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  1. Manbat

    For Sale Silverado tailgate

    This is off my 2019 Silverado 2500 classic body style. I believe it fits the 1500 as well. Over 2000$ from the dealer after paint. I have it on cl for 1000$ but would take 600$ from a bd’er if this will work for someone.
  2. Manbat

    For Sale Got a Silverado?

    This stuff is dealer take off from a 2018 Escalade. Was going on my truck until someone crashed into me and destroyed my truck. both calipers, new pads are in them, and the rotors. 250$ obo pick up in chino hills. Text or call 951 741 7551
  3. Manbat

    For Sale Rigid Generator

    Helping a friend sell some stuff before a big move. Unit is in excellent shape and only has 29 hours on it. Text me for any other details and I can help work it out. Located in Arcadia. New he paid just over a grand he’s hoping to get 625$ obo. 951 741 7551 Jon
  4. Manbat

    For Sale I love craigslist... This is too good not to share. Even has a built in bbq!
  5. Manbat

    Another gofundme...

    I’m here asking for a little help from the bd community if possible. I’m trying to raise some money to get my brother a wheelchair that will help make the sierras a little less challenging for us. Anything helps and is greatly appreciated.
  6. Manbat

    Head cleaning?

    Curious if anyone has every tried to preserve a tuna head the same way the mounts are done for mammals? Cutting off the meat, boiling head and cleaning and then bleaching. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Manbat

    Spare prop

    Its been used once and then sat on a shelf. I had it on a Yamaha 115. Gotta clean out the garage make me any offer and you gotta pick it up in chino hills. Thanks for looking. 9517417551 text or call Jon Y-4 17k 6E5
  8. Manbat

    WTB van. Looking for the next project.

    looking for a van project, gonna go surf/camp open to all makes and any condition.
  9. Manbat

    New pup

    Thought I would share my new pup excitement. Meet Milo. New dog in town.
  10. Manbat

    PSE bow

    my bow is up for a quick sale 29" draw 60lb Right handed I live right by chino hills turners if you want it looked at before buying
  11. Manbat

    WTB outriggers

    Looking for some gunnel mount outriggers, let me know what ya got. Thanks
  12. Manbat

    Nokaoi 20'

    I just finished a total rehab on this boat. This was supposed to be for me to get my brother out fishing more who is in a wheelchair. This boat is just not as stable as a platform as I need to make him comfortable so it needs to go. I've just finished replacing the entire fuel system with new...
  13. Manbat

    Great first run!

    Bought her in December got her out today for the first time. Replaced the fuel system, entire deck, complete rewire, custom rail, and bait system. Have a few things to finish up but the first test on the water was great. On plane immediately and did 45mph no problem. This is my first real...
  14. Manbat

    Simrad GO7 flush mount kit.

    Free if you need it. Located in chino hills. Text or call no pm's please. Jon 951 741 7551 must pick up.
  15. Manbat

    Misc stuff...

    So I'm just about done with my project. If you've got a project and need any of this stuff you can have it. You gotta drive to chino hills if you need any of it though. I'm paying this stuff forward from the help I've received on my project. The breaker is 100amp the pump is 700gph the hatch is...
  16. Manbat

    WTB wiring harness

    I need a wiring harness for a quicksilver throttle. Can't find a part number on the throttle though...any help is appreciated.
  17. Manbat

    Home built skiff.

    I built this about 2 years ago and now it's just in the way. I can honestly say it would probably be best as a planter or some kind of yard art. It's probably still water proof but it's starting to show some wear. It's 11' 4" long and fits in a full size truck bed with the tailgate down. Weighs...
  18. Manbat

    Electrical consultant?

    So I'm at the point in my boat rehab to do the entire electrical system from scratch. I've poured over YouTube videos and searched endless threads here. Does anyone know of someone who can draw up plans or make me a schematic to follow with specific parts? I don't mind paying for it I just...
  19. Manbat

    2007 Honda rincon 680 4X4 like new!

    So much bs on or text if interested. I'll throw in truck ramp and fuel can. 4800 firm. 2007 with only 272 miles on it. The 2015s are Over 11k brand new. 951 741 7551
  20. Manbat

    KiwiGrip nonskid deck.

    Just finished my deck and really like this stuff! Super easy to apply hoping to put it to the test soon!
  21. Manbat

    Bait tank plumbing?

    Can I put my tank overflow underneath the boat on a through hull? 3/4" strainer pickup and 1 1/4" strainer overflow (facing aft) Does this make sense or did I start drinking too early?
  22. Manbat

    Paragon nokaoi 20'

    Anyone know anything about these boats? Just picked one up and there is little to no info on them anywhere. Should be a great local dive boat with a little work.
  23. Manbat

    #8 tip top for TMC-90MH

    So I'm new to using a 9' jig rod and I choked up on it to gaff a fish while solo and snapped the tip of the rod because I couldn't get it into freespool. Anyone know where I can get the tip tops they use with the single guide foot in a #8?
  24. Manbat

    Too funny not to share. Ok who's buddy is this??
  25. Manbat

    Huge YFT way way inshore!

    Only weighed about 10lbs though.... Fished a 2 day charter on the commander last week and my dad happened to be outside fishermans landing when the new sign was being installed. So he's got some new backyard art. Fishing was ok for us. Nothing epic first day was slow fishing with the fleet. Went...
  26. Manbat

    2008 Chevy 2500 Duramax w/Allison

    Selling my 2008 Chevy 2500 Lt 2wd. I no longer need to tow so its gotta go. 120000 miles. Brand new glow plugs 5k miles ago. Always serviced on time and well taken care of. Text or call for more info or pics. 22k OBO 951 seven four one 755 one (jon)
  27. Manbat

    2 Day on The Success

    If you want quality book this boat. Everything is top notch. You get what you pay for and the fishing was great! All the negative reports this year about different operations make me want to support Capt. Carey and his boat even more. He runs a great crew, clean boat, amazing food, excellent...
  28. Manbat

    Boat financing

    My only boat I bought brand new and the dealer arranged the financing. Can anyone recommend any banks for financing on a used boat? Also how it works, pre approval letter or what?
  29. Manbat

    First time boat builder.

    Like a lot of guys on here im crazy about boats. I like to build things and make things from scratch or custom. I decided to do some research and found out about Glen-L boats. I bought some books and did some basic research and reading then decided to give it a shot. I started small due to not...
  30. Manbat

    69 Barracuda again...

    Craigslist has lots of bullshitters... 8,000$ cash need it gone asap. I can text more pics or videos. Re built bored 318, rebuilt 727 auto trans, 3:11 rear, all new suspension. jon 951 741 7551
  31. Manbat

    69 barracuda Great car need to sell asap!
  32. Manbat

    Prop selection for Yamaha f-115 on Triumph 195cc

    Ive had the dealer aluminum prop on my Triumph 195cc since purchased new in 2006. Its a Yamaha 13X19-K. I have not done all the rpm testing with this current prop but I know I max out WOT around 5300rpm at 35 mph. My complaint is the time it takes me to get on plane and have to walk forward of...
  33. Manbat

    2006 Triumph 195CC

    Im looking to sell my Triumph 195cc.This boat IS NOT fiberglass it is made of a material called ropelene that is incredibly tough and durable, with half the maintenance of fiberglass. I am the original owner of this boat bought brand new in 2006. Boat is equipped with a Garmin 198c...
  34. Manbat

    License question

    I'm planning on fishing with 2 friends. Myself and 1 other guy have fishing license and lobster cards but the third just has a 1 day license. Can he be with us while hooping? Can he help with anything when we are hooping?
  35. Manbat

    14 mile bank dorado

    I know it's kinda a late post but fished on Friday 8-21 ran to the 289 then up to 14 mile lookin at tons of nice kelp and 69 degree water noone home until I found The 71 degree water about 2 miles above the 14 high spot got 1 15lb bull.
  36. Manbat

    14 mile bank yellowtail

    Fished friday, headed straight to 14 mile bank looked at lots of paddies for nada. Started to head back in and checked one last paddy, had one bite all day 25lb yellow. cant figure out how to post the pics but im sure you've all seen one before.
  37. Manbat

    firdya 1-11?

    anyone got any ideas for tomorrow out of long beach or dana? been a while since ive gotten out.