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    For Sale How to Change Post from “For Sale” to “Sold”

    I would ask a moderator to help you with the title for your post, some folk have been having issues lately. Good luck, Dan
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    Donation Question

    if you haven't already, from their website: Email: [email protected]
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    Oh and I agree about the spacing though, I do see that wasted space sometimes
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    um, slooowwww your roll there My statement was primarily stating I keep coming back here wayyyyyyyyyy to often :D:D:D
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    probably just some of us that can't seem to stay away inflating these numbers ....... ;)
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    SOLD Leaving CA and dumping all my saltwater gear.

    We love clicking on links to go see something somewhere else that wont be there soon.................. Btw, too much trouble copy pasting here?
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    Long Beach Rod and Gun Swap Meet questions

    Do you think there is an 80% chance its gonna rain or 80 % chance its gonna sprinkle? It is Socal........
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    Boat Independence New Engines

    Where you able to read the responses above? LOL
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    Beginner Setup

    I’d go with a Penn jigmaster and a Sabre rod rated 15-40 for probably $80 and if likes the sport, well then “Fresh One” BTW, why don’t you lend him a set up if he’s new to the game, or rent?
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    For Sale How to Change Post from “For Sale” to “Sold”

    With this new site, here is an update: click on the 3 dots at the top of your post to edit thread title Then select the changes you want Then simply save and that’s it!!
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    WTB JB 500 or 1000

    Um, so your looking for 500lb test? Wow your the man!!
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    I did not win.

    Can I request for a game piece, like McD's in the 90's :D :D:D:D :D
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    WTB Wahoo jigs,tackle bag

    When's your next trip to Los Angeles, I have an SKB for ya.
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    Pacific Coast Sportfishing Tackle, Boat, & Travel Show

    Found this on the OC Fair & Event Center Website: How much: $15 general admission; active-duty military and children ages 12 and younger are free. Parking is $10 (Gate 1 or 4) More info: Visit
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    And then I woke up...

    I baby sat a nice full tackle bag for an hour while I was waiting for a charter at H&M last year. Guy was hanging out with his buds and forgot it while they were loading their stuff for a different boat. He came running up the ramp, looked around and was surprised he left it there. I started...
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    For Sale Tackle box 7200 SKB

    Borona sold, thanks JP
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    Wide open Tuna in San Diego...

    probably not a loss unless the boss see's the article or this thread :Beat_Them
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    Wide open Tuna in San Diego...

    Alright, who got one, come on tell us!!! that was hilarious chit :rofl:
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    For Sale Trinidad 14a used 275$ Can’t ship

    Where is this reel for local sale? Any side pics? :D
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    For Sale Tackle box 7200 SKB

    Monday morning hangover b u m p who else was woken up early by those nasty winds
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    For Sale Tackle box 7200 SKB

    online sales can ship them better than I can, that’s why I’m looking for local, good luck tho.
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    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Best wishes to you and your wife, hope and prayers you both can reminisce about this soon.
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    For Sale Tackle box 7200 SKB

    Thanks everyone, just have the SKB 7200 left. PM and we can meet up near downtown Los Angeles or the west side. New price is firm. A huge Calcutta Explorer Roller Tackle bag new with tags (reels not included just for reference torque 40 fathom 40 and Saltiga 35 with room for 3 more reels in...
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    For Sale New Shimano Borona Tackle Bag

    Does he want to ship to you? His post say’s pick up in Long Beach?
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    Yes we are messing with the forums layouts 3/18

    where was the "Jiggling" board nestled under?:D
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    It’s cold out

    new profile pic for half of BD members by tonight! LOLLOL
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    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    you can adjust the text size 4 new posts. But I think the old posts are screwed
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    For Sale Shimano Trinidad 20A

    Still thinking on the price?
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    Anyone else getting a constant webpage alert?

    They accepted my pesos! What’s the conversion now?
  30. nu2reels

    Anyone else getting a constant webpage alert?

    On my iPhone, freezes on Chrome, but works on Safari
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    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    add a little Yelp! And you have the Trifecta :frehya2:
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    65lb braid for Lexa 400?

    you might rethink the capacity issue. I used 50lb PP and a short top of 30lb and now rethinking of going longer top shot for small jigs ( which will greatly reduce the capacity) I fish on charters so i cant chase a fish.
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    Happy New Year

    But your auto response was to first check what’s happening here? true :finger: BDOutdoorsman :notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy Happy New Ye:lux:rs
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    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    This is what this thread reads to me: I ordered and missed out so let’s look for the next deal and look forward to the first hook up of 2020 :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Prototype rod rack

    Nice box I would need one half as tall due to low ceiling height, oh and you really need to keep them somewhat apart so the guides don’t bump each other and how to you reach for the ones in the middle of they are super close......
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    After the storm crawlAfter the storm crawl in Long Beach Harbor now two sets no

    Yup top right next to “watch thread’ should be a drop down box says “thread tools”
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    WTB Kroc lures

    Still looking? I have a few. PM’d
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    Lab grown yellowtail !?

    Compact disc's?
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    SOLD Saltiga 30T & ARCS1 clamp

    Sold Merry Christmas everyone
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    Rod & reel protection. (external)

    There’s this wonder liquid that works sooo well that most people keep it a real secret. so don’t share this: it’s called ‘water’ LOL All you need is real common practice to rinse slowly low pressure with the drag engaged after use and regular gear maintenance. Every few years I remove the...
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    12/24 Pepper Park National City

    Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for your first post. :D
  42. nu2reels

    Here is my Christmas Tree

  43. nu2reels

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Holiday's:jig: everyone
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    SOLD still taking offer though...Xmas tree

    Has it been properly watered and taken care of?
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    Here is my Christmas Tree

    Oh and old fish scales glisten from the light as well :rofl::rofl:
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    Here is my Christmas Tree

    maybe she likes the color lights better?
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    SOLD Saltiga 30T & ARCS1 clamp

    Not my cup of tea reel so up for sale local in Los Angeles (for now) Daiwa Saltiga 30T with the ARCS1 clamp. no line $320 Looks are really good and internals are excellent. Engages when the spool spins or handle turns after you flip the freespool lever. Thanks, Dan
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    Wahoo are dangerous.

    Frisky little critters :-)
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    WTB Kroc lures

    was thinking the same thing
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    SOLD Reels for sale, tranx, talica, trinidad

    Didn’t see where you are? Montana, New York, New Zealand :D
  51. nu2reels

    Daiwa tactical backpack

    what size jigs can the slots fit? How deep? thanks
  52. nu2reels

    SOLD PENN 200, NIB, if this sells by Xmas, proceeds go to St Judes Childrens Hospital

    Donation added while paying my tab at Chili’s in Oxnard, was waiting for you STYX to bring the reel? :D:D
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    Temporary duty in SoCal - Looking to hitchhike

    @Robdog1 he’s looking, read his post
  54. nu2reels

    green boat?

    I always miss the good stuff
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    WTB Penn fathom 12 15 star drag and 25nld2

    yeah, had a dad moment there Hard to control that reflexLOL
  56. nu2reels

    WTB Penn fathom 12 15 star drag and 25nld2

    dude, you need to really stop spending money you don't have yet. Not a good way learn. When the money is in your pocket, then you can wheel and deal to your hearts content. That's when YOU have the bargaining chip on your side. Just my opinion and good luck.
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    PENN Fathom SD 25n, 30 and 40 on sale $110

    We ordered direct from Penn site and our orders are being cancelled, if your going through a third party, don’t hold your breath cuz it will just take longer for you to get the bad honest opinion
  58. nu2reels

    SOLD PENN 200, NIB, if this sells by Xmas, proceeds go to St Judes Childrens Hospital

    I’ll be next in line, was driving past you tomorrow and was thinking of meeting up.
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    For Sale Baja Special $150

    Used or new? Any pics that are not blurry? thanks
  60. nu2reels

    Is this decafe??

    Most herbal teas have caffeine LOLLOL hope that helps, btw love your morning routine
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    Mac 15ii SEa/10ii SEa for surf?

    so will you be surf fishing more than offshore? I would buy a old Penn 500 you can beat up on the beach (swap meet yard sale $20) and enjoy life, learn to cast a conventional over the breaking waves your tooo young to know what you want today compared to tomorrow’s flavor of the month reel...
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    SOLD Avet JX Raptor

    Stop bumping this thread, its taken all I have to resist this......LOL
  63. nu2reels

    Non MC Raptors - Status?

    I’ve seen one, so they are out there, Mahi Tackle.
  64. nu2reels

    SOLD Penn accuplate converted 501 or squidder

    @Hungone Update this post to Sold in the header so you don't keep getting offers
  65. nu2reels

    Fishing Tip: How to Hold a Fishing Rod

    I thought you were supposed to leave your rod at the rail when lazily looking for a good bait??? Holding it right at all times, well you learn something new.......:-)
  66. nu2reels

    For Sale Okuma Makaira 30ii SEa

    Dammm E, you were supposed to start at a dollar....:cool:
  67. nu2reels

    Smoothie drags and brass washers

    New carbon fiber HT100 brand use grease the old school smoothies don’t use grease as they are impregnated (sp?) with an oil
  68. nu2reels

    SOLD Avet HX Raptor

    no, the J's are a bit smaller. this is a regular HX as seen in the reel serial number as well as the box
  69. nu2reels

    Enature Braided Fishing Line

    Gee wizzz people, does anyone know what this post was about? o_O To the Original Poster: I bought 50lb line a few years ago its held up great, tied good knots, but all these lines are from China so roll the dice as others have been burned.
  70. nu2reels

    For Sale Trulines

    About 4.69 ;)
  71. nu2reels

    For Sale Trulines

    oohhh aahhh, gonna watch this thread (shameless bummmppp for Tony, good luck bro!)
  72. nu2reels

    SOLD Penn Fathom 25N spool

    star or two speed spool?
  73. nu2reels

    For Sale Butch green

    Aren’t the prices next to the name? Better question: How much for the junk box top right corner :-)
  74. nu2reels

    People who fish dark braid

    Am I under or over you?
  75. nu2reels

    SOLD Trinidad 20DC (cosmetically screwed up)

    This would ensure you get a lot of "WTF's" while fishing on a sportie! how's the drag and freespool? the old line protected the spool?
  76. nu2reels

    People who fish dark braid

    yup, we old and blind
  77. nu2reels

    For Sale Daiwa 30T loaded with 65 braid

    PM each other fellas, don’t let’s us know your business cuz we missed this deal :cool:
  78. nu2reels

    Aztec Two Day

    thanks for the report, their's still hope :-)
  79. nu2reels

    SOLD Fathom 25NLD2Speed with braid and topshot

    Used but clean Penn fathom 25nld 2 speed. I'll update with pics and what lb spectra tonight. Used on one trip with a single hook up but lost a deep color :Bawling_e box clamp tool with reel. $200 pick up in central los angeles area. PMs best now a days :finger: thanks peep's
  80. nu2reels

    FREE Question on rules

    Bump for a cool.... um what’s for sale again? :Fondle:
  81. nu2reels

    SOLD Avet LX 6/3 MC Raptor

    nice looking reel (from a money poor-tackle rich person :( )
  82. nu2reels

    Need to buy a VISXS 20 on Friday in SD/Temecula

    Start making your calls today and have it ready for easy pick up.
  83. nu2reels

    SOLD Grafighters

    I saw these when I meet up last week, super clean and look new. good luck Adam
  84. nu2reels

    November 12, 2019 offshore trip incredible!

    Thanks for the report! oh, nice pics & love that bait tank LOL
  85. nu2reels

    SOLD Moving Out of State All Gear Must Go!

    didn't see the "Everything Sold" part at the start? its gone my friend :D
  86. nu2reels

    FREE PSA Mustad Hooks Sale 75% Off

    Yeah thanks >:( like I needed more tackle LOL
  87. nu2reels

    Change batteries on Shimano Digitana

    If you click on the original posters name, it will tell you when the last time they where on here. I don’t think you’ll ever find out.
  88. nu2reels

    SOLD 3 Avets

    o_O Ok, :D:D thanks again Adam.
  89. nu2reels

    SOLD 3 Avets

    Thanks for the mxl, Bobby it’s just like you advertised. Good luck selling those sweet Calstars.
  90. nu2reels


    My ears are burning with all the foul language LOLLOL way to win!!:Rambo_Throwing_Kniv
  91. nu2reels

    Tuna Virgin. Going out Fri. Need help!

    The Enterpise From Pierpoint was targeting Tuna, review all the boats your interested in “daily wrap up” to see if they are still going for Tuna.
  92. nu2reels

    SOLD Penn 113h mtl

    thanks for the heads up, but next time don't thread jack, create your own post so it doesn't get buried and lost...... how much??????
  93. nu2reels

    SOLD 3 Avets

    PM on the mxl 6/4
  94. nu2reels

    $5000 Waxwing Lure

    Darn it, missed the sale again LOL
  95. nu2reels

    SOLD Nomad L roller Shimano M Blackmoon & more

    hey K, this Blackmoon bag is the medium size one that opens like a clam shell
  96. nu2reels

    Bigger rolling tackle bag/box

    Sure, get a large roller duffel bag and put like 10-15 boxes, but it will be a bit heavy and will take up just a little more room then normal :D But seriously the larger you go the heavier it is. You may consider adding a extra bag for the specialty stuff like jigs and lead weights or...
  97. nu2reels

    SOLD Nomad L roller Shimano M Blackmoon & more

    I keep thinking I’m gonna stop using my 10 yr old Albackore backpack and don’t so for sale: Brand new large size Nomad Tackle roller bag, with tags. $120 SOLD to Rey Brand new Shimano Blackmoon backpack the medium size one still in the plastic $80 SOLD to B Good size reel storage bag...
  98. nu2reels

    Fall Sardine Size Question — Heavy Set Up Really Needed?

    Asking about a rod and being vague about what you do have makes it difficult to give u suggestions, especially when we don’t know the reel you’ll be using (we know you will be bait fishing) for thought and good luck
  99. nu2reels


    And back to our regular scheduled program..... Yeah, as of Oct 1st is when they started collecting in CA. Oh well, I guess we’re stuck with each other :D On the classified
  100. nu2reels

    Ensenada fishing wide open

    The OP hasn’t been on here for over a month probably fishing :jig:
  101. nu2reels

    For Sale 1982 24" Skipjack Open Model

    They will always expire, poor choice in posting. why not just copy the whole thing here so we don’t have to “click” to move on :zelfmoord
  102. nu2reels

    Anyone Headed out this weekend

    better luck if you try posting this on the Southern CA Private Boater Offshore Trip Planning or Southern CA Private Boater Inshore Trip Planning
  103. nu2reels

    SOLD Albackore Tackle Backpack

    no joke, giving two anglers a chance to have something they were looking. take care, Dan
  104. nu2reels

    SOLD Albackore Tackle Backpack

    good morning Mark, I’m parting it out to two people that are local near me. I appreciate the offer. Thanks
  105. nu2reels

    For Sale Rods and reels

    two weeks and counting, still waiting on pictures please.
  106. nu2reels

    SOLD Albackore Tackle Backpack

    Picture of missing zipper but pretty much almost closes shut with the one remaining
  107. nu2reels

    SOLD Albackore Tackle Backpack

    ouch, I’m hurt. You should really learn how to read your Private messages, I was straight forward and cool, I’ll just leave it at that. Good luck buddy.
  108. nu2reels

    SOLD Albackore Tackle Backpack

    For u, $60 since you didn’t like or respond to my $50 offer.
  109. nu2reels

    Pierpoint Enterprise 10/26/19

    3/4 day tuna or bust 17 fisher people (man did we have room to stretch) Fished a few miles past past south end of Catalina with everyone else, boat landed 4 yellowfin in the 20-30 lb range. Only the Carolina rig worked on the run and gun to get to the porpoise schools that held the tuna under...
  110. nu2reels

    Queequeg = Ahab

    When you eat ice cream to fast :drool:
  111. nu2reels

    Overnighter and fish processing?

    I always plan on staying and taking it easy driving back after a good nights sleep, but I have yet to catch enough :hali_parkutuli: to prove that plan viable
  112. nu2reels

    Join the (SAFC) Sorry Ass Fisherman's Club

    um, can we have silent members? just asking for a friend :idiot:
  113. nu2reels

    TRADE Big Brown Cock for 95Jmag/EX/CEX

    hey Mike, since your the new moderator here, are we allowed to say "COCK" :D
  114. nu2reels

    For Sale Unmarked 6’10 Blank octagon

    If you ever seen any videos, most of not all packages go through a central station somewhere and travel though a conveyor system and Electronically sorted. could have easily caught on something, backed up the packages acting like a dam and pop! The OP made it right so sometimes we learn lessons...
  115. nu2reels

    For Sale Unmarked 6’10 Blank octagon

    Submit a claim to USPS, unless you paid For actual cost, most you may get is standard $50, but whoever packed it made very poor decisions. :shake:
  116. nu2reels

    How rare is this

    tastes like? :drool:
  117. nu2reels

    Newell Rod Clamp problem

    If you remove the insert, you can scrap out a little material in the plastic to make room for a the JB weld. like mushroom out some plastic (center/middle of shaft) for the epoxy to sit and a V groove at the top and bottom for some more epoxy to hold the brass insert. Good luck.
  118. nu2reels

    Dont know where this belongs....

    Me too? what does it matter what we think, only matters at the time it happened......but it does suck!
  119. nu2reels

    Condor 1.5 yft limits and hole in my gas tank at the landing

    thanks for the update, tho sucks about the tank (which I think is toast).
  120. nu2reels

    For Sale new unpriced and unspecified rods and pickup in Feruary

    This is bull, I sent that PM before SaintJeezy’s T.P. Come on, make it right! :picknose:
  121. nu2reels

    Michael Myers (Halloween) weave

    :eek2: this is the 1st time I've seen this type of work, your good! :notworthy
  122. nu2reels

    SOLD Speedmaster 16II

    :rofl::rofl: Now that is hilarious anyways, glad you sold it quick
  123. nu2reels

    SOLD Speedmaster 16II

    most manufacturers will have a standard manual, probably says 16II where you can’t see, look under the handle (print says 12/16)
  124. nu2reels

    What Accurate reel is the equivalent to an avet HX/HXW raptor

    Once you properly set the drag (setting the drag ALWAYS when the lever is in freespool and turning the circle thingy ;) to the right tension) you should not be binding up.
  125. nu2reels

    What Accurate reel is the equivalent to an avet HX/HXW raptor

    If you have the reel in freespool and somehow its jamming up your cast, you have a problem and need to service the reel. you may have crushed something and the insides are moving around too much at freespool. Can you go to your nearest tackle shop & ask them to look at it/test it?
  126. nu2reels

    For Sale Long Beach Seeker Blanks

    I had the pleasure of selling a reel here recently and had the same experience of someone who PMd me before another posted on the thread. just happens, not always, but it does. Since no one on this thread posted names of “those that do it” I call bull.... GLWS by the way and keeping this on...
  127. nu2reels

    Oct 10 How to gear up Overnight Aztec

    Normally true, but depends on the experience of the fishermen. Feels good to just grab another set up when you were cut out of a tangle during a hot bite and the chaos. I generally have 5 (6 with the heavy 80# flatfall) 1-20#bait 2-30#bait 1-40#jig 1-50-60#bait on 1.5+ day trips
  128. nu2reels

    Oct 10 How to gear up Overnight Aztec

    Is the 6 rod limit yours or the boats?
  129. nu2reels

    Acid Wrap trolling rod problems

    kinda important info to include/edit into your first post
  130. nu2reels

    SOLD SBK 7200

    This site has been weird lately, but yeah, lots of dup posts today
  131. nu2reels

    10/2 LB hooping - lost gaff

    Did he tell you to be more careful next time? :eek:
  132. nu2reels

    For Sale Custom Made Fishing Rod Racks!

    Hi Patrick, I would like a 8 rod wall mount but if you only have the 6, I'll take it. can meet up on the weekend. PM me the details please.
  133. nu2reels

    Mission Belle tomorrow

    ouch just try to at least make it down the dock first :-)
  134. nu2reels

    For Sale Avet Pro EXW 4/02, US FREE SHIPPING

    We are a little older and slower around here, we like to actually read the item descriptions and prices simply in a post than to search around for it in "tags" ( which is truly not meant for that) anyways, welcome
  135. nu2reels

    Pacifica Sportfishing

    Thanks :appl: Appreciate the report
  136. nu2reels

    For Sale How to Change Post from “For Sale” to “Sold”

    They made this a sticky just for you two :appl:
  137. nu2reels

    Kids B-day Help

    Good luck and have a great time
  138. nu2reels

    Kids B-day Help

    Call and ask? You’ll be surprised how many show up at the last minute. Also, they may place you on another overnight boat sooo...
  139. nu2reels

    Catches on avet HX 5/2 non Raptor?

    This board is great for specific reel questions, service, maintenance stuff but your question is best suited for the fishing Chit Chat board.
  140. nu2reels

    Ranger 85 1.5 day (who tf stole my breakfast burrito!?)

    Give it some time, you’ll get back soon, real soon......:D
  141. nu2reels

    For Sale SKB 7200

    If you’ll bring the box, then where is “Local pick up only” ? CA is kinda a big state
  142. nu2reels

    Shimano Tekota 500LC Spool slippage

    Sooo, just change the pinion? Any recommendations on heavier springs to keep in place?
  143. nu2reels

    I found this inside a Yellowfin?

    Hahahha Gotta love this site!
  144. nu2reels

    SOLD Torque 40NLD2

    Thanks, but it sold this morning
  145. nu2reels

    August 28th-31st Tuna trip video

    Thanks for the flashback to August :D I like the video at the start of minute 2:35 on....
  146. nu2reels

    Penn fathom 25nld2 aftermarket reel clamp

    Those new composite trigger clamps are pretty cool, gives you some confidence on your grip. Swung a test rod with one on at the swap meet and felt secure
  147. nu2reels

    Cal Sheets

    They have a machine shop that can tune the reels on their list so you get phenomenal freespool and tweak the drag cams so you get a smoother ramp up, and can add parts for more drag pressure out of the reel without loosing freespool. Look up the website and do some reading.
  148. nu2reels

    WTB SKB 7100

    Hope u find one
  149. nu2reels

    SOLD Torque 40NLD2

    Here is a good Penn Torque 40nld 2 speed with new 80 lb braid I had on a unmarked spool, roughly 430 yards. Brand?? Greased and oiled and ready to fish. Spins forever. PM, prefer local near downtown LA or MidCities. Pretty firm at $350 for now, no trades please.
  150. nu2reels

    For Sale Rail rod combo

    Yes, a lot of people sell stuff here, but they mostly have been here awhile or have read the rules. Hard to trust newbies, specially from SAMO LOL
  151. nu2reels

    Just realized I am hopeless..Upper Owens

    How many extra rod stamps do you need to buy? :D
  152. nu2reels

    WTB A lot of shit.

    Check your PMs, what size SKB you looking for?
  153. nu2reels

    Useing lighter line than reel recommends?

    From the spectra, I would add the 30 lb mono to short 4-5 flouro leader You have to leave the little sardine ample energy to run quick so the less drag the better Also wet your spectra so it comes off easier the first time
  154. nu2reels

    SOLD Silver Trinidad 30A

    Pending pick up to Ed,
  155. nu2reels

    FREE Scammer? Snowflake for sure.

    This is not about you Tom, haha haha Sorry Tom, I couldn’t control my self!!!:rofl: He changed his mind on a Tallus :rofl::rofl:
  156. nu2reels

    SOLD Silver Trinidad 30A

    Pics up. Selling these because I'm a tackle ho and need help! :D Has newer 450 yards yellow Max cuatro braid 65 lb test used on one trip. No clamp, last pic shows a small ding Cleaned up and ready to go. I'll be in SD this week if you want to meet up, so face to face transaction, or back in...
  157. nu2reels

    SOLD Albackore Tackle Backpack

    Use the top for reels Use the first two slots for a cooler filled w/ snacks and water Use the last three slots for boxes. What I do with my first purchased Albackore bag I’m still using to this day. Good care last a long time
  158. nu2reels

    SOLD Wooden jig box used

    combining some post here so closing this one
  159. nu2reels

    SOLD Ammo box with tubes

    Gonna combine some post
  160. nu2reels

    What makes a Good Safety Speech?

    When your online purchasing, an extra step is to watch a one minute video and digitally sign the the paperwork.
  161. nu2reels

    El Dorado?

    Oh my, that sucks!
  162. nu2reels

    After work 9/5 to 425 Farm trip

    :frehya2: congrats on getting out there and getting some!
  163. nu2reels

    Tape Affecting Reel

    Like eric said above "go fish" and you'll never have the issue, lol
  164. nu2reels

    Tape Affecting Reel

    I tie a loop to the reel seat, a knot to the reel lugs, or loop to the handle, and when I can just set the clicker (if reel has one) and the drag off. I use to tie a nice knot so I didn't have to use anything, but had a bad under wrap once, only once!
  165. nu2reels

    Tiburon handle replacement knobs?

    Oh, nvrmd found the info :-)
  166. nu2reels

    Avet SX Break Disc Grinding Against Dog Cover

    probably crushed the pinion bearing allowing the disc to be closer to the sideplate. I'd have Avet just service it, which generally replaces all the bearing anyways.
  167. nu2reels

    San Clemente

    :appl: caught the little one I see LOLLOL
  168. nu2reels

    SOLD Makaira 10II new

    replied to PMs Thanks, but no I’m thinning the herd, so no trades
  169. nu2reels

    For Sale Mak 10 SEa on Amazon for $390

    saw the videos, crazy.....
  170. nu2reels


    I used the data/charging cord to attach to an external power supply which extended the record time to fill any SD card. If that helps. I would get my kids softball game complete single run, 90 minutes
  171. nu2reels

    For Sale New lingcod jigs

    these are cool, wish i knew how much they selling for tho :D
  172. nu2reels

    Tuna processing at home?

    you can call the processors, others from your trip may have some reservations with them already. as for the home system: outside large grassy area, :cheers:, table, water hose, more :cheers:, vacuum pack system, even more :cheers: , enjoy
  173. nu2reels

    Mission Belle FAIL!!!!!!

    Interesting, if you already know your going to the processor, do you request gut and gill or just leave the fish alone? I had this happen before and really didn't think about it till now.
  174. nu2reels

    Mission Belle FAIL!!!!!!

    When did you go BTW?:confused: Yup, throw the dice and hope you get lucky? Anyways, thanks for the update about the 302 :D
  175. nu2reels

    SOLD Makaira 10II new

    SOLD Impulse buy, I tend to use others reels in this class. new in open box. Prefer local pick up Los Angeles/downtown area. Thanks, Dan Asking $425 SOLD
  176. nu2reels

    Report - Searcher 3 day 8/30 - 9/2

    Well done, thanks for the nice write up. :appl:
  177. nu2reels

    UV fl*shlight

    Naw, he read @Jason post of the bed bugs LOL
  178. nu2reels

    Bed bugs on boats

    Damm Jason, ignorance is blisssss.
  179. nu2reels

    Fished 8/28/19 on the Fortune

    What I was thinking, doesn’t hurt to ask.
  180. nu2reels

    FREE Ads with no price. WTF???

    Yeah, just PM me again and I’ll let you know how much it is today.........gotta check the market price :D
  181. nu2reels

    FREE Ads with no price. WTF???

    I do admit tho some of these ‘make me an offer’ posters are wasting everyone’s time, be straight and things go smoother.
  182. nu2reels

    FREE Ads with no price. WTF???

    :drunk I read this far :zelfmoord I really need to get on a charter, we’re :Beat_Them ourselves
  183. nu2reels

    For Sale AVET HXJ Raptor

    Did you read his post? Welcome, BTW
  184. nu2reels

    Would have been changing my shorts...8-24

    "Hey man, got any spare fish?" :eek:
  185. nu2reels

    Pride incident

    o_O He mad or what? :1041677399:
  186. nu2reels

    New Lo An Two-Day 8/25 - 8/25 Light Line, Small Hooks

    with such a small line, wetting the knot and locking it in properly is tough on a good bite. thanks for the info
  187. nu2reels

    Pacific Dawn 8/22-8/24

    always put your phone on battery saver/airplane mode or carry a cheap power supply (like $5 now) and recharge during the trip Anyways, thanks for the advice: A is sound, B is what I did since my eye sight spiraled, and C well, hmmmm an other topic :p
  188. nu2reels

    Chase and I

    That's it? I expected better from you Dave :D:D:D:D:D
  189. nu2reels

    SOLD Albackore Tackle Backpack

    Used backpack $60. I’m near USC college. PM me, thanks Front zippers work, top zipper has only one pull (missing one) closes OK not great. No shoulder strap, no boxes. Still plenty of life left and cleaner and darker black than the pictures show.
  190. nu2reels

    San Onofre hook and line swordie - not my news

    Interesting story, wish they would mention gear, line lb/hook size
  191. nu2reels

    SOLD D

    Be nice, lots of youngsters around lately, how about using; Schlong Rod tool Shaft wang knob chopper plonker dong Beef stick Lil’ man Lil’ willy :eek2: :daman: :elephant: :ashamed:
  192. nu2reels

    For Sale Tady, Salas, Ironman, JRI, Coltsniper, Rapala, Halco, Flatfall, Zukers

    Thanks Dave, got the JRIs and Colts quick! 1 day :D The post office rocks! :-)
  193. nu2reels

    Snapped a screw head off

    If you can't get it from the other side with a good set of pliers or clamp, fill the front space with a thick grease to prevent premature corrosion. That other bolt will hold the nut in place till you fix it.
  194. nu2reels

    For Sale Yellowtail mount

    Welcome to BD Paula, Good luck, maybe someone here will appreciate it! LOL
  195. nu2reels

    Sale on Daiwa Lexa reels

    Cool, thanks
  196. nu2reels

    So, I went fishing again...

    Ooooo, I’m following this thread :cheers:
  197. nu2reels

    really missing the alphabet

    so i'm reading and catching up on the latest and greatest on the forums here to just to see that some letters have been discretely *** o_Oremoved. Well ****, I guess I should clean my **** up and do it before the mods do :D LOL Time to go offs**** ;)
  198. nu2reels

    Left rods and reels outside of H&M landing

    dang, I get tired too after a nice trip but you must have been wiped out! Good luck bump
  199. nu2reels

    How to ignore a whole forum in New Posts

    just visit the forums you like...... I often see stuff there not in the new posts that I may have missed.
  200. nu2reels


    gotta love it!! thanks.... there's still hope :D
  201. nu2reels

    Penn Fathom 25N extra washer

    Star or lever drag version?
  202. nu2reels

    Please Reccomend Surface Iron Casting Reel For Under $150

    The star drag type are good
  203. nu2reels


    Although I applaud the forum for jumping in to help a fellow member, this is a bit too much in posting family member pics. Lets just try to stick to facts & take a moment before you post...........stakes and pitch forks optional
  204. nu2reels

    Half day boats inflating fish counts

    Getting better.......:drool:
  205. nu2reels

    Friday, Saturday & Beyond

    What, why ya hitting me honey! I’m innocent bystander!
  206. nu2reels

    Best price for Seaguar Floro Premier?

    Offshore report: Fantastic :beerbang: FWIW good question to ask in the Chit Chat forum or better yet post a “want to buy” in the fishing crap :eek:... I mean the Used fishing tackle forum :rolleyes:
  207. nu2reels

    Lost Husky tool box tackle box

    yeah, I'd be pissed for about a minute while I push to the side a a box or two of tackle crap just to grab the second or third tackle bag.... I need help :oops:
  208. nu2reels

    Old Glory BFT report 7.22.19

    Cool thread with video's, thanks :appl: GO TEAM KLEY! :notworthy:notworthy:notworthy
  209. nu2reels

    SOLD Unicorn DC

    It talks to you, tells you what you want to hear, man’s you up! ;) Bump for a cool reel
  210. nu2reels

    Tomahawk 2 day 7-20/7-21

    Gotta love the BD salute :finger:
  211. nu2reels

    Tomahawk 2 day 7-20/7-21

    cool story, thanks. now we need some redemption!
  212. nu2reels

    TRADE Thread title change?

    Sucks for you! :rofl: I would ask a moderator
  213. nu2reels

    TRADE Thread title change?

    Do you see this above your name
  214. nu2reels

    SOLD Tica Deckhand Rod

    Oh, I forgot about this... still for sale and strong as heck deckhand conventional rods. Used em last month on the SA80 for the heck of it. I would recommend building up the Xwrap another layer as the factory rod is small in diameter for my hands. This rod has power so it’ll work on the local...
  215. nu2reels

    Tranx 200/300/400 minor issue and fix

    Thanks for the info, I’m new to the Tranx line so I’ll keep this in mind.....
  216. nu2reels

    Reel servicing in LA?

    Is Lincoln Pico Sporting Goods still around?
  217. nu2reels

    Tranx 500 PG - is there a way to up the gears/ratio easily?

    Keep the PG and turn the handle faster :D
  218. nu2reels

    For Sale Iron 40 year collection

    Free bump Do you estimate 70 - 80 jigs?
  219. nu2reels

    Ocean Odyssey 9/18-9/20...Need Tackle Advice

    i'm gonna get myself in trouble, that was just an old joke going around here :rofl: your in the right forum, and really nothing special as long as you have decent gear, newer line, and circle hooks, you'll be fine. Reason for so many set ups is that you don't want to be messing around with a...
  220. nu2reels

    Ocean Odyssey 9/18-9/20...Need Tackle Advice

    Um, this is a question for the SD Long Range Fishing Forum :D:D Just kidding ;) Get back to us when u have a list of gear so you get decent response. LOL Edit: and read Jim’s response above
  221. nu2reels

    Tady 45 Wants to Surface

    No, use it for surface fishing the bluefin or top water boils buy another 45 for other uses.
  222. nu2reels

    SOLD Okuma z80s

    And no price?
  223. nu2reels

    Tons of Fish Sunday 7/8

    Thanks for the update my condolences, talking helps
  224. nu2reels

    Insane Topwater Yellowfin out of San Pedro - 7/7

    Thanks for the report. BTW, bluefin hate everyone!
  225. nu2reels

    Fishing - Boating Swap Meet :July 6,2019 /SEAL BEACH -LONG BEACH /

    Lots of decent stuff, I bought a lot of small stuff to refill the tackle box Some good deals on reels, even gold trini’s as well.
  226. nu2reels

    Stirring up the bluefin

    man, another earthquake here in SoCal. Wonder if it’s gonna scar the bluefin? Hope Ridgecrest makes it through ok, again.
  227. nu2reels

    Penn Torque 2 Speed vs. Talica II?

    I'm curious to the size as well, to me it looks like a 40N.
  228. nu2reels

    Boat rage

    Wow, talk about getting your attention!
  229. nu2reels

    For Sale Penn TRQ 25n 2 Speed NEW

    Should of added it to the closing costs: house plus reel.
  230. nu2reels

    Trolling set up on 2.5 day?

    Use the boat gear but bring your lucky lure just in case. I didn’t have a good cedar plug
  231. nu2reels

    Trinidad 16NA question

    Approximately 1 1/4 inch between studs Ops Sorry this is a regular 16a
  232. nu2reels

    Wounded warrior strikes again

    Getting your moneys worth out of it LOL
  233. nu2reels

    pacifica runs aground

    12 and counting
  234. nu2reels

    2.5 day trip advice

    1/0 or 2/0 ringed circle Hooks was all I used, until the night bite where I used a 6/0 and a 8 ounce lead weight rubber banded to the line (called a sinker rig) most landings have either the necessary tackle needed or a full on store to purchase all you want. As for Flourocarbon leader, I...
  235. nu2reels

    Penn fathom question

    Does it have line? Did you adjust the drag yet for that pound test? Then see how well it spins.
  236. nu2reels

    Boat flipped at SCI

    Ok, now I feel inadequate, thanks :notworthy
  237. nu2reels

    July 16,17th

    Up top just click on forums and then keep clicking till your in the right forum. Takes a bit getting used too Sometimes when there is a MODERATOR READING THIS, they will do you the favor and MOVE THIS POST for you, caps intended :D
  238. nu2reels

    Boat flipped at SCI

    I haven't seen a good pic of a sturdy wench lately.....
  239. nu2reels

    July 16,17th

    interesting, didn't want to post in the California Sport fishing Reports>offshore trip planning or private boater trip planning? Maybe of some help there. Good luck,
  240. nu2reels

    1.5 day Islander, fishing 6/25 report

    Thanks for the update and congrats on that blue
  241. nu2reels

    Rpt.-Wed-06-26-19 Cleared to play on the Ducky!

    “Wait! What??? They cleared him!!!!!!
  242. nu2reels

    For Sale CHEAP POS TALICA 16ii

    With a catchy title like that.......
  243. nu2reels


    Yeah, around when the article was written circa May 9, 1993 o_O
  244. nu2reels


    I do the same, take pics of serial numbers on Avets and really to remember what I’m taking
  245. nu2reels

    Tomahawk 1.5 day 6/19

    Deja vue, when people don’t move, it’s hard to fish. Congrats on the three, thanks for the report.
  246. nu2reels

    2.75 on the SA 80

    Actually, we were on a drift off a paddy and after catching a few yellowtail I got tangled on my Talica 12II and thought “let’s see how my fathom will work in these 12 lb fish”, darn tangles LOL Then and all of a sudden, Zinnng, my line goes off like crazy fast two good runs and no stopping it...
  247. nu2reels

    2.75 on the SA 80

    I use mainly blue label Seagar short topshots, but in hindsight, I think with these brutes require you to be on your A game. Nothing old, and nothing tied in a hurry, and a little mono wouldn’t hurt. OH, and if you catch one, swap your top shot because it’s been stretched out/ maxed out.
  248. nu2reels

    2.75 on the SA 80

    Yes, I think the flouro stretched and at the starter FG loop, was weakened more as the blue pulled and broke, with the Albright, you have double the line at the same spot, FG worked well on yellows, bluefin not so much for me that is, more testing for me I guess
  249. nu2reels

    2.75 on the SA 80

    Edit: ok let’s start with boat Sea Adventure 80 Lots of rail space, light load of 26, and not everyone fished, at times soo much room. Capt Mike, there when needed to help & when I had my bluefin and all our hearts dropped when it popped off, bummer 2nd Anthony- super cool East Coast dude and...
  250. nu2reels

    SOLD PENN FTH40NLD2 W spectra

    :D Keep it coming, we encourage the info :-)
  251. nu2reels

    SOLD PENN FTH40NLD2 W spectra

    but does it come filled with $$$ worth of spectra?
  252. nu2reels

    Bluefin processing

    What’s left for the angler? :D
  253. nu2reels

    Real Sea Adventure 80

    OP booked for the 2.75 on Friday, So did I Sooooooo, I’ll let you know how it goes :rockin:
  254. nu2reels

    AZTEC - Overnight 6/15

    Great report, thanks.
  255. nu2reels

    I have been a bad person.

    Easier way to never have this issue, just buy new gear every year and I’ll discard the old stuff for ya! ;)
  256. nu2reels

    Real Sea Adventure 80

    Listen to your buddy that’s TELLING you to book! :D
  257. nu2reels

    Fishing the Tribute tonight missing one

    did you post here: Southern CA Sport Boat Trip Planning
  258. nu2reels

    Fishing the Tribute tonight missing one

    good luck bump
  259. nu2reels

    3/4 Day Charters - best cook

    I just had lunch and that site made me hungry again! :drool:
  260. nu2reels

    Spectra color?

    I was "that guy" when I used green spectra. Not worth it, getting old eye syndrome sucks
  261. nu2reels

    For Sale PRICE DROP Makaira 30 SEA II, Calstar 700L

    lots of competition, good luck, nice MAK
  262. nu2reels

    SOLD New Penn Torque 25N (Star Drag)

    you need a better hiding, errr, storage place for your gear. BTW, do you have a pic of the actual reel so we know your for reel :)
  263. nu2reels

    Bft fishing- why wait to go?

    WHAT? >:( :Death_To_Above: :rofl::rofl:
  264. nu2reels


    hold on here, that's a long vacation by your standards? LOLLOL BTW where those legal size bass? :notworthy:notworthy:notworthy
  265. nu2reels

    TRADE Penn VISX 16

    This is getting lame, we all need to go fishing LOL and hope this site gets fixed :confused:
  266. nu2reels

    TRADE Penn VISX 16

    I thought you where a rocket scientist? :D
  267. nu2reels

    TRADE Penn VISX 16

    I think your title should say TRADE tac20ii for VISXS16, I thought you where trading the 16 Good luck
  268. nu2reels

    Vintage Molded Jigs?

    Troller? o_O
  269. nu2reels

    SOLD Newell--p322-f

    Good info given if you didn’t know, still a good reel.
  270. nu2reels

    F'ing chipmunk

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: OK, I'm ready........
  271. nu2reels

    What do you think it weighs???

    My guess would whatever you believe will make your buddy's day! Lie like no other!!!!!
  272. nu2reels

    Anyone looking for a fun charter?

    Deckhand, “damm, there goes my tip again!” I hope they where at least trolling during this episode. What was the fish count?
  273. nu2reels

    For Sale GOT Lead , New in - line , and 2 lb .Cannon Ball Sinker's in the OC, (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)

    Hey Gerry, This thread should qualify for a STICKY up top, after 27 pages :D
  274. nu2reels

    Screwdriver for Avet reel nuts

    Nice :lux: I've seen some deckhand rods where people got stupid crazy tight and crushed the blank. Just add the X-tube over cork so the clamp has better grip
  275. nu2reels

    Okuma service Dept!!!

    FYI Along with the two screws there are o-rings as well (clear color i think). make sure they didn't/or don't fall out while your waiting for parts.
  276. nu2reels

    Looking to fill a void in my arsenal with an Avet Raptor. But which one?

    Depends on what you want to do with it? what type of fishing you planning? Also, is the JX not on the list?
  277. nu2reels

    For Sale Tac25ii

    you gotta wait till he's back online to see your question. Unless the seller put up a number, it takes a bit.
  278. nu2reels

    profile content gone???

    Where do I send my $1.00 annual membership? I can’t find the link :D
  279. nu2reels

    SOLD OG Penn Spools 113h & 500s

    a few Penn spoils for sale 113h 4/0 og chrome spool used but still looks good $10 Jigmaster 500 new old stock aluminum and plastic both together only $15 All three $20 Let me know, Dan
  280. nu2reels

    Uh Oh I think I goofed

    I had Alex, The Rusty Hook in San Pedro, add some heat shrink to mine. So much better for my grip (larger hands).
  281. nu2reels

    Bad Ads Thread

    So, how's it going? (not that i'm trying to rush the project along :) )
  282. nu2reels

    For Sale Okuma PCH Custom Railrod 741XXH

    it helps to know were your located. so we may be ready for local pick up or have to deal with shipping? Nice rod!
  283. nu2reels

    For Sale Great Deal on Amazon: Penn Fathom 2-Speeds

    dude, I literally walked away from my phone and told myself "no, no, no!"
  284. nu2reels

    WTB: Triangle Sport HD140 Line Winder

    this link works better:
  285. nu2reels

    WTB: Triangle Sport HD140 Line Winder

    :rofl: he's looking not selling
  286. nu2reels

    For Sale Great Deal on Amazon: Penn Fathom 2-Speeds

    No, seems like MSRP, your late to the game
  287. nu2reels

    Salty Dawg Custom Rods -- Buyer Beware

    Even when I had one guide replaced, had it in writing because these guys get busy and just makes things easier for everyone. Hands shakes yeah, but very busy people businesses) need a little help sometimes. @Ali let it play out a bit, I wanna see the end credits LOL
  288. nu2reels

    Tuna for Money

    Every time I see this post, reminds me of ‘Tuna for money, and your baits for free’ Song, early 80’s, anyone? :picknose:
  289. nu2reels

    Marina Del Rey 1/2 day 5/28

    Nice visuals! Thanks :appl:
  290. nu2reels

    Ling Cod jigs large and heavy

    Hey Scott, You know you can bump daily not yearly, right? Just saying LOLLOL
  291. nu2reels

    When did you upgrade to a power wrapper?

    Depends on how well that box is holding up? So, how well do you wrap and how often? I've had the same question with a line winder, why buy when you can manually spool a reel in so many free ways, but when you do use a good line winder, man its soooooo nice, quick and easy.
  292. nu2reels

    Revo toro on deckhand rod

    . the hose clamps are universal, inexpensive, and good enough for you to try the DH rod to even see if it fits your style. add a couple wraps of electrical tape if the shiny clamp is to much BLING in the sunlight. :rofl:
  293. nu2reels


    The studs in a HX Raptor are spaced wider then on a Torque 40N by at least 1/4 inch Silver clamp from my HX
  294. nu2reels

    Cool Weather

    “I'll give you a winter prediction: It's gonna be cold, it's gonna be gray, and it's gonna last you for the rest of your life.” —Phil Connors
  295. nu2reels

    Greasing the center lock down reel seat's thread?

    Edit: you mean on the rods reel seat?
  296. nu2reels

    SOLD Big damn fake rock -all gone

    Wow, this thread went south..... uh North fast!
  297. nu2reels

    It was his first bluefin and it was triple digits!

    OK Rodney, Really got to discuss your interview skill here, lets start with this short list: :cheers: LOL, thanks for stepping up and I'll look forward to some action shots!
  298. nu2reels

    SOLD Big damn fake rock -all gone

    I had a pile of crap once, not that your fountain looks crappy o_O , I just pieced it into my trash bin over a month and a half till it was gone. Good luck tho, b u m p
  299. nu2reels

    Thunderbird - SCI - 5/17

    great trip with the kid is when your both showing off your catch, Congrats! LOL
  300. nu2reels

    5/17/19 on the Pacific Queen

    Dude, thanks for the report :-)
  301. nu2reels

    Cory update Thursday

    Nothing will ever stop you from fishing Catching, on the other hand, not so much
  302. nu2reels

    2 piece rod stuck at join??

  303. nu2reels

    2 piece rod stuck at join??

    Pic of the pig in the draw? Thanks
  304. nu2reels

    Spooling up for Bluefin

    Did you have enough tension on the line when you where spooling the reel? This happens to any size spectra if you don’t put it on tightly.
  305. nu2reels

    SOLD Improved Berkeley HD II line winder

    Bump for new and improved upgrades. This line winder can do spectra up to 130# line with ease. Added more pics to the post #1
  306. nu2reels

    WTB Kencor se zebra twist

    These rods are pricey I guess they have a good group of followers
  307. nu2reels

    SOLD Accurate Tern 500X $250

    Can’t we all just get along! :rofl::rofl:
  308. nu2reels

    For Sale Stand up Rods

    That’s nice :rolleyes: Why are all your sale posts so vague. Do you really exist? o_O
  309. nu2reels

    Spooling up for Bluefin

    I was getting rid of the blue spectra anyways! LOLLOL
  310. nu2reels

    FG knot failure??

    Oh my, word play LOL
  311. nu2reels

    FG knot failure??

    How many successes to failure ratio? Did they all fail? Better yet, tried tying after a few drinks? o_O
  312. nu2reels

    American angler 5/11/19

    You got one:appl: Appreciate the intel
  313. nu2reels

    DIY Line Winder - Planning Stage

    Did you ever finish the project?
  314. nu2reels

    Time Travel

    My issue is when I come back to the boards, it reverts back so i have to use this fix each time :hali_parkutuli:
  315. nu2reels

    Time Travel

    already happening :Beat_Them :spank:
  316. nu2reels


    :eek: :zelfmoord (Says sold at the end of his post)
  317. nu2reels

    For Sale Avet HX5/2 MC Raptor. Blem

    oh my, should be sold before I finish my post. Awesome price for a Raptor. GLWS,
  318. nu2reels

    SOLD Shimano Trinidad TN 16N Narrow Special

    Cool, just remember to “unwatch thread” after it’s sold so you don’t get alerts 10 years from now when someone asks ‘Still for sale’? LOL
  319. nu2reels

    SOLD Shimano Trinidad TN 16N Narrow Special

    You can also get updates by “watch thread” following your own thread up top, lower right of your title, helps. Good luck, nice gear
  320. nu2reels

    Am I in the Twilight Zone?

    Thanks I didn’t see the fix, worked
  321. nu2reels

    2006 Threads?

    Lol, just saw “Albies all around us”
  322. nu2reels

    Cory update Thursday

    Good luck, BTW, you can always hide the scar with a tattoo!
  323. nu2reels

    Makaira 20II Sea Line Suggestions for Bluefin

    Hey Huck, which spectra brand and how many yards? Thanks, Dan
  324. nu2reels

    SOLD Maxcuatro 100lb 500yd Moss Green

    new in box, just can’t see the moss green anymore so using hi viz colors or white Selling for $50 picked up. I’m near USC and work in Downtown Los Angeles. No trades please, and if needed shipping on your dime. PMs are quicker so let me know, thanks
  325. nu2reels

    BFT 5/5

    :appl: thanks for the report,
  326. nu2reels

    Pacific Queen goes legendary!!!

    Daaaammmmmm! that's a beautiful sight! Blues galore!
  327. nu2reels

    Sumo Sized Bonefish Off A Pier!

    "Look at the size of that sucker!" :D LOLLOL Thanks for the vid, enjoyed it
  328. nu2reels

    Bluefin tuna light line on the oceanside 95

    Congrats! Your neighbors must be loving the crime scene behind your truck! :Exploding_Smiley:
  329. nu2reels

    Wtb Newell bearing cap

    eBay, with or without the bearing
  330. nu2reels

    New to me Newell

    Form my past reading: Holds appox. 60 more yards of 30 mono 332 is 320 yards of 30 mono 338 is 380 yards of 30 mono Last two numbers are x 10 yards of line First number is the mono weight (lb test)
  331. nu2reels

    SOLD Penn Torque 30 Star NIB

    Gold Penn Torque 30 Star drag 6 to 1 ratio, I picked this up but know I’m not gonna use it so let’s pass the saving. New in box, open for inspection only. $340 firm Prefer local pick up in Los Angeles, but will ship. Let me know, Dan
  332. nu2reels

    SOLD Okuma Cortez 10 Combo

    Links come and go like the wind, just make a post? :puff: Nice BTW, good deal.
  333. nu2reels


    Why don’t you buy IronMike’s bag?
  334. nu2reels

    Show me your tackle room at home

    Label the boxes, so much easier to know what’s in them when you load your tackle bag.
  335. nu2reels

    SOLD OBO Calstar GFDH800M BWC270-7, Seeker Classic 270-8DH, Diawa VIP 196-8

    Edit, sorry thought you where closer, would of taken that Seeker SS
  336. nu2reels

    WTB Torque 30

    Did you find one?
  337. nu2reels

    For Sale Rods and Reels - VISX, 2X4..ETC

    One boat ride and throwing in the towel? LOL which VISX?
  338. nu2reels

    TRADE Newell clamps

    can I buy two clamps from you?
  339. nu2reels

    TRQ25NLD2 drag number discrepancy?

    Interesting, do you really need to back off on the preset knob if you have your reel in free spool? There is no pressure at that point? I was under the impression once you set your 2 speed lever preset knob (as you mentioned in your steps) you generally just periodically check, not have to do...
  340. nu2reels

    Talica 12- VS Yellow Tail

    overkill, heavy for 3/4 day fishing. IMO though perfect for the tuna right now
  341. nu2reels

    Tomahawk 4/16/19

    whole other thread Lets just :appl: that the tuna are here!!! :_shopping
  342. nu2reels

    Sport King becomes a 6-Pack for a day

    Thanks for the report, nice to have quite a bit of room to move about. :appl:
  343. nu2reels


    I wet/soak the line with a bottle of water I bring along. Like suggested above, let the one out while underway as well, with a large swivel for more tension when reeling back Leader, usually ~6-8ft, long rod & as long as the knot doesn’t hit the top guide & since most cattle boats sit high...
  344. nu2reels

    Free fishing for 3 days

    Feel the burnnnnnn......LOL
  345. nu2reels

    SOLD FS/FT - Tiburon TCU-XL

    Trade for a Calcutta Jig bag, I’ll PM a pic
  346. nu2reels

    Free fishing for 3 days

    It’s all about the statistics. The older you are, the more chance of me having more rail space :p
  347. nu2reels

    SOLD Improved Berkeley HD II line winder

    Thanks Ron, yes these winders are great, just trading up or else I’d of kept it
  348. nu2reels

    SOLD Ammo box with tubes

    Update: I’ll be in SD on 9/11-13th so can meet up. Not using it anymore $20 picked up near USC downtown Los Angeles area. Let me know, thanks
  349. nu2reels

    Anyone recognize these jigs

    Last two pics look like Tady 45 knock offs, I have a few
  350. nu2reels

    Anyone recognize these jigs

    Pic 1 Hook Up Seniors
  351. nu2reels

    2speed question

    Hey, I get excited !!! :-)
  352. nu2reels

    what do you use to spool your reels at home?

    This works very well with no assembly required OtherWise, plenty of You tube videos of home made devices from rigged tennis balls to hold the spool with tension to Anodized aluminum masterpieces Good luck tho! I had fun working my way up over the years.
  353. nu2reels

    SOLD Improved Berkeley HD II line winder

    Assembling a Triangle so this one needs a home. Now even a newer motor (more torque then stock last couple pics) installed over the weekend (5/11/19). Also made room for the larger reel handles from hitting the board. Was kinda annoying before. See 3rd to the last pic. I just loaded 600 yards...
  354. nu2reels

    Old blank restored for rock fishing.

    Nice work, was it an old glass or graphite blank? We like to see before and after pics, helps to see the journey
  355. nu2reels

    SOLD Wooden jig box used

    I was wondering when u would find this! :-) You do such a great job restoring them, try it on this one :D
  356. nu2reels

    SOLD Wooden jig box used

    Price reduced: Also, I’ll be in SD from 9/11-13th if you want to meet up at a landing. So as I continue to clean up and organize, I find myself with a excessive amount of stuff :devil: It was fun finding them, but now let’s move on Nice jig box measures 12” high by 17 1/2 wide by 11 1/2 deep...
  357. nu2reels

    SOLD Albakore large tackle Backpack

    So do I, that’s why I have two more in the garage :-) (these I’m keeping :D)
  358. nu2reels

    SOLD Albakore large tackle Backpack

    large back pack with three original boxes. No cooler so it’s missing one of the shelves as seen in the pics. I’ve never used it and the original owner “said” they never used it. Only mark on it was from the old price sticker on top and a little dust from sitting. All zippers work. Firm at $75...
  359. nu2reels

    SOLD Avet Dorado SX Raptor

    His post says free shipping dude.
  360. nu2reels

    FREE Sabre & Accurate rods

    I’ll take em, can we meet tomorrow?
  361. nu2reels

    What happened to "Fattony"?

    That was the nicer version, I found it to be a little more graphic, I’ll PM you ( yeah that graphic) :rofl:
  362. nu2reels

    What happened to "Fattony"?

    Ok, I admit, had to search AMF LOLLOL
  363. nu2reels

    SOLD Black Hd8

    nope, its a free for all. Nice stick, good luck and BTTT
  364. nu2reels

    WTB Looking for iron jigs

    keywords like: Vintage Surface jig lots of good stuff out there This is a great suggestion, jigs come with a lot of knowledge/advice while your shopping in the store!
  365. nu2reels

    FREE Beware this scammer!

    I thought we where in our own little oasis here, how’d they find us :hali_parkutuli: Thanks for the heads up
  366. nu2reels

    SOLD Shimano Talica 12II Used

    Used but not abused, just couldn’t get the reel cover on in time for that bumpy ride. Selling it because I don’t need 2 :) I’m guessing 80 PowerPro with room for a top shot. Has 20 yards of 60 mono on it but taking it off. Meet local near USC or downtown LA Firm on $350 , let me know...
  367. nu2reels

    Not Sure How to Title This

    Remember the old days when you can siphon gas with a tube, Clip a small diameter hose the the bait tank and length obviously sits lower than the water, start the suction (ummm, salt water, tasty) and let it drip over your sack
  368. nu2reels

    WTB 100 lb BFT Rod

    Do you think he found one already, its been 10 months now?
  369. nu2reels

    Got the revenge on the line breaker fish!

    Didn’t want to yell or scream “got em!” for the audience Your sooo cool and collective :notworthy
  370. nu2reels

    Price of trinidad 50

    Roughly $200 beat up up to BNIB $500ish I’ve seen online lately
  371. nu2reels

    Price of trinidad 50

    Beat up? Pristine? BNIB?
  372. nu2reels

    April Fools Day Local Report

    As my family grows, my calendar reminders are golden! Set yearly with no expiration dates Thanks for the report BTW, :-)
  373. nu2reels

    second hand dope

    Is this code for “tuna? Like, uh yeah, for sure” :rofl:
  374. nu2reels


    LOL Sorry for the confusion
  375. nu2reels


    It is, you still go it!
  376. nu2reels

    3/30 1/2 Day at the 150

    thanks for the update, Was the coffee grinder “that guy’s”?
  377. nu2reels


    Gotta love BD math LOL
  378. nu2reels

    Anyone familiar with Socalreels?

    attached treble or J-hook for that Ling?
  379. nu2reels

    Anyone familiar with Socalreels?

    Hey, just for kicks, let us know how they work out.. Good luck
  380. nu2reels

    beefing up penn vis

    which model? and how much more were it would matter for the size of the line lb test? But the more pertinent question, can the "old man" handle more drag?
  381. nu2reels

    For Sale 10' CEX Jig Stick -Brand New

    Can you really put a price on this “One of a Kind!” :D Seriously tho, sweet rod! :drool: :drool: Good luck
  382. nu2reels

    How to find a kelp paddy with a drone?

    "Hey, we found a paddy! Get the drone up!" "No, I'm getting the jig stick! You get the drone!!" LOL
  383. nu2reels

    SOLD Shimano Talica 20 II with box spectra

    LOL, it's cool. When you have a really good camera, its shows all what may seem like imperfections. But when you see this reel in person, you will have no doubts its worth it.
  384. nu2reels

    SOLD Shimano Talica 20 II with box spectra

    Your just talking yourself out of buying it! LOLLOL
  385. nu2reels

    Has anyone gone on a Disney Cruise and snuck fishing gear on?

    Really don't like spending time with the fam? LOL I don't think they will see it packed in your luggage or taking it off the boat (backpack), sooo many people off loading with stuff for events it would be hard to tell. The Telescoping ones are small and work great & pocket case for lures just...
  386. nu2reels

    Thursday on the Pursuit ?

    Never had the pleasure to see one of these, so the swell will average 3 ft at 14 seconds with a wind average 8-15 mph for the day?
  387. nu2reels

    Thursday on the Pursuit ?

    I had the pleasure of fishing in that type of weather out of Cisco’s quite a while ago and had a blast. Feet firm against the rail and my back against the galley and the boat did the up and down movement of the rod for me. :lux:
  388. nu2reels

    Any info on this Solid Glass rod?

    Ah, gaff? Sounds like a project. Thanks!
  389. nu2reels

    SOLD Plano 747 w/Bass Lures - $100

    Hey Terry, I thought you didn't see the location, my bad LOL. Just wait till he texts you I guess. good luck :D
  390. nu2reels

    SOLD Plano 747 w/Bass Lures - $100

    he has his zip code listed 90631, Whittier
  391. nu2reels

    For Sale Mistake add

    :-) I’ll drink to that LOL
  392. nu2reels

    Problem with my Avet sxj

    oh, how well was the line spooled on? Do you think it’s slipping?
  393. nu2reels

    Problem with my Avet sxj

    Great question to ask in the Avet Support forum. Maybe you will actually get a useful response that answer your question. Good luck as I have not encountered this issue with my SXJ Raptor or SX raptor.
  394. nu2reels

    Newport tackle swap meet

    Can we pick through the good stuff before you sell it at the swap meet? :D
  395. nu2reels

    Any info on this Solid Glass rod?

    I was thinking of stripping it and eventually make it a rock cod rod. Any easy way to take the wood butt off?
  396. nu2reels

    For Sale Stolen Yeti Cooler 65Qt - Beware

    Yup, easy to set up alerts so the App lets you know when it posts for sale. Good luck
  397. nu2reels

    SOLD Shimano Talica 20 II with box spectra

    Very good question, I’m leaning towards PowerPro as I only have a 300 yard empty spool. Took off the spectra anyways since I’m not sure and now selling without line for $440
  398. nu2reels


    Yes, you look at the many websites listed by Hugh up top and book him a trip. Trips can always be moved around given enough time. You can also buy him a gift cert and watch him get excited and go crazy trying to book his trip, like a kind in a candy store That would be fun to watch LOL
  399. nu2reels

    Any info on this Solid Glass rod?

    had this in the garage for a few years and decided to look at it more closely. Heavy Solid glass rod that can be seen through the end of the wooden handle Roughly 6’ 5”. R700 Pioneer printed on the rod? Any info on the blank? Thanks, just curious
  400. nu2reels

    SOLD Shimano Talica 20 II with box spectra

    Sold Gotta do it, thinning the herd....took the spectra off since I wasn’t 100% sure the manufacture. Small boat rash seen in pics 4 & 5 other than that looks great. Box only no clamp. Meet in Los Angeles downtown area, weekends can meet up farther. $440.:):) PM me or let me know here...
  401. nu2reels

    Spinning reel line recommendations

    Newbie question: do you have to worry about hollow line twisting with such light line.
  402. nu2reels

    FREE EBAY 15% Off today

    Couldn't convince myself to get a VISXS, so bought the wife some anniversary presents. Did you know some of those Le Creuset pans sell for more than my Avets :eek: (who's fooling whoo_O)
  403. nu2reels

    For Sale Grafighter 700H ( Not sold,buyer flaked) SOLD AGAIN

    To the Original buyer: :finger: idiot dtf: :devil:
  404. nu2reels

    FREE EBAY 15% Off today

    Problem: I don’t know what I need (want :) )
  405. nu2reels

    For Sale Grafighter 700H ( Not sold,buyer flaked) SOLD AGAIN

    When you get stood up, we pay the price LOLLOL
  406. nu2reels

    SOLD Gold TN 20

    Look above your first post for thread tools Like this below and it’ll say edit title Not that I’m happy that I missed this tho LOL
  407. nu2reels

    SOLD Shimano Talica 25 ii (Orange, CA) or (Ontario, CA)

    bump good luck, a few BDer's have been looking for this reel. hopefully they see this post
  408. nu2reels

    Fred hall report - Wed

    SDTT has 12 used jigs for $40 lots of decent ones Saw the 1/2 Cousins Bought the BD swag, Taco swag bag, license renewal, 4/$20 $3/20 reel covers. Got lucky at Turners on close out spectra spools and picked up a Super seeker rod I’ve been eyeballing for a while.
  409. nu2reels

    Anyone know a guy named Cal Stinnett from Nor Cal?

    Show some pics of the rods when u get a chance, might jog some memories. Condolences
  410. nu2reels

    SOLD soldy moldy

    He's teasing us. :p
  411. nu2reels

    For Sale WILD Hand Generator Bait Maker 1950s

    Cool, GLWS can this charge an iPhone?
  412. nu2reels

    Why Newell’s?

    They are lightweight, free spool is excellent when well maintained, the drags are good for the line class, and the light weight spool can help you gently place the anchovies on the boils!
  413. nu2reels

    WTB TRANX 500HG Reel Clamp

    And it works very well
  414. nu2reels

    Tern drag # are wrong.

    since it’s bottoming out on you, it may not have been put back together properly? Be wise to just swing by and have em look at them.....
  415. nu2reels

    SOLD Avet SX Raptor Gunmetal

    Bump with a price reduction before moving to the bay..........
  416. nu2reels

    SOLD Avet SX Raptor Gunmetal

    Relaxing weekend bump
  417. nu2reels

    Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

    Sh!t No One Wants Lol, just kidding, I love the snow! just waiting for that check from Nigeria to clear to be able to take this sweeeet offer!
  418. nu2reels

    WTB 113 side plates

    Are the Red plates you have the standard Penn Plates?
  419. nu2reels

    When is the next Fishing swap meet?

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing this weekend (not a swapmeet but??) Long Beach Rod and Reel Next weekend 23rd
  420. nu2reels

    FHS, what are you looking to purchase?

    I need a new BD hat and T-shirt to tear up. My last hat got lost while fixing a pipe in the crawl space of my house, almost left me trapped down there ( damn gut :hali_olutta: )
  421. nu2reels

    Calstar 90j too much rod for sx raptor?

    That’s a great question, the studs generally are not long and the width is also narrow.
  422. nu2reels

    SOLD Avet SX Raptor Gunmetal

    What to do when it’s raining? Add spectra to a reel! This SX raptor now has 290 yards of 50lb power pro, with just a little room for flouro
  423. nu2reels

    What happened to the primary rule around here?

    :drool: Ahhhh, what where we talking about :eyepoppin
  424. nu2reels

    PSL ~ Ooops

    Was he trying to beach launching?
  425. nu2reels

    Service and Repairs

    Andros 12 and Mak20 for warrantee Mak10/16 for service $90 was a bargain
  426. nu2reels

    SOLD 8ft Truline

    For that asking price, you’d think there would be more pictures.......
  427. nu2reels

    Thoughts on Avet MXJ 6/4 MC

    I'd buy it in a heartbeat and have it serviced by Avet for $40 New they run in the $400+ range. Fish bait or small jig since the reel is narrow. Oh,. and I'll be second in line after Steve LOLLOL
  428. nu2reels


    I’ll in Rams 24 Pats 20
  429. nu2reels

    For Sale High End Vacuum Sealer VacMaster VP112S $350.00 obo

    Freshly caught on the boat and vacuum sealed on the spot! May just be the right forum....LOL
  430. nu2reels

    Adhesives for bonding carbon fiber drag washers

    So, Since the spool already has the pins to anchor the washer, the contact adhesive is just added protection, which may not need a full bond-just enough to keep it from "wiggling".
  431. nu2reels

    Adhesives for bonding carbon fiber drag washers

    Interesting, if your careful you can get a lot out of one of those sheets (roughly 4x4 inches), you just need to know how thick
  432. nu2reels

    WTB Penn 113h Bridge (3-113h)

    Late night reel maintenance? I love it. I’ll look when I get home tonight.
  433. nu2reels

    Repurposed Swapmeet find

    Maybe $10 for it, not an expensive model Yet, ten times the profit though :-) The extra parts may come in handy later on when my dim light bulb flickers again with an idea LOL
  434. nu2reels

    Repurposed Swapmeet find

    Oh, it would of worked great for that.
  435. nu2reels

    Repurposed Swapmeet find

    Thanks, I think I may end up buying another suction line spooler online ($6) as I need a few more parts to dial it in. And can use it with a drill as a stripper too. All this work and the funny thing is I don’t need it, I’m going to give to a buddy that doesn’t have any spooler
  436. nu2reels

    Repurposed Swapmeet find

    Who said line spooler? Found this in the garage and the idea hit me, stock photo here since I already took it apart And made this, uprights had bearings with inner diameter equal to spooler shaft, lucky.
  437. nu2reels

    Repurposed Swapmeet find

    Yes, a foot pedal for a drum. I took it all apart to just the base and uprights:
  438. nu2reels

    Repurposed Swapmeet find

    I’m gonna make this a two part series: I seriously didn’t think it would turn out so cool. I found this for $1, any guesses what it is, at first I had no clue but for a dollar ( and it’s weight on the heavy side as a solid non skid base) why not; What can I make this into????? What would...
  439. nu2reels

    SOLD Makaira 10II SEa

    Selling this seldom used 10II in great condition with box clamp manuals clips but no assembly tool. $400 SOLD Has 40lb mono over spectra, sorry don’t remember the weight. I’ll take a peek later today. One spot of boat rash(last pic) Plenty of pic here but I can send more if you want. I’m near...
  440. nu2reels

    SOLD Avet SX Raptor Gunmetal

    Long bump, just got it serviced.
  441. nu2reels

    Fishin Swap Meets February 9th You should search this forum keyword: Swap meets you’ll get an idea of the different dates of last years swapmeets that will roughly be this year
  442. nu2reels

    Fishin Swap Meets

    Usually here and when someone is nice enough to let us know. Next one of in west San Fernando Valley Elks club I think
  443. nu2reels


    I use a line winder for my reels, and I use the glove method to put tension on the line spool and a lot of drag on the reel to prevent slipping. But, how much pound per square ....I don't know how I would measure that. Maybe enough not to heat up my motor or get the spool hot from my glove and...
  444. nu2reels

    Fishing with Jaime and crushed yellowfins and big yellowtails

    Under my post you should see three red boxes. One says ‘Upload a File’, click on it Then choose where that file is stored, either on your phone (smart phone) or your computer.
  445. nu2reels

    SOLD Penn Handles & more

    I emailed you as well.
  446. nu2reels

    SOLD Penn Handles & more

    Click on my avatar (or anyone's) and then click on "Start a conversation" its what we call PM OR at the top of this page where you see your screen name, click on the word INBOX, you will see I already started the conversation.
  447. nu2reels

    SOLD Penn Handles & more

    I’ll PM the info, thanks
  448. nu2reels

    SOLD Penn Handles & more

    Sold Price drop: Seven handles total $20 shipped flat rate (or local pick up $12 I'm near USC) Penn handles 2 yellow knob 24-115 1 brown knob 24-113H 1yellow knob 24-155 1 black with gold 24-970 Unknowns but may be Daiwa due to the rectangle style connection? 1 stainless w/black knob (unknown)...
  449. nu2reels

    SOLD Talica 25W/Clamp - $450!

    It’s a good deal with line, just the timing (holidays). Hang in there!
  450. nu2reels

    Tuna (lots) jumping outside Newport Harbor this morning!

    New Year’s resolution: tell bigger tale’s Lol, I believe! :puff:
  451. nu2reels

    Reel Manufacturer Question

    Arribe Reel? OOgle it.
  452. nu2reels

    A new way to mount go pro to your hat.

    LOL, make sure your hat is on tight for those windy days. LOL And I hope it’s not tippy when you look over the rail at your catch LOLLOLLOL
  453. nu2reels

    SOLD Albackore backpack and reel bag

    Looks like 3 original Abackore boxes and 2 Plano type boxes Cool, good luck, I’ve always liked this brand
  454. nu2reels

    For Sale Shimano Trinidad TN20 Gold with box and clamps

    Yup, my bad. I just Re-read the rules. Anyways, again, nice reels and welcome to BD’s Free bump
  455. nu2reels

    For Sale Shimano Trinidad TN20 Gold with box and clamps

    Hi Andrew, So, I see this is your first post? Hope this works out for you and Welcome to Bloody Decks. (BTW, you should read the rules for posting on Classifieds :-))
  456. nu2reels

    For Sale Shimano Reels and more. Great deal

    Good luck Greg, this is a deal.
  457. nu2reels

    Okuma Makaira SEA 10ii on Amazon for less than $350.

    >:( used the link above and saw the 344 price, but as soon as I logged in, Amazon :finger: bumped it to MSRP.
  458. nu2reels

    Bluefin are biting!!! Pescador 22nd Street 1.5 day needs a few more

    Looks like only 1 spot left so let us know how it went!
  459. nu2reels

    For Sale I love craigslist...

    For all you guys that missed it:
  460. nu2reels

    TORONADO TUNE-UP 11.01.2018

    Man, I love that stringer! What lb test or do you get a variety made? P.s. Oh yeah, thanks for the report!
  461. nu2reels

    Full accuplate 113h and 113hw. What can they handle?

    You can upgrade the drag with a Newell kit making it a 5 stack for a smoother drag range but as mentioned before, it may not perform in that big bluefin class of reels (single speed=work out).
  462. nu2reels

    For Sale Phenix axis hax 909 hj (30-80)

    It’s in his post between the pics
  463. nu2reels


    Geez Joe, I’m still reading while I’m typing LOL Thanks for sharing!:appl:
  464. nu2reels

    Tranx 500 Casting Problems

    T h e h u l l t r u t h
  465. nu2reels

    For Sale Done done done

    I don’t know the story, but I do know most of those jigs sell for about 1/4 his price on average. Yeah, some good ones mixed in..... so? I’m a touchy feely kinda person nowadays anyways......
  466. nu2reels

    O-95 Tuesdays fishing report

    Don’t think it’s the gear as I’m sure it’s the lure color/type
  467. nu2reels

    Would you toss your bent rod in the ocean?

    With quality reels being made today, just have it serviced when you get back and it’s good to go!
  468. nu2reels

    under gunned?

    :eek: Really? I guess whatever floats your boat! Which color dough bait did you use? LOL
  469. nu2reels

    SOLD Avet SX Raptor Gunmetal

    SOLD I have a used SX Raptor 6/4 MC just serviced by Avet (all new bearings) & now has new 50lb power pro 290 yds of spectra. Some boat rash (see pics) and no clamp. Was $280 NOW $260 Local pick up near downtown Los Angeles preferred. Thanks, Dan Added 50lb power pro 290 yards
  470. nu2reels


    What did they say when you called them? :)
  471. nu2reels

    Need advice on my gear.

    Lofting : definition To cast a bait as far as possible without it flying off your hook or slamming it in the water and killing it. :-)
  472. nu2reels

    Need advice on my gear.

    The Diawa is very versatile so I would concentrate on how to use very well (I.e. casting, lofting a chovy) and you’ll be fine. Having different setups is fine, but learning how to use them well is key!
  473. nu2reels

    WTB Or Trade! Blue Matador Jig

    Hey Bob, Is the blue like closer to a grey?
  474. nu2reels

    WTB Looking to buy Jigs, Surface Irons

    Since your new to jigs, consider searching the boards for more info on what to look for in a jig that may help you catch. Take Brads advice, why spend $10 on two jigs that don’t swim well, when you can choose a good swimming $10 jig. Also, go to a tackle shop and take 5 of the same type of...
  475. nu2reels

    Custom made jigs

    That’s cool, so if you lose it to a big toad and we find it, do we have to return it? :-)
  476. nu2reels

    WTB Looking to buy Jigs, Surface Irons

    Chit Chat section swap meet in West Valley Aug 26? A lot closer
  477. nu2reels


    Lots of peeps around here talking about swap meets now. Bump it so they can find it on top
  478. nu2reels

    Free Rod Wrapper

    Saw another post from someone looking for a wrapper setup for the 8 and 10 y olds to start learning...
  479. nu2reels

    TLD 30II Pre-Program Dial Slips Unscrews Mystery?

    From my limited experience (disclaimer o_O) the parts that get most wear: 154 196 (spacer) Then the o-ring 153 and spring 152
  480. nu2reels

    TLD 30II Pre-Program Dial Slips Unscrews Mystery?

    Seems you will be calling Shimano soon........ Pull the lever assembly and look at the parts for wear and ensure the lever and Part 11 are aligned properly A bit ago I had a 30 and the lever would not go past Strike because I didn’t align it properly, just thinking out loud.
  481. nu2reels

    For Sale Torque 40NLD- 76 Predator Combo

    Bump for a cool set up :drool:
  482. nu2reels

    TLD 30II Pre-Program Dial Slips Unscrews Mystery?

    Oh, and the spacers under the lever not in the diagram
  483. nu2reels

    TLD 30II Pre-Program Dial Slips Unscrews Mystery?

    The knob doesn’t wear as much as Part 10 o-ring and Part 11 takes the most abuse/wear at the V bottom part of it ( sorry don’t know the technical term :) )
  484. nu2reels

    TLD 30II Pre-Program Dial Slips Unscrews Mystery?

    Did you have another reel right up against it. Bumpy seas? Or a buddy messing with you?
  485. nu2reels

    Struck oil today on the sea adventure 80

    Wow, now I know what an Escolar looks like. Cool
  486. nu2reels

    NLA 7/15/18

    Congrats! BTW, that guy standing behind you watching you take that glory pic thinking to himself “ $#it, you lucky .... “ me my last trip :D:D :notworthy
  487. nu2reels

    7/14 good day for yellowtails and tunas

    Nice, thanks for the report. And they are never toooooo long! :-)
  488. nu2reels

    SOLD Okuma Mak 50 II SEa 130lb JB Hollow

    Pending meeting on Thursday...
  489. nu2reels

    Whats included and what is extra?

    How long is “long range” you looking for?
  490. nu2reels

    Video: New PENN line spooler

    So it looks like your getting more line, almost like a bag a chips, big n fluffy until you open it and see only a few bites worth! LOL
  491. nu2reels

    Video: New PENN line spooler

    I like this one better than my recent purchase of the Super Spooler because of the drag. But a line counter option would be nice.
  492. nu2reels

    Spooling avet sx raptor. Line jumps at edges of spool

    I’m a little spoiled since I bought line winder. I use the leather glove technique on the Spool and guide the spectra line with a towel. Man I live my line winder! :devil:
  493. nu2reels

    Spooling avet sx raptor. Line jumps at edges of spool

    When I Spool a reel I stay away from the edges 1 or 2 sweeps across to avoid that. So by the third sweep it’s a small dip and doesn’t jump off.
  494. nu2reels

    Does the New Seaforth release all sport coats?

    is that like a private club “sport coat”?
  495. nu2reels

    Gail Force 7/3 Big Bass-Big Yellas !

    You know you had a great trip when you neighbor can’t access his sack! Congrats! And thanks for the post.
  496. nu2reels

    $400 2.5 day on Tomahawk leaving tonight

    Oh man, got to take the wifee to some appointments tomorrow. Someone needs to jump on this!
  497. nu2reels

    SOLD Okuma Mak 50 II SEa 130lb JB Hollow

    I bought this used reel from another BDer (I know well) after the reel was serviced by Okuma. I just double checked with my bud and it’s filled with 130 lb JB hollow. I went down 150 yards just to check the line. Wayyy to much reel for me right now since I have an Avet HX 3 speed for what’s...
  498. nu2reels

    FREE Trinidads A series

    Read the review, imagine getting it snagged and lost on the first cast >:(
  499. nu2reels

    For Sale Trinidad 16NA, saltiga 40, Tiburon 16, Torque 25

    Remove it from the uploaded file list when your editing, you can’t just delete the picture.
  500. nu2reels

    Must Sell Reels and Rods

    From 2 years ago? Good luck!
  501. nu2reels

    Pacific Star sold

    Well, welcome back and thank you for posting this info.
  502. nu2reels

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Oh, I got mine yesterday! Glad it was delivered before they figured it out!
  503. nu2reels

    Y'all Remember the Old BD

    I’ve only been around for 10 years, How time fly’s by....... But do remember reading about the member salutes of the past, :notworthy
  504. nu2reels

    Fathers day on the Freedom

    I think its time to drink :720icon:
  505. nu2reels

    Fathers day on the Freedom

    With your luck, it might not open. :-) Seriously tho, did you remember to use hooks? :D Sometimes you gotta just enjoy the irony.
  506. nu2reels

    Catalina on the Patriot 6/13/18

    Nice! Thanks for the report.
  507. nu2reels

    For Sale Krokodile spoons big

    Post some pics of the back side, so we see the model # Thanks, D
  508. nu2reels

    Help, wife wants me to catch fish and cook dinner while Maui

    Pics please :D for the ones chained to their desks and having to live through you at the moment
  509. nu2reels

    Diawa J Braid 4X

    Thanks for the update, I always tape my thumb and index finger for that reason, Spectra always cuts, even after a long day and your skin has softened due to the saltwater from the bait tank.
  510. nu2reels

    Xtratuff boots size

    9 You want to be comfortable. Some say they stretch, mine never did.
  511. nu2reels

    MAK 8 SEa spool line post

  512. nu2reels

    MAK 8 SEa spool line post

    I personally do not use tape if i'm tying to the arbor, spectra wont slip. I also wax on wax off every spool before I load up and take a Qutip to the arbor area. (also makes the reel smell good :-)after a good wax).
  513. nu2reels

    Bad Ads Thread

    Hey Jason, lots of spam posts popping up
  514. nu2reels

    Mexico Commercial BFT fishing SHUT DOWN

    So does anyone know when the “release” will take place? :D
  515. nu2reels

    FREE Who knows member "Justin Cardenas" - selling Accurate Valiants?

    PayPal is a virtual bank you can’t walk too. And thinking of this scenario, I would be in a coma for two weeks if I had lost my phone LOL I think I need to back up my phone now........
  516. nu2reels

    For Sale Just found these on ebay

    Yup, but make sure the seller has Selling rating, lots of new sellers with 0 rating. You do get your money back but it takes a month and you lose out on that coupon which could of been used on a legit seller..... I know from experience :hali_parkutuli:[lost that 20% coupon a while back]
  517. nu2reels

    WTB Fishing Rod Rack?

    I bought two from Turners, plastic but so far so good when they are on sale.
  518. nu2reels

    Tac 20 Coversion with Cal’s

    Best to check his website, the price sheet has a ton of info for a variety of reels and whatever you want done.
  519. nu2reels

    For Sale Okuma Makaira 30ii-SEa

    I picked up a another reel from abusaade and saw this reel. It’s legit, too bad I’m looking for the 20. That JB Hollow is no joke! Good luck bro!
  520. nu2reels

    Sportking - (4/28) Catalina

    thanks for sharing, bet it felt good to get those surface bites!
  521. nu2reels

    For Sale Shimano TLD 30II with Tiburon frame

    SOLD Picked it up a bit ago and have not used it so it’s up for grabs. I just replaced the drag washer and oiled the bearings. Internals are 9.5/10 and comsmetically about the same. Spooled with exactly 510 yards of 80lb spectra with plenty of room for a top shot. Picked up preferred near...
  522. nu2reels

    4/25/18 1/2 day on the Patriot

    Thanks for taking the time to update us.
  523. nu2reels

    is it normal for fish pupils to turn white after being frozen?

    If the fish is old, probably cateracts :-)
  524. nu2reels

    How to solder solid rings

    Waiting for a video that shows the average Joe how to do it in the garage
  525. nu2reels

    FREE Ebay Coupon 20%

    only can be used from the list of Select Sellers when you click "See Details" (for the list)
  526. nu2reels

    Top gun 80 4-27 trip

    Geez, get on the boat and tell us how it went. We want to know you killed IT.
  527. nu2reels

    Best Garage Sale Score - I Got GOLD!

    Ok here’s mine: Last week my son drops me off near a metro rail station and we’re talking for a minute when a guy walks up and says “you here for the estate sale?” I’m like “no, just getting dropped off, but anyways I would be interested in any fishing stuff”. He said “ Yeah, I think I saw some...
  528. nu2reels

    WTB Tackle bag-Albakore or SKB or Open Water

    I got one bro, it’s an Albacore. PM me
  529. nu2reels

    Need help with fishing

    So what McRae is saying who ever helps you should do it for free, I would call Dana Landing, the fuel dock and the Ocean institute to see if they already have samples or can help you that day. Kinda short notice by the way, why you procrastinating?? o_O
  530. nu2reels

    UCLA area ?

    I would call the school, this is what I pulled from their website: “The Community Housing Office offers resources to students interested in finding different types of privately-owned housing in neighborhoods close to campus.” Start here first, get to know the area her first year, then make a...
  531. nu2reels

    WTB DACRON Line - 8lb.

    Wow, that’s some tiny line! Never new they made Dacron that small in diameter. Good luck....
  532. nu2reels

    Vintage Wahoo Jig?

    Hopkins spoons are also used when making a killler lingcod rig, it’s addred to the split ring between the line and the larger lead head.
  533. nu2reels

    For Sale swapmeets

    There’s a few threads already going on for this topic but here’s a cut and past: SUNDAY APRIL 22nd... 7am-3pm 22ND ST Landing 141 W. 22nd Street in San Pedro 310-832-8304 APRIL 29th 7 am. Dan Hernandez 11138 Business Circle Cerritos, CA MAY 20th...7 am – 12:30 pm Dick Sherrer Marine 12328 E...
  534. nu2reels

    Craigslist add of the week

    Zip ties? holding the pvc? Who would of thought LOLLOL
  535. nu2reels

    DATD 2018 Blue Pacific Tackle Specials (Who is Going)

    Working hard!!! Good luck......:D
  536. nu2reels


    If this is an example of your sales they will sell quickly. Too bad we won’t see you on the water, but hope you entertain us sometime with a story or two.. Good luck!
  537. nu2reels

    Shogun with 44 BFT

    Greg posted earlier today with pics
  538. nu2reels

    Age old jigs.

    Welcome to BD by the way! :)
  539. nu2reels

    Age old jigs.

    Easy to replace the treble on those split rings. Also, are they heavy? Might be good for rockfishing. If they are light, toss em and see if they swim.
  540. nu2reels

    Cal Sheets??

    My take is this ( and you have valid questions) People buy things all the time, specially cars. When the mustang came around, a guy named Shelby made it better. So when a good reel came onto the market, someone made it better- not for the masses but for the select few that want it to perform...