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  1. JoshuaD

    For Sale Seeker Blue Lightning BCSW 706-7’-T

    Seeker Blue Lightning BCSW 706-7’-T. Great condition. $220 Located in Dana Point or Corona. Text or PM for quicker response. 949-683-8688
  2. JoshuaD

    For Sale Igloo Marine Cooler

    I believe it’s the 110qt. Needs new latches and has a crack in the side plastic. Clean. $25 located in Dana Point. 949-683-8688
  3. JoshuaD

    For Sale Shimano Calcutta and Penn Slammer

    Shimano Calcutta TE 200GT. SOLD Penn Slammer 3 8500.Taken on a few trips but never used. $275 Located in Dana Point or Corona 949-683-8688
  4. JoshuaD

    For Sale F/S Shimano Calcutta TE 200GT

    Great condition, minor boat rash. Filled with 12lb P-Line. $200. Located in Dana Point or Corona. 949-683-8688
  5. JoshuaD

    For Sale Penn Slammer 3 8500 and Shimano Terez TZS78H

    Penn Slammer 3 8500 filled with JB 80lb hollow spectra. Taken on a few boat rides but haven’t pulled on any fish. $275 reel. Rod sold. located in Dana Point or Corona 949-683-8688
  6. JoshuaD

    Dana Wharf fishing license sales

    Just and FYI, Dana Wharf is only selling licenses to customers going on their fleet of boats. If you are planning on fishing around the Dana Point area and need a license, you can get one at West Marine in Dana Point or Big 5 in San Juan Capistrano.
  7. JoshuaD

    For Sale Recaro kids car seat

    Recaro Hero kids car seat. Good condition. Located in Dana Point or Corona. $50 please txt or pm for quicker response 9496838688
  8. JoshuaD

    5 Oceans Wash Down Pump

    Good morning BD’ers, Just wanted to throw out a caution for 5-Oceans products/customer service. I purchased one of their wash down pump kits last year for my project skiff. I finally got around to installing the wash down pump last month since I was waiting to do the thru hull, bait tank, and...
  9. JoshuaD

    DP Launch Ramp

    Just an FYI, the launch ramp fee was raised from $10 to $15 yesterday. Luckily they added more parking, no wait, 2/3 of the trailer boat parking was removed last year.
  10. JoshuaD

    Fred Hall Show Electronics

    I haven’t been to the FHS for a few years but was wondering if Garmin discounts any of their chartplotter/fishfinders at the show? Looking to upgrade to the EchoMAP UHD 94sv with the GT54-UHD transducer. Can anyone recall or know if their units are discounted at the show?
  11. JoshuaD

    For Sale Traxxas Slash 4x4 brushless

  12. JoshuaD

    For Sale Bikes, stroller, SUP

    Stroller sold. Giant Pre balance bike $40 Haro Z16 bike $40 Kids 404 SUP 9’6” x 24.3” x 5.5”. Comes with a Riveria board bag. $350 Josh 949-683-8688
  13. JoshuaD

    For Sale Beretta floating shotgun case

    Beretta xtrema floating waterfowl case. Great condition. $25 located in Dana Point or Corona 949-683-8688 please txt for quicker response
  14. JoshuaD

    For Sale Snow boots

    Figured I would post these here since they are very warm boots that can be used for cold hunts. Leather UGG’s with traction sole. Size 10 (I’m a 10.5 and these fit fine). $100 Located in Dana Point or Corona 9496838688
  15. JoshuaD

    For Sale Coleman cooler

  16. JoshuaD

    For Sale Power wheels rzr

  17. JoshuaD

    Browning Cynergy Wicked Wing

    Curious if anyone has one, is shooting with, or has shot the Browning Cynergy Wicked Wing over under? Looks nice and durable but haven’t had a chance to shoot or hold one yet. Was hoping to get some feedback from anyone who has shot one. Hoping to add an over under to the collection in the near...
  18. JoshuaD

    PCH Spinning Rod

    I’m looking at purchasing a spinning rod or two for a few new reels. I haven’t been able to find any pictures and have not seen any PCH spinning rods at my local tackle shop. Curious if all Okuma PCH spinning rods have the two piece rear grip / split grip or if it’s just for the popping series?
  19. JoshuaD

    Komodo SS

    Question for an Okuma pro staffer or rep. Are there any plans for a 500 size Komodo with a gear choice like the 500 Tranx (HG or PG)? Love the level wind for jig fishing.
  20. JoshuaD

    For Sale Trinidad 20a

  21. JoshuaD

    For Sale Xcel Drylock 4/3 wetsuit

    Xcel Drylock 4/3 wetsuit. Size large. Like new. $150 Located in Dana Point Josh- 9496838688
  22. JoshuaD

    For Sale 12 gallon fuel tank

    West Marine fuel tank Capacity: 12 Gallon Dimensions: 22 3/4"L x 14 1/4"W x 14 3/8"H Both male and female quick connect fitting included $50 Located in Dana Point or Corona 949-683-8688
  23. JoshuaD

    For Sale Plastic Pedestal Seat

    Seat is out of a Livingston 155. Good condition just missing the seat height adjustment bolt. $40 Josh 949-683-8688
  24. JoshuaD

    Tesoro gear ratio

    Good morning BD’ers and Okuma staffers, Does Okuma or an aftermarket company make lower gears for the Tesoro? I have the 5s and 10s and am curious if there is an option out there to install different gears like the Penn Torque with 4.8:1. Thanks
  25. JoshuaD

    WTB Livingston 155 / 16

    Looking to buy a Livingston 155 / 16. I believe the older model was called the 155 and the newer one is the 16. I know there are a few on boat trader but those are out of my price range. Don’t mind traveling to get one. Thanks!
  26. JoshuaD

    WTB Honda TRX 90

    Hey BD’ers, Looking for a clean Honda TRX 90 quad for my son. Year doesn’t really matter as long as it’s clean and runs good. Please PM me if you have one you are looking to sell. Thanks! Josh
  27. JoshuaD

    Phenix 809xhj vs Okuma PCH 801h/xh

    Was curious if anyone has experience fishing both rods and can compare the two? Was looking to put an Okuma Komodo 463 on it for throwing iron, maybe a small popper... Thanks in advance!
  28. JoshuaD

    3 piece travel rod for Hawaii

    Hey guys and gals, My family usually travels to Hawaii for a few weeks a year for vacation. We have been staying in Kona and I have found some places that look like they would be great for shore fishing. I have read about awesome night fishing for Ulua /Giant Trevally. Looking for a 7 to 7 1/2...
  29. JoshuaD

    Tesoro 5s or Komodo 463

    Posted this in the reel form but figured would get a better response here since it’s Okuma specific. Looking to buy a 20lb set up mainly to be used for live bait for local dorado, YT, small tuna. Might also double as a rig for throwing small iron. What reel, Tesoro 5s or Komodo 463? Will be...
  30. JoshuaD

    Okuma Tesoro 5s or Komodo 463

    Looking to buy a 20lb set up mainly to be used for live bait for local dorado, YT, small tuna. Might also double as a rig for throwing small iron. What reel, Tesoro 5s or Komodo 463? Will be putting it on an 8ft stick, not sure which one yet but I know the Komodo limits me to a rod with a reel...
  31. JoshuaD

    For Sale Shimano Talica 8 2-speed and Super Seeker 670-7 LB Factory Wrap

    Shimano Talica 8 2-speed. Great condition. Filled with 50lb solid. $375 Super Seeker 670-7 Long Beach Factory wrap. $350 Will sell as package or separate. 9496838688
  32. JoshuaD

    For Sale Shimano Talica 8 2-Speed

    Shimano Talica 8 2-speed. Excellent condition. Filled with 50lb JB solid. $400 Josh 9496838688
  33. JoshuaD

    For Sale Kids stuff

    Bob Stroller- handle pad is a torn but other than that it's in good condition. $50 Car seat- $20 Book holder- $5 Step 2 Wagon -$20 Glider seat with foot rest - $50 Josh- 9496838688 please text for quicker response.
  34. JoshuaD

    For Sale Shimano Talica 12-II and Baitrunner 6500B

    Talica 12-II filled with 80lb JB solid. Excellent condition. Comes with Phenix reel cover. $425 Shimano Baitrunner- Sold
  35. JoshuaD

    For Sale Kids beach cruiser

  36. JoshuaD

    For Sale Phenix 800H

    Phenix ultra swimbait classic 800H. Fast action 15-50lb. 8ft. Great condition. Reel morning included. Bought for $309+tax. $250
  37. JoshuaD

    Glider/Rocking chair

    Stanley Young America glider with foot rest. $100
  38. JoshuaD

    Audi Q5 TDI

  39. JoshuaD

    South Carolina Duck, Quail, and Chucker

    My wife, son, and I did our annual pilgrimage to her family on the east coast for the holidays. We usually hunt my father-in-laws property for deer and duck but we wanted to try something different so my brother-in-law set up two day hunt for us at Toney Creek Plantation. We towed my...
  40. JoshuaD

    FS: Kids bikes

    Norco Blaster 14” bike. Front and rear hand brakes. No coaster brake. Excellent condition. $120. Retails for $240 Giant Pre balance bike. $60 Josh 9496838688 Please txt for photos if interested. The photos are not uploading for some reason. Located in Dana Point
  41. JoshuaD

    Traveling with Shotgun over the Holidays

    Good morning gentlemen, I will be flying to the east coast for our usual Christmas trip back to the in laws. I usually just borrow my father in laws rifles for deer hunting and an old pump shotgun for duck hunting. I have always contemplated taking my shotgun for duck but we are usually...
  42. JoshuaD

    4/3 wetsuit

    Xcel Drylock chest zip wetsuit. Size large. Like new. Comfortable and warm. $250 Josh 9496838688
  43. JoshuaD

    Makaira 16II vs 16IISEa

    I noticed the mentioned versions have the same gear ratios, drag pressure... does the gold version have the same size handle as the SEa or does the SEa have a longer handle?
  44. JoshuaD

    What two Mak SE's?

    I'm trying to decide which two set-ups to go with for our bigger local BFT. I have plenty of setups ranging from 8lb bass outfits up to 60lb but would like to add two heavy rigs to the arsenal. Should I go with a Mak 16se filled with 80 or 100lb spectra and mainly use it for an 80lb (occasional...
  45. JoshuaD

    FS: Super Seeker 6470-7

    Long Beach- factory wrapped super Seeker 6470-7. Excellent condition, minor scratches on reel seat from mounting the reel. Located in Dana Point. $300 Josh (949)683-8688
  46. JoshuaD

    Step 2 clubhouse climber with slide

  47. JoshuaD

    Specialized Rock Hopper mountain bike

    Specialized Rock Hopper mountain bike. 15" female bike. Good condition. $150 Josh 9496838688
  48. JoshuaD

    WTS / WTT Cannondale Mountain Bike

  49. JoshuaD

    WTS: Quickblade Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

  50. JoshuaD

    Standup paddleboard

  51. JoshuaD

    WTS: Xcel Drylock 4/3

    I know this isn't the classified section but I figure the only people interested in a wetsuit would be the spearfishing community. Selling a like new Xcel Drylock 4/3, size Large. Paid $520. Asking $250 Josh 949-683-8688 please txt if interested.
  52. JoshuaD

    Diawa Lexa 300 HS-P

  53. JoshuaD

    Large Xcel drylock 4/3 wetsuit

    Xcel drylock 4/3 Size: large Like new condition, never torn or repaired. The suit new is $520. $250 Josh 949-683-8688
  54. JoshuaD

    Passport Card

    Good evening, Some friends and I will be doing a few multi-day trips this summer. A few of the guys have passport cards and they were wondering if the card is sufficient for trips that head into Mexican waters? From the research I have done, I believe they will be ok. Just wanted to ask if...
  55. JoshuaD

    2002 Ford F-250 7.3 Diesel 4x4 Crew Cab

    Posting this truck for my buddy. Please contact him at the email or phone number below. 2002 Ford F250 with the legendary 7.3 Diesel power stroke motor. automatic transmission, manual 4WD. 8in lift kit, K&N filter, new up pipes installed, Transmission flushed and new fluid added, New ICP...
  56. JoshuaD

    Okuma Komodo SS 463P vs 471P

    I'm considering picking up one of the above mentioned reels and matching it up to a Phenix PSW809H. My plan is to use it for everything from bigger plastics to poppers to live bait. Basically an all around reel. What gear ratio would you recommend and why? I know that the 7:1 will retrieve...
  57. JoshuaD

    Full bed frame

    Full bed frame. $50 949)683-8688
  58. JoshuaD

    Talica 8 2-speed and Super Seeker 670-7'

    Shimano Talica 8 2-speed with 50lb JB solid spectra. Great condition both mechanically and cosmetically. $450 Super Seeker 670-7' (25-40lb). Great condition also. Hypalon added to the front handle for protection. $350 Josh (949)683-8688
  59. JoshuaD

    What spectra for Trinidad 20a on a jig stick?

    I currently have JB 65lb spectra on my reel. I usually tie on a varying length of 40 or 50lb fluoro top shot. I do pretty well at avoiding a professional over-run but it happens from time to time. Was wondering what others are using for spectra when tossing surface iron? Is there spectra that...
  60. JoshuaD

    Queen size futon bed and mattress

  61. JoshuaD

    Medium SKB w/rod holders and Large Avet Reel Bag

    Medium SKB 7100 tackle box with 4 rod holders. SOLD Large Avet reel bag: SOLD
  62. JoshuaD

    2014 Audi Q5 TDI Premium Package

    2014 Audi Q5 Quattro TDI Premium Package. Runs and handles great being a turbo diesel all wheel drive. Like new condition, parked in the garage when not at work. Excellent mpg at 31+ on the highway. All windows tinted. Comes with Audi Care package from Audi Mission Viejo. Mileage: 35425 (will...
  63. JoshuaD

    SKB deluxe golf club travel case

  64. JoshuaD

    Smaller Star Drag

    Hey guys, Thinking about getting a smaller star drag reel. Looking at the Penn Torque 15 or Trinidad 14a. Will most likely be pairing it to a Seeker STL-8030-8' CT. Since it's a cork tape rod the Trinidad 12a, which seems more in line with the Torque 15 will not work because it doesn't have a...
  65. JoshuaD

    Whites Boots

  66. JoshuaD

    Baby stuff... Crib, stroller, car seat and bases

    Stanley young America crib. Some paint chips but in good condition. Currently disassembled. $350 Car seat with two bases $50 Toilet trainer $10 Booster seat with tray $10 High chair with tray $20 Josh (949)6838688
  67. JoshuaD

    Yamaha EF1000 Generator

  68. JoshuaD

    17ft Boston Whaler Outrage 2

    Was hoping someone could help me out. I just sold my Gregor and I'm looking to purchase a 17ft Boston Whaler Outrage 2 (model year 1996 thru 1999). From what I have read, seen in photos... it will be a good boat for what I am looking for in a small skiff. I have yet to see one in person and...
  69. JoshuaD

    2015 Suzuki df20a 4-stroke short shaft

    Almost new 2015 Suzuki df20a short shaft fuel injected 4-stroke. Just finished the 20 hour breakin / maintenance. Motor runs great. Amazing mpg/gph. Comes with a 3 gallon and 6 gallon fuel tank. Extra motor oil and gear lube. $2750 Josh (949)683-8688
  70. JoshuaD

    AR-15 for sale

    AR-15, left hand eject LRB lower with Stag quad rail upper. Shoots both .223 and 5.56. Vertical forward grip and telescoping stock, flip-up rear sight and fixed front. (2) 10 round mags and carrying case. Bullet button. Left hand eject. 35 1/2 inches fully extended. A little over 32 inches...
  71. JoshuaD

    Boston Whaler 17' Montauk or 17' Outrage

    I'm looking at the two above mentioned boats for my next sled. Was hoping to get some reviews from owners or people who frequently boat/fish on one or the other. I'm looking for an Outrage between 96 to 99. I believe that is when the design was changed a little (wider beam, more fuel, deeper...
  72. JoshuaD

    Best place to buy GPS

    I would like to buy a Garmin echomap 74dv for my skiff. Does anyone have a good place to buy/order GPS units? I used to use a website called GPS On Sale but they are not around. The cheapest I have found that particular unit for is $799.99. Which is the going price for all the stores I have...
  73. JoshuaD

    Hiking backpack

    Mountain Smith 80L hiking pack. Like new condition. $100 9496838688
  74. JoshuaD

    WTB Garmin echomap 74dv w/tansducer

    Want to buy a Garmin echomap 74dv with tansducer. Please PM if you want to sell yours. Thanks!
  75. JoshuaD

    Garmin echomap 74dv or 54dv

    Was curious if anyone has one of the above mentioned units? If so, how do you like it? Pros, cons... I like Garmin units because they seem to be the easiest to use. Also, it will be going on an aluminum boat. Is there anything special I need to do when mounting the transom mount transducer? Can...
  76. JoshuaD

    Bow Tank in Skiff

    Fellow boaters, I have a 15ft Gregor with a 20hp Suzuki 4-stroke. To keep weight forward in the boat, I was thinking about putting a 6 gallon bow fuel tank in. My question is, do you think (or know from experience) the fuel pump would be able to pull fuel from the tank to the motor with the...
  77. JoshuaD

    WTB Moeller 6gal bow tank

    Want to buy a Moeller 6 gallon bow fuel tank for my skiff. Please PM or txt me if you have one you are looking to get rid of. 9496838688
  78. JoshuaD

    Minn Kota motor

    sold (949)683-8688
  79. JoshuaD

    Online outboards?

    Looking to buy a 20hp Suzuki from Was curious if anyone has purchased a motor from them and what their experience was good or bad? Thanks in advance!
  80. JoshuaD

    GorTex Insulated Camo Bibs

    Red Head Extreme Elements goretex insulated bibs. Mossy Oak breakup pattern. Size: Medium (for reference, I'm 6' 175lbs) $80 Josh: 949-683-8688
  81. JoshuaD

    Rolling Tool Cabinet

  82. JoshuaD

    Toyota wheels with Falken tires

  83. JoshuaD

    Honda or Yamaha

    Hello BD members, My brother just gave me a 15ft Gregor that I plan on using for hitting the local kelp near Dana Point and San Clemente. It doesn't have a motor so I'm in the market. I plan on running a 20hp 4-stroke. Was looking for the pros/cons, issues... of the above mentioned size for...
  84. JoshuaD

    LR videos to get you pumped for your trip

    Shea from Stoked On Fishing was on our 11day Rod & Reel trip last year on the Intrepid. Here is the link to the three videos he put out. Good luck to everyone doing a LR trip this season, have fun!!!
  85. JoshuaD

    New Super Seeker 1x3

    Bought and never used, perfect condition. 60 - 100 lb rating. SOLD
  86. JoshuaD

    Yakima Rocket Box 16

    Yakima Rocket Box 16. Good condition, no cracks, always kept inside. $250 (949)683-8688
  87. JoshuaD

    Brand New Super Seeker 1x3

    New Super Seeker 1x3. Never used. $375.00 Will try to post pics ASAP. 949-683-8688
  88. JoshuaD

    Super Seeker 1x3

    Brand new SS 1x3 Factory wrap with x-wrap front handle. Perfect condition. $400 949)683-8688
  89. JoshuaD

    Cal Sheets Penn 16VSX, Super Seeker 1x3 & 6465XH

    NIB Penn 16VSX. Cal Sheets blue print plus 1.1:1 low gear and bigger handle. 550 yards of 100lb JB hollow. Phenix reel cover. Taken on one trip, never used. SOLD Super Seeker 1x3, also never used. X-wrap front handle. $400 Super Seeker 6465XH, same as above. SOLD All the gear is brand new...
  90. JoshuaD

    NEW Super Seeker 2x4 & 6465XH

    Super Seeker 2x4 - 7ft. 100-130lb SOLD Super Seeker 6465XH - 6 1/2ft. 30-80lb. Awesome yoyo rod $300 Both rods are new with no scratches or dings (949)683-8688
  91. JoshuaD

    Makaira, Talica & Super Seekers

    Factory wrapped Super Seeker 6465XH-6 1/2. New $300 Factory wrapped Super Seeker 2x4. New $400 * Both rods have x-wrap on the front handles for rail protection Okuma Makaira 30SE, new in box. Filled with 800yrds of JB 100 hollow step spliced to 100yrds of JB 130 hollow. SOLD Shimano Talica...
  92. JoshuaD

    Red Head Gore-Tex Camo

    Red Head Extreme Elements Gore-Tex. Mossy Oak Break-up pattern. Bought and never used. Jacket: SOLD Bibs: size medium $100 (949)683-8688
  93. JoshuaD

    Truck bed carpet / camping kit

    Truck bed carpet / camping kit. Length 6ft, width 4ft 10inches. Designed for 2005+ Toyota Tacoma. Excellent condition, kept in the garage when not in use. Both sides are hinged for storage and easy access. $300 (949)683-8688
  94. JoshuaD

    Want to buy Parker 2530 extended cabin

    Posting this for a friend. He wants to buy a Parker 2530 extended cabin pilot house with a trailer. Doesn't have a preference on a big single or twin motors. If you are thinking about selling now or in the near future please pm me. Thanks! Happy Holidays!
  95. JoshuaD

    Aluminum quad / utv ramps

    Aluminum ramps. 6 1/2ft x 1ft. SOLD
  96. JoshuaD

    NIB Avet HXJ 2-speed MC-cast

    NIB Avet HXJ 2-speed MC-cast control. Never used. SOLD
  97. JoshuaD

    Yamaha Rhino and flatbed trailer

    2008 Yamaha Rhino 700 FI. Tech-one long travel kit, boxed arms front and rear. Fox shocks just rebuilt with external adjusters. 1 3/4 inch tig welded cage, OMF 3 piece beed lock wheels (with spare), newer Bighorn 2.0 tires, HID conversion in stock lights, 42 inch LED light bar. Aluminum skid...
  98. JoshuaD

    Reel seat on jig stick?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question. I have a Super Seeker 6480H-8' CT as my jig stick. I have a Trinidad 20A to put on it. The problem is, the reel base is to narrow and the factory screws are to short. I made longer screws but the reel still doesn't mount all that great. Can you or would...
  99. JoshuaD

    Super Seeker 1x3 factory wrap

    Looking to buy a Super Seeker 1x3 factory wrapped in good condition. Please PM me if you are interested in selling. Thanks!
  100. JoshuaD

    Super Seeker 6480H-8' CT 30-50lb

    Brand new Super Seeker 6480H-8' CT 30-50lb. Bought two, only need one. No scratches, boat rash...SOLD
  101. JoshuaD

    Trinidad 14 and Super Seeker

    Shimano Trinidad 14, just serviced, carbon tek drags, new 50lb JB spectra, aluminum clamp. SOLD Super Seeker 6480H-8' CT brand new. SOLD
  102. JoshuaD

    Seaguar Kanzen Spectra

    New Seaguar Kanzen Spectra, 500 yard spool of 80 pound white solid spectra. $50 (949)683-8688
  103. JoshuaD

    Pacific Boats V1925

    Was curious to what you guys think of or if you have first hand experience riding in a Pacific Boat. Was thinking about picking up a smaller skiff and this one looks like a nice boat. Any pros or cons with aluminum vs. fiberglass? Thanks in advance!
  104. JoshuaD

    Sea Adventure 2 or Producer

    Looking for some opinions on what boat to ride. My brother and I are planning my bachelor party and we want to do an overnight boat in early June. I don't want to do a charter because of potentially getting stuck with the bill if people back out. We are trying to plan it early so people can get...
  105. JoshuaD

    Seeker Inshore rod

    Seeker Inshore series rod 6'6" 15-25lb. Good condition $60 (949)683-8688
  106. JoshuaD

    Trinidad 16A, Saltist 40, Shimano Talavera rod

    Diawa Saltist 40, filled with JB 65lb spectra: $115 Seeker Inshore Series 6'6" 15-25lb: $100 (949)683-8688
  107. JoshuaD

    Shimano Talica 20

    SOLD. New in box Talica 20, filled with 80lb Jerry Brown hollow. Taken on 1 trip but never used it. $550
  108. JoshuaD

    Intrepid Sept.13-21 Video

    Bob (aka. LA Smoker) already wrote a great report about the trip and posted some good pictures. The trip was awesome, everyone on the boat was cool, the crew was top notch, the boat is very nice, and food was outstanding! Thanks to Dave for bringing his GoPro and to Kona Mike for wearing his hat...
  109. JoshuaD

    Adjustable gaff and fins

    Mares Volo race free diving fins. Excellent condition. Size 8-9 but my foot is a 10.5 and they fit perfect. $40 (949)683-8688
  110. JoshuaD

    Standup Paddle Board

    14ft Ron House SUP, carbon fiber board with board bag, good condition, always kept in garage in bag. $1300 (949)683-8688
  111. JoshuaD

    Shimano Tackle Bag

    Shimano tackle bag, holds 5 large trays or expands to hold 7 trays. Excellent condition, includes 7 trays. $50 (949)683-8688
  112. JoshuaD

    Golf Clubs and bag

    Callaway Warbird driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, Lynx Black Cat irons SW-3iron, and Ping Hoofer bag. All are in good condition. $250 (949)683-8688
  113. JoshuaD

    Fenders, cutting board, bait net

    Fenders: $20 for both Cutting board: mounts in gunnel rod holders - SOLD Bait net: $5 (949)683-8688
  114. JoshuaD

    Ninja fighting belt

    Ninja fighting belt, never used, just sat on my boat. $30 SOLD
  115. JoshuaD

    Kencore rod

    Kencore 8ft cork handle rod, MC800 series, 15-40lb, Good condition. $50 (949)683-8688 SOLD
  116. JoshuaD

    Tackle Bag

    Was hoping to get some advise from some of the long range vets. I'm want to buy a new tackle bag that will mainly be used for long range trips (8+ days). Was looking at the Open Water roller bags that have four rod holders on them. The OW3605-RA comes with 5 of the smaller trays and the...
  117. JoshuaD

    Spinning reels

    Was looking for some expertice on spinning reels. My wife likes to fish and has been wanting to go on a 5 to 8 day trip with me. I currently have her fishing with Shimano Baitrunners but was thinking of buying her a few higher quality spinning reels for the above mentioned trips. Any...
  118. JoshuaD

    Penn 16VSX

    Looking to buy a Penn 16VSX in good / new condition. Please PM me if you are interested in selling. Thanks!
  119. JoshuaD

    Shimano Tiagra 30W LRS w/rod

    Shimano 30W LRS, filled with 120lb spectra to 80lb top-shot. Brought on the boat once but never used. Shimano Talavera rod, 60-100lb roller tip and rear. $500 for combo, will seperate. (949)683-8688 SOLD!
  120. JoshuaD

    Talica's and Trinidad A

    Looking to buy a Talica 10 2-speed and Trinidad 16A or 20A. Please PM me if you are looking to sell the above mentioned reels. Not interested in any other size or style. Thanks in advance!
  121. JoshuaD

    Matching rods to some reels

    Sorry, I know this forum is for reels but didn't see one for rods besides rod building. I'm going to be buying some new rods for a Talica 8 and 10 2 speed I just bought. I will mainly be using the reels for Tuna fishing on private boats or the occasional LR trip (I'm going on the Intepid for...
  122. JoshuaD

    Shimano Trinidads

    Was looking at getting a new Trinidad to put on my jig stick. Need help in deciding size and model. Will most likely be fishing spectra to a 100 yard top shot of 40lb mono. Was thinking about the 16 or 20 size and either the the new Trinidad A or the DC. Please let me know your thoughts or...
  123. JoshuaD

    Rods and reel

    Selling two new Kencore rods: excellent condition (no need so selling cheap) 6'6" 10-30lb $50 SOLD 5'8" 20-50lb $50 SOLD Avet HXJ 2-speed: Excellent condition, 300 yards of 80lb Jerry Brown spectra. $325 949)683-8688
  124. JoshuaD

    8-day gear

    Going on my first 8-day the middle of next September. I looked on some of the Long Range websites to see their recommendations but would like to know what you guys prefer. Is it best to have bigger reels with lots of line capacity or is a smaller reel filled with spectra? Is it worth it to...
  125. JoshuaD

    Avet HXJ 2-speed

    Only used three times, excellent condition, 300 yards of Jerry Brown 80lb spectra. $300 (949)683-8688
  126. JoshuaD

    Avet HXJ 2-speed

    Avet HXJ 2-speed Gold color with 300 yards of 80lb Jerry Brown spectra. Only used three times, minor scratch on the inside of the handle but other than that it is new condition. $370.00 (949)683-8688
  127. JoshuaD

    MLPA meeting last week

    Went to the meeting last week for a few hours and it was California Bureaucracy at its best. It started almost an hour late, nobody from the commission was prepared, all the school kids were there again and had no idea what was going on... I cannot believe this crap is allowed to go on...
  128. JoshuaD

    What boat?

    Looking at doing a 7 or 8 day trip. Can anyone throw out some info good or bad on boats they have been on? What you liked, disliked about the boat, crew, cook, fishability, staterooms... Thanks in advance!
  129. JoshuaD

    Outboard with or without bracket?

    Looking into getting another boat, will probably be between 23-25ft. Looking to get opinions on advantages/disadvantages of a bracketed outboard. I know you get more room with a bracketed motor but its harder to fish around it. Any other info would be great including ride etc... Thanks in...
  130. JoshuaD

    Furuno GP-32 GPS

    Furuno GP-32 GPS, includes wiring harness and manual, missing external antanea. $100. (949)683-8688
  131. JoshuaD

    Avet 2-speed reels

    Avet MXL and MXJ, both are 2-speed reels filled with 65lb Jerry Brown spectra. Brand new, never used. $260 each or $500 if buying both (949)683-8688
  132. JoshuaD

    Avet Reels

    Avet reels: JX 2-speed $359 (dark grey), MXJ 2-speed $269 (gold), MXL 2-speed $279 (gold). All reels are new, JX has been used twice and the MXJ/MXL have never been used. All are filled with 65lb Jerry Brown spectra. (949)683-8688 Located in Laguna Niguel, can possibly meet if needed.
  133. JoshuaD

    Other ways to get the word out

    1st time posting, so sorry if I screw this up. I know there are a lot of fishermen/women that would like to make it to the MLPA meetings but are unable to. Try finding a meeting that your local assembly representative is hosting. The meetings usually don't take that long and are pritty...