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  1. Seekin' Makaira

    SOLD REDUCED...For Sale: NIB Okuma Makaira 10,15 and 20 **SOLD**

    PRICES REDUCED 5/15/14 I have some new in box Okuma Makaira reels that due to a change of location, I won't be able to use so putting them up here. All are new in the box and have never been spooled. I'd like $400 for the 10, $415 for the 15, and $425 for the 20. We can work on prices, but...
  2. Seekin' Makaira

    Kona Classic

    Just a quick update for those of you interested. Day two results have not been released yet, but I just heard that Kai Lio had been fighting a fish for seven hours and just broke it off.... Day one results can be found here:
  3. Seekin' Makaira

    Well Boyz

    As it turns out, I will not be coming out for the Classic. A tough decision, but as I look at some of the men posting here serving our country with little more than a nod and a handshake, I feel compelled to offer what little thanks I can. As I sit staring over this great big barren of a...
  4. Seekin' Makaira

    Getting Back After It

    I'm heading back to HI starting Jan 1 and will be fishing Kona 1/9-1/15 (or so.) I'll be fishing on Anxious and want to offer any military personnel a day or two on the water. If you'd like to go, send me a PM and we'll figure out days. This is nothing more than a gesture of thanks to you...
  5. Seekin' Makaira

    What Happened to...

    Where did all the the guys go who posted here up until a few weeks ago? I'm talking about Jager, Hirize, Tim R, Fishinsoldier, and several others who were all great posters and just talked fishing Hawaii. Have you guys gone to another board? If any of you are reading this, and I know I missed...
  6. Seekin' Makaira

    Kona Classic

    Anyone fishing it?
  7. Seekin' Makaira


    Seeing as how the Hawaii forum has at least a weekly question asking for charters in Kona/Lahaina/etc., how about making a sticky with links to all the charters with feedback. I don't know if this has been done here before, but it could certainly be a good reference point, and would help...