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    4/19 Ono's and Mahi

    Good Job Hammah
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    Kaneohe - 10/16/2013

    Nice ones Russ!
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    Three for Three

    Yeah buddy! Good Stuff right there
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    Waianae 8-30-13

    Great job, the instincts paid off!
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    3 boats underwater

    Glad to hear everyone made it back safely! Sounds like the Kaneohe boat was recovered as well. We were out on sunday and there was alot of heavy water moving around for sure.
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    Waianae 8-3-2013

    Awsome Walt!
  7. stern


  8. Ku Mana

    Ku Mana

  9. dausualinc

    Boat Stuff for sale

    Justin I'm interested in the super stubbies.
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    Great Day!

    Awsome job Jeff! that is an action packed day!
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    REDEMPTION! Tuna Report 6/27/2013

    Awsome job Russ and Jonah! that is a slob. You guys made all the right moves
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    Tuna 1-1/8

    Great fish and congrats to you and your boy!
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    First Ahi on my new sled, 30' Knife

    Haven't posted in a long time because I sold my previous boat and glad to see its been pounding fish at the hands of Changboy and his bro Loren, congrats on a very fishy season so far. I picked up a 30' Knife that was a bit of a fixer upper but had a good foundation and low hours drive train...
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    Lunar lunacy w/ the Captain.

    Awsome Job Pat and Nerlie! You guys got my fever going, I should be able to start fishing soon hopefully...
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    On a Tuna Roll

    Awsome job, any go pro footage?
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    First Ahi Ever!

    Solid work buddy! Many more in your future! I've been eating sash every night from that beautiful fish
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    Waianae 22 June

    Great Job Chuck and Jaron!
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    Tuna Report. Waianae.

    Good Job Bu! thats a nice slab.
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    New beginning's

    Great Job Brian and Loren! congrats on the early season ahi. The boat couldn't have gone to a better pair of guys. I'm stoked/jealous ha ha
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    Great Day off Haleiwa

    Good job man! Way to get on the fish
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    Shipping an engine

    thanks man, yeah I picked it up a few weeks ago. doing some projects before I start running her, hopefully next month
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    Shipping an engine

    Just palletize the engine and wrap with tarp and shrink wrap. shipping costs are very reasonable through young brothers. Hardest part is waiting in line to pick up the palletized cargo on the Honolulu side. If picking up a 3208 make sure you have a HD truck. Last week we tried to put my Cat...
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    Aloha kakou

    Welcome aboard!
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    Free Chest freezer

    I have a freezer that still works, it is rusty and ugly but would make a good bait freezer. its on the smaller side. Free just come pick it up. msg me for details
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    23' Sportcraft Custom Diesel

    Sold! Congrats to a fellow BD'r, looking forward to seeing some great posts in the future
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    23' Sportcraft Custom Diesel

    Sounds like a plan, good luck to you. Go get those Yellow sickles!
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    23' Sportcraft Custom Diesel

    Robert- Did you get your boat sold. I saw it on craigslist, looked like a nice setup
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    23' Sportcraft Custom Diesel

    Price Reduced $29,000.
  30. dausualinc

    Mr. Mele

    Sad news, Rest in Peace Mr. Mele
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    23' Sportcraft Custom Diesel

    bump, still for sale
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    Looking to buy my first boat...

    Mines for sale, check out the hawaiian classified section.
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    A couple of trips no pics...

    Thanks for the update Pat. Its been some tough sledding out there lately. We went out last week and checked the windward cans and only had one mahi to show for it. Really makes you appreciate the Kau Kau fish. Good going on your fish!
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    23' Sportcraft Custom Diesel

    Thanks for the Kind words guys. She is a great vessel and will make someone very happy. In the mean time we will continue to fish regularly
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    23' Sportcraft Custom Diesel

    For Sale: 23' Sportcraft Custom, aqad40b Volvo Diesel, 165hp. 290dp outdrive. Well maint. Injectors, injector pump, turbo, all coolers have been rebuilt within the last 1000hrs. Custom Hawaiian style deck with, 110gal fuel capacity in two tanks, 1000lb below deck fishbox, self-bailing. Custom...
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    1-21-13 MLK Day in Waianae

    Great day! Way to put some fish in the box while most guys are sitting on the couch (myself included)
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    Way to start off the new year Pat! Nice Fish
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    Last Ahis of the Year

    Thanks for all the Kind words guys, I feel truly blessed to end the year with a catch like that and be able to share it with my girl! Crazy side note to that story is that when we got home around 10pm we found out my GF's small dog had run away from the fireworks! went form an ultimate high to a...
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    Little entertainment

  40. dausualinc

    Last Ahis of the Year

    December was a real bummer for fishing for me, lousy weather, some boat repairs and super busy at work. I finally got everything in order and was able to make a trip on New Years eve. I worked late the night before so my girlfriend and I decided to leave the house late and fish till evening...
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    Boat ride

    Glad to hear you are back on the water and the boat ran good!
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    Turkey of the Sea 11/22/2012

    Good Going on the call to blast straight to the numbers. Nice Fish! I like go now, ha ha
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    Hi Kai - 11/23/2012

    Nice Mahis Russ!
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    Got Mahi !

    Nice ones Brian!
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    112312 Black Friday to RED

    Right on Pat! Congrats on another beautiful 2012 Ahi. you've got me inspired to venture out west.
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    Turkey Day Run

    Water was looking Nice on thursday and I couldn't resist the urge to take my Wahine fishing. First time I took her out we had a 170lb ahi so she has been a lucky charm! headed out of Hawaii Kai around 6:00 and headed out, water was so flat I wasn't too optimistic. Morning was slow for us but in...
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    Anyone have a Standard Horizon 390i

    Try keep it very dry, I had one as a back up to my Garmin 4208 and the Standard horizon crapped out after about 2 years and it lives behind a windscreen not out in the open. It got water behind the screen and then stopped working completely. I probably just got a bad unit that wasn't sealed well
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    Ko'olina Boat Ramp?- Not!

    Developers basically just threw a huge middle finger in the air to all us "Dumb Locals"! I wonder whose pockets got greased on this deal. The system makes me so sick, all I want to do go fish and leave it all behind
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    7.10.12 Ahi off the ski

    Right on Nels, long time no see. That was straight animal style! Good going on the fish and epic vid!
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    Word got Out

    So my phone starts blowing up on saturday that the bite was on. Prepped the boat and got down to Keehi @ 4:30am on sun, probably a dozen boats launched already and many more stacking up. Got on the water and started the hunt in the BO area, saw some boats hook up early but no love for us. headed...
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    Got lucky yesterday.

    Right on Garett and Brandon! That is a thicky for sure. your fishheads are always a consistent producer
  52. dausualinc

    Best Cell Phone Coverage

    Wanted to start a thread about what companies have the best cell phone coverage on the water. If you can post what Service you have, type of phone, and how far out you get service (and what side of island) for voice calls and texting. I think this could be a really valuable resource for all...
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    Guy Harvey Maui Jims

    Solid, thanks for the heads up, thats a killer price
  54. dausualinc

    18' force aj-boats

    I've been planning on talking to them about builing a 30 footer and also was wondering the same thing, thanks for starting the thread.
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    Short Trip 6/25/12

    Thanks for all the Kind words gang, I do feel truly blessed! Funny thing too is that my Girlfriends middle name is "Keahi", guess it was meant to be, ha ha. Hopefully gonna try for another one on Sat. The brand of trailer is an ABT. The surge in waianae tends to push the aluminum trailer...
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    Short Trip 6/25/12

    I've been promising my girlfriend for a while that I would take her out fishing but with the wind blowing as hard as it has waianae was the only option. Decided to do an afternoon run on Monday since I was getting calls all morning from my friend that already had two ahis in the box. From what I...
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    Striiiiiikkkkkeeee! Cheeeoooo battles at Kaneohe!

    Congrats on your fish Capt Don and Crew! We passed by you guys about 2mi north of LL around mid day, we got some small stuff but no sickles for us. Way to go and enjoy that sash!
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    Nice one pat! Nothing like having three of the flag fish in the boat before most people have had breakfast. Congrats
  59. dausualinc

    what kine line

    I'm sure you will get a ton of different answers on this one but We use OPI on my reels. I run 130 on my 80's. I like the low price and choose to change out often. I'd rather have fresh OPI than old premium brand line. Just my .02 cents
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    Mothersday run/2012 update.

    I'm a firm believer that you reap what you sow, I will never be too busy to assist another mariner. Lots of Mahis out there now gang, go load um up and lets get ready for Ahi season:2gunsfiring_v1:Do work son! Sorry to hear your friend had a hard time, overall I'm happy with the trailer but...
  61. dausualinc

    Mothersday run/2012 update.

    Aloha Gang, its been a looooong time since I posted, glad to see lots of BDrs are out there catchting fish. I've been spending more time on the water and less on the computer and thats a good thing. I started off the year by putting a brand new ABT trailer under the boat, for the...
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    Waianae 5/9/12

    Congrats on the fish, I'm sure you and the crew are hooked! We never stop learning everytime we go out, thats the wonderful thing about the ocean, when you think you've seen it all she has another surprise for you.
  63. dausualinc

    Hi Kai- Solo run to the Banks - 04/27/2012

    Solid Work russ. Those are some nice sized mahis! Sorry to send you on a wild goose chase but I'm glad you found the fish anyway
  64. dausualinc

    Banks 4/27, West side 4/22

    Nice Catch G, those lures sure look puurty
  65. dausualinc

    Do I need a different size prop?

    I know we are dealing with different Hulls and engines but I run A3s in my 23 sportcraft with a 165 volvo (aquad40b) diesel. gets on plane easily, tops out at 22-23 kts cruises at 16-18, and trolls [email protected] 2000 rpm. 2.2 gal per hour. Just some numbers you can use for comparison sake. Thats with...
  66. dausualinc

    double banger on da Kimi Some

    Good Job Guys, Awsome write up, I could really feel the excitement and adrenaline of the moment. My ahi fever has officially started........
  67. dausualinc

    waianae 2/26/12

    Boat looks good, and it looks great with an ahi in the box!
  68. dausualinc

    question: which diesel engine

    Alot of it boils down to the out drive you want to use, you end up being married to the leg. the standard 290dp is a pretty great unit. I have a 23' sportcraft running a 290dp, volvo40b, 2.2 gal/hr troll, cruise 16kts, top24. i'm very happy with the set up and it has never let me down but I have...
  69. dausualinc

    Lures for sale

    I have about 20 skirted lures for sale, 6"-12" sizes, Prices range from 5-30 bucks, depending on size and condition, Marlin Magic, Aloha lures, plenty no name, I did not advertise the on CL yet. Call Kekoa 479-2601
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    Right on Pat! solo tuna is always a great accomplishment.
  71. dausualinc

    Hawaii Kai 1/20/12

    Way to go, I was out yesterday for the first time in almost 3 months and I was welcomed back with a skunk. Ran the ledge up and out to T. Nice catch and enjoy that sashimi!
  72. dausualinc

    103011 Halalu and beyong...

    Way to go Pat and crew, top notch report and top notch fish as always, hats off to you on a job well done. on another note, I drove my boat all the way to lahaina last week and back, fished back side lanai, on the way to maui and back again, only one Ono to show for all the miles traveled...
  73. dausualinc

    Ahi's westside

    Good Going on the late season ahis! definately a day to remember
  74. dausualinc

    Stalling from fuel starvation

    Thanks for sharing Glenn, that could be a very hard problem to track down. sounds like you got it figured out tho. sometimes a 5 dollar part can stop the whole operation
  75. dausualinc

    Hawaii Kai run

    been having some issues with my camera but here's a pic of the ball Crew found (mahalo, Popoki)!
  76. dausualinc

    Hawaii Kai run

    Headed out of Hawaii Kai yesterday at 5:30am and ran up the makapuu ledge, no action for us but plenty birds out there. went out in the chanel and found some open school mahis. The biggest one went 40lbs, pretty fun fight since it bit a 5" lure on 30lb tackle. On the way back to the barn we...
  77. dausualinc

    Better lucky then good

    Thats looks like a fine day of fishing, good going Brian! Good thing that hook broke at the tip and not the shank or bend.
  78. dausualinc

    Last minute solo trip

    Right on russ, solo marlin is a great feat!
  79. dausualinc

    late report 9/12 ahi

    Solo Ahi! way to go man, cant beat the feeling of providing beatiful fresh fish for a party and seeing all the smiling faces.
  80. dausualinc

    my first marlin

    Good going man, they are always a blast, here's to many more!
  81. dausualinc

    More Westside Marlin

    Thanks for all the kind words gang! We are all just blessed to be able to fish these beautiful waters and have a chance at fish like this. Just to clarify so I don't sound like a charter boat hater, I have many friends who fish for a living, charter boat and comercial, I'm fortunate enough...
  82. dausualinc

    More Westside Marlin

    Aloha gang, its been a while since I've been out fishing, I was off the water the entire month of august due to many work commitments and travel. Been hearing of some good marlin action out west so we dusted off the cob webs and went looking for some action. We got to BO at 7:30 a.m. the...
  83. dausualinc


    Great stuff, fish, family and friends! good going guys
  84. dausualinc

    Pictures how we eat.

    After many hours of cutting, brining, soaking, and smoking here is the finished product. Not sure how big the marlin was but we ended up with 130lbs of finished smoked meat. Now i just have to figure out how to get the smoke smell out of my clothes and hair
  85. dausualinc

    Waianae 8/6 n b4

    Good going on the marlin! that must have been pretty exciting when it took off the 2nd time. Those size fish are great eating
  86. dausualinc

    Late tuna report 7/27

    Too bad on the one that came off but Glad you got the second one. Mahalo for the report.
  87. dausualinc

    Late report

    Great Going on your ahi, thats a family experience you can cherish for a lifetime.
  88. dausualinc


    Way to rip um!
  89. dausualinc

    Waianae 7/24 - 7/28

    Congrats on all the fish. 230 gg, what a monster! You guys stuck it out and what an awsome payoff.
  90. dausualinc

    7/26/11 Waianae

    Thanks JD
  91. dausualinc

    7/26/11 Waianae

    Thanks Pat, getting to see the short corner bite was awsome, really got the blood pumping! The Sashimi was really good and we are gonna smoke the marlin next week. Mahalo, sure was nice fishing calm water for a change. Thanks Russ, Those last few trips for me were pretty dismal but are a...
  92. dausualinc

    Lucky shakedown trip

    congrats on the fish and finishing a big project. I did something similar to my boat and I can appreciate how much work goes into something like that.
  93. dausualinc

    VIDEO How no to catch Ahi 101

    Thanks for sharing the vid nick, shit happens. Go get the next one!
  94. dausualinc

    7/26/11 Waianae

    Headed out of Ke'ehi at 5:00am on tuesday morning with the dreams of yellow sickles dancing in my head. Ran the inside by barbers with no takers on the ledge. Get out on the 500 outside Koolina and start seeing the Boat pile. Lots of Matoris rafting on the water but no body working. Decided...
  95. dausualinc

    quality fish!!

    Good Going Nice fish man! I was out yesterday and heard what I thought was your boat being mentioned in a USCG pon pon. Hope everything went OK
  96. dausualinc

    HH ahi

    Way to go Eric. Enjoy the sashimi
  97. dausualinc


    Congrats Capt J.
  98. dausualinc

    Friday Nite Shibi KONA

    Way to break in the new boat, looks sweet!
  99. dausualinc

    Waianae 7/8/11 Mercy... and then more mercy

    Great report Randall, I dig your positive outlook on fishing
  100. dausualinc

    06/30/2011 - Victory at Sea!!!!!!!!

    Right on Russ, Well deserved Ahi! They are always more special when you have to deal with adversity
  101. dausualinc

    waianae Sat 7/2

    Yeah Boys! Lexi Ann doing work! looks like you had some marlin magic on your side that day.
  102. dausualinc

    Waianae 7-4-11

    Sounds like a damn good day. good going on the marlin, fire up dat smoker
  103. dausualinc

    7/3/11 Kaneohe Side

    Good going on the fish JD, those are some thick akus. I tried sleeping on the boat at the ramp at Heeia one time and lets say it was a pretty sleepless night. Next time I'll take my chances on the high seas
  104. dausualinc

    Better late than never! 6-30-11

    Great catch and great vid. Lets play guess the "secret spot"...... waianae pinnacle? once again good going guys.
  105. dausualinc

    Adventures on a tiny green boat

    Holy shit you guys killed it! Good Going on the big boys and the mixed bag is really nice too. thow us a bone here, east side.... west side.... North ... Hmmm
  106. dausualinc

    Kaneohe 6/22/11

    Heard some rumblings about eastside tuna so we hooked up my friends F-350 to my trailer and headed over to Heeia. I was hoping the weather would let up a little, but no dice, wind was blowing and the rain was going sideways. Oh well off we go out to the 1000fa troll around most of the day...
  107. dausualinc

    got lucky!!!

    Nice one man, hopefully one of many more to come
  108. dausualinc

    Fever Dreams

    Looks like a hell of a weekend. Way to go on the fish. We were heading up to X saturday morning and we saw you guys pass us on the fly( I was aboard Kilikina) needless to say the boat and seas were impressive. Great pics too
  109. dausualinc

    Kai Nana's Fever

    Nice Blue Pat and Crew. Sure is nice to have good and reliable crew. It was a really fun tourney and that shot gun start is a blast!
  110. dausualinc

    part 2 north shore 6/13

    Way to pound the rough water and get that yellow guy in the boat
  111. dausualinc

    Giving away lures for Ahi Fever

    We will be running ours!
  112. dausualinc

    Hawaii Kai 6/13/11

    Thanks, if I get a big one I'll take you up on that offer, its alot of work! thats one of the perks of being the chef, you are required to sample the product Thanks, hope fully it tastes as good as it looks Thanks Russ, you know whats funny, past 10 miles the water smoothed out and...
  113. dausualinc

    part 1 north shore 6/12

    That water does look Buss Up, staying dry sure is nice, worth every penny for sure. Good going on that donkey.
  114. dausualinc

    Hawaii Kai 6/13/11

    Thanks Pat, dreaming about Ahis but I'll take one of these as consolation any time. Mouth is watering already. Thanks Jimmy, very thankful for the bounty the ocean has provided Mahalo, luck has been shining on us lately Thanks man, trying our best. Last time we got a double marlin...
  115. dausualinc

    Hawaii Kai 6/13/11

    Loaded up the Mahinahina and called my fearless crew Pat. ready to DO WORK. Heading out the Channel in Hawaii Kai the weather wasn't looking too promising. We headed south and the water kept getting nicer and nicer. At about 10:00 am rigger slams down and then the other side. Im thinking...
  116. dausualinc

    Mine dat is!

    Right on Scott, way to go, sounds like an action packed day. I got a couple lures look like that too, Hmmmmmm....
  117. dausualinc

    Cracks today!! Fishing was good

    Congrats on the Nice Ahi! too bad about the other one. Oh well just gotta charge back out there and find his buddies
  118. dausualinc

    Hawaii Kai 6/5/11

    Just a quick report from yesterday gang. Left Hawaii Kai at 11:00 am for an afternoon run. The makapuu ledge was still sloppy and bumpy, no takers on the way up. Ran up to the 1000 between where MM and T should Be. Lots of scattered birds, saw Mahis but were pretty finicky. got a total of...
  119. dausualinc

    Waianae 5/3/11

    Ron and the gang, Nice fish, that thing has some serious weight on her.
  120. dausualinc

    Waianae 3/2/11

    Super Cool! Capt. Andy got to see some Hawaiian style fishing. Way to go on the hebi, glad to see the Invert is "Doin' Work"
  121. dausualinc

    Seas was bad but....

    Awsome Haul Guys, way to kick off the eastside party. Hope to see many more reports in the future. Congrats again.
  122. dausualinc

    Got a new ride

    Congrats, Just in time to chase those eastside ahis!
  123. dausualinc

    Late start at Waianae!

    Sounds like a real nightmare! Thankfully everything is Ok, except the trailer. I had a drunkdriver hit my boat and trailer while it was sitting in front my house one time. Fortunately the trailer took the brunt of the damage that time too. Hurting my boat is like hurting a member of my...
  124. dausualinc

    Cell phone service

    I have sprint service which is OK but not the greatest. I also bought a prepaid AT&T go phone to use on the boat because they have different coverage areas. I've used it past HH south of Honolulu but it won't catch at P bouy.
  125. dausualinc

    Victor gives up some fish

    Right on guys, nice size shibi. Must have been a great fight on the spinner
  126. dausualinc

    Weekend Recap

    Finally got some pics from my buddies camera, Glad someone was snapping pictures. Mahalo to Scott(Navyaircrew) for snapping the Pic of The Mahinahina and the Sea Demon at anchor. The Kimi Ann made a late appearance as well, but I didn't get a chance to say hi to Capt. Don. You'll find a pic...
  127. dausualinc

    Waianae- 5/30/2011

    Sorry to hear about the slow day. That will no doubt feed the fever and you'll be out there in no time. I always tell my crew that every shitty trip is just one trip closer to the "bonaza"!
  128. dausualinc

    5-30-2011 Good times good fish w/Video

    Awsome job guys, thats a big boi! Great vid too, I've been slacking on the video making lately but I know how much work it takes, especially with the multiple angles. great editing too
  129. dausualinc

    Waianae yesterday

    Right on Jeff, solid fish. Good thing that hook hung on just long enough! Sure is nice to get one in May.
  130. dausualinc

    luckey charms

    Awsome way to spend time with the fam! Nice size Ono, plenty meat there.
  131. dausualinc

    Waianae Memorial Day

    good job guys, nice lure too
  132. dausualinc

    Weekend Recap

    Here is a recap of my Memorial day weekend. I will start off by saying thankyou to all the men a women who have served and are serving in our Armed Forces and especially those who made the ultimate sacrafice. Originally my plan was to fish Kaneohe side on Sunday, camp overnight and then spend...
  133. dausualinc

    Shakin it up on the shake down!!! 5/24

    Way to go Garrett and Clint! Awsome fish. I really wish I could have made it to the cutting sesh, looks like good times
  134. dausualinc


    Good times, go getum Kauai Boys!
  135. dausualinc

    Shakin' it up on the shake down

    Nice Fish, Pat and Robert! Thats the way to shake down the boat.
  136. dausualinc

    Ono teeth vs mono: how often do they cut it?

    here is a pic of a leader for the one that didn't get away. I also use 300-400-lb mono and have very few bite offs. In a Hot Ono bite I'm sure the chances of getting bit off go up dramatically, especially if the lure slides up the line and gets hit again. I've heard of some people pegging the...
  137. dausualinc

    Thanks to Morris Lures

    Congrats to you for a great experience and congrats to nick for building a solid lure
  138. dausualinc

    Eastside Report 5/16/11

    Great day!
  139. dausualinc

    5-14-2011 Found the Duck pile with Video

    Nice one guys, way to stick it out, the perserverence paid off
  140. dausualinc

    Fishing report 5.15.11

    good going on the early ahi, glad to hear they starting to show!!!!
  141. dausualinc

    Haul Out...

    Beautiful Ono, Pat! that is a short and sweet fishing trip. Hope the haul out goes swiftly.
  142. dausualinc

    Got my little sled back

    Yeah buddy that thing looks RAD. Looks like some real quality craftsmanship by Josh, it has nice lines too. How did Kimi feel about losing the "dive" boat, ha ha. By the way thanks for coming to the BBQ the other night and mahalo for the fishhead bullet.
  143. dausualinc

    4-17-11 Creating a monster...

    Pat, nice catch and nice report as always, even better when you can share with a loved one. Hopefully the tunas will show up in force soon, I want to come fish the westside!
  144. dausualinc

    Hawaii Kai, 4/18/2011

    Nice day Bob and Steven! That is a fatty ono for sure. I hope the block treats you good.
  145. dausualinc

    Late start/short trip -04/18/2011

    Right on, nice fish!. how many guys can say they put 50lbs of mahi and ono on the boat boat and only burned 5 Gal of fuel, sweet!!
  146. dausualinc

    Banks Run 4/17/11

    Worked late on saturday night so we got a late start on Sunday, Left Hawaii Kai ramp @10:00 am. The plan was to work the banks till dark that way it would let all the traffic at the harbor dissapate from the OC1 race (I don't deal well with crowds). Lots of boats on the water and what a...
  147. dausualinc

    Solo Tuna

    Nice fish, must have drove you nuts to see the stick go off right next to you. Glad to hear the Super ninja was working for you. Two years ago that thing would get bit sitting in my tackle box, now its like its got herpes nothing gets near it. I hope it comes around again, ha ha.
  148. dausualinc

    Haleiwa 4-17-11

    Wow a 6 banger thats awsome! what a rush. That breach sounds like it was a little too close for comfort. You think there was a rubbish in the area? I notice the whales are often right near the opelu piles
  149. dausualinc

    4/16 Molokai

    Sounds like fun! good going on the consistent action. I wish I had made it across this weekend but that damn thing I call a job keeps getting in the way of my overnighters
  150. dausualinc


    Right on Bro nice fish, I hope that pocket book is ready cause now that you are hooked, I see you buying a bunch more gear in the near future
  151. dausualinc

    da aku killa eastside 4/17/11

    Right on man, My mouth is watering just looking at that dryer. Thanks for the tip on the brine
  152. dausualinc

    Hi Kai - 04-13-11

    Sometimes frustrating like dat, eh russ, well you got 3 more mahis than I did yesterday, ha ha.
  153. dausualinc

    Late Report- HK 4-8-11

    Right on boys, nice water, cold beers and fish on!!!!!!!!!!!!
  154. dausualinc


    Solid!!!!! with these high fuel prices its nice to put fish on the boat with out burning too much diesel
  155. dausualinc

    Bryans first Ahi

    Way to go Q ball. Good to get the first one on the new boat. They start coming easier now. Hope the tunas are around this summer when we make our crossing.
  156. dausualinc

    Hi Kai - 3/30/11

    Steven I mounted twins on an 18's seaswirl. I used Stainless Marine engine brackets and they were great. gave additional 1.5' extension and additional floatation. PM if you want additional info or pics
  157. dausualinc

    Hawaii Kai to Banks short day, 4/3/2010

    Nice fish Bob! that is some nice sashimi. The Knockdown bite, bite bite sure is exciting. We were out there yesterday and got skunked so yeah thats how my day went ha ha
  158. dausualinc

    4/1/11 South

    Way to go man, thats a nice haul. Looks like that Tosa hook did the trick sticking that hebi. how are you liking the hookup with that setup on the medium sized lures? gonna try our luck tomorrow
  159. dausualinc

    Hi Kai - 3/30/11

    Braddah Russ is one charger. I was already on the wash down when he came cruising back to the ramp. way to go on the fish russ. we ended up with a pair of 20lb mahis for our troubles. It was nice to get back out on the water, I was starting to go crazy already. Talk about rubber hooks we...
  160. dausualinc

    Waianae 12 March 2011

    Looks like good times, thanks for the report walt. Sounds like you had a very busy day.
  161. dausualinc

    3-11-2011 A Mahi Mahi Day w/Video

    Nice ones Nick!
  162. dausualinc

    Equipment failure 3/13 Waianae

    That is such a bummer man, your heart probably just dropped when you saw it. Its one thing when you pull hooks but when you know its something you could have prevented its a tough pill to swallow. I had one time where the crimp slid but I had a flemish eye around the hook and the flemish...
  163. dausualinc

    Mitch's Sushi Tournament BD side pot

    Had a lot of fun last year, unfortunately can't do it this year due to a scheduling conflict. mahalo Eric for putting in the time and effort putting together the side pot!
  164. dausualinc

    Kaneohe 3/7/2011

    Hell yeah gang! thats is an epic haul, feels even more badass when the water is crackin.
  165. dausualinc


    Great story Pat, I know the feeling, sometimes having the big blue come off at the boat isn't the worst thing, great fight, great memories. Great parting gift you got there too (otaru).
  166. dausualinc

    Another Boner Day!

    Not many people can truly say they love their job, thats awsome that you can, gotta love that office.
  167. dausualinc


    Mahalo for all the stoke guys, it was one of those days that we all dream about, I couldn't believe it was happening. Makes you remember why you got into fishing in the first place, spend all those thousands of dollars, all those sleepless nights and travel all those miles on the road and on...
  168. dausualinc

    Do everyone just troll in Hawaii?

    Its alot easier to take pictures when you are trolling, might be one reason why. When you deep jig, palu ahi, make doggu, ika shibi, live baiting, etc etc, = alot more work and less time and energy for picture taking and doing writeups.
  169. dausualinc

    Hi Kai - 3/1 Late start!

    Right on Russ, that is a nice size spearfish! way to go on taking your nieghbor out too.
  170. dausualinc


    Been hearing and reading these reports from the eastside for a couple of days now about all the fish being pulled from this wayward buoy thats floating out there. I got the fever and decided to go looking for it. I live in town and tow with an old gas chevy truck so I don't like to tow over...
  171. dausualinc

    Hi Kai - 2/24/2011

    Nice fish, welcome back Russ!!!
  172. dausualinc

    Ahi for the Jet Ski Boy

    nice one guys
  173. dausualinc

    kaneohe 2/25

    Solid, gotta love those kind of phone calls!
  174. dausualinc


    Right on, Way to fill the box
  175. dausualinc

    "V" Producing

    Thats a solid catch, probably out fished some of the big boats that day
  176. dausualinc

    Waianae 2/19/11

    Thats some nice Sashimi you got there
  177. dausualinc


    Right on Pat, Looks like you got the new Boat dialed in! I'll be out your side Wed. trying our luck
  178. dausualinc

    tiagra vs. International?

    I likes me some Tiagra
  179. dausualinc


    Wow that picture is grim
  180. dausualinc

    2-5-2011 Small action with a swim w/Video

    Right on Nick, good going on the sashimi, and thanks for including the swim, We all got bloopers, it keeps it fun.
  181. dausualinc

    2/2/11 Still looking

    Pat sorry to hear about the big girl that got away. Hope to stumble into one of those real soon.
  182. dausualinc

    Late Winter report

    Looks like a fun trip, nice mixed bag, That Kahala is a BEAST
  183. dausualinc

    Victory At Sea

    Capt. Q lets see some pics of that beautiful vessel in action!
  184. dausualinc

    2/2/11 Still looking

    Went lookin for the stripeys this morning. Left Keehi @ 5:30 and dropped lines by Barbers Pt. at 6:30. Worked the 500, 1000, 1500 outside the power plant, no luck. Swung past BO on the way home, only small stuff, REALLY small. Ran a bridled live bait for about an hour but didn't have any...
  185. dausualinc

    Good start 1/30/11

    sounds like Mayhem on the high seas. Good going on the fish. Really nice to hear that there are some fish around. We were out Kaneohe yesterday and got caught in that front too. Wind kicked up in a Hurry and laid down just as fast.
  186. dausualinc

    1-29-11 Banker's Hours

    sounds like things got exciting for a bit! good going
  187. dausualinc

    24 JACKPOT

    Great work as always. What kind of power is going in that boat?
  188. dausualinc

    Back in the Saddle 1-25-11

    The big project that kept me on the sidelines these past few months was rebuilding my cooling system- oil cooler, aftercooler, and heatexchanger. In and of itself not too big of a project but as with any older engine you can be opening a can of worms, which I promtly did. Previous owner did...
  189. dausualinc

    Back in the Saddle 1-25-11

    Thanks for all the support guys, my resolution is to spend more time fishing this year and less time doing projects. Whats up man, yeah we had choke fun on that trip, one of my crew ate it getting back to the boat:rofl:. Hope to come visit your beautiful island again soon.
  190. dausualinc

    Victory At Sea

    Sounds like a tough day Q, I know a good bimini guy, only thing you gotta drive the boat back Oahu, ha ha. How come the water was so buss, strong trades, funky current? The water over here looked pretty nice.
  191. dausualinc

    looking for CAPT DON ,and the green hornet

    Don- Are those pics from the original build or are you doing a Re-power?
  192. dausualinc

    Back in the Saddle 1-25-11

    Yup thats the guy
  193. dausualinc

    Back in the Saddle 1-25-11

    AJ and Pat- Here are a few pictures of the work I've been doing. I glassed in some boxes to raise my helm and built a housing for my Hydraulic helm station so its higher up now, Raised Throttle too. Now I can sit down and see where the hell I'm going. Still have alot of gelcoat and cosmetic...
  194. dausualinc

    Back in the Saddle 1-25-11

    I've been out of the fishing scene for a few months due to overload at Work, and some mechanical rebuilds on the boat. Last week did a shake down run and got a mahi and an ono out of Hawaii Kai. Yesterday we deciced to do a little longer run and really get back into the fishing groove. The plan...
  195. dausualinc


    way to get after it pat, those long noses can be frustrating sometimes. sometime no matter what you do they don't stick and sometimes they always stick. Looks like some good eats you got there
  196. dausualinc

    1-22-2011 Found some fish w/Video

    Right on Nick, Good stuff, sounds like a really fun day. I'm trying my luck eastside tomorrow. Hope to have half as much action as you guys did.
  197. dausualinc

    Lure spread and a new way of thinking

    Great write up, Love the concept. Gotta do the extra work to put fish in the box!
  198. dausualinc

    Penguin Banks 1/15

    Thanks for the heads up Eric, good going on the Mahi. Thats a hell of a lot better than what I was doing (work). Gonna try our luck monday or tuesday
  199. dausualinc

    Oahu Charter Advice?

    Making blanket statements about locals makes you look like a real ignorant piece of shit.
  200. dausualinc

    2 Questions

    Never got a tagged one but have Caught a Dog tooth about 10 years ago while fishing akule, it bit a live akule that was bridled up. It was probably about 15lbs, the teeth had bad intentions
  201. dausualinc


    all for the profit, fuck the consequences. Thanks for sharing. Will spread the word about the costco fish. Still gonna grab my dog food from there though:D
  202. dausualinc

    fish finder feed back

    I have the through hull version mounted amidships. No problems whatsoever, It also reads nicely at speed (up to 22kts), due to less turbulence. also one less thing for your leader to snag when you have the 300lb ahi on the line.
  203. dausualinc


    Right on Guys, nice fish.
  204. dausualinc

    Don't worrie about it, just have fun with it.

    Wow pretty big project, great Write up! I'm sure you didn't want a project of that size but it will be sweet once its all buttoned up. Great Peace of mind too now that you've gone through it all and no surprizes back there. She is truly your boat
  205. dausualinc

    WTT/WTB Volvo A2 Duoprops

    I'm currently running a set of Volvo Duoprop A3's and I wan't to run a set of A2's. If anyone has a set of A2's laying around that they would like to trade, or sell or swap, it would be greatly appreciated. Message me or I can be reached at 479-2601 aloha Kekoa
  206. dausualinc

    KANEOHE 12/5

    Another nice Haul Don. Way to go. maybe someday I'll get back out there, you guys giving me the fever. Too bad about the shibi, but like da Kupunas say, "da mano gotta eat too!"
  207. dausualinc

    HK 12/5

    Right on Man!!!! I'm all J. I'm still drydocked, bummaz.....
  208. dausualinc

    Learning about boats...

    I think this forum is the best if you want to learn about Hawaiian style fishing boats but you gotta ask the questions. Lots of experienced guys on here. I agree with Navyaircrew on the Hulltruth suggestion. It is a great resource for general boating knowledge. You have to take alot of what...
  209. dausualinc

    bimini and wrap around

    Stitch This does great work, would do it again in a heart beat. The bimini and wrap are completely custom and the best materials are used everywhere. Pm me if you want contact info.
  210. dausualinc


    Garrett where's the heavy fish head bullet? Ha ha, if I ever start fishing again I gotta pick some up from you.
  211. dausualinc

    Share your boats fuel economy

    Did I read 1 gal/hour correctly? If thats correct, good for you man
  212. dausualinc

    Share your boats fuel economy

    23' SportCraft, 165 Volvo Diesel 7.5 kts [email protected] 2-2.5 GPH depending on Load and SeaState 24kts top speed, Unknown burn
  213. dausualinc


    I love the name of that lure it just sounds like trouble! Nice assortment of lures guys, they all look like rippers
  214. dausualinc


    Here are a few of my Favorite Tsutomu lures:2gunsfiring_v1:
  215. dausualinc

    Dats why hard!

    Russ- took apart my cooling system to back flush and do some preventative maintenance. Found some parts that needed to be replaced. The cost of this project is rising, also known as a can of worms. Also installing Hydraulic steering so the boat looks like hell right now with everything torn...
  216. dausualinc

    Dats why hard!

    Eh russ at least your boat is running, more than I can say.
  217. dausualinc

    Kaneohe 10/23

    Fished with my buddy Jeff on Sunday on his boat, got some shibis and akus. Took my boat out of comission to install hydraulic steering and go through my cooling system. Oil cooler, aftercooler and heatexchanger are out of the boat right now. Dropping Dolla$$$$$
  218. dausualinc

    Kaneohe 10/23

    Way to go on all those fish! That is an awsome day. Getting those finicky shibis to bite on the troll is no easy task. I got a marlin on a 12/0 not too long ago and it always makes for an added challenge. Goes to show that they can still get the job done if you play your cards right.
  219. dausualinc

    Waianae Oct 24

    Nice fish walt, too bad about the big one. Sounds like a fun day.
  220. dausualinc

    Penguin Banks almost....10/21

    Nice fish and nice lure. Good going guys. Can't wait till I can get back out there.
  221. dausualinc

    Third Option

    Awsome report and beautiful lures. We are fortunate to have so many different types of fishing that we can do here in Hawaii, not just trolling.
  222. dausualinc


    Good Going on the mixed bag of fish.
  223. dausualinc

    Hi Kai 10/19

    Right on Russ, Thanks for the report. Too bad that big bird pile didn't pan out. Good going on the fish.
  224. dausualinc

    KANEOHE 10/24

    good going on that big black! beautiful fish.
  225. dausualinc

    Catastrophic failure

    Sucks to spend that much but the peace of mind will be worth it. Go get em
  226. dausualinc

    polyform a5 fender

    I have a white A5 polyform fender for sale. Dimensions are 27 x 36 in and has a volume of 47 gal. It's in good condtion with some normal wear. asking $100.
  227. dausualinc

    22' Force Info

    3.5-4 gal/hour combined, should be in the ball park. If you get 25kts I would consider that pretty good top end. It really all comes down to the load. Make sure the boat is propped right when you are at full load, full of fuel, 3 big braddahs, 4 cases beer, 500lbs ice, and 3-4 ahis...
  228. dausualinc

    Kaneohe 9OCT10

    very nice mixed bag!
  229. dausualinc

    This is Hawaii

    Right on bu, nice fat shibis
  230. dausualinc

    KANEOHE 10/9

    Nice report and catch Capt Don. We fished from Hawaii Kai to the third finger of the banks and up to Molokai that same day and didn't get any action. We did see a monster bird pile full of mahis on sunday during the Molokai Hoe, but we had to follow the Canoe, Oh well....
  231. dausualinc

    Great Mahi day

    sounds like the trip of a lifetime, way to go guys!
  232. dausualinc

    Hk Sat. 10-2

    Right on brah, glad to see you guys found some fish. I hope to be back in action by this weekend.
  233. dausualinc

    Question for Hawaii Fishermen??

    We are fortunate to live in a place that isn't over-run with restrictions, we are also fortunate to live in a place where aloha spirit is alive and well, The fishing isn't too bad either. Many of us local fisherman are lucky enough to be able to provide fresh fish to friends, family, small...
  234. dausualinc

    Catastrophic failure

    That sucks about the other damage. Can the Transom bracket be reused? If not that could get pretty ugly. I think your analysis of why the cups came out is probably right on. Factory installed cups probably wouldn't fail like that.
  235. dausualinc

    Hawaii fishing and seafood festival, who's going?

    Count me in, I'm doing one round throught the boats, displays and vendors then posting up in the beer garden.
  236. dausualinc


    Chee, right on guys, way to find the fish! still get chance
  237. dausualinc

    Catastrophic failure

    Glad to hear both of you guys Safe and doing OK. @ Wade, I'm a real do it yourself kind of guy, fiberglass, Welding, build race cars/engines (When we had a track) but the Volvo leg can be a pretty tricky business. Thats one of the few things on the boat (along with turbo and injector...
  238. dausualinc

    Get the blood boilin'...

    Mike I second that one.
  239. dausualinc

    Hawaii Kai to T Bouy, 9/10/10

    Sorry about the slow day Bob, I had one like that about a week ago, T was dead dead dead!!!!!
  240. dausualinc

    waianae howz da fishing ????

    I found an open school inside of T buoy on tuesday and practically hand fed 20-30lb mahis, cut saba and ballyhoo and they wouldn't eat it, even with out hook and line. finicky is not even the word.......
  241. dausualinc

    new truck, what you think 4x4 or no need?

    It boils down to "need" and "want" most of the time. You should be fine with 2wd. In my case I pull my boat up the ramp and reverse into my yard in 4lo, I also have a Detroit locker in the rear end.
  242. dausualinc

    HNL to Ka'ula Rock and Back 8/29 - 9/2

    Awsome pics and it sounds like a really fun time. I can't wait to get back there sometime soon. I love the pic of that first Uku with the bars all lit up. Its funny cause when the trolling is good over there its really good and when its bad its pretty bad.
  243. dausualinc

    Overnight Trip

    Good to hear about the mixed bag, only a matter of time before the big haul.
  244. dausualinc

    First Ever!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

    Right on man, first one is always special
  245. dausualinc

    papio recipe?

    Clean fish, leave head on, score the body of the fish, Galic salt and fresh cracked pepper, lime juice, diced ginger and green onion, wrap in Ti-leaf, and foil. Place in oven or on grill. Do not over cook, will get dry quickly. This is a light way to prep the fish, flavor is clean and...
  246. dausualinc

    Waianae 8/31/10

    @Bnaks- The pocket as I understand it and have done well at is the area south of the Pinnacle, it gets pretty deep 1500+ and the surrounding areas are much shallower. When the currents are right, bait holds in there. I am by no means a Waianae guy so I'm sure there are some guys out there...
  247. dausualinc

    Waianae 8/31, 9/1

    I'd be stoked to have the day that you did! good going on the fish. Rat akus still make some nice poke, My crew and I had to stop at Tamuras to get ours
  248. dausualinc

    Waianae 8/31/10

    Left Ke'ehi at 0600 ran the barbers ledge and then out into the pocket, 1000fthm-1500- Pinnacle. Sorry not much to report, Very few birds. Back into the pocket run down to BO holding on to the hope someone being home, no such luck. Make the long trip back to town, completely uneventful...
  249. dausualinc

    8/29/10 Waianae

    Way to go Walt! Great story and nice catch, too bad about the big one that got away. That guy encroaching on you guys is a real donkey maneuver. We a gonna go take a look around out in the deep tomorrow.
  250. dausualinc

    First Solo and First Donkey!!!!!!!

    That is the fish of a lifetime, enjoy the feeling and the memories. Congrats!
  251. dausualinc

    Waianae 8-28-10

    Nice Ones!
  252. dausualinc

    Wings or no wings

    I like wings on alot of my lures, some lures look better with them, some don't, I just follow my gut on wether to use them or not.
  253. dausualinc

    Fishing report

    Right on man, good to hear about the mixed action. Where did the marlin come from?
  254. dausualinc

    Waianae 8-26-2010

    Way to get some action with the Marlin bonanza that seems to be going on right now. I want to get out there real bad right now, only one problem, my real job is getting in the way of my fishing.
  255. dausualinc

    Waianae 8/26/10

    Way to go on the solo fish man, you've really got the marlin bite dialed this year.
  256. dausualinc

    kaneohe 8/23

    DAAAAAMMMMMNNNNNN that is a Dozer. Congrats!
  257. dausualinc

    8-25 Waianae

    Garrett good job to you and the braddahs on Lexi Ann. I know you guys were looking for the sickles but thats not a bad consolation prize. I like one piece when she come out the smoker:smoking33:
  258. dausualinc

    kaneohe report 8/25

    Sound like you guys have had a solid week! Right on Don and crew. that report makes me want to get out and play in the bumpy stuff
  259. dausualinc


    Sounds like a damn fine day of fishing, way to go guys. I just fished on a 29 Kami this past weekend and it was pretty nice.
  260. dausualinc

    Waianae 8/21/10

    Great report Scott, go get em next time
  261. dausualinc

    Question: 21 Ali'i Kai Weight

    Ho Cuz we go fish! Congrats on the Purchase, now you can be broke like the rest of us. Post some pics. Looks like you got your answer on the 4runner
  262. dausualinc

    Waianae 8/20/10

    Sounds like a solid day. It feels extra good to know you did the extra work to put fish in the box, especially when the bite has been a little spotty.
  263. dausualinc


    Mama said there would be days like this. Sorry to hear about the tough trip. Main thing is you still got two hands and ten fingers. I feel your pain with the trailer. trailer problems are neverending!
  264. dausualinc

    190 Outrage modified by Lightinin Fiberglass for da Hawaiian waters

    Right on JB the boat looks solid and definately looks like a Kauai boat. I'm gonna ask the question that everyone is wondering.......Whats the grand total$$$$
  265. dausualinc

    2 days 1 fish

    That thing is a beast!!! That lure looks alot like the one that did the work during the fever, and the one I lost on Wed.....
  266. dausualinc

    Waianae Marlin-(video)

    Killer vid man, OLN or ESPN will be jealous, you guys made it look super smooth. Sometimes we kill um, sometimes we don't
  267. dausualinc


    Blue silver, purple pink under, nothing ground breaking just the old stand by.
  268. dausualinc

    Waianae flotilla

    Left Keehi @ 0500 heading out to waiane. Decided to swing by BO to see if anyone was home, the bouy was 1.5 miles off station and took us a while to find. We were rewarded with a nice bull Mahi, my biggest one of the year Continued all the way up into wainae, kept going north till we found the...
  269. dausualinc

    Aug.17 2010

    Way to get after um! Early start really paid off.
  270. dausualinc

    Braid Marauder

    I've decent luck on Med size tony the tiger, I rig with 4ft of single strand wire, I like it because its thin and doesnt cause drag which can make the lure swim funny. I know some guys change hooks too but just run it stock. Even if the lure isn't the one catching fish I like the attracting...
  271. dausualinc


    Anyone got any results from the tourney?
  272. dausualinc

    Kaula Rock

    J- I've fished all the places you are going and you are going to have a blast. I'll start with the anchorage, Ni'ihau is your best choice to get safe anchorage, Kaula is very steep and small and the water drops off quick, even the leeward side has big surges if the water is moving around. I...
  273. dausualinc

    Help with fish ID

    Im gonna second the Otaru theory
  274. dausualinc

    Kaneohe 8-14-10

    right on Man, The first of many more fish to come.
  275. dausualinc

    "Black Pearl" trolling the Makapuu ledge

    I like! You can see if the channel is going to kick ass or not
  276. dausualinc

    "Black Pearl" trolling the Makapuu ledge

    Anyone know what kind of power plant that thing has? btw Nice view Bob!
  277. dausualinc

    Outside Waianae 8/9

    right on bob, you got your self one of the rarest of billfish, on a global scale anyways.
  278. dausualinc

    waianae 8/9

    Right on guys! Congrats on that major catches this week. there are alot of rippers that look at this site/lurk and can't believe what they are seeing right now. Lets call you Midas cause you got the golden touch.
  279. dausualinc

    waianae 8/6

    Right on man, a double sailfish in hawaii is quite literally the catch of a lifetime.
  280. dausualinc

    Garbage Dump

    I think one of our biggest problems we have around oahu is lack of bait. This was point was raised by Walt (Koolina) in another thread. The near shore waters of oahu IMO are more polluted than the other MHI and there for dont as readily support the giant schools of bait fish. The big predatory...
  281. dausualinc

    Why there is no Ahi.

    Walt- thank you for taking the time to post that, very well said
  282. dausualinc

    Waianae 8/7/10

    Wow, way to go man. Solo marlin that size is a real feat.
  283. dausualinc

    Waianae - 8/4/2010

    Eh Russ good going on the fish, I had to go all the way to CO in the rough stuff to pick up our mahis, only got one the next day on the way back to town. Then I broke an axle in Kalihi, what a night mare. I'll fill you in on that one later.
  284. dausualinc

    Boat trailers

    Im buying/replacing mine little by little from Hawaii Spring Supply, ha ha.
  285. dausualinc

    QUESTION: Phonicians Launch Ramp

    Here is an update on this very sad situation. Ko Olina has until 2013 to build public boat ramp - Hawaii News -
  286. dausualinc

    31 mahi's !!! show me the money!!!

    Nice Haul Hopu Kahi. Half the restaurants on Maui probably serving your mahi with white wine butter sauce and capers! Touchy subject, I know, I'm not gonna debate Ideology, but I think he would be considered fishing comercially and not strictly recreational. I just read a great book on the...
  287. dausualinc

    18 ft. boats

    You can definately pound some fish on smaller boats, esp. leeward areas or places like Kona or west Kauai where the ledges and 1000fthm curves arent so far out. On smaller boats common sense and good seaman ship are really important. when shit goes wrong it goes wrong in a hurry. I used to...
  288. dausualinc

    8-1-2010 Koolina with Video

    Right on Nick, that vid was awsome, I'm stoked you left in the comentary, looked like some good small game action. I'm gonna be fishing your neck of the woods come wednesday and thursday, hope to see you guys on the water.
  289. dausualinc

    Maui fishing 7-26-10 w/Start Me Up

    Boat looks like its in nice shape, and Ono three ways cant complain about that. Way to go, looks like good times
  290. dausualinc

    Waianae 7/30/2010

    Hey Brian Welcome to the board. Those are some solid Mahis and Onos you got there. Enjoy the ono sashimi
  291. dausualinc

    WTB 20' Outriggers

    You would be correct the 1" 7/8 is what I'm lookin for. I'll check out 5o7cs thanks for the heads up Glenn
  292. dausualinc

    7/29 Kona

    Right on Man, good story and a good day. looks like someone was shining down on you guys. Thats a damn fine Ahi you got there. Happy b-day to the Little one.
  293. dausualinc

    WTB 20' Outriggers

    I'm looking for a pair of 20' fiberglass outriggers with 2" base. Finished riggers would be ok if the price is right, or Just blanks. I've called a couple of the ones on C-list and none of them seem to be what they were advertised as. Mahalo Kekoa
  294. dausualinc

    7/27 a couple

    Nice ones Garrett and crew! Just when you thought it was going to be a slow day the run home pays off. You know whats funny, I got a bunch of lures that look alot like yours! ha ha. I gotta swing by the shop again soon.
  295. dausualinc

    Show me your pics! Best catches for 2010!

    Here are a couple of our highlights for 2010, got the 320ish marlin back in March and picked up the ahi the last day of May outside Kaneohe. The early summer ahi sure made me lazy, it cooled the fever, but the temperature is rising again.
  296. dausualinc

    Trolling on Full Moon Phase?

    I have always subscribed the the notion that dark phases were better for trolling but i didn't let that stop me from fishing around a large moon phase, if I felt like fishing. I try to go when I feel like it and it keeps it fun that way, it does waste more fuel though. We fished on a large...
  297. dausualinc

    Hawaii kai to Kalaupapa trip 7/23-7/25

    Sounds like a really fun time, I want to make that run soon.
  298. dausualinc


    here is my bloodiest work
  299. dausualinc

    Waianae ledge 7/27 first ono's

    Right on Bu, Those are some solid Onos, no twigs there. Boat looks solid and every one is happy!
  300. dausualinc


    What was actually discussed in the meeting?
  301. dausualinc

    Molokai Marlin Release

    Here is a pic of the lure that was doing damage that day, it had 1 ono, ono miss, 2 mahi and a marlin to its credit that day, first time touching water. Eh Jonsey, glad I could share, we are blessed to be able to do what we do and fish the places we fish. Spending time with friends and...
  302. dausualinc

    Molokai Marlin Release

    Glad you guys enjoyed the pics, we enjoyed taking um. Pat that is Jeffs boat we are tied up to. We had a 29 Kami, 26 Yellow fin, and my 23'er all rafted up. Makes the camping 3 times as entertaing. Thanks for the support, go get um tomorrow, just dangle that creamsicle in front their...
  303. dausualinc

    Gopro tow cam MARLIN

    Awsome vid, I had the same questions as the guys above. You never know how many fish are around us all the time that we just arent aware of.
  304. dausualinc

    First Ahi ever!

    Right on Man, May there be many more Ahi in your future
  305. dausualinc

    Fuel system problem

    I would clean the carbs, flush all the hoses, drain the tank, and change all filters and start with fresh fuel, dont try and use old fuel and don't let the tank sit for too long, you should be all good after that.
  306. dausualinc

    Molokai Marlin Release

    Fueled up the Mahinahina for a weekend trip to Molokai to escort the, Molokai to Oahu world Paddle board championship. We fished on saturday and picked up Onos and Mahis on the makapuu ledge. Water was decent with some lumps 15-20kts trades, perfect trolling water. Alot of the action came on...
  307. dausualinc

    north shore marlin

    Damn thats a serious slab!
  308. dausualinc

    Pictures how we eat.

    I can't wait to grind um this weekend
  309. dausualinc

    Fishing report Makapuu/ Hawaii Kai

    Way to go Mark, the smiles say it all!
  310. dausualinc

    Finally a little action 7/18/10

    sounds like an exciting time, go get um next time
  311. dausualinc

    Custom Cap and Polycarbonate Enclosure

    Thanks Jimmy, going black added alot more sanding time, I'm still not completely happy with the finish but oh well its a fishing boat, not a show boat.
  312. dausualinc

    Custom Cap and Polycarbonate Enclosure

    Just gotta get you on the boat for a fishing trip some time buddy.
  313. dausualinc

    Custom Cap and Polycarbonate Enclosure

    Thanks for all the positive feed back guys, alot of work went into it and its very satisfying to see the end product. The real enjoyment will come when we get her on the water. Thanks, all the shapes are created with the divinycell, no mold, I actually never popped anything from a mold...
  314. dausualinc

    Custom Cap and Polycarbonate Enclosure

    Well about six weeks ago I finally pulled the trigger and started working on my Custom cap and Bimini Top enclosure. I decided to build the cap by my self, I've done some glass work but this would be the largest project by far. I built it out of 1/2 Divinycell and multiple layers of 1.5oz Mat...
  315. dausualinc

    California Love

    The boat is a 23' sportcraft hull, we just finished the enclosure today so I'll try and post some pics tomorrow. My cousin is already planning the next trip.
  316. dausualinc

    Night Time 7/16/10

    Right on Walt, thats a great story and sounds like a good time. I caught a 2lb omilu on light tackle this week end and I was smiling from ear to ear so I know exactly why you and kaimi are so stoked.
  317. dausualinc

    Anybody willing to share their favorite jigs/ buoy small stuff killahs

    damn I thought the worm was my, not so, secret weapon. Those other braddahs must have had some steath lure technology
  318. dausualinc

    Captain J

    Holy Crap, thats awsome. I'd love to see a 300+ some day.
  319. dausualinc

    north kauai

    too bad on the trolling but that is a bomber Uku
  320. dausualinc

    Volvo Penta Question

    From what I've been told it is a reliable engine as long as its cared for, the same can be said for any engine. With out opening a can of worms on this engine vs. this eng. vs. this eng I have been happy with it, you definately do not want to push it out of its operating parameters and it...
  321. dausualinc

    Volvo Penta Question

    I have one in my boat, It burns 2.3-2.3 gph @ trolling speed, thats with 100 gals of fuel on board, 3-4 crew, and 300-400lbs of ice. My boat is 23'x8.5'. with 18 degrees of deadrise at the transom( a deeper V would definately need more power). I run a DP leg with A3 props and it runs 24 kts...
  322. dausualinc

    7/13/10 Kaneohe

    great day man, thats a fuckin donkey fo sho! you guys killen um every time.
  323. dausualinc

    Banks and P buoy report 7/13

    Sounds like an exciting day! too bad about the lures and lost fish but thats how it goes, sounds like you guys hooked into some solid fish today.
  324. dausualinc

    Kaneohe Report - 7/13

    Way to get after um Russ, pulling fish when its slow is the challenge.
  325. dausualinc

    7/9/10 west shore friday

    All Day son!!!!! way to go guys
  326. dausualinc

    California Love

    My Cousin from california came for a visit with his wife and young daughter. This was their first trip to hawaii and have been anticipating it for a long time. My cousin is an avid fresh water fisherman and was eager to see what fishing in Hawaii was all about, So we went for a short run...
  327. dausualinc

    Double Ahi

    way to go jeff, way to get after the fish and get the vid to back it up.
  328. dausualinc


    any solid info on what the alleged infraction was?
  329. dausualinc

    Rusted Trailer

    I parked my boat at a friends house in hawaii kai while we did the work. Rusted bolts = Acetylene torch.
  330. dausualinc

    Waianae 5/30

    all right! Puttin on the miles and puttin fish in the box. nice job guys
  331. dausualinc

    Rusted Trailer

    Is the trailer a galvanized bolt together type like a caulkins or is it heavy guage steel like a custom channel iron trailer. That will make a big difference on wether or not you can get someone to weld on it. I repaired mine in hawaii kai parking lot. It just all depends on how far gone it is.
  332. dausualinc

    Bottom Fishing Leeward?

    I've caught small Pakas in front of ke'ehi before, granted you won't flood the block with the fish you catch, but it is possible, just sayin'.....
  333. dausualinc

    Waianae 6/30

    Right on guys, You are giving us all hope.
  334. dausualinc

    lucky evening !

    Way to go on the fish Hank, it must be bitter sweet sweet though. It can be a relief to sell a boat but a heartbreaker too. By the way I caught my last ahi on the 80w I bought from you, the reel worked flawlessly.
  335. dausualinc

    Boat pic...

    Mahinahina, chillin at the sand bar:hali_olutta:
  336. dausualinc

    Kauai bite wide open

    I feel your pain, last year I had to rebuild my injector pump and the day after I pulled it of the boat waianae started going off! Oh well thats how it goes. Good to hear Kauai has action
  337. dausualinc

    Isen Glass......

    Brice- Tim from Stich This will be working on my boat next week, I'll post some pics when its all done. He does really nice work. PM me if you would like his contact info.
  338. dausualinc

    T buoy drifting, plenty Mahi

    Nice catch, and thanks for the update. That sucks it broke loose.
  339. dausualinc

    Good Luck Out There

    Sounds like a good amount of fish came up!
  340. dausualinc

    Our #221 saturday

    Right on Man, so stoked for you and da braddahs on Lexi Ann
  341. dausualinc

    anyone going fishing out of waianae tomorrow

    Yesterday I flew in from Kauai and from the air it looked like the wind was reaching pretty far around barbers, the lee looked like it was on the smallish side.
  342. dausualinc

    Ahi Fishing Tournament

    Right on Man, sounds like an awsome weekend. You guys really put in the miles. Enjoy all that ahi and congratulations.
  343. dausualinc

    My Fever....

    Good report J, go get um next time
  344. dausualinc

    Kai "Nana's" weekend and then some...

    Right on Pat and Crew, thats some solid fish to bring to the scale!
  345. dausualinc

    One more Kaneohe tuna

    Way to go AJ!
  346. dausualinc

    kaneohe 6/17

    Right on Don, That is SOLID
  347. dausualinc

    Haleiwa? Wass goin on?

    maybe be true but guys aint talking it looks like
  348. dausualinc

    Waianae side 6/15

    Keep running that jet brah
  349. dausualinc

    Hawaii Kai to Penguin Banks, 6/15/10

    Right on guys at least you are pounding the water!
  350. dausualinc

    What's happening at Waianae?

    Go Get um boys. I'm fiberglassing like a mad man right now but plan to be on the water in 7-10 days
  351. dausualinc

    Kaneohe 6/14

    Way to go Chase, the flood gates are really open now. Everyone has given great advice so far. I try to take into account, seastate, your boats drift characteristics, # of crew, and how the fish is behaving. My last ahi acted like it was on crack, (no nice circles coming from the depths...
  352. dausualinc

    What's happening at Waianae?

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you said "sporadic". I've been hearing of a fish here or there but nothing I would bet the bank on russ. One of my friends caught a 600# donkey on a 17' boat yesterday out that side though.
  353. dausualinc

    Kaneohe side...

    Right on Scott, thanks for the heads up. With a work ethic like that, its only a matter of hours before you put your next big ahi on deck. I'm in the middle of a big fiberglassing project so I'm off the water but wish me luck.
  354. dausualinc


    They have it at west marine in 1" and 1/2" thickness, its expensive but very worth it! glassing the hangars to the underside of the lid is important to prevent sagging over time. After installing the sound proofing I cant believe I ran without it.
  355. dausualinc


    Here are a few pic of some upgrades I did on my enginge box. I glassed a few strips of 1/4 ply perpendicular to the lid of the box. glassed it over with 2 layers of 1.5oz mat and gel coated it. It made a huge difference in stiffness and didn't add much weight which in my my case was important...
  356. dausualinc

    Eastside 6/8

    right on man, way to go.
  357. dausualinc

    Solo West Side 6/6

    Holy crap, that must have been crazy! Those are some big creatures to have jumping and pissed off by your boat. Glad you made it back in one piece, four onos sounds like a great way to end the day
  358. dausualinc

    Waianae side 6/7

    Brandon- I nominate the name "Sea Serpent" for that lure. That brings new meaning to the term "log" when you refer to a big Ono.
  359. dausualinc

    tasty ahi!

    Nice one man
  360. dausualinc

    Waianae side 6/7

    That reminds me of a time I fished with my cousin and he ran a new lure, got a knock down on it and we hooked....... a rubber glove. We had a good laugh about that one for a long time, needless to say the lure was named the rubber glove, it went on to catch its share of fish too. After a...
  361. dausualinc

    so easy a caveman can do it!

    Right on Man!!!
  362. dausualinc

    Fishing Report Double Ahi and an Ono

    Nice report, nice fish and good going on putting a noob on the fish, He'll be addicted in no time. The banana thing might be BS, but no bananas on my boat.
  363. dausualinc

    Hilo Ahi and Ono

    Sounds like a great trip, congrats on the fish
  364. dausualinc

    Kaneohe Tuna

    Thanks for all the stoke guys, That was my first Ahi in this boat which i've owned for a year and its my personal best ahi so it was a memorable and special catch. The sashimi was da bomb, every part of that fish was used, AHI head soup!!!!!
  365. dausualinc

    Aftco gaffs SUCK

    Big Gorilla off the back early in the season. Way to go on that super size ahi.
  366. dausualinc


    Gotta love that! way to go
  367. dausualinc

    Pilot Whales, Sharks and Rubba Hooks

    I'm following up one of my better fishing trips in a long time with one of the tougher ones. Don't get me wrong it was still a nice day on the water but I've never had so many misses or fish lost to predators in my life. We went about 2 (fish) for 10 (strikes). I left Hawaii Kai at 0600 ran...
  368. dausualinc


    Right on Eric, nice fish.
  369. dausualinc

    Waianae 5/28 and 5/30

    Sounds like a great time! thanks for sharing that lure.
  370. dausualinc

    Waianae - Memorial Day Ahi

    Awsome catch, and solo too!
  371. dausualinc

    Kaneohe Tuna

    Here is a clip from outside Makapuu
  372. dausualinc

    Runaway Ahis

    Sounds like a double heartbreaker, at least they are here, just got to stick another one. The cool hand luke clip is classic!!!!
  373. dausualinc

    Kaneohe Tuna

    My crew and I departed Hawaii Kai aboard the Mahinahina at 0530 on 5/31/2010. The wind was blowing pretty good but our plan was to run the ledge past Makapuu and get up to the area of T bouy, from there we would have a nice down wind run to Kaneohe where we planned to spend the afternoon at the...
  374. dausualinc

    Memorial Day

    We will be fishing out of Hawaii Kai tomorrow and heading around to Kaneohe in the afternoon, plan to hang out at the sandbar in the after noon and stay overnight. Hope to see some fellow BD'r out there, come stop by and have a beer. Pirate flag will be flying from the outriggers. Lets all...
  375. dausualinc

    May 28th/29th Fishing....

    Awsome catch scott, I thought that must have been your truck at the harbor. We were out there that day too but played around in the deeep. Sounds like the evening ledge run was the right call. We had a couple of mahis from an open school but not much else to report. Good going on the fish.
  376. dausualinc

    west side ono 5/28

    Nice ones, sounds like the ledge has been productive.
  377. dausualinc

    Waianae - Early Start

  378. dausualinc


    Way to go, looks like fun, Kauai is busting wide open right now
  379. dausualinc

    Fishing Report: SUPER crowded waianae 5/27

    Nice fish, you've been hitting it up steady, thats the way to gain experience. Wear the gloves, you can't get the fingers back, if it were an ahi or marlin it could get ugly. I'm going to try my luck tomorrow, good goin man.
  380. dausualinc

    Ahi Fever - Needs help

    Unbelievable! what a crime
  381. dausualinc

    Pictures how we eat.

    ho cuz i like sum!
  382. dausualinc

    $$$$$ Boat registration HI

    I'll pay that fee if someone will pick up my fuel bill
  383. dausualinc

    A day with the Foxy Lady

    They put you on some major Slabs! way to go, good for you guys and foxy lady.
  384. dausualinc

    Waianae to Kauai and back

    Thats a sick boat and a sick story, thanks for giving us the back ground story. I've been lucky enough to mix fishing and working before and it makes it that much sweeter.
  385. dausualinc

    First AHI This Year for me. 5/18

    Way to go man, sounds like a beefy fish. That light leader must have been really stressful.
  386. dausualinc

    Kawaihae B.I.

    Nice fish, Gotta love that calm water!
  387. dausualinc

    How light is too light for Ahi

    Like Pat said its all about style and personal preference. I run 80s, 130s, and still got a pair of old 12/0s that are still getting the job done
  388. dausualinc

    They are close!

    Ha ha classic, I hear ya man!
  389. dausualinc

    Westside May 13th

    Cheee, that is a slab!!!!
  390. dausualinc

    Waianae - Late start!

    Hey russ at least you got out there and took a look around, sometimes the fish you get at the 11th hour are the most satisfying. I havn't heard from you in a while so I was wondering if you had been out lately. Sounds like you have been suffering from the same problem as me....working too...
  391. dausualinc

    Waianae 5/14

    Way to get after um, its nice when the long haul pays off! The fish that are coming up on bait, are they on the inside, or way out too? cant wait to see the vid.
  392. dausualinc

    Waianae 5/12

    Right on man, sounds like a good time. Fever is rising....
  393. dausualinc

    5/11 banks

    Way to get after it, I love those early bites!
  394. dausualinc

    Penguin Banks 5/1/2010

    Way to go on that catch Scott, sound like alot of fun, especially since the water was nice. Thanks for adding in all those details, it is appreciated. We thought about heading down that way on Saturday but went straight for the second finger instead, fishing was lousy over there so we headed up...
  395. dausualinc

    Banks 4/29

    Glad you guys made out better than we did the day before, its a long haul and a late day to chase fish that far! This weekend is gonna be epic.
  396. dausualinc

    4-28 banks

    Wassup Garrett, nice catch, gotta love the 3 banger at the end of the day. I was out on the backside of the banks that same day. Only ended up with 1 Ono and two Mahis, but damn we had alot of misses. We had a bad case of Rubba hooks. The channel was small kine lumpy, I was on the stern...
  397. dausualinc

    In case you didn't see it! FAD Deployments...

    Very stoked to hear about HH!
  398. dausualinc

    Low cost homemade bimini window enclosure

    Nice one Bob. I always love to see do it yourself projects.
  399. dausualinc

    4/25 Koolina 2 ono and some Nabeta with VIDEO

    Way to go Nick, looks like good fun.
  400. dausualinc

    Sunday 4/25

    Nice fish, That Hobie looks like alot of fun.
  401. dausualinc


    chee Kauai Boys
  402. dausualinc

    good fun with cap don

    Awsome, the phrase "Doin' Work!" comes to mind.
  403. dausualinc

    Honolulu Ahi x 3!

    Right On Maggie Joe!
  404. dausualinc

    1 Gallon Salt-Away $29 at Costco

    Good to know, thanks for the update. I appreciate hearing about deals like that anytime, mahalo.
  405. dausualinc

    Eastside Trip

    Nice Haul Jeff, Now you got your work cut out for you today. I wish I could have made it out with you guys. Sounds like it was alot of fun.
  406. dausualinc

    Eastside 4/17

    "Charlie" is a great guy to know.
  407. dausualinc


    Way to go scott, put in the miles, and pound the rough water and it really paid off!
  408. dausualinc

    4/18/10 KAUAI

    Right on man, sounds like a fun day
  409. dausualinc

    Pictures how we eat.

    I made some spicy ahi with this recipe last weekend and it was a big hit. Thanks again Russ
  410. dausualinc

    Nice blackfin

    ha ha that is f*ckin hilarious!!!!!!!
  411. dausualinc

    wtb yellowfin, or saltwater

    29' Kamikraft Here is the one I was talking about. It says its got twin diesels in it.
  412. dausualinc

    Anyone ever caught an uhu on hook and line?

    The hedgehog is classic!
  413. dausualinc

    Anyone ever caught an uhu on hook and line?

    Eh you never know untill you try it. Looks like a Wana to me, or a hedge hog.
  414. dausualinc

    wtb yellowfin, or saltwater

    there is a 29 Kami for sale on BI with twin yanmars. its listed on hawaii boats and yachts
  415. dausualinc

    Boner Day

    Nice Fish, some of the most memorable catches come in the "4th quarter"! That guy doesn't look 75 either, good for him.
  416. dausualinc

    Welcome Home!! 3/28/2010 ULUA!!!

    WTG man sounds like the hard work really paid off
  417. dausualinc

    Types of tackle?

    We all got to start somewhere, Big boats and gold reels are great (I'm working towards mine), but usually time, space, money, family play a big part of the descions. all the guys have great advice, and I agree with pretty much all of it. don't let any one tell you a senator/star drag reel...
  418. dausualinc

    Trailer axle opinions

    I agree with the above posts, you can definately find a single axle that will support that load. Manueverability is a big plus on the single, although it sure is nice to have a second axle when you have a blow out on the H1 (speaking from experience.
  419. dausualinc


    Thanks for the info, knowledge is power.
  420. dausualinc

    Go Pro Camera

    Yep thats the same camera, if you buy the Motorsports Package it comes with more mounts, its worth the extra money. I don't think melton sells the motorsportpackge though. The HD version is out now too and is pretty sweet. My room mate has the helmet cam for his bodyboarding footage and it...
  421. dausualinc

    kauai boys tunas here early???

    I like that idea
  422. dausualinc

    Ridin with the king

    Right, chee hu!
  423. dausualinc

    Would you guys make use of this?

    With the right execution it could be a big hit!
  424. dausualinc

    St. Patty's Day Marlin

    Russ-good memory on the name recall! It was awsome to see your daughter so into fishing. Its a good reminder about some of the important aspects of fishing, like spending time with loved ones.
  425. dausualinc


    I was shocked and so pissed when I heard about this yesterday. The island and fishing comunity is really small when it comes down to it. We will keep our ears to the street and hopefully help Garett recover his molds. For the guys that took his stuff, Karma is a mother F*cker.
  426. dausualinc


  427. dausualinc


    Way to go on the dozer
  428. dausualinc

    Cut line...

    Garanz. The partner took you out, bummer
  429. dausualinc

    St. Patty's Day Marlin

    Thanks for all the stoke guys. It was a fun and short trip, often the best kinds. As Eric stated The tail stump measurement would put it at 350lbs. it was a little on the short side so it might have been a little shy of 350 but we can only speculate. As far as lure color goes, its not...
  430. dausualinc

    Volvo DP Props for sale/looking for A5's

    I think I saw a set of A5s for sale on craigslist today.
  431. dausualinc

    KAILUA/KANEOHE luck of the irish

    Nice fish man, sounds like we had a similar day!
  432. dausualinc

    St. Patty's Day Marlin

    I fished the Mitch's Shoot out with my friend Jeff over the weekend and we had a blast. I didn't think I would fish for a while but then I saw light and Var winds forcasted for Wed. so I said what the hell lets load the ice and go see whats out there. We headed out of Hawaii Kai at 0545 and...
  433. dausualinc

    The search is over...

    Right on Bu, I'm stoked for you. Makes me remember how happy I was when I got mine. gotta get those little projects done now, cause once those sickles come around......
  434. dausualinc

    Mitch's HI Bd'er Sidepot

    Eric- thanks for putting the side pot together, it was good fun.
  435. dausualinc

    help repower

    I had a pair of Yamaha Hight Thrust 60s on my old boat and I liked them alot. Put about 500 hours in two years and never had any issues.
  436. dausualinc

    kauai report

    Right on hank, nice haul
  437. dausualinc

    Wave / Weather / Tides Application for Iphone

    cool, thanks for the heads up, now I just have to find one like that for the droid platform
  438. dausualinc

    Waianae 3/7/10

    Thats some well fed Aku, good to see. Nice Catch
  439. dausualinc

    Pictures how we eat.

    What ever it is, it looks good to me Russ!
  440. dausualinc

    kauai in July

    The bite was so good you could drag a hot dog behind the boat and it would get smashed. Good to see some of the Kauai Boys coming out of the wood work.
  441. dausualinc

    holo holo maui style!!!

    Nice one, the water must have been all Bus!
  442. dausualinc

    The one piece of furniture I own

    Nice, hang on to that one
  443. dausualinc

    Pictures how we eat.

    I'm drooling. Thats it, I'm going to Tamuras, getting some smoked marlin and a 12pk.
  444. dausualinc

    Pictures how we eat.

    Moana Kali, da bugga was mops! btw I saved the dashi and made the meanest saimin afterwards
  445. dausualinc


    Hank- I know exactly what you are saying. I noticed this very dramatically on Kauai, especially on the west side. In front Port Allen certain times of the year there will literally be lines of birds/fish on the 500 and 1000 fathom curves. You don't need to look at the gps, its like a black...
  446. dausualinc

    Tsunami Double...

    Nice stripey Pat! Solo is always a rush
  447. dausualinc


    Hopefully in a year those eggs will be some nice open schools. Glad you guys got on the water, I decided to cancel my trip on saturday. I wasn't worried about being on the water so much as I was worried about my truck getting dominated
  448. dausualinc

    Box o' Gear

    And the great move begins....
  449. dausualinc


    I was planning on Going out this morning but canceled because of the tsunami. My boat and I hid out in upper palolo, watching the news. It was so classic seeing the guy at hawaii Kai ramp. Everytime the camera would pan to him he would dance and stuff:shakin:. It was hilarious! Hope everyone...
  450. dausualinc

    Auction Block Video

    YouTube - United Fishing Agency Auction: Episode 1 Here is a link to a series of videos I found on youtube. Its all about the auction block, Its pretty cool to watch if you have some time to kill. There are 6 parts to it:starwarskid5:
  451. dausualinc

    Hi Kai - 02/24/10

    Way to go russ! Never hear from you in a while, sounds like you was ninja fishing! Thats an awsome catch, Its funny most the marlin I've caught have come on flat water days.
  452. dausualinc

    fishing intel...

    Eric thanks for the update! Thats the kind of news I like to hear
  453. dausualinc

    16/ OOOOHHHH

    Sold, Thanks for the interest
  454. dausualinc

    Not a good day for this poor fish!

    That sucks, but You did what you know is right. Mano got to eat too.
  455. dausualinc

    when 4 lbs makes you the first loser...

    Thats sucks about the four pounds, nice fish though. Sounds like a fun day. Its always nice to be able to bring a nice fish to the scales when the crowds are gathered.
  456. dausualinc

    Go Pro Camera

    sounds great. I've been eyeing up that HD Cam!
  457. dausualinc

    shimano tiagras

    Just Got the 80W hank, it looks and works awsome. I can't wait to get it on the water, hopefully this weekend. Mahalo Kekoa
  458. dausualinc

    Furuno Open Array Radar

    Eric, what is the model#? I am interested. Its a little bigger unit than I was originally planning on but at that price I may have to make some changes to my plans, Thanks
  459. dausualinc

    Hawaii Yacht Club Tournament This Saturday

    Sounds like fun, I wish I didn't have to work or I'd be in. Good luck to the braddahs fishing in it.
  460. dausualinc

    Good day 2-16-10 with Video

    Yeah marlin meat is junk, you can get rid of um by placing it in the cooler in my garage. :food-smiley-014: If you trim the right parts the sahimi can be the bomb
  461. dausualinc

    Good day 2-16-10 with Video

    Nice and Smooth. Good Job guys, and nice fish. I'm glad I didn't have vid of my last Marlin it would have been a "what not to do video". Ha ha.
  462. dausualinc

    Kaneohe 2/16 Kimi Ann action

    Nice load on an otherwise challenging day.
  463. dausualinc

    Blood on Deck on President

    Eric that is a great question, I have no experience with trolling a circle hook and I usually troll a single J and not double, but that is a very compelling question. I think hook style with trolling has a lot to do with HOW fish are striking the bait, whether it be natural or lures...
  464. dausualinc

    Molokai Boner

    Way to go clay! Glad to see the on going stoke for fishing that you have. I appreciate your selective harvesting practices. It is an on going topic and everyone has their opinion on it. Lomi O'io is da bomb and so is fighting a big one and knowing it will fight another day. Keep Living the...
  465. dausualinc

    80lb Class Stubbies

    These are the kind you see for sale on Craigslist all the time. Pac Bay aluminum rollers (sharp edges smoothed). Pac Bay Butts 2-, 5' 6" 80lb class Bent butts, $220 Pair 1- 5' 50lb class blank/80'lb class striaght butt. $100 or all three for $300 They are mass produced but are...
  466. dausualinc

    16/ OOOOHHHH

    Hey guys I have one too many 16/0s in my life right now. I wanted to give the BD guys a shot at em before I put them to the ruthless world of craigslist. I have three of them and would like to sell one but could probably be talked into selling two if the price was right. They are well...
  467. dausualinc

    Blood on Deck on President

    Different techniques, out of season, Gotta love that! Way to go. I'm fueling and icing the boat as I type this....
  468. dausualinc


    Greasing screws and other hard to reach places prior to being put into service can help control corrosion before it starts. I use corrosion block on all my reels too. most of my reels (Senators) are older than I am and still going strong. (I'm 30)
  469. dausualinc

    Dragging shell

    Aj those are some real treasures! You definately don't want to get those stuck.
  470. dausualinc

    Caught some Ulua today!

    Nice fish and Photos! Sounds like fun action
  471. dausualinc

    The one that didn't get away

    True Dat, I'll take luck any day!
  472. dausualinc

    BD sticker on Mahi front page of a magazine?

    Just saw a pic in HFN holo holo style. Guy with a mahi in front of start me ups desk had the BD sticker
  473. dausualinc


    Just saw the post on C-list. That Radon is a beast, looks good
  474. dausualinc

    South Shore advice needed...

    Pat, I'm not much help with the menpachi grounds but I have cought Akule right in front Ke'ehi. I started in about 20 fathoms and drifted out from there. Mind you it wasn't a crazy bite but there were fish there and plenty bugs. Plenty times when I leave the harbor early in the morning there...
  475. dausualinc

    The one that didn't get away

    Hey, thought you juys might get a kick out of this, here is a picture of a leader that got chopped about 90% of the way through. Its 400lb jinkai and doubled up. Next time I'm going to run the heat shrink up to the second crimp. You can also see bill rubs from the marlin this same rig caught the...
  476. dausualinc


    Great Catch guys. People might not be so quick to judge if they understood all the factors, regulations, licenseing, quotas, fish stocks, etc etc.
  477. dausualinc

    south side

    Way to get on the water, thanks for the report. How was the wind chop?
  478. dausualinc

    show me your lures!!!

    Nice ones Hank, you can tell the ones that work cause, they stay "All Buss"!
  479. dausualinc


    I eat the smaller ones. Got a teen sized one deep at the banks a while back that didn't have any worms. Beer batter is Ono.
  480. dausualinc

    kauai afternoon

    20lbers Can straight smoke a reel! I've foul hooked um and thought Ahi. Way to go Hank.
  481. dausualinc

    Saturday Marlin

    Good going, thats a hefty girl. Purple Softhead strikes again! Water looks awsome too
  482. dausualinc

    going out of hilo tomorrow...

    Sash for super bowl....most Crucial! Good going
  483. dausualinc

    Automated Weather From NOAA Via Telephone

    Thanks for the heads up!
  484. dausualinc

    Grilled honey lime Ahi

    Gonna try this tomorrow for the super bowl Thanks!
  485. dausualinc

    Do flourocarbon leaders and line size make any difference for trolling?

    Walter--Well played sir, well played. I couldn't agree more and couldn't have worded it any better. Thank you for that insightful post
  486. dausualinc

    Bridle or stinger hook setup?

    A short length of single strand wire will definately help in areas with onos. I prefer single strand over cable because of the ease of making the Haywire twist to attach hooks and swivels. you just have to be careful not to kink it.
  487. dausualinc

    Fishing Line

    yeah thats why I don't worry too much, 50yds here or there on a reel that size doesn't matter too much. I usually fill those with OPI line to cut down on costs
  488. dausualinc

    Fishing Line

    I crank my own. I don't think it get packed as well as it would be on a machine but its gotten the job done for all these years. Filling the 16/0 is a pain in the ass!
  489. dausualinc

    Do flourocarbon leaders and line size make any difference for trolling?

    I havn't stepped up to flouro on my heavy leaders, just cant afford it. I troll 100mono, 250 mono, 300 mono, and 400 mono depending on size of lures, target species, how finicky I think they may be. Usually run jinkai because of the smaller diameter. Some of the bigger marlin lures get 600...
  490. dausualinc

    Are super ninja heads better than other fish heads?

    Super Ninjas are sick, last year It never came out of the spread, I swear I thought it was magical. This year not as much love from the fish, not sure what it is. It runs well in all positions and has a wiggle to it that looks like a natural swimming motion. They are definately expensive...
  491. dausualinc

    Banks Run

    The tee is just there for size comparison, sorry wish there was some secret significance. Sorry bout that but I golf when its too windy to fish ha ha. I love the fact that its got the crazy eyes! Aw if thats true I'm bummed but Oh well easy come easy go. Thanks for the heads up.
  492. dausualinc

    Banks Run

    Yeah it was a nice variety, was hoping for a billfish for the grand slam but it wasn't in the cards. the bait knife holder was made out of old cutting boards. It works really good and the price was right-free. I use old steak knives for my bait knives. you can find them dirt cheap at the...
  493. dausualinc

    Bridle or stinger hook setup?

    I think the main "pro" for a bridle is that the bait will live longer due to less injury it also lets the fish swim more naturally. If the baits are getting chopped I'm going to guess ono or kaku in which case the stinger rigged on a small piece of wire would probably help.
  494. dausualinc

    EPIRB or PLB?

    I would go with the PLB in your case. Thats what I started with on my smaller boat. You can also take it with you when you fish on other vessels. Class I epirbs will self deploy and Class IIs will water activate only if they are manually released from its bracket if I'm not mistaken. Good...
  495. dausualinc

    Banks Run

    Thanks for the kind words guys, It sure is nice when hard work pays off. Its also nice to find some fish with some meat on um, those are definately the most solid mahis we've had in a while. Bob- those are Kilwell long Reach outriggers, very light and very stiff. Only thing is they aren't...
  496. dausualinc

    The banks...

    I think the its a very doable trip. You have to pay the utmost attention to fuel on a small vessel as well as the weather window. Yesterday you could have been out there in a Kayak if you don't mind a 30+mile paddle ha ha. Taking extra fuel and Ice for a long trip can add to stability issues...
  497. dausualinc

    Banks Run

    Well I got the day off yesterday and decided to make my first trip of the year on my boat. January has been full of grinding and welding for me so it didn't leave alot of room for fishing. We headed out to the banks and see what we could find. Left Hawaii Kai at 5:45am and ran @ 16 kts for...
  498. dausualinc

    Got Her Wet

    Good going on the mahis Pat! When are you going to bless us with some pics of your new ride. Keep us updated on the status of your projects, you must be a very busy man right now.
  499. dausualinc

    Weke ula

    I agree with Hank, but I usually don't go deeper than 40 fathoms, but thats just my laziness. I target 25-40 fathoms and use fire cracker grubs as well. I like to tie my own damashi so that you can tailor the line weight to the size of the fish. Look for bottom structure with clouds of bait...
  500. dausualinc

    "Kai'io" 22' Chriscraft Sea Hawk

    Just wanted to clarify, I didin't mean you were going to have a hard time finding a buyer, but it might be hard from an emotional stand point. That 4.3 Vortec is a sweet motor:urno1:
  501. dausualinc

    "Kai'io" 22' Chriscraft Sea Hawk

    Thats got to be a tough one to sell Pat, I know you guys have had great times together. Good Luck with the sale, I'm sure it won't take long!
  502. dausualinc

    Waianae 1/30/10

    Eh whale watching with the wife, sounds like a good day on the water even if the fish wern't cooperating. sounds like like pilot whales. having the boat run good is always a major plus too
  503. dausualinc

    Paint outriggers

    I did a set of fiberglass ones with awlgrip and they held up well.
  504. dausualinc

    Trailer Repairs

    Ha ha this project has definately kept me off the water for a few weeks, its ok though, don't feel like I missed out on too much and I'm really stoked to get out there now. Gonna shoot for Tuesday. good to hear your got alot of work done on yours too. We gotta be ready come spring and...
  505. dausualinc

    Trailer Repairs

    When we redid the verticals and the bunks we had to take the boat off the trailer and do lots of measuring to get the V right and the rocker of the hull. Luckily we had a friend with a dock at their house in Hawaii Kai, Mahalo Rusty!
  506. dausualinc

    Trailer Repairs

    Yeah that garage has saved me a few times! I'm not looking forward to increased washing Tounge load is around 700lbs depending on gear, Ice and fuel. which is around 10% of the gross.
  507. dausualinc

    Trailer Repairs

    Well I havn't done much fishing during the month of January but I have gotten alot of long overdue work done on my trailer. Here is a little background on the project I bought my boat back in the fall of 2008 and got it for a really great deal. the upsides, were, new decks, fishbox, fuel...
  508. dausualinc

    Aku colors

    That shrimp bait was mean!
  509. dausualinc

    WTB Box Steel Tubing

    I did finish my trailer, and I will do a little write up tomorrow after I take some pics of the finished product
  510. dausualinc

    Damn shame

    Hank I've seen that one and it does look like a sweet ride, just waiting for the right home!
  511. dausualinc

    Low Tide (Photo)

    That is cool, thanks for sharing
  512. dausualinc

    Aku colors

    Hobbie Tat had something pretty similar when I was there the other day.
  513. dausualinc

    Kona Hawaii fishing report - Jan. wrap-up

    Great report Jeff, way to go on that 598, good way to start the year.
  514. dausualinc

    kauai channel

    I had to look that up about the spout but that seems like a surefire way to tell a sperm whale from a distance. I'm sure you are more likely to see one the further out in the channel you get. My friends have seen Killer whales off of Kauai on a few occasions, I havn't seen them yet but it...
  515. dausualinc

    kauai channel

    Way to go on the Otarus and Mahis! I'm more stoked on the sperm whale though. I've seen alot of crazy stuff out there but never seen one of those yet. That is one badass animal, Largest predator of all time (depending on how you define "predator") sorry that the science nerd in me coming...
  516. dausualinc

    Banks run from HK

    Sounds like a fun day. At least there are some fish out there even if they are spread around. Talked to a buddy that had good luck draggin live opelu around out there not too long ago. good fun cause its a mixed bag when you do that.
  517. dausualinc

    Leeward Mahi

    Damn thats a nice one. Hopefully that is a sign of things to come. A good mahi run sure would be nice!
  518. dausualinc

    24 Islander & 24 Saltwater

    Wonder what kind of engine that islander has. Don't know about any one else but I want to know about that before the Ipod dock.
  519. dausualinc

    FAD update....

    Thats really sucks about U buoy. Its does seem a little weird that so many have broken off in a short time
  520. dausualinc

    A sad day for Hawaii

    Sorry to hear that. Hopefully he makes his way back sooner than later
  521. dausualinc

    WTB Box Steel Tubing

    bought brand new today, 20ft length= 270 bucks. Ouch! oh well its nice and clean
  522. dausualinc


    Its a good conversation starter for sure. All that really matters is that you like it! I'm a traditionalist when it comes to boat names, for instance mine is named after my sister, doesn't get alot of laughs but shes always brought me home. When the right name comes along you will know it...
  523. dausualinc

    lure question

    Those are some sweeties for sure!
  524. dausualinc

    WTB Box Steel Tubing

    I'm looking to buy 3x5 Steel box tubing or I beam. At least a 12 ft length. I'll be using it for trailer repairs. Trying to keep costs down on this project but not expecting freebies. Mahalo braddahs.
  525. dausualinc

    show me your lures!!!

    here are a couple of my best friends, they are alway ready for action:2gunsfiring_v1:
  526. dausualinc

    Mark White lures

    They are Ceramic, but a special blend and are very rugged. Mark test his lures by droping them from a ladder onto concrete, and the concrete loses. I wouldn't worry about breaking them, I would be more concerned about snags and losing them that way. He makes some nice trolling lures too, I...
  527. dausualinc

    South siide 1/16/10

    Cheeeeeee. Way to go. Can't wait till they go off in the Channel.
  528. dausualinc


    Nice fish! Was that on live opelu?
  529. dausualinc

    Fish Box

    Yeah most Hawaii boats are built a little different. Some boats here are literally completely covered in fishboxes and fuel tanks. Mine is about middle of the road compared to some found out here. Like I said, I've never filled it up but its not uncommon to hear of a hot Ahi bite and have guys...
  530. dausualinc

    Hi-Kai/T-buoy - 01/16/10

    You are a good man Russ, better than me. Nah its different with kids, gotta have some compassion, you don't want to turn them off from fishing for good. My buddies know better, if they stayed out too late the night before they going suffer till I say we are done, :nutkick:. Dry heaving is...
  531. dausualinc

    lure question

    Yes the list is long! Clifford What do you guys call a dirty monkey? my Kauai pals have it as a mavis top skirt with variations on the under skirt. I thought this thread would blow up but I guess fishermen always have that secretive streak
  532. dausualinc

    Fish Box

    Here are a couple of pics of the top of my fish box, Sorry I don't have any pics of the inside right now. Is 6.5' long 3' wide and 2.5' deep and 3" of insulation foam on all sides including the lid. It will hold 1000lbs ice but I will usually only bring 300 for most trips. I have never filled it...
  533. dausualinc

    4Wheeler + Towtruck Combo

    I should have been more detailed about the engine. I actually bought the zz4 short block and put a set of Edelbrock E-tec heads on it with a Comp Hydraulic Roller Cam. I can't remember the specs off the top of my head but I think the [email protected] is around 230 degrees, and .515" lift. I...
  534. dausualinc

    lure question

    Other mainstay lures would be, Ice blues, black/red, make dog(blue Salmon), mexican flag......
  535. dausualinc

    lure question

    I've always called the top skirt "gay bob" not so much any particular combination. The Gay bob works well with any pink or plum or combination of the two. thats whats worked for me but I'm sure there are many variations.
  536. dausualinc


    Jonesey, Alot of my friends on Kauai fish these boats with great success. In my experience the boat with a 25 is way underpowered. I have seen one set up with twin 25s. Most guys run a 50 or 60 4 stroke and it works great. I really like the yamaha 60hp high thrust. By pushing the cab...
  537. dausualinc

    Ta'ape Eradication

    Introduced by the state before people realized how much damage invasive species could do. They came from the south pacific, Marquesas or tahiti I think.
  538. dausualinc

    Kaneohe 1/15/2010

    Yeah I was fixing trailer all week, not as fun as fishing. Way to go on the jigging
  539. dausualinc


    I've fished on this style set up alot and I will say it makes the boat way more seaworthy by shedding water instead of scooping it. Adds rigidity to the hull as well. Looks good!
  540. dausualinc

    Want your thoughts...

    Well its pretty obvious we are all stoked for you. I want to make a similar leap one day but its a few years off. Congrats!
  541. dausualinc

    4Wheeler + Towtruck Combo

    That does sound like a very similar set up. My truck also has the 700 and 208 combo, it might not be the best t-case for hard core wheeling but it works fine towing. I often use 4-low to pull up the ramp. some of my buddies aren't used to the stiff carburator feel and tend to spin my tires...
  542. dausualinc

    4Wheeler + Towtruck Combo

    Thanks for the kind words guys. Its definately a labor of love running an older rig. It does turn heads on the crowded streets of honolulu. You see terrified old ladies in thier sub compacts, classic. Now I just gotta fix my A/C!
  543. dausualinc

    Got a boat, and a fish. STOKED

    Right on man, Way to go on the purchase. There is no cure for the fever!
  544. dausualinc

    Show us your engine compartment!

    I like my engine but you trumped me with that one!
  545. dausualinc

    Hi Kai - 1/09/2010

    Eh good going russ. I like your reports on the wind and wave conditions we all go through that stuff. I also have had trouble locating T buoy in the past. thats a tricky one
  546. dausualinc

    Jigging practice

    Nice post. Must have been a good fight. Kahala can scrap. I just caught a 12 lber at the banks that had no worms. I like to beer batter it like fish and chips.
  547. dausualinc

    Show us your engine compartment!

    Here are a few pics of my engine box. Its a Vovlo 40 series, I have a 4d bat for starting duties mounted on the port side of the compartment, another battery is mounted on the starboard side for backup and aux duties (added since the pics were taken) and is charged via a battery...
  548. dausualinc

    4Wheeler + Towtruck Combo

    Just wondering if anyone else out there is Towing and Wheeling the same ride like me. I got myself in this situation because I built the truck before I got into boats, I can't part with the truck (labor of love) and cant afford a second truck just to tow (cost of living in hawaii is pretty...
  549. dausualinc

    Goin' off!

    here is a quick vid of gaffing one of the shibi, Sorry about the rocking but it was pretty bumpy and the cam wasn't pole mounted so my buddy was hanging off the the side. He gets credit for taking all the killer pics, Mahalo Adam! YouTube - 70 lb shibi
  550. dausualinc

    ahi, moano and big island fun

    Sweet pics! fishing has led me on to two of my new favorite hobbies, cooking and photography. They all compliment each other really well. Thats a great amount of variety you were able to get into, and it looks like tons of fun. I love Kona and its great for light tackle because of the lack...
  551. dausualinc

    Goin' off!

    Thanks for everyones stoke on the catch. It was alot of fun and the kind of day we all dream about and don't come along all that often. As far as the location I have to leave that one alone, it wasn't my boat, not my marks, and peoples livelyhoods depend on it. If it were my boat and my...
  552. dausualinc

    Goin' off!

    I had the opportunity to fish on a boat a little bigger than mine on tuesday 1/5/09. The 53' sportfisher Maggie Joe to be specific. I have known Capt Mike and deck hand Nate for several years, and I have had the fortune to fish with them from Kona to Kauai. They are great guys and lots of fun...
  553. dausualinc

    fish of the year...

    Damn Russ That thing is a dinosaur!!!! I second all the nominations so far. I got to see Maggie Joes marlin in person and that thing was a freak. I know Jeff Muir Got a beefy mahi this year I nominate that one for mahi. Hope he can post the pic and weight.
  554. dausualinc

    New Years Eats for 2010

    Love the presentation and attention to detail.
  555. dausualinc

    Sticky Skirts

    I second pledge and silicone. like you said though once its in the water not sure how much difference it makes
  556. dausualinc

    Fuel/Water separator issue

    I have run e10 gas in a boat before and as long as you don't let it sit for too long its ok, but it will absorb moisture from the atmosphere. It actually clings to the ethanol and wont separate out making it much more difficult to determine if its contaminated or not. The look and smell are...
  557. dausualinc

    Why is HH 10 Miles from where it used to be?

    :imdumb:Duh, thats what I get for writing stuff before I've had my coffee, that makes alot more sense, thanks pat! I got overly excited at the thoughts of winter ahi
  558. dausualinc

    Another newb.

    Right on bu, see you on the water
  559. dausualinc

    Why is HH 10 Miles from where it used to be?

    200lb+ ahi in January right outside the range bouy? Right on way to go on that one. I say that qualifies as the best mercy fish I've heard in a while. Awsome way to start the year.:urno1: I got another question. Was HH drifting or stationary? I'm assuming if it was in 3000 fathoms that...
  560. dausualinc

    monkey off the back

    Way to go! Was that outside where HH is now or where it used to be?
  561. dausualinc

    Fishing with Coach

    On Sunday 12/27/ I had a different kind of trip than I usually do. It was a Holoholo day to take out one of my co-workers, his sons and nephews and try to introduce them to blue water fishing. My guest was none other than UH Volleyball coach Dave Shojii. They were a little apprehensive about...
  562. dausualinc

    Bonefish on a fly

    Awsome fish! Good exercise too!
  563. dausualinc

    Kona Hawaii fishing report - Dec. wrap-up

    Right on Jeff thanks for sharing. Sure hope those stripeys show up sometime.
  564. dausualinc

    Haleiwa 12/28

    Right on Keoni, Glad you came into the light instead of lurking in the shadows, Ha ha, jus joke. Great report! Might not have had the big one we all wish for but a pretty good day none the less. sounds like most the action is up your guys way right now. Those are some Bomber Opelu!
  565. dausualinc

    West side report

    Sorry about the slow day. Thanks for the update. I went all the way to P- buoy on christmas eve and didn't see a damn thing. thank good ness for bottom fishing cause it saved that day
  566. dausualinc

    Happy New year!

    Very well said Russ! I second that
  567. dausualinc


    I have a garmin 4208 chartplotter. I've been very happy with it so far, (1 year). Its multi function, I also have the digital black box for the sounder with an airmar 1k transducer and high speed fairing. Still waiting on the radar array (santa didn't bring it this year). Very nice unit...
  568. dausualinc

    Trolling in a CC

    I completely second everything pat said. I owned a 19' seaswirl cc for almost three years and it was a great little boat. The ride is more dependant on hull design than deck layout. . You will get wet in hawaiian waters though! Storage can be a problem too. CC are very versatile especially...
  569. dausualinc

    Wishing everyone a safe christmas

    Happy Holidays to all! now I gotta figure out, how to not be at work on christmas day.
  570. dausualinc

    Opelu Rigs

    I usually tie my own that way I can tailor the main line, branch line and hook sizes depending on the size of the opelu around and how finicky they may or may not be. I usually use branch lines in the 12lb test range but sometimes go bigger or smaller. Wade- what advantage does the black line...
  571. dausualinc

    Christmas eve boat ride

    Welcome, There is a wealth of knowledge from all the guys on here. happy holidays
  572. dausualinc

    KANEOHE 12/22

    Nice Haul!
  573. dausualinc

    Haleiwa 12/22/09

    Welcome to the board. Nice catch too
  574. dausualinc

    More Otaru on Kaneohe

    Way to go, those are some Fatties!
  575. dausualinc

    Shimano Tyrnos

    Oh yeah we went with the single speed. I figured if I need the low gear the 16/0s are coming out.
  576. dausualinc

    Shimano Tyrnos

    We just picked up the 20 size and got a 60lb shibi on it a few weeks ago and handled fine. Very smooth, feels solid, loud clicker for a small reel, worked great baiting. Just greased it and gave it a nice coat of corrosion block. since we just got it longevity is the only question mark...
  577. dausualinc

    16 Alii Kai Repower

    Sounds like the honda is a good price. I've never owned an Alii kai so take my advice with a grain of salt. My experience with smaller boats is such. I owned a 15' whaler with 60hp 4 stroke yami. and it was great but with the smaller boats you really have to be careful how much weight you...
  578. dausualinc

    Rally at the Capitol

    count me in. These are very important issues that impact everyone in hawaii who accesses the ocean for recreation, sustinace or cultural purposes.
  579. dausualinc

    Haleiwa 20 December

    Thanks for the report chuck. Good going on the Akule, too bad about the deep water fish though. Thats a pretty big temp. variation. The other day when I went out of Ke'ehi the temp only went from 74.2-74.6 the entire day.
  580. dausualinc

    replacing fads

    I hope T comes back.
  581. dausualinc

    Rally at the Capitol

    Thanks for the info
  582. dausualinc

    South Side 12/16

    I think the hooks are called Tosa They have a little more curve to them than the straight style double hook. The heat shrink is in the electrical section at POP. its good to have around for all kinds of stuff. Its a little pricey but I'm sure you can find it other places as well. If you buy...
  583. dausualinc

    Gettin Jiggy Wit It

    I was wondering the same thing! That is a very nice catch no matter what gear its on. My jigging is at a 1st grade level and I want to get better at it. I got cold just looking at the picture!
  584. dausualinc

    Top Fishing Supply Stores on Oahu

    POP, Hanapa'a, and Hobbie Tat are a few. There are many more. They all offer something a little different. POP is my one stop shop if I need fishing gear and maint. supplies, boat supplies etc. When you are there eat at Nico's its right next door. Hobbie tat is a small mom and pops place and...
  585. dausualinc

    South Side 12/16

    That was a really fun day. Water was beautiful but had plenty Vog. It sure is nice to get the pressure off, that early in the morning. I wanted to share a pic of a lure that has been working well for me lately. I have caught on it the last three times out. Its picked up mahi and...
  586. dausualinc

    Kaneohe - 12/16/09

    Russ How do you like the defiance, they look pretty sweet in the pictures. Only thing is the listed weight seemed kind of light. Great looking boat for sure though with that pilot house must be nice and cozy on those windy days. The suzukis are nice motors. I used to have twin 60 yamahas on...
  587. dausualinc

    Kaneohe - 12/16/09

    Way to go, thats a fat aku. Akus in the blind, you gotta like that too. man thats a long day, you covered alot of water. How many gallons per hour do you burn russ?
  588. dausualinc

    Found some nice Hapu'u

    Way to go! I've Never caught one of those yet, hope to one day. Love the pic of the recorder
  589. dausualinc

    Fishing gear Safes/security

    I don't think paper existed when my reels were made but they sleep in my bedroom with me. Thats my security plan
  590. dausualinc

    1990 32' Blackfin Express

    Sorry to hear about the loss, I don't have any personal experience with Blackfins but I hear they are incredible boats.
  591. dausualinc

    Kaneohe 12/14/09

    That sounds awsome. Great to hear that the fish didn't have lockjaw for once! good going on the big akus
  592. dausualinc


    Yeah I checked it and so far I don't have e-herp.
  593. dausualinc


    Very interesting stuff. Worth more study for sure.
  594. dausualinc

    Breaking in the Tyrnos

    AJ- gotta knock the dust off that reel and get it wet. I'm definately going take scotts advice and disassemble the reel and lube it up properly. Thats always my question when I start using a new reel, is what is the longevity going to be like. It should be fine with proper care I'm sure...
  595. dausualinc

    Some red stuff

    Right on jeff, stoked for you guys!
  596. dausualinc

    The Crazy Haole's new Rods...

    Sweet work! I'd be scared to mess up that gaff it looks so nice!
  597. dausualinc


    Nice Aku action Capt. Don! Definately gotta keep the boss happy
  598. dausualinc

    Trolling braided line

    Spectra tangle must have been a nightmare
  599. dausualinc

    Breaking in the Tyrnos

    In an attempt to update my somewhat antique collection of reels my fishing parter recently bought a Tyrnos 20. Its built by shimano, lever drag, aluminum frame, 5:1 ratio, single speed, and he got it for under $250 new on the internet. Its spooled with 300 yards 65lb power pro backing, spliced...
  600. dausualinc

    Late Start!

    forgot the pic sorry
  601. dausualinc

    Late Start!

    Capt. Fred, you reminded me of one of my favorite quotes. "The early bird gets the worm...but the second mouse gets the cheese!" Slackers mantra or playing the evening bite, either way there is some truth hidden in the humor. Aquariaman- I think we saw you out there at the bouy, is your...
  602. dausualinc

    Late Start!

    Eh by the way Russ you boat looks bigger than 15'!
  603. dausualinc

    Late Start!

    Way to catch on an otherwise slow day. I trolled all the way from HK to MM and didn't see one bird pile. It always satisfying to pull fish out of a bird pile when they are being finicky.
  604. dausualinc

    Sling stone

    If thats legit it probably should be at Bishop Museum
  605. dausualinc

    17 Olympic Question??

    I hear you man, I know what I'd be buying if I had a 100gs or 40gs for that matter. I bought used and have been very happy about it, you just have to be cautious when you buy, check it out good. I did have to fix some stuff when I bought my boat but no surprises just stuff I figured into the...
  606. dausualinc

    Almost...In the Dark

    Way to go on the bottom fish catch, thats a fatty! Good to hear about the rubs on the lure you dragged at night. One of us is going to get a middle of the night sword or bigeye sooner or later
  607. dausualinc

    east end

    That ono has some fat steaks on it! any way, win or lose, we still booze right?! chee
  608. dausualinc

    Solo Trip today..

    great report! love all the details. glad to hear you are back in the fishing action
  609. dausualinc

    SORE ARMS round 2

    Way to go, its good to hear they are still hanging around. How was the swell treating you guys?
  610. dausualinc

    Kaneohe Bay Channel Closing Out?

    Not sure where they went but thanks for the update. the 25lbers at U might not have been the big bonanza you were hoping for, but thats still a pretty nice catch! plus you only had a short run home from there.
  611. dausualinc

    Windward 12/3

    Thats what I'm hoping for someday! I think the dark lure in the dark is worth some more testing but its worth another look for sure. I like to take the sis fishing but she gets a little green. but we go when the water is flat.
  612. dausualinc

    Windward 12/3

    Left Hawaii Kai @ 0100hrs and headed up around makapuu to the windward side. Dragged some lures in the dark but didn't hook up (It"ll happen one day) started pulling 5" lures at about 0530 and got bit soon after and it was still pretty dark. Black 5" worked good initially and then the Ice...
  613. dausualinc

    so noel went fishing in maui........

    That quote is defintely a winner! Hilarious. That is one of those days that doesn't happen all too often. Flat water and fish biting, awsome!
  614. dausualinc


    Awsome job buddy. Those are the kind of days that keep us coming back for more and causing some sleepless nights. I went up that way today and picked up about a dozen shibis in the 15lb range. but no big boyz. also got two mahi infront of makapuu on the way home. one was a 35lb cow. all in...
  615. dausualinc

    Sea anchor/parachute

    I have my chute rigged with a big stainless swivel that weighs about 3-4 lbs and my main line is 5/8 sampson line which sinks and keeps everything in the water. I also use a light polypropelene (floats) trip line since I don't have a windlass and I often set it by myself. I also have a small...
  616. dausualinc

    Mean Grinds

    I'm about to explode from all the grinds I had today and all these recipes still sound ono. I can't wait to actually catch some fish again and try some of these out.
  617. dausualinc

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you BD'ers!

    Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving today. aloha and god bless
  618. dausualinc

    Fishing Sucks?

    Hope the leg is OK. Thank goodness for the bud light
  619. dausualinc

    R.I.P. Devin

    Our thoughts and prayers got out to everyone involved. Thanksgiving is a time to remember what we are truly thankful for, our loved ones
  620. dausualinc

    Mean Grinds

    Its almost thanks giving and it got me to thinking. what are some of your favorite recipes or ways to eat fish? I mean we spend all this time trying to catch um, eating fish is one of the big rewards especially if its with loved ones. My all time favorite is probably one of the simplest, Ahi...
  621. dausualinc

    Kaneohe - 11/23

    Looks like fun!
  622. dausualinc

    Kaneohe via HK 22 Nov

    Good going, Thats some nice fish in the box! How was the water?
  623. dausualinc

    Show me some pics!

    oh shit, ONLY Guts
  624. dausualinc

    south shore

    Way to go! Looks like you made the right call. I went more towards BO yesterday and it was dead. Didn't find any open schools either. at least HH had some action, Glad to hear those small shibi's will grow up to be big boys someday.
  625. dausualinc


    There is also a reason Detroits have been around so long...because they work. I'd love to have a brand new common rail diesel in my boat but for now its the old 165 Volvo. Keep us updated on the project! Keep the pics coming
  626. dausualinc

    Mahimahi Madness!

    I get one copy, I always throw it in the DVD player when I cant get out on the water!
  627. dausualinc


    Ended up going BO in the morning, no body home. little bit bumpy but not too bad. Worked the 1000 to the power plant, no birds, out to the 1500 nada. ran in towards the 500. Took a blind stike on the long rigger pulled slow at first then went into warp drive, took about 200 yards and came...
  628. dausualinc


    Good to hear that there is some action out there. Did you guys go south, barbers, Kaiwi? I'm gonna head out tomorrow try my luck and try to stay dry
  629. dausualinc

    Next issue of Lawai'a/Ulua tagging news letter

    Thas is insane, cant wait for the next issue
  630. dausualinc

    Akule for dinner tonight!

    Great catch! and thanks for sharing the prop story, it happens to all of us. Its good to share the bloopers and not just the the glory stories. Main thing you made it in safe and no damage.
  631. dausualinc

    Ideal Boat Wish!

    31 Bert lookin good! Did you do the rebuild or buy it already refurbished, hawaii boat or mainland boat? Sweet ride
  632. dausualinc

    state fad ?

    Jeff thanks for providing some real information and not just speculation. It would be a real shame if we lose this resource
  633. dausualinc

    state fad ?

    The Craigslist ranting has definately heated up. I'm not a big fan of private fads but i can see why someone would do it if they are trying to feed their family. It rarely stops at that though and often leans towards the greed side of things. Its the gold rush mentality, if I don't cash in...
  634. dausualinc


    I think he'eia pier sells it too
  635. dausualinc

    Fishing by the Hawaiian moon calendar.

    I have studied the calendar a little, but never got too indepth. I also havn't found much corellation butween phases of the the moon and my personal catches. I believe that the phases do have an effect on the feeding habits of fish, its just that I don't get out often enough or catch...
  636. dausualinc

    Show me some pics!

    One time on Kaho'olawe I got a papio and a roi on the same surface plug. The roi bit second, I think they will double up because they are extra savage/aggresive.
  637. dausualinc

    Fishing in the wind on Molokai

    Uku sash is mean!
  638. dausualinc

    Sea anchors, Drones

    Rick- Just curious what size Chute do you use to slow down a 64' Mickleson? Sweet ride!
  639. dausualinc

    Show me some pics!

    sorry the order of the pictures got messed up
  640. dausualinc

    Show me some pics!

    Shoot, I might have to go back to 2008 to find any pics that are worth a shit, ha ha. Here are a couple of memorable ones for me. first is the smallest fish I've ever caught on a 14" lure. It weighed in at a whopping 12lbs. The other memorable one wasn't caught by me but it sure as hell was...
  641. dausualinc

    Sea anchors, Drones

    I always carry one on my boat. The one I have is probably overkill (28' dia.) for the size of my boat but it stops it dead still. Its military surplus and is light weight nylon so its dries fast and packs into a 5 gal. bucket. All my emergency contacts and buddies know I have it for...
  642. dausualinc

    Fishing in the wind on Molokai

    way to go in the tough conditions!
  643. dausualinc

    Easter Pacific Malolo report

    Good to hear from you Scott. If it makes you feel any better the last time I got out on the water was Oct 17th. too long! Plus the weather has been a bit sketchy.
  644. dausualinc

    Ideal Boat Wish!

    That yellowfin is dead sexy!
  645. dausualinc

    Ideal Boat Wish!

    Realistically wishing-Twin Diesel 32 Albemarle Rediculously wishing-52 Cabo fly bridge Reality-23 sportcraft I/o Volvo Diesel
  646. dausualinc

    What is a good Palu Recipe?

    I've heard of people adding all kinds of stuff from , saw dust, barley, and cat food in order to "strech" the ammount of palu they have. I've never tried these things, usually just stick to and oily fish like anchovies, course chopped, add seawater, nothing fancy, but it usually gets um...
  647. dausualinc

    Best charter on Oahu?

    Maggie Joe, good guys, and good fishermen.
  648. dausualinc

    Start Up Gear

    Derek- you have a few different opinions from some very different schools of thought, which is a good thing. I don't think the intent of this thread was to debate the virtues of the penn senator, I use um because that what I can afford, I keep them well serviced to they work as well as you...
  649. dausualinc

    Fish are back :)

    Right on Way to go! Were the shibi's at the bouy or in the blind? Any way right on way to get on the fish!
  650. dausualinc

    Start Up Gear

    9/0 Senators are usually a good starting point. Pros- Inexpensive,durable, easy to service, parts availablility, Holds decent amount of line. Cons- Low gear ratio (not always a bad thing!), not flashy ( won't help you get laid.) You can use a 9/0 to medium tackle troll, jig, and bottom fish...
  651. dausualinc

    "Holo-Holo fishing"

    Right on! sometimes those last minute trips are the best kinds. My biggest marlin came on a last minute day when we left the house at 10:00 am also. Just gotta go
  652. dausualinc

    Kona Hawaii fishing report - Oct. wrap-up

    Thanks Jeff nice report and cool pic.
  653. dausualinc


    Bird- do you have a link to those lures?
  654. dausualinc

    Do yellowfin eat their own?

    Garanz ball baranz. Big shibi eat anything that will fit in their mouth.
  655. dausualinc

    Boats For SALE?

    We probably miss out on alot of good deals out here because we never take the time to look at boats for sale in the mainland. some of us are probably gun shy about shipping boats because our interisland shipping is so high. I paid almost a grand to ship a 19' center console from Kauai to Oahu...
  656. dausualinc

    kaneohe 10/23

    Way to go, I'm glad someone is catching fish! Its been so slow lately
  657. dausualinc

    Boats For SALE?

    Using the term "her" very loosely. Ha ha
  658. dausualinc

    Boats For SALE?

    Rod- I think the boat being in Hawaii was a key selling point Jorge- That is one crazy avatar photo!
  659. dausualinc

    Video report cuda attacking mahi

    aurite keep the stoke alive
  660. dausualinc

    22' Yellowfin

    I think it makes it more stable while drift/anchor or bottom fishing.
  661. dausualinc

    Fishing Knots?

    Thanks pat! Looks like a pretty simple one to do
  662. dausualinc

    Fishing Knots?

    anyone got a link or how to tie the San Diego knot? Curious to see how its done.
  663. dausualinc

    Heading out West Side Sunday.. anyone else?

    sounds alot like my day on Saturday. Long day, with not one knock down for me, thank goodness for bud light 30 packs....
  664. dausualinc

    Video report cuda attacking mahi

    Ryan search back through old posts, pepe and I have posted a few times regarding the gopro camera. there are some other videos and discussions about possible applications. It definately helps to keep me entertained while the fishing is slow, which has been all the time for me lately.
  665. dausualinc

    Aloha from Hawaii Goes Fishing

    Welcome to the board! Keep us posted on the status of the show, and your own fishing reports.
  666. dausualinc

    Video report cuda attacking mahi

    The food chain is ruthless! Great shots! The camera take stills too. It has timer and muliti shot which takes a pic every 2 seconds. There is an HD version coming out soon for 300 bucks. I have the regular resolution in wide angle and I'm thinking of getting the HD version with the regular...
  667. dausualinc

    Banks 10/14-10/15

    Chee Hu!
  668. dausualinc


    Good write up Russ. I like the logic. Sometimes we just drive past the inside action heading out into deeper waters. everyday is a new challenge, and that is probably what keeps us dumping boatloads of money into the sport, and coming back day after day.
  669. dausualinc

    22' Yellowfin

    I got almost a full gallon of black awlgrip if someone is interested in painting a boat. A gallon will go a lOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG way!
  670. dausualinc

    Heading out West Side Sunday.. anyone else?

    BO is still gone as far as I know. I'll be out there saturday hit me up in the eve if you want to know how it went. aloha
  671. dausualinc

    Hawaii Kai-Penquin Banks 10/14/09

    Nice fish Russell! I haven't decided yet, that if I am going to catch only one fish during the day whether I would prefer to catch it in the begining of the day, in the middle or at the end. Its a toss up!
  672. dausualinc

    Fishing magazines???

    Marlin Mag has some great informative articles, you will see techniques that aren't common here in hawaii which is a good thing because it can expand your horizons. HFN is automatic, gotta have it. And check out Gaff Magazine if you want to see hot chicks fishing.
  673. dausualinc

    Kaneohe Sand Bar

    I left the HK @ 6:00am that morning and got to Kaneohe bay @ 1:00pm. That was running up Makapuu ledge, Chasing some birdpiles, and spending some time baiting at U bouy. I could be done alot faster if your kept your lines more direct.