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  1. pierguy

    Coming in Kauai

    I have a free day or two while attending a wedding over there this coming Nov. around the 7th to the 9th, what's the ocean action like then?
  2. pierguy

    Single to duo props

    I have a single 280 Volvo single prop now and want to swap out for a 270 duo-prop. Are the hole patterns the same? From what I understand they are within a couple of years apart....1982 (280) and 1984 (270). The duo-props are about 287 miles away from me and got a lead on it from a friend...
  3. pierguy

    1983 25' FARALLON Whaleback pilot house

    We decided to sell her after thoughts of doing a repower a few months ago as the motor is frozen (forgetting to winterize it back then, lesson learned the hard way). Rather than mess around with a repower, we'll put it out there for someone that would like to play with a project boat or if...
  4. pierguy

    Doggie poo-poo removal into the sewer

    I think this is a great idea (hope the video link works) when we have our crap patrol in the backyard and from our walks. I guess it must be legal to put dog waste into the sewer system which is better than in the landfills. The video shows what the product looks like. It's a large funnel...
  5. pierguy

    Defending a euipment and expired tag violation ticket

    My son was caught driving his 89' Integra with expired tags (was late by a month at the time and a headlight out (that's what caught the cops attention). The car was a real true daily beater, 288K miles, not modifed at all. The original ticket violation (CA v.c. 4000(a)1 and 24252) was...
  6. pierguy

    Boat scammer on Craigslist

    2004 BASS TRACKER V16 PRO ANGLER LIKE NEW !! USED 7X !! The above listing is a scammer, but another fishing forum caught on to this guy. E-mail him and see what he says, it's funny...act like you're really interested. Use a different e-mail address in case this guy goes nuts from...
  7. pierguy

    Passport card

    U.S. Passport Card While in most cases, it seems a CA driver's license is valid enough to get thru US customs, either land or sea (but NOT for air travel). I was going to have my passport renewed when the lady at the post office told me to get the "passport card" for only $20 when renewing...
  8. pierguy

    How many bags

    of "river peebles" (Lowe's) do I need to fill-in this strip of dirt for our new puppy restroom? I want to put down a mini-dog pooper area in the backyard where puppy goes now and want to get it off the grass. The area in question measures 30' by 3' wide and want to lay down a 2 1/2' layer...
  9. pierguy

    Stuck engine

    Okay, now, we're working on the electrics (gauges, pumps, etc) over the weekend, got it almost done. We wanted to finally start the engine (GM 350 c.i. circa 1984) after being not used in over a year. I know that we should have "winterized" the engine, but didn't, we figured it'd be fired up...
  10. pierguy

    1984 GM 350 c.i. V8

    When we purchased the boat a few years ago, but starting to act sluggish and back-firing at times. The carb was re-built about 18 months ago and was okay. So now we're wanting to do the engine "make-over" (the usual plugs and points, etc), but we can't find the timing specs. Anyone got some...
  11. pierguy

    Rustproofing the oil pan

    Okay, having to replace the oil pan, the old one is leaking again (actually the JB weld is not holding any longer). So besides the freshwater rinse as part of the wash down, what can I do to the oil pan to lessen future problems or at least delay it for extra years, if that's possible...
  12. pierguy

    Aero misting system

    This is actually meant to be used in a lake, whereby it gets pretty hot in a small bass boat with no coverage. I was trying to gather some ideas on a portable misting system that can be used with a small water pump, probably operated along with the trolling motor battery and a misting type hose...
  13. pierguy

    Debt issues and offers

    My neighbor has been unemployed (sold store shelvings) or working part-time for the past 8 months. He was in the sales for many years and the company he worked went belly, since he was self-employed for almost 13 years, he's not eligible for unemployment benefits. He's fallen behind on his...
  14. pierguy

    STOP payment problem

    I placed a stop payment with my local bank (to remain nameless, other than it's a major outfit) on 12-20-06, I have a copy of it and paid the fee. The check was presented on 12-26-06, today's 12-27-06, the bank honored and paid thru the stop!! I've been on the phone with various departments...
  15. pierguy

    Here fishy, fishy....

    I'd rather be in a yak than a shark donut (float tube).
  16. pierguy

    There goes the neighborhood...

    Trump puts 'brand' on Baja with condo-hotel | The San Diego Union-Tribune It's going to be "trumped"....
  17. pierguy

    Bloodydeck flag?

    I wasn't too sure where to post this suggestion, but figured it's more likely to be placed on a boat. I was thinking there are times from being at the launch ramps to being on the water, whereby it'd be nice to ID ourselves or the boats with something that gets the job idea was a...
  18. pierguy

    No more bluefin tunas, told you so..... As appeared in today's (9-12-06 AFP) article: BRUSSELS (AFP) - Stocks of bluefin tuna are disappearing from the Mediterranean, the environmental group WWF warned. "There is almost no more bluefin tuna to be...
  19. pierguy

    Trailer axle and slider side plate

    I have to replace the front axle and slider plate on the 22' galvanized trailer, it's an older Garges (aka Baja Trailer now, I guess), but do you guys know if I have to go with Garges/Baja parts for the above, or will most other trailer shops make due with parts that will be just as good. The...
  20. pierguy

    Tuna and fish fillets from PV

    Just going the motions now to plan for next year's family vacation and PV was one in the hat. I was wondering (assuming here and you know the rest of that story), we snag a few big ass model tunas, say over 150#'s. Of that, how much would be filleted and packed of that, since there's the...
  21. pierguy

    BOLA and BOO-BOO's and BAD RAP 6-16 / 6/19

    We started off on an early Friday morning, got into BOLA after a good 10 hour drive. All roads were paved except for the last 1 miles to the Villa Bahia (La Gringa). Still one PEMEX open, with a new one to be opened in a few months if not sooner. Diesel was $1.96 gal. and reg. gas (no other...
  22. pierguy

    Mentos and Coke geysers I gotta try this in the morning.
  23. pierguy

    Sindicatura stickers on Ebay Guys, I just ordered two stickers from this guy and he's legit, but he's running out. I got them for $13.00 shipped, and coming from...
  24. pierguy

    Hotel purchase with a $10MM price tag

    A friend is asking me to help him locate a 200 room minimum hotel with a documented 2 year cap rate stats. He's got $10MM in cash sitting in an account after selling off a commercial building. He's not a savvy investor at all, just got lucky with a decreased relative from her property years...
  25. pierguy

    Foodsaver and paper towels

    I just got the new Foodsaver V840 model that was linked from Trianglist. In the instructions, it says it's best to pat dry fish or meat with a paper towel, tuck the towel so that it doesn't touch too close to the sealing edge and vacuum seal it all together. It seems the paper towel could act...
  26. pierguy

    Tide tables for the Sea of Cortez

    Anyone got a link or two to the up's and down's of the water flow over there?
  27. pierguy

    BOLA--June 16 to the 19th

    Quick longggggg weekend trip....anyone wanting to BB down, let's do it!! Make it at South Shores (Sea World) and go from there....PM me for details. We're staying in the downstairs casitas at We're towing the 22' (Marathon) if it's not...
  28. pierguy

    Border crossing with a boat

    Does it matter which lane to select when coming back to the States? Would going thru the Otay Mesa area be any different not so much any quicker but wider lanes?
  29. pierguy

    Turbo-lube hubs Interesting read and information, sorry if this might be a re-post somewhere. The previous thread poll about trailer hub/bearings made me think more about what other options there are besides the regular bearings. The prices are...
  30. pierguy

    Magnetic oil filter Anyone ever try this on your car/truck's oil filter? It seems to make sense, and I guess the cut-out of the oil filters does trap the metal particles.
  31. pierguy

    La Paz==Sept. 23 to Oct. 1

    Planning now to get your shiet together (truck, boat, trailer, plus wifeo or significant other to warn them). The main idea is to fish for a 3 days in La Paz, if we can do that, we're golden. Wish we could do more time, but it was hard enuf' to get 2 of the guy's to take off more than the...
  32. pierguy

    Scammer's revenge--Mr. Okorie there's a lot of reading, but you can also cruise thru the letters and read the darker prints (reply).... But the site lends to some good come-backs if you want to play along with these low-life scammers....what to do, what to say....
  33. pierguy

    Kona-Kampachi sushi grade fish Hmmmm....maybe this type of Hawaiian bred fish will increase in its popularity due to some of its taste and healthier eating benefits, and take some of the pressures from our back yard yellowtails. The Hawaiian fish is in between the both...
  34. pierguy

    Cell phone reception

    Come sometimes in June, we're planning to hit either BOLA or Gecko for about 4-5 days, bringing the boat down. One of the guy's has a job project and needs to check-in for messages, but not till after 3-4 p.m. (some working vacation, but at least he's not in the office). The question is does...
  35. pierguy

    Diesel secret fuel mix!5051&keyword=%28diesel+fuel%29&match_type=content I found this from an automotive site, the jury's still out. Snake oil or good stuff?
  36. pierguy

    Ferrari ENZO crash..... Happened about 6-ish a.m., as of 9:30 a.m., CHP have been combing the mountains still, looking for the driver who ran from the scene and will be ticketed with a felony hit and run, as the passenger was injured. They were lucky to...
  37. pierguy

    Car wash--NWS

    Anyone want to start a summer business? Sorry, if this needs to be removed due to the new regs., enjoy while you can...
  38. pierguy

    Reel/boat/rail leash?

    Looking to either buy or make my own leashes to keep the rod and reel from going overboard, especially when leaving the outfit on a rod holder during the troll times. I was thinking of using the spring loaded device that mountain climbers use and a strong but thin climber's rope that could...
  39. pierguy

    Gas price discounts

    Okay, gas is going up again, is there any place that gives a discount for volume buying? Say 100 gals. or more, actually, I need more, boat's got a single 200 gal. capacity. She's got the Stabil and sheet additives since, but need to top off with 150 or more. I don't care if it's at the fuel...
  40. pierguy

    Bait tank window We may want to replace the bait tank with a window version. Pro's and con's? Anyone got pics, either on their ride or others?
  41. pierguy

    Cool person test

    Check it out to see how cool you are:
  42. pierguy

    Find yourself or any school mates from

    kindergarden, middle school, high school to college, it's amazing how this company kept archives for all the schools in the country: Have fun!!!