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  1. chuck merkel

    Hi Kai - 2/04/2020

    Good to hear that you and your boat are repaired and back in action Russ.
  2. chuck merkel

    Thursday 1/30/20

    Good going Pat. Good to see that the leg is looking better.
  3. chuck merkel

    Trailer Maintenance Options - Oahu

    With Spectrum Trailer gone, what are the options for trailer maintenance on Oahu? Thank you.
  4. chuck merkel

    January 26 - Nothing Much to Report

    Planned to launch from Phoenician's, but the surge was too much to try. Launched from Keehi Lagoon and headed toward BO. Passed through the area but never saw the buoy. Trolled out toward the pocket. A couple of miles east of the pocket found a small mixed pile of birds. Made several...
  5. chuck merkel

    New guy needing advice

    Here's a link to a website showing used boat listings here in Hawaii: Here's a link to a website showing winds around the islands:,-158.086,6 Typically trade winds are from the northeast and the seas are calmer on the leeward...
  6. chuck merkel

    Update... 10/31/19

    Looking much better Pat.
  7. chuck merkel

    Update... 10/31/19

    Pat, Good to hear that things are tending in the right direction. Chuck
  8. chuck merkel


    I hope you're well on your way to recovery Pat.
  9. chuck merkel

    KBay 8/30/19 went for Aku, Ahi showed up

    Great catch. Enjoy.
  10. chuck merkel

    Waianae 8/31/19

    Good job. I think you were one of the few to have any action yesterday.
  11. chuck merkel

    Kaneohe - 8/29/2019

    Good job Russ.
  12. chuck merkel

    Waianae 8/31 - No More Nothing

    Launched and underway at 0500. We saw Pat clearing the breakwater as we launched. Ran to the 1000 and set lines. At the pinnacles, turned left and went to the pocket/horseshoe. There were scattered birds heading out, so we headed out for a few miles before turning back to the northwest. We...
  13. chuck merkel


    Nice job Pat. We got out yesterday, as well. The first time in months - much much work and travel. Sorry to hear about your electronics and I hope you get those sorted out. My autopilot crapped out yesterday, too and will need to be replaced. We spent some time working the birds near the...
  14. chuck merkel

    A couple of days.

    Nice job Pat and crew. My thumb is healing nicely. Should be back at it soon. Chuck
  15. chuck merkel

    Waianae - May 25, 2019

    Congratulations Russ!
  16. chuck merkel

    Waianae 5/19

    Yes, I remember that well and I'm glad we were already ashore when that happened.
  17. chuck merkel

    Waianae 5/19

    Russ, Thank you for your concern, but that picture is from Pat a couple of years ago - not me! My thumb is healing nicely and I'll be back out there soon. Chuck
  18. chuck merkel

    Waianae 5/19

    Thanks Pat. It's always good to get out on the water. Hope to see you out there soon. It certainly could have been shibis that we saw - they woke us all up.
  19. chuck merkel

    Waianae 5/19

    Thanks for the crazy glue tip. I've already got the soap onboard and wear rubber gloves while gutting and gilling. I'm also adding some quick clot materials to the first aid kit.
  20. chuck merkel

    Waianae 5/19

    Thank you Darren.
  21. chuck merkel

    Waianae 5/19

    Left the harbor about 0545. Set lines with an ono spread as we passed Kepuhi and ran the ledge. Had some promising marks on the sounder in several places, but no action. Passed V on a following sea and shifted out lures. While doing this had about a dozen Sooty Terns overfly us heading...
  22. chuck merkel

    Leeward 4/16 My first Really Big Marlin

    Lots of good advice here. Another sign that a marlin is tired is that it will be on its side. If it is still swimming upright it will be much more active and difficult to handle - even seemingly smaller fish can over power you.
  23. chuck merkel

    Molokai Ono Run 03-31

    Great job!
  24. chuck merkel


    Nice job Pat. Been fighting a sinus infection for a couple weeks. I'm finally on the mend and ready to catch "ahi fever". Hope to be out there soon. Chuck
  25. chuck merkel

    Leeward Coast - February 24

    Thanks Pat. It's that time of the year. At least everything on the boat worked. Good luck with the haul out. I hope there are no surprises and that you are done on schedule.
  26. chuck merkel

    Leeward Coast - February 24

    Launched at Waianae about 0615. Ran past Kepuhe and set lines along the ledge. Made a couple of passes along the ledge with no luck. There were scattered marks, but no bait balls. Headed down sea along the 500 to R. No marks at R. Headed out to the pinnacles and then turned in to the 1000...
  27. chuck merkel

    Waianae 01/21/2019

    Not much to report. Left the harbor about 0600. Decided to run the ledge, but no action. Headed west and reset the pattern. About halfway to CO we saw a nice bird pile to the north. Worked this pile for awhile. Mostly small aku but we saw a few decent sized fish, too. Took a couple...
  28. chuck merkel

    Impatient or over zealous 1/20/19

    Sorry to hear Pat. You'll get the next one.
  29. chuck merkel

    Upholstery Help on Oahu

    Elvin 4792042 for canvas work. Bob Arkus in Malibu for upholstery -8475220.
  30. chuck merkel

    Radar worth it in hawaiian waters

    I have radar. In my experience it is not useful for detecting birds. Open array radars are supposed to be better for bird detection. I do find it useful leaving the harbor in darkness as there are often a number of akule fishermen out especially on new moon nights.
  31. chuck merkel


    Great to see you yesterday and good to know that they're still out there. Good going.
  32. chuck merkel

    Waianae 09-02-2018

    Launched and underway a little before 0500. It was good to say hello and good luck to Pat as he was setting up. Headed out and set lines at the 1000. Passed through the pinnacles and turned north. Saw scattered birds heading out. Headed up hill to near CO and then turned southwest. Began...
  33. chuck merkel

    Theft during Hurricane Lane

    Posting for a friend. Thursday evening as Lane approached a friend of mine's boat and storage unit were broken into in a storage facility in the Campbell Industrial area. All of his fishing tackle (rods, reels, lures, etc) were taken. Other things were also stolen at this facility, including...
  34. chuck merkel

    Waianae 08-19-2018

    Thanks Pat - yes auto correct... Thanks Darren.
  35. chuck merkel

    She thought she was a marlin... 8/19

    Nice job Pat. Hope you are battening down the hatches. Chuck
  36. chuck merkel

    Waianae 08-19-2018

    Launched and underway a little before 0500. As we cleared the breakwater, we received a call for assistance. Found the disabled boat and towed them back into the harbor. Ran to the 1000 and set lines. Passed through the pinnacles and turned right toward the horseshoe. About halfway there...
  37. chuck merkel

    8-15 Kaneohe & playing hookie from work- figures

    I know it feels good to get the monkey off your back.
  38. chuck merkel

    Kai'Nana had FUN.

    Nice job Pat, as usual. We should be out there Sunday.
  39. chuck merkel

    Big girls showing up

    Yes, Larry still fishes with my brother in Sitka, Alaska. I have the lure that my brother caught one of his marlin. They actually made it just a day or so before running it.
  40. chuck merkel

    Big girls showing up

    Awesome video. My brother and I fished on Hula Girl with a prior owner. My brother had an epic day, releasing two big girls.
  41. chuck merkel

    July recovery... 7/29/18

    Nice job Pat.
  42. chuck merkel

    Waianae 7/15

    Thanks and good luck out there next time. Thanks Pat. Actually Jaron is the go pro master. I haven't had time to check mine out yet. Lots of IFs there. It was a great day. I hope to see you out there again soon. Chuck Thanks for looking. Thanks. We didn't see any aku but know that...
  43. chuck merkel

    Waianae 7/15

    Left the harbor at 0445. Lots of akule fishermen out there this morning. Headed for the pinnacles. Set lines at the 500. At the 1000, the port rigger comes down hard. The fish made a good run but stayed up. We got a 120-150# marlin to the boat, but lost it at the gaff. The fish got under...
  44. chuck merkel

    Ahi fishing slowing down?

    RIMPAC is still in the inport phase. At sea exercises don’t start until next week. This is not unusual. You’ve got to be in the right place at the right time.
  45. chuck merkel


    Nice job Pat and crew.
  46. chuck merkel

    July 01 West Side Weekend Trips

    Thanks for your report.
  47. chuck merkel

    Waianae 01July

    Good going.
  48. chuck merkel

    Waianae 1 July

    Thank you Bradly. Thank you Kyle. Thanks Pat. Jaron was onboard as well and it was one of his lures. Thanks Darren. Thank you Shane. Thank Bill. It was a 9 inch lure Tsutomu lure that belongs to my nephew. There was some pink in it. It was fairly calm when the Coast Guard boarded...
  49. chuck merkel

    Waianae 1 July

    Left the harbor at 0445. Ran to the 1000 and set lines. Continued to the pinnacles. Chased a small bird pile around the pinnacles. Wind and seas were from the south. Decided to head north to CO. After a few miles, the wind and seas completely changed directions, but we continued uphill...
  50. chuck merkel

    Bloody Saturday

    Awesome day.
  51. chuck merkel

    Friday 6/8/18

    Nice job Pat.
  52. chuck merkel

    Waianae 6/11/2018

    Underway a little before 0500. Headed for the pinnacles. Set lines about 0530. Started seeing birds as soon as it started to get light. Made a slow circle through the area and continued toward the pinnacles. At 0600, a couple of miles short of the pinnacles the starboard rigger took off...
  53. chuck merkel

    Shipping Costs from Hilo to Oahu (for boat)??

    I would try to ship out of Kawaihai (sp). IIRC, it was around 1500 for 21 foot boat in 2005. Probably quite a bit more now.
  54. chuck merkel

    Leeward 5/11

    Something small. We don't know when the third one got bit. Just found it after clearing lines. The starboard rigger rod swindled in the shotgun as we passed the buoy.
  55. chuck merkel

    Leeward 5/11

    Mark I hope you are recovered soon. For some reason it seems to take longer as the years go by...
  56. chuck merkel

    Leeward 5/11

    Launched from Marisco at 0500. Decided to head out to BO. Took a double, possibly a triple on our first pass. The port rigger rod swiveled in the shotgun, but the clip didn't release. The port corner released, but didn't stick. The starboard rigger lure got bit, but didn't release. After a...
  57. chuck merkel

    Cinco de Mayo...

    Great job Pat.
  58. chuck merkel

    30 April-Marlin

    Great job!
  59. chuck merkel

    Waianae 4/29

    Thanks Mike. I learned how bad it could around Kaena Point in those conditions in my Force 18 a number of years ago. The wind was low yesterday or I would not have gone close. Thanks Pat. Yes, those swells were amazing. Boats only a few hundred yards away would completely disappear. Good...
  60. chuck merkel

    Waianae 4/29

    Departed the harbor about 0530. Ran straight out and set lines at the 500. Followed scattered birds to the pinnacles, then followed a weak current line to the northwest. When the current line disappeared, turned to the north. Took a knockdown in the blind. Continued north and then turned in...
  61. chuck merkel


    Nice job Pat and crew.
  62. chuck merkel


    Good going Cortland and Danny! I know how big that monkey can get.
  63. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa - Labor Day

    Hadn't launched out of Haleiwa in over a year and decided to switch things up. Launched at about 0500 and headed out to catch some bait. Took us a while to find things as it had been too long, but eventually found the floats. No luck getting any live ones and headed up the 100 fm curve toward...
  64. chuck merkel


    For those headed out this weekend, the Coast Guard has established a safety zone off Kaena Point. All vessels are required to remain clear of this area, a circle with a 5 NM radius centered at 21-37.919N/158-21.547W. On my plotter, both V and CO are clear of this area, but it does impact a...
  65. chuck merkel


    My thoughts and prayers go out to those five souls and their loved ones. Anyone with anytime on the water around Kaena Point knows how rough it can be. Hoping for the best...
  66. chuck merkel

    Boat wont plane

    Not enough info to evaluate this, but the bottom line is that you are not getting up to speed. You need to determine if your motor is reaching full power, and if not correct that. There could be a number of reasons that the motor is not reaching full power - some are easily corrected, others...
  67. chuck merkel

    Looking for Ahi but Caught A UGF

    You did the right thing. It's a big ocean out there. You don't have to get too far from shore here to be in the deep blue.
  68. chuck merkel

    Looking to improve my luck with some KC Lures

    If you go with double hooks on your lures, remember to be careful while landing a fish, especially mahimahi.
  69. chuck merkel

    Waianae 7/30/2017

    Thanks Pat. We were hopeful that our big bite was the right kind as well. Initially went down and ran almost to the backing (350-400 yards), but then came up and jumped. Hard to tell how big at that distance, but appeared to have reasonable size. We found some debris in current lines and...
  70. chuck merkel

    Waianae 7/30/2017

    Left the harbor at 0440 and ran toward CO until we came out of the lee at Kaena Point. Slowed and set lures, then continued to CO. There were scattered birds on the way, but CO was dead - no birds, no marks on the sounder and no action. Continued out on a following sea and then turned to the...
  71. chuck merkel

    Friday 7/21/17

    Great day on the water Pat - one of many such days.
  72. chuck merkel

    Soon to be Hurricane Fernanda.

    Looks like we dodged another one.
  73. chuck merkel


    Good to hear that you made it back in safely. You don't have to get very far off shore here to be all alone in the deep blue sea.
  74. chuck merkel

    Waianae 7/7/2017

    Left the harbor about 0430. Ran the ledge to Kaena Point. Marked some bait on the first pass, but nothing on the second pass. Ran past Victor buoy about 3/4 of a mile north of charted position. There were some small tuna jumping just off the ledge. Switched out lures and headed out toward...
  75. chuck merkel

    Waianae - 06/25/2017

    Departed Waianae about 0445, right behind Pat and Kai Nana. Ran most of the way to CO. Set lines a couple of miles short of CO. With no other boats in sight we made a couple of passes and worked some birds with no luck. Headed about 5 miles beyond CO as there were some birds in the area...
  76. chuck merkel

    Shakin' it up on the shakedown 5-7-17

    Good job Pat. I thought about coming in that way - didn't make the right choice.
  77. chuck merkel

    Waianae - 05/07/2017

    Launched and underway a little after 0500. Ran to CO and set lines. Lots of boats and scattered birds. Took a double knockdown a couple of miles past CO, but neither stuck. Got reset and continued to work outside. Birds disappeared and boats scattered. Worked to the south and took another...
  78. chuck merkel

    Thursday 4-27-17

    Sounds like a great day on the water Pat. I've got to try and get out mid-week a few times this summer...
  79. chuck merkel

    Waianae - 04/23/2017

    Thanks for the reply Bradly. Thanks for the reply Shane. Thanks Pat. We saw a boat similar to yours on Sunday. Hope to see you out there soon. Chuck
  80. chuck merkel

    Waianae - 04/23/2017

    This is a "you should have been here yesterday" report. We had heard that there had been a lot of action, so we planned to get to the harbor early. Arrived at the harbor about 0500 and were underway by 0520. Ran straight west out to the 1000 and set lines. Continued west until we got a call...
  81. chuck merkel

    Waianae - 4-22-2017

    Nice job Russ.
  82. chuck merkel

    Hi Kai - 4/08/2017

    Nice job Russ.
  83. chuck merkel

    Waianae 04-09-2017

    Left the harbor about 0545 and ran the ledge to the point. Marked a few fish along the ledge, but no takers. Lined up on the double ball and swapped out lures. Just outside the 200 fathom curve saw some good sized splashes from shibi or aku and took a knockdown on my center rigger. Sounded...
  84. chuck merkel


    Good going Pat. Now I know why there were no ono on Sunday - you caught the last one. I am phasing out my Marauders. I lost a big shibi, possibly an ahi a couple of years ago when the rear hook ripped out of the body. Try running yours close to your boat with no slack. Don't use a release...
  85. chuck merkel

    Got another boat:)

  86. chuck merkel

    Hawaii Kai - 8/23/2016

    Good going Russ.
  87. chuck merkel

    Leeward Coast - 28 August 2016

    Left Marisco at about 0500. Headed directed toward the pinnacles. Water was a little bumpy, but settled down as we got into the lee. Set lines at 0530. Reached the pinnacles and headed on out about five miles. Turned north and headed up hill toward CO. After about 4 miles it started to get...
  88. chuck merkel

    Leeward Coast - 6 August

    Left Marisco about 0445. Set lines on the way to the 500 fathom curve and headed northwest. Found some birds working almost at day break, but only saw small aku jumping and no bites. Found a current line just before S buoy and followed that until it disappeared. Turned toward the pinnacles...
  89. chuck merkel

    Leeward Coast - 17 July nothing much to report

    Sorry to hear you lost one that close Pat. Sounds like chafing - no evidence of other bite marks on the leader? Are you using mono or flourocarbon leaders? Since shifting to wind on leaders (mono), I have my lures rigged on a short (6 ft) flourocarbon leader. My only problem was a marlin...
  90. chuck merkel

    Leeward Coast - 17 July nothing much to report

    Left Marisco about 0500. Ran the ledge to south past Barber's Point then headed to BO. At 0630, about a mile from BO the port rigger came down, but didn't pull any line. Roy brought the lure in to check it and I retrieved the corner until the double was at the release clip. I pulled the...
  91. chuck merkel

    What am I doing wrong?

    Lots of good recommendations already. I will add learn how and where to catch live bait - both opelu and akule. You can have great success dragging live bait around the FADs or along the ledge (40 -100 FM). You can run live bait on a down rigger as well. Get copies of the Jim Rizzuto books -...
  92. chuck merkel


    There is a shorter timeline to report deep water bottom fish catches. I believe they must be reported within five days of being caught.
  93. chuck merkel

    Prayers for the lost fishermen

    I am praying and hoping for the best. It is a great big ocean out there and you don't have to get very far offshore here to get in to big trouble. Carry all of the required safety gear and inspect it regularly. A handheld VHF radio is also a good idea. If you lose all power the fixed VHF...
  94. chuck merkel

    Got Lucky 6-2516

    Good going.
  95. chuck merkel

    The Good-The Bad The Good-The Bad The Good-The Bad-The Ugly

    Nice job again Pat. Hope to be out there this weekend.
  96. chuck merkel

    A Day Late.

    Nice job again Pat. Been sidelined with a power steering cylinder leak. I have replaced the cylinder, but need to clean up and retest before getting back out on the water. I was also out of town for a week - so I have some other things to take care of. Next weekend...
  97. chuck merkel


    Nice job Pat.
  98. chuck merkel

    Leeward Coast - 15 May

    Pat and Jimmy, I hadn't really considered the ono as a possibility, but it is certainly possible - and on closer examination there are slices in the leader. I have wind on leaders on all my rods. The lures are all rigged on 6 to 8 foot fluorocarbon leaders. As soon as the reel started...
  99. chuck merkel

    Leeward Coast - 15 May

    Departed Marisco a little after 0500 and ran straight out to the 500. Set lines and continued to the 1000 before turning up the coast. Headed out toward the pinnacles and started to see some scattered birds. A couple miles from the pinnacles hooked a marlin on the short corner. It was pretty...
  100. chuck merkel

    Fishing 5.13.16

    Good going Jimmy!
  101. chuck merkel

    Makaira vs. Tiagra

    I have two Makaira 80Wiis and have fished with them for over four years with no issues. I have them spooled with 600 yards of 200# hollow braid and a top shot of 130# mono. I have the strike drag set at 32.5#. The clicker is loud will wake you up... I have no experience with the Shimano reels.
  102. chuck merkel

    Waianae 10 April

    Thanks Brad. Thanks Pat. It was good to get back out there. The best lures always end up on the bottom. The lure I lost was in the water for the first time and the only one we were running without wire - how did the ono know this? I know you will get them next time. Thanks Russ.
  103. chuck merkel

    Waianae 10 April

    Underway from Waianae Harbor at 0555. First time out in three months and only the second trip this year. Set lines off Black Rock on the 40 and ran the ledge looking for an ono. Finally hooked one headed out along Kaena Point, but the fish sliced through the leader about two minutes after...
  104. chuck merkel

    The Saga

    Pat, Thank you for the details. I have gotten a couple of infections from fish. Most recently after getting gill raked by an ono. I carry several sets of heavy duty rubber gloves and have gotten very religious about wearing them when gutting and gilling fish. I hope that you continue to...
  105. chuck merkel

    The Saga

    Pat, Thank you for the update. Good to know that your boat is running well and that you are on the mend. Any idea how you got the infection? Chuck
  106. chuck merkel

    7 September - Leeward Coast

    Thank you, Jeff and good luck getting out there. Thank you, Luke. Thank you, Pat. I have not had too much luck with mid-day bait either. They are normally very deep and tough to hook - let alone get to the boat if they bite. The bait was very shallow on Monday and we got what we needed...
  107. chuck merkel

    7 September - Leeward Coast

    Underway from Marisco about 0500. Ran the ledge to Maili looking for bait with no luck. Headed toward S buoy. Marked some fish deep at S and headed out. Worked a bird pile at the 1000 that had some good sized aku, but couldn't get them to bite. Headed up toward Kaena point following current...
  108. chuck merkel

    93C keeping a watchful eye.

    Pat, It looks like we are just going to get a lot of rain from this storm - so we dodge another bullet. If I recall correctly, during the sortie for Iwa one of the destroyers lost a couple of Sailors while leaving the harbor. For a submarine the best place to be during a bad storm is deep...
  109. chuck merkel

    93C keeping a watchful eye.

    Pat, Let me know if you need a hand getting ready. I hope that this one heads west vice north, but this could get ugly. Iwa in 1982 was just before I got here and I was deployed for Iniki in 1992. There up are ups and downs to being in the water or on a trailer - storm evasion being one of...
  110. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 16 August

    Mike, No, not the connection between spectra backing and mono top shot. I have not had any issues with that connection (yet), but always have a sigh of relief when all the backing is back on the reel. This fish did not run further than 300 yards and we did not get in to the backing during...
  111. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 16 August

    Jeff, Absolutely not. We could see her within 50-75 feet of the boat for about an hour. Very much alive and upright. At one point I thought she started to roll, but it was wishful thinking on my part. l could pull the leader up to a certain point and from there she would not budge.
  112. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 16 August

    Pat, Yes. Each reel has 600 yards of spectra backing - 200# on the 80s; 130# on the 50s. Most of the spectra is hollow and I am in the process of going to all hollow spectra. With hollow spectra, the mono is connected with a splice (Lance at 5O7Ss can do this). With solid spectra the mono...
  113. chuck merkel

    08-17-15 Where's the Captain?

    Another great day on the water Pat. Now we know why Monday's auction statistics weren't posted...
  114. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 16 August

    Launched from Haleiwa about 0545. Ran to the shark cages and picked up about a dozen opelu. Set lines and ran up the ledge toward Kahuku. There was some swell, but all in all the ride was OK. Picked up a 10 pound mahimahi just off Turtle Bay. Continued northeast until clear of the ledge...
  115. chuck merkel

    8-15-15 finally got one of them pesky critters.

    Nice job Pat. I will get a separate thread started tomorrow, but Jaron and I battled a big girl for over 2.5 hours Sunday only to have the wind on leader break at the junction between the mono and spectra right at the boat. Our fish didn't make a long run and stayed shallow and was still very...
  116. chuck merkel


    Great job, Pat. Looks like a twin to the one I got on deck two weeks ago. I've been under the weather since my last trip. Hope to get back on the water soon.
  117. chuck merkel

    Waianae Ahi Yesterday 7-18

    Congratulations Glenn!
  118. chuck merkel

    12 July Leeward Coast Tuna Report

    Tony, Yes, it is probably due to the fact that the braided line has no stretch. You also have to load the braid with a lot of tension or that can cause problems. Under heavy tension, the braid can dig into the line on the spool if it has not been loaded on the spool properly. As far as...
  119. chuck merkel

    12 July Leeward Coast Tuna Report

    Thank you, Luke. All you can do is get back out there.
  120. chuck merkel

    12 July Leeward Coast Tuna Report

    Thanks and I have never said it couldn't be done.
  121. chuck merkel

    12 July Leeward Coast Tuna Report

    Sean, A picture is worth a thousand words. The live bait hook is on the left. I suppose I could have gone with a bigger trolling hook, but... I have heard stories of these live bait hooks opening up during long fights, but I have had no issues. These are also made by Mustad.
  122. chuck merkel

    12 July Leeward Coast Tuna Report

    Thank you 808. Thank you, Sean. I stopped running this lure several years ago because it would get hit, but not hook up. When I started running it again, I changed to a live bait style hook vice a standard "J -hook". My hookup ratio improved greatly, but I still get some misses. I have not...
  123. chuck merkel

    12 July Leeward Coast Tuna Report

    Thank you Glenn. I am sure the windward side will go off again soon. Randy, I used to ran a 2 span leader for lures behind birds and did not have much luck at all. At the suggestion of a lifetime Hawaii fisherman, I started using 4 span leaders and have never looked back. Tony, I fish...
  124. chuck merkel

    Buying boat from another island

    Jimmy, I bought my trailer here on Oahu, went through the registration and safety inspection kabuki dance, and shipped it and my truck over to the Big Island while my boat was being built. I was still active duty and was able to do that using opportune lift on an Army vessel that transports...
  125. chuck merkel

    12 July Leeward Coast Tuna Report

    Thanks, Mike. The first loss was disappointing (they all are), but we got another chance. Thanks, Russ. The first fish hit the only 9 inch lure that we had out. The second one hit a 6 inch lure. The fish was full of small trigger fish, squid and a stick fish. I tend to run more smaller...
  126. chuck merkel

    12 July Leeward Coast Tuna Report

    This fishing report is dedicated to my friend Walt, who gave me great advice to not go too far today. Reader's Digest: Two knockdowns, two hookups, one 190# ahi in the box. Left Marisco a little after 0500 and ran to the 500. Turned northwest and set lines about 0530. Started working some...
  127. chuck merkel

    7-3-15 BETA testing and bending new stuff...

    Nice catch, Pat. I am sure the first of many on the new rods.
  128. chuck merkel

    06/25/2015 - Kaneohe report

    Nice catch!
  129. chuck merkel

    Spinner's Ahi Shootout

    Look we get it. As others have already pointed out just because you don't agree with the way others fish out here doesn't make it wrong. The purpose of this board is to exchange information about fishing here in Hawaii - not to criticize what you don't agree with. We each have our reasons for...
  130. chuck merkel

    Spinner's Ahi Shootout

    Well said, Pat. Those new rods look great and I know you will give them a good workout. Chuck
  131. chuck merkel

    West Side 22 June - Nothing much to report

    Thanks for the reply, Russ. Thanks, Pat. It certainly wasn't the first time I have had a line ripped out of my hand and I am always very careful. It is still a bit unsettling every time and a reminder of just how powerful even the smallest fish are out here. Thank you, Glenn and you are...
  132. chuck merkel

    West Side 22 June - Nothing much to report

    Reader's Digest: two knockdowns; no blood in the box Left Ko'Olina a little before 0500. Ran the ledge south around Barber's Point to the pine trees - no action. Headed toward BO. About three miles off shore found a good working bird pile and took a solid knockdown on the center rigger on...
  133. chuck merkel

    Spinner's Ahi Shootout

    Sorry to hear about the broken fishing rod and lost fish, Pat.
  134. chuck merkel

    Lil' Evil in the dark.

    Great going, Pat. I have also noticed a lot of boats headed west when I am headed east (to work) in the morning.
  135. chuck merkel

    Waianae - 5 June 2015

    Left the harbor about 0515 and ran toward CO. Set lines about a mile from CO, but never sighted the buoy. Headed out toward the dog's ear. About five miles beyond CO we took our first knockdown - probably a mahimahi. Kept heading to the northwest. We saw scattered birds all day and never...
  136. chuck merkel

    Waianae - 6/04/2015

    Way to go Russ!
  137. chuck merkel

    Hope it's not true.......

    Terrible news. Thoughts and prayers to his family.
  138. chuck merkel

    Leeward Coast 24 May

    Left from Phoenician's at 0500. Set lines and ran the ledge toward Barber's Point, but nobody was home. Headed out to the 1000 and up toward the pinnacles. Reached the pinnacles about 0800 and the wind really came up from the north and we started to take dirty lickings. Started taking solid...
  139. chuck merkel

    Monkey Off My Back!

    Good going Glenn!
  140. chuck merkel


    Good to hear you are back on the water, Pat. I hope that you are fully mended soon - it seems to take longer with age. My boat is ready to go - should be back at it again soon. Chuck
  141. chuck merkel

    Waianae - May14, 2015

    Nice going Russ.
  142. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 25 April 2015

    Great morning on the water, Roy.
  143. chuck merkel

    4/18/15 - Lost a big one, learned a lesson Waianae

    Ed, If it is working for you, I would not change what you are doing. I am running a combination of 80s with 130# and 50s with 80#. I found that running the 80s at full strike drag (32#) was too much. My 50s are running close to full strike drag. My reels have 600 yards of spectra and 400...
  144. chuck merkel

    4/18/15 - Lost a big one, learned a lesson Waianae

    Invest in a good to decent scale and use it to set the drags on all of your reels. At the strike button the drag should be 25-30% of the line's breaking strength - 25-30 pounds for 100# test. You should verify this setting on a regular basis - it will not vary too much on today's level drag...
  145. chuck merkel

    Late Report

    Nice catch Courtland.
  146. chuck merkel

    Always on the way in!!

    Nice mahimahi. One of the biggest I have seen caught here in the islands.
  147. chuck merkel

    Kona fishing last weekend

    Great video. Looks like you all had a great time.
  148. chuck merkel

    Had a hankerin'... 3-22-15

    Nice job Pat.
  149. chuck merkel

    Leeward Coast 15 March

    I don't have a lot of experience running the Marauders, but I run them on the short corners, fairly close to the boat - usually on flat line clips. I troll at normal speed (6-8 knots). I only run the Marauders on the ledge where I am looking for ono. On an earlier post I showed a picture of a...
  150. chuck merkel

    Leeward Coast 15 March

    Thanks Pat and Luke. We are ready to go further. The small lure was out there for mahimahi and I knew we were in trouble from the beginning of the run.
  151. chuck merkel

    Type of line?

    Jerry Brown spectra. I run 600 yards of hollow 200# on my 80s and 600 yards of 130# hollow on my 50s. For mono I use trilene clear or Izorline clear. 130# on my 80s and 80# on my 50s. I can get about a 400 yard top shot of mono on my reels.
  152. chuck merkel

    Leeward Coast 15 March

    Summary: 6 Knockdowns; 2 Hookups; 1 20# Ono in the box. This was our first outing since having major motor and leg maintenance, so didn't want to get too far offshore. Left Phoenician's about 0600 and ran the ledge down to Barber's Point and back. Marked one bait ball. Headed back along the...
  153. chuck merkel

    22 February 2015 Waianae Fishing Report

    Great job Walt and Roy.
  154. chuck merkel

    Hi Kai report: 02/18/2015

    Nice catch.
  155. chuck merkel

    Compilation, ending on 2-22-15

    Thank you for the update and the show and tell. I am glad that your surgery went well. I will not be posting a picture of my surgical scar, though.
  156. chuck merkel

    Waianae 21 February 2015

    Thank you for the comments. I will always wonder about the one that got away... Here are some pictures of those that didn't, and the Marauder. I checked my other marauders after getting home and there is rust where the hooks attach to the body. They are not very old and I don't run them very...
  157. chuck merkel

    Waianae 21 February 2015

    Been away for too long, but that's not worth going into here. Launched and left the harbor at about 0600. Set lines and ran the ledge toward Kaena Point. It was a little bumpy, but not unmanageable. Shortly after turning west on the 50 fm line we took a double. One came off right away. The...
  158. chuck merkel

    Need a new seat cushion???

    Bob Arkus Custom Upholstery in Kalihi. 1635 Democrat St Honolulu, HI (808) 847-5220
  159. chuck merkel

    Man sure messed up this time!

    Get in touch with Glenn - Force 21 on this forum. He can hook you up with any size gaff you need. PM me if you want his phone number.
  160. chuck merkel

    Man sure messed up this time!

    Can't say that's never happened to me... Sorry about the loss of gaff, lure and fish. Thank you for sharing.
  161. chuck merkel

    Sunday 8-17-14 got our monkey!

    Nice fish. Did you catch it on bait or a lure?
  162. chuck merkel

    Oahu King Charter-stay away

    Regardless of how good or lucky you are if you don't go, you are guaranteed not to catch.
  163. chuck merkel

    West Side 16 August

    Thank you Russell and Pat. and very true Pat. We still had a long way to go before clearing lines.
  164. chuck merkel

    West Side 16 August

    Update with a picture.
  165. chuck merkel

    West Side 16 August

    Left KoOlina a little after 0500. Set lines at the 500. Worked up the 1000 and then to the pinnacles. Did not see many boats and only scattered birds. Headed back south along the 1000. Shortly after turning to head in the port long rigger took off. The marlin made several jumps and took...
  166. chuck merkel

    200 lbs blue

    Glad that you got out. Nice catch.
  167. chuck merkel


    Good going on your fish. One suggestion for you is to use a rubber band to keep the ono's mouths shut. Those teeth are sharp and can really do some damage if you are not careful. I just started doing this my self.
  168. chuck merkel

    8-3-14 A couple days late.

    Nice going Pat and Nerlie.
  169. chuck merkel

    Westside 1 August Marlin Report

    Left Ko'Olina at 0540 and ran to the 1000. Set lines and headed up the 1000. Lots of activity outside the power plant- the most boats I have seen on a Friday. Quite a bit of bird activity as well. We worked the area for a couple of hours. I thought we were in great position a couple of times...
  170. chuck merkel

    Pearl Harbor Fishing Tournament

    Way to go Walt and crew!!
  171. chuck merkel

    Oahu guys, recommendations on where to eat Kapolei side?

    Two Italian places, Assagio's and Le Nonne serve alcohol. The Mexican place Pat mentioned is El Mariachi. I don't believe they serve alcohol. You may be able to bring your own beer. I would agree with Pat on the Koolina places. There is a good Thai place Lao Thai near the Starbucks across...
  172. chuck merkel

    West Side Tuna Report

    So true Russell. Thanks for the comments. Thanks Mike, and thank you for the invite to Kona. Sorry I couldn't make it this time. Hope to meet you in person soon. Thanks Roy. Glad you and Oy enjoyed the fish. Thank you. Thank you Glenn. Thank you. Thanks Pat. Thank you...
  173. chuck merkel

    Charity run

    Nicely done Jesse. Good things happen to good people.
  174. chuck merkel

    Caught fish, wish I could have kept the big ones...

    I too wish that this thread would be locked and it would just go away. I would like to add that there is a thread pinned to the top of the Hawaii Fishing Forum whose title is Chartering a Boat in Hawaii. This was started several years ago because like it or not, things are done differently...
  175. chuck merkel

    West Side Tuna Report

    Launched and left Ko'Olina a little before 0500. Slowly motored south toward BO. Started to get a little rocky after we cleared the Barber's Point. Turned to a following sea and set lines. Worked out and then followed the 1000. About 0715 off Maili took a knockdown. Outrigger released...
  176. chuck merkel

    Waianae 27 June - Blood in the Box

    Left the harbor shortly after five and ran nearly to CO. We sighted some birds and slowed and set lines, but no one was hungry. As we approached CO we saw some small mahimahi jumping near the buoy. We took a double on our first pass and got a 21# ono - the second fish didn't stick. Made one...
  177. chuck merkel

    West Side 22 July Not much to report

    Launched from Phoenician's a little before 0500. Set lines at the 500 and while standing in the back of the boat checking the spread the center rigger got slammed. A small marlin starting jumping toward the boat and before I could get to the cabin and push the throttle it came off. Worked out...
  178. chuck merkel

    Fishing Report Waianae 17 May

    Launched from Phonecian's to avoid the tournament crowd. Ran the ledge to Barber's Point - didn't mark anything on the ledge. Headed west on the 1000. Hooked a marlin in the blind off Nanakuli - probably 150-200#. Came off while clearing lines. Took another knockdown on the center trigger...
  179. chuck merkel

    Waianae 5/11/2014

    Congratulations. Nice fish.
  180. chuck merkel

    130s verse 80s?

    Good input already. Here is my two cents, for what it is worth. As you go up in size, the gear gets heavier - not a major concern if you will fight from the holder or chair, but for standup it gets tougher. 1. Regardless of the reel size, purchase two speed reels. You can almost always...
  181. chuck merkel

    12-31-13 Saved the BEST for last... B.E.T.

    congratulations and Happy New Year!
  182. chuck merkel

    Kona's are Gnarly

    No, we were like drowned rats. We just broke everything down and flushed the motor. As I recall the lightning got really intense once we were in the harbor so I wanted to get all the antennae and outriggers down.
  183. chuck merkel

    Kona's are Gnarly

    Glad to hear that you had some action and made it in safely. I am always skeptical about the weather guesser's ETA for storms. Saturday evening, they said the rain would arrive on Oahu on Sunday evening... I awoke to rain on Sunday morning. In the spring of 2006 (I am sure many of you...
  184. chuck merkel

    Shotgun vs 0 degree with bent butts

    Go to universal manufacturing. Better price, local manufacturer, and the option of 45, 30 and 0 degrees. And you can put your hands on it before you buy it.
  185. chuck merkel

    WTB: Shotgun pole holders flush mount

    I agree with Brian. Universal Machine in Kalihi.
  186. chuck merkel

    A Makaira for the Maikara 9-3-13

    Nice job again Pat and Nerlie. Those Makaira's will get your attention. Our last ahi was the first big fish I had on one. - - - Updated - - - Nice job again Pat and Nerlie. Those Makaira's will get your attention. Our last ahi was the first big fish I had on one.
  187. chuck merkel

    Monday to Sunday 8-18-13

    Nicely done once again Pat and Nerlie!
  188. chuck merkel

    Custom Outriggers??????

    5 oceans and 7 seas on Sand Island access road.
  189. chuck merkel

    8-12-13 Late Post Lots of Pics

    Thanks for the update. Awesome video and stills. Chuck
  190. chuck merkel

    3 boats underwater

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am glad that you were recovered safely. I agree with having separate circuits for each bilge pump. USCG monitors VHF channel 16 - that is the main channel for emergency issues. They are able to hear transmissions from much further than you may hear a...
  191. chuck merkel

    3 boats underwater

    We saw the USCG and City and County helicopters out searching off the Waianae coast at first light Sunday morning. The ocean can be very unforgiving. You don't have to get very far off shore here before you are in the deep blue. Fortunately all were rescued.
  192. chuck merkel

    Where are the fish?

    Stayed inside yesterday (11 August). Tried to get bait with no luck. Ran the ledge and the 500 with no joy. Talked with one crew while washing the boat - they lost an ahi at the boat. They hooked up a couple of miles outside R.
  193. chuck merkel

    Waianae 8-3-2013

    Good going old man, I mean Walt!! Hey wait a minute, I think I am older than you...
  194. chuck merkel

    Fish Gods smile 8/2/13

    255, that's an AHI!! Good going!
  195. chuck merkel

    8/3 Waianae

    Good going on your catch.
  196. chuck merkel


    Good going on your catch. Make the most of those unpaid days off.
  197. chuck merkel

    Waianae 28 July - Tuna Report

    Here is a video I edited from Sunday's action. Got a ways to go to be as good as Nick, but it is a start. Ahi28July2013 - YouTube
  198. chuck merkel

    Waianae 28 July - Tuna Report

    Thank you Garrett, Russ, Scott, Eric, Jason, Jimmy, Pat and Peter. Pat and for any others with boats in the water, I hope that you are ready and have no issues with Flossie tonight. Hope to see you on the water soon. Chuck
  199. chuck merkel

    Calm before the storm

    Good going on your catch. I was unable to open your video.
  200. chuck merkel

    Waianae Aloha pumps were closed

    As I passed by yesterday (28 July) some pumps were open. Looks like that station will also be selling diesel, as well.
  201. chuck merkel

    7-28-13 Impersonator II

    Nice job Pat. That was us launching as you got underway yesterday. Seems like yesterday the early birds got the worms.
  202. chuck merkel

    Waianae 28 July - Tuna Report

    Here is a link to the fish landing. As I learn more about editing I will try to add more.
  203. chuck merkel

    Waianae 28 July - Tuna Report

    Left the harbor about 0500 with Roy onboard and made a nice smooth run to the 1000. Set lines and headed to the pinnacles. Passed through the pinnacles area - no birds and no action. Roy saw some birds searching to the south so we headed that way. We never saw any working birds, but several...
  204. chuck merkel

    7-14-13 Impersonator.

    [Thanks Chuck, yea that was us, I just happened to look over and see the rod bend over when you guys got the first otaru. Good goin'. There was a mix in that pile, mostly akus, but some of the right stuff. Cheers Pat Pat, The second otaru hit while we were still slow after boating the first...
  205. chuck merkel

    7-14-13 Impersonator.

    Good going on the marlin Pat. We saw you fighting the fish and took a knock down just to the north of you. We picked up two nice 20# otaro in the bird pile. I believe you were right next to us when we got those. We also chased the birds for a while after that, but no more action. Chuck
  206. chuck merkel

    Paying my dues and why it would be nice to have a (big) two speed reel

    Thanks Chuck, yeah I need to get some real two speed reels and save the spectra to use for bottom fishing... You can use spectra backing on a two speed reel and then use a heavier top shot. I fish my 50s with 600 yards of 130# spectra and 400 yards of 80# mono top shots. I fish my 80s with...
  207. chuck merkel

    7-8-13 Dark Side of the Moon.

    Good going Pat and Nerlie. I've been under the weather for a couple of weeks, but should be back at it this weekend.
  208. chuck merkel

    Paying my dues and why it would be nice to have a (big) two speed reel

    Congratulations on your catch- well earned! You will remember it for a long time. Spectra backing allows you to use a top shot of heavier mono. I am not an expert with the Penn Senators, but you may be able to add some drag washers to get a little more drag. But at some point you will reach...
  209. chuck merkel

    7/6 Kane'ohe Ahi!

    Nice catch Glenn.
  210. chuck merkel

    First Ahi on my new sled, 30' Knife

    Nice catch Kekoa!
  211. chuck merkel

    Lunar lunacy w/ the Captain.

    Good job Pat. Hope to see you on the water again soon.
  212. chuck merkel

    First Ahi Ever!

    Congratulations on your first of hopefully many ahi.
  213. chuck merkel

    Waianae 22 June

    Left the harbor a little after 0500 and had a good run to the 1000. Set lines and headed to the pinnacles - a few birds working and a couple of boats. Pounded up toward CO until we were taking water over the cabin. Slid back down through the pinnacles - lots of birds sitting on the water. This...
  214. chuck merkel

    Waianae- 06/04/2013 Close but no cigar!

    Better luck next time. At least you got hook ups.
  215. chuck merkel

    Anti-Chaffe Tubing

    Thank you Ken for the tubing and to Randy for his suggestion. The tubing worked for some of the lures, but was still to thick for some others. Using Randy's suggestion I was able to get the tubing to fit in the remainder of the lures. I am rigged up and ready to go.
  216. chuck merkel

    Waianae 2 June

    First trolling trip of the year for me. Left the harbor a little after 0500 and had a smooth cruise toward the 1000. About a mile inside the 1000 I saw large splashes on the surface directly ahead. Slowed and set lines. Took our first knock down right at the pinnacle - a solid hit on the...
  217. chuck merkel

    Kuuloakai Haleiwa Capt Rusty Spencer

    Rest in peace Captain Rusty Spencer. I never fished with him, but I talked with him several times. My condolences to his family.
  218. chuck merkel

    Anti-Chaffe Tubing

    I picked up some lures recently with brass tubing that was too small for the ani-chaffe tubing that I used. I also tried to use cocktail straws, but those would not fit either. Rigged some up and ran them without and sure enough leaders were chaffed at the end of the day. Does anybody have...
  219. chuck merkel

    5-27-13 (2) 80 pounders Waianae

    Nice job on the rescue.
  220. chuck merkel

    Great Day off Haleiwa

    Nice job Joe!
  221. chuck merkel

    Auto Pilot Systems

    Jason, There are many choices in autopilots now than there were when I bought my boat. Many companies have some sort of proprietary data links that will only work with equipment made by that company. Raymarine has Seatalk. Garmin has something else. But just about every thing has a NMEA standard...
  222. chuck merkel

    Auto Pilot Systems

    What type of steering does your boat have? Mechanical steering (cable driven) will make it tough. I have a Raymarine ST5000 plus in my boat and it works fine. This is an older system (no longer made), but has been reliable for me now approaching eight years. I originally had mechanical...
  223. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 9 March

    100 fathoms
  224. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 9 March

    Cabin fever was in full force on Saturday morning. Arrived at the harbor about 0500 - the most boats I've seen heading out of Haleiwa in a long time. Unfortunately, the weather was not as promised. Winds from the west made it touch to get any bait. Trolled up toward Kahuku with no luck...
  225. chuck merkel

    Chunk bait for ahi?

    There are places it can work out here. You have to pick your place and time based upon conditions. Near a ledge or a FAD. Get a parachute to control your drift.
  226. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 9 December

    Pat, I look forward to hearing about it. Chuck
  227. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 9 December

    Left the harbor a little before 6. Picked up plenty of opelu, but they were huge! The wind was picking up, so we stayed close. Headed up to the wave buoy and put out some live baits. Made a couple of passes around the buoy with no action, so headed in toward Waimea. At the 50 fathom curve...
  228. chuck merkel

    opelu for bait

    Look for concentrations near buoys (FADS, wave bouys, etc...). When going out of Haleiwa I catch them near the shark cage moorings. When trolling along the ledge, watch your fish finder and have a bait rod ready. When you drive over a bait ball, put your boat in neutral and drop for bait...
  229. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 30 September

    Those were the only two that the camera was running for...
  230. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 30 September

    Glenn, Just got back on island. I will give you a call soon. Chuck
  231. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 30 September took me awhile, but here is a video of some of the action.
  232. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 30 September

    Russ, We used circle hooks tied directly to the main line - no leader. We bridled the opelu, set them back 50 to 75 yards and troll them at idle around the buoy (a little more engine RPM going uphill). Once the bait is set back we set the reels at strike drag and put the lines up on the...
  233. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 30 September

    My fishing time has been very limited of late and when I have been able to go, the fish have not been cooperative. Hoped to change that with yesterday's trip and was rewarded. Left Haleiwa about 0545. Lots of boats were headed out, probably due to the forecast of light winds... Picked up...
  234. chuck merkel

    Word got Out

    Good going Kekoa. You're not on administrative leave for the Stevie Wonder concert fiasco are you? Chuck
  235. chuck merkel

    what happened to pier 18 Marine Center?

    Yes, out of business. I got a flier in the mail a few months back announcing this and a sale of everything they had left.
  236. chuck merkel

    Cb radios

    I have a CB and a VHF with DSC. Type of antenna (and tuning if possible) is important to performance for both. I recently shifted over to Morad antennas for both - from Oceantronics. CB performance improved significantly. Handheld VHF radios transmit at lower power compared to console...
  237. chuck merkel

    Need VHF radio ideas!!!

    Lots of good choices for radios, both hand held and fixed mount. Go take a look at your local store. I would go with a Morad antenna over a shakespeare. I recently switched to Morad and have been impressed with its performance.
  238. chuck merkel

    Bitting the bird

    I have had my birds hit several times. I have both bite marks and bill marks on my birds. I run long leaders and five inch lures behind my birds. As Scott suggests, I would not try to rig a hook on the bird. That could get dangerous.
  239. chuck merkel

    Thanks for Everything and have a Great 2012

    Stay safe Joe. I saw you just outside the Haleiwa channel on Monday when I was on the way back in. If you get back for some R&R and want to get out let me know. Chuck
  240. chuck merkel

    Solo NS Fishing Trip

    Nice to see some blood on the deck of your new ride Joe.
  241. chuck merkel

    2 marlin September 11

    Well done.
  242. chuck merkel

    AHI 9/3

    Congratulations Glenn!!
  243. chuck merkel

    Waianae 13 August

    Thanks for all the comments. It was a great day on the water. One I will remember for a long time. Good luck to all of you on your next trip. Chuck
  244. chuck merkel

    Waianae 13 August

    Left the harbor at 0530. Ran the ledge looking for bait. No luck on the ledge. Ran to Victor - had bait, but the wind had us moving too fast. Set up and trolled out to CO. Took a knockdown at CO on a small lure behind an Archer Bar, but didn't stick. Rode down sea from CO. About five miles from...
  245. chuck merkel


    Sent you a PM.
  246. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 4 July

    Left the harbor a little after 0500. More boats going out of Haleiwa than I had seen in a long time. Run most of the way to II. Start setting lines about 4 miles away. Outrigger takes a knockdown before all of the lines are set. Probably a marlin - the fish came back and grabbed the lure a...
  247. chuck merkel

    Waianae 25 June

    No, the marlin got away. Strong knockdown and pulled just enough line to wake us up before it came off. Next time...
  248. chuck merkel

    Waianae 25 June

    Left the harbor at about 0520 and headed for the pinnalces. Set lines outside 500 fm. Sited scattered birds along the way. Reached the pinnacles and there were lots of birds working - most I had seen in a long time. Never saw any fish or bait splashes at the surface, but the birds were...
  249. chuck merkel

    Got a new ride

    Very nice. Congratulations!!
  250. chuck merkel

    Got my little sled back

    Looks great. I remember how wet my Force 18 was.
  251. chuck merkel

    2-May-11 North Shore

    Joe, No z-wing, just a 12 # ball. I troll at idle with the down rigger. I think you can go faster with the z-wing, but it puts a lot of pressure on the downrigger. I find that idle has worked best for me with live bait. I will put it down anywhere from 50 to 100 feet - deeper around the...
  252. chuck merkel

    2-May-11 North Shore

    Joe, I have had good luck with a down rigger along the ledge and around the buoys. If you get too shallow, the sharks will get you on the ledge. I typically run a short piece (12 inches) of wire (sevenstrand) on the deep bait on the ledge. The wire is short enough that sharks will usually...
  253. chuck merkel

    Waianae 1 May

    Left Waianae at about 0530. Ran the ledge to Kaena Point - nobody home. Set out a new pattern and trolled out to CO. Took a couple of knock downs on the way in and around bird piles. Had three more knock downs around CO and got a small aku. Headed down toward the pinnacles. Two more knock...
  254. chuck merkel

    Waianae 12 March 2011

    Good going Walt. I got out Saturday as well. No joy finding bait in the morning, so set up and headed toward the ledge. Took my first hit on an archer bar right at Victor, but didn't stick. I believe Pat was in the vicinity going down sea as we were headed up hill. I didn't see the fish...
  255. chuck merkel

    Penn 14/0 parts

    Locally try Roy's in Aiea or Hana Pa'a. Google Penn for the internet. These may not be cheap, but they will be new and original parts.
  256. chuck merkel

    Headed Home

    Looking forward to seeing you on the water soon Joe. Chuck
  257. chuck merkel

    Rough Day in Waianae 1/8/2011

    Good going on your catch.
  258. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 2 January

    Thanks for all of the comments. We did under estimate the weight - the fish tipped the scales at 180# with the head and tail cut off and gutted. Good luck to everyone on their next trip.
  259. chuck merkel

    1-2-11 Mixed Bag and good ones...

    Pat, Good going on your catch. I'm afraid that you might have spoiled Derek, though. Chuck
  260. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 2 January

    I'm a little slow getting these pictures resized properly. The purple headed lure took the initial hit. The blue one got the fish in the boat.
  261. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 2 January

    Happy New Years to all on Bloodydecks. New job with lots of travel, home renovations and lots of other excuses, but I had not been out in nearly four months. A couple of attempts were also aborted due to weather. Finally set everything aside and got underway from Haleiwa at 0200 this...
  262. chuck merkel

    Waianae 12 Sep 2010

    Well done Walt!! Get busy smoking that fish.
  263. chuck merkel

    8/29/10 Waianae

    Walt, Good going on your marlin. I thought we had a decent fish chunking when the line didn't cut right away. Frick'n shark. That's why we didn't use a leader - we like you cut off right away. Chuck
  264. chuck merkel

    Waianae 7-29

    Good going on your fish Glenn. I saw you towing your boat home yesterday evening when I was on my way home from work - I would have much rather been on the water. I had to do a double take - it looked like someone was towing my boat! Chuck
  265. chuck merkel

    kaneohe side... Friday 6/18

    Nice job Scott!
  266. chuck merkel

    Solo West Side 6/6

    Good going on the onos Walt. Stay away from them whales! Chuck
  267. chuck merkel

    Waianae 6 June

    Left the harbor a little after 0500. Ran the ledge along Maili looking for bait and if lucky an ono or two. Picked up a few opelu and one lure got raped, but no hook up on an ono. Headed outside. Passed S then up to CO. Headed in toward Kaena Point ledge. A couple miles outside the ledge...
  268. chuck merkel

    $$$$$ Boat registration HI

    It is relatively cheap to register the boat and pay for the use of the public ramps and facilities in Hawaii. Ask those who have to pay to use private facilities.
  269. chuck merkel

    Waianae 15 May

    Pat, On Saturday a tug with a barge came from the outside and headed in shore near where R should be. I thought it could be the deployment crew. I came in near S and didn't go up toward R to see if that was what the tug and barge was doing. Good to hear from you. Hope the new boat is...
  270. chuck merkel

    Waianae 15 May

    Underway from the harbor at 0515. Made a run to V buoy for bait. Upon arrival at the buoy wind is up and difficult to make a good drift, so no bait. Ran into Makua valley and ran the ledge - no one home. Continued out to CO. Only scattered birds and no action. Turned down sea toward the...
  271. chuck merkel

    Deep troll

    I use a down rigger to troll live akule and opelu along the ledges off Kaena point and along Dillingham, and around the buoys on Oahu. I troll strictly at idle with the down rigger, so you will not cover a lot of ground, but it is highly effective.
  272. chuck merkel


    No sense rush 'em. Don't take a chance on the weather. Too many people don't recognize just how remote these islands are. You don't have to get very far from shore to be completely alone on the deep blue sea.
  273. chuck merkel

    Any info on this boat???

    Engines are 22 years old - doesn't matter how many hours are on them or how "professionally" they have been maintained. They are old and will burn fuel. Force hulls are built solidly and it states that the trailer is relatively new. Could be worth it, but You are probably looking at having...
  274. chuck merkel


    CBs are still in use, but not nearly as much as the pre-cell phone days. 23 is still the base channel on Oahu. Not sure about Maui.
  275. chuck merkel

    Another epirb question....

    It was 350 plus tax for an ACR EPIRB.
  276. chuck merkel

    Another epirb question....

    I just had the guys upstairs at POP change the battery in my ACR EPIRB. Dropped it off one day and picked it up the next. With advanced coordination you could probably get while you wait service.
  277. chuck merkel

    Parking fees at boat harbors

    I don't mind paying fair value provided that the revenue is re-invested back into maintaining/upgrading the harbor facilities. As others have already stated that is not how it is done in Hawaii. Couple that with the fact that for far too long the state was charging below market value and a...
  278. chuck merkel


    Sorry to hear about the loss. Good luck in recovering the molds. Those guys have no idea what they took - nor do they appreciate the value.
  279. chuck merkel

    the state is finally doing something right.

    I have used this the last couple of years to renew my boat registration and harbor use fee. It works great. Commercial fishermen can now input their monthly catch reports on line. I just used it for my February report.
  280. chuck merkel


    The fish are only really concerned about their next meal - they will be where the bait is. That said the various depth contours displayed by the chart plotters are good references to put you in the ballpark. You still have to watch what is going on - bird activity, current lines, etc... In...
  281. chuck merkel

    Waianae 31 Jan

    A bait that can't swim away is an easy target for porpoise (and sharks). Atleast with the porpoise they just pick 'em off and don't take your rig (like sharks). Over on the Big Island in the early 90s to porpoise were very thick over on the grounds. Anytime we even hooked an aku it would get...
  282. chuck merkel

    Got Her Wet

    Congrats on your first u/w on the new ride Pat. Chuck
  283. chuck merkel

    Waianae 31 Jan

    Left the harbor at 0530 and ran to V for some bait. Water was nice until Makua, then it got a little bouncy. Wind was well above the forcasted 10 knots. There were only scattered marks at the buoy. Made a couple of drops with no love then headed over to the ledge. We picked up a few opelu in...
  284. chuck merkel

    North Shore 1-24-10

    There are usually a lot of opelu at the shark cage buoys. The problem/challenge is keeping them away from the sharks (and sometimes porpoise).
  285. chuck merkel

    Westside Solo 1/17/2010

    Good going on your catch Walter. Was the barge back in its old position or near S? Chuck
  286. chuck merkel

    El Nino effects...

    It seemed to me that the water temperature remained warmer than usual through the fall and that fishing was slow (at least for me). During one trip out of Haleiwa the water temperature was 80 to 81 degrees all the way out to 30 miles north from the harbor. I think that the water typically...
  287. chuck merkel

    Fuel/Water separator issue

    Water is heavier than fuel so it will tend to settle to the bottom. This may be different with ethanol additive - all my experience is with non-ethanol gas and diesel. The bottom of my fuel separator has a clear plastic bowl where the water will collect. There is also a drain valve that I...
  288. chuck merkel

    Akule fishing Question

    The lights are not run up the outriggers. They are hung from the wishbones. The lights are simple drop lights from ace hardware with a relector and a spring clip to attach them. The easiest place for me to attach them is on the adjustment knob of the wishbone. This gets them about a foot...
  289. chuck merkel

    Waianae 10 January

    Walt, I hadn't been out from Waianae for so long that I didn't know that the barge was adrift when I saw it. I just knew it wasn't where it was when I had seen it previously and it seemed very close to S. The hebi broke the mouth last night. I'm sure that the smoked marlin will do the same...
  290. chuck merkel

    Akule fishing Question

    I have not deployed a parachute. As far as lighting goes, it depends. I start with two 12 VDC lights clipped to my outriggers. I then watch the intensity of returns on my fishfinder and adjust as required. I do not have dimmer capability for my lights. The DC bulbs do not get too hot and I...
  291. chuck merkel

    Waianae 10 January

    Pat, That is where is was Sunday morning. As I was headed out and it started to get light, I initially thought it was a tug and tow coming from Kauai, but as I got closer I recognized it as the water barge. It was just inside S. Chuck
  292. chuck merkel

    Waianae 10 January

    Jimmy, This is the same barge that used to be off Nanakuli. It is about half a mile inside S buoy now. Chuck
  293. chuck merkel

    Waianae 10 January

    Thanks Pat. Yes Walter got the marlin near Victor on an opelu. I was surprised to see the barge so close to S buoy - hadn't been out of Waianae in a while. There were good marks around the barge, but there were also porpoise. Good to hear that you got a mahimahi in the boat. I am looking...
  294. chuck merkel

    Waianae 10 January

    Not too many boats went out of Waianae today. Maybe it was the forecast of high surf that was supposed to build today, but it was no problem getting in and out of the harbor today. I may have had bad info or put it in to my plotter wrong. There were no boats in sight when I reached what I...
  295. chuck merkel

    Waianae 10 January

    Underway from Waianae Harbor at 0520. Tried to pick up some opelu along the ledge (they were there yesterday), but no joy. Also tried at the water barge. Good marks, but the porpoise were around. Made good speed to the south toward where I was told the buoy was to try for some shibis. About...
  296. chuck merkel

    Wanted Hydraulic Steering System

    I would not buy steering system components used. E-bay can have deals. There are lots of on line merchants, which is where I bought mine from. It has been several years since I did it, so I don't remember which one it was, but it was a telestar system as others have mentioned. I would stick...
  297. chuck merkel

    Anyone willing to share some night time akule tips?

    I use a couple of lights from Ace Hardware - they have a spring clip and a reflector. I have 12 volt DC bulbs in them. I hang one from each outrigger and use plastic bags if I need to dim them. The DC bulbs do not get too hot. I also have a couple of blue LED lights on my trim tabs, but the...
  298. chuck merkel

    Registration requirement for Offshore Fishing

    Happy New Year to all on Bloody Decks. I haven't seen any details on this either. Maybe another one of those rules in Hawaii that never gets enforced...
  299. chuck merkel

    Opelu Rigs

    I have better luck catching opelu with gold hooks. I am usually trying to catch them during daylight hours, though. Hook color doesn't seem to make a difference for me when fishing for akule at night. I make some of my own rigs, but also use store bought stuff when I don't have time to make...
  300. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 20 December

    Jason, I use the akule for live bait. I have caught shibis, mahi, ono, ulua, kahala, kaku and uku with them. After fishing I share them with family, friends and neighbors. I think that most of them are simply fried. I don't think anyone I give them to dry them. I know that they don't go...
  301. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 20 December

    Left Haleiwa Harbor about 0200. Started drifting in 100 feet of water for akule. Had a nice steady bite until about 0600. Had enough to fill a cooler. We could see the lightening to the east from the storms over Maui, Molokai and the Big Island. Trolled up to X buoy. We picked up a rat...
  302. chuck merkel

    replacing fads

    I made a pass through where J should be today and it is not there yet.
  303. chuck merkel

    replacing fads

    Thanks for the update. Heading out of Haleiwa this weekend. If the opportunity presents itself I will take a look for J.
  304. chuck merkel

    Force 18 or Force 21

    Contact Jim at Force Marine and he can give you current pricing info on a new boat. He can give a quote for the hull only and for various motor packages. Engine price will vary by make, size (horsepower) and whether it is a two or four stroke motor. The price of the boat will also go up based...
  305. chuck merkel

    best trolling reel?

    I use and like Penn Internationals, but as some others have mentioned would move to Accurate if I could afford it. I got my first 80TWs in 1990. I had them converted to 2 speeds last year. Other than replacing drag washers on these reels I have never had to replace a single part on these...
  306. chuck merkel

    Force 18 or Force 21

    I have owned both and I would go with the 21.
  307. chuck merkel

    Where to service props?

    Pier 18 repaired a prop for me three years ago. It only took a couple of days. With the recent change of ownership they may not be able to do it anymore, but may be worth a call.
  308. chuck merkel


    Five oceans seven seas may wrap the new ones for you. They are located on Sand Island access road by the marina.
  309. chuck merkel

    Seeker or American Tackle trolling blanks?

    I don't have any experience with either of the blanks you are asking about, but... Wind-on roller guides are not as big as the Big foot guides. They are designed to give additional clearance for using wind-on leaders. The feet on the wind-on guides are smaller so that they "sit" better on...
  310. chuck merkel


    They should also start showing up a V as well. I have had my best luck right at sunrise, but have also caught them at mid-day.
  311. chuck merkel

    What Kid of Bait Tank do you use?

    The 14 gallon tank should work well for that much bait. The pump capacity (gph) is also a key element. I would look to use a 700 gph pump for your application. The flowrate will vary depending upon the amount of head that the pump has to overcome - this is the height difference between where...
  312. chuck merkel


    I have been using Trilene for a number of years as well. I run topshots of about 400 yards. I use 130 on my 80Ws and 80 on my 50Ws. Like Pat, I change out my mono once year or more frequently if something bad happens. I have 600 yards of braided line on each reel as backing. Makes it less...
  313. chuck merkel

    Why waste fuel, go catch Akule tonight!!

    I typically start fishing in 100 - 120 feet of water over a sandy bottom. I do not rig a parachute. The wind has always been fairly light when I have fished for akule. I have a couple of simple 12 volt DC light bulbs that I plug in to 12 volt outlets. I made these lights from simple drop...
  314. chuck merkel

    What Kid of Bait Tank do you use?

    I have a 27 gallon Kodiak tank mounted on my swimstep. I use a 1000 gph pump mounted on the transom - no thru hull involved. I have had good luck keeping akule and opelu alive. I got the tank at west marine. Google live bait larry for more info.
  315. chuck merkel

    10-14 days

    Congratulations on your Bronze Star. Come home safe. If your boat takes too long, let me know and I will get you out on the water.
  316. chuck merkel

    cheapest way to ship rods to Hawaii

    I would go the PVC route to protect the rods. Last year I shipped a rods from Hawaii to San Diego and back for a long range trip using FEDEX. I shipped them in a SKB rod case. This case was just over 7 feet long. What I didn't know at the time was that FEDEX charges twice as much to ship to...
  317. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 9/20

    Pat, This was my first akule fishing trip with new u/w lights - blue amphibian LEDs mounted on my trim tabs. I am not sure whether these are too bright or not... The akule action started slow. We were catching the decent sized ones early - and they remained fairly deep (almost at the bottom...
  318. chuck merkel

    Haleiwa 9/20

    Left the harbor just after 0200. Loaded up the live well and then a cooler with akule - a few niced sized ones. Headed towards Dillingham airfield as the sky lightened and ran the ledge. Trolled three baits - one on the down rigger and one on each outrigger. Had lots of action, but mostly...
  319. chuck merkel

    boat slip ??? schofield commute

    A boat your size is not too difficult to trailer to the various harbors, based upon weather conditions. Keeping a boat in the water involves another set of headaches - bottom fouling, etc... It could also limit your opportunities to get out or to get to calm water. I kept my boat at Hickam...
  320. chuck merkel

    rocket launchers fabrication

    Call Josh at 864 4315.
  321. chuck merkel

    Current Line Goop

    ahi spawn
  322. chuck merkel


    That lure has already worked once - it caught you!! It does look good - I hope you catch with it.
  323. chuck merkel

    "On the short corner"

    Nice fish Pat!
  324. chuck merkel

    What's for Breakfast around here...

    Sounds like a rough and tough day on the water. Days like that make the successful ones that much sweeter though...
  325. chuck merkel

    Go Pro Camera

    The video looks good. This looks like something that I would like to mount on my boat. Did you order this online or pick it up locally? If local, where did you get it? Thanks, Chuck
  326. chuck merkel

    How many lines do you run?

    I usually run six lines. I have two release clips on my outriggers, so I get my corners out on the lower clips. I run one line on my center rigger. I usually set my sixth line as a flat line and keep it close to the boat. Most (but not all) of my big marlin hits have come on this flat line...
  327. chuck merkel

    Waianae 8/30

    Underway this morning about 0545. Set lines passing S heading toward the kitchen sink. There are a few birds working in the kitchen sink area and we get a nice 25-30# bull mahimahi in the box. Setting lines after the catch I have the line ripped out of my hand just as I was putting it in to...
  328. chuck merkel

    Fabricator for Aluminum Tower

    Josh (listed above), Made me a couple of hand rails with rod holders attached. They were well made.
  329. chuck merkel


    I have been catching my own, but would certainly consider buying them, if available. There are guys in Florida that make a (good) living catching and selling live bait.
  330. chuck merkel

    8/22/09 went to the ledge...

    Nice job Pat!!
  331. chuck merkel

    How to Remove a Gimbal?

    If the heat doesn't work or you don't want to risk it, use a cutting wheel on a dremel tool to make two cuts in to the gimble 180 degrees opposed along the axis of the rod blank. Then use a screwdriver to remove the gimble. I have also used this technique to remove real seats.
  332. chuck merkel

    waianae 8/19 BIZARRE!

    Good going on your safe release of the mako. Last fall/winter a buddy of mine had a probable mako encounter just outside the ledge at Kaena Point. He was bringing in a nice size shibi and a shark went completely airborne behind his boat after grabbing and swallowing the shibi whole. My buddy...
  333. chuck merkel

    meat cutter/broken shaft

    Sorry to hear about the damage, but glad that you made it in safely. I am not sure what you ran in to - could have been a creature of some sort (live or dead) or some trash. I was out of Waianae after the heavy rains during the spring of 2006. While retrieving lines at idle, I had something...
  334. chuck merkel

    Waianae 8/14

    Left the harbor at 0500. Reached V before day break, no opelu home. Trolled to the NW - lining up kepuhi and kaena point. Just scattered birds. Turned south until about 5 miles west of CO. Saw the first ahi spawn (egg on the water) as we approached CO. About six boats jigging or chunking at...
  335. chuck merkel

    Kaneohe side fishing 08/14/2009

    Heading out from Waianae in the morning. Sounds like a lot of us are taking an aloha Friday!
  336. chuck merkel

    It's not the size of your boat.....or is it?

    Lots of considerations/compromises involved in this decision and it comes down to how you plan to use your boat. Bigger is better from the stand point of being able to get further out and withstanding the seas we typically deal with. But a heavier boat is more difficult to tow - may require a...
  337. chuck merkel

    diesel powered boats

    You will find a lot of personal bias in any engine discussion - based upon each individual's experience(s) , good or bad. After a great deal of research, I went with a diesel (Volvo D3) in my boat and have been very happy with it. I have about 700 hours on my engine over 4 years - not a lot of...
  338. chuck merkel


    Good going on your catch. I have a tide bottle that I need to rig up.
  339. chuck merkel


    Thanks. This is good stuff.
  340. chuck merkel

    The "Kai'io" got wet.

    Nice job Pat. I hope the foot is feeling better. Hope to get out again shortly after getting back from Bahrain. Chuck
  341. chuck merkel


    I have caught several mahi mahi with bill scars from close encounters with marlin. Recently I boated a 40# bull with a fairly fresh wound.
  342. chuck merkel

    Small Boat Recommendations?

    I would look at a Force 18. I know it is a little bigger than your stated size goal, but I would not reject it based upon that. I had one in the early 90s. Mine did not have the hardtop - which is what I would get were I to buy another. Lots of deck space, low freeboard and built for local...
  343. chuck merkel

    Banks 7/12/09

    Atleast they didn't get your lure head too!!
  344. chuck merkel

    Kaneohe 7-10

    Way to go! Nice catch. Still have that monkey on my back...
  345. chuck merkel

    Waianae 7/6

    Sorry to hear about your rough day akunui. I have had several rough experiences with marlin in the 100-150# range. Despite having trouble and having your fish get in to your prop I recommend that you keep your boat in gear and idling ahead when you are handling a fish alongside. When a marlin...
  346. chuck merkel

    Waianae 7/6

    That's OK Pat. I have been slow in getting a couple other pictures up loaded. A nice sun rise with lines in the water. It's a good thing I got the washdown system installed - even with the red splatter coat doesn't help sometimes. Aku this size make great sashimi.
  347. chuck merkel

    Waianae 7/6

    The ono hit a strawberry Futa head dressed with black salmon skirts. All of the other (3) hits came on a slant faced head dressed with ice blue and purple mavis trolled behind a bird.
  348. chuck merkel

    Waianae 7/6

    Underway a little after 0500. Set lines and fishing by 0530. Took a blind hit about 0700 near the pinnacles and boated a nice (almost otaro sized) aku. Worked the pinnacles for a while. Only scattered birds. Pounded up towards CO. About 5 miles south of CO found a good bird pile. Made...
  349. chuck merkel


    Sorry, no pictures. It was about 15 pounds. Looked a lot like a kawakawa, but it had big teeth. Meat was light in color - not red.
  350. chuck merkel


    I have had good luck using my downrigger around the FADs and along the ledge. I bridle live akule and opelu and set them out 50 to 75 feet before connecting the line to the down rigger release. I then set the down rigger down anywhere from 100 to 200 feet - depending on the depth that I am...
  351. chuck merkel

    West Side

    More of the same for us as well. U/w from Waianae a little after 0500. Took a knock down at the pinnacle outside Nanakuli - probably an ahi on a black salmon lure. Trolled up to CO and then back. Saw several bird piles working small aku - only interested in what was hungry for them. We saw...
  352. chuck merkel

    Go Big or Stay Home

    Thanks for the complement. It was one of those days where everything went our way - and I was able to learn from the mistakes I made with previous big fish. The fish was a long way from the boat when it jumped - so it was hard to tell how big it really was initially. We were able to get the...
  353. chuck merkel

    Go Big or Stay Home

    I troll with 4 80 STWs and 2 50 VSWs. My biggest fish so far (marlin over 400#) was caught on one of the 50s that at the time was spooled with 60# mono. As far as the difference between hollow and solid spectra, I think you can get more line (mono top shot) using hollow core compared to...
  354. chuck merkel

    Cable steering to hydraulic

    My boat initially had cable steering, but I installed hydraulic steering shortly after buying the boat. I did it mainly because I could not get mechanical drive to work on the autopilot. There was too much friction in the cable. I installed a seastar hydraulic helm and drive unit. Autopilot...
  355. chuck merkel

    Dual Batteries or One?????????

    I would recommend you take a look at the Blue Sea Systems website as there is good information on how to wire up a reliable two battery system. The West Marine website also has a good write up on this. The ACR is the way to go. Hope this helps.
  356. chuck merkel

    need to power a 30 foot Force

    I would go with diesel power for your new boat. I think that you get better longevity, reliability and economy with diesel power. Diesel fuel is also safer than gas. I also think that a diesel boat maintains more of its value when compared to gas power. I would ask Jim who his various points...
  357. chuck merkel

    Trolling By Myself

    I don't fish alone, but I would agree strongly with the safety harness. My cousin on the Big Island typically fishes alone and he puts the harness on whenever he is fighting a fish. He also carries a bang stick. An autopilot makes is easy when fighting a fish - just point your boat where you...
  358. chuck merkel

    Want your thoughts...

    Pat, Looks like a nice boat, but it looks like it would be really wet out here. As far as the trailer goes, it should not be too difficult to have a sliding tongue and side bunks installed. I would consider both of those to be must haves. Spectrum set my trailer up so that my boat settles...
  359. chuck merkel

    Dangerous Seamanship Situations

    3? years ago during the rainy spring (40 some straight days of rain) I went out from Haleiwa on a Sunday morning. I was carefully tracking the weather including the 4 AM report which stated that the front had remained stationary NW of Kauai overnight and was not expected to start moving until...
  360. chuck merkel

    The rubber hook syndrome...

    Sitting in Denver International on a delay that currently has no endpoint in site... Sorry to hear about the rubber hooks. I had my share of that on Monday. At least you know that you were in the right place at the right time with something that looked edible... Better luck next trip. Chuck
  361. chuck merkel

    Not much but here goes anyway...

    At least you put something in the boat. I am in Tennessee this week, but hope to be home Friday - Saturday at the latest. I have crew lined up for Monday. Hope to see you out there Pat. Chuck
  362. chuck merkel

    akule/opelu fishing

    I have had good luck catching both akule and opelu using the commercial rigs available at any of the fishing stores. I have noticed that opelu like gold hooks over the silver ones, but that it doesn't seem to matter for the akule. One friend of mine who makes his own rigs uses small clear and...
  363. chuck merkel

    Spool'd in Kauai!!!

    Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. I am not a commercial fisherman or charter captain - strictly a weekend fisherman with over 20 years of experience in Hawaii. Hawaii is one of those places that offers the opportunity to encounter the fish of a lifetime anytime you go out - within...
  364. chuck merkel

    Spool'd in Kauai!!!

    Too bad for the marlin, as well. If it is not able to get the hook out of his mouth the strain from dragging that line will kill the fish in fairly short order. Doesn't sound like the boat was prepared for what it could encounter.
  365. chuck merkel

    Why trailing hooks are a gamble!

    The power in salt water game fish - even the smallest ones can never be taken for granted. I am sorry to hear of everyone's injurys and hope that you are recovering. I currently use a mix of single and double hook rigs. I have not had anyone on my boat injured, but I am going to reconsider...
  366. chuck merkel

    Skipjack Flybridge w/ Merc. 350 Vibration Problem

    Sounds like something is misaligned. I would also check for loose bolts. I would return it to the shop that did the work.
  367. chuck merkel

    raymarine C80 position fix [email protected]

    You mentioned that you had two batteries and were using one as the house. How are they wired? Simply through a 1, 2 and both selector switch or are they wired with an ACR relay that isolates the house battery when the motor is not running? The West Marine web site and Blue Sea Systems web...
  368. chuck merkel

    Stayed on the ledge...

    Pat, Nice job on getting two in the boat. The one that got away sounds like it was pretty good sized. I have been bitten off by other ono before - even with lures that I had rigged with a sleeve to keep the head from sliding all the way up the leader. Chuck
  369. chuck merkel

    Any difference on how many blades on prop?

    Prop selection has many variables (diameter, pitch, number of blades, material, etc...) and trade offs. There are websites that discuss this in great detail that you should be able to google. Basically, with your current prop and your boat carrying a typical load (# of people, gear, ice, fuel...
  370. chuck merkel

    show me your lures!!!

    Here are a few of my standbys. From the top. I got this one from Hawaii Fishing Lures - they provide a quality product and great service. The first time out with this one I caught my biggest fish to date - a marlin that was over 400# that we released. Since then this lure has caught...
  371. chuck merkel

    3/15 quickie

    Nicely done Pat. I have to go to the mainland for work this week so I stayed home to take care of a few things. I don't get back until the 27th so I hope to get out that weekend. Chuck
  372. chuck merkel

    Two Speed Conversions

    I only recently started using them, but two speed reels are the way to go. When you can't get any line on a fish in high gear, simply press the easy button and shift to low. Today you have options as there are certainly many different brands that can be purchased ready to go, but if you have...
  373. chuck merkel

    Pulled one out of our...

    Pat, Nice ono. I went out to V on Sunday morning. Picked up a few opelu and trolled them along the ledge. We hooked a good size shibi on the down rigger, but the hook pulled at color. It was still a good ways down, but was good sized. We didn't get anymore hits on bait so we trolled up to...
  374. chuck merkel

    Oahu reports?

    Went early Sunday morning out of Haleiwa and loaded up on akule. The bite started slow, but the last hour before sunrise it was wide open. After daybreak we trolled the ledge with live akule. Lots of marks on the fish finder between 40 fm and 100 fm, but not much activity. We hooked one...
  375. chuck merkel

    Maui no ka oi

    I use a Cannon manual down rigger on my boat. I believe that the model is a unitroll 5 or 10. I use a 10-12# weight. I replaced the steel cable that came with the down rigger with 200# spectra. I mount the down rigger on a rod holder mount so it is easy to get out of the way once hooked up...
  376. chuck merkel

    new to Oahu, want to fish?

    PM sent with contact info.
  377. chuck merkel

    Guides selection for GF 700MH?

    I used Fuji HNSG guides on my 700MH and have been happy with it. I am fishing 40# mono backed with 65# spectra. I hope this helps.
  378. chuck merkel

    Penn 70VS

    Penn International Reels are still made in the USA.
  379. chuck merkel

    Help with flex coat

    I have been using West Systems epoxy to install eva and hypalon grips with good success. This epoxy is available from West Marine and other marine stores. It is not cheap, but it is a high quality product. The resin and catalyst are sold separately. There are several catalysts that provide...
  380. chuck merkel

    Aftco Roller Guide Repair Parts

    Lee, You can also try: Anglers Choice Tackle Phone 619-223-2324 Fax 619-523-8998 1910 Rosecrans Street San Diego, CA 92106 They are well stocked with rod building supplies, etc and right on the way to the landing. Have a great trip.
  381. chuck merkel

    Avet JX or LX

    Charkbait has good info on their site about the various Avet reels. As has been stated, the mechanicals (drag and gearing) are the same on the JX and LX. The LX is wider and therefore holds more line. Based upon your intended purpose a JX spooled with spectra (65/80) should do the trick. I...
  382. chuck merkel

    Are Alps guides the future of rod building?

    For any of you with experience using both of these types of guides, how do the ALPS 316 guides compare to Fuji's HNSG guides? Would they be an acceptable replacement? Thank you in advance.
  383. chuck merkel

    Roller top question for a rail rod

    I have used All American Roller Guide Tip Tops on several rods that I have built with Aftco rollers - both heavy duty and wind on rollers. I even replaced an Aftco tip on one finished rod after a couple of trips that line clearance at the tip became an issue - it didn't cost me a fish, but the...
  384. chuck merkel

    I/O or Outboard

    Everyone will have opinions on which type of motor based upon their experiences (good or bad). My first boat (purchased in 1991 and sold in 1995) had a Yamaha 90 HP two stroke outboard. My current boat (purchased in 2005) has a Volvo D3 diesel with an SX (single prop) outdrive. Both of these...
  385. chuck merkel

    Autopilot for a 22' I/O without Hydro-Steering

    I don't know about the other manufacturers than Raymarine, but the key difference in any autopilot is that with mechanical steering you will need a different type of drive unit vice the hydraulic pump that a hydraulic system would use. I would not recommend the Raymarine I/O mechanical drive...
  386. chuck merkel

    volvo duo prop and 280 swap

    Volvo Penta, Mercruiser and more - Marine Parts Express - engines, outdrives, propellers Here's a link for you. There is a page dedicated to drive conversions.
  387. chuck merkel

    catching opelu

    I have had the best luck using sabiki with gold colored hooks, typically 4 hook rigs. Size 8, 10 and 12 hooks. Use 4 to 6 ounce lead depending on the current. Sometimes I will add small gold colored grubs to the sabiki. It is generally best at first light close to the buoys. Mark your line...
  388. chuck merkel

    tie downs

    I don't use the small tie down straps and I would not even if my boat had attachment points. I have a heavy duty strap that I attach to each side of the trailer and over the stern of my boat. While I don't see too many boaters that do this, to me it is a safety issue - and for about $50.00 it...
  389. chuck merkel

    Henry's Lake in November

    How late does the season stay open now at Henry's? When I lived in Idaho Falls in the late 1980s the season used to end on 31 October. Fall fishing on the lake was fantastic and never crowded. Weather could be iffy at times, but well worth it.
  390. chuck merkel

    Price decrease?

    Also if you bought at the higher price from Charkbait, check out their website for details regarding "price protection" that Mark Smith is offering.
  391. chuck merkel

    Boating in Hawaii Questions...

    It only needs to happen once in the wrong situation. We are also approaching the wet season, where a big rain storm can knock visibility down to nothing. I was out off of Haleiwa a couple of years ago when the "stationary" front NW of Kauai decided to start moving. I was only a few miles off...
  392. chuck merkel

    Boating in Hawaii Questions...

    Jensen, You are getting a lot of good advice here. Someone may have already told you this, but what are the two happiest days in a boat owner's life? - the day he buys and the day he sells it. A survey of a used boat is a great idea. Make sure you understand what the surveyor is going to...
  393. chuck merkel

    Giving a tunafishing seminar?

    Having only a four day trip out of San Diego under my belts makes me an inexperienced long range fisherman, but I have been fishing for most of my life. Lots of good info here. To me it all comes down to the Golden Rule - "do unto others as you would have others do unto you", or as Lee...
  394. chuck merkel

    I told you so...

    Try a hobby store that sells radio controlled airplanes for a heat gun. Heat guns are used to shrink/apply the plastic covering on the airplanes. I use one of these to shrink my tubing.
  395. chuck merkel

    Bad way to start the holiday weekend

    Sorry that this happened to you. Thank you for sharing. I have a pre-tow checklist written out on a 3X5 card that is clipped to the sunvisor in my truck. Something I learned long ago as a student pilot. The checklist includes all of the things that I check before towing my boat. It starts...
  396. chuck merkel

    New guys with a few questions

    Fishing Knots Fishing Knots at Anglers Center Here are a couple of links that should help with knots.
  397. chuck merkel

    How hard?

    Lots of good comments here that have applicability to all types of fishing - not just long range. It all comes down to the fact that a system is only as strong as its weakest link. Whether that is the reel, rod, drag setting and smoothness, line, leader, knots, terminal tackle (swivel...
  398. chuck merkel

    Late report 8/17 Waianae

    Sorry for the late report, but here goes. I had not been out for three weeks and had reports of a good marlin bite off of Waianae - one friend had several marlin on 8/16, both on lures and live bait. All action fairly close to shore near V and R. Launched at 0530 and had lures in the water by...
  399. chuck merkel

    Swifty Nu Skin Installation

    Randy, Yes it did, thank you. I got some 3M spray adhesive from Home Depot and installed the tubing on two rods last night. It all went smoothly. We will see how it holds up with use, but it looks good. The rods are packed up in my rod case for shipment to San Diego next week. I hope to...
  400. chuck merkel

    Swifty Nu Skin Installation

    Randy, Thanks for the suggestion. I picked up a can of spray adhesive and installed the tubing this evening.
  401. chuck merkel

    Swifty Nu Skin Installation

    Thank you for the suggestion. That was what I was considering as my next course of action.
  402. chuck merkel

    Swifty Nu Skin Installation

    I have tried to install Swifty Nu Skin over a hypalon grip using the instructions and double sided foam tape provided without success. It is simply impossible for me to slide the tubing down the grip without it getting stuck on the tape well before I have it even close to the desired position...
  403. chuck merkel

    Pearl Harbor

    Yes, they are out here.
  404. chuck merkel

    c80 temp

    One other thing that I remembered for setting up the fish finder. You need to have the fish finder connected to the display and have it powered up to enable all of the selection options in the fish finder set up menu. Hope this helps.
  405. chuck merkel

    c80 temp

    Do you have the owner's manual for the display and is it current for the firmware version that your display is using? When you turn your display on it will display the firmware version that is installed. It is possible to update the firmware version. Visit the Raymarine website and there are...
  406. chuck merkel

    19ft Glasspro or 18ft Alii Kai

    I do not have experience with Glasspro or Aliikai, but I owned a Force 18 in the early 90's and I agree with RJ's assessment on it. My Force 18 had a 90 horse Yamaha two stroke that really drank the gas. The boat was well built and solid riding. It was definitely wet. I had an open bridge...
  407. chuck merkel

    there are a few jerks out there

    Sorry to hear about your loss. Our townhouse in Makakilo was broken in to in the early 90's. Happened on a Wednesday afternoon - public schools on Oahu used to let out at noon on Wednesdays. My fishing tackle and firearms were not touched. I checked the local pawn shops for our valuables for...
  408. chuck merkel

    Thoughts on downriggers when trolling tuna

    I have had good luck trolling live opelu (mackeral scad) and akule (google eyes) on a down rigger a long the ledge (30 - 50 fathoms) near shore and near the FAD buoys here in Hawaii. Not too many others use them out here - you can't really cover a lot of ground at 2 -3 knots, but troll lures...
  409. chuck merkel

    Kuuloakai Sport Fishing (Oahu) Any Good?

    I have not personally fished on the Kuuloa Kai, but have had friends go out on board and they had a good time and caught fish. I have no affiliation with the Kuuloa Kai (or any other charter boat). I do not know him well, but I have talked some with Rusty Spencer (boat Captain) and we wave at...
  410. chuck merkel


    I haven't gone night time for akule in quite a while. I have had some great nights and then some others that we could not get them to bite. It has gotten really tough to catch opelu out of Haleiwa. The sharks have gotten really aggressive at the floats used by the shark cage boats. We only...
  411. chuck merkel


    Here is a picture of my Dad with the 42# ono we got off of Dillingham last week. This fish hit a live opelu on a downrigger.
  412. chuck merkel

    sushi near Pearl Harbor

    There is a good place in the Pearl Kai shipping center - across Kam Hway from Pearl Ridge. I believe the name is Tadashi.
  413. chuck merkel

    akule in waianae

    I have only tried for akule once off Waianae. I went out just off black rock and started in about 20 fathoms. I drifted off shore fairly quickly into deeper water, but the bite was good. The sky started to lighten, so I didn't reposition and try again - I had what I needed for bait. I was...
  414. chuck merkel

    A couple more "freebies"

    Randy, Those are great looking rods. Where do you get the lettering that you have on the rods - (CALSTAR GFTR 700)? I would like to be able to use that on my rods. Thanks.
  415. chuck merkel

    One more question - Unitbutts

    It has been a number of years since I made my set of trolling rods. I used Lamiglas IGFA trolling blanks - sizes 30, 50 and 80. These blanks mated up perfectly with the appropriate size Aftco Unibutts (sizes 1, 2 and 4- if I recall correctly). I do not remember having to sand the blanks or build...
  416. chuck merkel

    More Thanksgiving Mahi

    Attached is my catch from the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We fished out of Haleiwa. It was rough but there was plenty of action.
  417. chuck merkel

    Mac heads

    I am not exactly sure what you are looking for but take a look at: Hawaii Fishing Lures Official Website - Lures, Tackle, Gifts and More! Gary and Stella have always treated me well and every lure that I have bought from them has produced. Hope this helps. Chuck Merkel