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    Box Canyon 3.18 and warning to private boaters

    fished box canyon with a buddy, lines in around 10:30, final line out 12:45 with limits for both and a few sandies tossed in. Great fishing on fresh dead squid and my buddy used a shrimp/garlic setup that was the hot ticket (homemade). Tried to fish the kelp line for calicos, but lack of kelp...
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    Barracuda Mim size question

    I was unable to find the min size for barracuda in the fishing regs, did they remove the min size? We caught a couple of short ones yesterday and didn't remember the min size. I looked in the saltwater regs and couldn't find the size or bag limit. Thanks.
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    LED based squid lights

    Anyone have suggestions on squid lights for So Calif squid that are LED? I have a sodium light, but would like to move to LEDs. I hear the light colors are off on the LEDs. Any truth to this?
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    Old fuel in Orange County, CA

    Hey, A buddy of mine has an older boat and he wasn't able to take it out for a couple of years. He has about 80 gallons of fuel (gasoline), it was stablized, that is 3 years old. Does anyone know of a service that can come to him, or he can trailer his boat to have that fuel removed? His tank...
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    I've been debating about getting a kicker for my 23' Parker, any downsides other than the cost of a unit, mounting, and maintenance. Located and fishing in So. Cal
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    New boat electronics

    Hi, I'm about to pull the trigger on a new Parker 2320 and I'm hung up on electronics, I'm looking towards spending about 8-10k and needs some suggestions. Never owned my own boat, always fished on someone else's boat or on the commercial fleet so I do not have a good starting point of...
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    Squid out of Dana Point

    I'm heading out of Dana Point tomorrow, any options for live squid or do I have to run up to Newport? Not sure if Newport even has squid, but just checking options.