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  1. blindpig

    End of season lead melt

    Lead melt??? There's tuna to be caught!!! What are you thinking???
  2. blindpig

    Experienced Ho.

    Still looking for tomorrow. Halibut or tuna. Got 23 tuna today so I have a starting spot.
  3. blindpig

    Experienced Ho.

    Needs a couple of mods/upgrades done/finished before she's going back out for tuna.
  4. blindpig

    Party @ 126?

    Talk about a ho block.... :shake: :p
  5. blindpig

    Party @ 126?

    a little birdie told me they are closer. Info for a ride.😆
  6. blindpig

    Experienced Ho.

    Shameless boat ho offering up services for tuna tomorrow (fri) and/or tuna or hali on sunday. I've got gear and know how but no ride currently ready. @Nineball and @Mazu can vouch. Jonesing to catch a tuna this year. The stars have just not aligned.
  7. blindpig

    Westport , It’s not over

    That and when you net the rivers 75% across alternating from one side to the other only the little net runners get by... but hey we are "co-managing" them for the health of the runs...
  8. blindpig

    Pole Spear

    What's left that you can spear? Cabezon?
  9. blindpig

    F*** N wind

    unless "tide" forecast is wrong, tomorrow looks doable and sat looks great!
  10. blindpig

    Thinking of moving to Washington

    What do you think? Of course they are. They will never stop until they figure out how to get what they want unless by some miracle enough people wake up and vote these idiots out of office. Of course even if they get voted out they will probably miraculously keep finding more "lost" ballots...
  11. blindpig

    Pursuit 2670 CC Cuddy

    Nice boat but eats 4' chop at 30mph??? I'd like to see that one.
  12. blindpig

    Anyone want to do another Seafood buy?

    So I went back to your previous post to find a list of what was available. PDF won't open for me. Not sure if it's on my side or what but thought I would let you know. Could be work firewall or???
  13. blindpig

    7n Crab bait

    If you believed for half a second it was because of soft shells, I've got some oceanfront property in Kansas I'd like to sell you. There was one reason and one reason only and we all know what that reason was. FYI... the commercial season is closed until October so.....
  14. blindpig

    I/O to Outboard conversion input

    Where are you going to find one of the boats he mentioned for 20k? More like 40 plus and that's in not so good shape. So now you are well over 100k
  15. blindpig

    Place to stay in the San Juan’s?

    Spot prawns is closed but open for the smaller shrimp if you have the correct gear under 200ft.
  16. blindpig

    Bottom fish westport

    Yeah we have been degrading the gene pool in WA for years.
  17. blindpig

    Tuna and such....

    That's because they identify as men...
  18. blindpig

    Tuna town campsite for tonight

    1000 miles or so....
  19. blindpig

    8/13 Westport tuna attempt/report

    I'm confused. Everything I've ever read says .2 up to 1. That deep blue is a .01...Am I missing something?
  20. blindpig

    Any salmon intel for WP?

    Yep...salmon tomorrow would equal a bad day for you when wdfw catches up with ya.
  21. blindpig

    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Awesome video. Gave me goosebumps to be honest. Looks like that would be a blast.
  22. blindpig

    WTB- Pipe jigs/large scampi jigs

    Figured it wouldn't hurt to see if any of you might have some extra laying around you would be interested in selling. Thks in advance.
  23. blindpig

    Salmon Days left area 2 ??

    Just a dumb question from another know it all....If we have an area that is just completely blowing through Coho quota but a ton of Chinook left, why not close the Coho season say 500-1000 short to save for incidental mortality while people can continue to try to catch Chinook? It's not like...
  24. blindpig

    Free chit part III

    Why can I picture you with a 55 gal drum of fuel somehow strapped to a jet ski out fishing for tuna...:rockin::D
  25. blindpig

    WTB; 23-28' boat

    Numerica is based out of Spokane and less than 5% on boat loans. Don't honestly know if there is any limit on age or anything like that though. @Captain Decent @Hard Chargin'
  26. blindpig

    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Those are some high quality pics...except maybe that second's a little blurry. Do you have any more pics of that one?:D
  27. blindpig

    WTB; 23-28' boat

    Even boat loans are less than 5%. Pretty cheap money... Numerica credit union is who I'm with
  28. blindpig

    Honda RPM Issues??

    Just another thought in case it hadn't crossed your mind....currents. This happens often as you go through different rips or changes in current depending on where you are. EDIT: Now I see that you said no changes in water conditions...oops.
  29. blindpig

    Navionics accuracy

    Crazier things have happened when Tequila is involved...
  30. blindpig

    Salmon Days left area 2 ??

    UMMMMM....posted above. Along with a link to find the latest info...:frehya2:
  31. blindpig

    Wa Permit Hunts

    Im trying to figure out how some of you have more than 19 points toward any drawing since I have been putting in every single year since they started this points carryover thing...And of course haven't drawn squat...
  32. blindpig

    Transporting Canadian lings and spot prawns by boat?

    Interesting comment considering I have fished up there every year (on the Canadian side with a Canadian license launching out of Neah) and I have never seen a canadian boat cross over to the US side. I've never even seen them encroach into the no mans zone between the US and Canada that I...
  33. blindpig

    Anyone know what happened with the commercial over-harvest of crab from last season?

    That's pretty much everything that was laid out after the occurrence so basically nothing is being done other than the possibility of slow justice to the buyers. The crabbers knew they were over and continued to fish. No reason their quota couldnt be reduced for this year and it dang well...
  34. blindpig

    Anyone know what happened with the commercial over-harvest of crab from last season?

    And I just realized I posted in wrong section...sry all.
  35. blindpig

    Anyone know what happened with the commercial over-harvest of crab from last season?

    I guess it would be in general as I never heard where the overharvest occurred. They harvested 140000 pounds over their quota last year. Was wondering if anything was done about it as it seemed to just get swept under the rug. Maybe I just didnt see it if anything WAS done to the buyers...
  36. blindpig

    Anyone know what happened with the commercial over-harvest of crab from last season?

    Curious if anyone ever got fined or if the commercials will have a smaller quota this year or??? I'm assuming we just get fk'd per usual but I was hoping otherwise and hadn't heard of anything coming of it. Considering the reports coming in I wonder if this doesn't have a bit to do with the...
  37. blindpig

    Crab MA 9

    Of course it's tough when it's been carpetbombed by "others" before we get our shot....every year. You could have walked from buoy to buoy....
  38. blindpig

    Shrimping area 6

    I have fished the one day opener in 8-2 (roughly same amount of folks out as years past with no second day scheduled or even talked about), 4 days in area 6 with either the same or less people at the normal spots (and crappy fishing to boot on one of the days so nobody fishing there was bringing...
  39. blindpig

    Shrimping area 6

    Then why in the %&*$ would they increase the limit to 120? Total BS...Been out to several spots multiple times this year and there is no way there was a 50% increase in fishing activity much less 900%. Take it up the poop chute again folks. It was only a few years ago 6 was open every day...
  40. blindpig

    WTB Lowrance transducer wanted

    Holy WIDE OPEN batman.... You might want to narrow that down a bit.
  41. blindpig

    For Sale Garmin 1042XSV

    Oh boy....:rolleyes:
  42. blindpig

    Westport 6-20

    I'll be down at Grayland starting Thursday afternoon through Tues if anybody is looking for an experienced boat ho. Can't drag the boat and trailer together unfortunately...
  43. blindpig

    Bottomfish scouting help

    @Mazu Is a great guy looking to go fishing on OPB's while his is being repaired. Maybe give him a shout.
  44. blindpig

    Anybody have a good skate recipe?

    The first sentence when looking this up... Hongeo-hoe is made from skate and emits a very strong, characteristic ammonia-like odor that has been described as being "reminiscent of an outhouse" I think I'll pass...
  45. blindpig

    Anybody have a good skate recipe?

    An old wives tale from what I have read. Not sure how it could work if so considering the chunk of cartilage between the two thin pieces of meat.
  46. blindpig

    Anybody have a good skate recipe?

    Agreed. If it weren't for the skin it would be easy.
  47. blindpig

    Anybody have a good skate recipe?

    I've done the browned butter with lemon and capers and it was good. Just wondering if you guys have any favorites? Maybe if a few get posted it could be moved to the recipe section...
  48. blindpig

    Evinrude oops

    Bombardier bought Evinrude years ago. Maybe they will still be making their watercraft?
  49. blindpig

    Ace Pot Puller Wiring

    I'd love to have one of them skookum pullers. But $1500 is a bit out of the wheelhouse for some of us. Ace gets the job done for the poor man. :D Any of you looking to get rid of a discovery bay or electra dyne at the price of a Brutus, give me a holler.:frehya2:
  50. blindpig

    I need a new marine insurance policy.

    Just went through him as well. Greatly increased coverage with small increase over what I was paying with Chubb. Thanks Pau!
  51. blindpig

    pulling shrimp pots?

    Works great as long as you aren't in an area too crowded. 400+feet of line behind your boat can create a mess if there's a lot of people around. Only bad thing is the shrimp start to escape as soon as it gets to the surface so you need to get back to it asap.
  52. blindpig

    Best Roofing Company in South Sound???

    Went to school with the guy who owns GAFCO roofing and construction. Great guy, bigtime fisherman and they do exceptional work.
  53. blindpig

    2020 Shrimp season

    So nice of them to screw the working folks. In addition to the one day June 11th opener on a Thursday, they also managed to open 6 and 7 west for the 28th (a Thursday), close it again all weekend and then reopen it again on the 1st for 13 days. Why close it for the weekend???:cussing:
  54. blindpig

    Reel Humor

    Actually I do believe he is correct in his description. The cord and motor do not fall under what I see here. the branch of physics and technology concerned with the design of circuits using transistors and microchips, and with the behavior and movement of electrons in a semiconductor...
  55. blindpig

    Playin on wife’s new toy!

    But we all know what you were hoping for...:D
  56. blindpig

    Semiahmoo- what to do in Dec?

    Man...if you can figure out where there are squid around here I would love to know. No idea why they aren't but I have yet to see one and I spend a considerable amount of time on docks/piers around here. Too much current maybe???
  57. blindpig

    Like new condition 15' smokercraft

    15 hp Yamaha 4 stroke, electric motor, ff/depthsounder, scotty manual downrigger, rod holders, crab pots, trailer. Ready to fish and hardly used. 7k obo. 360 319 9656
  58. blindpig

    Trailer Wheels - Gently used 6 lug

    did they sell or???
  59. blindpig

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    Also looking for a seat if anyone is looking for somebody to bring gear, beer, and gas money. I can cut the beer if need be.:D Sat or Sun both look like great "tides" anywhere except NOAA.
  60. blindpig

    Powerpro Maxcuatro vs Powerpro Super 8 Slick

    FG Knot. Probably takes longer to tie but for strength you can't beat it (It's been tested) and it's also I believe the smallest diameter once tied so will slip through nicely.
  61. blindpig

    Tuna Tuesday?

    sounds more like he was looking for an extra crew member, not a ride. But I'm open on the 4th, 5th.:D
  62. blindpig

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    No kidding...closest I'll ever come to fishing on a boat like that is if I get an invite to go on OPB's. She's going to be something special. I wish I was Bill Gates favorite nephew. Just gonna have to keep slumming it on my Kingfisher. :daman:
  63. blindpig

    United marine SEAMASTER, time to sell the boat!

    nothing a couple of well placed bean bag chairs wouldn't fix though.
  64. blindpig

    United marine SEAMASTER, time to sell the boat!

    Don't you mean WET spot to sit? o_O
  65. blindpig

    Selling Tuna

    And all he ever wants to do is troll...with xraps.
  66. blindpig

    Fire then fizzle then dead. WP tuna 9/2

    Nope...I think you are right and my trips are blending together. I'll fix it. Was a great day on the water! Not so great next morning at work.:zelfmoord Getting way too old for a shotgun trip. Up at midnight, run down, fish all day and be back to work at 630 am next morning. Don't think...
  67. blindpig

    This year's tuna lures

    You might hate em but they got all but one of our troll bites on monday.o_O
  68. blindpig

    Triton Tuna Tackle

    Curious to know how people feel about those rods/tackle now? I bought some rods and reels from them to use for halibut about 15 years ago and they were trash. Maybe not the same company...idk but the stuff i got off the net that was all labeled Triton were not good. The rods were a little...
  69. blindpig

    Ice failure

    Major party foul...
  70. blindpig

    This year's tuna lures

    Because sometimes they don't work... Haven't caught a single fish on cedar plugs yet this year. Xraps have been hottest for me this year in blue/black or purple/black.
  71. blindpig

    Fire then fizzle then dead. WP tuna 9/2

    My quote from original post. No real complaints though as the fish were much bigger than last weeks and from what we were hearing others were also having trouble getting the fish to cooperate so I don't think 20 was a horrible number. My best trip of the year so far and very likely my last...
  72. blindpig

    Seattle to LA and back

    If you think you can make a career out of sport fishing by yourself on that little boat of yours I think you have an unending supply of balls and optimism. Must hurt dragging them across the ground all the time.
  73. blindpig

    Fire then fizzle then dead. WP tuna 9/2

    Damn...That's a trick I remember reading somewhere before but I had forgotten until now. Thks.
  74. blindpig

    Fire then fizzle then dead. WP tuna 9/2

    Especially on the way back out.:rofl:
  75. blindpig

    Speeding Boat Crashes into Another Near Edmonds, Injuring 3

    That was my thinking as well. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find a few charges levied at the person driving the offending boat.
  76. blindpig

    Fire then fizzle then dead. WP tuna 9/2

    We definitely gave it some time and tried pretty much all of the above for probably 45 min or so before we gave up. Bait, jigs, etc. No love. Maybe we should have tried longer, idk. Sure would have been nice to get that school back on the chew as they were nice fish.
  77. blindpig

    Fire then fizzle then dead. WP tuna 9/2

    Got video of one heart attempt. The other one got cut short as we hooked up just as he popped it in his mouth.
  78. blindpig

    Fire then fizzle then dead. WP tuna 9/2

    Headed SW toward the numbers we were at a week before and confirmed by @tacklejacked just the day before. Our bait wasn't doing too well. Not sure if it was our fault or not as we heard a lot of complaints over the radio from other folks. Spotted some birds working just prior to getting...
  79. blindpig

    Speeding Boat Crashes into Another Near Edmonds, Injuring 3

    Can't believe nobody's mentioned the worst part of this in my opinion. Never even stopped??? WTF? How do you run people over and just keep going?
  80. blindpig

    Ice and bait open on labor day?

    We will be on 68. Boat name is provisions or you can try Blind Pig either one.
  81. blindpig

    Ice and bait open on labor day?

    According to @tacklejacked 25/45 was great. Good starting point at least.
  82. blindpig

    Ice and bait open on labor day?

    We are running for sure. Any recent intel anyone is willing to give out either here or pm would be greatly appreciated. Temp break looks as though the warm water has moved either further south or much further west than where we were two weeks ago.
  83. blindpig

    Ice at west port

    Damn you beat me to it! Except I was gonna say safeway. And cool report!!!
  84. blindpig

    Tuna Sunday:)

    Interesting. I got mine off of ventusky and I thought I had heard they were pretty much the same. I know I have been very happy with the accuracy of ventusky. Waaaaay better than NOAA marine forecasts. Seems like they lean toward the safe side vs accuracy.
  85. blindpig

    Tuna Sunday:)

    It's only supposed to be up to 8mph by 2 and 12 mph by 5. 16mph by 8. Shouldn't be an issue if that holds.
  86. blindpig

    WTB Lowrance GPS antenna

    So finally got my lcx 26c hd running (yes it's very old I know but what I can afford) since a fine gentleman here had the correct transducer that I needed to replace. Everything worked great for a day and a half then turned on the radar (which I didn't have on the other boat this was on). Bam...
  87. blindpig

    Bait tank, last minute purchase

    While maybe not ideal, with one of the west marine/kodiak bait tanks all you need is the tank and a hose that you can run to your washdown pump outlet and you are in business if you can put it on a swimstep/offshore bracket or you have a self bailing deck. Otherwise you might need a second hose...
  88. blindpig


    Kind of a newb when it comes to jigging anything but lings and hali. Would this be more of a cast and retrieve type from what you are saying or more vertical jigging like you would do for bottomfish but just further up in the water column?
  89. blindpig

    Is it worth it to book a Tuna trip this year?

    Agreed on all of the above except the boring salmon part. Two totally different fights but catching a big king is by no means boring at least to my mind. Or even a silver or humpy for that matter. If the OP had spent 30 min looking around prior to posting I would hope that this question would...
  90. blindpig

    Portable bait pump

    This is something I need to learn a whole lot better. I have a pretty big assortment of tady's, squish jiggs, and a few others but haven't used them much. On the one occasion we were on an epic bait stop the live bait still hooked up at least 4 or 5 to 1 compared to the jigs that were being...
  91. blindpig

    Portable bait pump

    ^^^^ Knows correct answer when given...:hali_ruahahaha::D
  92. blindpig

    Portable bait pump

    Kind of what I was thinking as well. Any known portable pumps that put out enough? If not I'm thinking of maybe building my own portable setup to throw in and bring along with pigtails to just clip on to the battery.
  93. blindpig

    Overnighter Roll Call

    Just curious as I truly don't know but why would bluefin be in the deeper water? The wicked tuna guys are often fishing in 180 to 240 ft water on the east coast and most often hook them in top half of the water column.
  94. blindpig

    Portable bait pump

    Wondering if anybody brings one of these along or knows of something good to use for a backup. I currently use a wye off of my washdown pump for the bait tank but would be nice to have something if it crapped the bed to keep the little guys swimming. Definitely not an easy spot to replace a...
  95. blindpig

    First Tuna Trip a BUST!

    Fair warning to all of you out there thinking about giving this guy a ride. NOT someone you want to deal with. Poor excuse for a human being who won't take responsibility for his actions. Feel free to PM if you want any more info but I had to at least give you all notice in the hopes of...
  96. blindpig

    Long run for silvers but well worth it.

    Interesting. Wouldn't have thought a fish with a maximum swimming speed of 2 mph would even be able to jump. Especially having seen the way they just seem to always be just floating sideways in the water. Who knew...
  97. blindpig

    WTC RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just an idea to make a little more for the charity. Why not add a separate billfish pot to the mix?
  98. blindpig

    Kill or no kill

    That's what they tell everyone so they are less apt to keep them in my opinion. Kept my first one years ago in Cabo that was going to die anyway(hook had torn through the gills pretty bad) and had it smoked down there locally. Was excellent. 2nd one I kept that was gut hooked and bleeding...
  99. blindpig

    Westport tuna run....8/9-8/10

  100. blindpig

    Westport tuna run....8/9-8/10

    Curious where the "tuna babies" came from?
  101. blindpig

    WTC 2019 Wrap Up

    It's spelled HONDAS, not Rudes.;):D
  102. blindpig

    Using measurements to estimate the weight of a salmon

    Cant put a wild fish in a net. Careful.
  103. blindpig

    Neah Bay Chinook Closure: No Problem

    Ease, speed and strength in this case are in the eye of the poster. The palomar to date is the strongest tested knot for mono/fluorocarbon. Heven't tried tying the knot you are using but I would be surprised if I could tie it faster than the 10 seconds or so it takes for a palomar. My .02...
  104. blindpig

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    Guess you missed this... carrie's bait boy 2 hulls are better than 1 Location: Kent WA and Westport WA Name: norm Boat: 32x12 ACI Cat Messages: (1,297) Likes Received: (3,230) ↑ Just so we are all clear on this. If someone puts any of our guests ability to make a living at risk by...
  105. blindpig

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    So is that all prop wash or does it also have thrusters? I was wondering the same as I watched.
  106. blindpig

    Too Much Tuna

    That should cover that comment...
  107. blindpig

    WTB: Lowrance HST-DFSBL and NMEA 2000

    Well I was looking for both as Lowrance told me the globalmap 5000c was NMEA compatible but I actually looked last night and there is no network connection on it anywhere to be found. So looks like I will need the transducer for the lcx 26 hd and I'll have to find a new gps cable for the 5000C...
  108. blindpig

    WTB Lowrance HST-DFSBL and NMEA 2000 parts

    If anybody still has these ancient things laying around.
  109. blindpig

    WTB: Lowrance HST-DFSBL and NMEA 2000 parts

    If anybody still has these ancient things laying around.
  110. blindpig

    WTB: Lowrance HST-DFSBL and NMEA 2000

    Figured it didn't hurt to ask if anybody has any of this stuff just laying around since I can't afford to upgrade to new electronics. I currently have a Lowrance LCX-26HD and a globalmap 5000C I'd like to network together with the NMEA and unfortunately some idiots at a now defunct marine store...
  111. blindpig

    Swiftsure reports??

    Oh it comes.
  112. blindpig

    Which Garmin Radar

    Thanks all for your input. XHD is ordered and will be here Wed.
  113. blindpig

    Best DR replacement braid

    Be careful buying "off" brands as many of them are much thicker which creates more drag in the water and doesn't work worth :shithappens:
  114. blindpig

    Crossing into to

    Precisely why I never bothered with "landing my fish in a canadian port and getting a clearance number" when that was what they "required". Figured I would take my chances in court if it came down to it. Bunch of BS that they think they can tell you any rules whatsoever when you are fishing...
  115. blindpig

    Area 9/10 Opener

    Neah Bay and swiftsure are not one and the same so I'm sure you can understand the confusion. Canadian side of swiftsure is definitely open. Nice fish. Hoping there will still be some kings around come 21st of August as it's the first chance I will have to get out there if I make it at all...
  116. blindpig

    Which Garmin Radar

    He's already got a brand new compatible garmin head unit so all he needs is one of the Radar units to plug into it. No need for a whole seperate system. Thanks though.
  117. blindpig

    Which Garmin Radar

    My buddy with his new boat is trying (with the utmost speed now that all these tuna reports are flooding in) to get a radar setup for the last needed equipment to safely head offshore. He's looking at the Garmin 18xhd or the 18 Fantom. Any thoughts or recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  118. blindpig

    Area 9/10 Opener

    Ummmm. Neah Bay is closed.
  119. blindpig

    Area 9/10 Opener

    Wen't out with a buddy who limited early yesterday. No love today. Nothing but doggies, a shaker, and one jack early that might have made the cut but we released it thinking it was going to be hot like yesterday. Oops. Only saw a few nets fly today. What a difference a day makes.
  120. blindpig

    Tuna are here!!

    Great pics but not porpoise. Pacific whitesided dolphins. Put on a way better show!
  121. blindpig

    Crossing into to

    Let em try to make that stick in court...
  122. blindpig

    Lowrance LGC-12w gps antenna

    If he doesn't, I will. I have a bum one on my gpsmap5000 and I believe this would work.
  123. blindpig

    West of the 126...Eh

    YES!!!:ele::rockin::urno1::starwarskid5: :rofl:
  124. blindpig


    SOOOOO Wrong. :hali_ruahahaha:
  125. blindpig

    West of the 126...Eh

    Agreed 100%. Used to make an annual trip up there to Tuta marina but unfortunately made a poor decision and Canada views driving after too many barley pops the same as murdering someone. That combined with the astronomical increase in ferry prices and the decrease in the amount of fish you can...
  126. blindpig

    There were salmon in area 34-27

    For us on this day there certainly weren't. Or area 6. Just fog and pot thieves.
  127. blindpig

    West of the 126...Eh

    That's an awful small freezer. Plenty of room here if you need to get rid of some.:D
  128. blindpig

    Crossing into to

    You mean like this? It is unlawful to possess in marine waters, or deliver into Washington, any fresh salmon taken for personal use from Canadian waters, unless such salmon meet current regulations for the waters of the applicable Washington Catch Record Card area. However, anglers aboard a...
  129. blindpig

    There were salmon in area 34-27

    You must know what you are doing. We couldn't see all morning in the fog, somebody stole 2 of our shrimp pots and we never saw a net fly at either of the 2 "hot spots" we had been hearing about. 14.5 hrs on the water, not one bite and 8 prawns out of the 2 pots we had left. Fish checker at...
  130. blindpig

    MA 4 Neah Bay

    I see nothing!
  131. blindpig

    Neah Bay Help Please

    If you had any plans of fishing the Canadian side, it's closed for retention of salmon until the 14th so unless you don't want to bring any home, save your money and skip that idea.
  132. blindpig

    I'm hearing rumors of a huge halibut

    I would have guessed 200+. Looks every bit of 6 ft long and that's 194 on the chart.
  133. blindpig

    Marine areas 1-10 to open for halibut fishing Friday, June 28

    So if it's been poor weather AND there was "significantly" more quota than expected, why is there only one extra day? This state is ridiculous! There's no reason that there shouldn't be multiple additional days to come.
  134. blindpig

    Had to put our little buddy down today

    sorry for your loss. Lost my lab 5 yrs ago at the young age of 9. Toughest thing I've ever had to go through so far.
  135. blindpig

    No Report Report

    If you've "been lurking for quite some time" I would assume you have seen others get hammered for this in the past. The main washington forum is under washington fishing reports. Just scroll down a little bit under that heading and you will see the posts. Welcome to the group.
  136. blindpig

    Edmonds Coho Derby is Back! This Saturday Sept 8

    Go northwest about 300 miles. :D
  137. blindpig

    Wine Barrel Stuff - looking for a craft fair in next few months

    Do you make chairs as well? Got a guy looking for the Adirondack style chairs made from the barrels.
  138. blindpig

    Unscientific Observation

    There's plenty around. We had 13 of them laying on a boom by our docks the other day.
  139. blindpig

    Overnight Tuna Float

    "Tides" look great for Sat. Looks like as long as you don't hang out for too long on sunday you should be good to go. Might be interested if that spot is open.
  140. blindpig

    MA 7 Salmon Bank...

    Hell...fingers aren't that important. He's got 10 of them...maybe.
  141. blindpig

    Speaking of Tuna

    Loaded for salmon...absolutely. Loaded for tuna...not so much. I'm comfortable out to 60 miles and pushing it running 70 at a max speed right about where you were cruising. And that's in decent water. Have to say she's probably a little bit underpowered for fully loaded tuna trips...
  142. blindpig

    Speaking of Tuna

    No bueno when your boat only holds 125 gallons and is nowhere near as fast as that monster you got. :( Good on ya for getting some but I can only hope they move back in at some point. Man this year sucks!!!
  143. blindpig

    Might just be time to quit this damn state!

    Fish and Wildlife Commission revises proposed license fee increase OLYMPIA – The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission is proposing a 15-percent boost in recreational hunting and fishing license fees for 2019 Nothing like decreasing all your opportunity and increasing the cost to do it...
  144. blindpig

    MA 2x(6+10)-29

    Or maybe have made it through grade school...:frehya2: :finger:
  145. blindpig

    Sacrificial anodes....zincs

    Because Zinc anodes are MORE sacrificial than aluminum alloy anodes as long as they don't get an oxidation layer over them.
  146. blindpig

    Sure Sounds Slow for Albacore....

    Nope!!! I'm calling BS. :finger:
  147. blindpig

    Sacrificial anodes....zincs

    Appears as though I were running smooth enough. The aluminum anodes are alloys as I stated. Guess you might be looking at a tuneup goat.:p Preparing for incoming shrapnel. .LOL
  148. blindpig

    Lowrance lcx 26 hd transducer take 2

    Anybody have a spare one laying around? The shop that removed mine from the last boat broke it and looks like this is best option I have to install for now until I can afford a better electronics setup. The current gps/fishfinder in the boat has proven to be less than reliable and has fewer...
  149. blindpig

    Lowrance lcx 26 hd transducer

    I swear I had it in the main forum....sry.
  150. blindpig

    Sacrificial anodes....zincs

    I'm no expert on sacrificial anodes but one thing that should be made clear is that I hope you are all talking about aluminum/zinc alloy anodes. If the anode were made of pure aluminum it would do no good whatsoever as it would be made of the same material as the boat itself. Unless I'm...
  151. blindpig

    NEW - G. Loomis GL2 852C JWR - Curado 200G7

    Send it in. They will give you a new one.
  152. blindpig

    Area 7 2018

    Voluntarily closed... Not that that matters.
  153. blindpig

    Finally got a State Record!

    From what I hear it tastes just like Mako but it's way softer which turns a lot of people off. But I haven't tried it yet personally.
  154. blindpig

    Time to get off the pot! Ron needs your help!

    I could try to next time I'm down on the docks. Unfortunately it wouldn't be in time for that meeting. Not scheduled to be down there again until next week. Also the only video equipment I have is my cell so not sure of what kind of quality I can get.
  155. blindpig

    8-9 Tuna run

    Pacific Northwest split tail?:boobies:
  156. blindpig

    Time to get off the pot! Ron needs your help!

    This is a huge issue. I work regularly on a dock up in whatcom county. The numbers of salmon the seals are killing is crazy. I decided to add up just what i could verify with my own eyes one night over a 10 min period. In that time, 5 seals were feeding around our dock and I counted 123...
  157. blindpig

    Finally got a State Record!

    Knew it wouldn't last long. Congrats. You should have it for at least a week.LOL
  158. blindpig

    Scotty plug o-rings

    Oh boy....468 posts and you still put this up in the reports section. You are never going to hear the end of it.o_O
  159. blindpig

    Atta bouy

    Appreciated...70 miles is still pushing it but we have done that one once before. "Tides" look decent for the weekend. Suddenly i feel very itchy...
  160. blindpig

    Atta bouy

    As a side note...if any of you guys with reliable sst/chloro shots could at least let me know if fishtrack or tempbreak is closer I might be a little more willing to try it if it's closer to the fishtrack side. Huge difference between the two and I don't know why. Also looking forward to...
  161. blindpig

    Atta bouy

    I know that all too well...I'm just saying that considering the reports from that area from WTC I'm not willing to take the chance unless I hear something a little more promising. I have to pick and choose when I can try to make a run because I have neither the time or the cash to make several...
  162. blindpig

    Atta bouy

    I measure that as about 60 miles roughly. You have good info from somebody because they sure weren't doing too well last weekend out that way? If I knew for sure that I could plug the boat 60 miles out I would jump all over that. Hell...If I knew I could get 5-10 I would jump on it.
  163. blindpig

    Atta bouy

    Would like to go out but unless I hear something good from the guys going out today then I'm out. No idea where to go by looking at the free sst charts I have access to. Temp break shows the line damn near out to 126 line while fishtrack shows it waaaaaay further in. Not taking that gamble...
  164. blindpig

    Costco tire service

    Les Schwab can take it:indabutt:. They won't deal on price at all and they knifed a tire that I owned before giving it back to me. They were also the wonderful folks who f'd up putting a tire/wheel on my cousins rig which promptly flew off said rig while towing a boat. That was fun!...NOT...
  165. blindpig

    Post WTC tuna reports

    I knew it wasn't going to hold up. Brought the bastard in more to keep her from stealing any more baits/hooks than anything and figured what the to go through olympia anyway. At least I held the dream for a season.:frehya2: Congrats to whomever holds the new record. Sure it won't...
  166. blindpig

    Sound the Alarm for Orcas

    And all of this for a population that is ABOVE it's historical numbers still. So tired of all these do-gooders who have to save something that doesn't need saving. Let the natural swing in population numbers take it's course. Life will find a way. Or it won't.
  167. blindpig

    Post WTC tuna reports

    Non certified don't count...still the king.:finger:
  168. blindpig

    Tuna, Blind run

    Definitely sounds like a fun trip. Any Humboldt's available out there at night? Tuna and Calamari....yum!
  169. blindpig

    RIP Patrick

    Only person I've ever read that made me laugh out loud. Funny whether you are an outdoorsman/woman or not. I have everything he's written and go back to re-read often. Also saw one of the shows done by his friend. Great stuff. RIP Pat. You will be missed.
  170. blindpig

    Rising Insurance Rates

    Mine is through Chubb (previously ACE) and is a yachtsman policy. Premium is about $550 for the year for 60k value. Had to clarify with them the limits on distance from shore though as they send a form that says you are good in "coastwise waters". I have found many different definitions of...
  171. blindpig

    FS: Glock 19 -Gen 4 - 9mm

    If it isn't, let me know. I'll take it.
  172. blindpig

    Plenty of good reasons to renew fishing and hunting licenses soon

    Ah...When I looked for the spring break dates the following week came up for me. Sorry. Yep wdfw a pos again.
  173. blindpig

    Plenty of good reasons to renew fishing and hunting licenses soon

    No fan of wdfw but looks like this one's on you. Lowest tide during spring break is a +1 foot. While it might be marginally possible to dig, everyone would be severely concentrated on the upper beach. Probably not a great idea.
  174. blindpig

    Squid everywhere

    Been asked a few times but just wondering if anybody knows if there are any squid further up north here in whatcom county area. If not, any idea why? Can't believe there is much of a temp difference in the water but I know I haven't heard of anyone catching them up here. They are either tight...
  175. blindpig

    Coastwatch Charts 10-3-2017

    If the fish are in cooler water now. If they are still in 64, it looks like a long run to me. Hope you are right. And the tides look good for fri goat.
  176. blindpig

    Any open seats for WPnext week?

    He should put his latest pic off of facebook on here and we can take a vote.. Goddamn bees!
  177. blindpig

    Killer Coastwatch Charts 9-27-2017

    Oh great...another who thinks we can magically change the weather with our comments. I predict there will never be another hurricane...ever. There. I just fixed one world problem.
  178. blindpig

    Killer Coastwatch Charts 9-27-2017

    As did I and sunday and monday were showing 6 kt winds on noaa when I looked at it.o_O
  179. blindpig

    Any open seats for WPnext week?

    Only when there's fire in front of him.:D
  180. blindpig

    Killer Coastwatch Charts 9-27-2017

    In his defense, the forecast looked waaaay different when he posted this. I was looking at going on monday but certainly not now.
  181. blindpig

    a VERY special bloody deck. USS Carl Vinson

    I was stationed on the "pig" as we called her for 4 years. I can neither confirm nor deny that she can do over 30kts. ;) As far as getting a tour swanny, they do tours when in port for the public all the time but if you know anybody on one, you can get a much better tour out to sea for a day...
  182. blindpig

    Any open seats for WPnext week?

    Where were you last week chief? I was trying to fill out the boat for last sunday. Might still try to make one more trip. PM me your #.
  183. blindpig


    When it was already close 20 years ago, the huge influx from Cali has most certainly had an influence. That and the college and media brainwashing.
  184. blindpig


    THAT!.........of course it's gotten way worse as the Californians have invaded. Most of the state isn't too bad but alas we are ruled by the idiots in the 3 major counties.
  185. blindpig

    Dont cook your tuna bellies

    Decided to treat those with taste at work. Not the best presentation but best I could do with dull knives. Bellies on the sides, loin in the middle. Mmm.
  186. blindpig

    Dont cook your tuna bellies

    Think of a condom for eating vajayjay. Your poor lady...
  187. blindpig

    Dont cook your tuna bellies

    So you use a dental dam? Or just don't go there...:rofl:
  188. blindpig

    Dont cook your tuna bellies

    I used to smoke them all and they are excellent that way but I have been shown the pure tastebud joy of albie toro sashimi so I won't be smoking as many bellies anymore. It might not be the most beautiful sashimi but it's like eating regular sashimi...with butter. Or maybe salted pork belly...
  189. blindpig

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    That may be the smallest albacore I have ever seen.
  190. blindpig

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    Just called. There will be ice on sun.
  191. blindpig

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    Crap....this is what I was afraid of... Well, at least there's a couple more days for them to turn back on. PLEASE
  192. blindpig

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    yes but the 8 day includes stuff prior to the big storm that i'm sure has changed things considerably. I think i'm seeing what I was looking for on coastwatch, i just don't like it. Then again, I really don't know just how accurate it is vs the pay sites. Back to being a borderline trip for...
  193. blindpig

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    Anybody got one of them fancy pay sites for chlorophyl/sst? I'm looking at the latest 3 day on coastwatch and it looks like the conditions for where they were hanging out are now back out to 72 miles from the harbor. No bueno...
  194. blindpig

    Westport Weather forecast report?

    That's why we are looking at sunday. 4 on 13 sounds a hell of a lot better assuming that's what actually happens. Meteorologists...ha!
  195. blindpig

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    Looking at sunday as well. Appears as though the Bellingham contingent will be represented well that day and with any luck we can get some reports from the guys going out on saturday so we have a starting point.
  196. blindpig

    Beautiful Boat

    And a perfect 10 with hondas.;)
  197. blindpig

    Coastwatch 9/14/2017 good Charts

    And here I sit with 6 more days of work ahead of me before a day off.>:(
  198. blindpig


    Surprised it took so long...
  199. blindpig

    Tuna 8-30

    Old folks home...;)
  200. blindpig

    Be safe out there.

    I have one of these myself. Personal epirb. $245 bucks is a small price to pay to know that somebody is coming to try to find your sorry ass if things go awry 50+ miles out.
  201. blindpig

    Week three of GIANT Albies

    Depends on what you want to use them for. The belly side is much fattier and better tasting in my opinion cooked. The top loins will give you a much better presentation for sashimi and not as greasy. That being said, I've also had tuna belly sashimi and it was excellent also.;) Depending on...
  202. blindpig

    Atlantic Salmon

    Won't be long and they will be growing the "farmed" salmon in a petri dish. They are already doing it with beef and Gates is investing heavily. My bet is that a large portion of everything will be grown in warehouses in the not too distant future. I'll stick to my deer, elk, personally caught...
  203. blindpig

    Atlantic Salmon

    The sky is falling!!! The sky is falling!!! Wish some of these people would do a little research. They attempted to introduce Atlantic salmon to puget sound years ago and they didn't survive. 600000 escaped on the last go round and they didn't survive. There has never been a documented case...
  204. blindpig

    Croziercraft 28.5' x 9.5' Walkaround build

    Sounds like somebody is offering to make you a nice pretty aluminum bait tank with same dimensions gratis.o_O
  205. blindpig

    Week three of GIANT Albies

    Figures...we hit the one day they aren't biting.:Bawling_e As of late anyway.
  206. blindpig

    Atlantic Salmon

    Agreed...seems to be a lot of misinformation being posted in several places. While they might not be the culinary fare you would like to partake of, there is no reason these fish can't be eaten. All of the info is out there and readily available.
  207. blindpig

    8/25 Lumacat report

    Hit the same spot today. No love for us and a brutal pounding trip back in. Sounded like a few were caught early then everything just died.
  208. blindpig

    In Case Your Fishing Canada

    This has been a rule for as long as I've been fishing up north (at least 10 years). It's complete bs but nothing new. I have always said fk it and ill take them to court if i get nailed. Unfortunately, the one time i actually got stopped I had a gentleman aboard with a high security...
  209. blindpig

    Westport tuna 8/18

    All but two lived out as far as they went??? Can't be too bad.
  210. blindpig

    WTC 2017 .... GOT FISH, got fish!

    Munida quadrispina is the species of squat lobster we have in puget sound and off the washington coast predominantly.
  211. blindpig

    MA12 Advice Please

    Long time listener??? Then you should know the rules. Pics of girlfriend/wife, boat are first order of business and for gods sake don't post questions in the reports are just asking for it.:D
  212. blindpig

    WTC 2017 .... GOT FISH, got fish!

    That my friend is a squat lobster. Catch lots of them prawning.
  213. blindpig

    Westport in 772 Nautical Miles

    Any info on the "updated spread" that unlocked their jaws? Been a tough year so far. I'll take comments in pm if you don't care to share it with everyone.:D
  214. blindpig

    Ilwaco 04AUG Tuna

    Ouch...they sure are being finicky this year.
  215. blindpig

    I just want to catch some damn salmon...

    You must have one of them 500 quarters! 4 15 lb kings, 4 15 lb lings and 14 rockfish will most definitely fill any cooler i own.;)
  216. blindpig

    Late report. Westport Tuna 7/30, salmon 7/31

    My last couple days from our catch. I think I'm over my fda approved tuna consumption...for the month. My sashimi (not quite as nice as Vladimir's) And my first poke. Can't get enough.
  217. blindpig

    Late report. Westport Tuna 7/30, salmon 7/31

    Yeah those damn kingfisher guys...can't trust any of em.LOL Sad thing is, one of my buddys has the exact same boat but I know it wasn't him. They fished on friday and got skunked too.
  218. blindpig

    Late report. Westport Tuna 7/30, salmon 7/31

    That's what my parents did with some of the stuff I dropped off to them that night. Poke nachos. Dad said it was excellent.
  219. blindpig

    heading to san juans next week looking for info

    Budweiser??? Come on! You will be in the land of some of the best micro-brews in the world. Live a little!:frehya2:
  220. blindpig

    I just want to catch some damn salmon...

    Or if you want a slam dunk as long as it isn't blowing a gale, Swiftsure bank out of Neah Bay as soon as it opens. Not necessarily the biggest fish (I find that the size varies daily and by which school you get into) but there aren't many days that you won't limit out and I have never even come...
  221. blindpig

    Late report. Westport Tuna 7/30, salmon 7/31

    Too dang hot for bibs. No worries the smell goes away....NEVER.:p:
  222. blindpig

    Late report. Westport Tuna 7/30, salmon 7/31

    I would be remiss to not give the sushi presentation kudos to my partner in crime Vladimir. Best fish fillet master and sashimi guy a captain could ask for.
  223. blindpig

    Late report. Westport Tuna 7/30, salmon 7/31

    Hard enough on a day like that and then to get something going and have it ruined almost as fast as it got started really sucks. No guarantee that it would have gone WFO but we'll never know now. Took the other geniuses forever to realize they didn't have a fish on but were spooling another...
  224. blindpig

    Westport kings.

    +1000....We managed one bite and hung it up at 11. Coasties who checked us at the dock said they had only seen a couple fish and I personally only saw one net fly all morning.
  225. blindpig

    Westport 7/28-7/30 salmon

    Good on ya! Not sure what we were doing wrong but we couldn't get a salmon to sniff anything on sunday. Maybe it was the smell of the tuna blood on everything.:D
  226. blindpig

    Late report. Westport Tuna 7/30, salmon 7/31

    8 tuna for us on saturday and i feel lucky for that from what we heard/saw. Fished 35/05 area all day with a bunch of other boats around. Hooked one on the troll shortly before noon and started working on getting a bait stop going. Got em feeding and hooked one but it broke off. Got a second...
  227. blindpig

    Anyone watching the WX for sat tuna:)

    Going to try to make it out there too. Hope to see a few of you finally.
  228. blindpig

    Boat's First Tuna and Bloody Decks

    Thanks for clearing it up for me and hopefully it helps others as well.
  229. blindpig

    Boat's First Tuna and Bloody Decks

    Not currently...stupid keyboard doesn't have degree symbol or I'm just not smart enough to find it. And yes I saw your post but then somebody else says the opposite about 4 posts down which is what ultimately sent me on my 20 mile sunrise cruise.
  230. blindpig

    Boat's First Tuna and Bloody Decks

    I thought I had everything straight and then I read this post and it completely messed me up. In my opinion, the post above is very confusing with all the talk of 2 systems but 3 different ways to say them 2 of which are very similar but completely different places. Just to be sure I am...
  231. blindpig

    Westport 7/7 and 7/8

    With "accessories" like that, any boat looks good.;)
  232. blindpig

    Westport July 1-2 opener

    We actually caught a yellow one out at swiftsure about 5 years ago. Might as well just add to the mystery.
  233. blindpig

    Rough opening weekend at Westport

    Is there a netting tutorial on this sight somewhere?:D
  234. blindpig

    White king

    Agree with the long as they are caught in the salt. The one white that I caught in the muddy samish was complete garbage but the ones i've caught out on the pond are same or better than their orange/red fleshed cousins. I'm guessing it's a fat content thing too. The off flavors are...
  235. blindpig

    june and july salmon die

    That pickled king looks great! Willing to share the recipe on that one? Always looking for new stuff to try with the bounty.
  236. blindpig

    Lets hear those Shrimpin reports....

    Damn....They grow em big up there. Nice!!!
  237. blindpig

    Westport Halibut

    And there you have May 21 officially.
  238. blindpig

    Tuna blood stains

    Buy an aluminum boat, spray off...;):frehya2:
  239. blindpig

    Tough weekend for tuna...good thing kings were open

    I have 20/10 vision and reeaaalllly good binoculars.:frehya2:
  240. blindpig

    Tough weekend for tuna...good thing kings were open I said, after all the reports, was hoping for a little better but a good day on the water and now there is more room in the freezer for the next couple trips.
  241. blindpig

    Tough weekend for tuna...good thing kings were open

    Thinking this was meant for somebody else's post??? We are private boat.
  242. blindpig

    Tough weekend for tuna...good thing kings were open

    After all the talk over the last couple weeks, couldn't wait to get off work and head down for the weekend. Planned on hitting tuna on Sat, PSA meeting sat night to meet a bunch of you guys and then kings sunday morning and head home. Made the 65 mile run down to where everybody had been...
  243. blindpig

    Tough Day at Westport

    yeah...there are especially no 15+ pound completely hooked up hatchery coho out there either. Just a lowly limit of 8 kings for the 4 of us. Largest 23 and the rest teeners. 300 fow, 270 on the rigger. Bait didn't matter. No idea who the biologists are who say there aren't any silvers to be...
  244. blindpig

    Tuna 7/20

    Strippers??? I'll have a 55 gallon drum of oil with me this weekend if you need it.:boobies::boobies::boobies:LOL
  245. blindpig

    Two kings in Westport

    Looks like I may have the boys talked into a god awful early trip sat morning to hit tuna and kings on sun.:rockin: see you on the water.
  246. blindpig

    Two kings in Westport

    We were planning on coming down for salmon sat and tuna sun but the weather might be changing plans.
  247. blindpig

    Tribal salmon Dispute

    So I must be seriously misinformed. If we each get half, how is it that the only reason we can fish is the Makah giving us their quota? And the only complaints I hear have nothing to do with us crowding their towns and everything to do with not having enough of us to help support their towns...
  248. blindpig

    Tribal salmon Dispute

    Just came back from neah bay and I assure you that even though it is still not open for us, the natives were fishing. This is also wrong in my opinion.
  249. blindpig

    Canada Hali

    Just know if you buy here you can't fish areas 120 or 121(swift sure bank)
  250. blindpig

    Little help / info please

    I would be generous enough to allow you to use my boat up here in return for the use of yours down there...;)
  251. blindpig


    My bad...I missed the code part. Thanks. Ordered one up.
  252. blindpig


    Maybe the price went up??? $221 after rebate. Still a good deal.
  253. blindpig

    Drastic Change in Westport weather

    Other than the dock, where is the best place to meet up with some of you guys and pump you for info...errrr I mean buy you drinks. Hoping to get out there monday if the "tides" cooperate.
  254. blindpig

    Selling all of my gear... Reels first

    Actually, I'll take the whole lot if they are still available.
  255. blindpig

    Selling all of my gear... Reels first

    consider me next in line for the avets. Thx and good luck.
  256. blindpig

    Looking for tuna crew saturday....

    "Tide" didn't look too bad for the morning until the newest forecast at 9pm. Was hoping to make a quick trip but not anymore. Looks fuuuuggggglllly. It appears as though my tuna days for this year may be complete. That is, unless they close down the rest of the state for hunting. Could be a...
  257. blindpig

    Couldn't come up with a good title for this tuna trip

    Brought a tear to my eye more than once. Condolences to you and yours. Hope to finally meet you (and many of the rest of you BD brothers) out there one of these days. Sounds like you had a great trip and some good therapy.
  258. blindpig

    Ripcharts throwing us the bone!

    I might be missing something but all you have to do is grab the chart and drag down and it goes all the way up to about halfway up vancouver island.
  259. blindpig

    Tuna Tuesday 8/25

    Hoping to go if I can gather a crew.
  260. blindpig

    Am I reading this right?

    And if you head south, well then two kings it is...:doh:
  261. blindpig

    Something Sexy and very Blue showed up in the mail today!

    Certainly wasn't saying that the 14 lb drag wasn't sufficient for the majority of our fishing up here. (just got my first one myself and I love it) Was just trying to clarify the earlier statement that it was a 25 lb drag is all.
  262. blindpig

    Something Sexy and very Blue showed up in the mail today!

    I must be missing something. I thought these were 14lb max drag?
  263. blindpig

    Livewell /Baitwell

    I guess we have really been overdoing it. I have the oval 22 that we put on the back and I run my washdown pump to it off a wye. 2 scoops and only lose a few. Did have another issue last trip that killed a pile of them. The plastic grate in mine developed a break near the top and the chovies...
  264. blindpig


    Oops...Upon further review...that one ended July 31st. sry.
  265. blindpig


    If you are looking for both they also have a current promotion to buy an ELT1000 and get a resqlink for free. Best price I found on the ELT1000 8203 (which has antennae) is 640.55 plus a free resqlinq worth another 250+. Not a bad deal.
  266. blindpig

    Which set up for tuna irons?

    Haven't tried a standard avet yet but just used my new sxj with mc this weekend and it was one of the easiest, best casting reels I have ever used. I have plans for more avets in the near future.
  267. blindpig

    Salmon gear

    Im interested in the berkeley's w/7000's. PM pics please.
  268. blindpig

    Kodak's First '15 TUNA Trip

    47 gallons? :finger: Not on my best day tuna fishing. I can dream though.
  269. blindpig

    Looking for info on Avet reel selection.

    Thanks all of you for your input.
  270. blindpig

    avet jx 2speed////torium16hg

    Pm sent yesterday. No reply. Sold if you still have it.
  271. blindpig

    Avet SX MC

    Will you ship/take paypal? PM sent
  272. blindpig

    Looking for info on Avet reel selection.

    I hear they are nice reels but I'm not sure what the best model/size would be for our Albies up here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  273. blindpig

    Introducing FREE Beta testing for SST, Chl, and Bite Zone Charts

    Looks pretty cool but I hate these "sign up for free now and we will automatically charge you later" deals. Happy to try it and if it's all that it's carked up to be (like that???:D) then purchase but there's no way I'm handing over my CC # just to try it out. Sorry.
  274. blindpig

    Steaming Crab

    I personally like the steaming method. Much quicker and the flavor is all there. Little salt and garlic or for an added treat, add a little chardonay to the water. I can have two crabs chowed down before the neighbor even has his pot boiling.:beerbang:
  275. blindpig

    Westport 7 8

    I guess I'm confused...just what are you "proving" in this video? Doug Milward was the gentleman from wdfw that I spoke to. 360 902-2739
  276. blindpig

    Westport 7 8

    I'll see if I can find the note that was sent out with the guys name and I'll get back to you all.
  277. blindpig

    Westport 7 8

    I spoke to the WDFW guy who sent the note out and he said that was a misprint. 2 pink bonus is in effect. Call yourself to verify but I had his name and a record of the call. His exact words were if anyone said anything (ie a game warden) to have them call him. Not going to do you any good...
  278. blindpig

    A7 love

    Hey Chris, Nice job. Going to have to get out there and finally get my first san juan salmon. Hell it's only been 10 years since I moved up here, might as well get my feet wet. When you going to be ready to head out for some tuna action? They are here already...unbelievable.
  279. blindpig

    Smoked Tuna

    If you like bacon, here's one for you to try with the bellies. Awsome stuff and simple as can be. Layer the bellies (skinned) in rock salt for 20 min. Smoke. That's it. To me the one thing to watch especially if you are going to do the salmon and tuna together is that tuna takes WAY less...
  280. blindpig

    Balls Deep in Tuna

    LOL...noticed that. Hook set= crackered. Let em run and do it themselves. Still looked like a blast.
  281. blindpig

    West Port Saturday

    Well so much for that idea. Outboard blew up on the Fri evening salmon hunt. Well better 10 miles than 40 I guess.
  282. blindpig

    West Port Saturday

    Lol...after I like the post about going out with nr's, I find out my ride tomorrow is...yup you guessed it. Almar by nr.
  283. blindpig

    Well, there is a first time for everything.

    Read the first post and try again ducker. Clearly my intent to begin with.
  284. blindpig

    West Port Saturday

    Heading down tomorrow for some salmon in the afternoon and tuna on Sat. Will be on a friends boat this go round and don't have the info yet but you can get me with lil dawg on 68. We should be at the bait docks bright and early ready to go.
  285. blindpig

    Well, there is a first time for everything.

    LOL...Bieber all you want. Nothing but an attempt to try to help someone be it him or anyone else reading the thread. He could have mentioned that he called but didn't. Not trying to bust the guys balls. I have never called the number myself so I would have no clue that they would possibly...
  286. blindpig

    Well, there is a first time for everything.

    While I would have probably done the same thing, I don't think I would have posted it considering it is illegal to pull ANY gear that is not your own. Derelict or not doesn't matter. Just trying to help keep ya out of trouble.
  287. blindpig

    Kingfisher offshore

    And fyi, my boat was moored for 2 years in the salt before I bought it so that's probably why I have the paint wear as suggested above.
  288. blindpig

    Kingfisher offshore

    From their website...preflex technology eliminates typical hull noise and vibration found in other aluminum boats. Once again having ridden in several other aluminum's I agree with that statement. This is in addition to ADDING strength to the hull. Essentially you get the same strength with...
  289. blindpig

    Kingfisher offshore

    No idea if the "offshore" is what I have or not but I own the 2525 weekender and it is a great boat. Been on many different aluminum boats and in my opinion, the only one better is the Duckworth. No issues going offshore and taking a pounding in this boat and it rides better than most due to...
  290. blindpig

    Tuna, Gas and Westport

    For those of you down in the Westport area, I just saw a station a short drive south with ethanol free gas at what seemed to be a pretty darn good price. $4.09/gal I believe. Head south past Grayland to the grocery store on the right. I would say it's about 15-20 miles down. If you hit...
  291. blindpig

    Fishing Cobo!!

    At the risk of upsetting some here, I have to honestly tell you they lie. Marlin is absolutely excellent table fare. Very similar to tuna in fact. Everyone espouses that they don't taste well so that A) you will C&R your fish and B) if you do catch one and keep it they hope that you will...
  292. blindpig

    FireSale - Freshwater/River tackle - $40 OBO

    Ill take it but I need to find a way to get it from you. I live up in Bellingham. Coming through Seattle area on way to the tuna grounds wed afternoon if that would work.
  293. blindpig

    Buddy boat Westport Tuesday?

    Just wondering if anyone else might be planning a tuna trip on Tuesday and might like some company? I'll be heading down mon afternoon for some salmon in the evening and a full day of tuna on Tuesday. Or however long it takes to plug the boat.;)
  294. blindpig

    A10 Kings: Do you know the struggles?

    :frehya2:Looks like Blackmouther's about to topple over he's got the longarm out there so far...
  295. blindpig

    A 10 today

    Not much experience around the sound but I have caught hundreds of lings and rockfish on spoons out at neah bay.
  296. blindpig

    Lowrance electronics misc..

    Looking at the hst-wsbl online brand new for $51. Is yours special? I need one but not going to pay a premium. I'll take it for $40.
  297. blindpig

    open tuna seats available

    Looking for one or two people available to go tomorrow, sun, or Mon. Depending on the response will decide the days. Full disclosuren I only have three trips under my belt and I don't have a working temp gauge. My gear isn't top notch either but we've done just fine so far. Pm me asap if...
  298. blindpig

    Long shot: Open Seat(s) Westport this weekend

    Relative newbie here but pm sent. Just had a couple back out on me.
  299. blindpig

    FYI I will be posting up numerous Boat/Fishing equipment.

    He may not but I have 2. Old mariner 2 stroke and a newer (forgot the year but I can get it) Yamaha 4 stroke. Both 9.9.
  300. blindpig

    Still not skunked on tuna, 8/28

    Got mine at West marine. They are comfy.
  301. blindpig

    smoked tuna belly

    Stumbled upon a recipe on another site somewhere but I don't remember where or who's recipe it was but lord is it simple and good. If you like bacon, give this a shot. Just take the bellies and layer them in rock salt for 20 min (skin off). Pull em out, lightly rinse, and smoke em (I have used...
  302. blindpig

    Birch bay salmon

    Pretty much everybody I know has no trouble getting their crabs from the area. Hope you do as well. I'm not well schooled in the ways of the salmon up here yet so not much help there.
  303. blindpig


    Not quite as good as papa with the long arm but he's gettin there. :rofl: In all seriousness though, beautiful fish.
  304. blindpig

    Westport Video 8.11

    Great video. Gave me goosebumps. God I can't wait to get out there!!!
  305. blindpig

    beer in boat while fishing

    How does one get invited to this? Past time to meet a few of you guys besides over the radio.
  306. blindpig

    Throwing iron/swimbaits for tuna.

    This is probably in the wrong section but I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction as to what lures/baits to buy and how they are fished for tuna? Feel free to pm me or add it here if it doesn't get moved and thanks in advance. It's thanks to all of you that I am hopelessly...
  307. blindpig

    WTC 2013 EPIC TRIP

    Nice job. Love that last pic. Mouth's watering.
  308. blindpig


    So jealous. Couldn't get a third to make the trip or I would have been there. Little too expensive with just a couple guys. Nice trip.
  309. blindpig

    Ilwaco Tuna/Dorado 8/1

    For now...mwahahahaha. :-)
  310. blindpig

    24ft boat.... Ran a clinic.....

    Oh man....details details. I'm off for 5 starting wed. :D
  311. blindpig

    FINAL Neah Bay 2013

    Not sure if you are looking for bean bag chairs for the boat or not but west marine has some nice waterproof ones they sell. Comfy and they work great up on the bow.
  312. blindpig

    Show off your 2012 ELk/Deer

    My 2012 conquest and my first bull ever. 10 years to draw the tag for Observatory area. 2 well placed shots from 400 and 375 yds respectively from the new .300 win mag and this magnificent animal was mine. Sorry it's so late but haven't been by since the end of tuna season.
  313. blindpig

    First blood on the new (old) boat

    I see. I had the exact same boat prior to my "new" old boat.:) She was a good seaworthy wench but I don't think I'll ever look back and think our divorce wasn't for the better.:D
  314. blindpig

    First blood on the new (old) boat

    Just wondering if you picked that boat up in Bellingham? Looks VERY familiar.
  315. blindpig

    Couple new pics from 8/19 and a question.

    Certainly not tall at 5'9 but a little beefy at 205. Was a heck of a fish. Really wishing I had weighed it. Thanks for the estimates. I was figuring mid 30's myself but being that this was only my second trip and I have yet to weigh one, I'm a little in the dark.
  316. blindpig

    Couple new pics from 8/19 and a question.

    I am hoping some of you more experienced gents might be able to give me a weight guess on this fish. Definitely larger than all the rest we caught but we didn't take the time to weigh it before it lost it's head and I nver thought to try afterward. Guesses?
  317. blindpig

    Tuna Tuesday

    Not sure what size coolers you are using but w put 4 on board plus a slurry cooler (keeps the ice longer than any kind of bucket). We put 2 up forward in the aisle (not the easiest to get around but not horrible) and 3 in the back to start. With cooling the fish in the slurry, beheading and...
  318. blindpig

    Second trip...this time with porn. Westport 8/19

    Hopefully you will all notice that I wasn't wearing a mangina...only the other 2 guys:hali_ruahahaha:. Thanks Leif for the original info to get us out to the right spot in the first place. I really gotta get that temp guage fixed. As far as the info, I didn't share it since it wasn't mine...
  319. blindpig

    Second trip...this time with porn. Westport 8/19

    Before I get hammered, just wanted to point out that the blood on the blue shark is not from the shark. We were in the middle of a bait stop and blood was everywhere. Got the hook out, quick pic and released.
  320. blindpig

    Second trip...this time with porn. Westport 8/19

    Got me and my boats maiden tuna trip in 2 weeks ago. Weather was not the best and I was missing a temp guage which made things a little tough. Never saw a jumper all day and picked up all of our fish trolling. Managed to get 11 in the boat with a few lost. I think I kinda like this. It's 2...
  321. blindpig

    8/16 MA9 31lber.....

    Nice fish. Could have come from the samish. T hey had both regular and whites there. Too bad anything that comes from there after the next year or two will be "wild" and more incidental "wild" fish mortality. That is the reason for the closure coming Monday.
  322. blindpig

    TUNA VIDEO...Chromecollector style

    Best video I've seen to date. Just got my feet wet myself 2 weeks ago (no porn yet) and I'm trying to gather a crew for a trip this weekend. Looks like the weather should be perfect. Hope to see some of you out there/ on my boat.
  323. blindpig

    Have gas money...want tuna!!!

    Will be in Westport from thursday night to tuesday(or wed morning if need be) and would like to make my first tuna trip. I'm a tuna newbie but a seasoned fisherman with lots of smarts and can pick up anything quick. Just finished my second swiftsure trip of the year and want to supplement my...