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  1. mrkrabs

    For Sale used rods for sale

    Calstar BWC-870-C 15-40lb. 7' $185.00 Penn Senator 3130RS-3/0 20-40lb. 6'6" $80.00 Daiwa Sealine Graphite custom SGC-23RS 50-80lb. extra heavy 7'-top and bottom rollers $130.00 Penn Mariner MB2050C66 20-50lb. 6'6" $75.00 Shimano Voltaeus VTC-C70MH 20-40lb. fast action 7' $60.00 All in great...
  2. mrkrabs

    For Sale VALCO U12-4 wide body with deep V

    Also comes with AROS Trailer. No rust, excellent shape. Comes with new tires and rims, not on yet. Trailer and boat have up to date paperwork. Comes with 2 seats, missing the mounts. Had out in the water a couple of weeks ago, no leaks. No motor. Asking $1500.00. mrkrabs
  3. mrkrabs

    Fire aboard a fishing boat

    Has anyone heard anything about the boat that was on fire last night at 11pm south of the boarder? Several serious injuries and possible missing fisherman. Prayers sent to everybody. mrkrabs
  4. mrkrabs

    Shark attack in Encinitas

    13 year old boy was diving for lobsters, bit in head and shoulder. he was air lifted to hospital. Let's pray for the boy. mrkrabs
  5. mrkrabs

    I have this next to my avatar, what does it mean?

    I've posted enough I should edit this post
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    For Sale Uniden CB Radio with antenna

    PRO 510xl Professional Mobile CB Radio with antenna. Like new. Local pick up only please. $50.00 mrkrabs
  7. mrkrabs

    SanDiego did great today

    29 anglers, 18 Bluefin, 32 YTail and 8 Yfin Tuna. Wish I could be out there too. Just giving heads up- go get them. mrkrabs
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    Local pick up in Santee only. Everything for $175.00
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  10. mrkrabs

    Not my report, just to let you know, Yellowfin at the Islands.

    ElGato out of Seaforth had 25 lb YF Tuna. Hope they stick around, go get them! mrkrabs
  11. mrkrabs

    For Sale tackel trolling lures for sale

    Trolling lures. They were my Dads, think they're for Yellow Fin. Asking $85.00 for all. Local pick up only please.
  12. mrkrabs

    Fathers Day Fishing and smoked Berry late report

    Son took me out on Seaforth pm boat, fished Point Loma. Lots of rod renters, needed combat boots. Fishing was OK. Ended up with Berrys and Bass. Little windy and choppy but sunny. Smoked some Berry today and turned out so good. mrkrabs
  13. mrkrabs

    SanDiego out of Seaforth

    Just wanted to pass on some info. SanDiego had 7 YT&2BF don't know what size. Just wanted to give heads up. They're here. mrkrabs
  14. mrkrabs

    For Sale American Custom 270-85CP 15/40lb glass rod

    American Custom 270-85CP 15/40lb rod. They don't make these anymore. $160.00. Local pick up and cash only. mrkrabs
  15. mrkrabs

    04-15-18 aboard the Newseaforth

    Had my 60th Birthday on Friday, my son took me out fishing today. It's so nice he has a job now and he can pay for the trip. Early morning was really slow, no current no wind. Beautiful morning. As we went on we found a couple good spots and did really well on the Reds and Barberpolls, They were...
  16. mrkrabs

    Have some rods, not sure what they're worth. ? help

    Shimano VOLTAEUS VTCC70MHLE70 20-40wt Fenwick Pacificstik Royale PR11967C7 10-25lb Shimano Titanos TA 70ML2040 Roddy Gatortail BH705 Seeker super rod 556480CT - this one I know I want $250.00. All rods like new
  17. mrkrabs


    31" to top step. Legs spring loaded so stays in place when on it. Perfect for RV /boat washing .$75.00
  18. mrkrabs

    Yellowtails are bitting at the Islands

    Just read Seaworth's report, 26 anglers -56 Yellowtail and 90 Reds. This is my kind of boat. Go get them, mrkrabs
  19. mrkrabs

    Check out this Pigzilla

  20. mrkrabs


    I haven't given Carl crap for awhile and where's that fruitcake Gil Marlin? mrkrabs
  21. mrkrabs

    Check out these home made jigs

    picked up these yesterday, they say CAD, think they're for wahoo. Everyone is a little different. I have 1 other jig that says BO-J, made by brothers in Ramona. What could they possibly be worth? mrkrabs
  22. mrkrabs


    Description: This brand new Exercise Cycling Bike has a 22lbs flywheel that provides resistance while biking. The bike is designed with a fully adjustable seat with cushioned handle bars for comfort. There's no need to hit the gym or pay for those expensive cycling classes anymore. With this...
  23. mrkrabs

    12 qt. MIRRO Pressure Canner

    like new. asking $50.00
  24. mrkrabs


    1996 12' Portaboat. Many extras, swivel seats, floorboards, anchor and fish finder. Used to be my Dads, selling for my Mom, asking $600.00 OBO
  25. mrkrabs


    TEKOTA 700 self leveling line with 80lb spectra, a few scratches, a great reel. $140.00 American Custom 270-85CP 15/40lb $250.00. rod in excellent shape
  26. mrkrabs

    BBQ grillware propane smoker for sale

    Great shape, ready for smoking. Asking $140.00, maybe make a trade for some tuna. mrkrabs. 619-562-4352
  27. mrkrabs

    Could this be Carl?

  28. mrkrabs

    Hey Carl

  29. mrkrabs

    Little Carl on the road

    Little Carl was playing with something in the road. The local Priest came up to him and said, "hello, little Carl. What's that your playing with?" Little Carl replied, "it's Sulphuric acid." "You mustn"t play with that," gasped the Priest, "it's dangerous." Little Carl...
  30. mrkrabs

    ? about Zodiac rib 10'

    I have a 1989 Zodiac C310, 10.17' .Looks like it's in pretty good shape, and I have the oars and pump. It's holding air. The only thing missing is the seat. I was wondering what you think is a fair price? mrkrabs
  31. mrkrabs

    Donald Trump emailed Hillary Clinton

    I think this is pretty damn funny, mrkrabs
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  33. mrkrabs

    RIVAL SEAL A MEAL $45.00

    No bags.Local pick up only, Santee. 619-562-4352
  34. mrkrabs

    The New Seaforth 1/2 day had 6 BlueFin

    Go get them boys.
  35. mrkrabs

    San Diego Seaforth 3/4 day boat, Bluefin

    San Diego had 13 Blue fin and still counting, up to 60 lbs. Time to dust your shit off and go. Rock fish is up in LaJolla as well. mrkrabs
  36. mrkrabs

    Trolling Lures

    Jet heads, daisy chains, zukers, etc. These were my Dads, I would like to sell them in 1 lot. All are rigged and ready to go. Local pick up only. Trying to help out my Mom. Asking $350.00 for all. Also have 7 trout rods, 2 with reels -slingshot spinner and Abu Garcia level line, Asking $250.00...
  37. mrkrabs

    Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year, even Carl.

    With very best wishes and a fishy New Year. mrkrabs
  38. mrkrabs

    12 Drugs of Christmas

  39. mrkrabs

    Rudolf the deep throat reindeer

    Be prepared, mrkrabs
  40. mrkrabs

    Custom deck hand rod

    American custom 270-8f-15/40lb. Excellent shape. Local pick up only. $250.00
  41. mrkrabs

    Happy Thanksgiving

    From mrkrabs and Family. Hope every one has a safe and bitchin Thanksgiving.
  42. mrkrabs

    Looking for a detail guy for my truck

    anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it. mrkrabs
  43. mrkrabs

    Big Ass Bluefin on the Malahini

    I bet that kid's pretty damn happy, bet he will fish for the rest of his life. mrkrabs
  44. mrkrabs

    The perfect day

    Oldie but Goodie: The Perfect Day for Him 6:00 Alarm 6:15 Blow job 6:30 Massive, satisfying shit while reading the sports section 7:00 Breakfast: steak and eggs, coffee and toast, all cooked by a naked, buxom wench who bends over a lot 7:30 Limo arrives 7:45 Several beers on...
  45. mrkrabs


    My son was on a box od Wheaties, my girlfriend was a centerfold for Playboy and my wife's' picture was on the back of a milk carton :D:D mrkrabs
  46. mrkrabs

    Here's a joke

    Here is a joke... A travelling salesman arrived in a small town and stopped into the local bar. When he got inside, he saw a horse in a small corral in a corner of the room. There was a sign over the horse that said "ask bartender about contest." Curiosity got to the salesman, so...
  47. mrkrabs

    Hey Carl, I found your dog

  48. mrkrabs

    Hey Bruce Jenner, are you ready yet?

  49. mrkrabs

    Koala and the lizard

    A koala was sitting in a gum tree smoking a joint, when a little lizard walked past, looked up and said, 'Hey Koala! What are you doing?' The koala said, 'Smoking a joint, come up and have some.' So the little lizard climbed up and sat next to the koala where they enjoyed a few joints...
  50. mrkrabs

    Carl goes to the Doctor

  51. mrkrabs

    My dog figured out what to do with the seals!

    Seal sausage. mrkrabs
  52. mrkrabs

    12' X 5' Hauling Trailer

    New tires, current registration. Great work trailer. $850.00
  53. mrkrabs

    Look Mom I'm white

    cancel post
  54. mrkrabs

    I Smoke Marijuana

    I smoke marijuana cause I like to get high here's some Americana Washington smoked pot so tell me why can't I? he was a ganga farmer he wanted to be free he used it to make paper now we wipe our asses on old growth trees the Declaration of Independence Constitution and the Bill of Rights ain't...
  55. mrkrabs

    Can anyone tell me what this is worth?

    It's a Blue Water H-I UTICA , has 2 eyes and is 6' tall. mrkrabs
  56. mrkrabs

    Vintage Blue Water H-I Utica N.Y. rod and reel

    Picked this up a few months ago, looks like a 6' rod with 2 eyes and made out of wood. Can any one tell me about this, what did they catch on it and what's it worth. mrkrabs
  57. mrkrabs

    1/27/15 78 anglers on the New Seaforth

    Good news is 45 Yellowtail, sure glad I'm not fishing with 78 anglers, that would be hell, mrkrabs
  58. mrkrabs

    costa rica stamps

    A woman goes to the doctor and says " I am keep pulling Costa Rica stamps out of my vagina". The doctor says "What?!" She says, "Yes. I keep pulling Costa Rica stamps out of my vagina." Doc says "Get up on the table and lets have a look.". She gets up on the table, spreads her legs and he pulls...
  59. mrkrabs

    costa rica stamps

    A woman goes to the doctor and says " I am keep pulling Costa Rica stamps out of my vagina". The doctor says "What?!" She says, "Yes. I keep pulling Costa Rica stamps out of my vagina." Doc says "Get up on the table and lets have a look.". She gets up on the table, spreads her legs and he pulls...
  60. mrkrabs

    Winter time yellows

    Just read the San Diego out of Seaforth had 27 people and 90 yellow tail, yo yo style. Sucks right now works slow and boats fucked up. Oh well, maybe in the next week I can go out. mrkrabs
  61. mrkrabs

    Black Avatars

    What's going on with the black avatars? Anyone else having this problem? mrkrabs
  62. mrkrabs

    I was arrested for

    making love to a dolphin. My wife said "That's it, I'm leaving you." I said, "No problem, there are plenty more fish in the sea."
  63. mrkrabs

    the night before christmas

    The night before Christmas in the trailer park < New-too-this > 12/11 04:50 T’ was the night before Christmas and all through the trailer my cousins were snoring like six drunken sailors. The children were nestled all snug in their beds with the home shopping network still stuck in their...
  64. mrkrabs


    > 12/10 07:21 A man walks into a bar, notices a very large jar on the counter, and sees that it's filled to the brim with $10 bills. He guesses there must be at least ten thousand dollars in it. He approaches the bartender and asks, "What's with the money in the jar?" "Well..., you pay $10, and...
  65. mrkrabs

    Amazing 3D Tatoos

    I like tattoos< I would definitely get one of these. Get the hook in the foot
  66. mrkrabs

    I Fucked up, need help

    As I was getting ready to go fishing I was backing out of the driveway and didn't realize my engine was low. I bent the lower fin on the lower unit. What is the best way to straighten it out? mrkrabs
  67. mrkrabs

    Elderly man goes to the doctor

    There was an elderly man who wanted to make his younger wife pregnant. So, he went to the doctor to have a sperm count done. The doctor told him to take a specimen cup home, fill it, and bring it back the next day. The elderly man came back the next day and the specimen cup was empty and the lid...
  68. mrkrabs

    a guy traveling through mexico

    A guy traveling through Mexico < BarryBites > 12/01 23:32 on vacation lost his wallet and all of his identification. Cutting his trip short, he attempted to make his way home but was stopped by the U.S. Customs Agent at the border. "May I see your identification, please?" asked the agent...
  69. mrkrabs

    Beautiful day on the water Fri the 28th

    Got to Dana Landing around 6am, headed to our spot, hardly any wind, was able to run 35mi/hr to our spot. Pretty slow pickings all morning long. It was funny that we've been fishing these spots and we would only get 1or 2 sculpin, and since they've closed it down till jan, and yesterday it was...
  70. mrkrabs

    Heading out Fri the 28th and hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving

    Heading to Dana Landing around 5am, targeting rock fish and lings. My son and I have been looking at Google Earth, picked up a few numbers, hoping to find some new honey holes. Will have report tomorrow afternoon. Happy Thanksgiving from the Beckett Family. mrkrabs
  71. mrkrabs

    Little Johnnys Thanksgiving

    Little Johnny... Thanksgiving Greetings Previous Next One day, Little Johnny overheard his parents fighting. Later, he asked what "bitch" and "bastard" mean. They explained that they mean "lady" and "gentleman." The next day, he overheard his parents having sex. He later asked what "penis" and...
  72. mrkrabs

    Man tells doctor

  73. mrkrabs

    Dear Husband

  74. mrkrabs

    ? about boat cover

    Well I've had this boat cover about a year now and it has some mold inside and outside is pretty dirty. I was thinking of taking it down to the laundry mat, add some bleach and tide and run it thru the machine. There's no rips so I think it should be OK. Is this a good idea or bad idea? mrkrabs
  75. mrkrabs

    Check this Elk out

    Biggest one I've ever seen. Sure wish I had some Elk. mrkrabs
  76. mrkrabs

    Tribute overnight had 2 Wahoo

    Just read the Tribute out of Seaforth had 2 Wahoo at 50 lbs each. Anyone going out this weekend I wish you luck. mrkrabs
  77. mrkrabs

    NASA releases haunting images of the sun

    Saw this this morning, thought I would share. mrkrabs
  78. mrkrabs

    10-05-14 Nothing to bark at.

    Was running a little late in the morning, got to Dana Landing around 6am. Took off over towards Point Loma. Got to our 1st stop, dropped to the bottom and there was no current. It was very warm out and like glass out there. Played with the lings for awhile but no go. Headed back over the...
  79. mrkrabs

    The search for local Lingcod

    My son and I are leaving out of Dana Landing at 530, primarily looking for lingcod. We're first going over to OB Pier then over to the green tanks then probably back over to LaJolla. A little hint on where to catch lingcod would be great. Will have report tomorrow afternoon. Thanks, mrkrabs
  80. mrkrabs

    Sex test for rednecks

    SEX TEST FOR REDNECKS < deep_throat_annie > 10/01 17:49 A menstrual cycle has three wheels. True or False Asphalt describes rectal problems. True or False Spread Eagle is an extinct bird. True or False Vagina is a medical term used to describe a Heart Attack. True or False The clitoris...
  81. mrkrabs


    Got to Dana Landing at 530, got the boat all put together and then on our way to our spot. Winds were coming out of the South. pretty lumpy out there. Water was clear and blue. Got to our numbers, dropped down the bottom, double reds right of the bat .And that's pretty much how it went for 2...
  82. mrkrabs

    Holy shit, raining like hell here in SAntee

    feels kind of nice actually, it's about time to see some weather. mrkrabs
  83. mrkrabs

    La jolla rock fish 09/15

    Got to Dana Landing at 5am, got to our spot at 530, absolutely beautiful out there, even saw a rainbow. A little bit of currant that's about it. Had plenty of fish by 1100 and headed home. Nice fishing day! mrkrabs
  84. mrkrabs

    The hunt for Yellow in La jolla and some rock fishing 09/15

    Going to be in the water at 5am, heading toward the NW canyon, do a little trolling looking for yellows. If no luck we'll head to our favorite spot and catch some big reds. Will have pics and report 09/15. mrkrabs
  85. mrkrabs

    Is this Carl?It might be a bit disturbing

    I don't know what to say, mrkrabs
  86. mrkrabs


    Daiwa High speed BW2 $10.00, Daiwa Triforce-Z150iV $10.00, SILSTAR Starlite Pro $10.00Tackle bag $65.00, Tackle box $15.00,Scampies in the bucket $25.00 for bucket, trolling skirts $20.00 for all, misc. tackle-make offers. Broddy Powermaster PSW-8 $50.00.Lead weights $50.00 for all
  87. mrkrabs

    Rockfish Bonanza

    Decided to go out and do a little rockfishing this am with my son. Unfortunatley I can't get out to fish the yellowfin.Luckily I have a nice neighbor that shares. Got to our spot around 6, the winds were up a little and the currents were up a bit.Our 1st drop was a really nice red and 1 really...
  88. mrkrabs

    Tribute 07/24 & 25 overnight

    Arrived at the boat at 8pm, grabbed our bunks and put rods on the rack, went in the galley and was pretty impressed. Galley was very clean, they had fresh Bluefin, chips and salsa for the quests. My son and I woke up at 430am, it was pretty rough but became calm with no winds. Started trolling...
  89. mrkrabs

    Headed out on the Tribute tonight 7/24

    Well it's my sons birthday today, can't believe he's 16. He wanted to go on an overnight so here we go. I have rods and reels ready, can't wait. We'll have a report sat am. mrkrabs
  90. mrkrabs

    Gil Marlin is too old to smoke fish, Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday you old fart . I was down at Dana landing this afternoon and heard you think you're pretty good at smoking fish, Too bad your getting to old to remember recipes. mrkrabs
  91. mrkrabs

    Awsome Taco Morning 06-22-14

    Left Dana Landing around 530, got to some our favorite spots around 545, water was 68 with light winds. Made our first drop and my son got a very nice red. Kind of slow pickings at first, started zigzagging heading up north. Around 830 all hell broke loose. We came to this 1 spot and we both...
  92. mrkrabs

    Fresh Halibut from Sea of Cortez

    I was looking for a good recipie. Was thinking of BBQ or fry or back? Any suggestions? Thanks, mrkrabs
  93. mrkrabs

    May 25 2014 Rock cod trip

    Well been waiting a long time, got the boat diled in thanks to Sunset Marine. Damn good mechanics down there. Got to Dana Landing at 05:30am, headed out to our special spot it was flat as could be, no wind. Stopped at the 1st spot, pretty slow at 1st, no current. Looked around could only find a...
  94. mrkrabs

    1994 Ford Ranger Splash, side step

    Odometer reads 160,000. 4.0 V-6. Runs good, dependable. Fresh smog. Any more questions email me.$2800.00 mrkrabs
  95. mrkrabs

    Happy Easter, I found Saluki

    Hope everyone has a nice Easter, and don't forget to have a good 420. mrkrabs
  96. mrkrabs

    Lead weights, tackle boxes

    I have 8- 2lb wts and 3- 3lb wts, asking $35.00 for all. UMCO tackle box $35.00.Wood tackle box $85.00. Local pick up only please. Thanks, mrkrabs
  97. mrkrabs


    Baja by Michelli. Excellent condition. Great place to put irons. Asking $150.00. Local sales only please. mrkrabs
  98. mrkrabs

    Happy Valentine's from Little Johnny

    Valentine's Day was quickly approaching and Little Johnny was anxious to receive and give Valentine cards during his classroom party, mainly because there were two girls he was particularly very fond of. The rest of his class received the usual "store bought" cheap Valentines that read cutsy "Be...
  99. mrkrabs

    60 Year Old Chopping Block

    This is an awesome piece, it 30"sq. X 34" tall. I'm asking $500.00 mrkrabs
  100. mrkrabs

    Is it a real giant sqid?

    I've been seeing this pic on the internet the last few days, I have a hard time believing this, they said it washed up on shore up north. I can't imagine being on a boat, fishing for squid and catching something like this. mrkrabs
  101. mrkrabs

    Happy New Year to all you Bloody Deckers

    Well I hope everyone had a successful fishing year. This has been an awesome year for me till the end, now I have pneumonia. So I'm just going to hang out at the house and be cool. Looking forward to doing more volunteer work, going to get the boat dialed in and start Halibut fishing. Be safe...
  102. mrkrabs


    New, never used. Local pick up, no shipping. Asking $65.00. mrkrabs
  103. mrkrabs

    Gil Marlin telling jokes when he was a young kid

    Duct tape and all. mrkrabs
  104. mrkrabs

    Check this out, I quess it was a little cold this am

    Went out to check on my boat and this is what I found. Pretty amazing. mrkrabs
  105. mrkrabs

    Haaaapy Thanksgiving

    Ode to Thanksgiving May your stuffing be tasty. May your turkey be plump. May your potatoes and gravy have nary a lump. May your yams be delicious and your pies take the prize. And may your Thanksgiving dinner stay off of your thighs! Thanksgiving Delights On Thanksgiving Day We're thankful...
  106. mrkrabs

    Little Tommy onnnnThanksgiving

    One day, little Tommy was walking past his parents room when he saw his mom and dad lying naked on the bed, he heard his dad say "touch my dick" and his mom say "feel my titties." later that day he asked his mom what dick and titties meant. She replied, "Well, dicks and titties are coats and...
  107. mrkrabs

    Trick or Treat

  108. mrkrabs

    Need help, boat hard to start and does not open up

    Took my boat out to Dana Landing this am, the boat had a hard time starting, once you shifted into gear she would shut off, After awhile she would warm up and seem to run just fine. So we took her to Mission Bay to open her up and we could not get past 10 mi/hr. Must have been the twilight zone...
  109. mrkrabs

    Need help installing transducer and a little help on bait tank

    Unfortunately the detail guy ripped the wire off my transducer, I bought a new one. I have an 18' Wellcraft center console, the wire needs to go under the deck to the center console and I'm having a hard time getting the wire thru. I also can't get the bait tank to work. So, I'm looking to...
  110. mrkrabs

    Boat cover and paint or polish boat bottom

    looking for someone to steer me in right direction. I have 18' Wellcraft center console. mrkrabs
  111. mrkrabs

    The New Holy Molyll

    Met Simon this morning at Oceanside Harbour and I think there was some kind of police convention going on and there was no place to park so we went up the road to another place to do a test run and that was a bust. We decided to have him show me what he could show me and did the paperwork and...
  112. mrkrabs

    Time for some upgrades, thanks to the lotto

    About a week ago I went to Fanita Liquor in Santee, bought a $10.00 scratcher, went back to the house, scratched the ticket off and my 1st # was 38, my second # was 38. At first I thought I won $20.00, instead it was $20,000. So I went to the lotto office and made it official today. I still...
  113. mrkrabs

    Doing an overnighter on the Aztec out of Seaforth 08-04-13

    Well I hear fishing has been pretty good but the counts are down a little bit. Taking my son out on an overnighter. Hopefully we do good. Any tips would be great. I'll be bringing a 30 and a 40, hopefully that will do me good. Does anybody know anything about the Aztec? Thanks, mrkrabs
  114. mrkrabs

    Trial run with my free boat in Lake Jennings, fishing for cat fish

    Well it's taken a couple of weeks that we've been working on the boat. We replaced the starter, the inlet water nipple in the out drive and redid the trailer lights. So this morning woke up, got ahold of the mechanic and headed to lake Jennings for cat fish. The boat purred like a kitten, since...
  115. mrkrabs

    Check out my free boat

    It's a 21' Seaswirl inboard/outboard. The boat's pretty damn clean, trailer could use some work. Came with a Raymarine Dual function Chartplotter. The only thing that I need to do is put a new starter in it. If anyone out there knows a good mechanic let me know. The boat was only out 3 weeks...
  116. mrkrabs

    Seaforth winter Yellow Tail

    Just checking out Seaforths fish reports and they had 4 on the boat this am and still playing with them. Break out the heavy yo yo gear. just wanted to give everybody the heads up. mrkrabs
  117. mrkrabs

    Down Jackets

    I have 2 mens down jackets. XL Bear force and Lg First Down jackets with hoods. Great shape, good for boating or snow wear. $75.00 each or both for $125.00. Local pick up only. mrkrabs
  118. mrkrabs

    Time for breakfast

    Well I have to say these photos are very interesting. Enjoy, mrkrabs
  119. mrkrabs

    Duck Hunting

    Thought this was pretty damn funny. mrkrabs
  120. mrkrabs


    Just read the NewSeaforth had 59 anglers and 700 squid. Holy shit that's a lot of squid. They sure are going to spend a lot of time at the jetty to clean them. Hoping to go tomorrow. Boat leaves at 4pm. mrkrabs
  121. mrkrabs

    Motorized Panama Jack Beach Cruiser Bike

    Excellent condition. Would like to get $400.00 OBO. Or $200.00 cash and a nice Bass reel. mrkrabs
  122. mrkrabs

    Sandy Hook Vigil

    Well I've been fighting this for days, and it really hits home, doesn't matter if they're 6 or 24, it's still horrible to loose a child. I'm usually not an emotional person but this hurts. So I've decided to make a little memorial in front of my house. My wife and I went out and bought 26...
  123. mrkrabs

    Turkey Rock fish Thanksgiving day

    Well this is one thing I'm going to do every year. Had 7 reservations but everyone cancelled but me and my son because of the swells. It was actually beautiful out there. There was 36 on the Seawatch. Cody and the crew are awesome on this boat. Didn't catch much but had a great time. Also found...
  124. mrkrabs

    Stuffing. Wishing all you BDs a Happy Thanksgiving

    Hope everybody's Thanksgiving is a good one. I'm taking my family, including my Mom, for a 1/2 day fishing on the Seawatch. Came across this pic. Too funny. mrkrabs
  125. mrkrabs

    Fishing Thanksgiving morning on the New Seaforth

    Will be fishing the New Seaforth on Thanksgiving morning from 6- 11:30 which will give everybody plenty of time to get back for turkey dinner.So far I have my Mom, sister, wife and son. Total of 5. Trying to get more people out for some fun fishing. Call Seaforth to make your reservations. mrkrabs
  126. mrkrabs

    Where's Carl?

    Well when I came across this picture my first thought was Carl.:rofl: mrkrabs
  127. mrkrabs

    Headed out on the New Seaforth afternoonboat

    So I've decided since it's going to be nice at the beach today, and Seaforth had a few YT yesterday, I'm going to surprise my kid and take him out of school to go fishing. Anybody want to meet up on the boat? we leave at 12:30. Hopefully we'll have some good pictures. I just picked up a Daiwa...
  128. mrkrabs

    Looking For New Bass Reel

    Hi my names Andrew and i'm Marty's son. Right now i have a 200$ limit for a new reel. I was wondering what would be the best reel for Calico Bass, Spotted Bass, and Sand Bass fishing. What would be the best brand? And the best model. Thanks for the feedback Andrew.
  129. mrkrabs

    Friend went to the doctors

    mrkrabs :rofl::rofl:
  130. mrkrabs

    Grandpa remembering the good old days

    Thought this was pretty funny, mrkrabs
  131. mrkrabs

    San Diego Yellow Tail

    The San Diego out of Seaforth had 112 Yellow Tail for 39 anglers. I'm saying shit, shit, shit, Wish I could have been on that boat. Some of the overnight boats did good too. And I'm still saying shit, shit, shit. I was on one trip like that and it was unbelievable. Hopefully a few guys can get...
  132. mrkrabs

    Yellow tail

    Just read the report from the San Diego 3/4 day boat out of Seaforth. 22 passengers, 11 Berrys and 48 Yellow Tail. Time to get ready to go fishing. mrkrabs
  133. mrkrabs

    We're not getting any younger

    Something to think about. mrkrabs :rofl:
  134. mrkrabs

    Coachella Canal April 22

    Well these pics are from a working vacation. Been going out to this RV park, near the Chocolate Mountains and Salton Sea. This time we had to put in a new sub floor in a trailer. Took a couple of days then it was time to go fishing.Started off Sun morning and hit limit before noon. These cat...
  135. mrkrabs

    The Ice Cream Kid

    A mother found her son scooping ice cream in the kitchen and was mad. Mom : "Dinner is going to be ready in an hour, put that ice cream away and go play." Son : "But mom, there's no one to play with." Mom : "I'll play with you, what do you wanna play?" Son : "Lets play mommy and daddy...
  136. mrkrabs

    Anchors and nets

    Here's a couple of older anchors. Bigger one is $25.00 and smaller one $15.00. Nets are $15.00 each
  137. mrkrabs

    Yellow Tail on the New Seaforth

    Well it wasn't much, but they say there was 2 YT and some nice sand bass. I'm still having a hard time believing it, winter YT. That's great. mrkrabs
  138. mrkrabs

    Shimano Tiagra 50 wide 2 speed reel.

    150 lb braid, new line. Asking $375.00. Call 619-750-8149, ask for Brian.
  139. mrkrabs

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Hope you all have a good one.

  140. mrkrabs

    Fishing on the New Seaforth and pics of whale being towed in

    Took my son out fishing on the am boat. Little windy at first, fishing was really good. Absolutely beautiful day. Came home with 20 assorted rock fish. La Jolla has been really good lately, it's really going to suck when they close it down. mrkrabs
  141. mrkrabs


    I believe it's a Mauser. Missing a few parts but for any one that collects guns, it's a pretty good piece. $250.00. mrkrabs
  142. mrkrabs

    Holy shit, I found Jesus

  143. mrkrabs

    Is there a lobster ho list?

    Well I wasn't sure if this was the right spot but I would really love to go out and do some bugging. If you need help docking the boat or help with fuel and clean up, let me know. PM me. mrkrabs
  144. mrkrabs

    Son of a bitch fish

    Wed, September 28, 2011 7:55:59 PM <NOBR style="WIDTH: 443px" id=3_messageHeaderSubject_text class="cgSelectable msgSubjText" _no_widget="true">FW: Son of a Bitch Fish</NOBR> <HR class="messageHeaderDivider colorK2" noShade><LINK rel=stylesheet type=text/css...
  145. mrkrabs

    washing machine leaking

    Does anyone know a good appliance guy? Looks like it's leaking towards the top.We're in East County, Let me know. Thanks, mrkrabs
  146. mrkrabs

    Aztec or Legend day and a 1/2, for fishing

    Was just kind of curious which was your preferance on the day and 1/2 boats, the Aztec or the Legend.I'm thinking of going out wed. A little feed back would be nice. Thanks, mrkrabs ps, what are they using for the yellow fin?
  147. mrkrabs

    Aboard the New Seaforth 1/2 day, I guess it's time to smoke some berry

    Took my son out fishing on the 1/2 day because he came home with great grades from school. It was a little windy and overcast but non stop berry and calico fishing. Was a great day. So this morning I'm smoking a bunch of berry. Soaked it overnight in my special brine. This shit will knock your...
  148. mrkrabs

    73 Plymouth Duster

    Slant 6, needs paint, a little body damage to rear driver side tail light. Interior needs to be redone unless you don't care. Trunk has some rust, pin holes. Car has a new water pump, battery, front tires. Currently registered and runs good. You just don't see these any more. It will also come...
  149. mrkrabs

    tv,52 inch repair tech

    I live out in Santee. If you know a good guy please let me know. Thanks, mrkrabs
  150. mrkrabs


    RITCHIE POWERAMP Compass with light and mounting brackett, 5 1/2 "wide $60.00
  151. mrkrabs

    Nice day on the Mexican 9, non stop rock fishing

    Got to Shelter Island around 9am. Headed straight for the Mexican 9, I say it this way so I don't give away my favorite spots! Got to our spot at 9:45, from there it was non stop. I've been fishing these waters for a long time and now we found the mother load. It's nice to know I can get my...
  152. mrkrabs

    Fishing buddy looking for a male chocolate lab

    If you know anybody, PM me. Hope this is the right place to put this ad. Thanks, mrkrabs
  153. mrkrabs

    Fish report 01-07-11

    A quick report, got to Shelter Island at 11am, headed out to the south 9, conditions were a little chilly and a little rough. Got to our favorite spot at 1145, had our limits by 3pm, pretty good day. Here's a couple of pics of my share.mrkrabs
  154. mrkrabs

    Fish report for 01-01-11, Happy New Year

    Well we got out to Shelter Island about 9:30 am, headed for the lower 9, looked around for some spots, at first it was pretty rough but picked up a few. So we decided to go over to North Island for Sculpin. Worked the Island for a couple of hours, headed back over to the 9, picked up a few more...
  155. mrkrabs

    I think it's a Mauser

    Well I don't know much about this gun, I was told it is an old German Mauser. It's missing a few parts but a pretty cool gun. I was thinking of $100.00. mrkrabs
  156. mrkrabs

    lead weights and compass

    trying to be fair with the price. I have 3- 4.8lb and 3- 3.2lb ball weights and 6- 2lb wts. Thinking for all $50.00. Also have "Ritchie Powerdamp" compass with light and mounting brackett, thinking $100.00. mrkrabs
  157. mrkrabs

    2 Small child life vests and 3 sleeping bags

    I'm sure the sleeping bags could use cleaning, been sitting awhile but what canyou say for free. Life vests would fit a small child. Let me know.
  158. mrkrabs

    Just got fucked on the internet for auto parts

    Here's the deal. I have an 86 Buick Park Ave. I'm looking for lt side headlight besil and side marker light. I was taken for $140.00. This is a discontinued part. Checked all the bone yards and so far nothing. Maybe someone in LA, Arizona, or Nevada has the part. Lead me in the right direction...
  159. mrkrabs

    Need a chain link rolling gate

    I have a driveway that's 13' wide and would like a rolling gate 4-5' tall made out of chain link. Thanks, mrkrabs.
  160. mrkrabs

    Rock fishing in LaJolla not so good 10-09-19

    Got to LaJolla about 8:30, absolutely beautiful out, very flat.Worked LaJolla about 3-4 hrs.Picked up on a few rock fish. By noon the winds picked up and water started getting rough. Fished Point Loma and rock fishing was better. Finally started heading in about 3 and ended up under Ingraham st...
  161. mrkrabs

    This is alot to ask, but will someone please take me lobstering

    You can pm me and let me know, I will help with all chores and gas. I even have some bait. Never been, would love to go. mrkrabs
  162. mrkrabs

    Great day at Baits Nut Farm, found the big mac.

    Every year we come up here and look for the big ones. This year we picked up a 161 lb one and a couple of small ones. If you've never done this, it's a great family thing to do. On the W/E the Lions Club has a great breakfast and tons of shit for the kids. Today is Thurs and I was amazed how...
  163. mrkrabs

    Fished the San Diego 09/03/10

    Decided to go out yesterday. Got out to the fishing grounds at 9:30. Seas were very rough and windy as all hell. Fishing was very very slow. Stopped at a paddy about 12:00, one angler hooked up on a really nice YT. The last YT was hooked up while I was on troll patrol. Managed to get 1. Great...
  164. mrkrabs


    I'm working over in PB, got 4 wires coming from garage to main house, there are insulators on the fascia boards. Need to disconnect from garage so I can put up new boards then come back next day to rehook up. Need done soon.Please call me at 619-201-5362. Thanks, mrkrabs. I'll be at the job at 8am.
  165. mrkrabs

    Sand Bass Heaven on the Seawatch

    Took my son out for his Birthday for some Sand Bassing. Conditions were nice.On the way out we made a few stops to throw irons at some Berrys. Hooked up a few, then over to where everyone else was fishing. Got our limits on Sand Bass. I caught a 8lb 3oz SB, won the jack pot. I can't believe a...
  166. mrkrabs

    A Tribute to Phil Harris/ Duck Farts

    What a great tribute for Phil. Great episode of his life. Lets all say a prayer for him and his family. Sure makes me think about my Dad and wish I had spent more time with him. Now I spend alot of time with my son and teach him my trade and what it means to be with family. That was pritty funny...
  167. mrkrabs

    Coronado Islands 07-18-10

    <HR class="messageHeaderDivider colorK2" noShade _no_widget="true"> <SCRIPT type=text/javascript defer charset=utf-8>var YAHOO = {'Shortcuts' : {}};if (typeof YAHOO == "undefined") { var YAHOO = {};}YAHOO.Shortcuts = YAHOO.Shortcuts || {};YAHOO.Shortcuts.hasSensitiveText =...
  168. mrkrabs

    surf fishing set ups

    We are going surf fishing tomorrow at 5:00 am and i was wondering what to use and what is the best set up. What size hook, weight , and how to tie up and could you use a texas rig. And were going to OB sun set cliffs or is there a better place and or times. mrkrabs :finger:
  169. mrkrabs


    I have a client in PB that need her drains cleaned out. Please let me know if can do the job. Thanks, mrkrabs
  170. mrkrabs


  171. mrkrabs

    Little Johny

    one night little johny's parents were making < deathscharm > 07/15 18:49:47 love. little johny in his bedroom hear alot of commotion coming from his parents room so he gets up to see what going on. peeks his head around the parents bedroom door and sees his mom bouncing on top of his dad...
  172. mrkrabs

    Beautiful evening in Point Loma

    Got to Dana Landing around 3:30pm, winds were blowing a little bit, stopped and got some nice mixed bait and headed to Point Loma kelp beds. By the time we got there the water was glass and no wind.Started fly lining bait but no good, just not enough current so moved out and looked for a little...
  173. mrkrabs

    Blue Fin

    How far down are the Blue Fin? Is there anybody going? If they are with in reason is there anyone planing on going out that way? I can help with gas and bait. mrkrabs
  174. mrkrabs

    Thinking about going on 3/4 day SanDiego boat Fri. June 11

    Well I think the weather is not that good, they are catching a few yellows, I have a little extra money, so I just want to go out on the water and maybe I'll get something and maybe I wont catch anything but it would be nice to get out. So if anyone wants to tag with me, pm me. mrkrabs
  175. mrkrabs


    Didn't know where to go so posted here. Looking to find out where to purchase unibutter. I was thinking maybe Sqidco. I'm going to be fishing the SW bottom fish tournament. Thanks, mrkrabs
  176. mrkrabs


    XBOX Starwars Knights edition with 15 games. Halo and Halo2, Eragon, American Chopper, Cabela’s Outdoor Adventure, Amped, Destroy all Humans 2, Fable, Oredator, Godzilla, Jaws Unleashed, MX Unleashed, Spiderman2, king Kong. 2 corded remotes, 1 cordless remote, DVD remote, All for $175.00
  177. mrkrabs

    Carpet cleaning

    Cleaning a condo in Scrips Ranch, the client needs carpets cleaned. Please call 619-201-5362. Thanks, mrkrabs
  178. mrkrabs

    YT going off again

    Just read San diego and the Pacific Voyager had over 100 YT today. This is great. Hope everyone can get out and get some of these puppies and looks like the overnighters are starting to do good. Thanks, mrkrabs:jig::jig:
  179. mrkrabs

    Have a good family day. Happy Easter. What's your menu?

    Having my Mom and my sister Boo Boo over for Easter. Rib eye roast Steamed broccoli BBQ jumbo shrimp Garlic bread Deviled eggs Salad And Mom's making desert.
  180. mrkrabs

    Need info for fishing Salton Sea

    Not sure this was the right area to go. Tues I'm going to be around Salton Sea, thinking of doing some catch and release on maybe some talpin. What do you use for bait, what size test and any good spots? Any info would be good. Thanks, mrkrabs
  181. mrkrabs

    Yellow Tail at the Islands

    Just checked with Seaforth, 19 anglers 41 YT. For you guys going out tomorrow you should do good.Have to work, wish I could be out there. mrkrabs:jig::jig:
  182. mrkrabs

    Lost at Sea. Have a good St. Patricks day

    Lost at Sea Two Irishmen, Pat & Mike were adrift in a lifeboat following a dramatic escape from a burning freighter. While rummaging through the boat's provisions, Pat stumbled across an old lamp. Secretly hoping that a genie would appear, he rubbed the lamp vigorously. To the...
  183. mrkrabs


    Solid wood bunk bed. Single top bunk and full bottom bunk. 3 years old. Paid $700.00 and would like $250.00. Also sold wood book shelf. Would like $50.00 for the shelf.mrkrabs
  184. mrkrabs

    Lifeless LaJolla

    :jig:Got to LaJolla about 9am, Got to where the 1/2/days and everybody else was. At 1st conditions were very little wind, a little choppy, got tour spot 130' water using salted sardines and squid. 1st drop got 1 Rock fish and after that it went all down hill, so we moved a couple of times, went...
  185. mrkrabs


    Well my friend just got himself a nice 26' Stryper and he just called and said let's go to LaJolla. Heading out in about an hour, hopefully we can do good. I'll have a report later. mrkrabs
  186. mrkrabs

    I had no idea that politics would start crap

    I'm sorry if I offended anybody and I had no idea this would go this way. Just voicing my opinion. I'll watch what I do do next time. mrkrabs
  187. mrkrabs


    Everything you need to build a Kegerator except fridge. $140.00 for everything
  188. mrkrabs

    Penn Long Beach Rod

    Medium action, 15-30 lb line. 3360C-6. Pretty good condition. $75.00. Thanks, mrkrabs
  189. mrkrabs

    TRUCK HOOKS- 10,000lb cap. BOYS BIKE

    Truck hooks $40.00 for set of 2. Boys Schwinn bike $75.00
  190. mrkrabs

    Lake Cuyamaca- I won tickets from KCBQ

    :imdumb:I was on All Outdoors Radio Network the other day and won tickets for an all day motorboat and fishing permits, now here's the deal, I don't know anything about Lake Cuyamaca. What are they catching now, what size pole& line, what kind of bait do I use? This is kinda like a first date...
  191. mrkrabs

    Saltwater fish tank- very large

    Saltwater fish tank. Don’t know much about these. 1 1/2’ wide, 3’ tall and 6’ long. In a nice cabinet with all the goodies except fish. $500.00. mrkrabs
  192. mrkrabs


    $75.00, thanks, mrkrabs
  193. mrkrabs


    diamond plate storage tube 10' long by 10" wide with door and lock $65.00. THIS IS GREAT FOR PVC PIPE OR STORING YOUR FISHNING POLES WHEN TRAVELLING. Thanks, mrkrabs
  194. mrkrabs


    1st 2 pics are oil and want $75.00 each Mirrors are beveled, 80”X66” and 4’X39”. $75.00 FOR LGE AND $50.00 FOR SML. Sailboat $50.00, set of pics $30.00 both and hillside pic $50.00 OR MAKE REASONABLE OFFER. Thanks, mrkrabs
  195. mrkrabs


    Excellent condition $300.00
  196. mrkrabs


    Squier Bullet Electric guitar by Fender with amp and stand. $125.00
  197. mrkrabs

    How do I delete my ads?

    Have some things in classified, how do I delete ads? mrkrabs
  198. mrkrabs


    Reel is in good shape. $350.00. Like to sell to someone here in San Diego and would use it not just resell it.mrkrabs
  199. mrkrabs

    Just need to know price on Penn Accuplates 6/0

    Thanks, mrkrabs/ Reel in excellent condition
  200. mrkrabs


    Custom cruiser, great for the board walk. $150.00 OBO. mrkrabs
  201. mrkrabs

    My first attempt to smoke cheese

    Well I went to Home Depot and bought a box and dryer vent. Went to Vons and picked up 3lb block of sharp cheddar and 2lb block of jalapeno jack cheese. Let the cheese set out a couple of hours till was room temp. So I tried hickory chips and soaked them in warm water before smoking. Put the...
  202. mrkrabs

    To all the hunters out there

    Here's a couple of funny ones. mrkrabs
  203. mrkrabs


    Humminbird PiranhaMAX220 dual beam fishfinder. New in the box. Paid $90.00, for a BDer I'm asking $80.00 firm. Thanks, mrkrabs
  204. mrkrabs

    Giving the Salute

    Was headed west on 52, came across a guy with a Ranger boat named LosAmigos so I said to my wife "does he have a BD sticker?" I slowed down, got up to him, saw the sticker, and told my wife to give him the BD salute and boy that guy looked so surprised that she was flipping him off. Hopefully he...
  205. mrkrabs


    Where is a good place to buy rabbit for consuming? Haven't had it in a long time and would like to try it again. mrkrabs
  206. mrkrabs

    New Years Resolution

    Well it took me all day long to figure what my resolution was going to be. So the only thing I could think of because I had a pretty good year last year, was to not get any infractions on BD. I will not show any more naked girls with tattoo's on there private parts. And there's one more thing, I...
  207. mrkrabs

    Pit Bull VS Porcupine

    I'l hate to have the vet bill on this one! mrkrabs
  208. mrkrabs

    Check out my tree

    Bought the tree about a week ago and wanted to do something a little different so I took every deep diver lures and all my irons and a bunch of swim baits and decorated my tree with them. I have to say it turned out pretty bitchin. Merry Christmas from mrkrabs and family.:jig::jig::jig:
  209. mrkrabs


    Don't know much about it, had it going. Make me a reasonable offer. mrkrabs NOT FREE
  210. mrkrabs


    Very good condition $350.00. Hate to sell but need to pay rent.
  211. mrkrabs


  212. mrkrabs


    Gaff $25.00 Net, $20.00 call 619-562-4352. mrkrabs Bag sold
  213. mrkrabs

    Tackle bag, trailer hitch

    “Mark Pack” fishing bag. 20” X16” tall, 12” wide. Never used. $60.00 OBO Trailerhitch- 10,000 lbs cap. Bolt pattern 40” across. $85.00 came off Ford 350 OBO
  214. mrkrabs


    88 FORD Club Wagon Has dual gas tanks, tow hitch, 2 captain chairs in front, 2 bench seats- back folds into bed . Has air conditioning,new tires, new transmission. Very dependable 302. $2000.00
  215. mrkrabs


    &#8220;Mark Pack&#8221; fishing bag. 20&#8221; X16&#8221; tall, 12&#8221; wide. Never used. $60.00
  216. mrkrabs


    I'm going to make this short. Fished with a couple of friends today, got to the 43 around 6:30am, there were lots of little patties but nobody home. We trolled the shit out of that area, we were already out about 80 miles so we heard some reports at the 425 and started patti hopping and trolling...
  217. mrkrabs

    Grunion illegal

    I just heard through the grape vine that grunion hunting is illegal is this bull :shithappens: or not.mrkrabs
  218. mrkrabs

    Need mobile mechanic

    My friend Alex has a 150 Mercury and the water pump is out and he might need a few other things done. He'ld like to get it done before the W/E. You can call him at 619-666-0906. Hook him up, thanks,mrkrabs
  219. mrkrabs

    fishin the jet on the ob side

    :gaygroup::Death_To_Above:Well the little fuck finally found A spot to go grunion hunting in Ob! And while were there we're going to fish the jet. Any recommendation on what lb test line and what to use for bait and what kind of set up would do good also would swim baits do good. Were have a BBQ...
  220. mrkrabs

    Grunion hunting spots

    Me and my son are going grunion hunting tomorrow so were wondering weres the best spot to go to.And how the hell do we cook them.Thanks mrkrabs:jig:
  221. mrkrabs

    Can't believe the bonita are back

    Since my Dad passed away, my fishing days have been horrible so I've been trying to settle down and do a 3/4 day boat or 1/2 day since business has been slow. I was hoping for YT on the 3/4 but now they're catching boners. Great for smoking and catch and release, but was hoping for yellows. So...
  222. mrkrabs

    Fishing LaJolla

    Got out to LaJolla about 7:30am. Fishing with my friend Alex on his boat. Trolled for about an hour and nada. We had picked up some really nice bait so we headed to the kelpbeds. Worked them for an hour, lots of catch and release. Then I knew a couple of places for tacos and we did quite well...
  223. mrkrabs

    Good Taco Fishing in LaJolla

    Got out to LaJolla about 7:30am. Fishing with my friend Alex on his boat. Trolled for about an hour and nada. We had picked up some really nice bait so we headed to the kelp beds. Worked them for an hour, lots of catch and release. Then I knew a couple of places for tacos and we did quite well...
  224. mrkrabs

    What was Michael Jacksons last words?

    Take me to childrens hospitalLOLLOLLOL mrkrabs
  225. mrkrabs

    Check this boat out

    Woke up this morning, was on Craigs list and saw this boat for sale and couldn't believe he was asking $1000.00 for it. Anyways, enjoy. mrkrabs Well here she is, I hate to sell her because she's been so good to me, a real stable boat, fast and light, I have caught lots of fish from her. What...
  226. mrkrabs

    insane cuda bite!!!!!!!

    well I woke up at 4:00 am, was dying to go fishing so finally about 6:00am my wife woke up and I asked her Who,called last night and she said she didn't know so I walked down to my friends house to ask him if he was going to go fishing, he said dumb ass I tried to call you last night, he wanted...
  227. mrkrabs

    Update on Team Badco seminar and you won't believe it

    Last nights seminar was excelent. They talked about rigging up and catching marlin in our local waters. There were also alot of questions about tuna and albacore.And the next best thing was I won the dream fishing trip give away down to Cabo in november. I could hardly sleep last night, so...
  228. mrkrabs

    Swine Flu

    Thought this was kind of funny, mrkrabs. Here there was some yellow tail out there, maybe I'll take a 3/4 day boat out this w/e.:jig::jig:
  229. mrkrabs

    Holy Moly Tribute

    What a great memorial service for my Dad, Thanks for all your support. Proud to be a Beckett! mrkrabs
  230. mrkrabs

    Just a Reminder for the Memorial Service

    Just a reminder,Al Beckett of the Holy Moly memorial service is Saturday April 25 at 9:30am.Clairmont Lurthern Church at 4271 Clairmont Mesa Blvd.San Diego 92117. And if anyone is interested in doing a BD tribute:finger: please let me know. I miss my dad...
  231. mrkrabs

    Al Beckett/Holy Moly funeral date

    So lost for words, Thanks for all your support, thought I'ld let you know the memorial service for my Dad, Al Beckett of the Holy Moly will be Sat. April 25 at 9:30 am .Service will be at the Clairmont Luthern Church, 4271 Clairmont Mesa Blvd. 92117. I would still like to do a Bloody Deck...
  232. mrkrabs

    In memory of Alvin Beckett, Captain of the Holy Moly

    It was pritty cool,got off work yesterday and went up to see my Dad and drop off some food, his favorite ham and beans, he was was so high on morphine he couldn't even talk and as we were leaving my son and I were standing there, he looked at me and gave my son the big thumbs up. I couldn't ask...
  233. mrkrabs

    What do you think, Holy Moly

    Well on the way to work today, I had a thought and was thinking once my Dad does pass away Which I hope is much later, what I would like to do is get about 20 of you guys all dressed up in your fishing gear and everyone show up at the funeral and at the end have everyone walk down the isle with...
  234. mrkrabs

    Any body going out tommorow?

    Well this might be alot to ask, my wife wants to sleep in tomprrow cause it's our anniversaey and I want to go fishing. Is any body looking to split costs and cleanup. Any time good with me, pm me. Dying to go fishing, 1/2 day boats not doing so good would be nice to go out with someone so we...
  235. mrkrabs

    holy moly

    Prayers needed,well my dad has been a bord member for many years.He is the holy moly,alot might know him.I just got a call from my mom that my dad is having hospeice to take of him at home.I am so lost for words right now.I really hope he can hold on a little longer.I's gong to miss my fishing...