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    Fishing in SLO

    My local KOA is closed by the governor. Been for weeks. Only essential people can stay. Better check. I’ve had all reservations cancelled.
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    Fred Hall 2021

    As a HS teacher, after almost a year of this crap, going online and navigating what would probably be a half-asses platform is the last thing parents want to do. It will fail.
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    Lobstering in Catalina

    Rest assured, there are a LOT of jerks here. I met a random guy here from Ventura that opened me up to the islands, and for that I’m grateful. But they’re few and far between.
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    New Recreational Groundfish Regulations For 2021

    have a tool to send them back to the bottom. I sent a pig yellow eye down and then I saw a seal eating him. Go figure.
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    Mission beach, La Jolla 12-20

    I was in the 17 whaler. Nada
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    I’ll get some more pictures. The boat is at Lake Isabella. When he goes back up, I’ll see if he...

    I’ll get some more pictures. The boat is at Lake Isabella. When he goes back up, I’ll see if he can bring it back. I can go and get it myself. It’s only 180 miles. Mike
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    My parents had a house in a camp that was flooded out in the 80s. After the floods (and the...

    My parents had a house in a camp that was flooded out in the 80s. After the floods (and the house was gone) we ventured back to the area. There was a big camp open on a diked road south of our camp. That’s where we hunted and ran into Bob Polk. He let us use his boat as a test run and my dad...
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    Yes. It’s just sitting at my parent’s house. The engine is original to the boat. It’s my dad’s...

    Yes. It’s just sitting at my parent’s house. The engine is original to the boat. It’s my dad’s boat and he took good care of engine, draining carbs after it was run and always having impeller replaced. It truly has low hours on it. It’s a fabulous duck hunting boat. I’ve been on aluminum Jon...
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    Takinng suggestions recipe for trout

    Smoke them.
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    Fishing from a small boat

    Here’s my 4 cans in the back. I’ve got 200mile range. Not that I need it, but the heavier I get, the lower the mpg.
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    Fishing from a small boat

    I just added vessel view onto my merc 115. It’ll be handy for gas used, but I know my mileage pretty well. I did 122 miles RT off San Diego and used 27 gallons. 3 adults and 22g bait tank. Plus I had 25 extra gallons on back in racing cans. Have 25g under the floor in my 17’ whaler.
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    Spotted Bay Bass

    Nope. Caught a lot of those near Santa Rosalia. Also caught a lot of 5 lb spotties. Good guess, though. Brought back memories.
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    Looking to rent a small slip in Newport Harbor for 1 day

    The north side of balboa island has public piers. They’ve got blue posts on them. About 2-3 on that side(they’re all over the harbor, but this is a quiet, low traffic place). First one on Coral I believe. I motored the harbor last Sunday And it’s slow. It’s winter and you could tie up there and...
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    Mackeral at channel islands

    When I’m in the gap, they’re at about 80-100 feet. Sold band on finder. Every drop with a squid strip. Some of the biggest I’ve ever seen.
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    Action on the ridge

    First thing I got, even with a brand new boat.
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    Want to fish Channel Islands. Boat/Landing suggestions?

    I launch from Oxnard. A bunch of charters there. Look up the reports. The higher up the islands you go, the better the fishing.
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    Action on the ridge

    Glad you were there to help. Should have bought a Whaler.
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    Friday night hooping

    The measuring is the worst part, as reality sets in 🤣🤣. Thanks for the report. Enjoy.
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    How much does a fella pay to his host on a private boat?

    I’m going out anyways. If friends come along it’s just company. I don’t not go because there aren’t paying friends to be found. So if I invite someone, I don’t expect a greased palm. If they do, thanks.
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    For Sale POLK duck boat

    1987 Bob Polk duck boat. Custom built. Fiberglass. Very few made. Original owner. This is one of his last models built. 14’ with a Yamaha 50hp jet drive. Hull is tunneled. Stick steering. Runs in about 3” of water. Used a few years in Mexico when new to hunt the Rio Hardy. Area dried up and...
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    Head on a swivel

    Almost lost my parents today. They’re at Newport Dunes for a month. He goes out on his 19’ Arima about 4x per week. He was drifting between the Newport and Balboa piers about 1/2 miles off shore. He said a 40’ or so yacht style boat powered up the coast on a collision course with him. Said he...
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    New Boater Recommendations

    I go 50m out and have 120m days all the time. I’ve got a 17’ whaler. If you trust your boat, and do weather homework, it’s fine.
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    Dana point bonito and lobster 10/29

    It sure does. I crab a lot in Oregon, but getting your first bug (about a month ago), sure feels good.
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    Orange County MLPA question

    Chit Chat is douche central. It’s all the short guys getting even with the world with their keyboard.
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    Fishermans Landing Tackle Day Worth Drive?

    Your cost in gas and time will eat the savings. I won’t drive to bass pro with a $50 gift card. There’s no savings.
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    Omc engines?

    If you may be searching eBay for parts, this ain’t the one.
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    UFO, Iron Man, Sumo History

    I thought this was about aliens, iron man, and a fat Japanese guy walking into a bar.
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    passport card and passport book

    I turned my stuff in on sept 16. I called a lot of places that do passports and all were not accepting people because of covid. I was persistent and found the San Gabriel city office was by appointment only. It was a snap. How long it takes to get it is another story.
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    Safe offshore boating distance?

    if you’re traveling 30 across the ocean and hit a log, punching a hole in your boat, you’re in trouble. Most boats are made as cheaply as possible. Swamping the bow with a wake from a ferry or large boat can cause problems. Risk vs reward. I have the best boat in the world. I have no second...
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    Safe offshore boating distance?

    If your boat can sink because of too much water or you punch a hole in it, stay out of the open ocean. There’s nothing worth dying for.
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    Is it beneficial or a detrimental to use a 2 speed reel when rock fishing?

    High speed. Braid. 30lb leader. Dropper loop. No 2 speed. I found lever drags blow. Too much in and out of gear staying on the bottom. Just my opinion. I fish channel islands a lot. I use an old school torium 14.
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    Catalina - Frontside or Backside

    I’ve got a whaler 170. I bring 4 5gallon racing gas tanks strapped in the back. With the 25 in boat and 20+ on back, I can go 175-200m. Helps when I’m going 100 or more, which is often.
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    san diego - american waters west 10/15

    Does it matter? Maybe he feeds it to his dog.
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    Where to find good kelp patties?
  35. bajachild

    Jigs In Fish

  36. bajachild

    NEW NOMAD DTX MINNOW COLORS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Be careful they don’t have stickers as the color. My Nomad has a sticker that came undone before it ever got wet. Maybe they’ve changed.
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    West of 182

    Nope. No tuna. Just everything else.
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    Do it all Baitcaster size?

    Shimano Calcutta 400.
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    West of 182

    It was there or SBI. Looks like it’s SBI Saturday. Thanks for the report.
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    REEL & ROD Combo ID

    Hang it on the wall. It’s now art. Look for some vintage lures and you’ve got a nice display.
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    Hooked a Marlin under a paddy

    I’ve caught lots and lots of sailfish in Baja. After dodo and YT fishing, we’d go looking for them. The water was usually glassy and you could see their pectoral fins as they were sunning themselves. Packs of 3 and 4 sometimes. Quick flip of a Mack and they’d tail dance 30’ off the bow. But this...
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    Best way to sell reels and rods

    I think this place is best. I’d like to think most here are legit fish people. Craigslist seems like it would be a creepy lurkers playground. eBay has tons of fees and almost mandatory shipping. Here, no fees and most will pick up. Just my .02.
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    Santa Barbara Island 09/17/2020

    Waiting for weather to bust my 17’ whaler out there. Stupid wind.
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    Performance improvement plan

    Local Knowledge has some informative videos. It seems like the guy(s) sorta known what they’re doing. ;)
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    Looking For inshore Spots Along Sand Pedro and Long Beach

    Go to Turners. They have individual maps and booklets. Laminated. Good stuff. About $15 each or the whole book for $50ish.
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    Hooked a Marlin under a paddy

    Spin gear with 50lb braid with a 30lb floro topper.
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    Hooked a Marlin under a paddy

    Headed to top of Cat from SP bait. About halfway stopped on a paddy. Threw iron and sent out a sardine. Got picked up by this guy on the bait. Fight lasted about 4 minutes then popped. Good stuff.
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    Most dangerous offshore experience

    Early 80s. Merc craps our on Valco 14’. Made it to tiny island in B of LA. Night falls. My dad was at camp on gringo point by the old pier. Wind started blowing. He needed to heavily convince the locals to start a search. We had a fire going as my mom smoked and had matches. Plus the gas...
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    Rod Power vs. Reel Drag

    no. 100lb braid with a 40lb topshot means you have 40lb line. It’s like the weakest link in a chain.
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    Threshers galore!

    No license required.
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    Pesky little dorado

    Grammar bad !!! Their and you’re. And it’s ok to help others out. Sheesh. Relax.
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    Mahi mahi and yellowtail 8-23

    Get a bucket and a good bilge. Oh, nice fish, too. ;)
  53. bajachild

    8-22 Report

    I was between Cat and SCI yesterday. Not a boat in sight. Few going to the island. No birds. No life. Found 5 paddys with no one home. Water was 74.5 and smooth as glass.
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    Should I get a Avet sxj

    My kid caught 2 30+ lb yellows in Ventura this year on his sxj g2 mc. Nice reels.
  55. bajachild

    Poppers for Dorado?

    I ended up in the hospital in Santa Rosalia because a dodo threw a giant Krocodile back at me from 30 feet as he was jumping. Instinct was to catch it to protect my face. Still have scars on my palm. So, use Krocodiles!!
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    Feedback Please

    I only saw ABBAGE. And thought it might be someone’s name.
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    Ouch. H&M fish counts.....

    Did 93m Friday. Corner. 43. 68d at the 43. Nothing. Chatter on 72 was pissed there were no fish.
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    Orange County BFT Foamers 8/3

    right, because a camera in the hand is waaaay better than a rod when fish are boiling. “Fuck the rod, grab my iPhone.” Tool.
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    trail rite trailers

    Hitch depot. Monrovia CA
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    Topwater Bluefin in US Waters Sunday 6/28

    Thanks for proper grammar and punctuation. Oh, and nice report. Thanks.
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    Rod Pairing Help

    Accurate 🤮
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    How much for a custom wrap?

    Thanks for the replies. He’s happy to be back in the saddle. I only gave the blanks and he’s doing the rest. I’ve got a good number in my head from all your input. Thanks, guys.
  63. bajachild

    How much for a custom wrap?

    I’ve taken a few blanks to a friend who’s now back to building rods. An 8’ and a 7’. I’ve seen his work and it’s great. It’s not his main source of income. Just a “hobby.” My question is how much do I pay him per rod? I bought the blanks. He’s not going super crazy with a ton of custom patterns...
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    Please recommend Bay of LA gear

    I fished BofLA for 20 years. Bring the smaller stuff, too. Lots of fun fish on smaller gear. It’s no fun catching triggers on a 40lb setup. You may need to shift gears and won’t have the right stuff. Go prepared.
  65. bajachild

    fresh dead squid (LA/N.OC)

    I used some today. I wouldn’t say it’s rinsed. It’s full of guts. Ink. Those plastic-like pieces. I wouldn’t eat it. Hope this helps.
  66. bajachild

    fresh dead squid (LA/N.OC)

    Asian market. 99 Ranch. 3lb box for about $10.
  67. bajachild

    Barricuda sashimi??! Say it ain’t so...

    And they smell like ass.
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    Turd Circus - Dos - Dana Point

    I think the world is getting its mind back.
  69. bajachild

    Looking to go tuna fishing...

    Not dana landing. Was there Saturday. Was launching at 530 but when I left, there were police at driveway. Didn’t see them checking “papers.”
  70. bajachild question

    Buoycast app is nice, too. Pick a Buoy from a map. Good data. Been reliable to me.
  71. bajachild

    Coronados 5/9 Quick Report

    Yes. Solo. No Mexican license. And he’s got a magical floating camera. 🙄
  72. bajachild

    Fished the Coronado Islands 5-9-2020 without a mexican fishing license.

    I “suspect” they are always enforcing. Just because you can’t get a license in order doesn’t mean they’re on vacation. Good luck trying to negotiate in Mexican waters.
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    Heading out of Newport tomorrow

    I was at the 277 Tuesday. Huge kelp. No one home.
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    Need A Deckhand For Your Boat?

    First of all, it’s “you’re,” and secondly, it’s “there.” But thanks, Captain Obvious. I’m well aware of the current school situation. As a high school teacher, and the wife teaching K, we are engaged in various school-related activities such as Google Classroom, zoom meetings with students, Meet...
  75. bajachild

    Need A Deckhand For Your Boat?

    I agree. As a teacher, I just watch the weather. Last week I did a staff meeting from emerald bay at cat. Tuesday I’ll be off Dana 20-30. Friday... maybe SBI.
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    Need A Deckhand For Your Boat?

    It’s a school night. Go to bed 🤣.
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    Need A Deckhand For Your Boat?

    Good going, kid. Don’t mind the douche baggers pushing you down. As a high school teacher, it’s refreshing to see determination from today’s youth. You’ve also got pretty good grammar and are good at expressing yourself. But first and foremost, stay in touch with your teachers, google classroom...
  78. bajachild

    Governor Targets Orange County

    OC sheriff just told Newsom to go fuck himself. No closure.
  79. bajachild

    Truth/Seigler reels

    Does anyone have any experience with these reels? They look sharp. Seem to get good reviews. American made. They’ve got a star drag, too. I’d like to try something besides Avet and shimano. Won’t touch an accurate. So don’t bother. Thanks for any input.
  80. bajachild

    Saw the PURSUIT off Catalina

    I’m in a 2019 Whaler 170. Come find me.
  81. bajachild

    Saw the PURSUIT off Catalina

    I got to the point at about 9. I was in the 17’ whaler. In the area with the parkers and that Robalo. They were about halfway to the shore. I got wind at 8miles out of LB. sucked.
  82. bajachild

    Saw the PURSUIT off Catalina

    Mandated reporter 🤣🤣
  83. bajachild

    Saw the PURSUIT off Catalina

    Saw them motoring down past Two Harbors. Must be running the engines and systems.
  84. bajachild

    Southern Cali Yellowtail gear

    A lot of online stores have no tax and no shipping charges. Plus in this mess, using an email can save 10-20%. Amazon will give you the most reviews. I think smaller stores filter the reviews to fit their narrative.
  85. bajachild

    The day is fast approaching...

    I’m going to Catalina tomorrow. You all keep talking.
  86. bajachild

    Boat in the Slip...Can we head out and fish?

    I agree. Wife and I are teachers. Full pay. I’m gonna take advantage of it. No traffic. Empty ramps. Went to DP today. Got emails from 2 different ramps in Ventura that they’re open. Going to Anacapa wed or Thursday. I don’t go near anyone. BTW, Dana was popping today. Boats all over. Just...
  87. bajachild

    Orange County's Launch Ramp Status

    There were people all over the beaches north and south of DP. I don’t known where the yaks launch, but there were a bunch in the harbor. Tubers, too. $10 to get in.
  88. bajachild

    DP - 03.28.20 - Got out

    I launched the whaler today at DP at about 830. No people. Pulled it out at 230. No people. Cops on the water just waved. Flat water almost all day. Fishing was slooooowwww.
  89. bajachild

    Orange County's Launch Ramp Status

    Their website says all open. RVs, ramp, etc. I’m going tomorrow for a wine and cheese harbor cruise ;)
  90. bajachild

    'tis the season for T's

    any cameras around? police have all that stuff.
  91. bajachild

    12/28 yakkin' fun

    Garibaldi is the california state fish. it's illegal to take them out of the water. so, how were they?
  92. bajachild

    san quintin 7-11 to 7-14

    stay at don eddies. get kelley to captail or his kids. take your catch to the restaurant and tell them to cook it for you, any way you like. breaded and/or garlic butter is my personal favorite. sit up on the deck for happy hour 2 for 1. good stuff. comes with all the fixins. like 7$ per person...
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    good to see they are back. it was dead for so long that i travel farther south to the santa rosalia area. talk about nutso fishing.
  94. bajachild


    the good old days at the bay (20+ years ago) and the yellowtail would boil in 10 feet of water off gringo point for 1 hour. simply cast and catch. right there where the old pier used to be. i havent been there in 20 years. they used to have a fish cleaning facility that processed cecil fish for...
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    need prop for late 80s merc. 9.9

    pasadena. ill talk to my dad as its his engine and see the limits of his journying. thanks, mike.
  96. bajachild

    need prop for late 80s merc. 9.9

    had to torch the old one off. anyone got ideas where to get my hands on one. the boat guy wants about $80, but thats a little steep. thanks, mike.
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    San Bruno 7/1-7/11

    the striped fish is a spotted bay bass. you can catch hundreds of them outside the cove up to 5lbs. if you can fish with mike, i would do it. i have gone out with him 2x when i have not had my own 20' whaler. great guy and he fishes over 200 days a year so he knows the place. take a tour of the...
  98. bajachild

    San Bruno 7/1-7/11

    looks like you were out of san lucas cove?