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  1. rrhookup

    How do you guys tie and attach helium balloons

    Balloon clips and ztrapon, seaqualizer or equivalent kite thong.
  2. rrhookup

    For Sale Custom Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs

    sent you a PM re: landing net and bait net
  3. rrhookup

    WTB 1KW Furuno Transducer

    Hi Rolando- Hmmm, ok. Just tried sending some pics to the same #. Also sent you a PM.
  4. rrhookup

    WTB 1KW Furuno Transducer

    Check your text message
  5. rrhookup

    371 Fishing and Mex Navy check on 10-10-19.

    We were in the same area and saw it as well. Based on the color scheme Its likely US Customs Border Protection, Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk...
  6. rrhookup

    Torrance/South Bay - Who sells Makaira and PCH rods, please?

    Charkbait for the reel, Amazon for the rod.
  7. rrhookup

    "Bubble and Feather" for Bonito

    In the late 60's/early 70's during summer break we'd bike to the Redondo breakwall in the early hours to fish for bonita using whippy 9 ft two piece jig sticks with a treble hook and weight. We'd sneak into the boat marina and snag near the docked boats. Back then the boney schools were huge...
  8. rrhookup

    For Sale Channel lock long nose, duckbills pliers and cutters

    Hi Manny, Received the plier set and used them this weekend on my tin skiff. Nice workmanship! I still need a sheath!!! :-) Mahalo, Romme
  9. rrhookup

    Redondo Bones

    Cool, thanks for sharing Jim!
  10. rrhookup

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Oh man, that’s a beauty Zack!! Was that your retirement gift to yourself?
  11. rrhookup

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Hi Zack, Doing well. Yes indeed and still configured as purchased, But finally updating electronics in the spring (no more kids college tuition payments!). I’d love to see some 26 Radon pics! Romme
  12. rrhookup

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    1984 Farallon 25 Volvo Ad41p w/290dp
  13. rrhookup

    For Sale 26 farallon pilot house for sale , turbo diesel . In dana point

    Rob - Howzit going bud! Hard decision to let her go I'm sure. What are you moving up to a 28 or 32? Romme
  14. rrhookup

    10/6/17 YFT Limits at the 425

    Frank, Glad to hear you limited out. That was us on "The Reel Screamer" who called out the numbers on Friday. We had our limits in about 30 minutes then waited to pass the paddy off to whoever listened to skipper Steve calling out #'s. We even passed our remaining bait to some fellow...
  15. rrhookup

    What are you towing with?

    I'd been towing my 25 Farallon with a 1998 454 gas 3/4T GMC Suburban every year from LA to Lake Tahoe. Finally picked up a 2017 GMC 3500 1T Duramax and ran her to Vegas then to Lake Tahoe via the 395. The truck's a beast! Night and day compared to the Suburban. Absolutely love it!
  16. rrhookup

    Epic Tuna fishing on the big bertram.

    Hi Surg. Yeah, its been too long. She's doing fine. Had some overheat issues recently. Rebuilt the water pump this week and hope to be on the water this weekend. I'll likely contact you next spring for a new radar and a few gremlins. Been trying to save up the last few years but now the...
  17. rrhookup

    Epic Tuna fishing on the big bertram.

    Great trip report Surg! I see the Fandango all the time when I'm around the Portofino Marina area. Always drooling at that sweet killing machine....
  18. rrhookup


    X3 on the Pelican coolers. I recently purchased the 95 qt and it's your typical Pelican rugged and well thought out design. First of all I am a bit biased having used Pelican products for 25+ years. I own way too many of their cases for personal electronics and also use their cases extensively...
  19. rrhookup

    Which vacuum sealer?

    Frustrated after owning two food savers over 7 years I purchased the Weston Pro 2300 about three years ago. Uses the old food saver bags with this sealer as well. I waited for them to go on sale and picked one up for $300.
  20. rrhookup

    So who all is in the SoCal WAHOO club?

    10/17 - South 9mile & 10/25-HB oil rigs
  21. rrhookup

    Workin' on the Future...

    Way to go Jim. That's the best part of part a boat owner. Nothing like getting family/kids out on the water and watching the stoke on their faces when they catch their first saltwater fish! Well done my friend. Now that the hoist is operational(!!!) I'll be out there this weekend.
  22. rrhookup

    What every Maruader needs...

    I purchased mine over 20 years ago and a virgin up until two weeks ago. Trolled for 1 1/2 hours around the HB oil rigs and hooked and landed a 45 # Ono.
  23. rrhookup

    Another NorCal BFT

    That last pic is classic. Congrats!
  24. rrhookup

    Just scored a 23 farallon

    Nice. Is it a diesel?
  25. rrhookup

    10/27 Wahoo near the 14

    Congratulations! Keeping boat in gear is key to landing these wahoo successfully. I managed to pick one up (#2) on Sunday fighting and gaffing it solo (wife took video). Auto pilot is a bonus. Adrenaline rush for sure
  26. rrhookup

    SWORDFISH! 10/24

    Great report. Dreams do come true. Family on the water fishing experiences that'll last a lifetime!
  27. rrhookup

    Anniversary hoo.......#2!

    Thanks. Yes, those bean bags are great. I own five of them. Really not sure why SoCal boaters haven't caught on like up North or the east coast! Great for the ride home from a long fishing day or a loooong day of trolling.
  28. rrhookup

    Anniversary hoo.......#2!

    Hey Surg! Long time is right. Thanks for the compliments. I'll be in contact with you next year to upgrade my radar. Take Care
  29. rrhookup

    Anniversary hoo.......#2!

    Haha, she's been my good luck charm all season!
  30. rrhookup

    Anniversary hoo.......#2!

    Leisurely start this past Sunday. Alarm screwup caused me to miss a Saturday hoo trip. Needless to say I was a bit salty throughout the day...... Even more so when my buddy says they hooked up to a nice wahoo on the 9 only to lose it at boat side. Anyway I somehow managed to convince my wife...
  31. rrhookup

    Finally! O-N-Oooooo, now Hoo's yo Daddy...

    His father's 6'9" and loves the railing. Unfortunately a recent lower back issue may sideline him a while. Sorry to hear about engine problems. Boats.....
  32. rrhookup

    Finally! O-N-Oooooo, now Hoo's yo Daddy...

    Dave, Funny you mention the railing. Steve's first gaff shot below the gill plate slipped/slashing the hoo's throat as it fell back in the water. After the o' f*&k moment, we managed to get her onboard without too much drama. First thing outta Steve's mouth, "that rail works great except for...
  33. rrhookup

    Re: upriggers contact Bob Melville in San Juan Capistrano @ He's been making them...

    Re: upriggers contact Bob Melville in San Juan Capistrano @ He's been making them for a few years now. He has a FB page as well
  34. rrhookup

    Finally! O-N-Oooooo, now Hoo's yo Daddy...

    No worries, unofficial weights are all just guesses anyways. Next time I'll take length/girth paracord measurements then derive an estimate at the dock. This fish had a noticeable fatty girth. Live n learn
  35. rrhookup

    Finally! O-N-Oooooo, now Hoo's yo Daddy...

    No kiddin, it's hoo fever . All I know is I need to get back out for one of those big blues!
  36. rrhookup

    Finally! O-N-Oooooo, now Hoo's yo Daddy...

    Probably. My buddy's a charter skipper, his was 60 and thought it was definitely larger. Who knows or who really cares. All I know is the Ono steaks were ono-licious!
  37. rrhookup

    Finally! O-N-Oooooo, now Hoo's yo Daddy...

    Three weeks ago my buddy landed a PB 60#wahoo on his sweet 28' Carolina Classic, Reel Screamer. Have had Ono on my mind ever since... Departed Cabrillo Isle Marina on Saturday @0300 with Capt Steve, Rory(my son), Peter and his bud Jackson. Solid seasoned crew, with minimal wahoo experience...
  38. rrhookup

    How to add pictures in posts

    Here goes my first attempt
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  41. rrhookup

    Wahoo at the 9

    Epic Ono fishing going down right now! My buddy caught a 60 lb hoo on Saturday at the corner. Congrats!
  42. rrhookup

    Lower back pain after a day out boating/fishing

    I've used e-searider bean bags the past 7 years for cruising and fishing : Another east coast source with good reviews : These are a godsend for the long offshore tuna trips. Good luck!
  43. rrhookup

    Lowrance Elite-4 HDI fishfinder/GPS 4 Sale

    Interested at $250 shipped to Redondo Beach. Can do PayPal.
  44. rrhookup

    found fishing gear Shelter Island 8/19/15

    Well said. Great job OP hope you find the rightful owner
  45. rrhookup

    SOLD 15' Western Aluminum w 25 Evinrude Outboard

    Great small lake or bay boat at a fair price! I should know I own one myself! Old family friend gave me his "old school" 15' Western w/Honda 10 a few years back. It's been sitting in his sisters garage for almost 20 years! It's a real functional setup that's easy to tow, fish, run and...
  46. rrhookup

    Kona visit

    For a "small boat" charter contact Bobby Cherry on the Cherry Pit II. He runs his father's old 23 Blackman out of Honokohau Harbor. 808-936-0726. I used him in 2012, good kid, decent prices.
  47. rrhookup

    If only they were all like this... (quick sameday report)

    Well done. Hope to duplicate your feat in a few days!
  48. rrhookup

    Tahoe ?

    No recent fish report per se but I've fished the South Lake Tahoe for the last 20 years, primarily out of Camp Richardson. Sand Harbor south to Cave Rock are good locales for rainbows from the rocks, although most of my fishing is from a boat. I normally downrig those areas for rainbows and...
  49. rrhookup

    Great commercial

    Amen and Well done sir. Cheers to the men and women of the US Armed Forces!
  50. rrhookup

    9/19/14 371, 230, 302

    Bummer Harold. Happens to all of us every so often. Been down the last two weeks with minor surgery but ready to rock in a few days. Going to try the northern waters next week with my bruddahs. Did Mike make it out with you? Your always welcome on my buds Carolina Classic out of Cabrillo Isle...
  51. rrhookup

    Bent-on fishing's 28 Farrollon on the water.

    Great seaworthy no nonsense fishing machine. Congrats on your new ride! One of these days after I grow up I want one of those......
  52. rrhookup

    Way Out West...

    Nice report Mark. And I love the last picture! Have a similar pic when my son was 9 y/o with WSB on deck after the epic Rocky Point bite in the late 90's! Well done.
  53. rrhookup


    Interested. Check your PM.
  54. rrhookup

    Farallon 27

    Lets do a swap :-) Excellent rehab on a great hull. Any other interior pics? Good luck Thad.
  55. rrhookup

    Gonna Need A Bigger Kill Bag

    Nice report Ed! Hoping to score some exotics down south over the next few months. Although I loved your Skippy, the Osprey is looking awfully sweet. Tight lines brah. v/r, Romme
  56. rrhookup

    2 Cannon mag 20 down rigger

    Perfect for Kokanee and Mackinaw! :-) This is a very sweet deal. Good luck Neil!
  57. rrhookup

    Anxious Grander!

    Definitely a catch of a lifetime. Mahalo for the report and pics! According to some local buddies the fishing has been hot! So stoked to be taking the family next week. Three days of offshore fishing planned!!
  58. rrhookup

    Farallon 25 1984 Cummins 250hp direct drive

    Nice boat! But then, im a little bit biased :-). Good luck with the sale.
  59. rrhookup

    Fuel Tank Issues.

    Have the white powdery residuals trapped in the filters analyzed for its chemical/material composition to help troubleshoot the source.
  60. rrhookup

    Magma Stainless Steel BBQ

    Interested. Check your PM Thanks, Romme
  61. rrhookup

    1985 Blackman Billfisher 26'

    Beautiful boat at a great price. Good luck with the sale. What are you moving up to?
  62. rrhookup

    Crackerjack Adventure

    Excellent report and great pics. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences.
  63. rrhookup


    Hey Jim, Thanks for the report. Haven't been out for close to three months but now that things are starting to heat up I may have to call in sick......See you on the water!
  64. rrhookup

    28 Farallon 2006

    Congrats Dave. I got a chance to ride on a 32 in Lake Tahoe, a very nice rig for sure, especially for charters. I recall a used 32 on the Farallon site a few months back.... If you ever need another deckhand/helper on your SCI trips let me know.
  65. rrhookup

    28 Farallon 2006

    Dave - are you moving up to the 32' Farallon? :-) Beautiful boat and very well maintained. This is the real deal guys. If my Kids weren't in college I'd be all over this one.... Good luck with the sale Dave!
  66. rrhookup

    Lewmar 700 Pro-Series Freefall Windlass. SS. BRAND NEW

    I'll go $450 shipped too Hermosa Beach, CA. Let me know if that works.
  67. rrhookup

    Blue Fin in Channel Islands?

    Tim, Its approx 93 miles west of SB. I remember back then reading about those big bluefins being caught in 89/90. The previous owner of my boat used to make the run out there with his wife on the Midori annually with three or four other buddy boats. They'd stay out there three or four days and...
  68. rrhookup

    1994 Honda CT70

    Pm sent
  69. rrhookup

    Problem Solved

    Onboard anti tamper security for boaters. Hope for the best prepare for the worst. Good luck Rick!
  70. rrhookup

    Farallon pictures needed

    Rich, Can provide you the info. check your PM
  71. rrhookup

    YFT big-uns!

    Those are definitely worthy of posting on BD! Must have been a blast on 30#:hali_olutta: Thanks for sharing.
  72. rrhookup

    26 Radon Rebuild

    For sea bass and halibut type fishing I'd recommend the long cabin. Especially if you have a fishing family and if Channel Islands are your primary fishing grounds. Great thread and one heckuva project you got going on. Best of luck!
  73. rrhookup

    Boarding Ladders/Stainless Steel/ $75 bucks each

    Nice meeting you Brian. The ladder is just what I needed. Thanks for the sweet deal. Good luck selling the others.
  74. rrhookup


    Hmmm missed this one. Yes, that's me Rick. I see YOU now have a boat...I mean yacht :-). Hope all's well. Let me know if you ever need a crew.
  75. rrhookup

    This is some amazing shit right here

    Chooka Parker....that kids an incredible talent!
  76. rrhookup

    Baja Trip....6/20-6/28

    Very cool read and some incredible pics. Kudos for the getting the kids out for some family time.
  77. rrhookup


    Great report and even better pictures. Gotta love the early morning Tahoe conditions! Plan to pull the boat to Lake Tahoe in mid August and base out of Camp Richardson or the Tahoe keys. Were the kokanee salmon starting to stack up on the South Shore? Thanks for sharing.
  78. rrhookup

    Lake Tahoe

    Thanks for the beautiful pics Harry. Can't beat those early morning still pics on the lake.... Heading up there in August w/ boat in tow for a few weeks of r&r, some stream flyfishing, kokanee and lake trout fishing, biking, hiking, etc. Nice to finally see the entrance to Emerald Bay fully...
  79. rrhookup

    Memorial Day Thank You.

    Thank you to all the veterans who've served our country. I love and miss you Dad! Aug 31, 1923- May 25, 2011. You are my hero....
  80. rrhookup

    Birthday Present

    Fat local WSB! Congrats on a great way to celebrate a birthday. Nice BD salute :-)
  81. rrhookup

    MDR Cuuuuuudaaas!

    I was out there for a quick mothers day outing. One hour and quick limits. WFO on Salas 6x! Tons of fun. Season's about to take off.
  82. rrhookup

    More Boat Stuff for Sale

    Pm sent, thanks.
  83. rrhookup

    Santa Rosa Isl.

    Agreed, looks to be a Farallon 23 Sportsman. Sweet ride
  84. rrhookup

    One Golden Parachute

    Sent you a PM. Thanks Romme
  85. rrhookup

    cool write up about the Dominator shipwreck anniversary

    interesting read Mike. Fished and surfed that area the past 40+ years. Rich in history and mystique..... and lotsa lobsters :-) Thanks for sharing.
  86. rrhookup

    Farallon Owners

    Hey Kurt. Very interested and count me in on any future SWAG orders. Sorry but haven't met Joe or Renee yet.
  87. rrhookup

    26'Champion pilot house diesel

    Didn't you just purchase this boat last November? If so, this is a clean boat! Good luck. Did a search and came up with the original ad w/ pics:
  88. rrhookup

    Rods lots n lots of em

    Interested in the Sage 7wt flyrod. Check your pm
  89. rrhookup

    Done have Shimano do your service

    Sounds like a flat out f up at the shop. Did you call to express your dissatisfaction? With just a simple phone call you'll likely score a free fix on both reels.....Let us know how things turn out.
  90. rrhookup


    James, See this recent thread, if you haven't read it already. I've used Larry on a few other boat projects and he is a standup guy. Good luck hope everything works out for you.
  91. rrhookup


    Check your PM. Thanks, Romme
  92. rrhookup


    Wes-check your PM. Thx
  93. rrhookup

    1983 25' FARALLON Whaleback pilot house

    Just saw this post......Don't do it Dave! :-) Hope you resolve the motor issues and get her back on the water
  94. rrhookup


    Check your pm
  95. rrhookup

    Trinidad 16 for Cheap $175

    Mike, Interested. Check your PM
  96. rrhookup

    1990 26' Blackman Billfisher

    Hey Zack, how bout a straight up trade? :-) Hope all's well. Did you ever purchase the 31 Bertie? From someone who purchased a refit 25 Farallon back in 06 from Zman, Zack does excellent boat work, honest and forthright, a real pleasure doing business with and a wealth of boating/fishing info.
  97. rrhookup

    3 for 3 at the little one on the 1st

    Nice going Beta! Just fixed a fuel and coolant issue and the boat is now ready to go. Was commited to an SBI run yesterday but work got in the way, again :-( I launch from RB all the time, very cool of the bait guys to meet you at 4AM. Great trip. Never been to SBI and need an experienced...
  98. rrhookup

    Holloween Rockfishin'.....SMB.....

    Saw you guys at the wash rack. Took my boat on a test run after some maintenance issues. All's well now. Thanks for taking the time to post the nice report and pics. It was a beautiful fall day in So Cal. Hoping to make an SBI run soon.
  99. rrhookup

    Need a Reliable Boat Mechanic in Marina Del Rey or Near By ASAP!

    I use a mobil diesel mechanic named Jeff (forgot his last name) who's based out of MDR. Fair and honest and was recommended by another BD'er (freddie)out of MDR. I've used him for the last two years and recommend his services. His cell is 3109249687
  100. rrhookup

    170 QT Icey-Tek Long Cooler

    Very interested. Where are you located? Check your pm
  101. rrhookup

    Fujinon 14x40 Techno-Stabi Binoculars w/Waterproof & Shockproof Case

    Have the same binos and very satisfied with the optics. E-stabilization worked great today while whale watching in SMB. Good luck with the sale.
  102. rrhookup

    Anybody missing a 13/16 box end wrench?

    :rofl: now thats too f'n funny! In all seriousness, how the heck did that happen? Maybe the guys in the vid described it. We need a translator, what say you Ali?
  103. rrhookup

    Saltiga 30, Abu Revo Inshore & Avet JX 6/3

    I'll take the Saltiga. PM'ed
  104. rrhookup

    Kona PB fishing buddy

    Hi Ben, Not a stupid question at all. PB=private boater, i.e. someone who owns their own boat. I'd prefer to go out fishing with a local to do any kinda fishing, tuna/marlin or bottom fishing. I own my own boat on the mainland and have fished with pb'er's on Oahu and here in Kona but years...
  105. rrhookup

    Kona Iki trollers keiki tournament

    That there is what it's all about! Congrats to you and the kids. While jogging I stopped and visited Yama's yesterday and noticed the Keiki Tournament flyer. Awoke this morning (Kona Coast resort) and saw all the boats offshore and thought about the tourney and all the lucky keiki's. Hope to...
  106. rrhookup

    Kona PB fishing buddy

    Any Kona PB'ers looking for a fishing buddy to help defray fishing costs. Can help run boat, help w gear and familiar with offshore fishing (on mainland). In Kona with family through Saturday and itching to get out.
  107. rrhookup

    New Volvo 41 Air Filter

    Great info, timely as well. Appreciate the post.
  108. rrhookup

    shimano tekota 600

    I'll take it. Check your PM
  109. rrhookup

    Ghost Buster and other stuff..PICS

    Now that's how you do it! Sweet save. Thanks for sharing.
  110. rrhookup

    Worldwide Fish Mounts "Life Size" Half Fish

    Purchased a mahi mahi, albie and largemouth bass from Rocky a few weeks back. Excellent quality, great price, and the nicest friendliest couple. Front door delivery service to boot! Highly recommend his mounts to anyone.
  111. rrhookup

    Volvo Penta Shop

    Try Pawel at Kozwel's in Costa Mesa. Good, knowledgable guy with lots of VP experience. Good luck Welcome to Kozwel Boatworks
  112. rrhookup


    Interested in the seeker G 6460h. Check your PM
  113. rrhookup

    super seekers,CALSTAR ,700H,6480.765. KENCOR

    I'll take one of the 700h's. Check your PM
  114. rrhookup

    seeker blue lighting 807 rated 10 to 17

    I'll take it. Check your PM
  115. rrhookup

    King Harbor 4-3

    Jim, Thanks for the update on the bait receiver changeover. It's only a matter of time before the lights turn on in the bay!
  116. rrhookup

    DP launch trailer parking?

    Debi - As you suggested an early launch was the key. Arrived at the ramp at 0500, departed at 2100 with no crowds, traffic congestion, etc. When the Avalon to DP outrigger race finished at 1630 it was a crowded zoo at the docks. Wife and I decided to anchor up in the turn basin, have dinner and...
  117. rrhookup

    DP launch trailer parking?

    Will adjust my plans and leave early Sunday AM. Gotta love BD Thanks Debi:appl:
  118. rrhookup

    DP launch trailer parking?

    Heading to Catalina this weekend for a fishing/outrigger escort trip. Understand they're supposed to start ramp/parking reconstruction restricting large truck/trailer length limits. With a truck/trailer length of 55', is parking this rig still doable at Dana Point launch ramp? Any help is...
  119. rrhookup

    Got hooked up at FHS

    Steve, Envious of your new GREEN collection. Picked up a used green BX2-500 (BFG reel cover included) over the weekend and loaded her up with 50# spectra. It's not a quiver like yours, but its a start! Come on El Nino!!!
  120. rrhookup

    fujinon techno stabi

    If these are in good clean working shape (no pics), whoever scores at this price is getting a killer deal. Purchased an "as new" used set two years ago for what i thought was a deal at $450. Good luck to the lucky buyer
  121. rrhookup

    Tsunami effects seen at Fishermans Landing

    Here's one I found on youtube: YouTube - Tsunami hits Ventura Harbor California
  122. rrhookup

    Portable Propane heater for a boat

    Recently purchased this same heater based on references here on BD. Search for recent posts from the WA boys. Have yet to take her out on a trip but planning to use it when the WSB start chewing. Seems to be a well made product.
  123. rrhookup

    WTB Volvo 209 dp

    Shipping costs may be prohibitive but try Outdrive Exchange in Costa Mesa, Ca. Haven't used them myself but have read positive feedbck from several here on BD. They'll probably get my business when my 290dp requires servicing. Good luck and kill some fishies :-) Outdrive Exchange 991 W. 19th...
  124. rrhookup

    Profile Picture Editing

    Thanks Armando! Any chance you can update this one?
  125. rrhookup

    King Habor, Redondo beach ?

    Did a quick google and came up with this factoid: A raging storm in 1953 caused extensive damage not only to the breakwater, but to City streets and private property. In 1956, work began on the marina Redondo has today--King Harbor. It is named after the man who was a moving force behind it...
  126. rrhookup

    Bean Bag Chairs

    I've owned 4 E-SeaRider bean bags and highly recommend them. Best that i've come across. Recommend you read up on them on Here's the link to the E-SeaRider website: E~SeaRider, Highest Quality Marine Bean Bags for Boats And a post on marine bean bags: Marine bean bag chairs...
  127. rrhookup

    262 Skipjack

    Ed, Someone's going to get a sweet Skippie. Good luck on the sale. Make sure to post up some pics of the new Farallon 28! Is she a W/A or full PH? Either way it sure to be a great rig. Romme
  128. rrhookup


    I'll take it. Check your PM
  129. rrhookup

    Merry Happy

    Merry Happy to you too Jim. Need to get out for the SMB lobsters...Have a great holiday. Take Care, Romme
  130. rrhookup

    Fellow BD'er makes the Cover of Marlin World online magazine

    That's pretty sweet Surg! You're the cover dude for Pelagic :-) Must have felt pretty good sticking your own yft in a super panga. Nice job
  131. rrhookup

    Rockfish descending device

    Andrew, Been using the device for the last two seasons. Works great!
  132. rrhookup


    Im local and interested. Have any pics? Sent you a PM
  133. rrhookup

    Rock Cod Trip Gone Wrong SCI Report 10.2.09

    Nice report Joe. Entertaining, informative, with great action pics. That's an excellent day on da water. Rob yells back, "RRRAAAKKK CAAAHHHDD !" ....too funny :hali_ruahahaha:
  134. rrhookup

    Trailer Question(maybe dumb ?)

    Craig, Here are some local LA area shops that can handle your work: Baja Custom Trailers in Carson, M&K Marine in Hawthorne, M & K Marine Home Page Wallstrong Trialers in Gardena,
  135. rrhookup

    Left em Biting

    Niiiice Morro Albie report Mike. May need to rethink my work priorities :-) Thanks bruddah
  136. rrhookup

    SCI Smackdown Yellows Lings and Mixed Batch 9.24.09

    Nice! Killed em again. Way to pump up the peanut gallery
  137. rrhookup

    12 Year Olds Austins First Marlin

    Rick, Beautiful 26 Blackman! That was on my short list before the Farallon. Glad to hear the Trophy is working out for you and your wife. Been a crazy busy year at work but still getting out with the family and buddies during the weekends. Just returned from a fun outrigger escort gig to Cat...
  138. rrhookup

    12 Year Olds Austins First Marlin

    Rick, Definitely one of the all time best BD pics. One of the reasons I love this game. Kid is surely a fisherman for life. Priceless! Is that your boat from Kona? Glad to see you getting on the water. Still need to hookup.
  139. rrhookup

    Dana Point Video Report 21 Yellowfin 10 Dorado 9.10.09

    Great report! Frickin Rob is still killin it. Thanks for the adrenaline rush...
  140. rrhookup

    *** SALTIGAS 15 & 20 FOR SALE ***

    Thanks for the reels Ruben!
  141. rrhookup

    Saltiga 30 great shape

    Check your PM
  142. rrhookup

    Another One

    Very nice. Love da lei and slippas, bra! :-)
  143. rrhookup

    Opah caught out of the columbia River!

    Wow! Incredible....gotta love mother nature. When was the last time this happened on the Columbia?
  144. rrhookup

    Show us your engine compartment!

    Here's mine after my sound insulation project. It's been fun with a whole lot of TLC :imdumb:
  145. rrhookup

    Ipod Touch, 8Gb

  146. rrhookup

    Ipod Touch, 8Gb

  147. rrhookup

    Garges Custom Trailers

    I've used Garges/baja trailers for the past 15 years on my last three boat trailers. First in Inglewood, then to Carson now in Gardena. The new owner, Don, used to work for years at Garges trailers in Inglewood and later bought the company and moved it to Gardena. He builds rugged off road...
  148. rrhookup

    Ipod Touch, 8Gb

    Family already have either iphones or itouch's. The ipod is brand new, packaged in a clear plastic container and part of a college MacBook Pro promotion deal. Proceeds are going back to my daughter's UCLA funds. Just hoping to pass on a deal to a BD'er. If it doesnt sell here she'll...
  149. rrhookup

    Ipod Touch, 8Gb

  150. rrhookup

    If you had $65,000.00 and wanted to

    How about a really clean 25 ft Farallon Whaleback w/diesel with 500hrs incl dual axle pacific trailer? PM me if interested
  151. rrhookup

    Shimano Fishing Boots (Evair)

    Other than my 17 y/o daughter not wanting to be standing nearby whenever I wear them they are great :-) The comfort factor at my age is more important than the style/looks. Besides once your on the boat its only your buddies jokes you need to deal with!
  152. rrhookup

    White Sea Bass and Halibut Channel Islands

    That's a great day on the water. Nice job of taking care of a friend and fellow boater. Great timing and good karma. Thanks for sharing. ....and that's a clean Wilson :-) sweet!
  153. rrhookup

    Possible Line Record Halibut

    Now that there is a successful trip! Great experience for all the kids.....and skipper!
  154. rrhookup


    Felt it here in Hermosa, maybe 5 miles from epicenter. Sharp bang, rumbling type eq, rattled windows, swaying electrical lines, etc Ran to the doorway as my cat freaked, jumped a few feet off the chair and bolted from the kitchen! Still cant find her :-) Gotta check on my boat and a nearby...
  155. rrhookup

    shimano tekota 700 rebuild

    Nice upgrade Alan. Will most likely send mine at the end of this season.
  156. rrhookup

    Farallon 23'

    I have an 84 Farallon 25 WB and love the ride in the slop and comforts of a pilothouse. Not a speed demon by any means. I suspect you dont get many days of WOT in Oregon so speed is probably not your primary driver. Don't have any on the water experience with the newer 23 having only been on...
  157. rrhookup

    I need a Diesel mechanic

    I was just referred to a MDR based diesel mechanic by a friend and used him this past weekend. Formerly he was so busy he didn't want referrals, but he says jobs have just collapsed as folks have cut back. He is a Brit who went through apprentice school in England and worked for trucking and...
  158. rrhookup

    Any Trailer Maintenance or Repair in West Los Angeles?

    I've used baja trailers for the past 15 years on my last three boats. The owner used to work for years at Garges trailers in Inglewood and later bought the company and moved it to Gardena. He builds rugged off road trailers - good quality work at a fair price. I think his website is...
  159. rrhookup


    Laurens, If I recall your Farallon 28 is a heavy load at 15k lbs w/trailer! I've launched my 9k lb Farallon 25 a few times at low tide with my 4x4 suburban w/454 and 4.10 rear end. The first summer I launched her in 2WD due to a defective auto 4WD switch. I've pulled out at low tide in 2WD at...
  160. rrhookup

    Jetski Fishing

    Pating, Thought I saw you guys this past Sunday and your last pic proves it (that's my ride in the background!). Awesome weather this past weekend. Thanks for the on the water pic!
  161. rrhookup

    Waverunner fishing 1/19

    Bounty and Blackfish's estimates are right on....operator error on my part :-) Pt Fermin to Rocky Pt -8.0 nm RP to MDR - 12.0 nm MDR to Malibu Beach - 12.0 nm approx 32 nm one way/ 64 nm round trip Good luck!
  162. rrhookup

    Waverunner fishing 1/19

    Steve, Checked my portable GPS and from Pt Fermin to Malibu Beach is about 49 miles one way. I think I may have seen you in front of Redondo...were you out fishin with two other waverunners? Very slow pick on SB and whitefish but a beautiful day in SMB.
  163. rrhookup

    4 Year old Melia, First Bull Red!!!!

    That video made my day. Gotta love her smile :-) Great job Dad!
  164. rrhookup

    tie downs

    Ditto what Aluminator suggests. I own a 25 Farallon and use them on long trips to Tahoe/SD. You can purchase the 10k rated 2"x25' yellow web ratchet style straps from Home Depot for about $25. Probably should heed Dennis' advice and use them on ALL trips.
  165. rrhookup

    Halloween Bookends...late report

    Nice job Jim! If you ever need someone to crew call or email me. I'd love to learn from da master :-)
  166. rrhookup


    Dee, Not much into sailboats so don't know what make or model it is but did talk to the owner over the summer. Nice guy with interesting stories of his travels around the world. He's an ex-professional sailor originally from South Africa and had the boat custom built a few years back...
  167. rrhookup


    I have a full Farallon pilothouse and love it. You'll appreciate it in the coming cooler months, especially during those green water over the bow days here in So Cal. Add a canvas/eisenglass removable rear cover and you'll be set. She's sure to be a sweet ride when she's all done. Enjoy...
  168. rrhookup

    no report

    Joe, Excellent report and video. Looks like you guys killed em good. Is that Rob Perry's killer 26 Farallon On the Slide ? Thought he had sold her a few years back. Rob is a cool guy, excellent skipper, and an absolute fishing animal. Tell him I said hi and thank him for inspiring me to...
  169. rrhookup

    Hunter gets his first albie!

    Michael, Great read and kudos to you and Hunter! Steve called me after your report and it definitely got my blood boiling. Work has gotten the best of me and Steve since our last thresher trip. But the season's early and with reports like yours it's only a matter of time before we get our...
  170. rrhookup

    Believe It or Not

    Mike, .....I still call BS since I wasn't there! :-) Too funny with the newspaper. Good job on the Cape Horn's maiden voyage. I was at Cat on Saturday with my son and his gf and overheard the crappy conditions out on the inner banks and the scratchy fishing. Coming home from Cat was fun as...
  171. rrhookup

    releasing deep water fish?

    My good friends father sent me this link a few weeks back for us to try. He and some retired buddies chartered an Oceanside boat with the purpose of trying these devices out. I purchased a few for approx $4.50 each and used them my last trip out to Cat. A very simple, very effective, yet easy to...
  172. rrhookup


    Kevin, I've been visiting Tahoe for the last 17 years and have fished it off my PB for most of those years. To save some typing here's a response link to the "other" site from a few years back. Hope the info help: Saltwater Fishing Discussion Board Including Inshore Fishing, Offshore...
  173. rrhookup

    fish of a lifetime

    Now that's a great family fishing story. Congrats to you and your family. Memories that'll last forever. Glad everything worked out and more importantly no one was hurt!
  174. rrhookup

    T shark (the T is for Tasty) :)

    Good job Dean. Excellent report and a perfect keeper sized T. Check your PM
  175. rrhookup

    Dana Thresher 5/14

    Nice catch! Looks like 250# to me.
  176. rrhookup

    100% Awesome Thresher day

    Michael, Great fish report and and even better pics. I was on Steve's 28CC Reel Screamer drooling, taking pictures, and tangling your line in the midst of all the excitement.....Sorry for the blunder but sooooooo GLAD everything worked out well. Would have been totally bummed if......don't...
  177. rrhookup


    Just north of Italian gardens I worked a small line of kelp with some scampis, Berkely gulp, and tady 3's from approx 7-9AM. Plenty of fun. Lots of small cali's and cudas were working isolated schools of anchovies. Looked very fishy, lots of macks with some signs of breaking bones but couldn't...
  178. rrhookup


    Louie, Nice job on the install work. I'll need to do the same next year on my boat. Saw you on the front-side of Cat yesterday afternoon. The ride looks even better in person. Hope you did better than I did - all you want Calis and cuda but no elusive WSB. See you out there next time!
  179. rrhookup

    Limits WSB Sons 13th d-day trip WITH PICS 4-10/11 WSB limits four 4

    A most excellent report! No better memories like these with your son and his buddies. Trip of a lifetime for you and da boyz. Thanks for sharing.
  180. rrhookup

    Another, Catch and Eat

    Nicely done. Good eats right there....
  181. rrhookup

    yosemite national park!

    Hi Alan, Thanks for sharing the great pics! I had the pleasure of hiking Yosemite's half dome last summer for the first time for my nephews "bachelor party". Camped and flyfished for three days with great weather conditions. 13 of us attempted the hike but only 9 made it to the top and...
  182. rrhookup

    Trailring my skip20 500 miles -questions

    I towed my Farallon 25 from LA to Tahoe (approx 500 miles one way) last summer and the previous ten years towed a 20 ft Trophy to Tahoe. Some tips that made life easier during my tow: perform your annual trailer maintenance before the trip..... check tire air pressure check trailer brake...
  183. rrhookup

    How 'Bout Them Bruins!

    Since my SC Trojans were takin out in the earlier round...... I'm going with the UCLA Bruins and/or the Pac-10 conference. Stanford survived a scare....
  184. rrhookup

    Some Good Oil.....

    Thanks for sharing. Looks like an absolute beautiful way to spend a week vacation. Can't believe the quality of Kingies you experience in your parts of the world. Need to plan a family trip to NZ one of these days..... ...btw, had a hard time reading the last paragraph after a glimpse of...
  185. rrhookup

    The First Molded Radon Hull And Deck built by Don Radon in 1986

    That boat looks to have been handled with alot TLC! Someone's going to own an original classic. Sweet lines.
  186. rrhookup

    Custom Cutting Boards

    KP plastics in Costa Mesa Here's a link to a thread I used to order my bait tank lid Good luck!
  187. rrhookup

    Colnett, Yada Yada Yada

    Ed, Looks like a great mexico adventure! Thanks for the excellent photos.
  188. rrhookup

    resealing windows

    Dean, I just had my pilothouse slider weatherstripping replaced by my buddy who owns Tri City Glass in Carson. Bring a sample in and he may be able to order it for you. I brought my boat to him and had some windows wet sealed as well. His name is Gary Yamashita, good guy and honest...
  189. rrhookup

    1/13/08 Winter La Jolla Yella!!

    Dave, That's the way to start off the new year! Hope all's well. btw, nice laukia gaff ya got there :-)
  190. rrhookup

    These guys are pretty amazing...

    The TRUE heroes in society.....
  191. rrhookup

    philippine fishing

    looks like some great peeshing compadre
  192. rrhookup

    Advice on Boat Knives???

    Dave, It's obvious you have waaaay to many toys! LOL .........nice set of Randall's. Take Care, Romme
  193. rrhookup

    More Spreader Bar info and Special Sale for BloodyDeckers

    Afry, Capt. Bob just had his daughters wedding this past weekend and still has family in town. He sent me a quick e-mail Monday AM saying he'll get to me as soon as he can. I have a trip planned for this Friday and wanted to rum them as well. Bob's a standup guy, he'll get back to us. But ya...
  194. rrhookup

    More Spreader Bar info and Special Sale for BloodyDeckers

    Afry, I've been running Fred's spreader bars for the last two years from making bait to trolling for yt, yft, albies, etc. They are very lightweight, easy to deploy, and use high quality heavy duty plastic components. Bob Melville let me test run a few of them last year out of Dana Point for...
  195. rrhookup

    Parker vs. Farallon

    Here's the deck layout on my 25 Farallon Whaleback, although mine is an I/O with a low profile engine hatch. Still leaves enough room to battle fish and haven't had any issues with losing bait so far after owning her for a little over a year. Soft ride, heavy boat, diesel pkg, and pilothouse...
  196. rrhookup

    Limitless Charter 9/7/07- Albies and swordfish!!!!!

    Sorry dude trip report just updated. What can I say I have this thing called work that gets in the way of my fishing :rofl:
  197. rrhookup

    Limitless Charter 9/7/07- Albies and swordfish!!!!!

    Hey Tim, Yeah had a great trip. As you know I was escorting the outrigger club to Avalon the next day and the conditions just downright sucked out thorught the channel! I kept thinking if you guys made the trip out west? Amazing what the weather can do overnight! How'd you guys do that day?
  198. rrhookup

    Limitless Charter 9/7/07- Albies and swordfish!!!!!

    :cheers:Short report (gotta get into the office): Took our annual charter on the Limitless out of Newport Beach, Friday 9/7/07. Met Owner Tom Paterno, his two deckhands Beau and Guy, my bud Steve (aka Twinfin), his father Steve Sr, Clarence, Rodney, and Yosh. Reports for the previous few...
  199. rrhookup

    Redondo, Torrance, PV, Hermosa, report 9/1

    Hey Jim, I haven't had the Midori down south for the tunas since my good friend has his boat slipped in Cabrillo Isle marina. Why trailer all the way down when I can just drive down and hop aboard a kller fishing machine! We've been hitting the inner and outer offshore banks for the last three...
  200. rrhookup

    Redondo, Torrance, PV, Hermosa, report 9/1

    Great report Jim! I love catching those bonies all day long. Reminds me of the early 70's inside Redondo Harbor at 3AM snagging the huge schools of bones that roamed the harbor freely. We'd ride our derailers (old school 10 speeds) with flashlights as headlights :-) along Sepulveda Blvd @1AM to...
  201. rrhookup

    Shark Attacks Norcal Surfer

    Sal - Thanks for the surfline link. Chilling firsthand account. Very heavy read........
  202. rrhookup

    Sharkin' - LATE report

    Contact Captain Bob Melville (RnRBob) [email protected] he's a good friend of Fred and typically handles Fred's book and trolling lures. He also is the inventor of the upriggers.
  203. rrhookup

    Late B-Fly Albie report

    Jim, Definitely a nice fishing yacht with all the amenities you'd ever want. One of these days........ Anytime you need an extra boat ho please don't hesitate to PM me :food-smiley-014: See you out locally. Romme
  204. rrhookup

    081007 Drove 140 miles for a fat chick

    So.......... where's the pic of the fat "chick"? :rofl: Oh well Steve it was a good day nonetheless. We'll get'em next time. My bro and nephew wanted to thank you again for another fun trip on da killa rig, Reel Screamer! Check your PM.......
  205. rrhookup

    400lb Salmon Shark from a Kayak

    Now THAT....... there is one heck of a fishing feat! Congratulations to all of you. You guys definitely have some f'n humungous ball bags for even attempting it! Frickin crazy dudes!
  206. rrhookup

    My new ride!

    Just thought I'd add some progress pics over the last year since picking her up. Documented with new city stickers(HB) Added some engine soundproofing Stern cleats Engine freshwater flush kit (courtesy of Kozwel Boatworks) Added bait tank lid (Thanks to KC Kevin's recommendations on...
  207. rrhookup

    Skipjack Electrical Upgrade!

    Sweet, clean, well thought out job as usual Surg......
  208. rrhookup


    Sweet! Thanks for keeping us PBer's up to date.
  209. rrhookup

    Fri, 5/11/, Dana Pt T Shark report

    After much debate the previous night, my buddy and I decided to pull the Midori down to DP for a try at the T's. Launched out of Dana Point at approx 0800 with Steve (aka Twinfin). Looks like the new ramp construction progress is in full speed. Not sure if it'll be complete by Memorial Day...
  210. rrhookup

    Thresher Report

    Ed, That's a big'un! Congratulations. I can only imagine trying to pull that beast into your skippies cockpit...... Lookin forward to the video.
  211. rrhookup

    500 Pound T???

    That's a pig! What type of tackle setup did you catch it on? Congratulations all around. Ya gotta love it when you're wife is key to bringing home the catch of a lifetime.
  212. rrhookup

    Team Applicator

    Tim - Great job on the cali. Gotta love the girth on that pig :notworthy RR
  213. rrhookup

    Horrific Boat Fire - Puerto Penasco 4/28

    Excellent job on the rescue Stuart! Man oh man..... those pics are very humbling. Amazing how things can go down hill REAL quick......
  214. rrhookup

    Nefarious and Winding Down Score Whites

    Nice size toads! Boat maintenance vs hanging east end pigs.....Coulda, woulda, [email protected]
  215. rrhookup

    Skippy from Nor Cal

    Sweeeeet! Lookin forward to your reports.
  216. rrhookup

    WFO Pacifico- Manny y Cuadrilla de Pescadors

    Excellente amigo! Soon.....Drew.....soon. Romme
  217. rrhookup

    Possible La Nina May-July 2007

    Chris - thanks for the update. Good luck on the exploratory trip and looking forward to your report. Here's wishing for bft, albies, yt, and dodos in the coming months. .......and [email protected]$k the damn seiners!
  218. rrhookup

    sucker punched by a coco

    Go see a doctor now!...... and don't take the chance. Believe me its not worth it. Speaking from experience.......See a doc ahorita! Good luck, Romme
  219. rrhookup

    Volvo Kad41 & 290 outdrive

    Chris - Howzit. The new boat is fun. Rugged, comfy PH, and range. Your Honda was a great kicker while I owned it - put maybe 50 hrs of trolling. Wish I had her for this boat, especially with the upcoming Tshark season. Sold it with the old boat last summer to a BD'er. Been following the...
  220. rrhookup

    Volvo Kad41 & 290 outdrive

    I have the ad41p/290dpe setup in my Farallon. Being my first diesel boat, I'm a virtual novice at diesels but have learned alot on this and other fishing boards, especially Bought her with 48 hrs and just turned 195 hrs. So problems (knock on wood). Luckily on my...
  221. rrhookup

    Los Suenos, Costa Rica - Big Bulls & Sails

    John, Ahhh a fellow goofy footer. To answer your question....definitely. CR conditions are similar to Hawaii's but mostly sandbars and rock reef which hold up to 8-10'. Check out these pics at Playa Hermosa which is just out front of the Backyard Hotel, which is an awesome quaint hotel just...
  222. rrhookup

    Los Suenos, Costa Rica - Big Bulls & Sails

    Matt, Looks like you had a great catching trip. Stayed at the Los Suenos Marriott four years ago with my son, nephews, and bros. Just a father/son surf/fish trip. Beautiful resort with some killer yachts out front. Liked it so much we booked the following year and caught some epic 4-7' surf...
  223. rrhookup

    Pacific Edge Bait Tanks

    KC, Thanks for the reference to KP Plastics and the cool pics. The design is exactly what I need but in off-white. Contacted Kevin a few days ago and am awaiting his quote. Once again....mahalos brah.
  224. rrhookup

    Name on Boat?

    Here ya go.......
  225. rrhookup

    Pacific Edge Bait Tanks

    Yep, everything that Jack said. My new (to me) boat came equipped with a PE tank. Used to own a kodiak on my last boat which was fine for inshore use my son and I were used to. No experience with Offshore but so far I love my PE. The spill pipe/ water discharge design is exceptional and sets...
  226. rrhookup

    Diesel Service

    Kozwel Boatworks in Costa Mesa. Pawel is the guy to contact. Very satisfied with his work and was recommended here at BD and other fishing sites. Kozwel Boatworks 2601 S. Yale Street Santa Ana, CA 92704 949-456-9935 Welcome to Kozwel
  227. rrhookup

    Your Thoughts on A Trophy

    My first boat was a 94' Bayliner Trophy, 20' walkaround cuddy cabin bought new at the FH boat show for $20k with 150 Merc Black Max . At the time, it was the best value deal for a family of four with two small children. Caught everything on that boat from albies, yft, bft, dodos, rockies...
  228. rrhookup

    KILL BAG ??

    I picked up a Reliable Fishing Products "blem" on AC for $150 a few years back. It's a thicker design, beefy double stitched web corners, integrated drain plug cap with good thermal properties. Been using it ever since on longer trips, stow it in the 1 ton fish hold when not used on shorter...
  229. rrhookup

    Need Info Please

    I purchased a gaff from HeBeG.B. here on BD earlier this year that is killer. Very nice quality at competitive prices. I tried the gaffnet site three times last year but got no response.
  230. rrhookup

    Some SICK Tubes!

    Now that was definitely a heavy break! Even in my younger days don't think I was that ballsy....
  231. rrhookup

    Wiring in my "collapsing" radar arch

    Here you go....
  232. rrhookup

    3 WSB over 50#'s and 5 over 35#'s (3/4)w/pics

    Those are some TOAD's! Congratulations on some great catchin..... Is that SCI or Catalina? Inquiring minds would like to know......
  233. rrhookup


    Nice first post jockstrap ............:shake: .......think you're gonna make lots of friends here on BD slinging sh*t like this around. by the way, who said anything about catching 6 "giants" a day?
  234. rrhookup


    That's great news! Just sent this link to my buddies up at Elmendorf AFB. I'm sure they'll be relieved as well as my colleagues here in Cali who fish the AK waters a few times each year. Still can't believe this issue was placed in the forefront to begin with.... Thanks for keeping us...
  235. rrhookup

    Volvo Penta Duo-Prop question

    Hey Mike, Again glad to hear Midori's old parts are being put to good use. Yep, SS is the way to go. Currently running A3's so based on what I've read I can convert to C2's. Still need to confirm with Kozwel before I...... break out another thousand :food-smil See you on the water this...
  236. rrhookup

    Panama to Costa Rica 2/16-2/25

    Great writeup. Thanks for keeping us up to date. It's been three years since I visited Los Suenos/Jaco for a surf/fishing trip with my 15 y/o son. God I love that place - your pics bring back good memories. ....Just wish our fishing exploits were as exciting as yours. But the surf more...
  237. rrhookup


    A big thumbs up to Surg at ExpertMarine. He completely rewired my 20 WACC two years ago and did a killer professional job.
  238. rrhookup

    Honda Repower

    Congrats on the new Honda. Eric is a fishermans boat mechanic. One a the good guys. I purchased basically a used Honda 9.9 kicker with like 30 hrs on AC. Prior to buying I asked him a few questions and Eric on his own time ran the SERNO at his shop, gave me the short history on the motor...
  239. rrhookup

    Volvo Penta Duo-Prop question

    Mike, Good feedback. Got close to 120 hrs since buying from Zack. Performed some engine maintenance, touched up the props, then did a family Cat trip and noticed the same symptoms . With a little google research it seems it's a recurring question. I need a spare prop anyways - I'll go...
  240. rrhookup

    Bugs, Fish and Calimari

    Ed, Dropped the girls off at Avalon and thought about heading over to Ross's #'s but decided to stay out front catching bonies for hooping. After the girls had brunch, we fished the Italian Gardens area for a few hours then headed back to Redondo Beach. At 15 mi from PV is when it started...
  241. rrhookup

    Bugs, Fish and Calimari

    Ross, .....I think I spoke with you after you gave out the lat/lon's on the radio. My 15 y/o daughter and three friends wanted no part of "those stinking thingys" :104167739 After a short time showing them how to bait up fresh dead squid for a few calicos they got bored and wanted to sun...
  242. rrhookup

    2/17 - 2/18 Catalina bound

    Weather permitting, we plan to fish the West End Fri/Sat. Midori on 72
  243. rrhookup


    Try this link as it has lots of good detailed info from many sources. Never tried it myself but will do so in the future.
  244. rrhookup

    A Tail of two Threshers!

    Great read! You gotta be totally stoked. Congrats on a fish of a lifetime, yak style. After reading your thread, need to breakout the tandem and try for one this year.......
  245. rrhookup

    Pyramid Lake, NV 1-13 & 1-14 with pics...

    Smitty, Nice report, great pics - thanks for sharing. I vacation to Lake Tahoe a few times per year and have yet to venture out that way. Our Tahoe neighbor has spoken highly of Pyramids trout catching but we never had a chance to plan a real outing. May have to revise that this summer due...
  246. rrhookup

    Bugs 1/14/07

    Hey Tim, Yeah, had a similar outing this past summer on the backside of Cat w/ solid 4-7ft seas head onto a 25-30 knot wind. My Farallon held up well but I really wished I was on solid rock at that time:_hot_: I kept telling my son and his buddies that's what this boat was designed for...
  247. rrhookup

    Bugs 1/14/07

    Tim, Not a bad day at all - one short of limits! How'd the Anderson hold up one the way in? Good call on the PFD's and the Costa Guard. Glad to hear you made it back safe and sound. Romme
  248. rrhookup

    Auto Pilot????

    Purchased my boat recently with an AP-11. Great unit with no problems to date. Whichever unit you get you're gonna love the autopilot's functionality, especially while trolling. Romme
  249. rrhookup

    I'm gettin' a hardon... I mean hardtop!

    Gotta love the weld quality - frickin work of art. Wouldn't be surprised if he's aerospace weld certified.
  250. rrhookup

    Skipjack 25 FB

    Sounds like a decent buy, especially at that price. This past year I looked at an 88' 25' Skipjack Pilothouse in similar shape before settling on my 25 Farallon PH with a new Volvo 41P/290DP package with 48 hrs. The FB vs PH is a toss up in So Cal waters but an advantage with the tuna/dodo/yt...
  251. rrhookup

    Lets name Josh's new Cabo

    One of his great quotes from a few epic tales: The Detonator
  252. rrhookup

    High Surf Advisory Weekend of 12/8-12/10

    F'n aaayyyy, you win !!!! :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy
  253. rrhookup

    Leaky tab actuator

    DZ, Contact Tom McGow aka "Tabman" from Bennett. I used him on the last set I installed. He'll hook you up right and has a stellar customer service program. Best around. Here's a link from tht site: Boating & Fishing Forum - Tabman's Trim Tab Discussion
  254. rrhookup

    Morning Love Making

    :sex: Good one
  255. rrhookup

    Soundproofing the Engine Compartment

    lemme guess.....bland USAF gray? :-) PM'ed you.
  256. rrhookup

    Soundproofing the Engine Compartment

    Michael - Thanks for the kudos. Chris - Thanks for the compliment and your excellent material info. Yeah, that was probably me in Cerritos driving back from Dana Point. DZ -Working in the aerospace field and modifiying a B727 recently I'm somewhat familiar with this material. Fire...
  257. rrhookup

    Soundproofing the Engine Compartment

    Tim, Using Neversink2's reference info I finished soundproofing my diesel engine compartment. Here are some pics of the finished project. Fairly straight forward project that took $250 plus 6-8 hours to finish. Material supplier provided excellent installation instructions...
  258. rrhookup

    LA Bugs 11/24

    Tim, Just wanted to comment on your nice rig. Saw you at the launch ramp as I was hauling my boat (25 Farallon) out. Beautiful boat ya got there........and nice catch.
  259. rrhookup

    BIG yellow on the Mission Belle

    Now THAT'S a big forkin yellow! :notworthy Sweeeeet..... :cheers: :cheers: Congrats on the fish of a lifetime:appl: :appl: :appl:
  260. rrhookup

    From Rags to Riches

    Great restoration job! God I love those Whalers. Light, versatile, go anywhere bay boat. I could use one of those in Lake Tahoe.
  261. rrhookup

    10/20-10/21 Baaaaahhhh-ja

    Excellent report. Man those are some mongo ghosts! I gotta get back into kayak fishing
  262. rrhookup

    Took a test ride today

    Congrats on your new toy. Beautiful rig!
  263. rrhookup

    OK the new boat to me

    Jack, Nice step up from the Classic Bertram. The added length and her extra beam will definitely make for a more comfortable ride in da beeeg island waters. Have fun with the new toy and good luck selling the Bertie. Gotta love a free and clear 48' battlewagon. Romme
  264. rrhookup

    high performance cigarette speed boats

    Maybe something more on the line of this rocketship: Probably won't get you as much crap from our BD bros
  265. rrhookup

    Boats that can handle a 100 mile journey out of San Diego?

    How about this one in the $50-60k range? I researched Davis, Skipjack, Blackman, Osprey's and settled on an older refurbished Farallon 25PH two months ago with a new AD41P/290DP-E setup w/48 hrs. Take a peek at...
  266. rrhookup

    diesel repower

    How about this one? I purchased mine two months ago and am really impressed with her range and most importantly her seaworthiness in unkindly seas. Had her out in 3-6 ft cross swell/wind slop on the backside of Cat and was not at...
  267. rrhookup

    My new ride!

    Frank, Thanks for the compliments. Good luck with your new GW. She looks ready to do some killin.
  268. rrhookup

    Here She Comes Part 3

    VERY nice boat! Congrats on the new ride. What are you gonna do with the 22?
  269. rrhookup

    Coranados for #%*#%* 8-27

    I think it goes something like "eh, go fish yourself, mate!"
  270. rrhookup

    My new ride!

    Mike, Estimates from the previous owner is approx 500 miles. With a 200 gal tank and approx 2.5 nmpg (depending on conditions, engine break-in period, blah, blah,blah)...... Need to spend some time with her and will probably add floscan in the off-season to confirm.
  271. rrhookup

    My new ride!

    Rick, Thanks for the kudos. The radar add to the boat is gonna be well worth it. I'll give you a jingle so we can hookup on the "Midori". Mahalos, Romme
  272. rrhookup

    skipjack pilothouse...what do you guys think?

    Albiebac - the picture of the skippy w/ Farallon PH is kept at the same lot where I have my new/used Farallon 25 stored. Before purchasing her, I looked over that skippy many times when my previous 20' WACC was stored nearby. Came close to purchasing a 24 skipjack before closing on the...
  273. rrhookup

    HandHeld GPS

    I've owned the Garmin 76CS for the last two years and am really impressed with it so far. It's used as a backup on my boat and also for regular road use whenever I travel. Work takes me to all parts of the US and downloading the correct maps is a breeze. Also purchased the accessories pack...
  274. rrhookup


    Great info Tommy! Love the good karma here at BD. :appl: :appl: :appl: Your dope is like a pakalolo addiction - can't get enuf brudah.:IKONe9f36 Mahalos...
  275. rrhookup

    My new ride!

    Bullseye - Glad to know ex-parts of the Midori are still going strong :) Jim - Hoping to do the same :cheers: Thx, Romme
  276. rrhookup

    Sharkin 7/9

    Scott, Excellent report. Sounds like a great day on the pond with some good friends. Whereabouts did you fish, 14 mile bank? Thinking of taking my bro from Ohio out with his two boys in a few weeks and may try some sharking if the exotics are hit and miss. Romme
  277. rrhookup

    84lb. Bluefin below the 371...

    Right on! Nothing like some bluefin sashimi :-) Lucky you had the Tiara 16 setup to subdue her. Great report. Thanks for sharing. v/r, Romme
  278. rrhookup

    Wuff Wuff

    Jack, Damn nice catch. Oh sooooo ONOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  279. rrhookup

    My new ride!

    Justfish, Just wondering, were you pulling a multi-colored work trailer that morning in Ventura? Yeah Zack is a genuinely humble guy with some mad boat building skills. As a buyer, couldn't ask for a better seller. Very helpful, patient and well organized in all aspects of the transaction...
  280. rrhookup

    My new ride!

    Zzssdad - New pics are up!
  281. rrhookup

    My new ride!

    Jack, Roger that. Look forward to reading your reports from the islands. Have a great season. Romme
  282. rrhookup

    31' center console, before/after

    Talk about the need for speed. Nice CC should be able to make it to the tuna grounds in no time. Enjoy. Romme
  283. rrhookup

    My new ride!

    Ole, Thanks - This boat is a huge step up for me so I'll be lookin to learn from the big boys. Let me know if you ever need a buddy boat to go long. Mahalos, Romme
  284. rrhookup

    My new ride!

    Butrocious, Almost half a Davis :) :) :)
  285. rrhookup

    My new ride!

    Thanks Surg, definitely a step up. See ya on da wata.
  286. rrhookup

    vigilant rides again....finally...

    Rory, That's such a beautiful killlllller rig:High_Five What engines did you end up installing on her? Looks to be a real speed burner with a sweet pilothouse. Been following your progress over the many months and it has turned out to be a real head turner. Congrats!:notworthy and...
  287. rrhookup

    My new ride!

    Jack, Thanks for the positive feedback. Do plan to spend more time on the water bloody'ing her deck. BTW, sweet ride you have there yourself. Do you run charters out of Oahu? Have friends on the islands and try to visit once a year. The previous owner of the Farallon 25 plans to...
  288. rrhookup

    My new ride!

    Rory, Thanks for the kind words. Speaking of sweeeeeeeet rigs...your Vigilant32 is an absolute killlllllllllllller rig. Been following your posts ever since you found her. It's been a long time coming but damn it turned out to be a bitchin rig. Good luck and hope to read your reports...
  289. rrhookup

    Farallon 25 feedback

    Brad - Love the lines on the 23WA. Glad to be part of the FROG club. Dave - Need to pass on the invite as I have my bro's wedding over that week. Good luck, have a great trip and be careful while towing.
  290. rrhookup

    Farallon 25 feedback

    Brad, Pics are up. Thanks again for your Farallon feedback a few weeks back. Your input helped in pulling the trigger. Romme
  291. rrhookup

    My new ride!

    Scott, Thanks! I just sold my 94 20' Trophy after 12 years of use. Served me well but the family is growing. Sad to see her go but the Farallon has relieved some of the pain :-)
  292. rrhookup

    My new ride!

    Thanks guys! Chomping at the bit to get her bloody this coming week! These last few days are going by waaaaay too slow.... JHammer- two foot-itis is right. This go'round was a five foot step up. Till next time. Pierguy-thanks for all your valuable feedback over the last couple months...
  293. rrhookup

    My new ride!

    Farallon 25 w/53 hrs on new AD41P, 290DP. Ready for the tuna season. Picking her up later this week. More updates
  294. rrhookup

    Farallon 25 feedback

    Thanks for all your feedback. Sold my previous two boats recently and just pulled the trigger on a 1984 Farallon 25 w/ new AD41dp and 290DP with 53 hours! Plan to pick her up later this week. Pierguy - Yes it is Zach's ride. He did an awesome job on the "Midori"! Looking to have a stern...
  295. rrhookup

    washing machine albies 6/25.......

    Dave, Looks like one of those days you're glad you have the Carolina Classic 28' battle wagon! That's hardcore fishing there buddy.....absolutely nothing will keep you at the dock - even after Steve's Friday weather report. Sorry I missed the fun....NOT! j/k Are you planning on any trips...
  296. rrhookup

    First boat, looking for advice

    I'm selling the perfect starter boat for the exact usage, length, and price range in your description. All the replies thus far are on point. I only wish BD was around when I first got started in the PB scene. This place is da bomb! Recently upgraded and a great inshore family...
  297. rrhookup

    Recent Trim Tab Thread. How Can I find it?

    Keoni, Not sure if this answers your question but I just installed a pair of Bennett trim tabs and used the Bennett rep named Tom aka "tabman" from the hulltruth site. He used to help on AC and this site(I think) Very helpful and lots of detailed info. He has his own board at...
  298. rrhookup

    370# Thresher La Jolla 5-13-06

    Great catch on the Shimano 30II no less. That things a forkin beast! Last year I hooked a monster on a Penn 50SW on 80# for over two hours only to lose it at the boat. Fished solo and was absolutely spent and somewhat relieved that I didn't have to deal with THE END GAME with whatever was...
  299. rrhookup

    Farallon 25 feedback

    Pierguy - The owner of the 84 Farallon 25 claims the beam is 8'? Are you guys saying that this is not true? I hope so :) I just need to take the time to visit each of the boats. Do you know of anyone that may have the original spec sheets for the older hulls? The new owner of Farallon does...
  300. rrhookup

    Farallon 25 feedback

    HMF23 - looking at an 84, 85 ,and 87 Farallon 25 in varying conditions. i fished on a friends 2001 2600 whaleback and was really impressed with everything! Agree with the spartan storage issues but am willing to compromise with some personal innovation. Thanks for the reply. I saw the 28 at the...
  301. rrhookup

    Farallon 25 feedback

    Thanks for the responses. Pierguy, nice setup you have. Like your stern drive with the low motor box. Makes for a nice casting area. I do have some reservations about the 8' beam though. Although better on fuel economy, leaning more towards an 8'6" for maximum trailer width. Do you...
  302. rrhookup

    Farallon 25 feedback

    Considering purchasing an 84-87 Farallon 25 and looking for any pros/cons with this particular hull. I've owned a 20' WACC with OB for 12 yrs now and need to move up since the family has outgrown the boat. Any feedback is appreciated. Also looking into purchasing a new pilothouse with...
  303. rrhookup

    Oside Thresher Tourney Enrollment?

    I have a question regarding the upcoming Thresher shark tournament in Oceanside. Where can I enroll? Who can i call to get info about attending the tournament? Any advice wiil be greatly appreciated.Thanks.
  304. rrhookup

    Dana Point WSB

    Very niiiiiice:notworthy
  305. rrhookup

    Dressed and ready for the party, what do you think.

    Beautiful fish killer :eyepoppin
  306. rrhookup

    sd bay butts up

    Excellent post. Your son with the butt is a keeper. Wishing you many memorable fishing trips with your little one in the future!
  307. rrhookup

    4/16 Catalina whitey

    Nice job on the WSB. Gettin smacked in the nuts is too funny! Thanks for the detailed informative report. Gotta get my priorities straight and try for the whitey's. Mahalos bra..
  308. rrhookup

    Kiwi and Aussie Contacts

    Does anyone have any personal business contacts in New Zealand and Australia? :High_Five I represent a US company that is expanding into New Zealand in March and most recently in Australia in 05'. It is a business opportunity in a fast growing privately held telecom company. If you can help I...
  309. rrhookup


    Excellent post :appl: Taking kids fishing at that age is priceless. It's amazing how much they'll remember as they get older.:Pogo_Stic :git: Thanks for sharing
  310. rrhookup

    Limitless Charter 9/8

    Great dodo pics Dave. Had a great time fishin with you and da boyz. The trip started out with a bang ......other than my 1 for 5 start :Bawling_e If we had anything close to a TYPICAL fall fishing day in Mex we would have easily limited out. But it ain't over yet. Let's do it again on...
  311. rrhookup

    Vallarta, Personal Best, & Some Fried Tackle

    Nice report and pics. I reaally NEED to plan a trip to PV next year. Can anyone feed me details on a weeklong trip with cost, lodging, locations, best times, etc. Any feedback would be great. How's the surfing in PV?
  312. rrhookup

    Hawaii wins LL World Series !!!!

    One helluva a game Hirize. I'm still buzzing :eyepoppin :cheers: :)
  313. rrhookup


    EWA BEACH HAWAII LLWS CHAMPS!:jumpin: :jumpin: :jumpin: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: Memea leads off the bottom of the 7th with a game winning HR. ......With Fe'ao on deck looking like a caged tiger in...
  314. rrhookup

    Sorry Hirize

    EWA BEACH HAWAII LLWS CHAMPS! Memea leads off the bottom of the 7th with a game winning HR. ......With Fe'ao on deck looking like a caged tiger in the dugout. Quote from Harold Reynolds "I think that was probably the best LL game I've ever seen!" USA wins the LLWS! Shaka Bra Way to...
  315. rrhookup

    Sorry Hirize

    6-6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xtra innings! Xtra innings! Xtra innings! Xtra innings! F'n aaaaa Great great great game...... Vonn Fe'ao is da shit boyz! Da trowin Samoan! Fuckin aaaa trowin 100 mph (MLB equiv)
  316. rrhookup

    Sorry Hirize

  317. rrhookup

    Sorry Hirize

    Bottom of the 6th, score 6-3 Curacao Oh yeaah! Boyz on 2nd and 3rd, no outs......... Oooooohhhhhh yeaaahh baby. Da lone haole drops a sweet squeeze bunt to make it 6-4. Go Hawaii!........ with the go ahead run coming to the plate, boyz on 1st and 3rd. Single brings in a...
  318. rrhookup

    Sorry Hirize

    Damn! Bottom of 5th Ewa down 6-3. Let's pick it up boyz. Good luck
  319. rrhookup

    Sorry Hirize

    Sunday LLWS Final: Ewa Beach, Hawaii vs Curacao top of 4th..... 3-3 Note: Great game but hope the missed call at home doesn't cost da boyz. Go Ewa Beach! USA USA USA USA! Nail biting game. Ya gotta love this LLWS update: 3-3 with our boyz coming to the plate
  320. rrhookup

    Craig Alaska 6/28-6/30

    Great report tunakid! I just returned (work) from 3 days in Anchorage and fished Ninilchik(hali's), Russian(reds) and the Kenai(kings) and had a fairly successful trip. Always wanted to check out Shelter Cove. I have a 16 y/o son I'd love to take up to experience AK fishing. Those...
  321. rrhookup

    Ship Creek in AK

    I visit AK once or twice per year for work. This time of year is really special. Nothing like working from 8-5, go to dinner, have a few drinks....and then walk to Ship creek to fish from 9-12 at "night". Although not the most picturesque of fishing holes (in the heart of Anchorage), once you...
  322. rrhookup


    Now a pair of slippas with da kine bottle opener! What more do you want :jo: