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  1. carterantebi

    Bed bugs on boats

    I know on the Pacific Queen we change out the pillow cases after every trip and blankets every couple trips. I also try to hit all the mattresses with Clorox wipes if I can. Haven’t seen or heard of any issues as of yet... I agree though, people are nasty as hell. I was also on a different...
  2. carterantebi

    Good Luck Rituals

    Are you on the giving or the receiving end? Does the crew get tipped extra for their assistance?
  3. carterantebi

    Liberty - 60 people at $160 ???

    Last week I was on the Grande with 60 people and had the best day of yellowtail fishing I’ve ever had. Everyone was cool and worked together and I didn’t get in a single tangle the entire day. Just gotta stay out of the stern and fish jigs. Really wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.
  4. carterantebi

    Full day trip parking in San Diego Landing

    There’s been times where I’ve ubered to and from the landing but that was always using 5 star so only transporting rods and a tackle bag which all managed to fit in a Prius and the rods just went out the sun roof. Then again, I pack light and don’t bring an entire tackle shop with me on the boat.
  5. carterantebi

    7/17 Nados Report and Non-fish Catch of a Lifetime!

    Yesterday I lost my lucky tady 4/0 that I definitely shouldn’t have been fishing on a boat with 60 people. Caught my first yellowtail on it and probably another hundred after that. Repainted green and most of that chewed off. The jig next to me got spun around my line we started cutting. The...
  6. carterantebi

    Coronado Islands Paperwork

    Not sure, I was too busy killing fish by the dozens to notice:p
  7. carterantebi

    Coronado Islands Paperwork

    Saw a good sized mex navy ship at north island yesterday on our way to meet the fleet at SKR.
  8. carterantebi

    Stickbait for tuna

    I’ve been fishing the bigger coltsniper stickbaits as well as the Daiwa SP minnows, both sinking.
  9. carterantebi

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Was about to say the same thing but you beat me to it... Holy shit!! 32 pages of ambulance chasing and the same exact joke
  10. carterantebi

    Sabiki yellowfin

    Yeah, on a handline too!
  11. carterantebi

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Doesn’t make it any better, but you’re just pulling stuff out of your ass if you’re saying it was calm, clear conditions when the prowler incident happened. I vividly recall it being very dense fog all of that week. Not saying it’s ok to not watch radar and set alarms, but it’s not like whoever...
  12. carterantebi

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    I’m glad to see the BD Investigative Agency has made a showing to tell us exactly what happened live from their office chairs.
  13. carterantebi

    Need help from some BFT guys

    Fisherman’s Landing has everything you’ll need to rent. I might be on this trip if I don’t go out of town.
  14. carterantebi

    SOLD 1998 Davis Cortez 22

    Trade for my left nut?
  15. carterantebi

    Cavio Irons

    What is everyone’s thoughts on the second ring? Doesn’t that allow for the weld to move and get stuck on the hole?
  16. carterantebi

    Some of y’all will be real disappointed today

    The 9 page article that goes with it was quite the read...
  17. carterantebi

    New Lo-Ann late report

    If it’s that important to you, go ahead and take my “lucky spot” at the rack. Seriously, if it means that much to you, move my stuff over and take it. I don’t care one way or the other where my rods go or what bunk I get as long as I get a spot and I’m going fishing. It’s silly to me that we...
  18. carterantebi

    New Lo-Ann late report

    You guys really have to start all of this drama like we’re a bunch of teenage girls before even stepping foot on the boat? I really don’t give a flying shit where I put my gear or what bunk I get. I get on boats to catch fish, not fight with other people on the trip over cutting like we’re in...
  19. carterantebi

    Best 2-Speed Lever Drag

    I’m with Ali, for that money I’d go for a few fathoms. I’ve got a 25, 30, and 40 that I’ve been fishing hard this year on the PQ and Gavin has the same. Those reels are awesome, especially for such a low price. Overall really impressed with these reels, and that’s coming from a Shimano guy.
  20. carterantebi

    Baja Special for BFT

    Fisherman’s Landing rents out Talicas on Calstar Graphiter rods.
  21. carterantebi

    Yellowtail Size Restriction

    It’s been around for a while now.
  22. carterantebi

    Puerto Peñasco?

    I’m headed down to Puerto Peñasco, MX (Rocky Point) on Saturday with a bunch of friends for a few days of cervezas, tacos, and ATV riding. Haven’t been down there in years and years and didn’t do much fishing the first time so I don’t really remember how it is down there. I’m probably just gonna...
  23. carterantebi

    Jackpot Money

    So how much do you guys think is a good tip?LOL
  24. carterantebi

    Anyone ever seen this? Daiwa Saltist issue

    Same thing happened to me 2 times in a row, both resulting in the clamp busting while hooked up on a fish. No issues with getting the reel replaced but I probably won’t be buying anymore.
  25. carterantebi


    If you can still find him a spot, get him a reservation ASAP on one of the 3 day trips aboard the Pacific Queen scheduled for July-October. Should be a really good shot at some jumbo bluefin and whatever else is around.
  26. carterantebi

    Xtratuffs SUCK... now we know why!

    Better boycott BDOutdoors, FishDope, Shimano, Okuma, Daiwa, Yamaha, etc. while you’re at it:frehya2:
  27. carterantebi

    New name and owners for the Dominator

    That’s awesome to hear! Glad to hear Andrew is getting back on his feet again.
  28. carterantebi

    Favorite Boats

    Another vote for the Pacific Queen
  29. carterantebi

    My first and last time buying a Phenix rod

    Bought it at bass pro while out in Phoenix. They said to go directly to the manufacturer since I didn’t pay $40 for their 2 year in-store warranty. Still confused as to why Phenix wants another $65 in warranty fees for a defective rod and why that’s my fault, unless I’m not reading that...
  30. carterantebi

    My first and last time buying a Phenix rod

    I’ve always shied away from Phenix because I’ve seen a few break last year while working half days everyday and that seems to be all I ever hear about them, but with Cousins going out of business and my buddy always speaking highly of them and telling me to try them, I figured “eh, what the...
  31. carterantebi

    For Sale 2003 Aquasport 275 Explorer - Sold

    Checked it out at the boat yard while I was getting bottom paint done on mine. Very nice clean rig and a great price to boot. Should sell quick. GLWS!!
  32. carterantebi

    PQ 3day 9/10-9/13

    I’ll probably more than likely be on this trip. Have a good feeling about it!
  33. carterantebi

    My first multi day fishing trip

    Agreed, hop on a 3 day on the Pacific Queen. Pretty sure we’ve got at least 5 scheduled so far this year. They’re selling out fast!
  34. carterantebi

    Has Anyone Fished the Coronado Islands without a Bracelet and been checked ?

    Some officers ask for it and some don’t. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
  35. carterantebi

    Butts 2/24

    Interesting, I’ve never heard of that before.
  36. carterantebi

    Butts 2/24

    Huh? Where’d you hear that??
  37. carterantebi

    Would you turn them in?

    I ain’t no snitch, but 20k is 20k
  38. carterantebi

    Funny looking halibut. Feb 24

    Sweet! Considered going out this weekend but flaked out. Regretting it now!
  39. carterantebi

    2/9-1.5 day trip to Colonet on the Pacific Queen

    He sure loves to pose with all my fish:rofl:
  40. carterantebi

    2/9-1.5 day trip to Colonet on the Pacific Queen

    I find that kinda interesting too. All my fish came on a red 7x winding like hell within 30ft of the bottom. Keeping it vertical was definitely the key to success. Pitching off the downwind corner seemed to help a little with that. Thanks for coming out btw! Fun sharing the rail with ya!
  41. carterantebi

    YT, YFT, BFT trip schedule/timing.... Which month is best?

    Hard to tell this far out but anything can happen. If you want to get on some quality yellows I’d try and get on a 1.5 day to Colonet ASAP.
  42. carterantebi

    YT, YFT, BFT trip schedule/timing.... Which month is best?

    For that budget I’d book a trip on the Pacific Queen around August-October. Fall has been the ticket the past few years for that kind of stuff.
  43. carterantebi

    2/9-1.5 day trip to Colonet on the Pacific Queen

    Thanks for coming out with us! It was a great weekend down in a Colonet as usual. Landed 4 myself and handed off a couple too.
  44. carterantebi

    5th Annual Super Bowl Prediction Contest - 2019

    Shoot, I shoulda just left my vote at zeroLOL
  45. carterantebi

    1.5 day Pacific Queen this friday

    Looks like Friday is a go!
  46. carterantebi

    1.5 day Pacific Queen this friday

    Awesome! Should be a fun trip.
  47. carterantebi

    1.5 day Pacific Queen this friday

    Hey guys, this weekend on the Pacific Queen out of Fisherman’s Landing we have a 1.5 day trip headed to the Punta Colonet area leaving Friday night sponsored by SoCal Salty, passports required. Unfortunately this past weekend’s trip got cancelled due to lack of reservations despite the quality...
  48. carterantebi

    Tranx 300 low or high gear?

    HG for sure.
  49. carterantebi

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Any further updates?
  50. carterantebi

    What was your fish of the Year?

    Not really a specific trip, but I had a week off from school back in October for fall break and made it a point to go fishing every day. Easily the best week of fishing I’d ever experienced. A couple overnights where I caught limits in minutes on the handline with a sack tag as bait, followed by...
  51. carterantebi


    What will this mean for deckhands that work trips going into Mexican waters?
  52. carterantebi

    Confused by what this stripper is doing to my pole

    I was expecting something completely different when I saw there was a thread about strippers on a pole...
  53. carterantebi

    Whistler Bonito

    Sucks that your motor quit on ya. We went out to Whistler Monday and got limits by 9:30 mainly trolling X Raps but also a few on the coltsniper. Very fun fishing if you can escape the dogs!
  54. carterantebi

    Big Red Rock Cod in San Diego

    In the ocean
  55. carterantebi


    I couldn’t get past the whole upside down conventional thing.
  56. carterantebi

    Cousins rods question

    I loaded up on a few yesterday.
  57. carterantebi

    We went to Bisbee Black and Blue to view only

    Congrats to Evan. Very, very fishy guy and well deserved.:rockin:
  58. carterantebi

    Battlefish Netflix

    Just watched the first episode. Seemed like a pretty good show apart from those goons on the TNT. I thought I’ve seen everything while working on half day trips, but those upside down conventionals were definitely up there as some hardcore helmet shyt.
  59. carterantebi

    Is my boat ready for Bluefin?

    Where do I sign up for a private charter?
  60. carterantebi

    live bait question?

    I’m usually using mono with a few feet of fluoro, but when I decide to use braid, I usually put around 10 feet or so of mono between the braid and the fluoro leader.
  61. carterantebi

    Bluefin bait jigs poppers flatfalls?

    Big bait on 30lb for <100lb fish and balloon rig for cows during the day. Once it gets dark the flatfall bite has been on fire.
  62. carterantebi

    Sportfisher caught fire ?

    Yup just 17 buddies going fishing at 11pm...
  63. carterantebi

    10/18 liberty 3/4 day limits of fun! Baby fish

    By Capt. Nemo, do you mean Anibal?LOL
  64. carterantebi

    Saltwater baitcasters

    Please just don’t be that guy who brings a Lexa on a bluefin trip. With that said, I have a Tranx 300, 400, and 500 which I use for almost everything. I really like the 400 for fishing 25lb because I can launch a sardine a mile with it and accurately put my bait where I want it.
  65. carterantebi

    Sushi interest? Dragon roll! Poke Nachos! Pic heavy!

    As someo who constantly admired your food pics on Instagram, I’d absolutely kill for some of these recipes, especially the poke nachos. I love all things tuna, but usually I just stick to basic sashimi.
  66. carterantebi

    Salty Crew T Shirt

    Is there really that much of a problem with my closet being full of fishing-related t-shirts? I forgot, you’re not a real fisherman unless you dumpster dive for everything.:frehya2:
  67. carterantebi

    9/13 Overnighter Yellowfin

    I sure hope Eric knows where he’s going!LOL
  68. carterantebi

    SCI Big Blue Tunas. 9-7-18

    Evan’s a pretty fishy guy. Been watching his stuff since he was wearing baggy clothes and catching spotties:p
  69. carterantebi

    FREE Bread

    They accept any trades?
  70. carterantebi

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Glad to hear that. Hope it all works out for ya!
  71. carterantebi

    Yellowtail colered wraps??

    I was thinking of doing the same thing with my btg90j Which was the first rod I’ve wrapped. Ended up doing this instead and putting one of Amadeo Bachar’s yellowtail stickers on it instead because it didn’t turn out the way I wanted.
  72. carterantebi

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Any updates Jason? Still praying for you.
  73. carterantebi

    Paddy Poaching - DP

    Sorry I have ADD, I can’t read that:p
  74. carterantebi

    Best rods for tossing iron?

    Calstar BTG90j is my rod of choice.
  75. carterantebi

    Calico: Release or Keep?

    14 inchers here and there for me, nothing big though. I mainly just keep the ones that get hooked bad.
  76. carterantebi

    Tranx 400 what a bad design.

    Had the same issue with mine. Bought a Tranx 400 at the beginning of the year, fished it hard all year up until about a month ago. I made a cast, go to turn the handle, and it won’t go back into gear, instead it just made a loud grinding sound. Sent it in to Shimano and they said clutch...
  77. carterantebi

    May get bumpy this week On Shore winds

    Debating on hitting a overnighter Sunday night. We’ll see.
  78. carterantebi

    May get bumpy this week On Shore winds

    Ask @mkfriedrich what he thinks about the wind forecast.
  79. carterantebi

    U.S Limits of QUALITY DORADO! 8/23

    Dang Michael, I sure wish I saw your ig story yesterday about 5 minutes earlier than I did haha. Beautiful work as always.
  80. carterantebi


    If global warming is a thing, I’m in full support!
  81. carterantebi

    Kicker 25 light JRI 3

    You gotta just find out for yourself. Each iron swims different.
  82. carterantebi

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    I kinda wanna see the manifest/sign in sheet for this trip. That should settle all of this BS.
  83. carterantebi

    Tranx 400...

    If you can still find one, a cousins 839t.
  84. carterantebi

    Problems Hookup baits

    Any idea what they’re called?
  85. carterantebi

    Prowler vs Aztec

    I wanted to get out offshore this weekend since I gotta go back to school next week but all my favorite boats are booked up, mainly with private charters. This leaves me with the Prowler and the Aztec for overnighters out of Seaforth. Anyone have any input? Just wanna get out on some tuna since...
  86. carterantebi

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    Just talked to the guys at Fisherman’s Landing and they said they’re not out of business, just outta money and looking for another investor. Therefore, the rods aren’t going on clearance for dirt cheap, despite popular belief.
  87. carterantebi

    Do you shit on your boat???

    I’m with HavasuSun, I’m one of those weird people who can go days and days without shitting and I’m weird about public shitters so it’s not a problem for me. If anything, business is taken care of in my clean bathroom at home beforehand. My boat has a head with a handpump and a hold but I don’t...
  88. carterantebi

    been trying to get in touch with cousins tackle.....

    Just got a spottie rod and might go back to stock pile a few more rods too.
  89. carterantebi

    2018 Balloons Blow / The Mylar Round Up is back bigger and better and it starts now!

    1 balloon, 4 bags, a pfd, and a plastic chair (not pictured) were the result of today’s trip to the kelp.
  90. carterantebi

    Overnight boats flying the kite?

    I’ll be on the Islander tomorrow night.
  91. carterantebi

    Opah SW of 302

    So fucking badass!:rockin:
  92. carterantebi

    Problems Hookup baits

    I’ll give you a hint: The one on the right isn’t allowed in any national parks anymore.
  93. carterantebi

    Problems Hookup baits

    I know, I know, inserting a jig head into a tube bait is very hard work that should only be left to the professionals.
  94. carterantebi

    Tranx 400 not fully engaging

    The other day I was out fishing the kelp and after making a cast, I turn the handle to put the reel in gear as always, but the handle just turns and turns without the spool spinning, all while making a clicking sound like the clicker on a conventional reel would make. If there’s absolutely no...
  95. carterantebi

    How's the Condor

    From recent experience, it seems Scott isn’t at the helm nearly as often and he tends to have someone else play captain while he helps out on deck.
  96. carterantebi

    How's the Condor

    I’m just kinda bummed that their counts seem to be consistently lower than comparable boats recently. Other than that, I know Scott works really hard and I’ve never seen someone more determined to making sure my tuna gets in the boat.
  97. carterantebi

    How to speed up passport process?

    Does anyone know if it is any quicker to get a passport card printed? I have a passport, but I’m pretty sure it’s at my house in Arizona which doesn’t do me any good.
  98. carterantebi

    43 / San Clemente 7/2 -7/4

    Bass, yellows, barracuda, bluefin, sheepshead, and a ghost, all in one trip? I sure wish I could say I’ve done that. Beautiful work! :worship:
  99. carterantebi

    40nld2 lever stuck

    I think I know what you’re talking about so I’ll give that a try and see what happens. Thank you Tony.
  100. carterantebi

    For Sale 2014 Hobie Pro Angler 12 For Sale 2800 W/Extras

    If I didn’t already have one I’d be all over this. Nolan’s killed a lot of big shit on this rig.
  101. carterantebi

    40nld2 lever stuck

    I have a fathom that’s been sitting around for a little bit now, haven’t even put line on it yet. Today I picked it up just to screw around with the drag, and suddenly the lever won’t go down all the way to freespool. It’ll move freely between 3 and sunset but won’t go lower than 3. This may be...
  102. carterantebi

    Best Shipyard in Southern CA

    Well, Driscoll called yesterday and said they were done, 4 days ahead of schedule. They even cleaned the boat and vacuumed the dog hair out of the carpet. Only problem is that they left the battery switch on “both” with some cabin lights left on, so when I went to start the boat and take it...
  103. carterantebi

    Funny hookup bait pictures

    Greatest Instagram account of all time.
  104. carterantebi

    Best Shipyard in Southern CA

    Just dropped my boat off at Driscoll on Shelter Island yesterday. First time using them, but so far so good.
  105. carterantebi

    Be Careful When Throwing Irons

    On a certain half day recently, I took an iron right to the temple... while getting something out of my bag... while leaving America’s Cup Harbor. Miraculously didn’t get hooked but it still hurt like hell.
  106. carterantebi

    976-Tuna 2 day on the Prowler 6/17-6/19

    Oh geez, I’d be terrified to throw a hookup bait out there, given I’ve seen bay bass straighten those hooks. Nice job putting the hurt on the twofin bluna!
  107. carterantebi

    6/23/18 BFT... moo-moo

    Darn, if only there was a private website where everyone could share all the juicy details... —Oh wait—
  108. carterantebi

    Skiff trip report

    My buddy was on that trip and killed it.
  109. carterantebi

    Dolphin Half Day Today...

    If you were on the PM trip, it was probably me mashing all that chud up. Good workout lol.
  110. carterantebi

    New Youtube Video--Bluefin on the kite

    Video is t working for me either.
  111. carterantebi

    What's the deal with

    Go to browse and scroll to the bottom.
  112. carterantebi

    What's the deal with He’s got 2 long super in depth videos so far with everything you need to know spots-wise. Well worth the $5.
  113. carterantebi

    SOLD All these heads, tails, swivels, grubs

    I’m out of town for the week, but I might have to jump on this if nobody else does.
  114. carterantebi

    Just when I thought I was over it. Here it comes again: seasickness.

    Odd what you guys are saying about getting sick while stopped. I’m the complete opposite.
  115. carterantebi

    Thresher Fishing 2017

    How does one tell the difference between a male and female?
  116. carterantebi

    My "new" 100lb rod.

    Hope you’re not too fond of that cork tape grip, it’s not gonna look too pretty after fighting a fish for a bit.
  117. carterantebi

    For Sale 1997 Blackman 26 BillFisher 43K

    Would love to see more pics please.
  118. carterantebi

    Yummy Flyer Info

    Me too!
  119. carterantebi

    Yummy Flyer Info

    ^^^Billy also gave an awesome seminar on flying the kite last year which I filmed on my old phone. Unfortunately that phone is currently somewhere at the rockpile, but I did still get some great notes. He’s got this stuff dialed in. Time for me to sign up!
  120. carterantebi

    Yummy Flyer Info

    Dave has some great videos on everything you need to know on his website.
  121. carterantebi

    La Jolla 5-27. At least o caught somethin' to eat

    Here’s my sardine recipe: Soak sardines overnight in olive oil, sriracha sauce, rosemary, and salt. Bake in oven for 30 minutes on 350 Make a dip out of mustard, mayo, and pickles Throw away the sardines and eat the oven.
  122. carterantebi

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    That’s awesome to hear. Wish I qualified.
  123. carterantebi

    Most fish caught on a single day and an entire trip of long range fishing?

    Alrighty, which one of you guys is gonna give us some fish porn and pics of bloody decks?
  124. carterantebi

    Picking A Bait

    Fish like yellows tend to have a high prey drive. If they see sometime wiggling all over the place and darting past them, their instincts are going to tell them to chase it. Doesn’t necessarily apply directly to flylining as much as jigs since your bait won’t be moving that fast, but the extra...
  125. carterantebi

    The Build Begins... New Model 2018 Parker 2320 (new transom)

    Billy, so stoked to see you working hard and accomplishing goals. We can’t wait to see ya get that boat all bloody!
  126. carterantebi

    Aloha spirit 5-23-18

    Kinda tempting to make the drive north.
  127. carterantebi

    Camping at Catalina

    No problem at all.
  128. carterantebi

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    I usually just eat bananas all day.
  129. carterantebi

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Posted the link on Instagram so more people will see it. Still praying for ya Jason.
  130. carterantebi

    FREE Bread

    You want the crust off my tuna sandwich?
  131. carterantebi

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Damn... crazy what life throws at us. It’s beautiful to see such a loving and supportive BD community here. We’re all praying you get through this and get back to doing what you love. Give em hell. Carter
  132. carterantebi

    What's the deal with

    The trailer video? Sealed the deal for me.
  133. carterantebi

    What's the deal with

    Just joined and spent an hour or two and watched every single video apart from the ones on spots. Lots of great information, especially for those who are kinda new to running their own boat. I also found all those kite videos really useful since I want to give that a try this year. One thing I’d...
  134. carterantebi

    Flat Fall jigs

    Is that going through your guides?
  135. carterantebi

    Bluefin battle on the Tribute 5-12-2018

    Same exact thing happened to me with the fish in my profile pic. Thanks for the entertaining read!
  136. carterantebi

    Real or just a drill ?

    “Long range captain loses boat after Mexican Federalis discover half a gram under passenger’s bunk”
  137. carterantebi

    NON - Smokers

    I’ve always wondered, is there a reason why you’re required to be a smoker in order to become a deckhand? Asking for a friend.:D
  138. carterantebi

    Real or just a drill ?

    So looks like the New Lo An is stepping up their galley tab enforcement procedure a bit.
  139. carterantebi

    Who is fishing where??

    I’m studying for finals...
  140. carterantebi

    Seaweed Soup......revisited

    Wow... I know I say this for almost all your builds, but I think this ones my favorite so far:drool:
  141. carterantebi

    What reel for yoyo iron setup and what lb line?

    Get a Torium 20, Saltist 40, or Fathom 25N and with that rod it can double as a surface iron rod if needed.
  142. carterantebi

    Are you a tackle whore? Show us your pic's or give us a story.

    You starting a tackle shop with that display case?
  143. carterantebi

    Liberty 4-26. A day later. Load got bigger and fish got smaller

    Go on a week day if you can. Show up to the landing early and find Paul the deckhand. Tell him you’ve never caught a tuna and if it’s not a huge load he’ll be able to coach you and make sure you come home with fish.
  144. carterantebi

    Late Report: Combat fishing on the Liberty 5/4/18

    Paul’s a cool guy. I’d probably be pissing my pants too if 50 people were all screaming at me for a gaff. The last thing you need is a handful of guys in the stern running around still attached to a green fish.
  145. carterantebi

    Whats the deal with So. Cal. Albacore?

    Albacore? What’s that?
  146. carterantebi

    Fave 30# Mono for Live Bait?

    Izorline XXX.
  147. carterantebi

    WTB Looking for a fishing boat for my dad CALIFORNIA

    $15,000 can buy you A LOT of trips on a sport boat.
  148. carterantebi

    Camping at Catalina

    I’m planning on camping somewhere on Catalina with some friends this July. One thing I’ve always wanted to do was catch a yellow or maybe even a wsb from shore and I figured Catalina is probably the place to do it. Anyone have any experience with this? I was thinking maybe throw some jigs...
  149. carterantebi

    Flat Fall jigs

    I’d probably shorten the braid length or put the top hook directly on the split ring.
  150. carterantebi

    Best beginning LR trip?

    I fish the islands alone all the time and I’ve done 2 1.5 day trips to Colonet alone so I don’t see how it’d be any different. Never had to do any consent forms for that but I’d guess it’s only for if the boat goes into Ensenada or Cabo but I could be wrong.
  151. carterantebi

    14 Mile Bank Rockfish

    Amazing rockfishing at the 60 fishing flatfalls in hopes of bluefin. Monster sized reds last fall.
  152. carterantebi

    Best beginning LR trip?

    That’s definitely another thing I should probably consider. Especially now that there’s bluefin in the 3/4 day counts haha. I’d probably cry too if I spent that much money to loose a dink tuna:rofl:
  153. carterantebi

    Rod for 40NLD2

    My new Fathom 40NLD2 came in the mail yesterday so now it’s time to find a rod to put it on. This will mainly be used to fish bluefin on 60 and 80lb with flatfalls, as well as maybe some rubber band work. Might even do some heavier yoyo fishing with it. Looking for an affordable rod that’s not...
  154. carterantebi


    Open it up. It’s possible the little piece that pushes the gears together is out of place. Happened on my Torium after a big fish.
  155. carterantebi

    Liberty 3/4 offshore report. Bluefin!!!!!!

    Looks like the Liberty cancelled, probably because of weather. The San Diego is still going from the looks of it but that’s gonna be a full boat.
  156. carterantebi

    Seakeeper 2

    How much does a pack of Bonine cost?
  157. carterantebi

    Best beginning LR trip?

    I’m coaching sailing at CYC mon-fri pretty much all summer long and I was definitely considering doing something fishing related on the weekends. What kind of work is there to do at the landings other than deckhand stuff?
  158. carterantebi

    Best beginning LR trip?

    Haven’t decided on anything yet because finals are coming up but I’m on the wait list for the Islander trip, though I’ll likely go for something cheaper.
  159. carterantebi

    I hope you all like Chinese food

    @Ali @Jason
  160. carterantebi

    Basking sharks in the channel?

    Are leatherbacks the ones that occasionally are seen deep into south San Diego Bay?
  161. carterantebi

    SanDiego out of Seaforth

    Taylor got one on the Liberty today
  162. carterantebi

    Favorite color surface iron for yellows

    My favorite has to be a Tady Starman 115 mint and white. Gets bit every time.
  163. carterantebi

    Educate me on low profile reels ?

    My whole body hurts from watching that! Looks super fun though!
  164. carterantebi

    Marijuana on LR boats

    If I had to guess, we’ll live to see weed universally legal within the next 5-10 years.
  165. carterantebi

    New to Kayak Fishing , So. Cal

    Plenty of groups, clubs, events, etc you can join. As for sharks, absolutely nothing to worry about as long as you’re not hand feeding them bonito. Really fun to hook them from the yak.
  166. carterantebi

    Soupfin or ?

    Definitely a soupfin. Smoothies don’t get nearly that big.
  167. carterantebi

    Educate me on low profile reels ?

    I have my Tranx 500 occasionally clamped on my BTG 90j with the Tiburon clamp but my 400 sits on a cousins 839T.
  168. carterantebi

    FREE So your kid wants a dog…

    Used to breed cresties and leopard geckos a while back. Really fun to learn all the genetics of it.
  169. carterantebi

    Lahaina 6 pack charter recommendation

    Went with die hard on a shared trip and had lots of fun. Only complaint was that we mainly just trolled all day and that was it. I guess I’m just used to CA where you’re actively fishing all day.
  170. carterantebi

    All it needs is a tower......

    Where the hell am I supposed to put my rods and bleed my fish?
  171. carterantebi

    Educate me on low profile reels ?

    I grew up fishing baitcasters for spotties and LMB so using a Tranx for instance feels a lot more natural to me. They’re nice because you barely ever backlash, you don’t have to guide the line with your thumb, they’re accurate and easy to cast, and they’re compact so they palm in your hand...
  172. carterantebi

    Best beginning LR trip?

    What would I spool that fathom with? 80lb spectra to 60lb topshot? $200 is hard to beat and I could likely find one used for even cheaper. What would be a good rod to pair that with?
  173. carterantebi

    LJ 4/21/18

    That last picture is golden.
  174. carterantebi

    Best beginning LR trip?

    Yeah that was on my 270-8h. When that pic was taken we were desperately trying to get the fish to turn it’s head. Scott was kept saying “Lower! Lower! Lower!” So I went lower and the fish went for a run hahaha. Rod wasn’t high sticked like that for any longer than a few seconds though. Fun trip...
  175. carterantebi

    Best beginning LR trip?

    Main thing I need to do in the near future is invest in a heavy 2 speed setup. Don’t really feel like getting my ass whooped on 20lb with my Saltist sliding up my rod again.
  176. carterantebi

    Best beginning LR trip?

    Was thinking the same thing, just don’t see a whole lot of 3.5 days advertised.
  177. carterantebi

    Best beginning LR trip?

    Looks like I’ll probably just stick with a 3 day on the Vagabond or Chief for now, likely around July or earlier August. If I keep it cheap with a more local boat, I’ll have more left over to spend on gear/shorter trips. Then by next year I’ll hopefully have a bigger budget to spoil myself a bit...
  178. carterantebi

    4/20 stupid fishing

    Hook it onto a surface iron. It chills out the big yellows and makes them easier to reel in.:jig:
  179. carterantebi

    4/20 stupid fishing

    Was also 40 years ago, doubt it was $150-200 like today.
  180. carterantebi

    4/20 stupid fishing

    I went fishing in my friend’s pool one time. As I remember it, the fishing was pretty WFO.
  181. carterantebi

    Tips for beginners?

    If you stick to jetties and piers you don’t need to get a license. Not sure if that’s an option or not since it seems you need fish from various places. You can definitely catch quantity of small panfish type species off the jetty on market shrimp and small hooks, maybe size 6 or 8. Make sure...
  182. carterantebi

    WTB DACRON Line - 8lb.

    What in hell are you doing with 8lb Dacron? Didn’t even know it came that small.
  183. carterantebi

    Best beginning LR trip?

    Thanks for all the advice guys. Really appreciate it. Kinda eying that Islander trip as well as the Seeker trip on the Chief right now. Anyone have any idea what kind of fishing those trips would be doing and where given this year’s conditions?
  184. carterantebi

    Best beginning LR trip?

    I’m currently 16 and work a few odd jobs throughout the year to support my fishing addiction. I do 3/4 and 1/2 days all the time but at the moment the longest trip I’ve done was 1.5 day. I’ve got a decent amount in the fishing funds so I’ve been kinda entertaining the idea of doing my first LR...
  185. carterantebi

    SOLD 03' Seahunt Center Console

    Does it come with the guy in the console?
  186. carterantebi

    Cape San Martin 4/4/18

    How’d grandson of Ahab get on here?
  187. carterantebi

    Looking for a couple of West Coast boats

    I have a bayliner! :D
  188. carterantebi

    It begins again...

    I think I might have just jizzed my pants.:ashamed:
  189. carterantebi

    Rod Rating Rant

    People seriously check their drags with a scale and do all these crazy calculations???
  190. carterantebi

    New 2018 Parker 2320

    How many boats are you at now? The first 2320, the Freeman, and now another 2320? Stoked for ya!
  191. carterantebi

    Bloody decks advertising

  192. carterantebi

    2310 Parker O my!

  193. carterantebi

    Tiagra 16 worth

    A lot
  194. carterantebi

    Bloody decks advertising

    A little excessive but Ali’s gotta fund the site somehow.
  195. carterantebi

    How come no one uses 2 piece rods on the west coast?

    I have a few travel spinning setups and I usually take one or two whenever I go on a trip somewhere. Yesterday I flew out to Oahu for the week and here's today's catch on the 6lb 4 piece setup.
  196. carterantebi

    Your desired improvement to your favorite boats?

    Make all the boats more like the Liberty and we’d be golden
  197. carterantebi

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    Not sure if anyone has seen yet but recently a lot of sportboats have put up signs about it still being illegal. I agree though, I’d gladly take a pothead over a drunk.
  198. carterantebi

    Liberty this week

    Still eying Friday. I wanted to get back out today but I’m too exhausted and my freezer is officially to capacity from all the rockfish. Here’s my yellow from yesterday.
  199. carterantebi

    Liberty this week

    Liberty got cancelled today so I'm currently on the San Diego almost to the rockpile. I've got nothing going on tomorrow so if all else fails I might join you guys on the Liberty.
  200. carterantebi

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    Hold on, lemme grab some popcorn for this one...
  201. carterantebi

    Liberty this week

    Plan is to go tomorrow. Only 4 reservations so far though, and I’m one of them. Anyone else wanna go kill some yellows and fill the freezer with rockfish? Just 3 more people and we can leave the dock!
  202. carterantebi

    Shimano, Avet, Penn, Accurate. Are you faithful or a whore?

    Well all that gear has seen a spottie or two at one point so I guess it counts.
  203. carterantebi

    Shimano, Avet, Penn, Accurate. Are you faithful or a whore?

    Oh we’re talking freshwater gear too? In that case add G Loomis, Lews, Quantum, and Pfleuger to the list.
  204. carterantebi

    Shimano, Avet, Penn, Accurate. Are you faithful or a whore?

    Hmm let’s see... For reels, I’ve got: Shimano Daiwa Penn Abu Garcia Newell Okuma Rods: Shimano Calstar Seeker Cousins United Composites And one Phenix that I recently sold Geez, I guess I’ve got a little of everything. On a sportboat you’d never be able to tell all my gear goes together. I’d...
  205. carterantebi

    Sea Dek is it worth it?

  206. carterantebi

    Liberty this week

    Hoping to get on the Liberty any day this week. Only problem is that there’s no reservations. Anyone else planning on doing a 3/4 day this week? Takes 7 people to leave the dock.
  207. carterantebi

    Boat Capsizing

    Where can I sign up for a charter?
  208. carterantebi

    Big Wind, Big Shoulder YT

    Awesome job on the homeguard!
  209. carterantebi

    Bertram 38III Convertible $69,900

    Same boat, pun intended.
  210. carterantebi

    What’s your earliest memory of Fishing?

    Yellowfin croaker on a scooby doo rod underneath the bridge in SD bay. Was the maiden voyage for our bayliner.
  211. carterantebi

    LynDeva could you some positives vibes and prayers

    Jeez that kid is brave. Praying everything goes well.
  212. carterantebi

    Maxcuatro in WHITE!?!?!?

    I'll be on Dolphin or Liberty Saturday.
  213. carterantebi

    East Caper Safari 28

    Pics of interior?
  214. carterantebi

    La Jolla fish report

    It took me a minute before I read the part about the floor mat haha
  215. carterantebi

    Does anyone what kind of fish this is.

    Looks like one of them yellowtail tunas all them kids be raving about these days
  216. carterantebi

    Blackfin Tuna - Dana Point

    After further investigation, I've determined that that's a fake tuna and this is all a hoax. This video is fake news spread by the Russians on social media to try to influence the 2018 fishing season.
  217. carterantebi

    Blackfin Tuna - Dana Point

    That's a funny looking sardine.
  218. carterantebi

    Identifying rod

    Hold on, lemme take off my beer goggles.
  219. carterantebi

    Restoration of my 1998 Worldcat 266SC

    Wow that boat is stunning! Let me know when you're ready to sell:p
  220. carterantebi

    Snacks on overnight trips

    Salmon or beef jerky, Doritos, and oranges off my trees.
  221. carterantebi

    For Sale 1981 Skipjack pilothouse

    I like your rocket launchers on top of the houseLOL
  222. carterantebi

    calstar blanks

    Fisherman's landing is where I've gotten mine in the past.
  223. carterantebi

    Favorite crew photos

    Taro's gotta be the coolest guy in the game. Always fun fishing with him.
  224. carterantebi

    1.5 on the pacific queen

    That was one long sentence.
  225. carterantebi

    Yellowtail and Yellowfin Setup

    Calstar 270-8h would be my pick.
  226. carterantebi

    2017 - 2120 Parker for sale

    Ouch... I'd just sit down and cry for a little bit.
  227. carterantebi

    GoPro etiquette on boat?

    Totally agree.
  228. carterantebi

    Super Value In A 4-Day

    I wish... It's a great deal but I don't have 800 to spend on fishing at the moment.
  229. carterantebi

    GoPro etiquette on boat?

    I'm pretty sure there is a bow cam on the Mission Belle filming all the surface iron action. It either belongs to the boat or someone has just brought their GoPro every time I've fished that boat. Loads of surface iron videos on YouTube from that boat.
  230. carterantebi

    Hand made 27' Pilot House Diesel

    That's one ugly boat, especially if they have to hide the front of itLOL
  231. carterantebi

    Best way to prep a Yellowtail?

    I always make sure to put em all on the couch when I get home. I'll turn on a movie, give them some food to snack on, maybe give them some weed to chill them out a bit, then as they get their individual back massages, I surprise them all with a random spike to the brain. Works every time. Best...
  232. carterantebi

    What IS That thing??

    Holy fuck jay! It's a fucking flounder jay! Holy shit jay we need to get that fucker in the boat jay! Jay! We're gonna be in the fuckin news for this shit jay!
  233. carterantebi

    Fucking cancer...

    Praying for you.
  234. carterantebi

    Boccaccio Worms

    That's the best part!
  235. carterantebi

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    You're on the right track. Far better to kill your limit of rats then to stick a gaff into a big gravid homeguard. Imagine how wide open it would be if slot limits were implemented. Same should have been done for bass a long time ago. Pisses me off seeing a 10lb calico get kept.
  236. carterantebi

    1-7-18 Winkles on the Dolphin = Good Fun

    Very nice Will! Sincerely, a fellow member of the John Ho Fan Club:D
  237. carterantebi

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Good thing I suck at fishing!
  238. carterantebi

    Sand bass and Halibut spots in San Diego?

    Fairly recent pic from the last time I was out drifting live bait
  239. carterantebi

    Sand bass and Halibut spots in San Diego?

    Find the sand, you'll find the halibut. I'll give you a hint. Outside of SD Bay there's some areas with sand. Drift live bait on a 3 way rig. Almost guaranteed you'll at least catch one.
  240. carterantebi

    Best way to prep a Yellowtail?

    If we're going to resurrect this thread, I must add: After ripping gills or slitting the throat, do a cut on each side right by the tail. It'll release all the lactic acid built up. When you fight a fish to the boat, it puts a lot of stress on the fish and there will be a lot of lactic acid in...
  241. carterantebi

    It was fun while it lasted

    90% sure they are but definitely very close to home if the Dolphin got over a hundred by 9:30 this morning.
  242. carterantebi

    Why do people fish the groupon boats?

    Thank God they don't have all that bullshit going on down in SD. I'm so glad to not have to deal with numbered spots where you can fish from and rotating every 20 minutes.
  243. carterantebi

    It was fun while it lasted

    Alright, well where did they go?LOL
  244. carterantebi

    Favorite Rock Fish Level Wind Reel?

    Good old fashion Penn 209. Cheap, simple, easy.
  245. carterantebi

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    One thing that I've noticed is that usually if I'm going to get seasick, it's at the beginning of the trip. Once I start fishing it begins to go away because I'm keeping my head occupied and if fish are biting then it goes away completely. It tends to take a couple hours to get my sea legs to...
  246. carterantebi

    What to use under reel for deckhand rod...

    I use that for my other rod... :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  247. carterantebi

    Wish list fish.

    Opah, WSB
  248. carterantebi

    Spottie Bite

    All the other ramps in SD are open, just FYI.
  249. carterantebi

    Caught this in the SD Bay yesterday...

    I don't think anyone is telling you not to keep a legal halibut and I'm not quite sure why you're calling them exotic.
  250. carterantebi

    What to use under reel for deckhand rod...

    Electrical tape or X tube.
  251. carterantebi

    Cerveza Pacifico

    Would have never thought of that. You can only use them in Mexico though:D
  252. carterantebi


    Yeah I suppose it's a little chilly...
  253. carterantebi

    OFF MARKET - 2014 SeaFox 220 Viper (Ballast Point Fishing Team)

    Is there an option to keep the wrap? It would look more cool and official:D
  254. carterantebi

    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    Oh boy, do I love my slipped boat...
  255. carterantebi

    Caught this in the SD Bay yesterday...

    He's talking about actual exotic fish that you usually only see in Baja. Halibut are pretty regularly caught in pretty much any inshore area along the California coast.
  256. carterantebi

    Merry Fishmas!

    Heading out there later this week. Thanks for the report!
  257. carterantebi

    Letters to Santa

    I asked for a Trinidad 20 and TSA got one instead...
  258. carterantebi

    Spottie Bite

    Winter is probably the best time of year for bay bass in SD Bay. My favorite this time of year is to fish t-rigged craws around heavy structure like docks and stuff.
  259. carterantebi

    Davis Rock Harbor #0001

    Such a sick rig!
  260. carterantebi

    Caught this in the SD Bay yesterday...

    Still an established corvina, bonefish, and sea turtle population in the back bay. I caught a small jack out of there a few years ago too didn't know what it was. The sea turtles like to surface right next to my kayak and scare the shiz out of me.
  261. carterantebi

    Bluefin Still Biting for the Liberty

    I'd bring a variety of stuff but it seems 20-40lb is the ticket right now.
  262. carterantebi

    Rumors of my demise part deau

    Haha I learned that same lesson the hard way as well. Looking forward to seeing it completed.
  263. carterantebi

    LED Light Bars?

    Maybe he just stands in the bait tank and takes a bath as he's driving the boat?
  264. carterantebi

    SOLD 37 Topaz express 40K

    I might have missed it but what do you cruise at?
  265. carterantebi

    I am not eating this fish...

    Ever try ikizukuri?
  266. carterantebi

    KONA- Here I Come!

    If you just want to tug on some triggerfish and stuff then I'd say go with light line, small hooks, and cut bait of choice. Otherwise I've fished papio with a splasher rig with some success.
  267. carterantebi

    Trinidad 12A. Is it enough?

    I don't have one but I've fished a friend's before. I personally would stick with the 14 but that's just me.
  268. carterantebi

    New 2018 Parker 2320

    Wow, that is one beautiful boat! My mouth is watering... Great color choice:drool:
  269. carterantebi

    Please help Jose Ortega at Seeker rods

    Today I heard that one of my favorite teachers from Freshman year was recently given 6 months to a year before he loses his vision completely due to the same thing. He's had a handful of sugeries to try and correct it, but they've all been unsuccessful. That's gotta be one of the most depressing...
  270. carterantebi

    SOLD Hookup Baits Lot!!!!!!!

    Don't you just hate when people "gudge" you for committing a crime? :rofl:
  271. carterantebi

    Your first fish; your favorite fish to catch; your favorite fish to eat; favorite shellfish to eat

    1. A monster sized yellowfin croaker under the bridge in SD Bay when I was 5ish. 2. That's a tough one since all fishing is fun to me... maybe yellows on the iron? Bluefin? 3. I don't think there's ever been a fish I didn't like to eat. BFT toro, opah, halibut, rockcod, sashimi of any kind, just...
  272. carterantebi

    Potholing Lake La Jolla 12/9

    Great, informative video. Thank you!
  273. carterantebi

    WTB Skiff

    100% agree. I loved mine so much I got two. No paying for gas or a trailer or anything and you can get something pretty nice for the budget. Here's my rig for fishing the bays, IB, La Jolla, all kinds of places.
  274. carterantebi

    How to sell gear on BD?

    Just make a thread in the Fishing Rods and Reels Classifieds forum.
  275. carterantebi


    Is Greg the new captain?
  276. carterantebi

    What guide for Maui in February?

    I've fished with Fuzzy as well and had lots of fun. My only complaint was that on the way out we were going painfully slow to save gas so our fishing time was very limited.
  277. carterantebi

    So I guess Global Warming is Officially Political?

    X2. If this amazing fishing we have had the past few years is the Global Warming everyone keeps talking about, I'm a happy guy. If you guys really want to stop carbon emissions, just stop breathing. Try it, it works!
  278. carterantebi

    WTB big trailer

    I see what you're saying. I knew stuff would be cheaper on the east, but didn't realize one in Florida would be that cheap. The boat isn't going directly in the water the moment we get it to SD so shipping through an actual company doesn't make sense.
  279. carterantebi

    WTB big trailer

    I should probably add that it's a family friend whose doing the actual towing who offered to do it as long as we pay gas. I don't really want to do something brand new and custom built. It just needs to get from point A to point B and once the boat is in the water I'll probably sell it.
  280. carterantebi

    Preventing Spectra Cuts

    I can't imagine fishing with a glove on or my thumb all wrapped up. As much as I don't like cutting my thumb, I like feeling my line even more.
  281. carterantebi

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    It has me constantly paranoid:D
  282. carterantebi

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    Well here's mine... Contessa 2850
  283. carterantebi

    WTB big trailer

    I believe around 17,800lbs dry or something around there. Heavy heavy heavy!
  284. carterantebi

    WTB big trailer

    The plan is to buy a Blackfin on the East Coast and tow it back to San Diego to fish in 2018. The only problem is we need a roadworthy trailer capable of towing a 32ft boat with an 11ft beam across the country. I know it's kinda a stretch since not too many people trailer that size of a boat...
  285. carterantebi

    SOLD 37 Topaz express 40K

    Damn that's a great deal. Tempting...
  286. carterantebi

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    I must say, I've never experienced this bowsteering that you guys keep bringing up (in my boat). Now driving a friend's Blackman 26, totally different story. My Bayliner had the two little scupper tubes when we got it and it's more than enough for the size of the cockpit, however we did switch...
  287. carterantebi

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    ^^^Highly recommend read for anyone who owns a boat or is considering owning a boat.
  288. carterantebi

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    There's a boat surveyor named David Pascoe who has a great book on boat quality stuff to be looking for, red flags, brand vs brand, etc.
  289. carterantebi

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    I think he's saying that Bayliners weren't built for offshore fishing in potentially snotty weather, which is true. It was merely designed as an entry level cabin cruiser to keep the family entertained on the weekends, just like a Searay, and for my family it's been great for that purpose.
  290. carterantebi

    Does anyone remember this recent posting?

    You talking about the New Lo An report from those boys from Flagstaff?
  291. carterantebi

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    Haha not a cc, I'm looking at either a 32 or 33 flybridge for multi day trips to the islands that I just don't feel comfortable doing out of San Diego on my current boat, it's more than capable of it, I'd just rather be on a something bigger or a sporty.
  292. carterantebi

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    I've been in both Parkers and Bayliners and fish my Bayliner all the time. For me it's been a great boat for the price, but it pounds just as much, if not more than a Parker once on plane and it's not the greatest fishing platform with such a small cockpit. It's been a constant project since we...
  293. carterantebi


  294. carterantebi

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    As the owner of a Bayliner, I can totally agree:rofl:
  295. carterantebi

    WTB Skiff

    Aluminum hulls are super easy to get for cheap. The outboard is the problem.
  296. carterantebi

    12/1 SCI Report

    X2 definitely not cow cod. Just some real quality rockfish.
  297. carterantebi

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    Wasn't there a thread similar to this earlier this week?
  298. carterantebi

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    I highly doubt the Mexican Navy will be waiting at the corner to make sure you don't take a shortcut. If you're not actually fishing in Mexican waters but just traveling through on your way to a spot in international waters, you have nothing to worry about.
  299. carterantebi

    Phenix M1 vs Cousins Raze Inshore

    I've got an 839T and absolutely love it. I use it mainly for coltsnipers, light iron, and swimbaits.
  300. carterantebi

    Boston Whaler 13 Pilothouse Build Pic Heavy

    Simply amazing! A+ on creativity.
  301. carterantebi

    Preventing Spectra Cuts

    I was fishing yellow power pro last weekend for close to 24 hours of fishing on a 1.5 day and have a big deep cut going down the middle of my thumb now.
  302. carterantebi

    BloodyDecks avitar&s

    I was seeing that everywhere.
  303. carterantebi


    Wish I could have entered but the twofin bluna were calling my name.
  304. carterantebi

    The Shimano Curado K in Saltwater

    The new Curado has been my primary bay bass reel ever since it came out. Just rinse and lube like any other baitcaster.
  305. carterantebi

    BloodyDecks avitar&s

    I can't see any avitars or pictures and sometimes I'll see random html coding.
  306. carterantebi

    Keeping a log book! Who else keeps one?

    I know there's this one website where you can log all your fishing reports as well as look at other people's reports. I think it's called, some of you guys might have heard of it.
  307. carterantebi

    SCI this week

    Full report posted
  308. carterantebi

    Condor 1.5 Day 11/24-26

    Here's the long(very long) awaited report... For those that are attention impaired with ADD like me who want to hear the short version: I caught a fish. For everyone else: I was trying hard to get on a private boat with someone or get on the Liberty/New Lo An for this weekend but none of that...
  309. carterantebi

    11/25 60 Mile Bank on the Outer Limits

    Ignore the asshats, they're just jealous that you're out killing fish and they're all at home sitting on their ass complaining. Beautiful job!
  310. carterantebi

    SCI this week

    For anyone wondering, my trip on the Condor was a success!
  311. carterantebi

    Polaris Deluxe ????

    That is a beautiful boat inside and out.
  312. carterantebi

    Off shore BFT

    Good luck out there guys
  313. carterantebi

    Fishing Cedros Island with Cedros Sportfishing Recap Video + Photos

    Perfectly legal as long as you have proof of it being caught in Mexico.
  314. carterantebi

    Considering sizing up from 25' Davis and buying a 30' flybirdge slipped boat. Talk me out of it!

    That's the other nice thing, you can just grab a few friends and hang out at the slip if you want. What do you think the HOA would say if they saw 6 guys drinking beer on a trailered boat that's sitting in their driveway?:D
  315. carterantebi

    Considering sizing up from 25' Davis and buying a 30' flybirdge slipped boat. Talk me out of it!

    Sure is nice to just untie your boat and go fishing, rather than screwing around with all the idiots at the launch ramp.
  316. carterantebi

    SCI this week

    Got a spot on the Condor that they said I could back out of, but I still would rather fish a private boat instead.
  317. carterantebi

    New Lo An 11/18: Bluefin Tuna Trip of a Lifetime. GO NOW!!!!!!

    Thanks for the awesome story. Getting me all hyped up for this weekend! Looks like a lot of stuff aligned perfectly for this trip to happen.
  318. carterantebi

    SCI this week

    That was the original plan but I thought it would be cooler to really learn from a private boater. Looks like I'm making reservations this morning and the Condor is the only boat with spots still.
  319. carterantebi

    Looking for experienced fisherman to go fishing for bluefin tuna at San Clemente Island!

    I'm not an experienced cow fisherman by any means but I'm rather desperate for one. Not sure if you saw my thread or not.
  320. carterantebi

    SCI this week

    Btw I'm willing to make the drive to Oside or wherever. Doesn't have to be SD.
  321. carterantebi

    Rocky Point Black Sea Bass (Released) 11/18/17

    Regardless of how the fish was released or what pictures are posted of it, that's one hell of a first catch. I'm sure the fish is doing just fine.
  322. carterantebi

    Bluefin cows still biting in local waters

    Liberty killed it on their last trip.
  323. carterantebi

    SCI this week

    Haha yeah I'm 16. Hopefully something comes up soon before I miss my opportunity at a fish of a lifetime. I know there's guys headed out, I mean the cows are going off and it's almost Thanksgivning! Thanks for the kind words by the way, means a lot.
  324. carterantebi

    SCI this week

    Hey guys, my name's Carter, I'm 16, and I'm hoping to take advantage of the awesome BFT fishing going on around SCI currently since I'm still yet to land one. I'm really desperate to get one now that the season is coming close to an end and the weather might return back to normal by next season...
  325. carterantebi

    37 BFT over 150 lbs on a 1.5 day- Aztec 11/17/17

    I spent this day at school... Thanks for the awesome report!
  326. carterantebi

    6 Immigrants lose life but still end up in San Diego

    Thanks for the entertaining report as usual.
  327. carterantebi

    2006 61' Viking $995,000 - SOLD!

    Wanna trade for my Bayliner? :rofl:
  328. carterantebi

    ID an Old unmarked jig

    Well does it kick?
  329. carterantebi

    Quick Cheap Dual USB Charger install

    I've been meaning to do this on my boat forever.
  330. carterantebi

    Talica for BFT

    I'm looking at heading to SCI this weekend and I'm in need of a beefier setup since these big bluefin are still there and actively blighting from what I hear. All my reels are single speed but I'm looking at getting a Talica II of some sort for this trip. I'm not really familiar with the sizing...
  331. carterantebi

    Bisbee's Black and Blue 2017 Photos + 5th Place Overall

    So sick Zach! That "Gladiator" sure is a beauty.
  332. carterantebi

    2018 Predictions?

    I remember right around this time last year everyone was saying 2017 will be a transition year and fishing will suck. I guess someone forgot to tell the bluefin. Here we are in mid November now consistently catching bluefin at the Coronados and SCI. Aren't we supposed to be hoop netting and sand...
  333. carterantebi

    2018 Predictions?

    My predicition is that we'll have something in between this year's conditions and a full on La Niña. I think the bluefin will stick around for one more year and we might see some more albies, but not in any serious numbers until maybe 2019/2020.
  334. carterantebi

    Fish ID

    Lmao you had us all scared for a second:rofl:
  335. carterantebi

    Going lobstering for first time next week, have a few questions

    Just throw them in a bucket or open cooler with maybe a wet towel if you want to get fancy. As long as they are still alive when you drop them in the boiling pot of water.
  336. carterantebi

    Old Glory tonight

    That sure would be nice.
  337. carterantebi

    Ride Sharing / Boat Ho List

    Name: Carter, 16 Location: San Diego Availability: Weekends and occasionally weekdays, I just need notice Contact Info: PM or text (480) 686-5870 Smoke/Drink?: Neither but I don't care if you do I've been fishing my whole life and am really passionate about it. I love boats and fishing no matter...
  338. carterantebi

    Tranx 400 vs Lexa HD 400

    I actually got a pretty good deal because I got it via the VIP program with Shimano, but I guess I can use Black Friday as an excuse to buy more stuff:D
  339. carterantebi

    Tranx 400 vs Lexa HD 400

    Just bought the Tranx 400hg on Friday and I'm really glad I went with that instead of a Lexa.
  340. carterantebi

    Predictions On Offshore Fishing This Weekend

    I've got the whole week of Thanksgiving to myself so I'm going out at least once no matter what. None of this NWS bullshit.
  341. carterantebi

    Old Glory tonight

    I'm still kicking myself for listening to everyone say this weekend would be hell and fishing will suck.
  342. carterantebi

    Old Glory Tonight

    There should definitely be at least 2 more guys that show up. Wish I could go.
  343. carterantebi

    Toranado 11/11

    Yeah, that would be a terrible idea...
  344. carterantebi

    Predictions On Offshore Fishing This Weekend

    The trip I canceled on... :zelfmoord
  345. carterantebi

    18ft wellcraft for sale

    Is that a 2 stroke?
  346. carterantebi

    WTB Parker 2320

    Looks way too good to be true.
  347. carterantebi

    Predictions On Offshore Fishing This Weekend

    Good cuz I'm staying homebarf
  348. carterantebi

    Predictions On Offshore Fishing This Weekend

    Alright, boat leaves tomorrow. I get seasick sometimes but still haven't caught a bluefin yet. I already made reservations but they're letting me reschedule if I need to. Is it worth it or should I switch to another weekend?
  349. carterantebi

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    Dude just give it up and move on already:frehya2:
  350. carterantebi

    Predictions On Offshore Fishing This Weekend

    Well shit, I already reserved my spot on a 1.5 for Friday as my last shot at these bluefin (still haven't got one) and I get seasick somewhat easily. This should be fun.
  351. carterantebi

    Predictions On Offshore Fishing This Weekend

    Might be going on a 1.5 aboard the Liberty on Friday.
  352. carterantebi

    Candybar Starman 150's

    Interested in selling individually?
  353. carterantebi

    Another Epic Bluefin Year (Preview)

    Really appreciate you coming down to SD to give that seminar. I definitely learned a lot about kite fishing and feel a lot more confident about trying it next time I have the opportunity. Glad to finally see you in person.
  354. carterantebi


    Awesome boat there. Looks like a sporty that got hit with a shrink ray.
  355. carterantebi

    Ringed vs non-ringed hooks

    Alright, so now say that you're on a school of really picky bluefin and the bait isn't amazing and nobody is getting bit. Do you sacrifice movement of the bait, or do you sacrifice the stealthiness of not having a ring for the fish to see?
  356. carterantebi

    Name That Fish

    I don't know why they have China and black croaker listed as alternate names. That's a completely different fish. Main difference is the colors. The black croaker is black with white stripes and the sargo is gray with black stripes. Black/China croaker: Sargo:
  357. carterantebi

    Ringed vs non-ringed hooks

    Ok guys, let the debates begin... Say you need to flyline a sardine. Do you reach for a circle hook with a ring on it, one without, or do you use some sort of loop knot like a rapala knot?
  358. carterantebi

    Buddhist monk buying and releasing all the baits at MDR.

    Never really thought about it like that. I'm sure a yellowtail would much rather be bled out than slowly get torn apart by a sea lion.
  359. carterantebi

    Free Diesel!!

    Wish I saw this earlier... Someone got an awesome deal!
  360. carterantebi

    Buddhist monk buying and releasing all the baits at MDR.

    Do they at least take all the ones with the red noses?
  361. carterantebi

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    Sure wish my dad would have taken me to catch cows when I was 8. I would gladly take a fish like that in exchange for hours and hours of dry gagging.
  362. carterantebi

    Price drop.... $69k Yamaha Warranty....Smoking deal....

    My neighbor has the same boat. Super sick fishing platform. GLWS.
  363. carterantebi

    What went wrong with this boat?

    The boat was definitely overloaded way over the recommended weight capacity. You can see there's that big white thing in the bow, possibly a tank of some sort. I can tell there is probably a ton of water in the bilge just based off of how the boat is riding. When he slowed down all the water in...
  364. carterantebi

    Buddhist monk buying and releasing all the baits at MDR.

    If they want to safely release a few scoops into my bait tank, I promise I'll gladly set them free under a kelp paddy into their natural habitat, possibly with some circle hooks as parting gifts.
  365. carterantebi

    Shady overnight trip

    I've always just bought food and drinks in the galley but I'm kinda curious about something... is BYOB allowed on most boats?
  366. carterantebi

    Shady overnight trip

    It's not that additional costs are any surprise to me, but it's false advertising IMO for people new to sport boats and shit adds up quick.
  367. carterantebi

    Shady overnight trip

    That gets annoying quick. I hate getting on a boat thinking "alright it's only $150" and then by the end of the trip I come home with another 150+ missing from my pockets that was spent on fish cleaning, tips, food, drinks, permits, etc. Anyone remember around 5 years ago give or take when a...
  368. carterantebi

    Shady overnight trip

    You've been a member since 2004 and that's your first post?
  369. carterantebi

    Lizardfish everywhere

    Those lizardfish make terrible bait, just FYI. Don't even waste your time... This morning^^^
  370. carterantebi

    Shady overnight trip

    Happened on the Liberty with me deckhands were trying to juggle a loaded boat with everyone going bendo. When we got to the dock a few of my fish were missing but they had a whole dock cart of fish that went unclaimed and they gave me my limit of everything we caught that day. Only so many...
  371. carterantebi

    Shady overnight trip

    When shit goes WFO it's pretty common for fish to get lost. It's not the deckhands stealing your fish, they've got plenty at home already. Sometimes they'll take your fish and then halfway to the RSW someone calls for a gaff and they put the fish down in a pile of 50 others and forget about it.
  372. carterantebi

    Close, but no stripe!

    Beautiful. Way to kill the skunk!
  373. carterantebi

    Shady overnight trip

    Totally agree. Liberty is pretty top notch as far as 3/4 day boats go.
  374. carterantebi

    Seaswirl Stripper Wanted

    A friend of mine is practically giving this one away:
  375. carterantebi

    Yellowtail Tuna is for real!

    I have no idea what the hell a white tuna is but it sure is good when I order it.
  376. carterantebi

    Anyone fish the Mustang?

    Good thing I'm skinny! I'll probably go with Mustang then for tomorrow night unless something else pops up.
  377. carterantebi

    Anyone fish the Mustang?

    Hey guys, trying to decide on a trip for this weekend. Saw the Mustang was open for an overnight. Haven't really heard anything about the boat at all. Anyone have any input? Thanks in advance.
  378. carterantebi

    Yellowtail Tuna is for real!

    At least they tried to be specific. Most places you go it's just labeled "fish" or sometimes you get "seabass." Not sure if that's a BSB, WSB, a spottie, or even a largemouth, it all tastes the same as yellowtail tuna anyways.:rofl:
  379. carterantebi

    Anyone used torium 14hga yet?

    What do you guys use these little Trinidads and Toriums for? Schoolie tuna?
  380. carterantebi

    So What happens on these Hoop netting trips?

    Basically the boat has like 10 or so nets, they set them up around the mouth of the bay, and then they get a rotation going. Basically when they come up on the nets, you get in line and take turns pulling them up. While you wait, they'll take the boat to the bait barge or Zuniga or something and...
  381. carterantebi

    Dream boats

    You know it's bad when you still go on open party boats regularly when you have a 28ft boat a all to yourself. Can't wait to get rid of it.:rofl:
  382. carterantebi

    Newbie, still?

    Holy shit...
  383. carterantebi

    Dream boats

    Okay, so I'm currently in the market for a new boat and I'm looking at driving one over from the right coast. I have my eye on a blackfin 32 currently and a blackfin has always been a dream boat of mine. Kinda curious, if you guys could have any boat to fish out of SoCal, what would it be...
  384. carterantebi

    Constitution 4.5 day SCI Report

    Way to kill it out there! Looks like tons of fun, very jealous.Gave you a follow on Instagram.
  385. carterantebi

    Raw Hotwater Bathtub... with Outboards?

    So you're talking putting a hot tub in your boat? Am I understanding this correctly???
  386. carterantebi

    Newbie, still?

    Only if you can piss from 12 feet away from the toilet. Otherwise you'll be a newbie forever.
  387. carterantebi

    14 Livingston max 40 hp???

    That'll be so sick.
  388. carterantebi

    Shorefishing tips maui for honeymoon 11/2 11/10

    If you just want triggerfish, wrasse and stuff, a small hook, some shrimp or squid, and maybe a bobber if you're feeling fancy is really all you need.
  389. carterantebi

    Hoop net rope management

    You could daisy chain it into maybe a 75 foot rope and then let the daisy chain do its magic, or you could just find somewhere shallower.
  390. carterantebi

    24 ft fishing boat with pilothouse

    Me just trying to understand what the hell is going on:
  391. carterantebi

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    That house looks great!
  392. carterantebi

    Calstar "Warranty"/customer service

    I broke a calstar recently and I just went to where I bought it and they shipped it back and then calstar sent me a new one in the mail. Just had to pay shipping.
  393. carterantebi

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    I've found that when I get seasick, it instantly goes away the moment my rod starts to bend and from there I'm cured for the rest of the trip. The only times I've thrown up were on trips where I and many others took a big fat skunk.
  394. carterantebi

    Dorado & yellowfin US waters 9/17

    Dang, I went to school for my 13th birthday!
  395. carterantebi

    Distress calls yesterday 9/15 Southwest of Coronado Islands

    If you can spot a paddy or a small boil on the surface in a decent amount of a chop, you'd definitely be able to see a vessel in distress shooting flares.
  396. carterantebi

    Part Deaux: WTB 17-23+' CC

    Congrats on the sweet rig!
  397. carterantebi

    Best Bait Caster

    Check out the piscifun reels. They're actually pretty damn good for the price.
  398. carterantebi

    New Curado 200/201K models

    What gear ratio would you use for throwing plastics at spotties and calicoes?
  399. carterantebi

    Frigg'n Thief

    What's even more ballsy is stealing a rod with the owner's name epoxied on it.
  400. carterantebi

    Ugly Stik Tiger Vs Jigging Elite

    Neither, get a calstar or something.
  401. carterantebi

    32 ft grady white center console for sale $25,000

    You mean 22'? I don't thing Grady made a 32 cc and 22 seems about right from the pics.
  402. carterantebi

    Cast net for anchovies in Santa Cruz

    Reasoning for this crappy legislation?
  403. carterantebi

    A recent project SeaDek from Blue Seas Fabrication

    Ali, have you had any issues with staining or the stuff getting chewed up at all? I've heard a few people say dropping your dykes or having a green wahoo with a halco in its mouth has done some damage. Have you experienced any of these problems?
  404. carterantebi

    Is this a bocaccio?

    Looks like a goldfish to me.
  405. carterantebi

    A recent project SeaDek from Blue Seas Fabrication

    We're currently looking into shipping a blackfin 29 to the west coast. Any vague estimation on what it would cost to put seadek on it? I don't have any measurements or anything but I just want to figure out roughly how hard it would hit the bank. Weighing options.
  406. carterantebi

    Custom bridge...

    I like how they just kinda stuffed the POS into the bushes.
  407. carterantebi

    Jig ID?

    Might also be a 115. I just picked up a dozen really nice 112s and 115s yesterday and they swim perfectly.
  408. carterantebi

    For those that missed the fight..... here it is in full

    *knock* *knock* "This is the FBI, come out with your hands where we can see them!" Thanks for the pirated version of the fight! I went out fishing instead of paying to watch a fight I already know the outcome to. We all knew McGregor was screwed from the start.
  409. carterantebi

    Saw a big fish today, he was hungry.

    Saw a whitey chowing down on a dog maybe a mile off Silver Strand today.
  410. carterantebi

    FS: 1989 Radoncraft Bahia 16

    I like the dodger on it. Must keep the ride much drier.
  411. carterantebi

    Are you a tackle whore? Show us your pic's or give us a story.

    You guys are making me feel a lot better about myself... I still get the "don't you already have a fishing rod?" treatment from various females in the family.
  412. carterantebi

    7/29 on the Eclipse - Easy Limit of YT and Limits of FUN

    So glad to hear the eclipse is under new ownership.
  413. carterantebi

    Cedros Fishing

    Probably better to keep the smaller ones that have good meat than to keep a giant one that tastes like shit that probably will end up in the trash.
  414. carterantebi

    K&M Sportfishing San Quintin Baja Report: Aug 23 2017

    Need to come fish with you guys sometime soon.
  415. carterantebi

    Buying a car in Kenya

    Still better mechanics than half the guys I've worked with.
  416. carterantebi

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    The saying the deckhands chant when rent rods don't know where to put a bait in... "If the wind's in your face, you're in the right place"
  417. carterantebi

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    Must not be in the right place.
  418. carterantebi

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    That's gonna be cool for sure.
  419. carterantebi

    FS: 28' Contessa Express

    Yeah it's the express. I've got the same one. Lots of boat for the money. It's actually a great boat despite the small cockpit.
  420. carterantebi

    STOP Fishing BlueFin Tuna off California????

    Oh well, more fish for me!
  421. carterantebi

    FS: 28' Contessa Express

    Just saying, The 28' Contessa Command Bridge is a completely different boat.
  422. carterantebi

    FS: 28' Contessa Express

    You do realize that is most definitely not a command bridge, right?
  423. carterantebi

    Deckhand or Pin Head?

    Someone take this kid fishing!
  424. carterantebi

    WTB Mid-Late 80's Blackfin 29 (or bigger) - Twin Diesel Flybridge

    Might want to look into having one shipped from the East Coast. There's plenty of Blackfins for sale out there and for good prices too.
  425. carterantebi

    Looking for fishing/leisure boat, help...

    X2 on the Tiara. If you want to go smaller and closer to budget, go for a Tiara Pursuit. I just don't know about trailerable boats that still have comfortable cabins that are in your price range. You looking to go inboard or outboard?
  426. carterantebi

    Friday 08/18 - Relentless Charter - H&M

    This took an interesting turn...
  427. carterantebi

    New bull

  428. carterantebi

    The one that got away, a fish tale.....

    Wow... 7 hours is just insane. Sounds like you learned your lesson on always being prepared with various rods. How much do you think it weighed?
  429. carterantebi

    Late Report Sat 8/4/17 Coronado Islands YT Report - Limits

    Yup, everyone on the boat, regardless of if they are fishing or not.
  430. carterantebi

    Where can I find a Del Mar 13 skiff?

    I know someone who recently got a 177 surf skiff and loves it. I checked it out but never fished it. I'd say you might want to look into hobie power skiffs since that's a bout as close as you can get to a del mar.
  431. carterantebi

    1974 Mako 19'?

    That probably explains why it hasn't been used in a while. I think I'll give the number a call and see what I'm getting myself into. At least I've got all school year to work on it.
  432. carterantebi

    1974 Mako 19'?

    So what do I need to educate myself on in order to operate a boat with a low transom? Just take my time when easing the throttle? I'm assuming the merc isn't running properly if it's been sitting for a few years, but I'd be the one working on it and I don't really want something that's going...
  433. carterantebi

    1974 Mako 19'?

    I have a feeling if I went for it I would end up doing some kind of modification to the transom. I'd think that would get really annoying pretty quickly whenever coming off plane.
  434. carterantebi

    1974 Mako 19'?

    If only I could find a 4 stroke that didn't cost me an arm and a leg...
  435. carterantebi

    1974 Mako 19'?

    Probably would need a repower if I plan on making it past Pt. Loma:D Is that a 2stroke on there?
  436. carterantebi

    1974 Mako 19'?

    I'm really hoping not. As a broke teenager with zero money, that would be awesome if this is legit.
  437. carterantebi

    1974 Mako 19'? Came across this tonight. Anyone know what this boat would be worth if I were to do some minimal work on it? Is it worth calling the guy or is getting a boat that old and cheap a bad idea?
  438. carterantebi

    90j guide spacing

    Using 11 guides on this rod. I've got some time tonight to put in some work so I guess I'll do a static test and see how it goes.
  439. carterantebi

    Sunday Funday - 8.13.17

    That's gotta be the best report I've seen in a while. Laughed my ass off the entire time. Way to kill em!
  440. carterantebi

    Part Deaux: WTB 17-23+' CC

    That looks like it's got a ton of potential. What are you asking? Just curious because I rarely ever see guardians pop up. Might be in the market for a whaler sometime soon. Sorry if I thread jacked.
  441. carterantebi

    Bay of la and san quintin

    So sick! Thanks for the report
  442. carterantebi

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    Well, there's one guy that could prepare him for the fight, but unfortunately his name is Floyd.
  443. carterantebi

    90j guide spacing

    @SALTYDAWG ???
  444. carterantebi

    90j guide spacing

    I'm currently doing a Calstar 90j and I have all the guides wrapped on. Before I start putting epoxy on it though, I want to make sure the guides are properly spaced. I did it by eye and it looks fine to me, but it would be awesome if anyone could give me the correct measurements from their own...
  445. carterantebi

    8/10-11/17 Overnight on Grande

    Looks like a success to me!
  446. carterantebi

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    I'm saving my money and going fishing instead.
  447. carterantebi

    Boston Whaler 110 Custom Center Console

    Haha that little rig is awesome! You plan on doing more builds like this?
  448. carterantebi

    18' outrage custom (feeler)

    That's gotta be the best looking Whaler I've seen in a long time.
  449. carterantebi

    Late Report Sat 8/4/17 Coronado Islands YT Report - Limits

    Wondering the same thing. I've got a boat I'd like to take there, but every time I try to figure out the requirements I get conflicting info.
  450. carterantebi

    Coronado Island Bluefin

    One is yellow and the other isn't:D
  451. carterantebi

    18' Center Console "SOLD"

    Ugh if only I had the money...
  452. carterantebi

    Coronado Island Bluefin

    So sick! Were they line shy at all due to all the bait around?
  453. carterantebi

    3/4 Boats catching Coronado Isle Bluefin Tuna today

    Dammit looks like the boats are gonna be loaded when I go out this weekend... :2gunsfiring_v1:
  454. carterantebi

    Dodo recipes???

    I've currently got a freezer full of dorado fillets among other things and there's so much that I don't know what to do with it all. It's just one of those fish that I rarely get to catch or eat so I kinda wanna mix it up and not bore myself by cooking it the same way over and over again. Anyone...
  455. carterantebi

    Patriot Fish Count - Saturday, July 22nd

    Sounds terrible, I hate when I actually catch fish!:supergay:
  456. carterantebi

    Patriot Fish Count - Saturday, July 22nd

    X2 on going down to San Diego. Just do a 3/4 day on the Liberty out of Fishermans Landing or you can book a longer charter with them as well. Coronado Islands are doing well and there's a good amount of dorado offshore.
  457. carterantebi

    Shark bit salmon?

    Chupacabra or some shit
  458. carterantebi

    New Skippy owner with a couple of questions...

    Any pics of the new rig?:D
  459. carterantebi


    I would assume you want a good amount of weight to get it down there. The thought of using a yellowtail or tuna as bait is just insane.
  460. carterantebi

    Your favorite sunscreen

    Sun bum spray for the body, Zinka for the face, and a giant hat always helps too.
  461. carterantebi

    We totally suck so don't get any ideas!

    You'd see me crying like a little baby if I lost some expensive setups to a damn kite. I can just picture the horror in my head of watching a trolling rod slowly fly away like that. I thought losing a Luckycraft to a backlash was sad.
  462. carterantebi

    50 lb Halibuts on Video • Santa Rosa Island

    Holy shit those things are huge. Thanks for sharing such an awesome video. Anyone know what kind of Boston that mothership is? Rivera? Edit: boat* not Boston...
  463. carterantebi

    Bertram 38III Convertible $69,900

    That's a beautiful boat for sure! I'd love to see some cockpit and engine room pics for sure. Any stats on fuel range, efficiency, cruise speed, WOT, etc?
  464. carterantebi

    YT grade from Liberty Friday, May 26?

    They got a couple 100+ bluefin the other day. Taro was saying on ig that it's mixed schoolies with big guys eating flatfalls underneath.
  465. carterantebi

    Eds jigs on south 9

    At the 9? Isn't it too deep there? Regardless, nice job on the quality reds.
  466. carterantebi

    One and done! SD Bay Entrance.

    Thanks for the report. On a side note, that blue Tiara next to you, is that Fan-Sea Nan-Sea by any chance? I've got a neighbor who was selling his boat and I noticed it's not at his slip anymore. It's still on Yacht World and Boat Trader so I'm just curious if it is.
  467. carterantebi

    Want A Free Fishing Trip or Gear For Selling Your Boat?

    Sounds like a good deal to me! We're getting ready to upgrade this summer, not quite yet though.
  468. carterantebi

    Tweeker Free Zone

    Chula Vista is open and they're always empty, but you probably don't want to do that. I would probably take your chances with Dana and go early. Glorietta is still closed I think. I believe they said it's supposed to be done by June.
  469. carterantebi

    Sustainability of Calico Bass Fishing

    I just wish the half days would at least try to encourage people to release their fish instead of just asking what your sack number is. In the long run they'd be doing themselves a favor by helping to maintain the fishery for future seasons of half day fishing.
  470. carterantebi

    Best 3/4 Day Boat In SD For Offshore Fishing?

    Liberty for sure. However I've also been on the San Diego and that's a good boat as well. Liberty has bunks though. Offshore is always a gamble, even more so when bluefin are brought into the picture.
  471. carterantebi


    It's sad this even has to be discussed.
  472. carterantebi

    Opah Madness

    Say, I think that same picture is on the wall at Mitches.
  473. carterantebi

    Opah Madness

    You can get Oprah at Mitch's in San Diego. I had the tacos and also have had just a grilled fillet it it's really great meat. Good restaurant btw.
  474. carterantebi

    San Diego/Liberty

    Liberty all the way. Taro is a great captain and knows how to find the fish. All the deckhands work really hard and are always helping out. It's a very clean boat and newly redone and it's set up for longer ranged trips so it's very comfortable for a 3/4 day ride.
  475. carterantebi

    New Greenough 21 by Anderson Custom Boats

    That's an awesome little boat. Are you the one who runs that Point Arguello Yacht Club account on Instagram?
  476. carterantebi

    Livesay 26 - Full Build - 350 Yamaha Outboard

    I'm not quite in the position to start seriously looking at boats until I get mine sold later this summer but was just curious what this one would go for. It looks amazing by the way. Nicely done.
  477. carterantebi

    Panga Build

    I love that gelcoat!
  478. carterantebi

    Flashers and spoons/hoochies -- $100

    I think it says something about this on the stickied thread in this section of the forum. I personally don't care because I'm just as guilty of being a lurker and it's usually pretty easy to tell who's a scammer and who isn't.
  479. carterantebi

    Livesay 26 - Full Build - 350 Yamaha Outboard

    How much is it listed for? The CL ad expired.
  480. carterantebi

    15 Foot Zodiac to Catalina

    Those RIB can handle anything. The question is whether you know what you're doing or not. I work as a sailing instructor in the summer and I cruise around in a RIB all over SD Bay while yelling at kids. We really push those things to the limit. When a carrier comes by and leaves a giant wake, we...
  481. carterantebi

    1974 Blackman 20ft Center Console

    Wow, what a crazy story. Your mom must be really proud of you. That's quite the restoration.
  482. carterantebi

    ***SOLD*** Wellcraft 248 Sportsman w/ 200 Suzuki 4 stroke

    I might be interested once I get my boat sold sometime this summer. Hopefully it doesn't take me a year:rofl:
  483. carterantebi

    Constitution 4/16-4/20

    Holy shit those are huge!
  484. carterantebi


    I'm in the same boat (pun intended). It's definitely an awesome boat, the perfect fishing platform for SoCal, but I'm in no position to sell my house, boat, cars, and anything else I own at the moment.
  485. carterantebi

    Liberty 4/15/17

    I was out on the Liberty on Thursday and came home empty handed thanks to people not following their lines and people using braid. A guy got twisted around me while I was bringing in an actually decent yellow and cut my line while I was waiting for a gaff rather than just untangling. Also lost a...
  486. carterantebi

    Maui in October

    Just seeing this now, and WOW!! You guys lucked out on finding that floater. I was kinda bummed that we only got to fish for MAYBE an hour, but I'm very impressed with the service. First mahi for me. I'm still not sure why we took off so early, but if we stayed another 20 minutes maybe, we would...
  487. carterantebi

    Maui in October

    Yeah Fuzzy's the only Hawaiian native born and raised running out of there. All the other captains in Maui are from the mainland, mostly California. He works hard to get on the fish. He doesn't leave the flybridge and tuna towers that much though, since he's concentrated on driving and watching...
  488. carterantebi

    Maui in October

    Yup, went with Fuzzy and Sam. We went wayyyy out to a secret spot, and it took about 4 hours to get there, and we fished frozen mackerel for around 45 minutes at most and it was WFO the entire time we were there. However, the fish kept spitting hooks right by the boat, so that was a pain. We did...
  489. carterantebi

    Maui in October

    Just went yesterday, in case you are wondering how it went, I'll just leave you a few pictures...
  490. carterantebi

    Maui in October

    I as well am headed to Lahaina and was looking into Die Hard... What day are you booking for, and are you doing a shared trip? I'm looking into this Saturday or Sunday depending on the moon.