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  1. lamnidae

    Commander 9/11

    That first photo is awesome.
  2. lamnidae

    Freelance 1/2 Twilight (9-10)

    Sand Bass used to be king of the Twilight trips. C&R should be a norm. Twilight boats seem to rely too much on the "one stop shop". Fishing pressure and El Nino have altered these spots.
  3. lamnidae

    9-9-16 offshore tuna trip!

    Kudos to your rant Pgnracr. Nice job on the tuna. It's starting to happen. Funny to go from big BUT with 80lbs test to YFT and 15 to 20lbs test. Damn that micro bait.
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    First String Pacific Dawn tandem BFT KILL

    That is awesome stuff. The crews and skippers working together is epic. Overall Kudos.
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    Catalina Ahi - 8/27

    Again, way to prove to find your own fish. You are a fish slayer, indeed.
  6. lamnidae

    8/27 Not a Bluefin...

    That fish is usually on a bucket list within a bucket list. Super rare. Not quite the SoCal wahoo, but close. At least one can see Bluefin being a pain. You totally went "seek and destroy" on that Opah. Metered,jagged and hooked up. Couldn't be any more perfect.
  7. lamnidae

    First Time FisherChicks

    You provided a very good deed. Awesome job.
  8. lamnidae

    Newport 8/17

    Unnecessary killing of birds which would eventually lead to more closures. Respect nature, that's all. When nature's karma comes a-knockin', it is usually very bad. The ocean is pretty deep.
  9. lamnidae

    Yellowtail, calicos and a lady

    True hero. Quick thinking made the difference. That is better than any it thing, saving a life.
  10. lamnidae

    Dana to 181+dick move

    Maybe told them that you saw a big shark, not tuna.
  11. lamnidae

    The San Diego got em today!

    One fish per rod in early April is DEFINITELY getting them, considering the limit is two and the schools like to play hide and seek.
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    Shogun 12/19 report

    I believe that calling the the group of fishermen on this forum a "bunch of slap dicks" is quite silly. These guys are on here because they love to fish and fish hardcore, no matter the conditions or the challenge. With the diversity of anglers, the smack talk banter and heated discussions, it...
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    Shogun 12/19 report

    If I was on a boat full of experinced, old guard fishermen, I would take it as a sign to get my mental notebook out and go to school. The recess would be filled by hearing great stories from the teachers. The passing of good knowledge is a valuable asset. One should never turn down or squander...
  14. lamnidae

    Shogun Guad

    Soooo, you wanted to report an epic trip where no one could handle there fish and people should fish on the Shogun. The Shogun's reputation speaks for itself. Glad that the trip was good, BUT maybe show some respect. Experience is a valuable thing and there is much more to a fishing trip than...
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    No bugs I got this instead!

    That must have sucked not getting the targeted species.
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    December 6th Dorado

    That's a nice area of fish.
  17. lamnidae

    Oceanside dec1

    This season has been mind blowing. YFT in December and still normal summertime water temps.
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    Marlin at Newport Pier today

    Those are some very clear photos. The whale watchers probably don't realize how significant this sighting is.
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    Note to self: Don't hoop during a thunder storm

    Amazing photo! Good idea sitting that one out.
  20. lamnidae


    You did make a good situation out of a bad one. Good you came back safely with some halibut too.
  21. lamnidae

    What every Maruader needs...

    Persistence pays off. Nice fish.
  22. lamnidae

    Every now and then a blind squirrel finds a nut or a Wahoo

    He was missing the red and white bobber to create the splash effect while trolling. To cool and funny. Just proves that being in the right place at the right time is all that is needed. Beyond that, anyone can catch fish on anything. Reminds me of the photos of the anglers on the party boats...
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    Northern pv

    Sounds like a Black Skipjack.
  24. lamnidae

    Is it over?

    It sounds like it is over for those who want it to be. Many have fished hard over the last two seasons and it has taken a toll physically, mentally, and financially. As long as there's bait and warmish, clean water, the fish will be there too. But don't throw in the towel yet. This could go on...
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    Boys it ain't over....

    It's too early for singing . Just a longer boat ride. The micro bait has been the challenge all season long.
  26. lamnidae

    Is it over?

    This season, fish that would normally be considered target species are now considered bait. This just adds to the uniqueness of this season. As others have said, the key thing is to adapt to what is available to target or start heading farther out. Plus, the volume of boats have diminished...
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    10/28 2015 Went Catching again

    I didn't know that Mauraders worked on people too.
  28. lamnidae

    SWORDFISH! 10/24

    Ladies and gentlemen, ELVIS has left the building!
  29. lamnidae

    10/25/15 tunas off of blacks

    This season, nothing is surprising.
  30. lamnidae

    10/27 Wahoo near the 14

    Match the hatch! Way to go. Just when you think it was slowing down.
  31. lamnidae

    SWORDFISH! 10/24

    Why would someone have an issue with sharing the fight with their family?? Puzzling!?? The whole crew got to pull,and for some time, on a once in a lifetime fish that could have taken hours to bring up. The gear held up. The swivel makes the catch even sweeter. A simple congratulations is...
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    10/26 upper nine

    The Yozuri looks like the real deal underneath. Wahoo are too cool.
  33. lamnidae

    10/25/15 tunas off of blacks

    Nice surf caught Black Skipjack from Black's. Those Black Skippies have been invading the coastal waters in hordes.
  34. lamnidae

    SWORDFISH! 10/24

    You,sir, have accomplished the bucket list of bucket lists, landing a trolled hooked Swordfish in Southern California. Many congratulations to you and your team. Get that bill properly treated and enjoy the moment.
  35. lamnidae

    No Hoo MB 10/24

    I'm sure there are many grown men who have taken the same position while trolling for the Wahoo. You got out and gave it a try. Kudos to you.
  36. lamnidae

    10/23 Went Fishing & Caught A Fish

    Someone needed some online attention.
  37. lamnidae

    WAHOO on the Triton!!!!!!!!! 10/23

    Congrats on the first ever Wahoo
  38. lamnidae

    10/23 Went Fishing & Caught A Fish

    WOW MAN!!!! Is it time to open a new box of popcorn or should we finish off the other one?
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    Good to hear that the nicer grade fish were biting.
  40. lamnidae

    Sat 10-17 Pt Loma Fishing Report

    The Black Skipjack have invaded our coastal waters.
  41. lamnidae

    Kill, bleed, ice, repeat. Skippies at the rigs

    The stripes are a bit different than the other Skipjack. Just another species to add to the El Nino list this season.
  42. lamnidae


    The rod that takes a lickin, keeps on tickin. Nice fish. Is anyone fishing for YFT or Dodos? The 'hoos have taken over. I guess the once prized exotics are now bait. With such a volume of ultra exotics around, one would think that the Cow YFT would be around.
  43. lamnidae

    29 wahoo on the Legend

    Simply EPIC. Now THIS has never happened before!
  44. lamnidae

    Any Word On The After Thanksgiving Halibut Tournament For This Year?

    :rolleyes: Can you catch a halibut on a Marauder, trolled at about 10.6 knots?
  45. lamnidae

    first wahoo...............second and third wahoo

    Congratulations on the triple catch on the Wahoo for a PBer. I don't think anyone else has posted a triple score on Wahoo on this site or others. It IS a significant catch! There are a lot of Wahoo around but getting them in the boat is a different story. This is a monumental catch. You don't...
  46. lamnidae

    Remember a month or two ago...

    Haha! Now, we're looking for the first Sailfish.
  47. lamnidae

    Fisherman III goes long....

    The Sporties like their numbers. They make it seem like that is the only paddy in the universe. I bet there are some decent Blue Marlin in that vicinity.
  48. lamnidae

    Guess WHOO just scored #2!!!

    So is a marlin next for you? Seems like they are asking to play. As stated earlier, you're on fire. Those pliers now have super powers from Neptune. Go get a marlin! Fish on!
  49. lamnidae

    70 lb. Wahoo

    And some were saying that the season was over. Beautiful fish!
  50. lamnidae

    49.7 lbs OF PURE US WATERS STOKE!!!!!

    A major congratulations is in order for you. You seeked and destroyed. Can't wait for the full report.
  51. lamnidae

    Hoo's your daddy!

    What a season this has been for many. Congratulations.
  52. lamnidae

    Slim Pickin's 10/7 out of Dana Point

    There is no way that a 1 lb Yellowtail could justify the money for a trip like that. I'm sure that if they found the right paddy, all would have been different. Sporties should definitely release such small fish. At least you got out there.
  53. lamnidae

    Wahoo inside L9 (10/3/15)

    What an awesome experience.
  54. lamnidae

    Juvi Hoo

    The Wahoo are all over the place. Nice fish.
  55. lamnidae

    Blue Marlin 10/3/15

    Beautiful fish, photos, and release. Any guess on the size?
  56. lamnidae

    Dana Point Wahoo! 10/3

    What can one say but, AWESOME!
  57. lamnidae

    This whoo is for you dad! Hell yeah!

    That is hardcore. You should frame those pliers with a photo of the Wahoo. That fish was meant to be yours.
  58. lamnidae

    Okuma sponsor would be nice after this one?

    I believe that a sponsor would raise an eyebrow if it was a grander, caught solo, after a 12 hour battle, in Southern California. Some real "Old Man and the Sea"stuff. But all that aside, it is definitely an impressive catch and one to be very proud of. I think its great how the tuna coward...
  59. lamnidae

    Skunked oside 10/2

    Probably honored. Your report has become an online resource for fishing.
  60. lamnidae

    Okuma sponsor would be nice after this one?

    Great catch. Lucky he had the shark rig.
  61. lamnidae

    Oceanside 9/29 and bad bait

    Sounds like they are scrapping the barrel with whatever they can use for bait. This is the down side of the El Nino.
  62. lamnidae

    Skunked oside 10/2

    Doesn't get more skunk than that.
  63. lamnidae

    malihini bigeye

    This season is a little more unique the the other El Nino seasons. Too many unprecedented catches have occured. But, I do understand the cyclical patterns with El Nino/La Nina. This season is special though.
  64. lamnidae

    Strike 2HOO

    Definitely a good effort. You are ready and prepared. Now, the fish need to come out and play.
  65. lamnidae

    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    LOL He is gonna use some of the Mako for bait. Those deer are the ultimate prize for an El Nino season.
  66. lamnidae

    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    You probably could have said 700 lbs for a guess. That shark is truly a beast.
  67. lamnidae

    malihini bigeye

    Haha! I thought they became a cement wall.
  68. lamnidae

    malihini bigeye

    The Bigeye ID debate rears its ugly head again. By the end of this season , we'll be able to properly ID Bigeye Tuna and Blue Marlin. But, we'll need to pass this knowledge on because it could be a while before such an El Nino event happens again.
  69. lamnidae

    malihini bigeye

    A picture tells a thousand words.
  70. lamnidae

    Wahoo 9 mile

    One step closer.
  71. lamnidae

    Blue Marlin Report

    Haha. I bet you would. I know you're gunning for it too
  72. lamnidae


    Awesome solo fish!
  73. lamnidae

    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    Those teeth are huge. It's good that everything went well and it doesn't look like the shark went nuts while in the cockpit. Did you get any measurements or weight?
  74. lamnidae

    Double Hoos near the coronados 9/28/15

    Just incredible. No need for negativity here.
  75. lamnidae

    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    As one can see, the shark is more than a trophy. It has and will feed the angler's family, friends, whomever. It is more than an impressive set of jaws and a photo. Making the decision to kill or release a trophy fish is a difficult one to make. But it is their decision and they are making...
  76. lamnidae

    Spearfish on the Osborne Bank

    Oh, I didn't know that. That is wild.
  77. lamnidae

    9/28 2nd hand 150 Marlin report no broken gates

    WHAT!!!!!! No broken gates! Oh, wait. That has already been achieved. Good for your dad. Who would have thought that area would hold a consistent group of marlin. Too cool.
  78. lamnidae

    Full moon.

    For some fish,at certain times, it is awesome. For others, it's bad. Food is easily seen and eaten therefore, nothing wants to bite on a full, satisfied belly. As it was mentioned, change your target fish during the full moon. The ultra exotics, aka Wahoo and Blue Marlin, seem to be on the...
  79. lamnidae

    150 lbs blue marlin in Long Beach at the green buoy 9/26/15!!!!!

    It's funny how the guy catches a Striper inshore, not the first this season, claims it to be a Blue Marlin, then gets reported on his own thread about breaking the gate arm and following someone else out to the fishing grounds to join the fleet in its dance. Discussions in sue about his...
  80. lamnidae

    Spearfish on the Osborne Bank

    Nice fish. Not surprised. Blue Marlin have been seen and taken around the Channel Islands. It's just a matter of time before a Wahoo is taken that far North.
  81. lamnidae

    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    That is a BIG SHARK and a nice size Opah. Enjoy the eats and share the bounty.
  82. lamnidae

    Wahoo west of last jolla

    It seems that the Wahoo and Blue Marlin are spread out throughout the Southern California Bight. It is very awesome. I wonder if the the cow Yellowfin will make a showing. Seems like everything else is working its way here.
  83. lamnidae

    It's good to be king

    Nice fish! ...and the bite goes on...... This is the greatest Wahoo season ever in Southern California. Reports are daily about Wahoo and Blue Marlin. I remember when Opah catches would accumulate several pages of replies. Now, people are using Opah for giant Mako bait. Hahaha! What a season!
  84. lamnidae

    Wahoo west of last jolla

    All hell broke loose.... Nice fish
  85. lamnidae

    Epic Season

    WOW! Another Wahoo double. It seems like we are having a Wahoo season going on.
  86. lamnidae

    No Gaff Wahoo

    Now that is EPIC!
  87. lamnidae


    Don't hoard the mercury. That's a big Mako eating a big Opah. Any weight or info where taken? That's a lot of meat.
  88. lamnidae

    Sunday 9/27 267 Hovercraft, SJT, YFT, hammerhead, blue marlin (lots of pics)

    The pectoral fin looks locked in the photos at the boat too. Hmmm, maybe a Black?
  89. lamnidae

    Sunday 9/27 267 Hovercraft, SJT, YFT, hammerhead, blue marlin (lots of pics)

    Great day and photos. The shot of the splash makes that marlin look gargantuan.
  90. lamnidae

    Wahoo at the 9

    Awesome! A Wahoo double on the 9. It's just too surreal. Now we need a confirmed Black Marlin (I think one was thought to be a Black but the pectoral fins were in question), a Sailfish, and a Rooster fish from the surf. No of those would surprise me if caught this year.
  91. lamnidae

    Crazy Day 209 and south 9/26

    That Elephant Seal is food for some SERIOUS TAXMAN, right there. Nice Dodo. The water looks gorgeous.
  92. lamnidae

    A skinny that wasn't so...

    That's a beast and a half.
  93. lamnidae

    Blue Marlin Report

    Is there even a scale available to weigh in a possible grander?
  94. lamnidae

    Wahoo Report 9-26

    Bubble gum is a classic flavor and an awesome color. A monumental catch! Awesome video. Enjoy the eats.
  95. lamnidae

    Blue Marlin Report

    This season seems to be the season in which a grander could be a possibility.
  96. lamnidae

    Double Marlin Hookup

    That's a nice way to spend a day.
  97. lamnidae

    DP Wahoo

    Success! Great job. Hope your dinner was tasty.
  98. lamnidae

    Blue Marlin Report

    You've got the guns ready, now you just need to get into the correct gunfight. It will happen.
  99. lamnidae

    Plenty of fish

    What a wonderful way to spend four days.
  100. lamnidae

    Saturday 26th Wahoo N9mile

    Doesn't get much better.
  101. lamnidae

    WFO TUNA AGAIN!!! 9/25

    That Bullet Tuna is awesome. Probably extremely rare.
  102. lamnidae

    Epic day on the Water 9/25/15

    Great report and video!
  103. lamnidae

    9/25 425 area WFO w/ Wahoo

    Those are some nice size fish.
  104. lamnidae

    WFO TUNA AGAIN!!! 9/25

    You are on fire! 2 lb test is quite the change of pace. I wonder what the ultra light line records for YFT, YT, or Skippies could be? I guess I would have to join IGFA to find out. Maybe some of yours were record fish. Just a thought. Great report and another great trip. The Wahoo are out...
  105. lamnidae

    thursday dodos 9/24

    Awesome trip. Nice fish. Bummer about the 'hoo.
  106. lamnidae

    Magic paddy 9-23-15

    You got into some great fishing. You took your limits. I'm sure the fish will be consumed. You had a blast. That's what counts. You self regulated with catch and release. You're on a killer streak. Enjoy it.
  107. lamnidae

    FINBOMB catches 662.2lb Blue Marlin

    Again, an awesome catch. The argument of catch and release will never end. Overall, many marlin have been C&R, including some large ones. But when it comes down to the decision to just leader a marlin of such magnitude, not many will do such a thing. These guys should enjoy the fact that they...
  108. lamnidae

    'Hoos yer daddy. Solo. upper nine Wed 9-24

    The Wahoo bite continues...... Nice solo fish.
  109. lamnidae

    662 Blue Marlin landed in socal today

    The story stated 100 lb test but no other details.
  110. lamnidae

    Big blue!!!

    Damn dude. That is awesome. I see that someone brought the correct gun to a gunfight.
  111. lamnidae

    WFO tuna limits for 3 in less than an hour

    I think it's time to break out the trout gear. Put the sport back into sportfishing. It's good to hear that the YFT and YT are eating the paint off the boat's and that gets any fishermen's blood going, but these fish are so immature that some kind of self regulating is necessary. If not, then...
  112. lamnidae


    The skunk was a worthy sacrifice for your Mom's great trip.
  113. lamnidae

    Newport patriot 9/21

    Good karma points to you. The Southern California Bight has been overtaken by the little tunas. The bigger ones must be out there somewhere. There's got to be a cow YFT swimming around.
  114. lamnidae

    Dana Wahoo 9-22-2015

    This is truly a Wahoo season for the record books. One could almost say that there is a Wahoo bite going on here in So Cal.
  115. lamnidae

    Rodeo time!

    Amazing catch and thankfully nothing happened to anyone or anything. Do not trust any shark in the cockpit, living or "dead". Even the decapitated heads can still cause serious damage. Always be cautious. Shark Meat has some very good advice.
  116. lamnidae

    South of 302 sept 19.

    That's a "Golden ticket" right there. Nice fish. I think the football tuna will keep us busy for a while.
  117. lamnidae

    So Cal Exotics

    Originally, I was referring to the hanging marlin, since the report wasn't clear about the specie of the one in the cockpit. Those pectoral fins were definitely rigid in that shot.
  118. lamnidae

    So Cal Exotics

    Oh man, it was a Blue. I was hoping for a Black Marlin. That would be icing on the cake. There's still time for a Black and a Sail.
  119. lamnidae

    Spencer Tracy, Zane Grey, and THAT Blue Marlin on the New Lo-An

    Time to break out the biggest gear one can have to get a chance at a 750 lb + Blue Marlin. This might be some uncharted territory and will take some good boat skills. Total teamwork. That is very cool that you got the opportunity to pull on such a fish. Just incredible!
  120. lamnidae

    Father & Daughter Double Wahoo at the 14!

    Awesome!!!!! Is this the first successful double on Wahoo in Southern California? I think it is. There have been confirmed Blue Marlin catch/C&R and a confirmed Black Marlin catch. Just amazing. Can anyone say Sailfish?
  121. lamnidae

    PL Mix bag on the JRI 4

    But the know not to mess with Sculpin
  122. lamnidae

    PL Mix bag on the JRI 4

    The harbor seals and sea lions were a problem up at the North end of PL kelp about a month ago. Same thing with needing to reel the fish in like crazy to avoid the highway thievery. Lost some bass and Yellowtail on that trip. Both of my boys hooked into some kind of pinneped thinking it was the...
  123. lamnidae


    :( Your emotions exude from this report. Sorry to read about your bad experience.
  124. lamnidae

    Helena Wahoo 9/17?

    That is mind blowing. Talk about making something good out of a potentially bad situation. Beautiful day, two fishermen, two Wahoo.
  125. lamnidae

    Marlin 9-12

    Excellent job on the double header.
  126. lamnidae

    BLUE of the Isthmus

    That's awesome!
  127. lamnidae

    9/15 Nasty out there today.

    Good you played it safe. Go get them Thursday.
  128. lamnidae

    do do play on a slow day oside 9/13/2015

    Nice way to pull it off. Did you notice if any of the Dorado were eating or chasing the little Yellowtail?
  129. lamnidae

    Open water Dorado saves skunk 9-14

    :notworthy You will get your marlin. It will probably be gnarly one too, on video.
  130. lamnidae

    9/12 WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    Now the cat's out of the bag and more have been weighed in. This will be an unprecedented year for Wahoo.
  131. lamnidae

    Dana Pt - Full Speed YFT and EPIC Hammerhead Video

    Were there multiple Hammerheads? One looked smaller.
  132. lamnidae

    YFT, Taxman, 14 miles off the Domes Saturday 9/12

    That was Awesome what the Clemente did for you guys. It shows that everyone can work together and enjoy a great day fishing.
  133. lamnidae

    Shelter Island 530 launch

    Shit happens. It was the sea lion that took the Yellowtail, not you or the gaff. Kind of you to apologize and buddy should have at least acknowledged it. You can only work with the tools you are given and if the tool fails.....well. Being out on the water I'm sure was better than being at...
  134. lamnidae

    Got her first 1

    No need for anymore with a TOAD like that.
  135. lamnidae

    2yft ,1 Dorado ,5 new tires

    :D Isn't there a size restriction and limit for tires in California waters?????? I thought it was a heavily monitored fishery that encourages "catch and release".
  136. lamnidae

    Anybody baiting/chunking the mini yellows?

    Find a lure that will match the hatch. Let the micro - Yellowtail be. That's the Yellowtail future that you're thinking about chunking away. What's wrong with mackerel and sardines?
  137. lamnidae

    9/12 WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    Beautiful fish. Let the games begin.
  138. lamnidae

    9/12 Dana Point 267 big YFT & endless skippies

    As with boating etiquette, people lose their ability to rationally think before speaking on the radio. There is an etiquette and just basic respect when using the radio. At times, the radio is a gathering of "that guy (s)" and once it starts, it catches on fast. It's a shame because there can...
  139. lamnidae

    Ocean Odyssey 9 10

    I understand the lack of excitement for Skippies. In the tuna world, they aren't the object of many tuna missions. One doesn't hear or read about people targeting Skipjack, but in a skunk situation, they are more than welcomed and on the right gear, can be great fun. Plus, they look cool. I've...
  140. lamnidae

    Anyone heard of catch and release

    I figured that a 400 lb Blue Marlin taken in Southern California waters would be the equivalent a taking a 1000 lber somewhere else. The rarity of such a catch is much too overwhelming to not document. A catch and release would always leave room for doubt for such a claim. Plus, I didn't know...
  141. lamnidae

    BLUE of the Isthmus

    That is a big, beautiful marlin. Sounds like the bigger fish are making their presence known.
  142. lamnidae

    Ocean Odyssey 9 10

    At least they caught something.
  143. lamnidae

    9-10-15 same epic WFO bite

    Slayers! Incredible fishing!
  144. lamnidae

    How to properly fish someone else's paddy

    "That's my kelp island"!!!!!!!
  145. lamnidae

    Wouldnt have believed it if I wouldnt have seen it with my own eyes

    A picture's worth a thousand words and thousand words is a big report.
  146. lamnidae

    New Boat Mojo

    In 28 feet of water too. That is awesome!
  147. lamnidae

    Linda swells

    Maybe take Bonine. Less drowsy. Also, have a plan B.
  148. lamnidae

    Patties chaser

    The unintentional photo bomb
  149. lamnidae

    La Jolla Canyun WFO - 9/4/15 - YFT, Dodo, marlin (blue???)

    Words cannot describe the greatness in this post. I envy such experience with my children. Pass on the knowledge.
  150. lamnidae

    Blue Marlin @ the 238

    All marlin jump.
  151. lamnidae

    Blue Marlin @ the 238

    Nice beast of a marlin. The game of " Fish ID Jeopardy" continues here on Bloody Decks.
  152. lamnidae

    oceanside yesterday sep 2 report

    :hali_ruahahaha: Haha! That would be CLASSIC! Imagine the thread that would create on here.
  153. lamnidae

    Must See!!!

    That is placed perfectly in that Sea Lion's ear. Don't worry, the hook will rust out.
  154. lamnidae

    DP 8/30 YT and Hammerhead

    There has already been one confirmed bite from a Hammerhead, probably provoked. I would respect there space and stay in the boat. Anyway, there have been larger sized sharks confirmed around here lately that would scare you out of your skin, if in the water with them.
  155. lamnidae

    Short Bill Spearfish

    Actually it would be our kids or grandkids that will be passing on the stories of the summer of 2015. We still have the fall to come.
  156. lamnidae

    Short Bill Spearfish

    Hordes of skippies, baby Yellowfin, Yellowtail fry everywhere, Wahoo near Santa Barbara Island, sightings of Blue and Black Marlin, Hammerheads, now a confirmed Short bill Spearfish for a PBer. It must be El Nino.
  157. lamnidae

    DP 8/30 YT and Hammerhead

    It sounds like a good day. That's cool that you got to fight one of the Hammerheads out there.
  158. lamnidae

    24 of 30 passengers get sick/food poisoning on the Independence

    That is not good. Definitely a health issue if 3/4 of the passengers get sick with the same symptoms. Decker shouldn't diagnosis something like that. Just get the people back.
  159. lamnidae

    Tax man video as promised

    The news piece stated that you were 5 miles offshore. I thought you stated 10 miles. The news girl did her bit on Oceanside pier, tying everything together and it was the lead in story.
  160. lamnidae

    Commander Reporting 3 Big Eye

    I do agree that those pectoral definitely fit the description. But combined with a tail shot would put the icing on the cake. Those ones in the BET photo are similar sized to one I got in the early 90s. I still can picture the sight of 80-100 lbs fish blowing up on the trolling gear like it...
  161. lamnidae

    Oceanside for the Week

    Odin will reward you when you least expect it. Respect the ocean and it will respect you back.
  162. lamnidae

    Commander Reporting 3 Big Eye

    Wish there was a good tail photo. The little football sized Bigeye would make a quick ID challenging. Still, how many predawn Yellowfin bites have been reported?
  163. lamnidae

    Black on local bank!!

    These are the reports that people associate with El Nino. That would be an amazing sight.
  164. lamnidae

    La Jolla 8/29

    Those Bonito are the best introduction to tuna any father of a younger fisherman could have. The Yellowtail will come.
  165. lamnidae

    The tax man!!!!! N

    That is the CEO of the Taxmen. I would hate to experience how she would do a collection. I guess the El Nino has them confused too.
  166. lamnidae

    8/24 DP- Little man Big fish vol. 10

    Your son will need to create some kind of Power Point presentation to explain to the his class, including his teacher, what he did this summer. Minds will be blown! A super KUDOS to you for taking him out there and teaching him the lessons of saltwater fishing. You two have had an incredible...
  167. lamnidae

    Bloody mess on the 267!!!! 8-23-15

    That is definitely a successful day. Nothing is better than having tuna blow up on the chum, next to the boat.
  168. lamnidae

    Yesterday Oside 8-23

    This is the season that many fishermen on BD are producing smiles and great memories for the future of sportfishing here in Southern California. As mentioned earlier, that one Dodo is worth a plugged boat of tuna, anytime.
  169. lamnidae

    Tuesday 8/18 Report- 14 miles NW of Mission Bay---Strange to say the least

    With the overall warm water, I wouldn't be surprised if someone sights a Tiger, Oceanic Whitetip, or some other exotic species.
  170. lamnidae

    Here and there

    "That guy" if he held it upside down. Too bad. A 20 lbs+ YFT on 6 lb test is definitely sportsman of you.
  171. lamnidae

    Headed to the Osborn

    That is awesome. Nice looking Mako. Did you get a weight? Looks around 7 to 8 feet long.
  172. lamnidae

    8/19 Wahoo sighted near the 267

    That would be have been funny if the first Wahoo taken this year would have been out of a scoop of bait. Of course for such a claim, a photo ID would have helped.
  173. lamnidae

    8/19 Wahoo sighted near the 267

    Hammerheads, Blue Marlin, and Wahoo. Oh my! Ohhhh, I'm off to fish El Nino, the El Nino that is happening here.
  174. lamnidae

    Dana - 08.20.2015 + Hammerhead

    Unless he moves out to Florida, any experience with a big Hammerhead will last a lifetime. Hammerheads in Southern California is an El Nino specialty and those don't happen too often as we all know. I hope that you post the video.
  175. lamnidae

    8/19 Wahoo sighted near the 267

    Wahoo and Blue Marlin in late August. Awesome. Time for marauders and micro tuna for bait.
  176. lamnidae

    baby big eye

    To Jollanes: I agree with your statement. It is easy to overlook the differences between the two, but once you see them together, it is easier to see. The notched tail is the best "quick" ID without playing "peak - a boo" with pectoral fins or giving your fish an on the spot autopsy...
  177. lamnidae

    Oside daycare program Tuesday

    Awesome. Dig the photo of you son in battle while your daughter gives the "tails up" salute. Too cool.
  178. lamnidae

    baby big eye

    Hope everyone has the CSI equipment. It's possible. Some of the landing boats have claimed catches up to 100 lbs. We will see.
  179. lamnidae

    The one that didn't get away... mb

    Now THAT is extreme fishing! Absolutely no floating structure, just you and the fish. The ultimate in man vs. Fish.
  180. lamnidae

    O'side sunday. "that guy"

    I was thinking a "Don't Be That Guy" T-shirt, but it is your buddy, so.......maybe not. Bummer about the Bummer trip but one hell of a funny story.
  181. lamnidae

    Godzilla El Nino

    I thought the Albacore had been uninstalled from the tuna program. Albacore are cyclical, it seems. There have been many years in the past that there are minimal Albacore numbers and then they are years when they are everywhere. Take what we can get and enjoy the time.
  182. lamnidae

    South of the 267 Friday, 8/14

    Nice 1 tuna murder scene. Seeing Dorado streak along the surface is always cool looking. Enjoy the fish.
  183. lamnidae

    Pelagic Stingray off LA Jolla today

    Totally a lost dog, begging for food.
  184. lamnidae

    Pelagic Stingray off LA Jolla today

    I caught a big one years ago when landings use to have open party shark trips. Very cool to catch.
  185. lamnidae

    Near the 267 Sunday 8-9-15

    The little group of baits along with the mass bait dump could be the key to getting the finicky tuna to bite. The micro bait has been a plague all season.
  186. lamnidae

    8/7/15 WFO TUNA AND DODO'S 2 HOUR ONE STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's like Facebook, Twitter, or The Food Network with all of the food porn.
  187. lamnidae

    Chief out of H&M - Question?

    :confused: One would think 31 sabikis going could have made a difference.
  188. lamnidae

    Fish Hard!!! La Niña predicted for 2016

    The Fortune picked up an Albacore yesterday? First of the season? ??
  189. lamnidae

    8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    :worship:Some 5 pages later, congrats on the fish Ali and the crew. True teamwork. The season is still young, maybe a 250 lber or bigger? You guys could pull it off.
  190. lamnidae

    8/2 Spooled on the 267

    I understand your philosophy. It is better to get bit and fight a fish than over gun it. Normally that would work but this year is quite different. It is odd fishing #40 string as the light gear and anything under will either get spooled or result in an extended fight with help from the Tuna...
  191. lamnidae

    Out of Redondo question

    Catch more macks for fresh chum.
  192. lamnidae

    8/1/15 Mr. & Mrs. Dodo and cousin Tuna

    The radio always gets busier and nasty when nothing is being caught. The resolution for bad radio etiquette is getting hooked up.
  193. lamnidae

    Aug.1 Second hand Big Ass BFT report

    I think the fish is enjoying your bro more
  194. lamnidae

    Tuna Fishing with Shimano Flatfall Jig- video+pics

    Hey, you where on a multi day trip and you got fish. No skunk! At least you weren't bouncing them on 50 or 80, like some trout farm. People were catching the little ones last year and once those from your trip move up, they'll catch those too. People have taken plenty of rats and doritos...
  195. lamnidae

    Whaa? Report on 6 over 125 at the 43?

    :confused: I saw that post. It looked EPIC! The tuna were definite "cow" material. It would have been one of those 5 page plus posts.
  196. lamnidae

    Fish ID?

    I believe it is bad MOJO to kill one.
  197. lamnidae


    You guys have given a new meaning to "cattle boat". Truly beast slayers.
  198. lamnidae

    Catalina mid week report - big yellows

    Great report. The fur bags are sneaky.
  199. lamnidae

    Sauerfish YT and Dodo limits.... And a Whale Shark...???

    Wow, a Whale Shark and rumors of Tiger Sharks too
  200. lamnidae

    Jumping Tuna,Batman !!!!!! Late report 7-24-15

    Worked the La Jolla Canyon area out to the buoy, then along the southern edge moving eastward. Water was 72-74.5. Lots of temperature breaks. No paddies inside, but found some north of the buoy, on the outside. Some free swimming Dorado on the outside. Bluefin jumping everywhere, inside and...
  201. lamnidae

    yt and yft

    Guys stopping on top of breaking fish seems to be the popular thing to do. The jumping Bluefin are much too skittish for that, still.
  202. lamnidae

    YFT from the Jetty!!

    Guys in Australia catch big game right off the rocks in some form of extreme fishing. Soon, YFT from the jetty and Hammers from the surf.
  203. lamnidae

    WFO tuna Dana 7/22

    Damn dude, that is some serious fish killing going on right there. You probably should have tossed in a empty hook. El Nino must feel good right now.
  204. lamnidae

    Everything changed on 7/22 – Big Tuna are now possible. Two new Personal Bests* on the day.

    That is an excellent way to spend a 21 hour day. Congrats on the high quality YFT!
  205. lamnidae

    Wahoo ....coming soon !

    That is some WARM WATER. Should wire leaders be used or just go for the straight mono? Anyone heard about Blue Marlin?
  206. lamnidae


    What would one do with ten 100 lbs plus Bluefin anyway? You would need to replace your arms. The future of the Bluefin should be more secure than in the past.
  207. lamnidae


    That was Awesome!!!!
  208. lamnidae

    Skipjack Frenzy at the 14 Mile Bank

    Great job capturing the tuna surface frenzy.
  209. lamnidae

    Skipjack Frenzy at the 14 Mile Bank

    Did you actually see Skipjack?
  210. lamnidae


    Maybe a Hammerhead? A VW Bluefin? Haha! Bummer, dude. Whatever it was, it definitely was in beast mode.
  211. lamnidae

    If you don't know, now you know. (Non fish report)

    If they had to put that on the label, then someone already has made the mistake.
  212. lamnidae

    Bluefin Go stupid WFO in OC

    Out in the streets, they call it murder. Great session!
  213. lamnidae

    smashed em 7/15

    What was the size of the one in that last photo?
  214. lamnidae

    7/14 big BFT!

    :worship:Finally. The rod and reel has out done the spear. AWESOME FISH!!!!!!
  215. lamnidae

    Rpt.-Wed.-07-15-15 Offshore Slam on the Kolo.

    The deck is truly murder scene. Awesome!
  216. lamnidae

    WENT TO THE 181

    I slayed the 'chovies on Sunday.
  217. lamnidae

    Ten Hrs later...

    :worship: Super sized Bluefin! ! Amazing job on the fight, the switch over and sticking it out.
  218. lamnidae

    North 9 Strikeout 7-12

    Launched out of MB at 0630. Minimal wait at the bait barge and was greeted with, "we only have anchovies". Possible game changer. Bought a scoop for chum and having the hope the some straggler sardines might be in there. Experienced a beautiful sunrise . As I'm re-rigging for the smaller baits...
  219. lamnidae

    Top of 9 and North-7/11

    Tighten the drag might have lost the fish. Sounds like he did fine with the 50 pounder. Good job.
  220. lamnidae

    BlueFin Limit?

    I would take what you need or can store without waste.
  221. lamnidae

    Bluefin go wide open- Dana Point

    That's a meat trip right there.
  222. lamnidae

    Dana Point Paddy Goodness

    Nice report and information. That should help many who are going out.
  223. lamnidae

    Bluefin On The Iron...

    CONGRATULATIONS! I believe you were part of it "going off".
  224. lamnidae

    North Nine

    Awesome! Sounds like they are taking up residency.
  225. lamnidae


    And size too
  226. lamnidae

    Big Ass Bluefin on the Malahini

    :2gunsfiring_v1:It seems that he brought a serious gun to a gun fight. Whatever he was thinking about before the trip, he came prepared.
  227. lamnidae

    Big Ass Bluefin on the Malahini

    He probably spent the whole trip landing it. Amazing fish for a 3/4 day. I wonder where in the US waters that they found that beast. Did they report a weight on it?
  228. lamnidae

    tug of war with a mako

    At least it wasn't a sea lion molesting the Yellowtail.
  229. lamnidae

    Nice Patty Hopping On The 4th

    Best paddy hopping report to date. That area is renowned for its paddies.
  230. lamnidae

    MONSTER BLUE at South 9

    Did you get a weight?
  231. lamnidae

    Gary Catches a PIG on JD's Breakaway...7/4/2015

    "Fugattabout the tuna... Congratulations on theRockfish!" Hahaha! El Nino rockfish. Probably plugged up with tuna crabs.
  232. lamnidae

    I sucked last week please help!!

    Bluefin are Bluefin. You could do everything perfect and they still won't bite. Maybe chunk a bit, maybe troll if you weren't already doing that. Look for the terns, temp breaks, surface activity, etc. It just sounds like some hard days fishing. Just keep trying. Persistence pays off.
  233. lamnidae

    Killed It and GIANT Yellowtail on The Sport King

    Fish heads, fish heads, Rollie pollie fish heads!
  234. lamnidae

    Lets keep catching 4th

    Was it a Hammerhead?
  235. lamnidae

    Big blue

    That is awesome. Hope the record lasts longer then the last few. Someone is going to spear or hook and land a 250 lbs + beast before the season is done.
  236. lamnidae


    Sounds like the open door is letting everyone in. Now, they need to take their seats so that the show may begin.
  237. lamnidae

    Big blue

    I wonder if he'll apply for a state record? Sooner or later, someone is going to land one of these beast on rod and reel.
  238. lamnidae

    Am trip to the rockpile

    Nice catch. Get your radio checked or replaced.
  239. lamnidae

    Local Night Fishing for Tuna

    Night fishing could raise Elvis from the depths.
  240. lamnidae

    New lo-Ann sat 6/27

    You came, you saw , you kicked it's ass. Nice score considering the conditions.
  241. lamnidae

    Local Night Fishing for Tuna

    It might be a good idea, especially during the full moon.
  242. lamnidae

    DP 6/30- Little Man, Big Fish!

    What an incredible report. The "we make a great team" during the chaos is absolutely priceless. Children, in there innocence, are so honest and that can result in some amazing comments that only a father and son (s) can share. Mega - kudos for getting your son out on the water and experiencing...
  243. lamnidae

    Murder and Mayhem on the Santiago-Yellowfin off O'Side near the 209

    There still seems to be confusion identifying tunas. Maybe the moderators should put up a tuna identification if they haven't already. Nice chunky fish.
  244. lamnidae

    2.5 Ocean Odyssey

    That kinda sucked. With tuna and Yellows everywhere and Dodos starting to show, you would think that they could have stuck close and gave anglers a lot of time to fish and probably gotten a school or two to bite. The Yellowfin seem to be less shy than the Bluefin. It sounds weird to me and a...
  245. lamnidae

    A day to remember! Hat trick.

    Man, you have one fishy boat. Always slaying them. Great report!
  246. lamnidae

    what's wrong with the fish count

    According to the counts, they should.
  247. lamnidae

    Sauerfish Charters Local Success

    Damn! That was a massive Bonito. AWESOME FISHING! !!!!
  248. lamnidae


    Apparently, the brotherhood drove out too far. The tuna being very close isn't new news. Kayakers are gunning to kill some now. Plus, the fish are all over. It is awesome that you got them and save fuel.
  249. lamnidae

    Wide open tangle

  250. lamnidae

    9 Mile epic day

    Now that is a great day fishing. The Switch Has Been Flicked on.
  251. lamnidae


    And the Sporties still are catching rockfish. :hali_ruahahaha: Probably for the best because where they go , many follow.
  252. lamnidae

    solo tuna trip

    Simply incredible. Someone will get one outside the kelp soon.
  253. lamnidae

    Offshore Bluefin from a kayak?? Attempt No. 1

    The fish seem to be within that range off San Diego if you launch out of Mission Bay, that canyon out where you were would probably be a better consistent option. Amazing effort and as others have hinted, have a radio for safety reasons, if you didn't already have one. A big fish could take...
  254. lamnidae

    Report 6/25 Thursday

    It's becoming more consistent now. Nice catch.
  255. lamnidae

    9 mile bank 6/25/2015

    Good report. If you hook up with one of those 100+lbs, you are definitely going on a Nantucket Sleigh Ride.
  256. lamnidae

    Decent sized BFT just off PL

    Awesome! Five miles off the point. They are in very close to that part of San Diego and some want to play.
  257. lamnidae

    6/24/15 Oside / DP, 4-6 Miles Offshore

    You're doing nothing wrong. Lockjaw is hard to unlock.
  258. lamnidae

    Late post........Nice grade Yellowfin at the 9

    That is a nice fish. Was that about a mile west of the 9 north or south?
  259. lamnidae

    I'm doing something right

    Very nice day. Could be the beginning of something amazing. Your fish really wanted to play.
  260. lamnidae

    This is happening 6 to 8 miles off Point Loma

    :shake: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Now we can add seiners to the ever present buffet and the resulting lockjaw.
  261. lamnidae


    I wouldn't be surprised if many of those kelp beds along the North San Diego County coast have Yellowtail on them. The big question is "Do they have the lockjaw".
  262. lamnidae

    Late report. Sat. 6/20

    That tuna was definitely lit up for the photo.
  263. lamnidae

    Sat 6/20 report

    Nice fish! I think all the Tunas have an office memo telling them all to have lock jaw. The buffet out there is too vast.
  264. lamnidae

    on the water Dana Point offshore report 6-21

    I figured that you guys did. Those Bluefin definitely give a small window of time for anglers to not only figure out what they are interested in, but to get one to bite.
  265. lamnidae

    on the water Dana Point offshore report 6-21

    Has anyone dropped bait or jig down to those depths? I know it's deep but...... Just wondering????
  266. lamnidae

    3/4 day Dorado

    There have been times when the catch of Bonito got people excited.
  267. lamnidae

    3/4 day Dorado

    Haha, wasn't a fluke. I guess I wasn't aware that I was being funny. If the Dodo come in, the paddies will get even more interesting, in June too. I hope something helps flip the switch.
  268. lamnidae

    3/4 day Dorado

    On the Seaforth site, this was listed: Alexes 3/4 Day 1 Bonito, 1 Dorado Anyone know any details or was it a fluke?
  269. lamnidae

    6/19 La Jolla/ 6 mile bank

    It sounds like the "shut down and long soak"drift technique might be the way to go. Let the fish come to you idea. Good to hear that they are in close down here too.
  270. lamnidae

    Friday the 19th

    It looks like you got yourself some salad on that one photo. Congrats on the Yellowtail and intel.
  271. lamnidae

    Seiner boats off Newport right now, getting all these pesky tuna out of our water

    Rockfish are biting all over. They're the "Plan B". Between the seiners and the "all you can eat" seafood buffet, I wonder if the tuna will ever settle down. Well, many have said that this was going to be an interesting season.
  272. lamnidae

    Fun day

    Any information can be helpful for others when planning a trip. The volume of boats and the wide spread area of fish may not necessarily evoke a secret spot. They got a group of fish that wanted to play and they or others didn't do the things that seem to drive the fish down. I would have to say...
  273. lamnidae

    Birthday BlueFin

    Happy 60th, Jimm. I was wondering if you had gotten out there. Happy to read that you nailed one.
  274. lamnidae

    Videos and pictures of BFT the last 5 days & 168# fish dead

    You've taken a bloody deck to a new level with your bloody bath photo. That was a massive amount of fish down there!
  275. lamnidae

    Blind squirrel bluefin report 6/14

    That photo is true Bloody decks fashion. So much blood, the entire fish is a different color. AWESOME! Way to think out your situation on the water and use something that matches what the tuna have been blowing up on. They have quite the buffet right now. You were at the right place at the right...
  276. lamnidae

    fun day away from the crowds

    Sounds like you found a paddy that hasn't been molested. I have a feeling that there is a big area that could produce fish but not many are checking it out. Great job
  277. lamnidae

    la Jolla-June 13th

    There looks to be a nice break north of Mission Bay/La Jolla that curves just a little offshore along the La Jolla Canyon on the SST but they might be a bit old. Good to hear the Calcio bass are on the chew. I hope a new Flux of clean, warm water pushes through soon.
  278. lamnidae

    Bluefin on the 9

    Nice fish and good show for the shout out to the Fun Addict for the paddy sharing. I believe stuff like that can encourage others to paddy share, as long as all play nice and cooperate.
  279. lamnidae

    6/12 BFT on 9 Mile Bank

    Explains the lock jaw. These Bluefin are eating machines, just not for most of our baits. Awesome that you landed one with so much intel. There should be a way to "match the hatch" and still have a chance with the gear.
  280. lamnidae

    June 10, 2015 YFT again.

    :confused: It must be a secret Yellowfin hole that he doesn't want poached. The background needs to be blurred though. Hmmmmmm......
  281. lamnidae

    Upper nine 6-8-15

    Empty bellies could be a good sign. A successful day, nonetheless.
  282. lamnidae

    Slug life

    2 lb florocarbon leader with a pinch sinker?
  283. lamnidae

    Trolling through the 150...

    I agree, but with the volume of people who look at these posts, a reminder wouldn't hurt. People easily get into vacation mode and forget we all our out there wanting to catch. Fishing is better when people are cool with each other, instead of all of the shenanigans that can kill off a good shot...
  284. lamnidae

    Trolling through the 150...

    :imdumb:Maybe it's time for the boating etiquette from last year to be posted again, along with paddy etiquette for those who care to read and remind us.
  285. lamnidae

    Better Technique Needed

    Maybe East Coast style chunk in after the fish drop out? I think "outside of the box" ideas will have just as good of a chance as the others. The buffet needs to thin a bit to make the baits appealing.
  286. lamnidae

    Beware Oceanside City and Harbor POS

    There's no fish in Oceanside, remember?
  287. lamnidae

    new bluefin regulations

    It leaves room to argue if cited but as others have stated, some boats are playing it safe. Besides, 10 of these Bluefin is quite a bit of meat and storage.
  288. lamnidae

    Who needs offshore and a big boat???

    Wish there were more details. That area is on fire. Can't wait for the moon to wear off.
  289. lamnidae

    New to SD

    Watch out for MLPAs.
  290. lamnidae

    yft in june top of the nine. June 1

    Blue Marlin and Wahoo in August and cow YFT in July. The grade of fish this season is much more grander than last year. Maybe the Bigeye might make an appearance. AWESOME fish!
  291. lamnidae

    Oceanside 95 overnight 5/30

    Reeling in your trolling rig is another cattle boat ediquette that seems to be overlooked. Don't be on a troll rotation if you don't want to mind your rig. Was the trolling gear other people's personal gear or the boat's gear?
  292. lamnidae

    What a Weekend

    That is complete Zane Grey epicness right there. I think there was another post somewhere that mentioned this battle. Those BIG Bluefin are a true test of angler endurance and boat teamwork.
  293. lamnidae

    Oceanside 95 overnight 5/30

    Maybe they ran out of food. LOL! Seriously though, glad that the landing has a boat that is trying. I too use to fish out of there quite a bit, but too many consistent negative experiences changed that. One would think that they would have managed the bait a little differently with the option...
  294. lamnidae

    yellowfin Tuna! on the San Diego 3/4

    People look for Sporties anyway or follow them around. The numbers give people an idea of where there was some success. It seems that the parking lot has been opened for business. Just go get them.
  295. lamnidae

    Tuna Time

    That is the best El Nino explanation EVER! Anytime a weather anomaly puts tuna right up our ass, you know it is going to be epic. Awesome video, as always.
  296. lamnidae

    Here a yella there a yella

    That shelf just off the coast from Newport to North San Diego can be very productive for exotics.
  297. lamnidae


    Wow! This past weekend was the weekend for big tuna, with all the other reports and sightings. That time to bring a gun to the gunfight.
  298. lamnidae

    Here a yella there a yella

    Local OC paddy Yellows and BIG Bluefin sounds like the beginnings of a stellar summer/fall. Good job on the big paddy Yellows.
  299. lamnidae

    Opah at the 43

    That is awesome!
  300. lamnidae

    Sunday 5-24-15 YFT BFT Offshore Report

    Too bad about the catch ratio. But that is one NICE YFT! I would call it successful day due to the quality YFT at the end of May. You got your decks bloody. The days of epicness will soon be upon us all.
  301. lamnidae

    Corner to 182

    Man, it has to break open any time now. It sounds like the stage is set. Now we're all waiting for someone to yell action. Some stable weather would help along with a spike in water temps. Still, a skunk is no fun. Kill them next trip.
  302. lamnidae

    Good ending

    I think it is pretty cool that the fish was taken on the kelp. It is a big fish no matter what. A nice local kelp bed Yellowtail is always welcomed. A bloody shirt is a sign of a successful day fishing our ocean waters.
  303. lamnidae

    Redondo kelp patty yellowtail

    Informative. And as said earlier, now it begins. Every paddy from Santa Monica Bay south will now be molested.
  304. lamnidae

    Yellowtail pop up in LA County.

    I bet other "exotics" have pushed north under our noses, too. Getting them to bite is the challenge. Good job to those on board. Say bye bye to any future light crowd.
  305. lamnidae

    Tufin Bluena

    D-spot, that is some great information. Not only about the Bluefin zone but in how to approach where to fish. But, I understand, that many of you guys already do this by looking at temp breaks, etc. That chart is great for those with FD. Go get them guys!
  306. lamnidae

    Tufin Bluena

    D-day is dead on. It's April, the Bluefin are out there, and the only way to get one is to get out on the water. Use your resources on and off the water. I'm sure that many epic days are ahead of us all. Just the beauty of the Pacific is something not to take for granted. All of these pre-early...
  307. lamnidae

    Tufin Bluena

    Any Bluefin report with limited details will always have the proverbial question of was it caught in US or Mexico waters, until an obvious bite occurs in US waters or Mexico makes a decision to open it up. Nice fish no matter what.
  308. lamnidae


    :-)Congratulations. Next, a tuna.
  309. lamnidae

    Bluefin Tuna In US Waters-Video

    Plenty of blood on the deck though.
  310. lamnidae

    Making Up For Lost Time - Catalina Report - 3/31/15

    If someone was to catch a springtime marlin, you would be one of those guys. You are a fish magnet. You still got it dialed in no matter what. Great trip and info.
  311. lamnidae

    3/29 226 302

    The conditions sound good. Early season fish would be truly epic and would jump start everything. You wouldn't know unless you're out there checking it out. The paddies should start loading up with YT soon with the nice water. Thank you for the report.
  312. lamnidae

    Sand dabbing and Great Whites

    It won't be long before the hammerheads show. Maybe the "boy in the grey suit" has been taking advantage of the nice concentration of sand dabs. Very cool photo and very close to the beach.
  313. lamnidae

    CONDOR 12/10 Cortez fun time ripper last dance

    It is awesome that a trip so far into December is still producing Yellowfin, Skipjack, and Bullet Tuna (crazy! ). Awesome trip!
  314. lamnidae

    Cortez Bank YFT Sat.

    That must be a nice pocket of water out there to hold that variety of fish in early December.
  315. lamnidae

    Fished Sat DEC 6 Cortes Bank fishing at its finest on the Tribute

    Amazing trip. Great report. I believe any December Yellowfin are news worthy and the bite out there on the Tanner/Cortes is truly EPIC because it is December. Next, we need someone in a Santa suit with a football Yellowfin topped with a bow.
  316. lamnidae

    Tuesday Tribute - Tanner Tuna Trifecta

    That's awesome! When I was in school, I had to sell my soul to let my parents fish during a school week holiday. Great experience for both of you.
  317. lamnidae

    south coronado islands.damd seals

    Any size to the seals? Opps, I meant the Bonito?
  318. lamnidae

    Marlin Fishing 11/8

    A November marlin from a rubber dinghy 3 miles off La Jolla. You are PB sage! Just surreal.
  319. lamnidae

    11/7/14 YFT 3.5 miles south of Catalina

    A Yellowfin in November is quite awesome no matter the size.
  320. lamnidae

    Newport Harbor 11/2

    The little package still carries a wallop of a punch. Cool looking little rattler.
  321. lamnidae

    Trolling for Blue Marlin 10-30-2014 ( Video )

    I agree with the speed bump idea for the season. I don't think this system is strong enough to kill the season. It'll just shake it up a bit. The fish will probably be in smaller pockets of water. I guess it'll all depend on what happens to the bait out there. Now is the time of the hardcore to...
  322. lamnidae

    Embarcadero Marina Rats

    LOL! At first glance of the title, I thought you were talking about tiny yellowtail in the marina.
  323. lamnidae

    Point loma kelp

    There was someone who posted on here recently that got a tuna (Yellowfin or Bluefin) just a couple miles from the Big Bay's entrance. Too wild, man. But awesome.
  324. lamnidae

    Wahoo on the Malahini?

    Is this from today's fish count along with the 8 released Wahoo?
  325. lamnidae

    Malihini Wahoo

    ..and people thought the Fat Lady was singing her first verse.
  326. lamnidae

    PL report (10/3), PB Yellowtail and slightly lost Yellowfin

    That pix of you holding it horizontally makes it look more Yellowfin with some of that gold color going down its lateral line. That fish is chunky.
  327. lamnidae

    PL report (10/3), PB Yellowtail and slightly lost Yellowfin

    The photo lighting makes the color details difficult to see but at first glance it looks like a Bluefin. Not too much yellow on it. The fish looks quite fresh so some of the color would still be there. I've read about Bluefin making some runs near the kelp at Pt. Loma and La Jolla, but those...
  328. lamnidae

    PL report (10/3), PB Yellowtail and slightly lost Yellowfin

    :appl:Yellowfin or Bluefin, pure epicness with a sprinkle of amazing with the TOAD yellowtail and all within sight of the lighthouse. Great job and happy feasting.
  329. lamnidae

    10/5 - Swan Song - The Dorado Chapter

    Awesome fish and great photos. The fog was your ally. The flat, calm sea added to the pristiness of your trip. The only thing missing is someone's boat camping on top of that paddy.:rofl:
  330. lamnidae

    yellows in shallow

    I saw some free swimming yellows off Crystal Pier a couple years ago in early September. My kids still talk about how they wish they could have hooked one. Wasn't there a unconfirmed catch of a dodo from OB pier last month?
  331. lamnidae

    They are there!!

    I gather he had many hookups and lost a monster. Maybe a bigger yellowtail, not sure. Nice photo, though.
  332. lamnidae

    Blue Marlin Release (Certified ID at Marlin Club ILTT)

    Big striper (Blue?) and a shortbill is an epic day. There are big marlin out there, that is for sure.
  333. lamnidae

    late Post Friday 9-19-2014 Wahoo

    That is awesome. Now three California caught wahoo.
  334. lamnidae

    Not a bad morning-Local Wahoo

    The bloody "freshly gaffed" photo with the DAC photo are great. Congratulations on the catch. Seems like the Rapala is the S.Cal wahoo killer. I wonder how many lost Rapalas this year were due to wahoo? Probably a few.
  335. lamnidae

    9/20 209-267 Tuna, hammerheads, and one proud dad

    The shark probably has learned that boats equal easy meals, with tired tuna coming to gaff and people hand feeding them. Great trip and experience to show to your daughter. :appl:
  336. lamnidae

    Point Loma 3/4 Day 9/12 Rats, Rats, and More Rats!

    The rats are everywhere. Its fun for the newbies plus, it looks good for the counts, having all those little tails.You did have a good day of catching though it wasn't your target fish. I, as many others, agree to throw them rats back and let them grow into future seasons nicer grade fish. Glad...
  337. lamnidae

    Quick trip to test the boat out of Mission bay Yellows and bones!

    Were you near the Artificial reef off Mission Beach or straight out of the bay? I know both areas were productive earlier in the summer.
  338. lamnidae

    Anyone see the UFO @ 5:30am today leaving SI ??? WTF!!!!

    The first image reminded me of the Haley Bot comet when it passed near us in the mid 90's. Pretty cool though. Probably space debris, before mentioned. If it was that far into the atmosphere, then it may not have looked like it was moving that much or at all. Or it could have been a Space Gannet.
  339. lamnidae

    Anyone see the UFO @ 5:30am today leaving SI ??? WTF!!!!

    Ancient aliens wanted to try and get a Socal Wahoo.
  340. lamnidae

    277, mackerel bank, 43...

    I'm sure that you would remember THAT boat for any of of your future endeavors with your occupation. Good example of the need to show some respect out there. Karmic irony can be brutal. Kudos on getting out there and fishing some not so usual spot (i.e Mackerel Bank). Was the water very warm...
  341. lamnidae

    Sunday between the North 9 and 182

    That looks awfully squidish. Definitely a cephalopod. Probably why they were going for the chunks. Maybe someone should toss out a little GULP squid when the tuna are being finicky?
  342. lamnidae

    Sept 2 YF,YT, Dorado, Bonito, Marlin 302 - 226

    I believe those are skipjack. Nice haul!
  343. lamnidae

    Point Loma kelp 9/1

    A buddy of mine had similar results yesterday slow trolling outside of the kelp beds for some yellowtail and nice grade boneheads. Maybe the exotics have now moved into our local kelp. Could be fun for all.
  344. lamnidae

    312 Sunday

    At least you're taking your intel and going for it. The hunt is part of the game and if you do hook up with something that wants to take a trolled football YFT then that would truly enhance the epicness of this season. I hope that you do get that chance. It sounds that you are ready and wanting...
  345. lamnidae

    Local Marlin.

    The video has some nice aerial action, which is awesome to watch. Lit up marlin are very beautiful to see. That first boil before they realized the hook up was huge.
  346. lamnidae

    Yellowfin on the 209

    The second photo is classic.
  347. lamnidae

    Local Marlin.

    At least the gaff was ready. Seeing that "green" m'efer come up within gaffing range would have been interesting.
  348. lamnidae

    are hammerheads normal at the 9mile

    I don't think hammerheads are around enough for them to be mentioned in the fishing regs for CA. I'm sure C&R would be fine. Smooths and Scalloped Hammers are listed under CITES as species of concern from overfishing for finning.
  349. lamnidae

    8/26 solo tuna slay in OC

    You are putting the sport back into sportfishing. What an awesome trip it sounds like you had.
  350. lamnidae

    are hammerheads normal at the 9mile

    Those smooth hammerheads can get quite big. I saw a 12 footer out on the Ridge in 2008 while chasing ponies and football yellowfin. That was very cool to see.
  351. lamnidae

    are hammerheads normal at the 9mile

    Depending on the shape of the head, probably a Smooth or Scalloped
  352. lamnidae

    8 by 8

    I'd say that you got it done nicely. That's a lot of fish in a short period of time. Congratulations to you for the new grandchild.
  353. lamnidae

    10lb on 10lb

    Especially on a cattle boat.
  354. lamnidae

    BSA troop Twilight run Monday on Chubasco II

    And the final tally for the boat was 102 Sandies, 10 Calicos, and 4 Bonito. There were some short Barracuda on the first stop and all the Sea Lions anyone could ask for. Many of the Scouts not only got what was possibly their first ocean fish, but full bass limits and then some catch and...
  355. lamnidae

    BSA troop Twilight run Monday on Chubasco II

    No BS to call out. I have the bass thumb to prove it. My two boys are still elated by the trip. The four toads they got measured between 21.5 and 24 inches. The second largest had a whole perch in its belly. No weight, no scale. Just memories for a lifetime. The sardines were beautiful. This was...
  356. lamnidae

    Oh No I think someone thought this was a Mako! Its a Great White to me HB PIER

    Fucking DEPRESSING! these guys make fishermen look like dumb retards. There were many opportunities to correctly ID the shark,BUT one needs to know what they are looking at. AAAANNNNNDDDDDD, that shark clearly had the classic GW teeth on the top jaws. Still triangular even at the...
  357. lamnidae

    Oh No I think someone thought this was a Mako! Its a Great White to me HB PIER

    The DGF guy screwed the big pooch. He should be fired. The fisherman has no clue. Probably thought it was a Mako, even though the video shows the shark moving around enough to question the ID as a Mako. DGF blew major chunks on this. The shark never had a chance off that pier. A C&R from the...
  358. lamnidae

    Still going!!! BFT gone wild

    3/4 day boats are finding some at the Coronados. I am sure the BFT up closer will take some exploration and fuel.
  359. lamnidae

    big BF near the 182

    You drifting,chumming and soaking might be the trick. That is a mighty local BFT.
  360. lamnidae

    Back bay bonefish and fish ID please

    That is actually a Gray Smoothhound Shark (Mustelus californicus),looking at the dorsal fin. If the back edge of the dorsal was not smooth,aka fiberous,then it is a Brown Smoothhound. Grays are much more common in So Cal. They can reach a length of over 6 feet, but that is unusual. I am not...
  361. lamnidae

    Buddy called me from San Quitin

    Wow man. Just write off the season based off a phone call. At least the firecrackers were there, which is better than Mr. Stripe. Not as many boats are out exploring it seems and people seem a bit cautious going offshore because of last years disappointment. The fish are there according to...
  362. lamnidae

    Sculpin rigging

    I had success this past summer with yo-yoing the heavy iron in white,scrambled egg, and blue/white patterns. Plus I pinned on a live or fresh dead squid or a nice squid strip to the iron. Shoot, I would throw on whatever is available for bait onto the iron as an added attractant. BIG BAITS=BIG...
  363. lamnidae

    Identification Please

    Spiny Dogfish(Squalus acanthias). Spines on 1st and 2nd dorsal fins and anal fin not present. Caudal fin shaped differently than in Smoothhounds.
  364. lamnidae

    fall of 1982 50 to 70lb. pigs

    When the right conditions appear, those fish will be back. This year was a bad,off season,which historically happens too.
  365. lamnidae

    Hospital Thresher !!

    The Blue will be fine. Nice fall Mr. T.
  366. lamnidae

    11.14.10 Yellowtails on the Freelance!

    I dig the 'tails eyeball in your hand photo. Very surreal. Congrats on the great trip.
  367. lamnidae

    Kayaking SBI

    Your sea bass is DEFINITELY one of the largest fish caught and released on a kayak. At least from what I could find via the internet. Some big Threshers have been landed but that BSB's girth was just enormous. Truly a remarkable feat. What is your best guess on the size? Do you think it went...
  368. lamnidae

    Dusky Shark in La Jolla?

    Make great shak fin soup. Duskies are VERY RARE in So Cal. Don't know why because they are quite common going up the east coast,all the way into the New England area. It must have something to do with the Continnental shelf being closer to shore out here.
  369. lamnidae

    Kayaking SBI

    Your yak trip is a yak fisherman's "wet dream", I must say. You took more epic fish,that normally would be considered an excellent day fishing as individual fish, than some take all year or lifetime.
  370. lamnidae

    Senor Tuna 5.5 day Oct. 26-31

    Now THAT is a nice Yellowfin.
  371. lamnidae

    Picture/Movie aboard the Freedom 11/1/10 over 70 big fish

    I would have to say that this bite IS the offshore bite of this season. The tuna never really materialized and the quality of fish at SBI are just EPIC.
  372. lamnidae

    WSB or Corvina...

    The fangs are a give away too.
  373. lamnidae

    Strange Catalina "Trifecta"

    FYI,that Sarcastic Fringehead is a male. Enjoyable report. This has been the year of Opah,Black(Giant) Sea Bass,Lizardfish,Scropionfish,and little Molas.
  374. lamnidae

    Oct 7-9 Cat report... Big Black Sea Bass

    I can't wait for the poor sod who kills a Thresher pup and mishandles a BSB on the same trip and posts it. Now that would be a good time. Fish on, gentlemen.
  375. lamnidae

    Oct 7-9 Cat report... Big Black Sea Bass

    Isn't that BSB in the water doing what they normally do, float upside down at the surface? I don't see any photos of a BSB out of water and the report states that the fish was brought up to the side of the boat,not inside.
  376. lamnidae

    10-10-10 Oside Bassathon!

    It is nice to see a report about some local fishing done at some of the local spots that are not posted much. There are many areas out there that have fish. Especially since the water has made a turn for the better. Good fishing, guys.
  377. lamnidae

    Swordie on Producer overnight 10/10

    That video shows us the ULTIMATE in bloodydecks. I actaully cheered when Elvis hit that deck. It was like watching some last minute,game winning score. The fishing gods were truly onboard the Producer that day. Earlier this season, some kid landed a Swordie on one of the Helgren's boats while...
  378. lamnidae

    Coronados Monday Sept 20 302 Info

    That inshore band of COLD water is just killing the local scene. Even the Scropionfish bite has tapered off.
  379. lamnidae


    Nice catch for first time Mr. T. With a season like this, a nice Thresher will always take the edge off.
  380. lamnidae


    I read about some bonies taken by Coronado Bridge last week or so. Sounds like your spot my be your best bet. Pt. Loma kelp water still dirty and cold, at least according to charts.
  381. lamnidae

    8/14 SD Back Bay - Spots

    Spotties definitely fullfill the need to pull on some fish. Fun,fun,fun. But the hunt offshore is part of the tuna/yellows fun.
  382. lamnidae

    Green Water Keeping Tuna Down South

    You can see the stuff foaming just offshore from Black's Beach and Scripps from the UCSD highrise dorms. Weird things are afoot off the coast this summer. Great White Sharks and reports of Dorado in the same summer. WTF!!!!
  383. lamnidae

    GW La Jolla

    NICE!!!!!!! The Great White would probably shut down all fishing at the Coronados due to everything being fearful of becoming food. But, then again, fishing there seems like it is shut down anyway.
  384. lamnidae

    Sd bay 8/9

    I got into a good pick on the spotties,yesterday,off a kayak. I was just south of the bridge along the grass beds. Caught 8 spotties and 1 mackerel. These were coughing up clams too.
  385. lamnidae

    Leopards, Leopards, Leopards!!

    What kind of float did you use?
  386. lamnidae

    what is it?

    That is an Ex-Angel Shark
  387. lamnidae

    Bigeye T

    Awesome shark. Did it get weighed? it looks quite "healthy".
  388. lamnidae

    Killer Whale Of A Day 390 YT Limits

    awesome day. Orcas have absolutely no fear of anything, no matter the size and especially if there are a dozen of them. Great pics.
  389. lamnidae

    One of craziest days ever!! 33# YT SD Bay

    Simply amazing!!! This is the kind of thing one would read about in some book,happening years and years ago. SUPER CATCH AND CONGRATS.
  390. lamnidae

    300 lb SWORD!

    "Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building". NIIIICE SWORD. They are out there. Saw one free jumping at the 267 a week ago in the same size range. Great catch.
  391. lamnidae

    OMG! That's not a Mako -- that's a Swordfish...

    Awesome,awesome job. Congrats on 1st Swordie. Your son looks estatic.