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    For Sale Penn fathom 25n sd and 30ld2

    Selling a couple of fathoms, both in new condition, used a few times, include clamps, and boxes. 25n with 65# power pro and 40# izor xxx topshot $170 30ld2 with 1/2 spool 65# power pro and 40# izor xxx topshot $210 (714)290-2663
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    For Sale 130# izor braid 600 yards

    Selling the line off my makaira 20 sea. Been on 1 trip, drop a flatfall for a bit, no fish hooked. Only selling to switch to 100# . 600 approximately white, izor solid. $70
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    30lb bait rod

    I use the okuma pch 801h for 30# with a metaloid 5ii.
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    Rock Fishing Set up??

    I use a komodo 463 with 50# briad on a 8' pch mh rod. Put a power handle on it and its, like butter.
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    For Sale Shimano Trinidad 16 Gold $180

    In line if it falls through
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    For Sale Penn fathom 30ld2 for sale..

    40 sold 30ld2 still available
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    For Sale Penn fathom 25 star drag for sale

    Penn fathom 25 star drag for sale, loaded up with 50# white power pro and 75 yd 40# izor xxx topshot. 9/10 condition clamp, box included. $180 (714)290-2663
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    Albacore reminiscence

    Just popped into my head
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    Anyone know when these will be available?
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    Spinner Conundrum

    Kinda in the same boat here. I'm gonna give the new okuma cedos spinner a try. I used the Coronado cdx60 this year on 30# yft. Performed flawlessly. Cedros is supposed to be stronger with an aluminum frame.
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    SOLD / trade calstar 90j $130

    Wish i was closer, good luck with the sale
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    Most used size tuna hook?

    I used the owner ringed offshore mostly 1/0, kind of a hybrid j and circle. Fish like a circle, easier to belly hook smaller baits with.
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    For Sale Penn fathom 30ld2 for sale..

    Selling a fathom 30ld2, used a handful of times, still looks new, 1/2 filled with 65# braid, topped off with 40# mono $200 box and clamp included 40ld2 has 80# braid to the top short white power pro, new condition, box and clamp included Sold 714-290-2663
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    For Sale Makaira 20ii sea gunmetal

    Selling a new mak 20ii older gunmetal color, filled with 130# izor solid and 130# soft steel wind on. Mounted but not fished, box and everything included. $500 no trades 714 290-2663
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    Rod for Penn Fathom 30LD2

    Super Seeker 6480
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    Stardrag for 25# bait?

    Same here
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    Failed at Tuna today on Liberty

    Good tips here. Was out a couple of weeks ago, got 9 yft on a full day, lost a few more to gaffs and tangles . All my fish bit baits that were in the water for 10 seconds or less. I gave it a 30 count, if it wasn't picked up by then pin on another. With the windows so small on these short...
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    Coronado CDX Baitfeeder experience

    Tons of fun with 30# tuna, what other reels for that price can say that? Great value.
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    WTB Okuma tesoro

    Anybody have one they'd part with before I buy new? Looking for a 5 but maybe other models as well.
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    What do you prefer to fish in winter?

    Land tuna
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    a shout out for the pch rod.......

    What rod was it? 801xh?
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    Best rod for 60 lb

    Okuma pch 74xxh
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    Spinning setup

    For calicos and small yellowtail I believe the cdx will be fine. The reel flexed on me with 30 yft but didnt fail. Sure it will be fine with calicos and yellows.
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    New Cavalla Lever Drag From Okuma

    I have the cavalla12ii, put it on a seeker 6470h
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    WTB Okuma 5 Single speed, prefer Black...

    Pmed you. I have one for sale
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    New Cavalla Lever Drag From Okuma

    I gave the 12ii a shot this weekend, but no takers on the sinker rig. Sure looks great though, lol. Metaloid 5ii and Coronado were the producers on a wide open yft bite.
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    Spinning setup

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    Coronado CDX Baitfeeder experience

    Im really not a spinner guy, have a few smaller ones but never tuna fished with them. The reel performed flawlessly, dont get me wrong, just noticed some flexing with it. Not talking down on it at all, just wouldnt taget 80# bft with the cdx60. Bigger sizes may be a little beefier. Definitely...
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    Coronado CDX Baitfeeder experience

    So I went out on the San Diego this weekend, had an outstanding day of yft fishing. Was able to put the cdx 60 to the test. Spooled up with 40# braid and a short 30# flouro topshot on a pch 76mh. Setup was hot, was able to get the small sardines way away from the boat. Many hookups, about 7...
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    Feedback on Pacifica out of Seaforth Bluefin

    Trying to get out with them once more this season.
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    Feedback on Pacifica out of Seaforth Bluefin

    I got my personal best bluefin on the boat this year. Good boat, lots of fishing room, kind of tight tackle storage, crew and captain were great. Will fish it again.
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    What happened to PCH 9’

    199 deckhand, 219 with reel seat
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    What happened to PCH 9’

    Turner's in orange has a few. I just got 2.
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    New Cavalla Lever Drag From Okuma

    I'll be getting my 12ii tomorrow
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    SOLD Calcutta 400d PRICE LOWERED

    Wish it was closer, I'd grab it
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    WTB Seeker Mexican series

    Want to buy a couple of the factory wrapped seeker Mexican series rods. Preferably 8'. Let me know whats out there. Thanks
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    Heavy Rig for BFT Night Flat Falls - Top Shot or Not?

    I use a 25' wind on 100# mono to swivel to crimped 3' 200# mono leader with 12/0 circle hook and bridle rigged flat fall
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    Okuma Komodo

    I have the 364 and 463, love them. 463 does everything
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    Weather this week/weekend

    Going out Thursday night. Hope it smooths out
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    Okuma Spinning Reel recommendations

    Okuma Coronado cdx 65, baitfeeder, good drag, good line capacity, very affordable.
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    For Sale Seeker g6470h custom wrapped / okuma metaloid 12ii red/ penn fathoms

    Selling a custom wrapped g6470h custom wrapped by seeker blank painted white, blue wraps. Been on 1 ride, not fished. $240 Metaloid 12ii red, brand new in box mounted but not fished loaded up with 65 white pp to the top $250 or no line $210 Fathom 30ld2 loaded up with 80# power pro in great...
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    Reel advice

    Metaloid 5ii, handles 30 or 40# line class easliy. Or tesoro 5.
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    SOLD Seeker ulua price lowered

    8.90s @ 179 1200whp
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    SOLD Seeker ulua price lowered

    Turbo gsr on methanol
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    Rail rod and Mak suggestions

    I have the mak 20 loaded up with 100 braid and a pch xxxh. Use it for flat falls or sending a mack out. Not enough line for a kite rig though.
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    SOLD Seeker ulua price lowered

    Selling a custom wrapped seeker ulua in good shape, new grips, all glass, not composite, 9'3" sweet rod, sticking with my 90j though. $230
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    New jig stick

    I really like the seeker 6490, one of my favorite sticks.
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    New jig stick

    All glass
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    New jig stick

    90j is sweet. I have an ulua now, differently heavier stick. For cat i think a 90j or seeker 6490 are great choices.
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    30lb live bait rod

    I use the okuma pch 801H. Love it for #30 super light to fish all day
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    For Sale Seeker rods/ phenix rods/ okuma reel

    Thanks for the metaloid. Great seller.
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    WTB Seeker jig stick

    What are you looking for?
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    New spinner for wife, Saragosa or slammer

    The new Coronado reels are super nice. I have 3 for my daughters
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    Advice on 30-40lb 8ft bait rod for tuna

    Agreed, got my 80# bft on a ss6480h and metaloid 5ii this year.
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    Cork tape?

    Shrink tube over the rip
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    the Long Fin Big Sale Saturday the 14 TH

    I'll be there
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    Best 30 lb PCH bait rod?

    I use the 801h with a metaloid 5ii
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    Fathom reel seat screws question

    Would something from a hardware store work? Trying to put it on an ulua.
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    40lb set-up suggestions

    Ss6480 and fathom 30ld2
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    Yellowtail/ Tuna Reel Recommendations Under $200

    Fathom 25 or metaloid 5ii
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    SOLD Cousins rod cjb 80h-ct

    Pending sale tomorrow morning
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    SOLD Cousins rod cjb 80h-ct

    Selling a cjb80h-ct 8' 30-50# deckhand rod. Basically new. Mounted a reel, took it out last weekend, but didnt use it. Asking $220 714 290-2663 (
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    WTB WTB 100lb rod

    Hotrail20 has some
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    SOLD Penn fathom 30 star sold

    Selling a penn fathom 30 star drag reel, used once to throw jigs, gonna stay with the 25 instead. 65 power pro with 40 izor xxx on top. In new condition, box, tool, clamp included. Sold
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    Spinning Reel 30-40 LB range

    I use the okuma Coronado. Bait feeder option is nice.
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    Excalibur Sportfishing.

    Was hoping they had a trip Saturday night, I would have gave it a try.
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    What PCH rod for 60#

    I have mine on a 74xxh. Nice setup, comfortable to fish all day.
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    TRADE No mas

    No, sorry
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    WTB Okuma andros 5,12,16

    Momo just posted a andros 16 for sale
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    WTB Blackie Toruim 16 and 20

    Momo just posted some up
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    What rods, reels, braid, and hooks should I use for bluefin 30-70 pounds?

    Caught Saturday on the Pacifica, super seeker 6480 metaloid 5ii 50# power pro and 40# gold label topshot. Sinker rig. 25-30 minutes. 75# or so
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    Pacifica 6-14 1.5 day

    Agreed, boat was awesome , crew worked their butts off, great vibe on the boat. Got lucky and got the jackpot fish and one smaller bft later, both landed on a super seeker 6480 metaloid 5ii 50# power pro 40# gold label topshot topedo sinker rig.
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    WTB 80# Flatfall rod

    Momo has a graftech rail rod for 180 on here brand new.
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    WTB WTB 80 or 100 pound rod

    Momo has a graftech railrod on here for super cheap. Brand new.
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    Best kind of Fluorocarbon

    Sinker, 1 oz torpedo. Just to get it down a bit.
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    Best kind of Fluorocarbon

    Gold label woked well for me yesterday. 40# gold first fish on the boat and jackpot.
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    First 1.5 gear check

    I have 8, 25- 100#.
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    First 1.5 gear check

    How many setups would be considered too many? Im going out tomorrow night on the Pacifica, staring at my rods now.
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    Pacifica 6-14 1.5 day

    I was the 7th or 8th, filled quick
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    Pacifica 6-14 1.5 day

    Booked my spot. Anyone else going? Maiden voyage.
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    Calstar XLH reel choice

    Fathom 12
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    Best kind of Fluorocarbon

    Anyone using gold label yet?
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    Update on one of our brothers Titan05

    Wishing a speedy recovery
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    Bait sticks for BFT

    Super seeker 6480 and 6470h
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    For Sale Penn fathom 15 star drag

    New, not fished spooled up with 20# mono . Mounted on rod but switched up to a 12 instead. $150
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    SOLD Seeker Black Steel - cjb70, 6470h

    Thanks for the awesome deal
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    For Sale Okuma pch 701xh sold

    Sold please delete
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    Legend 1.5 day 5-25-19, opions on the boat?

    Never fished the boat, any opinions, reviews? I read some reviews on facebook and some weren't very good. Hoping to hear better here before I book.
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    More Questions

    I use the okuma komodo 463 for a lot of local stuff. Super versatile. Loaded up with 50# braid and tie on short topshots. Worked great for anything from rockfishing to yellowtail. No tuna on mine yet, but hopefully this year.
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    Okuma metaloid baitcaster review

    I have both komodos already, was just wondering if anyone had any positive feedback on this one before I add it to my collection.
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    What rod for Makaira 16

    Seeker 1x3 Or pch 74 xxxh for a tighter budget or seeker ssr7660
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    TRADE Makaira 16II sea

    Only if I can find a 20 or 30 for sale around the same price
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    TRADE Makaira 16II sea

    I have a makaira 16ii sea with 550 yards of white 100# power pro. In new condition, taken on a couple of boat rides. Looking to trade for a makaira 20ii or 30ii sea in similar condition. (714)290-2663
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    Condor 5/10

    Hoping the bite picks back up and weather holds.
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    Condor 5/10

    Booked a couple of spots for me and a buddy. Anyone else on the trip?
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    Seaguar Gold

    Any feedback on it now that the season has started?
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    Cortez Sportfishing

    When are they going to start running again?
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    WTB Seeker SSR 7660 (50-80)

    Longfin has them
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    For Sale Vertels yellowstick deckhand rod

    Old school vertels yellowstick. Deckhand with fresh corktape, 7' 15-40# super soft tip, excellent chovy rod. $70 714 290-2663
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    Strong braid to mono/fluoro knot

    Rp or bob sands
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    I use a metaloid 5 for 40# bait, loaded to the top with 500 yards 50# power, and fish 4-5' topshots. Works fine for me. Also have a fathom 30ld2 with 65to the top for 40 or 50# topshots.
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    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    I got a powerhandle from another reel but the keeper screw doesn't line up. How important is it? Could the nut back off without it? Thinking of putting a tick of loctite just in case.
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    In between set up

    Penn fathom 40nld2 and pch 74xxh
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    4 pack/6 pack recommendations

    Seasons sportfishing. Best 4 pack I've ever been on.
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    Rod for Fathum 40 ld2

    Pch 74xxh
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    Okuma metaloid baitcaster review

    Anyone used one yet? Wondering how they compare to the shimano Calcutta 400?
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    Rod for Komodo SS 463P

    I have mine on a pch 801h.
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    Daiwa Proteus 70xxh Capabilities

    Seeker 1x3
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    Makaira 15 and maxcuatro

    I jost got 580 yards of pp 100# on my mak 16. Could have got 600 but left room for a 20' topshot.
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    SOLD Cerrado por favor

    I have one if it falls through
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    For Sale Calstar 90jT 690jT

    690 is pretty clean, saw it yesterday . Someone will be happy with it.
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    WTB Penn Fathom 40ld2!

    Hotrail20 has one for sale
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    For Sale Sold Shimano sold teramar jigstick tmc-90h for sale..

    Selling my tmc-90h in good shape 9 ' 25-40# excellent lightweight jigstick $150 (714)290-2663
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    Tern or Tesoro

    Fathom 25 or 30 star drag
  115. K

    For Sale Bye

    Thanks bud. Im sick to my stomach. Tough hit with $1200 bucks in it.
  116. K

    For Sale Bye

    No longer for sale. Thanks
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    For Sale GUSA & Calstar

    If it is a 50-80 I'm interested, I found the same ratings
  118. K

    Okuma metaloid baitcaster

    Anyone used one yet? They look pretty cool.
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    For Sale Penn fathom 40ld2

    Selling my fathom 40nld2, almost new, been on a couple of boat rides and falt fall drops, filled to the top, 80# power pro. Box and tool included. $280 text for pics 714 290-2663 Edit. Line has been filled to the top since pictures were taken 80# white power pro
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    WTB 9foot jig stick

    Shimano teramar tmc-90h 9' 25-40# $150
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    Super Seeker 6470H or Calstar 770H (any recommendations for Fathom 40LD2)?

    I like the seeker ssr 7660 for the fathom 40
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    WTB Shimano trinidad 40N and okuma makaira 20II sea

    I have an unused mak 16sea gunmetal loadedwith 700 yards of white power pro, $500
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    TRADE No mas

    New okuma makaira sea gunmetal, loaded up with 700+ yards of white power pro 80#, never used, just mounted on a rod. No box. Looking for a makaira 20 or 30sea new or like new or penn 20 or 30 visx. Thanks
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    SOLD TN16 (Gold) ...

    Next in line if it falls through
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    WTB 9ft Jig stick

    Shimano teramar tmc-90h in oc
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    For Sale Winchester Ranger 120 12ga fs OC $160

    Winchester ranger 120 shotgun 12ga $160 can meet at turners or fowlers in orange for transfer. Buyer pays fees. Thanks
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    Reel For UC CP 70HF

    Penn fathom 30ld2 or metaloid 12ii
  128. K

    YoZuri Superbraid Anyone using it?

    Super soft, bit it seemed to fray easily. Went back to power pro.
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    For Sale Shimano and okuma rods and reels for sale

    Shimano teramar tmc-90h older brown version in good shape 9' 25-40# $150 Shimano torium 20hg used in good shape no line sold Shimano 14hg used once, in new condition, box and clamp, included no line sold Okuma pch 701xh 7' 30-60#, used a couple of trips, in new condition $160 Okuma pch...
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    For Sale Torium 14hg reel

    Selling a torium 14hg used a couple of times, in new condition. No line, box and too included. $160 obo (714)290-2663
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    For Sale Makaira 30 silver

    What kind of spectra is on it?
  132. K

    WTB Seeker black steel 270h-8 and 6480

    Looking for one of each, deckhand style, newer style guides. Thanks
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    SOLD Penn 25N Star Drag

    Interested, you have the clamp for it?
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    For Sale Seeker ssr-7660 & fathom 40nld2

    260 for the rod 240 for the reel
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    For Sale Shimano teramar tmc90h and torium 20hg

    Selling my jigstick setup. Older brown teramar 90h and torium 20hg. Both in good shape, 65# power pro with 100 yard 40# mono topshot. $300
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    SOLD Seeker Black Steel G 270H-8' CT Cork Tape Rod

    Wish it was closer . Awesome rod Good luck
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    No, sorry

    No, sorry
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    New okuma pch railrods

    No fish to pull on. Skunk for the whole boat.
  139. K

    WTB Rod for tranx 300

    Okuma axeon pro 8' 15-30# $70
  140. K

    Next rod in the quiver??...60-80#

    Seeker ssr 7660 and penn 40ld2
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    Hook Change on Jigs

    What's your thought on the owner siwash for tuna fishing?
  142. K

    Hooks for replacing stock hooks on flatfalls/colt snipers

    No issues with them opening up on bigger grade?
  143. K

    Hooks for replacing stock hooks on flatfalls/colt snipers

    What about the owner siwash open eye hooks?
  144. K

    Anyone using owner siwash hood for tuna

    Wondering if anyone is using the open eye siwash replacement hooks for their tuna jigs i.e. colt snipers/ megabaits. Anyone else worried about them opening up on a bigger fish?
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    New okuma pch railrods

    I just picked up the xxxh, I'll be trying it out this weekend.
  146. K

    recommendations on a 80lb live bait rod

    I just picked up a okuma pch xxxh for 80#. Feels great, $269
  147. K

    Rod for Mak 20

    The new pch xxxh feel really nice too.
  148. K

    WTB WTB 50# and 80# reels

    I have a metaloid 12ii. PM if interested
  149. K

    New okuma pch railrods

    No, the new rods are pch rail rods, not sct
  150. K

    New okuma pch railrods

    The longfin has them in stock
  151. K

    Flat Fall jigs

    Is crimping that much better than a san diego with 200# mono?
  152. K

    New okuma pch railrods

    Sct better then the new pch?
  153. K

    New okuma pch railrods

    I fish seeker. Was thinking of trying these out. Might pick up 1 for 80#and give it a try.
  154. K

    Hook Up Baits?

    I got a few packs, they work well.
  155. K

    New okuma pch railrods

    What are your guys ' opinions on the new okuma pch rods. I figured someone has some experience on their sct heavy rods. Thinking of picking up the xxh and xxxh.
  156. K

    Okuma pch rail rods

    What are your guys ' opinions on the new okuma pch rods. I figured someone has some experience on their sct heavy rods. Thinking of picking up the xxh and xxxh.
  157. K

    WTB Factory Seeker OSP/SS 2x4

    Ss 2x4 for sale if you're still looking
  158. K

    WTB 130lb rod for Mak 30

    I have a super seeker 2x4for sale. PM me if interested
  159. K

    WTB looking for a rod for a 60# setup

    I have a seeker black steel graphite 6470h PM if interested
  160. K

    WTB 100 lb BFT Rod

    I have a super seeker 2x4. PM me if interested
  161. K

    For Sale Super seeker 2x4 and black steel 6470h

    Holding off for now due to some personal stuff coming up. Sorry for any inconvenience
  162. K

    SOLD Looking for 20-40 8' or 9' bait stick

    I have a brand new shimano teramar tmc-80hb. PM me if interested
  163. K

    WTB #20 Conventional Rod 8'

    Shimano teramar tmc-80m deckhand
  164. K

    WTB Okuma PCH Rods

    I have a 7' 30-60, new, no tags
  165. K

    For Sale Phenix AXIS 909HJ,CALSTAR GG270H,GG6480

    Interested in the 270h, 7 or 8'?
  166. K

    SOLD 8' 30lb rod

    I have a brand new teramar 8' 30-50 with reel seat. $180
  167. K

    For Sale Okuma metaloid 12ii and pch 701xh and axeon swimbait rod

    Selling a pch 701-c-xh 7' 30-60# basically new, been on a couple of rides. $170 Metaloid sold Okuma axeon swimbait rod, axpi-c-801xh 8' 20-40# $60 used once (714)290-2663
  168. K

    Nomad design dtx minnow

    Longfin has them in stock
  169. K

    WTB Shimano Teramar 9ft 90HB

    I have the old brown one, $140 tmc-90h
  170. K

    WTB Shimano Teramar 9ft 90HB

    Which model is the black?
  171. K

    Live bait rod preference

    Okuma pch or shimano teramar for your budget.
  172. K

    SOLD 270-8 BS

    Awesome deal, awesome rod, wish I was closer
  173. K

    Nomad design dtx minnow

    they come with 11/0 hooks
  174. K

    Nomad design dtx minnow

    Just picked one up, I'll be trying it out soon.
  175. K

    Nomad design dtx minnow

    Wondering of anyone has used these for bft. Heard they are working on the troll. Dive down to 40 feet. Big tuna hooks on them. Any feedback?
  176. K

    40# Reel Advice

    I like the fathom 30ld2 for 40#
  177. K

    WTB Looking for a torium handle

    Looking for a factory torium handle 16/ 20/ 30 will work. Thanks
  178. K

    SCT-C-701XH Paired with penn fthm30ld2 for 40#?

    I have the pch 701xh on a metaloid 12ii for 50#, awesome setup
  179. K

    WTB Shimano Teramar 7’6 or 8’0

    I have a okuma axeon pro, 8' 15-30, fished a couple of times, $60
  180. K

    What reel would u pair with a 9ft rod.

    Torium 20 and teramar 90h
  181. K

    Am I the only one missing inside sportfishing

    Great show, she was my high school girlfriend, lol.
  182. K

    Am I the only one missing inside sportfishing

    I watch all the shows on mute now. Also missing inside sportfishing.
  183. K

    WTB 500 yards of 150 to 200lb Spectra, new anykind

    Check out xtreme braid, local, inexpensive
  184. K

    Feedback on xtreme braid

    Anyone on here used it? I see it's pretty popular with guys back east.
  185. K

    What reel for yoyo iron setup and what lb line?

    Metaloid 12II on a pch 7'xh, 65# braid with 50# mono topshot
  186. K

    Who is fishing where??

    Seasons sportfishing may 25th
  187. K

    which 9 ft rod

    I use the 9' teramar and Calcutta rods
  188. K

    Flat Fall jigs

    Izor xxx or 1st string?
  189. K

    Rod for Mak 20

    I have mine on a super seeker 2x4
  190. K

    Rod for 40NLD2

    Seeker black steel graphite 6470h used for 60#
  191. K

    Coronado CDX Baitfeeder experience

    Got one at the fhs for my daughter, excited to put it to use shortly.
  192. K

    Mak 20 SEa 100# line amount?

    I got 700 yards of solid power pro on mine. Pretty much to the top.
  193. K

    For Sale torium 20hg / Cardiff 300

    I spoke to the shimano rep at the Melton tackle sale, he said they would probably warranty it out. Just haven't taken it.
  194. K

    WTB Small baitcaster reel

    I have a shimano Cardiff 300. Barely used, loaded up with 40# green braid. $70
  195. K

    Boat drives up in Newport....nobody onboard.

    Scary, praying for the best outcome
  196. K

    Yeti drops NRA

    What's the nra?
  197. K

    Anyone check out Melton tackle sale today?

    I went, was actually pretty cool. Awesome raffles at the end. I didn't win but some people really scored. Makaira 20 with custom rod combo, talica 16 and teramar combo, lots of other great stuff.
  198. K

    Anyone check out Melton tackle sale today?

    Just wondering what kind of deals. Thanks
  199. K

    For Sale Used Calstar GG690j

    If you were local to me I'd grab it. Good luck.
  200. K

    For Sale Talica 16 New

    Agreed, great deal
  201. K

    Anyone fished the axeon pro rods?

    Taken it out twice, for swimbaits. Caught some small sand bass and calicos. So far so good.
  202. K

    WTB Shimano Calcutta 400d used

    Anyone have a used one for sale? Thanks
  203. K

    Happy Resurrection Day

    Happy resurrection day to you as well.
  204. K

    WTB Penn Fathom 25 star drag x 2

    I have one . 714 290-2663, not super clean, but not bad
  205. K

    For Sale torium 20hg / Cardiff 300

    used torium 20hg, about 250 yards of 65# braid and 40# izor xxx top shot. Some corrosion around base. $150 Cardiff sold (714)290-2663
  206. K


    Land tuna
  207. K

    Okuma Tesoro 5s?

    I heard 2 months from the okuma guys
  208. K

    SOLD Sold most of the items

    I wish the calstar was for sale when I picked up the seeker, would have grabbed both.
  209. K

    SOLD Penn 40N 2 Speed-Please lock thread

    I have it half full of pp 80 right now
  210. K

    SOLD Penn 40N 2 Speed-Please lock thread

    If you don't want to wait I'll sell you mine for $210. Bnib
  211. K

    For Sale Penn fathom 60ld2 sold

    Selling a Penn fathom 60ld2 used a couple of times, in new condition , comes with clamp box and tool , $200 without line (714)290-2663
  212. K

    SOLD New Makaira Sea 30 and Penn International VSW 30 - PRICE DROP

    So tempted on the makaira, if it was a 20 I'd be all over it
  213. K

    Rod for penn fathom 40 2 spd

    Mine is on a seeker g6470h
  214. K

    Penn fathom 2 speed

    Mine arrived today
  215. K

    Penn fathom 2 speed

    Ordered my 40n on the 14th and it' was shipped out on the 15th. Ups tracking tracked it to Illinois but it stopped there on the 17th. Ups hasn't updated tracking since. Still says it's scheduled for delivery for tomorrow. We'll see if it shows up.
  216. K

    Penn fathom 30ld2 for 60#?

    Picked up a 40ld2 for 60#. Going on a seeker 6470h. The 30ld2 will remain my 40# setup
  217. K

    Need reel suggestions For a Calstar GF700XH

    Okuma metaloid 12 black and red
  218. K

    For Sale Seeker black steel lowered price

    Does the seeker have all rollers?
  219. K

    For Sale Phenix Hybrid 760X2H

    Beautiful rod. Good luck
  220. K

    Daiwa vs. Okuma

    I like the pch rods much better personally
  221. K

    For Sale Wtt shimano teramar tmc-x80hb for a tmc-80hb

    Wanting to trade my like new tmc-80hb for a similar condition tmc-80hb. Price difference is $10, willing to pay that. Thanks
  222. K

    Okuma axeon pro rods

    Just picked up the 801xh axeon pro for my komodo 364. Anyone else used them? Likes/ dislikes?
  223. K

    Anyone fished the axeon pro rods?

    Just picked up the 801xh axeon pro for my 364. Anyone else used them? Likes/ dislikes?
  224. K

    Fathom 30 for 60#?

    Anyone using their fathom 30ld2 for 60# setup? I was using mine for 40# but thinking of putting it on a psw700xh for a 60# setup. With 33# of drag and 480 of 80# braid seems like it would be fine. I know I should put a 40ld2 on it but it feels awkward with such a tall reel on a skinny rod. Your...
  225. K

    Penn fathom 30ld2 for 60#?

  226. K


    I have a Penn sabre fishing rod 8' 12-30# $60 and a Penn blue water carnage rod 8' 15-30 $75 Both deckhand
  227. K

    Live bait rod

    Seeker 270h-8 Okuma pch 80mh
  228. K

    SOLD Parker 252

    Wish I could come up with 40k, good luck. Beautiful boat
  229. K

    Wtb calstar 7400h 7400xh or similar

    Looking for something along these lines, factory or custom. Would like to stay with 7' thanks send me a PM please
  230. K

    Rod Wrapper Recommendation

    Moons custom rods
  231. K

    WTB 80-100lb setup

    Seeker ssr7660, almost new. Pm me if interested
  232. K

    Coronado CDX Baitfeeder experience

    Wish I could find a store selling them.
  233. K

    WTB - small bait casters

    Curado 300ej for sale
  234. K

    WTB Seeker SSR 7660

    I have one. Pm me
  235. K

    Picked up a new set up today....Penn Fathom 60 two speed

    I have mine on a seeker ssr 7660, 400 yards of 100# braid and 100# wind on. No big ones on it yet, one about 60lbs. Felt great
  236. K

    Seeker black steel 6470H

    Wish it was closer, love that rod.
  237. K

    Fs/ ft Phenix black diamond psw700xh

    No thanks, looming for something to fish 60# with. Something along the lines of a calstar 7400h
  238. K

    Shimano curado, Newell s229, and a couple of Penn rods for sale

    Selling some gear I don' use Curado 300ej I good shape, some bucks but fishe' great, upgraded drags and loaded with fresh 50# yozuri braid. $160 Newell s229-5 great condition, with clamp, filled with fresh 20# izor xxx mono $125 Penn sabre cs270-8 8' 12-30 deckhand rod $60 Penn blue water...
  239. K

    FS: Okuma Andros / Seeker Combo

    Willing to separate?
  240. K

    Fs/ ft Phenix black diamond psw700xh

    Selling a phenix black diamond psw 700xh 7' 30-80. Used a handful of times in good shape. Looking to get $230 or trade for a calstar or seeker of similar rating.
  241. K

    Torium 20hg

    How much to ship to 92807?
  242. K

    FS: PSW-809h, G6480, FTH25

    25n still available?
  243. K

    Wtb shimano teramar tmc-x80h older model

    Looking for one if these, let me know what you have, local to Orange county please
  244. K

    budget spinner

    The new okuma coronados are really nice
  245. K

    Newell s229-5 and Penn sabre rod

    Selling my 20# bait stick. Sabre cs-270-8ct 12-30# deckhand rod, with a Newell s229-5 in excellent shape. Rod is still in good condition, typical older rod. Reel has fresh 20# izor xxx. $170 (714)290-2663
  246. K

    FREE Deeeleet

    Trailer was made for the boat. I don't know specifications on it. I added the owners number to the post. Feel free to text him questions.
  247. K

    Located in tustin. 714 322-9407

    Located in tustin. 714 322-9407
  248. K

  249. K

    FREE Deeeleet

    Price lowered
  250. K

    FREE Deeeleet

  251. K

    Anyone used torium 14hga yet?

    I got mine. Kinda disappointed at first. Straight out of the box no freespool. Loaded it up with line, was hoping it would feel a little better. Still little to no freespool. Opened it up and both spool bearings had grease on them. Cleaned them up and put a drop of reel x. After reassembly it...
  252. K

    40-50lb Bait Stick?

    Super Seeker cjbf80 with a penn fathom 30ld2. This is my 40-50# bait setup. Love it.
  253. K

    4 reels 2 rod Accurate, Avet, Shimano....

    Too bad I'm not in sd. I'd take both rods. Good luck with your sale.
  254. K

    Torium 14hga

    Picked up at the longfin.
  255. K

    Torium 14hga

    Got mine today
  256. K

    Need reel/rod advice

    Just got off the boat yesterday. We went 4 for 6 on the tuna smallest 112 largest 189. The 2 lost were on 65/ 40 and 80/60. The ones landed were on 80 and 100# setups. Lighter line had no chance of turning them. Saw a fathom 60 ld2 get it done. My .02
  257. K

    Best 80lb rod to pair with Penn Fathom 40

    Seeker ssr7660
  258. K

    Trinidad 20 for sale

    Tn20 gold ready to fish, freshly serviced, supe clean, excellent freespool. #65 izor braid with #40 izor xxx top shot. $320 (714)290-2663
  259. K

    Looking to go to Bluefin grounds

    Seasons sportfishing
  260. K

    Wtb 80-100# setup

    Looking for a decent setup used before I pull the trigger on new stuff. Local to Orange county please.
  261. K

    Wtb Penn fathom 30ld2

    Got a 60 just need a 30
  262. K

    Where to buy Fathoms?

    Manventure They don't take PayPal as payment?
  263. K

    Reel recommendation for Daiwa Proteus 76MH

    Metaloid 5ii
  264. K

    Torium 14hga

    I'll definitely be buying one.
  265. K

    Wtb Penn fathom 30ld2

    Looking for one in good shape or new. Local to Orange county please. PM me please
  266. K

    Which reel for poppers

    I have this that will work.
  267. K

    penn blue water carnage rod for sale

    Penn blue water carnage rod carbw800l 7' 10" 15-30# for sale used a couple of times, great feeling rod. Deckhand grip. Reel not included $100 Located in Anaheim 714 290-2663
  268. K

    WTB Spinning combo setup

    I have a pretty.much new okuma trio bait feeder reel for sale.
  269. K

    Wtb okuma komodo 364ss, torium 20, and 8' 30, rod

    Looking for these items, please let me know what you got, prefer local to Anaheim.
  270. K


    Where are you located? May be interested in the metaloid.
  271. K

    Release SG

    Pmed you
  272. K

    Wtb older teramar or calcutta rods

    Can you send pics to 714 290-2663
  273. K

    Wtb older teramar or calcutta rods

    Up, 90h found, looking for a 80h
  274. K

    Wtb older teramar or calcutta rods

    Looking for a couple of the older deckhand style rods, 80mh, 80h, 86xh, 90h. send me a PM
  275. K

    WTS Daiwa Proteus 80MFS Rod, Black Gold 5000 Spinner, Okuma Shadow Stalker 751MH

    I may be interested in the proteus rod if you still have it this weekend. Sent from my SM-G950U using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  276. K

    WTB left hand Avet SX & Okuma Metaloid

    I have a fresh metaloid 5ii. Used a couple of time, looks brand new. Can sell with or without braid. 50lb power pro to the top. (714)290-2663 Sent from my SM-G950U using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  277. K


  278. K


    Found one thanks
  279. K

    Wtb okuma metaloid 2 speed reels

    Looking for a 5 and 12 2 speed. Let me know what you have.
  280. K

    WTB Heavy Duty Spinning Rod - Poppers

    I have a Shimano teramar 8' xxh 20-40# used once $125
  281. K


    Beautiful boat. Glws
  282. K

    Jig lots Tady, Salas, and waxwing

    Salas jigs sold, only tadys available now $50
  283. K

    Rods and a couple of reels for sale

    What are the specs on the okuma rod?
  284. K

    Shimano Trinidad 14 spool

    Is it the same as a torium?
  285. K

    Jig lots Tady, Salas, and waxwing

    Waxwings pending sale. Iron still available.
  286. K

    Jig lots Tady, Salas, and waxwing

    Santa Ana during the day, Anaheim hills evening
  287. K

    Jig lots Tady, Salas, and waxwing

    Jig lot for sale, 8 tady , some new some used 3 Tady 45 2 Tady c 1 Tady a2 2 Tady aa Salas and waxwings sold $50 for the lot, buyer pays shipping Thanks for looking (714)290-2663
  288. K


    My buddy has an 800xh if you're interested
  289. K

    Wanting New 30 lb setup

    Not really a fan of the narrow reels. If it was a 30 I'd keep it.
  290. K

    Penn fathom 25n ld 2 speed brand new

    A metaloid 12 2 speed would be great. Don't really like the narrow reels. Something along that line.
  291. K

    Wanting New 30 lb setup

    I have a brand new pen fathom 25nld2speed for sale. 230 with 50 braid on it. Shoot me a pm if interested
  292. K

    Penn fathom 25n ld 2 speed brand new

    I put a little spectra on it. About 200 yards or so of 50# power pro.
  293. K

    Penn fathom 25n ld 2 speed brand new

    I have a brand new Penn fathom 25n 2 speed lever drag reel for sale. Looking to sell for 230 or trade for another reel. Not really into the narrow reels. Reel has been mounted on a rod, but has not seen water. Still have box, paperwork, tool.
  294. K

    Wtb spinning rod

    Looking for a spinning rod 7-8', closer to 8 preferably. 30-40# rating. Don't need anything gucci, not looking to break the bank.
  295. K


    Interested in trades?
  296. K

    WTB shimano teremar

    Deck hand or swimbait?
  297. K

    WTB Panga

    My buddy has one foe sale. 714 3229407
  298. K

    Wtb shimano teramar 9'

    I have a Calcutta 90h
  299. K

    Shimano Calcutta jigstick & torium 20

    Selling a Shimano Calcutta jigstick clc-90h and torium 20. Rod is in fair condition shows lots of use but has lifetime warranty. 9' 25-40# deckhand grip. Reel is in very good shape, carbontex drag washers, recently serviced filled to the top with white #65 power pro. $140 calcutta rod $130...
  300. K

    WTB Shimano Trinidad 20 Gold

    Someone on here selling a few golds
  301. K

    WTB :Seeker ULUA 93H
  302. K

    Wtb affordable 2speed

    Get a metaloid12
  303. K

    WTB: Okuma Andros A12IISa 2 Speed Reel

    I have a metaloid 12 II for sale
  304. K

    WTB - 2-speed Reels

    I have a metaloid 12 II taken on 2 boat rides. I have a for sale ad on here for it.
  305. K

    Phenix abyss psx806

    Selling a used but in great shape abyss 806. 8' 10-25# $150 (714)322-9407
  306. K

    Penn Carnage 800m

    Ever come up to oc?
  307. K

    seeker black steel graphite g6465h

    seeker black steel graphite g6465h 6'6" 30-80 factory wrapped $170 located in anahiem. (714)290-2663
  308. K

    WTB- 40-50lb 7'-8' Rod. Seeker, Calstar, and Phenix.

    Seeker black steel graphite g6465h 30-80 $170
  309. K

    Reel suggestions for 40 lb

    Metaloid 12II
  310. K

    Inexpensive Surface iron rod

    Teramar 80h
  311. K

    Braid..What Do You Use

    Power pro
  312. K

    Wanted: 8' jig stick - 6480 or similar

    I have a seeker 270h-8 Mexican series rod in excellent condition. #15-40 $120
  313. K

    G Loomis Rod and Shimano Calcutta 400

    Are you willing to sell the reel separate?
  314. K

    cal star gfdh 850m and seeker

    Thanks for the rod.
  315. K

    SOLD - Calstar 800xlh

    If you still have it Thursday I'll probably pick it up.
  316. K

    2004 GMC Sierra 2500HD

    Selling my 04 GMC Sierra 2500hd, 6.0L auto, with tow package, spray in bed liner, clean title tags current till Nov . 198k, runs stong. $4,600 (714)290-2663
  317. K

    Shimano Terez txc70XH brand new

    Black, pics added
  318. K

    Shimano Terez txc70XH brand new

    Text me an offer holmes
  319. K

    Shimano Terez txc70XH brand new

    Selling a tzc70XH shimano terez 7' 65-200 XH brand new with tags black $200 (714)290-2663
  320. K

    WTB: Trolling Setup

    I have a calstar grafighter 7460m and tyrnos 50 lrs 2 speed $500
  321. K

    okuma metaloid 12II

    Price drop
  322. K

    Calstar grafighter 7460m and tyrnos 50 lrs 2 speed

    Great trolling and big bait setup. 6' 40-100# grafighter all roller. Tyrnos 50 lrs 2 speed loaded up with 100# braid and 80# mono topshot. Both are in great condition. . $500
  323. K

    okuma metaloid 12II

    The 5n is the narrow
  324. K

    okuma metaloid 12II

    Not the narrow version
  325. K

    seeker black steel graphite 270h -8

    Used but still in good condition. Deckhand style. $140 Located in Anaheim (714)290-2663 Will load pics later
  326. K

    okuma metaloid 12II

    Taken on 1 boat ride. No nicks or scratches. filled to the top with white power pro #65 $280 Basically no tax and free braid. Located in Anaheim (714)290-2663 Can provide pics but I think you know what they look like.
  327. K

    Calstar GFGR800XLH

    I'm interested. When will you be here?
  328. K

    torium 14 freespool sucks

    Never seen shields on a torium 14 bearing. Weird.
  329. K

    Thoughts on 6480?

    I have a SS6480 with tuna cord on the handle. Metaloid 12II on it short topshot of 30 or 40# flouro. Great setup.
  330. K

    will shimano make a 400 size curado?

    I'd buy a curado 400 too
  331. K

    Seeker CLB 806 & Calcutta 400

    If you were in orange county I'd take the calcutta. Good luck with the sale..
  332. K

    Shimano Calcutta deckhand rod CLC 90h

    Was 25-40# cut 8" from the tip and 3.5" from the butt. Very similar action to a calstar 800h now.