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    For Sale 24' Skipjack Open

    nope, it was tinker toy, now it's outee five
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    Anyone been through this; Skipjack PilotHouse 85

    PS I will google heat exchanger, yes it's freswater cooled, here' a pic
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    Anyone been through this; Skipjack PilotHouse 85

    Thanks bud. I didn't. But just finished a call with a bud that knows about the seeetiation, and he's betting money it's coming from somewhere on the the intake manifold becsude it's the only thing that was transferred over from last repower....AND the wrong gasket :) and of high suspect is the...
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    Anyone been through this; Skipjack PilotHouse 85

    I missed a key part of the story, after my sea trial, and it having issues... i pulled the dipstick, and saw 2-3" of water above the chocolate milk covered oil on the dipstick... the injection system was added during the repower of the previous owner, and can't answer if they put a vacuum gauge...
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    Anyone been through this; Skipjack PilotHouse 85

    Gents, been spending tons of time and talking with all kinds of knowledgeable peeps around why a brand new crate moter with <4 hours kept stalling, and couldn't get up on the horses past 2800 RPM's, then it would stall; started and sounded so gooood during trial. Fuel inection was added, and...
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Story on new one, is that we think water got in the engine somehow from possible wrong intake manifold gasket. otherwise Everything is new (including the crate motor (4hrs) from the last owner/friend). It also has a TBI system that's new (will be for sale by the way soon) because I've been...
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Here's my new Skippy! Super Stoked! Anyone know a good mechanic to help me pull out old motor and install new mercruiser? Looking to sell my other Skippy:
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    For Sale 24' Skipjack Open

    Need room for new boat, 8,000.00 U.S. Dollars, Serious Buyers Please. call John 760-390-9299 or TXT, and I'll send you more pics. I spent a lot of time on this baby. Interior, motor, outdrive, trailer etc. if you bottom paint this, you'll have a like new boat. This boat sat on a dry dock in...
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    For Sale 1982 24" Skipjack Open Model

    Killer Deal! Must sell! Need room for new boat. 10K or best John 760-390-9299 no PUPYACHTS HERE LOL With trailer that's works, galvanized... turn key.
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    For Sale 82 24’ Skipjack Open, Super Clean

    13K or best, I would like to sell this boat asap to make room for my new one! Taking offers!
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    For Sale 82 24’ Skipjack Open, Super Clean

    Lowering price to 13K or best offer
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    For Sale 82 24’ Skipjack Open, Super Clean
  13. Seagina

    For Sale 82 24’ Skipjack Open, Super Clean Best offer, Need room for my new boat, I'll add some pics here too.. but craigslist add is up...
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    For Sale 82 24’ Skipjack Open, Super Clean Give me a call or txt: 760-390-9299 BD Peeps! I have my new boat coming in 10 days! need help moving this turnkey beauty! I will take a video and upload it soon, with pics of the motor... runs great, repowered...
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    For Sale 2 Bucket Boat Seats/1 Stand Alone Fighting Chair

    Here are the pics of the fighting chair; in excellent shape for its age; stored in garage
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    For Sale 2 Bucket Boat Seats/1 Stand Alone Fighting Chair

    pulled from Skipjack, one has naked mounting plate, other just the plastic. Trade for a 24pack some Ballast Point Longfin Lagers? I also have a fighting chair (I'll add pics) that's in great shape that comes with rod holder and seats itself... .I"ll post pics in a minute: $75.00 In Carlsbad...
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    WTB Bucket seats

    Hi Chris, I just replaced my 2 buckets seats, 12pack of some good IPA's, and there yours.. I'm in Carlsbad 760-390-9299 I have a bunch of spare parts too.., if you search for 280 out drive you'll see my add, One has a mounting plate that's just the aluminum, and the other is just the plastic...
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    Carlsbad - Makos 6/1 sat

    if you like Mako fishing, we fished right of ponto @70’, they were crashing dines on the surface! I heard WSB we’re caught on Friday, we were looking for halibut as well, but the highlight was definitely watching a few makos blow up our 15-20 lb rigs
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    For Sale 1982 280Outdrive + parts (take all for $800)

    help me get this stuff out of garage. Don't judge by the looks, outdrive in solid condition. AQ280SP ran perfect, and lower end resealed in 2014 with new shaft ($972.00 brand new) from admiralty Marine work done by performance marine. Actually shifts better then my newer 280 from Reverse to N...
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    Release the White Shark Ban?

    Why not set a daily limit, 1 white shark per day? Let's see some opinions.... maybe we move this thread to a more appropriate place. just sayin, maybe we start a petition: Operation FTWS Decade No Injury Non-fatal Injuries Fatalities Total 1950s 1 7 4 12 1960s 1 10 0 11 1970s 2 18 0...
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    For Sale Seeker Black Steel (Virgin) G270-7'S Spinner rod

    Who wants? I over bought and need some $ for gas $ to fish! Still has tag! $150 OBO, in Carlsbad John
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    For Sale Seeker Black Steel (unused) G270-7'S Spinner rod

    Never used, In Carlsbad $299 list, $257 at tackle direct $150.00 Firm, Perfect 20Lb Rod I should of only bought 1, now I need some $ back for custom wrap order.... 760-390-9299 John
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    Stay Positive it's just gas and $

    Here's another Laugh Out Loud Oceanside Sign. "NO BOAT TRAILER PARKING FOR MORE THAN 2 HOURS" right below that "NO UNATTACHED TRAILER PARKING MORE THAN 72 HOURS" below that "NO CAMPING" JUST FYI, No One seems to know the purpose of this sign.. I flagged down an officer and he said, "We don't do...
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    Stay Positive it's just gas and $

    but it's hard.. .been fishing out of Oside religously all summer Been going North, South, West, for a whole lot of nothing... Early July fished 209 area; Skunked most life was inside. Last weekend went out to about 8 miles out, saw some big schools of bonito a couple miles off the harbor...
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    82 Skipjack, Fuel issue?

    Howdy bd's and fellow skippy owners, Anyone have this happen? It's starting to get annoying... volva penta, starts up great, runs strong, engine only has around 400 hours, and I have a newer elderbrock carb. Problem: after the motor is has been running a bit, when I slow down it dies. Then...
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    WTB Bennet V351 Trib tab or green wire solenoid

    Thanks fellas, off too West marine... might be the switch too.. everything else tested fine
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    Nisson 5 hp 4 stroke

    Interested, still avail? with Motor Mount?
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    WTB New Seats for my 24', anyone point me in the right direction?

    Thanks, last part of my interior upgrade... re upholstering would cost me the same in my research Thanks, John
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    WTB Bennet V351 Trib tab or green wire solenoid

    for my 82 Skippy, Green Solenoid went bad.. everything else seem OK, Got any ideas for me? not feeling like droppin another 3bills on new one.. Thanks John North County
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    Volvo 280 Outdrive & [email protected]!

    Friends, I put a newer 280 outdrive on my 24' skippy over the winter... so my my old one is for sale! I can tell you that I had performance marine go through it 2 years ago, and I paid 800 for the newer lower rod alone! It does appear the upper unit may need a seal replaced, but all gears are...
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    Nice report!! I went out for a shakedown run the next day... cruised around and saw a big slick of the tuna crabs and metered the same thing... I tried flat falls, etc... but no love... it's coming soon! I found 2 patties just shy of the 209 out of oside, but they were empty.... can't wait to...
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    Skipjack - Need help with wiring

    On the last legs of newer engine in my 24 Open, 1982. Mechanic tested all things on motor stand, and we know starter works, but we think we're down to the problem of why it wont crank over..the starter relay.. going to get a new one today or try.. Volvo AQ260A motor... Replaced older engine...
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    82 Y pipe question

    both for V8, yes volvo. I installed with the newer pipe and sealed off the holes... I spoke with a few good mechanics and they said it shouldn't matter.. just make sure they're sealed good.. so I used RTV, sanded bother surfaces, added new o ring so far so good
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    82 Y pipe question

    Howdy, Howdy, I'm replacing a y exhaust pipe, and noticed on the new one (with same part #) the small exhaust holes are sealed shut. Any advice? My old one had two small hoses and the casing is opened. Should I just seal somehow? Thank you! puttin a whole new tranny n motor in my 82skippy...
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    1982 24' Skipjack Open -Carlsbad

    Thanks for advice; yes I was a bit frustrated when I wrote this... I'm keepin her.. It's gonna be nice to have a new motor...once I figure out how to delete this post I will... cant see the delete button!!!!
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    1982 24' Skipjack Open -Carlsbad

    Also, new EEvelle boat cover for storage too
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    1982 24' Skipjack Open -Carlsbad

    Gents & Ladies, On the fence about selling "OUTEE FIVE" formerly Tinker Toy. I've owned her over the last 2.5+years with lots of time spent to this point. So I'm entertaining selling if the right offer comes around but near 70/30 keeping over selling....throwing it out there: or I'lljust save...
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    Giant BF and YF, Dorado too.

    I also have gone on 5+ trips with s big dam skunkO. Even fished the yellowtail tournament off SC island after launching out of Oside at 230 in the am with whiteswash across the whole jetty..... But we did farm a phattty! Then on last trip hit the 209, 181 etc for zero. Glad I'm not alone...
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    Skipjack Steering Fork - FYI

    Recently lost steering while fishin, was super bummed. Here's a pic of my old steering shaft, stripped! Got a used one with splines from ebay for $78, ordered some new bushings & seal from Admiralty Marine..... WALAH! Back in action; what a difference! Don't let anyone tell you that it's a...
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    Dual Axle 7500GVWR Trailer

    call John 760-390-9299
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    Dual Axle 7500GVWR Trailer

    Last Call; Any interest? or will trade for small outboard for my inflatable?2.3-5HP?
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    Dual Axle 7500GVWR Trailer

    Must go, in Carlsbad, New bunks Trailered my 24' Skipjack, will work for other boats... ASIS, no wench, but I have a post you can have that's > just replace one wheel bearing, another one may need to be replaced. Rusty, but works... pictures on craigslist or pm me for pics
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    26' Trail Rite Trailer 7000GVWR Off my 24'Skipjack 700.00

    Gents, I got a new trailer and will have my old avail here in a week or so depending on how fast I can get the new one out of the shop with new bunks n springs. Anyone interested? It's pretty rusted, but still has some life, especially if your cut out the bad parts, but it works! New bunks...
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    24' Skipjack Rubrail

    I gotta acquaintance who's got 18' of this stuff, pm me your email and I'll cc all of us on a thread to discuss this hookup
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    24' Skipjack Rubrail

    I stopped by the boat yard in the Oside harbor, as I'm looking for a 1.5 piece of the same for my skippy. They had one close, but it was a bit wider than 1 1/8. let me know what you find.. I'll help you with costs if I can get a small 1.5' section tks,
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    WTB Trailer for my 1982 24' Skipjack

    Open model.. Anything out there? It's like fishing with no fish in the water...
  47. Seagina

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Thanks bud! let me rephrase; power is fine... what i meant to say is you can turn the steering wheel...everything works, but the outdrive won't turn.. it's gotta be the swing arm or something... PS can I ask $ballpark figure on the long block? how was spacing compared to the small block?
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    1982 24 Skipjack, open, My steering broke on 280 OutDrive: Any Advice?

    Here's what happened: Cruisin straight ahead, turned right to head north, felt a slight clunk, followed by another tearing feeling. Then the wheel wouldn't turn past a certain point. Big Swell, dropped anchor, vessel assist towed me in. After further look, steering from wheel and rack n...
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Here's my 82 24 open. I love this thing! Some recent additions: new bait tank, new bait tank pump, new bilges, rebuilt carb, redid swimpstep, new engine cushion custom by me an grandma, new batteries, the list goes on.. then.... went out last weekend and my steering broke. Had to get towed...
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    I bought this 82 24' Open Skipjack last June 2014, and it's been awesome with a lot of work that paid off this summer. It was sitting on a lake for the last 5 years with a little over 100 hours on a new block...350, 280 outdrive. Here's some things I've recently done: New prop shaft, with all...
  51. Seagina

    WTB Used trailer for my 82 24 Skipjack

    it's the open model for that matter. Don't want to spend 6K on new. I found an awesome one for 3750, but still out of my price range. One leaf spring broke, and possibly a new equalizer will do the trick. I just put new wood n carpet on mine, but seeing what's out there! So far it's been a...
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    how did that trailer work out.. are you interested in selling it?

    how did that trailer work out.. are you interested in selling it?
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    NEED NEW TRAILER FOR 82 24' Skipjack

    Advice? I either spend $ to repair or buy newer used or new. I heard Pacific Trailers are $$$$, but I'll be talking to them on monday.
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    WSB in CBAD

    Here's a quick story for the books.... had plans to fish friday morning out of Oside with some friends; then my trailer craps out on me the night before while getting gas at Costco. Leaf spring mount breaks and sends my tire into my fender.. smoke. Pulled over, saw damage, called buds.. no...
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    for all my 2000' other boaters; wild weekend ey? tried to avoid most of the parking lot on Saturday with two farmed fish out of O'side up off domes... and went home real wet with no fish. So had to hit it on Sunday for little redemption. Got a late start, was on grounds about 13.1 miles off...
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    Bluefin off Oceanside

    thats so fin radical
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    SOCIAL MEDIA expectations!! O-side, 209, Mackeral bank, Nothing.

    sorry for the typo's; also the yellow we caught yesterday had some sort of dimple with a parasite stuck above his but.. and in the meat there was some black hard shit... who knows what this is? OK to eat?
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    SOCIAL MEDIA expectations!! O-side, 209, Mackeral bank, Nothing.

    I hear what your all saying... I agree, fishing was slow yesterday, but we found one paddy holdin 2 decent size yellows... we got this one on 30lb fresh pline, flylinin 10 miles off oside, a bit south of the golfballs... then it went quiet. One Yellow kept lookin at our bait after we landed the...
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    Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    From years of experience it goes like this: H&M, PL Sportsfishing, blah blah,.... Oside. Why? Here's why: It's like your favorite restaurant, not just always the food. 1. The vibe of the landing, from the initial phone call. It starts from the minute one calls the landing. Fishing is...
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    Skunked and tired of the smell

    No tuna sat. either... 3 yellows, headed on the 215 for 26miles out of oceanside... for those of us who haven't got yellowfin, stay strong it's comin
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    12 Inch Unused Trailer Brake Assmbly 1 pair

    4 Sale, need as much gas money as possbile see picks... give me a call John 760-390-9299
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    Wil + Mobile Mechanic or onsite in Ramona - Skipjack

    I found Wil after trying to find a good mechanic or shop for days. Some places were chargin bank per hour, not Will. He knows my I/O skipjack 24 motor (volva 280 and chevy small block) an outdrive very well, he's as pro as they come. Super friendly and knows his stuff. He's in Ramona, but is...
  63. Seagina

    WTB Used fiberglass Off Shore bait tank for 24' Skipjack open

    Thanks fellas, I picked a white 50 gal offshore for 400, after I read this txt! Install went well, ready for trial
  64. Seagina

    WTB Used fiberglass Off Shore bait tank for 24' Skipjack open

    Anyone have one for sale? Beige would be best, 35-45Gal? Ready to pull trigger for a deal!
  65. Seagina

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Here's my new Rig 1982 Skipjack open... so stoked.. lookin for bait tank and newer GPS. Boat is super clean, less than 100 hours on new block... volvo penta with 5.7 chevy, 280 outdrive.. oh yeah! Just in time for summer! Tinker toy is name, but not about to change it to Seagina II due to bad...
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    Montauk Madness with Capt. Mark: Striper Madness with video

    San Diego Native on vacation in Long Island. Cousin said we gotta go fishin in Montauk. So he booked a trip with Cap't. Mark and we slayed the striper using Eeels. FOHGETABOUT IT Montauk Madness with Capt. Mark: July 23, 2013 - YouTube Cousin Craig caught his 54LB Striper; biggest...
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    Oceanside Offshore - The Goods!!

    That's how you do it! Sweeeeeet!
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    San Jose Del Cabo, Puert los cabo(new marina in sjdc)

    Oh yeah, Ventured down to cabo Aug. 3 to fish/surf. First half of the trip was spent in Pescadero (50 miles north on the pacific side). Surf was out of control, 10+ all mixed up, so our beach launch in a 13ft. aluminum w/25 horse was shut down wed-fri. Surf fished for Nada, but then the...
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    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report August 7

    we're fishin tomorrow... wish us luck! off of sjdc, will report tomorrow
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    CAbo Bound

    Fellas, it's been a while since I've fished cabo, so need some advice. Here's my trip: 1. Aug. 3 arrive round 12noon in SJD airport. Thinkin of renting the cheapest car I can find.. should I reserve with car rental online.. or just show up?.. people have recommended ACE... I'll be...
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    Cabo, please let me know a buddy & I should go to slay some fish first week of august

    Fellas, Need some pro's to chime in. First trip from the family since I've had a fam. I've been sick and tired of not catchin any quality fish :Dynamite: in the last 2 years. Just tired of it... Got skunked searchin Catalina for the white seabass fu*%in ghosts, skunked in the o'side hali...
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    I'm game! Still room? I just saw your add... after I posted thanks John, 760-390-9299
  73. Seagina

    Help me celebrate, looking to fish,

    Howdy fellas, After my wife finally popped out our 3rd beautiful kid last saturday, I have a kitchen pass for tonight/tomrorrow 09/11/-09/12Sat... I've been on babywatch all summer, and need a break! I'll scope the goat boats, but would love to jump on a private boat... need a third or fourth...
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    Fished Monday, July 6, Bluefin & Albi!!

    Short an Sweet: Left Sunday on 1.5 out off Point Loma on the New Lo-Ann My first charter in 2 years after fishing private all last summer, well worth the dough. Big Thanks to the Captain & Crew for deciding to make the F A R trek South and like always, a great experience from top down...
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    Headed to Oceanside

    Also, if surf fishing the harbor, try the south jetties.. . small grubs work best. I saw a guy pull out a RARE Striped sea bass 2 weeks ago... I couldn't belive my eyes. It had to be 12llbs +. Also while surfing the small crappy waves, I've definitely noticed some corbina... cheers,
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    Big Fish, Small Boat: Waianae 7/3/08

    fuckyeah! I'm so jealous! Love the victory swirl too.. that sums it up..Life is good!
  77. Seagina

    This Weekend?

    T dawg.. back up plan: If weather persists... sounds like it will... we can launch from Dana Saturday to fish local, and if it's nice ...we jet to Catalina (so be prepared). If it's snotty, we go back to the harbor, rack up your boat at the dana, get our grub on, then hang out on my dad's...
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    KAUAI, Chartered boat in Poipu

    hello fellow bloodydeckers, Just got back from a 10 day Kauai trip... was able to sneak away from the family for a quick half day trip out of poipu (South Shore)... 10ft swells, 30mph warm tradewinds, one of the roughest seas I've encountered... almost all got sick on the boat within 2...
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    Santa Cruz Island On The Big Drum 2/3

    Hey, GFYS! sincerely, boatless seagina
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    8/24 No fish in O'side

    I fished all last week.... no fish in oside
  81. Seagina

    New Loann 2 day,8/20-22

    better summary from Travis: What up yo's - Successful trip back from the outer banks off of Mexico on the New Lo Ann. Final count for the boat upon return was 25 anglers, 100 dorado, 6 Yellowfin Tuna, 6 Yellowtail. Dorado was WFO when the right paddy was hit. Boat must have thrown back...
  82. Seagina

    New Loann 2 day,8/20-22

    Once again, great trip out of Point Loma Sportsfishing. As always, top notch crew from the new loann... here's the skinny, left sunday night, returned tuesday night. Went out with some buds from Norcal, slayed the dodo's(limited) 1st morning at a patty somewhere down around 80 miles. Then...
  83. Seagina

    Dodo Madness

    congrats Ruben, "chincoan" Leon. It's about time you caught some fish.... It's also about time you posted a thread! AWESOME PICS, IM JEALOUS.
  84. Seagina

    O'side, 08-05 12miles out; marlin

    my apologies, my catchin marlin is I don't even know what it was...I know it wasn't a sailfish (caught plenty of those in mazatlan) probably was a striped marlin....I remember seeing the stripes.. my bad
  85. Seagina

    O'side, 08-05 12miles out; marlin

    don't have a temp gage on my finder, ,but guessin it was around 74-75 range.. heard some other boaters talkin about it
  86. Seagina

    O'side, 08-05 12miles out; marlin

    Once again, left the camera at home,.. Left the harbor at 8:30AM, headed straight out 12 miles on the 240 header... work a patty for 2 hrs... for nadda... chunked baited it, slow trolled it, everything... until............ the boat AMIGO shows up... (the witness) I see a fin following my...
  87. Seagina

    7-28sat. dodo off oceanside

    sorry about the late report... it's the first dodo ever caught, and first one on the boat.. damm it was tasty... oh yea, caught a 7ft blue shark as well... released 07-28 fished 10-12 miles off oside, found 2 patties... shark came in and scared the school away... must of seen 3-4makos...
  88. Seagina

    Oside yellows 7-28 early AM

    always.. . seagina gets me where I want to go.... last weekend rolled out to 25 miles..then the swell/wind picked up...surfed all the way home no prob... glad I took extra gas though...found out my range is 50 miles on the nose (at least with 2 people)..... I've owned her for about 5 years and...
  89. Seagina

    7-27 O-side.. I suck

    I suck too.. I sware I hooked up to 2 dodos this morning..but saw yellows too...wasn t sure... We'll get em tomorrow...I'm still dodo virgin.... not for long thoough!!!!
  90. Seagina

    Oside yellows 7-28 early AM

    Couldn't sleep last night, so woke up at 4AM, launched out of oside, made 4 mids size maks... headed towards the 181, oily glassy, warm water 74+, 6.5 miles out find a fat paddy with crashing yellows... Farmed 2 cuase my hook was too small :cwmdie: and the other macks were too big...
  91. Seagina

    yellow tail outside of oceanside

    maybe that boat came from la jolla....
  92. Seagina


    yes,we used dines... definitely on the bigger side... The yellows were hittin pretty much anything.. I also got a few on a blue n white salas
  93. Seagina


    :appl: to the crew and captain of THE PROWLER out of San Diego Sportfishing..... for being way cool, and makin the trip worth every cent. I can't tell you how much that means to me since I've been fishin all boats out of SD as a native since the age of 8. Here's the scoop: Friends had a...
  94. Seagina

    San O', Got Crabs?, 06/17

    sorry for the no pics... lost digital camera .... fished sat. out of oside. Launched around 5:30AM went straight to the domes.. little bumpy... used 20lb test with floura, and another rig with 30lb & trap rig for the halis... ended up fishing with the trap rig about 35ft directly in front...
  95. Seagina

    Oside Flattie Report 6/17

    AWESOME, I fished on saturday too...! same thing!
  96. Seagina

    Oside, Sat,June 10

    Started out at 6AM, launched from oside harbor... went straight out on the 24o header, 4 miles deep, turn around and saw that my bait pumped died.. tried to rejuvenate...nada... cruised around lookin for patties, saw one...nada... on the way in, bait was boilin all over the place.....right...
  97. Seagina

    Need Help

    I've had a crappy last year of fishin and need some advice.... Where should I go tomorrow? Live in oside, 16ft whaler w/90 horse.. not afraid to go up to 15miles out... LJ? Dana Point? Oside? some GPS #'s would stoke me out, with a recommendation of where to go.. Some body please...
  98. Seagina

    O'side 6/4

    Thank you for the report. I see all these other guys with fish... I've been dealing (minus macs, & few bass) with a fishless boat for awhile now.... especially when I'm flushin the engine at home... all the neighbors yelpin out... what did you catch? My response.. a TAN... this is becoming...
  99. Seagina

    5/15 LJ PM Cookie Cutter

    I'm beginning to wonder if any boaters ever catch fish in LJ. I can't even shake last year's semi fish skunk off my boat... NICE FISH ROCKON... I'm jealous... I'll be happy catchin mackeral at this point
  100. Seagina

    4-17 North County afternoon....

    This is a trip I've been tryin to plan for years... but two awesome little ones that came upon the scene in the last year are currently in training... AWEsSOME POST!
  101. Seagina

    Good mechanic, 92 90yamaha or best place to buy?

    Any good recommendations for someone that can take a look at my 1992 yamaha 90hp? I replaced a water pump after it overheated. Took it out for a spin, then she showed signs of bad gas (happened before). So replaced the the fuel filter, went to launch, then boom... flywheel was...
  102. Seagina

    digital OutPost in Carlsbad - Full Media production house

    What's up fellas & felions?:bablefish , check out this company We specialize in digital video compression, Video/DVD Creation,. I work in a 12000 sq. ft studio in carlsbad... Everyone who comes to check it out, is wowed...they always thought we were located in LA.. We have...
  103. Seagina

    some pics from 9-17oside

    Next day after a tuna trip, decided to run to the barn kelp with some friends on ze 16fter No luck, seas were oily, so we headed 15 miles out..... Found a few paddies, dolphins, for nada.. patties are still loaded with bait: Anyone know the name of the blue fish below? taken with a sabiki...
  104. Seagina

    new lo ann, september 16

    It started like this.... after we made it to our destination... we hung out till daybreak since fish were being metered. Started trollin... bamm, yellowfin on the troll... a few were boated. Then stopped at a few paddies for not much... then we found a spot with boils all over the place...
  105. Seagina

    new lo ann, september 16

    Finally. Waited all season for a great day on the water with some long time friends from out of town. Left thursday night and fished all day (16) friday. We headed up north towards SC Islands and fished around the butterfly.. Swell was up, weather was crappy & snaughty in the AM.... ended up...
  106. Seagina

    Friends coming into town, need charter...4-6

    Hello. Can anyone recommend a good private charter for the weekend of September 16. Looking to fish a 1.5 or so with a total of 4-5 people. Or Any big boat owners want to take us out? All experienced, 32 years of age.... and looking to try a private charter rather than goat boat...
  107. Seagina

    Oside, sunday 25miles

    Long time no post....becuase long time no catchy fish.... no exception today... Heard a report that YFT were 15 miles off dana point... so I got the boat ready, was plannin on leavin at 3:30....... damm, next thing you know it was 7:30AM and I was still sleepin at my pad in oside. so...
  108. Seagina

    shitty season

    I agree....usually I post with fat pics by this far...Nada. It's the time when you have to dig down justify to the wife that fishing is your sanity... even if you don't bring home some tasty fishies... it's gonna be a late blooooming season... u watch. Sept. /Oct...
  109. Seagina

    Ensenada from 7-12 though 7-16

    Hello! I'll be stayin at the estero beach resort 14-17. I'm towin my 16ft whaler/90hs yamaha down with 2 other buds. I have the range to try n find some fish.. but were gonna play it by ear... weather depending... Do you know where I can get some GOOD GPS #'s for spots within 10-15 mile...
  110. Seagina

    first post in awhile YT off oside

    thanks for the report.... I fished sat. down south of Pantos... few big boils...did'nt want to bite...pretty sure they were breezin yellows....
  111. Seagina

    Estero Beach; July 14-17

    AWESOME INFO... tHANKS FELLA'S... Sounds like the bay maybe the happinin spot.. unless high tide brings us an easy out, but then I'd be worried about coming back. I'll try to catch smelt ...sounds good... see ya
  112. Seagina

    white sea bas

    Nice report Gary, now we gotta get you a nice digi cam so you can show off "onthebrink". your boat is so sweeeet. Almost as nice as SEAGINA!!!! the whaler has been the best money I've ever spent.... keep up the reports, just add pics. Get well to your cousin, can't believe he caught a WSB...
  113. Seagina

    Estero Beach; July 14-17

    got a trip planned with 2 other n party is the agenda. I'm towin my 16ft whaler down there for the first time, so any helpful tips would be much appreciated. Lookin for some GPS #'s if anyone has them... we plan on launching out front of the resort which looked half way...
  114. Seagina

    Oceanside Hali Tourney 4-9

    Anyone know any more info about this hali tourney? I hear it's this weekend (4-9) suppose to be a pretty big turnout.. and a hefty grand prize?
  115. Seagina


    wo, and here I thought I was braggin about my buddy.. call me a rookie, but when I posted it I thought it was a swollen WSB.... oops. he did net it, and posed for a quick pic...then released. swam away fine
  116. Seagina


    check out what my buddy Gary hauled in on December 11. Sorry it's a little late, but this is very rare in north county.... pig: I'll be coming out of hibernation as soon as this rain stops... damm,, sorry...had to take the pic down.... alll the cold air is gettin to some folks....
  117. Seagina

    O'side Bait and Boats 9/6

    check out the inshore reports, I posted some pics...but they ranged from 10LB to 18LB
  118. Seagina

    Cbad/Oside 09-06

    got a late start on labor day....fished as far as army navy to 1/4mile from oside pier. started fishin at, no bites the live bait, broke out the sabiki rig underneath the birds and baitballs... boom. baby macks. trolled those...BAM 15lb, and shortly after 10lber... Went home and smoked...
  119. Seagina

    O'side Bait and Boats 9/6

    Hi Steve, Is this the steve that hooked up with the fatty 35lb hali on gary's boat a couple of months ago? Anywayz...I hit Oside /cbad solo on labor day...caught 2 yellows... slow trolling baby macks was the combo.. I'll post some pics later tonight... water is so nice.. I don't want to...
  120. Seagina

    cbad yellows 08-22sun

    Ruben got skunked...he wasn't too lucky..., but he did get to gaff my fish..and shoot photo's of me. lol oh ya, Tunated...How'd you know? PRIMO
  121. Seagina

    cbad yellows 08-22sun

    What can I say... engine overheated on the way down to I say, "SOAK EM" BOOM. As Ruben says, this last weekend was epic. I'll be dreamin about days like this during the winter. pictures should say it seemed to chomp right around 10:30am..
  122. Seagina

    WSB Oside,

    Took the afternoon off and fished 1-4miles straight outside of the harbor on tues 7/20. I was gonna go south, but 3 dudes were comin in as I was launching...and they had 3 fat WSB. They said they caught them 2miles off shore near small ruben n immediately scoped it out. Hit the 2...
  123. Seagina

    San Quentin

    Nice.. irons irons irons and sabikis here I come... yellows watchout, i'm gonna rig some dorado, i can feel it
  124. Seagina

    San Quentin

    ruben n I are headed down thursday night... thur. july 16- sunday... anyone else going? We will be at the old mill. Most likely will not be towing my boat, but renting panga's and slayin fish. Anyone goin? got room in your boat for 2? lol see you down there! Let me know if you...
  125. Seagina

    San Quentin

    Anyone going to San Quentin this weekend? Ruben & I are headed down thur 16th through sunday... Any advice? We're staying at the old mill 1st time. Yeah. Not sure if I'm trailering down my boat yet...probably won't, Panga time... we'll be slayin some fish n beers for sure!
  126. Seagina

    big tails san q

    should I bring my small 16ft whaler to san quentin? Anyone feel like doing a little type list of exactly what I permits, mex license...etc. can I bring oil? I heard it was illegal.... Plans are to bail friday morning at 3:30 charge down and be back home by sunday evening..... your...
  127. Seagina

    new loan, july 5, Double bubble

    left july 4th evening, Heard that is was slow all over.... we got into a few albies in the morning.... then hit some patties with fatties... 60mile bank, boat had 30+albies, bunch of yellow tail. Here's why this thread is called double bubble. Had a great time fishin with Ruben, Todd...
  128. Seagina

    3-4Guys with $$$ lookingfortunaJuly5

    willing to leave when you are...., I have 2-3 buddies that really want to fish for albacore on the 5th of July. Anyone have room? we got $$$, we got good attitudes, & Gear. Let us pay for the gas n bait.... Anyone? otherwise the little whaler I got is goin to the coronados.... fish...
  129. Seagina

    weekend report from LJ to oside

    fished saturday the 26th on sat. Left misssion bay around 7ish... trolled some yozuris once we hit the kelp line... few small barries. calico's and lings... called it a day and was off the water by 12. kitchen pass, day 2. Left Oceanside at about 6:30. My gut instinct said, GO TO...
  130. Seagina

    6/26 Sat LJ/Scripps

    I second that LJ report...fished LJ from 7am to 11... nada...couple barracuda, short ling, few snags.... headed home....back by 1 maybe san onofre or 10 miles straight outta oceanside... the water is sooooowarm... wherez the dorado?:) I'm up for some patty love.... did here some guys...
  131. Seagina

    North County, 5-16

    pretty shi*ty, no albies, hit a couple of yellow tail, fished rockpile and trolled sw from there. Not much sun, windy and I yeisacked all day. I think the two younger groms who were superhurtin, coiled up an green, rubbed off. water temp seemed to stay cooler in the am, dense clouds...
  132. Seagina

    North County, 5-16

    right on... I'm leaving tomorrow night on a limited load out of islandia on my first overnighter...not sure if I can pull back to back weekend trips...but I'm sure if my 5 month old daughter says I can go...the wife should follow -the trip sounds saawwweeeeet. Rubino needs no proof! That's...
  133. Seagina

    North County, 5-16

    yes, I was on Garys boat, and yes steve tells me he fishes the lagoon, alot. He also told me about his truck that has a built in live well in the back.... He is the first person I've every met that has gone to that extreme to keep live bait....My kinda a pal PS, good to hear from you Johnny...
  134. Seagina

    North County, 5-16

    Hello All, haven't been fishin too much lately due to carbuerator issues in my 90HP yami. Parts have been ordered, and should be up and running again this weekend. BUT i did fish on sunday, 5-16.....knocked em out! WFO in north county on the calicos (fished under 20ft) near shore...
  135. Seagina

    yellow tail and Albies in March

    IT looks like my buddy sent me the email from bloody decks,.... I'm an idiot... I was thinkin to myself...DAMM that sure does look like that Shelly gal on bloody decks... OOPS.. good job shelly HEY, at least I got a bunch of buddys up in the bay area hooked!
  136. Seagina

    yellow tail and Albies in March

    Hello All, I"m gearin up for a great spring and getting ready to fish a lot. This email was forwarded by a buddy of mine who lives in the bay area......I haven't read the long range reports from bloody decks...but this one sounded great to share: March Albacore & Yellowtail What a...
  137. Seagina


    Howdy, been fishin oside all week as posted before, and I finally popped my hali cherry on sunday the 29 of feb.... 26" or so... also caught a 16" spotted bay bass (first time catchin one of those) It looked just like a sand bass but with spots and an orangis under lip.... here is the...
  138. Seagina

    Rockfish opener with a surprise

    that vid rocks... can you tell me the software that you used....? I want to make some of those... too cool good job
  139. Seagina


    right on misuse! I have had my plate full the last couple of months.. 1st new baby girl born on Dec. 19, new house... so fishin was on hold.... but not this spring..... now I have baby to feed! I must provide, therefore I must fish more lol My radio crapped out on I'm...
  140. Seagina


    Hello all fishoholics, I've been fishin Oceanside this week.... not to much to talk about.... live bait has been good, when the baitguys decide to show up... In the harbor: a few short hali's, on wed. we cuaght a small wsb.. ventured out between 60-70 ft, bottom fished for halis... and...
  141. Seagina


    of got some of those squids... I wasn't to sure what to use, actually I didn't even think about it at the time.. ... next you bait em up live? Anyone fishin this week?
  142. Seagina


    here's a oside report. Water was super clean with great visibility, bait was 4-5" and lively roughly 58-60 degrees, doc is halfway finished and now has a few extra lanes... gonna be realllll nice I was on the lookout for halis.. floated north of the harbor off the golfballs at about...
  143. Seagina

    DaGoose butt tips page

    hoooowwwdy, can anyone share the best way to make a solid trap rig? I've been using 20lb. test, red weight swivel, I usually slide my line through a single gamatsu hook, then tie on to a treble hook. what next or am I way off? thanks,
  144. Seagina

    Dana point & headed south

    tons and tons of boats. You could literally jump from boat to boat...dana point to oceanside.... big clusters of boaters in the box area
  145. Seagina

    Dana point & headed south

    Launching out of Dana Point since Oside was shut down = $10 Paying for "gas-eating" truck to get there and back = $25 Having a yellowtail fantasy come true in mid october while taking a nap on your buddy's sidewalk after a few tecates................. PRICELESS!!!
  146. Seagina

    Oceanside; afternoon

    got out at about 2PM. talked to jeff at the bait docks....claimed he was fished out from yesterday. I was kinda of shocked to hear yellows were in our backyard! I felt like, WHere the hell have I been? WFO I got one trolling a purple Yozuri... puttttzed around some more... bamm, got...
  147. Seagina

    Lj 9-20

    9-20 got to LJ by 7am trolled around the kelp in the am, with both live and yozuri lures,,,water was warm and red tided out...fishin was slow. Saw a few guys pull in the occasional yellow, overall was not the best day.... especially when we literally caught 2 birds.. in which...
  148. Seagina

    9/13 anbody got room for me?

    Only been able to go on one tuna trip this summer... still a little too far for my 16fterwhaler... any body have an extra spot? PPPPPLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEEE? I have tackle(few feathers, jigs, my own shite) profile: 30 yellow fin envious ready to pitch in watchin the...
  149. Seagina

    Lj 8-4

    fished the LJ kelp line with Ruben on sunday... bait was nice...big dines... made it out by 7:am, cloudy in the AM, mixed sunshine in the afternoon, I trolled live bait slow, ruben broke out the yozuri(blue n crome) booom cow and landed a big cuda... flylined the dines....hooked up to a...
  150. Seagina


    I have some friends comin down the weekend of aug. 8th..... Travis with his boat runnoft (24ft trophy with lge gas tank???? dont remember the's nice) down from Sanfran I want to take em to the fish....where should I go... LJ? Coronado's...north? whos helpin me guess where the...
  151. Seagina

    need tuna

    looking to team up with anyone out there..... will pitch in for baitgasbeer... the 3 main ingredients... I have my own tackle...I don't have too many feathers...but I have a few...and own gear..... Ruben would love to join us too....if you have room for 2 , let me know! OR H&M hear I...
  152. Seagina

    North county

    fished the kelp line south of carlsbad campgrounds.....1/2 mile out... jb, no coronados yet... sooon. howz the boat comin...? SeeeYA, John
  153. Seagina

    North county

    fished from 3- till 7PM with Gary, and had a great time. Slayed the calico's / sand bass. Water was calm, looked clear, and the big bass were HUNGRY. Great bait out of Oside...big dines w/ mixed in chovies... as soon as we pulled in south of pantos..booooom calico jumps out of the water...
  154. Seagina

    Here kitty kitty kitty

    Calico bite was fun on sat. mornin 06-14-03. fished the kelp line off of cardiff....Here is a pic of some keepers Ruben N I caught... light line was the key to gettin bit every cast... I cuaght most of mine on 4lb test with a bass rod...flylinin right in the kelp... whooked up to 2 fatties...
  155. Seagina

    Rpt-Sat. 6-7-03 Tuna disappointment

    good report, right on the money. Fishin stunk to say the least on sat. I went on the cherokee gisha on an overnighter....pretty much was an expensive boat ride.....4 fish out of 35 anglers, all on a troll....not even 1 hookup on the slide.. not to mention a raw hamburger that came up just...
  156. Seagina


    For all who haven't met BINO (ruben); well, here he is...... I just happened to swing around the corner while abroad the Cherokee Giesha on our grueling overnighter (left friday 06-07) and I cuaght him on film! I would include the rest, but those will be posted on the new site: Albie XXX...
  157. Seagina

    Oside sat/sun 05-31 & 06-01

    saturday; launced O side at around 6:30 headed south.. overcast, calm...with a some south swell and a mix of north...] baitfish everywhere, stopped at a kelp line outside of offshore surfshop in Carlsbad... brother caught a small barracuda an some macks... then had to drop him off back at the...
  158. Seagina

    Oside AM

    Anyone fishin northcounty sat. morn? Where should we go? I'm hearin mixed info...
  159. Seagina

    Anybody know DanaPoint?

    Thanks spanish mack... I think with that distance i would probably venture to the coronados.... is it closer to leave from Oside to hit the domes? NICE WSB last week... I've met Rich... we'll have to fish one of these dayz
  160. Seagina

    Anybody know DanaPoint?

    Thanks Eye Squid.... good info... I will use it. have a good one, John
  161. Seagina

    Anybody know DanaPoint?

    Sounds good UNC! Fam is always first on the guest list.... Here is the breakdown for Seagina amongst friends: A Team (Own Pole, license, & tackle + awareness of gas, bait) Members: Ruben B Team (License, Pole, no tackle, forgets wallet in the car) Members: Most friends C Team (no pole...
  162. Seagina

    O-side Yellowtail- Not mine

    Hi Shelly, Ruben & I fished north county from 6am-12 yesterday (memorial day). We showed up and cones were blocking the entrance to the launch rap at the harbor... saying "lot full"... drove around the cones, launched and found 1 parking spot. They can't stop me! haha fish can though...
  163. Seagina

    Anybody know DanaPoint?

    Howdy all, I have family in Orange county so thinkin about fishin off DanaPoint Soon... Any good recommendations for some good/close fishin spots? Let me know, Seagina
  164. Seagina


    fished oside with not much luck today..... morning drift & puttzed around (7am-9) off the golfball at 70ft. +-with good lookin bait from the docks....(a mix !!) I thought for sure we were due for somethin..instead of 1, 6-8"halibut stopped between 9-11 to run some errands....all my fault...
  165. Seagina

    1st time Jitters. coronados

    in fact a few years back that logo was his idol
  166. Seagina

    1st time Jitters. coronados

    Mobetta, thanks! I need all the help I can get... I'll look into builge pumps this week....AA Marine might have somethin? papa "J", let me know what you got as far as extras...shoot me an email or reply here or at my home address, I will check my messages this evening.... [email protected]
  167. Seagina

    1st time Jitters. coronados

    Right on misuse & srfdoc. Sounds good.. boat has a pretty deep hull ...see pic below hopefully the pic fits.. don't think I'll be goin to rock pile... I thought it was closer.... at least for the first trip. I'll be getting the mex permits this week...tks Range...not sure yet...but the...
  168. Seagina

    1st time Jitters. coronados

    Seagina here... Looking to possible fish the Coronado's and pick up a few boatin tips this sat. morning from any boat owners(new owner of 16ft. boston whaler with 90horse with 24Gallon Tank) had to start somewhere! Ruben and I.... 2 More than willing to pitch in for GAS...