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  1. Konakai

    HK 5/15/14

    Got out late about 830 from HK. About 1000 got a strike at ledge in about 2k of depth. Used a 9" root beer Matsu head with root beer skirt outer and pink inside. Hit long on the port rigger.
  2. Konakai

    Windward Mahi 4/28/14

    Got out late around 1000, reached U at 1100 couple small hits nothing stuck. We rolled out to LL and saw some open schools of Mahi but they weren't biting. Headed back to U reached it about 3 going up current and the shotgun started singing. Pulled in one bolo head on a 7" blue speckle/pink...
  3. Konakai

    Come on gang holoholo....

    Gosh the fishing postings have been thin.... Tattoos and sandbar boats... Gotta share the Mana! When out last week, headed towards U, five lines in 5" slant heads to 7" jets,( pink/white, green/blue, pink/blue with bird) 2 miles from U all lines screamed. Saw rubbish floating Port side about...