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    For Sale Batteries

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    4x4 net 10ft poles New never used $200
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    4x 4 net 10 ft poles. $200
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    titan modle actuator

    Titan/Dico Model 60 Lever Lock Disc Brake Actuator #4715400 $114.95 Secure Leverlock system on this corrosion-resistant actuator ensures that the coupler locks in place on hitch balls measuring 1-7/8", 2" and 50 mm. Designed for disc brake applications. 6000lb. capacity use once to pull...
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    99 striper 2300

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    teramar tmc 80m

    new still with tags $145 firm. i am going to donate all the cash for the lawsuit to fight the mlpa. so no lowballers.
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    striper seats

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    1/8 first trip of the yr

    Hit Davies about 4pm with my buddy captain Jeff Jones ,tony and son to try and get some squid for the freezer and do some fishing around izors.we hit the shoe and up to izors with a light breeze and nice seas but got no slack cut from the squid or fish using frozen squid,about 9ish said screw it...
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    curb ramp

    Reflective Curb Ramp - 17.7" Long x 23.5" Wide x 7.8" High Reflective Corner Curb Ramp End - 17.7" Long x 17.7" Wide x 7.8" High works great and it wont break you could drive a tank over it $100 bucks or trade
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    f&g meeting 9/29

    15 day extention is what we got on the deir.
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    new piece 54x64 3/8 seafoam 90 bucks
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    energizer class24 battery

    it was a month old when i took it out of my old boat,its about 2 1/2 yrs old takes a charge. no you cant have my beer.
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    yef dog minibike

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    maytag freezer about 6yrs old works good. 46 long 28 wide 34 high 100 bucks
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    sanyo pro 700

    new in box i just dont use it
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    sonyo pro 700

    new never used still in box 75bucks
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    squid still here

    are they still around? my kid wants to catch one. thanks guys
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    legislature/fish and game letter fax campain

    i think its time to start a letter fax bombardment,tell them you do not like our liberty's being sold out to special interests.i am going to let my reps know i will not vote for them if they do not do what is best for California.let them know we are watching what is going on in the process and...
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    your legislature write you letters

    write your letters guys and gals. this is the only way we can get this :indabutt: mlpa stopped or enacted fair,heres a link to find out who reps you. Your Legislature
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    dfg meeting the 9th

    whos going? last time to speak up.
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    promar hoops flats

    there gone
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    i would like to thank all the rsg reps for all the time out of their lives they have spent on this.:worship::worship:
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    heres your sign

    heres my sign
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    head count

    whos going sat and where ? la -oc -sd .dont be :ashamed: guys every one needs to come out and show force or we are going to be screwed.
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    phenix 9ft

    phenix black diamond graphite elite 9ft 15-40 new never fished $200 new obo or trade what you got? im next to knotts berry.
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    whos up for doing this sat 8/22? i have a place next to knottsberry farm to stage la folk than drive down to sd.i dont know sd so i need help with sd.we can have spots for people to meet up on the drive down.
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    one banner

    face it ,there will be coast shut down and we cant stop it now.but we can get a fair plan workgroup 2,its the best we are going to get i say we as fisherman rally around it. just my 2 cents ps im still going to protest
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    phenix graphite elite

    im looking to trade or sale a phenix graphite elite 9ft 15-30.never used im look to get a calstar gfdh 800l it needs to match a mxl. for sale too make offer
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    boat repair things

    liquid wood and thinner (makes 2 gal) better than git rot $100 ever coat skid no more 1 gal $50 antenna mount ss $30 best offer or i will consider trade for saltwater gear. these where for a boat i never got around to fix 562-843-3057
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    any one know about this?

    we need everyone to show up and speak at the Fish and Game Commission meeting on the 5th of August. There are no excuses for not being part of the winning team – we need everyone who cares about recreational fishing to show up and make it known that 2XA is the obvious choice. It more than...
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    temp slip or mooring

    can some one please advise me as how i would go about getting a mooring or slip for a nite in longbeach ? its a 23 ft striper. i want to get it in the water on a sat mourning and play with the boat in the harbor,get better at docking ,electronics ect. i would like to stay the nite and the family...
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    jc pennys has tee shirts gray with american flag that says (fishing an american heritage)they would be good shirts to wear to any mlpa meeting. just a fyi for every one.
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    ok so today i got a tax bill for unsecured property (marine) and the school called and said there will be no summer school(no money).so cool with the money they dont spend on schools and my taxes they will have money to enforce the mpas.rant over beer time now
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    garmin 215

    garmin 215map with westcoast chart, both antennas with all the wiring and manuel. works good ready to go.i can hook up and show you. wife got me a new one for my bday. $250 562-843-3057
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    i just got this email. Dear BoatUS Member, In just two days, on May 14, the California Senate Budget Subcommittee will vote on a critical proposal that could alter the future of boating in your state. Cal Boating, your state's boating agency, could be dismantled and boaters will lose a...
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    i have talked to people who say its a done deal we cant change it and others who say they are just letting us speak so they can say they let us get involved. all of which i dont believe.why is it more are not involved? lazy-dont care- dont think this is going to happen? why do you guys think...
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    general public

    i have made copys of pamplets i have got over the last couple months and handed them to people that look like they fish at the gas stations,grocery store ect .the last 2 days i have found 4 guys that fish that did not know about the mlpa and 2 nra members that dont fish but did not like what...
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    mlpa protest

    just a idea, why not get boaters to come out on a sat or sunday cruise the harbors with anti mlpa banners. we could call the media and get some attention outside the mlpa meetings.when the general public finds out its going to cost them money it might help our cause.
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    mlpa the 28th in oxnard(renamed thread)

    i renamed this thread. if all works good, i wont know till the 27th when my boss gets back. i will have room for 2 people in my truck to ride with me to the mlpa meeting on the 28th in oxnard. if you ride with me and speak i will pay for gas and lunch ,all i want is people to go and show support...
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    28th to oxnard

    if all works good, i wont know till the 27th when my boss gets back. i will have room for 2 people in my truck to ride with me to the mlpa meeting on the 28th in oxnard. i will pay for the gas and if you speak at the meeting i will buy lunch too,all i want is people to go and show support for us...
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    skipjack bilge

    hi, new here. great fourm lotsa info.i have a 68 20 ft flybridge and when i wash down the deck all the water fills up the bilge till the pumps kick on but, no water comes out the drain plug on the lower stern no matter how i tilt the boat, i have use a 4 ft cb ant and pushed it in the drain hole...