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    Bringing back some memories".....
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    Charkbait store....

    Thanks for the kind words, and pleased to hear the folks here tried their best to live up to expectations. Sure is a wonderful season so far, and looking forward to fall. Best to y’al and good fishing guys.
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    The endless surface iron debate; z-bar vs everything else

    My line sticker comment was meant as a humorous dig, with self effacing reference to my own memory shortcomings. With respect to JB, no knock on the fellow or what he accomplished, he had a good product and did much to promote inline knotless rigging, though I always made it a point to give Russ...
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    The endless surface iron debate; z-bar vs everything else

    I can always stand being corrected. I'll be glad to admit if Im off the mark, and from a business standpoint expressing an opinion carries a risk I'm willing to take. Fair is fair and ethics should count for something in this world of ours. On this one things look clear from what I've heard and...
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    The endless surface iron debate; z-bar vs everything else

    Fair question. Initially I was told that there was a trade name issue and Z-Bar couldn't use the name due to the candybar. So, the lures were to be made under a different name. I believed that tale. I found out later that it had nothing to do with the candybar at all, that was pure BS. I...
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    Let us know what you discover, will be interesting to see. Nomad has a couple new ones coming, probably around first of the year. Yep, nice to have long as they track right.
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    The endless surface iron debate; z-bar vs everything else

    To MikeyLikesIt what we have are the originals, not new production (there is none) however we will be supporting future production when it's needed. The fellow who originated the lure had them in his inventory at his machine shop, close to 2000 pieces. They were all from his last production...
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    The endless surface iron debate; z-bar vs everything else

    Easy to see and tell who originated the lure, who has the machine shop which produced the original, who put them in market first -see date on (tradename document) and what (if any) differences exist (see lure)... - No fluff, no bs, no false hype, just the original, made by the originator, not...
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    The endless surface iron debate; z-bar vs everything else

    Easy to see and tell who originated the lure, who has the machine shop which produced the original, who put them in market first -see date on (tradename document) and what (if any) differences exist (see lure)... - No fluff, no bs, no false hype, just the original, made by the originator, not...
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    They're very interesting lures, and yes I will be bringing one along with me on the 8 day'r aboard the Rooster, as well as my DTX. I'm also donating a couple to the Red Rooster and Royal Polaris for their use and feedback. We are stocking the lures in depth, consider them a good alternative...
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    United Composites 50-60 rod

    I've fished the Challenger Platinum series since Peter Williams bought the firm and brought it back to life, I had the 70HP, HF, HPMega and others made into finished rods before Randy at UC became head honcho there. Fact is, Randy matched our color scheme for the factory wraps on finished rods...
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    Shop Closing

    Oh Frank..., there would still be long range fishing without him, but no one has done more to build long range fishing into what it has become. No one has promoted our sport more than Frank LoPreste. His seminars helped get me going nearly 40 years ago! And, I'll offer that he reached out to me...
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    Shop Closing

    I truly enjoyed having a shop in San Diego and I sincerely thank the folks who welcomed us and visited our shop. Not an easy decision to close her down... Wonderful to have a store close to the best fishing fleet in the world! The shop provided positive customer support for our on-line and...
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    R.I.P. Leon Todd

    A great man, created something from nothing and had a lot of satisfaction in that accomplishment. Leon will be missed. Hope Del Marsh was on the other side waiting to greet him.
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    ...That's because we cleared out all of Okuma's inventory of Andros 12SII's and Metaloids. That allowed us the ability to offer the reels at substantial discount. We literally cleared three pallets of reels, close to 1000 pieces. There will be new versions on the market, perhaps mid-summer...
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    Sorry, I don't have time to visit message boards often, don't use them to troll up business. I respect John at Trophy though I do not know him personally. He's a good dealer and does a good job with his clients and staff. Basil, I have no need to respond to your comments and slights to me...
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    Jerry Brown solid spectra in San Diego

    Not trying to be negative, but this thread addresses why Jerry's product is hard for a retail dealer to rationalize stocking. A retailer makes a significant investment trying to stock a product line. If that retailer's investment is not respected by a manufacturer, if the manufacturer takes the...
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    We have them in good quantity now at our HB shop, in San Diego next week. They came out great Ben, another winner from Ahi.
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    Charkbait Sale

    No knock on Leon Todd's creations at Calstar. He is a truly great man and one of the founding fathers of West Coast sportfishing. Delivery problems have been a problem for over two years time. Don't have to take my word on that, East Coast dealers, the landings in SD, other retailers have had...
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    Problems with seaguar floro?

    My understanding is quite simple, Seaguar Premier came out initially as a third generation line, thinner diameter, more stretch, appropriate breaking strength. After a year or so folks on the long range side of things began complaining that the line broke early, the Blue Label was the better...
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    Sunline Fluro

    We had a couple clients ask to bring in their smaller spools, making it easier for them to try with less risk. Did that a couple weeks ago, so there are not 30M spools for most tests up on our site and in our shops. That's 33 yds, so a bit more than the standard 25 yds offered by other firms at...
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    Boston Big Game Fishing Kites..........

    Great kites, easy to fly, very good value too. The manufacturer ran out of kites (surprise) at the tail end of August. Supply ramps back up with them towards the end of Sept., and we'll have more in stock then.
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    What's happening with Calstar Rods?

    Calstar and founder Leon Todd are a big part of the foundation of our West Coast and long range fishing. Nothing but respect for Leon and what he created. He's an amazing man, one of those guys like Carl Newell, Russ Izor, who will be remembered for what they contributed to LR fishing for...
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    Andros 12NSIIa

    Arrived Thursday!
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    UC Backorder

    Seeker does not, can not make their own rods. Blanks were being produced by a third party, son of Loomis (who I believe is in litigation with father. Father is certainly one of the great men in this industry). A real rod company both rolls their own blanks and wraps them. Seeker under prior...
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    UC Backorder

    Randy is doing the best he can and we talk to him almost daily. Supply and demand are at the root of this one. For most of the rods we order the manufacturer has had only nine mandrills to work with (several models come from the same mandrill). That means 9 blanks per day for production. That's...
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    Toro Tamer Spectra Thoughts?

    Well, I did sell to Amazon for a year, maybe two and then stopped. While it's convenient, it's still far better to be working with a physical store, even from an online standpoint. Better customer service possible, an actual human to discuss and help educate regarding a product. And, they really...
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    Braid capacity for Torque 40 NLD2

    There are a lot of factors at play as folks have mentioned. Some lines are more conservatively rated than others, some fibers are thinner than others. Lines are sold per yard, the more line packed the higher the charge.. How much capacity is really needed for the application intended? Necessary...
  29. Chark

    Toro Tamer Spectra Thoughts?

    Hi Jerry, there should not be twists in the line which would make inline rigging difficult if not impossible. We do have a 100% guarantee of the product, so replacing a spool would be the direction I'd go. There are limits in time for replacement of anything sold, but in the case of the Toro...
  30. Chark

    Toro tamer braid

    What Garry reports with respect to line diameter and labels is correct and I'll confirm that the specs did not match the reality of what was on the spools, not close. Very unfortunate situation. And, to Garry, I have a sample of orange line coming with our next shipment. Given you've done some...
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    Toro tamer braid

    HardDrive - On the batch of line with the strong chemical smell... It was the factory's second run for us and it was indeed atrocious, one test, one size spool involved and once we figured out what was up we sent it back for replacement. On that one, they did indeed screw up and probably didn't...
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    Toro tamer braid

    I ain't the smart one, Russ Izor was the pioneer and should be remembered as the man who brought PE based braid as we know it to fishermen. Just another man from that generation who built the SoCal sportfishing scene's power through perseverance, hard work, and innovative creativity. Russ Izor...
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    Toro tamer braid

    Yes indeed, that's what we've seen on the Triangle HD's - consistently under counting line by 5-10%. And, I go along with David plus or minus 5% or so is insignificant in the greater scheme of things (many other reasons to lose a fish) long as a client is not on the short end of the deal.
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    Toro tamer braid

    ToroTamer braid has now been on the market for about four years, and there have been some improvements over time as well as a greater range of product offered. The 16 strand hollow core 130lb is indeed a bit "fatter" than some competing 12 strand PE/Spectra/Dynema lines, but again it does...
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    Charkbait, Midway drive, San Diego

    Honestly, I wish we could be open more hours and more days at our SD shop. My shop's rent & inventory costs run the same whether we're open 5 days or seven. The reason we're not open longer is simply a matter of personnel. Yes, we can add some untrained folks to the shop staff but we'd need a...
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    Toro Tamer Jigs

    Slash in 300 & 400 gm targets the DEEP holding LARGER grade fish, as we had last season and we have had hanging this year - but I'd say the bite is different. Feedback I'm getting right now indicates the fish are on a surface bite, better on top than deep right now. So, a slower sinking jig like...
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    WTB Cork puppies

    More coming in this week. Two partners in the business, now only one involved and after talking to him this week we may be out of the supply problems that have plagued this excellent product for the past couple years. It had been a feast or famine type thing, with orders taking a long, long time...
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    Anyone tried Sunline Shockleader Saltwater Special Fluorocarbon?

    Sorry, a bit late on a reply, but we added Sunline's Shockleader to our product mix - ICAST product addition 2015. It's in our shops now, 100 meters, 110 yards, well priced, hard finish for excellent abrasion resistance, good stretch.
  39. Chark

    Seeker Black classic vs Seeker Pinhead vs Calstar West Coast

    Time is the best judge, and truth speaks for itself. Eric, you might use your own name when making such a post... We were not cut off by Seeker, I cancelled our orders while speaking to you directly at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach (our final check was cut and sent a day before the show)...
  40. Chark

    Avets at Charkbait

    This thread is long since dead, but I wanted to simply place a word of thanks to the folks at Avet. Avet was our most reliable supplier through the late summer, fall and winter. It amazes me that they can produce so many different reels, different colors, different versions/features and stay on...
  41. Chark

    NEW Custom Series Rainshadows headed for Charkbait

    Looking good Bill, can't wait for the project's completion - really want to get these into our shops. Great Stuff< Mark
  42. Chark

    RIP Mario, Sportsman's Seafood

    Very sad day, and a significant loss to all those who fished the long range boats. Mario was a uniquely warm and positive person, cheerful and free with his smiles. He raised a wonderful family, and was respected by all those who knew him both professionally and personally. Those of us fortunate...
  43. Chark

    charkbait great deals

    Wish we could do the line too, but...a rod which goes for about $150 ain't too bad a score when it's FREE! It's one or the other deal, and we'll do the rigging at a fair price too if called for but at an upcharge. We can do mono at n/c, but the braid can't be done along with the rod at the price...
  44. Chark

    ahi assassin rods

    The firm making the ToroTamer Ahi Assassin rods is top notch, New Zealand owned, and they have done some updating of their production techniques. They are building specific to our requests. They are very good, and well understand the West Coast designs going back to Saber and TruLine. Now with...
  45. Chark

    Avets at Charkbait

    Glenn, Raptorskin color was a limited production offering, and those are no longer in inventory. If you were referring to the green camo color, those are an option and we have a couple in inventory back at the shops. We have (MXL product in camo and maybe an SX) some but certainly not many in...
  46. Chark

    Avets at Charkbait

    Thanks Steve and others. I did indeed hit a frustration wall a couple weeks ago and tried to simplify life a bit. I'd been gone for a week at ICAST (visited the show as a retailer, but also showed off product as a manufacturer), came back on a Saturday, played host to an international rod...
  47. Chark

    Halco Max 130's in stock NOW at Melton Tackle

    Kind of funny. We get ours directly from Halco too, pay the same price and yes the lures are air'd in. We increased our price by 2 bucks but also covered all back orders at our original price. We did not exploit the demand by putting an exorbitant price on the product and take advantage of our...
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    Halco Max 130

    We received several hundred aired in on Monday at our HB shop, will send a good stock down to our San Diego shop today and they will have 'em Wednesday.
  49. Chark

    Charkbait four day on the RR III

    We included a few good lures and other items in the care package for anglers. The hot jig was our Slash lure in the heavy weights - 300 & 400 gm size. From what was reported that's what hooked the big tuna and opah. The weight and shape worked well to get to the larger fish. The lures are rigged...
  50. Chark

    Charkbait Halted Avets Sales as of 7/26

    Always some interesting comments, and rare that I take the time to post on a board. I'm simply going in too many directions to pause and play - and perhaps that's part of the problem today. We've been Avets largest dealer for a long time, in the old days our inventory went a heck of a lot...
  51. Chark

    Eclipse Sportfishing

    Long range quality food, service and deckhands, great skipper, top notch operation. The owners/operators of the Eclipse do a great job, take care of their crew, and it shows. Love fish'n with 'em. Great Stuff< Mark
  52. Chark

    Experience with Toro Tamer Hollow Braid?

    CharlBait has been on the leading edge of the use of braided lines for the past 14 or 15 years. Introduced many anglers to Russ Izor's products, introduced Cortland to West Coast anglers when most here didn't know of them or their history. We had been JB's largest dealer as well, helping to...
  53. Chark

    Sea Vee 39 "Spanish Fly"

    Beautiful boat Julio, and very nice write up about its previous owner and his legacy to the sport of fishing&#8230;and well beyond fishing. Best wishes, Mark
  54. Chark

    Charkbait Toro Tamer Spectra

    If the product says Spectra, that's a US Trade Name owned by Allied Chemical / Honeywell and the primary source of raw material here in the USA. Generally, if it says SPECTRA then at least the raw material (which is the same as that used for PE - polyethylene gel spun lines and Dynema - another...
  55. Chark

    Charkbait Toro Tamer Spectra

    Not to worry, sent out today.
  56. Chark

    Charkbait Toro Tamer Spectra

    Sadly, I think a lot of manufacturers would be in agreement with me on this one. And, if you've followed BD over the years (or just this year...) you've seen some players come and go, even some that advertised here left others holding the bag so to speak. I've been at this for 15 years now, I...
  57. Chark

    Charkbait Toro Tamer Spectra

    Yes indeed I do need to send off the TT line to a third party for testing, and Paulus has been suggested both here and on 360 Tuna. No doubt he's done a great job and is kind of a clearing house for this. We do testing here on each batch as well. However, I think an independent source is best...
  58. Chark

    Charkbait Toro Tamer Spectra

    It is true, we have moved away from JB's line. We have been his largest dealer for many years, by far his largest dealer. Moving from support of the product he offers was not an easy decision for me to make. Note, Jerry does not make the line he sells, he repackages line, or simply puts a...
  59. Chark

    I need some help

    Steve K, get hold of me at the shop and I'll get some of the new 16 Strand hollow in your hands for your evaluation and feedback. We've got that product available now in 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 and 130#. The stuff opens up beautifully and is easy to work with, as 16 strand should be. Our diameters...
  60. Chark


    Always nice to have some choices and variety of lures on the market. For those interested in maintaining the same weight and drop-rates as the older original lures, you do have that option. Under the Toro Tamer Wahoo Ripper name a similar style lure is available at CharkBait San Diego and...
  61. Chark

    Rail Dawgs at CharkBait!

    Bill, thanks for making up the rods for well as the shop. The new United Composites are GREAT and we look forward to having them back in the shop for others to check out. Now, as for your work...wonderful attention to detail and workmanship. Glad we hooked up.
  62. Chark

    Charkbait opening store in San Diego!!!!!!!!!

    Well, thanks for the positive posts and constructive criticism as well. We've wanted to come to SD for a long time, but never had the right folks in place to pull it off nor the resources. Well, we still don't have the resources but we do have the right people and they are San Diego folks. And...
  63. Chark

    We are sorry for your loss

    Thank you for your comments, and kindness. We all have so much to be thankful for, and we all share in taking things for granted which are priceless. Aret and Melissa are wonderful people, and their world centered around their son. The tragedy of their son's death is shattering and so darn sad...
  64. Chark

    Charkbait=Serious Disappointment

    Prior to the post from our client, I had planned on discussing the pliers with our manufacturer's rep for the product. He had an appointment scheduled for today. After this thread, my intention was simply to send 'em back along with a free tube of grease. Bottom line, the importer will support...
  65. Chark

    Charkbait=Serious Disappointment

    We have a seven day refund, 30 day defective exchange. That's better than most in the world of fishing. I do believe strongly in taking responsibility for one's actions, call it a carry over from a few years spent teaching, or simply the way I was raised. If I screw up, I own it and try to make...