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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Nice work!
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    For Sale Ten used bolt-on stainless rodholders

    I'll take 'em.. Gonna send you a pm.
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    Prayers to you and your family.
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    For Sale Helm Chairs

    Damn, those are nice!
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    Looks like tuna season is over

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    Sewage spill

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    Giving Thanks for my BD Brothers

    Happy Thankgiving to all BDer's and especially to all currently enlisted, Veterans and their families! Thank You!!!
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    For Sale 1990 Cabo Marine Cuddy Con 256

    I believe this boat sold in April. I looked into it back then...
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    For Sale Hydra-Sport Vector

    Awesome song selection on the Fusion! :rockin:
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    For Sale Upgraded Honda 400ex

    Great all-around quads and Wheelie machines!!!!
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    For Sale Cabo 216 trailer + boat project

    Doesn't mean you're any safer than anyone else. Bayliner's, Bertram's and Edgewater's go down too. Cabo's are great boats. Lot's of great boats out there. Shit happens and can happen to any boat. Every situation is different.
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    For Sale Stainless rod racks

    Very nice work!
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    For Sale Stainless rod racks

    Do you have a pic of the 13 rack? Thanks
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    WTB Honda bf150
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    For Sale Cabo 216 trailer + boat project

    Great hull and cool project for someone! Will be watching for the restore thread on this one...
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    For Sale Radar

    Cant view attachment. How much?
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    For Sale Honda XR650R up for grabs!

    Nice, clean bike! Even though they are two completely different bikes, seeing that makes me think of my old CR500. Man, I miss that thing. Absolute BEAST! Not to mention, I had it ported too. Most of my freinds refused to even throw a leg over it... LOL
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    Limits of Yellowfin and Yellowtail off a Kelp Patty

    Hardcore, you're not only HARDCORE, you're an ANIMAL!!! Always enjoy your reports and videos. Glad you made it back in safely.
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Glad you didn't lose the boat completely. Hopefully you can start a new "Cabo 216 rebuild" thread. :beerbang:
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Sorry to here that... Glad your friends are ok!
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Yeah, I too was concerned about the sturdiness of the splash guard. I probably went with a thinner material than most. Surprisingly, once it's mounted, it did the job and felt very secure. Every boat is different. Like you said, it's a safety issue. The drier you can keep the deck, the better.
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Did this mod to my last 18' center console. Absolute game changer!!!! Made a huge difference! Because the starboard I used was somewhat transparent, when I was drifting and a wave would hit it, I could see how much water it'd just saved from coming into the boat. Seriously the best mod I made...
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Since these boats are so rare, we should start a new meet up group, "Cabo's and coffee." Meet at a location, marina or wherever and check out each other's boats. :beerbang:
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Wow! Beauuuutiful job on that!! So nice and clean! Perfect fit and function. Looks AWESOME!!!
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    WTB Leaf springs has everything...
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    These guys made some Cabo windshields. I'm sure they can make the hatch. Let us know if you decide to do it and how it comes out...
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Can you post a couple of pics of it?
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    Cabo Boat Owners

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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Looks great! How did you cut the 5" hole?
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    SOLD Stewart Longboard

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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Cool that "Fishbones" has a picture of that area. Just a thought, assuming you cannot access the hose clamps, dig out enough foam to access the drain hose. Attach another piece of hose or pvc to the existing drain in the bottom of the hull with some clamps. Run it up inside and over the existing...
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    Pappy takes a Plunge

    LOL Awesome! Great job man!
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    For Sale Parker 2820 Sport Cabin

    Great video, very informative. Awesome boat!!
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    For Sale 2009 make 265cc center console

    1050 on one motor and 1200 on the other?
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    8/25/19 Liberty Full Day

    Before/after pics... Hilarious!!! :rofl:
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    6 miles west of La Salina marina

    ^^^^^"Never slow the jig down when they are chasing, oops I mean boat" LOL LOL
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    6 miles west of La Salina marina

    Saw a similar video on the news a few days ago out of San Diego. 2 of them jumping, one on each side of the guys wake. Really cool.
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    For Sale 23’ prolinecuddy 16,000

    Exact reason I hate H.O.A's. Buncha nosey, whiney bitches with too much time on their hands and wanna be in everybody's business 24/7. No thanks!
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    For Sale 24 Foot Custom pilot house

    Yep, no dice on the pictures...
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    For Sale Bayliner Trophy 2502 Walkaround with Hardtop

    The name plate should be close to the steering wheel/controls area with the weight rating, how many persons, and horsepower max rating. The problem is not getting it insured because many agents will "sell" you a policy but if you have and accident the insurance company will deny the claim if...
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    For Sale Bayliner Trophy 2502 Walkaround with Hardtop

    Just curious for insurance purposes, does the name plate still show a max of 350hp or has it been updated/increased to 450hp as a result of the transom work done? According to a Bayliner info pdf, the max rating for that hull is 350 hp (2 motors @ 175hp ea.)
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    My Parker 2120

    Cool! Where'd ya find it in red?
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    7/7/2019 Catalina Yellowtail

    What an Awesome picture of you and your son. You have to frame it! You'll both treasure that photo forever! Great job!!
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    For Sale 24’ OSY CC REDUCED to sell fast $17k OBO

    According to this article, 2006 was affected as well. Just have it checked and plan accordingly...
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    For Sale 98 21 Bay Champ W/06 225 Merc optimax

    Off Shore bait tanks which is now Blue Water bait tanks if I'm not mistaken. Seriously, I got into some nasty chopped up swells many times and was always amazed at how well the bait held up. I will buy the exact same tank again for my next boat. Here it is on my center console...
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    For Sale 98 21 Bay Champ W/06 225 Merc optimax

    I had the EXACT same bait tank in my center console. I couldn't kill the bait in it if I tried. I'll vouch that it works insanely well!! Comfortable to sit on too. Nice boat!
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    For Sale 2015 Sea Hunt BX 22 BR

    "T-top with built in fresh water misters" AWESOME!!!! BEST OPTION EVER!! :cheers:
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    For Sale 2005 EDGEWATER 225 CC

    Was the exhaust updated?
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    WTB Parker 2120 in CA

    I've seen 2120's for your budget, even under it, but they were out of state. You can usually have it transported in for about $1 a mile. More work, yes, but it can certainly be worth it if you need to stick to a certain budget. Good luck in your search.
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    For Sale 18’ invader reefrunner center console

    Nice motor warranty. Piece of mind. :food-smiley-014:
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    They should make it so your ad wont post unless you have a price. :D
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    Man oh man, WHY, WHY, WHY, do we have to go thru this "You MUST put a PRICE in your ad" thing every freaking time??? It gets so old...:deadhorse
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    Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    Awesome story! Freaking Hilarious!!! My wife was asking me "What's so funny?" Thanks for the laughs! :rofl:
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    For Sale Parker 2310 - $33,000

    I'd like to hear this response as well. Is it difficult/easy get to the front to fish? Sold my center console which was obviously easy to get around on but am looking for something with more protection from the elements but that is still easy to get to the front while fighting a fish or just to...
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    For Sale Parker 2310 - $33,000

    ...SOLD, SOLD, SOLD....
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    For Sale Custom Switch Panels

    Cool! Can you post more pics of different switches and starboard stuff you've made?
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    For Sale Custom 16’ CC

    Very nice! Sooo clean!!
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    For Sale 2016 Custom MYCO Trailer for Albemarle 27/28/280 29ft Boats

    Man, a boat with air conditioning, yesss pleeeze!:cheers:
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    For Sale Chevy Tahoe 2004 $4250 OBO

    Pictures would be helpful...
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    101,425,302, Coranado Islands Friday ( Video )

    Cool video! Conditions looked perfect too!
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    For Sale 2006 Everglades Center Console $78,900

    Man, where do I start?... Well, with that tackle drawer/livewell setup-AWESOME!!! Absolutely killer setup! Dream boat for me...
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    Repower Question for 1998 2510DV

    Man, I can't wait to hear all about this... Looks great!
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    2320 Tow Vehicle

    For any of you that want to upgrade to a 3/4 ton for better and safer towing without breaking the bank on a new truck or even a diesel for that matter, consider a Chevy 2500hd 8.1 liter big block. That's a 496 cubic inch beast under the hood that pulls like a freight train and is a blast to...
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    SOLD 2007 2101 Striper w/alaskan pkg

    I'm sure they were grinning from ear to ear. I know I would've been! Beautiful setup!
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    SOLD 2007 2101 Striper w/alaskan pkg

    People, take note: THIS IS HOW YOU WRITE AN AD TO SELL A BOAT!! My hat is off to you Sir! Absolutely beautifully cared for and loaded with every possible thing you could want. Even a pencil holder for your log book! AWESOME boat and write up! :worship:
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    SOLD 2014 Striper 2601 WA

    Nice boat! Really like the Alaska package! Such a clean look...
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    SD Bay Light Line Corbina Released ( Video )

    I just learned something new... Over the years, I've heard it mentioned both ways but didn't know what was correct, so I googled it: California = Corbina South America = Corvina
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    For Sale 2006 29ft Wellcraft Coastal with twin Yamaha 250hp 4- strokes

    Looks super clean! Aaaaaaaannnnd the price izzzzzz?????
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    SD Bay Light Line Corbina Released ( Video )

    Very cool! And perfect weather to boot!
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    PB big butt

    Funny... I just tried to look it up. Saw one that looks close but not sure if it's the same. Looks like the color is called "Crystal"....???
  72. Rivertrip

    PB big butt

    Awesome!!!! That thing's a Beast!:appl:
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    Useful Modifications

    FWIW, I installed a permatrim on my 18' Center Console with a Yamaha F115 four stroke. OMG, Huuuuge difference getting outta the hole and in overall performance. Probably dollar for dollar the best mod I've ever done...
  74. Rivertrip

    For Sale 2003 24' Robalo R235 WA great condition

    A little more info would be helpful... What year is the boat? What year is the motor? How many hours on the motor? Has the exhaust update been done? Is there a trailer? Is it Aluminum? Condition of trailer? Fuel tank size? Range? Speed? More pics.. cabin etc.. and so many more questions...but...
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    8/18 8/19 PLK

    Great report! Gotta enjoy days like that when you get em... Very cool!
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    WTB Boat: purchased.

    Yeah, do a thread on the restoration! :devil:
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    For Sale Ocean ready tuna killer bayliner

    [QUOTE="Jones-White, post: 4633227, cChase the tuna tomorrow LOL
  78. Rivertrip

    7/13 tuna report

    Awesome report!
  79. Rivertrip

    7-11 Free Slurpees

    Awesome pictures!!!!!
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    WTB WTB 22ish/24 radon/Anderson

    Searching the backyards, orchards, and usual Craig’s list. LOL
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    For Sale 1965 33' Owens Brigantine

    I like the look of it. Be cool to do a restoration on. Rear deck looks like it's got lotsa room for 3 or 4 guys to fish.
  82. Rivertrip

    Spent the weekend working on Sticky Business (Parker 2320)

    "All I can say is I don’t see a job offer any time soon from the people at SeaDeck. But then again it cost $60 bucks." This ^^^ had me rollin' :rofl: At least you're trying. I give you an A for that.
  83. Rivertrip

    FREE Help this young SSGT USMC - Rods Stolen...

    Lee, sorry to hear this. If I owned my own company, I'd hire you instantly! Things happen for a reason. I'm sure you'll find something better and in a healthier environment. Thank you for your service to others and to our country! Keep your chin up Brother! Good things WILL come your way!
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    How many hours on the motor? Has the exhaust been done? Is there a trailer?
  85. Rivertrip

    Monday Rockpile and Mexican Navy

    Thank you for this info! :cheers:
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    WTB Tacoma or 4Runner

    Forget the supercharger, turbo that thing! A buddy of mine had the TRD supercharged version. He sold the supercharger and put a turbo on it. Took it to Qualcomm race night and smoked a new corvette. The guy with the corvette couldn't believe it... (Hahaha, Awesome..) He figured out a way to...
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    If that changes, let us know.
  88. Rivertrip

    WTB Metal Transom Rod Holder

    This is someone else's thread. But, yes, I still have it brand new in the box. It's never been outta the bubble-wrap.
  89. Rivertrip


    Can you get other brands? Anything BUT Yeti. Will NOT support that company and many others wont anymore either...
  90. Rivertrip

    Islands 6-19

    Good report and story!!...Man, I bet there are some good stories about ditching those guys (Mexican Navy), getting boarded etc.. Love to hear them.. Maybe we should start a thread about it...
  91. Rivertrip

    Battery Recommendation

    ^^^ This has been my experience with 3 factory agm batteries in a car I dont drive much. I let them go dead (garage queen). On each battery, once it was discharged, I was unable to bring it back to life. I stick with the factory battery on that car (german) to the tune of $300 a piece-ouch...
  92. Rivertrip

    Battery Recommendation

    Yes, tons o' power to start the boat!
  93. Rivertrip

    Battery Recommendation

    Ditto on the dual 6-volt Trojan T-105's. Had 2 of these on my rv. They lasted 10 years! If you're interested in them, look on Craigslist. Just type in Trojan T-105 in the search bar. There's at least one guy locally that sells them on there.
  94. Rivertrip

    For Sale Dock side bait pen

    Great job on these Cole! These things are so damn cool! The crowder, the whole thing. Just bitchin! Wish I had a use for one. Heck, maybe I'll buy one for a conversation piece. Man-cave, set my beer on it. Very cool man!!
  95. Rivertrip

    Late report:Pursuit at Catalina

    Well written. You should be an author.
  96. Rivertrip

    For Sale Gauging interest - Snapon metric socket sets

    How much for each and where are you located?
  97. Rivertrip

    For Sale 2006 Parker 2320 Loaded Tower Electronic Yamaha 250 No bottom paint better hurry!

    Congratulations to the new boat owner! Nice ride! Just in time for the season. Went out of SD bay yesterday and the ramp was packed by 5:30am. Perfect weather and the water is warming up. People are getting excited!...
  98. Rivertrip

    For Sale Grady White Chase 263 turn key

    What year is the hull? Year and hours on the motors? Is there a trailer? Thanks
  99. Rivertrip

    For Sale 2015 SEA HUNT BX 22 BR FOR SALE

    Just curious because you said it's never been left in the water overnight, is that bottom paint or is the gelcoat black?
  100. Rivertrip

    Remember why you are free

    THANK YOU to all who have served, past and present!!
  101. Rivertrip

    For Sale 4x4 RV

    Yeah, that's pretty cool. Dont see many 4x4 rv's. There are a lot of places that would give you piece of mind...
  102. Rivertrip

    For Sale 2006 Parker 2320 Loaded Tower Electronic Yamaha 250 No bottom paint better hurry!

    It may be a moot point, but it'd still be cool to see more pics and how it's set up. I think everyone enjoys looking at these boats...Looking to get one in the future. :food-smiley-014:
  103. Rivertrip

    For Sale 2006 Parker 2320 Loaded Tower Electronic Yamaha 250 No bottom paint better hurry!

    Can you post more detailed info and pics? ...and who's Billy? :D
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    For Sale Bait Receiver/ Pen

    Wow, those are super cool, nice job!! :worship:
  105. Rivertrip

    For Sale SOLD~DELETE

    If by chance you really dont need the money, may I suggest taking it out to a field and shooting it like so many others are doing with their Yeti coolers. Then, post the video for everyone to enjoy! (and dont forget to send the video to Yeti)...
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    FREE NOT MINE! Skipjack 24 open Free

    Cool project for someone that has the time and ability. If you were looking for something like this you cant beat the price...
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    For Sale 2004 26' Blackman $25,900.00

    Now $17500...
  108. Rivertrip

    150 to Izors

    Hahaha!!!! LOL Awesome...
  109. Rivertrip

    For Sale 26' Wilson with twin Honda 250s and cucumber dive permit

    Fyi.... clicked on the craigslist post to check it out. Says "post is expired"
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    WTB Metal Transom Rod Holder

    I have this brand new in the box. I was going to mount it on the back of my bait tank but it was just a little too wide for it. Didn't react in time and lost the ability to return it to Amazon. I paid $98.57+8.62 tax = $107.19 Make me a good offer of $75 and I'll bring it to San Diego. I live in...
  111. Rivertrip

    For Sale 2003 60' Hatteras Convertible West Coast Rigged *Price Reduced*

    Hahaha, that's EXACTLY what I thought the second I saw it...beautiful boat, it just doesnt fit...
  112. Rivertrip

    For Sale Pursuit 2470cc for sale

    Ignore haters.... I saw your boat on THT as I bounce between both sites. It looks real nice! Great setup. A lot of great boats for sale back east. Wish we had that kind of volume out here. Glws
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    2002 30’ Grady White Marlin - $65,000 OBO

    Boat looks very nice and well kept! Hours on the motors? Is there a trailer?
  114. Rivertrip

    Weekend Warrior FS2600 Toy Hauler - $9500 - PRICE NEGOTIABLE

    I had a 2002 fs3000 (30ft) for 13 years with the exact same layout as this (just 4 ft longer) and the same 4k Onan generator. Just sold it recently. I absolutely LOVED it!!! That 4k Onan is a workhorse. It ran flawlessly the entire 13 years i had it and had about 950hrs when I sold it. I cant...
  115. Rivertrip

    Porta-Bote Genesis 3 Barn Find - $125

    That's REALLY cool!! Perfect for putting on top of a camper or motorhome and taking to the Sierra's (or anywhere). A great score for the buyer! Congrats!!!
  116. Rivertrip

    1/26 slow day in th LBC

    Saving the dolphin, that's cool! Big ocean out there, it's amazing that you even saw it. Nice job!
  117. Rivertrip

    Looking for boat transportation.

    This is a great recommendation based on real experience. The fact that the shipper got it out here quickly, safely, and stayed in constant contact with the buyer is awesome!! People like this are hard to find! Like others here, I've been looking on the east coast as well for another boat. If I...
  118. Rivertrip

    1-4 (Thurs) Whistler buoy...

    On the water at 6am & headed to the bait barge. Got a 1/2 scoop and headed out to the whistler buoy with the herd. Beautiful sunny morning, air was warm and calm. Trolled all around, no luck. Then, bounced around working the bottom, still nothing. By 9am probably a good 40 boats working the...
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    trying to find a rod

    Available here:
  120. Rivertrip

    Merry Fishmas!

    A Christmas both of you will remember forever! Awesome!!!!
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    SOLD 37 Topaz express 40K

    Congrats on the sale of a very nice boat! It'll be a Merry Christmas to the seller and the buyer!!
  122. Rivertrip

    Wellcraft Excel 24' Walkaround - Low Hours / Extended Warranty / Great Electronics

    Wow.... Again, nobody saw or heard anything?? Come on guys, let's make these guys feel better with some good stories until their boat is found! Don't be bashful, tell us about the time you hit the guy with a baseball bat or put a gun to the head of the guy you caught trying to steal your boat...
  123. Rivertrip

    Wellcraft Excel 24' Walkaround - Low Hours / Extended Warranty / Great Electronics

    How come these A-holes never get caught?? Love to hear some stories where they DID get caught!
  124. Rivertrip

    WTS - Daiwa and Shimano reel

    Did you sell the Saltist 20? If you still have it, I might be able to meet you off of the 15 on your way back to Corona...
  125. Rivertrip

    1989 Radoncraft 22'

    I see these responses quite often on BD and wonder the same thing. I too believe it brings value for many different reasons, one of which is I'm looking for a different boat. Because of these responses, I've wondered if I'd get the same response when I go to post my cc for sale. I've logged on...
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    Grady White Offshore 24_ 225 Yamaha 4 Stroke $12,500

    Hows that for an "honest" ad?? I'm in the market for a different boat so I'm perusing the ads. While this boat is different than what I'm looking for, I just want to say that I REALLY appreciate your honesty. You're upfront about what you know and what you don't know, what it might need or not...
  127. Rivertrip

    25 skipjack fisherman

    I bet it sounds awesome! I was just wondering about the "ballpark" mileage to gauge range. It always makes me laugh when people get into long arguments about mileage on short-range trips (not referring to boats but to trucks and towing toys to the desert for example). I'm with you 100% on...
  128. Rivertrip

    25 skipjack fisherman

    Wondering what type of fuel numbers you get... I have that 496ci in my 2002 tow rig with the Alison trans. While the mileage in the truck is nothing to brag about , it's been the best tow vehicle I've ever had (100k heavy towing miles) and the 496 motor and transmission have been absolutely...
  129. Rivertrip

    2001 Albin 28 TE SOLD

    It's great to see a boat that has been appreciated and taken care of. This is evident just by the pictures. It's probably even nicer in person. Congrats on such a beautiful boat. If I were in the market, this would be gone!! Glws, someone will be very lucky to have her.
  130. Rivertrip

    Hi Paul, wondering about hiring you as a fishing guide. My cell is 619-six0two-237five. Thanks...

    Hi Paul, wondering about hiring you as a fishing guide. My cell is 619-six0two-237five. Thanks, Steve
  131. Rivertrip

    2001 Grady white 208 adventure 4 stroke

    More pics and info would be great, link says expired...
  132. Rivertrip

    Any takers out there today?

    wondering how today went for anyone fishing the 9..... How were the seas, and weather? Fish?? Appreciate the info.
  133. Rivertrip

    Can you text me your name and number? I'd like to call you. My number is 619-602-2375. Thanks...

    Can you text me your name and number? I'd like to call you. My number is 619-602-2375. Thanks, Steve.
  134. Rivertrip

    Not sure if this is a duplicate post but I saw a pic of your Kencraft. Wondering if I could get...

    Not sure if this is a duplicate post but I saw a pic of your Kencraft. Wondering if I could get some info on it. You can send me text or call. My cell is 619-602-2375. Thanks, Steve.