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  1. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Sold

    $360 shipped or $350 pick up
  2. PAULKIM42

    For Sale **REDUCED PRICE* Shimano Terez Rail Rod 72XH

    please call or text me at 714-883-2730
  3. PAULKIM42

    SOLD United Composites RUS Predator and Tilefish Factory rods

    Hello BD, up for sale. used in great condition RUS Predator and RUS Tilefish Factory Rods RUS Predator 50-80#l Fast Action 7'6" $260Firm RUS Tilefish 8 ft 30-60# Extra Fast Action 8ft (lost the gimble cap) $280Firm text 714-883-2730 if interested Paul
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    SOLD Sold

    sold 8 and 16
  5. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Sold

  6. PAULKIM42

    For Sale Daiwa saltiga 40ld 2 speed

    $320.00 shipped to 90703?
  7. PAULKIM42

    For Sale **REDUCED PRICE* Shimano Terez Rail Rod 72XH

    Selling Shimano Terez Rail Rod 72XH 100-150lb Braid line. $290 ROD LOWER TO $280FIRM *****TALICA25 SOLD***** pick up in Cerritos or Tustin. Text 714-883-273zero
  8. PAULKIM42

    WTB Talica 8 reel clamp set

    I’ll take a set if you got extras. Please text me at 714-883-2730 thanks Paul.
  9. PAULKIM42

    SOLD sold sold sold

    Listed for sale is a used in good condition Phenix Diamond PSW 700H 20-60 line rating and Shimano Terez 80Mh Black in good condition. pick up in Cerritos or Tustin. $165.00 each or $300 both If interested please PM or text 714-883-273zero Paul
  10. PAULKIM42

    WTB 30# & 40# - Rods Light weight (7ft-8ft)

    I have a used in good condition Phenix Black Diamond PSW 700H. pick up in Cerritos $170.00
  11. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Okuna Mak 15T pending. $200 Accurate Tern 400x

    Hello BDer. I have a couple of reels for sale. both are used in excellent condition. No fish were caught on Mak 15T and few YFT on Tern 400x. Reels can be pick up in Cerritos or Tustin. NO trade! Okuma Mak 15T Gunmetal color loaded with 80lb J-braid Muti-color 400yrds +/- with box and clamp...
  12. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Seeker White Tiger CJBF70F

    Sorry it’s long gone and regretting big time:zelfmoord
  13. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Trinidad TN 14 New Condition (trade] Tranx Lexa 400?

    I'll be on stand by. any 16 or 20 for sale?
  14. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Phenix Hybird 760XH Like new $280

    used in great condition, could pass for new. $320 picked in Cerritos. Text/call 714-883-273zero. Thanks Paul
  15. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Ulua- 10ft CEX - Pics Added

    Jim, sorry to hear about your situation will keep you in prayers.
  16. PAULKIM42

    SOLD UC RCE 700XH 40-60 lb test

    Hello BD, up sale is a Used UC Elite RCE 700XH 40-60 line test in good condition. Can pick up the rod in Tustin or Cerritos. Asking $200 or trade for UC RCE Del Mar 9’ Text 724-883-2730 Paul
  17. PAULKIM42

    For Sale Shimano Flatfalls, LOWERED PRICE

    Hello, Shimano Flatfall jigs. 2 set of 2 rigged 200g and 160g $50 OR $57 SHIPPED Can pick up in Tustin during the day and Cerritos in the evening. Shipping available at your $. Any questions text Paul at 714-883-2730 Thanks
  18. PAULKIM42

    WTB Daiwa Saltiga factory clamp hardware

    I think I have the SA 30t full set.
  19. PAULKIM42

    WTB 8ft 30/40# rod

    Shimano Terez 80mh $180
  20. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Tern 400

    Would this work? 50lb powerpro. One boat ride. No box
  21. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    Sold pending pick up.
  22. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    Used on 1.5 day trip, no fish; could pass for new. Spooled with 80lb J-braid 450yds +/- $240 firm Located in Cerritos Text 714-883-273zero Paul
  23. PAULKIM42

    WTB Shimano Blackmoon Tackle Bag.

    text to 714-883-2730 with price, condition, and location for pick up. location Cerritos/Tustin Thanks
  24. PAULKIM42

    SOLD G. Loomis IMX-Pro Blue $245obo

    yes, and will ship for additional $25
  25. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Sold

    Great deal! I wish I was closer.
  26. PAULKIM42

    For Sale Shimano Terez, 80m and 80mh black

    Used in good condition, some yellowing on the 80m, almost none on the 80mh, TZC80MBLK 8' 0'' Medium Fast 30-65 Powerpro line $160 TZC80MHBLK 8' 0'' Med-Heavy Fast 40-80 Powerpro line $180 Pick up in Cerritos, Bloomfield ave and south st or Tustin Lexus. **will post Pictures later**...
  27. PAULKIM42

    WTB Penn Fathom 25NLD 2speed

    new or like now conditions only. Text Price and location To 714-8832730 Paul
  28. PAULKIM42

    For Sale SOLD THANKS BD!

    Great deal on killer reel! I’ll take the handle. Can you ship? Text me at 714-883-2730 Paul
  29. PAULKIM42

    WTB Shimano terez tzc80mh black

    I got one. Can pick up in Cerritos or Tustin... 714-883-2730
  30. PAULKIM42

    SOLD moved

    pm sent
  31. PAULKIM42

    SOLD * or trade BNIB AVET HXJ Raptor $370

    Few interested but still available
  32. PAULKIM42

    WTB RUS Tilefish 8 ft 30-60# Factory rod.

    please text 714-883-2730 paul
  33. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Fish sticks

    #8- shimano terez tzc70hblk Used $ in line.
  34. PAULKIM42

    SOLD * or trade BNIB AVET HXJ Raptor $370

    BNIB Avet HXJ Raptor in Silver 80LB J-Braid 450yds $380 pick up in Cerritos or Tustin. $395 shipped PayPal Interested in Mint TN 16A, Calstar 775xh Text 714-883-273zero Paul
  35. PAULKIM42

    SOLD G. Loomis IMX-Pro Blue $245obo

    New G. Loomis IMX-Pro Blue 904C 20-65lb line rated 7’6” $320 OBO Pick up in Cerritos or Tustin 714-883-273zero Paul
  36. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Afco Glove, Reel Covers, Rod Socks and Rod Strap

    $8o or $75 picked up Cerritos or Tustin area PayPal or Venmo text 714-883-2730
  37. PAULKIM42

    SOLD $180obo Nomad Rolling Tackle bag (med size)with tackles

    the Fluorocarbon lines are used not sure much in the spool. Please see pictures, any questions please Text 714-883-2730 $180 Thanks Paul
  38. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Shimano Flat falls and more...

    Top300g Nomad brand Shimano 250g flat fall rigged with 130lb pink label paid $40 last fall. Shimano 200g Shimano ColtSniper 100g and 60g All for $50 or $60shiiped Pick up in Tustin during the day and Cerritos in the evenings.can take PayPal or Venmo. Thanks Text Paul @ 714-883-2730
  39. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Shimano Orca, waxwing, jigs and poppers

    $58 shipped can accept Paypal or Venmo as payment text 714-883-273zero Paul
  40. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Shimano Talica 12II 2 speed $350

    Terez sold. add $10 for shipping
  41. PAULKIM42

    SOLD ***PRICE LOWER*** $Klipsch Home Theater System and Yamaha RX-V661 Home theater receiver

    Used in good working condition, Klipsch Home Theater System with 5 speakers, subwoofer, Rocketfish wireless rear speaker, and extra cable. Yamaha RX-V661 Home theater receiver with remote. $145obo $100 located in Cerritos for pick up text 714-883-2730
  42. PAULKIM42


    Sold? if not next in line.
  43. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Shimano Talica 12II 2 speed $350

    $360 for the reel only or $420 with Maxcuatro. lmk
  44. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Shimano Talica 12II 2 speed $350

    Shimano Talica 12II speed, 65lb Izorline comes with box, tool, and clamp $350firm or add $10 for shipping PayPal as gift or add 3.5% fees text 714-883-2730 Paul
  45. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Sold. Thanks Ryan! Merry Christmas to BD family.

    Thanks Steve, price adjust to $395.85
  46. PAULKIM42

    For Sale Okuma Andros 16IIa**

    sold, please delete,
  47. PAULKIM42

    For Sale 80lb & 100lb Maxcuatro 500yd. 1 100lb 300yd

    I'll take it. what's your Paypal? shipped to 90703
  48. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Sold Ty

    600N sold
  49. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Sold. Thanks Ryan! Merry Christmas to BD family.

  50. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Sold. Thanks Ryan! Merry Christmas to BD family.

    Predator pending pick up tomorrow.
  51. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Sold Ty

    Thanks for the offer but no thanks.
  52. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Sold Ty

    Still available
  53. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Sold Ty

    That’s $450 Shipped. If you’re picking up I can do $430.
  54. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Sold Ty

    Beast of reel. Very smooth and powerful.
  55. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Sold Ty

    Bump with lowered price.
  56. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Sold Ty

    Thanks BD
  57. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Sold. Thanks Ryan! Merry Christmas to BD family.

    Pending trade for new 16a. Added mint condition 16a
  58. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Sold. Thanks Ryan! Merry Christmas to BD family.

    Selling few excellent condition factory’rods UC Centaur 70 $330 located in Cerritos for pick up. if Interested please Text 714-883-2730 Paul
  59. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Shimano Talica 10 2speed Reel for TranX 500 HG or PG

    I don't have a Tranx but how about a mint condition Trinidad 16A?
  60. PAULKIM42

    Bluefin Techniques and Observations (what worked, what didn’t )

    Great read thanks for sharing. :hali_olutta:
  61. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Acurate Bx2 400

    Comes with rod clamp kit?
  62. PAULKIM42

    For Sale Delete BD

    Killer deal as alway! :drool:
  63. PAULKIM42

    TRADE RUS Tilefish 8 for RUS Predator 7'6"

    Hello, I have a used in great condition RUS Tilefish 8' trade for a RUS Predator 7'6" (factory rod). located in Cerritos/Tustin Text 714-883-2730 Paul
  64. PAULKIM42

    SOLD United Composites US Monster 85XH 30-60 line,

    FYI- Rod has original owners name on it
  65. PAULKIM42

    SOLD United Composites US Monster 85XH 30-60 line,

    Hey Jim, I can sell you the clamp if someone wants to buy the reel only. $360/$30?
  66. PAULKIM42

    For Sale United Composites RCX70 CENTAUR 60-100lb $360

    Yes. It’s $550 for reel only and $400 for the rod or $900 for the combo.
  67. PAULKIM42

    SOLD United Composites US Monster 85XH 30-60 line,

    United Composites US85Monster XH 30-60 line $200 Shimano Tranx 500PG Loaded with 65L super 8 Slick w/Tiburon Clamp SOLD Thank you! prefer local pick up in Cerritos area, PayPal F&F and Venmo okay Text 714-883-2730 Paul
  68. PAULKIM42

    For Sale United Composites RCX70 CENTAUR 60-100lb $360

    Bump back up for sale. About 550yards
  69. PAULKIM42

    For Sale United Composites RCX70 CENTAUR 60-100lb $360

    For sale: went on 2 trips. No fish. Excellent condition. United Composite RCX70 CENTAUR 60-100lb line rating. $360firm pick up in Cerritos (evenings) or Tustin (during the day) , accept Paypal friends/family or pay 3.5% fees Txt 714-883-2730 Paul
  70. PAULKIM42

    Warranty on G- Loomis rod

    Hello, I am not sure this would be cover by rod warranty. my G- Loomis Pelagic A PSR-90-25 C-SU snapped, trying to bounce football size Bonita. if so, can I take it to Shimano Center in Irvine? I'm not the original owner of the rod, recently bought it off fellow BD member. Thanks in...
  71. PAULKIM42

    For Sale Shimano Terez TZC80HBLK 50-100 braid line

    I bought this rod on Shimano day at Longfin, used 1 trip could pass for new. $210.00 pick up Cerritos/Tustin, will be at Point Loma Landing around 6 pm tomorrow. cash or PayPal friends and family or pay 3.5% fee Please text 714-883-273zero Paul .
  72. PAULKIM42


    looks like a custom rod. I'm looking for 7'6" rod.
  73. PAULKIM42

    For Sale Shimano Tranx 300HG $200firm

    very minor scratches used in good condition $200.Firm Text 714-883-273zero Paul
  74. PAULKIM42

    WTB WTB Mak 20 SEA

    did you get my PM
  75. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Seeker White Tiger CJBF70F

    Happy Labor Day! for sell is a Custom warped 1st Gen Seeker White Tiger CJBF70F 10-40 line rating, i got this rod as a package trade deal to fish 20lb class but it's just too beautiful fish. :p $280Firm if interested please text/call 714-883-2730 Thanks Paul
  76. PAULKIM42

    WTB Shimano Tranx 500 HG with Tiburon Clamp

    I have a PG if you’re interested.
  77. PAULKIM42

    SOLD LNIB Shimano Talica 12II $430

    bump with lower price on Talica 12. mak 30 sold
  78. PAULKIM42

    SOLD New Talica 12ii

    I'll take the Talica 12 in the second picture :-)
  79. PAULKIM42

    WTB United Composite RCX76 CENTAUR

    714-883-273zero thanks
  80. PAULKIM42

    SOLD LNIB Shimano Talica 12II $430

    Shimano Talica 12II Filled with 80lb Maxcuatro 480yds +/- Comes with rod clamp kit and box $450 No trade!!! Perfer face to face deal but will ship at your dime. PayPal f&f or add 3.5% fee. Please Txt 714-883-273o Paul
  81. PAULKIM42

    SOLD *Sold Delete* UC Del Mar 900 Jig stick

    Nice rod! Where abouts in LA?
  82. PAULKIM42

    SOLD 2 Rigged Falt fall 250g Glow in the Dark. $45shipped

    Both flat falls rigged with 150lb mono. $50 or $57 shipped with PayPal Text 714-883-2730 Paul
  83. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Calstar GFGR 700H $200--$180

    Used Calstar GFGR 700H 30-80 line with gimbal some paint peeling round the guides. Otherwise no issues. Please see pictures for the condition of the rod. Asking $200 Pick up in Cerritos or Tustin area. For faster response txt 714-883-2730 Paul
  84. PAULKIM42


    I have a used factory Calstar 700h with gimbal in good condition. $200. If Interested please text 714-883-2730 Paul
  85. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Bnib Tranx 500HG -

    about 320yds. reel sold
  86. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Bnib Tranx 500HG -

    Selling Brand new in box Shimano Tranx 500HG spooled wth 80lb Maxcuatro. $450 picked up or $470 shipped No Trade! Pick up in Cerritos or Tustin PayPal f&f or buyer pays fees. For faster response txt 7148832730
  87. PAULKIM42

    SOLD BNIB Daiwa Lexa HD 400H-P $180.00

    lowered price $180 pick up only
  88. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Shimano Teramar 80h DH $100

    Good condition $100firm Txt 714883270 Paul
  89. PAULKIM42

    SOLD BNIB Daiwa Lexa HD 400H-P $180.00

    Bnib never fish. Daiwa Lexa-HD 400H-P 6.3:1 loaded 80lb J-braid. $210 shipped. PayPal f/f located in Cerritos 90703 Txt 7148832730 for faster response
  90. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Factory Calstar Grafighter GFGR 875-H with reel seat

    any interest in a trade for a mint condition PSW 909XHJ?
  91. PAULKIM42

    WTB TN 14 spool & side plate

    I have a new one at home, how about $45 shipped?
  92. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Shimano Teramar 80H $110. Phenix PSW 909xhJ $220

    Bump with lower price $220 for PSW 909xhj $110 for 80h
  93. PAULKIM42

    WTB Tiburon clamp for Lexa 400hd

    please call or text 714-883-2730. Thanks Paul
  94. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Keeping it, pls delete.

    Great deal as always, very tempting :p
  95. PAULKIM42

    WTB Shimano Terez TZC80HBLK

    please text me at 714-883-2730 Thanks Paul
  96. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Shimano Teramar 80H $110. Phenix PSW 909xhJ $220

    Used in good condition Shimano Teramar 80H Deckhand 20-40 line $100 Like new Phenix Black Diamond PSW 909xhj 30-80 line Deckhand $220 Pick up in Cerritos or Tustin in the day. Text 714-883-2730 Paul
  97. PAULKIM42

    WTB RUS Tilefish Jr

    text 714-883-2730 Pau;
  98. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Daiwa Saltiga SA 30t $350 shipped OR $320 PICK UP

    used in excellent condition Daiwa Saltiga 30T . $350 used in great condition Saltiga SA 20 sold pick up Cerritos/Tustin text 714-883-2730 Paul
  99. PAULKIM42

    SOLD FS-Red Avet clamp kit $25.00 shipped

    yes, it's available, pm with paypal info. thanks
  100. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Mint Shimano Trinidad 20a $380

    For sale is a like new never fished, Shimano Trinidad 20A loaded with 80lb powerpro to brim, come with box and rod clamp kit. $380 Firm!!!! No Trades or low ball offers please! Located in Cerritos for pick or add $15 for shipping with PayPal f&f text 714-883-273zero Paul
  101. PAULKIM42

    SOLD FS-Red Avet clamp kit $25.00 shipped

    Mahalo! Will ship later today!
  102. PAULKIM42

    SOLD FS-Red Avet clamp kit $25.00 shipped

    Art, please call or text me if still interested. 714-883-2730
  103. PAULKIM42

    2008 Nissan quest minivan for sale

  104. PAULKIM42

    Avet Penn Shimano Reels for Sale

    will you ship? Avet HXW Raptor w/ 100lb jerry brown braid ($350)
  105. PAULKIM42

    SOLD FS-Red Avet clamp kit $25.00 shipped

    Avet rod clamp kit for JX, LX, and HX $30 each shipped PayPal f&f Paul
  106. PAULKIM42

    wtb-Factory wrapped United Composites Tilefish jr 7-6

    714-883-2730 thanks paul
  107. PAULKIM42


    $100 lot.
  108. PAULKIM42

    SOLD F/S Avet HXW Raptor 3 speed

    Drop off at my work and you can pick up my house.
  109. PAULKIM42

    Veterans - Sound Off....

    89-93 USMC Happy Birthday Marines!
  110. PAULKIM42

    Halco Haymakers

    I'll take it if still available 714-883-2730 Paul
  111. PAULKIM42

    WTB-United Composites Raptor 7' OR 7'6" complete rod.

    Text @ 714-883-2730 Paul
  112. PAULKIM42

    WTB- Shimano Terez rail rod

    Please text @ 714-883-2730 Thanks in advance.
  113. PAULKIM42

    United Composites US80H / USMC

    Out -fin-standing!
  114. PAULKIM42

    FS: Saltiga, Avet, GUSA/UR, Seeker

    i'll take it, GUSA - 80mag - custom w/ EVA split but with fuji trigger seat, Fuji alconites 15-30# $150. meet up in OC area.
  115. PAULKIM42

    RODBUILDER 3M cold shrink 5 pieces BEST OFFER

    i'll take it.text me your paypal info to 714-883-2730 and total cost to ship to 90703.
  116. PAULKIM42

    please delete

    Added 90j
  117. PAULKIM42

    please delete

    few nibbles, no takers yet.
  118. PAULKIM42

    please delete

    Yes, brand new rod that when on a boat ride no fish,
  119. PAULKIM42

    please delete

    No thanks
  120. PAULKIM42

    please delete

    I'll be at H&M landing Friday Aug/25 going on a overnight trip. PayPal $220 f&f to [email protected] rod is your. Semper Fi.
  121. PAULKIM42

    please delete

    please delete
  122. PAULKIM42

    WTS Accurate Dauntless 600

    Great deal and seller! Thanks for selling that reel. :p:
  123. PAULKIM42

    WTS Accurate Dauntless 600

    Great deal! very tempting.
  124. PAULKIM42

    WTB-Shimano Trinidad 20 (gold)

    please text @ 714-883-2730 Thanks
  125. PAULKIM42


    No problem, I'll get it service by Shimano.
  126. PAULKIM42


    Taco Tuesday bump!
  127. PAULKIM42

    FS: Shimano Talica 25ii 2-Speed

    how about BNIB 12 or 16 2speed?
  128. PAULKIM42


    Yes. I have, should get it serviced drags are little sticky.
  129. PAULKIM42


    That would work. please text me @ 714-883-2730 Thanks Jim!
  130. PAULKIM42


    Bump with lower price $380
  131. PAULKIM42


  132. PAULKIM42


    Please delete
  133. PAULKIM42

    WTB-Shimano Trinidad 20 (gold)

    please text at 714-883-273zero Thanks in Advance Paul
  134. PAULKIM42

    SOLD Accutare 600N 2 speed

    Great deal! Very tempting :D
  135. PAULKIM42

    WTB-Tiburon clamp for Tranx 500

    looking for Tiburon rod clamp kit for Tranx 500,. text 714-883-2730 Thanks in advance. Paul
  136. PAULKIM42

    Daiwa saltiga clamp system/tiburon style

    Would it fits on Tranx 500? If so I'll take it.
  137. PAULKIM42

    ShimANo, Shimano and more Shimano

    pm for m and h Terez rods
  138. PAULKIM42

    Knot Pullers for Spectra and Hooks - $20 - $30 (Models A and C Available)

    Looking to purchase a model C. PayPal waiting. Thanks!
  139. PAULKIM42

    SOLD: Custom CJBF80 w/titanium guides

    Congrats Jim! i'm jealous:p
  140. PAULKIM42

    SOLD: Custom CJBF80 w/titanium guides

    You're asking the wrong question. OBO=or best offer. you should make your best offer. killer looking rod!
  141. PAULKIM42

    Avet SX 6/4 2speed in good condition

    reel is loaded with 50lb power pro. What you see is what you.get. $180 shipped If interested text 714-883-2730 Paul
  142. PAULKIM42

    Rods and Reels for sale

    I'll take this one.
  143. PAULKIM42

    WTB 7ft rod to fish 80 lb This should work!
  144. PAULKIM42

    Shimano Trinidad 14 spool

    New Shimano Trinidad 14 spool. $35 shipped PayPal f&f Text 714-883-2730. paul
  145. PAULKIM42

    WTS - United Composites

    Hey Hoss, any Predator rod for sale?
  146. PAULKIM42


    so where are you located for pick up?
  147. PAULKIM42

    WTS New Okuma Andros 12siia Reel

    Great deal! buy with confidence :-) very tempting:D
  148. PAULKIM42

    Custom factory wrap HD-8

    I am! No, actually i am looking for $20 million house...after i hit the power ball lottery 3 times in a roll. LOL
  149. PAULKIM42

    saltist ld 30 2-speed tiburon clamp

    I'll take it, 714-883-2730 Paul
  150. PAULKIM42


    Happy Birthday Devil Dog! God Bless America! Semper Fidelis!
  151. PAULKIM42

    WTB-PHD 760XH

    text 714-883-2730 Thanks Paul
  152. PAULKIM42


  153. PAULKIM42

    Shimano Black rod Clamp $40

    $40 shipped
  154. PAULKIM42

    2- Avet JX raptors

    Yes, it is a sliver color in excellent condition. Great Deal!
  155. PAULKIM42

    United composites 85 mega

    i'll take it. Meet up tomorrow in OC. text me at 714-883-2730
  156. PAULKIM42

    For Sale - Avet LX 2 speed MC & Super Seeker rod combo

    I'll take the rod, emailed yesturday.
  157. PAULKIM42

    Interested in your rods please text me at 714.883 2730

    Interested in your rods please text me at 714.883 2730
  158. PAULKIM42


    You might want to check it again...OP is selling Andros 5IIn not Okuma Fishing Tackle M-5II Metaloid
  159. PAULKIM42

    FS-Okuma Andros 5IIa $260.00

    bump with lower price
  160. PAULKIM42

    FS-Daiwa Saltist 35LD 2 speed

  161. PAULKIM42

    FS-Okuma Andros 5IIa $260.00

    Good Condition Okuma Andros 5IIa 2 speed loaded with 65L Hi-Vis Yellow power pro Asking $270.00 No trade!!! Pick up in Tustin or Cerritos text 7148832730 Paul
  162. PAULKIM42

    FS-Daiwa Saltist 35LD 2 speed

    Selling, Daiwa Saltist 35LD 2-speed. Used only twice. Filled with 65# braid almost to brim Asking $250.00OBO pick up in Tustin (day) or Cerrtios (evenings) can be shipped at your expense. (paypay as gift only) if interested text, 714-883-2730
  163. PAULKIM42

    Bruce Lee Weave

    You got kong Fu!!!!:appl:
  164. PAULKIM42

    FS-SHIMANO TEREZ ROD 80H 50-100 $170

    No particular reasons, i have other 50lb rated rod so this one needs to go. thanks
  165. PAULKIM42

    FS-SHIMANO TEREZ ROD 80H 50-100 $170

    USED BUT IN GOOD CONDITION, SHIMANO TEREZ TZC80HBLK 8'0 Heavy Fast 50-100 BRAID MINOR RUST ON YOU KNOW WHERE... $170.00 firm pick up in Tustin or Cerritos if interested text me @ 7148832730
  166. PAULKIM42

    Okuma Andros 5ii

    check ur pm
  167. PAULKIM42

    Calstar GFTR760M price drop

    i'm interested please text me 714-883-2730
  168. PAULKIM42

    Red Accurate - Daiwa - UC - Pro Gear

    would you take 10,000 won? and you have to meet me in Cerritos.
  169. PAULKIM42

    WTB-Calstar gf 800m or 850m with reel seat

    Hello! i am looking for mint condition factory Calstart 800 m or 850m with reel seat. perfer local pick up, i am located in 90703 please text me @ 714-883-273zero if you got what i am look for. Thanks Happy 4th of July!
  170. PAULKIM42


    Shimano Totium 16hg Used once like new loaded 30lb izorline mono
  171. PAULKIM42

    FS-Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid Rods

    Don't hold your breath buddy, OP already declined offer closer to asking price...Bump for awesome rod.
  172. PAULKIM42


    I have one text me at 714-883-2730
  173. PAULKIM42

    please delete, sold

    LOWER TO $210.00
  174. PAULKIM42


    I'll take the 500N Red
  175. PAULKIM42

    please delete, sold

    Thank you! lower price.
  176. PAULKIM42

    please delete, sold

    :-) I was referring to the reel that used last worries, we're all grown men here I think.:-). Yes I won this rod on eBay that I did not expected to win for $205 highest bid. Took it on overnight trip no fish were caught.
  177. PAULKIM42

    please delete, sold

    yes, it was already modified and reel claim fit no problem.
  178. PAULKIM42

    please delete, sold

  179. PAULKIM42

    WTB-Shimano Terez 80h (no wax wing model)

    WTB-NEW OR LIKE NEW Shimano Terez 80h (BLACK COLOR ONLY) TEXT @ 714-883-273ZERO paul
  180. PAULKIM42

    FS: Saragosa SW 20k

    is this still aviliable?
  181. PAULKIM42

    WTS Tranx PG, Trinidad 14a

    i'll take the Tranx PG if you still got it...lets make it a combo deal.
  182. PAULKIM42

    WTB- 40-50lb 7'-8' Rod. Seeker, Calstar, and Phenix.

    I am looking for 40-50lb to pair with Avet JX raptor.
  183. PAULKIM42

    WTB- 40-50lb 7'-8' Rod. Seeker, Calstar, and Phenix.

    Yes I did...Do you have any? Maybe even a SS 6470H?
  184. PAULKIM42

    WTB- 40-50lb 7'-8' Rod. Seeker, Calstar, and Phenix.

    Wanted. used but not abused 40 to 50LB rod prefer seeker, Calstar, and Phenix 7' to 8' factory rod. please, text @ 714-883-273zero Thanks
  185. PAULKIM42

    Fishing Estate Sale - Marina Del Rey - Saturday 28th

    Yeah. It was waste of time. I did not see any deals on the reels infact you'll get a better deal here on BD.
  186. PAULKIM42

    Fishing Estate Sale - Marina Del Rey - Saturday 28th

    Yeah. It was waste of time. I did not see any deals on the reels infact you'll get a better deal here on BD.
  187. PAULKIM42

    Wtb: Saltiga 15,30t,40 & trinidad 14 gold 30t
  188. PAULKIM42

    FS-Shimano Tn14 Spool (gold color) $20.00

    new Shiimano Tn14 spool $20 pick up in Cerritos
  189. PAULKIM42

    3 Shimano Trinidad 40N, 16 DC and 20 DC

    My offer 1001 won.
  190. PAULKIM42

    Diawa Saltiga 2 Speed

    i'll take it vic...text me your address 714-883-2730.
  191. PAULKIM42


    you got pm'd
  192. PAULKIM42


    Thanks gents for your interest! the reel is sold.
  193. PAULKIM42


    you got PM'd.
  194. PAULKIM42


    Sorry, not interest in any trades at this time....$280 picked up.
  195. PAULKIM42


  196. PAULKIM42


  197. PAULKIM42


    $300 shipped.
  198. PAULKIM42


    Thanks Hoss! GLWS
  199. PAULKIM42

    Trinidad 14 300$

    Interested in talica 8 2speed. Where are you located?
  200. PAULKIM42


  201. PAULKIM42

    FS/ BNIB Trinidad 40 Narrow (SOLD)

    WOW!...What a deal! $580 for all 4 40N.
  202. PAULKIM42

    Loomis SWR-108-20c 9' one piece

    Yes. You can ask for any price you want but you missed this. "Your first post may not be in the classifieds. The classifieds are for the community of BD to use. If your first post is to the classifieds you have not become part of the community and we will view your post as a commercial...
  203. PAULKIM42

    Cousins Rod

    Great deal on a killer rod.
  204. PAULKIM42

    Loomis SWR-108-20c 9' one piece

    A brand new rod that you bought in 2000 (15 years ago) for $230 and now your selling it for $230firm. What am I missing ? the way nice first post!:appl:
  205. PAULKIM42


    Thanks guys for your interest. Sold to Todd.
  206. PAULKIM42


  207. PAULKIM42

    FS-Daiwa saltist 30TH $125

    Selling Daiwa Saltist 30th $125. Serviced, loaded 65# Izorline, and carbontex drag. Ready to fish. Located in Cerritos for pick up. 714-883-273zero
  208. PAULKIM42


    Thanks for your interest but reel is sold.
  209. PAULKIM42

    Cousins Tackle CLB 80 CT Rod FS

    i'll take it, please call or text 714-883-2730 thx Paul
  210. PAULKIM42


  211. PAULKIM42


    Replied text. Still available. $170. Pick up only cerritos or anaheim hills.
  212. PAULKIM42


  213. PAULKIM42

    fathom 15ld2 175.00

  214. PAULKIM42

    fathom 15ld2 175.00

  215. PAULKIM42


  216. PAULKIM42


    $187.00 shipped. Will ship tomorrow morning.
  217. PAULKIM42


    $180 firm
  218. PAULKIM42

    Torium 20 HG New w/Box + optional mono

    I'll take it. Can pick up in Costa mesa tonight.
  219. PAULKIM42


  220. PAULKIM42

    saltist BG 35H w/65 lbs power pro

    Call him. He is located in Diamond Bar
  221. PAULKIM42


  222. PAULKIM42


    price drop $140
  223. PAULKIM42


    it's pending pick up at noon. I'll let you know if buyer flakes. Thanks for your interest.
  224. PAULKIM42


    Daiwa STTBG35TH Saltist Black Gold Super High Speed Conventional Reels Ultra light , All Metal Construction with Rigid, One-Piece ANODIZED Aluminum Frame New Ultimate Tournament powerful drag system --- U.T. Dr
  225. PAULKIM42


  226. PAULKIM42


  227. PAULKIM42

    One cancellation on Freedom overnight Aug/23-Aug24.

    Freedom out of 22nd landing. Aug/23 -Aug/24 overnight $175. If interested text at 714-883-2730
  228. PAULKIM42


    I'll take it. Text 714-883-2730
  229. PAULKIM42

    2015 Teramar Rods

    buy a rod and he'll tell
  230. PAULKIM42

    2015 Teramar Rods

    Any reels for sell?
  231. PAULKIM42

    Emergency Sale

    Post pictures of the reels might sell faster... Hope ur wife is okay.
  232. PAULKIM42


  233. PAULKIM42

    Avet MXL / Cedros 12 For sale

    No worries thanks.
  234. PAULKIM42

    Avet MXL / Cedros 12 For sale

    i'll take it. you got my number.
  235. PAULKIM42


    Looking for mint. condition Shimano Torium 20HG. TEXT 714-883-2730 Thanks in advence Paul
  236. PAULKIM42


  237. PAULKIM42


    i'll take the 6480. text me at 714-883-2730
  238. PAULKIM42

    Okuma Metaloid 5ii

    pm'd with my number
  239. PAULKIM42


  240. PAULKIM42


    is the 6480 still available?
  241. PAULKIM42


  242. PAULKIM42

    F/S-Avet Lx 6/3 2speed

  243. PAULKIM42

    Best Christmas Ever!

    Congrats and Merry Christmas!
  244. PAULKIM42

    FS-Okuma Cederos LD8s $220

    reel is Pending to Will Lin pick up tomorrow.
  245. PAULKIM42

    FS-Okuma Cederos LD8s $220

    replied to ur PM.
  246. PAULKIM42

    FS-Okuma Cederos LD8s $220

  247. PAULKIM42

    Combo for sale.

    Bump with lower price 300
  248. PAULKIM42

    FS- Daiwa saltiga 35ld 2 speed BNIB

    Bnib Daiwa saltiga 35ld 2speed $365 shipped If interested, please pm or text 714-883-2730 Thanks Paul
  249. PAULKIM42

    Combo for sale.

    Daiwa Lexa 300 hs-p loaded with 40# powerpro. Phenix inshore PSW 760ml-xf 10 - 30 both are in like new condition. $320.00 combo
  250. PAULKIM42

    Reels for Sale

    I'll take, Daiwa Lexa 300HS-P loaded with 40lb braid 10/10 - $140 text me at 714-883-2730 would to meet up today. Thanks Paul
  251. PAULKIM42

    FS/FT-New Phenix PSW 760 ML inshore Rod $180.00

    New pheinx inshore Psw 760ml xf 10-30 $200 $190 LOOKING FOR PSW 700H OR CALSTAR GF 700H FACTORY ROD FOR TRADE
  252. PAULKIM42

    Looking for rod to pair up with Daiwa Lexa 300 or 400

    i have a new phenix inshore PSW760ML-XF - ISA7'6"10-301FastAlpsFuji TCS/Custom Cork & EVA$269 $200
  253. PAULKIM42

    FS-Shimano Calcutta 300D

    Thanks for you interest but reel is sold.
  254. PAULKIM42

    FS-Shimano Calcutta 300D

    Excellent condition Shimano Calcutta 300d loaded with #50 spectra. $220 picked up
  255. PAULKIM42

    Rods for Sale: Phenix, Lamiglas 528, Gloomis

    Black Diamond Hybrid PHD 838MH, is it a deckhand style or reel seat?
  256. PAULKIM42

    Reel for sale

    No response.
  257. PAULKIM42

    Reel for sale

  258. PAULKIM42

    Reel for sale

    I'll take 16a
  259. PAULKIM42

    FS-Avet SXJ

    welcome! enjoy the reel... what happen to the edit button?
  260. PAULKIM42

    WTB Avet MXJ

    Please disregard pm.
  261. PAULKIM42

    FS-Avet SXJ

  262. PAULKIM42

    FS-Avet SXJ

    Replied all pms...still available.
  263. PAULKIM42

    FS-Avet SXJ

    when would you like to take a look? I'm in Cerritos.
  264. PAULKIM42

    FS-Avet SXJ

    No!!!! on $100 pm offer.
  265. PAULKIM42

    FS-Avet SXJ

    Thanks for your interest but not any time soon.
  266. PAULKIM42

    FS-Avet SXJ

    Like new SXJ loaded w/ #50 powerpro $160.
  267. PAULKIM42

    For sale or trade!

    I'll take it.
  268. PAULKIM42

    16a 16na calstar gfgr 800l 800xl

    Still waiting.:drool:
  269. PAULKIM42

    16a 16na calstar gfgr 800l 800xl

    Thanks Alex. Hope he doesn't back out on the deal.:)
  270. PAULKIM42

    16a 16na calstar gfgr 800l 800xl

    I'm ready to pick up the 16a. Please, advise.
  271. PAULKIM42

    16a 16na calstar gfgr 800l 800xl

    I'll take 16a. Pm'd with my cell#
  272. PAULKIM42


    Sold, thanks oscar
  273. PAULKIM42


    sxj sold, Thansk Ray! 800L pending tonight.
  274. PAULKIM42


    Sxj pending. 감사합니다
  275. PAULKIM42


  276. PAULKIM42


    For Sale: Custom Calstar gf 800L 15-30 by performance tackle with reel seat very nice rod. Avet SXJ silver 5.3:1 loaded with 50lb spectra and Phenix reel cover. sold NO trade picked up in Cerritos if interested please PM or text 714-883-273zero. Thanks
  277. PAULKIM42

    Custom Batson Rod

  278. PAULKIM42

    Custom Batson Rod

  279. PAULKIM42

    Looking for Okuma Makaira 8 or 10

    Hey Hyun, Contact Kevin, do you have a trip coming up?
  280. PAULKIM42

    selling shimano and phoenix combo

    Mr. Minh, Are you still interested in selling your or you already sold it? Lmk
  281. PAULKIM42

    BOWFLEX - U PICK UP $100

    Is this still avilable?
  282. PAULKIM42

    selling shimano and phoenix combo

    I'll take the rod, text or call me at 714-883-2730
  283. PAULKIM42

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid FOR SALE

    Recommend you list your lowest asking price otherwise you'll get plethora of low-ball offers.
  284. PAULKIM42

    TLD 30 with Tib Mag 30 Frame and T-Bar Handle, Penn Int 20 2-speed Reels For Sale

    Great deal on clean reels.:urno1: Thanks again Rich. GLWS!