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  1. fishchasr

    Are we there yet???

    Halibut / Ling Cod grounds that is. I got some tasty morsels ready for dressing up the pipe jigs.
  2. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    It's time to repower my '98 Trophy. I've looked at several options and decided the most economical fix is to get a remanufactured long block. Anyone have experience with anyone local, good or bad? Engine is a 4.3 liter V6.
  3. fishchasr

    Westport Tuna Video

    Hey Guys, thought I'd share our August tuna trip video. I'm sure it will be brutally critiqued, wrong reels, missed gaff shot, not enough action, etc. but hope you enjoy it anyway. Looking forward to our next trip the second week in September if the weather cooperates. The three of us ended...
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    Something Sexy and very Blue showed up in the mail today!

    Something very sexy and blue showed up in the mail today!
  5. fishchasr

    Aluminum Welder Needed

    Can anyone recommend a good aluminum welder in the Keyport area to do some rod holder work on a 26' Weldcraft? Thanks in advance.
  6. fishchasr

    Sekiu 24-27 Sep Coho Report

    Sekiu was tough this year. The bite was slow, the fish were smaller than previous years and the weather was... typical. The morning bite was the best and left us searching for the last fish most of each day. Arrive Tues afternoon and fished through Friday morning before pulling the plug and...
  7. fishchasr

    What's happening in Sekiu?

    So what's happening in Sekiu? Has all this rain pushed all the silvers towards the rivers? Are there any Pinks left out there? What's the prediction for 15-30 September?
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    Westport Tuna 24 Aug

    This past weekend was a full bag of emotions ranging from baffling to phenominal and ended with me and my co-worker Al being thoroughly exhausted. The "Reader's Digest" condensed version goes something like this: Loaded the boat, iced up and got on the road about 6:00pm Friday night and...
  9. fishchasr

    Open Seat for Thursday 7/18/13

    My buddy had a family emergency today and can't make our trip tomorrow. I've already made plans to take off work at noon so I'm not going to waste a good fishing day. I'm planning on being at Brownsville Marina around 1:00pm if anyone wants to do some crabbing and chase salmon, send me a PM...
  10. fishchasr

    Westport Kings

    Left Bremerton Saturday at 0430, stopped for breakfast in Aberdeen and launched the boat about 0830. Ignored the week old posted reports and drove right by the stack of boats on the south jetty heading for the south bowl 10 miles out. Trolled for about an hour without seeing any action and...
  11. fishchasr

    Yard Sale Score

    Just another item I hope never gets used. Scored three immersion suits at a yard sale last weekend. Got them washed, rinsed and hanging up to dry. The one in back is still turned inside out. Some minor repairs to do, but I thought $100 was a great deal.
  12. fishchasr

    Thought I'd seen it all

    Rolled out Saturday morning from Kingston over to the Edmonds oil tanks for one last round of coho feasting. Typical gear, green/white spoon, coho killer, etc... 400-500 feet of water, 50 feet on the wire.... rods go off fairly regular, two nice fish in the box... rod goes off again...
  13. fishchasr

    Brownsville Marina Ramp Will Be CLOSED!

    Plan ahead folks, both lanes of the Brownsville Marina Boat Ramp will be closed for a Marina Party Saturday September 22. :hali_olutta:
  14. fishchasr

    Westport 8-25-12

    Left Bremerton 0400 and launched at 0830 ish, paid a longer than expected visit to Jose' on our way out. He was having a really long conversation with someone on the docks before he finally delivered my two scoops. I picked a spot on my Lowrance HDS that showed a temp break about 35 miles out...
  15. fishchasr

    Westport Tuna 7/21

    (Condensed version) Left Bremerton late Friday afternoon and picked up some poor old guy who said he needed a ride out to Westport. Can you believe he actually said his wife was waiting for him on the boat? :rofl: Outragious! The cool part was his laptop downloading Chloro and Temp shots...
  16. fishchasr

    DotLine Outrigger Kit

    <font color="#333333">DotLine Outrigger Kit ffice:office" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comI used these outriggers for 2 seasons and they work superbly for an entry level outrigger. They are already assembled and come with extra mounting hardware that was not included...
  17. fishchasr

    Tuna Run Thursday-Friday

    Schedule is finally set. Making the run to Westport Wednesday night and making the tuna run Thursday with Friday as an alternate day for more tuna and/or salmon. Looking for someone to split a tote of ice with at 0530 on Thursday/Friday morning in front of Westport Seafood.
  18. fishchasr

    MA10 Happiness

    Took my lovely bride out Saturday afternoon for a leisurely trolloff of Jeff's Head. Hoping to find a Coho or Pink for her first salmon, I dropped one rigger to 59 the other at 79 and trolled the 120 line. We trolled for a couple of hours and found numerous shakers, a couple rock fish, a sand...
  19. fishchasr

    How many Albies will fit into one of these?

    I picked up a couple - yeah TWO of them - 24 x 60 Reliable Fish Bags on my recent trip down to southern California. Just so happens that the Charkbait store in Huntington Beach is only 35 minutes from Grandma's house. How sweet is that? Can you say TUNA TIME! I also picked up a spreader...
  20. fishchasr

    Where's the Tuna?

    Just took a couple SST screen shots off my Lowrance HDS7 sitting in my boat at home in Bremerton. Now the big question - where would you look for tuna? What temperature band would be ideal? I think I've got it in the ball park and I'm thinking I'd start looking at areas South East of...
  21. fishchasr

    Missed it by THAT MUCH....

    6 of us in two boats fished the Billy Nik Memorial Fishing Derby on Saturday in Hood Canal. Weather was definately against everyone as I don't think more than 6 boats actually fished it due to the small craft advisory in effect for the entire area. I heard no one could launch from Misery either...
  22. fishchasr

    New Weapon in my arsenal

    My lovely spouse of five years surprized me with a new weapon in my arsenal of fishing gear for my Birthday today; a saltwater Okuma SLV 89 reel on a Lamiglas MBF 908 fly rod. Thanks Hun! :urno1: Anyone have any suggestions what backing and fly line to load it with for salmon or steelhead?
  23. fishchasr

    How to kill a Sunday afternoon

    What did you do today? I had a couple boxes of used tire weights and some extra propane laying around so.... :hali_olutta:
  24. fishchasr

    Easy Troller

    EasyTroller trolling plate. It's almost brand new. I used it a couple times before I bought my kicker. All hardware and easy installation instructions included. $145 new at Cabelas, it's yours for $75. Shipping extra. Cabela's: EasyTroller Trolling Plate
  25. fishchasr

    No Joy in MA 9 or 10

    We trolled for roughly 10 hours on Saturday and covered alot of water between Jeff's Head and Kingston and the west side of Possession during the outgoing tide. Possession was a challenging troll with the strong current, but at least we knew we were near the bottom as we picked up a decent sized...
  26. fishchasr

    MA-10 1/17/11

    Had intentions to run out to Possession for day two, but wind/waves dictated otherwise. We started out just south of Jeff's Head heading north with the tide and picked up a 1/2 dozen 2-6 pound shakers. After the tide change we trolled from Kingston back to the point with a couple more shakers...
  27. fishchasr

    Saturday MA-10 Report

    Seems the sun not only shined on us Saturday, but the Seahawks as well. Todd and I fished Jeff's Head between Kingston and the point most of the day. Action was pretty steady throughout the day although the wind was a bit tricky when trolling against it. We hooked over dozen shakers each...
  28. fishchasr

    MA-10 Four-some

    We had planned to drive out the Queets river for some steelhead but river flow and height levels were too high for our liking so we launched the boat and headed for Jeff's Head instead. Not long after turning on the VHF, Coast Guard Sector Seattle reports small craft advisory with gail force...
  29. fishchasr

    MA10 Blackmouth, Crabs and Sealions Oh My!

    Todd and I also fished Jeff's Head to Kingston late morning through early afternoon on Tuesday. Cool and breezy on the outside but no rain and plenty of sunshine early on. Caught 8-10 shakers between the two of us, most came on Todd's White Lightening Spoon while others came on my Irish Cream...
  30. fishchasr

    Apple Tree/Possession/Hat Island

    Not much to show for a long day of trolling except a very nice ($85) boat fender found adrift on the way home from Everett. Left Kingston at 0730, turned left and trolled all the way to PNP picking up about 1/2 dozen small shakers. Ran across to Useless Bay and had a good take-down on a...
  31. fishchasr

    MA-5 Sekiu Coho

    As previously reported by others, Sekiu was a zoo. Maybe its always that way during the last 2 weeks in September, but this was my first time at Sekiu. My belief that some people not only shouldn't own boats, but they shouldn't be allowed breed either. This was confirmed on numerous occasions...
  32. fishchasr

    Area 10 Coho 9/11/10

    Got the itch to fish so headed to Jeff's Head Saturday morning with a newbie from work onboard. Weather was overcast and the water was flat. Lots of trash in the water required extra attentiveness. We set out the usual spread of hoochie, spoon and a fly down the middle on a deep six. Changed...
  33. fishchasr

    Wind, Waves and Whales

    The forecast was marginal and hope was it wouldn't be as bad as they predicted. They were right. Crossing the bar was mostly uneventful, then head SW to the area we found the tuna a couple weeks ago. Lesson #1. We should have looked for better intel or followed the tuna charters. At about the...
  34. fishchasr


    Stupid question time. What other options are there for buying ice in Westport besides buying 10# bags at the Hungry Whale? What hours can you get ice at the Seafood place at the marina? Phone Numbers? Does anyone sell 50# bags? Bait is $5/# or $35/scoop (cash only) at the net pens starting...
  35. fishchasr

    Virgin Cherry Poppin' Albacore Carnage

    Where do I begin? I started prepping for this day over a year ago. Tuna hooks, clones, Boones Bird, gaff, leaders, rods, reels, charts, outriggers and seminars... Yes, Bo Palmer's Tuna Seminar at Sportsmans Wharehouse in Silverdale. Great info and great advice. Ready to go but no time in the...
  36. fishchasr

    Manchester Halibut?

    So one of my fishing buddies calls me up and says he caught a 80-90# Halibut off of Manchester on a large split tail scampi thing with front legs. He was out looking for Ling and didn't know he could keep the Hali so he let it go. Another boater said to him they ARE in season. I told him he...
  37. fishchasr

    Outboard Motor Bracket Preferrence?

    Okay, I finally picked up a Yamaha T9 long shaft kicker and now considering mounting options. 1998 Bayliner 2052 Trophy I/O, full length custom swim platform so obviously I'll have to modify it by cutting off one fourth of the platform or cutting a hole in it and dropping it through. I also...
  38. fishchasr

    No Keepers in MA-9

    I took two co-workers, Len and Dave out to Possession Bar this morning and was rewarded with a terrific boat ride basted in unseasonably but glorious sunshine. We began on the West side of the bar following the outgoing tide and had a difficult time tracking the 120 line due to wind and current...
  39. fishchasr

    Canadian Halibut Limit for 2010

    According to the following link, 2010 Canadian Halibut Limit in area 121 is now 1 with a possession limit of 2. Washington limits are also 1 with a possession limit of 2. B.C. hali season however is open 7 days/week. Question: Is it legal to launch from Neah Bay on 13 and 15 May, catch one...
  40. fishchasr

    FYI: Puget Sound halibut fishing seasons set

    I wonder how much of this will change before it finally makes it out in print from WDFW? Reprinted from the Seattle Times on 20 Feb 2010: Puget Sound halibut fishing seasons set While state Fish and Wildlife is awaiting final adoption of the halibut seasons for inner-Puget Sound by the...
  41. fishchasr

    Jarstad Blackmouth Derby MA-10

    My daughter and I launched our Trophy from Brownsville at Oh-Dark-Thirty (0630) with my friend Todd onboard. Some friendly advice warned us of lots of debris everywhere so we broke out the spotlight and shined our way out through Agate Pass to Jefferson Head. Since the tide was still coming in...
  42. fishchasr

    Ace Line Hauler

    Looking for a new or slightly used Ace Line Hauler for shrimp pot pulling. Thanks