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  1. Derby

    Jigs In Fish

    With all the "how do I rig a jig" threads i thought I'd start a "How a Jig Hooks a Fish" thread. You can contribute with a jig stuck in a fish. Tell us if the fish bit on drop or retrieve. Then people can see how jigs end up working with all the different hook styles. I always forget camera...
  2. Derby

    Political BS Trump Boat Parade!!!!

    The authorities rescued numerous people from the waters of Lake Travis in Texas on Saturday 9/5/20 after at least four boats sank at an event promoted as a Trump Boat Parade, officials said.
  3. Derby

    WTB Tohatsu M140A2 or M120A2 Lower Unit or Part Motor

    I'm really just looking for Bevel gears FWD, Pinion and REV. But would buy motor or lower unit. Let me know what you got.....would need to be shipped or hand delivered to Santa Cruz or San Jose. Thanks.
  4. Derby

    Seaforth Landing....RV Parking

    Anyone ever take RV and park at Seaforth? Seems you could park on frontage road if lot full. I got a large group coming and one guy has an RV that can take us all. 4day Charter....wondering if street parking is limited to 72 hours. Thanks.
  5. Derby

    Balloons and Butts Oh My

    0400 or the SC Harbor to find squid. Searched for 90 min for not. Decided to go salmon fishing instead. Heading out to 40fm line the kid spots some balloons so we turn around and grab them. 30fm deep tons of bait on bottom with good marks. Kid says let's start here. Proceed to troll around and...
  6. Derby

    How to rig a Colt Sniper for BFT

    Just put a big hook on it. It's not that hard. 6/0 4X Aki twist
  7. Derby

    ISO Clear Deck Plate Screw On w/ 4-1/4" CutOut

    I need a Clear Deck Plate Screw On w/ 4-1/4" CutOut ID 3-3/4" OD 5-5/8" CO 4-1/4" Sure I could buy a 4". I already did. I just dont feel like milling out my deck to make it work. I really only care about the cutout at this point. any color or size would work. So if you know, please share.
  8. Derby

    BSP @ RDM

    Fished incoming near Rio Del Mar Sunday for more fish then we could count. All released, some bigger and a few smaller. Gulp Sand Worms.
  9. Derby

    Bunk Seaguar Premier???

    Did Seaguar change packaging on fluoro? I got this spool of 20lb with different cover. Below is old cover next to new cover. 2 spools It's not a split case like every other leader I've bought. It's a solid one piece cover. Labels look identical. Anyone seen this change?
  10. Derby

    SC Butts Saturday

    Tons of shorts. Made a great day for this guy. 10-12 fish with this one in the mix. Santa Cruz Squid paTroll
  11. Derby

    American Angler 3-Day 6/24-6/27

    Anyone else on this trip? I'll be coming down solo from SF Bay Area.
  12. Derby

    2018 Sand Crab Classic Shiner Perch

    Tanner wins without even knowing it. 2018 Sand Crab Classic Shiner Perch Award Winner. For the grom with the most stoke! Thanks Tommy, Mike and Allen And for the report. We fished Seacliff with every bait you could think of. Finally Tanner gets on the board with an 8" walleye. Me on...
  13. Derby

    SC Potluck 7/8/17

    Went for recon trip. Tom and Michelle were supposed to come down Sunday. had to make sure I knew where to go. Fished salmon first off Natural Bridges for a limit, 10 and 14lbs, in 120' at 85otw, dodger/ bait. Done by 10. Ran inside to mile buoy to get some white meat. Bayside had fresh frozen...
  14. Derby

    SC Salmon 7/2-7/3 2017

    Went for pink. Sunday started around the hole only to get horse mackerel. When they say horse they mean it. 5-8lb fish. Got tired of them so ran inside Capitola to pound sand for butts. Ended up hooking three just legal salmon. So I put the rigger down again with salmon gear. Proceeded to catch...
  15. Derby

    Sonoma Ab Dive

    Spent the last five days at Ocean Cove. Dove three out of five days. Hangovers forced one lazy day and a few dives at high tide. But that didnt stop us. Took rubber boats south and found some good spots. With 10 divers we had a mix of 7-8"ers and quite a few over 9". 20' to 10' deep depending...
  16. Derby

    Yamaha T9.9 or F9.9 Lower Unit shaft length ?

    Anyone know what the dimension from cavitation plate to tip of drive shaft is for 9.9 Yamaha with Long Shaft? Trying to get a used one and getting mixed numbers from a guy. Can't wait to get home and measure mine. Guy is calling it a short shaft, but PN is long shaft. Dimension of said lower...
  17. Derby

    Tanner's first butt.

    Tanner's first halibut. Trolling squid. SC3 Capitola. 30lbs. I'm beat, more details later.
  18. Derby

    Thurs Vet Derby...

    With storms approaching i reached out to see if any guys John had from me Friday and Saturday could go early. Duke Frost, willing , ready and able met me at Moss at 0500. We trolled and trolled Canyon, Pajaro, Mulligans. It just never looked right. There were fish around but not much bait...
  19. Derby

    30th Annual Monterey Bay Disabled Veterans Wheelchair Salmon Derby

    This is not a report...yet. Looking for NorCal private boat owners to help volunteer for the Vet Derby this year. It's an awesome event. Staged out of Breakwater Cove Monterey, Saturday May 6th. Private skippers take out one to four ambulatory vets.....that means no wheelchairs....for a day...
  20. Derby

    Moss 4/1 Beautiful Day !!

    Fished Opener with Eli. Managed to be the second or third boat splashed around 0500hrs. So that was easy. The fishing, not so much. However, do to the killer weather, yes it laid down after the first blow around noon, we stayed and fished. Determined to get a fish apiece. Two cookie cutter 10...
  21. Derby

    Say it aint so....Chet is dead!

    Bill Paxton RIP!
  22. Derby

    Pacific Voyager 4-Day 8/19-8/23/2016

    Another stellar trip. Not a lot of pictures. When you're fishing you're fishing. Started at the 43 with the fleet Sat with steady pic of 20-25lb YFT. Everything on bait. Sunday was same spot but fish stayed deep. Sinker rigs and flatfalls were being fished. I put away the flatfall for a minute...
  23. Derby

    Accurate BX-500XN True Lefty

    True lefty BX-500XN with 300yds 50# Blue Cortland solid. Will get a photo later today. I should also have pit bull clamp as well regular clamp. $300. Cash or PayPal.
  24. Derby

    Tyrnos 12 II Bearing Dimensions

    Anyone know dimensions of the following Shimano PN. TGT 813 TGT 827 TGT 1161 I know I can take them out and measure.....just rather have the parts ready when I tear it open. I dont like leaving reels un-assembled...especially reels that are not mine.
  25. Derby

    Tiburon Clamp AND Cork Puppy?

    Anyone try using a cork puppy with Tib clamp for bait caster on DH rod? I'm using a Lexa 400 with a UC Monster. It works great! But on big fish the reel wobbles a bit. Thinking a 28 cork puppy might be the answer. I've already built up reel seat area with two extra layers of CT and x-wrap...
  26. Derby

    Interphase 180 SE Forward Scanning Sonar

    Forward Scan Sonar. Woops....not the 180SE version....Just the iScan 180. Head Unit w/ Sun Cover Black Box 2- Through-Hull Transducers Cables $500
  27. Derby


    You thought MPA's where bad. How about National Monuments? No discussion. Obama can use the Antiquities Act to designate Tanner and Cortes banks as National Marine Monuments
  28. Derby

    Navico Sonarhub with LSS transducer $400

    Navico Sonarhub with LSS transducer $400 Still connected to boat.....but dont use it. Add CHIRP to your system easy! Or use StructureScan at same time with your current Navico CHIRP system. $400
  29. Derby

    Simrad GS25 GPS/Heading Sensor Never Used

    Simrad GS25 GPS/Heading Sensor Never Used Perfect for radar overlay. Never used. $125
  30. Derby

    29th Annual Monterey Bay Wheelchair Salmon Derby

    Another one in the books. Weather was great! People were awesome! It was a good 3 days minus a fish or three. Pre-fished the Sandplant solo Thursday for two fish in 200'. Great! Friday, with my salty deckhand Dano, we headed to the same spot with our veterans Ed and John. We had action all...
  31. Derby

    Screw the Canvas/Eisenglass Guy...I'll do it Myself!!! least that's how I feel sometimes. I have a cuddy with a canvas top. I also have a few sheets of Makrolon laying around the shop. Wondering if anyone else has done it themselves. It, being installing ploy-carbonate sheets to enclose cockpit. Aluminum channel top and bottom. Maybe flat...
  32. Derby

    Muther F%cker! Now Prince is dead

    Unbelievable. Prince dead at 57. While he certainly was a strange cat....he was a great musician. RIP
  33. Derby

    Finally some Salmon At The Hole!!!

    Fished Saturday and Sunday 0500-1800hrs. Saturday was going to go quick, or so I thought. Had one on within 30 min. After a long fight, it spit the hook at the net. Now it was going to be a long day. Hours later I get one, a nice healthy buck at 32". Then another hour and the rod pumps. Bring...
  34. Derby

    Salmon Season Alternatives....Monterey Bay

    Now is the time to let PFMC know how you feel about salmon. See link:
  35. Derby

    Salmon Season Alternatives....Central Coast

    Now is the time to let PFMC know how you feel about salmon. See link:
  36. Derby

    Salmon Season Alternatives....Share your opinion with PFMC

    At the March PFMC meeting, the Council adopted three season alternatives for analysis. While the April 2 opener is set, the Council will adopt in April regulations for the balance of the season beginning May 1. In the Monterey region, Alternatives I and II are identical to the 2015 season: a...
  37. Derby

    2016 12th Annual Sand Crab Classic

    Signed up my niece and bro-inlaw to fish the Classic. Weather and tides not ideal but we pushed on anyway and had a boat load of fun. We all got dinks, but only Tom managed a keeper barred surf perch. Being his first ever tournament I encouraged him to enter it. Shitty never...
  38. Derby

    WTT/WTB 2012-2013 SS 6470H for Hercules 70H

    Have new like USA Factory made SS 6470H. Want Hercules SHS 70H-T of same vintage.
  39. Derby

    Navico/Lowrance Sonarhub w/ LSS2

    Sonarhub with down/sidescan transducer. Add CHIRP with purchase of additional transducer. $500
  40. Derby

    WTB: Jig Bag...Shimano or whatever.

    Looking for a jig bag. I think Shimano made one a while back. Square bag with plastic tubes and mesh on top and bottom to drain. PM if you have one....or your know a make and model. Thanks.
  41. Derby

    Another NorCal BFT

    Almost didn't fish. Last minute I hooked up the boat and set the alarm. Bass were supposed to be biting up the coast. Launched the boat at SC Harbor. Parked the truck. steering. Lucky, Todd had a few quarts of steering fluid and some tubing at Bayside. Was just going to put boat back...
  42. Derby

    WTB Seeker Pinhead TNT

    Looking for a Seeker Pinhead TNT in good shape. Maybe a real TNT? What do you have. I have a new Phenix M1 8'2" H I am trying to sell that I could trade +/- $$ I live in San Jose CA. So shipping is necessary if you don't live up here. PM is fine. Or reply to this.
  43. Derby

    Phenix M1 Inshore SMX-82H Casting Rod

    Phenix M1 Inshore SMX-82H Casting Rod Never Fished. Gone on a few boat rides. Bought in May this year. Can provide pics later. $170
  44. Derby

    Seeker Stealth 7' and 8' 20-25lb Rods

    Great Condition. STL-8020-8'CT 15-25lb $110 STL-7025-7'C 20-30lb $110 PayPal
  45. Derby

    Super Seeker SS-36

    Super Seeker 36 model. 8' DH model. Factory except removed huge but cap and installed a smaller one to fit in normal rocket launcher. Can have more pics later tonight. Condition 9-10 Cost $250 Paypal Preferred- if you want insured transaction you pay the 3%. Shipping your dime....I have all...
  46. Derby

    Any place that rents Gyros

    I know you can rent EPIRBs. Wondering if there is a place that rents Gyros?
  47. Derby

    Stay Afloat Saves the Day

    Last week fishing for butts with live bait the drain on my tanks got stepped on and snapped off. A quick thought and out comes the Stay Afloat. Cut out a peic the size of a golf ball, broke off the drain flush with tank and crammed in the solution. Worked like a charm. Was even able to get all...
  48. Derby

    BNIB Airmar B175M-20deg Transducer

    New, never installed Airmar B175M 20 deg tilted element through hull transducer. Has Garmin plug. For extra $50 I can change it to a Navico 8 pin(Simrad/Lowrance). Or, can provide pigtail and instructions which is a better way to go because you can pull cable easier and cut to length. $600...
  49. Derby

    Any Boats North of SD That Run 2-3 days?

    Usually just go to SD for annual 4-5day. Heading down in a week or so to get in on the early action. I only see boats running overnights out of Dana and LB. Are there any that do 2-3 nights that are worth it? With the fish close, it may not be worth it for the boat. Driving down, I'd like...
  50. Derby

    Need 3-5 Day Trip June 24 - July 2

    Myself and another are looking to get out on at least a 2.5 day. Could do more. Have cash and gear. Know what we are doing. If you got a limited load charter and need 2 more let me know. Open to any port in range of tuna. Almost any boat. PM for contact. Derby
  51. Derby

    Noyo Harbor 8/10

    Spent a week up in Mendo. Russian Gulch to be exact. A beautiful place to spend a week. In between diving for abs, eating and drinking I made time for some fishing. Towed the big boat up to see what the north coast has to offer. Larry met up with us right as we were hitting our stride...
  52. Derby

    Looking for Lefthanded StarDrag

    Reel capable of 15lb smooth drag and min 300yds 50lb braid with 5:1 or 6:1 ratio Do you have it? Narrow would be even better.
  53. Derby

    BX-500XN on a SS D8

    Purchased a fine BX 500XN here on BD that I was going to add to my Super Seeker D8 for surface iron and the like. Problem is it wont fit. The lugs are too narrow. Has anyone mounted to a DH style rod? AM I missing something? Or is a reel seat required for this reel? Thanks.
  54. Derby

    Additional Log In For Articles other then FaceSpace

    I dont use Facebook but sometimes would like to post comments in the articles you guys provide. Is it possible to add Gmail, Yahoo or other log in options?
  55. Derby

    Lowrance LSS1 Structure Scan $125

    Lowrance LSS1 Structure Scan $125 Used.....but still fully functional. Find bait balls or stumps 30-150' to port or starboard. Use the DownScan to see if that bait ball is a tree. Find rocks ledges bait and fish. I just upgraded to the SonarHub that has the new LSS embeded with single band...
  56. Derby

    Lowrance LSS1 Structure Scan $125

    Lowrance LSS1 Structure Scan $125. Used.....but still fully functional. Find bait balls or stumps 30-150' to port or starboard. Use the DownScan to see if that bait ball is a tree. Find rocks ledges bait and fish. I just upgraded to the SonarHub that has the new LSS embeded with single band...
  57. Derby

    WTB Seeker Pinhead TNT

    Looking for a new/used Pinhead TNT.
  58. Derby

    Furuno FCV-587 + TM260 Transducer and all the cables, manuals and box

    Used one year, Excellent machine but have to part. $1500 for the FCV, TM260 and Furuno MM cable. Retail well over $2000
  59. Derby

    Furuno FCV-587 + TM260 Transducer and all the cables, manuals and box

    Used one year, Excellent machine but have to part. $1500 for the FCV, TM260 and Furuno MM cable. Retail well over $2000
  60. Derby

    Simrad GS25

    Simrad GS25 heading sensor + more accurate GPS positioning Will work on any N2K network. $200 shipped.
  61. Derby

    SIMRAD GS25 Heading Sensor......BNIB

    So I was going to use this instead of the Lowrance Point1 I bought, but found the Lowrance a better fit for my boat. So now I have a Simrad GS25 BNIB for sale. $200 shipped. I'll even through in a Turk/Maretron N2K tee($30) to make it easy to integrate to your system. While the following says...
  62. Derby

    Shorline Delta Pacific Trailer?????

    So my trailer says it's a Shorline Delta Pacific. I am trying to contact the MFG but cant find any info on them, even if they ever existed. Anyone ever hear of them or that trailer?
  63. Derby

    Bent trailer frame.....need ideas

    So a long time ago, I swerved out of the way of some rodie cyclist on the wrong side of the road playing with his iPod. Ended up clipping a neighbors metal post on corner. In any event, Im looking into fixing or bending back to shape. Would like to do it myself with bottle jacks and the like...
  64. Derby

    Lowrance Point-1 BNIB

    Lowrance Point-1 Brand new in box. $175 FIRM Ship on your dime. PayPal or cash.
  65. Derby

    Lowrance Point 1 NIB

    Lowrance Point-1 Brand new in box. $175 FIRM Ship on your dime. PayPal or cash.
  66. Derby

    Build New Windshield????

    Wondering if there is a place that sells the channel to build a new windshield for my Cuddy. Right now the windshield leans back too far and I would like to have it a little higher. From what it looks like, all the channel is the same extrusion. I have the tools and means. Just need the...
  67. Derby

    Fuck Salmon...Make the Desert GREEN!!!!

    Boehner, R-Ohio, stood last week with the lawmakers in a dry field near Bakersfield to symbolize the political importance Republicans place on the issue. “When you come to a place by California, and you come from my part of the world, you just shake your head and wonder, what kind of nonsense...
  68. Derby

    Please get rid of EBAY FEEDS on NEW POST List

    I dont recall every seeing EBay Feeds on the old forum. They kind of get in the way.
  69. Derby

    Finally a Report. Been a while.

    Had a buddy up from Morro Bay who wanted some crab. Original plan was to meet in SC as he had a meeting down there. But decided to what till Saturday and drop in HMB. 6 pots in 180' baited with squid and salmon heads. Fished the hotel for two respectable limits of lings and a fat 8lb cab...
  70. Derby

    WTB 5'-6' Radar Stand

    Need a radar stand 5"-6" tall preferably for a Navico(Simrad,Lowrance,BG) 3G or 4G radar. Will to modify something else. thanks.
  71. Derby

    Captain Mark Oronoz of Pacific Voyager is one Bad Mutha Fucker

    Details to come. Too whipped to think. I will say above and beyond expectations for a Captain and Crew... No doubt about it, although we burned enough fuel for a 6 day trip. All to get us some fish. Unbelievable!!!!! THANKS MARK!!!! First day we started going the distance looking for...
  72. Derby

    Small knick in new SS 6480H

    Cutting open the packaging and mountain of bubble wrap on a new SS6480H, I managed to knick the rod a bit. At least I think it was me. It's a 3/8" long and looks to go just as deep as the clear coat. Looks like the blank is fine, hard to tell. Its between the third and fourth guide from the...
  73. Derby

    WTB LEXA 300 Power Handle

    WTB LEXA 300 Power Handle. Daiwa is out of stock. What to upgrade my reel. LEt me know if you got one or want to trade for a paddle handle.
  74. Derby

    WTB 40# Stick 8' DH like SS 6480H or Black Steal.

    Title says it all. Looking for Super Seeker 6480H or Black Steal version. Might consider other 8' DH 40lbers However I am not partial to Calstars unless they are cheap! Must be willing to ship. Let me know.
  75. Derby

    Kick Ass Boat....Not Mine But You'll want to buy it!!!!
  76. Derby

    Electric Start Kicker with ACR???

    So I have my boat all wired up with the new ACR and Combiner Switch from Blue Seas. Now I have an electric start kicker! I understand that the main engine will now charge the house battery when the starting battery is fully charged, or both batteries actually. Question is, do I install my...
  77. Derby

    Brand New In Box $600 Seastar Hydraulic Steering Kit HK 6400A

    Brand New In Box $600 Seastar Hydraulic Steering Kit HK 6400A. Comes with: HC 5345 Cylinder Front Mount HH 5271 Helm 2- HA5430 Oil Filler Kit Easy install kit Mounting Hardware Oil Instructions NO Hydraulic Lines....those price out around $100 on EBay...
  78. Derby

    Makaira SEa Lefty

    So, when can I stop dreaming about a lefty? a true lefty!
  79. Derby

    Building New Fuel Tank....???

    So, I am close to needing a new fuel tank. Considering the costs, about $7-9/gallon, and the size of my tank, 85 gallons, it makes more sense to build my own. It helps that my cousin in-law used to build aluminuim boats in Seattle and is now a welding inspector down here in my area. We're...
  80. Derby

    Not mine but I wish Beautifule Luhrs Sportfish $7500

    <section id="postingbody"> I keep seeing this boat and wonder why it's still for sale. It looks to be in great shape! Again, not mine, but maybe some of you down south would enjoy it. 25 FOOT LUHRS OPEN SPORT FISH,,,INBOARD SHAFT DRIVE,,250 HP,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,GPS ,FISH FINDER,,ELECTRIC...
  81. Derby

    2013 26th Annual Wheelchair Salmon Derby

    The time has come for another Vet Derby. Some of you may already know about this but others may not. It's worth passing along. Every year Monterey Bay Veterans Inc puts on two fishing derbies. One salmon and on rock-fish. Come April 27th it's time for the salmon derby. All volunteers are...
  82. Derby

    Radar Arch/Tower???

    Anyone have experience with radar arches? These seem to be the cheapest I have found. And looking at the pictures, it doesn't look that bad. I know you get what you pay for. It's just that my boat is not worth a $1200-$1500 tower. As far as the rigidity of a 6...
  83. Derby

    Anyone Missing a Honda 7.5hp

    I found this ad in SF CL. It looks like the serial numbers are fudged. Take a look.
  84. Derby

    Issues updating Navionics P+ Cards

    Is any one else have the same difficulty updating their charts? Man I have tried everything. It seems the app will not connect to the store sign in. If I copy the link and force the store to open I cant register because it says my email is invalid. HORRIBLE website and application they have...
  85. Derby

    53MILLION$$$ Surplus as the parks dpt closes parks!!!!

    This is unF'Nbelievable..... The director of California's state parks department resigned, her deputy was fired and the state attorney general launched an investigation Friday after state officials said the agency hid a surplus of $53 million over the past 12 years - even as budget cuts...
  86. Derby

    What a weekend!

    Spent the weekend at the folks in Aptos with some fishing in Sunday and Monday. Sunday, had a good one going early in the AM only to spit the hook again on the damn WMA. Nothing but a boat ride the rest of the day till the fans turned on around noon. Monday, run back to the east...
  87. Derby

    Another Mainlander Looking for Ride Around Kauai

    Heading over to south side mid October. I've done the charter stuff many times. I'm just wondering if there are any private boats willing to share. Plenty experience, willing to chip in on everything. Can go out any day, anytime I'm there, Oct18-25. Also willing to bring over any fishing...
  88. Derby

    25th Annual Monterey Bay Wheelchair Salmon Derby

    25th Annual Monterey Bay Veteran Wheelchair Salmon Derby We were honored to have Rich Davis a 30 yr Army vet onboard Barba-Lew yesterday at the Derby. What a guy and what an event. It was awesome to see so many veterans from all over California, Washington and even some from Colorado assemble...
  89. Derby

    SC Salmon C&R

    It was murder at the Hole(49/00) this weekend. We couldn't keep the fish off the hook. After catching and keeping one 10lber I C&R'd four 8-10lbers looking for a larger model to beat the 15lb mark set by the Morro Bay Farmers Insurance Agent. All of this in a span of a few hours. The...
  90. Derby

    At least I made the paper....

    Fished the Hole on the opener to start. 7 am to 11 only had a a few take downs and one barely legal that lived to see another day. Then headed to where all the action was. After 10 min at Mulligans had another 24.25" fish that my mate decided to keep. I think I would have too at that point...
  91. Derby

    HDS Transducer Setup?

    When selecting the transducer on the setup menu while using the stock 50/200 is it the Generic 50/200 or one of the Airmar ones? What is the best aftermarket transducer for the HDS unit, both transom and through-hull?
  92. Derby

    Crab Thieves!!!

    Please read! Bastards!!!! Yes...I like pickled herring! But even more, I hate thieves!!!!
  93. Derby

    How Does Clutch Dog Ratchet?

    I just replaced the shaft housing on my M140A2 and have everything back together ready for pressure tests. I checking the shifting I realized that while in forward or reverse I cannot turn the prop any direction. In neutral it spins free. I'm trying to figure out how the mechanizim allows the...
  94. Derby

    Pelican Case Model 1740

    $200 Brand new Pelican case Outside Dimensions: 44.16"L x 16.09"W x 14.00"D Inside Dimensions: 40.98"L x 12.92"W x 12.13"D Lid / Base Split: 3.17"Lid / 9.75"Base Waterproof, dustproof if your looking at this you know what it is. The foam is intact, never cut...
  95. Derby

    HDS Deep Water Trolling Setup???

    I have an HDS8 with the transom 50/200 ducer and side scan. When offshore I cant seem to get any signals. I have it set at 50hz, deep water, have tried the fast trolling mode too. I either get just the surface, meaning the auto depth just reads 1-5 feet, or if I choose a manual depth, I get...
  96. Derby

    Some fun on Saturday

    It was a long day that started to look bleak. However, some fun was had Saturday. Regardless, it was fun to fish with friends this weekend. 13lbs 32"
  97. Derby

    Second Seabass in one weekend!!!

    Managed a good couple days on the water last weekend. Saturday picked up a 10lb ghost and Sunday hit the mother load. 40lbs of greatness!!! Thanks for the heads up. You know who you are!
  98. Derby

    20lbs of The Other White Meat

    Fished Capitola again yesterday for a little redemption as last week it seemed I was the only one smelling stinky. Bait was a little hard to find. Managed 10 sardines after an hour looking. Set up in 50' between Jack's place and the Point. First drop those little F'n octopus wasted my baits...
  99. Derby

    Looking for some help

    I have been saving up some cash to purchase 2 new GFGR 800L's. It's taking some time considering the price tag. What would it cost to have some custom made rods using same blank? I am a function over fashion type of guy so not really looking for flashy threads or all the other really nice...
  100. Derby

    Looking for used railing

    Not a Report. Although I did fish Sunday at Capitola for a few short butts. Seems I was the only one left short Sunday in that area. Anyone around the Bay know were to find some used railing and fittings? Not concerned to much about perfect fit as I can modify. Looking for railing 6-18"...
  101. Derby

    Independance Day Flatty

    I'm burnt! Spent the last few days chasing flatties and stripers in Capitola. First day for nothing. Tons of bait around. Beautiful weather. Had a big take down drifting for butts and a good run fly-lining for stripers in the morning. Neither took. July 4th, went out again for a little...
  102. Derby

    Weekend Flatty and Striper Action Plan

    Looking to spend a few days this weekend floating around New Brighton. Any word on the Stripers? Still Here? In Numbers? Thanks. Anyone else going out? Derby Out!
  103. Derby

    NORCAL Roll Call!!!

    I'm curious to know if there are really more then a handful of us on this BD. I mean, I see stickers and jackets at the marina. What's the point representing if you dont even use it? I know this is predominately a southern thing. But it would be nice to see a charter similar to the PNW guys...
  104. Derby

    Looking for older Cannon Mag10A Motors

    I am on the hunt for some replacement motors for my Mag10A's. They use the older Duro motors, pn 1258000. Anyone know where to find them? Been searching with no luck. I'm hoping someone knows of a place that keeps stock of old replacement parts. Thanks.
  105. Derby

    Cannon Mag10A Motors

    I am on the hunt for some replacement motors for my Mag10A's. They use the older Duro motors, pn 1258000. Anyone know where to find them? Been searching with no luck. I'm hoping someone knows of a place that keeps stock of old replacement parts. Thanks.
  106. Derby

    Davenport Splitter

    Fished Saturday and Sunday up near Davenport in 320-350' of water. Lots of bait and some pigs. Saturday's 31" 13lber caught on a solo run 160'otw. Sundays 37" 18lber 180'otw fishing with a salmon newbie from BloodyDecks. All fish caught on my Jimi Hendrix Special in the first...
  107. Derby

    Looking for cooler/storage seats

    I am having a hard time finding cooler/storage seats for my cuddy. The seat boxes would be installed with the long dimension for and aft. Not side to side like a center console would use. Hoping to find something to mount swivel seats on the front and a padded lift up seat in the back for...
  108. Derby

    Might Need A Hand

    Got some buddies coming up from down south for a little luck at the hole. It's possible they may leave Saturday. I would like to get out Sunday as well. Especially due to the weather. Anyone want a ride. I must say it is not guaranteed,they could stay or the weather could turn again, but could...
  109. Derby

    pin drop

    Sure is quiet around here. I would have thought there would be a little buzz considering the salmon opener this weekend. Hmmm.... Perhaps you're trying to squash the hype in hopes that the ramps wont be a mess this weekend? Not going to happen. Good luck, be safe, don't forget to crimp your...
  110. Derby

    Box Anchor by Slide Anchor

    Any of you guys use a Box anchor? I used them on my lake boats and in my opinion they are the best anchor suited for that application. Question is, how do they work in the big pond? Any thoughts? Here is a link...
  111. Derby

    trophy 2301wa twin outboards cuddy walk around - $8000

    ANother boat for you guys. I think it's a good deal, pending hull and motor condition, but I just bought a boat myself. trophy 2301wa twin outboards cuddy walk around - $8000 (los gatos) <hr> Date: 2011-02-02, 2:31PM PST Reply to: [email protected] <sup>[Errors when...
  112. Derby

    O/B and I/O Props Half Off

    All new O/B & I/O propellers in stock 40% off list. Also have used SS props,sold as is. RTK Propeller in San Leandro. 510-357-3480 Great guy. I just bought two new SOLAS props SHIPPED for $127. He's closing his doors and leting everything go at cost. OK maybe it's just %40 off. <!-- START...
  113. Derby

    19' Radon 30K

    If you are interested. I sure am! Just do not have the funds. CL Bay Area: 19ft. Radon fishing/crab/abalone boat Best deal around. 19ft. Radon super clean comes with electronic pot hauler and #3 32inch crab pots. Rare 19 ft. Radon: Brand new mercruiser engine with less than 80 hours. Volvo...