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  1. sushimi

    Seriola ensalada

    Hey guys. Caught a yeller on a kelp patty going towards the East end yesterday. Saw many helps with none holding.. but when I saw that one with birds sitting on it.. I had to slowly motor near it... at the corner of mine eyes.. saw a greenish tinge and flashes of silver. It was a quick glance...
  2. sushimi

    San Quintin with Jaime... personal best

    Hey guys.. I get out to San Quintin a few times a year to help out a local church... I went fishing with Jaime Garcia today and caught a beast.... check it... Also loaded the cooler with asst of rockfish and you know the deal... most of the fish will be donated to Iglesia sendero de la cruz
  3. sushimi

    SOLD Aqua world 13 gal tank

    Used 13 gal. aqua world bait tank in great condition. You get what you see. $50. Text me at 949.300.0428 if interested. Pick up in the city of orange next to longfin tackle.
  4. sushimi

    Bola April trip

    Just came back from BOLA fishing Mon thru Wed. Roads were great. Weather was nice as well. Hot in the day time settling to cooler evenings. Tuesday was really windy but Monday was fishable with Wednesday being the nicest. Went north and proceeded to get some yellows in the 15-20 lb range...
  5. sushimi

    What happened to our squid!?

    Hey guys... been having trouble getting some live squid or fresh dead squid for rockfishing... Nacho has not carried live squid in a bit and I have been using the San Pedro frozen or super market frozen squid and it just isn't producing good results... we have some rockfish that have...
  6. sushimi

    BOLA 11.14-15

    Wanted to update you quickly. If you have any questions feel free to ask Good fishing north of Alcatraz Biscuits, yellowtail tunas, sardinera and linguado. Fished with Chato Chilly in the mornings to summer like hot in afternoon. Enjoy the pics Road conditions were great Fishing and weather...
  7. sushimi

    couple a hohos

    may need a couple hos for tomorrow fishing for yellows. meeting out of alamitos at 5am pm me
  8. sushimi

    Bola July 10-12

    Wide open at Isleta... blanco I strictly used my 6x jr. Blue and white to put the wood to 40 plus mixed yellers and groupers for two days fishing. I didn't get a single surface fish... it was all on the yoyo. Dropped it all the way down... up about 12 cranks as fast as you can and you're on...
  9. sushimi

    Ritchie compass ru-90

    Ritchie compass ru-90 Mint condition Works perfectly Get it more than half off retail $40 Pick-up in Orange Text 949.300.0428
  10. sushimi

    Rare Truline LM9

    Ok... guys... As you can see I'm dumping a lot of stuff... it's because I need to repower my boat... Therefore... it pains me to offer this... Truline LM9 from my collection. It is a solid 15 to 30 pound stick. Awesome for local fishing. Really good backbone for a rod this age for I kept...
  11. sushimi

    Torium 16, Shimano tld 15/30 and accurate plate penn

    1. Shimano torium 16hg great condition $140 2. Shimano tld star 15/30 $60 3. Penn internals with accuplates and tiburon bars- mint cond. sold
  12. sushimi

    6 gallon fuel tanks

    Hello.. i have 3 .. 6 gal.. outboard gas tanks in good condition. Two are tempo and one is westmarine brand. Bought a new boat and I have no need for it for it has a big gas tank below deck. These tanks were fitted for an evinrude motor but you can switch out gas input for whatever your motor...
  13. sushimi

    Sabre 670. Conolon. Roddy BR90.

    Hi everyone. I'm upgrading my boat so need the cash or else I wouldn't sell my stuff but anyways... up for grabs are: 1.Uncut rare 9ft Roddy BR 90.. beast of a jigstick.. ... these seem to be harder and harder to come by. I primarily fished 30 and 40lb with my Newell 332 on this stick. Sweet...
  14. sushimi

    Arnette shorehouse $50... polarized sunglasses made in italy

    Brand new.. got it as a gift. I have too many sunglasses. Will be awesome for fishing and looks dope! Black frames... dark tint lens. Case and microfiber bag included. Polarized. Willing to ship. Will take PayPal gift or venmo and shipping is on your dime. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  15. sushimi

    1995 proline sport $7500

    THIS BOAT IS GONE! Thanks BD! Hi everyone! I am selling my 15.5 ft proline sport powered by an awesome running 2 stroke evinrude 48 special that purrs like a kitten and pushes this boat like a dream! This motor never has missed a beat and was always reliable. This little boat has it all...
  16. sushimi

    Dana point hansolo Halibut... yup they're there

    Ok guys... I've been hearing of all these reports of the Hali bite out of Dana so I had to see if the rumors are true for myself... Short version: Got a hali in 110 feet 20# fluorocarbon... 3/0 just hook on a sardine. The long dramatic version: Wednesday went out solo for a few hours with the...
  17. sushimi

    San Quintin Reds and a yeller!

    Took a surfing/fishing trip with my buddy Henry. Surfed Las Gaviotas, shipwrecks, and Quattro casas... then moved onto SQ for some fishing.. fished Tuesday... rumor has it that someone got 3 SEA BASS AND A YELLOW the day prior. Ok.. then seabass it is. Went out Tuesday morning and I only saw...
  18. sushimi

    Johnson 25HP. 2 stroke outboard.

    SOLD. SOLD. SOLD. p for grabs 1996 Johnson 25hp tiller outboard motor. Taken off my previous dingy to upgrade about 6 year's ago. It was firing up fine and everything was working when the engine came off but I left it in the garage untouched for the past 6 year's so let's say I'm selling...
  19. sushimi

    Terhi 6020. 15.5ft Honda 25hp 4 stroke skiff

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Hi guys you are looking at a 1999 Terhi 6020 with a meticulously maintained Honda 25hp 4 stroke motor. Breaks my heart to sell this because I killed alot... i mean A LOT of big fish and lobsters on this thing! But I just purchased a bigger rig so this one has got to go...
  20. sushimi

    East end yellows

    Very slow day. Unless you have chum power the yellows were lockjaw. Metered them everywhere between seal and church. Great volume of fish they just didn't wanna eat for most of the day. Went 1 for 2. The first fish went right for the rocks... zing pow! What the?? ..... They wouldn't touch...
  21. sushimi

    Brand new shimano Clarus rod 7' csc-70mhc

    I received this as a gift and have no need for it. Retails at cabelas for $100. New lower price! I will take $40 or will consider a trade. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  22. sushimi

    11.23 Thanksgiving yellowtailturkey at the 150

    ok guys apparently they are still here they are biting the dropper loop strip of squid no kidding - that's how this one was caught seriously... these yellowtail tunas are doing weird things right now all fish plugged with pelagic red crab most likely the reason why the vermilions are not chewing...
  23. sushimi


    Hey guys...just another horseshoe yellows report. wasn't gonna post since there's already too many reports for this place. But what the heck, why not. In short, made macs, headed out to the shoe and set the pick on a fishy looking area. When i initially got there, I metered around and saw...
  24. sushimi


  25. sushimi

    SOLD Super seeker green 90f wrapped by moon SOLD SOLD

    Hey guys. Im letting go some of my gear to purchase other gear. Super seeker 90f in green. Wrapped by moon when he was at fisherman's depot. Clean rod. First $150 takes it. Must pick up in orange, ca.
  26. sushimi


    Hi everyone I have a black Avet SXJ in great used condition for sale. It is backed with 50lb spectra. $140 in the box. Pick up in orange, ca or shipped for 10 dollars extra.
  27. sushimi

    The Yellowtail Tunas Revival at the 150?

    Ok... here's another boring report of Yellowtail tunas at the 150 on Monday June 2. Just wanted to give you some info. Went out at 5:30am out of Davies. In the morning about 6:30 I get to the 105. It was pretty dead at the 105... waited and waited.... Can't wait anymore... I'm too impatient...
  28. sushimi

    Yellowtail Tuna thick in Bahia De Los Angeles

    Hey guys as promised... here is a short report. Headed down to meet a friend in Bahia De Los Angles Started Sunday Night and slept at a hotel in Colonet. It's the newer one on the left hand side of HWY 1 and was clean, empty and quiet. Then onto Bahia De Los Angeles on Monday. We went fishing...
  29. sushimi

    Going to BOLA upcoming Monday to Wednesday!! any Yellowtail Tunas?

    going to BOLA this Monday to Wed. Going to fish the shore and fish with one day with a panguero! A report will be posted upon return. Any recent info will be appreciated. HOPEFULLY we will get into some Yellowtail Tunas and some Gay Garropas!
  30. sushimi

    Harnell 724

    I have a Harnell 724 that was stripped down, restored and rewrapped. Beautiful black wraps with gold trim as you can see in pics. a steal at this price!!! $260 firm I live in the city of orange. First come first served. pm me if interested. Thanks Sam
  31. sushimi

    Lingcod Roe poisonous?

    Hi everyone. I know that cabezon roe is poisonous but I have mixed information that perhaps lingcod roe has toxins and poisonous as well. This is weird because someone has posted a recipe for lingcod roe but others are saying that they are poisonous. the fish and game website does not say...
  32. sushimi

    500 gift certificate to fishermans landing for 450

    hi i have a 500 gift certificate to fishermans landing that i would like to sell for 450. that means its 50 free cash to your next trip. i am in,orange county and prefer to go to seaforth when i fish san diego. pm me if you are interested.
  33. sushimi

    Need Outboard Mechanic in Orange/Los Angeles

    Does anyone know of any good mechanics that does work from home or goes to work on boats on site?? Also, if possible please give referrals to reliable, honest and reasonably priced mechanics in the socal area. thanks!!!
  34. sushimi

    rare seeker C-EX blue and CJBF 90M Jigsticks and long range rod

    SOLDDD!!! Thanks BD!!! Brand New Seeker Black Steel Graphite - G6455XXH - BRAND NEW and in its original plastic cover and warranty card. Limited lifetime warranty. line rating 50 (80) 130. This is a very popular long range rod and a great deal considering it is still new in the wrapper...
  35. sushimi

    PROGEARS 454 and 251 black beauty rare and 251 silver

    HI guys. Up for grabs are my progears. I have too many reels and need to thin my collection. All my reels function perfectly and have recently been serviced with new drags. They are in excellent cosmetic condition as well as you can see. I have one 454 and 251 in black and these are pretty...
  36. sushimi

    clean p322 original

    looking to pay top dollars for an original p322 that spins well pm or text me at 949-300-0428 if you have one sam
  37. sushimi

    progear CS 550 - $120

    progear cs 550 backed with 50# spectra in perfect working condition and good cosmetic condition check out the pics, shows normal wear. $120 firm $10 extra to ship
  38. sushimi

    Mint like new Accurate B 870 N single speed

    PRICE REDUCED FROM $320 to $280!!! or $290 shipped! I have a mint Accurate B 870 Narrow single speed 4.6 to 1 used once and put back into the box. It really looks newas you can see from the pics. it is backed with premium green izor spectra. You...
  39. sushimi


    OK liquidation time at good prices. rods that are in the picture left to right 1. brand new seeker black steel G6455 xxh 5 1/2ft all roller in the plastic bag and lifetime warranty. line rating 50 (80) 130 - $250 over 200 off retail. 2. mint blue blank GUSA 65xh, fuji guides, 6 1/2ft...
  40. sushimi

    rare shikari gray 1209 and blue 868

    868 gone only 1209 left... get it while u can one is a sweet blue blank 868 which is 8'6" with killer blue fuji sic guides, blanck wraps and cord handle. the rod is in excellent condition cosmetically and functions like it should 12-25# outfit $180. other is is a model 1209 which is a 10'...
  41. sushimi


  42. sushimi

    newell g220f, s332f, p229f all for $300

    for sale excellent cosmetic and working condition newells will come as a set for $300 i will also ship. or 220- 100 332 - 100 229 - 120 these are all in super good condition. also the 229 is an original vintage four stack drag and very smooth sam 949-300-0428
  43. sushimi

    progear 440 and avet mxj 5.8 green

    both are SOLD
  44. sushimi

    for sale or trade clean avet mxj green

    super clean avet mxj in green color with clamp. this reel hasn't been used much $150 or looking for comparable value rods and reels to trade.
  45. sushimi

    Custom shikari 909h blue xclnt

    SOLD You probably will not see this rod in this color for a long time after this. Shikari 909h 20/40 wrapped in lime green with Fuji sic and Fuji reel seat. Xlnt condition and the action is incredible. 200 firm Pick up in Los Angeles only. I also have a graphite USA blue blank 79 xf Fuji...
  46. sushimi


    gotta thin out my newell stash for different gear have too many newells selling vintage original p229f good cond. 130 brand new old stock s332 - 100 g220f ok cond. 120 or all three for 330 don't pm just call if you want to buy all in good cosmetic and working condition sam 949-300-0428
  47. sushimi

    saltist 20h used $80

    i have a slightly used saltist 20 h mechanically perfect and rinsed, dried every time after use some boat rash but pretty clean overall no clamp but very cheap willing to let go for $80 or willing to trade let me know what u got also i have some jigsticks and newells i'm trying to get rid of...
  48. sushimi

    seeker cjb 909 jigstick and NIB gold progear 440

    I have a seeker cjb 909 dark gray blank and dark green wraps, perfection guides and cord wrap in very clean condition and bends like a harnell no joke you gotta feel this thing. - 120 I also have a gold progear 440 brand new in box letting go for - $140 first come first served 949-300-0428
  49. sushimi

    newell g220f

    newell g220f good working and cosmetic condition $120 pm me if interested
  50. sushimi

    newell reels

    i've got 4 newell reels all in good used condition for sale p220 original - 130 p229 original - 130 c338 - 80 s332 - 80 or all for $380 email back if you're interested
  51. sushimi


    as u can see in my pics i'm selling some new or great condition newells clean older p229F with depressed holes and 4 disc drag - $120 clean older g220f - $120 brand new c338f with upgraded drags and bearings - $90 mint s332f - $80 pickup or meet in tustin/chino hills/ and pasadena areas...
  52. sushimi

    Vintage Newells and Vintage Conolon/Sabre

    Okay guys this is almost the last of my good stuff. I'm moving on to graphite rods and progear reels. Here's what i got for sale 7ft. sabre 670 honey blank, black wraps. mint 20-50# stick. This is truly a bluefin special. It has a magical bend. $100 8ft. Chocolate Conolon 20-50# stick...
  53. sushimi

    vintage fenwick, truline LM9, roddy

    i have some rods to sell please pm me if interested chocolate roddy 8' 30-50# beast in great condition with purple wraps and deckhand rope handle - $100 solid bend for the big ones chocolate truline LM9 blue and black wraps, perfection guides and deckhand grip with great backbone and not...
  54. sushimi

    original fender Blues Deluxe electric guitar amp

    hi y'all got an original early 90's fender blues deluxe amp in good condition 4x10 speakers and everything works and sounds unbelievable need to get some stuff out of the house and i have other amps so this one's gotta go. this amp can crank real loud @ 45watts so if you need something loud...
  55. sushimi

    progear 440 and newell g220

    two reels up for sale or trade pro gear gold 440 New In Box - $140 older newell g220f w/stainless steel clickers and knobs in good condition and just went through maintenance $120 pm me if interested
  56. sushimi

    accurate B-870N narrow

    REDUCED $300! i have an accurate b870N narrow version w/4.6:1 ratio with the box. the reel was used once then serviced and was never used after it was serviced. comes half way spooled w/65# izorline spectra. it has no scratches or blemishes whatsoever. as you can see in the picture... it...
  57. sushimi

    truline LM9 original uncut

    here is an original uncut LM9 that is legit as can be. sweet blank, great action, chocolate brown, newer wraps, and uncut/unaltered blank. no excuses on this one. this rod is for the collector but still is in perfect fishing condition. looking for an accurate 2 spd or $360 for the rod...
  58. sushimi

    Newell P332f mint w/clamp $120

    i have a newell p332f in mint condition that free spools awesome and is in top mechanical condition. first $120 takes it. I am also looking for trades if you got something good let me know. I live in tustin but can also meet in chino hills or pasadena area. pm me
  59. sushimi

    newells and progear and rods (truline)

    i got some newells for trade or you can buy p332 excellent near new condition - $120 p447 good condition - $80 p344 great condition - $100 p235 excellent condition - $120 progear pg 440 gold excl. cond. $120 g220 excellent cond. - 120 vintage truline LM9 chocolate true and uncut awesome -...
  60. sushimi

    Where are the SD yellows?

    Hearing of the yellowtail bite that is developing in SD, I'm thinking about going out to hunt for them at the Coronados or at the kelp tomorrow. Does anyone know where the sporties are catching these yellows? The 3/4 open party San Diego did quite well I heard on the tails. Were they at the...
  61. sushimi

    local bonita newport/dana point

    i'm hearing of wide open bonito in socal near dana point and newport as the half day sportys got into some action today. anyone hear of this, if so, where was the bite? thinking about going out tomorrow to chase some bone heads!