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    Fish Dope double charged me

    I signed up at Fred Hall Del Mar on Friday. I was givin a login code. I filled out all the info but they asked for my credit card info which is weird because I already paid at the show. So I backed out and tried to log in and couldn’t the site asked for credit info again, so I figured maybe it’s...
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    Mercury 3.4L V6

    I’m cerious opinions of these yet to be released new light weight V6’s. Comes in a 175 200 and 225, each weighs in at 475Lb. A light weight motor is important in repowering, especially older boats that originally had 2strokes.
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    2002 FORD 7.3

    Im thinking of selling my truck. Its a 7.3 F-350 4x4 dually. 195,000 miles. I believe theres still atleast 1 year left on the new factory Ford HD replacment trans, I replaced stock trans b4 it went out just to be safe. Truck has airbags, aftermarket fuel tanks that hold over 100 gallons...
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    Odessey battery question?

    A friend of mine just bought a new Merc 150. The boat shop replaced his Odessey battery with I guess a standard marine battery. I believe they told him the issue is that those batterys add stress to the alternator. I was going to change over to Odessey, I already have 4 new odesseys I was...
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    Trim Tab Stuck

    1 of my Bennett trim tabs will go down but not back up. The other 1 works fine. I can hear the motor running when it's supposed to go up but it won't move. I swapped the lines and it works but know the other 1 doesn't work. So it should be something electrical I guess, but I can hear it...
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    216 CABO

    Ok here's the deal I have a 226 and a 216. The 216 has a bad motor at almost 2000 hrs. I'm considering pulling the motor off of my 226 which is the same motor and puting it on my 216 to sell it as a running boat. The motor is the stock Yamaha 175, the running motor has 600 hrs and runs great...
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    Team Bloody decks fishing?

    i was on Instagram and wanted to see if bloodydecks has a page. All I found was Bloody decks bow fishing and bloody decks fishing team. It looks like neither have anything to do with this sight. if that's the case that's pretty cheesy to steal another company's name. But maybe they got...
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    Need a wiring guy

    Can anyone recommend a good shop to install some Lowrance fish finders maybe a radar. Maybe re locate my battery's, and replace some wiring? I'm lookin for a straight shooter that can start and finish the job in a decent time frame. Not a real good mechanic that's slow to get the job done...
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    Raider Nation

    Raiders lookin to upset Denver! We're gona need Kahlil Mack hopefully he can play through injury and get to know Payton. Lookin for a big game from Derek Carr. Now let's hear your shit talkin haters. Oh ya n to the guy that's going to tell me the Raiders record this year, Fuk u I already...
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    La Ventana this weekend

    Me and some fam n friends are heading to La Ventana this weekend. 8 guys, we got a house on the beach We're flying into Cabo and drivin over. I've seen the reports I no baits hard to get so bring lures, I no a storm may be comin but I'm sure it will still b plenty of fun. We normally fly...
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    Skipjack 20ft open vs 24ft open

    I've always liked these boats, I want to hear some opinions from Skippy owners or whomever. I'm talkin gas powered 20 vs 24 open boats, how do they handle in comparison. Also with fuel burn, speed, space in mind? I have a GMC 2500 2 wheel drive, I know I wish it was 4x4. It tows good, just...
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    21ft Parker

    Ok I've decided to sell my project. It is a 21ft Parker center console mod V, it is a hull with gas tank and console only. It comes with a trailer with no paper work, that's how I bought it. The price is $3,500 which that's what I paid for it so I will not go any lower. Gel coat is rough. I...
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    Yamaha 115 4 stroke

    2005 Yamaha 115 4 stroke 25 shaft left turn. Runs great, it's mounted on my 22ft panga, so I can run it for you, price: $5,000. I'm also selling the panga, either with the 115, or with 1980ish evinrude 85 2 stroke, let me know if your interested. The boat/motor are located in Riverside...
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    Bola advice

    So I'm heading to Bola this weekend 6/16 through 6/19, with a few friends. Ive never been there but have done a lot of research via BD, Discover Baja ect.. I'm going to the Discover Baja office to see about getting my license and tourist visa n what not tommarow. So here's a few questions I...
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    New BloodyDeck Rule!

    The new rule is if your from Ca, and ud like to keep your BD profile u must donate at least a $1.25 a week a total of $5 a month to Saving Ca Fishing. If you don't have a donation tag your profile will b terminated! Just an idea it's not a lot to ask..
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    2005 Mosbilt off road car

    Just Putin this out there to see if anyone's interested in buyin a nice dual sport off road car. It's a Mosbilt 4 seat Ls2 550 Redline Mtr , Mendeola S4, tranny, car was re ppwder coated and assembled with all new hardware and tranny was gone through while i had it out last year. Plus much...
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    Ice fishin Utah

    Just got back from a trip to southern Utah visiting friends. Anyways we did some ice fishin on Panguicth Lake this last week, on tues. & fri. Had a great time cought more trout then we could even count the 1st day, I was using a red plastic jig with skirt ripped off n a night crawler n my budy...