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  1. Shark Meat

    201# Cow at SCI 7/26

    Awesome congrats!
  2. Shark Meat

    American Angler 14 Day Calstar Trip - Hurricane Bank

    Alan, that's awesome! Congrats on a great trip. We'll see you Sunday. Mike
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    First time my boat catalina

    Wait, what are we doing again?
  4. Shark Meat

    Ok, more than just a deer

    Big 'un
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    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    To me this is simply a matter of respect! Although it is merely a symbol, I will continue to respect this symbol of our great nation and honor the sacrifices of those that have sworn to protect it. Tragically, I have already lost count of all my friends who have fallen in its defense --...
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    182 9/8

    DAMN! Nice haul
  7. Shark Meat

    Toronado 8/30/16

    Why do people feel the need to completely shit on another man's post when he was once excited and merely wanted to share his report and good fortune with everyone? Simply say thank you or good catch and move on. Congrats on your catch.
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    Tuna Jihad Cow tippin' - 9/1

    DAMN! That doesn't suck either. Congrats
  9. Shark Meat

    SCI YFT/BFT 8/28-8/29

    Great story! Nicely done -- congrats
  10. Shark Meat

    They're out there!

    Hang on, let me write that down. Okay got it! Thanks
  11. Shark Meat

    Make A Wish Fish

    Outstanding trip!
  12. Shark Meat

    Epic Tuna fishing on the big bertram.

    Wow! Looks like a great trip!
  13. Shark Meat

    And it keeps getting better.....big yellowfin and more bluefin

    Well, it looks like you're getting the hang of it... geez
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    8/27 Not a Bluefin...

    That's just a sunburned Mola Mola? If it spends too much time near the surface it gets really bright red as an indication that the meat has spoiled! Trash fish! The only thing you can do is put it on ice immediately and call me so I can dispose of it properly. I'll come by and pick it up...
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    Islander 8/23-26...Karma?

    Nicely done! Congrats
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    Islander Seeker Open 8/20-8/23

    Sounds like a successful trip!
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    Got one

    Holy the COW again!
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    Repeal the latest gun laws

    Can someone please confirm if this is true... if it is then waiting may be the best option to delay these stupid laws from taking effect and provide the greatest impact.
  19. Shark Meat

    Repeal the latest gun laws

    I know that MANY of my friends WILL sign. This is important people! Don't think this is just an NRA thing -- this is a complete and unconstitutional overreach that was pushed through with NO CHANCE of opposition. Let your voices be heard for once. It may be your last chance to do so. I for...
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    Smoked Brisket Method From a Pit Master

    Looks delicious! I'm in...
  21. Shark Meat

    Stowaway, Granday 2 day Aug 12-13

    "Wait, what? This isn't my boat?" That's weird!
  22. Shark Meat

    Bluefin tuna and big spearfish???

    Coolio -- again nice work if you can get it.
  23. Shark Meat

    200 lber on the Flatfall - Eclipse Aug 13-14

    I am cringing sympathetically and vicariously
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    Got. Two

    Well that doesn't suck! Congrats
  25. Shark Meat

    Flying the Kite on 8-10-16

    That's awesome! Congrats
  26. Shark Meat

    Bluefin off North San Clemente

    Bummer! hate to see them lost in the end.
  27. Shark Meat

    Thursday and Friday 8/12 and 8/13

    Good deal. First trip and you are already way ahead.
  28. Shark Meat

    Overnight boats killing cows

    Man you gotta like that!
  29. Shark Meat

    First local super cow bluefin

    DAMN nice catch! Congrats
  30. Shark Meat

    Adrianna 1 and done 302

    Wow great story! It is all in the delivery... tune in next week to see how it all turns out... same fish time... same fish channel. Nice catch
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    CONDOR Yellow Trifecta Trainwreck 8/2

    One hell of a trip from the looks of it. Congrats
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    Got one 8/3

    What dreams are made of... congrats.
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    6th trip for BFT and no love

    We could use a little bit of luck and good fortune as well, because all we've seen lately is flashes from their middle fins as they foam through us this season.
  34. Shark Meat

    time to fish

    Very sorry to hear of your tremendous loss. I cannot imagine losing a child -- I too have sons who are my avid fishing buddies. Heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to you and your entire family. Cancer is horrible and has taken way too many... way too early as many here can attest. All...
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    Chief 2.5 Day – July 21-24, 2016

    Looks like a great trip! Beats my slow day at work.
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    1 school, 3 bites, 1 fish landed

    Thanks for the info -- I still have to swap out the hooks too. Any photos would help tremendously.
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    My first Cow Tuna Locally and a royal ass kicking.

    Man, you gotta like that. Great story... congrats
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    Oceanside 7/22. Big Bluefin

    That's awesome! Congrats
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    YT on Patty off of OSIDE. Need some advice

    Ray, Pick a good weather day. Leave yourself many outs, safeties and backups. Maintain close and constant communication with other boaters especially a buddy who can keep an eye on you. Be prepared to stay out longer than you ever expected so bring lights, extra batteries, backup handheld...
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    Only need 2 hours in Guatemala!

    That's an awesome pic was that yours Tony?
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    Smoked Brisket Method From a Pit Master

    I need to try that recipe too -- Sounds good! Thanks
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    Running and Gunning or Slow and Steady?

    Step 1: Locate the fish! Recognize subtle signs of life: A. Actual fish presenting themselves... Jumping, breaking, foaming, finning, puddling, etc. B. Birds working -- terns are by far the best indicator (other birds not quite as good) C. Dolphins actively feeding D. Whales or bait in the...
  43. Shark Meat


    Unfortunately, we haven't caught a damn thing this season thus far
  44. Shark Meat

    Okuma Rod and Reel Giveaway!

    Unfortunately, this is the best thing that we've caught this year...
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    July Marlin

    Nice pic
  46. Shark Meat

    Chris Craft Scorpion Rebuild

    Nice work all around!
  47. Shark Meat

    Ascension Island July 2016 ( Land of the giant )

    Looks like one hell of a trip. Great pics!
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    New World Record Wahoo- 182lbs!

    Damn! Nice hoo... congrats
  49. Shark Meat

    Sunday Chasing Bluefin

    Welcome to the world of BLUEFIN insanity and frustration!
  50. Shark Meat

    7/16 - BFT Foamers All Alone

    Holy Cow! Very exciting... congrats
  51. Shark Meat

    Bull Mahi in OC

    Nice work all!
  52. Shark Meat

    My pb on the New Lo An 235lbs

    Awesome Fish! Congrats. "It is amazing how strong these fish are!!!! They just don't want to eat any bait. I had one shot to throw a pooper at them but that was it." I am hesitant to throw poopers because I fear the fish will taste like shit. But whatever works I guess.
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    425 dorado

    Nice ones Ron
  54. Shark Meat

    ISLANDER hunts for Bluefin

    Nice outing. I like it!
  55. Shark Meat

    A Shark almost ate Keith Poe

    You can probably already smell it from shore right now, since it is working its way down the coast and will be off San Diego in no time.
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    Pig Bluefin ToadsToadsonly style

    Nice work if you can get it.
  57. Shark Meat

    Giant Bluefin just weighed in Oceanside 262 #

    Beautiful Fish! Definitely a fish of a lifetime. Love the video of the strike too. Good to know that you can bring a quality monster like that on a Trinidad 40, although I only have 30's. I may have missed it, but what strength line did you have for your mainline? Congratulations on your...
  58. Shark Meat

    7/9-182- BFT

    Just awesome!
  59. Shark Meat

    Sleeping Tuna 7/5 @43 -226

    Just fishnet ass-less chaps!
  60. Shark Meat

    Sleeping Tuna 7/5 @43 -226

    Good! They'll be in schools living off their parents until they weigh 400 lbs and they will be easier to catch with just Cheetos and Red Bull colored lures.
  61. Shark Meat

    Tough day 209 to 181 7/1... Then stuff got real BADDDD

    I feel your pain -- that really sucks HARD! I have a neighbor who still puts notes on our and our friends vehicles threatening to have them towed when they park next to the curb in front of her house for just a couple hours; she has egged my truck twice now for LEGALLY parking on the street...
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    Between 302 and 371 7/03/2016

    Well that doesn't suck. Congrats
  63. Shark Meat

    WSB still?

    Man you gotta like Some-a-dat!
  64. Shark Meat

    San Diego June 2016 (West Coast Style)

    Nice work and great pics to show for it too.
  65. Shark Meat

    Rpt.-Sat.- 1.5 day trip on the Relentless.

    Bummer Cory, but don't feel singled out as the only one carrying the "White Stripe of Shame". We keep getting their middle fin too. Next time
  66. Shark Meat

    3.5 day report on Sea Adventure 80

    Holy COW! Nicely done... I want one!
  67. Shark Meat

    Between 302 and 371 7/03/2016

    Wow 30 mins on 30 lbs that's incredible -- did it just jump into the boat or impale itself on a gaff? Nice work.
  68. Shark Meat

    One the craziest days ever. Monday 6/27 report

    She sounds like very good luck. I'd bring her more often. A very nice day indeed in flat seas too.
  69. Shark Meat

    My first swordfish

    Well that doesn't suck. Nice work!
  70. Shark Meat

    Ripped off!

    Like I said; time to "git a rope"
  71. Shark Meat

    Mission bay marina boats being robbed.

    Time to "Git a rope"
  72. Shark Meat

    What a difference...

    Man that's awesome! Congrats
  73. Shark Meat

    Most dangerous offshore experience

    Nope always Hornets and just for the record USS Midway never had Tomcat or S-3 squadrons as part of her airwing. Also added a couple more to the list above.
  74. Shark Meat

    Most dangerous offshore experience

    Reading these has brought back some repressed memories of dangerous offshore experiences... mostly "sea-stories" really and some that I know you didn't really intend when you asked. You spend enough time on the water and you develop your own set of experiences -- hopefully they are all...
  75. Shark Meat

    Bluefin Viewing Trip Report Wed 6/15

    Next time better luck. Thanks for the report.
  76. Shark Meat


    NICE WORK... congrats!
  77. Shark Meat

    BFT Tuesday 6/15

    Man that is awesome! Congrats
  78. Shark Meat

    Bluefin 371 5/29

    Damn Gents! I just saw this... Holy cow nice work! I still need to get out and float check my boat. Hopefully soon. Congrats!
  79. Shark Meat

    Rpt.-Wed.- 06-08-16 Chasing Big Blue!

    Sounds like one hell of a trip at least you guys landed one! I still need to float check my boat... looks like it's time.
  80. Shark Meat

    OPAH on the WET-O's

    Man that's awesome... you gotta like that
  81. Shark Meat

    16th Annual After Thanksgiving Halibut Classic results & photos!

    Outstanding work all around. Congrats and nice photos too
  82. Shark Meat

    Tuna sandwiches for Cristmas 11/29/15

    Holy Cow! Nice near-December Tuna.
  83. Shark Meat

    Limits on YFT Most Impressive Boil of the Season

    GOOD LORD! If only every trip was like this. I'm ready to go again.
  84. Shark Meat

    A fueler and his dock are soon parted

    See Heymon you even painted that as just another fun boat ride and another great day to be on the water without using ANY gas. If you dropped a couple lines in under tow you could even paint it as a very successful fishing trip. It doesn't sound so bad -- Nice work!
  85. Shark Meat

    Coronados Friday

    Just WOW! Mid November even.
  86. Shark Meat

    Aggressive cattle boat capts.

    What would these guys do if they lost their Capt's licenses? Their livelyhoods? Their esteemed professions they worked so hard to achieve? Is it worth it? Perhaps they do not immediately recognize the potential repercussions of their actions and poor behavior. Would you like them to be your...
  87. Shark Meat

    Mexican Navy puts fisherman in jail!

    It appears that the entire lure was repeatedly swallowed (hooks and all) during some effective internet trolling!
  88. Shark Meat

    Note to self: Don't hoop during a thunder storm

    Cool Pic! Lucky you weren't raided by PIRATES afterward!
  89. Shark Meat

    Walkaround Half Cab Build

    Looking good now get 'er wet
  90. Shark Meat

    We're doomed

    So does this mean that I can expect to catch opah, wahoo, cow tuna, short billed spearfish, black and blue marlin off of La Jolla Island next year too? Cool!
  91. Shark Meat

    10/31, STRIKE, Swing and a Miss for a HOOO!

    Sounds exactly like my experience fishing for wahoo. I feel your pain. Next time
  92. Shark Meat

    Went The Wrong Way

    ^^ Us too... for no joy.
  93. Shark Meat

    Helmet today, 31 Oct.

    Good gettin' out Max -- next time!
  94. Shark Meat

    2 Days, Beautiful Weather, Flat Seas, But.....only 10 small Doritos

    We must have been one of the boats on paddies with nothing to boast. Nice day none-the-less!
  95. Shark Meat

    Every now and then a blind squirrel finds a nut or a Wahoo

    NICE! Bastards keep stealing my tackle, so you are very lucky indeed. Congrats
  96. Shark Meat

    43 to SW of 371. Total Epic Ending

    We heard all that and more out there yesterday. We could feel your stoke. Congrats all around -- truly an AWESOME DAY on the water. Wish we joined you.
  97. Shark Meat

    Finally got it. 9th Inning Wahoo 10/26/2015

    Wow, both excited for you and bummed for you at the same time and I think we saw you out there on Monday. Congrats on your catch.
  98. Shark Meat

    10/26 upper nine

    Congrats on your catches recently. I talked to you out there late in the day while working in close proximity, but with only limited success in comparison. Good deal.
  99. Shark Meat

    Stolen boat Dana point embarcadero

    I love stories with happy endings!
  100. Shark Meat

    SWORDFISH! 10/24

    Congratulations that is just awesome! Nice fish!
  101. Shark Meat

    Tenacious Wahoo Finally

    Simply AWESOME! Scott. Very happy for you. Congrats and see you soon. Mike
  102. Shark Meat

    Bad News

    That sucks, hope you get 'em back -- all of 'em.
  103. Shark Meat

    Another friend on his way home from the warzone...

    Very sorry for your loss Bubba!
  104. Shark Meat

    Not a great day, but a cool one especially for mid-October. Tackle thieves!

    Thanks Alan, I will that would be awesome! Thanks for that Scott, I will try it.
  105. Shark Meat

    10/20 Catalina Wahoo!

    Awesome, Nice work!
  106. Shark Meat

    This season really THAT good

    Out best season ever for exotics!
  107. Shark Meat

    Stolen boat Dana point embarcadero

    I say get-a-rope! I hope he resists too when they find him. Good luck with its return completely intact and unharmed.
  108. Shark Meat

    Diving with GIANT Lobsters

    MONSTERS! Put a saddle on some of those and ride 'em back up to the surface.
  109. Shark Meat

    Another friend on his way home from the warzone...

    Another perspective from our counterparts from the UK via BBC: I have honestly lost count... TOO DAMN MANY!
  110. Shark Meat

    Wahoo 6 mi from MB- live report

    Very nice and in realtime! Congrats. You got any numbers Skip? j/k
  111. Shark Meat


    Nice! Those are bigger ones and they glow... probably due to the higher radiation!
  112. Shark Meat

    Hoo Heartbreak

  113. Shark Meat

    Wahoo 4 Miles From San Diego

    Nocturnal 'HOO now in the ZOO. I may have to fish 24/7!
  114. Shark Meat

    Fucking Stan......

  115. Shark Meat

    Quadruple bypass surgery

    All the best in recovery!
  116. Shark Meat

    my dad needs your help

    Congrats nice work!
  117. Shark Meat

    What I Do Sometimes When Not Fishing

    YIKES! I too have the scars, plate and screws as evidence... Be careful out there!
  118. Shark Meat

    Wife has Cancer. . . . . This won't be a short read with pics!

    Puts life in perspective real quick! Continued positive hopes and prayers for successful treatment and cure. I too have experience, unfortunately. All the best, Mike
  119. Shark Meat

    Sept. 5th will never be the same

    Wow OUTSTANDING EFFORT performed with utmost dignity and respect for a friend by a true friend. I commend you. Nothing but respect. Did I already say WOW!
  120. Shark Meat

    Another friend on his way home from the warzone... On their final leg home to the states... shortly after takeoff... with the Squadron's 90th Anniversary Reunion just a couple weeks away... Very sad! Heartfelt condolences go out to all the Devils...
  121. Shark Meat

    Win A Free Pair Of Sunglasses-Costa

    I signed up too! Thank you.
  122. Shark Meat

    Local outlet for camo clothing?

    My son tells me there is an ARMY / NAVY surplus in El Cajon.
  123. Shark Meat

    Shogun/Bob Sands Tackle 8 day report

    Great "how-to" info, thanks
  124. Shark Meat


    ... or a cyclist, or a celebrity or a Kardassian even!
  125. Shark Meat

    Sat 10-17 Pt Loma Fishing Report

    Nice work Mike and crew. It was rough out there Saturday, but from the looks of CDIP Swell model, glad we weren't out yesterday! Holy cow!
  126. Shark Meat

    Not a great day, but a cool one especially for mid-October. Tackle thieves!

    We left before finding still hoping to see a report and picture posted. There is a grander out there, bring 'er in.
  127. Shark Meat

    Not a great day, but a cool one especially for mid-October. Tackle thieves!

    Thanks Alan, I may actually have one of those that I need to re-rig for wahoo! See you on Sunday.
  128. Shark Meat

    Not a great day, but a cool one especially for mid-October. Tackle thieves!

    Great info Scott, thanks. I will try that, but what wire do you use?
  129. Shark Meat

    Wahoo on 209

    Very nice! Congrats
  130. Shark Meat

    Tailwalker Sportfishing Wahoo!

    Nice work Rich and thanks for all the help. See you out there again soon. Take care, Mike
  131. Shark Meat

    What would you do?

    Well said Erik, and thanks.
  132. Shark Meat

    Not a great day, but a cool one especially for mid-October. Tackle thieves!

    They don't seem to like my regular sized hooks, so I'm having trouble introducing them to the Gaff sized hook. My backup is a pair of pliers, though just in case. I've learned from the best. Thanks I am not done trying. Heard you out there workin' the tourney -- next year I'm in... once I...
  133. Shark Meat

    Cortez.. Anything biting right now?

    At least there won't be any boat pressure if you go now!
  134. Shark Meat

    Any Whoo, My WHOOO 10/18/15

    Man you gotta like that. Congrats
  135. Shark Meat

    Late Wahoo report for 10/17

    Wowza! Congrats we were right there too. Damn!
  136. Shark Meat

    What would you do?

    Joe, this is only my personal opinion, but I have STRONG feelings from both perspectives -- bottom line it is about respect, trust, and common courtesy: 1. We have been stepped on and shutdown way too many times to count by the ignorant (including Sport boats) after finding that sole...
  137. Shark Meat

    10/18/2015 finally caught my wahoo

    That's simply awesome! Congrats
  138. Shark Meat

    Double Wahoo HeartBreak

    I know how you feel -- frustrating isn't it?
  139. Shark Meat

    2015 "West Coast Wahoo Challenge" Results!!

    Nice work all. Hopefully with some real first hand experience we will participate in next year's tourney, but right now we just suck at wahoo fishing! Still trying though.
  140. Shark Meat

    Not a great day, but a cool one especially for mid-October. Tackle thieves!

    EDITED: Added photo of the Big Blue Marlin (hope the angler doesn't mind... will remove if needed)
  141. Shark Meat

    Why Wahoo Are Hard to Catch

    Very cool vid. Did you happen to find any of my lures as you were cutting it up?
  142. Shark Meat

    Two Wahoo 10/17 at the 9 on the line

    Wow, nice and I was right there too. Damn! Congrats on your TWO HOO
  143. Shark Meat

    Not a great day, but a cool one especially for mid-October. Tackle thieves!

    Saturday 17 October 2015 Skipped getting bait with sights set on trolling or jigging for Wahoo with newly purchased can't miss Wahoo gear. We set out the trollers before first grey at the border of the 9 mile bank heading North in sloppy seas. It was lumpy heading up hill! My son Steve...
  144. Shark Meat

    OC Wahoo on a bass setup!

    Holy cow! Congrats, all I was able to bring in with that same colt sniper were tunitas.
  145. Shark Meat

    Prowler Overnight 10.17

    Damn there are some hogs mixed in there
  146. Shark Meat

    Possible New California State Record Wahoo??

    Cool, let's see it.
  147. Shark Meat

    29 wahoo on the Legend

    DAMN! I want one of those pesky wahoo!
  148. Shark Meat

    Center Cut full story

    Holy COW! That is some scary shit! Glad everyone is okay. My heart fell and hit my spleen the minute I saw those pictures -- it is exactly the same feeling I got when I discovered that my buddy forgot to latch the hitch (locking mechanism straight up) after towing and launching the boat! I...
  149. Shark Meat

    Father Daughter Hunt

    Good deal congrats. Nice work all around.
  150. Shark Meat

    Best mono line for saltwater???

    Pink ANDE! I am a big fan since landing our most memorable fish and personal bests on remarkably light line: = 45-50lbs BFT; 60-70lb YFT, and two 140+ lbs Striped Marlin on 25lb Pink ANDE = 130lb Swordfish on 40lb Pink ANDE (from a dead boat within an hour and ten minutes) I firmly believe...
  151. Shark Meat

    Solo run 10/13...What was I thinking!

    Well, that doesn't suck! Nice solo work if you can get it. Congrats
  152. Shark Meat

    Place to buy trailer tires?

    I just got mine at Discount Tire Center. Good to go!
  153. Shark Meat

    Guess WHOO just scored #2!!!

    Nice pics and the gaff actually worked!
  154. Shark Meat

    first wahoo...............second and third wahoo

    Very very nice. I'm still trying for numero uno ono! Congrats.
  155. Shark Meat

    Osborn Tuna and Catalina Wahoo

    Holy cow, continued success.
  156. Shark Meat

    Whales, YFT and Wahoo Weekend 10-10,11

    Awesome images to capture an awesome day on the water, congrats
  157. Shark Meat

    Wahoo @ 178

    Hell yeah, I would be stoked too.
  158. Shark Meat

    Hoo dat hoo dat

    Holy cow, nice job -- very lucky indeed.
  159. Shark Meat

    10/10/2015 - oh sh*t

    Damn, that looks painful! Glad good people were there to help you out. I too should get some bolt cutters to leave on board. Now go out and get your 'hoo.
  160. Shark Meat

    Guess WHOO just scored #2!!!

    Damn! Now you're just showing off... congrats on #2.
  161. Shark Meat

    Hoo's your daddy!

    Well that doesn't suck. Congrats again.
  162. Shark Meat

    That was one hell of a fish and one very long day!

    Thanks -- you would think that would be a complete list yet there remain many more methods I was completely unaware of, like the one described below. It just goes to prove that there is still much to learn when it comes to fishing. Nope, but I may. Sounds delicious.
  163. Shark Meat

    70 lb. Wahoo

    Wow a nice one congrats
  164. Shark Meat

    Warning! Don't bring a knife to a gun fight

    It DID happen to me earlier this season, but it only took my landing net with it. Like Lynndeva West Marine bought back ALL the rod holders and even replaced my net. Very nice of them I thought. Fortunately, it didn't disappear with my Tiagra 50LRS and Calstar trolling rod setup which was...
  165. Shark Meat

    49.7 lbs OF PURE US WATERS STOKE!!!!!

    Through determination and perseverance... Congratulations, Mike on your successful effort completing the mission and more importantly you did it without breaking anything, going MOB, or falling out of the tower. Outstanding! Nice work and nice 'Hoo. I knew you would get one.
  166. Shark Meat

    Hoo's your daddy!

    Wow that's awesome! You know that is very close to the CA State record.
  167. Shark Meat

    Cortez Bank 10/7

    Yellow Anal Fin = YFT Silver or White Anal Fin = BFT
  168. Shark Meat

    That was one hell of a fish and one very long day!

    I will Rich and thanks again. Take care, Mike
  169. Shark Meat

    Rpt.-2 day ending 10-07-15 on the First String!

    Nice work Cory. Looks like a nice trip
  170. Shark Meat

    Cortez Bank 10/7

    Holy cow, nice one Jerry
  171. Shark Meat

    Tuesday Morning Wahoo

    Nice pics... congrats
  172. Shark Meat

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    Jeff, when I bought my EZLoader trailer it arrived with an oil bath system for lubricating hubs/bearings. The system does not use grease, or bearing buddies, but regular lower unit type oil, which is injected into the hub and keeps the bearings constantly lubricated. The dust cover is replaced...
  173. Shark Meat

    Calico Bass Fishing & Rescue - VIDEO

    Really nice save, still funny as hell. Nice work!
  174. Shark Meat

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    Great effort to get "the out of towners" on some fish, albeit, painful. Had a similar experience with a bearing on I-5 years ago. I echo your frustration.
  175. Shark Meat

    F me here we go again. Oregon shooting

    And I can see the headlines now if he did: "Filled with bloodlust a crazed NRA fueled CCW card carrying member and gun nut shot and killed a young exuberant peace loving voter, constituent and fellow Democrat with his concealed automatic assault weapon filled with well over ten rounds of cop...
  176. Shark Meat

    This whoo is for you dad! Hell yeah!

    Holy Cow Debi, that's awesome! Just proves that some of the most memorable fishing trips are completely unplanned. Congratulations on your feat -- definitely difficult one to match. Good gaff shot btw -- too bad it didn't help in the long run. Very Very LUCKY indeed! I like it and I want...
  177. Shark Meat

    Strike 2HOO

    Bummer Mike. Next time...
  178. Shark Meat

    10/3 S/SW of 209 Dorado and more on patty

    Now we're talkin'... "ur on da rite trak"
  179. Shark Meat

    Okuma sponsor would be nice after this one?

    Very nice BIG fish! Congrats to the angler. Seriously... I too am actively seeking sponsorship; just sayin'... Browning, Shimano, Avet, Calstar, Seeker, Daiwa, Honda, Northrup Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Winchester, Federal, Hornady, JD Machine Tech, Geissele, BMW, Ford, GMC, Chevy...
  180. Shark Meat

    Juvi Hoo

    Very nice congrats
  181. Shark Meat

    10/3 S/SW of 209 Dorado and more on patty

    It won't help -- I doubt they can read! But just in case... ... in order to cover a greater percentage of the fishing community I highly recommend that you also put one version in "Chick-fil-A" English too. There is already plenty of existing information on this board, which is perpetually...
  182. Shark Meat

    Blue Marlin 10/3/15

    Wow that's awesome Gents. Nice work Jerry. Big fish right there.
  183. Shark Meat

    Marlin a long time goal

    Nice pics, congrats on your marlin(s)
  184. Shark Meat

    Alaska Moose Hunting with Pops

    Nice Meese, uh Mooses, uh Mooseses, uh Moose.... Bulls. Congrats
  185. Shark Meat

    Ensenada Mordida

    Crazy! That is why I remain well offshore. I don't want the hassle -- just want to fish in peace... with the radio off if needed to find peace and serenity.
  186. Shark Meat

    Blue Marlin Reports Here

    That's is fricken' awesome Scott and Pops. Congrats. Let's see the pics, when able. Take care, Mike
  187. Shark Meat

    150 lbs blue marlin in Long Beach at the green buoy 9/26/15!!!!!

    Well it is probably because of the boat that he has trouble coming up with the cash.
  188. Shark Meat

    150 lbs blue marlin in Long Beach at the green buoy 9/26/15!!!!!

    Build a thousand bridges... and then one day just by happenstance a single lonely goat walks by...
  189. Shark Meat

    VIDEO- Follow up interview after catching a rare baby whale.

    Hilarious! Wicked funny shit right 'dere
  190. Shark Meat

    Full moon.

    That just makes the fish spookier in October
  191. Shark Meat

    Double Hoos near the coronados 9/28/15

    Two at a time huh. I have enough trouble managing ONE at a time. Congrats that is just awesome.
  192. Shark Meat

    Breaking in the new gaff!

    Horrible news -- deepest heartfelt condolences go out to his friends and family.
  193. Shark Meat

    9/27/2015 - WSB

    Very nice tasty fish right there, congrats
  194. Shark Meat

    150 lbs blue marlin in Long Beach at the green buoy 9/26/15!!!!!

    OP See what Karma has already brought you: 1. Turned your Blue Marlin into a Striper. Congratulations on your beautiful Striper BTW. 2. The ice you bought with the $12 you saved by crashing the gate has obviously melted. Your fish looks delicious though. 3. Probably received a souvenir parking...
  195. Shark Meat

    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    Great Pics! So all I need to do is use Opah for bait then?
  196. Shark Meat

    It's good to be king

    Man that is just awesome! Congrats. Nice fish.
  197. Shark Meat

    Full moon.

    Tends to shift to an afternoon bite IMHO
  198. Shark Meat

    Blood Moon Bait Blues

    Now that's a report... I like it even with the nighttime perils of boating thrown in. Yikes! Comical lures at ridiculously high speeds are always good -- makes fish laugh loosening them up for next time.
  199. Shark Meat

    Epic Season

    Hooohooo Double!
  200. Shark Meat

    9/26 Blue Marlin

    Holy Cow what a story!
  201. Shark Meat

    Wahoo at the 9

    Holy Cow TWO!
  202. Shark Meat

    No Gaff Wahoo

    Very nice! Good grab
  203. Shark Meat

    A skinny that wasn't so...

    Damn, that's a nice fish Ron. Congrats
  204. Shark Meat

    1 out of 2

    Pretty damn cool, congrats.
  205. Shark Meat

    Saturday 26th Wahoo N9mile

    Man that's awesome! congrats.
  206. Shark Meat

    Wahoo Report 9-26

    Outstanding catch! Big one too.
  207. Shark Meat

    9/25 425 area WFO w/ Wahoo

    Holy cow nice ones for sure.
  208. Shark Meat

    Knock Knock, Hoos there.........

    So are you okay? I'm shocked that you were out on the water. Valiant effort especially considering...
  209. Shark Meat

    Dana Point question

    I admire your tenacity... resulting in a much better outcome than I ever expected. Good on ya! I hate thieves and would probably get myself in a lot of trouble if I saw it happening. Great work and I know who to call if it should happen to me.
  210. Shark Meat

    Dana Point question

    No shit huh! Good that they caught him and I hope that he gets hammered. Lucky the police got to him first, I pity the fool who has LYNNDEVA "tackle detective" on his ass! That I would like to watch.
  211. Shark Meat

    Dana Point question

    Yeah, that happens... Now did you get spooled, or was your drag set too tight? This is important! It depends on your gear, it has to be stout enough to turn the fish and keep it out of the kelp. I wouldn't go any less than about 25 lb line (I use 65lb spectra backing for capacity too) The...
  212. Shark Meat

    Rigging/Fishing E.A.L.'s

    Cool Dodo pics. EALs work Dodos are all over it and I had a striper chase it all the way to the swim step.
  213. Shark Meat

    Gonna Get Myself One Of These..........

    Wow, I did not see that coming! A few of these parked around MCRD wouldn't even put a dent in the population.
  214. Shark Meat

    Had Our Chances at Some Toothy Critters on Wednesday

    Last trip we had ALL FOUR trollers rigged with wire with no hits and this time 50% wired and of course just our luck the flouro gets taken. If it was the right kind it could have been my first landed. It's the not knowing that bugs most.
  215. Shark Meat

    Orange County Wahoo

    Man, that's awesome congrats
  216. Shark Meat

    Had Our Chances at Some Toothy Critters on Wednesday

    Max you live! I can deal with this kind of pain -- You know real pain. How are you doing; hanging in there?
  217. Shark Meat

    Dana Point question

    Another method that you can try: Make some mackerel using sabiki's and then slow troll them nose hooked using a 3/0-5/0 circle hook just outside the kelp line or off the paddies at 1-2 knots with about 30 lb line in free-spool with just the clicker on. Let the fish eat it and run with it before...
  218. Shark Meat

    Father & Daughter Double Wahoo at the 14!

    Holy Cow, you gotta like that! Did you go out and buy TWO lottery tickets later on as well? Congrats that will be hard to beat.
  219. Shark Meat

    Big YT out of SMB

    Damn! That IS a toad!
  220. Shark Meat

    Had Our Chances at Some Toothy Critters on Wednesday

    Edited: I forgot to mention that the small WIRED marauder also got tagged too -- just a quick zip and nada.
  221. Shark Meat

    Had Our Chances at Some Toothy Critters on Wednesday

    Oh thank God! ... it was all just a bad dream then? Now I feel better.
  222. Shark Meat

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    I felt exactly the same as you last trip. Must be the change in weather. Hoping for better and that there are still bigger fish willing to bite out there.
  223. Shark Meat


    C'mon Man! Really... wow!
  224. Shark Meat

    Rpt-09-24-15 A 2 day adventure for Tails, Lings and Reds!

    Nice report as always, Cory... and what a load of edibles to take home.
  225. Shark Meat

    Great fish porn from the Ms Magoo last Saturday

    Gotta like that! Stupid WFO fishing at its finest and all the smiles tell it best. Almost forgot what albacore look like... congrats.
  226. Shark Meat

    Pegasus Overnight 9/23/15

    Very cool! Don't check out just yet many more trips to come...
  227. Shark Meat

    Had Our Chances at Some Toothy Critters on Wednesday

    Had Our Chances at Some Toothy Critters on Wednesday Unremarkable report when compared to all the other SPECTACULAR reports from Wednesday, but decided to throw it out there anyway: First the weatherman lied to us… Wednesday was supposed to be the best weather day this week and it was lumpy...
  228. Shark Meat

    Magic paddy 9-23-15

    You definitely found a good paddy looks like fun
  229. Shark Meat

    Its a turtle... no its a baby whale... no its a flounder... its a TUNA

    I hear that if you prepare it correctly, it tastes just like lobster I'm told. LOL Hilarious! Right out of "Good Fellas"
  230. Shark Meat

    When you hunt alone, and you F up....and you are in Africa. Oh shit.

    Tim Wells of ‘Relentless Pursuit’ is very fortunate that he may still have opportunities to make future videos and this was not his "final and most memorable one". I have a rule: I intend to remain at the VERY TOP of the food chain and not become a snack or chew toy for ANYTHING... BEARS...
  231. Shark Meat

    lots of FUN

    Great day! Usually you have to try really hard to catch them -- These apparently wanted a boat ride.
  232. Shark Meat


    See Mike, now aren't you glad that you made it out there after all? j/k Dude remember when I wrote "I feel your pain" well I don't want to feel YOUR pain. That's horrible and I hope you are joking, because this thread had me in stitches especially the on the water report from JD's site. Feel...
  233. Shark Meat

    FINBOMB catches 662.2lb Blue Marlin

    HOLY COW! That is one beautiful fish! Congrats on the fish of a lifetime.
  234. Shark Meat

    662.2 pound blue marlin captured off San Diego

    HOLY COW! That's a beautiful fish.
  235. Shark Meat

    Wahoo 9-22

    That's awesome we heard your broadcast off of Dana yesterday. Congrats!
  236. Shark Meat

    Rodeo time!

    It's funny that you should say that. Just so you know your post brought back some vivid memories: years ago (1996) my Marine buddy and I landed two good sized Makos at the 14 mile bank on the same trip about that size. One of which I shot ONCE in the head with my 9mm because no shark comes on...
  237. Shark Meat

    Mirage Overnight Fishing 9/20 .... tuna out of Oxnard

    Nice grade right there congrats on your first tuna -- I'd say you did quite well. Now you'll be spoiled
  238. Shark Meat

    Rodeo time!

    Cool pictures! Now that is exactly why I always told my family to never open the door unless you know exactly who is behind it. Anyone that comes through my door like that will be introduced to my .45!
  239. Shark Meat

    That was one hell of a fish and one very long day!

    HA! I heard that story! Now that's funny -- good job.
  240. Shark Meat

    That was one hell of a fish and one very long day!

    Thanks! Don't you just wish they would get with the PROGRAM! Stupid Fish!
  241. Shark Meat

    Spencer Tracy, Zane Grey, and THAT Blue Marlin on the New Lo-An

    Now that is an exciting day. Two weeks ago we witnessed a HUGE Marlin greyhounding about 10-12 times near Catalina and this thing was a monster! From about 500 yds away, this thing was as big as a boat. I believe you -- they are out there.
  242. Shark Meat

    Wahoo on the 226

    I like it congrats! Zoom in on the top photo for a peek at the jig
  243. Shark Meat

    9/19 Wahoo

    That's awesome, congrats
  244. Shark Meat

    (Pic heavy, post 1 of 2) Boston Whaler rebuild and an epic shakedown trip 9/20/2015

    Looks like it works real fine. Nice job. Unfortunately, you lose your seat to the fish the more fish you catch. I like it!
  245. Shark Meat

    Four species day

    Skunks suck, sorry to hear.
  246. Shark Meat

    Fortune 9/19/15 YFT limits, almost a marlin and skin, Mex Navy, ER visit

    Damn! that's a long day, I get it now. Thanks for clarifying and it makes perfectly good sense.
  247. Shark Meat

    Fortune 9/19/15 YFT limits, almost a marlin and skin, Mex Navy, ER visit

    Luckily you escaped the gaff -- Too bad that you couldn't avoid being filleted once you reached shore though. How many times did you take him around the boat all together? :D Did I understand you correctly; did you go back to the boat after the ER to sleep it off?
  248. Shark Meat

    Fortune 9/19/15 YFT limits, almost a marlin and skin, Mex Navy, ER visit

    Holy Mother of God! That has got to hurt! Glad you are okay, seriously. Now I gotta ask... How many hours/ minutes long was the fight before he realised that he hooked YOU? Typically the fight is much longer when you are NOT hooked in the mouth. At least he released you in the end --...
  249. Shark Meat

    Poppers....Poppers.....Poppers....Are a Must Have...!!!

    Sounds like a successful mission. Congrats. What I wouldn't have given for your trip during our last outing.
  250. Shark Meat

    Endeavor - Sept 17-18, 2015

    Looks like a decent trip. Straightened hooks are No fun!
  251. Shark Meat

    That was one hell of a fish and one very long day!

    Not the place that you want to be! Oh, and it was! I should have tried that! I like good videos too, though The answer was there ... staring you in the face::-)
  252. Shark Meat

    That was one hell of a fish and one very long day!

    Mmmmm, makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it... just remember to cap the brain before you take a bite.
  253. Shark Meat

    9/19 Wide Open

    You gotta like that
  254. Shark Meat

    Walkaround Half Cab Build

    It's looking better and better
  255. Shark Meat

    Nailed this Bruin this week in Montana

    Damn! Big one
  256. Shark Meat

    Go get him Tito!

    We know that his right hook catches fish too! Good luck, I'll be rooting for the fisherman.
  257. Shark Meat


    I feel your pain, Mike.
  258. Shark Meat

    The odds caught up to us with a vengeance

    I don't know about that since there always seems to be some big home guards that remain year round. It looks like the bigger schools (with the larger models) moved out and up recently and left a void creating a vacuum for the schools that used to be further south holding more juvenile fish...
  259. Shark Meat

    The odds caught up to us with a vengeance

    We wanted to stay local offshore and remain in US waters wired for wahoo, but hoping for a shot at any pelagic. The problem was there was very little intel to go on in order to formulate my game plan for yesterday. Now I understand why. There were hardly any local reports because nobody was...
  260. Shark Meat

    390 Yellowfin, Dorado, and Yellowtail

    That IS a great day for sure. Congrats
  261. Shark Meat

    Helena Wahoo 9/17?

    Well that doesn't suck!
  262. Shark Meat

    Kite Fishing?: I Think I was Scammed

    I was thinking of getting a kite rig, but that looks like a PITA. Glad that you finally got it to fly. Congrats on the big YFT even if it was the old fashion way -- I'll take 'em any way that I can get them.
  263. Shark Meat

    Comment by 'Shark Meat' in media 'Electronics going in'

    Very impressive! You clearly know what you are doing. It looks too expensive for me to even look at the images. Very nice.
  264. Shark Meat

    9/16 North 9 and West Action!

    Looks like fun. Nice Dodo too
  265. Shark Meat

    Well, fuck me.

    I feel your pain Max, been there... and still have residual and recurring pain as a result. Totally understand if you cannot look at BD since it serves as a visible negative reminder of just another thing you cannot do until you heal. Hope you get and feel better soon so you can feed your...
  266. Shark Meat

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Keeps getting better all the time.
  267. Shark Meat

    Marlin 9-12

    How cool is that! Congrats
  268. Shark Meat

    A photo of Saturdays rough weather

    Stop, I'm getting queasy. I can't handle rough seas like that!
  269. Shark Meat

    Trophy 2052 PilotHouse Build

    FatBoy's got skills. Nice work! Hope it brings in many fat ones for you too.
  270. Shark Meat

    pierpoint pix

    RSW? A/C? Big Screen SAT TV's, staterooms?
  271. Shark Meat

    Lox Blog Post

    Nice write-up thanks. I need to try something similar with tuna, just have to wait for a cool weekend.
  272. Shark Meat

    Red Rooster 3 5-Day Report

    Nice detailed report and great pics
  273. Shark Meat

    Pacific Quest to Cortez Bank September 12-13, 2015 -- TUNA!

    Nice work, report and pics. Those are big 'uns too.
  274. Shark Meat

    Fishing with GreenHorns....tell us some of your stories.

    I guess other than the "play date" my wife arranged for me (e.g., the "Green Kid" story who puked under the sheets in the cabin bunk); another kid shutting off the bait tank pump and killing ALL the bait; and another greenhorn who immediately puts the reel into free spool after getting hooked...
  275. Shark Meat

    Lower back pain after a day out boating/fishing

    Well, having had years of chronic neck and back issues needing both physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments it may be a combination of things IMHO: 1. For me the choice of shoes or anti-fatigue mats helps tremendously. When it is rough on the water, try taking some of the shock out of...
  276. Shark Meat

    PV 9/12. Trash Fish Interrupt a Bass Outing

    Awesome Kman -- I like TRASHFISH, they pull hard.
  277. Shark Meat

    9/12 Dana Point 267 big YFT & endless skippies

    Bummer on the Big'un that narrowly escaped, Eric; They always hurt. On the bright side you at least got to see it, because the NOT KNOWING bugs even more I think... and it is still out there for next time.
  278. Shark Meat

    This Wahoo just did not make it to gaff

    Cool picture, Damn grinners though.
  279. Shark Meat

    Anacapa Island Marlin Report

    Cool pictures looks like a fun tourney. Congrats on placing too
  280. Shark Meat

    Oceanside Paddie Crusher...Sunday 9-13

    That is an awesome video of the humpback, but I have enough problems trying to keep dumbass boaters from trashing paddies out there, sheesh! I had about a 100' Blue whale toy with us in 1996 that nearly high-centered us. That was rather exciting! There are some big sharks out there too...
  281. Shark Meat

    Well it finally happened: Oceanside Skunk

    Bummer! So much for staying local.
  282. Shark Meat

    Anybody baiting/chunking the mini yellows?

    What's wrong with mackerel? You ask... Well, I'm glad you asked, I got this one....
  283. Shark Meat

    9/12 WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    Holy COW! VERY nice, congrats
  284. Shark Meat

    2yft ,1 Dorado ,5 new tires

    Do mind going back out there to find some new Suburban tires for me? Or can I have those numbers, Skip? Thanks for looking out.
  285. Shark Meat

    Dana 9/11/15

    Wow nice work... if you can get it
  286. Shark Meat

    9/12 Dana Point 267 big YFT & endless skippies

    We have seen "that guy" before except half the paddy was draped over the rail. Weird but we didn't see them land anything either. Nice work on the troll fish.
  287. Shark Meat

    Dana Point 9/11

    Me too two weeks ago
  288. Shark Meat

    That was one hell of a fish and one very long day!

    I'm good with that -- looking forward to reading them again. 6 YT is very respectable especially since everyone is finding tougher conditions lately. I'd rather donate the mackerel to HEYMON's in-laws, press out to fish accepting all of the inherent standard frustrations that comes with the...
  289. Shark Meat

    Dana Point 9/11

    Very nice first report. Good info
  290. Shark Meat

    That was one hell of a fish and one very long day!

    Well, yeah Ron everybody knows that. If only...
  291. Shark Meat

    That was one hell of a fish and one very long day!

    Ain't that the truth. We have had limited success with macs just not this trip. THIS SEASON HAS BEEN ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Our BEST EVER and I do remember that trip to the 1010, Josh, but I definitely like these shorter local trips in smooth seas in US waters with some BIG FISH mixed in too...
  292. Shark Meat

    9/10 Wide open footballs

    Awesome, you gotta like days like that.
  293. Shark Meat

    14 mile, 277, and QUALITY Catalina Island YT

    Only admins can adjust titles ... Nice load of yellows
  294. Shark Meat

    9/11/15 What a day...

    Awesome, nice work
  295. Shark Meat

    That was one hell of a fish and one very long day!

    Where were you on Wednesday when I really could have used that kind of information? Seriously people throw me a bone here. Thanks perhaps I can try that on future subsequent trips.
  296. Shark Meat

    That was one hell of a fish and one very long day!

    RIGHT!? Hey thanks Alan I may have to go check 'em out -- see you then, Mike
  297. Shark Meat

    That was one hell of a fish and one very long day!

    Oh hell no, there has got to be a limit. I gotta draw the line somewhere my smoker is way to big and bulky to put on the boat, plus it's 115 vac. Hmm, you may be skimming the post too quickly. After taking a speed reading course once, I was able to read up to 45 pages per minute, but frankly...
  298. Shark Meat

    That was one hell of a fish and one very long day!

    Don't I know it! Thank you. Shit, and I had some of that in the cooler too. My Dad kicked my ass when I swore once in my youth -- but since I can take him now I curse like a sailor, but it is still a bad habit to get into. Thanks Mike, there were brief moments when I did lose my composure...
  299. Shark Meat

    9-10-15 same epic WFO bite

    Holy cow, that looks exactly like our last trip only a little different. Congrats. Lucky the last one didn't pull you in...
  300. Shark Meat

    That was one hell of a fish and one very long day!

    " How weird, because that is exactly what I was thinking while we were out there, like picking up bowling or body piercing as a new hobby maybe. Highly recommend it, I am now a big fan of anchovies by the way! Thanks, I actually caught myself laughing randomly and uncontrollably out loud at...
  301. Shark Meat

    Rpt.-Thurs.-09-10-15 Scratched up a few Tuna on the Kolomola.

    Hell Cory that's a GREAT DAY right there. Nice score!
  302. Shark Meat

    That was one hell of a fish and one very long day!

    If TLDR, don’t read it and just wait for the pictures; see hint below. There it was in all its glory -- front and center right square in front of our headlights while driving up to the launch ramp on MCRD at 0345! A VERY BAD Omen! the worst kind actually staring us right in the face to start...
  303. Shark Meat

    How to properly fish someone else's paddy

    Maybe he's just pushing the paddy back out to where the fish were! It obviously just drifted off the fish and he's putting it back.
  304. Shark Meat

    epic trip copout 9/06/15

    WTH!! Same spot / Same time (yesterday) / Same bait / Same birds / Same marks / YFT swarming the boat... No where near the same results after 15 hours on the water. It's obvious now what we were missing - Can we borrow her for next time?
  305. Shark Meat

    9/9 Dana point WFO

    I'm convinced that when they are hungry, they will hit anything including a shiny bare hook, but since that happens so rarely it's not worth talking about. You have to plan for that standard normal day in their life cycle. No weight on it! You want it to drift off and appear just like all...
  306. Shark Meat

    9/9 Dana point WFO

    Absolutely! We chum the old and bait with new chunk, if possible, that is when you can get new. Baiting with the old chunks depends on its current condition IMHO. Nasty stuff doesn't work -- I know from firsthand experience.
  307. Shark Meat

    Secret Weapons

    I totally agree... just playin'
  308. Shark Meat

    Secret Weapons

    Our best trip this year was 50% Greenhorns with some chunking mixed in too. "Green Kid, Green Chick and Green Dude" trips not so much, recycled chunk not the best option IMHO. And the secret weapon is....... ? Using canned tuna for bait? Feeding mayonnaise to the...
  309. Shark Meat

    Labor Day late post video!

    Cool video congrats on your SOCAL SLEIGH RIDE -- looks like fun.
  310. Shark Meat

    9/9 Dana point WFO

    Coolio a nice short day! I'm obviously doing it all wrong.
  311. Shark Meat

    9/6 Catalina yellowtail and yellowfin

    Looks like you got to break in the gaff right
  312. Shark Meat

    No Marlin but not a bad consolation prize.

    Nice bull there congrats on your "boat-first"
  313. Shark Meat

    Late 9/5 report

    Looks like a homerun to win the game too.
  314. Shark Meat

    Labor Day Weekend Report

    Nice ones the first day anyway
  315. Shark Meat

    Love for the Deckhands

    I suspect that smell isn't coming from Kareem Korn then. Poor bastard
  316. Shark Meat

    Love for the Deckhands

    Sometimes I think my job is rough, but THAT IS A SHITTY JOB right there! I hope someone is rich enough upstream to wipe their asses with $20's because if anyone deserves a tip...
  317. Shark Meat

    Late Report: YFT & a Striper!!!

    No wonder it put the "kelpo-flage" on -- all lit up like that, there's still no way to hide.
  318. Shark Meat

    O'side for the Nor Cal crew....... again!

    Man you gotta like that. Nice haul
  319. Shark Meat

    SCI Bluefin

    Nice ones for sure, congrats
  320. Shark Meat

    Dana Pt - Full Speed YFT and EPIC Hammerhead Video

    Nice video, I like it! I did notice something while watching it, however... Beware: The last guy to land his fish in the video has a much greater chance of snapping his rod on a bigger fish due to "high sticking" = creating acute angles with the line. It is easy to do -- I've seen it happen...
  321. Shark Meat

    Patties chaser

    Nice payoff finally!
  322. Shark Meat

    Epic Kid Fishing trip (Stoked Dad)

    Great day on the water right there WTG
  323. Shark Meat

    First trip out of S.D. on a 4 pack

    Sounds like a great day on the water
  324. Shark Meat

    Paying the taxman on the 267 - hammered me!!

    That was a nice fish too. Good work!
  325. Shark Meat

    Cut Thumb, 2 knifes overboard, broken bait tank, 3 TUNA :)

    Just for the record it is an "Opposable" Thumb not "Disposable" Thumb. It really helps when landing fish. One guy I used to fish with sacrificed something to the fish Gods just about every trip he went on; a knife, a set of pliers, a pair of dykes, or his reputation every time... and he always...
  326. Shark Meat

    The soothing light at the end of the tunnel

    Nice write-up Joe, too bad you couldn't get eyes on the freight train before it hit you. The not knowing always bugs.
  327. Shark Meat


    Damn good grade!
  328. Shark Meat

    Dana Point Yellowfin Tuna Report 9/4 (Video)

    Nothing like a little help from your friends to get things going, nice finish!
  329. Shark Meat

    Islander Finds the Bluefin

    Very nice report for a great trip
  330. Shark Meat

    La Jolla Canyun WFO - 9/4/15 - YFT, Dodo, marlin (blue???)

    That's awesome -- what a day! Hope to see the video too.
  331. Shark Meat

    Blue Marlin @ the 238

    You're going to need more and bigger bills if that's a stripper from what I've heard.
  332. Shark Meat

    Rpt.-09-03-15 The Ducky Roars Again!

    Thanks for that Barry, but there is NO comparison! Cory's reports include complete coverage and are far more detailed and lengthy, hands down. I appreciate it though. Keep 'em coming everybody.
  333. Shark Meat

    Blue Marlin @ the 238

    Congrats on your fine catch
  334. Shark Meat

    20' Skipjack Flybridge rebuild...

    Very nicely done. Hope it is everything you want.
  335. Shark Meat

    Stone Sheep - Northern British Columbia

    Wow, looks like one hell of a trip. Congrats
  336. Shark Meat

    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    Cool -- Nice work!
  337. Shark Meat

    Must See!!!

    He better be careful! That's just the kind of bling that attracts Great White Sharks.
  338. Shark Meat

    9/1/15: Dorado on the 226

    Nice job on the write up -- great report, Barry. Congrats on your catch and day. That's a nicer dodo too.
  339. Shark Meat

    Calstar Boat Rods 3 for 150$

    Eric, I work in Pt. Loma and I would like to take a look at them. I will text. Thanks, Mike
  340. Shark Meat

    Well, fuck me.

    I honestly thought my wife was just bluffing when she told me she would break my leg if I went fishing on our anniversary too. Way to put your foot down and stand up for your "Man Rights and Dignity" -- bones will heal eventually. Nailed it, didn't I?
  341. Shark Meat

    Short Bill Spearfish

    What a trip! Just awesome congrats
  342. Shark Meat

    Well, fuck me.

    Duuuude! Sorry to hear that Max.
  343. Shark Meat

    24 of 30 passengers get sick/food poisoning on the Independence

    I wonder if everyone had to pay their galley tab
  344. Shark Meat

    Fished the MAW

    Nice ones for sure.
  345. Shark Meat

    Held School of YFT and Dorado for 3 Hours

    Nice day of catching right there and lucky gaff save too.
  346. Shark Meat

    Bigger yellowfin 30th Aug 2015

    Those are huge, especially on a slow week locally. Congrats
  347. Shark Meat

    Oceanside for the Week

    Gunga la gunga.... which is nice! I like turtles.
  348. Shark Meat

    Catalina Yellowfin on the Popper - 8/29

    Well, that doesn't suck..... again!
  349. Shark Meat

    Bunch o' DODO's

    It was Josh, it was... and I saw your video of the taxman on the news too. That's awesome, you're famous!
  350. Shark Meat

    Bunch o' DODO's

    Thanks Barry -- Hope you got some the other day! So, these are the images of the Striper from earlier that morning:
  351. Shark Meat

    O'side sunday. "that guy"

    I just asked my son to read it out loud for the first time; but unfortunately he couldn't finish because he was already laughing so uncontrollably hard and in tears well before the point where you puked back on "That Guy". Well done! Perhaps a "notice to mariners" the next time "That Guy" will...
  352. Shark Meat

    Bunch o' DODO's

    I assume you mean "thought"... though it appears from your response that you have baited many swordies. We, however, are not experts. So due to our acknowledged lack of experience, we both admit that we have a difficult time being able to distinguish two fins seen at range as either a...
  353. Shark Meat

    Bunch o' DODO's

    Yeah, NO! Only if it's worth eating; Risk vs Reward. I like keeping my bits and pieces unfettered if at all possible. The seas were UP by this time in the pictures above, you should have seen it earlier.... GLASSY FLAT CALM it was AWESOME, but HOT! ... and definitely better than working...
  354. Shark Meat

    The tax man!!!!! N

    Man that's cool Josh. I too have been doing this a long time out here and never positively ID'd one! Timing is everything. Too bad you didn't see it erupt on a fat-knot-head-sea-lion. That would be AWESOME!
  355. Shark Meat

    HH report from 8/26

    Fish bigger than you are is a nice problem to have. Congrats young man.
  356. Shark Meat

    Bunch o' DODO's

    Launched before 0400 from SD Bay. Got an awesome but light load (Scoop) of 'dines from EB's. Off to 181 in flat calm seas with zero breeze until afternoon. Water temps 71.4-74.6 degrees. Worked our butts off to get about 10 small to medium sized Dodo's from about 10 different paddies. Slow...
  357. Shark Meat

    Comanche Again for Tuna - 8/22/2015

    Nice work! I think we heard that and you out there yesterday. Congrats
  358. Shark Meat

    CONDOR 208 Yellowfin to 65+ Bloodbath Massacre 8/25

    Well that trip didn't suck! Congrats, Ron and gang. Any feel for what general area you were in? Don't lose a spleen out there though. Nice work. Aside: Man there are a lot of "Ice Police" and "Extreme Weight Watchers" on this site. Get out and fish, because this gets old real quick...
  359. Shark Meat

    Marlin on Cedar

    Congrats Sean! That's awesome -- I was the one you spoke to on the radio on Friday. Thanks for posting, I was already looking for the report. Nice job all around.
  360. Shark Meat

    Shift controls,and cables.

    Find the correct cable first then... depending on your access, sometimes it is easier to pull out the old connected to the new cable simultaneously. Pushing cable through constricted access can be a PITA.
  361. Shark Meat

    They want the CHUNK!

    For the OP, Mario, nice work that's a LOAD! Congrats Nope! Works great, that's how we do 95% of our bait fishing. Try it. Lever drags require some finesse to get the correct amount of "freespool to clicker". You want the absolute least amount of resistance for the conditions without...
  362. Shark Meat

    what a day!!!!!

    Fatties! Congrats
  363. Shark Meat

    8/24 DP- Little man Big fish vol. 10

    TITLED: "One Time I Was Fishing With My Dad and I Caught A Fish That Was Just As Big As Me" Congrats! Hooked for life.
  364. Shark Meat

    2 day trip-great YFT fishing

    Can't complain about a trip like that!
  365. Shark Meat

    8/23 offshore from Dana Point

    Boat problems are no fun. Hopefully it gets resolved quickly
  366. Shark Meat

    O'side sunday. "that guy"

    Incredible story... "compelling and rich" I am certain I've heard "That Guy" on the radio before too. Now "That Guy" with the truck on the ramp... I guess we should be thankful that the trailer was still attached to the truck and not attached to the boat. We have witnessed some weird shit...
  367. Shark Meat

    Adrianna left them biting today 8/23

    Maria esta en la biblioteca. Just sayin'
  368. Shark Meat

    Fishing Offshore Tuna 8/22/2015. We Got Spanked!

    Great day right there directly opposite of how I interpreted your title too.
  369. Shark Meat

    people destroying kelps?

    Definitely PETA queers = Fun Suppression Team of conspirators. Results from the lack of protein in the diet and close proximity to chicks with hairy legs and armpits. They are often identifiable from their excessive tree sap, bark, spotted owl and sea lion shit stains. Small hands and smell of...
  370. Shark Meat

    How to gaff a fish

    Nice job.... eventually. Nice fish too Josh
  371. Shark Meat

    Late Afternoon 8/1818

    I don't have a SIMRAD, but it sounds like you are using an auto depth mode and have to adjust your settings to a manual depth mode instead. If you don't have your instructions in front of you, SIMRAD's website probably has your manual online.
  372. Shark Meat

    Condor 3/4 - 8/22 - Limits of Skunk

    Damn! Was it at least entered in the jackpot?
  373. Shark Meat

    2015 Bait reports

    E-Bros have always done great work for us -- we should be grateful for their efforts. Sometimes it's only chunk worthy; The bait can't always be awesome, but not for the lack of trying on their part. Thanks! No complaints here. Keep it up.
  374. Shark Meat

    In Memory Of My Brother

    I too just cracked a cold one. I truly feel your pain -- years ago I found out that my Mom passed away while I was out fishing with my son. Tough news for sure. So here's one for Jim and one for my Mom too. Sorry for your loss.
  375. Shark Meat

    Sat Aug 22 YFT Report plugged the boat

    Man, that is awesome! Nice work, Mike and crew. I sure could have used that yesterday.
  376. Shark Meat

    Here and there

    Cool, you may get an IGFA line class record that way. There are some biguns out there you know. Bring in a beast and post it.
  377. Shark Meat

    8-21 Yellowfin Tuna Fishing with Kevin and Chad Gross (video)

    Heard you out there yesterday and we heard everything you heard on CH 72 as well. Like the dude that had issues with the VOYAGER. That shit gets old real quick and it's not even the weekend. Same thing on Tuesday; Two Sportboat Captains just having a normal conversation, but one guy couldn't...
  378. Shark Meat

    Friday 08-21-2015

    Nice hat and good work
  379. Shark Meat

    Bananas, Bozos, and Broken Vows

    Very nice report and a good read. I feel sorry for Isaac -- poor bastard... but can't help myself from cracking up too. Hilarious! My wife arranged a similar "Play date" for me several years ago as well. We still refer to him as the "Green Kid" -- refused to admit he was getting seasick, and...
  380. Shark Meat

    Condor 1.5 Day Report 8/20

    Wow! Now I know I'm old, since the last time I jumped aboard a Sporty (e.g., Prowler or Pacific Queen) I paid $75.00 for a 1.5 day tuna trip, but alas that was a LONG TIME AGO!
  381. Shark Meat

    The one that didn't get away... mb

    Interesting technique; glad it paid off. I jumped in after a gaff attached to a dodo that slipped right out of my slimy hands and just missed grabbing it before it sunk right out of reach. Now I use "GOOD STUFF" to help them float.
  382. Shark Meat

    Finally did it, yea.

    Congrats. Very satisfying getting it done yourselves on your own boat
  383. Shark Meat

    WFO 182 Tuesday.....

    Nicely done, should have gone there instead
  384. Shark Meat

    Sunday oside tuna and rant

    YIKES! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger (at least wiser) So what was the major failure that resulted in complete power loss? Nice fish though. Congrats
  385. Shark Meat

    No Blue Fin but....

    Nice fish no matter what kind it is, so congratulations either way, but being a novice myself... I would like to know definitively: Borrowed from SCARECROW, Sep 5, 2007 Blue Marlin Family Istiophoridae, BILLFISHES Makaira nigricans Description: color cobalt blue on top shading to...
  386. Shark Meat

    Here is the video, finally, to go with the "If only..." thread:

    Steve, I can't agree more. He is the same guy that blew by me earlier doing about 30 kts close aboard (within two boat lengths) while drifting a paddy. I drove 4 miles to get away from him and he found me again. Didn't see him catch anything though.
  387. Shark Meat

    Yellowfin are here!

    Where? Got any numbers?
  388. Shark Meat

    Here is the video, finally, to go with the "If only..." thread:

    Thanks Vic, we cleaned up quite a bit before taking pics. It was the BLOODY Mess that drained out the scuppers that attracted the hammer even just using the net. The bigger they get, however, the more likely that we'll use the gaff instead, but you are right the net keeps the fish more...
  389. Shark Meat

    Guess who's back!!

    Looks good to me -- congrats
  390. Shark Meat

    Sat Aug 15th YFT Report out of Oceanside

    That we did - I can't lie. Hoping for a repeat performance this week. Best of luck to you my friend.
  391. Shark Meat

    Good YT action on 150

    Nice ones for sure!
  392. Shark Meat

    Sat Aug 15th YFT Report out of Oceanside

    Nicely done, gents. Congrats Mike
  393. Shark Meat

    Here is the video, finally, to go with the "If only..." thread:

    Me too Max -- Damn thing went right between the engines... Expecting to hear "SNAP"
  394. Shark Meat

    Gent Bent

    I don't think they had any fun at all! Nice work
  395. Shark Meat

    Quick report - Sunday 8/16

    Looks like a great day on the water with family
  396. Shark Meat

    Only 8 miles out

    Nice one, congrats
  397. Shark Meat

    Saturday 8.15.15 report - Would you like fries with that?

    Never thought to "Drop the Chalupa" for bait. Nice work. Congrats on the Gordito
  398. Shark Meat

    Close to the Beach 8/15/15

    Nice work, Gents. Glad to see that you got some.
  399. Shark Meat

    Here is the video, finally, to go with the "If only..." thread:

    Thanks, can you see the tuna behind the Hammer?
  400. Shark Meat

    Here is the video, finally, to go with the "If only..." thread:

    Look closely in the background to see all the tuna lurking in the distance. It's going to be tough to match a day like this one. Original Thread:
  401. Shark Meat

    same day report 8/13 oceanside

    We lost a landing net that way too.
  402. Shark Meat

    If only they were all like this... (quick sameday report)

    Edited: Added a few more images to original post above with the gang for scale
  403. Shark Meat

    FINALLY filled up the fish box! 8-12-15

    Nicely done Gents and congrats on Eagle too -- IT IS A BIG DEAL!
  404. Shark Meat


    Congrats and beautiful pictures -- I almost forgot what albies look like, thanks.
  405. Shark Meat

    If only they were all like this... (quick sameday report)

    Thanks Mike, you know we will keep trying. A couple images of my very grown boys posted above. Dan = Tall & Skinny wearing the Tarawa LHA-1 cover Steve = wearing Tan subdued stars and stripes cover. Remember when they were little? Good luck to you.
  406. Shark Meat

    Rpt.-Wed.-08-12-15 Took one on the chin!

    Bummer Cory. I too hate to see high quality bait go unused like that. Next time certainly.
  407. Shark Meat

    How to deal with divers

    How do you explain common courtesy when it is SO UNCOMMON? Those that get it do; the others simply cannot, will not, or refuse to grasp the concept. You can immediately tell who is an experienced courteous sportsman by the way they approach. They are the 10% that catch 90% from my...
  408. Shark Meat

    If only they were all like this... (quick sameday report)

    Edited: Added images to original post above
  409. Shark Meat

    If only they were all like this... (quick sameday report)

    My son is working on it, hope to post soonest.
  410. Shark Meat

    If only they were all like this... (quick sameday report)

    Umm, huh? Son, that is true, and... I suspect that the "Big Boy" pants that I chose to wear today are even older than you. You sound like an expert though, but thank you for responding to my thread. Hope someone can lead you to the fish someday, so you too can experience the same kind of...
  411. Shark Meat

    Metered fish below, dropped down a camera to see them

    Cool vid, but now I'm feeling queasy and I never get seasick on a boat. Good stuff anyway.
  412. Shark Meat

    Bluefin vs Yellowfin ID

    Concur! BFT = white or silver anal fin // YFT = yellow
  413. Shark Meat

    Chunking Questions

    We like 2/0-4/0 circle hooks (pretty much for everything) on good sized mid-section sardine chunks; reels in free spool with or without clicker on (without needs some thumb pressure). Tuna seem to pick it up best as you are paying out line that is mixed in with the chunk chum. Good luck! One...
  414. Shark Meat

    Grand Slam 8/10

    Coolio congrats
  415. Shark Meat

    8-10 277 Equals BOATRIDE. 150 Saves The Day

    Wow, not cool at all. Total lack of respect and etiquette. Glad you got a couple.
  416. Shark Meat

    8-8 limit style again

    Holy cow! Looks familiar -- we had a carbon copy trip same day just many more miles south of you.
  417. Shark Meat

    8-10 oceanside quality yfin

    Wow good on ya Josh. That's a great day for sure.
  418. Shark Meat

    If only they were all like this... (quick sameday report)

    We've only heard about days like this... until today! 23 miles off Encinitas found the right paddy in perfect clear blue glassy flat 71.8 degree water. Inside of an hour we had to stop keeping fish because we couldn't fit anymore into the killbag without removing ice! Done catching by 1000 --...
  419. Shark Meat

    RPT- 8/10 Oside/CBAD, 182- Pretty Good for a Girl

    No way! That's when I hide the knives.... but then again my wife doesn't fish.
  420. Shark Meat

    limits on BFT

    They ARE young men now. It's kind of scary how quickly that happened. Many discussions centered around colleges right now. Dan is 6'3" but skinny as a rail so we're trying to fatten him up; Steve is very active at 5'10" and solid so we are continuously watering him to try to push him over...