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    For Sale Batteries

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    Inversion Table - $25.00 SOLD!!

    whats the weight limit?
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    Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    I took a beaner on my boat and he shit in my trash can!!!!
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    WTB squid net or brailer

    tin slayers products rock!!!!
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    still up for sale
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    still for sale
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    4x4 net 10ft poles New never used $200
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    4x 4 net 10 ft poles. $200
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    would like your honest review/opinion of Parker pilot house

    very well built and lotsa room I have a 2510 mod vee 14deg hull 225 yami . I can have 3 guys about 900lbs total on one side with very very little list. I run in the afternoon slop to cat at about 17-20 mph. if you want to go fast deep vee. mod vee, just slow down and run the trim tabs low in...
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    First trip of 2013

    sorry yusef,i did not know you a mandildo68 where partners.
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    First trip of 2013

    this is for fish reports!!!!! post this shit in chit chat next time!!!!
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    Hooping with the Mandoman

    2 ding dongs in a dingy nice!
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    suck it, i am a kook too
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    Parker 1800 18' CC $9999

    dude ,we where going to buddy boat. good luck on the sale.
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    Chaos at Davies Launch Ramp

    i was out there sat and sunday both days where a joke, very dangerous in my opinion.i was trying to get to my slip just passing the dock the Rowing Association started yelling at us,any one that know me knows i am very courteous and they did not need to be that rude to me. public water way come...
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    The 150 Area

    come on man your from la mirada,lip that ling.
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    titan modle actuator

    Titan/Dico Model 60 Lever Lock Disc Brake Actuator #4715400 $114.95 Secure Leverlock system on this corrosion-resistant actuator ensures that the coupler locks in place on hitch balls measuring 1-7/8", 2" and 50 mm. Designed for disc brake applications. 6000lb. capacity use once to pull...
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    99 striper 2300

    thanks for the bumps guys
  20. vinlandviking

    99 striper 2300

    thanks for the bump travis.i am looking to get a 25 parker,the wife wants a microwave and electric head.
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    99 striper 2300

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    Big Bug!

    yea those are dick moves. nice catch
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    Lobster Care

    you can do one of 3 things 1, soak them in regional park water to keep them fresh. 2, bring them to my house for safe keeping. 3,keep them in a cooler with a saltwater soaked rag,dont have more than the bottom of the cooler moist with water. i sit mine in the garage with the lid cracked and they...
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    25' skipjack flybridge (enclosed)

    fyi brian,i called your agent twice and never heard back from him.
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    Trip to the seafood market on my Gregor

    from my understanding your wife has your balls in her purse,so did you borrow them for the day?
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    Thresher Fishing

    i saw mondo at the bait barge and his was a pig
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    Lead Heads, Banana Heads, Scampi's, Weights

    quality stuff and a honest man selling them.
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    Its that time again!

    to all, mondos stach has been know to creep off his face and talk shit on the net at nite.So dont get mad at him,its that fucking big ass wombat on his upper lip thats doing all the shit talking.
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    Its that time again!

    i have been out with mondo and RELEASED ALL THE SMALL ONES UNDER 80LBS but 1 that was gut hooked on a circle hook and was not in good shape .we have had 135 lbs leaders break so we had big boy.He knows what hes doing and you get from him what you give him.
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    piss off a seal humper?

    i dont know if thats a man or woman but i sooooooooo want to flick its nipples.
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    Catalina WSB 5-19-11

    this was still a lucky trip,we did all that time on the water, made it back got the boat on the trailer and to the wash rack only to find out i could not get the boat to start back up.i was not getting any spark or fuel after checking things out found out i have a bad o man 1 more...
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    Catalina WSB 5-19-11

    come on dave ,you know i have a small man complex.
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    Catalina WSB 5-19-11

    man even with no wsb i had a fucking cool time.we made bait till the 3 dogs got there, jeff almost got hit in the nads with a flying fish.we got lots of short bass ,a leopard shark,2 horn shark, cabazon and short ling and all the keepers we got for dinner.i spent time with my son and bros...
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    teramar tmc 80m

    new still with tags $145 firm. i am going to donate all the cash for the lawsuit to fight the mlpa. so no lowballers.
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    striper seats

  36. vinlandviking


    thanks tommy
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    The secret is out....

    right on jeff,i will have to book a trip soon so i can drink beer and let you do all the work lol.If any one needs a good captain to help hook them up jeffs a good guy and know his shit.
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    i killed a 18 pack just to watch it die and the warden came out of the house and said i was way over my limit.I was lucky i got off with a stern warning and my bottle of jack confiscated. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
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    Roger the SEAL and a LOST PROMAR NET - SD

    as long as your out with the kids that is all that matters.
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    LED spreader/ deck lights great lights
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    1/8 first trip of the yr

    i have been doing things day to day i will see.
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    1/8 first trip of the yr

    naw ,i had a sign at the ramp (will wash boats for bugs) washed 6 boats and only got 5 bugs.
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    Izors and LB Wall 1-9-11

    like you said its good just to be on the water,get them next time.
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    1/8 first trip of the yr

    thanks for driving the boat and hooking us up with some spots,team work brother, team work thats what gets the job done.
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    1/8 first trip of the yr

    yea we talked to a couple of guys at the dock that sad it was slow at cat too.yea we will have to hook up.
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    1/8 first trip of the yr

    its 4 inches deep with a drain so i use it as a sink too.
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    1/8 first trip of the yr

    Hit Davies about 4pm with my buddy captain Jeff Jones ,tony and son to try and get some squid for the freezer and do some fishing around izors.we hit the shoe and up to izors with a light breeze and nice seas but got no slack cut from the squid or fish using frozen squid,about 9ish said screw it...
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    black GE refrigerator

    you have the washer and frige,time to make the bar.
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    Izor's report 12/4

    glad to hear you did not lose your anchor.i saw you and was feeling bad for you,that you started fishing so i guessed you got it unstuck.
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    promar FLAT HOOPNETS

    562-843-3057 no pics,good condition no thing special ,stock red rope and i have some extra rope to go with.
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    curb ramp

    Reflective Curb Ramp - 17.7" Long x 23.5" Wide x 7.8" High Reflective Corner Curb Ramp End - 17.7" Long x 17.7" Wide x 7.8" High works great and it wont break you could drive a tank over it $100 bucks or trade
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    i will take it ,i have to try to get down your way.
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    you still have that thing? it might go good in the bar in my garage.
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    Looking for starboard in Redondo Beach

    i have a new piece 54x64 3/8 seafoam 90 bucks<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
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    WE NEED YOU! 300+ Fishermen to attend/speak/cede time: DFG Comm Mtg. in San Diego

    ok to clear things up,i have room for 3 people to ride with me . i will pay for our gas and buy US lunch.if you are as ugly as carl bring a bag so i dont have to see you face on the ride .
  57. vinlandviking

    WE NEED YOU! 300+ Fishermen to attend/speak/cede time: DFG Comm Mtg. in San Diego

    ok carl,be at my house at 6am.if i am not there wait till about noon to see if i show up.
  58. vinlandviking

    WE NEED YOU! 300+ Fishermen to attend/speak/cede time: DFG Comm Mtg. in San Diego

    i am in for 1 day,have room for 3 more in my truck i will pay for gas and lunch. leaving from la/oc border early
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    f&g meeting 9/29

    15 day extention is what we got on the deir.
  60. vinlandviking

    Ethics... What do you think? boater (rookies) looking for secret spot

    why waste fuel doing that,i am going to waite till travis gets drunk and passes out than take his gps:rofl:
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    new piece 54x64 3/8 seafoam 90 bucks
  62. vinlandviking

    Boys...look what I caught today. What is it????

    mybe you should wear a bikini in you post.
  63. vinlandviking


    makes nice cutting boards
  64. vinlandviking

    Kill Bag

    i found the size that fit under the gunnal ,makes a good toe kick .
  65. vinlandviking


    new piece 54x64 3/8 seafoam 90 bucks
  66. vinlandviking

    energizer class24 battery

    yours but you need to pick up.i am in la mirada or buena park.i took it out of the boat i sold so it has not been used but 6 times.
  67. vinlandviking

    energizer class24 battery

    it was a month old when i took it out of my old boat,its about 2 1/2 yrs old takes a charge. no you cant have my beer.
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    yef dog minibike

    any one have any thing to trade? fishing gear?
  69. vinlandviking

    yef dog minibike

    yea ,i can hardly touch the ground when i come to a stop.i want to get new seats for my boat. that the new kid?
  70. vinlandviking

    yef dog minibike

    price droped to $350
  71. vinlandviking

    yef dog minibike

  72. vinlandviking

    sanyo pro 700

    sorry its gone
  73. vinlandviking


    yea i turn the slayer up really loud so i cant hear them cry.
  74. vinlandviking

    read fishfinder?? go and dave will tell you .
  75. vinlandviking


  76. vinlandviking

    This should be good

    all you have to do is look at the Board of Trustees ,ken wiseman says it all. tommy can you tape your call and put it on youtube:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
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  78. vinlandviking


    yea it came out of the bar in my garage (skullhead tavern)
  79. vinlandviking


    maytag freezer about 6yrs old works good. 46 long 28 wide 34 high 100 bucks
  80. vinlandviking

    sanyo pro 700

    phone is gone
  81. vinlandviking

    sanyo pro 700

    new in box i just dont use it
  82. vinlandviking

    sonyo pro 700

    new never used still in box 75bucks
  83. vinlandviking

    who to vote for?

    the nuge all the way baby
  84. vinlandviking

    Rubs And Sauces..

    for pork use apple wood to smoke and mix applecider , applecider vinegar, beer put in a spay bottle and spray the fuckers to keep them moist
  85. vinlandviking

    Dana Point 4/25/2010

    when you catch a sheephead how long do you look at its teeth before you say,i can fix that?
  86. vinlandviking

    Sometimes life just throws one too many curve balls

    good luck hope all comes out well
  87. vinlandviking

    MLPA and Brown Act

    during public comment at the fgc meeting in ontario rogers told someone "rave on" that the brft where not subject to that act.please correct me if im wrong.
  88. vinlandviking

    La Jolla 4/19

    the fun part is all that matters,hope all is going good bro.
  89. vinlandviking

    Catalina n00bs... what, where, how...

    yea daves a good guy
  90. vinlandviking


    it was a good jolt at my house in la mirada. nice meeting you tuna taxi on sunday.
  91. vinlandviking


    thanks chuck,im going to keep my passion and not change how i feel.i think its just better to piss people off in person and not have this out on the net for all to see,i was just a little hot headed.
  92. vinlandviking


    ok since you know how to do it ,tell me how to delet a quote from me that some one has on their post.
  93. vinlandviking

    Anti-MLPA petition signatures needed

    do i have to wear one of thoses small ass shirts you have?
  94. vinlandviking


    i feel im right and think we need to stand up and fight for our rights even if we dont win.
  95. vinlandviking

    ROLL CALL March 3rd MLPA F&G MTG. - Who's In???

    mike you over by the traintracks on stage rd?
  96. vinlandviking

    ROLL CALL March 3rd MLPA F&G MTG. - Who's In???

    im in,i still have about 100 yes on 2 orange tags i will bring.
  97. vinlandviking

    cHeAp! ChEaP!

    is the 40h level wind?
  98. vinlandviking

    Check this out! This pertains to this MLPA'S

    didnt a guy ibaft say some thing along these lines and everyone call him a nut?
  99. vinlandviking

    Dana Point Squid news

    it was the clemente and we went out 16 miles and the whole boat got nada
  100. vinlandviking

    squid still here

    will do bill thanks
  101. vinlandviking

    squid still here

    thanks, i want to go out of oc thursday nite.
  102. vinlandviking

    squid still here

    are they still around? my kid wants to catch one. thanks guys
  103. vinlandviking

    legislature/fish and game letter fax campain

    i think its time to start a letter fax bombardment,tell them you do not like our liberty's being sold out to special interests.i am going to let my reps know i will not vote for them if they do not do what is best for California.let them know we are watching what is going on in the process and...
  104. vinlandviking

    Plenty of Squid and Calico Bass

    the fuck thing must be a fuckn truck driver thing,good thing im a fucking dispatcher.good fucking luck.
  105. vinlandviking

    Caught this evil looking fish FISH ID?

    yea they dreged the mouth of sd bay its now 4000 ft deep there.
  106. vinlandviking

    best pliers

    im with sluester.i get cheap ones they always end up over the side.
  107. vinlandviking

    Is spider crab good eating?

    tasty, use channel lock pliers and crack at the joints.the last one i had the shell was as think as a nickle
  108. vinlandviking

    your legislature write you letters

    write your letters guys and gals. this is the only way we can get this :indabutt: mlpa stopped or enacted fair,heres a link to find out who reps you. Your Legislature
  109. vinlandviking

    fishin on the freelance with Capt. Dave

    dave rocks, i wish every one could go out with him once.
  110. vinlandviking

    lobster getting me sick quease ease, i take bonnie before i go to sleep and use this its a inhaler.
  111. vinlandviking

    Smoking on a gas grill

    you can make a packet out of heavy duty foil and put the soaked chips in it and than put under the grill to give more area to cook on top
  112. vinlandviking

    Smoked cheese

    use apple wood and cheddar, mix chunks in mashed taters fukn good
  113. vinlandviking

    Took Kellygirl Hoopin'

    man you can really tell how ugly dave is when he is next to kelly in that pic.
  114. vinlandviking

    dfg meeting the 9th

    whos going? last time to speak up.
  115. vinlandviking

    Aquarium of the Pacific

    im not saying their good or bad. but,look and the links they have. if i dont like someone i dont hang out with thier friends.
  116. vinlandviking

    Why California passed the "right to fish" Constitutional Amendment in 1910

    Section 25. The people shall have the right to fish upon and from the public lands of the state and in the waters thereof. so i guess you can surf fish in a mlpa area?
  117. vinlandviking

    Liquid Coast Hwy and Dave Hansen - 11/19

    daves as cool as the other side of the pillow
  118. vinlandviking

    promar hoops flats

    price lowered to 40 bucks
  119. vinlandviking

    Catalina Bottom Fishing - Need Help Please

    i had already checked noaa,where did you get this from?
  120. vinlandviking

    Catalina Bottom Fishing - Need Help Please

    baja where did you get the info back side of cat is not going to be good this weekend?
  121. vinlandviking

    promar hoops flats

    there gone
  122. vinlandviking

    This is it! Watch the final MLPA meeting!

    i hope maggie and kens comments dont some how get lost from the not lawyer but, i would think their calls and kens admittance of the calls would show their intent to play unfair. btw good going maggie, i heard craig say "she just didnt say that" and go over to you.
  123. vinlandviking

    NEW GOAL FOR MLPA!!! read now please..

    a video of all the sea food at the major chains and asian makets showing all the imported sea food.
  124. vinlandviking

    MLPA can suck my.....

    i wish you guys would quit suger coating your words and just say what you mean.
  125. vinlandviking

    Can i tow a Striper 2301 o/b with a truck towing capacity of 5,000lbs?

    my 99 2300 with a i/o drive weights 7grand with fuel and trl,now thats unloaded ie no icechest or gear.your truck is too small
  126. vinlandviking

    PCS seminar - Clemente/Catalina

    when is the next one and where?
  127. vinlandviking

    Live MLPA Meeting feed and updates!

    can some one please kill this thread
  128. vinlandviking

    Live MLPA Meeting feed and updates!

    im with the conspiracy theorist.iv seen to much under handed shit in my days.
  129. vinlandviking


    i would like to thank all the rsg reps for all the time out of their lives they have spent on this.:worship::worship:
  130. vinlandviking

    Spirit Sportfishing out of 22nd St

    Sport Fishing Charter Boat Company
  131. vinlandviking

    Spirit Sportfishing out of 22nd St

    that boat is for sale on craigs list
  132. vinlandviking

    Arnold Rally

    man i see a big cuddle coming on
  133. vinlandviking

    Arnold Rally

    THE BOSS OF THE MLPA IS COMING.we need to get in his ass.the brtf,i team,fish and game take direction from him. i can tell joes worker there doing it wrong, all day but joes the boss they wont do that i say, get my drift?
  134. vinlandviking

    Steps you can take RIGHT NOW to help fight the MLPA process

    i left flyers at my local fire department, every one should hit up thier local police and fire departments. if we cold get ali to change the rally flyers a bit ,we could print them and hand them out every where.
  135. vinlandviking

    September 10 afterthoughts

    im going by homedepot and picking people up in oct
  136. vinlandviking

    RSG meeting Live

    some things are better left to pms
  137. vinlandviking

    RSG meeting Live

    The coward believes he will live forever If he holds back in the battle, But in old age he shall have no peace Though spears have spared his limbs who wants to kick things up a bit?
  138. vinlandviking

    heres your sign

    thanks guys, la bound sat see you there.
  139. vinlandviking

    Orange County MLPA "Awareness Event" Sept. 5TH

    bring your hand held vhf radios if you got them
  140. vinlandviking

    heres your sign

    heres my sign
  141. vinlandviking

    phenix 9ft

    still have it
  142. vinlandviking

    Alert: Oppose the F&G Commissioner from Packard!

    call done ,very quick. we every one to call now.
  143. vinlandviking

    head count

    whos going sat and where ? la -oc -sd .dont be :ashamed: guys every one needs to come out and show force or we are going to be screwed.
  144. vinlandviking

    phenix 9ft

    still for sale
  145. vinlandviking

    Anti-MLPA SHIRTS!! now available @

    ok guys ,lets not fight. we are working on the sd part ,divegod lives in oc its 2 hrs to sd and he was there after the shops closed.any one can pm dive god and tell him who will for sure carry the stickers and shirts and they will get there.lets keep this good guys
  146. vinlandviking

    phenix 9ft

    any offers?
  147. vinlandviking

    phenix 9ft

    phenix black diamond graphite elite 9ft 15-40 new never fished $200 new obo or trade what you got? im next to knotts berry.
  148. vinlandviking

    MLPA mobilizing event

    check it out folks ,any rv or trailer will work too.
  149. vinlandviking

    MLPA mobilizing event

    already know where to go monday.thanks
  150. vinlandviking

    MLPA mobilizing event

    the last guy in the caravan needs a sign that says (id get out of your way but they shut my fishing spot down)
  151. vinlandviking

    one banner

    sorry thanks for the corection
  152. vinlandviking


    whos up for doing this sat 8/22? i have a place next to knottsberry farm to stage la folk than drive down to sd.i dont know sd so i need help with sd.we can have spots for people to meet up on the drive down.
  153. vinlandviking

    one banner

    face it ,there will be coast shut down and we cant stop it now.but we can get a fair plan workgroup 2,its the best we are going to get i say we as fisherman rally around it. just my 2 cents ps im still going to protest
  154. vinlandviking

    phenix graphite elite

    im looking to trade or sale a phenix graphite elite 9ft 15-30.never used im look to get a calstar gfdh 800l it needs to match a mxl. for sale too make offer
  155. vinlandviking

    Heres the deal on a protest and a history lesson

    thanks,i have 6 gals going right now 3 sweet 3 dry. im waiting for it to clear.i make my own ,i just like to try others.
  156. vinlandviking

    Heres the deal on a protest and a history lesson

    im a dispatcher for a trucking company and can move things around.we run from la to sd.i can dist product my self too.i can be trusted with money. im not a hinky fucker. JPFilippi do you make any mead?
  157. vinlandviking

    Heres the deal on a protest and a history lesson

    im in for what ever needs la/ oc border. by knotts ,if we are going to do a run i have place to stage people .
  158. vinlandviking

    Heres the deal on a protest and a history lesson

    if you know any one whos job has been cut by the state have them call there union rep and pitch a looking for # to some of the unions now and call myself and advise them (in a nice way) whats up, that it goes beyond fishing.
  159. vinlandviking

    Heres the deal on a protest and a history lesson

    we can do flyers with a message and contact info.we dont just have to hit up just the docks.blast them every where ,keep them with you at all times. every one shops ,gets gas ect.take 10 mins and flyer cars when your shopping.hand them to people when your getting gas,2000 flyers will go quick.we...
  160. vinlandviking

    Heres the deal on a protest and a history lesson

    ok we need a hotline or website.we can run around with no mlpa every where but if the public has no one to contact thats not good.we need some people to be in charge and organize. who wants the job?
  161. vinlandviking

    Heres the deal on a protest and a history lesson

    i have room to store and make signs 24 7 at my work (buena park)
  162. vinlandviking

    Heres the deal on a protest and a history lesson

    great now i have to go outside again lol thanks rdrrm8e. i got 2 bills to get this started
  163. vinlandviking

    Heres the deal on a protest and a history lesson

    copy and print .come on guys every one can do this now:Death_To_Above:
  164. vinlandviking

    Heres the deal on a protest and a history lesson

    rdrrm8e could you post that up so people could print it and tape it to there windows for now.
  165. vinlandviking

    Heres the deal on a protest and a history lesson

    we need a good saying to be unified. (mlpa unfair to fisherman)(save costal fishing) people with cars can use the washable white paint on there windows.if we get a good saying i can get shirts made for 4-5 bucks each.i will put up some of the money to buy the shirts but will need it back.
  166. vinlandviking

    boat repair things

    rod holders sold
  167. vinlandviking

    boat repair things

    liquid wood and thinner (makes 2 gal) better than git rot $100 ever coat skid no more 1 gal $50 antenna mount ss $30 best offer or i will consider trade for saltwater gear. these where for a boat i never got around to fix 562-843-3057
  168. vinlandviking

    any one know about this?

    we need everyone to show up and speak at the Fish and Game Commission meeting on the 5th of August. There are no excuses for not being part of the winning team – we need everyone who cares about recreational fishing to show up and make it known that 2XA is the obvious choice. It more than...
  169. vinlandviking

    O.C. Coast Keeper

    (Case in point - just today I got word live from the ongoing BRTF meeting. They have shot down the issue of anchoring. They will regulate only fishing activities in a process that is "not designed to regulate fishing and is about habitat protection" - yet they wont address any non-extractive...
  170. vinlandviking

    Reject Lapis-1

    dont let it get you down tommy.thanks for your hard work.
  171. vinlandviking

    temp slip or mooring

    thanks guys,that helps alot.
  172. vinlandviking

    temp slip or mooring

    so you just go and tie off huh? thanks
  173. vinlandviking

    temp slip or mooring

    can some one please advise me as how i would go about getting a mooring or slip for a nite in longbeach ? its a 23 ft striper. i want to get it in the water on a sat mourning and play with the boat in the harbor,get better at docking ,electronics ect. i would like to stay the nite and the family...
  174. vinlandviking


    buona ,your remark is hurt full to the +size people.i now feel intimidated and will file a report with mr.wiseman.
  175. vinlandviking


    yes, i got a 3xlt
  176. vinlandviking


    jc pennys has tee shirts gray with american flag that says (fishing an american heritage)they would be good shirts to wear to any mlpa meeting. just a fyi for every one.
  177. vinlandviking

    This is insane, crazy, disgusting--Do your part

    any one have richards email to thank him ? other email sent.
  178. vinlandviking


    ok so today i got a tax bill for unsecured property (marine) and the school called and said there will be no summer school(no money).so cool with the money they dont spend on schools and my taxes they will have money to enforce the mpas.rant over beer time now
  179. vinlandviking

    Orange tags, rubber stamps--and silent testimony

    thank you joe for all your work and thank every one who wore a tag. matt my son was my side kick.
  180. vinlandviking

    garmin 215

    garmin 215map with westcoast chart, both antennas with all the wiring and manuel. works good ready to go.i can hook up and show you. wife got me a new one for my bday. $250 562-843-3057
  181. vinlandviking

    ROLL CALL for June 4th BRTF meeting. Who's gonna to step up and who's all talk?

    im in .i have room for 3 more from la mirada. masterbaiter#2 i have room
  182. vinlandviking

    !!!!VERY IMPORTANT MLPA MEETING!!! This Tuesday May 19 - Santa Ana - BE THERE!

    In human color psychology, red is associated with heat, energy, and blood, and emotions that "stir the blood", including anger, passion, and love.[4] not ment to step on toes
  183. vinlandviking

    !!!!VERY IMPORTANT MLPA MEETING!!! This Tuesday May 19 - Santa Ana - BE THERE!

    red shirts stick out better,if its like oxnard it will be dim and black will fade in . when i did security red had a better effect.
  184. vinlandviking


    keep it +++++++++++++++++
  185. vinlandviking

    More MLPA 101 opportunites. Thank you UASC!!

    i big thanks to paul, dan and kelsea.
  186. vinlandviking


    i just got this email. Dear BoatUS Member, In just two days, on May 14, the California Senate Budget Subcommittee will vote on a critical proposal that could alter the future of boating in your state. Cal Boating, your state's boating agency, could be dismantled and boaters will lose a...
  187. vinlandviking


    i know theres not 1 answer,just a little vent.i was at the oxnard meeting the 28th and thinking why there where not as many people there as where at day at the docks,if that many people showed up they would shit. i saw a lot of people spending money on things they more than likely not be able...
  188. vinlandviking


    tommy i think all that your doing matters,is well as paul and every one that goes to these meetings and gets the word out.if more people put up a fuss they would think twice before try to pull this kinda shit.the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  189. vinlandviking


    yea guys i understand, my question is WHY ARE NOT MORE PEOPLE INVOLVED? i rode the 1/2 day boats on and off the last 10yrs and now own my own boat,i found out about the mlpa this question is with all the fisherman in so cal why are there not rows of people doing back flips and yelling? do...
  190. vinlandviking


    i have talked to people who say its a done deal we cant change it and others who say they are just letting us speak so they can say they let us get involved. all of which i dont believe.why is it more are not involved? lazy-dont care- dont think this is going to happen? why do you guys think...
  191. vinlandviking

    general public

    i have made copys of pamplets i have got over the last couple months and handed them to people that look like they fish at the gas stations,grocery store ect .the last 2 days i have found 4 guys that fish that did not know about the mlpa and 2 nra members that dont fish but did not like what...
  192. vinlandviking

    Next MLPA Meeting May 19&21-Public Comment!

    #3 the wife asked where do you want to go to dinner for your birthday ? i said the rsg meeting
  193. vinlandviking

    (MLPA) Fishermen: Speak up from your home/office. SAT mtg May 5th and BRTF May 8th!

  194. vinlandviking

    mlpa meeting in oxnard

    I've seen Paul at more than one MLPA meeting and the small population of spearos are much more organized and proactive than the tens of thousands of anglers. Arguing on this site is exactly what it takes for our side to lose this effort because of the bickering. A couple RSG members expressed...
  195. vinlandviking

    mlpa meeting in oxnard

    keep the letters going and go to as many of these things and speak.i did not speak as well as i should have. but as kris put it, its about what you have to say but its about showing support too.thanks for going with me kris. fight the good fight
  196. vinlandviking

    mlpa the 28th in oxnard(renamed thread)

    i will take a shower before we go
  197. vinlandviking

    mlpa protest

    laws can be changed. there was a time when you could not drink booze.It least it could put pressure on them to keep the closures to a bear minimum.
  198. vinlandviking

    mlpa protest

    just a idea, why not get boaters to come out on a sat or sunday cruise the harbors with anti mlpa banners. we could call the media and get some attention outside the mlpa meetings.when the general public finds out its going to cost them money it might help our cause.
  199. vinlandviking

    mlpa the 28th in oxnard(renamed thread)

    i renamed this thread. if all works good, i wont know till the 27th when my boss gets back. i will have room for 2 people in my truck to ride with me to the mlpa meeting on the 28th in oxnard. if you ride with me and speak i will pay for gas and lunch ,all i want is people to go and show support...
  200. vinlandviking

    28th to oxnard

    Tuesday, April 28, 2009 9:30 a.m. Residence Inn Marriott at River Ridge* 2101 West Vineyard Avenue Oxnard, California 93036 and its i will buy lunch for who goes with me and speaks
  201. vinlandviking

    28th to oxnard

    i live in la mirada , close to knottsberry farm
  202. vinlandviking

    28th to oxnard

    if all works good, i wont know till the 27th when my boss gets back. i will have room for 2 people in my truck to ride with me to the mlpa meeting on the 28th in oxnard. i will pay for the gas and if you speak at the meeting i will buy lunch too,all i want is people to go and show support for us...
  203. vinlandviking


    any one have the link to the thread with the 8 addresses?
  204. vinlandviking

    MLPA - Action Reqest from Coastside

  205. vinlandviking

    no fish LJ, great fishing marina

    nice fish is that a thors hammer the kid is wearing?
  206. vinlandviking

    Skipjack info

    the boat is in good condition, i take my family out in it. electronics are 2001 but new. i serviced every thing, the out drive has new shift cable ,bellows. i put in a new steering system ( cable,steering box and wheel) it have a new trim pump.the only thing wrong with it is the fuel gauge is...
  207. vinlandviking

    skipjack bilge

    thanks guys, now i know things are right with the bilge.
  208. vinlandviking

    skipjack bilge

    the pumps are not stuck and they pump out the stern, thats the only way i can get the water out of the bilge , even with the bilge full of water no thing comes out the drain on the lower stern outside and i do not see any hole in the bilge that would let it drain.
  209. vinlandviking

    skipjack bilge

    hi, new here. great fourm lotsa info.i have a 68 20 ft flybridge and when i wash down the deck all the water fills up the bilge till the pumps kick on but, no water comes out the drain plug on the lower stern no matter how i tilt the boat, i have use a 4 ft cb ant and pushed it in the drain hole...