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  1. Pgnracr

    COD COD COD!!!! 3-1

    short n sweet!! Nice day out on the water!! Fished out around the back of Catalina on some small spots from 240-300 great limits of reds limits of lings!! Then caught n released some calicos up to about 3# with plenty to feast on we headed in!!! TL get out n get yours!!!
  2. Pgnracr

    Bluefin at the end of January !!

    Just got in from a day and s half on the New Lo-An was excellent trip as always. Adam and Crew worked hard we went south about 100-120 had steady plummet bite. Lots of lost fish. What worked Best was 30 flouro and #1 circle hook. Must be patient and find the right bait and hold it softly. Let...
  3. Pgnracr


    Well here is some timely info. We only had time for a early morning run! We launched on my buddies 24 whaler. Got a few squid from a buddy who did well on island yellows the day before. Long story short we fished kelps to the west of the island looking for the one that they scored on. Never...
  4. Pgnracr

    7-10 SCI BLUEFIZNnn

    Well Doug here is a tough report on the catching side!! Going to keep short. Had live squid got to the Ridge about3:30am we really found very few marks just anchored in the right drift setup. 67.1-68.4 temp break against 66 been the right setup. No Love until 7:45 Mike got ripped on 2once rubber...
  5. Pgnracr


    Left 10:00pm 7-3 went over to cat got a scoop of squid. Fished a couple squid beds big ass bat ray. Went out to ridge about 4:00am after crashing out a bit at cat. We looked around and metered the same looking stuff in 66.8-67.5 degree water that got us a pig two weeks back. Droped a glow once...
  6. Pgnracr

    TANNER 11-16

    quick report then off to sleep!!! One word!!! Rough!!! Weather,bait,fishing, SHARKS!!!!! Well Marty His brother from Tennessee??? Never been offshore!!! And was a horrible idea in this weather. We left at 11:00 pm got to Catalina. No bait. We hid out of wind put lights out jogged maybe 15...
  7. Pgnracr

    Wahoo on 1010

    Heard on the radio today of three hooked one landed. Was 50# the fish was seen by a boat in mission bay. All on one paddy. Hope to see more!!! Was this time last year!!! we only got mini footballs 5-10# all released. Saw a huge hammerhead with tiny yft in mouth!! Cool. TL.
  8. Pgnracr

    Desperation BDay Present 9-13

    Short story!! 1-2 for a 85# 45 minute beating!!! We left on Marty's 45 ft Sierra. Got a good mix of dines few chovy off we went stopped on back side of Catalina. On a squid spot from 1-2:30 am caught a few pieces!! Off to SCI. We found the good spot. Set upon 354 feet. First drop on squid in...
  9. Pgnracr

    Labor Day LABOR

    we left Sunday nite at 10 from Dana got over to the Lee of SCI ! Got out of breeze. Anchored ate a snack. While on anchor watch. About 4:30 pulled around into the southern edge of the fleet. Anchored in 380 feet good marks 80-250 down. The three of us sinker fished Marty got hit about 150 down...
  10. Pgnracr

    6-15 Lots of action on BFT

    Well my first trip in awhile. I had dope on some action in371 area we baited and headed out in grey. We got close found boats sitting. So we moved off west. About 6:30 we see about seven terns sitting we see a silver flash. Through a sniper and was on !!! Fought for 30 min hook pulls. Was...
  11. Pgnracr

    12-20 Mackerel Bank/SCI

    We did the boat parade thing in the harbor!! Hot Toddies and all. we went over to pyramid head in the dark sat night. Looked for squid that had been in a spot or two we got a few singles n twos n threes. We got around ten pcs. Then crashed out!! Heater on btw!!!! Was one cold night!!! Was a...
  12. Pgnracr

    12-16 Time to Try!!

    Quick report to provide current intel! got to run in to work. Well after front after front!!! We gave it a go!!! We left out of Dana point. We had some bait in our dock slammer. A lot had rolled but had a scoop. We headed towards the area of the 209 that has kicked fish. Surface temp was down...
  13. Pgnracr

    12-9 209 yft Hoo went Boo

    Quick report as I need to go to work. Lol. Have to sometime. Rick and I made it a quick trip. 5:40 left Dana harbor with a scoop of great mixed bait! Got to the 312 the spot that has been very productive. But temp break was not there. 63 only. We ran toward 209 found our mammal friends!! And...
  14. Pgnracr

    12-4 YFT on the 209/312

    This report is just put up to help give BDers an idea for success in the am. My buddy works 2nd shift. He had no time to post. But we talked on the phone. He and two of our friends took out his sled. They went straight over to the temp break area. The trick is getting in the area and metering...
  15. Pgnracr

    12-2 WFO YFT on 312

    Left out of Dana with mix of med chovie and small dines. Out over bumpy conditions. Headed straight out to 209. Saw a foamer. All skippies. A few micro YT under a paddy in 66.3 water. We ran toward 312 a place we got spooled on some big models Sunday. We metered around in 64.2 purple water till...
  16. Pgnracr


    Well the old sayin??? A bad day fishing beats a good day working??? Not so sure!! We had the day off and last chance for a few. Well with the east wind up to 25 gust we trolled three mauraders along ledges out and around Catalina. Then had to hide out. We got a knock down around 150area. Had all...
  17. Pgnracr

    BUG TIME!!!!!

    I know there are Hoo n tuna and blue marlin the size of submarines!!! But I m getting the Bug gear ready!!! Think Hooo heads make good bait??? Lol insane year. Be awesome to limit on bugs at nite then hoo it up all day!!
  18. Pgnracr

    Fish Hard!!! La Niña predicted for 2016

    Heard a panel of Climatologist, they say weak La Niña 2016 so we can all use this as an excuse to go several times a week!!! My plan until all the pelagic s are blown out!!! Hope not until February !!! TL
  19. Pgnracr

    7-29 Dana BFT wins!!!!

    Well short report!! We left harbor at 5:00 mixed left over bait. Yes from our cage under dock. Dines n Mack's. We got out to our area straight off San Clemente Pier. I could not stand it but while Rick was grabbing grub ,I got a call I have to be at a client by 10:00. So it's going to be quick...
  20. Pgnracr


    We got out of Dana about 2:30 (yes AM)got bait evening before. Kept well. We got out to the area ten miles straight off San Clemente pier slow trolled a live dine until we found great marks at 150-180 ft 73 degree water on the New Furuno !!! Gavin my six year old was all about cutting up live...
  21. Pgnracr

    Tough conditions

    We left DP at 5:00 am was a mix of dines and chovy. Seemed to be un cured ?? But we have a great bat tank. Still lost a bunch. We used dead chovies to get a few Mack's at barber poles and a 3# sandbass on the bait rig?? Released!! We ended up with 7 Mack's. Off we go. Swell was up 3 ft or so...
  22. Pgnracr

    ONE ON THE 209!!!!

    Well it's a story that keeps being told!!! We left Dana at 5:30 this morning some ok dines!! Went near barber poles found horse Mack's. So we looked along the break wall towards point ,put in hour or so getting 8 good Mack's kept two huge ones. Of to 209. Stopped on meter mark on way that was...
  23. Pgnracr

    Great start cut short!!!

    Well let's go with good news first!!!! After our Big Fish Drama Sunday!!! We thought let's gun it straight to the scene of the crime!! Got bait mix of dines and chovy!! No Mack's. We made a stop at our mackerel hole. Not too lucky four nice pieces. But was very early. So at 4:15 we leave point...
  24. Pgnracr

    BIG BOYS!!!

    Well we caught several nice fish earlier in the week!! 30 lb class BFT and YT to28 this was great but after seeing Volkswagen size BFT jump around us. We brought the right gear!!! We only got pinhead chovies on Sunday at 5:00 am. We found Mack's by the jetty that would...
  25. Pgnracr

    Stop raining!!!!

    Miserable weather stay away!!!! Wanted to go out to some red spots!!! But HORRIBLE out!!!!
  26. Pgnracr

    TUNA TIME!!!! BLUES!!!

    Well a here is The report AGAIN??? As the one I thought I posted didn't take Lol. We left 1-9 on the 1.5 day Tribute trip !!So our Indian summer grease calm days are a goner. Please prove me wrong. Well Mack drove, I m a little on tilt!!! Thanks bud!! Nice seeing our crazy fishing friends...
  27. Pgnracr

    2015 Tribute Tuna !!!!

    Well it's January!!!! This was obvious by the weather!! Wet!!! Bumby!! But who cares we caught Blue Fin Tuna!! We left on Friday nite 1-9 on 1.5 day trip!! They run every Friday. May add dates!!! We got a nice mix of baits dines chovy few mini Mack's even a few stray squid in with bait. I found...
  28. Pgnracr

    Toronado Blue Fin!!!

    We just got in this morning from a 1.5 day trip!! Was a blast!!! Though not a ripper by any stretch!! Thought I would get the word out. Before I crash. We had limits of rockfish some good lings!!! A few nice moss back YT!! Saw some YFT. We had 25-30 BFT to about 25# I had 3 BFT 2 YT was...
  29. Pgnracr

    Cortez/Tanner BFT Christmas tuna

    The fish are still out there. Private charter got them. Saw good sign. We are all in for a ride on the Tribute!!!! Out of SeaForth. But need more people. Weather should finally be ok. It's been a mess for ten days. The fish are there. We are a go. So sign up n join us!!! Either way...
  30. Pgnracr

    Cortez Here we come!!!

    Got to landing we all checked in early around 4:30. Got some grub at Elliot's seafood. Not bad a little spendy. But excited think there are around 20 on boat. Saw Scott for a minute. He said may be a little sloppy!! But we will try n find em!!! Excited let's go!!! Will try n report thur...
  31. Pgnracr

    Condor tuna hunting in Dec!!!

    Yes that's right Scott and the gang are going out Tue 12-9 1.5 day trip for tuna. It was limit fishing again for all boats out on the two banks !!! We are going Tue. But they are running Friday 1.5 as well!! Get reservations quick!!! See you out there!!!
  32. Pgnracr


    Great trip going on the Freedom on the tuna!!!!mostly yellowfin 300 plus some BFT. Out on Tanner bank!! Just passing along. We are going Friday !! Hope you all can get out over the holidays! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!
  33. Pgnracr

    Not September anymore!!!

    We went out of DP about 6:30 went south. Metered some Mack's used Sabikis with a tentacle of squid. Got twelve perfect little ones to ten inches. Went to box canyon jigged with only getting a couple assorted Rockies. Dave got one great run off bottom on a Mack. Lost it!! We metered and got...
  34. Pgnracr

    Quick morning to Eureka!!!!

    I had the pleasure to go on Ricks 22 whaler. We left bills bait about 5:00 am. Going across Chanel when we passed Eureka oil platform. We had no intention to stop. But about a half mile past found a 5" dia paddy with tuna birds on!!! Cut motor meter mark was HUGE!!!! Threw a scoop of dines...
  35. Pgnracr

    181 fun!!!

    We got out early in there early left DP at 4:00 Barry my son and I. We just went straight out. I think it paid off as my friends wasted time on rat paddies. We stopped on meter gold. We got about twenty real fast YF in 13-26 range then skippy took over. I got a call from work. Had to come in...
  36. Pgnracr

    Mako Madness!!!!

    Well so do day on the water. Went for a couple hours this morning. Caught s couple PBs released then found the Africa paddy. Rats galore. Then no dodos biting. Would see drifting around. To much weekender action. Not settled out yet. By tomorrow or Wednesday!! About had it at 9:00 when I...
  37. Pgnracr

    At least ends well!!!

    Well it had to happen even us this year!! So after 7 straight days had to miss one. Have to say missed being out. My txt went off all day of where should I go what to try. So was a little worried how it would be. Had my buddy fill my tanks in the evening. By that I mean fuel and bait. Boy I...
  38. Pgnracr


    Does anyone know if in Oceanside harbor? They seemed to want them?? On way for day 8. Best fishing luck to everyone!!! Let everyone scramble then I m going other way. Thinking 43 or 60 mile bank. Want that 73 water. That held BFT. Then go for warmer peanut butter water. Heard of bigger model...
  39. Pgnracr

    181 Glory!!!!!!

    Make it six days straight staring in the eyes of seven!!!! Well I worked this morning but Jason was making it tough telling me of the 150+ lbs Opah he had close three times before hook pulled. Two on my boat this year but I caught not!!!! Ours only in fifty to sixty range. Anyway my son and I...
  40. Pgnracr

    Big Yellow Fin!!!

    Phill Adam and my son Gavin left heading to 209 at 12 miles double hook up on cedar plugs. We took 22 from 18-31 that we kept released ten or more rats around 8-11 all not touched used new release tool I got in Fl on a business trip. It's called a Yami ? Works great. We use circle hooks also...