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  1. bajachild

    For Sale POLK duck boat

    1987 Bob Polk duck boat. Custom built. Fiberglass. Very few made. Original owner. This is one of his last models built. 14’ with a Yamaha 50hp jet drive. Hull is tunneled. Stick steering. Runs in about 3” of water. Used a few years in Mexico when new to hunt the Rio Hardy. Area dried up and...
  2. bajachild

    Head on a swivel

    Almost lost my parents today. They’re at Newport Dunes for a month. He goes out on his 19’ Arima about 4x per week. He was drifting between the Newport and Balboa piers about 1/2 miles off shore. He said a 40’ or so yacht style boat powered up the coast on a collision course with him. Said he...
  3. bajachild

    Hooked a Marlin under a paddy

    Headed to top of Cat from SP bait. About halfway stopped on a paddy. Threw iron and sent out a sardine. Got picked up by this guy on the bait. Fight lasted about 4 minutes then popped. Good stuff.
  4. bajachild

    How much for a custom wrap?

    I’ve taken a few blanks to a friend who’s now back to building rods. An 8’ and a 7’. I’ve seen his work and it’s great. It’s not his main source of income. Just a “hobby.” My question is how much do I pay him per rod? I bought the blanks. He’s not going super crazy with a ton of custom patterns...
  5. bajachild

    Truth/Seigler reels

    Does anyone have any experience with these reels? They look sharp. Seem to get good reviews. American made. They’ve got a star drag, too. I’d like to try something besides Avet and shimano. Won’t touch an accurate. So don’t bother. Thanks for any input.
  6. bajachild

    Saw the PURSUIT off Catalina

    Saw them motoring down past Two Harbors. Must be running the engines and systems.
  7. bajachild

    need prop for late 80s merc. 9.9

    had to torch the old one off. anyone got ideas where to get my hands on one. the boat guy wants about $80, but thats a little steep. thanks, mike.