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  1. BloodyL

    Gotta build this big boy soon...

    Butt shots are all that are authorized! Per Ali?
  2. BloodyL

    SOLD Jx 6/3 / Stradic fi

    Both reels well used but highly functional JX $100.00 nothing but the reel. Stradic fi 6000 w/8000 spool $100.00 available in Fullerton area.
  3. BloodyL

    Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    Dress for success. that’s all I got.
  4. BloodyL

    SOLD Seeker SSR 7660 rod

    Nice to meet you and thanks again!
  5. BloodyL

    Patriot reels

    One might mix up the American flag with a representation of the American flag.
  6. BloodyL

    For Sale Shimano and abu

    I always get really excited and forget to post prices.
  7. BloodyL

    Yellowtail Does Not Keep Well?

    I never let my salt water fish see fresh water. never suffer what your experiencing
  8. BloodyL

    Large Krocodile lures

    They did a 14oz that was two sevens together.
  9. BloodyL

    Makira spinning.

    Torque is where my moneys at.
  10. BloodyL

    Lithium battery

    Put one in my Harley & $600.00 later wished I didn’t. Your mmv
  11. BloodyL

    BD Freezes

    Yep For a couple days
  12. BloodyL

    Chamber Vacuum Sealer thoughts and advise

    Picked up a Vacmaster vp112s a couple months a ago and I’m happy with it.
  13. BloodyL

    Jig Casting reel for 90j

  14. BloodyL


    Great deal for a mini tank.
  15. BloodyL

    Protection needed for this surf fishing trip!

    I so want to Report this but it made me chortle.
  16. BloodyL

    FREE Bedrug

    Free bedrug for GMC Canyon or Chevy Colorado. Bedrugs are cool. Pretty indestructible, perfect for car camping. They also level out the ridges in the truck bed so you don't kill your knees if you climb in to it trying to get something. Here is the model...
  17. BloodyL

    We Put Our Dog Down Today

    Always a tough one. RIP little guy.
  18. BloodyL

    For Sale Lot of big reels

    THe picture is WhO he SOLD THem too! I Think?
  19. BloodyL

    Cabo airport to Los Barilles?

    Book ahead it’s a circus in the terminal.
  20. BloodyL

    Penn reels uk

    kilo’s per vs lbs per Very technical just saying.
  21. BloodyL

    Penn reels uk

    They use the metric system so the drags have less force.
  22. BloodyL

    TRADE Seeker 6470

    I have a star drag 25n I’ll trade.
  23. BloodyL

    Casting question would like advice

    Spool size on the smaller reels is the difference.
  24. BloodyL

    SOLD Seeker Pinhead D8 S Glass

    Wait I didn’t get a chance!
  25. BloodyL

    What mono

    Momoi !
  26. BloodyL

    SOLD Roddy

    Damn drove by yesterday and forgot you had this.
  27. BloodyL

    For Sale $650$ Makaira 16SEII gun metal and PCH rod-$650$

    I’m guessing it’s $650.00 as is hidden in The TItle.
  28. BloodyL

    Accurate boss Dauntless (reviews needed)

    OG bad ass reel in my opinion-love mine
  29. BloodyL

    Avet SX Break Disc Grinding Against Dog Cover

    Turn the pinion gear over?
  30. BloodyL

    First trip BOLA

    Rafa is a great old school fisherman. Nice call on your part.
  31. BloodyL

    Penn Fathom defect?

    No issues with my 25n great star drag reel.
  32. BloodyL

    FREE Ads with no price. WTF???

    Busy counting the Benjamin's.
  33. BloodyL

    Epoxy or Varnish or Shellac Over paracrod⁸

    Used paracord for a gaff Once! & Only once.
  34. BloodyL

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    Does that mean that they leave the collar on it?
  35. BloodyL

    Fishin in Barcelona, Spain

    Could not have said it any better.
  36. BloodyL

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    Looks like Dave Hansen’s boat?
  37. BloodyL

    For Sale Penn TRQS 7 spinning

    selling a penn torque 7 spinning reel attached to a stingo G rod 6’6” #25 fight drag. Fresh spool of Daiwa #100 boat braid. $550.00 pick up in the Fullerton area Text for Pic’s. 714-767-4849
  38. BloodyL

    Yellowtail Rig

    Where are you at? I’ll give you a pristine Penn 500S. Pick up around Fullerton.
  39. BloodyL

    Saltiga 35 two speed or Makaira 10 (Mak 10)

    I agree From a retrieval perspective. Ones a jig reel the others a bait reel.
  40. BloodyL

    BOLA 06-30 thru 07-02

    I’ll be down for a tournament 23-30th
  41. BloodyL

    Inches per crank versus higher gear speed

    Penn torque spinning ? Love my try’s 7
  42. BloodyL

    Power oil extractor recommendation?

    Jabsco drill pump gets it done.
  43. BloodyL

    For Sale D8 by Seeker-factory

    There is always an optimist in the crowd.
  44. BloodyL

    Bamboo supplier?

  45. BloodyL

    Thoughts to Admin.

    I give Ali a reach around when requested and bingo! No ads for me. YMV
  46. BloodyL

    Cabo Beer Help

    soriana is a big store right near the airport
  47. BloodyL

    Daggett's sport fishing.Bahia de los angeles b.c

    Enrique I’ll be down soon save some for me! :jig:
  48. BloodyL

    Okuma pch spinning rod guide reversed?

    Helps keep braid loops from wrapping the first guide.
  49. BloodyL

    At San Clemente Island, and this happened...

    Been there done that - but not a brand new set up.
  50. BloodyL

    SOLD Makaira 10 ii SEA - Gunmetal- Like New

    Sure you buy mine I’ll buy his & we can all live happily ever after.
  51. BloodyL

    SOLD Makaira 10 ii SEA - Gunmetal- Like New

    Want to scale down to an 8ii?
  52. BloodyL

    For Sale Mak 10 SEa on Amazon for $390

    Must have missed it ? I see $479.00
  53. BloodyL

    TRADE Minty Saltiga 30T

    I’m feeling triggered :drool:
  54. BloodyL

    Catalina vid fighting Yellowtail!

    :jig: On a spinner! Unheard of.
  55. BloodyL

    SOLD Daiwa Saltiga30

    I’m thinking it’s a LX size reel.
  56. BloodyL

    For Sale Saltest 6500H

    Under appreciated reel IMHO.
  57. BloodyL

    4/0 w/ Accurate frame - opinions?
  58. BloodyL

    4/0 w/ Accurate frame - opinions?

    Pick up the 113mtls!
  59. BloodyL

    Gotta Love California and Prop 65

    And it’s gonna get worse if Gavin has his way!
  60. BloodyL

    Fish Dope double charged me

    Yeah I bought it for all the surf fishing info Not impressed so far.
  61. BloodyL

    For Sale Spinning,spinning,castingDi

    Tica & Acculite on hold.
  62. BloodyL

    For Sale Spinning,spinning,castingDi

    Great little surf outfits.
  63. BloodyL

    For Sale Spinning,spinning,castingDi

    Tica 8’6” 8-17 surf rod attached to a Stradic fi 5000 w/ 4000 spool added $75.00 daiwa acculite 9’6”” 2-8 attached to a stradic fi2500 $75.00 Saltiga S.A.-jg60mhfs 6’ 20-50 jig rod $30.00 Penn allegiance 1530s70 7’ 20-50 braid $35.00 Shakespeare 7’ 30-60 ugly stik attached to a jx 6/3...
  64. BloodyL

    For Sale Large crocks 7 OZ and 5 OZ

    $15.00 for current light Luhr jensens seems legit but $20.00 for heavys that are longer made is bad?
  65. BloodyL

    SOLD Light silaflex

    silafex 2pc 9’6” guessing its a 20 pound rod. Looks like it was recently rewrapped $50.00 Pick up in Yorba Linda Text @ 7147674849
  66. BloodyL

    When is a spinning reel ideal?

    Any time your man enough to stop using the rail.
  67. BloodyL

    For Sale Luhr Jensen krocodile spoons

    In the wrong forum Sorry!
  68. BloodyL

    For Sale Luhr Jensen krocodile spoons

    package of kroc’s both 5&7 oz 3- 5 oz two new/one used 3- 7oz two new/one used 1- 14oz used to catch a big grouper in Bola a couple weeks ago (mission accomplished) $150.00 Accurate jigging handle and whiffle ball knob $50.00 No shipping I’m lazy available in Yorba Linda / Placentia area Text...
  69. BloodyL

    2019 Fred Hall Digital Show Guide Is Live

    Well done guy’s!!
  70. BloodyL

    Nice job on the digital Fred Hall! Well done & informative.

    Nice job on the digital Fred Hall! Well done & informative.
  71. BloodyL

    Best travel rod?

    I have had good luck with my charkbait rods in the east cape.
  72. BloodyL

    'Simple' tuna cord or paracord wrap on rod bottom portion

    Haven’t had good luck with paracord.
  73. BloodyL

    Blue Seas Fab is hiring.

    Sounds like a great opportunity!
  74. BloodyL

    Do Boca Bearings increase cast distance and free spool?

    Clean the grease out of any new bearing and lube w/ any high performance lubrication and you will see a difference. I’m a fan of TSI.
  75. BloodyL

    Unexpected service

    shout out to Kristen at Accurate for hooking me up with some parts for my older reel last week. You are The Bomb.
  76. BloodyL

    Avert Pro EX 4/0 2 Speed

    I fished 80 & 100 on mine with the clips at the lower position with no issues.
  77. BloodyL

    SOLD Accurate B2-870C.

    Cast control?
  78. BloodyL

    yoyo iron reels

    665N,Baja special,JX
  79. BloodyL

    Smoked wahoo

    All I gotta do is actually catch one Then I'll know.
  80. BloodyL

    GMG V's Traeger

    Love my traeger pig! Going on about 8yrs now.
  81. BloodyL

    Need advice on surf rod

    2-6 oz sounds right
  82. BloodyL

    For Sale Ship auger bit's

    ship auger bits for sale 16 pcs as shown $12.00 ea or $175.00 for all. P/U in Yorba Linda
  83. BloodyL

    Blue or red camo reel

    They seem to send the more exotic designs over sea's?
  84. BloodyL

    SOLD GONE. Newell P533 5.5F

    Not all reels identity with their true colors!
  85. BloodyL

    Texas Tuna Questions

    Didn't the guy ran the 360 site pass away?
  86. BloodyL


    Left you VM's at 9:00am & 2:00pm today? Just sayin.
  87. BloodyL

    This Weave is in YOUR hands. Yes it stays and No brings the Knife.

    It grew on me the more I looked at it!
  88. BloodyL

    Spinning reel for Truline 4x

    If it were me I would dig up a - Shimano 8000 Sustain FE Shimano 8000 Stradic FI Both can be converted to 6000's with a spool change.
  89. BloodyL

    Igor in Bahia de los angeles

    Rafa is still doing what he does best!
  90. BloodyL

    Jx raptor or Bv2-500

  91. BloodyL

    Have you read this book? Do you own this book?

    Having done deals with you prior I knew you would be honest-thank you.. Mick
  92. BloodyL

    Have you read this book? Do you own this book?

    I got a long light line spinner I'll give ya if your Truely a fan and you fish spinning rods.
  93. BloodyL

    Have you read this book? Do you own this book?

    Are you a fan of Silaflex rod's?
  94. BloodyL

    SOLD Newell 220-

    Nice!! Great price .
  95. BloodyL

    FREE LED Can Replacement Lights, 21 Total

    Wish I was closer-I got 4 bulbs out and have been to lazy to go get new ones :p
  96. BloodyL

    Double Uni Knot For Braid To Mono Connection

    RP knot gets it done for me.
  97. BloodyL

    Sea Adventure 80 2.5 Day Smoked my Baja Special

    Momma always said life's like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get. Sounds like fun to me!
  98. BloodyL


    The elusive black 25N.
  99. BloodyL

    SOLD RARE Shimano/G-Loomis Calcutta Washington Made

    What number would I call or text?
  100. BloodyL

    FREE Help this young SSGT USMC - Rods Stolen...

    I'm in the OC and have rods and reels if someone will pick up for you.
  101. BloodyL

    FREE Trinidads A series

    If you like that there is a $1,200.00 Newell on EBay once own by Carl himself!
  102. BloodyL

    SOLD Mint Saltiga 30-T $325

    Reasonable pricing on a killer reel - almost unheard of !
  103. BloodyL

    Spinning Reel and Rod ?

    Popping or Jigging?
  104. BloodyL

    Red Rooster Mermaids

    What Jer Dog said.
  105. BloodyL

    Question for Techie people

    Drop box
  106. BloodyL

    What's up with Newell C model220

    Just picked up a C220 installed new brakes and bearings absolutely a good reel.
  107. BloodyL

    ID this

    I think it's clear - designed for professionals... Is that you?
  108. BloodyL

    For Sale Newell C 220-5

    Thanks Zach! Should be fun fishing it this season.
  109. BloodyL

    BOLA info

    Don't take them to any of my spots LOL
  110. BloodyL

    For Sale Newell C 220-5

    Sent you a text I'll take it if your available this weekend.
  111. BloodyL

    WTB 9ft ultra light spinning rod

    9' Silaflex two piece 10-20 pound ?
  112. BloodyL

    Best penn spinning reel for salt water

    TRQS 5 beast of a reel in a small package.
  113. BloodyL

    WTB Spinning Surf Rod 10'6-12' 1-5oz

    Check Look at the #3 3 OZ is the sweet spot.
  114. BloodyL

    How to preserve fish right after the catch?

    You are dissecting the fish so just keep em iced down until you can freeze.
  115. BloodyL

    Shortening rod butt -Trevala S

    Do not use a hack saw..
  116. BloodyL

    WTB Heavy Krocodile Spoons - 5oz - 7oz

    got anything good thats been discontinued to trade?
  117. BloodyL

    Are there Sailfish/Marlins in BOLA?

    Caught and released one a couple years ago about an hour north of Bola.
  118. BloodyL

    metal cutting bandsaw

    Vintage 1955 machine!
  119. BloodyL

    Win Costa Sunglasses From Local Knowledge

    Is it a coincidence that Michelle's boy friend wins these things 3.257percent of the time ?? It's really getting on my wick!
  120. BloodyL

    No responses 12/16/17-1/2/18

    Please post your cell number in case I Cant wait! :D
  121. BloodyL

    Just got home from hospital

    Welcome back & hang in there.
  122. BloodyL

    WTB 2 piece surf set up #3 10'6" can't go wrong
  123. BloodyL

    Is Yeti worth the cost ?

    I have two rtics and I am very satisfied with them! Recently ordered a Mahluna 111 ? Should have it by January and will see how that works out?
  124. BloodyL


    That right there is some funny shit! (made my morning)
  125. BloodyL

    Fire Sale Penn Torque Spinning 7500

    beast of a reel! and a good deal!!
  126. BloodyL

    4+ turn surgeon's knot

    Seldom have an issue with a five turn if im in a hot bite and want a quick knot. YMMV
  127. BloodyL

    Get out of Jury Duty...?

    I ignored several and then got a notice saying a jury had been chosen for me and when to show up along with the penalty for not showing up so i reported and got up for the attorney to question me. Judge says can you put your prejudices aside and I say no! he says why? I say he looks like a gang...
  128. BloodyL

    Boomer Jr.?

    I think they are still available? Calstar boomer Jr
  129. BloodyL

    Of All the Penn Reels you own which is your Favorite

    4/0 metal it's a beast.
  130. BloodyL

    Deckhand wrap Spinning rod

    Fuji plate type reel seat-wrap it on with electrical tape or wrap like a guide for more stability.
  131. BloodyL

    got caught w/my pants down

    Was the clutch fully depressed prior to shifting?
  132. BloodyL

    Frigg'n Thief

    Wow Must take some balls to carry someone's shit off a boat?
  133. BloodyL

    Stradic 8000/ Terez combo -SOLD

    No better deal than that available today!
  134. BloodyL

    Needlefish in the Surf?

    I catch em a lot in seal beach.
  135. BloodyL

    number 26 is an idiot

    Yikes !
  136. BloodyL

    Calstar 6480 w/ Olive Branch Fade

    I'm with Baller Good God! That's nice
  137. BloodyL

    F/S (2) shimano Terez/stradic combo-SOLD

    Wow great set ups! Get a 8000fi spool and your covered for a lot of fish.
  138. BloodyL

    How far can you actually throw a Jig???

    Attached to my line 90 yards Unattached 275 yards
  139. BloodyL

    Trouble in NOLA invlolving Bloodydecks LLC

    :jig:I won some stuff last year so I'm cool with it!
  140. BloodyL

    Treager Grill or Green Mountain

    Love my Traeger its 6yrs old I rebuilt it last summer
  141. BloodyL

    Sebile stick shad recommedation

    2oz gold got the fish in my avatar.
  142. BloodyL

    Pro EX 4/02 for Dropper Loop and Cost Benefit Question

    Alan tani has a great write up on a drag improvement by just moving the drag plate closer to the drag washer . Easy to do by moving the Jesus clips.
  143. BloodyL

    New favorite guy

    I'm not hurt! Simple fact was you said available after five Great I'll call and set up a time and place the next day I called and you said I sold it this morning? If it's available in the morning say so? I think you under priced-got a better offer and just didn't have the integrity to message me...
  144. BloodyL

    New favorite guy

    fishon14 Newbie I send a message to say I'm interested in his Cedros reel is he available tomorrow ? He responds yes after 5PM I say say great Ill contact you tomorrow afternoon(today) to make arrangements Called him at 11:45 and he says I sold it this Morning! ANYONE else see whats wrong...
  145. BloodyL

    Daiwa Proteus 800HFS and Saltist 6000 combo

    Holy crap! Killer high speed set up.
  146. BloodyL

    Casting A Avet Raptor-Thumbless!

    Yes Casting in the bait position is like adding a half number to the scale ? At least on mine it was?
  147. BloodyL

    Casting A Avet Raptor-Thumbless!

    Try casting with the lever in the bait position. It moves the spool just a touch farther from the magnet.
  148. BloodyL

    What is "winding shape"?

    I like mine biased a little to the top. As line comes off the spool it rubs harder on the lip as it it goes deeper in the spool I think it helps in getting a little longer cast?
  149. BloodyL

    Diawa Saltiga 15

    Wow Seems like a great price?
  150. BloodyL

    Shotgun Recommendation

    Winchester Super X
  151. BloodyL

    headed to bola in June

    X2 on the leaf spring
  152. BloodyL

    The New Avet G2 Series

    Red Poseidon
  153. BloodyL

    The New Avet G2 Series

    Diablo Rojo
  154. BloodyL

    New Stickers Available

    I heard he slept with HRC (allegedly)
  155. BloodyL

    Charkbait Sale

    Rainshadow & United Composite nuff said,I've been using a couple of the Toro Tamer rods inshore and I like em so far.
  156. BloodyL

    Lots of used gear for sale

    If you see something - say something
  157. BloodyL

    BD Outdoors Tagline

    BD Outdoors: I think something's fishy here
  158. BloodyL

    BD Outdoors Tagline

    its your online 420 for fishing
  159. BloodyL

    Accurate 270 FS

    What's the retrieve?
  160. BloodyL

    BOLA Report?

    Baits non existent-small yellows around(7-15) and dorado are out in the blue water.
  161. BloodyL

    Little girl, big bluefin!

    Wow Great job!
  162. BloodyL

    First "big boy" rig

    Great set up!
  163. BloodyL

    WTB: Stella set up

    OOOH thats purdy!
  164. BloodyL

    CSL 6/13 surf 6/14 panga rooster fest!

    Wesley is a fan of the stick shadds.
  165. BloodyL

    ? for you Steve. Spining reel/rod combo

    Torque 5 does not have the capacity to fish #100 braid - the 9 would be my choice for that. I've got a seven that handles #80 nicely.
  166. BloodyL

    Okuma Cedros Jigging Rod Question

    Difference is stretch in mono vs no stretch in braid! #40 mono most likely is your max?
  167. BloodyL

    Need a Mac guru in San Diego to install an OS

    How did you format the disk?
  168. BloodyL

    Need a Mac guru in San Diego to install an OS

    Find an OS 9 disk and start there if you can. If I were closer I could help with older disk's
  169. BloodyL

    Need a Mac guru in San Diego to install an OS

    You gotta start with a lower OS and upgrade to a current one- At least that what I had to do when I replaced my drive.
  170. BloodyL

    Clamp on rod holder help

    Loctite thread locker(blue)
  171. BloodyL


    Interested in the bx2 500 narrow PM sent
  172. BloodyL

    Shimano Stella 6000FA

    Not likely if it needs parts but if you only need it cleaned and lubed they can take care of you.
  173. BloodyL

    What would be on your "wish list" from PENN?

    5000-6000 size torque spinner
  174. BloodyL

    Batman - Hercules 700M

    Zowie! That's nice.
  175. BloodyL

    Blue Wave Shimano Jig Bag

    Hoss Thanks again and nice to meet you.
  176. BloodyL

    Blue Wave Shimano Jig Bag

    I'll take the small guy.
  177. BloodyL

    Capt Martin BOLA

    Yep Solid captain!
  178. BloodyL

    Thunnus 12000 spooling issue

    Add a washer or two from below the spool.
  179. BloodyL

    Harrington dilemma

    why own a classic mustang and not drive it??
  180. BloodyL

    Toro Tamer Spectra Thoughts?

    got it on several reels spinning & conventional and no issues.
  181. BloodyL

    Wanted accurate ball handle

    I have a silver ball handle. $35.00 looks new
  182. BloodyL

    60 lb setup for sale

    Nice set up!
  183. BloodyL

    Newell Question Find the Newell section all the info you seek is there.
  184. BloodyL

    MXJ Raptor or JX 6/4

    JX all day
  185. BloodyL

    Best spinner $200-300 max Thinking 6500ish

    gonna try a Okuma cruz popping rod 7'6" 30-160 Gram with a azores 55 or shimano Stradic 8000FI
  186. BloodyL

    Azores Spinning Reels???

    I'm going to give the Azores(55) a shot this year
  187. BloodyL

    Help me find a piece of hardware

    Mc Faddendale Hardware
  188. BloodyL

    What do you do with old fishing line-recycle?

    Cut a slot in a plastic gallon milk jug-stuff your mono in and throw in a recycling bin.
  189. BloodyL

    WTB Travel Rods

    I have had good luck with my charkbait surf explorer rod-caught the rooster in my photo on it in rancho leanero.
  190. BloodyL

    Enough is enough!

  191. BloodyL

    Fish of a lifetime for the Local Knowledge team.

    Brett said it best F you & congrats!
  192. BloodyL

    Looking for a Boat Spinning Rod (All Purpose) - Suggestions Please

    x2 ugly stik most versatile rod for the $
  193. BloodyL

    Hogan's Tackle

    Yep! I have several friends who live down south and love Hogans?
  194. BloodyL

    vintage cocal cola cooler

  195. BloodyL

    Calstar Boomer Jr

    Dig my boomer Jr. For #80
  196. BloodyL

    Suspicious Mechanic Practices

    The battery and the starter only mate with the turn of the key-wet battery or not? Sounds bogus!
  197. BloodyL

    Rancho Leonero Surf / Shore Fishing ?

    The ranch has kayaks you can take out as well if you take a shorter rod.
  198. BloodyL

    Cooler to bring fish back from baja ?

    I did it in a coleman filets frozen solid wrapped in towels tape it closed after inspection.
  199. BloodyL

    Rancho Leonero Surf / Shore Fishing ?

    Sebile Magic swimmer & stick shadd worked for me several years ago. I'll be there late May into early June.
  200. BloodyL

    Popping Rod

    Just picked up a Cruz as well with a Azores 55 and it feels good but I'm not sure it will take 17 lbs of drag.
  201. BloodyL


    God Speed Kilo
  202. BloodyL

    Clearance time

    Accurate DX2-400 $350.00 with long jigging handle/$300.00 with standard handle ON HOLD Calstar 270-8H cork tape trashed guides are clean attached to a Penn 112H tiburon frame 5:1 gears alan Tani handle $150.00. Sold Sliaflex spinning rod 9'6" whippy #15-#20 rewrapped cork handle $50.00 Cedros...
  203. BloodyL

    Rainshadow Spinner

    Good stuff right there!!
  204. BloodyL

    local knowledge review

    Job well done & kudos to all involved !!
  205. BloodyL

    For sale

    Calstar 270H8 Needs new cork tape W/Penn 112H tiburon frame upgrade & 5:1 gears $150.00 7' Hookem by seeker rod w/Penn 500S 5:1 gears $100.00 No shipping Face to face will meet within a reasonable distance of fullerton area Pic's on request via text 714-767-4849
  206. BloodyL

    One reel to rule them all.....

    8000 has been doing it for me locally and in bola!
  207. BloodyL

    Which Go Pro ?

    Silver is more than adequate for most people
  208. BloodyL

    What’s Local Knowledge? – BD’s New TV Fishing Show

    Will there be any Local Knowledge on Lizard fish (where at?,Techniques?,Etc)
  209. BloodyL

    My 2016 quest How many species can I catch?

    Lofty goal ! Good Luck!!!
  210. BloodyL

    MLPA's to landmarks/street signs

    they have a phone app too I believe
  211. BloodyL

    Is the surf producing? [OC]

    Hit section between Newport and balboa pier yesterday for Nada
  212. BloodyL

    our new winding station!

  213. BloodyL

    Instant Karma At Dockweiler

    Well I thought I was having a shitty day but that just cleared it right up.
  214. BloodyL

    Wounded buck in Laguna

    You missing a deer by chance?
  215. BloodyL

    Coca Cola Christmas video pulled from airing.........Really??

    Well that offended me to no end since I can't read Spanish :frehya2:
  216. BloodyL

    Best braid foe spinning reels?

    Super slick
  217. BloodyL

    Parkour Mountain Biking Gran Canaria

    That's hard for me to watch!
  218. BloodyL

    Avet JX, SX, or MX?

    im a JX fan!
  219. BloodyL

    Toro Tamer Surf 270

    surf rig
  220. BloodyL

    Toro Tamer Surf 270

    Just picked one up for the wife for christmas looks to be a nice set up?
  221. BloodyL

    Avet HX 2 speed RAPTOR

    Badass reel at $420.00
  222. BloodyL

    No bugs I got this instead!

    Hate when I'm Dropper looping for lobster and a biscuit slides in!
  223. BloodyL

    How to lasso a medium size tuna

    I knew it was you from the bracelet.
  224. BloodyL

    What the Hell is this????

    That's a herpes 7X
  225. BloodyL

    RED Shimano terez rod

    Hi's tackle in frisco
  226. BloodyL

    GoPro: Advise Me!

    go pro has its own simple software you can down load or get a nice editing package from the expensive guy's(adobe photo shop- Cannon Etc)
  227. BloodyL

    Having faith in the Brand (Show us yours)

    That's impressive !
  228. BloodyL


    Thanks for all you did.
  229. BloodyL

    Pacific Warriors

    Yeah Watched what I had taped last night-Pretty funny stuff!
  230. BloodyL

    WTB: Need spinning reel for Cabo surf

    I use a Stradic 8000 mounted on a charkbait travel rod and it works great.
  231. BloodyL

    Accurate BX2 600N matte black

    Can't believe this is still on the market? One of my favorite reels @ a good price.
  232. BloodyL


    Great price for a killer spinner!
  233. BloodyL

    Seal gets an e-ticket

  234. BloodyL

    Local outlet for camo clothing?

    M&I surplus Corner of garey & Lavern
  235. BloodyL

    The Artic is warming up

    I remember back in the 1970s how my liberal teachers were warning of global cooling and how we wouldn't be able to venture outside due to subzero temps in thirty years?
  236. BloodyL

    Lobster ? - Passenger....

    Just get her a cap that says - Im only the Captain
  237. BloodyL

    Lure rating

    You can't bust a tip on that rod!(ugly stik)
  238. BloodyL

    Win A Free Pair Of Sunglasses-Costa

    Did it
  239. BloodyL

    Jetty Bugging

    It's a hell of a walk with hoops!
  240. BloodyL

    Opinions and thoughts requested - Phenix

    Ouch! Sounds bogus to me.:eek:
  241. BloodyL

    You guys love his product, but few know his name.

    Your a lucky guy to have that kind of experience!
  242. BloodyL

    FS: Avet HX Raptor M.C.

    Beast of a reel-nice score!
  243. BloodyL

    For Sale Trinidad 16 N (gold)

    $207.50 at this point :jig:
  244. BloodyL

    Camp Pendleton?

    First off check to see if you need a special license to fish? I think I remember being told it was needed but only $5 or $10 For equipment any thing you can cast will work-bait? Or Jigs is the next question?
  245. BloodyL

    Gonna Get Myself One Of These..........

    Funny shit right there!!!!!!
  246. BloodyL

    Lower back pain after a day out boating/fishing

    All these posts and not one offering to show up after a trip to give her a massage? You guys are slipping:banned:
  247. BloodyL

    We won a battle....Not the War

    well done You!
  248. BloodyL

    Torque Spinning Reels

  249. BloodyL

    Baja Special Spooling configurations

    Keep it as is.
  250. BloodyL

    Accurate dpx2 dawg

    Love that narrow!
  251. BloodyL

    daveys launch long beach parking question

    Park across the street in the marina lot- short walk.
  252. BloodyL

    megabaits and tady's

    Nice set of lures for a killer price!!!
  253. BloodyL

    Rainbow Avatar

    She will be missed!
  254. BloodyL


    Surf rod specs?
  255. BloodyL

    Reel for SS6470H?

    Bx2 600N I fish 50 & 60 on it fine
  256. BloodyL

    Saltiga 30T

  257. BloodyL

    Saltiga 30T

    For sale saltiga 30T has been on several boat rides. Small dents in bottom from wrong reel clamp use Will text pictures to serious buyers prefer face to face & cash located in OC. 714-767-4849 $325.00
  258. BloodyL

    Which GoPro do you guys use?

    Costco hero 3 silver $249.00 two battery's and charger more than enough for the boat.
  259. BloodyL

    bahia de los angeles...18/19 july...daggett's sportfishing

    See you next week!:cheers: Save some for the tournament:jig:
  260. BloodyL

    why do I suck so bad at trolling?

    Wait a second or two or bump the throttle and your set.
  261. BloodyL

    Help! Heading to BOLA

    Ruth probably has a room available!
  262. BloodyL

    B2-870 Issue

    Not an AR issue most likely a shifter engagement issue ?
  263. BloodyL

    Is Everybody Political Now?

    At least now I can marry a guy with a nice boat!
  264. BloodyL

    Off the grid for a while.

    Sorry to hear Hang in there!
  265. BloodyL

    Brian Williams is a PIECE OF SHIT

    I ask myself this almost everyday? On several levels!
  266. BloodyL

    Another Suprise for Someone Here

    check you out!!!
  267. BloodyL

    Tuna Speared In Dana Harbor

  268. BloodyL


    Send him a message and let him know exposure is imminent !
  269. BloodyL

    My wife is awesome!

    Wow She didn't spool it for you? Sad :eek:
  270. BloodyL

    Selling 2 Avets 2 speeds

    Great buy on a JX!
  271. BloodyL

    What's your go to mono?

    Soft steel
  272. BloodyL

    Battle of my life, starting tomorrow!

    Congrats Dad!
  273. BloodyL

    Blown anti reverse in a new Boss 600 DPX2 Dawg!!!

    Great reels! Service dept->Nope!
  274. BloodyL

    Anniversary gift

    Red accurate DX2-30 for my 30TH Anniversary!!
  275. BloodyL

    Problem with BX-500

    My brand new one does it Not a issue
  276. BloodyL

    Joel's Sportfishing BoLA

    Yep I've had some great days with Joel
  277. BloodyL

    Eko SUP repair

    Nice work!
  278. BloodyL

    Shimano gold trinidad 16 or Penn Baja Special?

    Keep the trini
  279. BloodyL

    Truline D8H basketweave

  280. BloodyL

    Fishin' chick or whatever...

    If they have a boat i'll f*** with them anytime.
  281. BloodyL

    Tell Me About This Line Winder

    Let the BD Bay auction commence!
  282. BloodyL


    KJ 11689 what's the 10-20 on the tuna come again?
  283. BloodyL

    Braid to top shot ratio

    #50 is fine in my book
  284. BloodyL

    custom painted shark teeth

    Nice work!
  285. BloodyL

    Rosie the Riveter RIP

    Mom was a riveter as well-RIP Rosie!
  286. BloodyL

    Battle of my life, starting tomorrow!

    Think positive thoughts and positive energy follows!
  287. BloodyL

    Looking For Job

    Charkbait was looking for help!
  288. BloodyL

    WTT DPX2500N.. for another boss

    Just looking for custom colors?
  289. BloodyL

    What to bring to Rancho Leonero?

    What Joe said is on the money. Cruisers gonna have all the gear
  290. BloodyL

    Turbo Diesel Skiff Coming to a Paddy Near You

    First one to the paddy wins!
  291. BloodyL


    Diamond dremel bit & a steady hand.
  292. BloodyL

    Dauntless 500 VS 600N for yo-yo

    Sorry I like the 500 only because I have small hands its a comfort thing.
  293. BloodyL

    Jonothon I have your blanks

    Hi Bill It's Nathan with a Jo in front-I'm pretty sure I also gave a cash deposit as well? So please continue on the build with what you believe is a killer color combo & guides appropriate for local fishing. Send me a PM here I'll pick up in person PS your great !! Jon Jon
  294. BloodyL

    WTB: B-5736 Rubber Power Knob

    I got a knob! No shaft? In placentia all yours
  295. BloodyL

    Thank You, Penn

    Just like BD does as well!!
  296. BloodyL

    Dauntless 500 VS 600N for yo-yo

    My vote is the dauntless!
  297. BloodyL

    Yeti Coolers Take it up a Notch

    I'm hoping for serial #0001
  298. BloodyL

    F/T Truline Black D8H

    You show off.:cool:
  299. BloodyL

    looking for new star drag reel to replace....

    Cedros star drag is what I had been looking at.
  300. BloodyL

    Bahia de Los Angeles

    Nice! Way to go.
  301. BloodyL


    Nice rod!
  302. BloodyL


    You must be new here?
  303. BloodyL

    Blown anti reverse in a new Boss 600 DPX2 Dawg!!!

    :rockin:You have to hook a fish big enough to activate the anti reverse mechanism on the 600 size reel
  304. BloodyL

    Line stacking up on edges of spool

    Yeah don't listen to us Carry On!
  305. BloodyL


    Too pretty to fish!
  306. BloodyL

    FS:Green SX mc w/green baja fish gear seeker 12-17

    Avet SX green with MC mated to a baja fish gear bcsw 807-8T $225.00 Meet in OC PM or [email protected]
  307. BloodyL


    Seeker thinking outside the box?
  308. BloodyL

    Sea World suspends sea lion show

    I tried to post on their Facebook page but it only excepts congratulatory comments.
  309. BloodyL


    If I benefit from getting a killer deal from him did he contribute something?
  310. BloodyL

    What new PENN west-coast stuff would you like to see?

    Torque 3 spinner sounds interesting !
  311. BloodyL

    Sea World suspends sea lion show

    Yep Nothing like changing the the coarse of nature!
  312. BloodyL

    Which avet for yo yo

  313. BloodyL

    Selfish People

    I dont think so she graduated about three years ago but still has lunch with her from time to time and said she was a happy person. Apparently her father also committed suicide? Sad that she would follow suite after him.
  314. BloodyL

    Selfish People

    Yep My daughters favorite teacher- she is devasted by such an act!
  315. BloodyL

    best place to fish in mexico

    Wife or no wife can't go wrong with Rancho Leanero
  316. BloodyL

    Sea Lion bitten fish

    Never had an issue with YT that have been chewed
  317. BloodyL


    Charkbait has them on their clearance page
  318. BloodyL

    don eddies to bola

    Fished with Igor on Saturday,no mackies to be found so had to jig up a handful of yellows from the big reef. Great day even though it was raining!!
  319. BloodyL

    Daiwa service or lack there of...

    Yep! I had an issue as well with a new reel- took it to rancho for surf fishing an on the first cast a small part fell off and sunk away. When I got back drove to their location in cypress and they made me purchase the part for a grand total of $3.35 ? Cost me more in gas! Love my saltiga 30T...
  320. BloodyL

    Hercules Red Dragon

  321. BloodyL

    10 Pound Bluefin Delicious Sushi

    Eat the non breeders!
  322. BloodyL

    Cousins rod?

    That's a seeker 6470 John grabowski :D
  323. BloodyL

    Rancho Leonero Captains

    Big boat=the awesome Panga=Raul
  324. BloodyL

    Good dropper loop reel

    HX Raptor BX2-600N
  325. BloodyL

    BX400 N

    You can do it
  326. BloodyL


    I'm glad someone's on duty around here!
  327. BloodyL

    BX500n drag lever locked up?

    Bummer! I just upgraded all my gear to accurates
  328. BloodyL

    BX500n drag lever locked up?

    That's productive input thanks!
  329. BloodyL

    High or Low Speed Reel for Yo-Yo Iron?

    If speed is the answer then my daiwa saltist spinner @ 53" per turn is the reel. If not speed then my JX conventional gets the the job.
  330. BloodyL

    Daiwa Proteus Boat Rods?

    Saw some at baja fish gear yesterday
  331. BloodyL

    Are 2 Speed Reels For Yellowtail Really Necessary?

    Only if your hooking #40+ yellows near structure
  332. BloodyL

    wtb shimano flat fall jigs

    Bought the knock offs a couple days ago,hope they are as good as I hear
  333. BloodyL

    Rainshadow RCLB70M

  334. BloodyL

    Video: Mako eating Sea-Lion Locally.........

    I reported that mako to PETA (just sayin)
  335. BloodyL

    East Cape Jigging Reel Recomendation

    I'm with Mark you might look good in an accurate
  336. BloodyL

    Hobie Power Skiff

    Fn Murphy's law!
  337. BloodyL

    Tribute to a fishing friend

    Nice idea!
  338. BloodyL

    Laguna MLPA Articles

    I love the front page header : from NO-FISH To NEW FISH Off Laguna
  339. BloodyL

    Chum for bait fish in BOLA

    i have used cat food to keep them around the boat?
  340. BloodyL

    12 Days of Christmas Winners!

    Thanks BD and merry Christmas !
  341. BloodyL

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away -DAY 11- Accurate Fury

    Rancho Leanero east cape baja sur
  342. BloodyL


    Yep Prices me right out of hunting. I can only afford one hobby-in this state
  343. BloodyL

    Airborn Beer: the story

    (This is where I was when I was sixteen) OH SHIT!
  344. BloodyL

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 7

    Since the day I joined ! You can thank me at the Christmas party.
  345. BloodyL

    12 Days of Christmas Give Aways-Day 3

    It became painfully clear to Pete why he had finally been invited sharking.
  346. BloodyL

    There is hope.........

    She is my hero!
  347. BloodyL

    OT- Tool backpacks..

    CLC 1132 or 1134
  348. BloodyL

    12 Days of Christmas Give Aways-Day 3

    It's OK walk it off buddy!
  349. BloodyL

    This is not me, but it might be you..

    Hard core for sure!
  350. BloodyL

    Happy Holiday's Ya Filthy Animals!

    Come on now that must be almost too tempting?
  351. BloodyL

    Merry F'n Christmas

    That's funny shit right there!
  352. BloodyL

    Calstar GF765L for Fishinchic

    She's a lucky girl!
  353. BloodyL

    Jerr Comes Through

    Good Christmas karma!
  354. BloodyL

    FS OTI xtreme 40-60, brand new

    So pick it up in person saves you shipping.
  355. BloodyL

    Had to harvest

    Bambee killer!
  356. BloodyL

    WTF is this?

    That is Ali trying to back door you guys! Now he trying to blame Jason??? SAD
  357. BloodyL

    Nooksack bullshit

    The natives are restless!!
  358. BloodyL

    BdeLA 10-24

    I always enjoy fishing with Enrique.
  359. BloodyL

    Looking for a Salas color

    Chark Bait ?
  360. BloodyL

    Thanks to the guys that call out numbers

    As usual this thank you thread has turned into a bitch session?
  361. BloodyL


    First rule of fight club-never discuss fight club!
  362. BloodyL

    If you were leaving San Diego

    Austin TX
  363. BloodyL

    Fish Smoking Question !

    use less salt brine longer. Works for me anyway.
  364. BloodyL

    Sriously Cabelas ..spend $250 and you charge .5 for a damn bag?

    Yeah thanks for saving me from having to type that!! Environeonazis striking out against their own pollution.
  365. BloodyL

    Reccomend an Asian style vertical jigging reel with true infinite anti-reverse

    Accurate BX2-400N (used this two weeks ago in mexico & love it) 500N
  366. BloodyL

    Super Seeker 6470XH

    Wow! Fo shizzle
  367. BloodyL

    Made in America wins again, thank you Danner

    Finest boots ever made ,
  368. BloodyL

    Is Lifeproof still the best smart phone case?

    Never had a issue with mine?
  369. BloodyL

    Lost or stolen trolling rods at Shelter island launch ramp.

    I hope you have learned a lesson young man !!
  370. BloodyL

    bola report 9-29

    Ruth is good! A couple of the houses are damaged and she has no water in the hotel yet but has power. Hotel sign is back up and road in is rough.
  371. BloodyL

    impeccable form

    It might be the camera angle or something but my shirt isn't red? It's CARDINAL!
  372. BloodyL

    Official, "I wasn't there but I know what went down thread".

    I for one will NOT be sending in my renewal fee's!!
  373. BloodyL

    Garcia Conolon Rod and Garcia Mitchell 600A Reel...

    Yep tough to master unless it's in top condition! Good job on the fish!!
  374. BloodyL


    Nothing hotter than girl's and gun's!!!!
  375. BloodyL

    Fishing next to sport boats

    Kudo's to the seeker!
  376. BloodyL

    Need Help

    most likely the flat slide mechanism-take it out Gently run a flat file over or fine emery paper on a flat surface & the inside edges where it catches the shaft.
  377. BloodyL

    Garcia Conolon Rod and Garcia Mitchell 600A Reel...

    not a spinner,probably OK for smaller tuna if its been taken care of?
  378. BloodyL

    East Cape shore fishing questions...

    I've had good luck with sebile stick shads.
  379. BloodyL

    Caption Contest - Win a Gift Card to the Longfin - Ends Sept 9th, 2014

    OK Nobody look the guy with the short gaff gets her!
  380. BloodyL

    Saragosa SW - Rods & Sizes for Paddy Hopping

    I would feel safe with a 6000 My 2 cents is worth just that.
  381. BloodyL

    Annoying popup

    It's a real annoyance !
  382. BloodyL

    BX2 series II

    I would like to see them on the accurate website??
  383. BloodyL

    BX2 series reels obsolete?

    ALA the sealed upgraded anti reverse bearing?
  384. BloodyL

    Anyone know about this lure

    All that's important is how's it swim?
  385. BloodyL


    I'll take it.
  386. BloodyL

    Holy smokes Batman ! Is that a Wahoo at the 302?

    It's on the internet it has to be true!
  387. BloodyL

    SX 6/4 & TN 16

    Jeff Thanks for the phone call-I should have given you you the courtesy of a call prior to posting my frustration on here and do apologize again. Glad we worked it out and enjoy the reel. Mick
  388. BloodyL

    SX 6/4 & TN 16

    Jeff You should have bought me breakfast before you fu**** me this morning. While I take some responsibility for not counting my money while I was in front of you-Im old school and tend to trust guy's who fish.:finger:
  389. BloodyL

    SX 6/4 & TN 16

    Oooop's :eek:
  390. BloodyL

    SX 6/4 & TN 16

    SX pending to Jeff
  391. BloodyL

    SX 6/4 & TN 16

    Black Avet SX 2spd clean-spins like a top $160.00. ---Sold Trinidad TN16 upgraded carbon fiber drags-two trips no fish- shimano reel cover $275.00 --Sold Also have a TN 16 Narrow 7.5 outside fresh from shimano inside ---Sold Cash is king,located in Yorba Linda Pm or text @ 714-767-4849
  392. BloodyL

    A Couple Of New Ones....

    Looks like fun!
  393. BloodyL

    Charkbait Halted Avets Sales as of 7/26

    It's all about the almighty dollar,Avet most likely wants more than their fair share?
  394. BloodyL

    Worlds Fastest Yacht........

    Here it is in BOLA
  395. BloodyL

    Grunion Runs and DFG.......

    Those bastards!
  396. BloodyL

    Looking for some advise thanks to Damn Tweekers ( Reel)

    Got a MXJ MC you can have. Send me a PM I'll hook up with you Mick
  397. BloodyL

    Wtb: Avet hx raptor

    Robert I have a gold one in good condition. Send me a pm with an Email I'll shoot pic's Mick
  398. BloodyL

    Brand new wading boots

    Wow Hookin someone up!
  399. BloodyL

    Boat cleaning... Hot to get old oil out?

    Do not get that on your hands it's pretty hard on the skin (and my hands are tough)
  400. BloodyL

    Pic of Paddy at the 9....7/19

    I like some of those topless paddy parties!
  401. BloodyL

    Bola report 6/25-27

    just got back on tues-monday night Igor said he found mac's right at the ramp,looked like the squid were slowly going away.
  402. BloodyL

    OC tackle stores?

    Long fin in orange Charkbait in Huntington Beach
  403. BloodyL

    Avet Maketing

    If I judged my reels from a marketing perspective-Accurate would be the bottom. Great reels but when you contact them via the website there is no response,when you contact them via the phone for some tech support they say could be a lot of things bring it in we will look at it?. Come on its your...
  404. BloodyL

    BOLA panga 6/25, 6/26

    Yeah Going to be about 35 gringos in town fri,sat,sun for tournament. Good advice to see Ruth
  405. BloodyL

    Global Warming Junk Science (Not El Nino)

    Yep I remember the same people warning about Global Cooling in the seventy's
  406. BloodyL


    Rob- I'm sorry I should not have referenced you in this mess & I apologize I was just trying to bolster some kind of defense! Again you know if I were a shyster I would never send to somewhere close to my heart!
  407. BloodyL


    Dear fellow high schoolers and witch hunter's- Let me tell you a tale! let me also preface this with I cant believe the people I have dealt with recently have not come to my aid!! skipjack robert-i bought a reel brought it home spent an hour or two and took it apart cleaned lube made sure it was...
  408. BloodyL


    Nice to meet you today Mike Enjoy the rod!
  409. BloodyL

    Caption Contest- Win a 9" Tapered Flex Bubba Blade $54 value!

    And so in the end he got the dreaded stink eye!
  410. BloodyL

    CL Post of the day Boat related

    Now that's funny(if your not him)
  411. BloodyL

    avet raptor LX 6/3

    go for it!!
  412. BloodyL

    Candy Mack lures anyone??????

  413. BloodyL


    Two Pangas available; when in Bahia to get in touch with Rafa go to Deposito Lizethlocated at the North end of town, adjacent to Restaurant Las Hamacas. They will call Rafa on the radio, and if he is available, he'll come down to the store to meet with you. For his boats, Rafa recommends the...
  414. BloodyL


    Rafa-great old school captain.
  415. BloodyL


    Igor galvan- best IMHO LOADS of good ones
  416. BloodyL

    Reel clamp needs a home

    Gold shimano CTRSC-3GLD reel clamp new in box-almost free? You just send me a lure of your choice. First post gets it.
  417. BloodyL

    Caption Contest- Win a 9" Tapered Flex Bubba Blade $54 value!

    Eye spy with my little eye something that starts with a B
  418. BloodyL

    Worlds Best Wife...

  419. BloodyL

    go pro vid of surf fishing La barrita Mexico

    Thanks-good info
  420. BloodyL

    ahi assassin rods

    handled em in the shop seems like a nice set of rods
  421. BloodyL

    Clamp for Saltiga 30T... What are my options?

    Could not make the tiburon work on my phenix 909H-not enough room.
  422. BloodyL

    Go get your free ice cream!!

    Do we just say the bieb sent us ??
  423. BloodyL

    Caption Contest- Win a pair of Costa Sunglasses!

    Julie doesn't know it but we substituted her suntan lotion with Uni-Butter!
  424. BloodyL

    Caption Contest- Win a pair of Costa Sunglasses!

    So this is what its like to get some tail?
  425. BloodyL

    Two rods

    Pm sent
  426. BloodyL

    Should I sell?

    Do It !!
  427. BloodyL

    Please vote!

  428. BloodyL

    custom rare unused Kencore rods

    They are cute rod's!
  429. BloodyL

    Ball Bearing in parts bag (Pro EX50/2)

    clicker ball for lever drag handle.
  430. BloodyL

    Blue Braid ???

    drive that opinion home!!
  431. BloodyL

    How do I delete conversations?

    Dont bother-Big brother has already documented everthing it's futile!!
  432. BloodyL

    Parts for Discontinued Shimano Reels

    It's called planned obsolescence.
  433. BloodyL

    Caption Contest - West Marine Opens their West Islip, NY Large Format Store March 20-23

    Ahhhhhh one of em got me right in my bug tussell !!!!!
  434. BloodyL

    Rod grip cracking

    I put a product called rod wrap from charkbait on mine last month. Looks good and feels good but I have not fished it yet?
  435. BloodyL

    Great time out of Dana Point

    Nice!!!! Looks like a good time
  436. BloodyL

    Trying to get in contact with Avet about repair..

    Yep! Just put all your info in the package.
  437. BloodyL

    Trying to get in contact with Avet about repair..

    Just send it in,they will check it and contact you.
  438. BloodyL

    Travel Rod

    I have had good luck with my charkbait surf explorer. Use a penn trqs 5 spooled with # 30.
  439. BloodyL

    Super Seeker 6470H

  440. BloodyL

    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    If I do it I get a BD Outdoors hat?
  441. BloodyL

    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    HA you said hammerhead!
  442. BloodyL

    Caption Contest - Win a Batson Custom Rod built by J. Trelikes - $700 Value

    Of all the beer coolers on all the docks in all the world you jump into mine
  443. BloodyL

    Penn stw 80

    Gold anodized?
  444. BloodyL

    Avet pro EXW 4/02

    Man I want to put my name on that! got the narrow wish it was wide
  445. BloodyL

    What's your 8ft combo look like???

    270H8 trinidad 16
  446. BloodyL

    JDM Daiwa Z30 aka Saltiga 20

  447. BloodyL


    Yep Sister had colon cancer surgery a couple months ago,just found out its spread! Fuck cancer
  448. BloodyL

    this oughta make ya sick......

    Holy sh** Seems pretty much like rape alright
  449. BloodyL

    Avet Pro Ex 4/02

    love mine pimped for #80
  450. BloodyL


    Your not privy to the inside stuff Sorry!
  451. BloodyL

    Wow, thank you Mr. Karma....

    Feel that tingling in your butt hole - that's bad karma crawlin in!!
  452. BloodyL

    Custom Jigs for Fred Hall Shows

    Like !!!!!
  453. BloodyL

    Cedros 20S

    Just fish it! I'll bet you like it.
  454. BloodyL

    Boeing vote today

    You got that right !!!!!!! keep it up and they will move it to Muncie Indiana !
  455. BloodyL

    Sad News From LA Bay

    Adios to a writer,miner,story teller & world class flirt RIP
  456. BloodyL

    Looking to buy a avet pro ex 4/02

    Nothing wrong with the 4/02 great reel-don't know why they don't get more respect?
  457. BloodyL

    Looking for fishing welder

    Call Rick at the blacksmith shop in orange!
  458. BloodyL

    Candy corn rebuild

    Wow that's the rod I've had in my head for a year! Nice job !!
  459. BloodyL

    Yellowtail special

    Thanks! going to get it together this weekend and see whats up. thanks again Mick
  460. BloodyL

    New to the Site; East Coast (Cape Cod) guy

    Are you using a cedros 20s lever drag if so how do you like it??
  461. BloodyL

    Yellowtail special

    Acurate narrow frame,I don't. Know who mfg the spool. maybe a 112 spool?
  462. BloodyL

    Yellowtail special

    Any YTS experts here? is this the wrong spool? width looks right but diameter looks too small.
  463. BloodyL

    Hey buddy........ya gotta match?

    I'm liking that little jewel of history!
  464. BloodyL

    Women in Pangas

    Took my wife out this year in rancho and the pangero said just piss on the floor and ill wash it down,its all good!
  465. BloodyL

    Best Casting Braid?

    I have had good luck with super slick & tufline.
  466. BloodyL

    Sardine weight?

    X2 I am thinking about 2ozs
  467. BloodyL

    Cleaning out the Garage. A few Reels, Tiuron Frame

    Well that explains not getting a response.:waglleybooty:
  468. BloodyL

    Boat Outfitters Caption Contest - Ends October 16th, 2013

    And she thinks she's punishing me by locking me out.
  469. BloodyL

    Boat Outfitters Caption Contest - Ends October 16th, 2013

    My kitchens a boat & vice versa!
  470. BloodyL

    West Marine Opens Their Newport Beach, CA Flagship Store - Caption Contest - Win $150

    Yeah so I was uh backin down on this uh opah and uh .... never mind
  471. BloodyL

    On a happy note...

    Carry on! Congrat's!!
  472. BloodyL

    West Marine Opens Their Newport Beach, CA Flagship Store - Caption Contest - Win $150

    You mind running to west marine for a Hand pump??
  473. BloodyL

    In the wake of the shutdown.......

    yep I feel your pain my company has me furloughed for two months now! strugling to make the mortgage again this month!
  474. BloodyL

    Epic weekend on the Vintage

    :loverz: On all accounts !!!!
  475. BloodyL

    Boat Outfitters Caption Contest - Ends September 27th, 2013

    Deploy the down rigger's!
  476. BloodyL

    Calstar Not answering their phone -- Broken rod!

    When they hear someone broke a rod they take off for two weeks
  477. BloodyL

    HX52 handle question.

    Pressed in-grind down and tap it out if your handy with tools.
  478. BloodyL

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    I cant believe I chummed him right up to me!
  479. BloodyL

    WTB Winchester Super X 1 30 inch full choke

    wouldn't sell mine-I love it,good luck hope ya find one.
  480. BloodyL

    What not to do in the IV this weekend!

    Not enough speed?
  481. BloodyL

    Looking for a job

    Good answer!
  482. BloodyL


    You can always rely on google!!
  483. BloodyL

    Distracted Driver Rant

    It should be harder to get a CA drivers license!
  484. BloodyL


    Damn!!!! thats a nice batch.
  485. BloodyL

    Brine solution recipe, chips, ratio sugar to salt, etc,,, (Please Help)

    I do not dry mine and have had no ill effects' for what thats worth.(jack shit)
  486. BloodyL

    FS Penn TRQS 5

    Bump it up.
  487. BloodyL

    FS Penn TRQS 5

    TRQS 5 Excellent condition just gone through and runs smooth due to a light weight grease and internal bearing seals removed. $425.00 in fullerton in the PM & Glendale in the AM.
  488. BloodyL

    Nomad travel rod

    warm the outer a little with a hair dryer
  489. BloodyL


    I drove an Opel once.
  490. BloodyL

    How to fish a kastmaster?

    Needs something split ring or a snap.
  491. BloodyL

    Best Casting Braid

    I have good luck with tufline.
  492. BloodyL

    my new avet hx ?'s

    Raptor HXW!??
  493. BloodyL

    Avet/rod for Bay of LA?

    JX 6/3 Seeker 6470
  494. BloodyL

    Some rod questions...

  495. BloodyL

    Wanting to buy an Avet pro ex 4/02 or 4/02 wide.

    With all due respect Must be mistaken because mines a brut that I fish #80 on with plenty O drag!
  496. BloodyL

    Boat Recommendations for Los Barriles??

    I like the Awsome as well- but I see the Jen wren has a following!
  497. BloodyL

    Posting with a heavy heart

    Nice tribute!!!!!
  498. BloodyL

    Bringing gear on Volaris airlines

    10' yep that will be a excess bag fee
  499. BloodyL

    Seeker Black Steel

    JX 6/3
  500. BloodyL

    Avet HX 5/2 Red F/S

    Sold! thanks Junior great to meet you.
  501. BloodyL

    Brine issue! please help.

    I leave mine in for 8-12 hrs with no issues
  502. BloodyL


    SWEET! Congrat's on all three headed down at the end of the month & I cant wait.
  503. BloodyL

    Avet HX 5/2 Red F/S

    Used on only a couple trips,slight scratching on side plate,3/4 full of blue #80 JB 50 pound top shot $300.00
  504. BloodyL

    Man gets to 2nd base with Sea Lion

    Nose hook that thing QUICK!
  505. BloodyL

    Relatives of your's Carl?

    Only one girls got a gun WTF?
  506. BloodyL

    jx 2 speed or sx raptor?

    Retrieve rate for a JX vote
  507. BloodyL

    Craziest thing I've ever seen in HH today...

    Yep I have seen one in alamitos bay a couple times.
  508. BloodyL


    Sound advice right there.
  509. BloodyL

    Record Mako?

    Californian's should kill California sharks I'm just sayin!!
  510. BloodyL

    2013.06.01 Ensenada

    Good stuff!!Congrats!!
  511. BloodyL

    Looking 4 The perfect live bait reel..!!

    Saltiga 30T gets my vote
  512. BloodyL

    High End Spinners....

    Penn Torque 5 on a light Phenix rod
  513. BloodyL

    Where has the etiquette gone?

    Yep happen's all the time to me-between the the surfer's that throw their board out in front of me and the guy who wants to fish at my elbow on a wide open beach it's amusing.
  514. BloodyL

    Release Reel (SG series)

    Played with one yesterday at charkbait as well nice reel.
  515. BloodyL

    Where do I get in line?

    So true!!!
  516. BloodyL

    3 Knuckle Heads Arrested....1 Charged

    Been asking myself that question?
  517. BloodyL

    Win a Pair of AFTCO Transom Bibs - Caption Contest - Ending May 14th, 2013

    Take the T ball to tuna town !
  518. BloodyL

    I need advice...

    bet #5 in the fifth race at five o clock
  519. BloodyL

    Win a Pair of AFTCO Transom Bibs - Caption Contest - Ending May 14th, 2013

    I thought you said bloody the decks??
  520. BloodyL

    Lamiglas "Ron ARRA" seems heavy!

    If it feels too heavy? It's too heavy Nuff said
  521. BloodyL

    It's official!

    Congat's to you Enjoy!!
  522. BloodyL


    I heard from a friend who had a friend down in the east cape there was trouble a couple years ago- but I am still going in June!!!!
  523. BloodyL

    Spinning Reel to match 15-30# Rod

    Battle is the choice- but I would move up to the SSV for longevity.
  524. BloodyL

    Guides for BOLA / email addresses

    Yep You might Joel and his son with good timing ?
  525. BloodyL

    Ultimate Ghetto Aftercooler

    So there was a photo and you deleted it?
  526. BloodyL

    Two Combo's(Avet)

    For sale: Silver Avet MXJ MC with a minor dent mechanically 100% paired with a Penn guide series GSD80L 7' 10" 12-30 deck hand rod $170.00 Silver Avet MXL MC paired with a blue glass Seeker SD8 20 (30) 50 sold Meet local in OC or pick up in Placentia.
  527. BloodyL

    help, losing my memory

    Originally Posted by Rodman 28 Might as well call Spectra...Mono.....a circle hook, a J hook....a conventional reel, a spinning reel...rail fishing, belt fishing...if in your world being "Literal"...has no significance....OK...troll team "1" is up....let the surface iron out!!!!.... I will...
  528. BloodyL

    Anyone familiar with Temecula?

    Look for something on the temecula wine trail.
  529. BloodyL

    FYI for all you guys buying stripped lowers

    WHAT !!!!!!!!! :rofl:
  530. BloodyL

    Surf Rods

    2pcs and its longer than 80"?
  531. BloodyL

    Avet Black SX 6/4

    Thanks Eric! Nice doin business with you.
  532. BloodyL

    Free Parking at Daveys Locker

    Wich one has better boats to fish from?
  533. BloodyL

    Accurate Caption Contest ending March 21st, 2013

    Oh yeah this ones a male,his legs are all over me!
  534. BloodyL

    Avet Black SX 6/4

    I got a 113HN where are you in LA?
  535. BloodyL

    Penn Torque Spinning: Service Tutorial

    Love my TRQS 5 Use it in Mexico as well as the surf local.
  536. BloodyL

    Next Truline project

    :boobies:Go modern
  537. BloodyL

    First post to a bunch of idiots...

    Take what you need and leave the rest.
  538. BloodyL

    Used Daiwa Saltiga 30T FS

    I wish I had the cash!!! I would have snapped it up
  539. BloodyL

    Daiwa Samurai?

    I had the reverse issue too many wind knots with the suffix? I have some samurai but have not spool it yet.
  540. BloodyL

    Black Avet Raptor HXW

    Bad azz reel-wish I had bought a wide! Great deal for someone
  541. BloodyL

    Ride Streetbikes? Check this...

    Could never pull it off here!
  542. BloodyL

    How Often Do You Get A Summons For Jury Duty?

    Tell them your race biased.
  543. BloodyL

    Avet ex 4/02

    You can't push it down and turn the knob at the same time?
  544. BloodyL

    Penn to make a limited run of the 706Z?

    That would kill my FI 8000 My torque trqs5 no problem!
  545. BloodyL

    Sea Vee 39 "Spanish Fly"

    Lucky you! Tons of fishy karma in the Spanish fly
  546. BloodyL

    Easiest way to catch a tarpon.........

    She's off the hook for the smelly arm!
  547. BloodyL


    Nope! I have small hands and its still tough-switched to Alan tani handle
  548. BloodyL

    Foster Brooks

    Classic blast from the past
  549. BloodyL

    What is your favorite braided line?

  550. BloodyL

    My Personal Best!

    Congrats on the awesome shots
  551. BloodyL

    Where is the Sierra Club & HSUS on this travesty

    Their real focus is to eliminate LEGAL rights,not ILLEGAL rights
  552. BloodyL

    Suggestions for local surf spinner

    I love my 4000 stradic fi till I drop it in the surf! Plan for the unexpected unless you can service your own reels
  553. BloodyL

    Accurate introduces the FURY!! - Caption Contest ending December 14th, 2012

    Bubba hold my herring! Watch this
  554. BloodyL

    Fish, fish art, and a tattoo

    Stopped by the shop today to discuss tattoo: your day off so I will try again soon.
  555. BloodyL

    Accurate introduces the FURY!! - Caption Contest ending December 14th, 2012

    Wally W updated his Facebook status : How you like me NOW!
  556. BloodyL

    Fish ID

    No idea what I was catching but there were alot of em!
  557. BloodyL

    Thresher from the beach?

    ALMOST! I was fishing doheny today about noon and caught a couple small croaker then on my third hook up it felt like another small croaker on my line for about six or so cranks of my reel then Wham line peeling off my reel fast for about thirty yards then line goes limp? crap i'm reeling...
  558. BloodyL

    Surf halibut and fishing the LC

    Dont worry about distance I thought the same thing but most of my hali's are close to the shore line. Caught this yesterday 30 yards out 28"
  559. BloodyL

    Captains in LA BAY

    Enrique is the man if Igor is not available. Lots of good guy's Joel,Raffa is old school,Joel JR Etc
  560. BloodyL

    Menhaden Defenders

    Done deal My rep's have been contacted
  561. BloodyL

    I'm looking for reel clamp for Avet SX

    You brought me luck ! I caught three more and what looked like A baby yellow tail before it came unbuttoned
  562. BloodyL

    Are there Post Offices in Cali or not?

    Funny that your posting this right now because I worked out a deal with a guy in WA last week to trade some shimano jigs for power pro braid- I sent my jigs first as a good will gesture I sent them USPS priority he recieved them on tues,guess what his response was-I'll let you know when I get...
  563. BloodyL

    old Kencore rod...

    are you kidding? SCORE
  564. BloodyL

    Mortgage rates......continue to fall......

    I'm at 6 3/4 upside down can't refi bank won't help on my outside to shoot my self - you guy's enjoy your lower rate Just kidding i am not on my way outside
  565. BloodyL

    WTF Would You DO?

  566. BloodyL

    Lost LC's

    Nice!! Karma coming atcha
  567. BloodyL

    Any Saltiga Surf 30 users here?

    Who are they?
  568. BloodyL

    What inshore braid?

    PP superslick8 (sorry)
  569. BloodyL

    Fishermen vs. Surfers/paddle boarders

    Yep I get the dick's that throw their board's out right in front of me and start paddling out? Last year I got tired of it and hooked one in his wet suit!:finger:
  570. BloodyL

    Fathom Gear Question- for Penn

    4.9 please!
  571. BloodyL

    Best Panga in Baja?

    I like it!!
  572. BloodyL

    Do aluminum reels fade?

  573. BloodyL

    Looking for a Good fishing guide in BOLA

    lots of good ones Igor is the best Enrigue is my next choice Raffa is a great old school fishermen!
  574. BloodyL

    Cehck out my new toy

    Nice ride man!
  575. BloodyL

    Hook ID Please..

    I use mine to pull black sea bass up to the pier.
  576. BloodyL

    WTF I Quit this Crap !!!

    How come these guy's never try to call the help line????
  577. BloodyL

    OTW signs of stroke

    YOU ARE THE MAN I am glad someone recognizes when there is truly an issue.
  578. BloodyL


    Thanks for all you do-since you said it on the internet it is true.
  579. BloodyL

    People who run over lines/other boating issues

    I might be prone to free spool my spectra and hope for a prop fouling incident :waglleybooty::waglleybooty:
  580. BloodyL

    Power Pro

    Cast's like a dream.
  581. BloodyL

    avet mxl for surf casting

    I use my MXL MC at the beach but when I drop it I always wish I didn't. Some people never learn!
  582. BloodyL

    BOLA july 28-july 31

    Nice report! Enrique put me on some nice yellows last month as well.
  583. BloodyL

    BOLA 7/28

    If you tell Igor you want big fish you better be ready!!!
  584. BloodyL

    Accurate Spinning Reel

    Love my Penn TRQS5 for the surf in mexico!
  585. BloodyL

    asked to move from my spot,Why?

    If I am not catching anything I have no issues with moving-but if I am catching fish and I can see the school I will plead my case about first here and I pay for the privilege . no shitty attitude just try to be persuasive.
  586. BloodyL

    asked to move from my spot,Why?

    Do what I do-I'm sorry I was here first and by the way I pay for a license to fish are they licensed to swim?
  587. BloodyL

    Sexy Australian Hurdler

    I would let her run all over me!!
  588. BloodyL

    Heading to LA Bay...

    Just got back two days ago and the big yellows are there for sure and the dodo's are out about an hour/caught a small one
  589. BloodyL

    What kind of lures

    Sebile stick shadd.
  590. BloodyL

    PETA "Don't let your kids become hookers."

    Don't bring my dog's into this they like fish!
  591. BloodyL

    50 Reels in 50 days

    Contest starts on the 11th - probably have access after that date ??
  592. BloodyL


    Jimmy's in anaheim Fishermans access Charkbait
  593. BloodyL

    Any Sila Flex/ Browning fans?

    You got a PM
  594. BloodyL

    Vertical vs Butterfly Jigging

    I think you want something more parabolic.
  595. BloodyL

    Men Who Lack Female Supervision

    Just men doing what they do!
  596. BloodyL

    The Neighbor's Floodlight....

    Debi That is F****** Funny. PS: don't look at me if your porch light bulb comes up missing!
  597. BloodyL

    BOLA/CalStar 700H, Best reel/set up

    X2 Cant beat it!-go's to BOLA every time
  598. BloodyL

    Shimano waxwing leader or no leader?

    I use a short 16" flouro leader
  599. BloodyL

    Penn Presents - Caption Contest - Win a Fathom Reel and Carnage Rod - Ends May 21st

    jesus! You reach in and grab his leg's and yank him out and then well push this bitch back in!!
  600. BloodyL

    Las Hamacas in BOLA

    See Ruth at Raquel & Larrys
  601. BloodyL

    Reel clamp screw driver

    call the long fin in orange.
  602. BloodyL

    Bulk lead

    Industrial metal supply in Irvine
  603. BloodyL

    113HN-MXL & MXJ MC

    #80 Big Game
  604. BloodyL

    113HN-MXL & MXJ MC

    113 HN Filled with spectra with room for short top shot different handle options -NO LONGER AVAILABLE Silver Avet MXJ & MXL MC -NO LONGER AVAILABLE MXJ has a OOP'S mechanically secure. $400.00 as a package Cash - local pick up in OC PM or Email
  605. BloodyL

    Bahia de Los Angeles Baja Ca. MX

    Contact Ruth at Larry & Raquels you can rent a house for the family/contact Igor Galvan for fishing a super panga. Fishing is good with joel or Rafa on pangas
  606. BloodyL

    Are reel lubricants appropriate for guns?

    TSI was formulated for gun's
  607. BloodyL

    baja special

    I fish #60 on mine.
  608. BloodyL

    Radio Chatter got crazy

    Whoa negative I have a fishing license and I want to use it OVER
  609. BloodyL


    I got a black one!! very minor rash,let me know :_diarrhea_:
  610. BloodyL


    YEP He is pissing me off with that stuff I might have to start monitoring his (hers) whereabouts.
  611. BloodyL


    a closed mind is a great thing to waste!:waglleybooty:
  612. BloodyL


    Repost I missed it!!