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  1. Manbat

    Truck Shell's

    The ARE outback was a 2018 model.
  2. Manbat

    Truck Shell's

    I had the ARE overland on my 1500 Silverado. I was really disappointed with the build quality. I was considering going back to ARE and trying to return the entire thing when I got side swiped and the truck was a total loss. I went with the snug top outback for my new truck and am much happier...
  3. Manbat

    Lab grown yellowtail !?

    I just saw an article on lab grown beef as well... no thanks.
  4. Manbat

    Keen county quail

    Completely agree with the post above. I’m a new hunter and really have no idea how you guys figured it out before ONX.
  5. Manbat

    THE BIGHT, 9/15/19

    I was in your shoes 4 years ago with Brandon and Wes. I’ve caught more fish, more lobsters and huge bluefin than I could have when I owned my own boat. I love fishing with those guys! Congrats on the nice fish!
  6. Manbat

    For Sale Crystaliner 29'Rescue/sportfisher

    Damn that thing is sweet!
  7. Manbat

    Success 8/22 and anyone fish the boat?

    Top notch boat and crew!
  8. Manbat

    Netflix - The Last Breath

    Thanks for the recommendation. That was intense. Those guys are some tough dudes.
  9. Manbat

    The Legacy 9.......

    That’s a good lookin pup! Best advice is to start shooting over and around him/her ASAP. Starters pistol then decoy to get the shot/reward foundation set then build up to the shotguns. I am a total rookie on bird dog training but that worked well for my pointer and he’s sharp enough to hunt with...
  10. Manbat

    South Fork Kern report and Trout ID please

    Awesome thanks for the help.
  11. Manbat

    South Fork Kern report and Trout ID please

    Any tips on how you were fishing? I spend a lot of time on the south fork and haven’t really had time to figure it out up there.
  12. Manbat

    Stepping up in class (6 pack?)

    Bight charters. 1-4 people and I think 6 packs now too. I made the switch and haven’t looked back. This was our trip last Saturday.
  13. Manbat

    Big Three Parking, Crazy Talk?

    Will the shuttle have a rack on the front for my exercise bike?
  14. Manbat

    For Sale Silverado tailgate

    Thursday bump, still got brand new rotors, pads, and calipers for a Silverado that need to go as well.
  15. Manbat

    For Sale Silverado tailgate

    This is off my 2019 Silverado 2500 classic body style. I believe it fits the 1500 as well. Over 2000$ from the dealer after paint. I have it on cl for 1000$ but would take 600$ from a bd’er if this will work for someone.
  16. Manbat

    Bight Sports Fishing

    The trips are totally customizable. Brandon is super easy to work with and explains everything. I usually message him through Instagram and set up my trips that way, he is quick to respond and answer any questions and also let’s me know when dates open up.
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    For Sale Got a Silverado?

    Bump for a price drop! Forgot I still had this stuff, 100$ come get it
  18. Manbat

    Bight Sports Fishing

    Me and a buddy in the v, my dad on the bench in the cabin and both skippers on the deck in bean bags. Its tight but his guys are awesome and we had a great time.
  19. Manbat

    Bight Sports Fishing

    I probably won’t buy another boat because of how great fishing with him is. We’ve done his tuna trips, lobster trips, and sea bass/lobster combo 1.5 day trips. I’ve always fished with capt wes and capt james and had both of them on for the 1.5 day trip.
  20. Manbat

    6.5 CM Rifle Debate

    If you get a chance to put your hands on a fieldcraft I would recommend checking it out. I just bought one yesterday after going through the same “figuring it all out” process you’re going through.
  21. Manbat

    Rad wife! New boat given the go ahead.

    I’ve always thought the ranger tugs are in that nice middle ground of luxury and fish ability.
  22. Manbat

    For Sale 19’ Seaway

    Damn this is a steal...perfect platform. Glws
  23. Manbat

    For Sale Got a Silverado?

    150$ obo
  24. Manbat

    For Sale Got a Silverado?

    This stuff is dealer take off from a 2018 Escalade. Was going on my truck until someone crashed into me and destroyed my truck. both calipers, new pads are in them, and the rotors. 250$ obo pick up in chino hills. Text or call 951 741 7551
  25. Manbat

    For Sale Rigid Generator

    Helping a friend sell some stuff before a big move. Unit is in excellent shape and only has 29 hours on it. Text me for any other details and I can help work it out. Located in Arcadia. New he paid just over a grand he’s hoping to get 625$ obo. 951 741 7551 Jon
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    For Sale I love craigslist... This is too good not to share. Even has a built in bbq!
  27. Manbat

    For Sale 1967 Skipjack flybridge ‍♂️
  28. Manbat

    Thinking About Quitting

    I sold the boat and started chartering with Brandon Hayward on his Parker’s. I won’t go back to owning a boat. Trips are totally customizable. Lobster, sea bass, and jumbo bluefin. It’s been an awesome switch for me.
  29. Manbat

    Polaris Supreme 7 day 8-1 thru 8-8 report

    Those bowls are beautiful, that’s great work!
  30. Manbat

    How to Fight & Land a GIANT Bluefin

    Great info, thanks Dave!
  31. Manbat

    After catch care of current Bluefin

    Immediately gilled and gutted and cavity packed with ice. Left packed and surrounded by ice over night. Best quality I’ve ever had, it was a pleasure to cut up and pack. Thaws overnight in the fridge and eats excellent.
  32. Manbat

    SOLD $450 BowTech Insanity CPXL

    Measure finger tip to finger tip with arms outstretched and divide by 2.5
  33. Manbat

    SOLD $450 BowTech Insanity CPXL

    Is this still available?
  34. Manbat

    How much have you spent ?

    Bight charters. Sold the boats and fish with them now. You get what you pay for.
  35. Manbat

    Fishing Tattoo

    Candy bait!
  36. Manbat

    For Sale Triumph CC w 4stroke Yamaha/ Florida (not mine)

    Hit up Joe Oliver at boat house of Anaheim if you wanna check one out. He can tell you everything about them too.
  37. Manbat

    Another gofundme...

    Thanks very much! It’s greatly appreciated.
  38. Manbat

    Another gofundme...

    I’m here asking for a little help from the bd community if possible. I’m trying to raise some money to get my brother a wheelchair that will help make the sierras a little less challenging for us. Anything helps and is greatly appreciated.
  39. Manbat

    GSP puppies

    Definitely check out the parents. I’ve got 2 one is 96lbs the other is 65lbs.
  40. Manbat

    SOLD 2004 31' Tiara Open

    The good ones go fast, that thing is amazing!
  41. Manbat

    Rod wrapping machine advice

    If you’re brand new to rod building just try doing a few by hand. It’s simple and inexpensive to get started.
  42. Manbat

    First Custom Pilot House on a 177 Tahiti Skiff

    Watching via Instagram and looking forward to seeing it get done!
  43. Manbat

    RIP Molly

    So sorry for your loss. Looks like you gave her a great life. My GSPs are my family.
  44. Manbat

    2320 Head

    Bait tank.
  45. Manbat

    Dana Point 11/19 - Picked up a hitch hiker

    Steam the fillets with old bay on them. It’s right there with lobster and crab. Be mindful of what you take from one spot they’re what keep the urchin population from eating all the kelp.
  46. Manbat

    FREE old dodge van conversion motor home.

    Can you text pics? 9517417551
  47. Manbat

    14' Mini Jet boat build 200hp

    Looks good! I’ve watched those nz guys on YouTube and it looks like so much fun!
  48. Manbat

    DYI gaff for the surf

    Halibut hammer.
  49. Manbat

    PEI Today

    So cool!
  50. Manbat

    Bluefin with Brandon Hayward who wants in?

    I sold my boat and now primarily fish with brandon. The cost is well worth it. Trips are totally customizable and they're out there everyday and put us on fish.
  51. Manbat

    Home Flooring Installation Question

    I went with the waterproof laminate and am super happy, I have 2 big dogs that are pretty rough on it and the stuff is holding up great and the water proof part is awesome no worries about wet paws or boots and dries withough even a water mark.
  52. Manbat

    Head cleaning?

    Wow that dakus looks like they way to go. Thanks for all the input.
  53. Manbat

    Head cleaning?

    Ya I was thinking about trying to let the bugs do the work but I'm pretty sure my wife as well as all my neighbors will not be pleased about it. How would making a mold work?
  54. Manbat

    Head cleaning?

    Hmm looks like there isn't much left...thanks for that video.
  55. Manbat

    Head cleaning?

    Didnt want to spend any money on it just wanted to see if it's gonna be worth all the work or not. It's from a jumbo bluefin we got last week and the head ended up in my freezer. It's either going in the trash or I'll give this a shot.
  56. Manbat

    Head cleaning?

    Curious if anyone has every tried to preserve a tuna head the same way the mounts are done for mammals? Cutting off the meat, boiling head and cleaning and then bleaching. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  57. Manbat

    Spare prop

  58. Manbat

    Spare prop

    Its been used once and then sat on a shelf. I had it on a Yamaha 115. Gotta clean out the garage make me any offer and you gotta pick it up in chino hills. Thanks for looking. 9517417551 text or call Jon Y-4 17k 6E5
  59. Manbat

    Searching for a RADON 26' diesel to buy

    You gonna do another one??
  60. Manbat

    WTB van. Looking for the next project.

    looking for a van project, gonna go surf/camp open to all makes and any condition.
  61. Manbat

    Tell me About Triumph CC Boats

    usually pretty heavy, dive and fishing gear, for 2 or 3. totally fine with the 115 but takes a little time to get on plane.
  62. Manbat

    Tell me About Triumph CC Boats

    I had the 115 Yamaha, would definitely recommend trying to get one with the 150. Not sure on my exact numbers but I would go to cat and back and fish all day and burn less than 20 gallons.
  63. Manbat

    Tell me About Triumph CC Boats

    I bought a 195cc in 06. Absolutely beat the hell out of it. I sold it at 600 hours and had no major issues. Bilge is difficult to access so it can get mold but leaving some hatches open when stored will help it dry out. Fit and finish is not the nicest but for the price I was very happy with it...
  64. Manbat

    22' Livesay (Not running) $2,000

    Damn this is a great project!
  65. Manbat

    WSB hunting for my 1st The best.
  66. Manbat

    New pup

    Nope, that's our other pointer, all GSP all liver in color except for a tiny bit of ticking on his chest.
  67. Manbat

    New pup

    Thought I would share my new pup excitement. Meet Milo. New dog in town.
  68. Manbat

    Looking for a 24' to 26' Seaswirl Striper

    Boat house of Anaheim has a 26' with Alaska package right now, it's a 2010
  69. Manbat

    17ft montauk radon style cabin build

    Looks great, thinking of doing something similar!
  70. Manbat

    PSE bow

    my bow is up for a quick sale 29" draw 60lb Right handed I live right by chino hills turners if you want it looked at before buying
  71. Manbat

    20 foot Skipjack open w/trailer and complete outdrive and motor rebuild.

    Ya I already got shot down about another boat in the driveway. This is the best deal around for someone with a little time and skill.
  72. Manbat

    My 72 skipjack restoration almost done..

    Looks incredible, nice work!
  73. Manbat

    I Know A Guy

    Damn, very nice rig!
  74. Manbat

    Local 60lb Yellowfin Video Edit

  75. Manbat

    WTB outriggers

    Looking for some gunnel mount outriggers, let me know what ya got. Thanks
  76. Manbat

    Nokaoi 20'

    I just finished a total rehab on this boat. This was supposed to be for me to get my brother out fishing more who is in a wheelchair. This boat is just not as stable as a platform as I need to make him comfortable so it needs to go. I've just finished replacing the entire fuel system with new...
  77. Manbat

    WTT marline 30-30 for compound bow

    Been thinking about parting with mine. Let me know if interested.
  78. Manbat

    O side bait prices??

    It was 50$/scoop 2 weeks ago
  79. Manbat

    New to me Crystaliner - Beyond Stoked!

    Awesome boat, congrats!
  80. Manbat

    Boat went down right next to us.

    Good job on the rescue, sounds like you saved some lives.
  81. Manbat

    need recommendation for mammoth area (Camping)

    Silver lake rv park will have plenty of room and full hook ups.
  82. Manbat

    PFDs are a lot easier to wear than trying to swim

    Good read. Thanks for sharing.
  83. Manbat

    Heading up to Mammoth for Father's Day weekend

    Try to get out early on convict. The wind can come up.
  84. Manbat

    Homeowner Reply to Oregon DFW Request

    This is amaZing
  85. Manbat

    Great first run!

    So far I've only had a test run on a local lake, have to make a couple more mods and I'll get it out for a sea trial. It does have a very light feel to it. Jumps on plane almost instantly and is very comfortable at troll speed and above. On anchor it may be a little tippy. This build was to...
  86. Manbat

    Great first run!

    It's a 1995 90hp force...the motor has a pretty poor reputation but I was very impressed with how it performed today.
  87. Manbat

    Great first run!

    20' nokaoi
  88. Manbat

    Great first run!

    Bought her in December got her out today for the first time. Replaced the fuel system, entire deck, complete rewire, custom rail, and bait system. Have a few things to finish up but the first test on the water was great. On plane immediately and did 45mph no problem. This is my first real...
  89. Manbat

    Parker 2510XLD Refit

    Damn that thing is rigged to the max! Great job!
  90. Manbat

    Paragon nokaoi 20'

    After lots of work it's finally time to splash her. Hoping Saturday won't be too crazy with the holiday weekend at the local lake. Super excited to finally get it in the water.
  91. Manbat

    Rhino lining as decking?

    X2 for kiwi grip!
  92. Manbat

    Simrad GO7 flush mount kit.

    Bump for freeeeee stuff
  93. Manbat

    Is this The King of Camaroon?

    Ya it's all craigslist bullshit...I'm trying to sell a quad on cl now and the amount of bullshit is unbelievable...
  94. Manbat

    Simrad GO7 flush mount kit.

    Free if you need it. Located in chino hills. Text or call no pm's please. Jon 951 741 7551 must pick up.
  95. Manbat

    Simrad G07 Touchscreen

    Any of you guys need a flush mount kit? Free to good home but you gotta come pick it up in chino hills. Call or text only as I might not see a pm on here. Jon 951 741 7551
  96. Manbat

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    Ya I'm really looking forward to the 23' these boats look awesome!
  97. Manbat

    Bad back boating help

    Rubber mats at the helm helped a lot for me.
  98. Manbat

    It's here.....

    Waiting for the 23'...
  99. Manbat

    PARTING out Skipjack

    Would you ship just the base? If not no worries I totally understand.
  100. Manbat

    PARTING out Skipjack

    Vhf antenna base?
  101. Manbat

    2007 Honda rincon 680 4X4 like new!

    Bump...someone put this thing to use!
  102. Manbat

    Misc stuff...

    All items are pending pick up. Will update if needed. Thanks
  103. Manbat

    Misc stuff...

    So I'm just about done with my project. If you've got a project and need any of this stuff you can have it. You gotta drive to chino hills if you need any of it though. I'm paying this stuff forward from the help I've received on my project. The breaker is 100amp the pump is 700gph the hatch is...
  104. Manbat

    I lost my best friend

    Sincere condolences. They truly are the ones that are always there and up for anything. I'm sure you gave him a great life.
  105. Manbat

    Boat sinking in MB

    Save the dock steps!
  106. Manbat

    WTB wiring harness

    Thank you, I'll try that now!
  107. Manbat

    WTB wiring harness

    I need a wiring harness for a quicksilver throttle. Can't find a part number on the throttle though...any help is appreciated.
  108. Manbat

    2007 Honda rincon 680 4X4 like new!

    Bump... It's gotta go, open to reasonable offers!
  109. Manbat

    My 2007 Defiance (new to me)

    Damn that's a sweet ride! Congrats!
  110. Manbat

    Optima Blue Top Batteries- SOLD

    Any chance you'll be in the oc/la area anytime soon?
  111. Manbat

    Crash Bar Exit Device - Aluminum Finish - Left Hand - TH1100-ED
  112. Manbat

    Worth fishing with??? Old sabre

    For sure, I fish lots of older rods and they catch fish just fine!
  113. Manbat

    Home built skiff.

    Yep keeping it, going into a landscape project.
  114. Manbat

    Home built skiff.

    Off the market...
  115. Manbat

    2007 radon signature 22 for sale

    That's a killer rig!
  116. Manbat

    Boat Partner Wanted

    Anybody get a personal message from dumbford? I'm thinking troll cuz he can't be for real.
  117. Manbat

    Home built skiff.

    Bump for a free boat...
  118. Manbat

    Boat Partner Wanted

    It's the same asshat every time. Someone needs to get a life! Back on topic, this is a great deal for the right partners.
  119. Manbat

    Home built skiff.

    This was her in top shape.
  120. Manbat

    Home built skiff.

    Good point. Not looking for someone to come get it just to put it on cl and try to make a buck. I kept it under 12' which with a trolling motor and from my understanding at dmv it didn't need to be registered and given a hull number.
  121. Manbat

    Home built skiff.

    I built this about 2 years ago and now it's just in the way. I can honestly say it would probably be best as a planter or some kind of yard art. It's probably still water proof but it's starting to show some wear. It's 11' 4" long and fits in a full size truck bed with the tailgate down. Weighs...
  122. Manbat

    Another Shitty Job

    Like a turd garbage disposal!
  123. Manbat

    Electrical consultant?

    So I'm at the point in my boat rehab to do the entire electrical system from scratch. I've poured over YouTube videos and searched endless threads here. Does anyone know of someone who can draw up plans or make me a schematic to follow with specific parts? I don't mind paying for it I just...
  124. Manbat

    Got One!

    That's awesome! Congrats on a good hunt!
  125. Manbat

    Do You Keep Sanddabs? How Do You Cook Them If You Do?

    Ya they're really good and easy to prep and eat!
  126. Manbat

    Meet Maverick.......

    Very nice! Dream boat right there!
  127. Manbat

    Dog found 5 weeks later, after falling overboard

    Ya I saw this and it reminded me of that same story on here. That's gotta be tough to go through. My dog is like family. This is him helping with washing the boat...
  128. Manbat

    Dog found 5 weeks later, after falling overboard

    Ya I saw this and it reminded me of that same story on here. That's gotta be tough to go through. My dog is like family. This is him helping with washing the boat...
  129. Manbat

    Paragon nokaoi 20'

    Nothing in the corners just 2 on each rail and the stern. I was concerned about support there but it supports me sitting up on it with no problem.
  130. Manbat

    Paragon nokaoi 20'

    It's actually Doug fir. I decided to make a template out of Doug fir before buying mahogany or teak. I was pretty happy with the Doug fir so I stained it, sealed it, and epoxied it. The moisture content inside is what I'm guessing will eventually rot it but it will definitely last me a couple...
  131. Manbat

    Railing height?

    I went 35" top height of rail, the gunnel is only 15" on my boat. Would have been flipping my old man out the back every trip.
  132. Manbat

    Paragon nokaoi 20'

    I think the Nokaoi is a copy of a jackpot, really hard to find any info on them though.
  133. Manbat

    Paragon nokaoi 20'

    Thought I'd give an update for anyone interested. Finished the fuel system, bait system, replaced the deck and non skid. Tom (tower fab) built me some custom mounts for the rail I wanted. My lil half day boat just needs electrical and she's all set for a hopefully a fun summer.
  134. Manbat

    2007 Honda rincon 680 4X4 like new!

    Exactly. He said I won the lottery too so I just gotta send him the tax payment and the money is mine!
  135. Manbat

    2007 Honda rincon 680 4X4 like new!

    So much bs on or text if interested. I'll throw in truck ramp and fuel can. 4800 firm. 2007 with only 272 miles on it. The 2015s are Over 11k brand new. 951 741 7551
  136. Manbat

    Free SKB tackle box Model 7200

    Is this still up for grabs?! I could really use this on my soon to be completed boat build.
  137. Manbat

    If I could be half the person my dog is, I'd be twice the human I am

    Didn't know I was getting into a tear jerker! Dogs are the best, had an interview with a rescue today to add a second German short haired pointer to our family and couldn't imagine living without dogs. They truly are the best companions! Thanks for sharing.
  138. Manbat

    Heres an almost unbelievable scuba story

    Yep. If anyone was diving off domes and saw a big ass pipe underwater common sense would come into play. Just another idiot looking to get paid. I don't doubt it was scary as hell but he should walk away with a lesson learned not a lawsuit.
  139. Manbat

    KiwiGrip nonskid deck.

    Inside the little cuddy on my boat it still had the old non skid and I sanded down the rough ends and went over it with the kiwi grip and it blended just fine. The rest was over epoxy resign. I bought the gallon which said it will cover 80sqft and it was right on. I had about 70sqft to do and it...
  140. Manbat

    KiwiGrip nonskid deck.

    I'm hoping it stays a bit rubbery, the previous deck was like kneeling on ground up glass.
  141. Manbat

    KiwiGrip nonskid deck.

    I'll definitely put it to the test this season and see how it holds up. I did almost go the awlgrip route but was put off by the mixing and hazmat charges and stuff. This is my first real build so I'm learning as I go.
  142. Manbat

    KiwiGrip nonskid deck.

    after finishing replacing most the deck I filled and sanded everything. Then hit it with a grease and oil remover with a sponge and taped off the edges. It's a 1 part product so no mixing simply plop it on with a putty knife and spread it a little then the roller that comes with it adds the...
  143. Manbat

    KiwiGrip nonskid deck.

    Just finished my deck and really like this stuff! Super easy to apply hoping to put it to the test soon!
  144. Manbat

    New life for a old girl. My first attempt at a restoration

    Looks great, killer first trip too!
  145. Manbat

    Show me your crappy project - Winner get's everything but a hull

    This is my 20' nokaoi. Already has a 94 merc 90hp 2 stroke on it but could def use a parts motor. I've just finished replacing the entire fuel system, new custom rails, replaced the entire deck all epoxy resin, new bait system with thru hulls, going to kiwi grip the deck soon then wire it and...
  146. Manbat

    Whaler Outrage 24' T-top Tower price estimation?

    Another vote for Tom here, he did some custom rails for me and his work is excellent!
  147. Manbat

    2007 26' Osprey Pilothouse

    If the owner is confident in the boat let's see the survey they pay for...
  148. Manbat


    Nice! Good grade too!
  149. Manbat

    Looking for Chevy diesel truck

    Just don't buy the 08 duramax. It's got the exhaust filter that uses diesel to burn off shit, that equals about 11 mpg no matter what. That was a tough lesson I had to learn.
  150. Manbat

    Tis da season

    Trailer included?
  151. Manbat

    Alloy Plate Boat kits is a great resource for all things aluminum!
  152. Manbat

    Bait tank plumbing?

    Ok to clarify, in my head I thought a strainer facing the stern would create negative pressure while underway for the drain. I'm fine with having a dumb idea, I'm looking for correction here guys, lay it on me. To get from where the tank is going to be mounted to the transom or the side of the...
  153. Manbat

    Bait tank plumbing?

    Can I put my tank overflow underneath the boat on a through hull? 3/4" strainer pickup and 1 1/4" strainer overflow (facing aft) Does this make sense or did I start drinking too early?
  154. Manbat

    Paragon nokaoi 20'

    Nice! What hp is that ob?
  155. Manbat

    Paragon nokaoi 20'

    Awesome thanks for the info guys, hoping to make a fun little skiff out of it. Could have gone without the 2nd pic
  156. Manbat

    Paragon nokaoi 20'

    I'll post some more pics when I get working on it.
  157. Manbat

    Another Big Fish Transport Success Story

    That's awesome, sounds like a great idea for a niche business where customer service is paramount.
  158. Manbat

    Paragon nokaoi 20'

    24' from tip to prop, 76" beam. Gonna be a tippy boat I'm sure but for what I'm looking for I'll be fine. The bracket is fiberglass and is bolted to the transom, feels sturdy. 90 hp merc 2 stroke. I need to rewire the boat and replace the deck since it just got a brand new 55gal fuel tank...
  159. Manbat

    Paragon nokaoi 20'

    Anyone know anything about these boats? Just picked one up and there is little to no info on them anywhere. Should be a great local dive boat with a little work.
  160. Manbat

    WTB: Propeller(s) Aluminum 12.5 x 15 or 12.5 x 17

    I've got a 13 1/4x 17-k aluminum
  161. Manbat

    Need some WiFi Help!!

    the password IS case sensitive so make sure it's exactly right
  162. Manbat

    Wrap my own ?

    Start with a cheap hand wrapper it's not that hard to do basic stuff and minimal start up cost.
  163. Manbat

    Granting A Kids Last Wish To Catch A Marlin

    Good job Dan! That's what it's all about
  164. Manbat

    Just scored a 23 farallon

    Sweet new ride!
  165. Manbat

    Technical Poling Skiff – Rigged for Skinny Clear Water Fishing Pursuits

    Damn this is a great write up! Rad boat and awesome spots you get to fish! Thanks for sharing
  166. Manbat

    Police recover stolen boat

    That's a photo for the wall right there!
  167. Manbat

    17' SurfSki

    Cool skiff! Looks great!
  168. Manbat

    1976 Mako 20'

    Wow that things is clean! My timing is off otherwise I would be all over this, GLWS
  169. Manbat

    Rolling the Surf Zone

    Best post I've read in a long time! Thanks for sharing that looks so awesome!
  170. Manbat

    Great White Surprises Diver Big Time!

    Uugh that sucked!!
  171. Manbat

    Cat Makai

    Nice build, that's a steal at 25k. Looks like a great boat. GLWS
  172. Manbat

    #8 tip top for TMC-90MH

    So I'm new to using a 9' jig rod and I choked up on it to gaff a fish while solo and snapped the tip of the rod because I couldn't get it into freespool. Anyone know where I can get the tip tops they use with the single guide foot in a #8?
  173. Manbat

    Too funny not to share.

    you guys are funny.
  174. Manbat

    Too funny not to share. Ok who's buddy is this??
  175. Manbat

    New Era Deer Hunting

    Aww man that's tough. I got feelings for the property just hearing your description. Best of luck hope it works out.
  176. Manbat

    New Era Deer Hunting

    So what was wrong with the rock creek property? Sounds amazing
  177. Manbat

    Incredible edit - Get Pumped

    Way good! Rad lil pilot house too!
  178. Manbat

    Huge YFT way way inshore!

    Only weighed about 10lbs though.... Fished a 2 day charter on the commander last week and my dad happened to be outside fishermans landing when the new sign was being installed. So he's got some new backyard art. Fishing was ok for us. Nothing epic first day was slow fishing with the fleet. Went...
  179. Manbat

    Dogs of BD; Post Yours

    My 90lb gsp on my backyard boat build.
  180. Manbat

    adding to the arsenal

    Nice find! Looks great!
  181. Manbat

    2010 striper 26'

    I've been fishing, diving, and hooping all over on this boat. Really great all around so cal package. Someone will be very happy with this. The custom swim step really makes this thing a dream for diving and fishing.
  182. Manbat


    That was awesome!
  183. Manbat

    Tejon Birthday

    That's what its all about! Sounds like a great trip!
  184. Manbat


    Very sorry for your loss.
  185. Manbat

    Help with info on triumph boats

    I had the 195cc and regret selling it. Easy to handle solo and no problem fishing cat.
  186. Manbat

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    wtb-xtra tuff deck boots size 12.
  187. Manbat

    The new Dodge Boat - Best way to waste $50k

    It's officially summer!
  188. Manbat

    1994 Stratos 2250 WA Cuddy

    Just me or does it sit low in the stern? Outboard seems deep...
  189. Manbat

    I'm still excited!!!

    Nice one! Hope you got the stones!
  190. Manbat

    2005 Parker 2120 Pilothouse

    Oops just saw it does have a trailer. I'd also like to see it, if other guy passes.
  191. Manbat

    Battle of my life, starting tomorrow!

    Good thoughts going your way!
  192. Manbat

    Los Gaviotas?

    Ive done ok on bass and sculpin. I made it to the kelp in a kayak once and caught a ton of nice calicos. pretty easy on a longboad if the surfs down. I used cut squid on the beach which I brought with me. A jig or rapala will work at the kelp for bass. The groundskeeper guy fishes too hes cool...
  193. Manbat


    Hours? Pics of helm? Nice boat at a good price! GLWS
  194. Manbat

    24 ft fishing boat with pilothouse

    This should get interesting...
  195. Manbat

    Favorite CA Sheepshead Recipes?

    Steam it with some old bay on it, little bit of melted butter drizzled over and you've got poor mans lobster. Its damn good, tacos, lobster rolls or just some crackers and it's excellent.
  196. Manbat

    cool thanks man! Going out there after Easter and most likely bringing her home.

    cool thanks man! Going out there after Easter and most likely bringing her home.
  197. Manbat

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    68 gallons If my calculations are correct...
  198. Manbat

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Hello Skippy owners. I may be joining your club shortly as im looking at purchasing a 96 skipjack 24 open. It was sold about a year and a half ago on bd to a guy in az. He is now selling it possibly to me. I was just wondering if there was any info on it. The boat is called "harpooner" and sat...
  199. Manbat

    Hey Im looking at your old skipjack and thinkin of buying it and bringing it back to so cal. Any...

    Hey Im looking at your old skipjack and thinkin of buying it and bringing it back to so cal. Any issues you think the boat might have? Just worries me that the guy wants to sell it after only having it for a little more than a year.
  200. Manbat

    Mint - Boston Whaler 19 Outrage - SOLD

    Damn that thing is pristine! Glws
  201. Manbat

    1978 Mako 19 foot $6500 FIRM

    Price? 9517417551
  202. Manbat

    WTB Triumph 195 cc

    I had an 06 195cc with a 115hp Yamaha. I completely regret selling it, it was a great boat! Be sure to get into the bilge and check for mold/mildew they're very difficult to access/clean and try to find one with the 150 Yamaha instead of the 115. The 115 wasn't too bad but it could use a little...
  203. Manbat

    Hey could I get some photos of the power skiff? Text or email is fine. 9517417551...

    Hey could I get some photos of the power skiff? Text or email is fine. 9517417551 [email protected]
  204. Manbat

    16' hobie power skiff

    Let's see the pics
  205. Manbat

    HEY HOMEOWNERS........

    I got some money back last year out of the blue cuz they estimated too high for the impound account.
  206. Manbat

    2008 Chevy 2500 Duramax w/Allison

    Selling my 2008 Chevy 2500 Lt 2wd. I no longer need to tow so its gotta go. 120000 miles. Brand new glow plugs 5k miles ago. Always serviced on time and well taken care of. Text or call for more info or pics. 22k OBO 951 seven four one 755 one (jon)
  207. Manbat

    1994 Blackman Express 20 ft

    Damn...that was a good one. Gotta be ready.
  208. Manbat

    Looking for a boat. Need opinions

    I financed a brand new triumph when I was 22 years old for 30k. I had a 250$/month payment and a brand new boat with no worries. Fished the shit out of it and learned a ton about boating with it. Kept it for 6 years then sold it for a little more than what I owed so it cost me a little less than...
  209. Manbat

    1949 Chris Craft Double Cabin Cruiser

    That's one hell of an accessory!
  210. Manbat

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 10 COUSINS

    It ain't long but it sure is skinny!
  211. Manbat

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 6

  212. Manbat

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 4

    No Facebook, but count me in!
  213. Manbat

    Trade my restored 1982 BMW R100 motorcyle for your 17-19' Center Console

    I remember seeing that boat for sale. Absolutely immaculate, that thing was so cool!
  214. Manbat

    15' Calbogie on OC C/L

    Almost went and looked at it today but the way crusty Carl sounded on the phone had a hunch it was gonna be shit. Thanks for the heads up.
  215. Manbat

    First time boat builder.

    I highly recommend it to my friends with kids, great project quick and easy learning and something they would be very proud of. As for time and materials...i spent about 3 months totally just doing it in my spare time. All said and done i spent about 2k on materials could easily be done for less...
  216. Manbat

    26Ft. Shamrock Predator

    damn I kinda want his cc hmmm...
  217. Manbat


    what model is that?
  218. Manbat

    16' Radon jerk off

    I had a day set to go see it and he texted me the day before saying it sold.., That was the last time it was "for sale" though.
  219. Manbat

    2 Day on The Success

    He just sent me the video he put together as well, so stoked! Thanks for all the kind words!
  220. Manbat

    The best burger of my Life... made with dorado

    Made it with tuna and it kicked ass! Thanks for sharing!
  221. Manbat

    2 Day on The Success

    If you want quality book this boat. Everything is top notch. You get what you pay for and the fishing was great! All the negative reports this year about different operations make me want to support Capt. Carey and his boat even more. He runs a great crew, clean boat, amazing food, excellent...
  222. Manbat

    25' Farallon NorCal to SoCal

    I was drooling over that thing! Congrats!
  223. Manbat

    Coors Light Refresherator

    this thing still available?
  224. Manbat

    Not My Fish

    Wow that's a beast!
  225. Manbat

    Looking for fractional ownership of 25-35' boat
  226. Manbat

    Freediving fins vs scuba fins

    Most spearos start out with scuba fins just due to having them on hand probably. I know that was my reason. The long blade on a freedive fin will require you to kick less which will conserve your oxygen. If you're just starting out don't worry about it though. Be safe and have fun.
  227. Manbat

    Caption Contest - Win a Gift Card to the Longfin - Ends Sept 9th, 2014

    Help me get my girlfriend back in the boat!
  228. Manbat

    Held Hostage on the Assembly Required! (Ready to Assemble)

    You're not the first to tell such a tale... I think he ran that thing into an island last year too if I remember correctly.
  229. Manbat

    Weekend trip from Marina del Rey to the 182

    I got one on the retrieve on friday last week. Just a straight retrieve.
  230. Manbat

    Wilson For Sale

    How was it up close? Been thinkin about this one.
  231. Manbat

    Boat financing

    Ya personal loan is an option too, possibly an equity line of credit as well. Was just curious on other peoples experiences with different lenders.
  232. Manbat

    Boat financing

    Thanks guys. Ready to get serious about the next boat and needed the pointers. Annoying when a bank thinks a radon or anderson that's 10 years old isn't worth shit.
  233. Manbat

    Boat financing

    Cool thanks for the input!
  234. Manbat

    Boat financing

    My only boat I bought brand new and the dealer arranged the financing. Can anyone recommend any banks for financing on a used boat? Also how it works, pre approval letter or what?
  235. Manbat

    SUP Marlin hook-up

    That's awesome!
  236. Manbat

    20 Ft Wilson

    Lots of potential there! I wish I had the resources. GLWS
  237. Manbat

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 21, 2014

    That flex seal guy is a god damn liar...
  238. Manbat

    Radoncraft 18

    That's a bitchen ride!
  239. Manbat

    First time boat builder.

    The strength that the fiberglass added really surprised me. I'll be painting this weekend and hopefully get some finished pics up soon, thanks for all the kind words!
  240. Manbat

    after 5 hard years of trying to dail it in....

    That first photo is awesome! Nice one, congrats!
  241. Manbat

    CC or walk around wanted

    Any pics of the stringari?
  242. Manbat

    First time boat builder.

    Got the inside rough finished, flipped it back over and started glassing. It's a lot harder than it looks on YouTube...
  243. Manbat

    First time boat builder.

    Almost done with the floor, seats, and bouyancy chambers. I'll put some pics up tonight. Hoping to glass this weekend.
  244. Manbat

    First time boat builder.

    Thanks for the kind words, that skiff came out great!
  245. Manbat

    First time boat builder.

    Like a lot of guys on here im crazy about boats. I like to build things and make things from scratch or custom. I decided to do some research and found out about Glen-L boats. I bought some books and did some basic research and reading then decided to give it a shot. I started small due to not...
  246. Manbat

    Shamrock 26 pilothouse

    got a link to the fl one?
  247. Manbat

    35 foot Branko Custom Sportfisher

    Wow...that thing is bad ass! Glws
  248. Manbat

    Jig Strike H&M landing

    I went on this boat 1 time. Don't like to bash but it was the absolute worst trip I've ever been on. Private charter, capt was running over paddys, setting up to drift over top of em, trolled in circles, hung up trollers in paddys, deck hands were gaffing the small yellows we did get when they...
  249. Manbat

    69 Barracuda again...

    Craigslist has lots of bullshitters... 8,000$ cash need it gone asap. I can text more pics or videos. Re built bored 318, rebuilt 727 auto trans, 3:11 rear, all new suspension. jon 951 741 7551
  250. Manbat

    69 barracuda Great car need to sell asap!
  251. Manbat

    Build your own aluminum skiff kit.

    Check out Glen-L boats if you like building stuff. I just started my build on a custom hooping skiff.
  252. Manbat

    WTB Parker, Whaler Outrage, Kencraft, 23-25 CC

    Not mine but it looks pretty good.
  253. Manbat

    1992 Striper Diesel W/A $11,995.00

    omg. put down the gaff...
  254. Manbat

    2006 Caribe D11 Yacht Tender

    holy shit! is that your garage?!
  255. Manbat

    2006 Triumph 195CC

    Make offer?
  256. Manbat

    Prop selection for Yamaha f-115 on Triumph 195cc

    Ive had the dealer aluminum prop on my Triumph 195cc since purchased new in 2006. Its a Yamaha 13X19-K. I have not done all the rpm testing with this current prop but I know I max out WOT around 5300rpm at 35 mph. My complaint is the time it takes me to get on plane and have to walk forward of...
  257. Manbat

    2005 Fountian 31 SFC

    Why merc labels on yamahas? Amazing boat btw!
  258. Manbat

    2006 Triumph 195CC

    Im looking to sell my Triumph 195cc.This boat IS NOT fiberglass it is made of a material called ropelene that is incredibly tough and durable, with half the maintenance of fiberglass. I am the original owner of this boat bought brand new in 2006. Boat is equipped with a Garmin 198c...
  259. Manbat


    Those are some toad bass!
  260. Manbat

    xbox 360

    Pm sent
  261. Manbat

    11/1-11/8 Cabo to Vallarta aboard Maximus - Are you not entertained?

    I saw you guys in cabo and told my gf i wish i was on that boat. nice work, awesome boat!
  262. Manbat

    License question

    I think I'll just leave him at home
  263. Manbat

    License question

    He will have a 1 day license you must have a yearly license plus a lobster card for taking lobsters
  264. Manbat

    License question

    Damn I hate this lobster card bullshit. Thanks for the help guys.
  265. Manbat

    License question

    I'm planning on fishing with 2 friends. Myself and 1 other guy have fishing license and lobster cards but the third just has a 1 day license. Can he be with us while hooping? Can he help with anything when we are hooping?
  266. Manbat

    My 1st Yellow Tail for The Year 2/15/10 NADOS

    nice fish and sweet boat, guess you dont need that fuel dolley anymore!
  267. Manbat


    nice one! or two?...
  268. Manbat

    catalina lobster 10/10-10/11, free dive no nets...

    Its my first season freediving for lobster and I absolutely love! Hooping seems like waaay to much work now, ill just jump in and pick out the ones I want for dinner.
  269. Manbat

    14 mile bank dorado

    Having trouble posting pic, any help?
  270. Manbat

    14 mile bank dorado

    I know it's kinda a late post but fished on Friday 8-21 ran to the 289 then up to 14 mile lookin at tons of nice kelp and 69 degree water noone home until I found The 71 degree water about 2 miles above the 14 high spot got 1 15lb bull.
  271. Manbat

    14 mile bank yellowtail

    Fished friday, headed straight to 14 mile bank looked at lots of paddies for nada. Started to head back in and checked one last paddy, had one bite all day 25lb yellow. cant figure out how to post the pics but im sure you've all seen one before.
  272. Manbat

    La Jolla

    thats awesome, are you hiring??
  273. Manbat

    now thats a lobster

    sure is dark that morning
  274. Manbat

    Anyone prepared/ate lobster sashimi before?

    small chunks on rice with wasabi and squeeze a lemon on it and its excellent
  275. Manbat

    New 2008 Lobster Reg's. DFG Report Cards

    i am new to hooping so now i need a punchcard as well as lobster permits? i thought a fishing license was a permit. could someone explain please.
  276. Manbat

    Wish Granted

    thats awesome i got the same boat minus the fish on board congrats dude
  277. Manbat

    Day of The Oceanside Bass

    i think microwaving your phone would be the best option...
  278. Manbat

    dana ofshore 9-4

    tried that same thing today and stopped on what was most likely the same kelp for a whole lot of nothin
  279. Manbat

    Thresher on the She-N-I

    excellent fish, awesome boat too i really like that set up.
  280. Manbat

    Long beach T's Not out today

    im hoping they make it up this far, seems like this year they are gettin fished extra hard down south.
  281. Manbat

    Big Bonito

    hey tony, ya that was me. thumb is throbbing and a nice purpleish red color now
  282. Manbat

    Big Bonito

    we found those guys today off of domes, boils absolutely everywhere it was pretty fun using the light gear and getting them on everything from rapalas, irons and plugs. everything was going great til i put a treble hook through my thumb, dealt with that for about 20 minutes then headed home and...
  283. Manbat

    Mr. T in La Jolla

    good job guys! im hoping its my turn on sat.!!!
  284. Manbat


    hey nice work man good job on getting the lady out!!
  285. Manbat

    Mr. T 02 May 08

    launching out of dana around 6am got 25 gallons of fresh ground chum, if you get one in my slick i want some steaks!
  286. Manbat

    mud marlin report

    haha i did the same shit on sunday with some newbies and they had a blast pullin on those things
  287. Manbat

    firdya 1-11?

    im off chino hills pkwy and rolling ridge. i noticed you post a lot of trips. i was goining out about twice a week but since everything slowed down i havent been out for about 2 months. we should buddy boat sometime..
  288. Manbat

    firdya 1-11?

    ya but i got it for reeeeal cheap!!
  289. Manbat

    firdya 1-11?

    firdya?... friday
  290. Manbat

    firdya 1-11?

    anyone got any ideas for tomorrow out of long beach or dana? been a while since ive gotten out.
  291. Manbat

    10/29 Tuna, or not tuna?

    i always enjoy your reports mike and the comments are fucking amazing keep it up dudes