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  1. badpetedave

    Leaning post bait tank

    Bump price drop
  2. badpetedave

    Wtb clamp for tranx

    Looking to buy a clamp for the tranx reel let me know what you have thanks
  3. badpetedave

    Shimano bags jig box

    I'll take the jig box pm sent
  4. badpetedave

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Mexican divers going to be loading up on fishing gear!
  5. badpetedave

    Leaning post bait tank

    Aprox 28 front to back 39 wide
  6. badpetedave

    Leaning post bait tank

    Forsale approx 25-30 bait tank lean post comes with mounting brackets I upgraded to a bigger tank so this is up for sale. 350 obo. Thanks Dave 909 816-3783
  7. badpetedave

    Any recent feedback for Long Run?

    Save Your money! That boat sucks!
  8. badpetedave

    No bugs I got this instead!

    Nice fish ! Don't make us beg for the details!
  9. badpetedave


    Hope Santa drops this reel off for x mas
  10. badpetedave

    new rod holders and tuna ring

    Tom does great work !
  11. badpetedave


    Yep I seen it at his shop nice job!
  12. badpetedave

    R&R New Motor

    Nice work guys ! You are an awesome group of guys way to help a brother out! That's love
  13. badpetedave

    4-7 foot swell. Is that safe/ fishable?

    I think asking if you could fish 4 -7 ft swells is a little different than asking how to fish a new area ! Good luck
  14. badpetedave

    4-7 foot swell. Is that safe/ fishable?

    Don't take this wrong but if you have to come on this site to see if it is safe with those conditions to go out fishing you should probably stay home. Good luck
  15. badpetedave

    What's wrong with Trump?

    He is the only one with the balls to bring up/talk about shit all the others are scared to talk about. Just saying!
  16. badpetedave


    What all the other have said !:frehya2:
  17. badpetedave

    12-4 YFT on the 209/312

    The title says 209/312
  18. badpetedave

    New Varmint Rifle

    22 250 for sure on yotes
  19. badpetedave

    Defiance Admiral 250 EX Opinions

    Defiance boats had nothing to do with that boat going over! you could take a 40 ft boat in those conditions and it would do the same !the ocean is deadly respect it!
  20. badpetedave

    Wtb bait tank 50gal or larger

    Tom at saltwaterspecialties has very nice custom tanks give him a call 714 200 6366
  21. badpetedave

    11/28 YFT report...

    Those are pigs nice job!
  22. badpetedave

    Skb 7200 with launchers and strap

    I just called them about the skb 7200 no longer avail
  23. badpetedave

    Is twin 250's enought power

    I have a Honda 225 with 24 ft boat 4 guys bait and 140 gallons fuel 30 knts no problem
  24. badpetedave

    23hr Bomber Misson to Mission Bay_11.22

    Sounds like a nice long fun trip!
  25. badpetedave

    Half Tower

    Tom at saltwaterspecialties builds great towers and is located in Ontario he goes by towerfab on this form
  26. badpetedave

    SPY Optic + BD Sunglasses GIVEAWAY

    Instagram ? Count me in
  27. badpetedave

    1980 24 Skipjack Opened

    Tom does excellent work very nice ! Also makes awesome bait tanks
  28. badpetedave

    6 Pack Overnight help Dreamer

    Allyn is a great capt and white seabass fisherman!
  29. badpetedave

    10-30 view from the rigs

    Those r some of the best air pics I have seen very cool!
  30. badpetedave

    11/7 Islands and Rockpile Report

    Cool report! What service do you use for the mex permits?
  31. badpetedave

    Breaking trailer bearings left n right.. Help!

    Don't waste your time buy new parts!
  32. badpetedave

    Breaking trailer bearings left n right.. Help!

    That spindle is done no good!
  33. badpetedave

    Breaking trailer bearings left n right.. Help!

    Trailer bearings are not rocket science ! What brand of bearings are you using?
  34. badpetedave

    43 to SW of 371. Total Epic Ending

    Royal polaris is a first class boat and capt!
  35. badpetedave

    Pacific Voyager- 1 Blue Marlin... And a call to DFG.

    Wow only on bloodydecks!! Drama drama drama
  36. badpetedave

    STOLEN 2320 pilot house...

    They could of removed the # but Uhaul pick ups have a 4 number id on the bumper of those model gmc trucks with the letters bp at the beginning number
  37. badpetedave

    STOLEN 2320 pilot house...

    All Uhaul trucks have a # on the bumper front and rear can u see the # if so I am a Uhaul dealer give me the info I will look and see who rented this truck
  38. badpetedave

    Wahoo 6 mi from MB- live report

    Nice on the water report!
  39. badpetedave

    Global Warming for So Cal

    Wahoo off the pier!
  40. badpetedave

    277 Wahoo 10/14/15

    Another one for the Socal wahoo club!
  41. badpetedave


    Sweet rig!
  42. badpetedave

    Sunday 10/11/15 Long beach area....

    Nice pics and thanks for the info!
  43. badpetedave

    WTB Leaning post

    I also have a combo lean post/ bait tank for sale if your interested
  44. badpetedave

    10/11/15 56.5lb Wahoooo on 25lb fluro!!!

    That ski boat has put alot of fish on deck this season ! Even a huge blue marlin
  45. badpetedave

    49.7 lbs OF PURE US WATERS STOKE!!!!!

    Good job ! Glade you had great day!
  46. badpetedave

    WTB tower or hoop for 30' Pursuit Express

    Tom at saltwater specialties 714 200 6366 great work goes by towerfab on this form
  47. badpetedave

    Slim Pickin's 10/7 out of Dana Point

    The captain should of made them throw them babies back!
  48. badpetedave

    150/Twin rigs/shoe

    Those area have slowed way down but still some fish around .good luck
  49. badpetedave

    14 mile bank killer kelp 10/6

    Ha-ha they were marking it for the rest of us:fighting0061:
  50. badpetedave

    Oside 10/6

    Good try thanks for the info!
  51. badpetedave

    Solo Wahoo 10/3/15

    Well done nice fish!
  52. badpetedave

    Black Pearl overnight trip report, 10/2

    This is going to get good!:food-smiley-014::smoking33:
  53. badpetedave

    No Who 2 DA from N 9 to way South.

    Good try thanks for the info!
  54. badpetedave

    San Pedro Green Buoy 9/29

    Cool good Job thanks for the info!
  55. badpetedave

    9-30-2015 I have open spots. DP docks

    150 is a fair average price for pb like others said boats cost cash
  56. badpetedave


    Nice job thanks for the info!
  57. badpetedave

    Double Hoos near the coronados 9/28/15

    Dude that is awesome! :rockin:
  58. badpetedave

    First local Marlin 9/28/2015

    Cool report thanks for the info!
  59. badpetedave

    steering fluid disapearing????

    X2 ram leak
  60. badpetedave

    9/26 Blue Marlin

    Now thats a great report, thanks for the great story !
  61. badpetedave

    No Gaff Wahoo

    Wow no gaff that's crazy nice fish!
  62. badpetedave

    Wahoo at the 9

    Wow that is awesome!
  63. badpetedave

    9/27 Dp report

    We got bait yesterday same size chovie and it lasted decent for the condition as it was basically being just offloaded from the bait boat when we bought ours.
  64. badpetedave

    1 out of 2

    Sweet thanks for the info!
  65. badpetedave

    Blue Marlin Reports Here

    Cool !this should get good.
  66. badpetedave

    Friday Dana Marlin

    Nice thanks for the info!
  67. badpetedave

    9/25 425 area WFO w/ Wahoo

    Sounds like a great day!
  68. badpetedave

    DP Wahoo

    Sweet fish nice job!
  69. badpetedave

    A skinny that wasn't so...

    Trophy Socal fish! Gotta love it
  70. badpetedave

    North of the N9

    Thanks for the info !
  71. badpetedave

    thursday dodos 9/24

    Nice dodo thanks for the report!
  72. badpetedave

    Magic paddy 9-23-15

    Sweet trip thanks for the good info!
  73. badpetedave

    Dana Point 9.23.15

    Haha some day I am going to catch one of those yellowtail tuna !:rockin:
  74. badpetedave

    Dana Point question

    Just try the local kelp beds off Dana and San clemente good luck
  75. badpetedave

    Dana Point 9/23

    Cool thanks for the report going out Saturday!
  76. badpetedave

    LB Tuesday

    Thanks for the report! Nice work
  77. badpetedave


    I will take them
  78. badpetedave

    Tue 9/22 North 9 to 182

    Good try thanks for the report!
  79. badpetedave

    Wahoo 9-22

    Thank you sir!
  80. badpetedave

    Wahoo 9-22

    What where you trolling?
  81. badpetedave

    What Boat Should I Get?

    All good advise
  82. badpetedave

    FS Penn Fathom 30 or trade for Fathom 12

    Just sold some Newell on eBay and man those reels bring good money
  83. badpetedave

    Bait tank help

    U can send him a message on this form goes by towerfab
  84. badpetedave

    Bait tank help

    Tom at saltwater specialty has nice tanks on this form he goes by the name of towerfab
  85. badpetedave

    9/19 Wahoo

    Cory you can borrow my dad but I have to go tooLOL:ele:
  86. badpetedave

    Poppers....Poppers.....Poppers....Are a Must Have...!!!

    Damm I gotta try that thanks for the info!
  87. badpetedave

    It's football season

    Cool thanks for the info!
  88. badpetedave

    9/19 Wide Open

    Thanks for the report!
  89. badpetedave

    Chasing blue ? Any coordinates

    Northern california
  90. badpetedave

    Searching for intel.

    Don't look for cattle boats find your own fish!:jig:
  91. badpetedave

    9/18 Wide open 302

    Damm u killed em nice job!
  92. badpetedave

    Dana Point Friday

    Thanks for the info !
  93. badpetedave

    Bonies for kids help

    Horseshoe off long beach
  94. badpetedave

    Helena Wahoo 9/17?

  95. badpetedave

    Report, Dana Point 9-15

    Nice try thanks for the report!
  96. badpetedave

    FS: Halco Max 130

    Why don't u ask him about the price before u just assume and talk shit?
  97. badpetedave

    FS: Halco Max 130

    It's 5 for 65 guys I bought some from him!
  98. badpetedave

    Offshore Fishing Package Contest

    Ha-ha its over
  99. badpetedave

    Going out dana point sun 14th

    8 to 10 off the domes area up to Dana point
  100. badpetedave

    9/12 Paddy after Paddy for Nada. And..

    Ch72 is b.s ! Thanks for the report!
  101. badpetedave

    Oside YF WFO for newbies

    Thanks for the report nice work!
  102. badpetedave

    South of 267 YFT Sat 9/12

    Nice boat load of fish!
  103. badpetedave

    Slow at the shoe 9/12

    Nice thanks for the report!
  104. badpetedave

    9/11 267-277/Mac bank

    Thanks for the report!
  105. badpetedave

    Sat... Oceanside offshore..

    U will get em next time thanks for the report!
  106. badpetedave

    Wtt avet jx mc for blue Lx mc

    Looking for all blue only thanks
  107. badpetedave

    Wtt avet jx mc for blue Lx mc

    Sorry only looking for blue thanks
  108. badpetedave

    8/29 Long Beach Tails

    ha-ha calm down tuff guy!
  109. badpetedave

    Wtt avet jx mc for blue Lx mc

    I have a great condition silver jx mc loaded with 65#braid looking to trade for avet Lx mc blue color only
  110. badpetedave

    Wtb 45 to 65 gal bait tank

    that would be great pm sent
  111. badpetedave

    O'side 8/24

    1/2 scoop = 2 pass. full scoop= 4 pass
  112. badpetedave

    Wtb 45 to 65 gal bait tank

    Looking to buy a bigger bait tank looking for 45 to 65 gal Pacific edge or offshore tank let me know what you have thanks
  113. badpetedave

    In Memory Of My Brother

    Sorry for your loss!
  114. badpetedave

    32 jigs

    Good deal!
  115. badpetedave

    avet jx 4.1:1 SOLD

    Good seller guys got a reel from him about a month ago
  116. badpetedave

    Misc. Owners hooks

    I will take them
  117. badpetedave

    WTB: 45 gallon FG Bait tank

    Looks very nice!
  118. badpetedave


    Nice:supergay: report !
  119. badpetedave

    MX series - Drag not working- wont tighten

    Just looked and you are right the braid is slipping on the spool thanks for your help
  120. badpetedave

    Sauerfish Limit Style Fishing

    That Size is good to eat!:jig:
  121. badpetedave

    PENN Clash giveaway contest!

    Just waiting for the email thanks
  122. badpetedave

    MX series - Drag not working- wont tighten

    Ok I will check thanks
  123. badpetedave

    MX series - Drag not working- wont tighten

    Had the same thing happen to my mxl this weekend . set the drag at home got on the boat had very little drag on n all modes nothing changed put it back on the rack went to look at it a couple hours later and it seem back to normal kinda weird.
  124. badpetedave

    Fly vest no charge

    Price is right!
  125. badpetedave

    trade for avet sx

    Good seller guys got a nice reel from him about a month ago! :jig:
  126. badpetedave

    Race to Louisiana-Win A Trip

    Ready to go!
  127. badpetedave

    Aug.1 Second hand Big Ass BFT report

    Should of had the dentist on the boat:Rambo_Throwing_Kniv:2gunsfiring_v1:LOL
  128. badpetedave

    Not Mine, Looks decent for the price

    Did someone say ugly? That's being very nice!
  129. badpetedave


    OK Saturday just south of the domes will be the new parking lot :Beat_Them good job on the huge yellows!:jig:
  130. badpetedave

    f*CK Customs....Im getting one of these

    If they can't catch u they will just shoot you:Beat_Them
  131. badpetedave

    New Shimano Flat falls 4 for $65

    Then don't buy them! why bitch about his price? Look and move on!
  132. badpetedave

    7/28/15 Great Day on Huge! Yellows But we killed a Marlin Not cool :(

    His rod and reel,his fish he can do what the hell he wants with the marlin who cares if you want him to realese it! Do u do everything people tell you to?
  133. badpetedave

    FS cane corso pup for sale

    I would of just found another place to live !
  134. badpetedave

    F/S/T: Super Seeker CJBF90 (green) Black Steel G6485

    Thanks for the rod ! Good meeting you
  135. badpetedave

    PENN Torque 300 and Seeker Black Steel

    Bump for a good deal .love that reel
  136. badpetedave


    How many more do you have ?
  137. badpetedave

    93 SKIPJACK 262 Diesel For Sale

    Nice boat ! This will sell fast
  138. badpetedave

    Win a PENN Fathom 25NLD

    I'm in
  139. badpetedave


    Pm sent
  140. badpetedave


    What colors left?
  141. badpetedave

    Anyone fishing out of Dana tomorrow?

    Wicked tuna coming soon !
  142. badpetedave

    7/23 7-8 miles south of DP.

    Thanks for the info. Good luck tomorrow
  143. badpetedave

    One of the Joys of Boat Ownership

    Luxury tax is what San Bernardino county crooks call it
  144. badpetedave

    duramax question

    Its a 2002 don't expect a new truck diesel are expensive to repair when they have problems just my 2 cents good luck
  145. badpetedave

    WTB: 45 gallon FG Bait tank

    That looks sweet .that's about what I expected for the price I will be ordering one next thanks for the info
  146. badpetedave

    WTB: 45 gallon FG Bait tank

    If u don't mind me asking what does that tank with install run ? Been thinking of the same setup .thanks
  147. badpetedave

    7/19 catalina YT

    Nice yellow thanks for the report
  148. badpetedave


    I just keep reel in free spool with thumb on spool when it start pulling give a couple seconds and put the reel in gear. works for me.
  149. badpetedave

    Ocean side 1 paddie all we needed

    Big al you back at it next weekend?
  150. badpetedave

    Need some solid advice for a 3day on the Royal Polaris

    I was on the rp last summer and Roy rose told us he didn't want us to use anything less than 50lb mono and it was a 1.5 trip we killed the dodos limits for whole boat great crew and boat good luck
  151. badpetedave

    Dana Friday

    Nice work guys
  152. badpetedave

    Ocean side 1 paddie all we needed

    This was a blue marlin I hooked it on a kelp thought it was a yellowtail and handed it off to the new guy on the boat and then it jumped damm . how is that for a hand off? damm
  153. badpetedave

    Extra stuff from sold boat Taco Outriggers 1 1/8 15'

    Do u have the mounts for the riggers?
  154. badpetedave

    Santa Barbara WSB attempt

    Good effort thanks for the report
  155. badpetedave

    BNIB Avet mxl 2 speed Sold

    Thanks al good to meet you
  156. badpetedave

    BNIB Avet mxl 2 speed Sold

    Damm I would of jumped on that if I didn't pay full price for one last week
  157. badpetedave

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    Haha that's a good one!
  158. badpetedave

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    That's the first time I have herd of a boat gaffing a fish to release it safely.
  159. badpetedave

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    So they did gaff the fish ?
  160. badpetedave

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    How did they get a fish that big in the boat with no gaff?
  161. badpetedave

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    What happen to the pic?
  162. badpetedave

    Triton Open Party Limited Load 7/13, 7/15, 7/17

    I seen the triton count Sunday had over 100 yellowtail . great boat and crew to fish with!
  163. badpetedave

    Rods/Reels for sale/trade

    I will take the seeker
  164. badpetedave

    Wtt: avet mxl 6/4 for????

    You should make an offer in a private message.
  165. badpetedave

    Catalina Island Full Day Limited Load 7/7, 7/8, 7/9

    This boat and crew are great to fish with!
  166. badpetedave

    Trolling Pyramid Lake (Video)

    stop crying already
  167. badpetedave

    YT and more YT with a surprise.

    Divers. Time to throw irons
  168. badpetedave


    I will take the calstar pm sent
  169. badpetedave

    Avet SX, MXL

    Mxl says gold color
  170. badpetedave

    wtb calcutta te 300 or 400

    Looking to buy a calcutta te model only 300 or 400 let me know what u have thanks
  171. badpetedave

    Fat Lady Warming Up 10/1 Report

    I just came off the royal polaris for a 1.5 day went 145 miles south 14 hr ride then at day lite fished our way back up the line untail dark and never seen any life no birds whales dolphins nothing all our action was a great dorado bite on small kelps thur the day never seen any tuna. By the way...
  172. badpetedave

    Entire Salt Water Tackle for sale

    Thanks for the fast response from seller just a little mix up seller is going to ship rest of items thank you for being a man of your word in the mix up thank you george
  173. badpetedave

    (Captain) Mike Berry - I Found Your Stuff

    Now that is awesome
  174. badpetedave

    Entire Salt Water Tackle for sale

    I only received half the items I paid for what happen?
  175. badpetedave


    Good work its your boat your rules keep what's legal. Nice job thanks for the report
  176. badpetedave

    1.5 Royal Polaris short n sweet

    Yep nice fun fishing on that trip
  177. badpetedave

    BS fish count reports

    Where?can u give us a little more info?
  178. badpetedave

    Flat Fall Jigs

    Bieber faggot
  179. badpetedave

    Avet jx.60 mc trade for newell reel

    I think I have a 220 if intrested let me know thanks
  180. badpetedave

    Avet SX 6/4 2 Speed Blue Reel 180 or obo

    Yes that is correct cause I just saw it on craigslist in la sporting goods for 225 firm
  181. badpetedave

    Avet SX 6/4 2 Speed Blue Reel 180 or obo

    Where is bieber when we need him
  182. badpetedave

    FS: Halco Max 130 lures

    Just received my lures today great seller guys
  183. badpetedave

    Avet sx 2 speed

    Sucks that the guy who sold it probably new it had a problem
  184. badpetedave

    Best day ever.....

    Nice work with the boys
  185. badpetedave

    Sauerfish 371 Report and surprise Mako

    Perfect size mako for the bbq .good job thanks for the info
  186. badpetedave

    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    This is taking way too long for just a little info we need.u should of just waited till u got home to post this mess
  187. badpetedave

    WTB Kill Bag

    Just found some on google serch rf2048 154.00 colgard outdoor sports
  188. badpetedave

    Epic Tuna Fishing on the 277!!!! 9-6-14

    Cool what a day! Thanks for the report
  189. badpetedave

    Seen about 10 with pic on craigslist in san diego. Hope u get the gear back

    Seen about 10 with pic on craigslist in san diego. Hope u get the gear back
  190. badpetedave

    Rods and reels for sale!!

    I am intrested in the calstar pic please
  191. badpetedave

    for trade

    What r u looking to trade for?
  192. badpetedave

    I am intrested in the avet would u be willing to ship?thanks

    I am intrested in the avet would u be willing to ship?thanks
  193. badpetedave

    I will take the irons for 35 shipped will pay with paypal send me the info thanks

    I will take the irons for 35 shipped will pay with paypal send me the info thanks
  194. badpetedave

    Can u send me a pic of the avet thanks 909 816 3783

    Can u send me a pic of the avet thanks 909 816 3783
  195. badpetedave

    Rods cheap

    How long is the saber?
  196. badpetedave

    Custom Painted Iron For Sale

    Received mine nice work
  197. badpetedave

    Will u ship and take paypal?

    Will u ship and take paypal?
  198. badpetedave

    SX 6/4 & TN 16

    Text sent on avet sx
  199. badpetedave

    permits to fish private boat in mex waters?

    Ok cool thanks for the info guys
  200. badpetedave

    permits to fish private boat in mex waters?

    Thankyou for the good info just what I was looking for. what about the fmm primit?are the coronados 12 miles off the beach?
  201. badpetedave

    Ok thanks

    Ok thanks
  202. badpetedave

    CATALINA YT 8-15

    West end front or back? West cove?
  203. badpetedave

    permits to fish private boat in mex waters?

    What permits do I need to take my boat from sandiego to the local banks off mex waters? Thanks for any info
  204. badpetedave

    permits to fish private boat in mex waters?

    What permits do I need to take my boat from sandiego to the local banks off mex waters? Thanks for any info
  205. badpetedave

    Hi would you take 200 shipped?thanks

    Hi would you take 200 shipped?thanks
  206. badpetedave

    Hi I will take 10 11 14 18 20 28 29 send me your info I will pay via paypal thanks

    Hi I will take 10 11 14 18 20 28 29 send me your info I will pay via paypal thanks
  207. badpetedave

    Daiwa Grandwave Z 30 SHW and Penn International 965

    Is the 965 still avail? If it is I will take it
  208. badpetedave

    Bluefin back OPEN in MX??

    Game on
  209. badpetedave

    8/9 182

    1 is better than none thanks for the report
  210. badpetedave

    heading out if DP in the morning.

    Water about 10 miles off oceanside and south looks real warm might look in that area good luck
  211. badpetedave

    Yellowtail Bite in La Jolla.

    Nice work thanks for the report
  212. badpetedave

    Dorado on the 279

    Nice fish thanks for the report
  213. badpetedave

    PL YT 8/4

    Cool thanks for the info
  214. badpetedave

    Weekend Catalina report 8/2 and 8/3

    Cool thanks for the report made a nice trip out of it
  215. badpetedave

    Yellowfin, Tern Birds and Bloody Decks ( Video )

    Wow nice work I am ready to ride with u awesome
  216. badpetedave

    Sea Hag Tuna

    Cool thanks for the report
  217. badpetedave

    0300 Friday Launch at Dana Point

    We left at 7 30 friday morning they must have just got the anchovies when we got bait but they rolled quick. Thanks for the report
  218. badpetedave

    dana point 8-1report

    Left dana point at 7 30am mix of mac and chovies no line what so ever bait or at the ramp went 267 then 209 not much life at all and now half the chovies were dead. Then headed in to oceanside about 10 miles off the beach alot of life 73 degree water a boat called us in on a spot of tuna saw...
  219. badpetedave

    7/30 out of Dana pt

    Way to make the day nice. Thanks for the report
  220. badpetedave

    Monday theft report at DP and BFT

    That suck about the loss of your gear glad u made a good day out of it
  221. badpetedave

    Where is the freedom and tbird fishing

    Ithink out around 289 181 209 area
  222. badpetedave

    BOAT FIRE !!

    Wow glad u guys are safe.
  223. badpetedave

    Tuna off of Long Beach 7/22/14

    Cool thanks for the good info that must be awesome up there to see all those fish
  224. badpetedave

    Paddy Poaching

    I think we all have had our good and bad patty experience at one point on a good note I was all alone on a patty once and had the patriot out of new port pulled up way off the spot and called me on the radio and asked if he could join in for a while I just waved him in he pulled up starting...
  225. badpetedave

    Late Post 7/19 Dana Point Bull and Yellows

    Nice job well done thanks for the info
  226. badpetedave

    N9 to 182 and west 7/20

    Cool thanks for the report always nice to see guys pass up the fleet and have a nice day fishing awesome
  227. badpetedave

    7/20 yt limits and yft

    Cool report thanks for the info
  228. badpetedave

    Got to fly my flags today

    Cool thanks for the report
  229. badpetedave

    First YT/Tuna trip ever out of Dana point (10 fish)

    Imo I like to troll about 7 or 8 knts when loooking for tuna good job on the fish
  230. badpetedave

    "Any word on that big tuna being caught"

    That is a monster nice team work thanks for the good story
  231. badpetedave

    the boot, santa monica ridge, 270.. W of Catalina any reports

    Long beach will be a zooo on saturday
  232. badpetedave

    Can't wait to see the pics of the 100 lb + Tuna landed at the N9 today

    Wow 2 fish reported over 100lb today nice can't wait to get out next week
  233. badpetedave

    Catalina Island mid week report

    Nice job guys thanks for the report
  234. badpetedave

    7/16 afternoon session.

    Cool thanks for the report
  235. badpetedave


    Nice work thanks for the info
  236. badpetedave


    Paddy troll bait? Alittle more info please thanks
  237. badpetedave

    YFT 20 miles from the point! Open Party 6 pack?

    I also left him a message waiting for response
  238. badpetedave

    Your Honest Opinion.

    Boating on a lake/river is a totally different from the ocean
  239. badpetedave

    Your Honest Opinion.

    If u read bd form u will see a 23ft cc boat capsized last weekend. Only u can make that choice to go offshore but just rember the ocean is very deadly with out the proper boating skills things happen so fast out their be safe If u have to think twice about it u should not go
  240. badpetedave

    El Niño is here temps off the coast proves it.

    Mabe wahoo will be next
  241. badpetedave

    Navy Almost Sink my boat with a torpedo ( Video )

    If u hit them they would probably say it was your fault u know its the government they do want they want
  242. badpetedave

    How long will the tuna stick around

    The tuna will be here till they get deported
  243. badpetedave

    Dana Point YFT & YT 7-15-14

    Nice job thanks for the fast report
  244. badpetedave

    Tuesday, 7/15/14

    That's is a great day wow nice work
  245. badpetedave

    Local 3/4 day tuna, where?

    209 181 182 289 the fish r spread out all over
  246. badpetedave

    Overturned boat by 43

    Yep the ocean is awesome but it can kill u in a second
  247. badpetedave

    yellowfin & yellowtail on local 1/2 7/14/14

    Its going to be a zoo I am sure the launch ramps will not have any parking on the weekend
  248. badpetedave

    1/2 day and 3/4 boats getting yellowfin and Yellows LBC to Daveyslocker

    Sandiego 3/4 day boat 4 bft 75 to 100 lb wow this is getting good real fast
  249. badpetedave

    Overturned boat by 43

    Glad all is safe this could happen to any of us good job bongos crew
  250. badpetedave

    Manhattan Pier CLOSED to Fishing

    If that's the case they should have fishing days and swimming day
  251. badpetedave


    Natural cedar plug daisy chain nothing else
  252. badpetedave

    7/07 209 - Barn kelp

    289 is going to be the spot for tuna
  253. badpetedave

    West End Catalina

    289 outside san clemente is going to be the spot
  254. badpetedave

    independence day 182 302 289 YT

    Thanks for the report I was thinking of looking around the 289 as thats where I have caught most of the tune in previous years
  255. badpetedave

    YFT in Newport Back Bay!

    That must have been the one I released at the dock