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  1. loreto1234

    Otay Mesa Boarder Parking and Crossing

    Need some assistance before heading down to Loreto. Question 1: Has anybody parked at the Delta Truck Parking lot in the last few weeks with a regular car? The website states that they no longer allow regular cars due to some SD regulations. 2nd Question: If not allowed to park cars at that...
  2. loreto1234

    Otay Mesa Boarder Parking and Crossing

    Has anybody parked at the Delta Truck Parking lot recently? The website now says that due to new SD regulation they no longer park cars. Used to be $6 now its $12. Any updated info would be appreciated.
  3. loreto1234

    WTB Chair Sliding Pedestal

    Looking to buy a sliding pedestal plate for a Todd Cpt. Chair. If anyone has one laying around please let me know. Cheers and thanks for your help.
  4. loreto1234

    West Marine Sale Lowarnce HDS-5

    This might need to be in another forum not sure. I've been waiting a long time and snooping for the right combo unit and finally pulled the trigger yesterday. For those interested in a new FF/GPS combo w/Transducer unit, I was told that WM will be having these units on sale Feb 20th for their...
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    250ft deep on bait (Milk and Cookies) I heard they were hitting the red and white as well. Merry Christmas everyone!
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    WTB Capt Seat and Base

    I'm looking for a used Todd Capt seat w/base for a '17 Center Console. Doesn't need to be perfect but prefer to be in good/new shape. Orange County to San Diego I can pick up. Thanks for your help.
  7. loreto1234

    181 YFT and YT

    Just walked in door. Took off from DP with crew of five with 1.5 scoops of Chovies. Ran down to the 181 and dropped the jigs in within 5 miles of the high spot with water at 70-71.5. Blind troll fish mostly with natural cedar being the hot jig. YT on the paddies. Weather was great. Early AM was...
  8. loreto1234

    Del Mar Butt

    Late on the report BUTT here it is. Launched Sat. at 6:30A from a secret place (see picture NFIO) on board the Lucky Dog with Bill and Matt. P/U nice mix scoop and made our way south. Went south and out about 10miles to see if we could find any life (clean and blue 65-67 temp). Headed back...
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    So my wife said for her birthday she wants UNI and more UNI so of course i jump on the site and have her pick out the targeted feast. She picks out two trays of the golden and decided to do an addition 3lbs of the Stone Crabs. I call Jr. who recommends the 120gram trays over the 80gram so 120 it...
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    HUGE BSB 7-2-10

    July 2nd we fished the bite off Crystal Pier for the WSB but came up with nothing but Batts (should have been here yesturday). Just about ready to head for the barn and we see the boat next to us hooked up (of course) and decide to wait and see what comes up. He pulls anchor so he doesn't get...
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    Girls Gone Bendo

    Skip to the middle of the vid. Not sure which one to pick? 1, 2 or 3. OK i'll take all three please. Simply amazing.
  12. loreto1234

    Campland Closure on Sat??

    is Campland closed on Sat for Outrigger race?? Want to take the boat out but heard it was going to be closed. Anyone know?? Thanks for you help.
  13. loreto1234

    Salt n Sea Film

    Very interesting bit on the Sea and its past and current conditions. I would like to find out more about this. The local guys are classic in this vid. Tourism vision turns toxic in California's Imperial Valley -
  14. loreto1234

    Honkers at Polot Fields

    Drove by the polo fields today on the way to an appointment and what the F did I see but about 200+ Geese flapping around the flooded grounds. It was pretty cool to see. The dark spots are the Geese the white are rat gulls. If your in the area its a pretty cool to check out. (hard to see in the...
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    My buddy Jarrod and I went to Blythe on a last minute run. Have to say Jarrod is a true buddy as he has a busted shooting finger/knuckle but offered to go just to call, set up the coys and get his dog some more time hunting. Took off at 1:30AM on Sun set up by 5:45ishAM with 50 decoys in the...
  16. loreto1234

    San Luis Obispo Hunts

    NEED SOME HELP- I'm heading to SLO/Paso Robles area next week for a few days. I'm doing a one day private property pig hunt with a few friends but have an open day to burn. I would like to do some quail or pig hunting in Paso or SLO but don't know the area. Not looking for your secret spot just...
  17. loreto1234

    55lbs on 10#test

    Teaching her how to fish early. 10# straight Pline pulling on 55# with sinch knott. She pulled and pulled and finally landed the one she was looking for. No gaff needed. It was one of her last baby teeth. CLASSIC!! She giggled the whole time...well most the time. And yes this was INSHORE...
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    I have the following reels from Pro Gear (love them:loverz:) but can't find the specs for them. Does anyone have a link or location that I can download or copy for my files?? Any help is appreciated. CS 551 CS 625 CS 650 PG 440 Thanks, Chris Lobo
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    Better late than never- Arrived at the rented house on the AZ side on Saturday for the four night stay including the opener on Tuesday. This place was amazing. Six bedrooms (sleeps 18) with all the fixings you need. The group was made up of father and sons (boys trip) for all the clay shooting...
  20. loreto1234

    302 and Islands for YT

    Scratchy day today: Keeping it short as I am burnt!! Took off from MB 5:30AM with Bill and Mathew on the "Lucky Dog" 23' Well. Good bait. Headed to the 302 trolling darks, plugs, jets. Water ranged around 68 with Tons of life on the way out. Whales, birds, porps, meter marks but no one wanted...
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    OK-This is going to be a short one. Just walked in the door and its 2:30AM. We left MB at 10PM Friday with a great mix of bait and headed south. Was on Freds 26 Diesel Blackman "Out-Cast" which is a sweet ride. We ended up fishing just north of the Lower 500, 239 and 220. Got some quality albies...
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    OK-This is going to be a short one. Just walked in the door and its 2:30AM. We left MB at 10PM Friday with a great mix of bait and headed south. Was on Freds 26 Diesel Blackman "Out-Cast" which is a sweet ride. We ended up fishing just north of the Lower 500, 239 and 220. Got some quality albies...
  23. loreto1234

    RUN and GUN

    Just got a new rack and gun mount for my XR 400. The two are seperate units but matched pretty good on the bike. Rack was custom made off Ebay $50 and the mount/boot is Kolpin from BassPro $59. Should be fun for the :_hot_:desert.
  24. loreto1234

    Need Loreto Update

    Heading down to Loreto tomorrow and looking for a updated fish report. Can't find anything better than a report from the 13th. Can't wait to get down there. I know there will be no sleep tonight:drool: as I dig through the gear. Thanks for any help on the updated reports.
  25. loreto1234

    Niland Quail Help!!!

    Heading to Niland to scout around for Quail. Should I just walk the Canal or WHAT WOULD YOU RECOMMEND? Thanks for you help!!
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    Got back from Blythe late last night. This will for sure be the first/last time I come back on the holiday weekend Sunday. It was insane on the 10 coming home. Left at 3pm arrived in Oside at 11:30. Too hot for much duck/goose, no dove, no quail. Camped on the river CA side up around 95/2nd...
  27. loreto1234

    BLYTHE this weekend

    Heading to Blythe this weekend for quail,dove and scout the duck/goose areas. I wanted to travel the HWY 8 and up the 78 rout. Does anyone have any good suggestions to check out on that path. Never been that way and would like some input. Thanks for the help. Have a great holiday.
  28. loreto1234

    Opening Day @ Blythe

    Anyone heading to the armpit Blythe for opening day dove season? We're heading out with a group of seven and it should be a blast. Hope it's not as hot as last year. Already ran to Bass Pro gearing up. Can't wait. :imdumb:
  29. loreto1234

    Many Mahi

    Sunday 8-10 Went with Bill, Matt and Cory on the Lucky Dog out of Oside. On the water 0500 with good bait. Head to the 182 and then down to the 181 hopping along the way in clear skies (70-72 water). You could see for miles. Many paddys with a few holding. Finally got one to go as we are running...
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    I love beer while fishing but enjoy good wine at the table. Who is your favorite fine wine retailer in so. Cal. -Examples: Los Angeles-Wallys, 20/20, The Wine House Orange County-Hi Times, Wine Exchange San Diego- Meritage, Winesellar Brasserie
  31. loreto1234

    Wine In San Diego

    I own and opperate my own wine sales/marketing business here in San Diego and sell wines from SB to SD inlcuding Palm Springs. My clients are top restaurants, resorts, country clubs and fine wine retailers. I wanted to know if there would be any interest in me going after a fine wine retailer to...
  32. loreto1234

    Mr. T @ Hospital Sunday

    Just the Facts: Captain: William Flake Crew: Robert Flake, Mathew Flake, Chris Lobo (Wilson) Boat: Well 23 "The Lucky Dog" Date: May 18, 2008 Ramp: OSIDE Time: 12:25PM Weight: Thresher 161lb. Oceanside Harbor Scale Location: South Laguna (off the Hospital) Temp: 69+ degree water Jig: Pink and...