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  1. big dog62

    Relentless 2.5 day trip leaving Feb 14.

    Interested. Any sign of yellow tail down there yet?
  2. big dog62

    Noyo Harbor Fishing Options - Non Report, Sorry

    Ok , now I remember why I stopped posting on BD.
  3. big dog62

    Noyo Harbor Fishing Options - Non Report, Sorry

    It means you probably don't fish the California north coast much :D. Dark refers to water clarity. Sticky means that you're likely to return to the docks with a lot less gear than you started with.
  4. big dog62

    Noyo Harbor Fishing Options - Non Report, Sorry

    Water and structures up here are a little different than So Cal. The bottom is dark and very sticky. A lot of guys use a tear drop sinker with two eyelets, single hook on the bottom, unpainted. Bite seems to be more reactionary than sight. There is a store just when you drop down into Noyo...
  5. big dog62

    Noyo Harbor Fishing Options - Non Report, Sorry

    Unfortunately, the Trek ll is no more, broke lose during high water, broke up on the rocks. Replaced by the Kraken, great boat. I fish the Sea Hawk ( All Aboard Adventures ). Bottom fishing is good right now, and you're usually fishing 20 min out of the harbor, 5 hrs, $80, tackle included. If...
  6. big dog62

    Aztec 3 Day Charter, Light Load of 18 in July

    BFT #'s caught, steadily on the rise in the last few days, think what it's gonna be like in two weeks! 18 max load, jump on this NOW guys, before it sells out.
  7. big dog62

    Aztec 3 Day Charter, Light Load of 18 in July

    2 3/4 days of solid fishing mid July under a new moon, 18 max load on the 65' Aztec...Gotta g00d feeling about this one.
  8. big dog62

    FREE Deeeleet

    Any idea what gross weight of the boat is? Single axle, no problem?
  9. big dog62

    Makaira 10 SEA: 40/50 or 50/60# ?

    My favorite reel! Load it up with 80lb Maxcurato. Used it with a short 80lb fluoro for bft at Tanner and yft, yt at the Lupe. Yes, have had the spool down pretty thin at times, but hey that's where the fun is! Also have used a long 25', 25lb fluoro for finicky bft and every thing in between...
  10. big dog62

    Rock Fish Closed Beyond 30 Fathoms for Rest of 2017 Season Central and Northern California only

    Charter boats out of Ft Bragg (and I'm sure elsewhere) are very mindful of preserving the fisheries they fish, (it's their bread and butter). It would behoove us ALL for F&G to consult with these guys who are out on the water every day. Get their "common sense" perspective before making...
  11. big dog62

    Rock Fish Closed Beyond 30 Fathoms for Rest of 2017 Season Central and Northern California only

    Don't be so sure,they ain't done yet! Big push to follow Oregon's lead, close all rock fishing north of Cape Mendo as of 10/31/17. New it was too good to be true.
  12. big dog62

    Flat Fall Mod

    Loose the swivel and assist hooks. 9/0 minimum trailing hook. Not only better action, hook ups will be further away from fluoro. JMO
  13. big dog62

    Shogun 5 Day

    Not so, yes, yf, yt, hoo is what you can KEEP. You can catch whatever bites. Was there last May and caught a couple of HUGE calicos while vertical gigging for yt and saw many more brought over the rail by guys dropper loop'n.
  14. big dog62

    Going to Guadalupe this weekend - last minute question

    Hey hey hey, things starting to heat up down at the Lupe. Yft to 100lbs, not wide open but good enough to at least post a report. Maybe we get lucky after all?
  15. big dog62

    Going to Guadalupe this weekend - last minute question

    Yeah, got the same email today. 50 degrees for the low won't be too bad, though wouldn't hurt to throw in an extra sweatshirt or two. Also saw that we'll be there during the dark of a "super moon" whatever the hell that is. From yesterdays post, sounds like things are still a little slow down...
  16. big dog62

    Anchovy Hooks and Hooking Them

    I like em too, minimal damage to the chovie, very stealth. Beware, though l have not lost any fish, l have bent two on bft (25 to 30lbs) Again, never failed but did need to be replaced. Bigger fish?????
  17. big dog62

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    l agree with you guys, hands down, no comparison. Given recent events, it's hard not to believe that the end game here is that if your going to fish Mexico, it's going to be on a Mexican boat. Hope l'm wrong, we should know by the end of the year.
  18. big dog62

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    The tv deal is about as far down on my list as what color boots the crew is wearing. l didn't pay $300 a day to watch Oprah, l want to fish and have fun with the guys l come with and those l'm about to meet. Been on the Shogun a few trips, no real complaints yet. Looking at reports, or lack of...
  19. big dog62

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    Haven't fished the Shogun in over a year, but now that you mention it, there was an issue with the plumbing downstairs. l was in cabin A, galley level. Hmm... Owners not wanting to put money into their boats...Maybe they know something we don't ?
  20. big dog62

    Shogun Guadalupe 6-day May 6th 2017

    Me too Dan, will be good to meet you. Was looking over the schedule, looks like there is only one day (a Sunday) that the Shogun is down, the rest are turn and burn, including ours. Hopefully, they'll get the bugs worked out by then. Never had a bad trip on the Shogun, l'm think'n this will hold...
  21. big dog62

    Shogun Guadalupe 6-day May 6th 2017

    Damn! Welcome to BD. That's a helluva first post. I appreciate you speaking your mind. Nice to have someone spell it out as they see it, absent the BS
  22. big dog62

    Latest From Shogun At Guadalupe

    Wow! This sucks. Sounds like May Guadalupe yf, yt has become as scarce as Shogun fishing reports. At what point do you go to plan B. I've called the office to try and get some info, all l got was a lot of "l don't know" . We all knew when we signed up for these May trips to the lupe it was a...
  23. big dog62

    safe long soaks

    When fishing on the "long soak", weighted line, you can get away with heavier line, due to the depth of your bait. l have both the LX 2speed and the LX raptor. IMO, the LX is a 40lb reel, 50max! If you are comfortable with that or on a private boat, go for it. l'd hate to loose a fish of a...
  24. big dog62

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    This is a topic that comes up here often. A few years back, l started hanging close to the "settle-n-up" table, last night of the trips. From what l've seen, guys tend to tip a lot better here on BD than they do on the boats.
  25. big dog62

    Shogun back to back Guadalupe trips

    Not sure our trip is going (Shogun 5day Memorial). Think a lot depends on how you guys do on those earlier trips. Wish you all the luck and please do report
  26. big dog62

    Shogun back to back Guadalupe trips

    Looks like the first of the Shogun Guadalupe trips leaves in a few days, 4/27/17 "Rice Bowl", three, maybe four more in May. So, who's going? Might be a tuff one to pack for, what are you bringing?
  27. big dog62

    How often do you change your Braid fishing line?

    Everyone has different ideas on just about everything pertaining to fishing. I once removed the spectra off of one of my reels to clean, (intent on removing line off all reels used on an 8day), Never made it past the first reel, to much work. The following trip (5day, 6 months later) the braid...
  28. big dog62

    Thinking about Relocating From San diego to Rio Vista (age 55+) - Fishing Tips??

    Rio Vista is right on the Delta. Lots of good fishing if you know what you are doing. Stripers,(l've caught them up to 40lbs, seen them caught over 50lbs) sturgeon fishermen there are almost a cult. Been lost in the Delta before too, it ain't hard to do. Best advise to you would be to spend some...
  29. big dog62

    Moving from Newport OR to Eureka, Ca.....What to expect?

    Sad. Thanks for the update Mike, l can hear the disappointment in your words. Think I'll steer clear and just enjoy the memories
  30. big dog62

    Moving from Newport OR to Eureka, Ca.....What to expect?

    WOW! Had no idea Eureka has gotten that bad. Use to spend some summer time up there years back, sad to hear things have gone down hill. Hey, is the restaurant " Lazio's" still open? I use to drive a LONG way just to eat there, had some good eats for sure.
  31. big dog62

    Moving from Newport OR to Eureka, Ca.....What to expect?

    Sales tax (8 1/2%- 11%), state taxes very high, and rising. Inflated DMV fees (boats, cars, toys), increased hunting, fishing lic. fees, higher property prices Highest gas prices in the country (we just beat out Hawaii, yeah!!). Overcrowding has created a more of a dog eat dog mentality down...
  32. big dog62

    Recommendations for mazatlan

    This won't help you much, but it's put'n a smile on my face just reminiscing. About 30 yrs ago, a friend and l grabbed a case of coronas and jumped on a day cruiser out of Mazatlan. Still drunk from the night before, it wasn't till we were 10 or 15 mi out of the harbor that we realized this boat...
  33. big dog62

    All new gear

    Shakespeare ugly sticks, used Shimano TLD's... Take the money you saved and buy a new pickup. :D
  34. big dog62

    Makaira 10 and 15 SEA, do they have a place on a LR tuna trip?

    A Mak 15 is just a wide Mak 10, same reel, the 15, just more line capacity. I've caught bft to 100lbs on the 10sea, but wished it was a 16 at the time. The rod you pair it with is also a factor. More importantly, how hard can YOU pull! All fishermen are not created equal, some guys seem to be...
  35. big dog62

    Where and When Do Turkeys Nest?

    State Capitol, Sacramento Ca.
  36. big dog62

    Morro Bay on the Fiesta 04/09

    Thanks for the report Ken. Fished the Rita G last week, big rockies, but where are the lings???
  37. big dog62

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    Ah, the TIP! Best business strategy going. Anytime l tip, (and l do), l always think of some fatcat owner sitting at his desk chewing on a big cigar, counting his money, laughing his ass off thinking about how he gets his customers to subsidize his labor costs. Just the possibility of "Big...
  38. big dog62

    Best bang for the buck in a used 2 speed 80lb class reel

    OK, that's great... But my reply was to "Jigstrike",Tom McKinney.
  39. big dog62

    Best bang for the buck in a used 2 speed 80lb class reel

    Tom!....When you get to the Lupe, you want to have castability, great freespool. Much easier to get this out of numerous light tackle brands. When you try to get these features out of heavier gear, the field narrows. Bust out the plastic and get a Mak 16 or 20. You can thank me upon return from...
  40. big dog62

    Tranx 400 engaging mid cast

    Lexa has solved this problem with a counter balance weight on the opposing end of the handle. You'd think all low profile casting reels would have this.:confused:
  41. big dog62

    Cape San Martin

    Good luck to you guys Frank, we'll be fishing the Rita G Wed and Thur. Sounds like the Fiesta will be the only boat going north for awhile since the CG red tagged the Princess. I heard Virg's is currently looking for a replacement boat. Again, good luck and have a safe trip.
  42. big dog62

    April 01, 2017 Morro Bay Groundfish Report

    l dig your "End Game"! Great report, thanks, bet the kids had a ball. Plan on doing a couple of midweek trips this week myself, on the Rita G out of Virg's. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  43. big dog62

    solid fence stain, your experience?

    Best I've used...and I've used a few, 2 parts kerosene, 3 parts linseed oil. Stinks like hell and highly flammable but will last a long time.
  44. big dog62

    "That Guy" roll call

    I think of "extra corriculer" stories much the same way as fishing reports, pretty much lack luster without photos:D
  45. big dog62

    Mexico paperwork?

    Yup, doing my last LR trip this summer. Gonna have to make due with north coast bottom fishing until, if and when, the fish cross into US waters.
  46. big dog62

    Black Hole C66RR "Rubber" jigging rod?

    Well, living up here in nor cal we don't have a lot of options to purchase specialized ocean gear. Asked a guy at Bass Pro shop once about BH rods, his response "never heard of em" I guess buy online and take your chances???
  47. big dog62

    Black Hole C66RR "Rubber" jigging rod?

    So are you saying these are not true Black Hole rods? Knock offs?
  48. big dog62

    Salmon fishing in San Fran question

    l wouldn't buy my ticket just yet, predictions for the upcoming season look worse than the republican congress. Five years of drought has taken its toll.
  49. big dog62

    August vs November

    .....biosphere closures??? :(
  50. big dog62

    "That Guy" roll call

    Not making excuses for this guys behavior, but ignorance could be a factor here. There is a world of difference between so cal and nor cal cattle boat fishing. As so cal anglers line up early for good tackle spots, bunks, rod holders ect., nor cal anglers line up early for just one reason, to...
  51. big dog62

    "That Guy" roll call

    Any time you vocalize "l would", "you should", in regards to the JP, you are dangerously entering "that guy" land. We've all heard the guy barking, " If it was me, l'd give the whole thing to the deckies", loud enough for everyone, including the crew to hear, only to find out later the guy...
  52. big dog62

    Morro Bay, Rita G

    First trip out of Morro, opening week, 2017. Doing a couple of back to back day trips,(one, a shallow water, 3/4 day). Any advise? gear, bait, tackle? Will post a fish report when l get back. Thanks
  53. big dog62

    Any one see this

    ...doesn't that mean there's only a 13% chance that you're stat is correct?
  54. big dog62

    Cutting the Drooper Loop open for bottom fishing

    I've used the "cut" dropper loop, works well in certain conditions. When doing so, it is important to drop bait carefully, at a very slow descent. An easier way, virtually the same results, is to employ the "reverse dropper loop" method.
  55. big dog62

    Black Hole C66RR "Rubber" jigging rod?

    Well, went ahead and got the BH C66RR coming my way. Will post a report on how well it works up here in Nor Cal for shallow rock fishing. One of the big differences of Nor Cal rock fishing, calm seas are few and far between compared to So Cal/Mex waters. I'm hoping this rod will allow me to stay...
  56. big dog62

    Black Hole C66RR "Rubber" jigging rod?

    Thanks Chris, I'll check it out
  57. big dog62

    Anyone build a "rubber" jigging rod?

    Would like to try one for rock, ling fishing. Appreciate any info. Thanks
  58. big dog62

    Black Hole C66RR "Rubber" jigging rod?

    Anyone try one? Was thinking of giving one a go up here in Nor Cal for shallow water rock, ling cod fishing. Not sure about the backbone on this one??, ( pe 1-3, 30g to 160g jigs) but supposed excellent action for swim baits, octo jigs and like baits. Would pairing it with a Lexa 300hp,( 7:1...
  59. big dog62

    Guadalupe in mid November, thoughts, what to expect. Worth it?

    I remember reading a post from an old timer talking about fishing Guada in the late spring, early summer before the closure. "Hooked a lot of big blue fin on those spring trips to Guadalupe" When asked what was the biggest he caught? He replied "l said we hooked a lot of big blue fin, didn't say...
  60. big dog62

    Guadalupe in mid November, thoughts, what to expect. Worth it?

    "Early bird gets the worm"???... Makes sense, as long as the fish are there early too.
  61. big dog62

    "Redneck Rodeo" 7-Day Aboard the Royal Star

    Looks like a fun group!... is that "Back in Black" the best party song ever or what!!!
  62. big dog62

    Share a panga, Cabo, 4/27/17?

    Will be in Cabo 4/26-27/17 (cruise ship) Looking to do a mourning trip. If you would like to share, or need another to fill a boat, let me know. I can bring gear if need be. Thanks
  63. big dog62

    Guadalupe in mid November, thoughts, what to expect. Worth it?

    Looks like yours will be the first spring trip to the Lupe on the Shogun. Being that it is a " Rice Bowl" trip, pretty much insures you'll have a great time where ever you go. The down side, if the Lupe does not produce, 6 days really isn't enough time to go elsewhere. I'm in a similar...
  64. big dog62

    Seriously, how?

    Think you'd be surprised at how many of the guys who fish LR boats really can't afford to. It's all about priorities. Personally, l'm not worried about running out of money, just as long as l don't run out of CREDIT! :D
  65. big dog62

    Planning Ahead: All Depth Season Options

    Not to be a Debbie Downer, but l heard a rumor,(again, l stress it is just a rumor) that there is an opposition group to the proposed unlimited depth, Nov/Dec season. Hopefully, they will fail in their endeavor to derail. Anyone else have any info on this?
  66. big dog62

    2017-18 regulations

    One change l did notice, Nor Cal (Cape Mendo north) will reopen the Nov./Dec. rock fishing season, unlimited depths. Gonna be some monster lings caught.:D Been a long time since we fished Nov./ Dec. up here, let alone unlimited depths.
  67. big dog62

    Finishing a Plier Wrap with Turk's Head Using Tag Ends

    Instead of varnish, try a wood hardener. l use it on paracord wrapped rod buts. lt comes in an eight or sixteen oz squirt bottle. Apply several coats with an old paint brush, firms it up nicely..
  68. big dog62

    beef jerky recipes

    Just saw the Braggs at a Grocery Outlet store, $1.99 per 16oz bottle.
  69. big dog62

    beef jerky recipes

    Hate to break it to you, but you will never make good jerky out of an oven, period! Ovens cook meet, jerky is dehydrated meet. Layer sliced meat( cross rib is best), on a cookie sheet. Season each layer as you go. Let rest, uncovered in a fridge for 3 days, (gives seasoning more time to cure...
  70. big dog62

    Favorite setup for the 3 B's

    For bass, an 8' Saltstriker 15-40 graphite, 300 lexa. For bonita and barracuda, a plate of wings and a cold one in the galley waiting for the captain to move and find some real fish.
  71. big dog62

    6-7-8 days; when, where and what boat?

    David, don't think you'd go wrong with this trip. Only down side... Once you ride the Indy, lt'll ruin go'n back to those overnight boats!
  72. big dog62

    6-7-8 days; when, where and what boat?

    Late spring, early summer are the "best bang for your buck" trips. Usually, have good action on schoolie size tuna and yellowtail. I know the Independence (great boat) has openings for 8 day trips for this time frame.
  73. big dog62

    Cancelled trips

    Hey Bill, if you ever come across one of those lists where LR boats call last minute to help shore up a lite load trip, please add my name, right under yours
  74. big dog62


    Beware, most snap swivel are thin twisted wire that will cut thru mono/fluoro knots when under a load. You're much better off tying directly to the thicker jig weld ring.
  75. big dog62

    Makaira 10IISE or Metaloid 12NII?: Need Opinions which Reel to Keep...

    The Mac is great for tossing, just a little slow on the retrieve. Only app l wouldn't use it for is wahoo.
  76. big dog62

    Makaira 10IISE or Metaloid 12NII?: Need Opinions which Reel to Keep...

    If l decided to give up saltwater fishing all together, l wouldn't part with my Mak 10sea. Do it, and you'll be sorry :(
  77. big dog62

    Makaira 10IISE or Metaloid 12NII?: Need Opinions which Reel to Keep...

    Not overly familiar with the Metaloid, but the Mak 10sea will change your life! Load it full of 65lb spectra, fish 30 to 60lb with ease. l doubt it will wind up a wallflower on the rack.
  78. big dog62

    Andros 12S 2 speed for Yoyo?

    I've had one in the crosshairs for awhile now to mount on my vertical jigging rod. Accurate 665 worked well, but to heavy, Cedros 8 ld not fast enough. Currently, l have a Cedros 10 star drag which has the perfect retrieve ratio to keep me in rhythm. It works great until I hook into fish (yellow...
  79. big dog62


    Great finish! best l've seen. Thanks for the action Jerry, lots of fun... Oh, and thank you Johnny J, you raised my heart rate for a few minutes anyway, though l don't think l was ever in it
  80. big dog62

    Commander Sinking

    I agree, this was not the work of career criminals ( evidenced by the sloppy details). This whole thing reeks of "desperation". Sad for all involved.
  81. big dog62


    PATS 27...........BIRDS 42 NOW! Bring on the wings! Thanks
  82. big dog62

    Shogun stateroom A info

    Four trips in stateroom A. All four times had a roommate. PROS; close to fishing deck, easy to access extra tackle, gear in the room. Good ac. Best place to lounge awaiting the trolling rods to go off. Nice to be able to keep door open at night for fresh air. Top bunk has a window. Close to...
  83. big dog62

    My Introduction and a Question, re: June LR Fishing

    You know there is a cure for her crazy, excessive leniency....... Wedding cake.
  84. big dog62

    Extra Cash??

    "CHECK BOOK"???...Do people still have those? :D
  85. big dog62

    Iron Hook Rings...???

    Go to Home Depot, in the welding section, pick up a Mapp gas torch kit (yellow canister, burns hotter) along with a 4 pack of flux coated brazing rod ( the white ones, they only carry two types). The rods melt at 1600 degrees so heat rod up before you heat ring. Helps to hit ring opening with...
  86. big dog62

    Mirage trip

    Did a 2 day trip out of CISCO's on the Mirage in August, a couple of years ago with Capt.Tucker at the helm. Half the guys aboard were using 30lb rental rods as reds, lings and things that dwell in the rocks were the target. Due to rumors of BFT in the area, l brought a 40 and 50lb setup, just...
  87. big dog62

    What is the best old Penn International 30 Model

    You may want to look at a couple of Shimano TLD 30 2speed.Virtually maintenance free. Ebay has quite a few... CHEAP!
  88. big dog62

    Xtratuf Wearers

    I too have the 6" flat sole, (finger loops front and rear). Did not need to size up as l have narrow feet. Took them straight out of the box on a 5day LR trip and was very pleased with the fit, performance, comfort, easy in, easy out. No rub burns even without socks. My new go to footgear on...
  89. big dog62

    Long Range Fishing Questions

    All good advise above, but in reality, your gonna have to wait and see what the game plan for that particular trip will be. As the trip gets closer, you will have plenty of time to "tweek" your gear to fit your needs. Have fun!
  90. big dog62

    Cold and Flu...What'a Ya Do?

    No worries Fred, truth be known, just because you were the first to go down, doesn't necessarily mean you were the one that brought it aboard. Not sure you ever know, positively, whom or where these "bugs" originated. Cruise ships seam to have some success with containment making anti bacterial...
  91. big dog62

    Cold and Flu...What'a Ya Do?

    Just got back from a 5day X-mas trip, my second in tree years. Food, fishing, bullshitting all good times but l'm 2 for 2 on catching a nasty bug, mid way, on both trips. l know a lot of guys fly in for these trips subjecting themselves to the worst germ/virus factory, AIRPORTS! Also, people are...
  92. big dog62

    Long range boat video walk throughs

    This should definitely be moved to the sticky thread, nice job!
  93. big dog62

    New Closures...???

    Whether it's true or not doesn't really matter, it's good news for me. I leave on the Indy Monday and if that's their understanding, Cedros, here we come!
  94. big dog62

    lingo help

    Hmm, l always thought the term "farmed" referred to a farmer letting it go to seed. To reproduce or to grow bigger. Thanks, now l know how to loose fish, correctly.
  95. big dog62

    Upcoming 5 day X-mas trips

    Hey, all you guys go'n on the lndy X-mas trip, we need to break camp a couple hours earlier. Boat's pull'n out at 0715 instead of 0900, the 26th. Don't be late!
  96. big dog62

    New Closures...???

    So, to answer your question John, NO. Apparently, no one has any "real news" currently, whether or not private or sport boats can fish these closures
  97. big dog62

    Penn Fathom 25NLD2 vs Avet MX Raptor??

    l too own both raptors and Fathoms. IMO, in comparison, the Fathom wins out in almost all categories. The remaining question, for how long? My raptors are time tested, and served me well for a long time. Can't say the same for my Fathoms...yet!
  98. big dog62

    Xtratuf boots quality nowadays

    Yeah, just got mine, they are the BOMB! Easy in, easy out. Great fit, with or without socks, very comfee. GET EM!
  99. big dog62

    RP Xmas 5 day

    If it was me, l'd put a fresh 100lb top shot on that 80lb braid, more for abrasion protection than anything. That 100lb mono will likely give before 80lb braid anyway.
  100. big dog62

    Northern California Gets ALL DEPTH Bottom Fishing Season

    Anybody got an electric reel for sale?
  101. big dog62

    San Felipe please help

    But don't let the girlfriend catch you!
  102. big dog62

    Hooks for guadalupe

    Careful, Trokar makes a lighter wire hook also, ( bent one on a 30lb yft). Bass Pro Shop in Roseville has a good assortment of the heavier Trokar hooks. Good luck Taylor.
  103. big dog62

    Tady 15

    That's got Guadalupe yellow tail written all over it!
  104. big dog62

    Upcoming 5 day X-mas trips

    Hi Fred, looking forward to meeting you too. You flying in to SD, or driving?
  105. big dog62


    When l first heard of the practice, in the middle east, of cutting off offenders hands convicted of theft, l was horrified. As l get older, l'm rethink'n that.
  106. big dog62

    Upcoming 5 day X-mas trips

    Thanks for the info Steve. Love these bottom grabber trips, no pressure, no expectations. Great venue to get in some serious high speed vertical jigging (favorite way to catch yellow tail). The pace on these trips seem to be a little slower, good food, lots of laughs. A bonus if you wind up with...
  107. big dog62

    Best knot for solid spectra to spectra?

    Take a 12" piece of 60lb mono, tie it via Tony Pena knot on the spectra that remains on the reel. Then, on the opposing end, tie a Bob Sands knot on the loose spectra. Doing it this way will make it easier for the splice to go thru the rod eyes under a load, as both tag ends will be facing the reel
  108. big dog62

    Upcoming 5 day X-mas trips

    Put'n some gear together for the 5day X-mas trip on the Indy, between Christmas and New Years. I know at least 3 boats offer this same trip. l did this trip a couple of years ago on the Shogun, (had a blast, now l think they're go'n to the Lupe). ln the past, yt, reds and lings seemed to be the...
  109. big dog62

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    Ok, I see what your trying to say. Personally, I have done destination fishing trips and usually have had a good time. Unfortunately, I find that the Mexican laws aren't usually "user friendly", and tend to leave most people feeling like they're being taken advantage of. So, for me, SDLR is the...
  110. big dog62

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    So, are you suggesting people drive down to SQ Mex to board a LR boat? That'd be handy :shake:
  111. big dog62

    Amazon goofed and sent me two Penn FTH40NLD2, keep or sell on ebay?

    Forget Charkbait!....... Go for another 2fer at Amazon!
  112. big dog62

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    .....Like sands thru an hour glass.........So are the days of our lives......
  113. big dog62

    Seiners on the Ridge

    Good to hear a positive report involving a seiner, not to many these days. Work or play, I guess a fishermen is still a fishermen.
  114. big dog62

    Avet or okum?

    Okuma Mak 10sea, thank me later
  115. big dog62

    Guadalupe 2017 trips

    Looking at various schedules, it would appear the Lupe will be fished (by a select few LR boats) every month of 2017. I had booked a 5day, late May trip thinking it would be a schoolie tuna, yt trip, but was later informed that the plan now will likely be the Lupe. It'll be interesting to see...
  116. big dog62

    Xtratuf boots quality nowadays

    I believe the quote is " Where the men are men, the women are too, and the sheep run scared "
  117. big dog62

    Guadalupe 2017 trips

    ??? You mean " no " right
  118. big dog62

    Xtratuf boots quality nowadays

    Speaking of WTF, Amazon has the 6" boots, sz 6-13, 60bucks, sz 14, 75bucks. 15bucks for one inch of rubber???
  119. big dog62

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    Yup, sure did, saw it on MSNBC
  120. big dog62

    Question about cranking power of a conventional reel

    IMO, when I look at the specs of a reel, the gear ratio is less telling about the power of the reel. The inches of retrieve, per turn, is what tells the tale.
  121. big dog62

    Polaris Supreme 3 day ??

    Using spinning gear exclusively will sever any chance of building a relationship with what could/should be her best friend... The rail.
  122. big dog62

    Amazon goofed and sent me two Penn FTH40NLD2, keep or sell on ebay?

    Keep it, those reels have a wide range of usages.
  123. big dog62

    Flatfalls and big tuna

    As are we all. Nice haul outta Tanner, good job!
  124. big dog62

    Flatfalls and big tuna

    The OP asked about rigging for large tuna. The reason we tied directly to the nose ring was, for some reason, they got bit better, just our experience. For yt, I do use assist hooks connected to a figure 8 ring. The jig/split ring on the bottom "8" ring, the main line and assist line in the top...
  125. big dog62

    Your favorite dungeness crab recipe that isn't cioppino

    STOP IT!!!... Honey, call Emeryville and book us a crab combo trip STAT!
  126. big dog62

    Long Range fishing drone is here

    Sure hope the sport boats that allow guys to bring these drones post it on their web page... so I don't accidentally book a trip with em.
  127. big dog62

    Black Friday reel choice

    ...or you may see an Okuma Mak 10sea about to pass you.:D
  128. big dog62

    Flatfalls and big tuna

    Well, we all come to different conclusions based on our own experience, common sense. For me, split rings should only be used for metal to metal connections. I think people mistakenly blame a lot of breakoffs on bad knots, chewoffs, when in fact the mono/fluoro,spectra/kevlar was compromised by...
  129. big dog62

    Flatfalls and big tuna

    Robert, I'm with you on the spectra, kevlar thing, why employ a known weak link? May I suggest on your next outing, to remove the welded ring on the nose of a couple of those flat falls and tie directly to the nose ring. Again, not sure why, but on our last trip they seemed to get bit better...
  130. big dog62

    Flatfalls and big tuna

    Not a big fan of split rings, though at times, a necessary evil. They have caused me great heartache in the past. Andre, I would be concerned about, over time, the sharp edges of the split ring chewing at the yoke of your assist hook line, ( it has happened to me ). Why not avoid this scenario...
  131. big dog62

    Flatfalls and big tuna

    For some reason, not sure why, the flat falls and or fall flats ( knockoffs ) worked better for us tied directly to the jig nose ring ( no split ring ) single 9/0 hook, attached to the end with a 1/2" jump ring ( again, no split ring ). We had several rigged, many different ways including stock...
  132. big dog62

    Cedros 8s ld braid capacity

    Thanks John.
  133. big dog62

    Winter Tuna Fix Suggestions

    Yeah, it especially helps if that "someone" is Benjamin Franklin.
  134. big dog62

    Cedros 8s ld braid capacity

    Having a hard time finding data on the 6.2-1 CLD 8 reel. Braid capacity, line recovery per turn? Reel is no longer in production, anyone know? Thanks
  135. big dog62

    Dungeness Crab Opener?

    Well, didn't get a response to my request for a report so I decided to jump on a boat and see for myself. Rock fishing was slow out at the Farallons, no wind, current, lots of boats. Still managed to scratch close to a limit. On the way in we pulled traps, ave. 20 per. Easily managed 320 crabs...
  136. big dog62

    Dungeness Crab Opener?

    Any opener reports out of the Golden Gate?
  137. big dog62

    Guadalupe in June

    Yup, same thing I was told ( I'm on the 5day trip before you ). I think it all hinges on if, and/or when they receive the permits for 2017.
  138. big dog62


    If you have never used hollow spectra, beware, it's been my experience that it tends to stack up on the edges of the spool, much more so than the rounder solid. Not a huge deal, but it is something else you have to watch out for on the retrieve.
  139. big dog62

    Guadalupe in June

    Shogun has a 5day trip, late May 2017, that "may" go to the Lupe. Maybe plan to get permits a little earlier next year???
  140. big dog62

    Trolling reel

    Yeah, ought to be interesting. Spoke with the Penn rep, no problem, reel is " tough as nails ". Will report outcome.
  141. big dog62

    Trolling reel

    If you are looking for an inexpensive option, take a look at the Penn Fathom 60 lw. Just mounted one on a trolling rod for my next trip. With 30lbs of drag, 500yds 80lb braid , a little lite, but should be fine.
  142. big dog62

    Fathom 60 LW, How to expose the lugs?

    Thanks for the kick in the ass Lee, piece of cake. Again, thanks.
  143. big dog62

    Fathom 60 LW, How to expose the lugs?

    Yup, called Penn, side plates have to come off to make the switch. Not really comfortable do'n it, ( hate to screw it up before I even get it wet ) but I do need them out as reel is going on a trolling rod. Not a lot of reel services up here in nor cal, maybe send it to Penn? Thanks for your...
  144. big dog62

    Fathom 60 LW, How to expose the lugs?

    I don't think that will work, according to the schematic, looks like it is attached, up side down with a screw. I'm a little leery about removing both side plates.
  145. big dog62

    Fathom 60 LW, How to expose the lugs?

    Just purchased this reel. Would like to expose the lugs, no instructions? Little help. Thanks
  146. big dog62

    heads up, for us old guys

    Yikes! No good time to get shingles, but on a LR trip has to rank up there with the worst. Feel for ya Craig. I did have the shot a few years back, anyone know how long it's good for?
  147. big dog62

    Replacing top shot with braid

    Rule of thumb, ( as told to me ) Big seas, big bait = braid to mono to 3' fluoro. Calm seas, small bait = braid to 5'-15' fluoro In big seas, you need that stretch to compensate for the boats rock'n and roll'n mid battle. Also, larger baits have an easier time towing the larger diameter mono...
  148. big dog62

    Replacing top shot with braid

    Easy fix. Tie a one foot piece of 80lb mono to existing braid via Tony Pena or FG knot. Do the same on the other end of the short mono with the new braid to be added. I have done this with several reels, no problems to date.
  149. big dog62

    Wind-on's for 80-100lb

    Best piece of advise your gonna get.
  150. big dog62

    Wind-on's for 80-100lb

    Man, I must be missing something. After the introduction of the FG, Tony Pena knot, ( the Pena for me :daman: ) I thought all spectra to mono/fluoro problems were solved. Not really sure why there is even a question. :confused: I have heard arguments that the Tony Pena knot is apt to pull in...
  151. big dog62

    Avet JX 4.1.1

    Not sure what model yours is but the old ones made a loud ratchet noise on the retrieve. That was the reason I got rid of mine. In hindsight, should'a kept it, great 30-40lb fly line reel, lots'a horsepower once hooked up.
  152. big dog62

    100# Live Bait Set Up for Guadalupe

    100lb v 60-80lb IS shark repelent
  153. big dog62

    Look'n to do some rock fish'n out of Santa Cruz. Good boat?

    Well, good info here landed me on the Kahuna, good call. Carole and crew run a great operation. The view running down to Sur was worth the ticket price alone. Limits of rockies for everyone, lots of big reds. Though not limits of Ling cod, decent action. What to bring: a good coat, the long...
  154. big dog62

    help me decide on my new 2spd reel??

    If you're going to rat hole a little dough, you may want to look at the Okuma Mak 10sea
  155. big dog62

    Look'n to do some rock fish'n out of Santa Cruz. Good boat?

    Your make'n me antsy! Report to follow. Thanks to all for the info.
  156. big dog62

    Look'n to do some rock fish'n out of Santa Cruz. Good boat?

    Thanks for the info Steve. Sounds like you had a great trip. If you don't mind, what lb test line were you using? How deep were you fishing on average? Lure colors? Again, thanks
  157. big dog62

    Look'n to do some rock fish'n out of Santa Cruz. Good boat?

    Hey thanks for the info guys, think I'm gonna go with Kahuna, always wanted to fish Big Sur.
  158. big dog62

    Look'n to do some rock fish'n out of Santa Cruz. Good boat?

    Will be down in Santa Cruz for a week. Would like to do some rock fish'n. Any suggestions? Thanks
  159. big dog62

    Question about dropper loop and two-speed reels

    Never have been a fan of fishing deep with all mono. IMO, mono is only useful in top water bait/jig, mostly in rough seas. All good points made above about mono stretch. BUT, even before the mono stretches, the fish first has the advantage of the large arc in your line created by water drag on...
  160. big dog62

    Voicemail on the High Seas

    ...and if everyone followed the law, and only used the left lane to pass, there would be a lot less traffic. How'z that work'n for us.
  161. big dog62

    Flat Fall jigs

    Alumiglow. Check out " Jig " Forum
  162. big dog62

    Shogun - Drinks and Ice

    Most boats provide drinks at a reasonable price. The money collected usually goes toward the tip, after expenses. Although I think the main reason they do this is to keep the deck clear of personal ice chest.
  163. big dog62

    Smoking On Sportboats

    Never been much of a smoker, but I seem to gravitate to those that do, much more so than those who complain about it.
  164. big dog62

    Surface iron jig storage

    [QUOTE= Have over 400 pieces hanging right now. You need to fish more... maybe in an area with a sticky bottom.
  165. big dog62

    Recomendation on mono fishing line

    Never had any issues with Big Game. Cheap enough to change out daily, if under heavy use.
  166. big dog62

    Not cal

    Fished Ft Bragg last month, no salmon but did well on the rockies and lings. Here is the # to call 707-964-4550. $80, 5 hrs. 3 ling limit, JP was 17.5. TIPS; push to go up to Westport ( big lings ). They only fish down to 120' up there, so light tackle. 12 to 25lb test, 4 to 8oz sinkers on the...
  167. big dog62

    is it me, or BD?

    hAVe'nT nOtiCed aNytHIng :confused:
  168. big dog62

    Went Fishing ... Caught 4 Deer

    October? Yet no bone? Not a buck in the bunch. What they had there was 4 yearling does.
  169. big dog62

    Question about dropper loop and two-speed reels

    For me, I seem to have a tough time shifting from high to low in battle. When I stop reeling to shift down, the fish always seem to take that opportunity to turn, and head back down to the bottom.
  170. big dog62

    LX 6/3

    Every reel I've ever sent to Avet, has come back BETTER than new, at a reasonable price. You would be wise to let them service it before your next outing. As far as fishing 50lb test on a LX, ( non raptor ) ... Yeah, it'll do it. Just as I can haul my boat with my wife's car. Though, I prefer to...
  171. big dog62

    Educate me on Jigs, Iron and Poppers...

    Was on a LR trip a couple of years ago where we were on a decent bottom yt bite. The problem was you had to get your jig/bait below the cuda and bonita, that were on the chew. I switched to a knife, vertical jig and was having some success getting thru. After a short time, most everyone was...
  172. big dog62

    best wind-on loop for "The Lupe"

    I bring several leader cards ( hard foam rubber rectangular slotted disks ) to keep and reuse my fluoro topshots. Just recently, realizing I was way under gunned fishing bft with my 65lb braid, 25' 50lb fluoro setup. Cut off the 50 fluoro, re wrapped on a leader card, put on a short 5' 80lb...
  173. big dog62

    San Quintin, Baja Mexico - Compromise or Fishing Ban?

    I am confused BajaGringo. If it is your goal to remove LR boats, who contribute nothing to the local economy, from SQ local fishing areas, why are you advocating an open dialect with the LR boats? Why not just wait for them to be banned?
  174. big dog62

    best wind-on loop for "The Lupe"

    Best piece of advise your gonna get in this thread.
  175. big dog62

    San Quintin locals ask San Diego party boats to leave high spots (240,the 6 )

    I've now read 6 different threads on this subject. Though I do feel for the locals, they're beef should be with they're gov't, not the LR boats that " pays the Mex gov't " for the "privilege" to fish these areas. That said, I hope the problem is resolved soon, as a road trip to fish SQ, out of a...
  176. big dog62

    Overnight New Lo An fishing 8/6

    Who the f()(% turns down a shot at cow bft on an overnighter?o_O
  177. big dog62

    Flat Fall jigs

    I have rigged flat falls and vertical jigs just about every way possible. What's worked best for me with the flat falls, tie main line directly to the integrated ring on top of the jig, a 1/2" weld ring to a 9/0 hook on the bottom jig ring. Hook point on same side as eye. Keep it simple.
  178. big dog62

    Internet on Red Rooster III

    Personally, I think the LR boats did us a great disservice of making WIFI available to the passengers. Last thing I want to see is a galley full of people tap'n away on their devices, I see enough of that on land. Now, we have those advocating bringing sat phones. Soon, the salon will sound like...
  179. big dog62

    Flat Fall jigs

    I know the knock-offs like " Fall Flat ", will come back ALL silver, no matter what color they started out to be after being chewed by blue fin. A thin coat of clear, self leveling epoxy on the top face helps.
  180. big dog62

    5 day new years special

    According to their report "left em biting" at the Lupe. Big yft, toad yt. Was on that trip the previous year on the Shogun, mostly yt, reds and lings but did catch a bft and one dodo ( go figure? ). Had a great trip. 5 day X-mas trip, IMO, best bang for your buck in LR fishing. This year we...
  181. big dog62

    FG KNOT?

    Check out the "Tony Pena" knot, never had one fail yet. Very easy knot to learn, and in time, even easier to master. With the mono/fluoro tag end facing the reel, easily cast thru even the smallest of guides. No brainer if you ask me. TIPS; after you wrap the first course of spectra up the...
  182. big dog62

    Am I Acting Weird?

    WOW!!! Had no idea there was such a downside to own'n a boat. Think I'll take that money I've been save'n for a skiff and hire a house keeper... maybe get my pickup detailed.:D
  183. big dog62

    Which reel for a Calstar 800MH?

    I have both, the LX Raptor and the Okuma Makaira 10sea. Although I like the Avet, it won't hold a candle to the Mac's casting ability. You might find that feature useful at the Lupe, trying to get a bait out past the sea lions and sharks.
  184. big dog62

    2 1/2 limits

    10 miles an hour is a good average for most LR boats. 2 1/2 days, roughly 60hrs. 150 miles down, 300 miles round trip, definitely doable.
  185. big dog62

    The Occasional Mystery Fish

    Many variables to consider when we're put in to a " getting spooled " situation. Although I do agree size is a major factor, as with most animals, not all fish are created equal. We've all fought fish that, when finally surrendering to the gaff, should have been a hell of a lot bigger. Hook...
  186. big dog62

    Eureka salmon on fire today!

    Thanks for the report Marc, hope things heat up a bit this week in Ft. Bragg. A few salmon, but pretty slow so far.
  187. big dog62

    yo zuri hybrid fishing line

    ..;Also, it has an unforgiving memory.
  188. big dog62

    Fuel surcharge-Fuel rebate

    So Steve, are you saying there won't be any future fuel surcharges on the LR boats?
  189. big dog62

    RR III 5 Day...trying to cancel

    Tuff situation. Only one thing to do... BOTH!
  190. big dog62

    Tackle Question For First Time Long Range Trip.

    Good advise. I recently picked up a new Penn Fathom 25n star drag ( $175 ) . Filled it with Fins 65lb spectra. This will allow me to fish a range of 20 to 60lb, ( mainly 40 ) short fluoro leaders, via Tony Pena connection. Haven't found a better free spool, from any other reel, at any size...
  191. big dog62

    1st trip on the Excell ..things to know

    Did two trips on the "X", a 6 and 7 day trip The boat; very roomy state rooms, huge fishing deck on the stern, two large men can pass with ease between the ships cabin and the rail, more than ample rod and tackle storage. The longer you are on the boat, the more you appreciate these amenities...
  192. big dog62

    Vendetta out of H and M

    I'd go with the half day, spend your savings on extra " Deck hands "
  193. big dog62

    What knot for a ring or swivel to braid.

    The Tony Pena and FG knots were developed just for this application.
  194. big dog62

    Gear checklist for 8 day trip?

    I'd rather see you keep the clothes and pitch the lawn chairs
  195. big dog62

    Shoulder Hooking Sardines?

    For smaller J hooks and all circle hooks, try slightly bending the barbed end of the hook. If you pin with your right hand, hold the hook shank with a pair of duckbill pliers in your right hand, take a second pair in your left hand and carefully bend the barbed end down, SLIGHTLY ( reverse the...
  196. big dog62

    2.5 day

    Hope you're wrong about the OO JohnnieB, as I have a 2 1/2 day, July trip booked. I know they had some issues a couple of years ago, but have heard good things about the boat and crew recently. Remember, positive attitudes go furthest both ways.
  197. big dog62

    To go or not to go when the counts are down??

    Jumped on the Mirage out of Cisco's last August for a 2 day trip. Fishing had been slow, but what the hell, it's still fishing. Some of the guys on the charter were using 30lb rented rods adorned with shrimp flies. Reds and lings, ok, again, it's still fishing. I was awoken at about 3am to that...
  198. big dog62

    Okuma Cedros 15s Lever Drag NIB, What's it worth?

    Having a hard time finding one to compare, guess they don't make them anymore. Anyone know what it's worth? Thanks
  199. big dog62

    July 1 1/2 Day'r, Constitution or Ocean Odyssey?

    OK... OO it is, again thanks for the help.
  200. big dog62

    July 1 1/2 Day'r, Constitution or Ocean Odyssey?

    Thanks guys, my only concern, this will be my son in-law's first trip. Though the OO is 5' wider ( and $65 cheaper ), they're take'n 6 more guys than the C. You think that's a big deal, or hands down OO?
  201. big dog62

    July 1 1/2 Day'r, Constitution or Ocean Odyssey?

    Will be in SD mid July, these two boats fit the time frame I have allocated for a fish'n quickie. So... Who would you do?
  202. big dog62

    Damn! This new BD format is a bit claustrophobic

    Feels like I'm reading this forum thru a keyhole! Am I alone here? o_O
  203. big dog62

    Limits on 1.5, 2.5 length trips

    Hmmm... Depends on who you talk to. I was told, twice, on two different 2 1/2 day trips, that the limit was the max, 3 limits
  204. big dog62

    Oldest Long Ranger... when do I quit?

    ...I'II know, when they start pile'n dirt on me.
  205. big dog62

    JX Raptor or HXJ for local 50lb yoyo/dropper loop setup?

    I've used both, save yourself about a $100, go with the 5/2 HXJ.
  206. big dog62

    Outside the gates? New boat looking for fish

    Gonna be rock'n and a roll'n on the 15th, 11'seas, 25mi winds. Sunday looks better
  207. big dog62

    Winning the jackpot?

    It's been my experience that you settle your galley tab, tip, the night before you dock. Weigh in for the jp happens only after all the fish are unloaded. Been lucky twice on the jp, both times, gave half back on top of the galley tab, 15% tip the night before. Question is, if you have what is a...
  208. big dog62

    New to Bay Area.. leave my rods at home?

    John, he'll have to wait till 04/15/16. That's the bottom fish opener up here. Also, take a look at the boats going out of Berkeley, bottom/crab combos.
  209. big dog62

    Custom Rail Mount Rod Holder

    Damn, there go's my casting distance!
  210. big dog62

    Custom Rail Mount Rod Holder

    So... what happens when a guy following his fish down the rail meets up with your " rail rack " ?
  211. big dog62

    Hotel around fisherman's landing

    Not sure about the others, but the Dolphin has summer and winter rates, the latter being less of course. I stayed 2yrs ago, Dec., $65 + free parking for up to 7 days. I have another Dec. trip this year but couldn't book a room as they don't have their winter rates set, will call back around...
  212. big dog62

    Best gas trolling motor?

    Damn, that was one I was looking at, well, the 6hp anyway. I'm at about 5,500' in elevation.
  213. big dog62

    Best gas trolling motor?

    I did not know this. So even the new smaller single cylinder, 4 stroke motors, are louder and vibrate? Again, this will be the only motor on the boat, but will seldom do anything but troll 1 to 2mi per hr. Wanted to keep it light, but maybe I'II have to beef up a bit.
  214. big dog62

    Hotel around fisherman's landing

    Yeah, they got rid of the porn and the hookers... But it's still ok.
  215. big dog62

    Best gas trolling motor?

    Sorry for not being clear. I was referring to an internal fuel tank atop the motor so I wouldn't need the external tank and hose, but not a deal breaker. I think I still want to go smaller, maybe 6hp? Thanks, I'll have to check out the Yamaha
  216. big dog62

    Best gas trolling motor?

    Need a little help guys, I have a 14' Westcoaster widebody, welded aluminum that I would like to hang a good gas trolling motor on. The boat will be used exclusively on a high mountain lake, the motor will be the only one on the boat. My wants; quiet, easy start, self contained, must troll down...
  217. big dog62

    Hooker Intruder XL on eBay

    I too think this thing will bring a price north of $200. I'd have a real hard time feed'n it out the back of a LR boat on the troll :eek:
  218. big dog62

    Fishing pliers, which one?

    I did not know that, I always assumed it was the other way around, thanks for the info.
  219. big dog62

    If any one is bored.......

    Great read Andre, very entertaining.
  220. big dog62

    Too many hooks?

    Legal in Mexico.
  221. big dog62

    Fishing pliers, which one?

    "That guy's" spectra, when he hooks a 20lb BFT at the bow while he's feeding out line on the stern!
  222. big dog62

    Homemade jig

    Nothing better than catching fish on something spawned from your own mind and hand. Boy, if those don't get em, the fish ain't bite'n. One question, are the solid and split rings necessary?
  223. big dog62

    Fishing pliers, which one?

    Sorry Joe, just couldn't help myself.
  224. big dog62

    Fishing pliers, which one?

    Sounds like you've got it figured out Joe, maybe pick up an extra lanyard for your casting rod. LOL
  225. big dog62

    real seat center distance

    If you have, or can access a deck hand rod. Loosely mount a reel on it using the reel clamp, sliding it up and down the rod until you find your sweet spot. Record the measurement.
  226. big dog62

    Downrigger Identification

    They look like Scotty lake trollers. If you are going to mount them on your kayak I would rewind with 100 to a 150lb spectra ( depthfinder, the cheap stuff from China is fine ). A one to two pound ball works fine, remember, you won't have other lines to tangle with. It will be to your advantage...
  227. big dog62

    Fishing pliers, which one?

    I like 8" duckbills ( take a piece of 30, 40lb braid with you to the store, make sure they grip the lite braid well, you'll need it for tag ends) The "boomerang" retractable line cutters now come in several styles. I have used the same ones for about 3 years, the braid cuts are not as clean...
  228. big dog62

    Fishing pliers, which one?

    A pair of duckbills in my back pocket, a "boomerang" line cutter D-ringed to my belt loop, good to go
  229. big dog62

    A couple questions from a new guy

    Yeah, I hear multiple complaints about the 40n from a lot of guys, junk. I'll PM you an address were you can send the 40n, I think they melt them down and make sinkers.
  230. big dog62

    Last Minute Prepping Tradition.

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
  231. big dog62

    "Let's charter a boat" they said......

    If it was me, I think I would seek out an open charter trip on a boat I liked, limited load. Forward the booking info to the buddies. Put it on them, if they commit, they're in, otherwise they're out. I know it's nice to have control over who's going, but if you are the CM and it doesn't fill...
  232. big dog62

    Should I get a kayak?

    Gain about 200lbs, fat people float in saltwater
  233. big dog62

    1500 dollar budget

    Take a look at the Torium 16 HG. One of my favorite reels under $200
  234. big dog62

    Last Minute Prepping Tradition.

    Steve, was that list arranged in " order of priorities "?:720icon:
  235. big dog62

    Any news about crab opening north of Point Reyes?

    Planning to spend some time on the north coast ( Elk, Ft. Bragg area ). Just wondering if there were any plans on opening any of those areas to sport crabbing?
  236. big dog62

    Offshore Swimming?

    If you feel comfortable out of the boat, go for it. Personally, when I'm in the ocean inshore or offshore, I feel like a red egg floating down a trout stream. So, I keep my fat ass IN the boat.
  237. big dog62

    live bait rig

    Not sure about the Lexa 400, but I have a 300, 30lb braid and use it as a schoolie live bait set up, it works well. Even the smallest chovie can pull line off with ease. One issue though, I tie my fluoro to braid via Tony Pena knot. It will not pass thru the eye of the line leveler. So, I use...
  238. big dog62

    Want to add another jigging setup

    PROS - Reel with opposite hand ( a break from your conventional reel ) More casting distance if you choose to throw poppers, surface iron CONS - Twisted line if you reel while line is going out More contact between finger and spectra...
  239. big dog62

    What would you pay for the perfect Surface Iron???

    There will be a fish attatched to it. :D
  240. big dog62

    2 speed reels

    SCORE!!! " Get it at Fredies "
  241. big dog62

    2 speed reels

    If I could bring only one reel on a 1 to 8 day trip, it would be a JX raptor full of 65lb spectra and multiple spools of 30, 40, 50, 60lb fluoro. Though not optimal, will cover just about all applications. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one used, even if I didn't know the history. It's been my...
  242. big dog62

    HI-SEAS 100% Fluorocarbon Leader

    I've used the Quattro fluoro up to 50lb. The added color, in theory, is suppose to stop light transmitted down your mono, ( fiber optics ) on a sunny day. Did not notice any difference in using it, as compared to clear fluoro. If anything, got bit less.
  243. big dog62

    2 speed reels

    I agree. I had a guy build me a 7' 10" custom rod, out of an off brand blank that he praised, highly. Long story short, the long rod is a back breaker! The tip is very soft, though great backbone in the lower two thirds. It's saving grace, for some reason ( I'm guessing the soft tip? ) it makes...
  244. big dog62

    2 speed reels

    Which ever way you go, if your planning on yoyoing, make sure your high gear is at least 6 to 1
  245. big dog62

    San Carlos

    Great report Walt! That Cabrilla is a TOAD! How'd the " stinky pinky " fair compared to the " golden goose "? :D
  246. big dog62

    Jigging Master Rods for trips

    Can not speak to 200lb+ tuna as I have never had the pleasure, but try to fish exclusively with 5' to 5.5' parabolic jigging rods for yellowtail on LR boats. I find the high rail helpful, not a hindrance. It allows you to brace yourself and extend your rod out, when needed, safely. I have never...
  247. big dog62

    Sunline Fluorocarbon leader

    A reel with at least 300yds of 60lb spectra, 50yds of 40lb Izorline xxx, 3' of 35lb Blackwater fluoro is a setup, IMO, everyone should have in their quiver for a June 8 day'r
  248. big dog62

    Overflow Parking Costs???

    Really! Free? Sounds like the Point Loma pay parking lot will be the new overflow.
  249. big dog62

    Size Matters?

    Been do'n the Asian vertical jig'n thing for a couple of years now and learn something new each outing. I found that knife jigs in the 150g to 200g work really well for me, gets to the bottom fast, and is easy to work thru the columns in a good rhythm . Targeting yellowtail, I was wondering if...
  250. big dog62

    Fish Cutters, Who's Fastest?

    Thank you Olddog8. Your selflessness is much appreciated by me, and I'm sure all other EXTRA long rangers.
  251. big dog62

    Fish Cutters, Who's Fastest?

    Sound advise, thanks. Just called 5 star, got the answering machine. Interesting message, " beginning 11/26/16 we will be open by appointment only" What's up with that? Went to their web site, did the reservation there, very user friendly for we cyber challenged.
  252. big dog62

    Fish Cutters, Who's Fastest?

    Sounds like you've got it figured out Steve, works out for everyone. Usually, that's the best plan
  253. big dog62

    Fish Cutters, Who's Fastest?

    Thanks guys, good info here. Think I'll do the call ahead thing for my next trip instead of trying to line something up at the landing, waiting to board. Watching the fish cutters grease thru those fish, often thought about hauling my catch, " whole body", home and doing it myself, they make it...
  254. big dog62

    Fish Cutters, Who's Fastest?

    This subject, as many others, has been beat to death, I'm sure, but if you have some insight or opinion, chime in. I, like many others, travel quite a ways to enjoy the SD fishery, well worth it. At one time or another, I have used all the local fish cutters with good results from all, EXCEPT...
  255. big dog62

    December 5 day

    Don't think the " 5 day x-mas trip " could be depicted any better. Good info on rigging too. Nice job Brad
  256. big dog62

    Shogun, 02/04 " Rice Bowl " 2.75, Who's go'n?

    Good trip. 120 yt 15-25lbs, couple hundred reds. Though not wide open, steady pick. All the fish were full of red crab. Clear skies, calm seas, light winds, 60 to 65 degrees. Rice Bowl Al did a nice job making sure everyone had a grin, shirts, jigs, hats, gift certs, rod blanks and more were...
  257. big dog62

    December 5 day

    Last couple of years, ( El Nino???), fishing has been great all up and down the California's. I have heard only good, if not great reports of recent trips to Guadalupe Island since reopening to a few SD boats. Talking to several people who fished it before the closure, said they had great trips...
  258. big dog62

    Shogun, 02/04 " Rice Bowl " 2.75, Who's go'n?

    Yeah, we still managed to put a few yellars in the holds, lings and a butt load of toad reds, buck'n some serious winds if my memory serves me right Steve.
  259. big dog62

    Shogun, 02/04 " Rice Bowl " 2.75, Who's go'n?

    Just checked sailflow, clear weather, light winds, calm seas for Friday & Saturday... GIDDYUP!!!
  260. big dog62

    San diego 5 day long range

    I would make sure you are comfortable with the passenger load sizes of each.
  261. big dog62

    Trip Cancel

    Damn, I hope your wrong about that Mickeyfin, though I do have to agree with your logic
  262. big dog62

    December 5 day

    I'm on that trip also. Did the same trip 2yrs ago on the Shogun, ( pre Lupe ) caught a little bit of everything, but mostly yt and rockfish, though the jp was a bft. Also, X-mas evening is a great time to travel thru LA from the north.
  263. big dog62

    Trip Cancel

    Feel the same way Bluewater, gotta stretch those fishing bucks. You might want to look at the Indy x-mas trip, at $260 a day to ride the Indy? I'm in!
  264. big dog62

    Shogun, 02/04 " Rice Bowl " 2.75, Who's go'n?

    Pack'n up, ready to head south for a couple of days of R&R, ( rock'n and reel'n ). First time fish'n with this group, hear great things about the " Rice Bowl " boys, can't wait to meet them. So... WHO'S IN?
  265. big dog62

    Another glove recommendation thread

    Try waterproof gauze tape (Ruban Impermeable). Important to start wrapping at the tip of your finger, working down, overlapping by a quarter of the tape width.
  266. big dog62

    Indy Christmas 5-day?

    Not sure about the Indy, but it sure looks like Santa found the Shogun.
  267. big dog62

    Hamachi Jig Stick, Anyone Try One?

    Took the rod out to the Farallon Islands on a bottom trip yesterday, very pleased with the action, lifting power. It ain't no show piece, but if you can pick one up for a $100 or less, GO FOR IT! You won't be sorry
  268. big dog62

    American Angler cuts trip short???

    WOW! I can't believe some of your responses to this thread. I have heard several horror stories of LR boats having to cut trips short due to mechanical, medical issues, with little or no compensation. A friend of mine lost the full fare, when the boat he had booked collected his final payment...
  269. big dog62

    possibly over booked

    My understanding is there are two different types of trips. 1."Open trips"; where you buy a spot on said trip dealing directly with the boat. If a problem occurs, (overbooking, room assignments, boarding #), you take it up with the Captain or owner. 2."Open charter trips"; where though you may...
  270. big dog62

    possibly over booked

    Trip insurance??? What makes you think operators are looking for options to stop overbooking?
  271. big dog62

    possibly over booked

    Was on a 2 day trip, on an eighty five foot boat that overbooked ( by four ) NOTICEABLY OVERCROWDED! Not only haven't been back on this boat, but told several others of said practices. Overbooking might be a short term money maker for the boat owner, though I don't think it will pan out for them...
  272. big dog62

    possibly over booked

    When I book a trip " load size " is right up there as the number one factor. So, yeah, I CARE!
  273. big dog62

    Shogun 12-26

    LOCK & LOAD Taylor, your boy's are going to be in for quite a RIDE! Have fun
  274. big dog62

    Talica 16ii or 20ii with what rod

    " new torium 14 " Where? I want one... Who's got em?
  275. big dog62

    Here's you're sign....

    The Indy has numbered tackle box spots, still, there are those who encroach, not giving much thought to how it impacts others. You know the worst thing about this whole dilemma we've discussed here? It puts people, ( some more than others ), in a negative frame of mind, affecting them as well as...
  276. big dog62

    Here's you're sign....

    The Indy has numbered tackle box spots, still, there are those who encroach, not giving much thought to how it impacts others. You know the worst thing about this whole dilemma we've discussed here? It puts people, ( some more than others ), in a negative frame of mind, affecting them as well as...
  277. big dog62

    Who's your favorite Wingman?

    Oh, this is a no brain'r; Maria, Coco and Mercedes out of www.cabosportfishing& Best trip EVER!
  278. big dog62

    Price Increases coming?

    " The yen is way down " Isn't that good news for a Japanese export company?
  279. big dog62

    RP gets a Super-Moo

    He did stop, isn't the limit 15? :cow::cow::cow::cow::cow:__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
  280. big dog62

    Flat Fall, butterfly and knife jigs.

    Maybe hook your gopro up to your jig with the toe mount, see what's go'n on down there? :D
  281. big dog62

    Flat Fall, butterfly and knife jigs.

    Sometimes, very hard to detect a strike on the drop. Took me a while to realize what I was missing on the way down.
  282. big dog62

    Cedros 15 lever drag, gear reduction?

    Thanks, I'll do just that.
  283. big dog62

    Here's you're sign....

    .... of the anchor :D
  284. big dog62

    Cedros 15 lever drag, gear reduction?

    I have a new Cedros 15 ld 6:2 and would like to change it out to a 4:8. Is that possible, with in a reasonable cost? Thanks
  285. big dog62

    Royal Star

    For me, it's about respect for my fellow fishermen and crew. Do you think if these lawn chair tote'n people were invited to fish on a private boat, they would bring a lawn chair? NO! Why? Because the other 3 guys on the boat would give then so much shit about take'n up prime real estate for...
  286. big dog62

    Shogun 11/27/15 to 12/2/15

    I dig the "retro" photo!
  287. big dog62

    Hamachi Jig Stick, Anyone Try One?

    Just got it. Shipped in less than a week from AUS. Though I've yet to fish it, overall, I'm going to give it a " fair to cloudy ". Very sensitive tip with HUGE backbone in the lower 2/3rds, yet feels very lite. At first look, it doesn't take long to see that these are mass produced, lacking...
  288. big dog62

    Flat Fall, butterfly and knife jigs.

    You know Steve, you're pretty much in " virgin country " here, I think your just gonna have to play around with an assortment of different lengths, sizes, variables. We have all gut hooked fish with circle hooks, lip hooked fish with J hooks. I watched a guy land a 137lb BFT on 65lb spectra...
  289. big dog62

    Flat Fall, butterfly and knife jigs.

    One thing you might try, tying a couple of the assist circles on a longer leader. The longer the leader, the better the chance that the circle hook will find it's mark. JMO Sounds like your going to be in trial and error mode till you get it figured out.
  290. big dog62

    Flat Fall, butterfly and knife jigs.

    You may want to tie up a few J hooks also, to use when you realize those circles are missing strikes.
  291. big dog62

    Best Reel for Black Hole CCS 150g

    Awesome jig reel with backup ARB, yet casts like a dream. Best bang for your buck.
  292. big dog62

    Hamachi Jig Stick, Anyone Try One?

    Yup, that's the one. Went ahead, bid, and won it on e-bay for $72. So, can't get hurt to bad. Just wondering if anyone has tried one out
  293. big dog62

    Customer Service Shout Out

    ... and so SHOULD several others
  294. big dog62

    Hamachi Jig Stick, Anyone Try One?

    Was looking at these on e-bay, 30 - 80lb parabolic Japanese jigging rods with removable rod butt, for about $100. Thinking about trying one out. Anyone have any info? Worth a shot or just a waste of money?
  295. big dog62


    Would that be a pack of hooks, or a cow tuna? :confused:
  296. big dog62

    Footwear recommendations

    Swiftwater, best shoes for just about ANYTHING, they really put spring in your step and dry quickly. Beware, almost all crocs soles wear down long before the uppers wear out. This causes them to become very slippery on wet surfaces, but nothing that a few beads of silicone on the soles won't fix.
  297. big dog62

    Cabo Panga Pricing ?

    Just fished with Juanito and his son on a half day, 12/02/15. Jaunito bailed us out in the last minute, as our reserved boat didn't show ( Dream Maker, but that's another story) The 29' super panga was very comfortable for 3 and immaculate! He takes great pride in his craft and it shows. Fishing...
  298. big dog62


    Actually, the ring looks like it failed just to the right of the braze joint. Probable cause, to much heat in the weld leaving the metal brittle on both sides of the union. Good chance the remaining hooks of that pack are compromised as well.
  299. big dog62

    Crab Opener delayed?

    Any word, rumor, glimmer of hope that the season may be opened, at all?
  300. big dog62

    Blue Dream at the Buffer Zone

    Sorry Joe, please continue
  301. big dog62

    Blue Dream at the Buffer Zone

    Hey John, how do you like that 16' Tarpon? I have a 14' commander and was think'n about get'n a Tarpon ( commander is a little rough to get in and out of ). Is the extra 2' noticeable? Worth the hassle of move'n, haul'n?
  302. big dog62

    How relevant is rod length ?

    Caught a 40lb BFT on an 8' deckhand rod last fall, took an hour and fifteen minutes to gaff. Second BFT, similar size, fifteen minutes on a 6'6" stand up rod same weight class. Guess which 30lb rod was my go to for the remainder of the trip?
  303. big dog62

    GoPro: Advise Me!

    I have the silver and two mounts. For hunting and fishing I use the head mount, for clubbing and cocktail parties I use the the toe mount.:oinker:
  304. big dog62

    Got a citation for "illegal take" inside the Footprint reserve.

    Yeah... ya probably pissed him off when he had to break off his 20lb ling to go deal with your shit. :D
  305. big dog62

    How many rigs do you bring?

    You know, a lot of variables here to consider; size of the vessel, load, time of year, length of trip ect. I here ya! On the longer trips where lighter loads are the norm, or shorter, limited load trips you can get away with the " kitchen sink " mentality of packing for the trip. But I've been...
  306. big dog62

    How many rigs do you bring?

    I try to keep the rods and tackle, overall gear to a minimum out of respect for my fellow fisherman. Usually, I bring 4 to 5 setups that can easily be altered to go up or down in weight, with a variety of line and fluoro ( viva la Tony Pena knot! ), and one small soft sided tackle box. The rest...
  307. big dog62

    Need some insight on booking 1st LR trip

    You may want to look at the Shogun schedule, next November, they are offering 6 day trips targeting the Guadalupe Islands. Best shot at 100lb+ tuna on a short trip. It's a gamble, but worth consideration.
  308. big dog62

    Toro tamer braid

    If the spectra did throw off the line meter, wouldn't it error on the side of recording less than actual?
  309. big dog62

    Fish Sorting after a trip.

    Apples to oranges Bill. And yes, you are obligated to make room for a hot fish coming down the rail, any decky worth his salt should insure you comply. As far as sharing your gear with others, some do, some don't. For me, depends on if I like you or not. What was discussed earlier in this thread...
  310. big dog62

    Fish Sorting after a trip.

    Why, if this guy chose FP, would he be obligated to move or sort YOUR fish? You really think it's his duty, even though he has paid to have his own fish professionally pushed, sorted and processed?
  311. big dog62

    Looking for a long range trip based in Baja

    You do realize Ensenada is only 88mi from San Diego, right?
  312. big dog62

    Just purchased an Avet MXL Raptor Pros & Cons?

    Well said, I agree 100%. Reminds me of a guy I fished with on the X, from the east coast, a few years ago. He had an older sx ( well worn, but not a raptor ) spooled with 50lb braid, short 50lb fluoro top shot, on a 60lb rod. It was his go to rod on the trip and at home, he loved it. Guy had his...
  313. big dog62

    Shogun updates?

    As your trip gets closer Taylor, you may want to call and ask. You may need to tweak your quiver. Wouldn't want to get caught take'n a knife to a gun fight, if you know what I mean.:2gunsfiring_v1:
  314. big dog62

    Crab Opener delayed?

    I think you'd be ok, just tell em your do'n " catch and release crabbing ". Don't think they'll be able stop laughing, ( I still am ), long enough to write you a ticket
  315. big dog62

    Shogun tackle storage question

    Fished the Shogun twice, with a third trip coming up. Though I like just about every aspect of the boat, groceries, crew, the tackle situation is less than stellar. On a 5 day, Guadalupe trip, where most guys will bring EVERYTHING to cover the varied fishing conditions, you could be in for quite...
  316. big dog62

    Breaking News on fishing Guadalupe!

    No truer words have ever been written!
  317. big dog62

    Cabo, end of November 3-4 hr panga?

    The little woman booked us on a 5 day cruise, 2 days in Cabo. Was wondering if it would be worth it to pack a rod and a little jigging gear. I was thinking about lining up a panga on the first day to do a little fishing the mourning of the second day, for three or four hours. I would appreciate...
  318. big dog62

    Shogun 10/9

    Soooo....... Is anyone going to enlighten us on what may or may not have happened here? Or is this a private conversation? :shake:
  319. big dog62

    trading for cans

    I believe that is refered to as a " King's can " Not to worry, it shouldn't affect her other than now she is responsable for next years Mardi Gras party.
  320. big dog62

    Rain monday

    Rain usualy dosn't bother tuna fishes... most of em are wet already
  321. big dog62

    Long-range: Comfortable sleeping ensemble ??

    First of all " Long range: Comfortable sleeping " is a bit of an oxymoron, ain't gonna happen. As far as night sweats, some guys more than others. I use a generic (cheaper) anti bactierial ointment in the areas where the sun don't shine, seems to work well for me.
  322. big dog62

    Torium 16 hg advice

    Well put John. Bottom line, if you fill the reel with 50lb braid, you will be able to fish 30 -50lb top shot, giving you a wide range with just one reel. I just got back from a 2 day out of Oxnard, the Torium 16hg performed flawless. 300yds 40lb Sufix 832 braid, 75yds 30lb Izor xxx. Yt to...
  323. big dog62

    Torium 16 hg advice

    Well, if you were ever fortunate enough to be in a situation where what ever you hooked took 330yds off your reel, I'd much rather the remainder be spectra. There is also the issue of; life expectancy of mono v spectra.
  324. big dog62

    Torium 16 hg advice

    True, but BEWARE, in order to get the maximum retrieve speed out of your reel, it must be full. I'd splice in 100yds or of so spectra backing ( easy to do with a 1' piece of mono, Pena to Pena knot ) This becomes more of an issue the deeper you jig.
  325. big dog62

    Ranger 85 2 1/2 day

    Fished the R85 last June out of Cisco's. Was fortunate to share one of the " luxury state rooms " ( yes, that is what is written on the entry way ). There are only a few of these rooms and are available upon request prior to departure. You would do well to secure one as the bunks are bigger. As...
  326. big dog62

    Overnight boat tipping

    Was on a 7 day trip a couple of years ago. The subject of tipping came up with my new roomie, he stated that he always tipped at least 20%, sometimes more. Although a great fisherman and all around good guy, not a wealthy man, yet still was comfortable being so generous. After the trip we...
  327. big dog62

    Boss 665H

    Beware, I sent my 665h to Accurate just for a service, 100$ with shipping. Works better than it did before, ( they upgraded the ARB ). That said, just wanted to prepare you.
  328. big dog62

    Like Ultra Ultra limited load?

    Yep, been on the Shogun a couple of times, great boat, captain and crew. Dream trip for sure, would love to go. hmm... wonder if junior has 9 grand in his college fund yet?
  329. big dog62

    Trip/Vacation Insurance

    I was once told, by a very wise man, that you should only insure what you can't afford to replace as insurance companies are in business to turn a profit. If you get into a wreck, get sick, or your house burns down, you better have it. On the other hand, trip insurance is like blackjack...
  330. big dog62

    Like Ultra Ultra limited load?

    A bit off topic.... but I recently went out on a 2 day trip that posted a 30 max load, for an 85' boat. I was reluctant to go, but did, as I thought 30 was to many. After a head count, much to my dismay, found there was in fact, 34 anglers! So I did a little recon investigating with trip...
  331. big dog62

    Flat fall jigs

    Many lure manufactures use hollow, thin, tin hooks. Not only are they cheaper, but light weight to give the lure better action. After you replace the hooks, you might want to drop it in a pool to make sure your adjustments doesn't affect the action. I use a heavy hook too, but just one.
  332. big dog62

    question about PowerPro Super Slick blue 65lb

    Spectra color is irrelevant. I disagree... was on the Indy years ago, using 40lb slick 8, aqua blue, with a 10ft 30lb flouro top shot. The product was fairly new and I was advised by others to use a longer leader do to the almost florescent blue of the spectra. I decided to give the 10ft...
  333. big dog62

    Flat fall jigs

    I agree whole heartedly with you, Shimano should be ashamed of themselves!
  334. big dog62

    LR boats need to be fishing North of San Diego right now

    Well, I guess I'm one of those who DON'T. When I book a LR trip, I expect the captain, to the best of his knowledge, to put me in the best position to catch fish. If this means fishing waters close to home, so be it. I WANT TO KILL FISH! If I just wanted to sit around singing kumba yah with a...
  335. big dog62

    fish cleaning on 2.5 thru 3 day trips

    My last 2 trips on the Shogun, during the orientation, we were all given the option to choose a processer prior to wetting a line. If you chose Fishermen's, your fish would be tagged with a red # tag instead of the standard white. One of the perks for choosing Fishermen's, they boarded the...
  336. big dog62

    Making bait for the next trip

    I agree with you, but not everyone comes prepared. As far as this particular trip, I think it may have hurt the crew's bottom line.
  337. big dog62

    Making bait for the next trip

    No, we started with a flushed tank on the way to the receiver. Yes, we did use a little the next day, but as I said, the bite was slow, not much. That's not to say we wouldn't have used a bunch, had we entered into a wide open bite . I don't think anyone was upset about the nominal fee, just the...
  338. big dog62

    Making bait for the next trip

    Was on a 6 day'r, on one of the " premiere " boats. It was slow fishing, most of the trip was a boat ride. On the 2nd to last evening, after dinner, the captain asked if we would go out and help make bait as the SD bait receivers were running a little thin. Most of us went out and made bait for...
  339. big dog62

    3 Day Dorado Yellowtail Tuna trip on the Dominator

    No, sorry, I thought this WAS the forum to post opportunities to schedule future trips. If there is another, do tell.
  340. big dog62

    3 Day Dorado Yellowtail Tuna trip on the Dominator

    Which is the correct forum? ( If one is looking for future, prospective trips )
  341. big dog62

    Advance Reservations for Fish Fish Processing ServicesServices

    Did A 2 1/2er on the Shogun last spring, took all sorts of bottom grabbers over to Sportsmen's. Ryan asked if we were hungry, and of course he got a big " HELL YEAH ". 20 minutes later my buddy and I were feasting on some of the best fish and chips I'd ever had. When we went to settle the...
  342. big dog62

    Intrepid 7 day

    Je Jeff, you are in for a real treat, LR in style! One of the differences between 1, 2, and 2 1/2 day trips, as opposed to a 7 day trip, is you don't want to bring that sense of urgency, " catch as many as you can, as fast as you can " the attitude most anglers have on shorter trips. PACE...
  343. big dog62

    3 Day Limited Load Trip, Spots Open

    Still open? If so, how many?
  344. big dog62

    White Sea Bass

    Cisco's Landing, Oxnard ca, NOW!
  345. big dog62

    Black Pearl 2 day 6-5-2015 Morrow Bay

    Great report Taylor, I'm booked on the Pearl for the Dec, last 2 day trip of the season, looking forward to it
  346. big dog62

    super seeker 2x4, avets, accurate for sale

    If you are interested, go to ebay, search seeker 2x4, my user name is ( doug 111** ) click on " see other items " to see the reels, thanks
  347. big dog62

    What have you wished you didn't forget to bring?

    A little off track, but this thread reminds me of a friend who USE to go out of state buck hunting with a group of guys who held tags for Colorado, but seldom made it past Nevada. Upon his return home, from his LAST trip, his wife consoled him for once again coming empty handed. She then asked...
  348. big dog62

    Problem with BX-500

    Yeah, I called her, she said she would look into it and call me back. That was about 3 weeks ago. Don't worry about it, not that big of a deal.
  349. big dog62

    Passports required to fish in Mexican waters

    Last time I had my passport renewed it took 6 weeks. If you need it sooner, be prepared to stand in a L O N G line, or pay a passport service a lot of dough.
  350. big dog62

    Problem with BX-500

    Green and black neopreme, with Velcro fastener.
  351. big dog62

    Problem with BX-500

    Thank you, but that won't be necessary. I would appreciate the return of my reel cover, as one was not returned with my reels. Thank you Doug Enngrahm
  352. big dog62

    Do any of you use spiral wrapped rods?

    Works well, takes a lot of the torque out of the rod ( reel moving from side to side while under a load, during retrieval ). Beware, there is more to building one of these than just offsetting the eyes. You may want to seek advice from someone who has built a few.
  353. big dog62

    Problem with BX-500

    I have no other lever drag reel, that the spool spins in free spool, when the handle is turned. If this is no big deal, why is [email protected] advising us to send them in for repair? Obviously, he thinks it's an issue.
  354. big dog62

    Problem with BX-500

    REALY!... EASY FIX? Just got 2 reels back from Accurate, both had the anti reverse upgrade, and both no longer have true free spool. As others have stated, the spool turns when the handle is turned. So, after a $145.00 service bill, you'll have to excuse my disbelief that it's an " easy fix ".
  355. big dog62

    2 speed or single speed

    I too have lost yt and tuna fumbling around trying to switch gears on my 2 speed. We all know what happens when we get hooked up on the yoyo, you stop reeling to shift into low, the fish go's right back down to the bottom. Recently, I have been using single high speed reels, on parabolic short...
  356. big dog62

    2.5 day trip out of oxnard need some help

    TAYLOR... I think we fished together on the Shogun last winter. If my memory serves me, you brought like isle 2 and 4 of charkbait. Your not a guy who travels lite, you should be good. I will be on the June 15th, Ranger 85, WSB opener ( well, the first day you can keep 3 wsb ). Will let you...
  357. big dog62

    Finally pulled the trigger and left California

    Don't be so sure my friend, the sad truth is ALL state and local politicians, who decide how tax dollars are spent, also are vested in the Public Retirement System ( Pers ). We're more likely to see more roads, bridges in disrepair, garbage piling up in the street, nonexistent public services...
  358. big dog62

    Accurate DPX2 discontinued?

    I'm a little worried, With good reason!
  359. big dog62

    Blown anti reverse in a new Boss 600 DPX2 Dawg!!!

    No, of course not... I brought an extra pair of underwear too. :D
  360. big dog62

    Blown anti reverse in a new Boss 600 DPX2 Dawg!!!

    Well, just got the reels back today, ( sent a 665H for service also ). No real explanation to why the reel failed, just a list of parts replaced, side plate bearing, ar bearing, gear shaft bushing .105 and .315, and 3 anti reverse springs . The bill was $34.30 after they knocked $28.00 worth of...
  361. big dog62

    Jig colors surface and yo yo iron

    If you don't mind me asking, what is the procedure you use in prep, type of paint? On 3 different trips, 3 different guys, 3 different jig styles; 6X salas, diamond jig, and a lead head scampi. All caught lings when the bite slowed. The only thing these jigs had in common, they all 3 were...
  362. big dog62

    Glove advice needed

    The application of sunscreen, body lotion, all soften your hands and not only increase the likelihood of braid cuts, but contaminate bait holds. Wearing gloves also soften your hands by retaining oils and moisture omitted from your own body. Keep your hands clean and dry, soon you will create...
  363. big dog62

    Any overnight, rock fishing trips out of Moss Landing?

    Yup, just called em, signed up for the Big Sur, July trip. Thanks
  364. big dog62

    Internet on LR Boat?

    You may be on to something here. I, like many others, could care less about being " connected " while fishing. Offer internet to the first 10 people interested at say... $20 a day. 8 day trip, $160.You would solve the over taxed, broad band issues, then put the $1,600 towards fuel, permits or...
  365. big dog62

    2 1/2 to 4 day, summer trip, suggestions?

    Look'n to do a short trip anytime July, August. School sized tuna, dodo, yt, ok. Don't really need all the bells and whistles of a higher end boat, but a limited load would be nice. Would appreciate any boat, specific trip, recommendations. Thanks
  366. big dog62

    Finally pulled the trigger and left California

    Been to Pinetop, neat area. With any luck, you will be able to draw a tag in say... 10 to 15 years for the area which you speak. Still, I envy you. Kids, grandkids, keep grandma and I here in nor cal. Hope it all works out for you.
  367. big dog62

    Who is "That Guy"

    Oversized tackle boxes, lawn chairs, 5 gal buckets, milk crates, double digit rods bungee'd to the tackle rack, are not only a nuisance to others, but pose a potential safety hazard to everyone. We all have an obligation, to each other, to keep our gear in a safe and orderly fashion...
  368. big dog62

    Any overnight, rock fishing trips out of Moss Landing?

    Hey, thanks for the info guys. I'll have to make a few calls
  369. big dog62

    Any overnight, rock fishing trips out of Moss Landing?

    Looking to do a multi day trip out of Moss or Moro ? ( want to fish Big Sur area ) any boats still offer that?
  370. big dog62

    New 2015 Shimano Torium A model

    Amazon... $229 out the door, ( no tax, free shipping ) Couldn't decide between the Torium 16hg, or the Okuma Cedros 10s. So, I did what any responsible tackle whore on a budget would do. YES, that's right, I bought both! Torium 16hg... Awesome Cedros 10s... Epic Silent treatment from the...
  371. big dog62

    Shogun Upstairs Stateroom?

    Stayed in the room twice... PROS: easy access to and from fishing deck. option to keep door open at night, fresh air two heads on the galley level, shower is basically yours CONS: most of the time, there will be a lawn chair parked in front of your door...
  372. big dog62

    Line stacking up on edges of spool

    Had the same problem with a LX, filled with hollow core braid. Power Pro, although not hollow, is still a flatter braid. I wound up splicing in a 150yds of a rounder braid, ( Sufix 832 ) on top, problem solved, yet retained max line capacity.
  373. big dog62

    Blown anti reverse in a new Boss 600 DPX2 Dawg!!!

    Not much more to tell, was out on a 2 1/2 day, bottom trip. The reel caught a few reds, then hooked the ling, as I got it close to the surface, went to lift the fish to gaff, and the reel spun backwards. No noise, no prior warning signs, worked fine until then.???
  374. big dog62

    Blown anti reverse in a new Boss 600 DPX2 Dawg!!!

    Blew out my anti reverse in my 600 DPX2 Dawg on a 8lb ling cod. The reason I bought this model was due to the advertised strong anti reverse. This was the reel's third outing and has never had a load of more than a 15lb fish. What's my next move???
  375. big dog62

    Sportsmen's Seafood aka Mario's Fish Processing still in business

    Just got back from the 3/20 Shogun, 2 1/2 day trip. Called Ryan to set up a time to process fish. Lots of changes being made at Mario's, should be nice when it is finished. As we waited, Ryan took it upon his self to take some of our rock cod, transforming it into some of the best fish and chips...
  376. big dog62

    Mak or Talica 10

    Lexa 400, Torium 16 hg
  377. big dog62

    3-20-15 Shogun 2 1/2 day... Who's in?

    So... maybe a little fly lining too?
  378. big dog62

    3-20-15 Shogun 2 1/2 day... Who's in?

    Thanks for all the tackle tips, I shall heed your advice. I see it was 91 degrees in SD last Saturday, that's HOT this time of year, even for you So Cal people. Think this warm weather wil have an effect on the bite? Hope the Shogun ac unit is up to snuff.
  379. big dog62

    Old Newb seeks 2.5 day advice.

    Very classy, surfgoose. It's nice to here we out-of-towners are welcome to share your fishery. THANK YOU
  380. big dog62

    3-20-15 Shogun 2 1/2 day... Who's in?

    ... for me and my FRIENDS. LOL!
  381. big dog62

    3-20-15 Shogun 2 1/2 day... Who's in?

    A lot can change in 12 days, hell, the way this year has played out, we could run in to just about any thing! Though it is a short trip, I think you pretty much got to bring it ALL!
  382. big dog62

    3-20-15 Shogun 2 1/2 day... Who's in?

    Put'n some gear together for the upcoming, Shogun, bottom grabber trip. Anyone know what's go'n on down the beach? Was down at San Martin last winter, Late December. LOTS of BIG yellers, lings and reds. Hope they're still around.
  383. big dog62

    3 day mid March.

    Get in, get out, that's the way to do it. Sounds like a great trip backlashjack, enhanced by sharing it with your boys. Any size to those yellers? Lings?
  384. big dog62

    3 day mid March.

    That weekend is my birthday... that's why I am going!
  385. big dog62

    Dolphin motel

    Stay at one of the several cheap motels from Gorman, on top of the grapevine, to Santa Clarita. Get up about 3am, blow through LA, no traffic. Puts you at FL about 5am.
  386. big dog62

    Celebrity Long Rangers

    I was think'n the same thing, HEY! did Gary Coleman fish?
  387. big dog62

    Dolphin motel

    Stayed there on x-mas day, one guy $65, free parking. Summer rates are usually higher, but not double!
  388. big dog62

    2015 ca deer tags?

    Thanks Gradstein
  389. big dog62

    2015 ca deer tags?

    When do they become available on line?
  390. big dog62

    Who is "That Guy"

    So...Hmmm... I am so naïve, I always thought the giveaways were random draws.
  391. big dog62

    Vertical Jigging Setup for Deepwater YT

    Got one, ( accurate 665, instead of maxel ) YT slay'n machine! GET ONE!!!
  392. big dog62

    Sacramento Roll Call

    CHUCK! is that you? I'd know that bobber anywhere... you sly dog
  393. big dog62

    Biggest bone head play in NFL history?

    The whole Packers team turned into zombies the last 5 minutes of the fourth quarter GREEN BAY, BY FAR!!!!!!!
  394. big dog62

    Biggest bone head play in NFL history?

    " Ok boys huddle up. They think we're gonna pound it in with the beast...( Belichick, you magnificent bastard, IV'E READ YOUR BOOK!!)... so we're gonna run a slant... ( I'll go down in history as the greatest coach ever! )... they'll never see it coming... Oh, and if it doesn't work, just pick...
  395. big dog62

    Colnett Boat?

    Actually... the Shoguns price is not all inclusive. The Mexican permits take it up to $635. I haven't been on the Chief, but was on the Shogun over X-mas, great boat, Captain and crew. The food was as good as it gets and all you want. The ride home was rough and at night, 15ft swells, 40nt...
  396. big dog62

    Ranger 85, 2 day, June trip... INFO?

    Anyone fished this boat? Doing a 2 day outer Channel Island in June. Sure could use some tips. Thanks
  397. big dog62

    Ranger 85, June, 2 day, Chanel Isle trip... INFO?

    Anyone have any info-experience on this boat? Thanks
  398. big dog62


    Your right, got caught up in the moment, sorry.
  399. big dog62

    A Nice Washington Blacktail!

    If it meant my and I family had to eat beans for the rest of the year... THAT BUCK IS GO'N ON THE WALL, MOUNTED!!!
  400. big dog62


    One more game to go.
  401. big dog62

    Advice for Cabo

    Call Dominic, ( go to Cabo car rentals for # ) Strictly cash, no paper work, fully insured. You meet a guy at the airport, pay him cash, he hands you keys and a phone#. Newer car, full of gas. If you wreck it, break down, don't like it, call #, and they will bring you a different one. When you...
  402. big dog62

    Any fishing out of Morro bay, 1-30-15?

    Hey thanks guys for all the info, guess I'll just stay on the beach and gorge on seafood. I am hoping to come back later on this year to do one of Virg's over night trips. Anyone have any info on those overnighters ? Best time to go, tackle, anything I would need to bring? While I'm at it...
  403. big dog62

    Yo yo speed

    REALLY!... and all this time I've been using side two, of Led Zeppelin four??? F#(k'n Damone!
  404. big dog62

    Any fishing out of Morro bay, 1-30-15?

    Will be in Morro bay 1-30-15, any cattle boats go'n out?
  405. big dog62

    Ensenada, 1/28/15, HELP!

    Will be in Ensenada 1/28/15, off a cruse ship, 8am-5pm. Bringing my jig rod and a few jigs. look'n to do a few hrs of panga fish'n. YT, bottom grabbers, or what ever. Any thoughts or advice on how I can get hooked up with a boat? Recommendations? Going rates? thanks
  406. big dog62

    Xtapa / Zhiwau... share a boat in late Feb?

    Xtapa/ Zhiwau, 2-22-15 - 2-25-15, share a boat? offshore or inshore.
  407. big dog62

    Planning a 2015 LR trip?... DON'T do the math, just go!

    You are a wise man Dennis. When you are old and feeble, the memories you make on this trip will serve you well. It will be worth ten fold the monetary cost... And when you tell your grandchildren of this adventure, they'll probably laugh at how cheap it was. Good luck in October my friend
  408. big dog62

    Opinions on fuel surcharge or not

    When I show up to the landing, the day of my trip, and told I will have to pony up some MORE dough for fuel... It damn sure becomes my business!
  409. big dog62

    Planning a 2015 LR trip?... DON'T do the math, just go!

    Just got back from the Sacramento sports expo, where I was talking to a well known CM giving me particulars on his upcoming charter. Sounded good, so I went into planning mode ( ie. sell it to the wife ). Before I shifted gears, into super spouse mode ( dive into that honey-do list, or at least...
  410. big dog62

    Opinions on fuel surcharge or not

    Yes, you are right... They'll be back to charging a fuel surcharge in no time.
  411. big dog62

    Shogun 5 day dec 26 roll call

    Any intel on how or where, the local tuna are? Any chance they are within the crosshairs of this 5 day trip?
  412. big dog62

    Mexico fly backs with fishing Reels

    talked to a couple of guys fishing out of Mazatlan. Apparently, its ok to take reels in carry on, if your reels are spooled with lite line. They covered up spectra with 15lb test top shots. No problems at the gate.
  413. big dog62

    Shogun 5 day dec 26 roll call

    All ready starting to pack for trip. Funny, never start packing this early for any other trips . ( may need to seek help for LR addiction ). Looking forward to fishing with many of you. Was just wondering if anyone had info, advice on a route thru LA to SD. I normally just stay on I-5 all the...
  414. big dog62

    ORION Splashdown off Baja

    I thought Howard Wallowitz invented the toilet for NASA?
  415. big dog62


    Hey thanks Dan, looks like two different methods, slow and fast. Will try both.
  416. big dog62


    Doing a Baja, 5 day bottom grabber trip this winter. Wanted to try out my new Asian style jigg'n rod. I think I get the drill on knife jigging, but haven't seen any data on how to work an octo jig. Any advice on size, color, technique?
  417. big dog62

    Shogun 5 day dec 26 roll call

    Say... in about 3 weeks? I like your way of think'n.
  418. big dog62

    Shogun 5 day dec 26 roll call

    This will be my first time on the Shogun, looking forward to it. Do any of you veterans of this 5 day trip know what the game plan "usually" is? I know things are subject to change, but we leave early on Friday, are we fishing Saturday, and where? I was looking at the schedule, the Shogun's last...
  419. big dog62

    Reel screw driver

    WOW! They don't even know the difference between a Harbor Freight hammer, and a Crescent hammer. duh
  420. big dog62

    So, with the price of gas/diesel going down.....

    I think it is normal, for most of us, to be put off by rising cost in just about every aspect of our consumption. Our money we made decades ago, won't buy what it would when it was earned. I liken the " fuel surcharge" to the " resort fees " some hotels, ( more and more all the time ), now...
  421. big dog62

    So, with the price of gas/diesel going down.....

    I was on one of the " premiere " LR boats last winter that corresponded with a drop in current fuel prices. A few guys vocalized their concerns to a deckhand about having to pay the fuel " surcharge ". The deckie replied, " Yeah, but if we didn't charge it, we'd loose that money " . Just...
  422. big dog62

    February 2.5 day Baja Freezer Trip

    Thanks for the info JB, tear em up this weekend. I hope you post a report.
  423. big dog62

    February 2.5 day Baja Freezer Trip

    Sounds like fun. A couple of ?'s. When do the trips start? What do you need to bring? When is the best time to go? thanks
  424. big dog62

    Help me pick a trip for next year

    Taylor, a 7 - 10 day fall trip is your best bet for wahoo, but the longer the trip, usually means " boat ride". Personally, not a big fan of the " boat ride". I have a friend who did an 8 day, Sept. trip to the stones last year, on the X. They did well on the wahoo, but it took 2 days down, and...
  425. big dog62

    Shogun 5-day New Years trip, SOLD OUT! What's open?

    Taylor, don't know if you have already booked a room x-mas, but I got a room at the Dolphin motel, across the street, for 60 bucks. It includes free parking for 5 days. Stayed there twice, it ain't the Ritz, but clean and friendly.
  426. big dog62

    Shogun 5-day New Years trip, SOLD OUT! What's open?

    What a way to end your trip! Yellows hit'n EVERYTHING thrown at em, bet it was fun. Hope it happens for us too. When I decided to fish this trip, I couldn't decide between the RR3 or the Shogun, so I let my wife choose... Hope she licked the right one!
  427. big dog62

    Shogun 5-day New Years trip, SOLD OUT! What's open?

    I know you were, and I am once again amazed at how helpful most LR fishermen are, even towards complete strangers. It is one of the things I enjoy most about LR fishing, meeting fellow fishermen like you. I was just having a little fun. Just placed an order through Sqidco. Should be good. thanks...
  428. big dog62

    Shogun 5-day New Years trip, SOLD OUT! What's open?

    Hey thanks Rob, I'd like a lg cut of prime rib, medium rare, extra horse radish, twice baked potato, and green peas. Any kind of pie for desert will do. thanks again!
  429. big dog62

    Shogun 5-day New Years trip, SOLD OUT! What's open?

    Looking forward to x-mas a little more than usual this year. Santa has blessed me with this 5-day bottom grabber trip. Think its going to be a great trip. new moon... good trip cost... great not sharing the holidays with the in-laws... priceless! jk, maybe? I'm about 9hrs north of the...
  430. big dog62

    New years trips

    Hey Greg, are you go'n this year? I read the Shogun report for this trip, did you see those big bft? If so, where? What did you think of the boat and crew? Never been on the Shogun, but here good things.
  431. big dog62

    New years trips

    I too am doing a 5 day'r, on the Shogun, 12/26/14. Moon is great for this trip. Should be good. Did a 7 day'r, on the Excel right before x-mas last year, Limits of football size yft, 15 to 30lb yt, lots of nice size lings, a halibut and 60lb black sea bass. Shogun caught albies to 50lbs, and saw...