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  1. lamnidae

    Jumping Tuna,Batman !!!!!! Late report 7-24-15

    Worked the La Jolla Canyon area out to the buoy, then along the southern edge moving eastward. Water was 72-74.5. Lots of temperature breaks. No paddies inside, but found some north of the buoy, on the outside. Some free swimming Dorado on the outside. Bluefin jumping everywhere, inside and...
  2. lamnidae

    North 9 Strikeout 7-12

    Launched out of MB at 0630. Minimal wait at the bait barge and was greeted with, "we only have anchovies". Possible game changer. Bought a scoop for chum and having the hope the some straggler sardines might be in there. Experienced a beautiful sunrise . As I'm re-rigging for the smaller baits...
  3. lamnidae

    3/4 day Dorado

    On the Seaforth site, this was listed: Alexes 3/4 Day 1 Bonito, 1 Dorado Anyone know any details or was it a fluke?