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    For Sale Folding Spotting tower & seat..

    It looks like it’s set up mainly for sitting down. Is there room in the hoop to stand up? Looks kinda like a tight space can’t really tell.
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    SOLD Cabo Cuddycon 226 Electronics box

    Hey Gary, how is the Tale Chaser doing?
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    Transducer decision B175 vs B275

    Bumpin an old post: Other then bulkyness vs flush. What’s the main performance difference between these 2 transducers?
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    Cannot raise motor even on manual - need suggestions

    I had maybe the same issue with my boat. I tried lifting with a bottle jack, nope, I tried a tow strap to the motor pulling with my UTV nope. Then I tried a cherry picker car engine hoist with a strap around the lower unit and it picked right up no problem. Added Hydrolic fluid and it’s been...
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    Open San Diego Lakes and bays!!

    This is the asshole to vote out of office for one. Completely ridiculous what’s going on in this state.
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    Grafighter 800m or Phenix M1 82 H

    I’d say the Calstar. But in reality you should just get both.
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    Autopilot Recommendations??

    I’m looking for opinions too. How many motors does your boat have? I have twins and a set up I was looking at had the wrong pumps for my 2 motors.
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    Fishing closure statewide

    Get a rope! 🖕🏻
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    What caliber after.22 need suggestions

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    Don't vote Democrat.

    This comment couldn’t be anymore false. Did you just say mathematicians hahahaha, ya guy. Oh and business men Dr.’s haha your clueless bud.
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    Okuma Komodo

    Good working reel. I recommend it for sure.
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    For Sale Stainless rod racks

    Do you need anything media blasted or powder coated?
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    Fish Dope double charged me

    All straightened out know, money is being refunded. And I didn’t even have to call them. Ends up I’m not real computer savvy n I prob did somthing wrong. Thanks Joey and Jeff
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    Fish Dope double charged me

    I signed up at Fred Hall Del Mar on Friday. I was givin a login code. I filled out all the info but they asked for my credit card info which is weird because I already paid at the show. So I backed out and tried to log in and couldn’t the site asked for credit info again, so I figured maybe it’s...
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    Deck boots?

    Oh man I was thinking they looked decent for $42 bucks. #NoHomo
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    Has anyone gone on a Disney Cruise and snuck fishing gear on?

    If you do it put it in your suitcase I know for sure your carry on gets scanned. I’m guessing if they found it and took it theyd give it back at the end of the trip.
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    What is the best way to go to have a boat shipped across the country?

    Any advice on how to pay for a boat in FL? I’ve got it surveyed and plan to have it shipped it’s at a small dealer. I’m just a lil iffy on wiring them money and waiting for a pink slip. Wondering if there’s a safe way to do the exchange.
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    TRADE (Trade) Bait tank for Newer Furuno Electronics

    If I can close the deal on this boat I’ve been looking at, I’ll be calling you for a 65gal.. Figured I’d give you a bump.
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    SOLD Calstar GFGR 700 XLH

    Jesse, I just sent you a DM.
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    WTB Looking for TIG welder

    I have an older ESAB 220v table top tig, I believe it’s got a stick option too. I got it for some money that was owed to me. I never really used it because it was so hard to dial it in to work. I even had help from guys that tig welding is there job. So if that doesn’t scare you off lol, I’ll...
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    Bigger baitcaster

    Ya the Komodo is a beast.
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    CBDs in Mexico?

    They sell it on Amazon... I’d say your pretty safe to take it. Maybe take the label off the jar. Or empty out a lotion bottle n put your oil in it.
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    No I don’t think we have coated paintball or airsoft guns before. Price would all depend on...

    No I don’t think we have coated paintball or airsoft guns before. Price would all depend on color and the particular job. But to be honest I would think the thickness of the powder could be an issue. My shop address is 12330 Doherty St. Riverside (951)738-1516
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    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    Carry a battery jumper box. The last few years I’ve been keeping my motor running all day. Recently been turning off and it’s been fine. I have an older outboard no real reason to think it wouldn’t re fire other then age... I guess you’ll build up confidence over time. Testing in the harbor...
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    For Sale Custom fillet and hunting knives

    Very nice work Roy. When I was in high school my dad taught me how to make knives. So I know the amount of work that goes into these, and your price is more then fair.
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    6/12 Adrift on the west end of Cat with a dead battery

    I was just looking into those real small jumper boxes that are supposed to put out alot of amps. Besides that I always bring my big jumper box. I did have a battery issue before and my buddy boat gave me a jump. Extra long jumper cables are what saved me that day.
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    recommendation for sunglasses for a guy with a large head!

    Blue blockers just call the #
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    For Sale 1989 Cabo 256 Cuddy Con for Sale

    Thanks Bman. Geez 80 gallons of bait, nice. Does your uncle take trade ins lol.
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    For Sale 1989 Cabo 256 Cuddy Con for Sale

    Very nice boat! I’m cerious the difference in size from my 226? Obviously a deeper hull, but in the pics everything seems about the same as my 226. Where’s the extra 3 feet? Is the 256 any wider?
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    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    Anyone know the difference between these and the more expensive models?
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    For Sale 1986 Cabo 216 - Barn Find!

    Some of you ladies need to just go fishing and stay out of the peanut gallery. Simmer down girls and let this guy sell his boat its a classified ad not the debate club.
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    Yeti drops NRA

    Why did yeti post a response. Why not just post whatever they sent to the NRA and let the people be the judge.
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    Why are nearly all Parker boats underpowered?

    There was a 22 Defiance pilot house at Fred Hall with a 150 motor. I would have figured it would have had a 200 or 225...
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    Mercury 3.4L V6

    I’m cerious opinions of these yet to be released new light weight V6’s. Comes in a 175 200 and 225, each weighs in at 475Lb. A light weight motor is important in repowering, especially older boats that originally had 2strokes.
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    For Sale Daiwa Sealine Tournament 80W 2-Spd

    Do you have any need for media blasting or powder coating services on any parts for trade?
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    Early 2000's Ford 7.3 help

    All this 7.3 talk reminds me that I have a couple aftermarket Transmission pans laying around I will sell if anyone is interested. The finned 1s that hold extra fluid. $100 ea no hardware just the cover.. Let me know if interested and I’ll get some pics of them.
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    SOLD Bait tank oval 38 to 50 gal fiberglass

    John, I want pics and details on this boat you drove to FL for. Must be a nice rig. Thats a loong drive.
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    SOLD Bait tank oval 38 to 50 gal fiberglass

    Did someone say 3 some?:supergay:sorry had too lol.
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    cummins 6bt 12 valve

    If the motor is in Hemet go talk to Russ at Maximum Diesel in San Jacinto.
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    Copy Cat is a best form of flattery

    Looks good, I like the RAIDERS colors.
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    Anderson Cooper

    Somone will claim this is photo shopped....
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    Anderson Cooper

    This is for some of you who can’t take a joke. You know who you are.
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    20’ SkipJack Open

    This boat has alot to offer for the money. Ive fished and drivin this boat many times with Mike. With the swim step/ motor upgrade this boat provides a really good amount of useable fishing space. The swim step is awsome for diving, alot nicer then trying to climb up a folding ladder. Anyways I...
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    WTB Cabo 216 Cuddy Con or Parker 1801

    I’d possibly sell my 226 for $16,500. 750hrs on motor. But thats pending if a friend of mines boat is still available for sale, as I’m interested in his boat.
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    1989 Yamaha 175 Precision Blend 2-Stroke / Barn Find

    I got the same motor on my 226, it is a good running motor. What are you planning to re power with?
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    2014 Yamaha four stroke 200 HP brand new

    It does look like theres a few scratchs on the motor, which doesnt bother me. Just wondering if it is a refurbished motor or blem motor you got on sale or somthing?
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    2002 FORD 7.3

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    2002 FORD 7.3

    Ya its a long bed, I'll post a bunch of pictures tomorrow.
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    2002 FORD 7.3

    Price lowered to $17,000
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    2002 FORD 7.3

    Im thinking of selling my truck. Its a 7.3 F-350 4x4 dually. 195,000 miles. I believe theres still atleast 1 year left on the new factory Ford HD replacment trans, I replaced stock trans b4 it went out just to be safe. Truck has airbags, aftermarket fuel tanks that hold over 100 gallons...
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    04 Seaswirl striper 2301cc REDUCED

    The ad says obo, make an offer. If I took your advice when selling my Cabo with a blown motor I would have gotten peanuts for it. Good thing I didnt take your advice.
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    Choc Lab Pups available...American

    Mean Ol haters here on BD. Thats why I dont bother posting my puppies I have right now on this site. Shit I pretty much wont even post a boat for sale here fkn tire kickers have ruined it. People who arent even in the market for the sellers item still gota chime in.
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    Odessey battery question?

    Well thanks for the responses guys. I think Im going to go ahead and run them.
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    Odessey battery question?

    A friend of mine just bought a new Merc 150. The boat shop replaced his Odessey battery with I guess a standard marine battery. I believe they told him the issue is that those batterys add stress to the alternator. I was going to change over to Odessey, I already have 4 new odesseys I was...
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    LA Chargers

  56. R&R

    Cabo 216216

    Bullshit without pics lol what did you get?
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    Oh Shit

  58. R&R

    The Chargers vs Taints thread...

    Whoop the Raiders haha prepare to be disappointed again.
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    Smoking On Sportboats

    Fkn party pooper geez
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Hey Kirk so how's it going with that new motor? Id like to see some pics and a report lol.
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    Newport Harbor skiff fishing

    Buy some live bait at the barge.
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    No thanks I need to make mine last longer and possibly step up like your doing eventually. Keep us posted on how that new motor works out I was looking into the evinrudes. Also what shop are you using?
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Mine only has 700hrs so I guess I should be good for awhile. My old cabo had almost 2000 when it locked up.
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    Calling upon fellow BDer's and Dog Lovers! Help!

    I built this cart for my dog when she couldn't use her back legs anymore.
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Hey Kirk I'm not sure if everyone's jealous of the great deal you got on your 226 or the fact that you live on the causeway, a fishermans dream lol. When you re-power I'd add a plate inside your transum, because the washers on the hardware for the engine bracket are pretty small. At least they...
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    I have a 226 with the original 175 on it. I'll post some pics later. 1 thing that has been confusing me is what motor to use when I re power. The original still has low hours so I'm running it for now. The 226 seems to run more ass heavy then the 216, even on the trailer you can feel the...
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    It's been sold.

    It's been sold.
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    LJ 2/20 No YT

    Good job nice fish. Thanks for posting the report too.
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    Any opinions on Odyssey marine battery's?
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    Yamaha 200 HPDI Outboards

    Ok thanks for getting back to me. Sorry I would have called I just started gettin cold feet, Im thinkin a 225 or 250 might be a better fit for me.
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    ^^^ no affiliation, just thought I'd post it.
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    Cabo 216216

    Hey Andy good job gettin work done in the winter, looks great. If you don't already have a powder coat shop you use that's what I do but my shops in Riverside I could make it worth the drive. Hey Steve Frazier your 226 looks nice I like your trailer with the set back axles. And that motor...
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    60HP Mercury 2 stroke.. w/ignition..

    Where is it located? When you say clean I assume it's good running?
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    How to remove old, dry marine growth from aluminum?

    If you can't get it to clean up and still want it nice you can have it media blasted and powder coated. I've done a few aluminum boats. 1 of my boats I carry in the bed of my truck and launch off the beach, rocks/sand and its held up nice. My shops in Riverside, let me know if you'd like a price.
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    18' Klamoth w/ brand new Etec

    With tax returns rolling in this should be sold soon.
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    Mercury 225 2001 opitmax with 500 hrs

    The only thing I don't like about my Cabo 226 is not knowing what motor to upgrade to when the time comes. What size Etec are you looking at?
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    Even LA doesn't want the Chargers

    Fkn crime has gone down in LA every year since the Raiders left. That's pretty pathetic to blame a particular football team for the crime in a city. Let's go ahead and make note that during that time LAPD eqperienced more police misconduct and corruption then any city in US history. But it...
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    Talk is Chargers to LA and Raiders to San Diego!

    Looks like the guys behind Bloodydecks are on board, just a lil ahead of the game. Maybe they got inside info, anyways I like the new Black and Grey Raider screens there runnin now.
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    Talk is Chargers to LA and Raiders to San Diego!

    I say RAIDERS move to SD sign Weddle and give San Diegans the long awaited super bowl win they deserve.
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    Not everyone hates the Raiders...

    I get it Charger fans are a buncha cry baby haters. Some I assume are good people! As a Raider fan I know we've been a shity team. So it's good to finally see us moving in the right direction. Come on you guys must admit the Raiders have some serious young talent. Can't we all just get...
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    Not everyone hates the Raiders...

    Like takin candy from babies.
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    First Deleted Post Then Blocked?

    Kick his ass sea bass
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    Cabo Cuddycon Fillet Staion/Bait Cutting Tray ?

    Mine has a wood cutting board bolted to that rear center hatch. I want to put a bigger cutting board so my bait tank doors rest on it rather then slamming against the gel coat. I don't think I'd waste a rod holder spot when our boats have that nice area to work with.
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    Cost of a cab from San Jose del Cabo to East Cape?

    2 1/2 hours isn't that long id wait n share a van with your friends. Shit there's a bar at the airport, and some good restaurants near by.
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    First Deleted Post Then Blocked?

    So I'm straight outa the peanut gallery but did the mod just call the poster an AssHole? I'm sure the rules can be explained without bashing the poor guy hahaha.
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    WTB Female Lab

    Anyone ever heard of genetic issues with breeding chocolate labs with yellow? Somone recently warned me of it, I had never heard of it before.
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    Can anyone explain the extra boat taxes in California

    I've never heard of this tax. Maybe they target boats that are sliped?
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    O'side 51 181 209 nada secound time:( 6-20

    I got some goofy Oakleys I just leave on my boat for extras. Somone always ends up needing them.
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    Trim Tab Stuck

    1 of my Bennett trim tabs will go down but not back up. The other 1 works fine. I can hear the motor running when it's supposed to go up but it won't move. I swapped the lines and it works but know the other 1 doesn't work. So it should be something electrical I guess, but I can hear it...
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    Sorry I sent the jigs today I was too busy fishing! Haha jk so who is it?
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    SOCIAL MEDIA expectations!! O-side, 209, Mackeral bank, Nothing.

    You guys think that full moons got them eating all night, n slowing the bite down? I was out of oside last thurs, we saw 1 school boiling but no bites.
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    Yamaha 250 repower cost???

    Does this mean you might except an offer in this range for your 225?
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    216 CABO

    Ok so there's alot of interest in buying the boat without a motor. At this time I'm going to give the people that are interested in the whole pkg a chance to buy it before I consider selling it as is. Thanks for your interest, I'll let you guys know if something changes.
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    AKC Chocolate Point Lab Pups (8) born May 18th

    What's the price for a male pup shipped?
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    30# spinner reel

    Bait runner 6500b and an ugly stick. 30lb mono.
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    216 CABO

    The boat is a 1988 the motor is a 1991 the hr meter reads just over 600. As for electronics it does have a radar, I'm not sure if it works. I can throw in a decent fish Finder and gps that I'm taking off my new boat. I'll get some more pics up soon. Probably tues. The boats not perfect...
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    216 CABO

    I'd think $15,000 with the motor installed is what I'd want. If you are interested in installing the motor yourself I'd defiantly be willing to except a fair offer. While the motor is still on my 226 a sea trial can be arranged to a serious buyer. I'll get some more pics of the boat in the...
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    216 CABO

    Ok here's the deal I have a 226 and a 216. The 216 has a bad motor at almost 2000 hrs. I'm considering pulling the motor off of my 226 which is the same motor and puting it on my 216 to sell it as a running boat. The motor is the stock Yamaha 175, the running motor has 600 hrs and runs great...
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    Coyote Bites 3 year old Girl in Irvine

    I shot at 2 yesterday with my pellet gun on my property. I think my screaming ass parrot has been calling them in.
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    Viking BBQ, pool equip and misc. Trade for?

    How much beer do you need for the bbq? Or how much for it? Interested in the cabinet doors too.
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    Diamond Valley Lake To Get Ramp Extension

    That's cool, but seems like a lot of money to spend. You would think they could Micky mouse somthin that would work fine for less. But it would sure be cool if it re opened.
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    AKC Chocolate Point Lab Pups (8) born May 18th

    If you were in SoCal I'd be all over it. Been lookin for a chocolate male pup down here.
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    Panguitch Lake

    leave that power bait at home next time. I got my 1st tiger on the fly there much more fun. Or at least lures. Bait fishing is kinda shity at a lake like that, with the size slot and with so many fish biting. I'm referring to non keepers swallowing hooks n dieing. Thanks for the report, it...
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    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    I could totally understand no tread warrenty on an all terain tire.
  105. R&R

    Post up pics of your 4x4 rig

    Not mine but I wish it was.
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    Red diamond Rattlesnake.....

    ConSeaMate, big pond huh I'm listening. Any fish in it?
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    2000 F350 CC 4X4 7.3 DIESEL

    Daym I was looking for this truck for awhile. I ended up picking 1 up in Vegas last month f350 but dually. And you got a cb radio Come On. I'm sure this truck is going to sell fast with that asking price, no matter what the miles are.
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    Pacific Trailers in Chino what a joke!

    I'm not trying to hack on you cause it sounds like they messed up on a few things and that sucks. But if you brought the old parts to make sure you got the right 1s, it kinda seems like your partially to blame for buying the wrong parts.
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    Red diamond Rattlesnake.....

    Ohh shit was that a road runner? Very cool.
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    Best home remedy for seasickness

    Get some home grown and smoke up.
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    Team Bloody decks fishing?

    Haha I figured there was 1. Just the only thing I found wer those kooks using the bd name.
  112. R&R

    Team Bloody decks fishing?

    i was on Instagram and wanted to see if bloodydecks has a page. All I found was Bloody decks bow fishing and bloody decks fishing team. It looks like neither have anything to do with this sight. if that's the case that's pretty cheesy to steal another company's name. But maybe they got...
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    Music on Cattle boats

    If the radio was on you wouldn't get to hear deisel engines all dam day lol.
  114. R&R

    First time to Coronado islands need boat buddy to show me the ropes

    Where and who do you have to register your radio with? So I need a permit for my radio, and a permit to operate it?
  115. R&R


    Let him play let him play! It worked for the Badnews Bears.
  116. R&R

    Need a wiring guy

    Can anyone recommend a good shop to install some Lowrance fish finders maybe a radar. Maybe re locate my battery's, and replace some wiring? I'm lookin for a straight shooter that can start and finish the job in a decent time frame. Not a real good mechanic that's slow to get the job done...
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    Why Don’t Licenses Run Annually from Date of Purchase?

    I'm just gona move to Oregon to hang out with ur grumpy ass Bill! The no sales tax is a bonus. Leave Mexico out of this, dont get all butt hurt Billy.
  118. R&R

    Why Don’t Licenses Run Annually from Date of Purchase?

    To the guys that think this existing system is good. How would you feel if your boat/car registration was the same way? Say your boat/car is on non op cause it hasn't been running and you get it fixed a month before the end of the year and you have to pay for a full year, then 1 month later...
  119. R&R

    Why Don’t Licenses Run Annually from Date of Purchase?

    Ya it's pretty shity when you want to take a friend fishing towards the end of the year who doesnt normally fish and they have to buy a $50 license to go fishing a few times. So they either just don't go, break the rules and don't get 1, or get ripped off. Seems to me they would make more...
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    Very cool boat Shad good luck with sale.
  121. R&R

    **SOLD**2006 Parker 2520 SLD Sport Cabin dropping to $ 55,000.00

    Nice boat neighbor, I've been checkin it out when I drive down the hill n here it is for sale small world. I live at the end of Avenida La Cresta. Good luck with the sale.
  122. R&R

    Mexico Customs Destroys Fishing Reel

    Last time I flew to Baja my bazooka rod holder was messed with. The pin that locks the length was missing, which they don't just fall out. When I got home and unpacked I ended up with 5 broken rods. Not sure if it was US or Mexican customes that did it.
  123. R&R

    Shimano new rod warranty policy - 2015?

    So is it all shimano rods built after July 2014 no longer offer the lifetime warranty?
  124. R&R

    Food for thought for BDoutdoors ( future idea)

    I will say that I have never figured out how to post pics on this site, but I have no problem changing my avator. I don't have any problem posting pics on any other sites, just can't figure this 1 out. I mainly use my cell phone, maybe that's y. And I've read the directions. Anyways I'd...
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    Boat Crashes into Beach Bar

    Guy decided to pull an insurance job after he saw the new Mag Bay cc!
  126. R&R

    2/17 O'side

    Very Rare Very Rare
  127. R&R

    Yamaha F200XB performance

    I was thinking the other day how they must be nice motors cause I've never seen a used 1 for sale. Would love 1 for my 226 Cabo.
  128. R&R

    2 Combo's for Sale

    Would you take $300 for both? Where are you located? I'm in Poway today.
  129. R&R

    2 Combo's for Sale

    What side are the handles on the reels? I think I'm wanting a left side crank, not sure if that's considered lefty or right..
  130. R&R

    Find out what the dealer is paying for there engines

    Hey Shad what's the name of the shop in Dallas that was selling motors cheap? If you don't mind me askin that is...
  131. R&R

    Local under attack

    Seems like more and more people are getting tired of these PETA type people trying to force there beliefs on society. All diffrent types of people are starting to hunt for the fact that they want to know were there meat comes from. This woman teaching kids about hunting is no diffrent then a...
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    Cabo 216 cuddy 1991 with 175 hp Yamaha.

    Sea hawk, good eye on spoting those odd holes in the transom. He should defiantly look into those. Hey John sounds like you know the 226 inside n out. Maybe you could do a lil "check out my boat" thread about everything you did. I just picked up the 226 that's been advertised here on bd...
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    Cabo 216 cuddy 1991 with 175 hp Yamaha.

    My 216 is on cl right now for 10 with no motor, maybe I'm crazy. But I'm not seeing many or any boats for 6 to 8 grand that compare to this boat especially if you value having a sml cabin. Just be ready to have to re power it. Ps there's a pair of 07 150 4strokes here on bd at a fair price...
  134. R&R

    Cabo 216 cuddy 1991 with 175 hp Yamaha.

    Seems like a good deal for the boat. People aren't giving things away like they were a few years ago. Check the hour meter on the dash, it should be accurate cause it's probably the original motor. If you do a sea trail and it runs good it's probably totally worth the 10 he's asking. I had...
  135. R&R

    Biggest bone head play in NFL history?

    Lynch should be ready to come home to Oakland after that play call...
  136. R&R

    Here We Go

    I'd like to c Seatle win, but there going to have to play a lot better then last game to beat the cheating ass Pats.
  137. R&R

    Rototiller - Like new Craftsman 6.5 hp 17 "

    I'd trade some media blasting and or powder coating for it. If not good luck with the sale, looks brand new.
  138. R&R

    used outboards

    Make the motors look real dirty n greasy so they might be more believable as parts motors.
  139. R&R

    SOLD 1991 Cabo Cuddycon 226 - Price Reduced

    Hey Steven I just sent you a msg regarding your boat. I'm not sure if it went through.
  140. R&R


    Good thing you didn't report all the butt naked women on the boat or you'd really offend some of these guys. Raider Nation Fk that other Raider dude.
  141. R&R

    Fuckin Pats

    It says in the taged article above that each team uses a diffrent set of balls lol... I sure hope Seatle whoops there ass.
  142. R&R


    Fkn dumbass makin my Raiders look bad. Nice report Pete! Don't take no shit.
  143. R&R

    1986 Honda trx250r

    Best quad ever made
  144. R&R

    Yamaha Outboard Motor 200HP HPDI Z200 Oil injected 2-Stroke

    ^^^ when you open your mouth do turds always fall out? This motor is SOLD, no thanks to Carlos.
  145. R&R

    New Greenhouse NO I'm not growing weed

    That's awsome. I've been digging trenches the last week to bury wire around my garden. I would like to have a green house goin atleast by end of summer if not sooner. Have you thought about setting up an aquaponics system in your green house? If you haven't heard of it you should youtube it...
  146. R&R

    kitty kitty

    What's the scoope on black leopards in so cal? I've read a few reports of them spoted in my area of Murrieta near the Cleveland Forrest. Just wondering if any of you hunters have info on where they came from and if you guys have seen them. I did see a black n white pic a neighbor printed of a...
  147. R&R

    Jagd pups on the ground 5 new hunters!

    Mainly Squirrels, but also rabbits, and I do get cayotes jumpin my fence sometimes but that's usually at night when I lock my dogs up. I read your ads before and got interested in the Jagd, I'm not in a rush to get 1. Just thought 1 would fit in at my place. Who knows time flys maybe, that...
  148. R&R

    Jagd pups on the ground 5 new hunters!

    So what's the scoope on this breed of dog? Are they as much of a handful as I've read? I have a serious varmint issue n was thinking a jagd could help out. I do have young kids, and other dogs. But I also live on 10 acres of wire fenced in land.
  149. R&R

    Raider Nation

    Why'd you have to bring that up Gil? Not cool lol. SD won on fishin, weather, and Chargerettes'! N that's not bad.
  150. R&R

    Raider Nation

    Typical Charger fans over here stinkin up my Raider thread. Charger fans will always be BITCHES until they get a Super Bowl win. That's why they are such Cunty lil Haters...... Its their own inferiority they can't handle..... You know who u r.
  151. R&R

    Opinions on fuel surcharge or not

    This is a good topic. But it's not just fishing boats that do this. Just about everything we do revolves around the price of fuel. So when your informed that prices are going up do to fuel costs it is understandable for the increase and everyone excepts it. So it only makes sense to pay less...
  152. R&R

    Raider Nation

    Look at you over here tryin to get your boy a job on my team na we don't want Sam. He's more Chargers material.
  153. R&R

    Raider Nation

    Kola Chaser why you stuttering don't be scared. KnottyBoyz you talkin about your team? Pretty sure they just stepped on there dicks again. PS your name sounds kinda gay:supergay: Bubba that is pretty funny I actually am a Raiders fan, can't just jump ship Now don't get but hurt just a lil...
  154. R&R

    Raider Nation

    I kinda expected more shit talkin from varsity bloodydeckers haha looks like there's a few of us pullin for the Raiders. Even non Raider fans should respect Carr he's hands down the best rookie qb in the league. And Mack is a beast of a rookie himself. Raider Nation Lives
  155. R&R

    Raider Nation

    Raiders lookin to upset Denver! We're gona need Kahlil Mack hopefully he can play through injury and get to know Payton. Lookin for a big game from Derek Carr. Now let's hear your shit talkin haters. Oh ya n to the guy that's going to tell me the Raiders record this year, Fuk u I already...
  156. R&R

    Peacocking the Amazon

    Congrats on a definite bucket list check. What a beautiful fish those peacocks are!
  157. R&R

    Restoring Tourism in Baja

    ^^^ cops don't help with that here either.
  158. R&R

    Farmed Raised Salmon....BAD!

    I read on here that a lot of our farmed fish is pkg'ed in China and shipped back to us to sell. If that's true I'd say that's reason enough to avoid buying it.
  159. R&R

    Utah. Brian head area

    I just fished Panguitch a couple weeks ago off my budys boat. It was pretty awsome but like other dude said it's iced over now. Maybe try Minersville. My best friend is a bar tender at the Grand Lodge, it's pretty much the nicest spot in Brian Head ask for Vinny he loves to talk fishin and...
  160. R&R

    Air rifle info anyone??

    I just bought a RWS model 48 .22 and it's pretty badass
  161. R&R

    Two Seekers For Sale

    Would you be interested in trading for media blasting and/or powder coating work? I just got back from la Paz and the airline broke 5 of my rods in a case, so I guess I'm in the market for replacements.. I'm still interested if you don't want to trade, and I live in Murrieta.
  162. R&R

    La Ventana this weekend

    I would have liked to stop at Los barrilos n check it out, but we ended up getting everything in Cabo. In hindsight I would have rather given the buisiness to them or ventana. Flying home tomaro, fishin was slow 1st 2 days then picked up today, got my 1st marlin. I'll post a report when I get...
  163. R&R

    Why they call it Dope

    Kick back trayscool it's a line from CaddyShack.
  164. R&R

    Why they call it Dope

    He musta got it from a neegrow
  165. R&R

    Baja East Cape Surfcasting Expedition 2014

    Looks like you had a great time John. I'm flying out tomaro to Cabo and heading to La Ventana for 4 days of fishing. I'm sure that was a cool adventure down the peninsula, thanks for posting the report.
  166. R&R

    La Ventana this weekend

    Me and some fam n friends are heading to La Ventana this weekend. 8 guys, we got a house on the beach We're flying into Cabo and drivin over. I've seen the reports I no baits hard to get so bring lures, I no a storm may be comin but I'm sure it will still b plenty of fun. We normally fly...
  167. R&R

    Powder Coating half towers...maybe?

    The bait tank on the Grande is powdercoated. If you go with powdercoat don't get cought up in all the fancy colors. Gloss colors will fade faster then most low gloss colors. Pick a color that can be touched up if it gets scratched. My tower got blasted, 2 coats zinc rich primer, and top...
  168. R&R

    Powder Coating half towers...maybe?

    I powder coated mine on my Cabo 216. I own a powder coat and media blast shop in Riverside. As a fellow BD'r and Cabo owner I can definatly hook you up.
  169. R&R

    Corrossion on Chrome Wheels

    Spray vinegar on all metal on boat and trailer after washing.
  170. R&R

    Cabo Cuddycon

    I live in Corona and have a 216 too. Did you know that Cabos were built in Corona at 1 point, and the original person who made the plexiglass windows is still here in Corona. Unfortunately I've owned my Cabo for a year and haven't used it one time as I've been gettin dicked around by a scummy...
  171. R&R

    Bent trailer frame.....need ideas

    Scrap the trailer! Kick back ballers.. There's rusty hardware throw it away haha. Come on any rusty parts I see in the pics can easily be replaced with stainless, the bunk brkts can be coated or replaced.. As far as repairing the dent, does it effect the trailer pulling straight? You can...
  172. R&R

    Lake Skinner - Know Before You Go

    I'm pretty sure the people that inspect your boat at Skinner are volunteer/camp hosts. There usually really cool older retired peps. Maybe you just got a stickler. DVL is much more strict then Skinner.
  173. R&R

    My beef with Turners Outdoorsman (Orange branch)

    Turners sucks
  174. R&R

    newport peir

  175. R&R

    Island Calico Fishing 3/9 and 3/11

    ^^^ that's awsome I like how u shut these haters up. Thanks for the report
  176. R&R

    Repainting jon boat?

    My shops in Corona, I've powdercoated 2 of my aluminum boats and it's bitchen. My smaller boat has been drug all over all kinds of rocks n gravel and for the most part has no scratches.
  177. R&R

    2014 San Felipe 250

    Awsome, that's real off road racing there.
  178. R&R

    As a boat owner, you can call me crazy!

    There's a trick to those frustrating bolts you couldn't reach that you cussed out. Smoke a big fat joint of some good ol legal Washi weezy n those bolts are a sinch, and you would have also made time for that dinner call haha. Now if you smoke 2 joints you just might take the time to finish...
  179. R&R

    Need recommendations for a Boat Cover and EISENGLASS (ISINGLASS) for my 20 grady!

    I used All American Upolstry in Ontario ca. He just put new zippers n buttons n polished my windows. While I thought mine was old n I'd just pay to make new, I found out that window material is real expensive and it was worth repairing my old stuff. There's also a plexi glass material that...
  180. R&R

    Snowmobiler VS Moose

    What an asshole I bet if he didn't have a gun he wouldn't have approached the moose, and the moose wouldn't have approached him. I bet if he would have backed out n kicked back for a few minutes the moose would have passed by and he could have gotten through. Just seems like there's plenty he...
  181. R&R

    Baja Buddy Boat Cruise

    Can't wait to read the report looks like a lot of fun. Feel free to post more pics from last years cruise. Dam dream trip
  182. R&R

    Harbor Boat Rentals are legit!

    That's cool man. Ya I saw pics of your kids on the Harbor Rentals Instagram page earlier today. Defiantly a proud pops moment, good job.
  183. R&R

    I am interested in a boat partner, I have a 22 foot grady White Seafarer in Newport.

    Not a bad deal for the right person. ^^^ Ya guy the partner would pay 1/2 the maintenance on a 25yr old boat they never had to buy. Just think someone had to buy that boat at 1 time, oh and looks like it's got a nice dependable/expensive upgraded motor too. Have you ever seen the price on...
  184. R&R

    For Sale Olhausen Pool Table...SOLD SOLD:)

    Can't believe hasn't swooped this table up.
  185. R&R

    Any good Center Consoles For sale?

    Maybe a panga would be a good boat to look at, or even a 20ft skipjack. But I'd get info from nardo on how much for his Parker
  186. R&R

    Family camping

    Lake Skinner is cool.
  187. R&R

    Fireball.... it's what pro athletes crave.....

    Fireball the drink of champions haha.
  188. R&R

    Okuma customer service and support

    I have a old old fresh water Okuma spinning reel I got as a gift. It's pretty heavy compared to my newer shimanos but much smoother, no play in the handle and atleast 15yrs older. Nice reel.
  189. R&R

    German Wirehaired Puppies

    Thanks for the info, ya I'm just lookin for now until I get into a bigger house/yard. When I do buy I'll prob just hold out for a local breeder, if I can't find any when I'm ready I also like gsp's and labs. I would like to hear an update on those pups though. It seemed like the type of...
  190. R&R

    German Wirehaired Puppies

    I know at least 1 BD member bought 1 of these pups, I was just wondering how there doing? I really would have liked to bought 1 myself just holding out till I get a bigger yard, and looks like that could be happening soon. I was also wondering if the original poster has any upcoming litters...
  191. R&R

    LED vs Plasma tv

    Find a good salesman at a TV store say like Howard's or Paul's or somthin n pick there brains on which 1. I recently got my boy a plasma (I got a great deal on it). I couldn't say either way which is better but I'm finding that most peoples opinions of plasmas are from old past experiences...
  192. R&R

    No God is Welcome in San Diego.......per U.S. District Judge Larry Burns

    Here in America we don't have the kind of history that many other countries do I'm not a religious person, but if that cross has been there for 100 years we should respect it as part of our American history and leave it for people to see. We shouldn't try to erase the little bit of history we...
  193. R&R

    Gamer question.....

    I'd look into the new Xbox one, it's supposed to have a lot more features then just gaming
  194. R&R

    powered hoop pullers no more?

    Dont get your panties in a bunch guy I don't care about diving for lobsters, u missed the point.
  195. R&R

    powered hoop pullers no more?

    Are we going to be able to use rod n reel for fishing anymore, or we gota go back to hand lining for fish? This state is turning to shit.. Seems like there's a lot of work for hoop neting regardless of how the nets are pulled... Meanwhile scuba divers are down there hand picking there catch.
  196. R&R

    Two sandcars for sale cheap......Now

    A budy told me that guys throttle stuck while wheelieing down Oldsmobile n got outa control or maybe that was just an excuse for drivin like an idiot.
  197. R&R

    It was a good Thanksgiving!

    :hali_olutta: That's awesome your fam must have been stoked
  198. R&R

    Adios San Diego Boats

    I saw that spot was empty when I went out on the Limitless in Sept.
  199. R&R


    After ten years I'd say there grandfathered in to have the sign. Its like, you can't even be proud to be an American in America, cause you might offend ur foreigner neighbor....
  200. R&R

    2013 Texas Fishing Video

    Cool video good job on the editing.
  201. R&R

    Pedestal Seat and Rod Holders

    Thank you Anthony
  202. R&R

    Pedestal Seat and Rod Holders

    I'm interested in both, just pm'ed you give me a call.
  203. R&R

    Getting sick from eating Wahoo? (also posted in recipe forum)

    Call me crazy but I just googled wahoo and poison and there's a few story's just like this. Like I said I like to order Ono at sushi bars and there's this sushi bar in Balboa that's really 1 of the best sush bars I've been to, I was kinda surprised they don't serve wahoo so I was asking the...
  204. R&R

    Getting sick from eating Wahoo? (also posted in recipe forum)

    I know that some sushi bars won't serve Ono/wahoo. I asked a sushi chef once n didn't really understand him but I thought he said u can get sick from it. I still usually order it if its available n haven't been sick.. Hmm
  205. R&R

    Boat Seized From Norteamericano In Mag Bay

    Do you guys remember that youtube video that was posted on here maybe last year or so about the locals in San Carlos comercial fishing Dorado illegally. That guy had balls making that video, anyways hopefully there cracking down on those poachers also.
  206. R&R

    Bass Fishing Utah?

    My buddy has some cool videos on YouTube/instagram under Southernutahangler. He can probly give some good reports.
  207. R&R

    216 Cabo Cuddycon w/ Suzuki 140 4 Stroke - Clearwater, FL - $13,000

    Seems like a great deal with those motors and all. I have more then that in mine with the old 2stroke, and it's been in the shop all summer. Good luck sellin it
  208. R&R

    Turner's "california"

    Just like the other dude on here stated. 1st trip out the soder on one of the eyes broke and the foam handle came loose and isn't attached to the rod anymore n just slides around the rod. I had my pops set up with a nice Seeker rod when the salesman convinced my dad the California rod is just...
  209. R&R

    My new fishing grounds...........

    Oh ya that looks awesome keep the pics coming. I'm assuming they have good ice fishing up there too, that's kinda my new thing since my best friend moved to Ut. So cool pullin fish through the ice. - - - Updated - - - Oh ya that looks awesome keep the pics coming. I'm assuming they have...
  210. R&R

    Chargers/Raiders game time......

    Good game Raiders! Rivers threw that game away...
  211. R&R

    Cabo 216 time to repower

    I just bought a 216 this spring she's been in the shop for awhile should be done pretty soon. Mine still has the stock 175, I figured if I really like the boat I'd look for a used 150 this winter. I ended up keeping the battery's in the back, but I did build a raised battery tray with a drain...
  212. R&R

    Yamaha Power Trim & Tilt

    Here's a bump for u Doug..
  213. R&R

    VIDEO Thought I would share LAKER

    Nice video Vinn keep it up. Now i need to send you that footage with me and your pops and our ladies.
  214. R&R

    Hawthorne Police shoot Rottweiler

    Fuk those cops I just watched that's complete bullshit. That should have completely been handled by the cops differently. When a person kills a cop dog they get charged with killing a cop. So what was this? It's a free country even if the dog owner was a loud mouth he has a right to speak...
  215. R&R

    Hawthorne Police shoot Rottweiler

    I agree this will get expensive and it will come out of our taxes. I didn't see the video but it makes me wonder was the cops life threatend by a dog bite. Me personally would much rather see the cop get bit by a dog then a split decision to shoot it 3 times. Hell ya he should have used...
  216. R&R

    Bananas on the boat?

    I'm superstitious about chicks that toss their own salad.
  217. R&R

    Got a new Pup!

    Nice pooch, good job on the rescue
  218. R&R

    Yamaha Power Trim & Tilt

    Do you know what size motor it came off? I have a 175 oil injected motor.
  219. R&R

    Taco Bell tonight anyone? My treat

    Photo shop a dick in this douches mouth n make him famous like he wants to be.
  220. R&R

    Shimano sucks??

    They sucked it up n fixed it for free huh! That's awesome customer service.
  221. R&R

    171 Mako Center Console

    Somone posted a 216 Cabo for the same price as that mako your looking at. It's in the classified section on here and Craigslist.
  222. R&R

    Man arrested seeking a prostitute on his honeymoon

    Hey Al Bundy went to Polk high*
  223. R&R

    46 Chevy Project of the day.

    Very cool especially that grill.
  224. R&R

    DaiwaSealineX-30SHV with Penn-Sabre Rod

    Bump that's a great deal.
  225. R&R

    5/3 in Ensenada

    Anymore info on the boat you guys chartered? Looks like there's some good space on that boat, also kinda curious price? It's been years since I've chartered out of ensanada.
  226. R&R

    Don't think the'll be delivering papers anymore

    I kinda thought they'd get more then that. Does anyone know if they have to pay taxes on the money? I know the lawyers will get there cut.
  227. R&R


    Nice fishin there Sean. Hey so what happend to you? You got me all pumped on gettin a custom made rod n bailed on me... It's cool I sold my boat anyways but come on now you coulda just let me know if you lost interest no big deal.
  228. R&R

    spotty rod

    Life time warranty on that rod, I think it's like $15 frr a new 1.
  229. R&R

    Fishing report from Cannes, France

    Don't let them Frenchies give u no shit. That's my advice.
  230. R&R

    Corona Lake....Gives it up BIG!

    Nice, that last lil Bass is perfect for an aquarium.
  231. R&R

    Lurker from Alaska

  232. R&R

    Slab Fishing Lake Elsinore.

    Nice I was thinking of test runnin my lil boat out there n doin a lil fishin this week.
  233. R&R

    Cabo 216 Repower

    Nice I just bought a 1988 216 Cabo. It still has the 175 2stroke, still going through some things before I take it out. But I was planing on putting a Yamaha 4stroke as soon as I can afford 1, seems like you don't really see the 200 around much mostly 150s and 225. I think the 200 would be...
  234. R&R

    manufacturers wanted for testing your products

    Why do people get soo offended by things that have nothing at all to do with them? I have a few friends that started making there own plastics and a few lures for fresh water fishing (Coolbaits, located in so cal) and they have givin plenty of product to select fishermen and friends. in turn...
  235. R&R

    Rancho Leonero

    First yellow.. Did you eat the heart?
  236. R&R

    99 terhi 16 ft

    I've fished this boat many times, very cool boat. Lots of nice storage, live well... Somone will be stoked to have this, wish I could swoop it up for an extra boat. Good luck with the sale Greg*
  237. R&R

    Pond Hopping

    Nice pond bass.
  238. R&R

    21ft Parker

  239. R&R

    Daiwa Samurai?

    I have samurai on my 400te and it sure seems to knot up during a cast for no reason and I have lost some nice Swimbaits, it actually doesn't knot up at all it just slams the brakes during a cast and its a pretty shity feeling I could brake my rod let alone the the lures I've lost. when I check...
  240. R&R

    My Swimbait Works

    Good job, lure looks good too.
  241. R&R


    Post some pics of your boat and I'll let you know if I can blast it. Or let me know the demensions. Most boats would be too big for my room, but Im about to blast and powder coat my little 17ft aluminum boat.
  242. R&R

    Watch out for the Customs Agents

    A bad economy and medical marijuana does a better job keeping drugs and illegals out of this country then home land security n border patrol. That's kind of a joke but it is kinda true... Frankly they needa start lettin the illegals back in or strawberry prices will be through the roof...
  243. R&R

    Killed Em' at Corona Lake

    Just passed by the lake and looks like there's night fishin goin on. Saw a few boats lights on the water. I've been there a few times, I'm not so much of a trout fishermen but I bet there's some lunker LMB in that lake.
  244. R&R

    Fish mounts

    What's up Carlos, I bought a 300te from you awhile back. Ill buy them, and can meet you at DVL again if you still have them. Rob (951) 219-7720
  245. R&R

    21ft Parker

    hey Sean I sent you my info yesterday, wasnt sure if you got it. you can either call me and let me know your coming out or just roll out before 3pm any day this week.
  246. R&R

    21ft Parker

    As far as I know it's only damage to the gel coat. There is an area on the boat that has been touched up, I don't know the extent of the damage but I don't believe it's into the glass. It is a project and could easily cost what it would cost to buy 1 used. Or it could cost less then what they...
  247. R&R

    21ft Parker

    Bingo... I drove to Lancaster to buy this boat and to Santa Barbra to buy the original bait tank for the boat. If your serious about this boat just come look at it it's real easy. I stopped by my boat guys shop this last week to make arrangements for starting the "scary job of gel coating...
  248. R&R

    21ft Parker

    No I haven't sold it. It is a little bit of a project boat. I know the economy is weird right now but I don't really see any sweet deals out there that would make it not worth it to build this Parker. This boat could be finished with a nice used 4stroke for under 15 to 20g with all the bells...
  249. R&R

    2005 Honda BF225

    Do you take trade ins? I have an 05 yamaha 115.
  250. R&R

    18' CC Bayrunner with 50HP 4 stroke super clean, low hours

    Nice boat 4stroke n everything. I'm sure someone's tax returns will buy this boat soon. Bump
  251. R&R

    Ex LAPD/Ex Navy Christopher Dorner

    I also think that the LAPD cheif guy that spoke yesterday kinda comes off like an asshole. He didn't 1 time request a way for this guy to turn him self in and to stop killing, he just said he's not listening to babbling of a murderer then laughs it off. I'm not saying you can talk him out of...
  252. R&R

    Ex LAPD/Ex Navy Christopher Dorner

    I live in Corona, seems kinda weird that the cops that got shot at followed the guy down the freeway for 3 exits probly about 3 or 4 miles. They exit on Magnolia, the exit the Corona PD is off of. Get shot at and there cars disabled, car didn't look disabled. Then the guy just splits like a...
  253. R&R

    Smoked Tuna

    Smoke a joint before you eat it next time that usually does the trick. But your still going to need them beers to wash down the cotton mouth.
  254. R&R

    Need some work boots.

    RedWings. Just got mine back from the cobbler all shined up new laces and new American made soles. Stoked, I hate new boots it was a cool experience getin my boots all fixed up Man Shit. LaVons shoe repair off Magnolia in Riverside* Georgie boy boots don't last like Redwings.
  255. R&R

    Washington State Looking for a Pot Consultant

    Ask Ed? Ed Rosenthals a badass* hope he gets the job.
  256. R&R

    Sig sauer 556

    Very nice guns there.. Get um Lomeli so we can go shooting.
  257. R&R

    NFL games 1-13 Drunk Idiot thread

    You must be a priest*
  258. R&R

    Is this boat any good

    I've been waiting for somone to bring this Skippy up I saw it and thought its a dam nice boat. Surprised its not advertised here on BD.
  259. R&R

    Lack of fishing license costs anglers $910K prize, case in court

    I'd give them the money. That marlin will be talked about every year that tournement goes on, even if the runner up wins in court. You'd think they would want to advertise the last years winner at 833lbs to promote there tournement. But that's just my opinion.
  260. R&R

    Curado 200E7 and Crucial rod

    Dam I don't know what the deal is I just pm'd again checked the sent section n it says 0 sent.. Where are you located in Riverside? I was wondering if you could drop it off at my shop on Wed., which is located off Magnolia and the 91 or I can come pick it up this week after Wed.. Let me know...
  261. R&R

    Curado 200E7 and Crucial rod

    Pm'ed u I'm local...
  262. R&R

    Skipjack 20ft open vs 24ft open

    Hey thanks for the advice guys. I feel better about lookin into the 24 now.. I sure wish I had the extra cash for the diesel powered, just saw a nice 1 on CL. Those pics sure show the size difference...
  263. R&R

    Skipjack 20ft open vs 24ft open

    I've always liked these boats, I want to hear some opinions from Skippy owners or whomever. I'm talkin gas powered 20 vs 24 open boats, how do they handle in comparison. Also with fuel burn, speed, space in mind? I have a GMC 2500 2 wheel drive, I know I wish it was 4x4. It tows good, just...
  264. R&R

    Mold on concrete roof tiles .....

    How bout use some Round up weed killer, then a few days later a light pleasure wash...
  265. R&R

    21ft Parker

  266. R&R

    Details being released related to the Coast Guard & Drug Runners incident.

    RIP.... I know with these type of people that if it wasn't Marijuana it would be something ealse. But I can't stop thinking, how many people need to die over a fuking plant. The US has made marijuana worth more then gold. In turn the US has also made some fuking drug cartel guy 1 of Forbes...
  267. R&R

    [B]Chino Hills Turners changed my thoughts on the company[/B]

    Corona Turners is shity. All they care about is gun sales, and they have a shity fishing gear selection.
  268. R&R

    25' Skippy Fisherman

    Your boat is very nice, but it's not really anywer near the same ballpark as this 1 at 30gs more. I've never seen a stainless trailer b4, that's cool kinda looks like whoever built it put the seems on the exterior I would have faced them to the inside so you could atleast polish it out a lil...
  269. R&R

    21ft Parker

    The Parker is still available. heres my shop address 12330 Doherty St. Riverside 92503 feel free to stop by anytime 5 days a week before 3pm. office # (951) 738-1516 or my cell (951) 219-7720. Just a heads up again its $3,500 no lower and Im also going to throw in a stock Parker bait tank...
  270. R&R

    21ft Parker

    Ok guys I returned some pm's concerning the Parker, and I'm just going to go in order with who hit me up. So Tunacity is coming to check it out tomarrow, I'll keep u guys posted on how it goes. Thanks for everyone's interest, especially Slater who posted the pics for me.
  271. R&R

    21ft Parker

    Oh hell ya Slater... I owe u
  272. R&R

    21ft Parker

    Send me a phone # and ill text some pictures, or an email address and ill email some texting is probly easier but either is fine. The boat is a 96, the only paperwork I have for the boat is the papers the auction company gave the guy I bought it from. I don't think it will be an issue. buyer...
  273. R&R

    21ft Parker

    The trailer is fine it's just that it only comes with a bill of sale. You might want to bring a spare though...
  274. R&R

    21ft Parker

    Thanks but it doesn't seem to be working on my iPad or iPhone. I'm guessing I should try it on a pc.... But I can email them or text them if needed.
  275. R&R

    21ft Parker

    Ok I've decided to sell my project. It is a 21ft Parker center console mod V, it is a hull with gas tank and console only. It comes with a trailer with no paper work, that's how I bought it. The price is $3,500 which that's what I paid for it so I will not go any lower. Gel coat is rough. I...
  276. R&R

    Officially SCREWED by F&G Commission

    I was just telling a buddy yesterday how I wanted to make bumper stickers that say " Fishing is Not a crime"
  277. R&R

    4 Stroke Honda 10 HP B100S Outboard Motor

    Auto Resto huh, that car looks cool what is it? Oh and nice motor...
  278. R&R

    I need a boat

    Hold off till Nov. or Dec. maybe you'll find better deals... Maybe a bayrunner would be good. just remember what boat stands for, Break Out Another Thousand. your stomach will drop to the bottom of the ocean when your motor doesnt start and your at the Coronados and you cant drop anchor...
  279. R&R

    Met Steve Erwin of the Pier in real life???

    These days story's don't cut it... I believe pics not story's, n pics are even almost no good with all the badass go pro videos... Some dickhead friend of a friend claims he cought a 13.5lb LMB at a lil local pond that I've never seen anything over 5lb in. I shut him down with wers the pics...
  280. R&R

    Minersviller reservior

    Nice, I like readin those Southern Utah reports good job.
  281. R&R

    voyager trip 10/2 10/3

    Nice, I just got off the Voyager on Mon from a 1.5 and did real well also. Nothin too big but lots of fish and had a great time. Nice report
  282. R&R

    1964 to 2012....... 48 years of sucking ass!

    Too bad u can't photoshop some super bowl wins too...
  283. R&R

    1964 to 2012....... 48 years of sucking ass!

    Keep ur family portraits to urself guy.
  284. R&R

    1964 to 2012....... 48 years of sucking ass!

  285. R&R

    Warbaits Jighead Problems?

    Bingo, under curing the powder could definatly be the case. Not to mention that lead isn't always the most consistant or clean metals to Powdercoat, I'm sure shit can happen wen Powdercoating thousands of tiny lead parts with hooks in them. Just get some nail polish.
  286. R&R

    Caption Contest...

    G's up, hoe's down*
  287. R&R

    21' parker 150 yamaha 4 stroke cc

    Is it a Deep V or Modified V hull?
  288. R&R

    Turner's Californian Rods

    Don't waste your money.. I had my pops set up to buy a seeker and a new avet, and the turners manager convinced my pops the the California rod was the same thing for cheaper. .. 1st trip out the soder broke on the eye on the tip of the rod... the glue on the handle came unglued some how n now it...
  289. R&R


    A coach is too consumed in football to pay attention to the fact that one of his fellow coaches is molesting children in his team shower. Come on now shit. It's kinda like one of those, you are who you hangout with things. He did know who he was associating with, just shity for everyone who...
  290. R&R

    Yamaha 115 4 stroke

    Not sure the make of the Panga but it is hecho in Mexico lol. I had a very fair offer on the motor that I may take, but I would prefer to sell boat and motor for $10,000. Ive had a few guys asking about the hull only. If the 115 sells I'll mount my 85 horse evinrude 2 stroke and try and sell...
  291. R&R

    Yamaha 115 4 stroke

    If you'd like pics pm me your phone # or email and I can send a couple. I bought the motor over the winter from San Diego boats, so I haven't put a lot of hours on it. From what I understand the previouse owner (a BDr also, "SouthBend" is his name I think) fished a lot with it and maintained...
  292. R&R

    Yamaha 115 4 stroke

    2005 Yamaha 115 4 stroke 25 shaft left turn. Runs great, it's mounted on my 22ft panga, so I can run it for you, price: $5,000. I'm also selling the panga, either with the 115, or with 1980ish evinrude 85 2 stroke, let me know if your interested. The boat/motor are located in Riverside...
  293. R&R

    La Paz Airport transfer? $45?

    This guy has drivin me from the airport to La Ventana the last few times, he's coo.. Roberto (612) 107 7013
  294. R&R


    Just treat your BD sticker like your registration sticker, make slices with a razor blade so they can't get it.
  295. R&R


    Does anyone sell Rotations in Ca,? I just don't like ordering things online anymore.
  296. R&R

    HD fishing **VIDEO** Lots of fish UTAH

    What up Vinn, shouldn't you be out getin footage for the June highlights video?
  297. R&R

    Father of the year!

    I sure hope that lil girls ok, too bad this father wasn't 1 of the guys who cought Sandusky in the shower with little boys...
  298. R&R

    Bola advice

    Thanks a lot guys every bit of advice helps, headin to DB today.
  299. R&R

    Bola advice

    So I'm heading to Bola this weekend 6/16 through 6/19, with a few friends. Ive never been there but have done a lot of research via BD, Discover Baja ect.. I'm going to the Discover Baja office to see about getting my license and tourist visa n what not tommarow. So here's a few questions I...
  300. R&R

    Murrieta ca pond fishing

    Off Hot Springs on the east side of the 215, bout a mile past 215 on the left.
  301. R&R

    why learn to fly fish???

    Not tryin to thread jack but Any suggestions on a decent salt water fly rig, n how much to spend? Not sure how the line n rods r rated but somethin with some decent back bone?
  302. R&R

    2007 28' PARKER - REDUCED!

    Bump for a badass boat, and that panga you sold was nice too.... I like your taste in boats Mark. I feel your pain with back problems, I'm still recovering from a burst fracture of my L2 from earlier this year, hope ur surgery went smooth...
  303. R&R

    Follow up on BSB speared at Salt Creek

    He was probly wondering how much the fine was, I'd be cerious to know myself that was a big fish.
  304. R&R

    Spearfishing Lings and puget sound king crab

    Good job on the video, nice choice in music too. That water looks cold even in that dive suit.
  305. R&R

    Roger Clemens

    I don't think anyone gives a shit about what some ex baseball player did years ago... Our ex president lies about cheating on his wife n gets a BJ from an intern, n still gets to be president, no ones goin after Clinton for lieing.
  306. R&R

    Any one fishing for Marijuana?

    I'm sure if you show them your Medical Marijuana card they'll give it back! They have to its your sea sickness meds... :smoking33::smoking33:
  307. R&R

    whats the biggest fish you have landed with Your Diawa Sealine reels?

    My ol lady cought a 9ft Threasher prob around 150lb on a Sealine 30 with 30lb line, no leader. She wouldn't give up and after 3 dam hours she finally landed it. I've never seen a 3 hour fight before, she crazy... But a dam nice reel for the money I say.
  308. R&R

    Stupid hurts..................

    There's a cal trans sign in Corona with a # to report wire theft... Dam tweekers, psshh knowing this state the guy that got burned probly has a lawsuit goin against Edison...
  309. R&R

    Will danika get her pee-pee whacked?

    I think the reason some people don't like her is cause when people make comments like "she's hot" she gets all bitchy... Even though her and her sponsors use her looks for advertising, just don't comment about it, she gets mad... Maybe that's y.
  310. R&R

    Any of you guys into Muslecar restoration?

    That car is badass, you should defiantly not sell it. 2dr, bucket seats, SS psshh that's about the last year of real muscle cars. Post some more pics even if you are keepin it
  311. R&R

    **VIDEO** LMB southern utah

    That's Canyon Lake, ain't no lmb in Ut... Jk nice video Vinn, pops done good out there too*
  312. R&R

    What is with this whole zombie fad?

    It's COD nazi zombies fault... Bin Ladins Dead, I'll bet his target was a great sellers.
  313. R&R

    USPS Strikes again!

    Those cardboard tubes make excellent steamrollers... Happy 4/20*
  314. R&R

    Lake Baccarac - Spring Break

    Nice video, I heard Shane was makin a trip down there.
  315. R&R

    2012 San Felipe 250

    That's awesome, off-Road motherland. Long Live Baja Racing* and the Tecate girls that make it happen.
  316. R&R

    I may have to quit fishing

    Wow, so are you saying Mathews, Skinner,DVL lakes have radiation? Do you have a bug out plan?
  317. R&R

    Can't Do The Time? Don't Do The Crime!

    Your in Ca man, you'll prob just get a bigass fine.
  318. R&R

    Manning gets $96 million

    Looks like my boy Lonnie Paxton has a shot at ring # 4...
  319. R&R

    yamaha 9.9

    Still available?
  320. R&R

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    T-top looks good. Did they make those flared rod holders at c fab, or does somone sell them pre flared like that? I'm almost to that stage on my lil boat..
  321. R&R

    how to start fishing reel company

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$&& more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  322. R&R

    Desperate Housewives

    Wow.... That's really cool when you can catch nice 1s like that with a home made lure, much cooler then a store bought 1. I've been workin on a few large Swimbaits myself, I've been thinkin of doin a natural finish cause its been a pain to figure out how to powdercoat wood but I think I might...
  323. R&R

    shimano Trinidad 10A

    Ozone should change his name to TireKicker..
  324. R&R

    Flying with fillets?

    Bring cooler put a few things in it you might want down there, lotion snacks.... Freeze fish before depart or keep on ice till you get to airport. Don't tape it up they will tape it up at the airport after they look inside, maybe bring your own tape last time I was there they ran out n it took...
  325. R&R

    One year ago today

    Very sad. RIP.
  326. R&R

    Tree hugging BS now effecting rod builders

    Not surprised, it seemed like it went up in price every time I went to get more lately... U guys can prob contact 1 of those mobile guys that supply body shops n other kinds of shops with certain chems n tape n sanding stuff. I'll bet they have it still. U guys in SD actually got it better...
  327. R&R


    Bitchin video Vinn, n keep up the good music guy... Hank Williams the 3rd shit you couldn't ask Frr no better tunes then that. Still waitin frr the next episode*
  328. R&R

    Pre-spawn bass at my local hole(VIDEO)

    Nice fish, n good job on the video.
  329. R&R

    19in Cutthroat

    Nice 1 Vinn.. U up there by yourself again?
  330. R&R

    Swim Bait Stripers caught on punkers..

    DVL? They stocked trout? Nice fish.
  331. R&R

    so what do you do?

    Hook ur bait in the tail side through the meat not the spine.
  332. R&R

    New BloodyDeck Rule!

    Hey guys half of my first post was a joke about terminating members. I'm a business man and know that obviously it would be a bad Bizz decision to do something like that.... What I ment to say at the end was. J/K it's not a lot to ask to donate $5 a month. Are you guys saying you believe...
  333. R&R

    New BloodyDeck Rule!

    Well sounds like u needa change it up n advertise your donations on here.. It's a good way to weed out the Trolls lurkin around.
  334. R&R

    New BloodyDeck Rule!

    The new rule is if your from Ca, and ud like to keep your BD profile u must donate at least a $1.25 a week a total of $5 a month to Saving Ca Fishing. If you don't have a donation tag your profile will b terminated! Just an idea it's not a lot to ask..
  335. R&R

    Great article on the MLPA

    When I read people's posts n I c the amount of people who can't even brake for $5 a month to Save Ca Fishing, a dam $1.25 a week guys come on... Dam freeloaders U KNOW WHO U R... (I can at least understand if ur from outa state) but the rest of u guys...
  336. R&R

    I miss Football...

    Theres a new league starting, all games will b played on L.A. Beachs*
  337. R&R

    She picked the colors.

    Nice.. Looks like Denver Bronco colors.
  338. R&R

    Panguitch Lake Ice Fishing Video

    Nice work Vinn, I needa send u my footage so u can make somethin out of it... All catch n release huh nice I like that*
  339. R&R

    Frisbees now equal $1000 fine in LA county

    My opinion is that this law only applies to as u call them asshats, so it doesn't really bother me. If you have respect for others and are playin a lil football I seriously doubt you'll get in any kind of trouble. In my opinion there's not much to compare as far as MLPA fishing laws and...
  340. R&R

    Frisbees now equal $1000 fine in LA county

    I don't go to beachs n LA n I don't play football or frisbee. I dont think anyone who plays respectfuly will get in trouble... I no I got a couple budys that always gota b throwin around a pro size football as far as they can all intruding up in others space n oh heads up heads up, some dam...
  341. R&R

    2005 Mosbilt off road car

    Just Putin this out there to see if anyone's interested in buyin a nice dual sport off road car. It's a Mosbilt 4 seat Ls2 550 Redline Mtr , Mendeola S4, tranny, car was re ppwder coated and assembled with all new hardware and tranny was gone through while i had it out last year. Plus much...
  342. R&R

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    I've learned my lesson about payin up front, sounds like you are too... The money issue is he already got paid... U r prob the type guy that if you get paid up front for somethin you do it, but I've learned that wen u pay up front especially cash u get a VIP ticket to the back of the line.. I...
  343. R&R

    What would you do? Fishing La Paz last week of Feb

    Hit up Tim at Palapas Ventana (La Ventana) n set up a goat hunt on Ceralvo island.
  344. R&R

    2007 PARKER 2820 XLD

    Nice boat, I saw you on Magnolia the other day and new I recognized it from BD...
  345. R&R

    NY Times article on the MLPA

    So what is the fishermans angle as defense? Y isn't the idea of catch and release and more strict regulations on size and limits and seasons for fish never brought up... Just about anyone who is a 3rd party watching or reading this is going to agree with the conservation people. I wish the 2...
  346. R&R

    Warn 9.5 CTI Winch New in Box

    I'll give you $750.00 and throw in some media blasting and/or Powdercoating. Or I have other things to offer for trade if your interested in tradin. If its only cash you want I understand just thought I'd ask.
  347. R&R

    Commercial fishing dorado

    That Vinny is a ballzy dude, the sea of Cortez needs more people like that. The commercial guys should trade in there pangas for Talopia farms and cattle.
  348. R&R

    Rotations Pet Food presents - Caption Contest Ending Jan 30, 2012

    Better then Sex on the beach
  349. R&R

    Ice fishin Utah

    Just got back from a trip to southern Utah visiting friends. Anyways we did some ice fishin on Panguicth Lake this last week, on tues. & fri. Had a great time cought more trout then we could even count the 1st day, I was using a red plastic jig with skirt ripped off n a night crawler n my budy...
  350. R&R

    get well Evan

    Broken pelvis ouch, get well soon, n I wana c the video for this 1...
  351. R&R

    Detained by Sheriffs Dept. today while target shooting on the water

    Dam John did you even read his post? He wasn't rantin n ravin bout his rights, kinda seems like he's simply questioning the way it was handled. Then admits he was nurvous being treated like a criminal, n u think he's such a pussy.. Now ur playin the cool older bra kickin down the dope on how...
  352. R&R

    Detained by Sheriffs Dept. today while target shooting on the water

    That's shity especially if you weren't breaking the law. It does seem like it should be procedure to put life vests on you guys after being cuffed because would if this or that, maybe you shoulda asked for 1... You ever see Alaska troopers wen they pull guys over with guns or go in a house with...
  353. R&R

    Fuel Mizer Baja Skiff

    Cool build Tony.
  354. R&R

    Anyone work for Chevy or GM

    Explain the problems ur havin with ur truck? Maybe you'll get some good advice... Otherwise ur just Gona get the peanut gallery comments, like "sell it n get a Ford"
  355. R&R

    High School Basketball at its worst

    Big fat asswipe... I'd give him some wild elbows like Rodman... Just imagine if that was ur kid that got cloths lined.
  356. R&R

    MLPA boycott list

    Thanks for providing this info.. Looks like my shit list just doubled... N to think I was supporting 1 of the Bizz on the list wen they Wer Gona go outa bizznass.. Fukum
  357. R&R

    Anybody suggest a Boycott of DFG?

    Ok I'm an ass I c the save ca fishin page, but still don't no wats the plan from here? Wat is our approach to whom it may concern at this point?
  358. R&R

    Anybody suggest a Boycott of DFG?

    If we wer to boycott licenses to proove a point I think it would be a good idea, but should have been planned and promoted months ago... If all the unhappy fishermen all bought ther new license on the same day and it was advertised through media that wer not trying to not pay, just proove in #s...
  359. R&R

    Aluminum Bulldozer Boat Build

    Very cool boat, post pics of the re model... I'm re doin my interior of my lil center console with light grey Linex, already did my rail n it seems to be holdin up nice and it hides alota imperfections too
  360. R&R

    Panguitch lake on Ice

    Nice, I'll be out in Parowon next month visiting friends. Hopefully doin some ice fishin..
  361. R&R

    Bulls Beat Lakers!!!!!

    N Fisher isn't any better fukin guy plays ball like a Ero soccer fag flopin his old ass on the floor rather then really tryin to make a basket he just takes to the ground n hopes he gets fouled. Kobe's a great player but if he doesn't wana play like a team he should be benched. Look at other...
  362. R&R

    A Jew and a Muslim Go fishing on a Christmas Day

    Laguna beach closed??? What's the deal on that
  363. R&R

    Bulls Beat Lakers!!!!!

    Kobe is a ball hog* Other then that I think they looked pretty good..
  364. R&R

    The Miracle Surgery...........

    LOl kinda funny
  365. R&R

    IROD "Genesis Series" Jumbo Swimbait Rod

    Thanks Eric got it yesterday, nice packaging job too..
  366. R&R


    SNAFU. Our country is so powerful but we just can't seem to stop the drug lords from causing hell in our country or in there's. Legalize Marijuana, then they won't need to bring there crap weed here anyways, then border agents can focus on real drugs being smuggled... Border agents are...
  367. R&R

    Fishing with Captain Dave

    oh it was nice weather on Sat. all nice n sunny could see the island clear..
  368. R&R


    I'll trade u a pair of gold plated turtle beaches for both of them.
  369. R&R

    IROD "Genesis Series" Jumbo Swimbait Rod

    I'll take it if it's available still, just pm u my info.
  370. R&R

    Great Sex Quotes

    Nice, words to live by.
  371. R&R

    I keep losing Hudds left and right...

    Maybe you should run braid. Nice fish*
  372. R&R

    Oakland Raiders Vs. Green Bay Packers

    *Inside info says Raiders win today*
  373. R&R

    Saltydawg Rods SCAM! DO NOT TRUST

    Breast Cancer support rod... You like tits right? Set up a jello wrestling match match between the "Chicks that Fish" winner takes the pink rod.
  374. R&R

    New Trout painting 12/2/11 and more..

    Very cool
  375. R&R

    Don't leave your kids around the Red Sox dug out....

    These molestors should all b shot dam bullshit wats been goin on. It seems weird to me that oh MJ's Dr. was such a threat to society that he was denied bail during his trial... But yet some creepy oldman that has continued to rape young boys for decads even after being cought by coworkers is...
  376. R&R

    Sandblasting fiberglass???

    Walnut shell blasting or soda blasting will not damage your fiber glass. 1 reason boats are expensive to blast is the fact that a boat on a trailer requires a lrg blast room or area to work. Your boat should fit in an average sized room, and wouldn't cost that much to blast. My walnut shell...
  377. R&R

    Halibut off Cardiff

    You'll prob never leave ur gaff at home again
  378. R&R

    Let's talk muscle cars

    Thats the b4 pic I'll have to try n find a good after pic.
  379. R&R

    Sandblasting fiberglass???

    You should be able to blast your boat without damaging it. It would need to be blasted with walnut shells or plastic media or maybe soda blasting. Most shops probly charge $100 to $150 per hour for blasting, that's what I charge. I haven't media blasted a boat yet, but we've blasted many...
  380. R&R

    Barn Find Boat Value

    I have a panga, n I think that boat looks pretty cool for $1,500, looks like the tags are current too. As long as the hulls in good shape, I would think that the hull and trailer is worth atleast $1,500 alone, so if the motors work then your stoked. If this boat was in ca for sale at that...
  381. R&R

    Rotations Dog Food Review

    I've always bought my dags the best food I can find at Sams Club, or pet stores... I'm definatly gona get some for the poochs + I like keepin money in the circle when I can...
  382. R&R

    Huge Calico

    That things atleast between 20LB and 1.75 LB... Hellofa catch Guy*
  383. R&R

    donkey boaters...

    Ya not to many cigerette boats in Moreno Valley... Prob just some yuppy from Canyon Lake...
  384. R&R

    Chicks Who Fish

    BD should start a forum for kids that Do Work in the outdoors, I think that would be coo. This forum will cause Drama. I'm just sayin wait till the peanut gallery starts firin on these Chicks that fish.. The He-Man Women haters simply say No Maam*
  385. R&R

    FEDS SEIZE 881lb TUNA!

    Yep he prob rat'd out himself..
  386. R&R

    Must Sell Now 30' Twin Diesel Sportfisher-Reduced again $1k OBO!

    Termite problem huh James, decent motor work what does that mean? Is decent good or bad? You had to hire a mechanic to find termites, or look at the motors? Im startin to think James mechanic is Dale from King of the Hill hahaha... Sorry to bust balls but what could you expect from a 40yr...
  387. R&R

    Must Sell Now 30' Twin Diesel Sportfisher $4k OBO!

    Termite problem huh James, decent motor work what does that mean? Is decent good or bad? You had to hire a mechanic to find termites, or look at the motors? Im startin to think James mechanic is Dale from King of the Hill hahaha... Sorry to bust balls but what could you expect from a 40yr...
  388. R&R


    I've never purchased from you, where or how do I go about makin a purchase?
  389. R&R

    Its been a good year for my dad

    Nice, Thats alota meat.
  390. R&R

    2011 NHRA Finals(Pics)

    Looks like the weather wasn't bad, I thought it would have been rainin.
  391. R&R

    Commercial squid boats

    U guys sound like a bunch of old ladies*
  392. R&R

    Braid Fishing Products Caption Contest - Ending November 7th, 2011

    This braids for you
  393. R&R

    boat trailer 18 to 22ft ezloader

    Post some pics
  394. R&R

    Couple of YAMAHA four-strokes.....

    I no this might be a lil far out there but was wondering if you would be interested in a trade or partial trade on 1 of the motors? I have a few things you might be interested in: 99 Trans Am with 20,000 miles-LS1,6spd it is salveged but very low miles and clean for the year. 1970 Toyota FJ55...
  395. R&R

    Who shot whale? $12,500 reward

    Save the Whales shot the Seals.... "Cheech N Chong"
  396. R&R

    Couple of YAMAHA four-strokes.....

    Are these motors being sold from a shop? I'm thinking of up grading mtrs n would like to check 1 out... Phone # or address n hours?
  397. R&R


    U seem like the type that would not even have the comon cortesey to give a reach-around... Somone watch this guy
  398. R&R

    Ordering from the Avet website

    I c both sides but it's ok frr them to sell if they don't undercut dealers. It is hard to get parts from dealers like turners... But avet was real cool about sending me a new reel clamp kit, so I tried to show some apreciation n order some things like shirts n reel covers n they wouldn't sell...
  399. R&R

    Turners Californian Rods

    Sure for $30 bucks there good... But not when you buy 2 for lil over $100 dollars n 1 breaks after 1 trip(soder broke on tip eye) n the grip wont stay glued inplace,the other rod is fine so far, n tht stuff isnt under warrenty anyway... and all the warrenty covers is a $50 replacement, which...
  400. R&R

    Polarized Sunglasses

  401. R&R

    8.5 lbs of pot and no arrest?

    When I was in St. Thomas a year ago I got some smoke from a dreaded out rasta man n it was shity mexi weed. I asked wer he got it n he said he gets it in the mail from RrAizona.... Haha i was on a badass caribean beach smokin shit dirt weed that prob came from that 300 acre bust in baja. Sml...
  402. R&R

    8.5 lbs of pot and no arrest?

    I thought this country was broke?? So how much did this sting opp cost tax payers? SNAFU
  403. R&R

    Traveling back from Baja

    Oh it's cheaper then Bev Mo that place is more expensive then a grocery store... I'd say u can bring quite a bit home no prob... Don't forget u might b payin extra frr havin heavy bags though.
  404. R&R

    Jeep CJ5 1974

    Thts alota info, didn't learn the 1st time huh haha... Can u throw in some pics of the 1st wife*
  405. R&R

    NPH fullday on a skiff

    I'm down for catch n release n preservin fishery. But the way some of u guys talk about the harbor being such a dirty place come on shit. U guys make NPH sound like it's TJ. Pigs roll around in shit and will eat anything, but everyone loves Bacon*
  406. R&R

    New fat shad bait is born

    Props thats really cool that ur makin your own baits.... But y is Chuck S checkin out ur hands hmmm kinda gay, n e ways keep up the good work. I'd like to c some pics of the mold pourin process.
  407. R&R

    Glad Mr. Oceanside UOC didn't run into THIS cop!

    I'll bet that cop is an alcoholic n beats his wife like the rest of the powertrip asswipe cops who got picked on in highschool* That cop not following procedure just cost tax payers alota money, if he'd just question the guy (who just tryin to get a quick BJ without the hassel of having an ol...
  408. R&R

    How to beat a dead horse

    Kick back cospiracy theory...
  409. R&R

    Boat Burglary - MDR Undefeatead

    Dam thats shity.. A 50 inch plasma is kinda heavy, n all that gear ud think somone or some local bizz might have a camera rollin on those fux.
  410. R&R

    Great White Pier Fisherman

    Im pretty sure you dont need a fishing license to fish off peirs, right? Maybe they need to start enforcing a fishing license no matter where your fishing.... That way it might weed out more then half the ignorant dirt bags that post up on all the peirs all day long. after you pay $50 for a...
  411. R&R

    Kayak fisher loads up on yellowtail in Asuncion

    Very cool. keep the reports n pics comin.
  412. R&R

    restaurant in newport

    There Putin a nautical museum in Balboa wer the fun zone is.
  413. R&R

    Raider fans being Raider fans....... (2 shot @ Candlestick Park)

    Stupid meat heads... Amazing wat people will fight over or even kill over... Who brings a gun to a football game anyways? Like it was said on Bronx Tail, Mikey Mantel don't put food on ur table.. Or it was somthin like that... But it's great point though.
  414. R&R

    BD does not condone vandalism.

    That's awsome, the free drit sign is in Hemet Ca,.
  415. R&R

    SUP... Black Sea Bass

    Wow alota haters out there huh... I think that was a good display of some muti taskin.. Ya maybe u don't wana pull the fish out of the water on to a boat n pose frr pics, but this guy on a sup the fish was never even picked out of the water completly, he got the hook out n made a nice release...
  416. R&R

    Need to overhaul the trailer

    Ya I got all my stainless hardware n new leafs at Pacific in Chino too.
  417. R&R

    Passports now MANDATORY!

    Ok I got my passport so it's not a big deal for me. All these peps keep acting like big deal get a passport, here's wat I c a possible issues. How long does it take to get 1? Also can people with say legal issues get a passport? I know I got kicked out of Canada after I flew there cause I...
  418. R&R

    It happens again.. stolen boats East Cape

    That's shity sorry to hear... Ud think someone might make some boaters LowJack
  419. R&R

    Avet Contest Rules

    Wens the deadline for the comp? I got a Baja trip with my Avets Labor day weekend... Can TopLess chicks win haha??
  420. R&R

    Cerralvo Island

    Get frozen squid for back up n try n net some live 1s by the island.. Your caption will know wats best to use. There should be sardines by the shore or around the island too.. Post a report wen u get back I'd like to hear about it, Im sure ull do good there... I'm headin to Isla Carralvo...
  421. R&R


    Why are Accurates so good? Cause there made in the Red-White-n Blue.
  422. R&R

    SD City Enviro Collections Dept, WTF?

    Skrew um
  423. R&R

    Thresher sharks in newport

    I don't have much info on the subject, but I did c a guy catch bout a 5ft Threasher off the Newport peir last weekend in shallow water... Pretty cool cause I'm always sayin how they never catch nothin off the peir... That guy was a big ol celebrity that day with everyone crowded around takin...
  424. R&R

    Lake Wohlford Bass

    U wana eat bass eat strippers*
  425. R&R

    custom large tackle box for sale

    Nice budget box.. But Jesus $260 bucks come on guy. Thats the prob with this economy, everyone tryin to skin sheep...
  426. R&R

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    I thought that thing was done b4 u started haha, maybe u shoulda started that project in da winter, nice boat dont b lagin... Hey so did you try that kicker motor out? I have the same 1 on a lil aluminum boat n was thinkin of putin it on my panga frr backup n was wondering how it would work.
  427. R&R

    NPH report

    Right at the Ferry huh...
  428. R&R


    Scumb bags.... Thats cool he got a reward n folks got some of there stuff back. Bad part is u no those dick heads gota slap on the wrist especially the teenagers..... Somtimes a good ol fashion asswhoopin works better frrr teachin leasons to these types*
  429. R&R

    Accurate limited edition.

    Ahhh the fish taco guy....
  430. R&R


    Y you sellin 2 brandnew reels wen u never used them? Just wondering, nice reels though, I'd like to have um.
  431. R&R

    A new friend of the BD in Jamaica

    Jamaica is definatly a cool place to vacation, Ive been there a few times. Hey La Vida wer are do you live? Oh ya S.D. 1 of the biggest Medical Marijuana towns in the country lol just thought I'd get u a lil cought up on ur town*
  432. R&R

    115P Outboard Motor, Johnson year 2005 Ocean Pro

    Sounds like a nice motor, were do you live?
  433. R&R

    375# tresher

    Wow nice, anyone got pics of it? Not that I don't believe haha*
  434. R&R

    26' amato super panga

    Nice Panga Mark, hey I was wondering if you ever launched it on a sand beach, and if so if its a pain being that its a 26ftr.
  435. R&R


    Hope u find that scumb*