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  1. lougio

    Kauai - Kauapea/Secret Beach surf fishing??

    Cool, any spots in particular? Did you bring your own gear? Thinking of picking up an Okuma Nomad rod and a Kamodo.
  2. lougio

    Kauai - Kauapea/Secret Beach surf fishing??

    How did it go over in Kauai? Gonna visit next month. Thx!
  3. lougio

    Bluefinn 2020

    I also heard they were spotted at the 182 from a very reliable source.
  4. lougio

    For Sale NEW Large Okuma Nomad Rolling Tackle Bag $60

    I wanted to meet up today but haven't heard from him. Maybe he's busy selling stuff?
  5. lougio

    For Sale 20 Heavy Jigs, Colt Snipers, Hard Baits and Flat Falls - $80

    Hey Buddy, again I'll check with you after I get out of work today and see what you still have. PM me where you'd like to meet. Thanks!
  6. lougio

    For Sale NEW Large Okuma Nomad Rolling Tackle Bag $60

    Hey Buddy, where are you located? I'm in La Mesa. If you are reasonably close I can meet up tomorrow after work ~5pm.
  7. lougio

    Pacific Edge bait tank install.

    No, I had a guy that he recommended here in San Diego do the install. It was tricky because we have a 200gal fuel tank that takes up most of the under deck area and there's minimal room for the hoses so we opted for a professional rather than us two monkeys banging around with a hammer and drill.
  8. lougio

    2320 head and wall liner replacement ?

    Any update on the cabin carpet install? Thx
  9. lougio

    Pacific Edge bait tank install.

    Let me see what I got.
  10. lougio

    Pacific Edge bait tank install.

    I've got a 65gal Blue Water tank with starboard top and rod holders. Tank alone was ~$2000 then another ~$1000 for install.
  11. lougio

    How to remove treble hooks from hard lures?
  12. lougio

    How to remove treble hooks from hard lures?
  13. lougio

    How to remove treble hooks from hard lures?

    You'll need in-line replacement hooks so the single hooks line up with the body of the lure. Just do a search for in-line hooks.
  14. lougio

    Tuna Spotted on the West Grape!

    Saw this on the news this morning.
  15. lougio

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Sorry to hear this. Lets hope they caught this quick and got her on the stroke therapy right away. Wishing you the best and good luck!
  16. lougio

    Coronados 2/1

    Beautiful! Was out on the bay yesterday for a bit. Any sign of 'The Man" at the Islands?
  17. lougio

    Good Deal on Mustang MIT 100 PFD

    Maybe we should have a sticky for great deals. Got this from over at THT.
  18. lougio


    I'd like to get in; SF 38 KC 30
  19. lougio

    SPYDRO Underwater at Pearl Harbor!

    Great, thanks for the video!
  20. lougio

    Favorite Fishing/tackle forums

    The Hull Truth is a good one for classified. It's East Coast though and not as much for fishing as it is for boating and pics of chicks on boats.
  21. lougio

    SPYDRO Underwater at Pearl Harbor!

    Cool video! I've been thinking of getting a Spydro. How do you like it and any advice before I buy one?
  22. lougio

    For Sale Garmin 7608XSV & 942XS

    Hey buddy, I'm interested. Let me check the specs and talk to my boat partner and get back to you. Thx
  23. lougio

    Careless dog owner and croc

    It was only a matter of time. Knuckleheads down unda.
  24. lougio

    For Sale torium 14hga with braid

    Hey Buddy, what brand and color braid? Thx
  25. lougio

    Islands 1/3

    Nice start to the season.
  26. lougio

    For Sale Garmin 742xs

    Great units with 1kw Sounder built in.
  27. lougio

    Looking for a new tackle box....

    The Nomads look good but the quality isn't there. Mine is rusted, the handle sticks and the cloth is faded after one year. It took 4 years for my Turner's tackle bag to look like the Nomad bag after 1. On top of that you have to go to great lengths to level the bag with aftermarket parts so it...
  28. lougio

    Merry Christmas

  29. lougio

    Anthony’s shoe repair fixed my kill bags!

    Thanks for the heads-up.
  30. lougio

    Nice Fish!

  31. lougio

    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    Nah, out here Cats either turtle or head for the first cave they can fit into.
  32. lougio

    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    I have a 2520 DVSC with twin 150's. If you want to travel over 20kts you will need to be careful just like any other boat in chop. It was no different the in the GW CC I had before the Parker. Sure it's a no frills boat but it has the great fishing deck space in that size. With a CC you'll get...
  33. lougio

    Short and sweet 11/24

    Nice! You picked a good weather window.
  34. lougio

    Black Friday deals?

    Good stuff here.
  35. lougio


    Windy gives you a lot more than just wind. Just select what parameter you want from the menu bar on the right side of the screen. You can look at primary waves and swells with the period of each. Seems to be an accurate prediction of conditions from my experience.
  36. lougio

    11-23-19. “Grande” first Bluefin!

    Nice trip and good on you for making the move to 25lb! I found out on my last trip that I'm not good enough to fish 20lb and too stupid to go up to 25lb.
  37. lougio

    Joining the hundo club, quick report Pacifica 1.75 day 11/18-11/20

    Nice fish, congrats! I was on the trip last weekend. Aliyar got us into fish too. Small baits too but one Asian guy would ask for a big bait.. he caught on of the two bigger Bluefin ~80lb. So they do have some larger baits.
  38. lougio

    More Local Tuna Than I've Seen All Year / 11/15 & 11/17 Report

    What gear were you using to cast to those tuna? Thanks for the great report.
  39. lougio

    313-pound bluefin on PENN International 16VISX

    Wow! Nice fish, congrats.
  40. lougio

    Sonar Mark - What do you think it was?

    What power, transducer and settings are you running?
  41. lougio

    Veterans day (Full speed YFT)

    Very nice! I'm looking at the end of the week and I don't think the conditions will be anything like what you experienced. Great day of catching!
  42. lougio

    November YFT Bite 11/9/19

    Nice run for nice fish!
  43. lougio

    Aztec 3 Day SUPER COW!!

    Oh yeah! Thanks for the report.:appl:
  44. lougio

    Aztec 3 Day Nov.7th-10th

    Good luck, can't wait for the report. Looking at going with them next weekend.
  45. lougio

    We Put Our Dog Down Today

    Ah man.. that's too bad. I know your pain and feel for you and the whole family. You treated him great all these years. RIP
  46. lougio

    Boat Docking Close Call

    I thought my boat partner comes in hot.. Man, he was lucky!
  47. lougio

    Dexter Products 20% Off

    Save 20% off Dexter Knives, using code: landshark
  48. lougio

    Respectable Bluefin - 10-26-19

    Beautiful conditions and nice fish!
  49. lougio

    Tuna on whales?

    Cool pic, is that SCI in the background?
  50. lougio

    Yft 10/23

    Sweet, was thinking of heading to that area tomorrow. Thanks for the report. I feel better about my shitty fish planning skills now. Excellent work!
  51. lougio

    Deep V versus Mod V = So Cal Fishing

    Couldn't disagree with this more. Tell me where this bay is in the open ocean because there's been very few times I've thought the conditions offshore were like the bay. I have a 2520 DVSC.
  52. lougio


    Could be this? Says they're towing to San Diego but that pic looks like San Diego Bay to me.
  53. lougio

    yellowtail jigging and popping in Korea

    Wow, looks like a great time!
  54. lougio

    Skipped the 371, spottie Sunday

    Good call, looks like catching was in order.:appl:
  55. lougio

    Anybody Know About This Distress call?

    Yes, looks like they got lucky. Strange year.
  56. lougio

    10/15 at the 371

    You sure you were out there yesterday 10/15? I was and it was snotty, the wind was up and the water temp never got above 66.8. Marked the right kind around the 302 late in the afternoon but couldn't get them to come up. Heard a few on the vhf ask for water temp because they said it was 62 at the...
  57. lougio

    Anybody Know About This Distress call?

    Heard this on the news this morning. Not much info.
  58. lougio

    Bait tank lid and more

    Use as hand wells for baits. Looks great!
  59. lougio

    Rigging dead flying fish for bluefin tuna

    Awesome, thanks for the video!
  60. lougio


  61. lougio

    10/8 WFO

    Yeah, thanks for the report!:appl:
  62. lougio

    Tuna Seiners

    I rarely see any fish from local waters at local restaurants or markets. Where and who is the seiners' catch going to?
  63. lougio

    10/7 Report from 425/371

    Excellent report. There's a lot of good guys out on the water that will call out numbers.
  64. lougio

    Quality Yellowfin 10/5

    Nice day of catching, thanks for the report.
  65. lougio

    10/5 - SW 425 Area - Yellowfin

    Nice job guys and very detailed report! Double uni or Surgeons knot(3 or 4 turns) works very well for line to leader connections. Surgeons is faster.
  66. lougio

    Looking for jumbos

    Lookup Deadeye sportfishing. Those guys kill big bluefin.
  67. lougio

    Thunderbird Courtside Seats 1.5 10.01-10.03.2019

    Good report.. tough read.:eyepoppin
  68. lougio

    Anyone know a boat transport co from Florida to San Diego?

    A couple guys here used Cory Pickvet including myself but I think I saw where there was some issues with Cory or his truck. Do a search and see what turns up otherwise the guy was great for me. He took a 2520 from Florida to San Diego for $2200 in three days. When we did the math on doing it...
  69. lougio

    Catches on Avet HX 5/2 standard?

  70. lougio

    Joining the Family

    Congrats, nice boat!
  71. lougio

    9/28 Wide open YFT near 302

    Nice work finding the fish!:appl:
  72. lougio

    SCI 9/25

    Nice plan, way to get out there and get them.:appl:
  73. lougio

    09/22/2019 in the middle of the upper 9 & 182

    Nice work! Thanks for the report.
  74. lougio

    For Sale Makaira 10 silver

    Any trade interests? Sent PM.
  75. lougio

    Multi-species limits

    Yeah Cody! Conditions looked beautiful. I may get out on Saturday. Trailer is getting the brakes redone. Converting the old drums to disc. Only day I can get out. We'll see. Thanks for the report and numbers.:cheers:
  76. lougio

    I can die now.... 9/22 - Nine Mile Bank

    bieber Great write up and Congrats on the Sword! The eyeball should be you new avatar.
  77. lougio

    Conditions for 9/20/19

    I just checked the buoy's and the data is pretty close to numbers. I think it will be fine. I can deal with swell and little wind. Thanks!
  78. lougio

    Conditions for 9/20/19 is giving me a prediction of 5ft at 8sec.
  79. lougio

    Conditions for 9/20/19

    Hey BD, just wondering who's going out tomorrow(Friday). We're launching from SI and will probably check out the N9 then south from there. Wind doesn't seem to be a problem but the swell looks to be an issue. I was out two weekends ago and the swell was big but it was rolling and not all mixed...
  80. lougio

    SOLD Nomad lures

    If you'll ship I'll buy. Let me know. Thx
  81. lougio

    Selling my parker 2018 2820 145,000

    Gotta love it! So much information in the post as well. This is how you sell a boat?
  82. lougio

    Penn spinner recommendation

    If it a Thunnus CI4 then you are set. Can't get any better than that with the baitrunner option. I have the 12000 CI4 and got locked in a battle with a 100# BFT until the hook bent. If you don't want the baitrunner or she doesn't like Shimano then try the Daiwa BG spinners. In any event go to...
  83. lougio

    Next week looks great! Need 1 on the list

    Doug, I am around today if you want to meet up and discuss. I'd have to do a little switcheroo at work as my day off is Thursday but it can be done. How many are you going to take? Thanks!
  84. lougio

    Lost a cow but got one at the 277 area

    Nice fish on the spinner/popper! Nice boat too. Thanks for the report!
  85. lougio

    Boat Overturned at Nacho's

    Oh..ok. So I guess this accident didn't happen then. Fucking rediculous post! A guy lost his life in a fishing/boating accident. This is a fishing/boating website. Pay close attention and thank the media for reporting this stuff so that we all can understand how shit can go bad real quick and...
  86. lougio

    302 Almost limits.

    Nice job, I was stuck at work. :appl:
  87. lougio

    9/12 SCI Bluefin

    Wow, what a day you had.. congrats! Are the flyer's done after each blowup/hookup and how many do you bring out with you? Thx
  88. lougio

    Salty met Elvis...epic day

    Whoa, do we even need to run south anymore. Congrats!
  89. lougio

    3 species day 9-12 Thursday

    Good news on the fish being close. That sure is a weird hookset for a sardine fish. What test is that, you guys wear wetsuits fishing?
  90. lougio

    Affordable EPIRB?

    ACR ResQlink PLB. Picked one up here for $75 and battery is good until 2022. Registered in my name and all is good.
  91. lougio

    Mackerel MB Jetty?

    Turn north as soon as you exit the channel. Toss some chum and bait up a few sabiki hooks. Drop the sabiki just so it's out of sight and give it a little action up and down/side to side and you should have all the Mac's you want. You may have to motor around a little bit but I've always gotten...
  92. lougio

    Need 1-2 people for a Friday 9/13 Tuna Trip

    That's the beauty of owning your own boat.. you can do whatever the fuck you want. If I was off Friday I would join you. Sounds like a good deal to me.
  93. lougio

    SOLD Selling Boat- Fishing Gear Must Go

    I'm around tomorrow and can stop by if you are in Carlsbad.
  94. lougio


    Toting the NRA bullshit line I see. Explain Texas then.. where there are a lot of armed civilians. Your theory is dead right there.
  95. lougio

    Limits tuna monday 9-9-2019

    Nice haul! Were conditions still shitty?
  96. lougio

    Yellowfin Tuna Fishing at It's Best (video)

    Sorry to hear about your Buddy. I lost one just about two years ago and think about him everytime I go out. Thanks for the report and video. That's a great way to honor your Buddy.
  97. lougio

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    These guys are full of shit!
  98. lougio

    425 Tunas.

    Good work buddy!
  99. lougio

    Mackerel Report - San Diego Harbor

    Go to the tip of the jetty. Never have any problems. Sometimes it take 10-15 min to get them going. Just motor around a little bit until you see some marks then start flinging chum. Don't need Maks for the YFT bite.
  100. lougio

    9/7 - 9/302/corner etc - looking for buddy boat

    Gonna put the 2520 in the guest slip at the Harbor Police dock as we planned weeks ago to fish Sat and Sun with some friends. I'll give you a shout.. You can get us on 72 Louie-Lui.
  101. lougio

    Mackerel Report - San Diego Harbor

    Try the end of Zuniga jetty. Mash up some sardines for chum and cut some small pieces of fresh sardine and bait a couple sabiki hooks and drop until you can just barely see the sabiki. Then give the rod a little action and you should be hauling them in left and right.
  102. lougio

    Awsome morning 9/5

    Like a broken record Cody, WTG!
  103. lougio

    9/3 Big BFT - YFT Limits and a short boat ride

    Wow, that's a productive day for sure!
  104. lougio

    9/2 Limit BFT

    Nice! Good for you giving out numbers and going where the fish are. Thanks for the report.
  105. lougio

    Point Loma 9-2

    Yup, one's a righty and ones a lefty. Two nice flats!
  106. lougio

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Take your own advice for fucks sake. You are spouting off Arm Chair Superhero BULLSHIT! You should be ashamed. You'd go through the flames to save those passengers.. you're watching too many Marvel Superhero movies. A firsthand witness is telling you the shape of the crew.. one with a broken...
  107. lougio

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Just a horrible incident. Condolences to the families and all those involved. Hopefully they went to bed and never woke. I know it sounds stupid but at least they were doing something they loved.
  108. lougio

    302 today 9/1

    302 proper? Thanks for the report.
  109. lougio

    8/31 226 Area YFT

    Oh, I forgot to add this to the report. We pull the boat out and take it by where the restrooms are to load out. One of the "Orange Vest" guys comes over and asks are we almost done because other boats are coming out of the water soon. He said with a tone like we were holding everyone up. Ok, I...
  110. lougio

    8/31 226 Area YFT

    I was dreading going out on the weekend but it was the only day I could get out this week. Got to the launch at 0530 and it wasn't a shit show. EB was only 6 deep so all in all it was a good start. A little bump kept us under 20 kts on the way out to the 226. Stopped on some bait marks and...
  111. lougio

    Tunas. 7.5 miles out. U.S Limits

    Damn boys, nice haul! Thanks for the info. What fuel dock and what it cost? Thanks!
  112. lougio

    Wide open 8/28

    Good work boys, that's the way to do it. I'm thinking of going Saturday but dreading the chaos. Only day I can get out though.
  113. lougio

    Ocean Odyssey Overnight 8-25,26

    Spoken like a real Guinea Bastid!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  114. lougio

    2320 transom bracket - worth the money?

    '03 2520 with twin 150's and the flotation bracket is a definite plus. I do fish with some buddies that can't follow their lines for shit. My boat partner for one has tangled the prop each of our last 3 trips out.
  115. lougio

    Parker MPG on 2520

    '03 2520 bracket with twin 150 HPDI's get 1.3mpg on plane 3000rpm full load open ocean.
  116. lougio

    Nomad Rolling Tackle Bag Mods?

    That looks rediculous but I guess it works for you. Thanks for your help with the Nomad bag.
  117. lougio

    Nomad Rolling Tackle Bag Mods?

    Thanks for the tips. I gotta get this taken care of as this bag is a hazard on the boat constantly tipping over. I'm afraid to put my rods in the holders in fear that it will tip over and damage a rod or who knows what else. Very poor design.
  118. lougio

    It’s not gay if your out of the bay!

    Thanks for the report. What was the line at the bait barge like? What time where you there?
  119. lougio

    Good Time Tuna Fishing

    Excellent, thanks for the info!
  120. lougio

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 Sale

    Checked and it's out of stock. I submitted my email. Hopefully the same price when it's back in stock. The 60 is $219 as well.
  121. lougio

    For Sale 2004 F350 Lariat SOLD

    Here is my cell 619-846-6814. Shoot me some pics when you get a chance. Thx
  122. lougio

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 Sale

    Just stumbled upon this in my facebook feed.
  123. lougio

    What do you make of this?

  124. lougio

    Yellowfin US waters????

    What somebody else may do should have no bearing on what we do here in this country. I'm not saying to end commercial fishing.. just to end the massive purse seining. Everything should pole/line caught. Other countries do it.
  125. lougio

    YFT SW of the 230/ 8/18

    Oh yeah! Looks damn good.
  126. lougio

    Yellowfin US waters????

    I guess we have to watch what we ask for in regards to seiners. If we try and block them we could be taking down the bait operation as well. There's gotta be a solution that benefits us all.
  127. lougio

    YFT SW of the 230/ 8/18

    Nice getting out there early.
  128. lougio

    Limits 8/17/19 Madrugador - Video

    Cool video, nice day catching! Thanks
  129. lougio

    Yellowfin US waters????

    Let's hope they stay south. Seiners will wipe them out once they cross.
  130. lougio

    Yellowfin Tuna Limit's Again for four on the new boat (video)

    Way to break in the new boat! Love it "Hardcor is Wide Open". Never can understand the dumbass comments. Probably guys are jealous. I am too but enjoy watching when I can't get out on the water. I mean you gave out numbers for fucks sake and guys complain. Fuck 'em!
  131. lougio

    Patty hopping and Catalina

    Nice first post, thanks for the report.
  132. lougio

    WFO YFT Quick Trip 8/17 - VIDEO

    Cool, you guys must of hauled ass out there. Conditions must have been great. Thanks
  133. lougio

    Looking for a helium tank for the boat! What’s a good one to get? Thanks for the help!

    My boat partner found an 80cuft tank laying around with the regulator and fill nozzle. Score right.. not so fast. There is a worldwide shortage and I got quoted $200 to fill it. A used tank will need to be recertified as well. I have TS1440, frozen flying fish, yummie flyers, kites, balloons...
  134. lougio

    Garmin will not mark fish.

    I believe the GCV box runs off one of the network connections and the GT-23 connects into the transducer port. The 23 wont give you sidevu though. I'll give you one of my 741xs units and I'll take that 1040 off your hands. :-)
  135. lougio

    Garmin will not mark fish.

    I'm interested in your unit if you're gonna toss it. I have a 741xs and at GT-23. Works good. Fella I bought the boat from had the downview, sideview setup with a different transducer. So I have two transducers. No problems. Don't really use down and sidevu all that much.
  136. lougio

    Friday Flotilla, Grande YFT 8-16-19

    Thanks for the report. I take that was 6am at the bait barge?
  137. lougio

    371 to the 302 today

    Thanks for the report! What did fuel cost there?
  138. lougio

    Shimano Tackle keepers

    Ok, a jumbo sounds good. Let me know a total shipped to 91942. Thx
  139. lougio

    Us "skiff" guys owe a big thanks to the Jig Strike

    Wow, disaster averted by fellow fisherman. Good for you buddy. Let's throw some business Jig Strikes way.
  140. lougio

    Shimano Tackle keepers

    How big is the jumbo? I'm in for one.
  141. lougio

    How many miles is the 230 from Mission landing (SD)

    Talk to Cody(longboard85) as he was just out there on Tuesday and he has a little skiff similar to yours. You can see him in Hardcor's video.
  142. lougio

    Big Loop

    Nice, covered a lot of ground. Thanks for the report.
  143. lougio

    For Sale 2004 F350 Lariat SOLD

    What Bulletproofing was done? Thanks!
  144. lougio

    Offshore 8/13

    Very nice, thanks!
  145. lougio

    Coastal bass, sharks, sand dabs

    Entertaining report. Nice work, thanks!
  146. lougio

    Yellowfin Tuna Doubled Up Slow Trolling ( Video )

    Looks like fun! Thanks for the video. I just noticed Cody hooked up too in the background.
  147. lougio

    Deformed BFT

    Nature! It still could hunt and survive though until now. Cool pic!
  148. lougio

    SOLD Bubba Blade 6in Bayou

    You got it buddy. Let me know when you're available and we'll work it out.
  149. lougio

    SOLD Tiburon Reel Clamp

    Pending to Rdy2fish.
  150. lougio

    SOLD Used Smitty's Rod belt $45

    How much shipped to 91942? Thx
  151. lougio

    Yellowfin Tuna. 230

    Thanks for the info.. nice work!
  152. lougio

    Grande YFT / BFT 8.13.19

    Yea, cause no sporty ever pulls up on PB'ers.. It goes both ways.
  153. lougio

    I have returned. Here is my report...

    Great report! Haven't seen you post anything in a while.
  154. lougio

    A day of Loss - 1 Kite Rod, 1 Kite Reel, 1 Gigantic Bluefin Tuna

    Hell, I'd take your day over mine. Went to SCI last Thursday and didn't see or mark any bluefin. Only saw three or four boats out there. Spent $400 in fuel.
  155. lougio

    Dodo day

    Nice work, thanks for the report!
  156. lougio

    Couple on the troll

    Nice! Thanks for the report.
  157. lougio

    SOLD Igloo Cooler

    Sold to Allen. Thx
  158. lougio

    SOLD Tiburon Reel Clamp

    TCU-M universal reel clamp(medium). Very nice condition. $25 local or ship on your dime.
  159. lougio

    SOLD Bubba Blade 6in Bayou

    Like new and only used to filet one or two fish. Got it as a gift but really don't care for Bubba Blades. $25obo Picked up in La Mesa. Ship on your dime. Includes sheath.
  160. lougio

    SOLD Igloo Cooler

    Not sure of the exact size but it's big. Too big for the deck of our boat says my boat partner. Anyway, it is like new. $40. Pickup in La Mesa or I can meet at one of the local landings. Just throw in some decent beer for my travels. Thx!
  161. lougio

    For Sale Aftco Kite

    Which model and how much?
  162. lougio

    Nice cow bluefin on my 25 foot Sea Ray

    Is that the correct site? I can't find it. Thx
  163. lougio

    So I was recommended to get a spinning outfit...

    Go here first before you buy a spinning reel;
  164. lougio

    Check the paddys

    Nice Yellow! Congrats!
  165. lougio

    Affordable reels for Kite fishing?

    No, it has to be specifically for helium. Not a scuba tank. Here's the one I have that I got quoted $200.
  166. lougio

    Affordable reels for Kite fishing?

    I hate to break it to you but the tanks will need to be recertified and I got quoted $200 to fill an 80cu ft tank. Sucks I know.
  167. lougio

    Affordable reels for Kite fishing?

    Boston style kite won't work with the helium balloon. There's a certain way you tie the balloon onto the kite. Curious as to where you got the helium, what size tank and how much? Here's a pic of the kite and balloon I plan on using while I was practicing at the ball field. Penn kite rod and old...
  168. lougio

    RIP, Ron Ashimine

    Nice tribute, RIP!
  169. lougio

    2120 boat cover

    I bought a 30' RV cover off Ebay new for $50. Fits our 2520.
  170. lougio

    Slow to Zero on Tuna

  171. lougio

    Can these stickbait lures be salvaged?

    I don't have the time. But I have the money.;)
  172. lougio

    Ensenada Report 7/28

    Nice report! What are the options to fish down there if you're visiting for the weekend?
  173. lougio

    Florida Did It- Maybe CA Should Follow Suit

    Yes, work toward a ban. Halve the quota each year to transition into a complete ban. Only rod/reel commercial fishing.
  174. lougio

    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    We cruised over there after hearing about it on the vhf and talked to one of the boaters that had responded offering a bilge pump. But these guys were already on it and did all they could do to help. I'm wondering about the Sea Tow non-response. That happened to us a few weeks back when we had...
  175. lougio

    White sea bass out of Point Loma

    Wow your first post is of Epic proportions. Nice fish! :worship:
  176. lougio

    Bye bye sea lion.

    Same thing happened to a diver not too long ago.
  177. lougio

    Nomad Rolling Tackle Bag Mods?

    Yes, kinda crazy how it is set up. Not sure if the pic captures the forward rake. Stick an 8ft rod and reel in there and it tips over very easily.
  178. lougio

    Can these stickbait lures be salvaged?

    With the recent surge in stickbait success I dug some out of my lure bag. I bought some cool Tailwalk Gunz from 360Tuna and bought several colors. While rigging one up the nose ring snapped off. I inspected it further and it was a little rusty but he'll that broke way too easy. So I started...
  179. lougio

    Nomad Rolling Tackle Bag Mods?

    Hey BD, I got the large rolling tackle bag as a gift and I like the bag but I don't like the forward rake. The bag will tip over with rods in the holders. I've been thinking of maybe adding some type of foot plate to make the bag sit more level and to stabilize it so it won't tip with a few rods...
  180. lougio

    Interesting day

    Thanks buddy excellent report!
  181. lougio

    For Sale Custom starboard

    I just got my two items yesterday. Took way longer than it should but I think it's just a hobby for him. Chad was out fishing a lot. Pin him down on a price and timeframe because both changed on me. He does have good prices and makes quality pieces.
  182. lougio

    Islands 7/23

    Nice Yellows! Thanks for the report!
  183. lougio

    BOLA with Phil and Will 7-19-19 To 7-20-19

    Great report Will. Man can these kids sleep or what!
  184. lougio

    Searching for Bluefin 43 182 SCI

    Thanks for the report. Maybe the kite is in order.
  185. lougio

    7/20/19 Nados, Navy, Wind and Yellows

    Launched from Shelter Is at 0530 with my 16yo son. Good bait and headed past the point 0615. We were greeted with wind and chop. Took the inside passage to South Is and the small fleet. Tried trolling rapalas and natural cedar plug for no action. Water temp was 64.4. Headed south trying to find...
  186. lougio

    7/18 Coronados

    Looks like getting there early is key. Thanks for the report.
  187. lougio

    7/17 Nados Report and Non-fish Catch of a Lifetime!

    Wow, that's awesome! Thanks for the report.
  188. lougio

    Yellowtail migration north from Mexico

    The same guys keep hijacking threads all the time. PM each other for fucks sake.
  189. lougio

    For Sale Shimano Tynos 10

    Ah, nevermind I see the pic of the reel. It's a single speed. Thanks for clearing that up.
  190. lougio

    YT Limited 7/13

    Nice! Dropper-loop Hali's?
  191. lougio

    Coronados 7/15

    Thanks for the report. This was the traffic jam on sunday but there wasn't much complaining.
  192. lougio

    For Sale Shimano Tynos 10

    Rod and reel? Specs on rod and reel is 2 speed?
  193. lougio

    SA80 2.5 July 12-15, 2019

    Nice report! Very underrated boat and crew. Congrats on the fish!
  194. lougio

    Help need a part for front window

    Here ya go. I bought some from them last season.
  195. lougio

    7/13/2019 Nine - 302 - 371

    Thanks for the report!
  196. lougio

    Epic solo half day 7/8

    Cody doing Cody things! Great job man and calling out numbers too!
  197. lougio

    Moshing with bluefin 7/8

    Sweet! Thanks for the report.
  198. lougio

    Full Speed BFT 7/8

    Nice work! Very encouraging for a Thursday run.
  199. lougio

    Always carry an extra battery pack or battery!!!

    I got a Weego 44 this past Christmas and it has come in quite handy. Recently had some battery/charger issues as both regulator/rectifiers went bad on our engines. Worked great!
  200. lougio

    SD to 425 area

    Thanks for the report. I've been getting chastised lately by a few buddies on not to leave so early and to wait until 9-10 and fish until dark. At least you got some.
  201. lougio

    SOLD Rainshadow RCJB84xh

    Where in San Diego? My boat partner needs a rod for his FTH60.
  202. lougio

    6/22/19 Liberty

    Nice! Thanks for the report.
  203. lougio

    Boat decal question

    Saw a pic on the Parker Owners Facebook page and the guy said he got his boat lettering here.. very reasonable;
  204. lougio

    Quality yellows and a peanut dodo 6/18

    Nice Yellows and Dorito! Gonna head that way on Saturday. Thanks for the report.
  205. lougio

    Pacific Queen overnight 6/14

    Nice fish and report!
  206. lougio

    AZTEC - Overnight 6/15

    Excellent write up, thx!
  207. lougio

    Bluefin Tuna. On Da POPPER 6/15

    Nice work! Thanks for the report.
  208. lougio

    Bluefin Fail #2 6/12

    Excellent detailed report. Thx
  209. lougio

    Real Sea Adventure 80

    Fished with them last fall. I had an excellent time and they work hard to find fish. They always had a balloon/kite rig day and night plus they would leave a swordfish float out with plans to retrieve it the following day. They offered to switch out hooks and braze large single hooks on...
  210. lougio

    Mating Mola Mola and Yellowtail Kelp Patty ( Video )

    Which side scan are you running? Nice job making good use of your time.
  211. lougio

    Need Help HPDI Regulator/Rectifier bad?

    Trying to find out if anybody has had to change the reg/rect assembly due to the engine not charging the batteries while running. We've had a few incidents offshore where our batteries got so depleted that we lost electronics and VHF power. After doing some online searching it sounds like it is...
  212. lougio

    SOLD Makaira 16 sea 2x

    Let me know if silver deal doesn't go down. Interested in the silver as well.
  213. lougio

    Update on one of our brothers Titan05

    Good luck with surgery and a speedy recovery.
  214. lougio

    6/10 (302/371)

    Thanks buddy, tough out there lately. Went last week on my birthday. Did the 101, 425, 371 to the Islands route. Same thing.. beautiful big paddies with nada on them. Lets go soon.. you won't have to worry about wind and swells. We took three scoops with us too.
  215. lougio

    For Sale X2 6v battery trojan

    How old are these?
  216. lougio

    PB Barn Door....about time !!

    Congrats on some nice flats!
  217. lougio

    Bft jig rigging

    I'm in as I don't trust my hollow core splicing yet.
  218. lougio

    Help Needed Damaged Guide Ring Insert

    Will do, thanks for the input.
  219. lougio

    Help Needed Damaged Guide Ring Insert

    I have a rod that I recently noticed had damage to one of the guides. it was bent a little and had the inner ring missing. How should this be dealt with? Can an insert simply be glued back in place or do I need to replace the guide? I'm planning on fishing Thursday and Friday, can I use the rod...
  220. lougio

    The Myth That the U.S. Leads the World in Mass Shootings

    So you are going to tell me that you are going to go to battle on this subject based on this data supplied in this article.. please tell me you are smarter than that? I mean I just scrolled down to the bottom and saw a half dozen articles with an obvious bias. I mean crunch the friggin numbers...
  221. lougio

    Coronado islands 6/1

    Been in Vegas for a few days.. what did you go and do now? Good work buddy!
  222. lougio

    For Sale WESTMARINE Boat Bean Bag

    Where in San Diego?
  223. lougio

    SOLD GRAFTECH Inshore Rod GIS80M 8’ 15-25lb $70.00

    Hey Bud, I'd like to take a look at the rod. Where in SD are you located? I'm in Vegas until Sunday night so it won't be for a few days. That's if you still have it. Thx!
  224. lougio

    WTB Popping Rod; Tuna Sniper, Megalodon, etc.

    Yup, just bought one. Good deal!
  225. lougio

    For Sale Great deal on Okuma PCH Custom Rods on Amazon

    The mods know if something isn't right. Let them take care of the rules. Been working pretty good so far.
  226. lougio

    WTB Popping Rod; Tuna Sniper, Megalodon, etc.

    Looking for a mid-level rod to pair with a Saragosa 25K for around $250. OTI Tuna Sniper, Megalodon, etc. Nicks and dings ok but no abuse. No split grips please. I live in 91942. Thanks! Lou
  227. lougio

    Liberty Bluefin Tuna 5/29

    Excellent report and pics, you've been hot! What were you throwing the popper with?
  228. lougio


    Hey guys! The search function doesn't seem to be working.
  229. lougio

    5-28-19 P.M. half day

    Thanks for that report. Aggressive little bastid is right.
  230. lougio

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    How are you guys rigging the flying fish.. shoulder hooking? I would think a couple of strikes and they would be wrecked.
  231. lougio

    Saragosa 25K Spooling Recommendations

    Thanks for the replies guys. I am familiar with hollow braid as I have a Tac16 with 80# Threadlock just because I liked the idea of changing out leaders on the fly(not a quick as I thought it would be). I also like to mess around with new ideas and making my own wind-ons is kinda cool. I don't...
  232. lougio

    Just Picked up a 2006 Pro-line

    Congrats, looks like a nice boat.
  233. lougio

    Saragosa 25K Spooling Recommendations

    Hey Jamie, enlighten me as I've only recently seen this term used. What does it mean? Thxo_O
  234. lougio

    Saragosa 25K Spooling Recommendations

    I recently picked up a Saragosa 25K for a great deal(no it wasn't part of the SDTT Heist.. I asked) and I want to use it for throwing poppers and stickbaits. I was thinking of going either 80# or 100#. What braid is best for this type of fishing? Appreciate any info, thx.
  235. lougio

    'Memorial Day'

    Understood and Happy Bday!
  236. lougio

    Remember Why you are Free (video)

    Yes, lets hope we all realize what today is about. While we are going about our business today enjoying our lives lets take time to remember those that gave their lives for us and this country. Nice video Cory
  237. lougio

    Smith Baby Runboh, poor quality.

    I wish mine looked like that.. mine is pristine because I haven't caught a fish with it. One of my Heru poppers got really dinged up by a small YFT though. The cup had a chunk taken out of it when the fish hit the deck and thrashed around.
  238. lougio

    Assist Hooks for Vertical jigging and Flat Falls

    These assist hooks look like a winner.
  239. lougio

    For Sale Custom starboard

    I'm in for the cup holder with tool slots for my 65gal Bluewater. Need to see some pics of your other items. Thx
  240. lougio

    5/18/19 Good local bass fishing with a Halibut bonus!

    Nice Flat! Great job, and thanks for the report.
  241. lougio

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    I believe it cost about $250 for a case(24 packs in a case and 3-5 fish per pack) from fishermenscenter back east. Thats with shipping in a cooler. Might want to get a couple of groups together and put an order in.
  242. lougio

    Thunderbird - SCI - 5/17

    Nice job Dad! Thanks for the report.
  243. lougio

    SOLD or Trade Heavy Spinning Setup

    Bump, gonna be anyday now that someone will get a BFT on a Popping setup.
  244. lougio

    Okuma Excel 16 Day April 2019

    Wow, what a great time. Thanks for the report!
  245. lougio

    San Diego Bay 5-19-19

    Looks like a lot of fun. Nice video!
  246. lougio

    For Sale Colt sniper style casting jigs

    I said I did like them. Just asked about the inlines. No need to get your panties all squirley. I'm giving you a free bump.
  247. lougio

    For Sale Colt sniper style casting jigs

    It just seems to me that inline hook will line up with the jig.
  248. lougio

    Sabiki PIA

    The cheap ones rust out so I went and bought some stainless steel ones. A little more expensive but I figured they would be worth it. First time using it and I get one in my thumb. My clueless boat partner thinks Mac's are on the bottom so he'll use an 8oz sinker.. ugh. Anyway I don't want to...
  249. lougio

    For Sale Colt sniper style casting jigs

    These look sharp. Not sure about those single hooks though. Shouldn't they be inline hooks?
  250. lougio

    SOLD or Trade Heavy Spinning Setup

    I am selling a Quantum Cabo 120 PTSE reel loaded with 100# Seguar Threadlock and a Shimano Tallus Bluewater series 7'2" XH 65-200# rod. Both are in excellent condition. Only a couple nick's on the reel from a lure hook. Have the reel box with some extra shims and screws. I will be in the Irvine...
  251. lougio

    Help me find old sportfishing pictures

    Wow, cool video. Besides the gear and clothing styles it looks pretty much like today.
  252. lougio

    Cory update Thursday

    Good luck Buddy! We want a report on the procedure just like one of your fishing trips.
  253. lougio

    SD weather?

    On your own boat I'd say stay home but on one of the bigger sporties.. go out and fish. I went out on the PQ when the BFT bite was out at the 60mi bank a few years back and it was shitty weather. We limited in the shitty weather but it wasn't bad on that size boat. The weather was way worse than...
  254. lougio

    Yamaha HPDI issue

    I have twin '03 150 HPDI's on a 2520 we bought last year. We started having that issue. I could alleviate the problem by adjusting the engine trim. I looked online and found out that there are several filters that need to be changed. The filter you can see in the clear cannisters, the VST filter...
  255. lougio

    5/11/19 Mex Navy at the Islands

    Second hand report from my buddy who got stopped on Saturday. He said two 40ft steel Hull boats(wasn't sure if actual Navy or Biosphere Dept) patrolled the Islands. They pulled along side and he gave them paperwork which included his Passport, TIP, FMM, Biosphere bracelet and Mex Lic. They were...
  256. lougio

    Cory update Thursday

    Cory, first off "Good Luck". Both my boat partner Frank and myself work in the Cardiac Cath Lab at Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa. Matter of fact, we work for Cody's(longboard85) Brother In-law who's the manager. Hopefully you are a candidate for TAVR and they get you in and out. You'll be...
  257. lougio

    May 10 BFT near 101 solo battle for hours 71 yo

    Nice going solo! nobody wanted to fish with you yesterday?
  258. lougio

    La Jolla YTs

    Nice fish and nice boat!:appl:
  259. lougio

    The San Diego 3/4 Bluefin Tuna 5/8 2019

    Nice work man! Thanks for the report!
  260. lougio

    For Sale Custom starboard

    Whew, good to know! Check your messages. Thx
  261. lougio

    For Sale Cuda Titanium Pliers,Shears,Sharpener tool & other doodads

    Any Cuda sharpeners left? If so how much shipped to 91942? Thx
  262. lougio

    For Sale Custom starboard

    Yeah, I'm not sure about this guy. I've been in contact through PM but there's been no response lately. Maybe he's having some personal issues. Let's just hope it's nothing major. I can wait but then again he doesn't have my bait tank. I hope you get it resolved.
  263. lougio


    Something weird is happening as this showed up under new posts. '07 Jesus Christ!
  264. lougio


    I second the Reliable bags. I have two.. a 48x60 and 20x48. Excellent products.. pricey but excellent.
  265. lougio

    Bluefin Fail 5/3

    Thanks for the report. Someone's going to find them.
  266. lougio

    Cinco de Mayo Yellows

    Nice fish! Impossible to fish bait with the dogs around.
  267. lougio

    Kelp Patty Yellowtail Limits Released Limits Killed (video)

    I was out there too Cory! Gave you a wave from our 2520. Everyone seemed to be working together on the VHF. We pulled a few YT off that small group of kelps. Tight lines Brother!
  268. lougio

    Boat registration and ticket RANT...

    Yes, AAA is very convenient. We use the office on Fletcher Pkwy in La Mesa.
  269. lougio

    For Sale Okuma makai

    Any interest in a Tac16II trade? Excellent condition spooled with 80lb Threadlock.
  270. lougio

    Jelly fish

    Yes, there were tons of them out there and not enough Sunfish. Only saw one the whole day.
  271. lougio

    Boat Transporters

    I think you would be better off making the trip yourself. It'll probably run you around $1000 to have a professional do it.
  272. lougio

    FE Trailers (Baja Built)

    No video.. lets see this thing!
  273. lougio

    BFT Go Here Saturday

    Nice job, thanks for the report!
  274. lougio

    Great Whites showing at Catalina...

    Where was that GOPro.. on her ass? How did they not see that shark?
  275. lougio

    SOLD 406 MHz EPIRB

    How much for the bag?
  276. lougio

    WTB Calstar 665H or 6465H

    You can have mine cheap. Needs a few guides worked on.
  277. lougio

    Pacific Queen goes legendary!!!

    Nice fish! Fisherman helping Fisherman.. awesome!
  278. lougio

    WTB Okuma Makaira 16sea

    Interested in a trade? Mint Tac16II loaded with 80# Threadlock.
  279. lougio

    BFT on Madrugador

    C'mon man, phrase it a little differently and you won't come off as a jerk. Some guys report things a little bit differently than others. What can you do? But maybe something like.. Hey, what general area did you fish and what day? You may or may not get the info you need but at least it was...
  280. lougio

    Islands 4/27 Baby Mako

    Thanks Will, I didn't experiment. But I will next time out. Thx
  281. lougio

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    The Biosphere bracelet link is dead.
  282. lougio

    We found them!

    Thank you! They're here!
  283. lougio

    Islands 4/27 Baby Mako

    Yup, I was ready for that.. I think!
  284. lougio

    Islands 4/27 Baby Mako

    Damn, just put new batteries in last week. WTH! Good thing I just picked up a two bank onboard charger.
  285. lougio

    Islands 4/27 Baby Mako

    Went out of SI with my son, picked up a scoop of bait and headed to Islands/Rockpile. Beautiful conditions early and cruised to the Islands arriving at our spot around 0730. saw lots of boats at Pukey so we picked at some Rock Fish in the MG. While fishing the dropper-loop my son says...
  286. lougio

    Coronado Island Yellowtail. 4/24

    Wow, nice day of catching!:jig:
  287. lougio

    Using TacGlue

    What serving tool do you use? I got the Power Pro kit and their serving tool doesn't keep good tension. Thx
  288. lougio

    Coronados pvt. 4/23

    Nice work! You only went with Mack's for live bait?
  289. lougio

    Permatrim and 18" trim tabs

    Can I get a pic of the 12"x18" tabs on the boat?
  290. lougio

    4/20 Poseidon full moon bluefin bite

    Is the Capt actually 21 or does he look 21? I have a hard time believing the Capt is 21. Thanks for the report!
  291. lougio

    For Sale Custom starboard

    I need cup holders(like pictured) for a 65gal Bluewater tank.
  292. lougio

    Parker acquired

    So you went on one Parker and so all Parker's pound? Am I understanding you right? You went on one boat and made the assumption that all Parker's pound and they need to change the design of the hull?
  293. lougio

    Rockpile and Islands 4/14

    I had your shirt on under that jacket Will!
  294. lougio

    For Sale Parker 6 rod rocket launcher

    It may be too big for your 2320. It's off a 2820. So maybe you didn't get teased after all.
  295. lougio

    Rockpile and Islands 4/14

    My boat partner Frank, Cody(longboard85) and myself headed out for our first fishing trip of the year in our 2520. Launched from Shelter Island @0545 and headed over to EBros. There was a short 20min wait for some lively Dines and a couple of Mack's. Cleared the point at 0630 and ran down on the...
  296. lougio

    SOLD Lewmar windlass 1000

    What did you get?
  297. lougio

    For Sale Roddy prototype 2 speed lever drag reels

    Are there any specs on the box? Drag ratings or line capacity? Where are they made? They look sharp!
  298. lougio

    Yellers on the Sherminator

    Nice job finding your own!:jig:
  299. lougio

    What happened to "Fattony"?

    The guy is a fucking sea lion!
  300. lougio

    For Sale Parker 6 rod rocket launcher

    That would look much better than the stock aluminum rod holder with the gold tubes. Especially with the new stainless tower. Where are you located?
  301. lougio

    For Sale Lewmar pro series 1000 windlass

    Just to clarify this unit had the freefall conversion kit installed?
  302. lougio

    For Sale Parker 6 rod rocket launcher

    Fits which pilothouse?
  303. lougio

    Bluefin Tuna talk- Mike Lackey from the Vagabond

    Where in the hotel is the meeting? Thx
  304. lougio

    WTB Calstar 665H or 6465H

    I believe I have one but it needs some work.. a few guides are loose.
  305. lougio

    What bean bag?

    Huh, I got the West Marine ones and they are deadly. You sit in them and you are done.. out like a light. I'm sure there are better quality bean bags but I didn't think these were bad or poor quality.
  306. lougio

    SOLD Garmin 5212 $500

    Tom, is GPS built in or do you need an antenna for the 5212, and pic of the back of the unit? Thx
  307. lougio

    Two Douchebags Hunting!

    What complete scumbags! How do you not revoke their hunting licenses for life?
  308. lougio

    Popping for bluefin tuna.

    This fella is using a Saragosa though.
  309. lougio

    How to find a kelp paddy with a drone?

    Here's a little clip from my sons' DJI drone scouting a couple small kelp stringers on our ride back to Dana Point from Catalina last August. As you can see the kelp was dry.
  310. lougio

    Servicing tilt/trim

    There are lots of YouTube videos showing how to replace the seals and fluid on Tilt/Trim units. Did one of ours last year and need to do the other soon. Not that hard to do but you do need the spanner wrench to spin the caps.
  311. lougio

    Going to Fish The Bay Today!

    Looks like a nice day on the water. How was the new basin? Thanks for the report.
  312. lougio

    WTB Fujinon Techno-Stabi binoculars - got 'em?

    I'd take that deal right there! I already have some so you guys should jump on it.
  313. lougio

    For Sale Shimano Teremar and Terez

    What are the specs on the Terez?
  314. lougio

    Dispersing a Crowd of Sea Lions the Canadian Way

    I'm not sure if this is really Canada and I'm not sure if it is legal there either. They sure got out of there fast though.
  315. lougio

    Royal Polaris 16 day ... April 24-May 10 ... JOHN COLLINS SPECIAL

    Wow, good for you! What do some of these long range trips cost?
  316. lougio

    What Else Can They Smash Into

    Russian Vodka + Cargo Ship = Bad shit!
  317. lougio

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    Hey Man, registration wasn't a problem with either of the boats we bought out of state. First was a Grady-White CC out of Texas and then this Parker from Fl. No issues either time. We did have a legit boat inspection done both times prior to purchase.
  318. lougio

    SOLD Anchor Rope,BBQ Grill, $160

    What size chain and rode?
  319. lougio

    GREAT DAY at Colonet - Pac Queen 2/23

    Nice job, thanks for the report.
  320. lougio

    Funny looking halibut. Feb 24

    Wow, awesome fish! Well done boys and thanks for the report.:appl:
  321. lougio

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    Put Louie-Lui II in the water for the first time in 2019 and the first time using the new ramp at SI yesterday. The 2520 ran very well. We've done a bunch of maintenance items over the last 6mos. Changed fuel filters(3) on each engine, had water pump/impellers done at H&H, changed the trim/tilt...
  322. lougio

    SOLD Shimano Tranx 500 PG (LNIB)

    Nick has sold plenty of stuff here for great prices and has even given stuff away free. He makes plenty of positive contributions here on BD. There's absolutely nothing wrong with his post.
  323. lougio

    Great White vs Pinneped

    Thought you all would like this. Who will win?
  324. lougio

    360Tuna dysfunction

    I've only used 360 for the classifieds and haven't had any issues.
  325. lougio

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    We had some basic upholstery added to the tower. The seat was straight forward but the backrest was a little dicey because it curves around. We had our own upholstery and contacted Amorales Upholstery to do the whole job and he did it for $500 installed. Nothing fancy just basic seat/backrest...
  326. lougio

    SOLD price drop! Pioneer 3D blue ray DVD player, like new!

    Damn buddy, forgot all about it.
  327. lougio

    Tower build. Stainless or aluminum

    I have a stainless tower as well on a 2520, weight is not an issue.
  328. lougio

    Affordable radar?

    I recenty picked up a Garmin 18HD for $375. I believe there is one for sale here for around $450. I'd jump on that for a basic radar setup plug and play with a Garmin Gpsmap MFD.
  329. lougio

    SOLD price drop! Pioneer 3D blue ray DVD player, like new!

    I'll text you for a meet up.
  330. lougio

    San Diego Sportfishing Ticket Prices Take Another Upward Bump

    Probably because of fuel prices going up even though a barrel of oil costs roughly the same as it did 10 years ago.
  331. lougio

    SOLD price drop! Pioneer 3D blue ray DVD player, like new!

    Works 100%? If so I'll buy it. I'll be in Pt Loma on Sunday for a SB party.
  332. lougio

    SOLD Shimano Flat falls and more...

    I'll be up your way Saturday.
  333. lougio


    Add me too if there's room, thx! Pats 38 Rams 17
  334. lougio

    Getsome Products setup at West Marine on Rosecrans!!!

    Damn, missed it! But thanks for the heads-up.
  335. lougio

    Refund through PayPal?

    Number one you shouldn't have to give the seller a chance to make it right. He told you the reel was in a certain condition and when you got it it wasn't. Now if you want the reel and want to work it out then that's fine. Good luck!
  336. lougio


    Try hydrogen instead. There's been a surplus since 1937.
  337. lougio

    Blue Fever

    You're a Beast.. in a good way!
  338. lougio

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    Some winter projects getting taken care of. Install radar, new VHF radio and antenna reposition, install Go Light spotlight and add LED spreaders.Next up is upholstery for the tower.
  339. lougio

    2320 Tow Vehicle

    I'm towing a 2520 with a 2012 Silverado 1500 4x4 tow package and tow rating of 9500lb and I'm pushing it. I was looking for a 3/4 ton truck but couldn't find one at a decent price(~25K). So I had to settle on the Chevy. Good thing is we tow only 15mi to the ramp. My boat partner's older Chevy...
  340. lougio

    Useful Modifications

    360 tuna has a good buy/sell section. You'll find all kinds of stickbait goodies there. Real good deals too on high end stuff.
  341. lougio

    Passing of the Modern Fish Act

    I was on Facebook today and saw this page. Don't know much about it. What do you guys think?
  342. lougio

    San Diego Bay Spotted Bay Bass Friday ( Video )

    Beautiful day! Your brother is bundled up and you're strolling around in shorts. Thanks for the video.
  343. lougio

    SOLD Unibutts

    The Aftco bent Butt does fit the Penn IGFA 80 rod. Thx Aaron!
  344. lougio

    Parker Windshield Leak

    Geez 2017 too. I don't feel so bad now that my '03 2520 does it and it obviously could use some new window seals.
  345. lougio

    For Sale Chargers Jerseys

    Yes, but I bought them a few years back when I had season tickets. I'd like to recoup a few of my wasted dollars. There are still plenty of bandwagon fans around. Buy them and burn them.. you'll get out the hate that's been eating at you!
  346. lougio

    For Sale Chargers Jerseys

    I've got a few previously worn Chargers jerseys for sale. (1)Reebok Onfield Rivers baby blue size 52. Very nice with some minor staining on the numbers. (1) Reebok Gates navy blue size 52. Both of these jerseys have nice tackle twill numbers, letters and logos. I also have two replica jerseys...
  347. lougio

    Final report for 2018

    Happy New Year Buddy!
  348. lougio

    Dana Point 12/22

    Beast! Congrats:appl:
  349. lougio

    SOLD Parker 30 Gal Bait Tank

    SOLD.. thanks Rusty!
  350. lougio

    Dana Point Halibut Driftin’ 12-8

    Two lefts and a right.. Nice catch boys!
  351. lougio

    I thank God for guns!!!

    Worldwide? C'mon man, it would have been news if she shot him, as it should to point out how a seemingly common mistake could go bad by an unresponsible gun owner. This story just doesn't add up but that's just me. I don't look at the incident as left or right but what is right or wrong.
  352. lougio

    I thank God for guns!!!

    Excellent post! Thx for saying what needed to be said in a professional and respectful manner.
  353. lougio

    Awesome Albie Fishing Off NJ

    I recall them as Bonito from back when I lived in Jersey. Nice little foamer of fish there though.
  354. lougio

    I thank God for guns!!!

    From what I can gather from the statement seems like she opened the door and let the guy in then yelled profanities at him while she was in her underwear with a gun in her hand. Sounds a little weird to me.
  355. lougio

    New Yamaha Service Center Dealership in Pacific Beach?

    Had water pumps done on twin '03 HPDI'S. We had all the parts. They were reasonable but we were diligent in sticking with letting them know our budget. One of the fellas was trying to high-ball the cost/time for replacing the VST filters. Something like $450 each engine without even looking...
  356. lougio

    Sd bay halibut 12/8

    Nice work Buddy.. again! Been dying to get out there and drag the bay.
  357. lougio

    Rpt.-12-09-18 2 Day Castro Camp Adventure

    Great write up! Thanks for the detailed report. A buddy of mine has been talking about heading down there. Your info and Michael's comments help tremendously.
  358. lougio

    New to me 2010 2520

    Nice 2520, congrats! How much fuel does she hold. We have a 200gal tank which helps with the ride. We also have twin 150's but the HPDI's on a bracket. We had a stainless tower and rod holders added. I know your frustrations. Good luck and look forward to seeing your posts getting it dialed in.
  359. lougio

    San Diego T Top Fabricators??

    Try Dan Morgan at DanFab in National City.
  360. lougio

    Tribute 11 25

    If they are going then go. I went out on the New Lo-an last year around this time in bad weather and we limited.
  361. lougio

    YFT Thanksgiving

    Nice work in a CC. Nice scuppers/speakers!
  362. lougio

    Any good fishing deals for Black Friday?

    I forgot what the code was.. pick?
  363. lougio

    Asylum Seekers In Tijuana

  364. lougio

    SA 80 epic 2.5 day

    Nice mixed bag o' fish. Got it done again!
  365. lougio

    be afraid....very afraid....someone close could do this to you

    I don't know.. maybe the Red Flag system worked in this case and the only person who got killed was the person suspected of being a danger to himself or others and not a bunch of innocent people at a bar or school. We don't know what caused the relative to make the call that he was a danger. I...
  366. lougio

    Free Processed Fish (kinda) BF-Dorado-YT

    I'm interested. Located in San Diego area.
  367. lougio

    be afraid....very afraid....someone close could do this to you

    Did you read the article? No where in this far right conservative article does it mention the police entered his house.
  368. lougio

    be afraid....very afraid....someone close could do this to you

    The asshole that shot the people in the Borderline Bar should have had his guns taken away. Think of the comments here that are being made saying cops should refuse to do it. Tell that to the family and friends of the Sgt. Helus. Stop looking at things as Liberal or Conservative.
  369. lougio

    Cortes Bank - 11/10/18-11/12/18

    Nice! Thanks for the report. Was it shitty bait or livewell issues?
  370. lougio

    2.5 SA80 11/10-11/11

    I was with you guys too. It was a fun trip and everybody got along very well. I was lucky and got to bring in one of the balloon fish/kite fish. Good thing because I lost a couple of fish and would have been skunked otherwise. I waited too long to switch to lighter line. Partly because I didn't...
  371. lougio

    Skipjack the movie Limits Released ( video )

    Good job getting out and getting some. Thanks for the video!
  372. lougio

    Limits on Pacific Dawn

    Good to hear, thanks for the report.
  373. lougio

    Mustang 1.5 day BBF Trip - Cortez - Fished Nov 7, 2018

    Thanks for the detailed report. Heading out tomorrow on the SA80 for a 2.5 trip.
  374. lougio

    Sea Adventure 80 reviews? 2.5 day 11/2

    Just checked the schedule and it now says fishing Outer Banks for big Bluefin. Perfect!
  375. lougio

    Sea Adventure 80 reviews? 2.5 day 11/2

    So what is the consensus as far as where they will be fishing? The landing said they may be heading south the first day then out to Cortez/Tanner but they weren't sure. I did a google search and called a number for Sea Adventure 80 Sportfishing Co. and the woman I talked to was very salty...
  376. lougio

    Tribute 1.5 this past Friday

    Nice report, congrats!
  377. lougio

    FINALLY for Pops 11/3

    Great work Pops!
  378. lougio

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    Wow, looks like they are getting somewhere! Thanks for the report.
  379. lougio

    Halibut 10/27

    Nice But! Frank told me he ran into you at Albertson's and he told me about the Halibut. Nice work buddy!
  380. lougio

    9 Mile Bank YFT/ YT and Skipies. 10/27

    Nice work! I never came across any YFT on Sunday. Good for you!
  381. lougio

    10/28 178/N9/La Jolla

    We've normally been fishing every other Friday as work permits. I was down and out with a kidney stone that wouldn't budge and wound up in the hospital for a few days. So after the smoke cleared from that we found Sunday 10/28 to be our best opportunity to get out and fish. We were having a bit...
  382. lougio

    Rina, I found the pics on FB and just posted them here to show the damage as I hadn't seen any...

    Rina, I found the pics on FB and just posted them here to show the damage as I hadn't seen any pics posted. Sorry, I wasn't a witness. But thanks for staying on top of the story and getting the information out.
  383. lougio

    What happened to the Prowler?

    Wow, just awful news. Look at that damage! I heard there was heavy fog last night. RIP to the angler that died and speedy recovery to all affected.
  384. lougio

    Sketchy User Selling GMR18 Radar

    Hey, just thought I'd give you all a heads up. I had posted a WTB Garmin 18 radar. I got a few responses but most were for new units. I was looking for something in the $500 range. I get a response from a user with no activity that recently joined. We start up a conversation and he sends me...
  385. lougio

    Somebody is in big trouble!

    Probably on their phone. I hope nobody died as a result.
  386. lougio

    I'm not a fan of Parker boats....but

    Great deal as long as everything checks out. Deck space can't be beat on a Parker.
  387. lougio

    Easy limit 10/9

    Nice day of catching! SD Bay had bad bait?
  388. lougio

    SOLD Or trade PENN fathom 40nld2

    Hey SGV, I have a nice HX 5/2 in silver 100# braid and 80#mono topshot that was service by Avet in June. Has a couple of scratches but nothing real noticeable. Probably could use a fresh topshot. I have an Penn 25 and like it. I'd like to try the 40. Let me know if you're interested in a trade...
  389. lougio

    Best sub $1K FF, Lowrance or not?

    Garmin 741xs is a great little unit with a 1Kw sounder if you want to go with a thru-hull. The GT-23 works great for open water to 200-300ft and great detail in shallow water. Has input for radar and can overlay on your charts too. It can be networked with other units as well. Check with...
  390. lougio

    For Sale Igloo 120qt. Cooler (excellent condition) $40

    I can meet up. Let me know when and where. Thx
  391. lougio

    Eating Sharks?

    Look up the post for a Lost Wallet not too long ago in the Fishing Chit Chat section I believe. Our young are just fine.
  392. lougio

    SOLD Parker 30 Gal Bait Tank

    It is, got busy this past week and haven't tended to the post. Let me know if you'd like to come take a look. Thanks!
  393. lougio


    Fishing >>>working
  394. lougio

    SCI 9/21 thru 9/23

    Congrats and thanks for the report!
  395. lougio

    Dana Landing launch ramp lost wallet

    We'll all have to remember to direct people to this post when folks start bitchin' about "Kids these days". Glad it worked out. Along the same lines.. Years ago(late 90's) I was foolish enough to rent a Waverunner down at Mission Bay on the 4th of July. Anyhow, I had to show them my license...
  396. lougio

    Bisquit without the Gravy !!

    I took Billy's post as just poking fun. Hence the smiley face. Everyone on this site loves to see fish pics. Congrats on a nice fish!
  397. lougio

    Skippies and a surprise

    Nice work and cool video!
  398. lougio

    SOLD FS Sold

    Blig is a good dude. I bought a Saragosa 20K from him. He's 100% legit!
  399. lougio

    2 miles off Torrey pines (late report)

    This is what keeps us going out. Skunks abound lately but there is hope. Thanks for the report.
  400. lougio

    SOLD Used Furuno Radar

    You say the radar works sporadically? Can you clarify? Thx
  401. lougio

    Purse Seiners Suck

    It's a waste of life!
  402. lougio

    Should have gone left

    Good try buddy! Very hit and miss this season. Either gonna run up off North County on Friday or maybe south outside the Islands. On a side note. About to get a seat put on the tower and I got a line on a radar unit. SCI.. big Bluefin?
  403. lougio

    SOLD Parker 30 Gal Bait Tank

    Yes it is buddy!
  404. lougio

    La Jolla had some surprises...

    Waypoint! Nice catch, congrats!
  405. lougio

    1 lonely bluefin

    A little bit of meat is better than no meat. Nice work Cody!
  406. lougio

    Cow baby- live report, SCI , 9-4-2018

    Wow, congrats! Thanks for the pics and vids. Not a lot of boats around?
  407. lougio

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    The tower has been installed. Dan Morgan at Danfab in National City did real nice job on the stainless steel tower and installation. Now we just need to get the seat and backrest done. Any recommendations here in the San Diego area?
  408. lougio

    Anyone selling an 18 ft’er soon?

    Look on the Facebook page Fishermans Garage Sale. Saw a few good deals there recently. Mainly East Coast stuff. '91 Parker Deep V 23ft CC $15k. Also check out the '06 Parker 2320 for 35k.
  409. lougio

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    Tower is just about ready for the install. We took it over to Danfab for a final mockup before adding the seat and measurements for the rod holders.
  410. lougio

    SOLD Parker 30 Gal Bait Tank

    Not pending and back up for sale.
  411. lougio

    Any more details on this? What comes with the radar, what condition and where is it located? Thanks!

    Any more details on this? What comes with the radar, what condition and where is it located? Thanks!
  412. lougio

    SOLD Parker 30 Gal Bait Tank

    Pending to phumchun.
  413. lougio

    Oceanside Dodos

    Nice trip. Thanks for the report.
  414. lougio

    Learned an Invaluable Anchor Lesson

    Thanks for all the advice. Do any of you guys check the anchor as a routine when you are about to trailer the boat? I do the usual check of all the straps, engine, safety chains, ball and hitch, plug, lights, etc.. but I never check the anchor. I sure will now.
  415. lougio

    Learned an Invaluable Anchor Lesson

    Well Folks, I'm embarrassed to report this but my boat partner and I headed over to our tower fabricators shop over in National City on Saturday around 10am. We left from my buddies house in Spring Valley where we keep the 2520 on a trailer. Headed 94 to 125 to 54. As we're BS'ing transitioning...
  416. lougio

    Camping Catalina advice

    Ryan, I was just at Two Harbors last week for the first time. Reserving a campsite is very difficult. You can have the website email you when there is a cancellation and that is how I got a reservation as everything was booked up when I was looking online. Two Harbors campground says that it is...
  417. lougio

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    Tower is being built by Dan Morgan. Stainless steel with backrest and seat. Just gotta decide how many rod holders. Bringing the boat down to his shop in National City tomorrow for a fitting.
  418. lougio

    Catalina Crossing to Two Harbors

    Oh yea! I heard you guys. Looked like you were having a lot of fun. It was tricky navigating that mooring field. You do any fishing?
  419. lougio

    Catalina Crossing to Two Harbors

    Got to Dana arounda1030 friday morning. At the dock we got some Intel from another Parker owner who said head out 9mi on 170 heading and we should run into kelps holding Dorado.. and we did. Got one to bite the blk/purple cedar plugs but came undone after a nice aerobatics display. Lockjaw on...
  420. lougio

    Catalina Crossing to Two Harbors

    Well boys we decided on leaving out of Dana Point. I thought it was a great landing. It was $10/overnight so it cost us $20. It was nice to have a wash-down available and yes it was crowded at 1530 when we pulled out of the water but everyone got along and was patient. $5 to scrub the boat and...
  421. lougio

    POS drivers

    Might be good to leave a note on the douchebags vehicle too and to let him know he got caught and the he better make it right.
  422. lougio

    SOLD Garmin Radar 18HD

    Hey folks, I'm looking at buying an entry level radar. I'm just looking for a reasonably priced plug in and go unit in good shape. I have Garmin already on the boat and am looking for something I can install fairly easily and quickly. Putting it on a Parker 2520. Thanks!
  423. lougio

    SOLD Parker 30 Gal Bait Tank

    Hey Richie! Here is what I have as dimensions. The bottom of the tank flares out so there are two dimensions for the outside of the tank. If it was too close to call I erred over by 1/2". Outside bottom: L 38"xW 26"xH 16.5" Outside top: L 36"xW 23"xH 16.5" Inside: L...
  424. lougio

    Fished Friday and Sunday dana point

    You nailed it! I drove up to Dana Point Friday and fished 10mi SW and found some Dorado jumpers around a paddy. Decided to troll past it with a black and purple cedar plug and a dorado colored daisy chain. One bit the cedar plug and we were all stunned at first and then my 16yo son grabs the rod...
  425. lougio

    8/11 Butts... late report

    Awesome, thanks for the report!
  426. lougio

    Catalina Front Side Report 8/15/18

    Thanks for the timely report. I'm heading over to Two Harbors tomorrow and plan on fishing the Isthmus high spot, Emerald Bay. Never fished Cat before. Doing a little camping, fishing, snorkeling and drinking this weekend. Tight lines!
  427. lougio

    Dorado limits x2(U.S. waters)

    Nice! Bet it felt good after watching them snub everything offered to them last time.
  428. lougio

    Catalina Crossing to Two Harbors

    Gonna start heading up to Huntington Harbor after morning traffic around 9am on Friday. Check in at Two Harbors starts at 2pm. So we'll look for paddies on the way over and hit the Isthmus high spot for some Yellows hopefully. We'll drop off at the dock then get a mooring and start setting up. I...
  429. lougio

    Catalina Crossing to Two Harbors

    We have room Danny!
  430. lougio

    SOLD Parker 30 Gal Bait Tank

    Parker fiberglass bait tank came off my '03 2520. Replaced it with a 65gal Blue Water so it's up for sale. Very good condition and it worked well and kept bait well. Included is a Rule Tournament 800gph cartridge pump and housing, various size and length hoses and some wiring. $200 obo...
  431. lougio

    Heru Poppers

    I've had some luck finding quality stuff on 360Tuna website.
  432. lougio

    Catalina Crossing to Two Harbors

    I've got a campsite at Two Harbors for the weekend of 8/17 and am trailering my Parker 2520 from San Diego. Trying to decide where to launch from. I was thinking Dana Point but I've hear that Huntington Beach was an easier crossing. I've never launched from any landings other than in San Diego...
  433. lougio

    Making Mack’s mission bay

    I bait a couple sabiki hooks with small pieces of cut bait and throw some chunks and you'll be good to go around the north jetty.
  434. lougio

    How to Fight & Land a GIANT Bluefin

    Right! I can't believe people bag on Dave. I'm a subscriber and he should charge more. Gotta love the guys' passion and willingness to impart his knowledge. I grew up on the East Coast so fishing West Coast is a totally different game. Guys like Dave help tremendously with the learning curve.
  435. lougio

    Boat transport Texas to S. Calif.?

    After reading this.. $1400 to have a transporter do it is a no brainer to me. I bought a GW CC from a guy in Rockport, Tx a few years back and we drove out there in my 4Runner and towed it back. Left on a Thurs afternoon and had it back by Sunday morning and spent about $400 doing it that way.
  436. lougio

    425/371 Sunday 8/5

    Thanks for the report!
  437. lougio

    8/3 Hidden Bank

    Yes, way to go!
  438. lougio

    Mucho Dorado: On water Tomahawk rpt 8/4

    There we go, much better with the current dorado catch! That is a huge paddie. Nice grade of fish.
  439. lougio

    They're out there! Any day now!

    Nice report.. but you bitched about a guy that didn't poach your paddy? C'mon man!
  440. lougio

    300/400 gram glow jigs

    Pics with rigging?
  441. lougio

    Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18

    Great post! Billy's getting all booked up. Somebody better start hiring Cody!
  442. lougio

    TS1440 for Sale on THT

    I saw a nice pair of Fujinon TechnoStabi''s for sale while browsing The Hull Truth this morning. I'd jump on it if I didn't already have a pair. $800 like new with case. Here's the link...
  443. lougio

    How Many adding a #100 or a #130 rig this year.

    I added a Mak50sea w/130lb and a Rainshadow RCTB66XXH 50-130. No fish yet.
  444. lougio

    “The Year of the Cow”

    And then.. and then.. and then. JESUS CHRIST what a trip!:appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl:
  445. lougio

    For Sale Aftco and Squidco gaffs

    Damn, I'm heading out of town early. Let me see if my boat partner can meet.
  446. lougio

    For Sale Aftco and Squidco gaffs

    Interested in both gaffs. When will you be in Pt Loma?
  447. lougio

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    Finally got the bait tank installed last Friday. Started the whole process back around the third week in May. Randy at Blue Water recommended a local guy here in San Diego. Jesus Orozco did a real nice job and was very reasonable. Used it offshore and the beat up full scoop had to be chased...
  448. lougio

    7/17 La Jolla Jello

    Wow, nice Yellow, congrats!
  449. lougio

    NLA 7/15/18

    Nice fish, now go and play the real Lotto.. you're hot!
  450. lougio

    NLA 7/15/18

    Nice fish, now go and play the real Lotto.. you're hot!
  451. lougio

    Another new 2320 aka ”TUNA SNIPER”

    Nice 2320! is the trailer she's on not gonna cut it?
  452. lougio

    Catalina 7/9 to 7/11 – The Island of NOmance

    Thanks for the report. I'm trying to get a trip together for heading over to the Island getting a mooring and doing some fishing, swimming and snorkeling with my 15yo son and his friend.
  453. lougio

    Catalina 7-14

    Thanks for the report. Planning on a first trip to the Island for fishing and getting a mooring.
  454. lougio

    Bluefin and Yellowfin on the POPPER! 7/12 Report

    Great pics, thanks for the report!
  455. lougio

    Tuna Fishing Baby- 7/13

    Wow, nice school. I was out that way but only found the smaller schools and they'd sink out as soon as you got there. Good job and nice report!
  456. lougio

    First trip to Catalina ... any input?

    Yes, please let us know how it goes. Trying to plan a trip myself. Thx
  457. lougio

    Mission Bay, SD This week any good? May trailer down tomorrow

    Yes, I wouldn't hesitate. Last Sunday I found fish 8 to 10mi off Mission Bay. Paddy with some Yellowtail 8mi off and schools of 25lb Yellowfin 10-15mi off. Look at the fish reports here not the fish counts on the websites. You'll get all the info you need from the guys going out daily. Weekdays...
  458. lougio

    Parker Boats & West Coast Marine

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for some parts for my '03 2520. Boat is new to me as I bought it in April. Going through things that need replacing. Part of the port windshield wiper arm came apart and needs some replacement parts. The starboard window arm strut locking screw broke. So I'd like to get...
  459. lougio

    Spin Fishing Tuna Enjoy

    I just caught a 25lb Yellowfin on a Heru Skipjack 120 popper. Thrown into a boil and worked it out to the near edge when it was hit. It's a pretty big popper so in the frenzy I believe they'll eat just about anything you can get to them.
  460. lougio

    Un-Boxing Lure Review. Ali Express vs. Shimano vs. Nomad - Video

    Thanks for the video. Now I anxiously await the sea trial to see how they swim.
  461. lougio

    302 to north 9

    Cody out doing what Cody does.. Catch Fish!
  462. lougio

    For Sale Link to TAC50 for Sale on THT

    Hey Guys, not sure if this is against the rules but I regularly check THT for stuff and saw this deal on a BNIB Tac50II. I recently bought a Mak50 otherwise I'd be all over this. $825 shipped. Thought I'd pass it on...
  463. lougio

    7/7 corner 43 SCI plan

    Good work out there! Yeam the dilemma of running offshore for the big fish. I've seen it work both ways.. zero or hero.
  464. lougio

    Top of The 9 to LJ-July 9th

    Thanks for the report. We were on a paddy west of Mission Bay on 7/8 and there were no visuals of fish there and our offering of flylined sardines was not taken up. We circled a little bit farther away and I started to see marks. So we stayed and we caught a few off that paddy. We must have...
  465. lougio

    7/8 10 min off Mission Bay

    My boat partner and I rolled up to a packed lot at Dana Landing at 0730. Gabbed bait, made some Mack's outside the Getty and headed toward the 182. Around 10mi off MB we find a paddy with good marks. We stick around even though it seems like nobody's home. We long soak some sardines and we get...
  466. lougio

    SOLD Adding to a new lot

    Let me know if you are in SD and I'll buy the jigs.
  467. lougio

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    Hey Guys, just picked this 65gal tank up from Randy and gonna have it installed this week. In another week we'll get to work on the tower. Thanks for all the tips and ideas. Tight lines!
  468. lougio

    California Steigercraft 31

    Nice boat, love that tower seat. Nice job getting them dialed in. What's your popper setup?
  469. lougio

    Fished the 43 on 6/25

    It's the Garmin GT23. 600W transom mount Chirp with Downview. Good little transducer that shows nice images.
  470. lougio

    Fished the 43 on 6/25

    It's really a nice transducer. I heard they stopped making them but are now selling them again. Good luck with it.
  471. lougio

    SOLD Adding to a new lot

    Price shipped to 91942?
  472. lougio

    New Electronics for my 2530

    Wow, looks great!
  473. lougio

    Fished the 43 on 6/25

    Not jumping but did see a small Mako. There were some divers in the zone and I believe they were just waiting on schools to cruise by.
  474. lougio

    Limit by 730 and then some

    Nice work as usual. I should have went with you.. LOL!
  475. lougio

    Fished the 43 on 6/25

    Launched the 2520 with a couple of buddies at 0430 from Dana Landing and picked up a full scoop of weak bait. Headed out to the 43 in beautiful conditions.. "Lake Like". Took it slow in the dark then cruised out at 20kts. Arrived on the high spot around 0700. No action so we continued NW...
  476. lougio

    Parkers are so much cheaper on the East Coast?

    The OP is making a lot of assumptions. There are lots of guys on this site that have gotten great deals on low hour older Parkers that are in great shape by buying from the East Coast. The OP is insulting those guys that have done their homework and put in the time to find the right boat at a...
  477. lougio

    Garmin 741 input, please.

    The 741xs has a 1000W sounder too. Great little unit.
  478. lougio

    Big Bass and Yellows at San Clemente Island Saturday 6/9

    Thanks for the report. Looking forward to making my first trip out to SCI here in the next couple of weeks on my own boat. Always appreciate the detailed info in your posts.
  479. lougio

    Catalina Saturday same day report 6/9

    Nice job! Looks like you and your 'Ol Man got the sled dialed in.
  480. lougio

    Coronado Islands: 6/9/2018

    Good fishing right now. Way to go get 'em!
  481. lougio

    LOUIE-LUI II Gets Wet at the Coronado's

    Forgot the most important pic. I was falling asleep as I was writing the report Friday night. Also forgot a few important details. No Mexican Navy in sight, water temps were right around 65. Lots of hookups all around, lots of Bones mixed in. There was a big sporty cruising around like a small...
  482. lougio

    For Sale Garmin Marine Products w/ Free Shipping!

    Eric, I've been thinking about putting a Garmin autopilot on my Parker 2520 with twin 150's. What do you have? Thx
  483. lougio

    Catalina West End Report Friday 6-8

    Nice trip. No pics of the Ol' Man?
  484. lougio

    LOUIE-LUI II Gets Wet at the Coronado's

    We launched from Glorietta Bay with me, my boat partner Frank and my son Mason. First time putting the new boat in the water for fishing and first time hauling the boat with the new truck. Headed to the Nado's with a full scoop in our Parker bait tank. The Blue Water tank isn't ready yet so we...
  485. lougio

    Ebay 20% off coupon valid today 6/6

    Thanks for the heads up!
  486. lougio

    2320 vs 2520

    I'm getting close to having our '03 2520 where we want it for fishing. Getting ready to install 65gal Blue Water tank here in the next week or so. Probably will wait on the tower. But the deck space is enormous. And nice room in the cabin too. Can't wait to run it out to the tuna grounds and see...
  487. lougio

    For Sale GARMIN RADAR 18 HD

    Why so scuffed up? I take it you kept cables to run new radar?
  488. lougio

    Shimano Fathom

    Tyrnos line would be similar no?
  489. lougio

    Yamaha Oil Recommendation

    On my previous boat the 2 stroke Yamaha 200 definitely smoked more when the cheaper oil was used. I'd rather spend the extra $20 and have piece of mind.
  490. lougio

    Heads Up San Diego Theives

    Wow, that is good stuff right there. Nail their asses!
  491. lougio

    Both sides of the "Butt"...

    Nice Flats! Thanks for the post.
  492. lougio

    First offshore trip on my new boat 5/12/18

    Congrats on a good run the first time out. Pay your dues and they will come!
  493. lougio

    SOLD 1998 Grady-White 209 Escape CC w/Trailer

    Boat sold today for full asking price. The fella from AZ looked it over from top to bottom and was very happy with it. Said he's been looking for a year and a half. He'll be enjoying it at his vacation place in Bahia de Los Angeles. Thanks BD!
  494. lougio

    For Sale 2006 Grady White 209

    Nice 209! Great boats. Good luck with the sale.
  495. lougio

    SOLD 1998 Grady-White 209 Escape CC w/Trailer

    Will be at South Shores Boat Launch tomorrow. I have two guys lined up to come see the boat. First guy is coming from AZ and another local guy for the afternoon. I'm hoping my guy from AZ wants to leave with a boat.. I'm pretty sure he does. Anybody else feel free to contact me tomorrow to come...
  496. lougio

    Why does a potential buyer drive 300 miles just to low ball?

    I have a guy coming from AZ to "Look" at my GW that's for sale. He better not low ball me.
  497. lougio

    SOLD 1998 Grady-White 209 Escape CC w/Trailer

    They haven't been serviced other than spraying carb cleaner once or twice a season.
  498. lougio

    SOLD 1998 Grady-White 209 Escape CC w/Trailer

    The plan is to have the boat down at Dana Landing on Saturday for viewing and Sea Trial. Contact to setup a time. Thanks for all the interest. Lou 619-846-6814
  499. lougio

    WTB Fujinon Techno-Stabi binoculars...

    Check Craigslist using Searchtempest. I know there is a guy selling a nice pair in La Mesa. I found a near mint pair for $450 last month in the OC craigslist. Met face to face and couldn't believe it. I still take them outside and am expecting them to fall apart or something but nope.. they are...
  500. lougio

    Best solution for more rod racks? Whaler

    You can use X tube shrink wrap for the clamp to grab better around the pipe.
  501. lougio

    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    You can buy waterproof cases at and they have great prices on their stuff. Look under the category for Outdoor/Camping.
  502. lougio

    For Sale Fiberglass Bait Tank Pacific Edge

    What's that hold.. 2 scoops?
  503. lougio

    SOLD 20x72 kill bag.

    How much for the bait tank?
  504. lougio

    SOLD 1998 Grady-White 209 Escape CC w/Trailer

    Snapped a few pics tonight after work of engine and transom as requested. Pulled the cowling and was surprised how clean it was. Also forgot to mention the custom boat cover that is included.
  505. lougio

    SOLD 1998 Grady-White 209 Escape CC w/Trailer

    Hey guys! With the Parker 2520 now in the driveway it is time to put the Grady up for sale. I own this boat with my friend and we've had this boat for three seasons and it has been a great boat for SoCal fishing. 1998 Grady-White 209 Escape powered with a 1998 Yamaha 200hp SWSII with approx...
  506. lougio

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    Thanks buddy, we'll have to do some off shore fishing together this season. Maybe get your Bro-in-Lo out with us.
  507. lougio

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    Hey fellas, I'm sure you've seen some of my posts about picking up a Parker 2520 from Florida. So the story goes me and my boat partner Frank wanted to move up from our Grady-White 209 CC. It's been a great boat for the past three season but had it's limitations with weather and range. So I...
  508. lougio

    New Lo-An 1.5 4/28/18

    Nice report, and way to be driven.. literally to get down there and hop on a boat. Congrats!
  509. lougio

    Shimano baitrunner 150 clicker smoother

    I sent my Thunnus 12000 CI4 into Shimano along with a Tac10II. The Tac came back in about a week. But the Thunnus took a month or more. They called and told me that it would be a couple weeks because it's not a high end reel. So if you send it in to Shimano be prepared to wait a good month to...
  510. lougio

    Japanese Tackle Porn

    I'll give you some cash to pick up and assortment of stuff if you down for that. Thanks!
  511. lougio

    How would you repair this keel damage?

    Thanks buddy! I'll pm you when I get back from Vegas in s few days.
  512. lougio

    How would you repair this keel damage?

    Thx, I have sent him a PM.
  513. lougio

    How would you repair this keel damage?

    Said it looked pretty typical of Florida boats where they run the boat on the beach but the owner said it was from putting the boat on the trailer.
  514. lougio

    How would you repair this keel damage?

    Yes, I did and I've had advice on how to do it. Just looking for other opinions.
  515. lougio

    How would you repair this keel damage?

    No, the guy pulled the boat out for hurricane's.
  516. lougio

    How would you repair this keel damage?

    Bought this 2003 Parker 2520 knowing that it needed some work and just received the boat last week. Overall the boat is in very nice shape with some repairs needed. I believe the owner said to the surveyor that it was from putting the boat on the trailer. Could have been run up on the beach as...
  517. lougio

    Best Garage Sale Score - I Got GOLD!

    I picked up a like new pair of Fujinon TS1440 with Pelican case for $450 off Orange County Craigslist. I posted a link to the guys ad as he was selling a bunch of fishing gear in Costa Mesa.
  518. lougio

    SOLD Phenix Megalodon Popping MPX-S880MH Spinning Rod

    Those gouges in the grip from a rod holder?
  519. lougio

    Boat Shipping east to west coast

    There is no way the total cost will be $500 from New York to Los Angeles. Here is a rough cost estimate that I came up with when I was trying to figure the difference between flying to Florida and driving a Parker 2520 back to San Diego. It is roughly 2400mi. -One way plane ticket ~$120 -Penske...
  520. lougio

    Boat Shipping east to west coast

    Call him while you can before he gets too busy. He's $1/mi and worth more.
  521. lougio

    The search is over parker 2520

    Yup, Cory is a Beast! He just dropped of my 2003 2520 tonight. He picked it up in Edgewater, Fla on Monday afternoon and had it here Wednesday night.
  522. lougio

    Need help on where to mount transducer

    You don't have much room to work with.
  523. lougio

    4-15-18 Coronado Islands

    Thanks and nice effort!
  524. lougio

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    Transaction almost complete. The seller has been paid, I'm in possession of the Title and Cory picked up the boat today. Hopefully the next post I make will be a new thread about my Parker 2520 and what upgrades should I start with. Thanks for all the info and advice.
  525. lougio

    Unreal Deal on Fujinon TS1440

    Guys, I scored big time on some mint condition 14x40 Techno-Stabi's off OC Craigslist for $450. He's selling more gear and is a super nice guy to deal with. I was going to have a friend pickup for me in Costa Mesa but I decided to drive up myself and the seller offered to meet me in San...
  526. lougio

    Shamrock Pilot House CC, what do you think?

    There's a guy a few blocks from that has one. Always just sitting in his driveway. You could always cruise buy and see if he's selling. PM for location.
  527. lougio

    My Parker 2320 build - Bangarang

    Thanks for all the pics and detailed info. Can't wait to get my 2520 next week and start getting it dialed in.
  528. lougio

    New 2018 Parker 2320

    Beautiful boat! Are those pics from Mission Bay? If so where is that dock at.. south shore? Thx! Lou
  529. lougio

    SOLD Offshore Fiberglass Bait Tank, oval

    What's the price? All items must have a price.. right?
  530. lougio

    Where Is A Decent Used Boat?

    The Hull Truth has a great classifieds section but it's 99% East Coast. I second search tempest for CL. I spent countless mesmerizing hours searching for all kinds of stuff. Found a 2003 Parker 2520 which is gonna be on the way to me this Monday. Picked up a Tac10ii for $275 and most recently...
  531. lougio

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    Mikey, I get to keep the Les Paul too. It's a Historic '58 Re-issue Iced Tea Burst. A real beauty!
  532. lougio

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    We'll Boys.. things came together nicely. There were some tense moments as one of the lenders was really dragging on their end. And the seller got a little tired of me telling him that it was gonna be a few more days for this and then they have to do this.. he started giving me "Well, I've got a...
  533. lougio

    2310 Parker O my!

    Hey Buddy! That Wet Willy stuff.. is that a business or was it from a private seller? Thanks! Lou
  534. lougio

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    On the trailer and ready to go. Hopefully we'll be closing by Wednesday. I'm a little nervous that something will go wrong at the last minute. I've got Cory lined up to transport on Monday if everything works out.
  535. lougio

    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    Thanks for the update Willy!
  536. lougio

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    Hey Danny! My partner Frank has a Chevy full size that we'll tow with. The 4Runner though tows great with full time all wheel. Better than the Chevy but yeah the 2520 is a little bit more weight than the CC.
  537. lougio

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    They got the boat moving pretty good in some chop during the sea trial.
  538. lougio

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    Looks like we will finalize the deal on Monday. Financing is in and we agreed on $31k. The seller was great to deal with as he took the trailer to a shop to get looked at to make sure it would travel 2500 miles. Good thing because the trailer needs work to be road ready. Seller said if I buy the...
  539. lougio

    Boat Loan Advice

    Looks like we're gonna co-sign for around $30k. Sea trial is done, working on getting the trailer road-ready then we'll make offer on the boat and trailer.
  540. lougio

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    Survey and sea trial went down today. Got a brief call from the surveyor. Said the boat was above avg. Ran the boat through range of speed and rpm's and said boat ran according to manufacturer's specs. He noted the port engine had a weaker stream than the starboard engine and it also smoked a...
  541. lougio

    Another 2320 lol

    Nice, congrats!
  542. lougio

    Boat Loan Advice

    We've been partners for over three years on our current boat. We've had some minor differences but we always work it out. Don't see why it would change now.
  543. lougio

    Boat Loan Advice

    The wife didn't want to do the HELOC. I'm only looking to finance around $18,000. And I'll have a good chunk of that once I sell my current boat. Thanks for the advice.
  544. lougio

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    Thanks for the advice. Probably going to get the local Yamaha guys to run diagnostics on the engines.
  545. lougio

    Boat Loan Advice

    How long to get approval and excessive hoops to jump through? Thx
  546. lougio

    Boat Loan Advice

    My boat partner and I are close to a deal on a 2003 Parker 2520. Probably gonna finance $35k. Any advice/experience on lenders would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Lou
  547. lougio

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    Shad, the Wife is almost making me sell my Les Paul.. I may do it as a sign of good faith. This talk of a repower would put her in a whole different zone and I'd probably have to sell all my guitars to have any piece of mind. Thanks though!
  548. lougio

    March 31 - La Jolla kelp beds

    Nice Matty, you came down from OC?
  549. lougio

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    Just got off the phone with him. Approximately $2400 and he 10 days out availability.
  550. lougio

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    Yes, that's how I had it figured too. Also the twin engine config also lends it to be a DeepV. I'm excited man! We'll replace the stock bait tank but at least it's plumbed already and hopefully just have to do a reroute. He already had a CL buyer flake on him. We were second in line and we moved...
  551. lougio

    Came across this Florida 2520 boat that could work for somebody.

    I've been talking to Art, he's the owner. Yeah, I was leery of the ad too. Especially the part about cryptocurrency accepted. But I texted him and he called me and same thing sent me more pics and we talked several times since. He seems to thing it's a modified V but he said it's 22 degrees, I...
  552. lougio

    Boat Capsizing

    Bad move by this guy. Hope they're ok.
  553. lougio

    FREE Ebay coupon code

    PSPRINGBF 15% back on until 3/31 on "select items" and $50 max savings.
  554. lougio

    EBay 15% off entire site

  555. lougio

    La Jolla 3/9 rockfish

    Nice work as usual Cody! Good for you getting out there on a Friday. I was working all friggin' day. Hopefully good weather next weekend.
  556. lougio

    Advice Needed for Parker 2510

    The last boat is the 2000 located in MD. I've talked to the owner so it's a legit sale. We started emailing and then I called and left a message and he called me back to talk about the status of the sale. I'm confident he'll sell at a good price because he's had a few buyers say they were...
  557. lougio

    Parker 2510 Advice Needed

    Hey there! My boat partner and I are looking at moving up from our '98 GW 209 CC into a Parker 2510 in the 25-30k range. We were originally looking into the 2320 or 2520 pilothouses but I think the 2510 is the way to go. Especially after we fished a buddies pilothouse last summer and I didn't...
  558. lougio

    Advice Needed for Parker 2510

    Hey there! My boat partner and I are looking at moving up from our '98 GW 209 CC into a Parker 2510 in the 25-30k range. We were originally looking into the 2320 or 2520 pilothouses but I think the 2510 is the way to go. Especially after we fished a buddies pilothouse last summer and I didn't...
  559. lougio

    2/17 La Jolla/Torrey Pines

    Rattlesnake.. never heard that one but so very true. They are some nasty bastids.
  560. lougio

    The search is over parker 2520

    Nice work and congrats on the new boat!
  561. lougio

    Hollow core splice kit recommendation.

    I bought a Shimano Hollow Ace kit from a fella over a 360 Tuna. Good deal and the kit comes with splicing needles, floss, bobbin and glue. Oh and also a CD with demo's of how to splice. I want to say it was around $75. I think he still is selling the kits. Just ask him for his best price shipped...
  562. lougio

    Big bay bass and butts 2/17

    Nice work! Frank and I went out to La Jolla. I wanted to do the bay but Frankie has dreams of catching a WSB.
  563. lougio

    2/17 La Jolla/Torrey Pines

    My boat partner Frank and I left Dana Landing around 0730. Noticed a lot of trailers in the parking lot. Got a nice 1/2 scoop of mixed bait(Mack's, Dines and Chovies). Headed over to NW Corner and there wasn't anything showing on our finder. Decided to head over to Torrey Pines area and try...
  564. lougio

    Bay Butt...

    Nice work! Were you bounce ballin'?
  565. lougio

    Looking for boat transportation.

    What vehicle are you renting to tow the boat? I've been tossing around options and though about going the Uhaul route. From where to where for $1300? Thx for any advice.
  566. lougio

    ***SOLD***Drift Sock - used in good condition - $40

    Thank you and nice meeting you.
  567. lougio

    ***SOLD***Drift Sock - used in good condition - $40

    Mike, I'm interested and located in La Mesa. Thx! Lou
  568. lougio

    BD Points I Don't Give a Shit

    What the fuck are points and why does a grown man care so much about these points?
  569. lougio

    Did I score on this Bluewater 21.5 CC ?

    Nice! What are you doing with the Parker?
  570. lougio

    Seeking 2-cents on electronics

    Talk with Gil of Semperfifishing here. He'll answer all of your questions. I think Garmin units are the most user friendly. I have a 741xs and the thing is great with a GT23 transom mount transducer. This unit is 1kw so you can upgrade to a nice thru hull unit if need be. But on my GW 209 CC the...
  571. lougio

    Did I score on this Bluewater 21.5 CC ?

    Yes, that is a nice purchase. Did you do a survey or did you go by your knowledge? Just curious, I'm looking at a boat on the east coast that's gonna need a repower but I believe I can get the boat and do the repower and still have a hell of a deal. I'm gonna get a survey being so far away though.