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  1. sushimi

    SBI Rockfish 12/6/20

    Great job... how did you fish the snipers? Up and down or horizontally?
  2. sushimi

    Whistler Area 11/17

    Beer battered whitefish fish tacos! The bomb!
  3. sushimi

    Huntington to Catalina report

    We've all been there to some degree
  4. sushimi

    9/4 On The Dana Pride

    The little ones taste better.
  5. sushimi

    For Sale Edgewater 175cc Doghouse Edition

    I've fished this Edgewater many times... Andy is one of the most meticulous guys I know and has dialed in this boat. He overbuilt everything and nothing needs to be done. Motor is running great, electricals are done right and the hull is super clean with no issues. I wouldn't hesitate...if...
  6. sushimi

    Yellows and Turbot Catalina 6/12

    Rock sole... and yes delicious
  7. sushimi

    Rpt.-Sat.-05-16-20 Seeing Red, Grey and Calico!

    Great job guys..what depth were you fishing Cory?
  8. sushimi

    La bay today John Fitzgerald and juan They said they release the hundred

    Absolutely stunning conditions. Thanks for sharing!
  9. sushimi

    PST 4/16

    Beautiful! Where is this?
  10. sushimi

    Seriola ensalada

    Slider requested a pic of what I did with this yeller... yellowtail carpaccio Yellowtail thin slices Ponzu Fresh lemon juice Red jalapenos sliced thin Microgreens Fried garlic
  11. sushimi

    Seriola ensalada

    Hey guys. Caught a yeller on a kelp patty going towards the East end yesterday. Saw many helps with none holding.. but when I saw that one with birds sitting on it.. I had to slowly motor near it... at the corner of mine eyes.. saw a greenish tinge and flashes of silver. It was a quick glance...
  12. sushimi

    San Quintin, 11/10/19

    Jaime is great! His big boat with a cabin is soooo comfy. If you haven't fished with him in SQ...I would highly recommend. He is a fish killer and has extensive knowledge of the grounds in SQ.
  13. sushimi

    San Quintin with Jaime... personal best

    Yuup mac pinned on a crocodillo
  14. sushimi

    San Quintin with Jaime... personal best

    Hey guys.. I get out to San Quintin a few times a year to help out a local church... I went fishing with Jaime Garcia today and caught a beast.... check it... Also loaded the cooler with asst of rockfish and you know the deal... most of the fish will be donated to Iglesia sendero de la cruz
  15. sushimi

    San Quintin - Jaime Garcia- awesome

    Jaime is one of the most knowledgeable skippers in SQ.
  16. sushimi

    Limits Yellowfin 15 pound line Slow Trolling (video)

    Great job Corey! Hardcore at it again!
  17. sushimi


    Never saw a yellowtail si lut up gold! Beautiful colors on that yt
  18. sushimi

    Shake Down Cruise/Report DP 071319

    congrats LJ!!! Now let's see some bluefin on that thing!!!!!
  19. sushimi

    SOLD 2002 Proline 19 Sport w/ 2015 Mercury 4 Stroke Motor

    I've seen this boat up close. Really nice rig and is perfect for Catalina. All dialed in and ready to go! Good luck with the sale Nelson.
  20. sushimi

    Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    Well now ain’t that something! Lol! Couldn't stop laughing reading this great story!
  21. sushimi

    SOLD Aqua world 13 gal tank

    Used 13 gal. aqua world bait tank in great condition. You get what you see. $50. Text me at 949.300.0428 if interested. Pick up in the city of orange next to longfin tackle.
  22. sushimi

    What combo bait tank/lean post/seat and what is my existing seat worth?

    Hi Kurt... how many gallons is that tank... I may go with the same tank for my edgewater. I've been having the same issue of which tank will fit under my lean post-seat.
  23. sushimi

    4/25/19 SoCal Inshore & Catalina Report!

    Did really well on the salta verde reefs last week. Big reds and chuckles... you have to fish the tides.
  24. sushimi

    SOLD 45G Bait tank

    hi do you still have this bait tank?
  25. sushimi

    Boccaccio: Trash Fish or Not?

    I believe the stink comes from the skin. Also the worms are definitely more present in the bigger models. Salmon grouper whi h is not a salmon nor a grouper has a slightly acidic-metallic taste that seems to linger in the upper layer of the palette. Not very pleasant nor memorable. Having...
  26. sushimi

    Newport 1-5-19

    What did you use for bait?
  27. sushimi

    150 and the platforms 1-5-18

    What are they getting the yellows on?
  28. sushimi

    12.15.18 - Fish Taco Taste Test

    Lol... that lizardfish video.
  29. sushimi

    12.15.18 - Fish Taco Taste Test

    I prefer chucleheads for my tacomeat... but hey, I will fry anything the ocean gives me if I had to. Dud you deep fry the taco shells?
  30. sushimi

    WTB Calstar 90J (glass) and 270-8H (glass)

    I have a 90j with a skunk stripe. Super rare. PM if interested
  31. sushimi

    Squid for sale anywhere?

    Wondering the same thing? Anyone have any recent info on who is selling squid?
  32. sushimi

    Punta Banda 8/15

    entertaining write up... I love vonnys... Beto and hector are no joke. tacos poblanos is one of my faves... thanks for allowing us to live vicariously through your story.
  33. sushimi

    Need advice on serving bluefin tuna bellies

    Feed 10?.....I could eat both slabs by my self
  34. sushimi

    Dorado at Bay of LA

    Hahajajaja... good job Brian!
  35. sushimi

    Salmon in July

    what a pig! great job!
  36. sushimi

    Need a part in bola.

    So many good people here on BD! Hope everything works out RG! I will be heading down this Tuesday to help out the little church in town in BOLA and targeting some yellows... just wondering what the red tide situation is looking like inside the bay? Thanks. Sam.
  37. sushimi

    SOLD 21' Proline CC - Price Reduced

    bump for the summertime blues... bluefin that is
  38. sushimi

    Effects of Hurricane Bud in Midriff/BOLA San Francisquito area

    anyone predict how long the red tide will last? how long does it usually last. I haven't seen red tide in awhile in bola.
  39. sushimi

    The hits keep coming, San Clemente 5-18-2018

    That is the reason why we all do what we do.
  40. sushimi

    BOLA report 5-15

    Most likely partida...or
  41. sushimi

    Bola April trip

    Going the last week in June... will give another report when I get back.
  42. sushimi

    This could be a line class record

    When all else fails and fishing is intensely slow... we still have. BD posts to save the day! Great story and write up! I especially like how detailed you are about having a nice crisp glass of chardonnay, watching the sunset with your arms around your best friend. Sushimi...arigato out.
  43. sushimi

    Bola April trip

    The potholes between Gonzaga turnoff to Bahia turnoff is there but not as horrific as last year. They did much maintenance on the road and although not smooth sailing all the way... it is much better. I may even trailer myg boat next time it was that good.
  44. sushimi

    Bola April trip

    It's it too bad... way better than last year.
  45. sushimi

    SOLD 21' Proline CC - Price Reduced

    This boat is one of the nicest center consoles I've been on! Roomy, takes weather like a champ, Fishes comfortably and goes the distance. This boat has gone to tanner and numerous trips to the islands! Never thought for a moment I was unsafe on this boat as it is solid in crappy weather...
  46. sushimi

    BOLA next two weeks

    Check my report... just came back from BOLA
  47. sushimi

    Bola April trip

    Hi Denis. I'm sure you don't remember me but I met you at Don Eddie's about 12 years ago. You were introducing your jointed jig and we talked for a bit. I saw the big grouper you got at Gonzaga! Congrats and hope to run into you soon.
  48. sushimi

    Bola April trip

    Just came back from BOLA fishing Mon thru Wed. Roads were great. Weather was nice as well. Hot in the day time settling to cooler evenings. Tuesday was really windy but Monday was fishable with Wednesday being the nicest. Went north and proceeded to get some yellows in the 15-20 lb range...
  49. sushimi

    What happened to our squid!?

    Thanks for the replies... I am aware of conditions dictating better fishing... I have noticed when things are slow... better squid equals better results and I've noticed fresher the better... thanks for the heads up though on fresh mackerel and sardine... tried it before but will try it again!
  50. sushimi

    What happened to our squid!?

    Hey guys... been having trouble getting some live squid or fresh dead squid for rockfishing... Nacho has not carried live squid in a bit and I have been using the San Pedro frozen or super market frozen squid and it just isn't producing good results... we have some rockfish that have...
  51. sushimi

    Does anyone what kind of fish this is.

    Wow... cool looking fish! Thanks for sharing.
  52. sushimi

    BOLA 11.14-15

    I can go for some of those tacos now!!!!
  53. sushimi

    BOLA 11.14-15

    Incidental casting colt snipers at the beach at la gringa. Also caught baby yellows there. The real action was at the deeper reefs past Alcatraz... at a bajo called Tabachua. Depth is about 180ft. Bring lots of 12oz torpedoes and heavy line. I got handed on a bigger model grouper. I say...
  54. sushimi

    what's normal to expect in BOLA week of thanksgiving?

    Check my recent bola post
  55. sushimi

    BOLA 11.14-15

    Wanted to update you quickly. If you have any questions feel free to ask Good fishing north of Alcatraz Biscuits, yellowtail tunas, sardinera and linguado. Fished with Chato Chilly in the mornings to summer like hot in afternoon. Enjoy the pics Road conditions were great Fishing and weather...
  56. sushimi

    VIDEO - BD Reunion Charter 10.14.17

    Great video as usual slider! Enjoyed watching it!
  57. sushimi

    The Reel Brothers calls in the Legend (video)

    I'm on again!! Again??? Yes!!! Again! Good job Corey!
  58. sushimi

    Grande 1.5 Day (Sat. 9th/ 9pm - Mon. 6th/6am)

    markus is a beast on beast mode. he will find em and he tends to go big!
  59. sushimi

    I suck at fishing this year and a rescue on the vhf

    I've been a member of boat US for over a decade! wouldn't begin another fishing season without it. There were a few times when I really needed them and they were always there and went above and beyond!!! I can't say enough about those guys who run the boats and the service of vessel assist...
  60. sushimi

    Prowler two day - Aug 25-27 - I hate bft

    was that an ugly stick that he was using? also the way he flipped that rod around the corner of the stern.... damn buzz... you're freaking awesome man.
  61. sushimi

    couple a hohos

    may need a couple hos for tomorrow fishing for yellows. meeting out of alamitos at 5am pm me
  62. sushimi

    Worst Catalina Trip Yet

    Be careful out there.... sometimes the weather reports are wrong. If you feel it's gonna be a really dangerous crossing... you can always stay at Cat overnight in a hotel. Better to do that than do the crossing in dangerous conditions.
  63. sushimi

    12 Miles Off Of La Jolla 8/11/17

    I love smoked May I! CONGRATS
  64. sushimi

    Great day in SQ

    Cant go wrong with the Garcia's. Knew Edy since He was a little boy... now he is often my captain. Those guys know the spots for sure.
  65. sushimi

    Back to Basics - DP Bassin

    Great video as usual Slider!!! Enjoyed every moment. Keep em coming!
  66. sushimi

    Catalina - Swim it/Fish it

    wow!!! simply amazing... congrats on the achievement!
  67. sushimi

    Bola July 10-12

    Wide open at Isleta... blanco I strictly used my 6x jr. Blue and white to put the wood to 40 plus mixed yellers and groupers for two days fishing. I didn't get a single surface fish... it was all on the yoyo. Dropped it all the way down... up about 12 cranks as fast as you can and you're on...
  68. sushimi

    Current BOLA panga prices

    Ranges from $200 To $380
  69. sushimi

    San Quintin report 7/2-3

    Traileros...on the way... Poblanos going back... That's my routine.
  70. sushimi

    Bassin, bait and more bait #2015 Offshore Fishing Video

    Great video compilation! It was great to see all those videos altogether. Man! I miss fishing those Tuna and yellowtail of 2015! Your videos are always fun to watch and always has great music. Thanks Slider and I will take you up on that video offer soon! Sushimi arigato out!
  71. sushimi

    Ritchie compass ru-90

    Ritchie compass ru-90 Mint condition Works perfectly Get it more than half off retail $40 Pick-up in Orange Text 949.300.0428
  72. sushimi

    Torium 16, Shimano tld 15/30 and accurate plate penn

    Enjoy the reel Al! Shimano torium SOLD! Thanks BD
  73. sushimi

    Rare Truline LM9

    Ok... guys... As you can see I'm dumping a lot of stuff... it's because I need to repower my boat... Therefore... it pains me to offer this... Truline LM9 from my collection. It is a solid 15 to 30 pound stick. Awesome for local fishing. Really good backbone for a rod this age for I kept...
  74. sushimi

    Torium 16, Shimano tld 15/30 and accurate plate penn

    Hahahahaha.... hilarious... I'm in Orange next to longfin tackle
  75. sushimi

    Torium 16, Shimano tld 15/30 and accurate plate penn

    1. Shimano torium 16hg great condition $140 2. Shimano tld star 15/30 $60 3. Penn internals with accuplates and tiburon bars- mint cond. sold
  76. sushimi

    BOLA Report 06/20-06/25

    Thanks for the great report
  77. sushimi

    Reds ? ....No, Yellows

    Uhm... your pinhead seems like he needs a yellow soon at the end of his line
  78. sushimi

    PV Tough, but Long Beach Saved the day 6-22

    my goal in life is to fish as much as the ducky does. great job guys
  79. sushimi

    6 gallon fuel tanks

    You can text or call me at 949.300.0428. i am located in the city of orange
  80. sushimi

    6 gallon fuel tanks

    Hello.. i have 3 .. 6 gal.. outboard gas tanks in good condition. Two are tempo and one is westmarine brand. Bought a new boat and I have no need for it for it has a big gas tank below deck. These tanks were fitted for an evinrude motor but you can switch out gas input for whatever your motor...
  81. sushimi

    21' Proline Center Console for Sale

    I've been on this boat and can truly vouch for this incredible ride. Everything on this boat is top notch and super well maintained. Rides smooth, comfortable and dry and cuts through some rough stuff! Will miss fishing and lobstering at Catalina on this boat! Someone's gonna score! GLWS!!!
  82. sushimi

    NADA Guides Boat Valuation: Realistic?

    But... I would say... it is a really great boat if you can get your hands on one.. I would go for it Sent from my SM-G935T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  83. sushimi

    NADA Guides Boat Valuation: Realistic?

    Yeah.. I have all the extras Sent from my SM-G935T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  84. sushimi

    NADA Guides Boat Valuation: Realistic?

    Just got an Edgewater 175cc with yamaha 115 with offshore tank for mid..13k. About 550hrs on motor. Sent from my SM-G935T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  85. sushimi

    Wsb and lots of them

    Great job Eric! Nice feesh! Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  86. sushimi

    Better Than Foreast Weather + Magic Paddy = Good Times

    I love it when your new jig gets inhaled mid-air. I've seen this although not often! Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  87. sushimi

    5/3 Liberty 3/4 day

    That's a beautiful plate of Maguro! Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  88. sushimi

    Sabre 670. Conolon. Roddy BR90.

    No set.. good straight and very nice backbone Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  89. sushimi

    Sabre 670. Conolon. Roddy BR90.

    Only Sabre left Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  90. sushimi

    Sabre 670. Conolon. Roddy BR90.

    Will let u know Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  91. sushimi

    Sabre 670. Conolon. Roddy BR90.

    Pending on the conolon..and roddy Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  92. sushimi

    Sabre 670. Conolon. Roddy BR90.

    Hi everyone. I'm upgrading my boat so need the cash or else I wouldn't sell my stuff but anyways... up for grabs are: 1.Uncut rare 9ft Roddy BR 90.. beast of a jigstick.. ... these seem to be harder and harder to come by. I primarily fished 30 and 40lb with my Newell 332 on this stick. Sweet...
  93. sushimi

    9ft. shikari trout rod

    Very very nice! Sent from my SM-G935T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  94. sushimi

    Arnette shorehouse $50... polarized sunglasses made in italy

    Brand new.. got it as a gift. I have too many sunglasses. Will be awesome for fishing and looks dope! Black frames... dark tint lens. Case and microfiber bag included. Polarized. Willing to ship. Will take PayPal gift or venmo and shipping is on your dime. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  95. sushimi

    Acension Island Trip on June 14 - 20 2017

    Sick vid! Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  96. sushimi

    1995 proline sport $7500

    The boat is SOLD! Thanks BD! Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  97. sushimi

    4/19 Liberty 3/4 "Should have been here yesterday"

    Thanks for the info! Sent from my SM-G935T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  98. sushimi

    4/19 Liberty 3/4 "Should have been here yesterday"

    Noice fish.... bait or flatfall? Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  99. sushimi

    Pelagic Ray report - 4/15, Dana Point

    Damn... that stinger on the first pic... WOW! Sent from my SM-G935T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  100. sushimi

    1995 proline sport $7500

    Thinking about getting an Arima 17. Had it once... gonna make it fit in my garage this time some how. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  101. sushimi

    4/10 San Diego 3/4

    Damn... great job bro. I have noticed.. if the fish deep throats a jig or a popper... the blue fin gives up much quicker.. however you run the risk of sawing off the line. Great skill utilizing your gear with a little help from the big fish guy in the sky! Epic performance and sashimi looks...
  102. sushimi

    1995 proline sport $7500

    THIS BOAT IS GONE! Thanks BD! Hi everyone! I am selling my 15.5 ft proline sport powered by an awesome running 2 stroke evinrude 48 special that purrs like a kitten and pushes this boat like a dream! This motor never has missed a beat and was always reliable. This little boat has it all...
  103. sushimi

    WTT or WTS Shimano OCEA JIGGER 2000NRPG

    I have shimano 20a mint condition willing to trade Sent from my SM-G935T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  104. sushimi

    Long Beach Reds

    Very nice! How deep did you fish? Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  105. sushimi

    Bendo on Homeguard Yellows

    Wow.. carnage! Sent from my SM-G935T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  106. sushimi

    Spring Break 3/4 Day TUNA Trip on the San Diego 3/29

    Good job buddy! Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  107. sushimi

    United composites blanks F/S

    Now THAT is a legit set! Glws! Sent from my SM-G935T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  108. sushimi

    Dana Point - date night

    Good job slider! Sent from my SM-G935T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  109. sushimi

    GUSA B79XF. ... (Truline pending)

    I will take the GUSA! Give me a deal Mark! Sent from my SM-G935T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  110. sushimi

    not for sale

    Very nice! This is the real deal guys... I would jump on this if I had the cash! Glws Sent from my SM-G935T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  111. sushimi

    Hooping San Diego Saturday night 11 Feb

    Good job Henry Sent from my SM-G935T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  112. sushimi

    Pro Gear 540 Albie Special, CS 501, Newell 229

    Can i get a pic of your thorium? Interested. Sent from my SM-G935T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  113. sushimi

    Truline Green39 SOLD PLEASE DELETE

    Daaaaaaaaaammmmnnnnn! The real deal right there! Sent from my SM-G935T using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  114. sushimi


    Thanks for the report! Great Job on the BFT! Very encouraging to see signs of them this early!
  115. sushimi

    Dana point hansolo Halibut... yup they're there

    That is absolutely untrue! I can only sit on one spot for max 5 minutes... lol. I swung frome the bottom and missed.. then swung from the top and bam!
  116. sushimi

    Dana point hansolo Halibut... yup they're there

    Sorry Ryan.. didn't think to weigh or measure... pretty heavy and fat though.... alot of steaks came out of it.
  117. sushimi

    Dana point hansolo Halibut... yup they're there

    Ok guys... I've been hearing of all these reports of the Hali bite out of Dana so I had to see if the rumors are true for myself... Short version: Got a hali in 110 feet 20# fluorocarbon... 3/0 just hook on a sardine. The long dramatic version: Wednesday went out solo for a few hours with the...
  118. sushimi

    friday 10/27

    Yolo son! Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  119. sushimi

    Brand new shimano Clarus rod 7' csc-70mhc

    Sold thanks bd Sent from my SM-T357T using Tapatalk
  120. sushimi

    9 days on the Shogun sponsored by Bob Sands

    You're living the dream Kil! Thanks for all the info on the black hole rods. Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  121. sushimi

    Brand new shimano Clarus rod 7' csc-70mhc

    Anyone need a brand new clarus rod for 40 bucks? Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  122. sushimi

    San Quintin Reds and a yeller!

    Yup... still old boats there! Hahahah. Surf is still amazing at both Quattro and ship wrecks Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  123. sushimi

    San Quintin Reds and a yeller!

    Took a surfing/fishing trip with my buddy Henry. Surfed Las Gaviotas, shipwrecks, and Quattro casas... then moved onto SQ for some fishing.. fished Tuesday... rumor has it that someone got 3 SEA BASS AND A YELLOW the day prior. Ok.. then seabass it is. Went out Tuesday morning and I only saw...
  124. sushimi

    Terhi 6020. 15.5ft Honda 25hp 4 stroke skiff

    Boat is SOLD! Thanks BD! Enjoy the boat Vanhsy! Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  125. sushimi

    Terhi 6020. 15.5ft Honda 25hp 4 stroke skiff

    Hey guys. I'm in Mexico fishing. I have responded to some of you guys but will call you soon as I get back tomorrow. Thanks for all of your interest. Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  126. sushimi

    Terhi 6020. 15.5ft Honda 25hp 4 stroke skiff

    I would say about 700 hrs. No issues. Purs like a kitten. Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  127. sushimi

    9/8 East End Catalina Tuna Watching

    Nice!! Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  128. sushimi

    Terhi 6020. 15.5ft Honda 25hp 4 stroke skiff

    Without a shadow of a doubt Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  129. sushimi

    Johnson 25HP. 2 stroke outboard.

    Pm'd you my number. Please call me Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  130. sushimi

    Johnson 25HP. 2 stroke outboard.

    SOLD. SOLD. SOLD. p for grabs 1996 Johnson 25hp tiller outboard motor. Taken off my previous dingy to upgrade about 6 year's ago. It was firing up fine and everything was working when the engine came off but I left it in the garage untouched for the past 6 year's so let's say I'm selling...
  131. sushimi

    Terhi 6020. 15.5ft Honda 25hp 4 stroke skiff

    Proline Sportsman Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  132. sushimi

    Terhi 6020. 15.5ft Honda 25hp 4 stroke skiff

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Hi guys you are looking at a 1999 Terhi 6020 with a meticulously maintained Honda 25hp 4 stroke motor. Breaks my heart to sell this because I killed alot... i mean A LOT of big fish and lobsters on this thing! But I just purchased a bigger rig so this one has got to go...
  133. sushimi

    East end yellows

    Hey guys went out again yesterday to Cat. Pretty much the same deal as last week. Caught a few of the smaller models at the Vs and church rock area. Just wanted to share what we made with yesterday's catch: hamachi crudo. Enjoy the pic! Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  134. sushimi

    Some San Quintin ???'s

    How was the fishing in SQ? Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  135. sushimi

    Big Bluefin on the Sea Adventure 80 Aug 31

    Hmmmm. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing your experience. Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  136. sushimi

    East end yellows

    Thanks for the reminder... I am always examining my filets before consumption. Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  137. sushimi

    East end yellows

    On second thought... you might be right?[emoji53] Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  138. sushimi

    East end yellows

    What's up Brian. Bro! Let me know if you want to come out and fish on my skiff sometime. Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  139. sushimi

    Catalina rat fest and shit show

    LOL you got me on that last bit.... for sure i thought you were going to tell us you gaffed a big yeller!!! Thanks for the report!
  140. sushimi

    East end yellows

    Should kinda look like that Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  141. sushimi

    East end yellows

    Sure no problem. Calico bass can sometimes have worm like marks as well... what you are looking for are the longer unbroken worms sometimes having a double arch, one big and one smaller. Hope that helps. Will take a pic next time if I remember. Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  142. sushimi

    Excel sending distress signal, boat false alarm.......

    Praying they find them! Damn. Hope all is ok. Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  143. sushimi

    East end yellows

    Only Lovanna's Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  144. sushimi

    Big Bluefin on the Sea Adventure 80 Aug 31

    Yeah.. inquiring minds wanna know... I wanna know! Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  145. sushimi

    BFT - Pacific Queen - FINALLY

    Good job at your targeted species Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  146. sushimi

    East end yellows

    Depends on size of mackerel you're catching. On the general, I would say medium size hooks with colorful flys. Nose hook across nose for slow troll and butt hook when you need that mackerel to take off fast and away. Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  147. sushimi

    East end yellows

    Furikake: Japanese seasoning dry mix. It has dried shaved Bonito, seaweed, sesame seed, and a host of other goodies. You can buy it at a Japanese market. Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  148. sushimi

    East end yellows

    sushi grade hamachi Furikake Sesame seed Sriracha Mayo Sesame seed oil Finely diced onion Finely diced green onion Mirin Soy, sea salt to taste Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  149. sushimi

    East end yellows

    Spicy yellowtail anyone? Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  150. sushimi

    East end yellows

    Cured mackerel... lol Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  151. sushimi

    East end yellows

    LEGITT!!! Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  152. sushimi

    East end yellows

    You're right Kid Creole! The older get, I look toward conveniences![emoji53] Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  153. sushimi

    East end yellows

    Anyone know where we can catch mackerel at Catalina? I caught a few Spanish off the kelp beds but never caught macs when I needed them. Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  154. sushimi

    East end yellows

    It's just too easy to get a scoop of bait and just take off... but I agree. And less mess with all those scales, lol. Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  155. sushimi

    East end yellows

    One of the private boaters were chunking and he hot hooked up! Chunking is effective but nothing gets the yellows all hot and bothered like live sardines. Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  156. sushimi

    East end yellows

    We private boaters should work together on chumming sharing a certain area! My turn your turn... type of thing! Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  157. sushimi

    East end yellows

    Btw... this was a solo trip. Gaffed it by my lonesome and took a selfie. Lol. Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  158. sushimi

    East end yellows

    Fished 70 to 120ft. Didn't get a screen shot but lots of.... long worms... mosdefinitely Yellowtail! I saw two other private boats hooked up but they were very close to the party boats. Using their Chum. Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk
  159. sushimi

    East end yellows

    Very slow day. Unless you have chum power the yellows were lockjaw. Metered them everywhere between seal and church. Great volume of fish they just didn't wanna eat for most of the day. Went 1 for 2. The first fish went right for the rocks... zing pow! What the?? ..... They wouldn't touch...
  160. sushimi

    Bottom of the 9th, 2 Outs (8/24)

    Nice! Congrats and thanks for the report. I loved the "you got blood on your face" picture! Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  161. sushimi

    The Inside Riggs

    Local beast! Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  162. sushimi

    Brand new shimano Clarus rod 7' csc-70mhc

    Come on guys. Price drop from 60 to 40! BRand new! Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  163. sushimi

    TLD 20/40, $60

    Got the 15/30 today. Thanks Alex Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  164. sushimi

    late report 8-13 newport

    Lol. Great report. Some days... it's just like that. A+ for determination! Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  165. sushimi

    Bluefin tuna and big spearfish???

    Dayum that Toro son! Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  166. sushimi

    United composite us100xf blank

    What color is the blank? Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  167. sushimi

    Late Report... Maiden Voyage/First BD Report on my new Glasspar!

    Style points! Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  168. sushimi

    Brand new shimano Clarus rod 7' csc-70mhc

    I received this as a gift and have no need for it. Retails at cabelas for $100. New lower price! I will take $40 or will consider a trade. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  169. sushimi

    United composite us100xf blank

    That's a sick blank glws Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  170. sushimi

    SCI island report 8/11

    Catalina. And please.... fishing is supposed to be a relaxing, safe and peaceful sport. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  171. sushimi

    Got a necktie - But what's with these guys?

    Noice green tie! Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  172. sushimi

    PENETRATOR Sportfishing

    Just check their counts... usually good captains put up better than average scores. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  173. sushimi

    WTB Full length chocolate Sabre 530 and 540

    I have a full length 540 honey wrapped. Let me know n if you'd be interested. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  174. sushimi

    Islands 7-22-16. Tuna and yellows O My!

    Your summer looks like it's happenin! Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  175. sushimi

    7/23 mission accomplished Dana point

    Great detailed report! Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  176. sushimi

    Dodo vid off Oside

    Nice dodo! Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  177. sushimi

    My first Cow Tuna Locally and a royal ass kicking.

    Sssiicckkk fish and even sicker story! Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  178. sushimi

    Last Thursday Oside Foamers

    I hoisted a 50lb. yellowfin solo last year and i almost passed out... wonder how it would feel like to try to get a 100lber into my small ass boat. seriously i was out of commission for about 5 minutes after putting that feesh on deck. good luck all you solo trophy hunters!
  179. sushimi

    Slob yellowtail 7/2/16

    nice fish... time for a killbag!
  180. sushimi

    REDS in 71 Degrees - VIDEO

    Thanks Duckbutta... and BTW.. is SUSHIMI! Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  181. sushimi

    REDS in 71 Degrees - VIDEO

    Dang that looks amazing! Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  182. sushimi

    REDS in 71 Degrees - VIDEO

    Great video SLIDER! Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  183. sushimi

    Cooler seat / poly bait tank

    Just a few more pics of seat at different angles. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  184. sushimi

    Cooler seat / poly bait tank

    Can you take some more pics of the cooler seat? Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  185. sushimi

    "Red Snapper" so what is it really?

    Nice local Red! Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  186. sushimi

    SM - Redtail Tuna w/ Red Drum!

    Nice RTTs! Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  187. sushimi

    "Red Snapper" so what is it really?

    Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  188. sushimi

    "Red Snapper" so what is it really?

    Vermillion rockfish Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  189. sushimi

    5/28/16 D.P. FOR NAUGHT

    Did u see Eric landsfield's post? Jumbo bluefin! Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  190. sushimi

    5/28/16 D.P. FOR NAUGHT

    Good lookin out Slider! Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  191. sushimi

    Can you eat Yellowtail eggs

    I've made bottarga with yellowtail tuna roe last year and shaved it on some pasta. Umami. Sent from my SM-T357T using Tapatalk
  192. sushimi

    Lingcod Heartbreak 0 for 3 on Big Lingcod ( Video )

    LMAO... this video made my day!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  193. sushimi

    For Sale Glastron V216 SeaFuryII for sale

    I've been on this ride and it's great. Bump for a sweet boat and a good guy that's selling it.
  194. sushimi

    YT 150 area 1-2-16

    Winter fish has more fat. Congrats
  195. sushimi

    VIDEO - Bassin

    Great video as usual slider!
  196. sushimi

    New Jersey Bluefin Tuna Ghost Hunting December 13, 2015

    Great post as usual... amazing pics. Thanks for sharing.
  197. sushimi

    10 year old niece's first Tuna - heart video

    Atta girl! Good job eating the heart!
  198. sushimi

    11.23 Thanksgiving yellowtailturkey at the 150

    Can't wait to see what you do with that second angle gopro video there Slider! Hope all is well my friend!
  199. sushimi

    11.23 Thanksgiving yellowtailturkey at the 150

    Let me know when u get back! If the yellows are still around lets chase tail.
  200. sushimi

    Kirinda, Sri Lanka Nov 2015

    Epic! Fantastic clarity and colors on the photos! Thanks for sharing.
  201. sushimi

    Oahu Bottomfish Tagging

    Wow you get to fish and.. . Get paid? Dream job! I would be all over this if I lived in Oahu!
  202. sushimi

    11.23 Thanksgiving yellowtailturkey at the 150

    Please pile it on... but I'm gonna stick to my guns. .. this is a new species coined by some expert fishermen on this site. Please welcome the yellowtail tuna!
  203. sushimi

    11.23 Thanksgiving yellowtailturkey at the 150

    I think it was that pesky little seal that was following me all day.
  204. sushimi

    11.23 Thanksgiving yellowtailturkey at the 150

    ok guys apparently they are still here they are biting the dropper loop strip of squid no kidding - that's how this one was caught seriously... these yellowtail tunas are doing weird things right now all fish plugged with pelagic red crab most likely the reason why the vermilions are not chewing...
  205. sushimi

    lobster hooping

    6 to midnight trips are in the harbor.... trips to cat are usually 12 to 12
  206. sushimi

    Another NorCal BFT

    Toro time!
  207. sushimi

    Guadalupe Yellowtail (dropper loop) Go-To Set-up?

    go heavy on both reel, line and rod. Get em off the bottom and button down the drag to the point where you think your loaded rod will snap in half! Use your rod... Luke!
  208. sushimi

    Calico Bass Fishing & Rescue - VIDEO

    Better be. Half my chest is brused from draging on the fibre glass. Thanks! I swear Sushimi this is not a regular practice. Next time that bitch is GONE! Panchos does a great WTF dance. Going out this weekend? Going out Monday! Pelagic/lobster combo!
  209. sushimi

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    cool. I'm good most weekdays. Mon, Wed, Thurs. nights. When do you usually go?
  210. sushimi

    Calico Bass Fishing & Rescue - VIDEO

    Loved that save.... AGAIN! That rod and reel has nine lives. Also, loved the little... WTF dance you did while pounding your feet when you farmed that big one... I know that dance well.... I do it all the time. lol.
  211. sushimi

    Giant PEI on Sept 15 - 19, 2015

    insane. thanks for the detailed report! Korea loves fishing so much there is a dedicated channel just for fishing.... hahahahah FTV
  212. sushimi

    yo John!!! brother... come on board any time! what days you fishing?

    yo John!!! brother... come on board any time! what days you fishing?
  213. sushimi

    WFO TUNA AGAIN!!! 9/25

    nice bullet and a nice shave... great job as usual and thanks for the report
  214. sushimi

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    I believe Slider also fishes solo on his tin can and he slays and gaffs big boys...
  215. sushimi

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    That is why I have one of these little guys. However, there are some days when I wished I had a bigger rig like yours! [emoji18]
  216. sushimi

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    I have a cure for this condition, it's called...."promise others less and fish solo more often" :)
  217. sushimi

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    I'm waiting for this type of burn out from fishing quite honestly.. in August I had a two week vacation and I kid you not, I fished 13 days straight and just couldn't get enough. If the wife would allow and I was financially able, I think I would fish everyday for the rest of my life.... I'm...
  218. sushimi

    U.C. Elite Composite Series 10' Monster Jig Stick

    One of my favorite rods. Somebody get on this. Bump!
  219. sushimi

    091215 Blanked Again - Still Rewarded

    Thats exactly why I go out... fish is always a bonus!
  220. sushimi

    Long boat ride

    Will this seasonal hypothesis hold true even during our 2015 EL NINO SEASON? We will have to wait and see....
  221. sushimi

    New Boat Mojo

    what a way to break in a boat!!! congrats!
  222. sushimi


    yes sir!!! Get that deck bloody!
  223. sushimi


    Yeah Slider! bleed, spike, gill and gut immediately after catch and place in a salt water ice bath.... sashimi quality. HAHAHAH... BTW... so funny about how I chose my bd handle... as we all know, we have sushi (raw fish on rice) and sashimi (raw fish) but I was hearing some old timers...
  224. sushimi

    what we've all been waiting for...

    loved the chin freespool release method... and yes a longer and light gaff to 10ft really helps when you're gaffing solo.
  225. sushimi


    Hey guys...just another horseshoe yellows report. wasn't gonna post since there's already too many reports for this place. But what the heck, why not. In short, made macs, headed out to the shoe and set the pick on a fishy looking area. When i initially got there, I metered around and saw...
  226. sushimi

    Dana Point Dream Come True

    congrats on your first yellowfin and marlin release!!! doesn't get any better in our local waters. viva el nino!!
  227. sushimi

    Right place - Right time (09.04.15)

    Thanks for the report slider... something told me i needed to hit my local breaks... got the yellows at the shoe that day. will buddy boat soon and let me know if you ever want to fish the yellows out here... we can buddy boat or you can hop on mine. thanks for the report buddy.
  228. sushimi

    Must See!!!

    STYLIN SEAL... He knows what's up... look at the way he's cruisin that look.
  229. sushimi

    CONDOR 208 Yellowfin to 65+ Bloodbath Massacre 8/25

    WFO! Excited to see what September Brings!!!
  230. sushimi

    Long Beach Quick Report 8/26

    That's only a small sacrifice to the fish gods considering you get triple limits of everything including lobster every time you go out!! Will send you a pm if I hook into your gear... going early next week.
  231. sushimi

    Mission Yellowtail - Lil' Mijo in Long Beach

    is that red peppery flake -- tajin?
  232. sushimi

    Please Don't Drive Through the Kelp!!!

    The moral of this post in a nutshell - Don't assume anything and be proactive on matters that can save your life.
  233. sushimi

    Chunk, Chunk, Chunk then Chunk some more. (Video)

    Loved the video... keep em coming Corey! GREAT JOB!
  234. sushimi

    BOLA: Yellow Tail personal best 50#er

  235. sushimi

    Elly/Ellen last week

    The most interesting tuna catch video of the el nino season! Thanks for posting!!!
  236. sushimi

    El Dorado 3/4 day 8-21

    Whenever I hop on a boat... i always check the captains track record.
  237. sushimi

    Bananas, Bozos, and Broken Vows

    had me crackin up... great read and good on you for taking a newbie... we've all been there.
  238. sushimi

    SO Cal Bluefin Tuna Bite on the Amigo

  239. sushimi

    Video - Punk rock n fishing. F.U.

    dude... pick your days and your sled is more than able... make sure you have a radio and all necessary emergency equipment.
  240. sushimi

    Got he little bastards this time!

    ok... that is a crazy story about finding that line and a fish at the end and probably that kinda thing would never happen again but if it ever does... connect that line to your heaviest set up and bring that fish in!!! who knows... it coulda been one of those 150lbers
  241. sushimi

    Video - Punk rock n fishing. F.U.

    One of those...great moments of my life... videos
  242. sushimi

    Saturday 8/14 Marlin in Santa Monica Bay

    wow!! viva el nino! great job on the C&R
  243. sushimi

    O'side sunday. "that guy"

    There's nothing you can do when, "that guy" is your friend, but to just endure him/her and try our best to actually embrace that individual for all he/she is worth.
  244. sushimi

    Video - Punk rock n fishing. F.U.

    dude!!! one of the best and funniest moment videos i've seen... i loved that part when you had that arms high of glory moment then your rod falls... and you're thinking crap!! and what a great save !!! dude you're a riot!!! i also do a lot of SOLO trips... it's great. keep on keepin and stay...
  245. sushimi

    8/18/15 Bumping - 8/19/15 Chunking - 2 Days on the water with the kids!!

    my son doesn't get sick when i take him out but he sure does sleep 60 percent of the trip... i'm thinking of buying a small pilot house so that he can sleep and i can fish and when we're in the middle of a hot bite, i can wake him up to fish! ... when it's slow or we're hunting... he can retreat...
  246. sushimi


    I met Rich and Cathy once when I was staying at Villa Bahia... really good people! Thanks for posting up the pic and info!!!
  247. sushimi

    Old man baboom on flatty s

    you're livin la vida loca
  248. sushimi

    Dodos on the Slide! 8-16-15

    putting newbies on dodos... you're a saint
  249. sushimi


    UHM... Spanish... Latin, Japanese... etc.
  250. sushimi


  251. sushimi

    TRULINE XR7 F/S or F/T

    yup that looks like the real deal guys... Jerr's also a good dude. good luck with the sale.
  252. sushimi

    Hammerhead Shark! Caught & Released - Channel Islands

    i wouldn't swim around any sharks whether they are alone or in a school unless i have a metal cage around me. too unpredictable.
  253. sushimi


    Zzzzzzzzzzzzxx hookup!
  254. sushimi

    Just Horsin' Around - Finally a great day!

  255. sushimi


  256. sushimi

    8/14 offshore and inshore same day great bite

    Good job as usual Eric and great report.
  257. sushimi


    i've been noticing that Kolo kills fish. good job guys
  258. sushimi

    8-13-15 Long beach

    that rod is bent like an old harnell or a kennedy fisher. excellent!
  259. sushimi

    Pesky bluefin shut down my sand dab bite

    "bait by 0530.....dead bait by 0536" we've all been there .... LOL
  260. sushimi

    FS: Jigging Master and Ocea Jiggers

    those are some sick reels! bump for something i can't afford!
  261. sushimi

    8/3 Dorado on the popper!

    I saw Eric get one on the popper... was sick! Good job Eric. It was great to meet you Matthew.
  262. sushimi

    Bay of LA July 20 & 21 w/Sammy Diaz Panga

    Hey Aaron. Looks like you had a great time. Is it possible that your captain's name actually is Jose Morales? Just checkin.
  263. sushimi

    SOLD Super seeker green 90f wrapped by moon SOLD SOLD

    SOLD TO JERR!!! ENJoY BUDDY. Thanks bloodydecks.
  264. sushimi

    Tuna Fishing with Shimano Flatfall Jig- video+pics

    Let's all admit the fact that all of us had to kill some babies at some point. Great video bro.
  265. sushimi

    SOLD Super seeker green 90f wrapped by moon SOLD SOLD

  266. sushimi

    tankers in Sq with jaimes pangas

    those are some toad croakers!!!
  267. sushimi


    SOLD TO NICK!!! THANKS BD AND NICK... enjoy the reel~
  268. sushimi

    Late Dana BY report

    I only eat the belly meat
  269. sushimi

    SOLD Super seeker green 90f wrapped by moon SOLD SOLD

    9 guides plus 1 tip. 12-25 rating but could fish 30 if you wanted. nice back bone.
  270. sushimi

    SOLD Super seeker green 90f wrapped by moon SOLD SOLD

    Hey guys. Im letting go some of my gear to purchase other gear. Super seeker 90f in green. Wrapped by moon when he was at fisherman's depot. Clean rod. First $150 takes it. Must pick up in orange, ca.
  271. sushimi


    Will get back to everyone if the deal doesn't go through
  272. sushimi


    Hi everyone I have a black Avet SXJ in great used condition for sale. It is backed with 50lb spectra. $140 in the box. Pick up in orange, ca or shipped for 10 dollars extra.
  273. sushimi

    Bloody Tuna Bloody Decks ( video )

    great job guys... i like that little hulka-mania arm cross over gesture!!! gettin pumped!!!
  274. sushimi

    Took my son fishing for his b-day at the 182

    all alone on a magic paddy with all those 5lb firecrackers
  275. sushimi

    7/3 Orange County Tuna

    WTG.. good times and good eats right there!
  276. sushimi

    I sucked last week please help!!

    if some of your sardines roll on your way out... don't throw them away. cut the up into pieces and chum little by little and throw your bait in the chum line... this worked for me at times. If you have lots of bait then it is good to throw a few out around your boat. get them in a frenzy.
  277. sushimi

    Broke in the new Outrage in style

    fresh blood on a pearly white new deck! Great inaugural ceremony for your new ride.
  278. sushimi

    Victory! YT @ the secret spot

    Either...go away from the fleet and find your own fish... or cover yourself with prayer, meditate or do some mental exercises before you go out and join the rest of the fleet. just trying to help. it helped me.
  279. sushimi

    The Yellowtail Tunas Revival at the 150?

    Just a sample pic of the slab. Caught.bled. salt water ice bath. Fileted when cold. Then immediately on ice... and then you get what u see. Primo grade sashimi.
  280. sushimi

    North County SD Report

    it doesn't matter where you hook em... as long as you hook em
  281. sushimi

    The Yellowtail Tunas Revival at the 150?

    Lol! I will take that into consideration!
  282. sushimi

    YFT, YTT, and sea turtle, 6-23 near offshore DP

    GREAT JOB ON THE YFT AND the once in an El NINO lifetime.... the Yellowtail TUNAS YTT!!!!! Great Report.
  283. sushimi

    The Yellowtail Tunas Revival at the 150?

    That big bend on the long rod light rod is what fishing is all about to me, the bigger the bendo the more excited I get. Has anyone caught one of these fish with a 10-20 lb rod or even a 7-18 wt rod? IF so... let me know.
  284. sushimi

    The Yellowtail Tunas Revival at the 150?

    Hey guys... I'm not an expert. BTW... as my handle says, I'm a "newbie" I don't know too much about these new creatures coming up the coast called "yellowtail tunas"... I'm just going by what some experts on this post has identified these fish as in within the past reports during the month...
  285. sushimi

    The Yellowtail Tunas Revival at the 150?

    Ok... here's another boring report of Yellowtail tunas at the 150 on Monday June 2. Just wanted to give you some info. Went out at 5:30am out of Davies. In the morning about 6:30 I get to the 105. It was pretty dead at the 105... waited and waited.... Can't wait anymore... I'm too impatient...
  286. sushimi

    Late Kayak Mothership Trip Report

    i like your gaffing style. steady and quick!!!
  287. sushimi


    OPAH in LONG BEACH with a LEXA and 30# test!!! Now that's California Dreamin!!! Good job Chris!
  288. sushimi


    patient and very focused work on the trini 16a! good job on not breaking off that beautiful fish!
  289. sushimi

    5-10 BIG BUT

    dayumm!!! nice local butt
  290. sushimi

    Yellowtail Tuna thick in Bahia De Los Angeles

  291. sushimi

    Yellowtail Tuna thick in Bahia De Los Angeles

    another one bites the dust!! Jason.. where you getting these!!! awesome bro.
  292. sushimi

    I like catching yellowtail tunas.

    I like catching yellowtail tunas.
  293. sushimi

    Yellowtail Tuna thick in Bahia De Los Angeles

    see... i told ya... and Jason is somewhat of an authority in identifying fish for this site!!! get some YTT!LOL
  294. sushimi

    Yellowtail Tuna thick in Bahia De Los Angeles

    I didn't catch any bait.. no need at this time... however, I did hear of some people making macs. I do not know how easy or difficult it was though. I hope that helps.
  295. sushimi

    20' Whaler pilothouse for sale

    chris... buy this boat!!!!
  296. sushimi

    Yellowtail Tuna thick in Bahia De Los Angeles

    Let us know what you end up catching.
  297. sushimi

    Yellowtail Tuna thick in Bahia De Los Angeles

    This is too hilarious! Thanks bud! As a side note. .. the yellowtail tunas have been getting a lot of attention lately... check other posts... and thanks for all your info and reminders.
  298. sushimi

    Wtb jigstick

  299. sushimi

    BoLA 5/10-16...Who's Gonna be There?

  300. sushimi

    Yellowtail Tuna thick in Bahia De Los Angeles

  301. sushimi

    Yellowtail Tuna thick in Bahia De Los Angeles

  302. sushimi

    Yellowtail Tuna thick in Bahia De Los Angeles

    Hi. I think we were fishing next to Isla smith for awhile casting for grouper. I thought that was Jaime that was there with you!!! Glad you guys had a good trip!
  303. sushimi

    Yellowtail Tuna thick in Bahia De Los Angeles

    I was using strips of squid! The bite was hot at night.
  304. sushimi

    Yellowtail Tuna thick in Bahia De Los Angeles

    No mackerel needed. All jig fish. Went straight to the spot. Also the panga fits 3 comfy and probably can fit upto four. They fish usually from 6am to 2pm
  305. sushimi

    Yellowtail Tuna thick in Bahia De Los Angeles

    You can call Casa Diaz to book a room for $30 in Bahia De Los Angeles. Someone on this thread should have the number or you can try to get it through the internet somewhere. A Panga can also be booked through Casa Diaz as well from 180 to 200 depending on the exchange rate. We usually spend...
  306. sushimi

    Going to BOLA upcoming Monday to Wednesday!! any Yellowtail Tunas?

    thanks for the report just got back... posted a report very similar to your response found the black fin and yellowtail tunas... Yes the jellos were absolutely thick and all BIG
  307. sushimi

    Yellowtail Tuna thick in Bahia De Los Angeles

    Hey guys as promised... here is a short report. Headed down to meet a friend in Bahia De Los Angles Started Sunday Night and slept at a hotel in Colonet. It's the newer one on the left hand side of HWY 1 and was clean, empty and quiet. Then onto Bahia De Los Angeles on Monday. We went fishing...
  308. sushimi

    Los Cabos Panga trip 4/28

    deep fry that sucker whole!!!
  309. sushimi

    Going to BOLA upcoming Monday to Wednesday!! any Yellowtail Tunas?

    going to BOLA this Monday to Wed. Going to fish the shore and fish with one day with a panguero! A report will be posted upon return. Any recent info will be appreciated. HOPEFULLY we will get into some Yellowtail Tunas and some Gay Garropas!
  310. sushimi

    Yellowtail Tuna on the powerbait at the Coronados 4/22

    LOL! you can't call BS if you have pics right?
  311. sushimi

    Hey Eric, it was great meeting you today. I was with my friend Mark on the Arima. Let's fish...

    Hey Eric, it was great meeting you today. I was with my friend Mark on the Arima. Let's fish sometime soon. We can either buddy boat, or whatevers. Later.
  312. sushimi

    Fishing Trip from heck, not quite from hell, but close

    You were able to avoid the strike 10! Glad you got home safe.
  313. sushimi

    SALAS jigs with boat names

    i like the hips on this one
  314. sushimi

    Dana 12/8 Sun Up To Sun Down

    i dont like wormy puss belly tacos.
  315. sushimi


    that sashimi looks amazing!
  316. sushimi

    YT and seals

    "flaming hole" LOL
  317. sushimi

    YT and seals

    Oftentimes seals are a reality when fishing yellows. To save a yellow, sometimes you're gonna have to distract him from looking at your fish by throwing him a bonito or something so that he doesn't go after your hamachi.
  318. sushimi

    WSB? WTF?

    Yes WSB sashimi, especially the belly portion is amazing, however, watch for the worms. You can effectively kill the worms by freezing the filet for a couple days... although the texture and flavor is not the same as fresh WSB sashimi, you can rest assure you're not eating sashimi with active...
  319. sushimi

    Calstar, Shimano, GUSA ... for sale

    interested in the gusa rod... can i get a pic?
  320. sushimi

    20 ft panga with 4 stroke

    nice panga. what year is the boat and engine. how many hours on the engine and lastly what is the mpg
  321. sushimi

    1st Dorado and 1st Yellowfin Caught on 8/2/14

    do radio checks on channel 16 to see if anyone hears you. especially at the start of your trip and also every 10 miles or so out. this will save your life.
  322. sushimi

    WSB on the Freedom

    the lady was probably Heather... if so... she is the coolest.
  323. sushimi

    Oceanside 95 on the YT and Yellowfin 6/21

    i'm thinkng about a 5 to 5 with rick tomorrow on the Oceanside 95. Does he use the RSW for 5 to 5 trips?
  324. sushimi

    Catalina Yellows - Memorial Weekend Report

    you are not a baby killer. good quality for sure.
  325. sushimi

    qui-qui-ri-quí !

    Dude... you always have the sickest pics!!! Those colors are unreal!!!
  326. sushimi

    San Quintin bound 4/11 - 4/14

    dayum! fishing san quintin in style!
  327. sushimi

    the big one that didnt get away

    cold water yellowtail in that neck of the woods at that weight have some serious fat on its body!!! I'm sure it tasted like butter! Congrats on a rare catch.
  328. sushimi

    Metal Mania (feat. Smite the Spoon) 3/23 w-pics

    wow quite rare to see someone kill rockfish with a spoon. great job guys!
  329. sushimi

    3/16 buggin.

    NICE!!! In Long beach?
  330. sushimi

    Avet SXJ Black

    its a great reel guys. I just saw a pic. It is clean and ready to go. I just needed one with a clamp!! Good luck with the sale.
  331. sushimi

    Avet SXJ Black

    will take it pm'd you call me
  332. sushimi

    Roddy and Avet SXJ

    Hi. do you still have the avet?
  333. sushimi

    Lamiglas Swimbait Rod...

    can i get a pic?
  334. sushimi


    can't wait for the report. congrats!!
  335. sushimi

    Boiling yellows

    Did you get some help launching on the beach???
  336. sushimi

    Harnell 724

    I have a Harnell 724 that was stripped down, restored and rewrapped. Beautiful black wraps with gold trim as you can see in pics. a steal at this price!!! $260 firm I live in the city of orange. First come first served. pm me if interested. Thanks Sam
  337. sushimi

    Fred Hall special --- Big 10" slugs, large 6 1/2" grubs hand poured

    Byron is a straight up guy with great prices and prompt customer service. i vouch for him as well
  338. sushimi

    Brown super seeker 9ft blank

    I have one at 10ft. I'm in orangr
  339. sushimi

    Sortfishing boat "San Diego"

    they have a refrigerated salt water hold to boot for 3/4 day!! Ryan is passionate about chasing forkies and will give u a step by step announcement over the PA of what he sees on the meter, how deep they are holding where and when to throw your iron.... he's hardcore!!!
  340. sushimi

    California Sheepshead charter boats

    How do tautog taste? Please describe flavor/texture???
  341. sushimi

    2 in one - 2/3 @ rockpile, 2/17 at IB

    taco meat looks delish.. good color on the fry
  342. sushimi

    Helgrens Sea Trek can't find there own fish

    WOW //// THAT was a fun read. Why do I do this to myself! shoulda stopped at page 2!
  343. sushimi

    roadtrip $$$

    that is a sick left on photo 2. havent seen a left like that in years!!! You liven the dream kelly. right on
  344. sushimi

    California Fish and Game Now California Fish and Wildlife

    this is freakin lame. plz spend money in areas where it makes sense especially in our economy
  345. sushimi

    surface irons, 4oz - $2.50 each

    byron is a solid guy. has a lot of tackle!!! Thanks for the load of stuff at great prices! will be back when i need supplies again. sam
  346. sushimi

    rare seeker C-EX blue and CJBF 90M Jigsticks and long range rod

    SOLD to bd member Joel!!! Thanks and catch a big one Joel! Nice meeting you.
  347. sushimi

    rare seeker C-EX blue and CJBF 90M Jigsticks and long range rod

    hey guys... the black steel is still on for sale!!! Lemme know if you're interested
  348. sushimi


    humbolts are great fertilizer!!! Let's get em by the tonnage and do good to our local fishery!!
  349. sushimi

    FS-14' Mckee Craft CC

    can i take a look at it tomorrow?
  350. sushimi

    loco "taco meat" trip on da enterprise 3/4 day. 12-5-12

    John. I'm glad u had a good trip. No halibut this time up at the top huh??? Hope to get on a trip with u soon. Sam.
  351. sushimi

    BOLA 11/16-21st

    i love tacos los poblanos. their pastor is one of the best on the 1!!! nice pics and report
  352. sushimi

    Lingcod Roe poisonous?

    thanks guys... still no straight answer. will have to call up health dept.
  353. sushimi

    Lingcod Roe poisonous?

    Hi everyone. I know that cabezon roe is poisonous but I have mixed information that perhaps lingcod roe has toxins and poisonous as well. This is weird because someone has posted a recipe for lingcod roe but others are saying that they are poisonous. the fish and game website does not say...
  354. sushimi

    Shimano Torium 14

    mr. glass3s. the best thing to do here is simply take the reel back and give the guy your money back. this bd community is a fair and honest community... if you made an honest mistake, then just take the reel back and refund the guy. this will make everything better, even your credibility,.
  355. sushimi


    WOW endless great fishing right off the shore and great pizza to boot???? Now there really is no need to leave Mexico. VIvA la MEXICO!!!!
  356. sushimi

    Big Robalos at Mag.

    nice snooky!!!
  357. sushimi

    930 lb. Blue Fin Tuna

    hot dayum thats a lotta sushi
  358. sushimi

    Truline Rods

    chris sent u pm
  359. sushimi

    500 gift certificate to fishermans landing for 450

    hi i have a 500 gift certificate to fishermans landing that i would like to sell for 450. that means its 50 free cash to your next trip. i am in,orange county and prefer to go to seaforth when i fish san diego. pm me if you are interested.
  360. sushimi

    Need Outboard Mechanic in Orange/Los Angeles

    Does anyone know of any good mechanics that does work from home or goes to work on boats on site?? Also, if possible please give referrals to reliable, honest and reasonably priced mechanics in the socal area. thanks!!!
  361. sushimi

    How to Sashimi?

    cut or rake the gills as far deep toward throat line and flip it upside down
  362. sushimi

    How to Sashimi?

    bleed immediately as soon as you catch the fish while heart is pumping. after fileting make sure you rinse fish in a clean salt water ice bath and paper towel dry. cut out all dark blood line.
  363. sushimi

    BOLA Aug10 report

    thanks for the update
  364. sushimi

    BOLA Aug11 report -- see Aug 10 report

    three days in counting! i would try tipping your saibiki with bait or use cat food to attract mackeral when making bait.
  365. sushimi

    Dana 8-11-12

    some storms down south... pray that more warm water and fish push up
  366. sushimi

    BOLA Aug10 report

    how is the weather? be there in five days and counting! hope we see some bait
  367. sushimi

    BOLA 7/28

    be there in,two weeks as well on 14th! cant wait
  368. sushimi

    MDR Big Goat!

    how did it taste?
  369. sushimi

    7/31 local banks

    nice grade bluefin in local waters. sashimi time!
  370. sushimi

    Ensenada 7-24 & 7-28-2012-Big Yellows, Dodos & WON Tournament 2nd Place

    awesome louie. well desseved money, you put in a lot of time there fishing locally and providing info for the rest of us. congrats!
  371. sushimi

    BOLA 7/25-7/26

    what color butterfly
  372. sushimi

    Trinidad 16 clamp

    pm me. i have a used one in great condition
  373. sushimi

    Topwater Gold in BOLA

    man i guess i we are all gonna just miss each other. im looking forward to the heat, fishing and ice cold cervezas
  374. sushimi

    FS: 14' Gamefisher/9.9 Mercury $900

    hi very intersted in boat with cash in hand. please call me if still available. sam 9493000428. i live in orange
  375. sushimi

    Topwater Gold in BOLA

    i will be there the week of august 13th. anyone looking to go those dates?
  376. sushimi

    Heading to LA Bay...

    im theres on august 14th and staying week. cant wait
  377. sushimi

    Ensenada 6-23-12 Reds and the weather

    louie. im thinking about coming down with some friends to ensenada in august. when i confirm the date i will hit you up and finally fish the its for reels. keep up the awesome reports!
  378. sushimi

    Wsb or corvina

    fish identification posts... u gtta luv um. i vote for "dark sea bass"
  379. sushimi

    Heading to LA Bay...

    bahia sashimi ten commandments 1. bleed fish 2. gut fish 3. put the whole fish in an ocean salt water-ice bath. 4. at end if trip as you go home, wipe excess moisture from firm fish 5. chunk out a piece of prime filet 6. after fileting wash excess blood on filet in clean salt water quickly and...
  380. sushimi

    CONDOR=Limits of nice YT again 7/12

    i like the pose on the second pic! lol
  381. sushimi

    "stupid" fishing and a flylined 'butt. (7-3-12)

    John great fishing with u yesterday. yes. The fishing on the pm cudas was absolutelt off da chain.
  382. sushimi

    Ensenada 6-23-12 Reds and the weather

    Wtg Louis. Hope to see u soon. Your old neighbor from hacienda. Sam
  383. sushimi

    Cabo with the wifey

    Salvatorre is a real deal chef! His food is fanastic. One year I brought him a fresh yellowtail I recently caught and he made yellowtail crudo that was off the charts and pasta three ways with the rest. im glad you haf a good time. Man I need to go back soon.
  384. sushimi

    Got some Spots at a new spot!

    Healthy looking specimens
  385. sushimi


    We all know this. The dreamer is the ultimate gay ghost magnet. Congrats to all with 3 fish limits
  386. sushimi

    California State Record Sculpin?

    Man! Nice sculpin. Looks really tasty;)
  387. sushimi

    My Adventure of Cattle boat Loking,..

    Dude your post just made my day. Lmao:D
  388. sushimi

    2006 Cortez 22 the perfect do anything boat

    My dream boat! One day! Good luck on,sale
  389. sushimi


    I have a green super seeker 90f. Its in mint condition and wrapped by moon. pm me if interested
  390. sushimi


    Friends dont let friends eat SANDBASS! Nice catch however.
  391. sushimi

    curado 300 ej handle

    I may have one. Send me a om
  392. sushimi

    MA7 4-21 No complaints

    Nice report what kind of boat is that
  393. sushimi

    SCI 4/21 on the Fortune

    Thanks for looking out for those who need help.
  394. sushimi

    HOW MUCH???? DO YOU!!!!!

    Get her hooked on eating fresh fish. She will ask u to go more often and spend whatever it takes to eat fresh yellowtail, seabass, halibut and tuna
  395. sushimi

    San Quentin or castros camp

    A little longer but worth it... The fishing is waaay betta SQ
  396. sushimi

    Crystal Cove and lost anchor.

    That is awesome. Way to help a fellow bder
  397. sushimi

    Shimano Curado 200E7

    Im intested. Im in orange
  398. sushimi

    want to buy old school fenglass 8 foot or longer rods

    Jimmy. Chris just put up his pj83. Get on it!
  399. sushimi


    Guys this is a beast of a rod. Rare sweet stick and worth every penny. Awesome for forty pound yellows
  400. sushimi


    Someone take this reel! Will be worth crazy money someday
  401. sushimi


    One time I was swimming in a river in Belize and about 20 feet away saw a pack of snakes slithering across the top of the water. Hot dayum plz be careful even in water
  402. sushimi

    Owner or Gamakatsu???????

    94150. classic and no hype or fancy marketing. just a solid well priced hook.
  403. sushimi

    Dana Point Codding Report: Straight RED

    dayum. first to see that quality n quantity in dp for vermillions in a long time
  404. sushimi

    Travel spinning rod

    hi I have a seeker 10ft spinning rod that breaks up in two pieces. email back if interested
  405. sushimi

    My buffalo mount is almost done

  406. sushimi

    MLPA Monitors (undercover)

    ahahaha thats all good. watch out for the pelicans though
  407. sushimi

    Latest Koa Woods

    those look killer
  408. sushimi

    Back on the water

    sweet boat
  409. sushimi

    Daggets vs Guillermo's La Bay

    guillermos. its on the beach...walking distance to town n market. n a nice place to talk to locals. as for myself i dont mind being on or next to saltwater all day
  410. sushimi

    latest wrap

  411. sushimi


    Get live Dungeness at the 99 ranch market. Super cheap on sale and very meaty. Then do em up as u like. Tray those lobsters look exactly like nuevo style! Looks bombin
  412. sushimi

    K&M Lincolns B-Day 3 day special !!!

    kelly. Doss that include monday as well?
  413. sushimi

    Ensenada 2-03-2012-26 lb Yellowtail

    Way to go Louie. Sorry to hear about engine. hope the yellers stick around
  414. sushimi

    Brand New Daiwa Saltist 4500h Spining Reel

    so is,this,the 4000 or 4500 model? Pic seems 4500
  415. sushimi

    bay of la

    I want to live three
  416. sushimi

    Old School Newell G440-F - rare - yellow printing

    closet classic looks very rare and original
  417. sushimi

    got some nice gear for sale

    what is the length of your magnum?
  418. sushimi

    going to SQ...not fishing.... pinche visa

    well said mike. between the visas and violence, i believe many who used to go down regularly are taking a back seat to see if things get back to normal
  419. sushimi


    hour and half past ensenada. in march most likely brown rockfish, reds and salmon grouper. if ur lucky halibut. real chill location. try castros camp for fishing
  420. sushimi

    rare seeker C-EX blue and CJBF 90M Jigsticks and long range rod

    C-EX blue sold NEW lowered prices on all the rods updated on post
  421. sushimi

    rare seeker C-EX blue and CJBF 90M Jigsticks and long range rod

    SOLDDD!!! Thanks BD!!! Brand New Seeker Black Steel Graphite - G6455XXH - BRAND NEW and in its original plastic cover and warranty card. Limited lifetime warranty. line rating 50 (80) 130. This is a very popular long range rod and a great deal considering it is still new in the wrapper...
  422. sushimi

    PROGEARS 454 and 251 black beauty rare and 251 silver

    all pms answered. i am in the city of orange. first come first served. i also ship on your dime.
  423. sushimi

    Trulines, Roddy's and more

    Matt what color blank is the roddy with white cap. Is it black or rootbeer
  424. sushimi

    Want to buy 2 cheaper set ups for my cheap ass roommate

    Keep america fishing! if it doesnt work out give me a pm and I will set your friend up
  425. sushimi

    NEWELL G235 for G220 or P220

    I have a g220 send me a pic to [email protected]
  426. sushimi

    PROGEARS 454 and 251 black beauty rare and 251 silver

    HI guys. Up for grabs are my progears. I have too many reels and need to thin my collection. All my reels function perfectly and have recently been serviced with new drags. They are in excellent cosmetic condition as well as you can see. I have one 454 and 251 in black and these are pretty...
  427. sushimi

    BOLA NOV 19-23

    in december its all about los machos. if the weather permits that is!
  428. sushimi

    BOLA Oct 2-5

    Damn nice trip
  429. sushimi

    Mid September @ Cedros Island = Awesome Fishing !!

    Dayumn! Homie was jus talkin bout goin on this trip when we met on the sportking couple months ago. Glad u whacked em good
  430. sushimi

    Harnell 542 $250

    Hi. Is this rod on the heavier side or is it light weight?
  431. sushimi

    Truline - Seeker - Loomis - Curado - more stuff

    Hi john I would like to take a look at your lm8 and curado
  432. sushimi

    08-04 Fish report WHAT A DAY!!!!

    Fish or die!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  433. sushimi

    clean p322 original

    looking to pay top dollars for an original p322 that spins well pm or text me at 949-300-0428 if you have one sam
  434. sushimi


    kyle sent pm
  435. sushimi

    OG P322 & P220

    is it still available if it is i will take it sam 949-300-0428
  436. sushimi

    wHITE ulua #5

    is it still available?
  437. sushimi

    Talicas, Trulines, Calstars, Etc

    Those are good prices.
  438. sushimi

    favorite rod or blank for 15# (conventional)

    super seeker 908 with newell 220
  439. sushimi

    progear CS 550 - $120

    progear cs 550 backed with 50# spectra in perfect working condition and good cosmetic condition check out the pics, shows normal wear. $120 firm $10 extra to ship
  440. sushimi


    will try to visit the shop soon!!!
  441. sushimi


    whats up Moon. this is Koh. nice 282!!!
  442. sushimi

    Mint like new Accurate B 870 N single speed

    PRICE REDUCED FROM $320 to $280!!! or $290 shipped! I have a mint Accurate B 870 Narrow single speed 4.6 to 1 used once and put back into the box. It really looks newas you can see from the pics. it is backed with premium green izor spectra. You...
  443. sushimi


    phenix and gusa 70 xh is pending 1209 sold
  444. sushimi


    OK liquidation time at good prices. rods that are in the picture left to right 1. brand new seeker black steel G6455 xxh 5 1/2ft all roller in the plastic bag and lifetime warranty. line rating 50 (80) 130 - $250 over 200 off retail. 2. mint blue blank GUSA 65xh, fuji guides, 6 1/2ft...
  445. sushimi

    rare shikari gray 1209 and blue 868

    line rating is 15-30 on the 1209 and have too many inshore rods therefore not interested in the seeker thanks.
  446. sushimi

    rare shikari gray 1209 and blue 868

    868 GONE!!! Ruben your homeboy jon took it off me. Thanks for the lookout. Dudes get on the 1209 there is still one left as of now! Ruben owns the other two 10ftr shikaris and one is a greenie. Take this one before Ruben does. An opportunity at a rare stick!
  447. sushimi

    rare shikari gray 1209 and blue 868

    what u got for trade for the 10ft give me a call 949-300-0428 sam
  448. sushimi

    rare shikari gray 1209 and blue 868

    868 gone only 1209 left... get it while u can one is a sweet blue blank 868 which is 8'6" with killer blue fuji sic guides, blanck wraps and cord handle. the rod is in excellent condition cosmetically and functions like it should 12-25# outfit $180. other is is a model 1209 which is a 10'...
  449. sushimi

    Renegademike gets another tuna over 100lbs

    who cares about the weight. the question is did he eat the HEART!!!!
  450. sushimi


  451. sushimi

    Rod Show

    jesse's got some great trulines. was just there pulling on some really nice ones!!! check him out.
  452. sushimi

    newell g220f, s332f, p229f all for $300

    for sale excellent cosmetic and working condition newells will come as a set for $300 i will also ship. or 220- 100 332 - 100 229 - 120 these are all in super good condition. also the 229 is an original vintage four stack drag and very smooth sam 949-300-0428
  453. sushimi

    One for the Ages

    looks like the filming of the "blue lagoon" part II complete with fishing
  454. sushimi

    progear 440 and avet mxj 5.8 green

    both are SOLD
  455. sushimi

    for sale or trade clean avet mxj green

    super clean avet mxj in green color with clamp. this reel hasn't been used much $150 or looking for comparable value rods and reels to trade.
  456. sushimi

    Custom shikari 909h blue xclnt

    SOLD You probably will not see this rod in this color for a long time after this. Shikari 909h 20/40 wrapped in lime green with Fuji sic and Fuji reel seat. Xlnt condition and the action is incredible. 200 firm Pick up in Los Angeles only. I also have a graphite USA blue blank 79 xf Fuji...
  457. sushimi


    whats going down danny boy. one of my boys is taking the last of my 322. you still want my 9ft seeker?
  458. sushimi


    gotta thin out my newell stash for different gear have too many newells selling vintage original p229f good cond. 130 brand new old stock s332 - 100 g220f ok cond. 120 or all three for 330 don't pm just call if you want to buy all in good cosmetic and working condition sam 949-300-0428
  459. sushimi

    Cape Cod - 6/07/2010

    you always have great pics that bluefin toro is going to taste great nice fish
  460. sushimi

    ** PRO GEAR 540L and 545 **

    ruben will try to get over there this week with your clamp and payment for the purple.
  461. sushimi

    saltist 20h used $80

    i have a slightly used saltist 20 h mechanically perfect and rinsed, dried every time after use some boat rash but pretty clean overall no clamp but very cheap willing to let go for $80 or willing to trade let me know what u got also i have some jigsticks and newells i'm trying to get rid of...
  462. sushimi

    What to expect out of San Martin in April

    take a 30 to 40 lb. yo yo outfit with plenty of blue and white and scrambled egg 6xjrs.
  463. sushimi

    seeker cjb 909 jigstick and NIB gold progear 440

    I have a seeker cjb 909 dark gray blank and dark green wraps, perfection guides and cord wrap in very clean condition and bends like a harnell no joke you gotta feel this thing. - 120 I also have a gold progear 440 brand new in box letting go for - $140 first come first served 949-300-0428
  464. sushimi

    ** PRO GEAR 540L and 545 **

    those are really great deals for those colors, sizes and condition. Ruben is a straight up cat with great gear. someones gonna get lucky
  465. sushimi

    newell reels

    338 sold
  466. sushimi

    newell g220f

    newell g220f good working and cosmetic condition $120 pm me if interested
  467. sushimi

    newell reels

    i've got 4 newell reels all in good used condition for sale p220 original - 130 p229 original - 130 c338 - 80 s332 - 80 or all for $380 email back if you're interested
  468. sushimi

    Shimano TLD 10

    i have one in box never used (deadstock), email if interested
  469. sushimi

    Pro gear reel 545 Black

    let me know if u still got it
  470. sushimi

    Best way to cook.

    dude if the lobster is just out of the water gut it, just split the tail in half, deep fry it til it gets plump and dip it in butter.
  471. sushimi

    Kilsong's big fish

    KILSONG you did it again!!! Keep the reports coming and congrats! By the way. How did the bluefin toro taste?
  472. sushimi


    as u can see in my pics i'm selling some new or great condition newells clean older p229F with depressed holes and 4 disc drag - $120 clean older g220f - $120 brand new c338f with upgraded drags and bearings - $90 mint s332f - $80 pickup or meet in tustin/chino hills/ and pasadena areas...
  473. sushimi

    Vintage Newells and Vintage Conolon/Sabre

    Okay guys this is almost the last of my good stuff. I'm moving on to graphite rods and progear reels. Here's what i got for sale 7ft. sabre 670 honey blank, black wraps. mint 20-50# stick. This is truly a bluefin special. It has a magical bend. $100 8ft. Chocolate Conolon 20-50# stick...
  474. sushimi

    14 mile bank 9/20 DFG, Harbor Patrol, Fish Counter,

    i'm getting checkd more frequently at dana point as well from dfg and the oc sheriff (redboat). but sofar, just a quick check with no hassle whatsoever.
  475. sushimi

    Ensenada Governors Cup Fishing Tournament 2009-Sept 19 and 20th

    congrats louie. you logged in a lot of hours there recently and it shows. you deserve it bro.
  476. sushimi

    vintage fenwick, truline LM9, roddy

    sorry john whammy was the first to pm and if he didn't take the rods you were next. i never replied by saying u were the first bro. good luck on another one bcuz these are rare! the FENWICK and Roddy are GONE! folks
  477. sushimi

    vintage fenwick, truline LM9, roddy

    yes it is a pj-83c and in my opinion pulls better than a D-8. All rods are pending. accepting back ups.
  478. sushimi

    vintage fenwick, truline LM9, roddy

    will call u tomorrow specialk. there are many interests in this one.
  479. sushimi

    vintage fenwick, truline LM9, roddy

    i have some rods to sell please pm me if interested chocolate roddy 8' 30-50# beast in great condition with purple wraps and deckhand rope handle - $100 solid bend for the big ones chocolate truline LM9 blue and black wraps, perfection guides and deckhand grip with great backbone and not...
  480. sushimi

    morrobay albicore are here

    fresh out of the sea albacore and fresh out of the garden vegetable and fresh air up there to boot. what a life.
  481. sushimi

    Barn Kelp

    i'll try almost anything once. alright... next one's in the cooler.
  482. sushimi

    Barn Kelp

    shovelnose tacos? for real? never tried it. all this time i let shovelnose go back but it its good... i'm gonna keep em. what do you guys think about the taste of shovelnose?
  483. sushimi

    Pending World Record YT

  484. sushimi

    PB yellowtail at Catalina Island 9-8

    better grade hamachi. nice goin
  485. sushimi

    9/7/09 181/182 Paddy Karma and KFC

    what is the distance in miles from oside harbor to 181 and 182?
  486. sushimi

    Bluefin jigging at its finest

    love that one picture where that dude is on a fulll squat with a full bend on the rod. thanks for the picture and i can't imagine how good the toro would be. good eatins.
  487. sushimi

    8-21 Rockpile, S. Kelp, Middle Grounds

    gaffing it in the belly doesn't help for those who like to eat the bellys which imho is the best eating part of any pelagic fish. so gaff the body before you gaff the belly but if u can... gaff the eye of that tiger!
  488. sushimi

    paddy fishing 8/15

    quality tail and great sashimi plate. where's the beer?
  489. sushimi

    Trulines and Harnells

    MOON at fisherman's depot in bellflower. His wraps are legit!
  490. sushimi

    14 Yellows, Trying out Shimanos New Two Speed Tallicas

    nice reel and even nicer row of yellows
  491. sushimi

    40lb & 80lb rig

    i have a super seeker 6470 7ft rod brand new custom wrap black on black with fuji turbo guides never used matched up with a brand new gold pro gear 440. perfect 40-50 pound set up for the big tuna. Asking $350. They are both new and in perfect condition. let me know is u'r interested. i'm...
  492. sushimi

    SEAHORSE 8.........NAVY 1 8/4-8/6

  493. sushimi

    Got a few Coronado Yellows (8/4).

    congrats on the yellows and squirts. i must agree with robert. i tried cooking humbolts a thousand ways and i cannot ever make that thing looks good. i'm not a bad cook so can someone give me the secret as to what u need to do to make this thing taste good. i took off the membrane. soaked...
  494. sushimi

    Jigging Bluefin Tuna NJ Style

    damn the toro on those things must be amazing. i gotta get out there. great job and great pics.
  495. sushimi

    Gear for sale...

    hi do you still have the roddy and gusas
  496. sushimi

    Accurate Boss Magnum 870N blk/silver 6:1

    Let me know if the dude doesn't pull through. Sam
  497. sushimi

    Accurate Boss Magnum 870N blk/silver 6:1

    trade you for a non-parabolic truline LM9 true and uncut awesome 25# jigstick
  498. sushimi

    Dana Point Sum Fun Calico Bass Action

    Brian is one of the most laid back captains and yet a proven fish locater of the socal half day scene. i've had many a good days with him before i surrendered to my aluminum boat. good job BRI!
  499. sushimi

    progear 255 black

    thanks scott this is a great reel! can't wait to get some tuna on it
  500. sushimi

    progear 255 black

    i'll take it and pick it up!!! i'm in pasadena
  501. sushimi

    Beach Baby Beach Baby

    Joe I heard from my boy Ngieu that you caught the 33#er. congrats, you deserve it. Thanks for doing the work on our Klamath. See u out on the water brother!
  502. sushimi

    SHIKARI BT8025, BT8030, AND BT8040

    Anyone else beside ruben have a shikari green? i had one and went snap on me! damn son!
  503. sushimi

    original fender Blues Deluxe electric guitar amp

    hi y'all got an original early 90's fender blues deluxe amp in good condition 4x10 speakers and everything works and sounds unbelievable need to get some stuff out of the house and i have other amps so this one's gotta go. this amp can crank real loud @ 45watts so if you need something loud...
  504. sushimi

    progear 440 and newell g220

    two reels up for sale or trade pro gear gold 440 New In Box - $140 older newell g220f w/stainless steel clickers and knobs in good condition and just went through maintenance $120 pm me if interested
  505. sushimi

    accurate B-870N narrow

    New Low Price $300
  506. sushimi

    newells and progear and rods (truline)

    juan sale is pending so hit u up if it falls through
  507. sushimi

    truline LM9 original uncut

    its an older blank for sure and one of the better ones. the wraps are custom and not from factory. its a rare opportunity to own this unaltered original stick so if you're serious just come and take a look at it and pull on it. i guarantee u will like it.
  508. sushimi

    accurate B-870N narrow

    hi bruce. i got this reel off of a trade. this reel wasn't big enough for the previous owner's type of fishing. thus he wanted to service it after using it once to make sure the reel was in "new" like condition before he traded it to get maximum value for the reel. I really want to use this...
  509. sushimi

    accurate B-870N narrow

    REDUCED $300! i have an accurate b870N narrow version w/4.6:1 ratio with the box. the reel was used once then serviced and was never used after it was serviced. comes half way spooled w/65# izorline spectra. it has no scratches or blemishes whatsoever. as you can see in the picture... it...
  510. sushimi

    truline LM9 original uncut

    here is an original uncut LM9 that is legit as can be. sweet blank, great action, chocolate brown, newer wraps, and uncut/unaltered blank. no excuses on this one. this rod is for the collector but still is in perfect fishing condition. looking for an accurate 2 spd or $360 for the rod...
  511. sushimi

    newells and progear and rods (truline)

    i have the g220 now for sale sam
  512. sushimi

    Rods and Reel

    i'll take your silaflex sent you a pm
  513. sushimi

    newells and progear and rods (truline)

    the newell p332f is sold
  514. sushimi

    Newell P332f mint w/clamp $120

    i have a newell p332f in mint condition that free spools awesome and is in top mechanical condition. first $120 takes it. I am also looking for trades if you got something good let me know. I live in tustin but can also meet in chino hills or pasadena area. pm me
  515. sushimi

    Ipod nano 8 GB newest generation Silver

    i'll take it
  516. sushimi

    newells and progear and rods (truline)

    i got some newells for trade or you can buy p332 excellent near new condition - $120 p447 good condition - $80 p344 great condition - $100 p235 excellent condition - $120 progear pg 440 gold excl. cond. $120 g220 excellent cond. - 120 vintage truline LM9 chocolate true and uncut awesome -...
  517. sushimi

    SD Bay Dinner 4/25

    man that recipe is off da shizz. i'm gonna try it sounds really good
  518. sushimi

    Where are the SD yellows?

    Hearing of the yellowtail bite that is developing in SD, I'm thinking about going out to hunt for them at the Coronados or at the kelp tomorrow. Does anyone know where the sporties are catching these yellows? The 3/4 open party San Diego did quite well I heard on the tails. Were they at the...
  519. sushimi

    Butt a strange fish

    that red cabbie is amazing! really enjoyed the pic
  520. sushimi

    Jan. 3rd Nice PV Marlin 600+ - Great Pics

    killer pics// colors are amazing!!!!
  521. sushimi

    Squid Time

    the only things we should kill for fun are giant squid
  522. sushimi

    local bonita newport/dana point

    i'm hearing of wide open bonito in socal near dana point and newport as the half day sportys got into some action today. anyone hear of this, if so, where was the bite? thinking about going out tomorrow to chase some bone heads!