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  1. jesse


    This models comes with red dot laser and flashlight that work perfectly. I bought for work and never used. I paid north of a grand and will let go of for 600 or best offer. My buddy is selling me some new fishing gear and I'm 600 shy so id like to sell this asap. If ibtereated pmease callme at...
  2. jesse


    I have two Saros 4000 FA's, one Okuma 40 Trio Bf and a Penn 309 Level Wind. All are brand new, threw the boxes away but i kept the bags. These are just wasting space and should be fished so the first 200 can have all 4 reels. Call me at 619-496-3006. Pick up in OB or maybe can deliver if close...
  3. jesse

    Calcutta 300D BNIB W 65LB POWER PRO

    Clean as can be with full load of spectra amd 30yards of 20lb blackwater flouro. Need $ asap. Firt 200 takes it. Also have a Lexa 300H BNIB with spectra. 125 Both for 300 cash. May even be able to deliver if within the san diego area. Neither of these beauties have even seen a rod yet. Just...
  4. jesse

    Reels For Sale TODAY

  5. jesse

    Reels For Sale TODAY

    Need some quick cash so these gotta go.. Lexa 300H bn fresh 85lb PP SPECTRA Asking 125 never even seen a r one) asking 125 loaded ath 60lb PP SPECTRA In san diego. 619-739-3053. Looking to sell them all today. Might make a nice package deal :)
  6. jesse


    Yep, I need to find a cheap car or truck that gets good mileage to drive to work and back every day. I drive from OB to Oceanside and back and gas is killing me. I do not care how beat up or ugly... Just so long as it'll get me there and back and not cost me 15-20 a day in gas to do it.. Any and...
  7. jesse

    NEW Diawa Lexa 300H loaded w spectra

    Never used. Need $ asap so selling her for 125 bux. Pickup in OB. Must sell asap. Save half yall... :) 619-739-3053 Serious.only please
  8. jesse

    Brand New Calcutta 400D loaded w Spectra

    Never seen water. Need some $ asap so blowing her out cheap. Asking 325 must sell asap. picked up in Ocean Beach. Loaded with 80lb Power Pro. If interrsted please call 619-739-3053 Thank J
  9. jesse

    big Lot of Irons For sale. Also some other goodies

    I have a ton of Jigs for grabs. Looking to sell them all in one deal. There has to be at least 100 jigs. Tadys, Salas's etc. Asking 200 for all the jigs. pick up only. I'm in Ocean Beach. I also have a badass wooden offshore tackle box. holds a ton of gear and probably 75 jigs. box is in great...
  10. jesse


    I have a huge lot of flyfishing fly tying gear. vices, furs weights hooks beads etc.. I have enough stuff to keep you tying flies until you die without ever having to go to the shop for anything. I need money asap to buy something so I sadly must sell my stuff. I am asking $500 for everything...
  11. jesse


    I have a huge lot of flyfishing fly tying gear. vices, furs weights hooks beads etc.. I have enough stuff to keep you tying flies until you die without ever having to go to the shop for anything. I need money asap to buy something so I sadly must sell my stuff. I am asking $500 for everything...
  12. jesse

    Huge lot of fly tying equipment and supplies must sell asap!!!

    I have a huge lot of flyfishing fly tying gear. vices, furs weights hooks beads etc.. I have enough stuff to keep you tying flies until you die without ever having to go to the shop for anything. I need money asap to buy something so I sadly must sell my stuff. I am asking $500 for everything...
  13. jesse

    2002 DODGE RAM 1500 Quad Cab

    looking to sell asap. if.interested pl
  14. jesse

    ABEL SUPER 7, Curado 200g5 w Carrot Styx Salty sticks

    Abel super 7 in good shape with line, backing and top. Asking 300 firm. These guys are usually 500+ Curado 200g5 on a carrot stick rod. The perfect spotty, calico combo. Asking 225. Trying to raise some cash ASAP FOR something today so that's why these prices are low :). First come first...
  15. jesse

    Reels and rods

    shimano curado 200E7 with a Shimano Cumara CUC-72MH asking 200 for the combo Shimano Curado 200G6 with a Carrot Stick Salty Carrot inshore CSIS761M-F-C asking 200 for the combo Shimano Calcutta 200 (Silver) with a Phenix recon PHx-C715 asking 200 for the combo. I would love to sell these...
  16. jesse


    Selling my spare trailer. The deck space is 11' X 5.5' and the LOA is 15' X 8'. Trailer is registered with permanent plates, had a clean title in my name and is ready to haul whatever you want. 3500lb rating and we had heavier duty springs installed. Looking to sell asap. I also have a yamaha...
  17. jesse


    Selling my spare trailer. The deck space is 11' X 5.5' and the LOA is 15' X 8'. Trailer is registered with permanent plates, has a clean title in my name and is ready to haul whatever you want. 3500lb rating and we had heavier duty springs installed. Looking to sell asap. I also have a yamaha...
  18. jesse

    WTB: Pro gears or Trini Golds and Calstars

    I need to replace some rods and reels that were stolen. Im super bummed. I need a 20, 30 and 40lb reels and sticks to go with them. I prefer Calstars but Seekers will do. Have cash and looking to buy asap. Ideally i would like any of these.. Trindad TN16, TN20, TN30 Golds Pro Gear 251, 451...
  19. jesse

    2 Hoe's WANTING A RIDE TMRW 9/23

    Tranny blew out and our Cabo trip was cancelled cause of the storm.. Myself and my buddy Artie are dying to get away from the Zilla's tomorrow 9/23. If you have room, we have $ for gas bait drinks and a ton of experience. Were both well known and respectful guys. Please call me ASAP if you are...
  20. jesse

    Abel Super 9 fly reel with backing

    Good condition. Asking 375 619-254-1666
  21. jesse

    Calico, Spottie Bass Setups

    I am selling 2 bass setups. 1 Shimano Curado 200e7 paired with a Cumara CUC-72MH in good condition. Filled w braid. 200 firm for the set. 1 Shimano Calcutta 200(silver) paired with a Phenix Recon PHX-c715 in good condition. 175 firm for the set. Will do both setups for 350. If interested...
  22. jesse

    15' Marlin $900

    I bought this boat and had Ray(aqua hunter) go through the motor and install all new wiring and panel. Boat has a cool arch w deck lights, bait tank, new bait and bilge pumps, fish finder etc. I lost he title and don't want to deal with it any more. I have about 2500 into this boat but I am...
  23. jesse

    Del Ton AR15 w extras

    Got my son a AR10 so his beloved 15 if up for sale. Very little rounds through it. Has upgraded rear sight and rails. Comes with a soft bag and about 100 rounds of 223 and 556 NATO rounds. Must sell ASAP. Buyer pays transfer fees. Asking 450 firm. If interested, please call me directly at...
  24. jesse

    Wanted: 7'6" Funboard Surfboard ASAP

    Looking for a fun board surfboard or shorter longboard. If you have one you wanna sell, please hit me up.. thanks
  25. jesse

    WTB: Gopro 3+ accessories

    Got a new GoPro 3+ and I am interested in buying some accessories like a chesty, head mount, memory cards, LCD backpac, misc mounts, telescoping pole, etc. Ya know.. oodles to go with my go pro:D Please let me know if you have goodies that you want to sell. Thank you. I think that go pro 3 stuff...
  26. jesse

    Shimano Tiagra 50

    I'm selling a used Shimano Tiagra 50 2/speed. Just got another one and don't need two. Upgraded guts and works as it should. Has some rash 8/10 cosmetic 10/10 mech. No box. Asking 350 . It's just sitting here so someone might as well use it.. 619-254-1666 if interested. Shipped on your dime.
  27. jesse

    Rods And Reels

    Got a bunch of sweet new gear for My Bday and Xmas so I'm gonna thin out the herd. Here is a list of some of the stuff for sale. trini 20 gold(scratches and use but new bearings and fresh pline 150 Accurate 870 2 speed 250 ABEL Super 7 fly reel 250 an assortment of rods like cal stars...
  28. jesse

    Making space. RODS and REELS

    All the gear is well taken care of. Reels: gold Shimano Trinidad 20. 8/10 asking 190 Shimano Calcutta 200 silver 75 Shimano Curado 200e7 125 Shimano Curado 300e 175 Shimano Curado 300ej 175 Rods: Shimano Triton TM1607ST 50-80lb stripper asking 60 Seeker 8' Jigstick SD8 20(30)50...
  29. jesse

    1981 Volkswagon Vanagon L

    Looking to buy another camper so out beach mobile must go. 90k original miles. super clean for the year. upgraded stereo/cd system. runs and drives great. super reliable. 4 speed manual. I pretty much baby this thing. swapped the middle bench for a jump seat. kids like it better. registered...
  30. jesse

    San Diego to Loreto report

    helped deliver a 32' Luhrs from San Diego to Loreto. Water was cold and nasty all the way downhill on the Pacific Side. Once we cleared the cape it opened up and was beautiful.. Los frailles was the spot.. Had approx. 15 Striped Marlin in a 2 hour stretch. All were released safely. Even played...
  31. jesse

    Gold Shimano Trinidad

    Sorry for the crappy pics.. Shows better in person. Works great. Has some scratches but operates like butter. Loaded with 60lb Power Pro Spectra. Asking 200. I'm located in Clairemont San Diego. I just never use her so she has gotta go :) 619-840-3590 if interested. Thanks.
  32. jesse

    1996 LEXUS LS400

    I used to drive this car back and forth to carlsbad from mission bay for work. Car looks great and drives better. Just installed a new transmission. smogged, registered etc.. interior is like new. would make a perfect first car. Asking 4000 for it. my street is starting to look like a parking...
  33. jesse

    Del Ton AR-15 for nice bolt action

    My son is 12 and is ready(he says:D) for a nice bolt action for Elk in Craig Co this fall. He is willing to trade his Del Ton AR15 for something nice. His gun has a few extra 10rd mags and a soft case. Seen very little shots and is in great shape. Looking for a layered wood stock savage 223 or...
  34. jesse

    freshwater flies and boxes

    looking to buy some freshwater flies. I've been tying a ton but I plan on fishing 100 days this summer and fall so I need to buy some flies :D let me know if you have some you want to sell :D Jesse
  35. jesse

    Heading to Mazatlan 5/26-5/30 need a Charter

    Any leads on a good charter captain or cattle situation out of Mazatlan that they would recommend.. Gonna be there from the 25th to the 30th and I'm going to want to kill some feesh :D thanks
  36. jesse

    Craig Co. in Late August.. Can't wait!

    Just got my tags, room and some new brand spankin' new Easton ACC's to plug the heart of a big ol fatass Bull Elk.. I can't wait :D
  37. jesse

    Headed to La Paz 3/25-3/28

    Flying out on Monday to La Paz.. Gonna spend a few days hanging out with my buddy Art to do some fishing. He works on a mega yacht and his boss has them down there for the winter/spring. I'm going to take the 8,9 and 12 weight fly gear in hopes to strip some feeesh :D:D Any bd'rs down there that...
  38. jesse

    Reliable Outboard Mechanic needed ASAP

    I have been left for dead by two outboard mechanics recently and cannot seem to find someone who can help me get my boat in the water. I have a 1989 DT75 Suzuki and it will not go into forward. reverse works fine but unless i plan on backing up all damn day, i'm toast. any referrals guys? I...
  39. jesse


    I had someone swap my 1989 Suzuki DT75 from one boat to another but i need the lower unit looked at. I have had another outboard mechanic tell me that the lower unit is good but it does not go into forward. I need someone who is familiar with suzuki outboards to come over and get this damn boat...
  40. jesse

    Curado 300E

    Looking for a 300E. Not a EJ but the 300E :D selling one? hit me up :D Jesse
  41. jesse

    Lower Unit for a 1989 Suzuki DT75 outboard

    If you need one for parts or a whole one you can come and pick this one up. Not sure but it might fit other sizes. Located in Clairemont, San Diego.
  42. jesse

    Inshore Bass Rods

    Looking for some inshore bass sticks. 8-17lb, 10-20lb, 12-25lb Shimano, GLoomis, Carrot Stix, etc.. If you have some laying around that you wanna sell, please let me know. Thanks Jesse
  43. jesse

    Red Portable fuel tank 12-17 gallon

    I need 2 gas tanks for the new bay boat. 12-17 gallon would be perfect so I can take them to the gas station without having to tow the boat. If you have something that fits the bill, please give me a PM Jesse
  44. jesse

    WSB Restocking w/ the kids and wifey

    Took the kids and the lady ths morning to help the Hubbs people with the White Sea Bass Restocking Project. Today we counted 8,000 young WSB about 8"-12" and transferred half of them to another pen so they can be large enough to release come spring. This is a very fun and rewarding cause to get...
  45. jesse

    BOLA 11/16-21st

    Left early from SD with the nephews and son in tow and headed south down the B.C 1. Hit the border at 4:30am and pulled into Bahia at 11 am. We made great time as we stopped a few times to eat ad stretch out a bit.. Not much open early :D Settled in at Casa Diaz and took it easy for the rest of...
  46. jesse

    Kicker mount and small kicker

    Just bought a little skiff for Baja and I'm looking for a small kicker and mount. Let me know if you got one. Thanks Jesse
  47. jesse

    BOLA Bound 11/16-21st

    Heading down to harass some yellers and do some Baja flyfishing.. If anybody needs something brought down just let me know and make sure to get it down to you. I am in San Diego. Jesse
  48. jesse


    Loolking to put a GPS in the steelhead river boat I just bought. Have a decent one laying around? Please let me know Jesse 619-840-3590
  49. jesse

    Where should I go ??

    Decided I needed to wet some fly gear and pull on some trout. Where would be a good place to go in terms of distance to fish? I'm in San Diego and would like to travel less and fish more :) any suggestions? Thanks Jesse-
  50. jesse

    Stolen KLAMATH???

    Someone dumped a Klamath off Renex st in clairemont and stripped it of all the goodies. Called the cops so they should be by soon...
  51. jesse

    Fly fishing reels and rods and all things fly...

    The title says it all. I am Looking to buy some larger reels 8 wt to 12 wt and rods and other stuff like nets etc.. My wifezilla, son and nephews are showing a lot of interest in fly fishing so I wanna get the hooked now! :) let me know if you guys have some gear you're no using and wanna sell...
  52. jesse

    I am seriously hooked on fishing the fly

    I love all fishing but lately is all about the fly... I am becoming a fixture at Torrey pines in the early mornings.. I just can't get enough... Tomorrow.. Bones deep in the south bay :)
  53. jesse

    Need 3 rods wrapped for my ladies g'day

    Any of you fine bd wrappers want some work? I need a 5 wt fast fly rod, 20-30 lb 7'6"-8' bait rod and a super light trout rod. I can get the blanks if needed. Looking for a green with chartreuse and white wrap with her name on them. Pm me and let's get these done :-) Jesse
  54. jesse

    Torrey Pines At sunset

    Took the 5 minute drive to torrey pines state beach to pitch some beach bugs I made last night.. I fished the mouth of the lagoon on a incoming tide with a 7wt 9' for not.. Saw no Corvinas to throw at but my buddy Art was chunking squids and hooked up 2 fat shovelnoses.. Both released to the...
  55. jesse

    Day Free'd up!

    Anybody need 2 Ho's tomorrow?? My buddy Art and I need to go fishing.. our Boy bob bitched out and now we need a ride :D:D Clean, pay, etc..... 619-840-3590 Jesse
  56. jesse

    Need some landscape help

    The backyard in the new house has a lot of dead grass and dirt that I need scraped and leveled so I can make it habitable :D Any landscape guys or someone who wants to make some extra dough interested? it's probably a one or two day deal. J
  57. jesse

    All things Fly Fishing!!

    Bitten by the fly fishing bug hard and I have deep pockets for fly fishing goodies.. let me know what ya have 619-840-3590 jesse
  58. jesse

    Guides in MT Shasta??

    going to hit up Shasta for a wedding on the 8th of Sept, and wanted to see if there were any recommended guides I should check out. Let me know, thanks
  59. jesse

    Light trout fishing reels and rods

    looking to beef up my trout quiver. Small spinning reels and ultra light stuff and maybe even some medium stuff.. if you have something that I might want to fish trout with and are willing to sell, let me know. Jesse
  60. jesse

    Will Someone make me a Badass 12' TENKARA rod?

    I love fishing the Tenkara style fly rods.. I am hooked on fly fishing period and want a bad ass custom rod. Any of you top notch BD wrappers up for the commision? let me know guys. thanks' Jesse
  61. jesse

    San Joaquin River Devils Postpile

    hit mammoth on Sunday and finally got a chance to fish today. SJR was on fire with size 16 hoppers in any color was the ticket.. triple digits easy... I left my phone in the condo so no pics... pics to come from tomorrow though :D
  62. jesse

    Who's fishing tomorrow?

    My Buddy Artie and I need to fish and our boat needs a few more things before she's back on the water.. Who needs a couple seasoned guys and some help with $ to try and pull on some feesh? Let me know..
  63. jesse

    4-5-6 weight fly setup wanted

    looking to add a fly reel and rod into the quiver. Orvis or rainbow or any quality fly gear. have cash. thanks 619-840-3590 Jesse
  64. jesse

    Interesting read on the Spotted Bay Bass
  65. jesse


    I have been pitching the 1 oz Bladerunner in Chart/White in mission bay. Getting love like I usually do but having a tougher time sticking the fish..The Booyah Baits or reebs lures always stick.. I lost 5-6 fish the last 3 days on the BR.. standard issue for these jigs or am I just farmin' em...
  66. jesse

    26" 29g 14k gold necklace with Island Hook pendant

    Girly got me a new chain w a fat dorado pendant so this ones gotta go :D I can't find my damn usb cord so I will have to send an e-mail pic from my phone if anyone is interested. I paid 2k for her last year and now asking 1200 or best. The pawn shop dude down the street offered me a grand so I...
  67. jesse

    kids quads and a mini buggy kart

    Kid outgrew faster than I thought. 2006 Yamaha Raptor 80 -$1100 1998 Yamaha Badger 80 -$850 2011 Manco 713e Buggy/Kart 404cc -$1000 Clean titles, all just serviced etc. they all run great and are turn key. I also have a 12' trailer with drop gate that is registered and ready to go for...
  68. jesse

    Dock Spottin' 2 w the boy..

    Took my boy to pitch a few after school.. couple minutes in and bendo... He had 4 fish in half an hour and me.. well I only got 2... His were bigger too... jerk :D I forgot to tell him the those larger models can and often do, split thumbs and will make you wince ;D
  69. jesse

    Dock Spottin'

    Just replaced my Carrot Stix 8-17lb Inshore Stick at Anglers Edge at 6:50pm. By 7:05 was pulling into the back side of MB. Second Cast and booyah! a nice fatty.. 4 fish withing my first 12 pitches.. Had stuff to do so 4 pigs and I was outie.. I love these Carrot Stix rods.. They are goood :D...
  70. jesse

    TugBoat Pitching

    Rolled to my lil Tug boat spot under the Bridge in SD Bay to harrass some bass.. Tide was ripping so I was sure to catch some Spotties slippin' but only managed one and a gang of pinche leezard leeezards!!! That is a 6" jerk. It was a monster lizard turd.. I did the C-walk hustle shuffle...
  71. jesse

    Float tube asap in SD

    I am looking for a good float tube. I have some cash burning a hole,in my pocket and I want one. Let me know what ya got. Thanks Jesse 619-840-3590
  72. jesse

    Fly rod and reel

    Looking to get a inexpensive fly setup so I take it down to baja and cast from the sand and Marina jetties in Loreto. Let me know what ya got. Thanks J
  73. jesse

    2 Shimano Calcutta 200's Silver ones

    2 of them in great shape. Asking 75/each or will trade both for a low pro bass reel like a curado 300ej or similiar. Thanks J
  74. jesse

    Anybody ever use SEASPEC SUNGLASSES?

    Came across an article that saud these were great shades.. any feedback?
  75. jesse

    Stupid Dog

    Me and my son decided to run to Mission Bay for a few pitches at about 5:30 this afternoon. So we grab the gear and the dogs and in the back of the truck it all goes. Well... My stupid beagle 2 scoops, got irritated that the rods were in his favorite spot so he crawled under them and out the...
  76. jesse

    SD BAY 4/9

    Had some time to kill so I parked by the Star of India and footed it down the rocks for some spottie action.. I fished the incoming tide at 3:45-5:45 for nada. I pitched everything in my arsenal in all the time proven honey hole for nada.. Not even a shortstrike, leeezard leeezard or anything:(...
  77. jesse

    Curado 300EJ or Chronarch or?

    Need a new spottie reel.. A low pro Shimano will do the trick nicely.. Let me know if you're selling one... Thanks Jesse- 619-840-3590
  78. jesse

    Revo MGX or equivalent

    Looking for a new swimbait reel and I want a MGX. Selling one? lemme know.. Have cash :D 619-840-3590 Jesse-
  79. jesse

    When is he next Bay Bass Tourny in SD??

    For years I have been terrorizing my local Spotties. I decided that it's time I start showcasing the pitching skills in these tournies :rofl:.. Will someone point me in the right heading of the next tourny? Thanks..
  80. jesse

    Tackle Backpack

    I'm looking for a tackle box backpack for my bass fishing stuff.. If you have sitting around thats not getting used, sell it to me..:) jesse 619-840-3590
  81. jesse


    Shooting up in the AM.. I'll report when I get home...
  82. jesse

    Costa Del Mar Sunsglasses

    Got a pair in good condition that you dont wear? give me a shout, I am looking to buy my buddy some. Thanks Jesse 619-840-3590
  83. jesse

    Transmission rebuild needed?

    I have a 1997 Tahoe thats leaking tranny fluid. I am going to sell the truck but I want to make sure I don't sell someone a broken ride. What should I expect to spend on a rebuild if that is what it needs? Tranny is a 4L60E ? Thanks
  84. jesse


  85. jesse

    Quad and /or Dirtbike

    I am looking for some desert wheels for my nephews. Anything from a 125 to a 250 dirt bike or 200 to 350 quad. Looking for a deal and don't mind if they are older and a little beat up So long as they run good and are dirt ready. let me know if you have something.. Jesse 619-840-3590
  86. jesse

    Gregor and Alumacraft for sale

    I have no place to park these since I brought them back up from baja.. Looking to sell and get a boat with a cuddy.. 1979 13' Gregor welded aluminum skiff w/ 1979 25HP Evinrude. Runs Great. Heavy duty trailer asking 1300 firm 1979 16' AlumaCraft Aluminum Skiff w 1979 25HP Evinrude...
  87. jesse

    CALCUTTA 50, 100, 200

    I am looking to buy these three calcuttas. Have cash. let me know what you want for them Thanks Jesse 619-840-3590
  88. jesse

    life jackets

    i need to buy some life jackets and a throw. I could go to West Marine or something bt maybe someone on here has extras and coud use the $. Also looking for a throw ring and flare gun. Thanks.. jesse 619-840-3590
  89. jesse

    Evinrude Outboard Mechanic needed..

    Any outboard mechanics around? If so, give me a shout. 619-840-3590
  90. jesse

    WTB ASAP: 12-18' Aluminum Boat

    Heading to Mulege and LA Bay on the 25th.. Need to buy a boat to drag down there before then.. Have one you wanna sell? let me know.. Thanks looking to spend up to 1500 or so.. Jesse
  91. jesse

    Headed to LA BAY may 25th-June 1st

    I am already packed and ready to bolt :D.. Headed down to puerto escondido, mulege and then LA Bay. We are gonna do our regular stay at daggetts in LA and then look into getting a room but which one? Any suggestions on a a casita or hotel? I may just get a room at diaz but looking to do...
  92. jesse

    Calcutta 250

    like new.. Used very little.. 100 takes it. 619-840-3590
  93. jesse


    Heading down to Mulege. We pull out at 3am on the 13th and will be back sometime in the evening of the 20th. I am gonna be roasting my ass off but it'll be worth it to get away :D Any pointers on where to camp? pangeros? etc..
  94. jesse

    Daiwa Sealine 30 LD 2SP (DAISLD302SPD)w/Seeker Rod

    great condition. used a couple time. Comes with 5' seeker Stick. Not sure the # on the stick cause I'm at work. Take the combo for 325 or best. Perfect tuna rig. Loaded with fresh P-line 60lb. No box on the reel. 619-840-3590 pick up in Pacific Beach or North Park. looking to sell asap. j
  95. jesse


    Just got home from Bola yesterday and all I have to say is that I hate coming back. The bay was beautiful but the wind was sooo crazy that we couldn't get any fishing in. Caught some small cabrilla and Spotties from the rocks. Took the Panga out but the wind was gusting 50+.. fucking huge...
  96. jesse

    Shimano Calcutta 250

    I have a Calcutta 250 that has been used a handful of times. Dunno where the box and crap are but the reel is in great shape. Asking 125 or best.. In San Diego, Pick up only. 619-840-3590 open to trades for some fresh jigs to take to BOLA..
  97. jesse

    LA Bay this Thursday!!!

    wow.. I haven't been on the board in a while.. I have been so effin busy with all kinds of stuff but it is time to get back in the saddle and get my fish on! LA Bay.. Daggetts.. in 4.5 dias D:D: Any BD'rs gonna be down there? Staying till Sunday
  98. jesse


    BLUE AVET LX 4.1:1 LOOKS GREAT AND WORKS LIKE NEW. ASKING sold! PENN INTERNATIONAL 80 with PINNACLE TR60SUM 6'0 50-100 LB ROD.Combo is in in very good shape. ASKING 300 OR BEST. THANKS 619-840-3590
  99. jesse

    calcutta 400,penn 114, handheld gps,jig case w jigs,etc

    Shimano calcutta 400 needs service Penn senator 114 good shape needs service Rando rhino reel Handheld gps older unit but works fine New Jig case with random irons Bag full of hendles,rock cod rigs,guides, etc Selling everything together for 125. Not selling seperate. 619 840 3590 Jesse
  100. jesse

    50 lb CA Halibutt from Rocky's

    I have too many mounts and there is not enough room. Asking $250 or best. Thanks, jesse 619-840-3590
  101. jesse


    Somali pirates attack French military flagship - Yahoo! News
  102. jesse

    I've got a bunch of bass sticks for trade...

    Of all quality.. Looking for the following. Oars for the 13footer.. handheld gps and handheld vhf will pay cash too if needed...
  103. jesse

    rods,reels and other stuff

    avet mxj 4.5:1 with box and papers. cosm. 9/10 asking 125 newer model pro gear pacifica 2500 9/10 asking 80 GUSA 6' C60MH med mag 20_30lb great rod. asking 90 wooden offshore box. old school box and clean as it gets. asking 90 if interested please call 619 840 3590 thanks..
  104. jesse

    Took the sis out Bassin last week...

    My older sister wanted to get some spotties so I tell her to jump in.. we hit the usual spots for a mixed bag... She got picked up by what I thought for sure was a nice Halibeto' but nope... A friggin MudMarlin.... Kicked her ass on the bass gear with 8lb p-line for about 20 mins:D:D:D Fun day...
  105. jesse

    Sd Bay

    I seriously need to start taking my damn camera... Fished the usual bay spots for a mixed bag of decent spotties, small checkers and the occasional short flattie. 3 hours, about 20 fish or so. My thumbs are thrashed..:D:D I'm sure I'm not the only with no thumb skin left.. Most fish fooled by...
  106. jesse

    tuna in my 13' western...

    I am heading out in my 13 footer in the morning...going to go about 15-17miles out. Gonna get me a YFT on this lil guy. Got all the safety stuff but most importantly is satisfying my itch to head out and get some on my small boat..... Will be on 72.
  107. jesse

    Gulf of Mexico Fisherman Rescued..

    Texas boaters fought heat, hunger for week in Gulf - Yahoo! News
  108. jesse


    so this tweaker lil shit just tried to get into the truck. Alarm went off( older toyota pickup that you have to open the door to set the alarm off.) so I rushed outside to see whats up when I see the dickheads shadow hiding under my neighbors car. I act like I don't see him and suddenly kick the...
  109. jesse

    Big Bay Bassin' 8/21

    Been barging the big bay all week and the spotties are thick! From the bridge to the mouth, all spots are producing fatties. I will start taking the camera as some of these guys are f'n nice. Pitched the wall by the new hilton/convention center and peeled off a few 2 and 3 lbr's:D:D. All fish...
  110. jesse


    Pro Gear CS500 used but in xlnt mech condition. Has balanced handle and power handle, box and papers. Sold.. Pro Gear Pacifica 2500. Used in great shape. New 30lb P-line. Asking 100 or best Avet SX gold. Newer model w box/ papers etc. Loaded with 65lb spectra Sold.. if interested please...
  111. jesse

    La Jolla 8/13

    Took the 13 footer out and figured we could make some macks... well... no mac love so we drug some smelts around for a bunch of rat yellers...about 11 or so. 5-12lbs. All but two went back in to grow and get tough:D:D Water was clean, blue and nice. Too bad the yellers were pint size...also...
  112. jesse

    15-20 hp Tiller Outboard

    wanted. 2 stroke good running unit. Please let me know if you have something to sell:D:D Jesse (619) 840-3590
  113. jesse

    Chargers Practice

    My nephew and son begged me to take them to the chargers first free public practice today so... I caved and took em. The boys look good this year.. Best thing of the whole night was after the practice. Kris Dielman gave my son his gloves and Cromartie hooked my nephew up with his gloves.. They...
  114. jesse

    Pro Gear cs500

    PG cs500 for ??? I would really like a 9' or larger longboard in decent shape( could throw some $ in too if a nice ride.) but open to whatever. I never use it so..... comes with balance and power handles, box and papers. It's got some slight rash but is 100% smooth. Let me know ya'll...
  115. jesse

    Aghhhhh I Need to kill, or at least harrass some fish..

    I am waiting for my ride to get fixed and I need to fish ASAP. let me know if there is any spots...... J
  116. jesse

    Who needs a ho....

    I am waiting for my ride to get fixed and I need to fish ASAP. let me know if there is any spots...... J
  117. jesse


    needs a new prop and should have a new impeller installed. Other than that this motor runs really good. asking $275 or will trade for? Thanks Jesse 619-840-3590
  118. jesse

    Outboard Mechanic to look over my 9.9 Suzuki 2stroke...

    Worked fine at the guys house last night so I bought it. Took it out today and it wouldn't stay on.. need it checked out before I beat the guy up for ripping me off:D:D 619-840-3590 thanks J
  119. jesse

    Heading to San Francisquito!! 7/29-8/02 wanna come along??

    I have reserved a couple of camping sites at the campo there. I am going with a handful of cool people and hell, if someone else wantes to come, give a shout. We are going to leave on weds night and come back sunday. it's gonna be alot fun.. Only place I have ever got Yellowtail from shore:D:D J
  120. jesse

    Pacific Beach BD sighting...

    Big blue/black truck!. I drove past you guys on Ingraham and gave the old salute and the most confused look ever. So who was it???Truck had a big BD sticker in the back window. I was in the Vanagon with the surfboards.. :D:D
  121. jesse

    Fatboy Surfboard Wanted

    looking for a 9' er or a tad bit bigger.. Gonna hit CL but I figured I'd put it out here first:D:D Jesse
  122. jesse

    Ardent XS1000 BASS REEL loaded w/ fresh Spectra..

    THESE REELS ARE THE BUSINESS... Look them up.. selling my extra one for 90 bucks to a BD'er if interested.. lemme know 619-840-3590 j
  123. jesse


    Update!! Just got home and was sifting through some of the 1000 pictures we took. More to come.. Jesse Taking my son on a bitchin road trip to Yellowstone in the VW Vanagon.. We are gonna cruise the monument highway and through...
  124. jesse

    Rods For Sale..

    GUSA URC55HP 5'6" Mega-H custom wrap 30-50lb Roller stripper and tip.. Never seen water. Asking 175 or best GUSA URC65M 6'6" 15-40lb custom wrap. Never seen water. Asking 150 or best. GUSA SW65 6'6" Mod-Fast 20-40lb. JR Jones clamp reel seat. Titanium Guides used once. asking 150 or...
  125. jesse


  126. jesse

    Pro Gear CS500 and Albacore Special 280

    used but in good shape. Fresh P-line/ Spectra. Both have box's, papers etc.. 175 a piece or best. 619-840-3590 Thanks J
  127. jesse

    Ardent XS1000 loaded w/ fresh Spectra..

    used but very gently. 10/10 mech. 9/10 cosm. The reel is amazing. Asking 175. If interested please call me at 619-840-3590 Jesse-
  128. jesse

    Wooden boxes with lids..

    great for storing gear, dog food, whatever.... I have about 7 or 8 of them. Let me know... Free..
  129. jesse

    Banjo Minnow...

    I lost my Banjo Minnow pack last week and I need a fresh set:D Them lil turds really work. Anybody know where I can scoop some up locally??
  130. jesse

    Nikon d70 DSLR Body!!

    300 bucks. Works great. Body only. if interested let me know. 619-840-3590
  131. jesse

    WTB!! Small Sprocket BMX bike for 13yr old!

    got one?? wanna sell it?? let me know... jesse
  132. jesse

    Need a car mechanic for easy job

    I bought my sister a lil tercel(turdcel) so she can save $$ on her commute. I am going to suprise her with it but it needs a new stop light switch put in. I have the switch, just need someone to put it in. Right now the brakelights stay on forever even if the car is off. I had taken out the fuse...
  133. jesse

    JR Jones Reel seats....

    Anybody use them before?? Are they any good. The ones I'm talking about are the Clamp only ones.. Thanks Jesse
  134. jesse

    Prayers Needed

    My lifelong buddy and his wife are going through some very tough times. Their 2 yr old daughter was injured at her day care and has some serious brain injuries. She is in a medically induced coma and her future is unsure. Her name is Maddie and she is the coolest lil person ever. If you have a...
  135. jesse

    Selling a Handgun.. Have questions.

    I am going to sell my neighbor my Glock-40. Do I need to have him go through a FFL? and also does he have to have his safety course cert?? I just want to make sure I am completely covered and that my name is no longer going to be connected to the registration. and help appreciated ya'll
  136. jesse

    Porpoise question

    While fishing this past Saturday, Scott and I seen some black and white dolphins, porpoise whateva's. They were huge. They were mostly black but some had alot of white. What the hell are they called? I looked it up via google and I came up Dall's Whales but thats NOT what they were. Anybody...
  137. jesse

    Carrot Stix Rods

    I was out shoppin today for some new gear (prolly should be saving my chips:D:D but I am helpless when it comes to this damn fishing bug), when I stumbled across these new rods. I have read about them and seen them on the pro tours but never in person. I fiddled with them for a while and...
  138. jesse

    Scallops... to BACON or Not???

    A friend an I ( I won't mention his name as he has been known to frequent these part:D) tells me that I am shithouse crazy for wrapping delicious bacon around my scallops... Am I truly nuts??? I think not but I will let you guys weigh in on this culinary debate. Jesse
  139. jesse

    Outboard Question

    So for reasons I'd rather not discuss, My outboard is toasted. I have been looking at some replacements and what I came up with are these. 1500 for a 1999 Evinrude 50 2 stroke wiht apr. 300 hours. rebuilt with 10 hours supposedly. or... 1700 for a 2000 Yamaha 50 2 stroke with 100 hours...
  140. jesse

    Gonna hit up some Freshwater spots this weekend...

    I am either gonna hit El Cap. or Hodges. It's been a while. I mean, even as I type this I am waiting outside a house in Eastlake that a client just "HAS" to see tonight. So here I sit, in the dark, waiting! Hopefully they love it and I can write an offer:D:D. Anyhow, I'm gonna search out some...
  141. jesse

    somebody buy this thing before I do:D

    Just came across this boat and damn it looks tempting:D:D:D Is this a BDr's boat? Might need to push back our vacation:D:D 25' Center Console - Baja Terminator
  142. jesse

    Sweetheart Pitbull Needs a home ASAP

    My sisters dog needs to find a new place ASAP. Her new HOA will not let her keep the place. (the asshole that heads the HOA himself has one but sites that HE is grandfathered in!) The dog is a 2 1/2 year old unaltered female named precious She is a very cool dog but should probably be an only...
  143. jesse

    A NO FISH report...

    Hit the water early this morning with Scott (peptobiz) and well.... It was already blown out. Wind was up and the water was a mess. Did the slow troll thing, pounded san for some flatties, hit Point Loma for nada and even tried the bay. All for not. Tide was dead. No fish but at least it beats...
  144. jesse

    Mission Bay Night bassin late report..

    This is a week old but I couldn't get my freaking TREO to sync. Finally got it reconfigured:D My puppy is about 65lbs with a wide chest so you could get an idea about how big this toad really was. I would guess 4.5 lbs easy. He was biiiiiig:D too a chatterbait with ft trailer at night...
  145. jesse

    If it were my wife!!!

    I would kick his ass!!!:D:D <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  146. jesse

    Discovery Channel HD Pumpkin Boats:)

    this guys that grow gigantic pumpkins make boats and have a demolition derby with them:D Pretty fun looking.. yeah i'm bored as hell:D:D
  147. jesse


    took some clients to look at places last night in clairmont and found some tweakers camping in one of the houses. I got harsh on'em and was prepared to beat some ass if need be:D. They scurried about, gathered their shit and were out in about 15 seconds flat. I was impressed.. They were scared...
  148. jesse

    Yippie!!! I get money!!

    These scoundrels will stop at nothing:DLOLLOL Donation 2009.Monday, February 2, 2009 2:37 PM From: "St.Paul's Catholic Church Norway" <[email protected]>Add sender to Contacts To: undisclosed-recipientsDNT 2009 ST. PAUL'S CATHOLIC CHURCH NORWAY( would like to...
  149. jesse

    Spottie fishing tonight..

    I'm itchin to pitch a few plastics.. Gonna head out tonight to some of my Mission Bay shore spots and see if the spotties are gonna chew:D My chart says the tide will start rippin in at about 11. We shall see:D:D
  150. jesse

    Take me Fishing/Fishington Site

    just clicked on the tab and checked ths site out. It is pretty cool and way kid friendly.. If you havent checked it out yet.. Give it a peep. Not a bad site. j
  151. jesse

    New Toy! Need Advice

    My uncle (a man that hunts his ass off) just sent me a new bow via Fed Ex. It is an Elite Z28. It looks pretty cool and is pretty light. It has a camo paint job with wood grip. It is only the bow and the box with warranty paperwork etc. What else should I get for it. Arrows, strings, sights...
  152. jesse

    Deep Fryer Advice..

    So my old faithful fry daddy took a dump tonight:(. Time to get a new one. Thinking of the Wells table top dual or the a Presto. Any advice or suggestions?? I don't mind spendin some ceeesh cause I will use it. Alot. Often.:D:D j
  153. jesse

    tractor tube for the snow Question...

    I have had the same tractor tube for years now. It finally died as I was pulling it out the garage.. It was done up with twine and some rubber pieces for sliding down the slopes. Anybody know where I can get another tube modified for the kids?? Heading up the mountain soon:D:D
  154. jesse

    Some Boat Dock Spots:D

    I met with a client downtown this afternoon and our meeting was went smoothly and before I knew it, it was over. Well I had nothing to do so I did what any fishing starved fisherman would do..... Go fishing:D I had my lil Diawa Coastal combo in the truck so to the bay rocks I went. I pitched my...
  155. jesse

    This Pig Is A Gross Pig!!:D

    So last week I went fishing on the day I had the lil turd scheduled to get neutered. Well sure as hell the next day he started trying to hump the dogs:1041677399:. So I scheduled a new appointment but there was no room until next tuesday:(. Anyhow, this guy is worst than anything I've seen. He...
  156. jesse

    Operation Repo TV Show..

    These guys are the biggest idiots ever:D... If they rolled up on me like they do some people I would sue the hell out of them.. And the fat ass ugly ghetto goth [email protected]#ch...:rofl: what a mascott:D:D:D I shouldn't of had that mocha at 11:30.. now I can't sleep:D:D:D
  157. jesse

    Everybody Meet Sir Beans Pigleton:D

    The dogs seem to like him. He is cool lil guy. And no he will not be breakfast smartass's( I know it's coming:rofl:)
  158. jesse

    Heading for some spots..

    Gonna launch the lil boat(first time out on this one:O) and try to get a spottie or two. Gonna hit mission and see whats up.. keep you posted.
  159. jesse

    Fin Nor 16

    Just got one of these today. Have any of you guys fished one yet.. From the feel and look of it, I suspect it will fish like a torium. Any feedback is apreciated ya'll-
  160. jesse

    The Scammers have some...

    Balls!!!! Just got his e-mail from the FBI...:rofl: these guys are ballsy thats for sure:D:D Anti-Terrorist and Monitory Crimes Division. Federal Bureau Of Investigation. J. Edgar. Hoover Building, Washington D.C Telephone Number : (206) 984 - 0470 ATTN: BENEFICIARY This is to...
  161. jesse

    big spottie in the small bay

    Fished the usual spot in the back of the bay and pulled ina fat ass spottie(2.5lb??) He was wrapped up good in the weeds but the good ol' P-Line didn't budge:D:D black gulp pogey fyi.. goddamn puppy chewed the usb cord but will post some shots asap.... j
  162. jesse

    Drunk POS"S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I woke up this morning to some douche smashing into my parked car. my beloved Cadillac is totalled:(This POS was soo lucky the cops were there in a minute cause I was trying to get him to open the door so I could beat his ass...... I was/am sooo pissed. He wouldn't talk to anybody so I don't...
  163. jesse

    Best Place for Garden/Patio/Yard goodies??

    I just decked out the new yard with a patio and some other stuff and now I wanna hook it up with all kinds of plants, tress and cool patio stuff. Any lines on which spots are the best to score yard goodies??? j
  164. jesse


    I need some good ol' fashioned red bricks. Anybody have any or know where to get some. I will try to get them from an individual first before I am forced to hit RCP or the Depot. Need about 450 of them thanks
  165. jesse

    Bluegills and Bass

    Hit up a secret lil gully that was jammed packed full of 3-4lb LM bass and all the 1/2 bluegill and sun perch you wanted. The bass were finicky at best. Hundreds of pitches... 1 bass. a bunch of BG's. The bass were sitting on the nests(kinda late for spawning but..) and did not want to eat. I...
  166. jesse

    Some of Baseballs Pioneers to be Drafted.

    Perhaps long-overdue but these guys will die happy and proud men:D Winfield's brainchild thrills Negro Leaguers - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
  167. jesse

    FREE DIESEL FUEL*** Some dude posted this and I'm sure one of you guys can use it. I have a 1,000 gallon diesel fuel tank I want to get rid of. It has about 600 gallons of diesel in it. The entire thing is free! I used it for a pool heater but converted to...
  168. jesse


    I just got a new place and the backyard need some serious help:D I am trying to get my new yard leveled and cleared of the weeds and small bits of debris (wood, etc) and then lay some sod. Anybody got a line or suggestion. Place is Normal Heights north of Adams. Any and all help is GREATLY...
  169. jesse

    SD Has a new COP.

    My buddy Chris mentioned a couple of years ago(while we were fishing the MIdriffs) that he really wanted to become a cop. Well after some hard work and dedication, he graduated from the academy and is a full blown officer... Congrats Chris! Your gonna do great. You'll make detective in no...
  170. jesse

    Lost to the giant??

    I sat there in awe as we (:argue:trevor coughman) blew yet another game. I was talking to this couple behind me at the game last night(hard-core padres fan's BTW) and the guy says" twenty bucks he blows it". I pause...... and take him up. I mean how s#@$ty could he be these days right?!!Next...
  171. jesse

    Slinging tomorrow afternoon

    I am gonna dust off my sling and try to stab something tomorrow. Either gonna be Torrey or Windansea... Who know's, maybe I'll get lucky:D
  172. jesse

    Who does this remind you of??:D:D:D

    $2 for the right answer:D:D:rofl: Goergie poo should know ahaha
  173. jesse

    Looks Like Fun

    We've seen these before but still cool:D:D <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src=""...
  174. jesse

    Mission Bay Again:D

    Wind was up, tide was rippin anb the fish were chewing, kinda. 4 spotties in about a twenty minute slot.. They all prefered the super fast retrieve..
  175. jesse

    I quit...

    Cussing that is. I am usually pretty good about not cussing in front of my lil boy but I got pissed at this dumb jerk that cut me off on the freeway and called him a few choice words with my son in the back of car:1041677399::_smack_: I caught myself right in the middle and stopped. I dunno why...
  176. jesse

    Pork Chops

    Just macked down the tastiest stuffed porkchops:D I am soo stuffed:D:D I wanna pick up a new recipe for the infamous Pork Chops.. Any good ones??
  177. jesse

    MB in 5 minutes:D

    So I'm sitting here watching VS. and these assholes are catching bass:1041677399: what to do, what to do?? I look outside at the bay and decide I am gonna get a spottie or two before I have to drag my boy to a B-day party for a fellow 1st grader.. I'll be in the back of the bay in the usual...
  178. jesse

    Popeyes Chicken Dude Died:(

    for all of you who know, the yard bird was da bomb:D:D Popeyes Chicken Founder Al Copeland Dies : NPR
  179. jesse


    Fudge!!! All I want to do is fish. I hate work, school, kids, girlfriends, PTA mettings, patients , clients, bills, etc etc...... I don't care if it's a stocker trout, spotted bay turd, blue gill, corbina.. I just wanna fish, but alas I am here at work:):):) I've got the fever again...
  180. jesse

    The Small Bay with Rosie

    Well this was Rosies first time fishing:D She tried to get the spottie I caught and had no fear:D She is cool. Fished Mission Bay for about 30 minutes before I had to pick the boy up from school. Water was deep green with the tide swinging in. I was fishing a red flake big hammer. Only fish...
  181. jesse

    Off-Duty cop shoots lady and 8yr old

    Damn.... Who shoots an 8 yr old mentally challenged kid?? Police: Woman Shot By Off-Duty Cop Is Military Wife - Local News Story - KNSD | San Diego
  182. jesse

    Hunt for Big Fish

    Larry is the f'n man.. He is truly living the life... lucky bastard:D:D:D:D
  183. jesse

    Everybody Meet "ROSIE"

    She is the newest addition to the family. I still miss Daisza but I guess that life goes on:( :):)
  184. jesse

    Late Sunday 3/16 report

    Jimmy wanted to take his badass ride for quick trip in the small bay so that's just what we did:D 1 spottie a piece in about a half hour. It was a beautiful SD day....Must be why we pay these prices..
  185. jesse

    At The house..

    So I really didn't feel like going out tonight sooo.. I grabbed a rod and walked 30 feet from my front door and caught a few spotties:D:D. It was cold, windy and rainy.. All caught on some big hammer red flakes. Biggest going about 2.5 lbs. total 4 bass in 15 minutes
  186. jesse

    MB with Riley 3/10

    Got home at about 2:30 from work and decided to hit the bay by the house. I was using a 3/8oz Eliminator Jig(these are killer:D). Fished till about 5 and off to pick up my boy from school. Scooped him up and the first thing he said was "let's go fishing" :D:D:D:D. That my boy.. Soo.. we hit up...
  187. jesse

    Anybody else play Party

    Cause it would be nice to take all your fake chips:D:D:D:D (fuQ... I'm bored:D)
  188. jesse

    Personal Trainer

    So I have been packing on the lbs...(pinche Saguaros on North Park:D:D:D:D:D:D) Anyhow, I want to get back into shape but I am a fucking lazy ass couch tater. A Personal Trainer is probably my best bet. Anybody do this kind of work on the board?? J
  189. jesse

    3/1 bassing with GardenMartha and myself..

    Met with Martha and sati and two scoops at about 5 and headed to try some spots. We fish the first few spots with no action and kept moving. Finally Martha nabs a decent spottie(took a pic but they came out crappie:D). We headed to one of her secret spots and after a few pitches I get a fatty...
  190. jesse

    any powdercoaters???

    Some friends and I have been investing in and building track bikes(velodrome) and we need to find a spot to have our bikes sandblasted and powdercoated.. any lines?? jesse
  191. jesse

    soon the water will be warm enough:D:D

    I cannot wait to bust out the sling and hit all my local haunts here in the big SD.. Big corb's, Flatties and the occasional Leopard:D:D:D anybody else sling on a regular..
  192. jesse


    where does one fish in Tucson/Eloy AZ.. There was a shitload of tackle stores around Tucson but where the f do people fish. I didn't have time to run into one of the stores and ask so I'll do it here... My mom and dad live there so when I visit I want to do a lil bassin or whatev's.. J
  193. jesse

    Mission Bay tomorrow...

    who wants to get into some spottie?? plan on leaving my house at 10am ya'll
  194. jesse


    I need a plumber to look at my main bathroom. I don't care about licenses and cheeeet just fix it:D:D jesse 619-840-3590
  195. jesse


    I have to get the "F" on the water even if only in the bay for spotties:) Anybody wanna tag along?? lemme know Jesse
  196. jesse

    So SAD:(

    my ace in life, my puppy is on her way out:( I have had this dog since I was 16 and she has been my anchor thus far. I was getting into a lot of shit and trouble at that age but the responsibility of taking care of her halted most of those behaviors. She has been through it all with me. For a...
  197. jesse

    Fridge Repair

    My good buddy has a newer GE side by side that is starting to leak. I read the manual and it is suggesting that he has a frozen line. Anybody reliable do this kind of work. His house is in Clairmont. (He is a quad and probably shouldn't be driving his chair around in water:D) let me know Jesse...
  198. jesse

    Mission Bay

    Paddled out in yak and set out for some spotties. Launched outta the MB yacht club at 11am and stayed there for an hour or so as the fishing was good. Pulled in about 10 spotties with a few filthy lizards as well. biggest spottie went 2.5lbs. Called it a day and went to get a burrito:D:D:D Pics...
  199. jesse

    Going to CABO:D:D

    I just cashed in some miles and I am gonna get the "F" outta town for a few days. Leaving on the 4th of Dec and coming back on the 9th. I need a vacation real bad:D:D catch a fish or two, chill at the Office, eat and just de-compress.... Can't Wait:D J
  200. jesse

    just got my licenses:)

    All ready to go and get me some ducks:) I need a gun. Any suggestions? I plan on going out with sluester as soon as I can and I don't think a 9mm is the right kinda shot:D:D:D:D j
  201. jesse

    more MB spotties

    I fell asleep last night at like 8pm( must have been tired huh:)) and well I woke up at 5am and couldn't go back to sleep sooo, I waited till 5:30 or so and hit the rocks and grass by my house(no not the crack rocks and chronic you druggies:D:D) It was drizzling and kinda chilly so I didn't...
  202. jesse

    Mission Bay night spotties

    I feel like crap thanks to some new meds i'm on so I decided to pitch some gulp off my front porch.( actually about twenty feet from the porch:D) walk along the weeds here at de anza facing radar island and managed to tug in 15 or sotties in about an hour. They were really on the chew. All...
  203. jesse

    Finally going out!!

    we are going long on tuesday. Hopefully We get into some feeesh... will post when we get home. j
  204. jesse

    Me? An Author??

    So as some of you guys know, I have a little boy (Riley:D) who is six years old. I am raising him solo and as a past time Ri and I have been writing our own stories and books. It is a very cool way to spend time with him and get him ready for bed. Well we now have about 67 short stories and 4...
  205. jesse

    Told ya So:D:D

    Good ol' Ben did as I suspected today by dropping the fund rate by .50bps.. Finally a lil help from the FED. Wall St rallies after Fed rate cut - Yahoo! News
  206. jesse

    Local La Jolla Yellows 8/21

    Headed out at 12:30 looking for the right kind of local bullies:D:D and found'em:):) Surface plugs, dines and good ol fashioned elbow grease:D:D beautiful day in San Diego...
  207. jesse

    goin slingin tomorrow 8/21

    anybody wanna go with??? going to torrey and if it sucks I'll head down toward windansea. shooting out about 10 or so. j
  208. jesse

    Windansea Slingin 8-19

    plugged a few FAT corbinas and took a few shots at the biggest corbina I've ever seen. We're talking "BIG". I also tried to cruise up on a 7 1/2' leopard shark. Got within 10' and dove on him slowly but he was just outta range:D Not a bad way to spend the day. BTW: all kinds of tenderoonies...
  209. jesse

    slingin-torrey pines

    visibility was shitty but still managed a few decent corbinas ans one yellowfin croaker. Hopefuly tomorrow will be better. Sling spearing is one of my favorite ways to jack a fish up:D:D:D:D
  210. jesse

    Anybody know about DUEL REELS?

    A client just gave me a 20 high speed but I've never seen on before. Any good??
  211. jesse

    we love the FED:)

    The FED just dropped rates a half this morning(discount rate not the fund rate). Good news for those waiting to refi- cause rate are high:D:D Those of us in the Real Estate business really needed this cause the pinch is on:D have questions or need help with mortgage or Real Estate issues ...
  212. jesse

    White Collar Crooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yeah they suck
  213. jesse

    Anyone fish BARBADOS???

    My son and I are leaving for Barbados on monday morning. I have looked up some guides but I was hoping to get some insite from someone who has been there. We will be an hour north of Bridgetown. Any help is greatly appreciated:D It's gonna be hot and sticky but I hope we can get some...
  214. jesse

    need two rods wrapped

    anybody want to wrap a couple of G-USA bass rods??? pm me with the price and how long it'll take:D the sooner the better. thanks guys. Jesse
  215. jesse

    rod wrapper needed!!

    I have two G-USA bass rods I need wrapped. One worming stick and one for flipping plastics. Nothing fancy just black on black or whatever... let me know Jesse
  216. jesse

    Picture Framers???

    My son graduated kindergarten and I want to frame his lil diploma:D anybody here do this kind of work. I don't mind paying:D:D:D:D
  217. jesse

    mission bay

    So I took out my new yak today to fish the small bay and get a feel for her. We fishd the usual spots like the channel, quivera basin, mariners cove etc. We scratched a few fish but then outta no where it went wide open on shortfin corvina to 7.5lbs, huge pig spotties and sandies, calicos and...
  218. jesse

    So I caved in and bought a yak!! have ??'s

    I did some research and tried a few different makes and models and what I bought is a Perception "SWING". I need to buy a good seat, paddle, and some rod holders etc. In short, I need some help from the vets in the kayak game:D. Any suggestions?? Thanks, Jesse BTW: Is my yak any good????. it...
  219. jesse

    Just got offered a job in PV! have ?'s

    My friend Rob has a brother who owns a real estate firm in PV and he has just called and made an offer to come down and work. I have never been in PV so I am a little aprehensive. Also I am raising a 6yr old solo. Does anybody know how the schools are? (private or public). I do well here in san...
  220. jesse

    16' KLAMATH???

    I want to downsize to a 16' KLAMATH with a 30 or 40 tiller O/B. does anybody know where to get a used one or one for a descent price??? thanks J
  221. jesse

    La Jolla 5/21

    trolled around the canyon all day for NADA:( Water was filthy with red tide.. drug around the bait o matics in a few diff. colors. Called it a day after 4 hours or so. Please tell me they didn't leave:)
  222. jesse

    going yo LJ in two hours:)

    were gonna get a late start and fish La Jolla at about 12:30 this afternoon. We have an extra spot if anyone wants to fish for a bit today. lemme know. gonna launch from Dana Landing 619-840-3590 Jesse
  223. jesse


    I went to Kearney Mesa Toyota in search of a new ride and I had finally had a good experience at a dealership. The lady that helped me is named "Veronica Reed". She was very friendly and didn't try and push me into something. I highly suggest you see her if your looking for a new toyoteeeeee. I...
  224. jesse

    MB 4/5 w/ the kids

    it's a keepers post with his cool little guys made me remember to post our Thurs. night venture:) Left about 6 ish and jammed to a spot where I've been spanking the spotties:) The boys were keen on doing everything themselves with no help from my buddy Jason or I:D Here is few shots of...
  225. jesse


    Sorry for the late post guys:) Was bored yesterday so I decide to fish the bay for little bit.( I live about2 minutes from a private launch:)) I start fishing in mariners cove with a 2.5" ghostshrimp fishtrap along the weedline looking for spotties when I get nailed:):) My line was peeling off...
  226. jesse

    First Time in CABO:)

    Flying down on the 10th and gonna fish my ass off with my buddy Artie:D He works on a big ass yacht and his boss invited me to come down for a week. Any pointers or tps on what do in the city?? I am soo excited. baja bound. Now its time to get to my ass to work and close these deals:):):)
  227. jesse

    late report 3/10

    saturday I go out to fish the bay with my little brother and a buddy when I get a call from other buddies that are fishing La Jolla to come outside and fish the point with 'em so.. We head out the jetty and off to LJ we go. We are fishing about 100 yards or so north west of the corner when we...
  228. jesse

    buggin Point Loma 3/7

    went out with my Brian last night for some last minute bugs:). Left late about 7:45 and finished up at 10:30 or so. Long story short, 3 hours for a million shorties and 1 keeper(just barely:)) No wind but some swell. All in all it was just good to be out there at night. j
  229. jesse

    bottom paint for aluminum boats

    What kind of paint and primer should I use to paint the outside and bottom of my 18' Westcoaster?? I want to cover up some of the oldness of the boat and seal some small leaks it may have:):) any help will be greatly appreciated. jesse
  230. jesse

    maiden voyage

    Takin the new boat out for a shot at some sunset yellows and some bugs:) Figure I'm gonna hit the corner in LJ for a bit with the Yo-Yo and when the sun settles down, drop some hoops near the wreck for some critters. Going with my buddy Brian(poncho villa) and Dustin(fish is a fish). well see...
  231. jesse

    marine electrician NEEDED ASAP!

    Anybody know a guy??? I need someone to run new wires in my tin can(bayrunner) Real basic stuff like bait tank, bilge pump, running lights etc. All the wires are still there but I would like to put some fresh wires in so I will KNOW they're gonna work for a while:) Lemme know:) 619-840-3590...
  232. jesse

    aluminum welder needed in SD

    I just picked up an 18' bayrunner westcoaster and it could use a little reinforcement:) I would like to put a new bead around the boat. If you know a guy or you are the guy PLEASE let me know:) thanks guys Jesse
  233. jesse

    yet another butt:)

    My buddies Brian, Justin and I got out at 5:00 or so to catch grey light and see if we can't catch us some yellows:) We cruised La Jolla looking for random shelves and drop-offs to yo-yo. We fished for a few hours on the jig for nada. Then I decided to try the old dropper loop. As soon at it...
  234. jesse

    Seattle NO FISH Report:(:(

    S I go to up to Seattle for the New Year and of course I wanna go fishing, so I grab the Yellow Pages and call the first DH listed. We set it up for Sun.(New Years Eve) at 7 am. The guy tells me that they are getting LINGS & and some SALMON. I was like, "cool" I'll take a ling or two:):) Well...
  235. jesse

    fishing in seattle????

    I'm going to Seattle for the new year and was wondering if anyone has fished there and what should I expect. Any ideas on where I should go????? thanks guys:):):):)
  236. jesse

    bigg bay halibutt report:)

    Fished the Bay today with my buddy brian of five star fish processing. We started around noon or so working our way south from the hangar down to g- street pier. We picked off a few short butts and a some spotties too. About 3ish we decide to hit missile dock for a few raked baits:( We decide...
  237. jesse

    looking for some extra blankets!

    I have been taking blankets to some of the homeless vets downtown and I can really use some more. I am willing to pay for them and pick them up. If any of you guys have any extra blankets lying around I would very much appreciate the help. Thanks jesse 619-840-3590
  238. jesse


  239. jesse

    I need a good mechanic!

    preferably one that knows the cadi northstar engine. I want to do a few things to mine:) lemme know dude jesse
  240. jesse

    Midriff Report

    Let me start by saying we killed some f'n fish. Lots of heavy shouldered yellows and cabrilla w/ some big pargo, BSB and grouper thrown in:) will post the pics and the rest of the report when I get finished what I am doing at work. j
  241. jesse

    the midriffs again:)

    we are heading out on friday morning for yet another trip aboard the ERIK. The yellows are in the 20-40lb range:):):):):) a few dodo have also been rounded up. Of course I will post some pic's as soon as I get back. I cant wait dude.
  242. jesse

    How many BD'rs lost a chick due to fish'n??

    I know sooo many fisherman that have been forced to choose between fishing and there wives, girlfreinds etc. I too once had to choose and, well, I'm stll fishing:nutkick: slap: hahahaha I can't be the only one. Has this happened to you??
  243. jesse

    would anyone be interested??

    I thought I would throw this out there. I was thinking about hosting a free luncheon where I can inform people who are interested in learning more about our Mexico Real Estate Loan programs. Alot of people are weary about buying a house in MX because some have gotten ripped off. I want to...
  244. jesse

    some more butt

    5/1 Art and I hit the SD bay yet again andagain we slayed 'em. spotties, sandies,flatties and all the lizards you could squeeze to deathw/ your dykes:) nabbed a 10-12lb hali on my favorite sateup, CT 50b / 8lb p-line. Fun. the bay is cookin so long as the wind is up.:) jesse
  245. jesse

    sd bay 4-29

    my buddy Art and I launched from SI @ 3:45pm and fished everywhere from G st Pier to ramp for pretty much non stop action on spotties, flatties, sandies and even cudas:) The bay was on fire today. I even caught this fish that was so fu**ing ugly I didn't want to touch it:) I think it was a...
  246. jesse

    25 yr aniv. ( kinda crass )

    A man and his wife celebrate thier 25yr aniv. by going to the same hotel, in the same room, on the very same night they were married 25 yrs earlier. At the end of the night they start getting undressed in the very spots as thier wedding night. The wife asks " what were you thinking at this very...
  247. jesse


  248. jesse


    I just received word that our firm has been named one of a few companies that will be allowed to sell homes and mortgages in Mexico with one of the largest banks in the U.S. This means you will have a regular American mortgage for your pad in Baja, P.V, or anywhere else in Mexico without any of...
  249. jesse

    Da Midriffs yet again:):)

    just booked the trip for June 10-16th. I reserved spots for 6 but so far its only 4 of us. If ya wanna go let me know. It's like $700 or something but hella worth it. You can hitch a ride from san diego w/ us to San Felipe. gonna be fun.
  250. jesse

    fishin da bay

    went solo today and pulled up a litlle 26 incher haibut in the harbor(SD). the little bastard was pulling hard as hell for his size. Then again I was using my beloved calcutta 50b with 8lb p-line:).Fish was in 35' of water. Gotta love our city where we have so many options for catchin...
  251. jesse

    1997 evinrude 2 stroke question

    I just picked up an older 8 horse and when we took it out this morning it was bucking in full throotle about every 45 seconds. The guy I got it from said that there was probably some water in the gas. Is this true?? Anybody know what else it can be? thanks
  252. jesse

    torsa reels

    was thinking of either getting a tiburon smartshift or a shimano torsa. Has anyone fished a torsa and has some feedback?
  253. jesse

    off-the-rocks calicos

    My buddy Art and I went to our little spot in PB where we use stripped squid and we f'n nailed a nice grade of checkers off the rocks. I had one come in at 21 inches:) Going back tonight. Took some pics and will put'em up later tonight.
  254. jesse


    Went in the shop for the first time today and I was taken by how cool the guys are.(KATANA/FISHNFOOL) I found my new tackle hole. I HIGHLY recommend you guys support'em and buy yo shyiiiit at the shop:) I know I will. thanks guys
  255. jesse


    I have been doing mortgages and am loving it. If any BD's are either looking to buy a house or refinancing their current home I will do it for 0 points up front. licensed by the DRE and I work for the best company ever. so if you need help call me. I will also tell you what's the best option...
  256. jesse

    back to da Midriffs!!

    headed back down to the Erik on May 1st. Just got off the phone w/ Gustavo and we're all set!!!! Last year was fun as hell and I suspect the same:D
  257. jesse

    slingin on labor day

    My buddy Art and I went torrey pines beach to spearfish on Monday. We get a bunch of fattie corvina & yellowfin croaker when we spot a 5' leopard shark. We debated whether to try and stick and decided to get'm. We figured on for the year and that would be it. We get our chance at him. We drag...
  258. jesse

    slingin torrey pines

    went out to see if I could sling-spear something with my buddy Art at Torrey Pines Beach on Sunday. All the Corvina you wanted with a few fat ones in the mix. walked down to the rock for some misc. perch and bass. Spotted a 6' leopard shark and at first he scared the outta me. We then were...
  259. jesse

    headed to Colorado

    I plan to leave this tuesday and return on sat. Going to visit my Granpa and on the way back I'm gonna stop along the Sangre De Christo mountains to a place where he used to take me when I was a kid. It's about a 4 mile hike from a trail where you can park the car. Up there are the most...
  260. jesse

    twi-light 8/10

    me and my buddy Art decided to hit up a twi-light boat last night after work for a little time with the ol' jigstick. We board the New Seaforth and off we go to LJ. We stop on the corner and start getting a bunch of bonies and a couple barries. A little grom get's him a little yellow and off...
  261. jesse

    bad news for us

    this is a bummer
  262. jesse

    good outboard guy??

    I need to have the outboard on my boat tuned up and carbs(2)rebuilt. It's a mid 80's merc.80 horse. Anyone know a good guy that can help and not rip me a new one on costs. I understand it costs big$$ but so long as I don't overpay:D thanks guys.
  263. jesse

    my first boat:D

    went and picked up my first boat on sat. afternoon. nothing too fancy but it's just what I need. 17' cc skiff with a 80 horse merc on her. Jim and I are gonna replace the CC with a custom one and re-glass the deck. Then comes the all deck. In a week this thing is gonna be fucking nuevo:D:D...
  264. jesse

    Jack Crevale

    Has anyone ever pulled one of these out of the south bay? been hearing alot about them being in the flats. If so what do you get'm on?
  265. jesse

    otay lakes

    scratched the plan to hit miramar on sat. and decided to hit otay on sunday. Water was murky and warm. Walked the rim and spotted some cruisers about 12-14" but couldn't get'm to take. I tried it all; buzzbaits, crankbaits, plastics, dropper loop nightcrawlers and still no go. Ended up tying...
  266. jesse

    20 miles inshore

    going to fish miramar lake on opening day tommorrow:D been closed for ?? or some shit. That's what I heard but don't quote me. Jim spotted some fat LMB cruising so we're gonna give it a shot:D figure we'll cruise the rim in search of some hotspots.
  267. jesse

    headed out on SUN. 7-11

    gonna put the new tranny in Jim's boat tonight and get her ready for sunday. On board will be myself, Jim, Art and Lil' Chunk(aka) fishing4life:D gonna hit the 295 or ???? got a shitload of new feathers for supercheap and I want to try'em out:D:D:D anyone else going out?
  268. jesse

    LJ kelp 7/5

    fished the kelp on Monday with my buddy Thad on his 14' gregor. we slow trolled for a couple calico's and eventually tied up to some kelp and had a wfo calico and slimey bite for 3 hours. C&R all day. The Dolphin seen us killin'em and tried to slide up but we were about 100 yards inside the rim...
  269. jesse

    newell 533

    I was told that these are the way cheap yet reliable way to go on the bigger tuna. Lies? I was invited on a trip to guadalupe this sept. and I'm trying to figure out if I have enough gear. I was gonna take my tiagra 50w, Avet 4/02 and my PG YTS with some other random reels just in case. any...
  270. jesse

    missing car @ S.I

    so I go fishing the other with Mikey(byeye)and this guy Brad(salchy-dog) and when we got back I couldn't help but notice that my car was gone :FU: so I do all the normal stuff;call the cops and check if they towed it and the insurance also. The police tell me they don't have it so I proceed to...
  271. jesse

    root canal!!!!!

    going in today at 1:00 to get the old tooth worked on. This shit hurts :FU: :FU: :FU: I am heading out with byeye and Brad on friday night and my question is this: how much post procedure pain is involved? I have never had one of these things done before and there's no fuckin way I'm gonna...
  272. jesse

    hawaiin slings

    does anybody know where to pick up a 10' or a 12' sling. And if so how much do they go for? I have a 6' and a 7' but I want something that'll get a little better shot at the hali's.
  273. jesse

    ob channel 5/28

    hit up the channel after work at about 5:15 and tossed a chovie FT into the cuurent a few times when I get myself a nice 20" flattie. A fun fish to catch except when I finally got him out of the grass I noticed he had the harshest case of tail rott I have ever seen. I know they can get this if...
  274. jesse

    midriff report

    First off the trip was a blast. We arrived in San Felipe to a seedy dock loaded with drunk dock rats all trying to unload our shit at 10:30 at night and load it on the ERIK. There was this old salt, halfway beligerent on the boat who told us he was the guy who watched the boat at night. After...
  275. jesse

    all packed

    and ready to head down to San Felipe. Should hit the midriffs sometime tommorrow night. Will post pic's when I get back.(finally bought the cable for the camera)see ya
  276. jesse

    DOD and M.Bay

    took my little boy(3yrs) to the Day at the Docks yesterday and he had a blast. He caught one of the penned mac's and was all excited, telling everyone he caught a wahoo:). After the show I took him to fish M.bay for a while. We fished the rocks behind the lifeguard station for 1 calico and 1...
  277. jesse

    the midrif islands for the 1st time

    I will be fishing the Sea of Cortez on my buddy Gustavo's boat(the ERIK) departing on 5/1 thru 5/6 I have never fished that side so I am looking forward to the chance at my first baja grouper :) jesse
  278. jesse

    the ERIK out of San Felipe, any good??

    I was just offered a trip on this boat departing on May 1st and returning on the 7th. Gus, the owner of the boat wants a diesel I have and will give me some cash and the trip for three people. Before I cheapsell the truck I wanted to get some feedback and see if anyone has fished this boat or...
  279. jesse


    I will be fishing somewhere tommorrorw but as of right now, I don't know where. I may be headed out with my buddy Jim. If not, I will be on the Point Loma scroungin for some reds. jesse
  280. jesse

    late report 3/20

    Left SI at 10:30pm and headed for the 295. Arrived at 4:00am and chilled out till grey light. Drop the lines in and cruise around lookin for a temp break. Water was about 59.4degrees on the early morn then warmed up to about 60.2 or so. spotted a pattie and tossed in a dean for a couple small...
  281. jesse

    295-213 sundayn 3\21

    heading out tonight from SI heading to the fish. will monitor 69/72 jesse
  282. jesse


    My lucky jigstick lost an eye on my SCI trip last weekend. My question is this. I would like to strip my jigstick and have it rewrapped. In fact I want to rewrap all my sticks. Is this possible and if so who wants to do it, how much and where do I drop off the poles and bread$$$$??? jesse
  283. jesse

    San Clemente

    Left for S.C @ 7:00pm on sunday night headed for S.C. Arrived at 2:00 in the morning to a beautiful site of dolphins and lil dog pups. yo-yo'd for some sculpin and then set the lights up. Thirty minutes passed and we had squid on board. hung out in the cove until just before grey light and...
  284. jesse

    San Clemente

  285. jesse

    Long Beach Sun. 2/29

    Going up to L.B to drop off the Tracer with my buddy Ed. Gonna stop and fish Clemente and Catalina on the way. I hope the weather works with us:D The fish as well jesse:D
  286. jesse


    A while back I caught this ugly fuckin fish and someone referred to it as a stargazer. I have been fishing these waters for years and this was the first time I had ever seen one. Is there another name for these? jesse
  287. jesse


    how do you keep a retard in suspense?
  288. jesse

    bacon wrapped albie with cilantro chutney

    First you start the chutney. 2oz pre packed chutney(whole foods has the best for $2.00 a jar) and add 1/2 bushel of cilantro, white onions and a touch of saffron. blend all together until the cilantro is just a little chunky. set aside. for the albie it's simple get the best bacon you can...
  289. jesse

    pinnacle bait casters, any good?

    I've seen these on ebay and they look good but I've never used them so ? Was gonna bid on a pair but wanted to see if anyone had some info first.thanks jesse
  290. jesse

    serial killers

    How much do you know? jesse
  291. jesse

    mission bay results

    Nothing too exciting to report. The SD anglers bay bass tournie pretty much sucked. There was only about 5 boats fishing with not much action. I nabbed a couple of nice bass(2.5-3lbs) just off radar island. Didn't really matter since I did not register in time so I was not even eligible...
  292. jesse

    sd bay mud marlins

    cruised to the bay last night to do some thinking and try my luck at the shovelnose. I used my old penn 500 and old chocolate sable rod spooled with 30lb and tipped with an 18 inch shark leader coupled with a 3oz egg. For bait I used a mac I had bought from a guy at Embarcadero pier for buck...
  293. jesse

    SD anglers bay tournie 2/21

    I will be fishing Mission Bay on Sat. for the SD anglers contest. I was planning on using bright plastics due to the water being murky because of potential rain runoff. Anyone have any advice on what may work? thanks jesse
  294. jesse

    tons of fun

    left for P.B point at about 7:30am from Dana and grabbed some small dino's from the Bro's. Headed to the point to drift for some flatties. a few but all short so we decide to slow troll. we troll for about 10 minutes when the bonies slap. fish them for a while then back on the troll. Five...
  295. jesse

    this weekend

  296. jesse

    shi$%y 1/2 day sunday

    got some free passes for a couple of half days out of H&M from a client on friday. Nothing to do on sun. morning so I call a buddy and head to the landing. We headed just south of the point about 5 mlies out to fish sculpin or something???. No one was catchin shi# when suddenly I spot boils all...
  297. jesse

    the bay on sundayt

    went out to fish missin bay on sunday in a small 13' skiff. We drifted the channel for all the small halibut you wanted. We decide to drift through the Ingrahm st bridge and get into a herd of fattty buttes (23-27 inches). I nab one that tipped at 14lbs. A few sandies and useless macks as...
  298. jesse

    albies moved

    boy , what a difference a few days make when it comes to fishing. Sunday the 1010 produced big albies and now nada, that sucks! you'll get'em next time:) :) :) :) jesse itchin to go fishin
  299. jesse

    sun 10/06 1010

    left S.I at about 5 am and headed straight to the trench. Tons of patties on way and managed to pull a few YT from one of them. we get about 4mi below the trench and spot a bush so we decided to throw some dines on, instantly picked up. Wide open YT. We fish the tails for a while when suddenly...
  300. jesse

    room for me this weekend???

    I want to add some YFT to the freezer/bbq before it's over. If anyone has room I would love to come along. I could really use some time on the water.:daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: will pitch in for fuel and whatever else h: 619-255-8563/w: 619-223-6200 or PM me...
  301. jesse

    Islands tues.9/23

    went out on the malahini this morning hoping to get into some yellows. We spotted a few boils and managed to boat 3. The rest of the time was aimlessly spent on the bottom, producing only a few chuckleheads and plenty of short lings. The Islands were choppy and the water was about 64* and yet...
  302. jesse

    1st albie

    still lookin to nab my first albie. I would like to catch a ride with anyone who is going after these guys this weekend. I can help w/ $$$ and I know my way around a boat. [email protected]/619-255-8563 THANKS...
  303. jesse

    mon. 6/16 Islands

    went out on the CHUBASCO II today and lets just say I've seen better days. The barri's were there but no YT's. We could see them boil but they wouldn't play. Still i'd rather be fishing than working anyday. Next time we'll get um.
  304. jesse

    anyone have room for 1

    itchin to go fishing this weekend If anyone needs help with gas, bait etc. and some good company let me know Thanks, [email protected]/619-255-8563