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  1. duckbutter6a

    Taps for the 'Ol Merc

    The casual smoke cloud in the cold morning is what I miss most from my old merc 250efi. I occasionally am fortunate enough to be at the ramp when someone else is smudging it with 2stroke goodness.
  2. duckbutter6a

    9-Mile Sheephead 12-28-19

    There goes my secret sheephead spot
  3. duckbutter6a

    In case anyone was wondering it was cold and slow out there this morning

    I heard about the bite up there and went the other direction.
  4. duckbutter6a

    In case anyone was wondering it was cold and slow out there this morning

    Got on the water just before sunrise. Skipped bait and headed out to point lloma. Windy and in the 40's. Im stupid like that. Wind and swell were right into each other and as cold as it was I made sure to be very careful to keep from getting wet on the way out. Usual spots were dead...
  5. duckbutter6a

    Fishing with the DFG. (Oldie but a goodie.)

    Classic. Thanks
  6. duckbutter6a

    Best hand held vhf?

    Baofeng uv-5r will work if you get a programing cable with it and set up the marine channels in the memory with a computer (you can input frequencies on the radio but it's easier just to program it from your laptop). You can operate on the marine freqs and MURS bands without a ham radio...
  7. duckbutter6a

    Anyone have extra lobsters?

    Call 619 223 1109 got a few live ones left
  8. duckbutter6a

    California Ammo Laws 2018 - No more private ammo sales

    So what about those who are just turning 18/21 years old and getting into the shooting sports? They have not had the opportunity to horde ammo before the law like you have. These laws are ment to slowly kill our freedoms not be a inconvenience to us here and now. It's about reducing future...
  9. duckbutter6a

    china. heard china was not buying local spiny lobster this year?

    Point Lloma seafood had live ones for the same price and Maine lobster like 24 a pound. Last season our lobsters were 10 more dollars a pound than the shitty Maine ones.
  10. duckbutter6a

    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    I agree. I have observed a good crawl right before moon rise just after sunset/darkness on several different occasions. Once it's full light the crawl seemed to stop. Typically though any incoming tide at sunset produces a good crawl for the first two hours.
  11. duckbutter6a

    224 Valkyrie????

    .224 valkythingy is someones idea to make a ar15 capable long range cartridge. Case size was adjusted to make the cartridge magazine length so it will fit in a ar15 magazine well. This allows the cartridge to be magazine fed while utilizing the newer high ballistic coefficient .223 bullets...
  12. duckbutter6a

    Who would win a Civil War in the U.S.?

    Accelerating alot lately.
  13. duckbutter6a

    Anyone have any RR Spikes they want to sell?

    Supposedly the spikes used in the sections of rail road tracks that are bends or turns are higher carbon to cope with the stress of the turn in the tracks and make decent knives. I believe they are marked HC for high carbon.
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    Does not look like one of ours.
  15. duckbutter6a

    Lobster ho for opening night wanted

    Spot filled nevermind good luck out there.
  16. duckbutter6a

    Lobster opener, Whoo hoo

    Depends on your definition of fun. It's alot of being bored with some fun and excitement thats just enough to keep me doing it. I have a small boat and dont take the whole gang out with me to have a good time while hooping so maybe im missing out.
  17. duckbutter6a

    Multi-species limits

    Nice. Saw you heading home and got jealous lol. I'm off wed and thur... looks like there might be some wind though. Hope not.
  18. duckbutter6a

    secondary/emergency exits on LR boats

    Boats aint airplanes. Bring a chain saw just in case..
  19. duckbutter6a

    9-3-19 A.M. half day

    Ole Reds still kickin looks a few teeth shy from the last time i saw him.
  20. duckbutter6a

    1980 Glastron Sea Fury 216

    Hows the fuel tank? Damn you got me thinking about selling my Dusky so i can get back into a Seafury.... my skiff is kickass but I miss cruising at 40mph in my old glastron...
  21. duckbutter6a

    Netflix - The Last Breath

    Good show. Wife and I enjoyed it.
  22. duckbutter6a

    Netflix - The Last Breath

    20 minutes in
  23. duckbutter6a

    Netflix - The Last Breath

    Wow looks good.
  24. duckbutter6a

    Big Loop

    Nice. Wish i could get out there.
  25. duckbutter6a

    In search of a small machine shop - San Diego

    Probably cheaper to by a bench top/table band saw from harbor freight and do it yourself. Then sell the band saw
  26. duckbutter6a

    Lookin for a report for LJ OR PTL 8/10/19

    PL was ok slow bite but size was good.
  27. duckbutter6a

    Lookin for a report for LJ OR PTL 8/10/19

    Not sure but hit me up on 72 tomorrow i will probably be around point lloma.
  28. duckbutter6a

    8/11 room for one shelter island/point lloma

    Going to do a early morning trip launching around 4:45am from shelter. Fishing point lloma for calico and sandbass and whatever else shows up until 12 or so. Room for one if you want to bring food for two and cover for half scoop of bait for the trip. Small boat disclaimer lol
  29. duckbutter6a

    Aluminum Tower cracked at weld, how to fix.

    Bump from the dead... theres alot of epoxies/adhesives/fillers that are super stupid strong. Most outter panels and rear sections of modern cars are held on/together with epoxy/glue. I like welding but it aint the only option... although it is the proper one to maintain characteristics and...
  30. duckbutter6a

    Secure gun storage now a law

    Demographics tend to give a better indicator of crime levels than gun laws. Several cities in the US account for the overall majority of gun violence as well. All of them ruled over by leftists. A FBI crime statistics report was released a few years ago that covered the demographic details.
  31. duckbutter6a

    Secure gun storage now a law

    "Father always said that a unloaded gun makes for a damn shitty club."
  32. duckbutter6a

    Secure gun storage now a law

    Regulations are anti American. Arm all the things and watch crime plummet. There would be a increase in firearms related deaths for a little bit then rates would drop to nil. See my previous Darwin comment.
  33. duckbutter6a

    Secure gun storage now a law

    I see you lack faith in your fellow Americans ability to carry firearms. Me too. The problem solves its self. Darwin stopped working long ago thanks to modern medicine. Universal concealed carry would reintroduce Darwin briefly to help cull the low IQ types from the population over all...
  34. duckbutter6a

    Secure gun storage now a law

    Universal concealed carry for all citizens. No permits or training required. Would solve the shootings issue quick.
  35. duckbutter6a

    Secure gun storage now a law

    We are still going to be outnumbered and lose our rights. The left knows how to win. Import millions and millions of non-western migrants to out vote pro freedom westerners. Not to mention control of the media /education system...aka the majority of how public opinion is swayed... I...
  36. duckbutter6a

    Secure gun storage now a law

    One step at a time.
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    17 foot avoidance gang
  38. duckbutter6a

    I’m concerned

    Those who can't fish bitch.
  39. duckbutter6a


    Nice. Been waiting for the report. Saw you leaving the ramp this after noon while i was doing work shit.
  40. duckbutter6a

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    Eco-fash gang was right... they will destroy everything we love for money.
  41. duckbutter6a

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    Greedy bastards. Any way we can help to stop this?
  42. duckbutter6a

    Can you prospect lobster?

    Totally legal
  43. duckbutter6a

    Who would win a Civil War in the U.S.?

    People are waking up to the lies and the programming isn't good enough to obscure the laws of nature.
  44. duckbutter6a

    San Clemente Island Tonight Looking For HO's

    Hey Jeff. Is your new boat slipped in the same area as your old 35? Is this one going to be named RTA as well?
  45. duckbutter6a

    Strange forcast

    2 to 3s at 5 seconds suck on a skiff. 2s arnt too bad if they are not steep.
  46. duckbutter6a

    Heading out to San Clemente island tomorrow morning

    Long way from shelter. I will be fishing PL. Also heard yellow tail in IB but I'm going for calico mostly so sticking to PL.
  47. duckbutter6a

    SCI 6/9/19

    Nice! Don't mind the critics.
  48. duckbutter6a

    For Sale Gaffs for sale ho made

    Long story short my favorite boat ho likes to make stuff and I found a bunch of fiber glass gaff handles so I gave them to him and he has now wrapped and turned into pretty decent gaffs. Not factory looking definitely custom. In El Cajon but work near the airport and can meet around lunch or...
  49. duckbutter6a

    Need a net for crowder

    You probably got a better material than I did. Maybe I should have shopped a little longer lol
  50. duckbutter6a

    Slipping without bottom paint

    You will be fine. Buy a good scrubbing brush to clean it when you pull it out. Stiff bristle brush.
  51. duckbutter6a

    How do 20-25 catamarans handle San Diego offshore conditions?

    I've ridden on one in LB. It was nice. Would I own one? Not unless it was free or cheap. They do not take a wake to the side well. Side wake my boat would tolerate is "OMG I'm about to fall over board" shitty circus ride level. Super smooth going forwards. Edit= my driveway is narrow and...
  52. duckbutter6a

    Need a net for crowder

    Looks good. 1 pound is alot of net enough for two crowders atleast.
  53. duckbutter6a

    Old posts !!

    Kinda cool except i occasionally get stupid and respond to them
  54. duckbutter6a

    High Tide vs Low Tide
  55. duckbutter6a

    Fuel Tank repair in Long Beach

    Get a new one made.
  56. duckbutter6a

    Hey, San Diego BTF! ?

    I would start at the corner and work south and east.... but that's just me and I won't be out there
  57. duckbutter6a

    Need a net for crowder

    Just ordered a pound will give y'all a review
  58. duckbutter6a

    For Sale Gaff 14 foot fiberglass 2019 post not 2010

    14 foot gaff for sale. Older so by no means new but functional. Not sure why Taniguchi reinforced the hook. Asking $150 obo or trade for rods, reels, tackle, jigs, 9mm, 5.56x45mm, or 45acp.
  59. duckbutter6a

    For Sale Gaffs OD green for sale 2019

    One (left one sold now just the greenflash one left) gaff for sale 52 inches long. Made from OD green fiberglass poles with black foam grips wrapped by a friend. I have materials for around 8 more of these of varying lengths up to around 53 inches long. $30 each. More of these to come
  60. duckbutter6a

    Need a net for crowder

    This looks like the only real option? How long is a pound lol
  61. duckbutter6a

    Need a net for crowder

    Need a net or netting as well. Tried online and looked around locally
  62. duckbutter6a

    7-31 Limits 'O Tails at the 'Nados

    Holy hell look at this. Don't fix the site admin this is great.
  63. duckbutter6a

    2006 Threads?

    Pretty cool actually.
  64. duckbutter6a

    Fish Report 8/2/07 Coronados

    Historic bump because I can. Glad to see nothing has changed.
  65. duckbutter6a

    Dana Point non-halibut report 5/4 and 5/5

    Nice. What kind of rig were you using? Bouncing ball or reverse dropper looper? All my halibut are usually on dropper looper or leadhead/plastic.
  66. duckbutter6a

    Just got my first center console boat

    Launch out of dana landing, mission bay. The afternoon wind practically blows you to the dock. Or south shores if you are shy and want the ramp to yourself. I would avoid shelter island until you are comfortable.
  67. duckbutter6a

    2-Meter Radios - Who has one?

    Correct. Repeaters help with the range. 2m and 440 have alot of options in regards to allowable frequencies so you are not stuck with channel 72 and 68 dog piles and don't have to fish talk in code to share info. Ham radio is dieing so there's quit a few repeaters that have little traffic as...
  68. duckbutter6a

    "Lets Talk Hook Up" Radio Show Dead?

    commercials/advertising kills it for me I have tried listening to a entire show a few times. Us youngins ain't got no patience.
  69. duckbutter6a

    2-Meter Radios - Who has one?

    Yes both hand and base station. Study and get your HAM tech license and a call sign so your legal. It's pretty easy. Repeaters on Catalina island and other places have great range. I have talked to friends in Lakewood CA from SBI and the 43.
  70. duckbutter6a

    Need someone asap that shoots or fishes

    Ain't nothing wrong with being serious just don't expect the cucks on here to understand or withhold from attempting to roast you...
  71. duckbutter6a

    Going to LJ tomorrow

    Sheepies= edge of kelp lines dropper looper with whole shrimp where current meets kelp. In lieu of shrimp I would get muscles from the side of the dock. Sheepshead steal bait like crazy but will inhale bait when hungry.
  72. duckbutter6a

    4/20 basic report point lloma area

    Thanks. You should have seen his face when I showed him how we buy bait. "The bait tank is blacked out...that easy. For $40... I cant believe it. I'm telling all my friends."
  73. duckbutter6a

    4/20 basic report point lloma area

    Fyi bonito are full of eggs. Loaded with eggs. Might be worth letting them swim if you get a bunch of them
  74. duckbutter6a

    4/20 basic report point lloma area

    Buddy of mine is visiting from Florida. We launched mission bay and worked our way down. 30 or so calico. Good am bite. Kept two legal calico for the grill. 20 or so sandies released. Sardines worked for 3 vermillion rockfish and a 10 to 12 pound bonito .
  75. duckbutter6a

    Tomahawk has LIMITS of Bluefin

    How far south of the border did they have to go?
  76. duckbutter6a

    Catching the fish on the bottom

    Mex waters? How deep? Just curious.
  77. duckbutter6a


    Wow thanks more please!
  78. duckbutter6a

    SOLD 24' Topaz - Diesel Inboard (Reduced $55,000)

    Nice rig. How much does it cost to keep in the water/slip?
  79. duckbutter6a

    CA Ban on High Capacity Magazines Unconstitutional

    Ar15 dot com has several threads on this but people are already supposedly buying high "standard" capacity mags online shipping to CA.... The ruling covered several areas that is good for the entire nation not just CA. Not me of course... guns are icky.
  80. duckbutter6a

    LJ/Point Loma 5/25, 5/26

    Well that settles it I am going to LJ on the Dolphin tomorrow. Will be sure to take a few pictures with my Polaroid and leave my pager at home. Anyone know if the boat sells AA batteries? Might need some for my walkman.
  81. duckbutter6a

    Whistler Buoy Going off!!

    I thought this was some sort of weird misdirection.... then I realized it was the misdirection I like. Good job.
  82. duckbutter6a

    Goat herding off Mission Bay

    Somewhere a commercial lobster fisherman is smiling while reading this.
  83. duckbutter6a

    SOLD 2007 2101 Striper w/alaskan pkg

    Holy cow it has thermal/IR
  84. duckbutter6a

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    Thank you for sharing and glad you are ok
  85. duckbutter6a

    For Sale Custom built 22' Cuddy Cabin Diesel Outdrive $15k

    Yep. Alot of people are probably hesitant to buy a glass over ply hull plus that mercury diesel onboard used to have a bad reputation because people were putting them in to big of boats and running them to hard. Looks like a great boat wish I could own it.
  86. duckbutter6a

    braid to hardware connection. What knot?

    I've used it but never tested on anything big. Wonder how strong it is in this application compared to more complicated knots.
  87. duckbutter6a

    polarized glasses

    I fish Smith's with green lenses.
  88. duckbutter6a

    Dana Point Launch Ramp Mess - Potential Solution

    Use the safety word alot. Safety is a attention get'er. Pedestrian safety hazard due to lack of space. Tourist safety. Traffic congestion. Impact tourist revenue because we are choosing to launch our boats elsewhere.
  89. duckbutter6a

    For Sale Custom built 22' Cuddy Cabin Diesel Outdrive $15k

    How long is it on the trailer from prop to folded trailer hitch?
  90. duckbutter6a

    For Sale Custom built 22' Cuddy Cabin Diesel Outdrive $15k

    How's the motor look? Corrosion? Any thing need work?
  91. duckbutter6a

    For Sale Blackman Fishing Boat

    Wasn't this boat for sale last year for less? Looks good.
  92. duckbutter6a

    Banging a Fur bag

    Not all hero's wear capes.
  93. duckbutter6a

    3 ft at 7 sec?

    Plan on getting wet and then stopping by the dentist after to tighten up the fillings that get knocked out.
  94. duckbutter6a

    VHF radio testing

    This. Good radio shops can test your a antenna and radio to make sure everything is within spec. Know any HAM radio guys? The local Ham club probably has a member that can as well.
  95. duckbutter6a

    SD place to buy reloading supplies

    Turners here sells equipment and some stuff. If you need help learning or getting set up hit me up. I used to load alot when I lived back east. Mostly just 45acp, 9mm, and some rifle stuff. It's pretty simple just not very forgiving of mistakes.
  96. duckbutter6a

    For Sale Igloo marine 94qt new

    What's length width and height in inches? Thanks.
  97. duckbutter6a

    Deep rock fishing.

    RP knot is great just don't forget to jerk it tight
  98. duckbutter6a

    2007 blackman outerbanks

    I will trade you a 06 Chevy 2500 Silverado duramax with a bad number 4 glow plug for it... only 184k miles.....
  99. duckbutter6a

    Letters have Changed?

    Catering to the geriatric. Smart move BD. Font style (Boomer)
  100. duckbutter6a

    Deep rock fishing.

    Not sure the boat but 12 or more ounces will do the trick maybe over a pound depending on the drift. I have fished 300+ with 10 ounces. Braid line 65 pound test works with a flouro or mono leader 30 pound test and tie a double dropper looper 1/0 J hooks or whatever really.
  101. duckbutter6a

    Rockfish SD

    I think if you play dumb and offer to take a knowledgeable rock fish guru out on your boat they will probably help you out alot. I take new people fishing on my boat just to steal their knowledge. It saves lots of time and money to learn from others. Or just follow the half day around and...
  102. duckbutter6a

    3-5-19 a.m. half day

    Buy a skiff already dude. you will kill it. more quality fish when you find spots that the sport boats dont think is worth their time to drift.
  103. duckbutter6a

    White fish- err... Rock fish open short report

    I've only been doing this five years but I've seen bigger and more rock fish each year... I was catching nice sized reds while bass fishing near the kelp two weeks ago and releasing them. Alot more nice reds in shallow the last two years. Seeing alot more accidental ling cod as well. The...
  104. duckbutter6a

    WTB East County Land

    This interests me as well...
  105. duckbutter6a

    Any try an Eastwood welder

    What's your budget?
  106. duckbutter6a

    3march hooping in rain live edition ish

    Two legals and done. Seal gang bang full force time to quit
  107. duckbutter6a

    3march hooping in rain live edition ish

    Still just one with more shorts. One seal showed up. Only boat out here
  108. duckbutter6a

    3march hooping in rain live edition ish

    One short one legal. Not feeling confident slowish.
  109. duckbutter6a

    3march hooping in rain live edition ish

    On the way it's raining some I'm a freaking tard. Hooped San Diego bay entrance area. Bait bonito, Macs, dines in bait tubes.
  110. duckbutter6a

    Rockfish SD

    All depths.
  111. duckbutter6a

    The next fish fry is 3-23-19

    Hmmmm. This sounds cool. If I'm free i will come by with some fish and drinks.
  112. duckbutter6a

    1march weird rock fish

    45.8 pounds weighed at the processor dude nailed his personal best
  113. duckbutter6a

    1march weird rock fish

    Nice. Drift was pretty quick off PL. We stuck in shore and focused on calico. Wanted to hit some spots for reds but I didnt want to fight the drift that hard.
  114. duckbutter6a

    1march weird rock fish

    Was probably returning from dropping my buddy off Butt was caught on a mac
  115. duckbutter6a

    1march weird rock fish

    40+ inches 45.8 pounds. Caught on my skiff by my bro Tony. Good day little windy fast drift lots of nice calico all released
  116. duckbutter6a

    Rock fish opener march 1st

    Still don't think we can fish the highspots past the fathom curve from islands and coast.
  117. duckbutter6a

    Has Anyone Fished the Coronado Islands without a Bracelet and been checked ?

    Keep one guy up top with gyros and the engine running.
  118. duckbutter6a

    For Sale WILD Hand Generator Bait Maker 1950s

    Try it out just make sure DFG is there to watch
  119. duckbutter6a

    Rock fish opener march 1st

    Who all is going out tomorrow? I'm thinking about taking my boat solo in the morning out of shelter or mission bay for the day or maybe just hopping on the PM boat with a friend that has to work in the morning. Weather looks good enough for skiff'in it.
  120. duckbutter6a

    Taco Whore

    Waste of good kraut.
  121. duckbutter6a

    Where are the center console dealers in Southern California?

    Used- you will save money buying east coast even if you have to fly out twice or thrice. Budget in adding a bait tank. New- I'm sure the local dealers will order one for you. Dusky will arrange shipment to here if you are nice and say "y'all" a few times.
  122. duckbutter6a

    Rpt-Sat.-02-23-19 Limits of Frozen Bass!

    Being a Army vet and a married man.... rules suck! It's bad enough that I have to behave on the daily to keep from going to jail. DFG puts enough rules on fishing.. last thing I want to do is volunteer for more rules just to fish a tourney..
  123. duckbutter6a

    Rpt-Sat.-02-23-19 Limits of Frozen Bass!

    Nice. Fished bass today as well off Point Lloma. Plastics were killing it. Live bait worked some if you used a sliding sinker. I got smoked by a home guard yellow fishing 15 pound test on a bass rod. Very exciting until he made it to the kelp... bye byeeeee.
  124. duckbutter6a

    Fish 3 times the line test

    38 pound blue fin on 15 pound leader. Not 3 times but I was concerned lol.
  125. duckbutter6a

    what to do with 5.56 ammo

    I know a guy that can dispose of it safely for you out of state... free of charge :D
  126. duckbutter6a

    Thoughts on Skipjack FB 25s?

    That first ones been for sale for a while... Then again it's a buyers market.
  127. duckbutter6a

    San Diego Sportfishing Ticket Prices Take Another Upward Bump

    Native Son has a cult following similar to some boats down here. I've only fished the enterprise up there and it was what I expected. They all have nice bait tanks. It's cattle boat fishing not luxury yachts in regards to accommodations.
  128. duckbutter6a

    Evinrude G2? Really cleaner than a 4 stroke?

    I'm kinda the same. I can deal with the smell but always notice it since my last boat was a smoker. If the price were right I could deal with it but all things considered here in SoCal I will stick to Yamaha.
  129. duckbutter6a

    Evinrude G2? Really cleaner than a 4 stroke?

    I rode on a skiff with a g2 2017. No smoke but smelled like a 2 stroke a little.
  130. duckbutter6a

    Found oil on floor .What do you think

    Great now California is gonna put warning labels on dip sticks "Not for oral...or rectal use."
  131. duckbutter6a

    Found oil on floor .What do you think

    Upper seal where the shaft goes in? Only leaks when the outboard is tilted up? Maybe over filled with lower unit fluid unless the seal was damaged somehow
  132. duckbutter6a

    Embarrassing question but, how do you spool a baitcaster with braided line?

    Put some tape on the spool. Cloth tape is what most use. YouTube.
  133. duckbutter6a

    Embarrassing question but, how do you spool a baitcaster with braided line?

    I spool up with straight braid to a 1/16 of a inch shy of the top of the spool. Leaves room for a decent leader and mistakes lol If you want to be cheap as your braid gets older you can remove it and put it back on old used braid first leaving the former bottom braid on top.
  134. duckbutter6a


    Now I know what to look for when my Furuno dies.
  135. duckbutter6a

    BLM is open to shooting in San Diego

    Is there a map available for open areas vs closed?
  136. duckbutter6a

    Earth’s magnetic pole is on the move, fast. And we don’t know why

    Always moving all the time. That's why true north and magnetic declination (degree adjustment) is dated on maps because magnet north is always moving. Real maps for navigation not wall maps for show.
  137. duckbutter6a

    My new gregor hoopster

    How many hours did that take?
  138. duckbutter6a

    Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse Is Coming

    All the private boaters with cheap slips at Campland, mission bay are going to get stuck when they try to make it to or from their slips during low tide... last super moon I towed in 2 boats with busted props. PSA mind the shallows at low tide lol
  139. duckbutter6a

    Opinion of Sea Pro boats

    As mentioned... Worth buying if you can buy a outboard for it when the ficht dies. The outboard could explode tomorrow or last 10 years but everyone thinks they suck for a reason. Flip side is that if it's been running this long it's probably one of the good ones.
  140. duckbutter6a

    9jan19 small craft advisory live edition point lloma

    No pics but a freaking gray whale swam under my boat. I was in 120 foot or so of water. Minding my business looking at the fish finder wondering what all the fuzz is on the screen. I look down and right and see this gray blob far away under water. At first I thought it was a big bait ball...
  141. duckbutter6a

    Tide Calender notebook source?

    Thanks Amazon. Cost three dollars more but shipped quick.
  142. duckbutter6a

    9jan19 small craft advisory live edition point lloma

    Off the water. Wind picked up and I got hungry.
  143. duckbutter6a

    9jan19 small craft advisory live edition point lloma

    Really nice out here. All plastics no bait. Had a whale swim under the boat and snag one of my lead heads. Broke the line. Water clarity is 50ft plus.
  144. duckbutter6a

    Lobster Buoys to be banned soon in San Diego

    Our founding fathers would have burned Sacramento to the ground as well as caused a nation wide shortage in tar and feathers from taking care of the local politicians... we as a people collectively are sheep content with our materialism and modern lives. I'm gonna move back east...
  145. duckbutter6a

    Lobster Buoys to be banned soon in San Diego

    Dead Kennedy's song "Lynch the counc...Landlord...."
  146. duckbutter6a

    "Broken" Outboard Steering

    Should be dual cables for that size motor.
  147. duckbutter6a

    So what do you think these guys are doing.

    Us waters or Mexican?
  148. duckbutter6a

    Questions on making squid

    Any recommendations for good squid jigs?
  149. duckbutter6a

    Point Loma Black Sea Bass???

    Point lloma has black sea bass. I caught and released several smaller ones there last year. I've also been spanked by a few monster ones there as well.
  150. duckbutter6a


    Next level lobster game... engage!
  151. duckbutter6a

    Salvaging a sunken aluminum boat...

    Only thing of value is the hull. Treat everything else as potential probably garbage. Although you could make money parting out the motors assuming it was not running when it sank.
  152. duckbutter6a

    Questions on making squid

    Yeah the 2am thing was a Catalina overnight trip and we were struggling to make squid. It sucked but the result was nice yellowtail bite the next morning. Goodluck it's pretty hit or miss especially inshore. Catalina is good if the sea lions chill. Go look for the squid light boats to get...
  153. duckbutter6a

    Questions on making squid

    Do you have a hydroglow light? Squid net? Optional but recommended squid crowder? I've gotten them a hour after dark and I've gotten them at 2am. I don't know the science behind it I just go when I can.
  154. duckbutter6a

    Tuna (lots) jumping outside Newport Harbor this morning!

    Hopefully they move south... slowly... I can't fish this weekend lol
  155. duckbutter6a

    For Sale Radoncraft Cortez

    Curious what is length from trailer hitch to prop?
  156. duckbutter6a

    WTB Center console 16’ boat

    I have and would take my 17 to Catalina but it is risky. Not sure if there's a 5k boat that I would trust to take to the island.
  157. duckbutter6a

    What Does it Mean to Take Urchins “by Hand”?

    These are good posts. Thanks and keep it up!
  158. duckbutter6a

    Tide Calender notebook source?

    Well fishermans landing and anglers choice don't have them guess i will order online.
  159. duckbutter6a

    Tide Calender notebook source?

    I use that on my phone pretty handy.
  160. duckbutter6a

    Tide Calender notebook source?

    Can anyone recommend a good tide calender type notebook w/moon phase and major/minor feeding times? Also where to buy? I want to start planning my vacation days around ideal conditions and recording what I am catching and when so I can make my kung foo more strong. Thanks!
  161. duckbutter6a

    Where to do outboard maintenance (diy)

    For the money your saving on labor you can buy the oil change kit and impeller change kit and stuff for the lower from a local dealer. Mark up over online prices seems to be 10 to 20% which is nothing compared to the dealers hourly labor rate. I would rather buy from a dealership than west...
  162. duckbutter6a

    Where to do outboard maintenance (diy)

    Don't make it any harder than necesssry. I'm at 1800 hours on my f115. I got it at 900 hours and I've done every service since then besides the timing belt and they were all super easy. Impeller changes are done on a cheap folding plastic table next to the boat. I have a simple automotive...
  163. duckbutter6a

    Boatworks Today on YouTube

    I've watched some of the videos. pretty good.
  164. duckbutter6a

    Coronado pier and surf fishing

    Two piece surf fishing rod preferably 8 foot long 8 to 16 pound rating. A spinning reel or bait caster depending on your preference. No heavier than 8 pound flurocarbon leader and braid mainline if you want. The shorter sized Camo Gulp worms work well here in the surf. Simple Carolina rig...
  165. duckbutter6a

    For Sale 23 Mako Inboard

    Damn that would be a great one just to paint and leave in a slip and fish without the hassle of towing.
  166. duckbutter6a

    WTB k

    Supply vs. Demand.
  167. duckbutter6a

    Japan Resumes Whaling

  168. duckbutter6a

    Local island action 12/23

    Not sure what he does but usually I go get whole raw shrimp from a Asian fish market. Crawfish work good to
  169. duckbutter6a

    Local island action 12/23

    Awesome and I need to strengthen my sheepshead game... I got lazy catching pigs on squid at the further islands.... need to try the shrimp trick.
  170. duckbutter6a

    BLM is open to shooting in San Diego

    Good to hear. What are some safer areas to go shoot at?
  171. duckbutter6a

    12-22-18 Hooping LA Harbor

    You still out there trying? It's early
  172. duckbutter6a

    For Sale 19’ Seaway

    Size and condition of fuel tank?
  173. duckbutter6a

    How much to repower my '25 Skipjack to Diesel?

    As others have mentioned.. repowering with a modern fuel injected engine with a duoprop set up will probably cost less than 20k and give good fuel economy.
  174. duckbutter6a

    For Sale 1983 jeep cj7

    Alex Jones is sad you are selling this. Nice jeep.
  175. duckbutter6a

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    It's a upgrade for me. My biggest complaint before was lack of space to tie up while I went to go get my truck. Had to wait or if the tide was high ease in between the jetty and dock and tie up there.... but I also have no plans of ever owning a boat larger than 20 feet that I trailer.
  176. duckbutter6a

    new rockfish limits- what will you use?

    Source? Thanks!
  177. duckbutter6a

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    I drove by today. Looks open even though there's still work being done. Gates were open.
  178. duckbutter6a

    Lobster hoop netting during the day.

    The above and I have heard that deeper water will some times crawl due to it being darker during the day. I have a small boat so I don't have space to take hoops with me during day trips although maybe I should take one and try...
  179. duckbutter6a

    Norm Taniguchi Estate Auction | Fishing Gear, tools & More

    I'm set on hooks for a while.... Not sure what to do with all the damn treble hooks and pipe swivels though. Around 10,000 j hooks and a thousand trebles...
  180. duckbutter6a

    Norm Taniguchi Estate Auction | Fishing Gear, tools & More

    I got the gaffs, anchor rope, one of the variety boxes of assorted lures/line/hooks, and a huge lot of hooks size 8 to 8/0. A bunch of the other stuff just went out of my price range/value. Overall I got a lifetime supply of hooks and zip ties lol.
  181. duckbutter6a

    Help me understand (6.5 Creedmoor)

    6.5mm is more efficient than most rounds. It retains its velocity longer thus giving less time to hit target and less time for gravity to to pull the bullet downwards. So it's easier to hit the target due to less bullet drop and wind related drift since it gets to the target faster allowing...
  182. duckbutter6a

    South Shore/Queen Mary Ramp Debris

    Firewood in there somewhere. Just don't leave the saw in your truck when you launch.... found that one out the hard way at Davies.... damn tweekers...
  183. duckbutter6a

    Has anyone installed Sea Dek on there boat with good results?

    Not a pretty boat person so my vote is those rubber mats with the holes in them. Function over appearance.
  184. duckbutter6a

    Squid float at Santa Cruz

    Nice! Time to fill the freezer.
  185. duckbutter6a

    SOLD Pacific Edge 12’ squid crowder

    I know this is old but.... Still available?
  186. duckbutter6a

    SI Ramp

    Looks almost done other than the exit area needing paving
  187. duckbutter6a

    For Sale 23’ Custom Pilothouse Walkaround

    Drool.... every good deal on here does not fit in my backyard parking space...
  188. duckbutter6a

    12-7-18 hooping Long Beach harbor.

    Chef doesn't believe in bycatch. Nothing is safe from him.
  189. duckbutter6a

    12-7-18 hooping Long Beach harbor.

    It's worth doing live fishing reports during the week because everyone is working so you can rub it in. A little.
  190. duckbutter6a

    12-4-18 Hoopin Long Beach Oil islands

    He's on the board with one. Any cool bycatch?
  191. duckbutter6a

    12-4-18 Hoopin Long Beach Oil islands

    There's my boy! How's my old girl running? Just you out there or you get a second so you can drop more hoops?
  192. duckbutter6a

    Trolling White Seabass

    Every time a slow troll a mac in the biscuit zone I catch a black sea bass. It's like if I think about a sea bass while trolling live bait a black sea bass knows it and bites to get my hopes up. I'm probably doing something wrong...
  193. duckbutter6a

    Lobster report 2 December San Diego

    I keep the rope in the boat. Don't want the loose end of the rope getting on my prop. Kelp was the thickest I've seen but most of it was on the hoop not the rope.
  194. duckbutter6a

    Lobster report 2 December San Diego

    12 legals for the two of us. Depth 40 to 20 feet. Countless shorts. Out by the harbor entrance in the swell. Sun down set was void of legals but had 4 shorts for 10 hoops. Decided to be patient. Waited 45 minutes. 5 legals on the second set in 40 foot. It was slack tide. All were...
  195. duckbutter6a


    6 foot at 8 seconds. Yeah I'm good.. good try Gonna try myself in a few lol
  196. duckbutter6a

    5th Annual Rock Cod Round-Up!

    When's the deadline to sign up? Or can we just register Friday at the meeting? Marlin club membership required? If the weather is good enough for my skiff...this sounds like fun.
  197. duckbutter6a

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    Read the "5 love languages" I found a copy when I was bored as hell in Iraq and started reading expecting bullshit but found some great relationship knowledge.
  198. duckbutter6a

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    7 years so just getting used to each other. Learning to just let her talk alot without interrupting took a minute. Figuring out that she does not want me to solve her problems just to listen to her vent about them took me a while.
  199. duckbutter6a

    Ace line pullers

  200. duckbutter6a

    Ace line pullers

  201. duckbutter6a

    PQ Offshore 11/29 - Anyone Onboard?

    The landing was loaded yesterday. The queen is behind the Aztec. Aztec is there because a sailboat sank in mission bay blocking the way.
  202. duckbutter6a

    WTB 23' Maritime Patriot

    I've heard they are a pain to install throughhull ports in for bait tanks since they are cored hulls and that the factory through hull is in a poor location lots of turbulence.
  203. duckbutter6a

    What's the deal with

    You got my money two days ago Dave. I've been fishing on my boat in a knowledge vacuum for two years. Worth 5 bucks just to hear/see what works for you. Any plans to cover San Diego/north county?
  204. duckbutter6a

    3 turn uni and Spangler knot test

    45 or 9mm? Or Palomar?
  205. duckbutter6a

    Tuesday morning do it live San Diego edition

    Yes sir. I hate cuda. Fun to hook up but every other aspect is garbage. As soon as they touch the air they smell. Maybe one day I will cook one for myself then and until then I will hate and probably still hate them. At least the cattle boats get their own fish in my opinion. Did I...
  206. duckbutter6a

    Tuesday morning do it live San Diego edition

    Done. A calico bite turned into a never ending snot rocket bite and we finally got tired and headed in.
  207. duckbutter6a

    Tuesday morning do it live San Diego edition

    Went down to IB. Could see the clouds of tear gas from the water. Police were bored wanted to talk. Back on our way. Green water and nothing going back to PL probably
  208. duckbutter6a

    Tuesday morning do it live San Diego edition

    Sheep head and vermillions time to move.
  209. duckbutter6a

    Tuesday morning do it live San Diego edition

    Late start heading out to point lloma. Threw a few plastics at the coronado bridge on the way out. Let's see how today goes. Second cast spotty. Onwards to get bait. Update two. Baby cuda out the bay 60 foot deep birds and Macs
  210. duckbutter6a

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    Are the decks soft? If theres rot you might as well gut it and repower with a outboard and do a pilot house conversion or a center console.
  211. duckbutter6a

    Spotted Bay Bass Session light line (video )

    I've caught them outside of the bay point lloma side. It's rare but happens
  212. duckbutter6a

    Moldy bilge.

    Sounds like a great band name. Bleach is what I've heard as well. Don't gas yourself though be careful
  213. duckbutter6a

    Us vs the seals

    All furbags (sealions) must die... Ones down here are smart. They wait for me to catch the calico then they grab the tired bass as it swims back down after I release. Paintball guns work great until they figure out the effective range and then swim outside for air before going back to...
  214. duckbutter6a

    A basket of lobster

    Nice. If you ever need help with labor hit me up. Always nice to see how other people do things.
  215. duckbutter6a

    Room for one local San Diego Point Lloma area Saturday 17nov

    God damn Nacho and his little dogs too... I do miss the cranky old bastard. I fished up there once this year and it was enough to make me remember why I moved down here.
  216. duckbutter6a

    Room for one local San Diego Point Lloma area Saturday 17nov

    Dana Landing my mistake. Spent to long in LA lol You bastards are the best lol
  217. duckbutter6a

    Room for one local San Diego Point Lloma area Saturday 17nov

    Thinking about launching Saturday morning from Dana Landing for some local stuff from 5am until noon. I've got room for one if you weigh less then 250 pounds. Boat has zero creature comforts besides a bench seat and really good air conditioning. Goal is mostly calico and sand bass but I am...
  218. duckbutter6a

    be afraid....very afraid....someone close could do this to you

    LOL truth in the middle of CNN and FOX that's a good one! Look at who owns both and get back with me. I love you bro no hate or anything like that just there's alot of truth in between the bullshit we are fed. Hard to know what's up when most sources of indoctrination I mean information are...
  219. duckbutter6a

    be afraid....very afraid....someone close could do this to you

    Yeah times change. Hard times make hard men. Hard men make good times. Good times make soft men. Soft men make hard times. We are at the later point. And your argument is special. I bet you watch CNN and are still mad that your girl lost.
  220. duckbutter6a

    For Sale 2005 Boston Whaler 210 Outrage - 105 hrs - $31,750

    I moved from Florida/Georgia to California... against my will thanks to Uncle Sam. Now I love it out here... Maybe Stockholm syndrome.... Nice sled! Wish I had the coin.... and a more forgiving wife!
  221. duckbutter6a

    be afraid....very afraid....someone close could do this to you

    Few of y'all on here don't understand the concept of being free as our founding fathers intended.
  222. duckbutter6a

    For Sale 2006 Parker 2320 with 2014 yamaha 250hp

    Is the hull deep V or modified? Any soft spots or corrosion, how's fuel tank?
  223. duckbutter6a

    what to do with 5.56 ammo

    Firearms Unknown sells 80% lowers right? A few online searches will teach you everything else
  224. duckbutter6a

    DP 10.04.18 Lot’s O Bugs

    Gotta love it when the government invites itself into your life....
  225. duckbutter6a

    Squid crowder netting source?

    Thanks thanks and thanks!
  226. duckbutter6a

    Squid crowder netting source?

    Anyone know where in can find new 1/2 inch mono netting for a squid crowder? I need to replace mine and can't find a vendor that has it any more I tried a company in Louisiana and they sent me braided nylon net instead of mono.
  227. duckbutter6a

    LB Bay hooping 10/19 Lost/Stolen hoop

    I used to put two floats on mine. Then I dropped during a big out going tide. Got distracted for a few minutes and didn't notice my hoops drifting towards the channel. When I did notice I was able to rescue all but 2 hoops. The other two were lost to the dark ness. They all drifted...
  228. duckbutter6a

    10-23-18 a.m. half day

    I didn't know you were boatless Vic. If I were in Whittier still we would have to work out a trade = Mexican food for fishing lol
  229. duckbutter6a

    For Sale Gregor 21’ ocean price drop

    Nice skiff. Been married 7 years. I want to fish more but my wife..... Just saying. If she's giving you a hard time about financial decisions now... she's gonna run you or ruin you when your married. They don't get less power hungry with time. You showing weakness this early in the...
  230. duckbutter6a

    Anyone else feel the temperature change

    Let me know when you start unloading your horde of project boats... I eventually plan on doing some sort of pilot house conversion with whatever hull I find when I get around to it.
  231. duckbutter6a

    Why am i addicted to fishing

    It only gets worse. Plan your education and career path around what will keep you near water and able to afford a boat and you will be happy! Don't join the Army lol. I had to start hunting deer for a few years until I got out.
  232. duckbutter6a

    Lobster buoy management...

    I like your rope management solution. My attempt to have rope management and float all in one was to needy.
  233. duckbutter6a

    Hooping LA harbor 10/4 late post

    Seals and or sea lions eat lobster. I've seen them do it when I was in LB. That was also bad season for them when they were starving.
  234. duckbutter6a

    Got 'em good today 10/11

    Envy sits behind a desk at work and is reading this report right now :D
  235. duckbutter6a

    10/3/18 Hooping Chaffee island

    Closest oil island to nachos bait barge in LB. Just anchor your 50 foot hatty in front of the triple palms on top of the structure and you can just drop hoops from the boat and not have to move lol
  236. duckbutter6a

    SOLD 2007 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Duramax

    I have a 2006 red badge duramax with 170k miles and love it. The 07s have a better motor slightly more reliable with more power. Good trucks.
  237. duckbutter6a

    Lobster Hooping: Is this normal?

    Try a different spot or tide. I hit a spot last night and got 4 larger size legals and one short in my first set. Second set 1 legal and a few shorts. 3rd i got 20 shorts no legals. It's weird.
  238. duckbutter6a

    LJ 10/6

    Tieing off to the lobster lines as a anchor is pretty cool. Not sure if it disturbs the traps but the commercial guys probably love the fact that you are catching the sheepshead that are known to damage lobsters in the traps by eating exposed legs.
  239. duckbutter6a

    A lil help

    Sounds like they are mostly in mexico 371 area. Still fish on the back side of San Clemente though I hear.
  240. duckbutter6a

    TIG welding surface iron rings

    Good to know. I will have to try that out
  241. duckbutter6a

    10/3/18 Hooping Chaffee island

    Everyone go hoop the TRIPLE Palms on Chaffee! 2 shorts a night gay-ron-teed! I will be driving up from San Diego for the action tonight.
  242. duckbutter6a

    For Sale 2001 Steiger Craft Chesapeake For sale

    Looks pretty easy with the right tools. 1800snap-on. Sharp looking rig.
  243. duckbutter6a

    10/3/18 Hooping Chaffee island

    Hey Ryan consider taking Dave if you need a second. He's a solid guy and he's hooped/fished on my boat before.
  244. duckbutter6a

    SOLD 1984 Boston whaler -22-Outrage with Honda 225 *Price reduced $14,000 great deal

    How long is it on the trailer from the front of tbe hitch to the back of the prop? Sweet rig again by the way.
  245. duckbutter6a

    29sept fishing and lobster opener festivities

    They always ask for permission first LOL
  246. duckbutter6a

    Major Surf Event - Be Careful

    Found these pics
  247. duckbutter6a

    29sept fishing and lobster opener festivities

    I bet the commercial guys are going to lose a few traps especially up in Orange and LA county.
  248. duckbutter6a

    29sept fishing and lobster opener festivities

    Forgot this pic was 30 inches. Not huge but a solid amount of filets. Easy fish to clean.
  249. duckbutter6a

    Have new resident on my property

    Had one at my last place that like to fly off with my dogs squeaky toys.
  250. duckbutter6a

    SD Bay Lobster

    Thanks for the report. Yeah it was crowded out there. How was the size on the bugs?
  251. duckbutter6a

    SD Bay Lobster opener 9/29

    Nice. I did not know giant squid worked as bait.
  252. duckbutter6a

    edit: Want a Ho to help hoop LA, putting ho list together

    Forgot about this post. Lol. I am down in San Diego now. Still hooping just on a smaller boat now.
  253. duckbutter6a

    How bad did u do? Lobster opener...

    Remind me to buy a commercial permit when I save up $110k lol
  254. duckbutter6a

    How bad did u do? Lobster opener...

    Good crawl down here. Didn't have time to chase limits though. Got 12 and quit at 930. Boat next to me got 1 and shorts. Don't know about everyone else.
  255. duckbutter6a

    29sept fishing and lobster opener festivities

    Figured parking would be a nightmare for the first day of lobster season. It was. Launched Glorietta bay at 5am. All the good parking spots were taken except for 2 that people double parked in. Parked on street parking. Goal was to inshore fish and then come back and grab hoops for the...
  256. duckbutter6a

    Pro-Line 251 I/O to Suzuki outboard conversion

    Nice. I have similar plans for one day. Thanks for additional inspiration!
  257. duckbutter6a

    Who wants to get out Sunday

    If the wind stays down they should be just big rollers
  258. duckbutter6a

    1/2 day fish thieves 9/27

    It happens. I've had deckhands ask me my bag number and then watched them take the fish I caught and put it in the bag next to mine. Figure the other guy needed it more than me lol I've also seen fisherman dig through my bag thinking it was theirs looking for a fish they wanted to weigh for...
  259. duckbutter6a

    300 pound blue Finn

    Use the force mike...
  260. duckbutter6a

    Need help targeting bottom fish

    Green bouy, 105, 150, double rigs reef. Izors has cabezon and white fish to go with bass.
  261. duckbutter6a

    For Sale Hoop nets for lobter

    Deal of the century. I felt lucky when I got 3 for 50 a few weeks ago.
  262. duckbutter6a

    Pisss bug season starts on Sat

    Pz750 looks interesting.... hoping it's tolerable Saturday morning inshore I really really don't want to fish spotties and halibut all day...
  263. duckbutter6a

    Pisss bug season starts on Sat

    If weather permits I will fish inshore Saturday and hoop/watch the anarchy Saturday night in the SD harbor. Anyone wanna bring some popcorn?
  264. duckbutter6a

    Offshore 4G coverage from Newport to Catalina Islands and beyond....

    I wonder if one of those house hold cell signal booster antennas would help if you put it on your boat.
  265. duckbutter6a

    Looking for active military lobster buddies

    Good luck. I will be out there the opener to watch the show after fishing all day.
  266. duckbutter6a

    Skippies and a surprise

    Won't forget that anytime soon.
  267. duckbutter6a

    Dana Point report 209

    Tuna will be within range until December... barely lol
  268. duckbutter6a

    Mussel Farm 9/22

    Is the mussel farm a recent thing? I don't recall it when I fished LA 2 years ago...
  269. duckbutter6a

    Bisquit without the Gravy !!

    Looks 59.9 pounds not 60....
  270. duckbutter6a

    Bisquit without the Gravy !!

    The rubber duck spends so much time on the water i don't doubt his claims other than final weight of catch :D A blind hog finds a acorn eventually.
  271. duckbutter6a

    Bisquit without the Gravy !!

    Nice they are still there and yes I am jealous. Regarding yellows at izors- my uncle and i have caught them in numbers there before on those rare days when clear water pushes in that far. They were 10 to 20 pounders chasing bait and baby calico around. Not sure if anyone could land a pig...
  272. duckbutter6a

    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    Well At least the harbor will be a little less busy for the opener....
  273. duckbutter6a

    Is #40 really needed???

    I use 40 as top shot for all or my surface iron and yoyo set ups.
  274. duckbutter6a

    Anyone else feel the temperature change

    And start pulling out hooping gear to get ready for lobster season? Need to repair some damaged hoops. Still early I should just go fishing or something lol but I am doing maintenance and avoiding the water due to the holiday crowds.
  275. duckbutter6a

    For Sale WHALER - RADON -Reduced to $14,950 - RESTORED 2018 For Sale

    That's badass. I would fish the hell out of that boat down here...
  276. duckbutter6a

    Red Rooster III rescues Mexican Fishermen.

    Good deal. I've towed in 3 different boats and given gas to another. One day it might be me out there so I try and keep my good karma bank full lol...
  277. duckbutter6a

    SOLD Lobster Pots/nets (two rigid, one flat)

    Thanks Ryan pleasure doing business with you.
  278. duckbutter6a

    For Sale Mako 17ft CC

    These are great bay boats and for local stuff when the washing machine isn't on. Great for hooping the bay.
  279. duckbutter6a

    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    It is what it is. Some will continue to go regardless. I just wish they would pick themselves up by the boot straps and fix their country. Same goes for every Democrat run city here in the US. MAGA 2020 in time we shall drain the swamp and set an example for the world to follow.
  280. duckbutter6a

    Boat valuation for property tax assessment, San Diego County

    Just paid my bill. $117 dollars...
  281. duckbutter6a

    Yamaha outboard diagnostic tool/code reader San Diego area anyone have one?

    One last bump before I get on eBay. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  282. duckbutter6a

    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    I'm guessing that's sarcasm. Payback for trying to help the local economy. Americans are terrible people for coming down here to give us money so they can go fishing. Nationalism to the point of discrimination against foreigners in a failing/ed country is hilarious in a sad kinda way... kinda...
  283. duckbutter6a

    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    The US Army conquered Mexico all the way down to Mexico city in 1847... after which we were nice enough to give it back again up to the Rio Grande. I'm beginning to think my ancestors made a mistake by being so nice and we should have just added a few more stars to the flag and had a shorter...
  284. duckbutter6a

    Yamaha outboard diagnostic tool/code reader San Diego area anyone have one?

    Just had a random engine icon pop up on my tach gauge. 2013 Yamaha f115. I am assuming this is a check engine light. Anyone have a code reader and want to help me out? I have no problem helping $ for your time and or beer or a fishing/lobster trip on my skiff. Just want to know what's...
  285. duckbutter6a

    For Sale 407 Rounds of 7.62x51mm for sale

    Looks kinda like 175 grain m118 long range ammo. If so that is a steal of a price. If it's just XM80 it's a fair price. Good deal either way in this state.
  286. duckbutter6a

    For Sale 407 Rounds of 7.62x51mm for sale

    Could you post a picture of the nose of the bullet?
  287. duckbutter6a

    Dorado on the ridge

    Nice fish. My last boat with a mercury efi 250 would spin a hub anytime I hauled ass I'm bigger swell. Honestly to fast for safety but it was fun speed lol. I averaged spinning it 4 times a year. Usually I could let it cool down a few minutes then get it back up on a plane at around 18mph...
  288. duckbutter6a

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,sort of

    I've helped change a few wheels and bearings at the boat ramp before. It's never easy. Glad you were able to get her there and pay someone else to fix it.
  289. duckbutter6a

    passenger seat upgrade on a 18 2320sc?

    Riding bitch is a motivator to buy your own boat... You could also remove the bench and add two swivel chairs so passengers can rotate and face direction of movement.
  290. duckbutter6a

    Churchill's Jokes and Barbs - Lets post the good ones and elevate sarcasm

    The Definitive Wit of Winston Churchill is a fun read.
  291. duckbutter6a

    So I got this old rod... crap or keep?

    Looks like it will catch fish. I got $20 if you are in San Diego and don't want it...
  292. duckbutter6a

    Inexperienced boater

    Anchoring on the edge of the kelp and throwing some cut up.bait works after a few minutes of chumming a few pieces of cut bait ever 15 seconds or so flyline a live bait the direction the chum is drifting. I've been catching a ton of calico that way and small yellows and cuda. Also slow...
  293. duckbutter6a

    Inexperienced boater

    I haven't been out in a week so I'm not sure about water temp related bite issues. Are you trying to catch a specific species of Fish? Are you using live bait or artificial? Do you have and know how to read your fish finder? 50hp might be underpowered but you are fishing more of a flat...
  294. duckbutter6a

    Auto inflate life jacket ?s

    I wear my west marine one pretty much always... call me a geek but I don't want to find out how well I can swim with cloths on the hard way...
  295. duckbutter6a

    New Law Prohibits Sale Of All Billfish On U.S. Mainland

    Alot of people that would normally support this are going to bitch because Trump signed it lol.
  296. duckbutter6a


    Fish are Republican. Now that Trump is fixing shit the fish are coming back in numbers to help MAGA. Trump 2020.
  297. duckbutter6a

    Bullet mackerel

    I caught one a few years ago trolling. Neat looking.
  298. duckbutter6a

    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    Have a protest at the round about? Get the news out there. Start spreading rumors that the mayor and project manager blew the budget on a coke fueled party in TJ?
  299. duckbutter6a

    2Aug live report out of MB

    Decided to do local. bro on my skiff just pulled this in. Bait was local macs 80 feet deep. Edit: Home at last. Boat clean. Fish cleaned and in the freezer split two ways. Nothing special besides the butt. Caught a bunch of cuda, calico, small yellows, and a asshooked bonito. Tons...
  300. duckbutter6a

    01aug local paddy hopping

    Went from MB to the 302 area and back. Trolled some for nothing. Found 3 paddys 2 were holding. One had large yt with lock jaw. Other I was able to get one 13 poundish YT. I could feed the others bait damn near by hand but after catching their friend the remaining fish would not touch...
  301. duckbutter6a

    Alamitos Bay 7/31 - Windy Non Report

    When I lived up there it was either, Perfect conditions Almost perfect Shitty shitty washing machine. Mostly perfect though!
  302. duckbutter6a

    Late report- Jumbo Tuna got me!

    You have to download it. Both are the same video
  303. duckbutter6a

    Late report- Jumbo Tuna got me!

    Nice report and videos i might have to run offshore tomorrow lol
  304. duckbutter6a

    Budget kite fishing...

    Maybe 60 pound braid with a good crimped leader. Are you realistically going to be able to put half of the strength of braid on the fish for a extended period of time?
  305. duckbutter6a

    Help me with FG knot please

    FG works if you have time and conditions to the it... RP knot works and is easy to tie in most all conditions.... I can tie a FG in my garage. I have tried and failed in a boat. RP works Every time as long as you make sure to give it a good hard pull at the end to lock it.
  306. duckbutter6a

    New to Ocean and Looking at boats

    100% true... do not buy with the intent to sell unless you intend to repower.
  307. duckbutter6a

    Anchoring in cat harbor

    But what if you want a cheese burger and you don't have a grill?
  308. duckbutter6a

    Spot light(s)

    Fog and lights don't mix IMHO. Radar does work just fine though. Not sure if LED or bulb lights work better in the fog but my experience has been that all light just blinds you and shows nothing but fog in the fog...
  309. duckbutter6a

    New to Ocean and Looking at boats

    Depends on price and if you want to drop 30k to repower when they die. If you can get her at a low enough price to where the idea of dropping 30k does not hurt then go for it. Odds are... If the fichts have been running this long they are alright. Not all of them were lemons but enough were...
  310. duckbutter6a

    Anchoring in cat harbor

    Best option for a 17 foot boat? String line or mooring? Dude I heard about tied his 16 footer to the dinghy dock and a do gooder cut the lines and let it drift. He eventually found his boat many miles south of cat.
  311. duckbutter6a

    AUG 1st Wednesday anyone going out of San Diego?

    I'm taking the day off Wednesday for my birthday. If the weather is good I will probably burn some gas and go out to the 181 temp break area. Anyone gonna be out there? I will be monitoring 72. If anyone needs a hand on their boat I can leave my skiff at the house and ho. Willing to help...
  312. duckbutter6a

    Anchoring in cat harbor

    I've always been curious about that...
  313. duckbutter6a

    Legitimate Attempt - DP 08.29.18

    Thanks. Your videos show the small boat spirit. I love being on my skiff and feeling so close to everything. Anytime I get on a 25+ foot boat my focus shifts from the ocean to the big ass boat.
  314. duckbutter6a

    Calico City - Cat 7/28/18

    Thanks for the video and report.
  315. duckbutter6a


    Get there early on a weekend like 4am. During the week it's not awful but on some days I've pulled up at 5am to see 8 boats prepping to launch on a Monday or Friday lol. Shelter needs to open asap.
  316. duckbutter6a


    The coronado boat ramp has one hose hook up. It's a small ramp and limited parking.
  317. duckbutter6a

    Cabo 216 W/ 2017 Yamaha F150

    How much has the, Engine Hours Condition Price Changed?
  318. duckbutter6a

    Where should I go outside of SD Bay?

    If you have a fish finder, Whistler bouy. Anywhere off of point lloma 100 feet deep to the kelp line. Make sure you avoid the Cabrillo mlpa. If you have bait you can anchor with the ass of your boat to the kelp and chum while flylining. This will work with or without a fish finder.
  319. duckbutter6a

    For Sale Boat is going to junkyard- parts for sale

    Looks like a glastron seafury II. Great riding hulls. The whole back transom lay out and access cover on them doesn't seem like a good design to begin with. Would be a good candidate for repair and maybe a flotation bracket for a new outboard.
  320. duckbutter6a

    San Diego -Tackle Shop

    Which is cool until the 4th employee asks you the same question and your just trying to shop :rofl:
  321. duckbutter6a

    San Diego -Tackle Shop

    Squidco. I used to go to Anglers but the staffing isn't what it used to be. Plus the place is so packed it's hard to find anything unless your near sighted. Charkbait seems decent but it's off of the beaten path for me. Fisherman's landing has a good selection but they charge way over msrp.
  322. duckbutter6a

    Good news for 2A folks in the West - open carry

    I wouldn't try it just yet... I would wait to see how the state's respond. Just because the 9th said it's ok doesn't mean some local cops won't hold back from infringing your rights. I used to open carry in Virginia... south of Richmond no one noticed but when I went to northern Virginia...
  323. duckbutter6a

    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    Looked good yesterday. Finally showing progress especially with the seawall.
  324. duckbutter6a

    A9 reopens for 4 days.

    I need to visit just so I can understand the crap you guys have to go through... WTF....
  325. duckbutter6a

    Why Trailer Tiedown Straps Or Cables Can Be Important To Most

    Sometimes it's better to run the light....
  326. duckbutter6a

    Worth it to hit Cat tomorrow?

    Reports showed 10 to 15 pound yt being caught. Stop at paddys on the way might catch something nice.
  327. duckbutter6a

    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    I shut down last week at the 43 to pour 5 gallons of gas into the boats tank and then restarted... it was too quiet.
  328. duckbutter6a

    Struck oil today on the sea adventure 80

    Eat portions 6oz or smaller. Better invite alot of friends to the bbq.
  329. duckbutter6a

    What’s South Shores Ramp Like These Days?

    Other than homeless sleeping in the bathroom and trash everywhere it's a good ramp. I would not keep anything of value in my vehicle parked at that ramp...same goes for Davies.
  330. duckbutter6a

    Aluminum Tower cracked at weld, how to fix.

    No you just melt it back together again and maybe add some filler metal to reinforce. No need to drill it out. Just clean the surface really well and turn the area of the crack into a puddle with a AC TIG welder. Once there's a good puddle the metal will flow back into one piece again...
  331. duckbutter6a

    To the 43 and back tuna seen no takers

    Decided to follow the border from the 9 to the 43. Lots of bait in close less further out. Only saw breezers between the 182 and the 43 scattered but lots of small schools. No takers. Tried live bait and jigs. Ocean was perfect for a great 90 mile boat ride. Ended by anchoring up by the...
  332. duckbutter6a

    Skipjack On the bare hook

    This thread is useless without pics.
  333. duckbutter6a

    302 to north 9

    Small boat mafia for the win.
  334. duckbutter6a

    YFT Real close

    Water looks good probably more fish working their way up the line.
  335. duckbutter6a

    Going Offshore this week and looking for the A Team Players!

    Goodluck. I would jump on this but I've gotta take my wife up to LA to visit old college friends plus I'm gonna take my boat out tomorrow. I love staring through binos until my eyes bleed since it beats being bored in the cabin lol. Kites easy as well but I was fortunate enough to learn using...
  336. duckbutter6a

    flat fall/ yoyo elbow is a real thing

    A long night of pulling lobster hoops gives me similar pain. Yours sounds more like a injury. Might want to get checked out.
  337. duckbutter6a

    Point Loma Action???

    Bigger calico are eating live bait but bring a ton to chum them in with.
  338. duckbutter6a

    Tuna Science 6-10 2018 report (video)

    Bump just to see how this goes. Good work Hardcore
  339. duckbutter6a

    Mid August I get $5k to buy a boat...

    Don't forget about maintenance expenses. If the engine breaks that 5k boat could end up costing more than 5k to fix. I got a cheap boat as my first. I ended up spending 5k fixing broken crap and safety issues during the first 2 years. Maybe you could get a 17 to 18 foot bay runner for 5k...
  340. duckbutter6a

    Dolphin Half Day Today...

    It's better than pier much more better depends on the quantity and quality of passengers. :fighting0061:
  341. duckbutter6a

    Dolphin Half Day Today...

    The Dolphin is a great boat. I work near the landing and will occasionally hop on the PM if things are slow at the shop and I didn't have the foresight to drag my skiff to work. The crew trys and the captain( and even the alternate captain) will put you on whatever is biting locally. They...
  342. duckbutter6a

    6/12 Adrift on the west end of Cat with a dead battery

    Don't launch without one. Flag down the MATCO tool truck they sell several sizes. They don't lose a charge and you can use it to charge your phone. I live across from a school and get to rescue soccer mom's with dead batteries a few times a month so it's pretty handy.
  343. duckbutter6a

    Speed vrs comfort of a Parker?

    For someone with the time and skill there are limitless skipjack hulls that could be converted into pilot houses for a reasonable amount.
  344. duckbutter6a

    Speed vrs comfort of a Parker?

    It was pretty obvious. Dusky would probably build or install a pilot house if a customer wanted one. They will customize anything pretty much. Dusky has zero brand recognition out here though and I have only see two in SoCal. My 17 and a 25 foot CC with a fisherman's cuddy that I...
  345. duckbutter6a

    Speed vrs comfort of a Parker?

    Steiger Craft makes a good pilot house. There's a bunch of good aluminum boat builders in the Pacific north west. If i had the space and money I would get a aluminum boat.
  346. duckbutter6a

    Speed vrs comfort of a Parker?

    A ton of people out here have them so there is alot of bias but... I've fished a bunch on both a 2320 and a 2100cc. Both pounded in normal SoCal conditions. Would I own one? Sure if I got one for a good deal but I feel there are better boats for the left coast. Now since I am from...
  347. duckbutter6a

    Tuna Science 6-10 2018 report (video)

    Nice! What jigs were you trolling? Rapalas?
  348. duckbutter6a

    calicos are hitting

    One per fisherman per year. Pay a extra $20 to DFG and get one serial numbered tag one time use type so it can't be used more than once. Tag has to be attached the fish until processed.
  349. duckbutter6a

    Huge Florida Middle Grounds and Beyond Catch

    Damn. I might need to move back home to Florida soon...
  350. duckbutter6a

    Cat 6/3

    I loved fishing cat when I lived in LA but making the ride home on a 17 foot cc was painful more often than not. If i ever decide to tow up and fish cat again I will probably over night.
  351. duckbutter6a

    Seatow or BoatU.S. ?

    Had Seatow. Switched to BoatUS. They have more boats it seems and better customer service.
  352. duckbutter6a

    6-3-18 Long Beach Harbor

    That's a good lobster area. Not so much fishys. It's also a good spot to chill and drink beer so you are doing pretty good.
  353. duckbutter6a

    Went to La Jolla, caought some fish.. 06-03-2018

    Nice. Lings like shiney things. I had a spot at LJ that was producing two solid legal lings every time and constant barely legal fish. Conditions have changed a little and the kelp is growing back.... The spot was infested with nice sheepshead back when there was kelp on it so who knows...
  354. duckbutter6a

    Point lloma bass 3JUN

    Round 2. Launched from Dana landing at around 5am. Skipped bait. Didnt even bring squid. Decided to turn left out of the bay and work my way down towards the point staying in between the kelp and the 90 foot drop off. Calico and sand bass everywhere in the morning. Occasional rock fish as...
  355. duckbutter6a

    Anything going on in LaJolla today 6-2-2018 .? Fish / Water reports ?

    I was near there. Didn t hear much. Lots of anchovies on the south side of the mlpa
  356. duckbutter6a

    Pacific Beach bass and rock fish 2may

    Launched early. Got some sunrise calico and sand bass on squid and leadheads. Kman special worked great. Maybe 8 legal sized calico and 5 sandies. All released. Photo'd the first two before putting my phone up. Went out deeper for a few rock fish for dinner then went back in for a few more...
  357. duckbutter6a

    If this back door gun registration passes, ammo back ground check

    Some own support animals not for what they are but for what they represent and what was lost.
  358. duckbutter6a

    For Sale 25'X9' Open Fisherman, Center Console, 250 Suzuki warranty till 9/19 27,000 (reduced again)

    What is total length on the trailer? From the hitch to the prop? Thanks and nice boat.
  359. duckbutter6a

    Fishing On The Anchor.

    My first boat had a Danforth. Not a very good anchor based on what little I used it. Current boat has a Bruce anchor with a boat length of chain and alot of rope. Holds great.
  360. duckbutter6a

    If this back door gun registration passes, ammo back ground check

    Yup. Don't forget to vote. Always vote against the incumbent. And we all need to pick one Republican candidate per seat and agree in a vote.
  361. duckbutter6a

    If this back door gun registration passes, ammo back ground check

    There's two ways to look at this, You believe in firearms ownership as the founding fathers intended back in 1778.... no restrictions or limitations. OR Your a communist.
  362. duckbutter6a

    NON - Smokers

    This state.... I'm glad I own a boat so I don't have to share a rail with people who get offended by stupid shit.
  363. duckbutter6a

    Best Squid Jigs

    Jigs are for when you can't get the squid to float with the light. Or for day time trying to snag squid off a nest. Speaking of which.... is using a crowder/net a legal grey area? DFG was asking how I caught my squid.
  364. duckbutter6a

    Adding Waypoints In Driveway?

    Not sure if it's safe but I have done it with two different units for hours on end. You can probably go into the fish finder options menu and turn off the transducer
  365. duckbutter6a

    Mexico Commercial BFT fishing SHUT DOWN

    Cool. Why should any government restrict what I can and can't Fish? I respect the Mexican people greatly. I have no respect for the Mexican government. But then again after spending the best 8 years of my life working for the US govt and seeing our "elected" officials in person I have come...
  366. duckbutter6a

    LJ 05.04.18 no love

    Thanks usually it's calm in the early mornings and then builds later. Guess the wind started early. Thanks for the info. I'm gonna try tomorrow
  367. duckbutter6a

    LJ 05.04.18 no love

    What time did you make it to la Jolla?
  368. duckbutter6a

    Question - how close can you fish to the San Pedro shelf oil rigs?

    That's a damn fun bass spot when the conditions are right.
  369. duckbutter6a

    Fuel - How full do you leave your tanks ?

    My gas doesn't get to sit more than 2 to 3 weeks but I still use ring free.
  370. duckbutter6a

    Offseason Hoop Net Storage

    I need to hang mine up in the garage... my dog chewed up one hoops netting pretty good. The dogs special needs so i will let it live.
  371. duckbutter6a

    Top gun 80 4-27 trip

    Looks uncomfortable but not awful. 20 knot gusts. Then again I don't really go on sporties and avoid anything worse than 3-4 foot swell little boat problems.
  372. duckbutter6a

    San Diego taking a look around

    Supposed to be some wind starting friday. 20 knot gusts.
  373. duckbutter6a

    SanDiego out of Seaforth

    :lux: boss already said i could take the day
  374. duckbutter6a

    San Diego taking a look around

    Decided to take tomorrow off to fish. Anyone going out? I'm probably gonna take my skiff out and look around to see what I can find and then head in once the wind picks up. If you are going and need crew hit me up otherwise we can buddy boat via channel 72.
  375. duckbutter6a

    If this back door gun registration passes, ammo back ground check

    Go get a Dillon 550 from turners
  376. duckbutter6a

    For Sale Defiance....Not mine

    Been for sale for a while now...
  377. duckbutter6a

    LJ 04/07

    Sounds like a long drift. Cudos on the Ling. Sucks about the YT. Happens to me more often than I would like at La Jolla. The fish there are well trained.
  378. duckbutter6a

    Santa Cruz Island Earthquake

    Awesome thanks for sharing
  379. duckbutter6a

    Rpt.-04-05-18 Quality Sand Bass at Izor's Reef.

    Love Izors it's where the addiction started for me.
  380. duckbutter6a


    Minor vague no no that does not hurt anything for short periods of time at idle. The theory behind it being a no no is that the water pump gets a insufficient amount of water from the flush port. Which might be a issue if you were gonna leave it running on flush for 10 minutes plus. Flush...
  381. duckbutter6a


    I take my boat out 3 times a month or more. Usually flush it. Always use water hose water for 3 minutes on flush attachment then I start and run for 30 seconds. I rebuilt my water pump last month after a year. No salt. No build ups of any kind. I have shitty hard water as well at my...
  382. duckbutter6a

    FREE Vented Gas Cans

    Thanks for the hook up!
  383. duckbutter6a

    FREE Vented Gas Cans

    Sent you a text 804 area code. Can get them tomorrow if still available.
  384. duckbutter6a

    2017-18 Lobster Season is Over

    Best bug to trip ratio year for me so far. Thanks for the reminder
  385. duckbutter6a

    South 9 Cod success - 3/18/2018

    Muh granpappy always said illeagle ain't nothin but a sick bird... Wait is the 60 mile in a Cow cod conservation area? My boat don't go that far so I don't know. Google didn't help me out very much.
  386. duckbutter6a

    Lobster season...a bit of a bust

    Yup. Worst season ever. Only gonna get worse. Might as well throw away all of your hoops. I might know a guy who will take them off of your hands so you don't have to dispose of them yourself.
  387. duckbutter6a

    tip of the month

    I refreeze my tubes with old bait. Add more bait if needed next trip and maybe some fish oil. Works for San Diego
  388. duckbutter6a

    South 9 Cod success - 3/18/2018

    Nice haul. Salmon grouper=aggressive assholes of the sea.
  389. duckbutter6a

    Lingcod and rockfish migration

    Follow the food or die. There are spots that hold fish most of the time because they are good spots for the fish to hide/feed.
  390. duckbutter6a

    3/13/2018 Izor short session report

    Any report helps and is welcomed. Pin a smaller sized whole squid on the 43 gram colt sniper. Not sure what color works best but I like the chovie and dine looking ones. The liteness of the small colt sniper seems to make the fish more likely to aggressively bite it on the drop. You will...
  391. duckbutter6a

    Lingcod and rockfish migration

    They move around a lot down here. I have hundred of spots and it's fascinating to see a deep spot go from wide open to barren in the course of a few weeks only to find a formerly empty spot 80 feet more shallow and half a mile away loaded. Vermillion rockfish follow the red tuna crabs and will...
  392. duckbutter6a

    What happened to our squid!?

    I love that the best SoCal rockfish fishermen is asking the internet for help at catching SoCal rockfish... well asking for help regarding finding the best bait.
  393. duckbutter6a

    For Sale FS Leadheads!

    Great plastics. They work even when the fish are picky.
  394. duckbutter6a

    For Sale Nothing to see here anymore

    Willing to separate? Or partial trades? I should have filed my taxes already so I would have return money
  395. duckbutter6a

    Flying fish in close to shore

    Did you sabiki the flying fish or did it jump on the boat for you?
  396. duckbutter6a

    Please keep up on your maintenance..... pic included

    It's amazing how bad filters get with how crappy gas is out here. My tank is plastic and there's always rust and sand in my filters from the pump gas.
  397. duckbutter6a

    4 March point lloma - I caught a rock thing

    They do make the fish less aggressive since they are stuffed with the crabs. You have to have really good bait, presentation, and timing in regards to the major bite/lunar feeding times. I've noticed that squid strips and fish strips don't work as well on the larger models like they used to...
  398. duckbutter6a

    For Sale Nothing to see here anymore

    Is there a story included? Why the change? Nice gear.
  399. duckbutter6a

    4 March point lloma - I caught a rock thing

    Wanted to go today and with the weather looking shitty I decided to launch early and goof off with some hoops from 430 to 545. Nothing but a spider crab. First time I've been skunked lobstering all season. Half assed effort = half assed results. Packed up the hoops and started working my way...
  400. duckbutter6a

    2018 Balloons Blow / The Mylar Round Up is back bigger and better and it starts now!

    Tag for later. I usually find 10 or more every trip. Good high speed gaff practice. Like gigging frogs from a airboat back home :D
  401. duckbutter6a

    Anyone going South fishing The Coronado Islands tomorrow Sunday, March 4?

    I am taking my skiff out local tomorrow. Might get stuck fishing the bay though with the weather I don't have a passport so I wouldn't be going anyways lol Goodluck
  402. duckbutter6a

    St Nicolas Island tonight! 3-2-2018, 1 help out needed

    Should be fine doubt they will be dropping deep enough to matter.
  403. duckbutter6a

    St Nicolas Island tonight! 3-2-2018, 1 help out needed

    Damn... my wife's going out of town so I'm stuck doing half days on my boat and baby sitting my stupid dogs
  404. duckbutter6a

    Fred Hall worth!?!

    I went once. I should have just went fishing. I saved $20 on a reel I wanted and looked at sales on last year's stuff and over priced this year's new stuff. I used to be big into gun shows back east. Fred Hall is like a fishing gun show with less Nazis and beanie baby's but the same amount...
  405. duckbutter6a

    local LEO's doing their job

    These kids need fathers(or mothers for the pc crowd) in their lives who will discipline them. These events are a symptom of the decline of our society which started with the normalization of the single parent household.
  406. duckbutter6a

    And it begins...Drones!

    They work but just like a boat...if you don't know where to look you won't find the fish...
  407. duckbutter6a

    Yellowtails are bitting at the Islands

    The whistler fish moved South I guess or more baby's are moving north.
  408. duckbutter6a

    Diving for Lobster in SD

    5 mil. Anywhere along the coast of San Diego works. Night time with a buddy so you lower your chance of dieing. Join the San Diego freediving club on Facebook
  409. duckbutter6a

    LED based squid lights

    1 foot hydroglow works for me. Mine came with several dead led lights which is kinda a bummer for the $$$ paid.
  410. duckbutter6a

    Anyone recognize this POS?

    Hope they get him.
  411. duckbutter6a

    You probably knew this

    At least once a day on channel 72 during the summers someone makes a "speak English mofo" comment and I get to listen to 20 minutes of solid comedy as everyone gets all pissy. I'm pretty sure Dave Chappell could have gotten some good material if he were listening. Then the "shut up I'm trying...
  412. duckbutter6a

    Kiwi Fishing - a fish a day

    Y'all hiring Logisticians? Pay moving expenses? Open to become the 51st state?
  413. duckbutter6a

    For Sale PRICE DROP: 1974 26' Wilson Hull w/Pacific Pilothouse This might be it originally? Unless the boat really is a resto. Looks like that poster is inactive to. I've seen it for sale on Craigslist. Probably back when you bought it. Any more pictures showing holds...
  414. duckbutter6a

    LJ 10feb wide open night bite

    Thanks. I had a friend with me but automatically inflating PFD's are always smart. I freedive occasionally and after struggling to get back in the boat a few times using a ghetto rigged rope step instead of a dive ladder...... my only thought is that unless your boat has a dive ladder/swim...
  415. duckbutter6a

    For Sale PRICE DROP: 1974 26' Wilson Hull w/Pacific Pilothouse

    Any details on the restoration of the hull? I recall seeing this for sale before, I drooled then and now lol.
  416. duckbutter6a

    How to stop squid from egging in my tank

    They clog my tank even without eggs. They try and hang on to the top drain and slowly cover it up. I just have to be mindful
  417. duckbutter6a

    Measuring Lobsters the Right Way

    If I kept the ones that the gauge barely "snugly" fit I would limit every trip. Nice article but theres a broad range of "keeper" amoung the DFG folks I've encountered. Ain't worth arguing with a game warden whos having a bad day and you are not innocent until proven guilty in this state....
  418. duckbutter6a

    LJ 10feb wide open night bite

    Getting to LJ was squirrely. Wind had the following seas pretty steep but managable. Wind died down after dark for a calm seas return at midnight. It was wide open from Sun down until 11. Should have taken more pictures but I was covered in squid bits and busy. They only wanted squid...
  419. duckbutter6a

    LJ 10feb wide open night bite

    Probably could have jigged them but they wouldn't float tonight. Seals where posted up in the shadows. I should have made a few passes at one point but I was hoping they would get thicker. I had a hell of a float going Tuesday night and was hoping for the same.
  420. duckbutter6a

    LJ 10feb wide open night bite

    Where y'all fools at? I'm lonely only boat at LJ. Wind is gone. Calico are feeling suicidal. Fresh dead squid made 4 days ago. Back to fishing. Later!
  421. duckbutter6a

    17' Bayrunner....OffShore Capability??

    Learn the boat inshore and at the same time learn the weather. Some days entering the bay is more dangerous than being 20 miles out...
  422. duckbutter6a

    DMV Registration

    Mine showed up today. They cashed my check Dec 19th. Fuck the state government.
  423. duckbutter6a

    DMV Registration

    Same. I paid 2 dollars for my boats vehicle record from the DMV web site that shows they received my check on Dec 19th and that I am good through 2019...just in case I get stopped. Email response was to wait at least 8 weeks before requesting duplicates.
  424. duckbutter6a

    Need fencing contractor

    Ray 6196540446 He's not on BD but he did a good job for my privacy fence and built a gate for my boat to get into the back yard.
  425. duckbutter6a

    Premium Coolers- Yeti, Grizzly, etc. Are They Worth It?

    My small kill (beer) bag holds ice for 3 days... if I need ice longer than that I will probably want to be on a boat big enough for a ice maker. Just my two cents. Much easier to store when not in use.
  426. duckbutter6a

    New Reef being built off San Clemente

    Hope it gets approved. Building more reefs will help the fish population big time.
  427. duckbutter6a

    Maritime 20D skiff with 2016 Suzuki 200 four stroke for sale...

    That's a steal. Super tough hull with a new engine.
  428. duckbutter6a

    BSB off The Domes

    Got a baby today on a large mac I was dragging around. Just outside of mission bay. There's a bunch of them around and I get my ass handed to me every other trip when one decides to sample my bait if i am fishing lite line. Successfully released and he swam right back down after I righted him...
  429. duckbutter6a

    Need a Plate Fabbed

    I've seen two that were made out of starboard marine plastic. One is on a bass boat that gets fished often.
  430. duckbutter6a

    Bugging tonight out of Long Beach? Stay home.

    Kman specials are bass magnets! Glad you made it back alright.
  431. duckbutter6a

    When starting boat Chartplotter shuts down

    Happened to me. Tested my batteries and both failed as they would no longer charge fully or put out proper voltage. They lasted 4 years so it was a good run.
  432. duckbutter6a

    Converting skipjack 28 to outboards

    Next question. What type of aluminum for the bracket? What filler metal? And just for curiosities sake what welders did you use? I've got a Lincoln squarewave not fancy but it works.
  433. duckbutter6a

    Shelter Island Launch ramp update, Jan 2018

    That damn crane must move in inches per day. I eat lunch at the shelter parking lot a few times a week anywhere from 1030am to 130pm. Rarely see anyone there moving with a purpose. "Just look busy if we stretch it out long enough we can get a supplement to the contract for more $$$" The...
  434. duckbutter6a

    Converting skipjack 28 to outboards

    Nice that's a lot of time spend melting metal.
  435. duckbutter6a

    Converting skipjack 28 to outboards

    What grade stainless is that? What did you weld it with? Looks good.
  436. duckbutter6a

    Miller Diversion 180 TIG Welder

    Would you be interested in trading it for any particular items or cash only?
  437. duckbutter6a

    Do you want more oil rigs off coast?

    You say oil rig I say artificial reef/fish attractant/stationary artificial kelp paddy/ect. Rigs would help the fishing in the long run with today's safety standards/technology. Look at some of the fishing off of rigs in the gulf of Mexico.
  438. duckbutter6a

    New boat break in Marina Del Rey 12/31

    Looks like two separate lines with two hooks each.. I see two lead weights and what looks like two separate lines.
  439. duckbutter6a

    New boat break in Marina Del Rey 12/31

    Finding bugs is challenging because structure that holds fish might not hold bugs if there is no where for them to hide. I've got lobster spots where I've never caught fish except for sharks/rays. Find all of your structure while fishing so you can mark the areas and come up with a plan. Get...
  440. duckbutter6a

    Why do people fish the groupon boats?

    I decided to buy a boat after a shitty groupon trip 4 years ago....
  441. duckbutter6a

    Leopard Sharks Fishing San Diego Bay ( Video )

    Nice. I usually target them between pulling sets up lobster hoops at night. Lots of fun. I've lost a few fishing 15 pound.
  442. duckbutter6a

    36' Riviera Tournament West Coast Rigged

    Maybe if I win Powerball tonight lol. Nice ride!
  443. duckbutter6a

    It was fun while it lasted

    Maybe they will go into hiding until I can get out again next month. :D
  444. duckbutter6a

    12/26 San Diego Bay n Beyond

    Gotta love it. Thanks for making that video!
  445. duckbutter6a

    26 Dec a little bit of everything San Diego

    Same here. Sorry I suck at names! It was cool watching you work um out there you have it dialed in. Hit me up if you ever need any help.
  446. duckbutter6a

    26 Dec a little bit of everything San Diego

    Started at the Whistler. Cudos to Cody on his skiff for calling me in on his bite. 8 or so YT on everything. Flyline, rapala, surface iron, yoyo. Trolled 3 back to back without putting the rod in the holder. Released all but two foul hooked fish. Got tired of looking at the other 40...
  447. duckbutter6a

    Izor’s to Newport 12-16 Limits of Wind!

    Nice. I towed the boat to work today hoping the weather man was wrong in the good way. Launched around 11am. I had a nice boat ride to the exit of mission bay then played around in the 4 to 5 footers before determining that although I could make it out... I didn't want to find out what making...
  448. duckbutter6a

    Stupid last minute request for 11Dec mission bay San diego

    Launching Dana landing MB tomorrow around 445am. Local stuff zero expectations other than calico and sandies but planning for yellows if they show Text me or I'M me on here if you can go. Room for one on a 17 foot cc.
  449. duckbutter6a

    The San Diego Caught 112 Yellows Today

    It won't be on fishdope until it's 4 days old.
  450. duckbutter6a

    The San Diego Caught 112 Yellows Today

    Shhhhh just enjoy the magic of advertising for those who can't find fish.
  451. duckbutter6a

    The San Diego Caught 112 Yellows Today

    I'm guessing baittails but I am a hater. 2 to 4 pounds limits for all!
  452. duckbutter6a

    Need one so we can drop 10 hoops Sunday San Diego

    It wasn't easy. We were averaging 1 or 2 legals for every 10 hoops pulled. I was doing almost the same at the end of last season at the spot. Talked to a few people who claimed to have limited the night before. So I guess they are out there just have to find them. I'm not keen on...
  453. duckbutter6a

    Need one so we can drop 10 hoops Sunday San Diego

    Karl and I did alright. Not the 14 I wanted but 10 is more than enough to make me happy
  454. duckbutter6a

    Need one so we can drop 10 hoops Sunday San Diego

    I have 9 hoops and bait. Looking for 1 more hoop and a decent human being with a lobster card to go with me tomorrow. I'm not picky...please just don't smoke meth on my boat...speaking decent english is a plus. Fat, old, disabled, zero experience...i don't care. Money isn't necessary just...
  455. duckbutter6a


    Hours on outboards?
  456. duckbutter6a

    WTB radar mount

    Looking for a furuno radar mount. Figured I would see what's out there before I fab one. Thanks!
  457. duckbutter6a

    7-1-17 near 182

    That's why I was asking going to pull my gear out tonight just in case and put it on the boat
  458. duckbutter6a

    7-1-17 near 182

    How was clarity and water temp? Thanks!
  459. duckbutter6a

    dropper loop to fly line

    Honestly if losing lead doesn't matter that is the best method...
  460. duckbutter6a

    dropper loop to fly line

    I use a surgeons knot or three way swivel for droppers. 3way swivel if I want to slow troll. Swivel method has more knots aka risk but if you tie right it's much stronger than surgeons.
  461. duckbutter6a

    dropper loop to fly line

    I keep a few rods rigged for each on the boat but it should not make a difference if you remove the weight and flyline... the knot from the dropper weight will reduce line strength but not any less than as originally rigged as a dropper... Just have a long leader and cut off the dropper looper...
  462. duckbutter6a

    The best fish you ever caught while fishing for something else

    I am a redneck that likes everything battered and fried. They are the best battered and fried fish there is IMHO. Red Rock fish and sheepshead is damn good to.
  463. duckbutter6a

    The best fish you ever caught while fishing for something else

    WSB while fishing for Calicos. Only a few inches over legal but who cares it tasted great. Got 2 more legals back to back from the same kelp.
  464. duckbutter6a

    Blackman on the beach

    Damn must have been moving pretty good. How does that even happen.
  465. duckbutter6a

    Cow fishing this Saturday on our 52' Hatteras, few spots available

    Spotted the Nomad yesterday fishing a paddy offshore. How many passengers did you end up taking? I counted 8. Any fish?
  466. duckbutter6a

    17ft arima pilothouse

    Fishy boat set up right I've fished on it a few times. Eric is good people as well. What are you upgrading to?
  467. duckbutter6a

    Tweeker Free Zone

    Alot of tweekers at South shores. I've had several confrontations while getting ready to head home. One guy tried to open my passenger door claiming I had to save him from people that were after him. Turns out the cops were going through his camper and I watched them run his ass down as I...
  468. duckbutter6a

    WTB 18' or so CC

    It's hard to find a good sub 20 foot hull cheap. Space is a premium and small seaworthy boats are sought after.
  469. duckbutter6a

    WTB 18' or so CC Finder fee of Kman special plastics and lead heads? :D
  470. duckbutter6a

    Furuno Radar New in box

    Sold and in the back of my truck.
  471. duckbutter6a

    Sustainability of Calico Bass Fishing

    Yall fools are gonna go around and get Calico fishing banned by your own fake science.
  472. duckbutter6a

    Avalon on foot, suggestions?

    Little harbor? Good exercise.
  473. duckbutter6a

    Looking for a realtor.

    House around the corner from me in El Cajon is for sale has a hugeeeee garage... it's ugly and on a corner lot though.
  474. duckbutter6a

    Knocking the dust off the boat and a question about the bait barge in SD

    Yup. I enjoyed seeing him stumble out of the shed on the barge early morning angry at the world with his herd dog dogs in town. "Don't exit boat and stand on the bait barge".... unless Nacho needs help lifting shit then you have to help if you want bait!
  475. duckbutter6a

    Knocking the dust off the boat and a question about the bait barge in SD

    Nacho deserves a few more horn honkings. Most Bipolar dude ever. One morning happy next morning raging out. Sure the job sucks but atleast do it and be consistant.
  476. duckbutter6a

    Friday night/sat 3/31- who needs one?

    Nicks a number one ho. Knows what he is doing and brings plunty of beer for the captain.
  477. duckbutter6a

    Sunday 2april two ho's looking San Diego area I'm don't see a passport requirement for 12+ miles off the coast of MEX. Having a passport is probably a good idea but I can't find the legal requirement for it.
  478. duckbutter6a

    Sunday 2april two ho's looking San Diego area

    Just throwing this out there if someone near SD wants two people to fish and help with expenses and do all the work. My uncle is coming down to visit and wants to fish. My boat is small and lacks comfort for the current action so if anyone has room we are game starting Saturday night and all...
  479. duckbutter6a

    Saturday run out of MB

    I'm going Sunday probably. Goodluck.
  480. duckbutter6a

    1979 GLASTRON SEA FURY 210

    Original fuel tank or aftermarket? What is capacity?
  481. duckbutter6a

    SEX.....BOOBIES! and MPA updates

    I was there. Same thing everyone else said. The data presented was vague. Didn't support anything. Some showed declines of stocks within MLPA'S hinting that they don't really work. Scientist love the closures because it's a better environment for them to study. I suggested more artificial...
  482. duckbutter6a

    SEX.....BOOBIES! and MPA updates

    I will be there new and confused.
  483. duckbutter6a

    Seriously, how?

    Second point.. It's only expensive as you make it I guess. For every new rod or reel I have purchased there's 2 I bought used. I hate paying full prices for shit that I am going to destroy eventually. I will "probably" never buy a new boat. Maybe a newer one but not brand new! If you...
  484. duckbutter6a

    Seriously, how?

    Kids and wife. Destroy. Income. My wife nickel and dimes me to death on our going out to eat and this and that. I knew it would happen that's part of being married. Never get married and never have children... get a decent job and you will have a Parker 25 paid off in no time.... and die...
  485. duckbutter6a

    California MPA Meetings Upcoming

    I can attend SD. Any game plan if the commies... I mean conservationists... start proposing non-peer reviewed fake science BS? I'm mildly intelligent and can rapidly alternate between civilized discussion and insult strewn rants.
  486. duckbutter6a

    Saturday Morning Yellows at Cat 2/25

    Those kelp paddy fish dun grown some!
  487. duckbutter6a

    Hooping San Diego Saturday night 11 Feb

    kelp and current managed a few solo.
  488. duckbutter6a

    Hooping San Diego Saturday night 11 Feb

    Room for one. I have a full set of hoops. My spots or yours. Boat is wet lol. Leaving around 4pm. Pm me if interested.
  489. duckbutter6a

    legal or short?

    If the gauge fits no matter how tight the lobster gets to live. A thousand dollars is a thousand dollars and a bug is just a bug.
  490. duckbutter6a

    21 foot Glastron

    Great hull. I buy a boat and my dream project pops up.... anyone wanna take over my loan and give me some cash lol.
  491. duckbutter6a

    Engine performance upgrades?

    By a Mercury EFI or older 2 stroke and go ask that on
  492. duckbutter6a

    Pre- work solo strike 1/10/17

    Damn... I need to find a job that doesn't require me to work on East Coast hours...
  493. duckbutter6a

    Headed to LJ in the am

    Cool. Gonna try LJ this weekend maybe.
  494. duckbutter6a

    Boat loan

    USAA for sure. Navy Fed has a good reputation.
  495. duckbutter6a

    Tuesday 20 Dec Ho available

    Yeah I got a job offer in San Diego and decided to move down.
  496. duckbutter6a

    1979 GLASTRON SEA FURY 210

    Sounds like it's done right. Thank you. Last question how long is the trailer/boat hitch to transom?
  497. duckbutter6a

    Cabo 216216

    Sold the Cabo for a Parker? How's the new ride compare to old?
  498. duckbutter6a

    1979 GLASTRON SEA FURY 210

    How are the stringers, transom, and deck? Any water intrusion or rot? Any decaying wood on the boat? What is the condition/history of the fuel tank that's in it? Can you post pictures of the rear of the transom /back of the boat? Can you post pictures of the bilge under the seat, bilge...
  499. duckbutter6a

    LJ Bottom Fishing

    Twilight/sunrise works for me for rock fish. AM fishing on a strong incoming tide has always been good to me. Evening sunet bite at LJ is awesome for bass.
  500. duckbutter6a

    Catching Sculpin, Avoiding Rockfish

    Similar to halibut I fish the flat areas near my rockfish structure spots when fishing for sculpin. Staying near but away from the structure while keeping your lead/bait damn near the bottom works. I only use a dropper looper or reverse dropper looper for sculpin. No double dropper looper...
  501. duckbutter6a

    Friday 30DEC LJ for bottom stuff

    Got the day off launching from Mission Bay around 5am and fish until conditions get crappy. Goal is to make a few Macs on the way to LJ to try and catch bottom fish before the end of the season. I've got frozen squid already. Room for one brave soul willing to fish on my 17 foot CC and bring...
  502. duckbutter6a

    Catching Sculpin, Avoiding Rockfish

    This. Near structure but not on it. Keep the lead close to the bottom as in nearly dragging. Sculpin like chrome shiny things as well...and squid and those stupid orange split tailed plastics.
  503. duckbutter6a

    LJ Bottom Fishing

    I've had good luck at LJ this season. Spots are small and you have to line up just right but the fish are there. Lings have been on the chew as well.
  504. duckbutter6a

    18 Dec San Diego lobster room for one

    4 legals. every net but two had 3 to 5 shorts. great crawl. must be the rain, tide, no early moon, zero boat pressure combo. I probably could have gotten a few more keepers but I have to work tomorrow. I love hooping when it's balls cold. less pressure plus the beer stays perfect...
  505. duckbutter6a

    18 Dec San Diego lobster room for one

    Room for one to hoop SD tomorrow. I have 8 hoops and bait would be nice to have a full 10. Probably launching around 3pm to scout a little. My spots or yours if you know something I don't. Smokers and drinkers ok. I cover costs if you bring a few hoops, food/beer.
  506. duckbutter6a

    Tuesday 20 Dec Ho available

    Finally got a week day off work. Looking for a ride available starting Monday night. Hit me up otherwise I'm just gonna goof off locally.
  507. duckbutter6a

    Hoop netting, have some class

    Interesting thought process you have there. Do you key people's cars who are parked on the line of the parking space as well?
  508. duckbutter6a

    Familiar waters, maybe not - STER report from DP

    You gotta post a "Playlist" of good music some time. You always have good music in your videos.
  509. duckbutter6a

    BSB off The Domes

    Good job. They taste like a mix between bald eagle and manatee..... I hear...
  510. duckbutter6a

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    Send in the Marines. I volunteer as well. Baja California= California. Say what one more time....
  511. duckbutter6a

    Question for reloaders

    Great arm work out to lol
  512. duckbutter6a

    Question for reloaders

    Solution... sell the rifle and buy a 300 RUM. Most versatile .30/7.62 cartridge ever made if you want a "everything" hunting rifle... I will buy your 300 RUM brass if you end up unhappy with it.
  513. duckbutter6a

    Feedback Volvo Penta KAD 300 285 HP motor

    Find a old 6v71 DD who needs fuel economy or the ability to hear...
  514. duckbutter6a

    Glastron seafury.

    Yup. That hull will do 50+ with a 250hp motor. Super smooth. Great project if someone wants to add a bracket and repower or fine as is budget boat. Tons of room. Those Johnsons are very reliable.
  515. duckbutter6a

    Glastron seafury.

    These are great boats. I miss mine. post Moar pics!
  516. duckbutter6a

    Fall Tampa Bay Area Offshore and Inshore

    Nice. I might have to request a transfer back home to FL soon.
  517. duckbutter6a

    SD Hooping 11/19

    Yeah the closer you get to the commercial guys the amount of shorts you catch is insane. I've gone 20+ shorts for 0 legals out there.
  518. duckbutter6a

    SD Hooping 11/19

    Carpet bombing the area where I've gotten a legal has worked for me a few times. When you say the area on the right is that the MLPA your joking about? if so I get the joke lol if not I'm confused :confused::rofl:
  519. duckbutter6a

    2006 Parker 2820 XLD Sport Cabin Fishing boat

    Where's my annual bonus when I need it lol. nice ride.
  520. duckbutter6a

    SD Hooping 11/19

    Depth? I've had luck from 10 to 25 foot in SD. Kelp has been brutal.
  521. duckbutter6a

    Offshore Ho available 19nov or 20 nov SAN

    If anyone needs a hand near SAN hit me up. will split fuel, bait, help do work, ect. I don't have a passport or mex visa. can't do overnight because I have to make sure my dogs are ok during the late night. damn I sound needy. Considering my options this weekend and wanted to see if...
  522. duckbutter6a

    Question for reloaders

    Normal. it's where the casing expands to the chamber when fired and then extracted. Like cast gold said see if it's hard to extract. If not you now have fire formed brass. If your shooting a bolt action buy a neck resizing die and reload the easy way since you don't have to resize the whole...
  523. duckbutter6a

    want to buy - 21-23 ft pilothouse

    There's a inboard outboard Wilson for sale on Craigslist near Ventura I believe. begging for a outboard bracket and outboard. Looks suspicious though one I would go over with a fine tooth comb before buying.
  524. duckbutter6a

    Santa Barbara Island Rockfish and Yellowtail Report

    (Jokingly) the first rule of SBI is don't talk about SBI (end Jokingly comment) Damn I miss living up there...
  525. duckbutter6a

    Where do you guys get your salmon heads

    Any large Asian seafood place has split salmon heads. but for serial.... skip salmon unless crabbing and find Norwegian mackerel for lobster bait.
  526. duckbutter6a

    SD lobster report decent crawl 6 November 2016

    Correction, The company was good and drunk.
  527. duckbutter6a

    WFO Lobster all you wanted.......

    What did you season them with?
  528. duckbutter6a

    SD lobster report decent crawl 6 November 2016

    Nothing to me. Just two hoops. Squidco has plunty!
  529. duckbutter6a

    SD lobster report decent crawl 6 November 2016

    I've noticed a little bit of a "entitlement" mentality on the water. "I've hooped this spot for for years...they are on my spot" Maybe it's similar to the surfer gangs of trust fund dudes that slash people's tires for being on "their" beach?
  530. duckbutter6a

    SD lobster report decent crawl 6 November 2016

    Yup. Kelp and current is big here. Started weighting my traps. Never did that in LA. Who knows what happened but the timing of the disappearances was interesting. I should have moved my hoops that got dropped on. Hard to keep a eye on them with other boat traffic so close. Oh well tis...
  531. duckbutter6a

    SD lobster report decent crawl 6 November 2016

    15 to 25 foot. started at 5pm left at midnight. Owned the area until 9 or so then the "serious" hoopers showed up. dropped all over and around us. One boat/skipper lectured us on how we should keep our distance. Um Cool story bro. Also cool that you have been doing this for "years."...
  532. duckbutter6a

    Smoked Fatty Brisket That Lasts All Year

    Looks awesome. thanks! What kind of smoker do you recommend?
  533. duckbutter6a

    Lobster Report - SD Bay 11/3

    Last season the first two months of the season the crawl seemed later at night. Later in the season it seemed to be earlier just after sunset. I was catching bugs in LA harbor a hour before sunset towards the end.
  534. duckbutter6a

    Lobster Report - SD Bay 11/3

    Thanks! Sealions are hell. Had a few bait cages get crunched already. Sticking to the seal proof ones from now on. They learned fast this season. Just curious were you inside SD bay or in the entrance or outside near the mlpa? I've done outside of mission bay for a zillion shorts. In the...
  535. duckbutter6a

    Hooping SD tonight 30 OCT room for one

    "I've got hoes.... I've got hoes in different areas codes...different area codesss..."
  536. duckbutter6a

    Hooping SD tonight 30 OCT room for one

    I didn't have a few days notice! My wife had a change of plans which didn't involve me so I ran like a dog through a open gate.
  537. duckbutter6a

    Hooping SD tonight 30 OCT room for one

    I'm gonna go hoop SD until 1030pm or so tonight. Room for one more if anyone wants to go respond here and pm me your number and I will call. I've got 9 hoops some bait and a little knowledge of the area.
  538. duckbutter6a

    LA harbor lobster report

    Plunty of bugs. Finding them is the hard part. Moon. Tide. Water temp. Water clarity.... water temp...
  539. duckbutter6a

    She smells a little fishy.

    I need to get my wife on the same program so I can justify a bigger boat lol.
  540. duckbutter6a

    10-22 Ducky New Motor Break In Trip

    Damn sucks about the old motor. I remember it giving you trouble. Glad yall are doing alright other than a few k $$$. I'm already missing the LA crowd.
  541. duckbutter6a

    Diesel fuel 3,000 gallons road legal

    Sold sold sold
  542. duckbutter6a

    is it me, or is the el cajon shooting thread gone?

    They started protesting again Monday. I went to go to Target and the police had the road shut down by the area the guy commited suicide by cop.
  543. duckbutter6a

    2017 Rockfish Limits

    No Cow Cod? Damn....
  544. duckbutter6a

    Friday night bugging - Quality over Quantity

    The size limit is essentially selectively breeding them to have smaller carapaces.
  545. duckbutter6a

    What kind of shrimp/prawn is this?

    Great... "specialized equipment" many of us already have 10k worth of "specialized equipment" just to support the addiction. What's another grand or two for a pot puller, line, a few traps, and rigging? Designate zones away from shipping lanes and give us realistic regulations regarding...
  546. duckbutter6a

    Which CC boat should I buy in the 50k range?

    Buy used. Always by used. I'm not biased... but for 20k that leaves alot of budget for making her perfect.
  547. duckbutter6a

    Diesel fuel 3,000 gallons road legal

    I lied. Pulled the volume report today. 1755 gallons remaining. 0 water volume.
  548. duckbutter6a

    Lack of lobster reports

    Awesome. I went out the opening evening. Got 3 keepers and 20 or so shorts. Gonna try again soon. Would have posted a report but between moving, new job, ikea furniture, and sleep deprivation I haven't been motovated lol.
  549. duckbutter6a

    What kind of shrimp/prawn is this?

    Any groups out there pushing to get the regs changed to something more realistic?
  550. duckbutter6a

    What kind of shrimp/prawn is this?

    I've found them in sand bass before. Started a thread regarding the rules on trapping them. Info is on CA DFG and you can trap them but the rules suck.
  551. duckbutter6a

    Diesel fuel 3,000 gallons road legal

    1100 gallons left.
  552. duckbutter6a

    My Parker 2120

    Nice. I prefer standing while piloting a boat. Sitting is a great option but I usually only sit 5 minutes out of every 30 while moving the boat to a spot. I hate sitting while in bumpy conditions as well. Seems better to stand.
  553. duckbutter6a

    Wanted: Garmin GMR 18 for 2012 GPS map 740s

    Looking for a gmr 18 and cables that will work with my gpsmap 740s. Would prefer a used unit at a used price not looking to buy new since it's lower on my list of wanted items for the boat. Thanks!
  554. duckbutter6a

    Diesel fuel 3,000 gallons road legal

    Update added. Still have 1800 gallons unclaimed. Pm for details.
  555. duckbutter6a

    Diesel fuel 3,000 gallons road legal

    I should have it all spoken for by now. Will let you know
  556. duckbutter6a

    Hooping - Will work for Ride

    I just moved to San Diego from LA. Looking for someone to help launch, recover, and fish. I don't mind smokers or drinkers. Pm me if you still need a ride.
  557. duckbutter6a

    Diesel fuel 3,000 gallons road legal

    Verbal commitment to buy 2k gallons has been accepted. Judging from the tank I might actually have 3.5k gallons total. Once the first 2k is gone I will look for a second person to sell the remainder to.
  558. duckbutter6a

    Diesel fuel 3,000 gallons road legal

    I wish I had a boat to put it in!
  559. duckbutter6a

    Diesel fuel 3,000 gallons road legal

    ALL SOLD OR SPOKEN FOR. My work has a bulk diesel tank with around 3k gallons diesel in it. Fuel has been sitting sealed and unused since January of this year. Selling for $1.50 a gallon. Fuel must go in bulk atleast 400 gallons minimum but all at once preferred. I can get the price down...
  560. duckbutter6a

    A few long guns

    if you decide to sell the optics/mounts separately at a later date let me know. I'm interested in the Leopold and US Optics. Also interested in any 5.56 reloading components/equipment/ factory ammo
  561. duckbutter6a

    Gotta know your limitations....

    Curious as well... bay/bass boat maybe?
  562. duckbutter6a

    Where's all the Sandbass?

    We need more artificial reefs. Simple solution. More habitat=more fish.
  563. duckbutter6a

    Open Letter to San Diego Fishing Charters...

    California should annex all of Baja California including coastal waters for its own safety and the economic interests of California. It would improve the standard of living for the locals... we have to do it for the children... Send in the Marines!
  564. duckbutter6a

    Moving from LA to San Diego Lobster season prep

    Best advice I've gotten all week Jeff!
  565. duckbutter6a

    Moving from LA to San Diego Lobster season prep

    Title says it all. I'm moving down to San Diego for work. My concern is lobster season since I'm already familure with fishing down there. U.S. waters atleast. Anyone care to volunteer the off limits areas, dangers, and or best boat ramps? Figures as soon as I get comfortable with the...
  566. duckbutter6a

    Running Out 40+ Miles in a 18' Boat - Parker 1801

    I've gone stupid distances on my dusky 17. 120 mile days a few times. I only regret it the next day when I can barely get out of bed. The previous owner left marks on the GPS way the hell out there and even went out and around San Clemente and back. The current trend of shitty afternoon...
  567. duckbutter6a

    My Parker 2120

    Nice. Definitely on my short list of future boats I want to own. I love my little CC but I want a trailer boat I can sleep on "comfortably" for longer trips as well as my current day trip toy. Post some videos while cruising open ocean. Ive ridden on a 2320 with a ob bracket and I thought...
  568. duckbutter6a

    Where's all the Sandbass?

    Izors reef. Find structure in 98 foot or so of water. Incoming tide. They will bite any sort of chrome/chrome flake jig (colt sniper, ect). You can see them on the FF postured on top of the structure when they are ready to feed. Ive also had good luck on close in structure or near the...
  569. duckbutter6a

    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    Damn. That's a great deal.
  570. duckbutter6a

    Going to Catalina and need advice

    Even frozen squid procured locally might work. San Pedro bait co squid seems good. I saved bait barge squid in the freezer and it worked for me at the island. Flylined whole squid and letting it drift 200 feet back worked two weeks ago at the west end. If you plan on spending the night and...
  571. duckbutter6a

    Phase Seperation in Fuel, or unluckest SOB on BDD?

    Don't keep fuel in the boat for long periods. Use it in the boat or pump it into your car. Buy a small fuel tank and fill it with non-ethanol gas. Use it while flushing the engine so the shitty ethanol gas is burned out and the fuel system is full of good stable non-ethanol gas. When you...
  572. duckbutter6a

    huntington harbor

    Go try down by simple green.
  573. duckbutter6a

    Yellowtail, calicos and a lady

    Thank you. It's a far more dangerous hobby than most people think.
  574. duckbutter6a

    The last LA report 8 August 2016

    Whole dead squid on a dropper looper. 1/0 circle hook. Kept just I mean just off the bottom.
  575. duckbutter6a

    The last LA report 8 August 2016

    Lol thanks. I'm sure I will die of boredom catching all those yellowtail and lobsters.
  576. duckbutter6a

    2007 Parker 2320 sport cabin

    The guy that bought my old boat has been having a blast other than the GPS just died :p Nah you got a good looking ride. Boats are about fixing shit. Nature of the game. I'm moving to San Diego next month and am on life lock down until that's complete. Hit me up late September if you...
  577. duckbutter6a

    The last LA report 8 August 2016

    Just updated the post. The butt filled the cooler so a solid 26 to 28 inches. No scale but at least 15 pounds real thick.
  578. duckbutter6a

    The last LA report 8 August 2016

    Moving to San Diego next month for work. Decided to hit the local spots one last time since I probably won't be back up here anytime soon. Plus the freezer was getting low... Launched around 5am. Brought a gallon of fresh frozen squid I had saved so I skipped the bait barge and didn't make...
  579. duckbutter6a

    2007 Parker 2320 sport cabin

    Yeah that is a pretty stout hull. I was impressed by the size of it. Hopefully you have everything worked out now.
  580. duckbutter6a

    2007 Parker 2320 sport cabin

    Buddy bought a boat from that location... Trailer lost a bearing less than two weeks later on his first fishing trip after the sea trail. Lower unit didn't have a anode/zinc or if it did it fell off on the first trip. Hydraulic steering had air in the system and leaking fluid everywhere...
  581. duckbutter6a

    San Pedro Channel to Slide 8/3 (No Fish)

    Last YT I saw on paddys were down by Newport. They might be up here by now. I had good luck with YT off the west end last Monday. Bring squid live or fresh dead next time that's all they want. Gonna give it a try this Monday again. Thanks for the report. There a ton of bait in the water...
  582. duckbutter6a

    Ex deckhand looking to go out will buy bait and split gas

    I'm moving to San Diego in a month. Would welcome some help fishing the area if you are gonna be around later in September/October.
  583. duckbutter6a

    Pier fishing

    Try to rocks along the San Gabriel river. Incoming tide. Croaker city. Halibut as well. Far better luck for me fishing the river inlet than the Alamitos Bay side. HB pier has good fishing. Spot Fin Croaker and Halibut if you know how to fish. Try surf fishing sunset/dog/Huntington...