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  1. Rider514_iaf

    SOLD SOLD PH Ulua 30-60

    Send me address. Ill cruz by tomorrow. I'm working in LA
  2. Rider514_iaf

    WTB Wanted CC with 4 stroke

    Parker still available
  3. Rider514_iaf

    Rpt.-10-16-19 A Ducky of a Tail!

    Awesome report as always and congratulations thanks again
  4. Rider514_iaf

    shoe laces

    Advanced marine is my go to. They are great
  5. Rider514_iaf

    Local YT

    Congrats dude nice boat you got there
  6. Rider514_iaf

    Coastal Bass 8/12 and 8/13- Lemons Into Lemonade

    Nice report. I had a rough weekend on my skiff as well.. always next week
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  8. Rider514_iaf

    18 Foot Gregor Built Thread!

    How wide is your boat
  9. Rider514_iaf

    Ever take your skiff to the break all

    Ever take your skiff to the break all