacific Voyager 3.5 day Openings

    Ha, glad I saw this tonight. I packed 8 and wasn't sure if it was too many! See you guys in the AM!
  129. NorCalSoCalIDC

    O95 only needs 7 more tonight 11/13

    They called in to 976 and said they are a for sure run, GL dude! Was really close to hopping on this trip but I'm going on a 3.5 thursday so decided to just wait.
  130. NorCalSoCalIDC

    O95, 1 1/2 day departs 11/15 8pm

    Gl dude, I love the O95. Cheap, big, nice, friendly, easy free parking, and close to me :)
  131. NorCalSoCalIDC

    La Jolla 11/8

    Grabbed a scoop around 8 am from Mission Bay and pointed it towards La Jolla with my buddies Josh and Larry. Had a wide open bonito bite there on Saturday so figured we could find them and give my buddy Josh something to pull on. I've taken him trout fishing before but this was his first time...
  132. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Constitution 4.5 day SCI Report

    Epic! Nicely done way to get em. Can't wait to read the report on the PV trip :)
  133. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Looking for SD offshore fishing partners

    I'm almost always available to fish weekdays. Not an expert, but I did get one 75lb bluefin last year :) I'm 26, a waiter, don't smoke, and am very used to sharing all expenses and washing down.
  134. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Delayed Report: My first Bluefin last summer!

    Thanks man. Yeah I'm a little over 6' and there is no push there, I'm struggling to lift it :-p 75 sounds great to me. Thanks man. It's now my favorite lure. I even caught a 2 pound yellowfin croaker on it in the harbor one morning getting the reel wet. Thank you! It'll happen for you just...
  135. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Delayed Report: My first Bluefin last summer!

    As I'm sure you guys know, the summer of 2016 was a strange one for southern California anglers. Bluefin over 200 pounds showed up sometime in April and stayed for most of the summer. The yellowfin weren’t far behind them - but both were keyed in on the ample supply of microbait that was around...
  136. NorCalSoCalIDC

    WFO perch/ baja

    We camp at S. Carlsbad state beach every year and do a fish fry one night that me and my pops provide the fish for. Usually a corbina or two, a yellowfin croaker or two, and whatever big perch we caught. Once they're fried up, its hard to tell the difference honestly! They've always tasted...
  137. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Quality Perch Today!!

    Nice perch man! Bigger than any I saw this summer. Well done
  138. NorCalSoCalIDC

    3rd attempt at maiden voyage

    You'll get out there eventually! At least you have a boat :-)
  139. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Leucadia Halibut

    I've been back out a couple times but no luck... Yet. Vis has been decent lately though but not as clear as it was. Sunday it was around 10-15 ft in encinitas
  140. NorCalSoCalIDC

    080212 MB Shortfins

    Nice! All fish on the minnow? What lure is that exactly? Ever eat the corvina or are they no good?
  141. NorCalSoCalIDC

    North county SD- slaying perch- corbina ?s

    Saw one in the surf in Encinitas just north of Moonlight on Thursday, and a BUNCH (20-30) in Carlsbad last week. Dont wanna say which beach yet cause they SKUNKED me but there were some bigguns. Just keep your eyes out, note when you see them, where, and what the tide is, and you'll start to...
  142. NorCalSoCalIDC

    How to cast a mile...

    I think this is the cast they use when fishing for Stripers from the shore in North Carolina, but I could be mistaken
  143. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Leucadia Halibut

    Awesome! Just speared my first few fish Thursday at Stone Steps, vis was super clear then too. Got an Opaleye, Sargo, and Corbina. I'm hoping to get my first Halibut this summer. Im guessing you just scan the sand pockets between the grass and rocks? Any other tips for spotting them?
  144. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Help a Newbie Out

    Hey all! So I'm a 21 year old college student at Sonoma State University. I'm entering my third year here, but really just sparked my passion for fishing again! Caught loads of trout last winter and been doing some bass fishing since, though not with much luck :Dynamite:. Anyways, after...
  145. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Boat Ho List

    NAME: Ernie AGE: 21 LOCATION: Bodega Bay, will drive to SF Bay BOAT: Ho DAYS AVAILABLE: Almost always availabe to fish! Class/work schedule varies but can almost always take a day off REFERENCES: None on BD, my old captain would give me a sparkling recommendation though I'm sure. PM for his...