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  1. agarcia

    Get busted by fishing police on 14 miles bank Socal

    At this point, he’s definitely over limits! Only question that remains is whether we cite the OP or those that bit?!
  2. agarcia

    Get busted by fishing police on 14 miles bank Socal

    lol.....this dude didn’t fish the 14 for bottom fish, he trolled the board for suckers....and limited. :nutkick:
  3. agarcia

    What arm pit do you fish with?

    Way to not over complicate holding a rod while spinning a reel crank....
  4. agarcia

    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    I concur.....which is why we should speculate! My money is still on Bayliner Capri :D
  5. agarcia

    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    How can one possibly provide intelligent info on how to resolve when there’s a clear lack of details and information pertinent to the issue at hand?
  6. agarcia

    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    didn’t mean to hurt your feelings time you get online and see somethig that offends you, pour yourself some cocoa, curl up in a ball and scream at the wall.
  7. agarcia

    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    I think at this point it’s fair game to start guessing some of the details of this matter. I’m guessing that all this man’s fuss is over a Bayliner Capri....or one of those 12’ Sears Aluminum boats. If my name was on the title, I’d go straight to his house when he’s not home and hook the...
  8. agarcia

    Vandals at Shelter Island Launch Ramp parking lot!

    Cause all they can do is scream at the sky. Besides, it makes sense that Biden supporters took them, they feel entitled to everything earned by the hard working. :-)
  9. agarcia

    17 foot Boston whaler Build for my dad

    I ordered fiberglass tubes from McMaster Carr. On the install I puttied (cabosil and resin) the glass tubes in and then glassed over the ends so it’s all flush.
  10. agarcia

    17 foot Boston whaler Build for my dad

    Concur. I’m refitting my 16’ nauset and replaced the brass drain tubes with glass tubes......never have to screw with em again.
  11. agarcia

    And... yet another skipjack rebuild. Help needed

    Making your own thickened resin putties is the worst. There’s premixed structural putties that you can just add catalyst too, they’re a ton easier to work with. I’ve been using fiberlay Structural Putty for filling holes in foam core on my Whaler then glassing over. For larger projects like...
  12. agarcia

    Feedback Please

    Yeah I saw garbage too. Pick up a digital pencil and actually start sketching So it’s a unified style. The solid, more aggressive lines in the fish don’t match with the shaded cabbage, it looks like copy paste of random images.
  13. agarcia

    What boat manufacture is this ?

    Yup... c-dory tomcat
  14. agarcia

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Took my new reels for a test drive last week. Took my new ladies out for a day in the town last week.
  15. agarcia

    Should I invest or buy different boat? Radoncraft 1989 22ft

    A Farallon hull would cut through the swell and chop better up here but you already have a desireable boat that runs (with recent fuel cell change) and is worth putting money into. You might even get way upside down if you wind up with another used boat that needs needs unseen upgrades or major...
  16. agarcia

    Whats the best bait caster for bass

    What techniques you gonna be using.....jigs, worms, crankbaits?
  17. agarcia

    Deckhand cord wrap questions

    Aside from Jon at cal tackle house we’re a barren wasteland. Outside of him I’ve only gotten blanks from the ISE show in Sac or at the Fed Hall Show In Long Beach. I try to stop into island tackle when I’m in LA too. Try shooting Jon a DM on Instagram, even if you couldn’t order stuff from...
  18. agarcia

    Deckhand cord wrap questions

    If I were building one I’d probably go with what I’m familiar with too and wrap a seeker 270-8. It’s been a while since I targeted sturgeon, a lots changed with baits and gear downsizing lol. A couple of my buddies fish the abyss series blanks and I like the action on them too. If you...
  19. agarcia

    I need new deck hands

    Ha....grommy treatment. I got plenty of pics of my nephew.....passed out, crying when we threw fish on him and slapping him with a few of them. He’s 19 now and still digs fishing.
  20. agarcia

    Deckhand cord wrap questions

    Building this one for my friends son, seeker Tac 79, skinnier butt with 2 wraps of cork, 3m spray and an x wrap over. Going to basket weave black and blue over the handle. Going to have a 300 sized reel on it and he’s only 7 so the grip will fit his hands good for a while. Id be interested...
  21. agarcia

    Deckhand cord wrap questions

    I’m just a hobby builder, not a pro. Tady blank is a jig stick at 9’, over 1” at the buttAtwood 1/16 , sand blank and a quick spray of 3m adhesive. In all honesty, not sure how much it helps but I think it keeps it from sliding while I’m winding it on, just helps keep it packed tight.
  22. agarcia

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Hell yes! Added a 300x and 500N to the arsenal too, couldn’t pass em up. Anyone know how “limited” these were, I’ve seen other limited color run reels that seem to pop up at shops all over afterwards. I was thinking of picking up another 500 and not sure if I need to ply tackle shops now or...
  23. agarcia

    2nd runner up ?

    lol, I had to self impose moratorium on viewing any classifieds once I pick up my new toys, no good can come from it lol. My whaler is sitting in the driveway also. Right before the SIP took affect in the Bay Area I bought a used engine for it and I decided to strip it all down for a partial...
  24. agarcia

    2nd runner up ?

    The second you pull the trigger on the plan b boat, a 25’ Whaleback in great condition and within your price range, more than likely below it, will pop up on’s a universal law or something like that 😀 Hold out for what you wan, ride party boats until then.
  25. agarcia

    Fishing boat upgrade

    You might also want to check out Seasport Boats up in Washington.
  26. agarcia

    9ft Livingston hull stress crack or hairline crack?

    My pops has a 10' livingston. Good little boat but I wish they laid them up a heavier lam schedule. The hull flexes a ton and his boat has quite a few hairline cracks in the gel coat. The one issue we had were the floor boards, they eventually delaminated and we had to cut em out and glass in...
  27. agarcia

    Blanks for Rockfishing

    I built a United Composite US 80 Mag last year and it’s been pretty versatile. I wrapped it als a bass rod with a split grip and put a curado 300 on it. Its my go to for bass (3-6oz swimbaits) but had it pulling double duty for inshore striper/halibut and rockfish up to 10oz of weight (iirc...
  28. agarcia

    What lb thrust trolling motor 14' aluminum?

    I use a 12v 55lb thrust on my 16 whaler. We get plenty of wind and tidal current out on the delta where I use it and it moves me around fine, should be plenty of thrust for a 14 aluminum. Definitely get two deep cycle batteries and rotate use between the two. It’ll keep you on the water longer...
  29. agarcia

    Looking for ultra reliable center console suggestion

    This. In addition to the Cortez you should also check out steigercraft at outboard motor shop. I know you’re looking at center consoles but a pilot house will bring you out of the elements on them long rides down to Big Sur or out the gate. I second the air ride helm chair and even suggest...
  30. agarcia

    Seeker glass

    Just from what I know about glass from working on my project boat. E glass is the industry standard and most common fiberglass you’ll find. S glass is a little stiffer and stronger than e. In a laminate you can get away with fewer layers of s to achieve the same strength of an e, which...
  31. agarcia

    Rev62ml walleye

    I built myself a Rev72ml last year and only got to use it once before my pops borrowed it and caught his pb bass on it.....I’m not gettin it back lol. It’s easily got over a hundred fish on it now, great action on that blank.
  32. agarcia

    Ferdinand's Parker

    Probably the best pick up line I’ve ever seen on BD. Hope it works out for you.
  33. agarcia

    San Jose Fisherman's Warehouse has closed

    I don’t think it was BP, read online that the building owner was increasing the lease cost and it didn’t make financial sense to keep the location.
  34. agarcia

    Bass set up advice

    Ditto on the curado 70, I like the 200 also. I generally fish higher gear ratios. I got back into bass fishing a couple years back and picked up a few of these for general pitching, punching and frogging. They’ve served me well; cheap enough to buy several and they’ve held up thus far with...
  35. agarcia

    What makes a Good Safety Speech?

    During a safety speech; while telling passengers the location of the life ring, they also told us that if we see someone go over to stay at the rail and keep eyes on the mob, yell out mob and wait till someone comes with a ring. This was 20+ years ago, I hadn't gotten that specific level of...
  36. agarcia

    What type of rod for bottom fishing for ling's and rock fish

    We tend to fish shallower with lighter gear up north, since it sounds like you already have a couple telephone poles to fish deep and heavy, I’d get a rod that’ll cover the 1-10 oz range and be fun to fish. Seeker Inshore/Blue Lightning 708 or 808. If you really want to upgrade a United...
  37. agarcia

    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    The entire state of Florida is just a huge set for the TV show COPS, I think you got bigger issues than California transplants that are already verbally protesting over taxation.
  38. agarcia

    24' boat to Catalina

    Hmmm, is this captain....Qualified? If yes; go and be sure to capture video of boat ramp shenanigans, hitting sand bar and losing tow vehicle to slippery ramp. If no: go and be sure to capture video of boat ramp shenanigans, hitting sand bar and losing tow vehicle to slippery ramp.
  39. agarcia

    Boat launchers need this

    Santa Cruz harbor has a lot of surge and a lot of exposed moss on the ramp on a low tide. It’s notorious for sucking vehicles in. A while back I seen an older guy walking around the ramp with a grocery bag full of sand and when someone started sliding he was tossing a couple hand fulls of sand...
  40. agarcia

    6" Deck Boots

    Anybody use the Pelagics? I’m curious on how well they hold up.
  41. agarcia

    small home considering small boat... what do you have?

    Based on your rigging preferences I’d say go with the arima sea sprinter. Plenty of room for batteries in the bow of that rig lol.
  42. agarcia

    Know any tin boat fishing guides in SoCal?

    Slayday SoCal, think they’re fleet is bayrunners.
  43. agarcia

    Boat for Monterey He needs to buy this now and have it repowered so it’s done when he gets here.
  44. agarcia

    For The Kid

    too right. My favorite rods are the ones my old man built and its the stories attached to them that carry the value. Hope he sticks a bunch of good ones on it!
  45. agarcia

    Calstar 800M for Lea Anne

    Another beauty, very inspiring.
  46. agarcia

    United Composites US800Mag

    Good eye. The finish cured about two weeks ago but I was getting over a flu and going stir crazy in my I took the rod out to a nearby lake for a couple quick casts and took the pic. Cut a couple of plugs last week and then took it out to fish. I still haven't epoxied it in yet...
  47. agarcia

    United Composites US800Mag

    Not sure about the 958 and couldn't really find specs on the 958 swb. I have a 957c SWB and thats the rod I kept losing fish on lol IMO it fished better at the higher end of the weight rating and I keep it around for big soft baits, got a lot of backbone for big hooksets. From what I seen it...
  48. agarcia

    United Composites US800Mag

    Haha, my buddy said it’s so ugly nobody would want it. It’s been dubbed the hamburgler or beetljuice, depending on who you talk to lol.
  49. agarcia

    United Composites US800Mag

    Short version: UC US800Mag, alps aluminum trigger seat, Fuji alconites, hypalon split grip, custom plug. Longer Version: The past couple years I’ve been spending the majority of my fishing time chasing green bass on the delta with big swimbaits. Last year I landed some good ones but the two...
  50. agarcia

    Restoring/Repainting outboard bracket

    I’d rather remove a hundred foamed in gas tanks than take off another outboard bracket. Mine was a full transom flotation bracket, process went like this: Remove easy to get to bolts on the wings. Gather every flashlight, socket extension and articulating socket adapter that I own and contort...
  51. agarcia

    Has anyone gone on a Disney Cruise and snuck fishing gear on?

    There you go......pack a bunch of rubber dicks in the same suitcase as your telescopic rod and tell em it’s a sex toy. Problem solved.
  52. agarcia

    Adding a reel seat

    Tiburon clamp, filed down the top cross bar to fit.
  53. agarcia

    Oregon skipjack 20 rebuild.

    The north wind is such a cool model and layout, All the fish ability of a cc with the protection of the house. Surprised there aren’t more roaming around.
  54. agarcia

    Batson FHS Raffle Rod Rainshadow RCJB 84XXH with all Alps/Batson components

    Impeccable fades!! Gonna be so many quality rods to see at the show this year.
  55. agarcia

    Batson Fred Hall Rod

    Very original, love that marbling work.
  56. agarcia

    another one for the '19 Batson booth

    Thats a stunner!
  57. agarcia

    another one for the '19 Batson booth

    The teaser pics really help a newb like me figure out how you guys keep things so clean lol. Appreciate the posts!
  58. agarcia

    Marine Corp Weave

    Sure he’ll be stoked, that looks great.
  59. agarcia

    Viper and Centaur for Don

    Clean and classy!
  60. agarcia

    OOPS! I spilled my Crayons.

    Fun build, them guide wraps :cheers:
  61. agarcia

    Batson Raffle Rods for 2019 LB FHS

    Beautiful work!!! Love the color fades on these.
  62. agarcia

    Rainshadow ‘s for Fred Hall Long Beach

    I really dig this technique, killer work.
  63. agarcia

    What do the Whaler guru’s think?

    It is clean but I wouldn't. I have a 16' whaler with a 50 hp zuke 4s. They're painfully slow, even on flat water. I paid $5k for mine and deal with the turtle affect; for that kinda jack it better have a newer 70hp yamaha on it. I'd also inspect that bow renovation over real well. Looks...
  64. agarcia

    Rail Rod for the Batson Booth

    I’m always impressed by your work salty dawg. Love the smokey skull work and colors on this rod.
  65. agarcia

    Permission To Enter The Dojo

    That reel put a few salmon and halibut on the deck for me before pops commandeered it lol. Gotta find another one. Everything else is great. Shoot me a pm if you’re still lookin for a Swimbait rod, got one you can have and another I’d let go for a good price.....or I can build you one :D
  66. agarcia

    Permission To Enter The Dojo

    Thanks everyone. The 90J is a bit of an experiment. The XXH swimbait rods I've handled are composite graphite/glass blends. They have the backbone to huck the bait but I sway toward more parabolic actions. This blank has a nice slow action, should be able to absorb big...
  67. agarcia

    Rad wife! New boat given the go ahead.

    Good call on the albin and albemarle first ones I thought of. I’d look at a Carolina Classic 28 express also. 10.5 beam but there’s a lot of info on towing the 28, might work out.
  68. agarcia

    Permission To Enter The Dojo

    Built a couple more.......I still think cross wraps are cool.:devil: Swimbait Rod 4-6 oz baits. Phenix M1 80H, alps trigger seat, fuji alconites. Tady 90J Jig Stick, using for swimbaits in the +6oz range. American Tackle Co guides.
  69. agarcia

    Permission To Enter The Dojo

    Been lurking the rod building section for a looooooong while now......time, money and space have aligned and I'm finally able to contribute. Thought I'd share my first couple builds. I grew up watching my old man wrap his own sticks. He had an homemade solid oak jig and a rod building book he...
  70. agarcia

    Fiberglassing Tools

    Yes, talc or baby powder to pre load you’re pores. Even with tyvek you’ll have exposed facial skin and a little will still get past the hood. I also keep a couple microfiber towels in the shower and scrub the hell out of my face, wrists and neck, usually gets any glass that got past the suit...
  71. agarcia

    Keeping Dungeness Crabs alive

    You can hoop of the Princeton jetties or the Pacifica pier. If the surf is light I’ve had friends that have limited off of baker beach in SF using crab snares. Gotta say though, shore crabbing is a crapshoot, more often a fruitless labor with lots of shorts and rock crab mixed in. Best bet to...
  72. agarcia

    What do you call this “Y” thing?

    We called it the peepee stick, its use was subject to much ridicule. We had a standing rule that required its user to pay for the next round.
  73. agarcia

    Rant for the day...

    Yes......and don't forget Guy complains about Sport Boat Captain. have his number, turn the tables on him.......text him in the middle of the night and ask why things didn't work out :gay:
  74. agarcia

    Is a Jig Stick for a First Build a Bad Idea?

    I wrapped my first rods back in the spring; before I moved on to to wrap new blanks I stripped down a couple older factory rods to re-wrap and figure out the finish. Learned enough to build my confidence and moved on to fresh blanks. Not that these were any better than the first couple lol...
  75. agarcia


    I have a suzuki 50 hp on my classic whaler yourself a favor and find a 70 hp lol. I'd conservatively estimate that I get 20-21kts top end cruise with wind/tide pushing me and 17-18 in a head wind. In any type of swell/wind conditions I'm usually doing about 13-15kts (anything...
  76. agarcia

    Team baja 18 terminator

    Not sure what the point of your post is but sure thing hoss.
  77. agarcia

    Team baja 18 terminator

    A flat sheet of plywood would probably ride smoother than a classic whaler hull lol.
  78. agarcia

    Totaled Trailer Insurance Woes

    Look at it this way.....if you win in small claims it'd be the first time in history that someone got over on an insurance company and was able squeeze cash out of a stripper in the same stroke (pun intended). Best Zero to Hero story ever.
  79. agarcia

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    You have way more patience than first thoughts were cut 5" off the bow and glass it back up flat and call it a day.
  80. agarcia


    I insure my 16 whaler with geico, was $225 a year for agreed value of $6K. (Seemed high but it sounds like Im in for a price hike this year.) AAA here I come. I know its not required by law but I like having some level of financial protection. Boating in the monterey bay national marine...
  81. agarcia

    Xtratuf boots quality nowadays

    Red Wing's Irish Setter brand makes a rubber boot called the stillwater in wide sizes. I looked at a pair a couple weeks back and the sales guy accidentally brought me a wide pair. My foot is regular width and my feet were swimmin in the wide version. Same price range as xtras, might be worth...
  82. agarcia

    BD Outdoors Tagline

    Bloody Decks.......Be A Dick On a sport boat The Internet. I wear XL thanks.
  83. agarcia

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    Alot of those "lazy" couch riders pay a shit ton of taxes.....I'd say their patriotism is real, their opinion equally valid and their contribution significant. No need for self-righteous finger pointing. Sent from my SM-G928T using Tapatalk
  84. agarcia

    My 72 skipjack restoration almost done..

    Skills are meaningless without vision and sir, have all three. Well done, she's a beaut. Sent from my SM-G928T using Tapatalk
  85. agarcia

    In Regards to BD for sale ads..... I have an idea!!

    :) Sent from my SM-G928T using Tapatalk
  86. agarcia

    In Regards to BD for sale ads..... I have an idea!!

    This thread would get a whole lot more entertaining if you posted a pic of you and your new binoculars! :) Sent from my SM-G928T using Tapatalk
  87. agarcia

    In Regards to BD for sale ads..... I have an idea!!

    Ever consider that those might be the same people that lurk the classifieds and swoop in on all these horrible "shady backhanded deal theft snake" moves on you lol :) Sent from my SM-G928T using Tapatalk
  88. agarcia

    In Regards to BD for sale ads..... I have an idea!!

    Lol, I buy alot of stuff from classifieds and craigslist, its happened to me plenty of times I just don't take it personal. I've gotten plenty of great deals so missing out on one isn't the end of the world for me. Sent from my SM-G928T using Tapatalk
  89. agarcia

    In Regards to BD for sale ads..... I have an idea!!

    Horrible idea....sellers stuff, he can do with it as he pleases. If you were already working a deal and and somebody out bid, out hustled or worked a better happens, get over it. I think if anything, the classifieds needs a feedback section. I recently bought two reels from a...
  90. agarcia

    Chris craft scorpion

    Is that a brass elbow and copper extension?!
  91. agarcia

    Wellcraft Custom pilothouse.. Whats she worth??

    Agreed......if someone offered me $10k Id jump on it. I think realistically, Id remove the electronics and ap, and try to get $5-7k, which is high for that hull and factors in the gel work and engine cond. Honestly, i think if you were to sell youd be much better off removing the house and...
  92. agarcia

    The 31 Bertram Build

    By far one of the best build threads to ever grace the net. That is a beautiful west coast ride. Where's that kook with all the negativity from the first pages now? Sent from my SM-G928T using Tapatalk
  93. agarcia

    Reflective Mylar finish????? How ?????? You can buy scale pattern reflective tape by the foot at tap plastics, cheaper than a tackle shop. Ive also used shiny aluminum hvac tape. Rockfish and lings wont care. And glitter (including aerosol glitter...
  94. agarcia

    Davis Rock Harbor #0001

    Indeed....pressure washing game = hero status! Wasabi is a sweet rig, can't wait to see the end results on this boat. I'm working on a project 22 cortez over the hill in san jose. Got the fuel tank part number from Harold Davis and ordered direct from Coastline Equipment. They were pretty...
  95. agarcia

    Quest 257 by Four Winns

    Go with option D.....less expensive and in another 10 years you can upgrade to a newer model :) Sent from my SM-G928T using Tapatalk
  96. agarcia

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    Only posting again to clarify..... I said they probably wouldnt be thrilled that you're taking both their name and their logo. Most people arent happy when you copy their work, even defunct branding. Perhaps you know the schusters and have their blessing to use the name and logo...if thats the...
  97. agarcia

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    Reread my post.....i said you guys....meaning you and your business partner (or employer, buddy, least i hope you have some kind of financial incentive for schilling the boat this hard). I think pretty much anybody here can get behind a california boat builder that produces...
  98. agarcia

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    I'd say he's got plenty to be pissed about considering you guys boosted the greenough design then started advertising the bootleg boat as a greenough style design on craigslist. The owners of the, now defunct, Tahiti boat co probably wouldnt be all that thrilled that you didnt just rip off...
  99. agarcia

    Lo Ballers

    I much prefer the low ball offers via phone or email than in person.....its better than wasting time and gas only to have some jackass make a ridiculous offer. Sent from my SM-G928T using Tapatalk
  100. agarcia

    Trophy 2052 PilotHouse Build

    You're whole diy game is strong......your fk the hoa game is off the charts lol. Keep the updates coming!! Sent from my SM-G928T using Tapatalk
  101. agarcia

    Boat Buying Input

    #4 speaks volumes. Buy the boat that will fit the majority of the conditions/style of fishing you will be doing. There's always going to be tradeoffs, just make sure that the sacrifices you make don't limit what you will be doing most of the time. fwiw, I had a 22 wac that eventually needed...
  102. agarcia

    Barn find in Lompoc

    You mind sharing the name of the primer/epoxy you used? I just had some work done on my outboard bracket. Was thinking of powdercoating it but wanted something I can repair if it gets chipped.
  103. agarcia

    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    lol....I had to fly my daughter to see one direction at the staples center a couple years back. My hearing was screwed for a couple days after that concert and I caught endless sh*t from my buddies for that trip. Haha. Voted, keep after it pops.
  104. agarcia

    Fred Hall Show, hoop hauler-need ID

    It's an ez pull They're a decent puller for heavier pots up here in the rec dungeness fishery. Seem like overkill for hoops.
  105. agarcia

    Bend it comes again...!

    Funding has always been an issue with the mlpa. It was benched for several years after being voted in because the state didn't have money to fund the implementation (designing the mpas/fleecing the public) process. When it was resurrected by well funded environmental groups there was plenty of...
  106. agarcia

    Chris craft scorpion

    Rides like a caddy floating on clouds, bow flare keeps the ride pretty dry in anything but the meanest crosswinds. Ran mine through all kinds of crap weather around the sf area and monterrey. Not the stablest at drift but really not that bad imo. Mine got worse when I added a radar arch...
  107. agarcia

    What's my boat worth?

    Hard to determine a rough estimation with such little info. At face value I'm gonna assume a 30+ year old boat is gonna need a new gas tank and potential fiberglass work, wiring and electronics plus those hatch covers and the seal job around the console make me think there's more previous owner...
  108. agarcia

    Registration Q, buying a boat with expired Reg...

    Every registration renewal I've gotten has a mailing address in sacramento. If you walk into a dmv office and try to pay a renewal that hasn't expired yet they have you put it in a drop box that goes to sacramento for processing. The local branch office will only process expired registration...
  109. agarcia

    Amato Panga

    I don't think the bracket is gonna be too low, in relation to the boats waterline it looks like its gonna be ok. Sweet ride.
  110. agarcia

    Meet Maverick.......

    Congratulations, that is a beastly rig! Great lines on her too.
  111. agarcia

    Hey Fight Fans..........

    Fight 1.....for being a filipino fighter in the 1st ufc event in the Philippines, ticman sure didn't bring any fire. I scored it the same as the judges. No action, no desire to win.
  112. agarcia

    Pacman vs Mayweather - who all is watching this?

    I think that'd really guarantee a "safe" fight. Nobody's gonna want to be the guy that goes for broke and gets caught. lol, this completely ruined dudes like GSP. I liked the Pride style of purse deductions. If you get Yellow carded for inactivity, stalling or fighting dirty then you lose a...
  113. agarcia

    Pacman vs Mayweather - who all is watching this?

    Your a cut above the average viewer then my man. I've been bombarded all morning by delusional boxing "experts" that watch fights (twice a year) through their emotions. Pacquiao thought he was ahead so he wasn't gonna take any unnecessary risks. I'd say his corner should have been more...
  114. agarcia

    Pacman vs Mayweather - who all is watching this?

    Had it scored the same, 9 to 3 mayweather (and I gave manny a round that may have gone either way). The fight wasn't even close. I get the frustration and confusion from casual fans though, everyone expected to see a fight but this is boxing. And how awkward was that kellerman interview after...
  115. agarcia

    Pacman vs Mayweather - who all is watching this?

    I'll be watching but not really excited or hyped to see it. If this fight was 5 years ago the whole world would have been talking about it. Manny was primed and Floyd was, well, still an arrogant ass but slightly less irritating. Floyd making ridiculous demands to purposely dodge this fight...
  116. agarcia

    Any Advice re Putting Boat in SF Bay?

    The South Bay ports are a completely different "experience" from those in the central or north bay. There's not a lot of waterfront development down past the san mateo bridge, the majority of the bay front is tidal marshland. As far as scenery goes on a cruise, you got a nice view of the...
  117. agarcia

    WTB Farallon

    Did you cave on the 25' whaleback yet? I've been watching it, hoping someone picks it up before I have the chance too. 25 is more boat than I need right now but I keep having to convince myself I don't need it every time I check it out :)
  118. agarcia

    Information on this Old " Flat fall" style jig S-14

    Not sure of the branding on it but that's a mickey jig. Popular for plugging stripers on the beach in the sf and san mateo areas......when we had stripers.
  119. agarcia

    Another kid with an old boat and a budget.

    I like it.......keep the flames!
  120. agarcia

    Opinions on small console layout

    My bad, I thought you were mounting a dc fuse block for your electronics, which would have been mounted internally. Sounds like you may be mounting a rocker switch panel for lights/bait tank etc, in that case ignore my first comment :)
  121. agarcia

    Opinions on small console layout

    Nice upgrade. I'd put the dc panel closer to the access door so its visible and immediately accessible. Contorting your body and reaching into spaces isn't as easy to do on the water as it is in the driveway. If you have space, consider adding a tackle storage locker. They help a ton in...
  122. agarcia

    Things to know from going Fresh to Salt?

    Also check your trailer bunks to see if they're cores with pressure treated wood and replace them if they are. When the trailer gets dunked the chemicals will leach into the carpeting and corrode the hull. - - - Updated - - - Also check your trailer bunks to see if they're cores with pressure...
  123. agarcia

    Holy Shitshow

    Lol, bumper boats, love it. My favorite is when you hook up and every boat within a 50 yard radius automatically starts tackin straight at ya and running over the fish you're fighting. The real circus goes down when the cbass start biting. Its almost entertaining.
  124. agarcia

    Do You Buy Whatever It Is Because Of The "PRO"?

    I don't buy based on "prostaff" or tackle shop reccomendations (unless I know them personally), but they do give products, especially new ones, visibility. They're also a good source for technical info. For me, nothing beats a forum search with reviews, reports, comparisons or analysis from...
  125. agarcia

    my new project boat, also my first boat. what is it

    With the outter skin hacked away that hull is guaranteed to warp if you start ripping stringers out. Finish the transom repair before moving on.
  126. agarcia

    Please check and comment my Salmon Trolling Rig

    If you're fishing off a party boat cut the flasher out and run a standard rig like everyone else, just show up early to get a spot on the stern ( that's wher a majority of the fish are caught). Don't bring the junk out unless its a scratch bite and give the deckie a heads up that you're running...
  127. agarcia

    Accurate Caption Contest ending March 21st, 2013

    "Get your creepy feelers off me". Chick
  128. agarcia

    HDS FF/GPS ????

    You won't get it with the included transducer either, a structure scan xducer will run you another $600.
  129. agarcia

    Building New Fuel Tank....???

    Don't have em off the top of my head, will take a measurement later.
  130. agarcia

    Building New Fuel Tank....???

    Cause once the end of the fill is submerged it'd slow the flow rate down a ton and take forever to fill the tank. I got a 90 gal coastline eq. belly tank sitting in the garage, I'll try to peek inside and take a pic if I can. Coast Guard can probably supply you with an official answer...
  131. agarcia

    Building New Fuel Tank....???

    Wouldn't the vent and fill be flush with the top of the tank?
  132. agarcia

    HDS FF/GPS ????

    I'm in the same boat, lookin at combo units in the same price range. I looked at the HDS 7 and am leaning toward a Simrad NSS7 with either a tm260 or a p66. Completely dependant on how much uncle sam will be returning to me. Was thinking about having west price match and found out they're...
  133. agarcia

    Diesel truck?

    Wish that were true. The LB7 was the first gen dmax '01-'04, followed by the LLY '04.5-'05 and then the LBZ. The LLY used differrent injectors from the LB7 and from what I've read, they dont require you to tear half the enging and body down to get at them for replacement. I have an LB7, as...
  134. agarcia

    Diesel truck?

    Avoid the LB7, fuel injectors are their Achilles heel. They're buried in the engine and replacement runs between $4-5k due to labor costs.
  135. agarcia

    Win Free Tickets to the LA Boat Show - Feb 7th - 10th

    Damn, this 3D structure scan stuff is the shizz....I can see a couple spotties under that dock.
  136. agarcia

    How to catch the BIG reds

    Hug the bottom, get aggressive and fish your bait deep in the rocks. If you hook one, the thrashing attracts other fish, keep tension and let it work around the bottom a bit to try and double it up.
  137. agarcia

    17' Montauk

    That dive boat is pretty sweet. I dig all the cockpit space, my '17 is cramped with the cooler on deck behind my bench seat. The owner posted some info on it at whaler central he said the bow occasionally digs in steep wind chop unless he slows down. You're probably alot better off with the...
  138. agarcia

    Bubba Blade Caption Contest - Introducing the PENETRATOR - Ends Nov 23, 2012

    Admit it know you wanna penetrator!
  139. agarcia

    Deep fryin a turkey

    Yup....and keep a fire extinguisher handy. I'd go with two smaller birds, with two differrent injections/rubs.
  140. agarcia

    Cabo 216 ready for duty!!

    I seen the ad too but couldn't find it later in the day. There was no profile shot so you can't really tell but the pic of the cuddy looked more like a 256.....which is an even better deal motor or not.
  141. agarcia

    Rigged 17 Whaler

    Not to hijack the thread or anything......but can we see some pics grey goose?
  142. agarcia

    Check this one off the bucket list

    Kencraft Challenger WAC is on the short list of boats I drool picked a good one.
  143. agarcia

    Rigged 17 Whaler

    Very nice rig. I have a 68 nauset, thinking of refinishing the hull too. Last owner painted the interior a brilliant white, it looks nice in the driveway but it will blind you in any sunlight when you're fishing it. Thinking of going gray and using paint. I really like the radar arch and the...
  144. agarcia

    Looking to buy 18 Parker CC

    Call the Maycraft factory to check the specs on the hull or find someone who owns one and ask them for a ride. Deadrise looks a little flat, if the entry angle doesn't run far back you'll be in for a pounding.
  145. agarcia

    WTB-hobie skiff

  146. agarcia

    Remove sardine or anchovy scales

    Was there no gas or matches handy?
  147. agarcia

    Boston Whaler

    Unless space or the extra cash was a major issue I'd go 15 with no hesitation. You can change out consoles and internal configurations but you're not going to add length to a whaler.
  148. agarcia

    Going Salmon fishing up in SF, Berkley, Need to know which Rod to buy.

    A stickboat is a commercial salmon troller. Ditto on the spinning reels being out of place, your jigmasters will work out great. Mostly everyone is trolling right now. I'm not sure what the model designations are for ugly sticks or power but the ol standy 197 and 270 blank models will serve...
  149. agarcia

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 14th, 2012

    "Due to new mlpa restrictions, use of combustion engines in or around the water is prohibited in order to ensure a tranquil environment during seagull mating seson."
  150. agarcia

    Fish ID?

    sarcastic fringehead
  151. agarcia

    Halibut fishing....Too Stinger hook or not?

    Depends on the bait and technique. Trap rigged stinger for sure if I'm bounceballin (herring/anchovies), drifting dead baits (herring, squid), or drifting larger live baits like jacksmelt or baby macs. If live anchovies/sardines are available its a single j hook....although I've experimented...
  152. agarcia

    Whaler 15 foot commercial hull rare.

    Found it on Craigs.... Nice boat....not a fan of the "make a fair offer" marketing tactics though.
  153. agarcia

    Grundens / Gage Presents - Caption Contest - Win a Gage Fish On Jacket valued at $150

    Hey greenhorn......your junk goes inside the rubbers or you wont be protected.
  154. agarcia

    Penn Presents - Caption Contest - Win a Fathom Reel and Carnage Rod - Ends May 21st

    Couldn't think of a great one so I stole one........:) "Back home we got a taxidermy man. He gonna have a heart attack when he see what I brung him" Capt. Quint
  155. agarcia


    lol, gas mileage goes to hell but no 55 mph speed limit because you're towing.....I like it
  156. agarcia

    Help making sinkers????

    Respirator, eye/face shield, welding gloves, long sleeves.
  157. agarcia

    Dog ear issues ? Water flow

    My Suzuki did the same thing, weak piss stream on muffs. Changed inmpeller and thermostat with the same results. Turns out my zuke has a third intake screen under the planing fin that was letting most of the incoming water right out. That's why it pissed fine in a tank and weak on muffs. I...
  158. agarcia

    Group Consensus

    Its pretty easy for me. I have every intention of becoming supreme overlord of the pacific one day, ruling the seas and all that dwell in it......that day has not come yet though so until then I fish when the fishing is good. Seriously though.....only taking time off when the bite is on...
  159. agarcia

    Invader 15ft ???'s

    Ditto on not an invader....looks power skiff'ish but the outside strakes look almost anderson greenough and its probably neither. Either way that looks like a killer sled, deep cutting bow and those outside sponson/strakes look like they should stable it out at drift. That'd be a nice little...
  160. agarcia

    Invader 15ft ???'s

    Tahoe has restrcitions on 2 stroke outboards....what does it have for power?
  161. agarcia

    More Witch Hunt for DFG Commissioner

    All the articles I've read indicate that he paid for and was on a bird hunt at the ranch. Weather conditions changed, snow, which according to the ranch owner are ideal conditions for tracking cats. They were going to cull a few anyway, Richards was there and he took part in the hunt. The...
  162. agarcia

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Chris Craft offered these hulls in a couple different configurations, walkaround and cc with: notched transoms, bracketed outboards and i/o power options. The only difference between them was how they braced the transom. My i/o model is the exact same boat as a bracketed model with the exception...
  163. agarcia

    My 1st boat!!

    I'd agree, reliability, efficiency and simplicity are never a bad thing. Wish I woulda had that kind of foresight....on the other hand I now know how to gut boats, work with fiberglass and repair engines at sea :rofl: Nice rig.
  164. agarcia

    MLPA boycott list

    Damn you Stone Brewing......DAMN YOU! :hali_parkutuli: And you can add the Monterrey Bay Aquarium to the ban list if you're ever up north vacationing. That cnt Julie Packard was a major force in funding the hippies that pushed this crap on us. They should also get the hypocrite award, they...
  165. agarcia

    What kind of Diesel Truck do you own and pros/cons?

    I bought an 04 duramax right after I bought my boat. Have about 100k on her with no major repairs yet......the lb7's are known for shit injectors though so im keeping my fingers crossed on that one. Aside from standard wear and tear items and regular maintenance I haven't had to do much. Used...
  166. agarcia

    Are There Any Arima Owners Out There?

    Lol, sure is. I don't recall if it was cause I selected them from a dropdown menu or they were default settings when I signed up. I got a laugh out of it when I seen it in the profile, didn't think people were stupid enough to take it seriously. Looks like reading comprehension isn't your...
  167. agarcia

    Are There Any Arima Owners Out There?

    Wow, seems an awful lot like you're talkin out your ass. Arima achieves lightness by going with a bonded foam core construction similar to boston whaler rather than laying the glass down thick and supporting it with a traditional stringer system. Each square in of panel has the backing support...
  168. agarcia

    to floscan or not to floscan??

    I've been in my bilge replacing my pumps, replumbing and installing a new gas tank and re-wiring alot of stuff. I just plunked down the dough for a 7000 series floscan for all the aforementioned reasons. My fuel guage is about as accuarate as it will ever telling me when I'm full or...
  169. agarcia

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Damn....moms and pops have skills, that pod adds a ton of class to the console. First rate build.
  170. agarcia

    How to make your own boat step by step.

    Its a typical jon boat not an offshore bomber. I've run mine through plenty of wind chop on the delta. I'm sure he'll be fine. Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
  171. agarcia

    ? on traped water in engin compartment

    Its a boat he's thinking of buying, I don't think the owners gonna allow him to just start drilling holes in it. I also doubt the chamber is gelcoated, at best it will have bilge paint but more likely, bare fiberglass(probably polyester). I'm not sure how many mfg's were all composite in the...
  172. agarcia

    ? on traped water in engin compartment

    I'd walk. Water could be coming from anywhere, thru-hull fitting, fish box drains, unsealed hatches, delaminated glass etc... It'd be a pita to track it down and a project if its gotten to any exposed wood. I say this as I'm up to my elbows in glasswork and wood rot repairs in a late 80's...
  173. agarcia

    I like sewcret sauce on my burritos

    Yeah I hate it when I go fishing and catch fish too.....jeez!
  174. agarcia

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Product Pack - Ending 9/22/11

    "Whether you're getting railed.......or uhhhh.....getting railed.....accuracy is the difference between satisfaction and heartbreak." Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
  175. agarcia

    WHat is the best method for taking money when boat is sold?

    When I bought my boat I brought the seller with me to my bank and had a cashiers check drawn up for him. That was under 10k though anything over that I've been told that a bank to bank transfer is the way to go. Those are the only way I'd do a major transaction if I was buying or selling...
  176. agarcia

    Apprenticeship vs. College degree vs.???

    This is gold. I 'm on a similar track, taking a bit longer than I originally anticipated though because I started advancing at work way quicker than I thought I would. Took a hiatus to concentrate on work/fun, bought a house, acquired a decent stable of toys etc. I'm at a point where I wont...
  177. agarcia

    Fish ID

    This made me laugh........well played sir. Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
  178. agarcia

    Moving to the Bay Area - Where are the landings?

    The RCG complex has really been under close scrutiny over the past ten or so years, we've had early closures with no seasonal overlap ( or really short overlap that got hindered by poor weather or crab counts). A few boats were doing sandab and crab, humboldt squid and crab when theyre around...
  179. agarcia

    Moving to the Bay Area - Where are the landings?

    Not so with the boats based around the Bay and Gate....spring summer and fall are potluck trips primarily targeting stripers, halibut and salmon. The Emeryville boats are tough to beat for service and fish scores. Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
  180. agarcia

    how hard is it to find exhaust tubing in north county?

    Arrive at WM Oceanside.....hi (insert cashier name)....I called to have 14 of tubing on hold, I'm only gonna need 5'3" . Checkout....problem solved.
  181. agarcia

    paint for leadheads

    Harbor Freight sells powder coating paint for about $5 a pound, limited colors but its better that 6 bucks for 2 oz.
  182. agarcia

    Henderson v Fedor FULL FIGHT, while it lasts, really once consciousness is gone the ref has to end the least according to all the athletic commisions. Im not a sambo expert by any means but I don't think there are any defensive positions where one lays face to mat with hands at side so he wasn't defending himself...
  183. agarcia

    Henderson v Fedor FULL FIGHT, while it lasts

    Fedors posture, relaxed shoulders head first into the mat, looks like hendo put him to sleep after the first right hand....53 seconds left. Whether he was capable of continuing after that point is irrelavent, any loss of consciousness, end of fight. Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
  184. agarcia

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Much appreciated thanks. Seeing this thread really makes me wanna pull the cap off my rig and start from scratch. So many things the factory could done to prevent everything I'm fixing now. Their funky pvc drain system that transports water from the anchor locker to the stern bilge was slapped...
  185. agarcia

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Damn, thats the part I was waiting for. I have an 86 and just finished off the horrendous task of pulling out my fuel tank....what a can of worms. Needless to say I've been grinding the factory slop and looking to beef uo the glass in a few areas. If you don't mind a request....lots of...
  186. agarcia

    Swordfish spotted in nor cal kelp bed

    It's illegal, specifically addressed in the dive regs right next to bsb and garribaldi. Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
  187. agarcia

    Swordfish spotted in nor cal kelp bed

    The marks were all along its back but especially prominent on the head and tail. The color is not as vibrant on video as it was in the water but it was distinctly white. Sick, net damage? Actually wanted to email you, we think there might have been a pair as my buddy spotted it a couple of...
  188. agarcia

    Swordfish spotted in nor cal kelp bed

    I woulda shot it but swordfighting is gheyer than wsb. Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
  189. agarcia

    New 26 foot Custom-built North River OS

    Actually, based on the rank stench of vinegar spewing forth from your post my initial thought was douchebag. Although I'm certain it'd be a fitting description of you it has really lost a bit of its zing do to overusage. Coulda also said illiterate cause your lack of comprehension somehow led...
  190. agarcia

    New 26 foot Custom-built North River OS

    Its not that unbelievable......small penis syndrome always presents itself when a congratulations is in order and all these guys wanna do is bash your sh*t and tout their own. That North River will kill.
  191. agarcia

    that lady can take a punch.

    First degree incompetence right there. Barney Fife loses an arm wrestling match with the girl he's trying to arrest, the second officer gets out hustled by a chick and Barney sucker punches her while his buddy is holding her down.
  192. agarcia

    1958 Woodward with a cool story

    Same boat??
  193. agarcia

    16' Radon

    lol, looks like someone cut 10' off the stern and slapped a little ob on it. I've seen the 16's in a center console, looks like someone just took it to the boat yard and had them add the pilot house.......looks horrible, for 23K I'd demand the rest of the boat.
  194. agarcia

    Camera Angle

    Chartruese jig would help a bit too. Excellent shots bro.
  195. agarcia

    2004 C-Dory Pilot House 13,500

    PVC musta been on sale that day....those rocket launchers.....whoa!!!
  196. agarcia

    Trailer Side Bumpers

    They help a ton in wind and surge conditions. Not mandatory but definitely useful.
  197. agarcia

    Holly Shit, This is incredibble

    King Salmon, Stripers, most all freshwater fish and any fish within 100 yards of a river mouth.
  198. agarcia

    crying in the forest because trees died...

    Colors are brilliant bro, nice job.
  199. agarcia

    post a few of your most recent photos thread...

    last batch that I printed. Cold, gray and hazy.....norcal surf. Color yaks
  200. agarcia

    intrepid strands all of us at the dock

    That sucks, sorry to hear about it. I'd cut em some slack though, sounds like they did all they could to make the trip a go. If the problem was big enough to require a specialist to come in then they can't force that person to work on thanksgiving.
  201. agarcia

    3rd Place Raiders............... heading for the cellar thread

    To quote another Rome'ism....... SCOREBOARD!! Its hard to not sound the same if when you are reciting facts.....3 > 0.
  202. agarcia

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    Its only gay if you don't find the dine.
  203. agarcia

    Nikon D90

    You'll probably be happy with either camera you get. Friends with lenses is never a bad situation, plus they usually be familiar with the gear so they can help you out if you need it. I didn't know anybody else that had camera equipment so I just priced out the add ons(lenses/flashes) and...
  204. agarcia

    Required Lights on my boat trailer

    I bet you have a blown fuse. Replace it then check your trailer wires (brown one I think) for breaks in the insulation or exposed wire.
  205. agarcia

    Life goes on......... & Inboard to Outboard Transformation Thread

    Glad to hear the family is okay. Looks like you put a lot of work into that 216, probably one of the best riding 21' boats I've been on, bar none.
  206. agarcia

    WOW wish I had time and a little money..

    Sacramento Sheriff search and rescue. All rivers up there, lots of skinny water to pass.
  207. agarcia


    Jackie Chan is pretty good People dig Leslie Chan too
  208. agarcia

    Another: "Help Me Name My Sled"

    Of those.....definitely this:FSHKLLA
  209. agarcia


    Of course we do jeffrey.
  210. agarcia

    looking to buy a 25 skipjack fisherman pilot

    This ones been up on craigs for a couple weeks but number 1 on the other list would get the nod from me. 1988 SKIP JACK 25' DEEP SEA FISHING BOAT-LOADED-EXTRA NICE-EXTRAS
  211. agarcia

    Boat hatred?

    My boat has had a few say the least, however, it has required less maintenance and has had a much higher dollar investment to enjoyment ratio than some of the broads I've dated. I love my boat.
  212. agarcia

    Reply from the "old drunk" neighbor

    Pssssst......keep an eye on this kid, next time you're on the water he's gonna bang your wife. :Pelvic_Thrust:
  213. agarcia

    Have you seen the big fish that took my rod

    I like how your buddy suggests to jump in after it instead of chucking a heavy jig at the rod or line to snag it......he's the man.
  214. agarcia

    Do you give neighbors YFT and Albie?

    I think the average Joe gets their fish at restaurants and don't know much about prepping it themselves. Not really their fault, not everyone grew up in a house where fish was on the table regularly. I kick down to a couple friends that I taught to cook the stuff. My neighbors are a-holes, they...
  215. agarcia

    Tipping on Alaska 6 pak

    Only 4 hours does sound crazy....unless this boat caters to the cruise ship crowd thats only in port for a half day before its gotta move on.
  216. agarcia


    No way, thats Forest Gump when he was a kid.
  217. agarcia

    Live UFC Fights tonight!

    Brutal night....anyone see this one yet??? YouTube - Corey Hill Broken Leg *Best Version*
  218. agarcia

    looking for first speargun

    Or you can buy my gun cheaper than the jbl and spend the cash you save on a reel. :) Hammerhead Evo 90cm - Spearboard Spearfishing Community
  219. agarcia

    Wow...your girlfriend is ugly!

    haha I agree, each one of them fags has a half naked pic of themself on a forum full of dudes and they wanna bag on the guy bangin a chick with 2 lazy eyes and mouthfull of shrapnel.
  220. agarcia

    Fix or repower?

    I have an '80's era scorpion 215, same hull as yours just finished as a walk around cuddy. It's a super dry ride (love the bow flare),cuts through chop like no other and can handle big seas if you get stuck in em. They did have issues in production but at 20 plus years your hull woulda showed...
  221. agarcia

    '94? Lance cabover camper $ ?

    I just bought an '82 Lance, not sure of the model number but its an 8 footer, just over 1900 lbs. Exterior was in good shape structurally but is gonna get a new coat of paint and re-seal. Everything worked (shower/crapper, heater, stove, fridge, lights). Interior looks everything you'd expect...
  222. agarcia

    Chilling video of hit-and-run accident released

    That was no accident, driver drove into an oncoming traffic lane chasing another vehicle. I hope they find them both.
  223. agarcia

    URIJAH FABER vs JENS PULVER rerun on Versus now!!

    Pulver took some mean elbows....I'd bet thats what damaged the sockets. I have mad respect for both of them...there needs to be a part 2. If you can find it look for the Mckenzie V. Lang fight.....back and forth non-stop action. It should have been aired instead of the Cerrone and Mchulloch...
  224. agarcia

    Bachelor Party Weekend---Destination Unknown

    I need the kind of help only the socal crew of BD can provide. My friend just turned 25 and is about to get married to the first and only chick he's ever railed....she's not hot, she's not knocked up, she's got a degree but doesn't work, her family is not wealthy.....I just can't figure it out...
  225. agarcia

    silly dicks up north

    Giant penis sculpture protection for townfolk warrants double bagging...just for that added piece of mind.