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  1. gabe0308

    Sekiu winter launching and moorage

    I am not familiar with Sekiu at all but thinking about doing a winter diving trip over there. Are there places to launch the boat and moor in the winter time? Would be nice not to pull the boat each day if I didn’t have to.
  2. gabe0308

    Free 3 shelf humidor

    Like it says free three shelf humidor. Used to enjoy cigars quite a bit but since having a kid I don’t smoke around her. Been sitting in my garage for a while so it is a bit dusty. Will need the humidifier thingie replaced as it is all dried out.
  3. gabe0308

    2006 Yamaha 250 issue

    Our family boat up in Alaska developed a weird motor problem I can’t figure out. The motor is a 2006 Yamaha 250 with about 1100 hours on it. Everything appears fine but if you are running and then come down off plane with the motor idling when you go to start throttling up the motor again I...
  4. gabe0308

    Free bottom half Shimano Convergence

    Going through my rod collection and trying to clean up my misc items. I have the bottom half of a medium 12-20# 10’6” mooching rod. This is the “newer” version with the black and red thread on the wrap. Top half is gone as it shattered in several pieces due to user error. Free is someone...
  5. gabe0308

    Last ling for the season

    Well the spear gun will have to be put back to rest and time to bring the camera back out. Saw lots of lings but waited for decent one and ended the season with my biggest one. Any of this gear look familiar? 😂
  6. gabe0308

    Some more ling success

    Able to get out for another day of spear fishing. Lots of hook and line anglers out today. Nice to slip under the water and pick out the ling. Any of these jugs look familiar? Did a little bottom clean up as well.
  7. gabe0308

    Traded the Camera for Speargun today

    Well today was finally opening day for spearfishing. After seeing lots of lings the last few weeks diving it was hard not to get my hopes up. Seems like every time I think I am going to crush something I am humbled and reminded it is fishing not catching. Anyways was able to spear a ling that...
  8. gabe0308

    Little underwater action

    Have had the opportunity with fishing closed to get some time under the water. A few photos: Puget Sound King Crab
  9. gabe0308

    FreeYamaha 9.9 anode hot water replacement

    This is a replacement anode for a Yami 8 hp or 9.9 that has the little barb on it to supply hot water. I have had it for years with plans to use but don’t have a need for it. Free but not willing to ship.
  10. gabe0308

    The future...

    Is this going to be our future? Telling our kids “We used to have these things called salmon that we used to have fishing derbies for. Now we have contests for clams.” WTF
  11. gabe0308

    Free zincs (look like trim tan ones)

    Free zincs to whomever may want them. Not shipping and you have to take all of them including the random sized one that I have no idea what it goes to.
  12. gabe0308

    Remote house security

    Well I am a bit surprised it took this long. Finally had our house broken into at a remote spot on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Fortunately it appears they only took all the hard alcohol and whatever money was there. They did leave the 30 pack of Keystone Light though. :D The...
  13. gabe0308

    Aluminum boat tray clamps

    anyone know where to find little tray clamps for aluminum boat trays? Kinda like the one in this picture. Looks like Promotion has them but they all have different things attached to them. I want to mount triple rod holders to them so I can store rods vertically near the back of the...
  14. gabe0308

    Shimano Moiching reel drag upgrade

    If anyone uses the old style or new style Shimano mooching reels the carbon fiber drags from are awesome and inexpensive. Both older and new style use the same SPOOL washer but have different size DRAG washers. Older style: Newer style: Each set cost $6.50 and...
  15. gabe0308

    Tahsis 2018 Dive trip

    Just got back from a dive trip up to Tahsis. One of the guys put together a short video. After learning about the cold water corals that I had been boating over for years I decided to get certified three years ago. It has taken me the last three years gaining experience to finally feel...
  16. gabe0308

    Blue Seas Company Fire Didn’t realize Blue Seas was based out of Bellingham. Bummer deal.
  17. gabe0308

    Booked trip with All Rivers and have two spots to fill 9/14

    With a couple of my buddies we have 3 of Mark’s boats booked for Friday the 14th next week. This is our third year in a row going. I have had several people back out last minute so have two open spots on the boat I booked. Just trying to fill the seats. Deposit has already been paid by me...
  18. gabe0308

    More Qcove Flashers up for grabs

    More fall cleaning with lots more stuff to come. Bought them a while ago and have never used them so they are up for grabs. 16 of the 11” Qcoves: one new in the bag and one has a broken pin holder, 1- 8” Qcove, and 1- 11” GIbbs Red Pin breakaway. The bottom left one is broken 14 pins...
  19. gabe0308

    Box of old plugs FREE!

    Not in the best condition. There are some wooden ones: Wallace Highliner, Martin Spark X, Plastic such as: Silver Horde, Lucky Louie I bought this box of old fishing gear for $20 over a year ago thinking there may be something I wanted in it. Turned out there was a Hardy Fly reel buried in...
  20. gabe0308

    Busy busy summer

    Have has the opportunity to fish many great places the last couple months. First trip was Juneau. Great weather, great friends, not great fishing. Only fished a couple days and got a few halibut with the biggest being 38#s. Kind of interesting waiting until midnight for fireworks but still...
  21. gabe0308

    Alcohol into Canada

    Hey anyone else getting jammed up at the Canadian border recently? I got the 5 minute lecture and “Warning” last week on a trip up north to go fishing when I was over my allotted duty free limit. First time in 13 years they ever cared. He said he should send me in to pay the duty. Just trying...
  22. gabe0308

    Yamaha 250 trim seal leaking

    Both my trim seals are leaking a bit. They just have a small amount of fluid on the trim dust seal. It looks a bit like this. (not my actual motor) Is thus only part I need to replace? The smaller seal under the clip? If that is the only part that needs to be replaced then I don’t have to...
  23. gabe0308

    Wireless kill switch

    Anyine installed one of these? Seems like a decent idea.
  24. gabe0308

    Scotty Liquidation sale

    looks like there may be some good deals here. Not an auction but a liquidation sale with items up to 50% off retail. I would be going to check it out if I wasn’t working nights.
  25. gabe0308

    Islander MR3 bearings...

    With doing a little reel cleaning tonight I thought my top bearing on one of the reels was bad. Looks like I can buy the bearing from Mikes reel repair for about $20 or looks like they have it here for $1.58 unless I...
  26. gabe0308

    Perko Stainless/ chrome rod holders x4- $20

    Rod tubes are stainless and decent condition. The mounting brackets seems to be chrome plated and have some surface corrosion. This only fit up to 1” rails.
  27. gabe0308

    Yamaha isolator lead Anyone else using one of these for a 2nd battery charging source. Looks pretty interesting as allows a dedicated 2nd charging lead.
  28. gabe0308

    Tahsis BC November 9th

    Not really a fishing report but some sweet video footage from day 1 of our dive trip. This is my buddy Mathue and one of his good dive buddies Chris.
  29. gabe0308

    Diesel heater for SeaSport

    I must be getting older and/or soft but looking at getting a diesel heater for my SeaSport. Not looking for a cooktop style but one I can plumb into my existing ductwork that is already on the boat. (Mine already has the ducts up to the windshield that would have been plumbed in if I had an...
  30. gabe0308

    Garmin transducer question

    Anyone upgraded from the Garmin GSD 22 with an Airmar P66 to a Garmin GSD 24 with the Airmar TM260? I am pretty happy with the current 22/p66 setup but found a deal on the 24/tm260 setup. Just wondering if other people have upgraded and seen if it is worthwhile. Cost is $800 to upgrade...
  31. gabe0308

    Beautiful Boat

    Don't know who's boat this is but spent a half hour drinking coffee admiring it this morning. Really beautiful boat that is meticulously maintained. Anyone know the story of it? Original inboard? It would be even sexier with a couple Yamahas on the back.
  32. gabe0308

    Westport Tun 9/15

    We got a group of 18 guys together this year so we chartered 3 of the 4 All Rivers boats. As to be expected with Mark's boats we railed the fish. It was a little bit farther run then last year to the fish but the average size was much bigger then last year. If we didn't have our normal...
  33. gabe0308

    Area 7 report

    Ok made you look. These fish are from a bit north of Area 7. Did over 500 miles on the boat. Biggest halibut was 103#s and biggest coho was 13.9#s First batch of Cohos. Water was rough. Guess we are done halibut fishing. 103#, 78#, 45# View from where we stayed. Spent one night...
  34. gabe0308

    Sweet Aluminum Boat

    Not mine but seems like a great deal.
  35. gabe0308

    Raymarine extension cable 4m *free*

    Bought this thinking I would need it for my new Dragonfly 7 but ended up not needing. Free to anyone that wants it.
  36. gabe0308

    EPIRB for use in Canada and the US

    Was looking at getting a couple EPIRB s for my boats but reading about them is on TheGPSStore it states they have to be reprogrammed to be used outside the U.S. So there is not a way to have one and use it in Canadian and U.S. waters?
  37. gabe0308

    Interesting halibut write up
  38. gabe0308

    Cheap 10 oz jigs Seems like a decent deal. Also a couple other styles for cheap.
  39. gabe0308

    Cleaning the garage

    jager cooler: holds two bottles of jager upside down. Actually could hold any type of alcohol. There is a divider to hold more bottles of other items on ice. It was new when I got it and I have only used it once. $60 OBO Scotty dual belt set. Bought by accident so free to someone that wants...
  40. gabe0308

    Buying an older used Ford Diesel

    Hey looking to buy an older used Ford diesel (not a 6.0 liter) and looking for a reputable place in Snohomish area to get a truck checked out. Probably end up with a truck in the 130k to 160k mileage range as it won't be a daily driver so miles are not a huge concern. I have not owned a...
  41. gabe0308

    Honda 130 hp internal anodes and Yamha 9.9 anode questions

    1. First off am I looking at this right and the damn internal anodes are buried? Is so WTF? Guess not as easy as I though. 2. Second question- I stripped the screw that holds the anode on the bolt for my Yamaha 9.9. Think I can put just any stainless screw back in to hold the anode in place?
  42. gabe0308

    Goatram love!

    For the boat that is. After overcoming the steep ass drive way got my aluminum boat backed in and had a dive ladder added. Turned out great and could not be happier. Can't wait to use it now! Thanks again John!
  43. gabe0308

    P-line Tuna Tempter (14) Tuna Titan (9) and Tuna Tempter Jr (7)

    Bunch of P-Line lures all new and unrigged. $95 OBO Note: Qcove swimbaits not included they just snuck in the picture.
  44. gabe0308

    Boone Tuna Eyes 5 pack rigged with bag

    Boone Tuna Eyes 5 pack with all rigged up. $30 OBO each. Still new unused in the package. Have two sets.
  45. gabe0308

    Boone Tuna Eye Feather 5 pack with bag

    Like it says. New in the package and comes with a blue mesh bag and all are pre-rigged Have 2 of these at $30 each.
  46. gabe0308

    Penn Battle BTL6000

    Bought these used from another BD member but just never used them. Spooled with 50# braid I believe. The are in good shape. $75 OBO each reel.
  47. gabe0308

    Penn Senator 4/0 and Accurate H-40 reel handle

    Bought these to gear up for Tuna fishing but headed in a different direction. Three Penn 4/0 for sale at $70 OBO each reel. Accurate red reel handle $30 OBO
  48. gabe0308

    Pay more for less???
  49. gabe0308

    This should be interesting in how it plays out...
  50. gabe0308

    Islander Mooching MR3's on sale!

    There is a place in Canada that has Islander mooching reels on sale. USD $405 for a MR3 or $392 for the MR2LA. Hell of a deal. If interested I can PM you the store. Just thought I would pass it along. If I didn't already have 3 I would be all over this.
  51. gabe0308

    Raymarine Dragonfly 7 pro

    Anyone have experience with the Dragonfly 7? Thinking about adding one to the Wooldridge. I am typically a Garmin fan but this one comes with a transducer and is reasonably priced. It does look like I will have to get an additional card to cover me for WCVI.
  52. gabe0308

    Wooldridge vs log

    Well I wanted to wait until everything was done with the insurance and repairs before I posted this up. In August our Wooldridge boat had a little run with a log just out of Tahsis B.C. It was very very fortunate that no one was hurt badly. The boat held up amazingly well as Wooldridge...
  53. gabe0308

    Good things can happen with teamwork

    Nice to see First Nations, lodges, and others come together for a successful hatchery. This is what we should be doing is working together for more fish for everyone.
  54. gabe0308

    Breaker for Scotty HP downriggers

    Need to do some rewiring on the Wooldridge and would like to replace my downrigger wiring. Looking to take the fuse holders out and switch to breakers. Was thinking Blue Seas 30 amp breakers. Anyone else done this and what breakers are you using?
  55. gabe0308

    Westport 9/16 Well it finally happened

    Well I finally went Tuna fishing. We got 12 guys together and booked two boats with Mark Coleman and All Rivers and Saltwater charters. I will start off by saying it was a great experience with All Rivers and I would recommend them to anyone. We lucked out with the weather and it was flat...
  56. gabe0308

    Yamaha t9.9 won't start

    Hey I have a 2010 t9.9 that won't start. When I push the start button it just makes a clicking noise. It was working a couple of weeks ago but not just clicks when the I push the start button. I gave the starter a whack with a hammer to make sure it was not stuck which has happened to me...
  57. gabe0308

    Scotty 2106B for a great deal

    Not sure if anyone needs new downriggers but Cabelas Canada has them for a great deal. Also a great deal on Scotty pot pullers. I already plenty...
  58. gabe0308

    Way North Report

    Headed to Juneau to do some Hali fishing but all my normal spots are not producing. So far only a single 25# halibut. Decided to stop and troll for salmon at a pretty random location and happened into a couple of chinook with my wife pulling in this toad. Nice bonus fish. Makes my 12# er look...
  59. gabe0308

    Great White North

    Made an early trip north to Vancouver Island and got in to a few fish. Prawning was very slow but the a few halibut were around and lots of lings. Had decent weather for a few days then turned to crap.
  60. gabe0308

    Titan model 10 disc brake actuator and easytroller plate

    Took the brake actuator off when I upgraded my old trailer to electric over hydralic. Worked great when taken off. $100 obo Easytroller plate came on my Honda 130hp on my Wooldridge. Took it off the day the boat got home. Rated for a 50 hp to 300 hp motor. $65 obo
  61. gabe0308

    2008 Yamaha T9.9 extra long, power tilt, remote start $1500.00

    2008 Yamaha T9.9 that I bought new in Jan 2009 from Master Marine in Everett. Set up for remote throttle but selling without the control box. Prop in good shape. Only issue is that part of the cavitation is broken off (happened the very first time I ever took out the boat with this motor on...
  62. gabe0308

    Spot Gen 3 Messenger

    Anyone have one of these? Thinking about getting one since they have a deal for half off right now. The reason that I would get it is that I could check in with my wife on fishing trips where I don't have cell phone coverage for a week at a time. To me the beauty is that it is not boat...
  63. gabe0308

    Downsizing boat?

    Seems like everyone is always getting bigger boats but not to many downsize. Anyone out there downsized? Do you regret it? Currently have 2 boats: 24 ft Seasport and a 20 foot Wooldridge Sport Offshore. With the way regs and seasons are in Washington I find that I only fish in Washington a...
  64. gabe0308

    Well since they are going to one fish anyways- A7 report

    Went out a few days ago and went 3 for 6. Large one is 15#s with a couple of 10#s. There was tons of bait out there from 1 inch herring to full size blue label size herring. Snagged one of the blues. All the fish were fully packed with bait.
  65. gabe0308

    50# boxes of sardines or pilchards

    Anyone know where to get 50# boxes of sardines or pilchards? Not looking for vacuum packed or anything like just frozen block would work. They are fro prawn bait. Thanks
  66. gabe0308

    Nikka Fishing (closeout tackle)

    They are closing and have some good deals on tackle even with shipping. No tax when shipped to the U.S. To bad they were a great store.
  67. gabe0308

    Standard horizon cpf190i vs lowrance hds 5

    Looking to buy a chart plotter depth sounder combo of my brother. He just bought his first boat which is a 17 trophy. He will be fishing lakes around Tacoma and the south sound. I have only bought Garmin in the past but their entry level combos are really expensive. Any thoughts on the...
  68. gabe0308

    Wiper for an 1995 Olympic

    Cant seem to find that replacement wiper for my father in laws boat. Have looked all over the web. Cant read any manufacture on the wiper motor or blade. It just really needs refills not new wiper blades but would take either. The boat is a 1995 Olympic 23 ft NW Walkaround. The blade is 14"...
  69. gabe0308

    Mooching hooks?

    Anyone tried the Gami finesse wide gap hooks for mooching setup? I would have searched before posting but for some reason can't find the search tab.
  70. gabe0308

    Rear awning of a hard top

    My father in law just bought a 24 Olympic hardtop and wants to install an awning off the back of the hardtop. Nothing to big but maybe just a couple of feet. Anyone have pictures of awnings? Trying yo figure out the best way to build one. Boat will be in SE Alaska so want a little rain coverage.
  71. gabe0308

    Fishing Venice Louisiana in mid to late March

    Anyone have any information on charters/fishing in Venice Louisiana around the mid to end of March? Thinking about going to New Orleans for a vaction and would like to head down to Venice for a day of charter fishing. Would be looking for offshore fishing. Is it possible to bring fish back...
  72. gabe0308

    Yamaha DIY service?

    Well starting to think about doing my own service on my Yamaha motors (2006 250 four stroke and two 9.9 kickers). Where is the cheapest place to buy parts? Looking for oil, filters, t-stats, ect. Looks like you can buy Yamaha brand oil change kits. Have heard of people using different brand...
  73. gabe0308

    Fillet Canadian Halibut

    Going up to Thasis after Memorial Day weekend so I thought I would brush up on the halibut regs. Pretty darn specific on how to fillet your halibut for transport. I am going to have to print this out so I can read it while filleting :supergay: Filleting Halibut that are too large for your...
  74. gabe0308

    Fiberglass repair

    Have a few small fiberglass repairs I need done on my boat. Looking for a place to take it around Bellingham or Mt Vernon. Rather pay more and have the best job done then go cheap.
  75. gabe0308

    Goodyear Marathon ST 225/75R15 and Rim

    So the new boat trailer has bigger tires then my old one. Don't need this spare anymore. It is a slightly used tire. Soon after buying my boat one of the trailer tires got rubbed against a curb and tore the sidewall up. Went in and bought two new tires for that axle and took the one good used...
  76. gabe0308

    Rivers Inlet...little late but better then never

    Had back to back trips and didn't have time to post pictures or a report up yet. Here it goes. The week leading up to the trip was less then ideal. With the ferry being so expensive we chose to leave the boat on Vancouver Island all summer. Plan was to have my old man trailer the boat from...
  77. gabe0308

    Boat trailer Replacement

    So some really nice person decided to drive into the boat trailer while it was being towed from Tahsis to Golder River. Took out the drivers side fender, both tires, and bent both axles. Boat and trailer are being hauled to Campbell River to a towing yard since the trailer is shot. Called...
  78. gabe0308

    AFI AFI WIPER BLADE 12" SILVER POLY discontinued

    On my boat I have AFI wipers. Well had the rubber on one of the blades go bad so i replaced it with the spare blade that I had. No I come to find out that they have been discontinued. I guess one option is just to buy replacement refills for the blades that I have. Anyone else ran into...
  79. gabe0308

    Rod Repair

    I have an older mooching rod that has a couple of busted eyes on it. Anywhere around Bellingham to Mt Vernon that does rod repairs? Would like to just have all new guides put on. They don't make this rod the same way anymore so it would be nice to repair it. I don't really have the time to...
  80. gabe0308

    Converting bunk trailer to roller trailer?

    Anyone done this on their trailer? Want to convert the trailer for the Seasport from a bunk to a roller? It is an EZ Loader trailer and just trying to get a feel if this is worth it. Wish I would have just bought a new trailer but have already spent the money on converting my brakes from...
  81. gabe0308

    Looking for a used boat.

    Looking to buy a used boat for using up in S.E. Alaska. In an ideal world I would have $120,000 to buy a new aluminum boat or another Seasport but only looking to spend $30,000 to $40,000. Want a boat that can will be comfortable to spend a couple nights on. Seems like the Bayliner Trophy...
  82. gabe0308

    Small reel for bottom fishing

    Looking to get a small reel to use for bottom fishing. There are some places in Canada where I only fish 15ft to 80ft deep for lings, sea bass, cabazon, etc. Maybe even for shallow water halibut in 150-200ft. Plan on using 30# braid or so for line. I want a reel that is not very big but...
  83. gabe0308

    1998 Yamaha 9.9 high thrust $850.00OBO

    For sale a 1998 Yamaha 9.9 high thrust extra long shaft kicker electric start. This is a spare motor that I have had sitting around my garage for the last few years. The tiller handle has been replaced a couple of times but the current one is in like new condition. The lower unit was replaced...
  84. gabe0308

    Favorite Seattle Boat Show Boat?

    For me the Ocean Sport 33 foot Roamer was my Favorite if money didn't matter. The Boston Whaler 345 Conquest was also very nice. For most bang for your buck I thought the Hewescraft Pacific Cruiser was a nice boat. Was happy to see Seasport there again with a boat. What were the other...
  85. gabe0308

    Alaska boat rental

    Looking to rent a boat for a week in Southeast Alaska. Found some Nordic tugs that can be rented in Juneau but pretty spendy at $995 a day. Looking for a boat in the 35 to 40 ft range. Any ideas? Thanks
  86. gabe0308

    Radar mount

    I have been looking for a folding radar mount and came across this on another board. Problem now is that I need to find a place to fabricate it. Any suggestions for someplace close to Bellingham?
  87. gabe0308

    starboad sheet

    Looking for a sheet of starboard or similar material for a couple of boat products. I live in Bellingham. Anywhere near by that sells it? thanks
  88. gabe0308

    Yamaha Service Issues part 2- the saga continues

    In a prior thread I talked about some issues I had with some Yamaha service. Well had the boat up at Esperanza Inlet the last week or so. Got the high temp alarm from the main outboard motor (yamaha...
  89. gabe0308

    Esperanza Inlet- Flynns Cove

    Just spent the last 5 days at Esperanza Inlet for the first time. Stayed at Flynns Cove. Great place with great hospitality and family friendly. I do have to thank my wife for putting up with taking our 9 month old daughter and being a very good sport about it even when she was not sleeping...
  90. gabe0308

    looking to buy a new yamaha 9.9

    Looking for the best price on a new yamaha 9.9 with tiller handle. Best price so far is $2825 in Seattle. Heading to Portland on monday so if anyone knows of a place to find a good deal there let me know.
  91. gabe0308

    Wooldridge aluminum boats

    Looking at purchasing a 20 ft Wooldridge aluminum boats. Has a bracket and a Honda 130. I am not to familiar with aluminum boats. Just looking for peoples thoughts? Good, Bad, and things to look for. Thanks.
  92. gabe0308

    Garmin network

    I have two Garmin 4210s. One inside the cabin of my Seasport and one at the rear helm station. For some reason the one at the rear helm station doesnt work in chartplotter mode. The depthsounder will work. Do I need to have a GPS antenna for each one? Also will the card in one go to both screens...
  93. gabe0308

    Garmin Network Question

    I have two Garmin 4210s. One inside the cabin of my Seasport and one at the rear helm station. For some reason the one at the rear helm station doesnt work in chartplotter mode. The depthsounder will work. Do I need to have a GPS antenna for each one? Also will the card in one go to both...
  94. gabe0308

    Yamaha service issues

    What is the deal. Everytime I take my Yamaha motors in to get serviced something always gets screwed up. Took my boat in to have a bunch of work done. Water pumps and thermostats on both the 250 and the 9.9, oil changes, spark plugs, and to have the shift and throttle cables replaced on my...
  95. gabe0308

    2003 Suzuki SV1000

    This is a great bike that is a ton of fun to ride. Lots of power. This is the only year that they made the "naked" version of this bike. Has 9691 miles on it. Recent oil change. Selling because I just don't ride it anymore and need room in the garage for a muscle car. $3000.00
  96. gabe0308

    MA 7 1/22/11

    Weather was nice today so hit the water instead of going to the boatshow. Fish all day at Pt Thompson with pretty slow action. Hooked 4 fish: farmed off 3 and mr seal took the 4th one. Saw probably 7 fish caught First time in the last three years that I have gotten skunked blackmouth...
  97. gabe0308

    1997 Ford F350 Diesel 4x4 $3,500

    NEW LOWER PRICE ***$2900.00**** 1997 Ford F350 crew cab long bed with the great 7.3 liter turbo diesel. Truck has 384,xxx miles on it but still runs great. This motor still has tons of miles left on it. Truck was previously owned by a diesel mechanic that worked at the MT Baker ski area and...
  98. gabe0308

    Sea Sport Auction

    Looks like the Sea Sport company assets are going to auction. Pretty Sad. More info here: Glad I was able to purchase one before they went out of buisness.
  99. gabe0308

    Nootka Sound

    Posted this in the Alaska/BC forum but did't get a lot of replies. I know there is a lot of guys from Washington that go up. Heading up to Nootka Sound July 9th thru 14th. Anyone else going around that time? I have only been up there once before and that was several years ago. Is there any...
  100. gabe0308

    Nootka Sound

    Heading up to Nootka Sound July 9th thru 14th. Anyone else going around that time? I have only been up there once before and that was several years ago. Is there any problems with launching a larger boat at Gold River? Have a bunk trailer that is a pain in the butt at a normal launch...
  101. gabe0308

    Area 7 March 7th and 8th

    Finally got some time off from work and the weather was decent. Fished the ebb on Sunday at Pt Lawerence and picked up this little guy. Caught another small one but it had to many fins and was released. Stayed the night on Cypress and fished the early flood at Eagle Bluff. Picked up anther...
  102. gabe0308

    Rivers Inlet

    Any reports from up there? I am heading that way next week. Thanks
  103. gabe0308

    Shrimp Bait

    What does eveyone use for their shrimp bait? Currently I am making my own that is canned pink salmon, instant mashed potatoes, and Alaska fish emulsion fertilizer. Mix it all up and put it in the microwave for a little while. Put it into bait containers and into the freezer it goes. Seems...