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  1. kayakbeast33

    SOLD Accurate valiant bv2-500

    How much are you asking?
  2. kayakbeast33

    Dauntless 600 Capacity

    I got 550 yard on mine with a little room for a wind-down you should not have a problem getting 500 at all
  3. kayakbeast33

    UC rod for BV 2/600

    RUS PREDATOR 8' - I use that rod with my dauntless 600 it's an excellent combo.
  4. kayakbeast33

    SOLD FTH 25nld2

    Sold... thanks Bman!
  5. kayakbeast33

    SOLD FTH 25nld2

    Hey BD, I'm selling my fathom 25nld2 its excellent shape 10/10 and filled with 65# j-braid. Comes with box and clamp. Asking $220 Thanks for looking!
  6. kayakbeast33

    Your first quality fishing rod ?

    Saber rod with a jig master 501.
  7. kayakbeast33

    Fishing subscription boxes and pointers!

    Thank you guys for the responses keep them coming please, I am taking note and looking up videos of what you mentioned as we speak.
  8. kayakbeast33

    Fishing subscription boxes and pointers!

    Hey BD, Long time salt water fishermen first time fresh water fishermen here. Looking for a little advice, guidance and hoping to gain some knowledge on getting started bass fishing. I quickly realized how much money I was going to have to invest to get out and go fishing. I have been buying...
  9. kayakbeast33


    Rams 27 Patriots 21 Thanks Jerry!
  10. kayakbeast33

    which reel for Cabo

    At 10 oz. Lighter take the bv2 500. I have a dx 600 and a bv2 800 and the 800 is significantly lighter than the 600. You are going to love it!
  11. kayakbeast33

    Best level wind reel for 9 year

    Hey Luke I bought my 10yo daughter a Daiwa Saltist 20H-C and she did not care for the auto engage feature. The penns are nice reels... however I would check out the lexa 400 HD. This is what my daughter uses. It has the capacity for bottom fishing and it will build confidence in casting...
  12. kayakbeast33

    Rod to do 40 50 and 60

  13. kayakbeast33

    Dauntless 600

    I have 550 yards of 80lb hollow and a loop for wind ons. Paired with a 8' UC predator. Your going to enjoy that reel.
  14. kayakbeast33

    WTB US 90 Long Rod

    Find one for me to Jim!
  15. kayakbeast33

    Bv2-500 or JX raptor help

    Robbi how is that 600n for yo-yo fishing?
  16. kayakbeast33

    Valiant handle

    I am actually looking for a red tbar or extreme type handle. So just replace the knob for an extreme bar type handle.
  17. kayakbeast33

    TRADE Saltiga sa30

    That's a great deal! GLWS
  18. kayakbeast33

    What rod length you using to yoyo with?

    So far no longer rods and a ton of Calstars. I will take a closer look at calstars I have phenix and UC rods. And I will start taking a look at taller narrow reels in a 2 speed. In a 6:1ish. I have a dauntless 600 standard width and a uc 80 predator. And a valiant 800 standard width on a 78...
  19. kayakbeast33

    Limits of BFT on Accurate Tomahawk 1.5 Day!

    It was a great trip! Thank you accurate for putting it together.
  20. kayakbeast33

    What rod length you using to yoyo with?

    Parabolic is medium action rod. Like phenix axis rods
  21. kayakbeast33

    What rod length you using to yoyo with?

    Hey BD, I was wondering what length and what rod reel combo you fish the yoyo jigs on. I read that parabolic is helpful and I also read that longer rods help. Let me know what you are using. Thanks.
  22. kayakbeast33

    Valiant handle

    Does accurate make a red extreme style handle for the valiants. Looking to swap out bv-800 handle. Or have you guys or gals found any note worthy replacements? Please let me know. Thank you, Steven
  23. kayakbeast33

    How to swap-out for power knob onto Valiant 2spd ?

    Mike what handle is that? I am looking for a replacement for the bv-800.
  24. kayakbeast33

    Bv2-800 vs ATD 30

    Have you read the article on BD about the 800. If there guys couldn't break it I would say definitely it has been field tested at least.
  25. kayakbeast33

    Bv2-800 vs ATD 30

    I would have to agree I too will be looking to change out my knob to a t bar as well.
  26. kayakbeast33

    Bv2-800 vs ATD 30

    I have bv2-800 I was hoping to break in on a larger model unfortunately I only got to try on 40-50 pounders. I love the reel and at nearly half the weight of the 30 you can fish it all day long. I had the reel set up with a flat fall and close to 30lbs of drag I think its more than capable of a...
  27. kayakbeast33

    Clemente "guarantee" ?

    X2 I was just on the accurate trip on the tomahawk great cap, excellent crew I will definitely be fishing with them again in the near future.
  28. kayakbeast33

    For Sale Phenix accurate combo

    That's an incredible price! I have one and love the reel glws.
  29. kayakbeast33

    Tesoro or Tern?

    I had a chance to fish the tern on the accurate sponsored trip aboard the Tomahawk and I will definitely be picking one up. They only had the 400 available to try out by I was sold! I will be picking up a 500. A 500N option would be a nice size as well.
  30. kayakbeast33

    SOLD UC Monster 10' $200

    Is the blank an RCE or US model?
  31. kayakbeast33

    WTB Penn Fathom 2 speeds

    PM sent in case you are still looking
  32. kayakbeast33

    Reel and braid information

    Valiant bv-800 550 yds 100lbs Toro hollow
  33. kayakbeast33

    Jx raptor or Bv2-500

    Fickle is an interesting choice of words Rob. To be honest I thought that there be a little more love for the valiants than none. I was hoping someone that owned both could breakdown some pros and cons.
  34. kayakbeast33

    Bv2-500 or JX raptor help

    I probably should have asked on this forum first. I posted under reels and so far no fans of the valiant 500. Does anyone own both? Please weigh in if you do. I dont have the luxury of buying both right now. Lol Thank you
  35. kayakbeast33

    Tern it up! TwinStarDrag Update!

    Alin I spoke to someone from accurate about that and the sizes are equivalent to the valiants as far as side plat diameter goes. Hope that helps.
  36. kayakbeast33

    Jx raptor or Bv2-500

    Hey BD I'm looking to fill a 40/50 bait reel that has the most versatility. I am between a JX and a valiant 2 speed 500. I just sold me fathom 40 and I own a dauntless 600. I am hoping a few members own one or both reels and could offer some feedback. I have been leaning twords accurate lately...
  37. kayakbeast33

    SOLD Psw809 xhj

    Hey BD'ers selling my 809 to make room for a 9' jig stick. The rod is really good condition PM me if you have any questions. Asking $200.
  38. kayakbeast33

    WTB Valiant bv2-500

    Hey BD hoping to find any 500 2 speed model. Please let me if you have one you can part with. Please PM if you have one. Prefer black but any color will do. Thank you!
  39. kayakbeast33

    SOLD Phenix PSW-808MH traded

    Are you interested in selling?
  40. kayakbeast33

    Proteus WN?

    Hey BD, Has anyone fished these rods with the new grips? Thinking of pairing an 8' mh with a valiant 300. Hoping to get some feedback good or bad on the rods. Let me know. Thank you!
  41. kayakbeast33

    UC Rod 60#

    If its not to late I have an 8' predator and love it for 60#... good choice!
  42. kayakbeast33

    SOLD PSW 809 XHJ for 9' rod

    BD I have a psw 809 xhj with real seat that I would like to trade for a 9' phenix or 9' UC. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  43. kayakbeast33

    SOLD Cousins Blacked Out 95 MAG for 8.5 UC Sic or other 8-9ft rods

    I have an phenix psw 809 hxj with a real set of you are intrested. Let me know.
  44. kayakbeast33

    Hollow Core Rigging Station

    I use an upside down barstool lol:D
  45. kayakbeast33

    DX2-600 drag setting recommendations

    I have heard a lot about setting your drag at strike to either 25% or 33% of the line rating you are fishing. How do you guys or gals have your accurates set up? I will trying out wind ons in 60# and 80# and want to set the drag accordingly. Thank you in advance!
  46. kayakbeast33

    Surface Iron Rod ?

    I use a psw 809 hxj matched with a saltiga 30t. But a fathom 25n star on that rod would make a great setup.
  47. kayakbeast33

    What reel would u pair with a 9ft rod.

    For tossing iron I would prefer 40# and narrow. I use an old saltiga 30t. Without knowing the budget I would say check out the newer saltigas or saltist. There are less expensive options like the fathom star drag. The 25n would work great for that application. Good luck!
  48. kayakbeast33

    Flat Fall jigs

    Thank you for dropping some education on us! I have always heard that fluorocarbon was better for abrasion but never hear why... I will reread this a few more times until it sets in. I am very interested in the science of how this works. As I too am an engineer not in material engineer but...
  49. kayakbeast33

    Flat Fall jigs

    What boat you on? I'll be on the PQ memorial day weekend.
  50. kayakbeast33

    Flat Fall jigs

    To cut down on cost I made them my self with the help of 1 80# needle. I am fishing on a uc 8' predators so that the rod has the give and I can fish a short FC leader straight to spectra.
  51. kayakbeast33

    Flat Fall jigs

    That's what I ment to say thank you... I cut the 25' mono up to make multiple leaders. I also have been busy make some shorty 60 and 80 wind on leaders for fly lining bait. I hope they hold up! Lol
  52. kayakbeast33

    Flat Fall jigs

    I should be ok, the loop to loop should wind all the way to the crimp. So one end is wind on loop and the other end is crimp to swivel to FF.
  53. kayakbeast33

    Flat Fall jigs

    It's a wind on and will be loop to loop connected... It can but I'm fishing it on an 8' rod so it might go through the first one or 2.
  54. kayakbeast33

    Flat Fall jigs

    Yea 7' from loop of wind on to swivel. What you think too long?
  55. kayakbeast33

    Flat Fall jigs

    I got creative with 150# mono suffix wind on leader. Cut down to 7' and going to crimp the other end and split ring to a swivel. Made 2 more 7' foot wind ons with the 150 mono and my 80# Toro hollow. Can't wait to try out. Fingers crossed they work the way they are supposed to. I used to...
  56. kayakbeast33

    Swap Meet ::::::::

    I'll be there
  57. kayakbeast33

    How many wind on leaders?

    Thanks for the replys! Settled on 5 and 5 so far... still have a week to go if run out of things to do I might do a few more!lol
  58. kayakbeast33

    Boat Pick Help Needed

    another vote for PQ! had a great time last year and i will be on the memorial day 2.5 trip this year as well.
  59. kayakbeast33

    Physical Training Ideas

    Not sure if this will work.... but it looks like a good workout!
  60. kayakbeast33

    How do you guys fish your BV-300?

    I have one loaded with 50# max on a phenix psw-760m plan on using for 30lb bait.
  61. kayakbeast33

    Valiant Magged

    I thought the "c" was clicker model?
  62. kayakbeast33

    How many wind on leaders?

    I will taking fc so i can still tie an fg knott if necessary.
  63. kayakbeast33

    How many wind on leaders?

    I am trying to treat similar to tying on a shorty leadrer. The first one is 6'
  64. kayakbeast33

    How many wind on leaders?

    Going in a 2.5 day trip aboard the PQ memorial day weekend and want to try using wind on leaders. I am binging a dx-600 amongst others and i plan to use it for 60-80 if the bigger bft show up. I really like the idea of being able to switch out the leader as needed. I made my first 80 flouro...
  65. kayakbeast33

    BV2 Valiant 600n Vs. fathom 25 2 spd

    I agree... i have the 25n, 40n and a dauntless 600. You bv-600n is more comparable to the fathom 40. Would make a great 50-60 lb reel. I would look at the bv-500n for 40lb you could even go down to a bv-400 for 40lb. I aslo have a bv-300 set up for 30lb that i have not had a chance to break in...
  66. kayakbeast33

    Rod selection for Dauntless 600 2 speed

    Im heading out on 2.5 day memorial day weekend on PQ i will hopefully get to break them both in and i will be sure to add a review afterwards.
  67. kayakbeast33

    Rod selection for Dauntless 600 2 speed

    Picked up a uc 8' predator and will hopefully have a chance to break it in memorial day weekend!
  68. kayakbeast33

    WTB UC viper 76

    Its at the Huntington Beach location
  69. kayakbeast33

    WTB UC viper 76

    Yes i believe its in store only i picked up a predator
  70. kayakbeast33

    WTB UC viper 76

    Charkbait has them 20% off right now
  71. kayakbeast33

    Boss Valiant 800 Narrow vs regular

    You Can find them sometimes for sale on here for 500-550 not really sure if that would have tipped the scale for you but its a thought. Look forward to meeting you and some great fishing!
  72. kayakbeast33

    Boss Valiant 800 Narrow vs regular

    Sounds like you are ready to go! Last year we ran in to some bigger models hopefully we have the same luck this year.
  73. kayakbeast33

    Fury 400 rod recommendiation

    No not my ad just saw it and pased it along lol
  74. kayakbeast33

    Boss Valiant 800 Narrow vs regular

    What boat are you on? Ill be on the Pac Queen that weekend. 80lb hollow should do the trick. I have a 40 loaded with 65lb and 60 mono for 50/60 I have a dauntless 600 as well for 60/80 duty.
  75. kayakbeast33

    Fathom 25n ld2sd 60lb J braid capacity

    Ok so maybe 300ish isn't that crazy thank you!
  76. kayakbeast33

    Fury 400 rod recommendiation
  77. kayakbeast33

    Fathom 25n ld2sd 60lb J braid capacity

    I have it filled thats the crazy part. Maybe the counter was off a bit?
  78. kayakbeast33

    60# rod and reel combo

    I was gonna suggest the same set up
  79. kayakbeast33

    Fathom 25n ld2sd 60lb J braid capacity

    I mess that all up lol its a FTH25NLD2 and it was j braid 65lb. I believe the fathom has a spoton the spool to tie your braid so there is no need for tape and it was pretty full and packed tight. I was wondering if maybe the counter was a little off?
  80. kayakbeast33

    How do you have your Fathom 40NLD2 set up?

    65lb solid with 100 yards of 60lb mono. One a PSW 700xh
  81. kayakbeast33

    Fathom 25n ld2sd 60lb J braid capacity

    Hey BD does anyone have a 25 filled with 65lb j braid? I have a brand new one that i got freshly spooled with 65lb and got only about 295 yards. Thats seems a little low or maybe im wrong and thats normal please let me know. Thank you!
  82. kayakbeast33

    Rod for Fury 600

    I fish 50-60 lb on a phenix psw 700xh i would definitely not use it for 80 though.
  83. kayakbeast33

    Fury 400 rod recommendiation

    What line rating are you planning on fishing? A phenix PSW-760M would be a nice fit!
  84. kayakbeast33

    Looking for information on fishing in Mexico

    Took the whole family down and stayed at the Grand Mayan last summer the family loved it there was something for everyone. Took the wife 13, 6 and 5yo and everyone had a great time. I was able to sneek off for a day trip that the resort set up for me and had a blast. We will definitely be back...
  85. kayakbeast33

    WTB SpeedMaster iv or 50H Saltist (silver or BG)

    I have a 35 BG i know your post says you want a 50 but let me know if your interested.
  86. kayakbeast33

    Help with small reel

    I have a DX2-600 (dauntless) with 550 yards of 80lb hollow. This should do the trick.
  87. kayakbeast33

    Best beginning LR trip?

    Ill be on the Pac Queen memorial day weekend on a 2.5 day. Took the same trip last year and loved it we targeted bft and had a blast with the capt crew and everyone on board. You probably cant to wrong on your fisrt trip, worst case is you learn what to do on tour next trip and how under...
  88. kayakbeast33

    Rod selection for Dauntless 600 2 speed

    Funny thing is i have a fathom 40/2 on a psw 700xh and use it the same way u are using your dx2-600. And one of the rods im looking at is the uc raptor for the dauntless. I bought my fathom and it was loaded with 65lb braid and i didnt want to dump that and refill it. Thanks for the imput i...
  89. kayakbeast33

    Rod selection for Dauntless 600 2 speed

    Need some DX2-600 advice. I posted on a different board asking about an 80lb rod and mentioned that i was putting the dx2-600 on it and multiple members said i was better off fishing the reel 40-60lb. I bought the reel the fish primarily 60-80lb. How do you have your dx2-600 set up? I have 550...
  90. kayakbeast33

    WiFi again?

    Lol small world. Dr. Edwards was my sons Dr. I used to to fishing when i would go with the wife to appointments. Glad he was able to not follow through with the donation!
  91. kayakbeast33

    BV-300 or FX-400n

    Savon put 300 yds of 50# max. I look forward to breaking it in now
  92. kayakbeast33

    WTB Axis 2x or 60-80 rod

    Looking for a phenix axis 72 or 78 2x or other 7+ footer 80lb rod please PM me if you have one you can part with. Thank you
  93. kayakbeast33

    80lb rod question

    Thanks for All the replys, i probably could have added a few more details. Like the reel is loaded with 550 yds of 80lb hollow and spliced for wind ons. Looking forward to giving that a shot. I also plan on using this set up for 60lb as well. I have a fathom 40ld2sd for a setp down to fish 50/60...
  94. kayakbeast33

    80lb rod question

    I am hoping someone can help educate me. I am looking for an 80lb rod for live bait and flat falls to match a dx2-600 with. Considering the uc raptor and the phenix axis 72 or 78 2x. My question is what makes the rod fishable for some manufacturers at the rating suggested ie. UC raptor (50-80)...
  95. kayakbeast33

    Daiwa Lexa HD400 8:1 setup

    I use phenix psw 809h and my buddy uses psw 809hxj. Love that reel.
  96. kayakbeast33

    BV-300 or FX-400n

    How do you have the 300 spooled? I picked up a new black 300 and need to spool it up. Im planning on copying MarkT with the 50# Maxcuatro. But im curious to know how other have it spooled. Please let me know. Thanks
  97. kayakbeast33

    SOLD BV-300

    PM me if you have one you can part with. I would like to find a silver and black one but beggars cant be choosers right? Preferable with braid lmk if you have one. Thanks, Steven
  98. kayakbeast33

    SOLD MAK 15

    Not sure how much or the brand. I got the reel in a trade. Its about 90% full.
  99. kayakbeast33

    SOLD MAK 15

    60lb hollow and yes it's the sea
  100. kayakbeast33

    Hx raptor, Dx2-600, or Penn trq40 nld2

    I purchased a dx2-600 and put 550 yd of 80 lb hollow on it. havent fished it yet but plan on fishing 60-80 top shot. Good luck all three are great reels!
  101. kayakbeast33

    SOLD MAK 15

    Thanks but i would like the sea version.
  102. kayakbeast33

    For Sale Van Staal & Accurate Reels price drop

    It the accurate still available?
  103. kayakbeast33

    SOLD MAK 15

    I have a mak 15 sea in excellent condition that i would like to trade for a mak 10 or a accurate DX2, BX2, or BV2 500 or 600 narrow or standard. Let me know what you have. Or sell for $380 obo Thanks!
  104. kayakbeast33

    BV-300 or FX-400n

    I was hoping for ultra compact but capable.
  105. kayakbeast33

    BV-300 or FX-400n

    I think im going to with the bv-300. Thanks for the input!
  106. kayakbeast33

    SOLD daiwa saltist sttlw20h-c J&H and Tackle Direct sale this for $229.
  107. kayakbeast33

    SOLD daiwa saltist sttlw20h-c

    Im selling a saltist 20 level wind star drag reel with clamp. The reel is in really good condition its half feeled with braid and half 25lb test momo. Pm me of you have any questions, asking $150. Thanks for looking!
  108. kayakbeast33

    BV-300 or FX-400n

    Do you have the 6:1 or 5:1?
  109. kayakbeast33

    WTB Looking for a Daiwa Saltist 35h bg

    Are you looking for a ld or star?
  110. kayakbeast33

    BV-300 or FX-400n

    Hey BD does anyone own both the fury and the valiant? What are your thoughts on their differences. I am looking to pick a small 30/40 ld reel and wondering if the valiant is worth the extra $150. The website says the 300 has 23lb of drag and the 400n 22lbs. I know that its 6 oz heavier but it...
  111. kayakbeast33

    BV2-600N & PHD809XH

    Thats a pretty combination! How do you plan on fishing it? Live bait, jigs everything?
  112. kayakbeast33

    BNIB Avet JX's, Accurate Fury , and Okuma Komodo

    Is the 500n still available? Does nib mean no line/braid? Please let me know thanks
  113. kayakbeast33

    In need of some REEL help!

    Thanks Mike i hadent even thought about backup outfits!
  114. kayakbeast33

    In need of some REEL help!

    I was thinking to sell or trade the fathom for a fury 400 or 400n something that comes in a compact option.
  115. kayakbeast33

    In need of some REEL help!

    Bd, im not sure what board this goes on since I have a question about my accurate, penn and okuma. Lol i have have started gearing up for a 5 to 7 day trip this year. And i think im getting a little top heavy and would like some advice. I have a dauntless 600, penn fathom 40ld2sp, makaira 15...
  116. kayakbeast33

    WTB Fathom 25N star, Daiwa Lexa 400 HD Saltist 35 should fit the bill.
  117. kayakbeast33

    SOLD Baja Special $180

    Reel is sold. Thank you
  118. kayakbeast33

    SOLD Saltiga 35ld2

    Nice to meet you Blaine!
  119. kayakbeast33

    SOLD Saltiga 35ld2

    Traded Thanks Steven
  120. kayakbeast33

    SOLD Accurate BV2-400 and BX2-500N

    Rick how much of that maxquatro were you able too fit on the BV2-400?
  121. kayakbeast33

    Rod selection for Dauntless 600 2 speed

    Hey BD just picked up a dauntless 600 2 speed and plan of fishing 80 lb bait. What rod are you guys using on this reel? Please let me know. Thank you!
  122. kayakbeast33

    SOLD Accurate Dauntless 600 2 Spd DX2

    Like the title says im intrested in a dauntless 600 2 speed. Please let me know if you have one that you can part with. Please PM me Thank you.
  123. kayakbeast33

    SOLD Lexa 300 HS-P

    No.. still for sale PM me
  124. kayakbeast33

    SOLD Lexa 300 HS-P

    Yea i can ship it.
  125. kayakbeast33

    SOLD Lexa 300 HS-P

    BD thank you for looking, im selling a BNIB with line lexa 300 hs-p. I didnt end up picking up a rod for this reel so in letting go to make room for other 2 speed options. Asking $120
  126. kayakbeast33

    SOLD Baja Special $180

    Hey BD, I am letting go of my beautiful baja special. Bought it brand new and put #80 braid and 100 yards of #50 mono. Comes with box. Only ever cought 1 #35 BFT on it. Hasnt had very much use. Selling to make room for some new gear. Asking $180. Pm me with questions. Thanks for looking!
  127. kayakbeast33

    okuma makaira 15 sea

    Where are you located?
  128. kayakbeast33

    Rod selection

    X2 i use this same set up for same applications
  129. kayakbeast33

    PV July 1-8

    Is anyone going to be in Puerto Vallarta/ Puerto Nuevlo the week of july? i am head down for vacation with the family and plan on spending at least one day on the water and would to share a boat! PM me if you are intrested. Thanks!
  130. kayakbeast33

    Puerto Vallarta July 1-8

    Hey BD'ers, im headed down to PV fpr vacation for the week and intend to get an epic fishing trip in. I would love some help with Danny Gomez contact info if anyone has it. i tried emailing to a email that no longer works and a wrong number. please help. I would also love to split the price...
  131. kayakbeast33

    Not an Openwater Jig bag

    this is the fluorescent light tube from home depot
  132. kayakbeast33

    Jig Storage

    i used fluorescent light storage tubes from home depot.
  133. kayakbeast33

    2.5 day on the PQ mem day question

    i will be sure to! quick question bro, how many setups you plan on taking and what time are you going to at the landing?
  134. kayakbeast33

    40lb yellowtail bait stick psw700xh vs bs6470

    i fish a psw 700xh on a fathom 40n2ld with 60lb i think the 700h would make for a better 40lb rod. i use a 760h with a saltiga 35ld 2speed as my 40 lb setup and its a great match.
  135. kayakbeast33

    DIY Jig Box

    i added this to my tackle box
  136. kayakbeast33

    2.5 day on the PQ mem day question

    lilrick ill see you on the boat!!
  137. kayakbeast33

    FS Penn and Daiwa rods

    Im selling a few used rods i have sitting in the garage asking to be used. just looking to get rid of these to make room for more. :D 4 penn rods and 2 daiwa rods. not sure what the last one is. 7' Penn rated 15-35 $20 6'6" Penn rated 20-50 $20 8' Penn deckhand style rated 15-30 $20 7' Penn...
  138. kayakbeast33

    Wtt phenix bd 700xh 30-80

    Interested in selling?
  139. kayakbeast33

    Rods and reels for sale

    Is the 600n a single speed?
  140. kayakbeast33

    Condor/Islander/Pacific Queen

    I'll see on board! :D
  141. kayakbeast33

    WTT/WTS: Daiwa Proteus Rod PRTB76HF

    What is the rating? Are u also selling an my as well?
  142. kayakbeast33

    Psw 760h for 50lb set bait?

    Thanks Mark I was trying to rearrange a few setups to add a 50 lb 2 speed reel but I think I will just bite the bullet and add another rod. Thanks to some great advice I got lol
  143. kayakbeast33

    Psw 760h for 50lb set bait?

    Has anyone fished a psw 700 h or 760 h at 50 lbs? I currently fish the 760h as my 40 lb set up but was wondering if I could use it as a 50lb stick? It's rated 25-60 Let me know what you guys or gals think. Thanks!
  144. kayakbeast33

    Daiwa Proteus rod

    Is this rod still available?
  145. kayakbeast33

    WTB Diawa Saltist 50BG

    How much for the bg 40h?
  146. kayakbeast33

    Wts phenix black diamond 808 mh

    Is the rod still available?
  147. kayakbeast33

    Rod for Saltist LWH-C for daughter

    Thanks for the input this weekend I am finally swing by a tackle shop with her and have her pull in some rods.
  148. kayakbeast33

    20 lbs phenix rod help

    I hadn't considered that rod I will check it out thank you!
  149. kayakbeast33

    20 lbs phenix rod help

    Hey BD i am looking for some help on my next rod. I would like an 8' phenix rod in the 20# class looking at either a psw 807 ml 10-30 or the psw 808 mh 15-40. My fear is the 808 is to heavy to fish 20 pounds. The plan is to pair with a new saltiga 20. I like the 807 as I could also use it with a...
  150. kayakbeast33

    Wanted purple Avet

    Not if you found one but have you seen this one?
  151. kayakbeast33

    Rod for Saltist LWH-C for daughter

    Thanks Chris! I like the action of that for her I just didn't consider it because she is all of 4'2" I think go check one out and have her pull on one. Thanks!
  152. kayakbeast33

    Rod for Saltist LWH-C for daughter

    I already got her the reel, I am not sure what rod I want to pair it with. Maybe a trevela, or a psw 700ml maybe a glass rod? What do you guys or gals recommend
  153. kayakbeast33

    Rod for Saltist LWH-C for daughter

    Yes it's the 20 size
  154. kayakbeast33

    Rod for Saltist LWH-C for daughter

    Hey BD, I recently purchased the reel above for my daughter and wanted to match it with a psw 760 m however she does not like the feel of the rod. She is 12 and about 75 lbs she is tiny. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. The reel is backed with 60# pp and 25 top shot of mono...
  155. kayakbeast33

    WTB: Phenix Rod

    I hope this is not bad form... but I saw one on CL And had read your post i hope this helps? Good luck
  156. kayakbeast33

    Looking for 1.5 to 2.5 day trip leaving 9-2

    Hey BD, I waited to long to pull the trigger on my first LR trip and now they are all sold out. So I am hoping someone has or knows of a spot i can pick for the long weekend? Please let me know. Thanks
  157. kayakbeast33

    Need some BD forum guidance!

    Hey BD where on the site could I find member posting about available spots on charter or LR boats? So it appears that I waited too long to book a 2.5 day trip in SD and most boats are filled for the long weekend. :eek::eek: so I hoping someone can't make there trip and can find one here...
  158. kayakbeast33

    rolling tackle box

    I also nomad... I use the wider/large one. I made a slight modification to mine though, this saves me a ton of room in my trays. Check it out. I able to squeeze 10 jigs in the side pocket in am organized manner.
  159. kayakbeast33

    Phenix 760H & Accurate fury 600NN

    I have a saltiga 35 2spd on the 760h and I fish it at 40 lbs. I believe my setup is pretty closely matched to yours.I have it filled with 65lb pp and tie a short 40, or 30 floural leader makes it versatile. I also have a psw 700xh with a penn Baja special that I use as a heavier setup. I fish...
  160. kayakbeast33

    Deal Alert

    Haha stupid auto correct... yes I ment costco. They are not the Hydro flask but they are a really nice quality.
  161. kayakbeast33

    Deal Alert

    Cost of has 2 40oz for $35 bucks!
  162. kayakbeast33

    For Sale: Phenix and Terez Rods

    Interested in the psw 809h where are you located
  163. kayakbeast33

    Lexa 400 xs-p

    If that falls through i will take it.
  164. kayakbeast33

    Lexa 400 hd

    Long shot but is the lexa still available?
  165. kayakbeast33

    FS lexa 300 hs-p & okuma shadow stalker combo $200

    having trouble uploading photos... pm your number and i can send them
  166. kayakbeast33

    FS lexa 300 hs-p & okuma shadow stalker combo $200

    hey BD up for sale is my bass and small yellow tail setup. I am selling so that i can go up in weight class. the lexa is spooled with 50lb pp. local pickup in oc asking $200 also comes with phenix reel cover, pm me if you have any questions. Thanks
  167. kayakbeast33

    BNIB Diawa Saltiga LD 20, LD 30 and LD 35 2-Speed

    Beautiful reels... I love my 35 glws!
  168. kayakbeast33

    FS/FT: Saltist 2 speed 20 Black and Blue

    What are looking to trade for?
  169. kayakbeast33


    Sold thank you
  170. kayakbeast33

    WTS: Calstar 765L w/rollers-Phenix PSW 760m

    Great price for the phenix GLWS
  171. kayakbeast33


    Now for sale!
  172. kayakbeast33

    WTS Saltist 20 Levelwind (Newer Black Model)

    Any chance you interested in trading the saltist for a red mxj? Please let me know thank you.
  173. kayakbeast33

    leader line help

    Walt, Thank you thats exactly what I was looking for!! :cheers:
  174. kayakbeast33

    leader line help

    thank you for the reply, I have the leader test's you mentioned I was hoping some one has the same carrier and could tell me a brand or leader type that has the larger diameter spools that are in the picture.
  175. kayakbeast33

    2016 Saltiga star drag

    Beautiful reel!! do you know or has anyone compared how it cast compared to the older 35 star? i have one one my jigstick (psw-809 xhj) and couldn't imagine it getting better.
  176. kayakbeast33

    leader line help

    Hey BD thanks in advance, I recently purchased this plano container (image clipped for the web) and i was hoping someone could tell me what size are the larger leader spools in the image. i have several of the smaller diameter shown in the image and would like to purchase the larger one so i...
  177. kayakbeast33

    ---Phenix Black Diamonds----

    Nice meeting you thank you for the rod!
  178. kayakbeast33

    WTB phenix PSW 760h

    Picking one up today! Thank you guys/gals and Happy Father's day to all the Dads on here!
  179. kayakbeast33

    Saltiga 35 2spd rod pairing

    Thank you guys for you input... I am getting a psw 760h I think it will fit the bill. I HD a chance to pull on some rods those weekend and I like the combination of the 760h and the saltiga best.
  180. kayakbeast33


    I don't really want to sell, if that changes I will let you know.
  181. kayakbeast33


    Hey BD, I traded for this mxj for my daughter a few months ago and she loved it how ever I would like to now trade it for a level wind which I believe she will enjoy much more. I would like to find a Daiwa Saltist LW20 or 30H-C. thank you for looking. $160 obo Steven
  182. kayakbeast33

    Phenix Rod - UC Rod - Curado 200 - Diawa - Pro Gear

    Are you interested in trading that saltist?
  183. kayakbeast33

    WTB phenix PSW 760h

    :hali_olutta: still looking!
  184. kayakbeast33

    WTB phenix PSW 760h

    325 not a bad deal... I think I will pass though I'm gonna hold out for the psw 760h thanks.
  185. kayakbeast33

    WTB phenix PSW 760h

    Kapdan, I am definitely interested I will text you this weekend! thank you!!
  186. kayakbeast33

    WTB phenix PSW 760h

    Kapdan, I am definitely interested I will text you this weekend! thank you!!
  187. kayakbeast33

    WTB phenix PSW 760h

    Hey BD I am hoping to find a psw 760h please let me know if you have one you would like to sell thank you, Steven
  188. kayakbeast33

    Phenix reel covers xxl

    What reel does that size fits? I might be interested in buying one. How much are you asking? Please let me know, thanks.
  189. kayakbeast33

    Saltiga 35 2spd rod pairing

    Thank you in advance BD, On labor day this year I'm doing my first 3 day trip out of SD and I need to add a rod to my arsenal. I have a bad ass saltiga that I can't wait to fish a larger grade fish on, how ever I don't have a rod that I like to fish it on yet. It's currently filled with 65#...
  190. kayakbeast33

    If You Could Only Use 1 Reel

    Amen^2 I love my 35! It has more then enough drag capacity and lets be honest it's a beautiful reel!
  191. kayakbeast33

    FS Pro Gear 541 (black), Saltiga LD20ii, Sustain 4000FG

    That's a great price on the saltiga... glws! :cheers:
  192. kayakbeast33

    f/t shimano trinidad 12a combo

    How much for the combo and separate?
  193. kayakbeast33

    WTT my Avet MC cast JX for a Diawa saltist BG35

    Is the reel still available? Do u mind if I ask why you are looking to trade... I am looking for a JX but I am considering other options as well.
  194. kayakbeast33

    WTB Silver JX Raptor

    I have one are you still looking? Lol jk hey Jim I was looking up JX raptors and I saw your post. Did u come down with a case of the blue flu? Lol
  195. kayakbeast33

    New shimano lucanus jigs

    Hey BD, Anyone try the shimano lucanus jigs out? Picked 2 up this weekend for a rock fishing trip coming up.... any tips mainly on how not to lose them! Lol and did you have any luck with them? Thanks, Steven
  196. kayakbeast33

    Any good sales going on today?

    Everything but the rods an reels I believe
  197. kayakbeast33


    How old is the 501? Can you post some pics please
  198. kayakbeast33

    Any good sales going on today?

    Good morning BD, I know that Baja fish tackle is having a 40% off sale today but that's a little too far a drive for me. Do you guys know of any other sales going on? Thanks in advance, Steven
  199. kayakbeast33

    How does the Shadow Stalker compare?

    Thank you I appreciate the insite.
  200. kayakbeast33

    check this out

    Pretty cool concept!
  201. kayakbeast33

    How does the Shadow Stalker compare?

    Hey BD, I have an Okuma Shadow Stalker with a Lexa 300 on it and love it. I was wondering if anyone has compared it to an Phenix M1? Is it worth the difference in price? I have been slowly converting all my rods to phenix and was planning on doing the same on my bass setup unless it is not...
  202. kayakbeast33

    Daiwa Saltiga 30T for sale or trade

    Can I ask why you are looking to trade? My 30T is one of my favorite reels. Either way GLWS!
  203. kayakbeast33

    Selling some gear. Avet seeker penn

    What is the model/line rating of the M1?
  204. kayakbeast33

    Phenix rods

    Hi Carlos is the 807 a spinning rod? And what is the line rating?
  205. kayakbeast33

    Phenix extra large reel cover?

    Thank you I will give it a try
  206. kayakbeast33

    Phenix extra large reel cover?

    Hey BD, Anyone purchase the phenix extra large reel cover? What size reel does it fit? I would like to buy one for my penn baja special is that the correct size I need? Anyone know? Thanks for any info. Steven
  207. kayakbeast33

    WTB Saltiga 30T

    Found one! Thank you guys
  208. kayakbeast33

    WTB Saltiga 30T

    Thank you but that is slightly outside of my budget
  209. kayakbeast33

    WTB Saltiga 30T

    It really depends on the condition. if you have one PM me please. I know what they go for and I am hoping for a good deal but I am not trying to low ball anyone either.
  210. kayakbeast33

    WTB Saltiga 30T

    I would like to buy a Saltiga 30T. Please let me know if you have one that you would like to sell. Thanks, Steven
  211. kayakbeast33

    WTS/WTT Trinidad tn 30 gold

    Sold!! Nice meeting you Gary
  212. kayakbeast33

    WTT PSW 700XH

    I would like to trade my like new PSW 700XH for either a PSW 760H or PSW 809H. The rod has been on 3 or 4 boat rides but has not been fished. Let me know what you have. PM me for picks thanks
  213. kayakbeast33

    WTS/WTT Trinidad tn 30 gold

    Hey BD, I have a tn 30 I would like to sell. the reel is in excellent condition. I am asking $260 firm. Or trade for trini 20, 16 or saltiga star drag. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Steven
  214. kayakbeast33

    WTS trevala rod

    pics posted
  215. kayakbeast33

    WTS trevala rod

    TVC-66mh I will post pics tomorrow.
  216. kayakbeast33

    WTS trevala rod

    BD, I am selling my trevela rod that I purchased from Bass Pro 4 months ago. It has been on 4 boat rides but has not caught a fish yet. I will let it go for $90 pm me if you have any questions. Thanks Steven
  217. kayakbeast33


    Could add cash on my end if it's an upgrade?
  218. kayakbeast33


    Hey BD, I have a really nice TN 30 with fresh #30 Mono, I would like to trade for something narrower. I would prefer star drag but not appose to LD. thank you for looking. Let me know what you got. Thank you, Steven
  219. kayakbeast33

    FS Torium 16 $120

    Sale pending...
  220. kayakbeast33

    FS Torium 16 $120

    Hey BD, I have a torium 16 I would like to sell. The reel was recently serviced by shimano and has been on one trip since. The it is about 3/4 filled with #65 spectra and #30 top shot. Side plates and handle were replaced by shimano so the reel is in good shape ready to fish. PM me with any...
  221. kayakbeast33

    700m phenix psw black diamond

    Lexa 300 hs-p filled with #50 braid.
  222. kayakbeast33

    700m phenix psw black diamond

    Are you interested in trading for anything?
  223. kayakbeast33

    bait fishing on trevela rod?

    has any one tried fishing live bait on a shimano trevela rod? I was just curious on how it went. please let me know Thank you!!
  224. kayakbeast33

    Thank you!!

    Thank you sooo much!! i had a few PM's and Duct tape came through with a red avet. my daughter is going to love it!
  225. kayakbeast33

    Thank you!!

    Good morning BD, this sunday I am taking my 10yo daughter on her first fishing trip!! And I would love to give her a colorful sx or mx, preferably pink or red or purple. I can trade a very nice 9.5 cosmetically and 10 mechanically MXL comes with the box, clamp, cd and even the lube that it...
  226. kayakbeast33


    I sent you a text
  227. kayakbeast33


    Are you still looking to trade for an Avet?
  228. kayakbeast33

    PENN Torque 300 and Seeker Black Steel

    What line test braid/ top shot does it have?
  229. kayakbeast33

    WTT Avet SX for slightly larger 25lb reel. MXL?

    I have an MXL in gunmetal I could trade you for!
  230. kayakbeast33

    Shimano Curado 300ej and shimano Clarus 8' rod

    Not really interested in selling I was just interested in the trade.
  231. kayakbeast33

    Shimano Curado 300ej and shimano Clarus 8' rod

    I have a Lexa 300 hs-p on a 8' okuma shadow stalker?
  232. kayakbeast33

    Daiwa saltiga ld50hs for sale

    Is the reel a 2 speed?
  233. kayakbeast33

    Avet SX 5.3:1

    What city are you located in?
  234. kayakbeast33

    WTS Lexa 300 HS-P

    Do you mind if ask why you are selling the reel? I ask because I am torn between this reel and the Curado 300. Thank you for your feedback Steven
  235. kayakbeast33

    WTT Penn 505

    Hello BD community, I would like to trade a penn 505 hs for a 501, 506 or even a converted 500. I want to surprise my 10 yo daughter with it. I told her it was the reel I learned on. Please let me know what you have thank you. -Steven
  236. kayakbeast33


    That a nice little work horse!!
  237. kayakbeast33

    wet suit head windbreaker overalls

    are the overalls waterproof? is so i am defiantly interested.