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  1. karlow

    Sat fun at catalina

    The plan was to make the hop over to Cat with a tank of deans and min macks to look for YT. Plans and reality are not the same. As we got close to the LBC it became clear that the forecast was carp. Spotty fog after 5pm my A! As soon as we left the dock it was clear that we would have about 50...
  2. karlow

    For Sale 12 Gal portable fuel tank NIB never opened

    I picked it up for my 17ft whaler and never used it. $70. It's the lower profile tempo tank. My bad it a low profile Moeller 12 gal tank. The box is 12" x 18" 25" If you search for it Ebay says its 24,51 x17.19 x10 82 It looks like this one.
  3. karlow

    WTB Tee Top

    I'm looking for a tee top for a 82 Outrage. If you have something say something!
  4. karlow

    Where are my bug reports!

    I was out there and stayed to about 8:30. I left because the fog was closing in. It was my first solo bug run. There were only three or so boats around me earlier. I got there around 5PM plenty of time to drop traps and fish bass. Only a bump! In the end I ended up with 6 keepers and about 50...
  5. karlow

    O-Side bait

    What is the bait like out of Oceanside? what are their hours like? I might be going out on Firday and I would like to avoid running out of Dana. We might be going to SCI so there is no reason to run of of SD if the bait situation is any good out of Oside.
  6. karlow

    WTB WTB honda power trim

    Honda power trim unit 130 250 HP 2000-2007. My housing is corroded and it leaks. I had to strap it up to get her home today.
  7. karlow

    Role call!

    Who is fishing Catalina in the AM (Friday)? It looks like I will be out fishing with Joe out of Davies on the OutRage AKA Rehab. What do you know?
  8. karlow

    I hate to fish alone!

    I need some more fishing buddies. I have been off all week and I did not get out. The weather looked OK to me, The fishing looked OK. My buddies were all busy doing something. I'm too lazy to go alone unless things are really jumping. So here is the deal, I hate to go out by myself unless I'm on...
  9. karlow

    Fished LB on Sat.

    I went out with Joe on his rig. The plan was to go out an hunt for butts. The forecast was 5 to 12Knt winds all day with 3ft swells at 7 sec. We picked up one pass of deans and fished in 90 to 70 ft of water in the shoe. We picked up some nice sculpin. No butts. I'm thinking if we are catching...
  10. karlow

    Garmin problem

    When I rehabbed my outrage a few years ago I picked up a 94SV. I had it about a year before I got a chance to use it. It has a reoccurring problem. I start it up and it says the transducer is not attached. I power it down, remove and reinstall the pickup and turn it back on. Some times it's OK...
  11. karlow

    Sat inshore report

    We got to Davies around 6:30 to find the lot was filling up fast. Lunched the boat.... That's about the end of the report. We were back on the trailer by 7:30. You may have seen Joe's Tracker not running out there today. So where are the reports? I saw all of the trailers out their. Damit.
  12. karlow

    Need help with a 60 HP 4 stroke Mercury wiring

    I helping a buddy get his rig back online. Its a mid 2000 rig. I need a wiring diagram that shows the Mercury ignition switch & trottle interlock wiring. I get can it crank by bypassing it.
  13. karlow

    For Sale Prop for sale for Suzuki outboard 60-140 HP

    That is what it says on the box. It's lightly used. I had on my DF70 /Whaler for a bit, but it was over proped 17". It's a 13.25 x 17" pitch SS prop 13 Teeth. It's yours for $100. I also have a 16" pitch Suzuki prop for $150. Its the right one for a DF70 on a classic 17ft Whaler
  14. karlow

    I see 4ft at 8 sec from the north East

    That might be good for testing the boat! How bad is that?
  15. karlow

    Ho to Go!

    The season starts on Sat. If you need a Ho let me Know. I can pull a few for ya. I will be picking up my card in the AM. It looks like it will be windy, but kind of flat for all of u MDR guys. I have a couple gal of deans and some gear if needed.
  16. karlow

    The weather look OK for a run to Catalina in the AM.

    Who is up to try for some YT? The count is not great, but they are getting some. The home guards are on patrol. Afternoon Light W winds with a slight chop. Very small mid period waves. Winds: W 8 to 11 knots. Seas: SSE 2 feet at 11 seconds.
  17. karlow

    Have rod can travel!

    Anyone need someone for Sat? I might be lucky. I prevent the skunk on the last boat ride. I can bring my own gaff, rods, gear,..... Mex permit, kill bag, ice, Let me know, I'm ready to go.
  18. karlow

    I'm open for Sat.

    Anyone need a Ho, or want to go? Maybe try our luck at Cat? Your ride or mine? What cha got in mind?
  19. karlow

    Whats up for Sat?

    Any plans? Local? Catalina? I'm thinking I might try some local halibut fishing unless the fish report looks too good the next two days?
  20. karlow

    Help I need a little welding

    Aluminum welding that is. I need a to build a few parts for bug season. I can fab the parts, but I can't weld aluminum.
  21. karlow

    So Cal fisherman needs some Nor Cal help

    Its not a fishing report yet, but I have a boat ride on the Cal Dawn out of Berkley next week. My question is what do you guys use in the way of tackle for halibut, salmon or rockfish? Down here it would be 25lb for halibut (6-12 oz), 40 string on a 3/0 for rockfish and we have not had any...
  22. karlow

    Shake it again Sam!

    I made another run to Catalina on Sat. The seas were a little nicer. The fishing was better. The performance was about the same. We fished the front side. Slow trolled and ran home out of Davies. We ran an estimated 52 miles and burned 17 gal. She is still getting 3mpg (82 18ft outrage w 150...
  23. karlow

    Strange forcast

    I see Variable winds less than 5 kt becoming WSW 5 to 10 kt in the afternoon. Patchy fog before 11am. Mixed swell...W 2 ft at 6 seconds and S 2 ft at 13 seconds. Wind waves 1 ft or less. Or I get Winds: WSW 4 to 5 knots. Seas: W 3 feet at 5 seconds. Both of these forecast are for mid Catalina...
  24. karlow

    A shake down and what I learned

    I took my Outrage to Catalina today for the first time. I learned that the YT are not cooperating. We used more fuel than I expected. My bait tank leaked like hell all day. The leaning post works out well, but I need to add some type of latch. The swell was 2 to 3 for the most part at about 8...
  25. karlow

    I can go out in the AM who is up for It?

    The weather looks OK at least to about noon. Any plans?
  26. karlow

    Anyone need a Ho to fish YT at Catalina on Sat?

    Just thought I should ask. Beats sleeping in! Sometimes.
  27. karlow

    It was some fine weather out there today

    The wind never came up. We were in the water about 7am. Just in time to see some poor guy who launched his boat without the plug in place. He backed into the ramp at high speed with water spilling from the motor hatch. Not his day! We picked up some stinky red squid from a guy at the ramp...
  28. karlow

    150 hp Honda trim question

    I have been fighting this thing for weeks now. It leaks and I am going to have to pull it off to fix it or replace it. The question is how do you gt it off? Is it possible to pull the trim unit off without removing the motor? Is there some trick to it? I pulled the top pin and the bottom bolt...
  29. karlow

    WTB WTB ankor roller

    I know someone has one just laying around I'm looking to put an ankor roller on my Outrage. It needs to be about 11" long. What cha got?
  30. karlow

    I need a piece of plastic

    I'm looking for a 1" thick piece of HDPE to adapt a trolling motor to my Outrage. (AKA StarBoard) Anyone have any lying around?
  31. karlow

    3 ft at 7 sec?

    5-10Kts. How bad is it? typically if it were 14 sec, it would be no probelm in a small boat. What do you think? I need to get out.
  32. karlow


    I have a 18ft CC with a 150hp Honda 4 stroke. I need to replace the battery cable that runs between the console and the engine. The cable is about 17ft. The question is what gauge wire do I need to run?
  33. karlow

    Is it me?

    I went to the shoe today with epic bass bites dancing in my head! It was not so epic for me. I fished three different spots in 75 and 85 ft. The meter looked good. I did nail about 10 bass with maybe 3 over 14". Today's tides did not look great, but they were OK. What worked best was Lal's...
  34. karlow

    12/29 Dana Report

    It sucked.. It was cold as hell. We didn't catch anything but lizard fish. They have perfect med size deans. The boat ran OK, the rocks are biting north of the point. The parking sucks and its going to really suck latter next year. The truck ran OK! We fished north,south, and in front, 130 ft...
  35. karlow

    It looks like a redo for Sat only wit the right kind

    I'm thinking of returning to scene of the crime. This time with out all the shark action I hope. Back to Dana! Who is going to be out here on Sat?
  36. karlow

    Fishing Sat!

    It looks like Sat is totally fish-able this week. My plan is to run out of Dana for sea trails and flat fish dreams! Hopefully every thing will work out!
  37. karlow

    Honda 150Hp help!

    Typically I can fix almost anything, but today I got stuck. I decided to replace the seals on the lower leg. I had replace the oil a few months earlier and it had some water in it. I thought I would get some time on the water with her this season an deal with it latter. I order some parts weeks...
  38. karlow

    10-19 on a one day

    I saw the reports and booked a ride on the Grande out of H&M today 4 me and Joe. We both played hooky from work today. Its one of the largest day boats out there and they had a lighter load. Today they did a good job and went the distance for us. I think we got called in by the San Diego. One...
  39. karlow

    Pisss bug season starts on Sat

    Talk to me what are your plans? Mid chan weather as of now. Friday WSW wind 5 to 10 kt. Partly sunny. Mixed swell...W 2 ft and S 1 ft. Wind waves 1 to 2 ft. Inshore wheather may not be better. Friday WSW wind 5 to 10 kt increasing to 10 to 15 kt in the morning. Partly sunny. Mixed swell...W 2...
  40. karlow

    82 OutRage Rehab

    I have been at this for months now. I tried talking myself out of dragging this home, but no. I guess I'm not that bright. I'm sure some of you wiser guys past on this one, and wondered where she went. That first pic is her good side. The plan was to get her on the water by Aug, and then by Sep...
  41. karlow

    WTB WTB 14" galvanized wheel or spare

    I need a wheel for my spare or a spare. 14" 5 on 4.5 std. I'm in the SGV. closer is better.
  42. karlow

    Who is going out this weekend?

    I have been missing out on too many bites. My plan is to run out of Dana on Fri or maybe Sat on the little whaler. I will run up to 20 mile out looking for the local emigrants. Most likely half that distance. Who is going to be in the hunt?
  43. karlow

    Honda 150Hp question

    I have a 150 hp Honda about 2005. I have a question about wiring. I'm going to replace the ignition switch. It was held in by tyraps. That's not good. Here is my questions, do you have a wiring diagram? My other question is is it lit? It has three position and 5 wire switch. The Black/ red and...
  44. karlow

    Whaler Rehab Help

    I have been working on this 18ft whaler for about 4 months now. Today's project is to rebuild the console. It was ugly as bulls balls. I started just cleaning up and deciphering the wiring. The plan was to install a new switch panel but it was just too ugly. I'm fabing one out of 1/8" AL plate...
  45. karlow

    WTB I'm looking for a finder or my 18ft Outrage Project

    7" or better, what do you have? GPS/ charter/ finder. I have $$
  46. karlow

    18ft Outrage bait system show and tell time

    It looks like I am a few weeks away from putting together a bait system for my outrage. Show me what you are running and how it's plumbed.
  47. karlow

    18FT Whaler bottom paint

    imple question, I have a 1983 18ft Whaler. It's not in great shape, but she is looking better. I have cleaned her up and I am painting her currently. The spider cricking on will mostly remain. Too much work to cure. I'm ordering 1 quart of anti skid for the deck. I have a gal of 2 part poly for...
  48. karlow

    How do you rig your anchor??

    I lost a small claw anchor at Havasu this year. It was not rigged to release. It was so small I thought it was not an issue. We spent 20 min trying to get it back, its still there. Now that the horse is gone, it time to rig them right! You attach the chain to the front end and you attach the...
  49. karlow

    How do you rig your anchor?

    I lost a small claw anchor at Havasu this year. It was not rigged to release. It was so small I thought it was not an issue. We spent 20 min trying to get it back, its still there. Now that the horse is gone, it time to rig them right! You attach the chain to the front end and you attach the...
  50. karlow

    WTB 14" wheel

    I need one wheel for a spare for my trailer. 14" 5 lug Ford pattern. galvanized. I have a tire, I need a wheel!
  51. karlow

    SOLD 28 gal fuel tank

    Tempo above deck fuel tank clean. I picked it up to store gas during a R&R of my fuel tank. I burned all the gas so the tank is up for grabs! I'm in Covina, and I work in Industry. Its about 31" x 20" x 13.75" tall $100 Sold!
  52. karlow

    Mamas don't let your fishermen buy old Whalers

    Tell them to buy Stripers, and Parkers and Skippies and such! I guess I should start a thread about this years project. I had been looking a while for one of these dam things. I'm sure some of you looked at it and had the good since to walkaway. I guess I'm not that bright. I tend to drag things...
  53. karlow

    Help, I need a new fuel tank for a 18ft Outrage

    My fears are coming true for my new project, It a 1982 18 ft Whaler Outrage. It looks like crap, the engine looks like crap (on the outside). I need 42ft of rub rail and I have found at least one hole in the fuel tank. Oh, the trailer looks bad as well, I need to replace the bunk hangers. Where...
  54. karlow

    Torium went south on me

    I was trolling off PV last sat. I looked a small cuda then a dog jumped on it. I was fishing 30lb.I went a few rounds with the beast and the reel started making sqealy sounds and it went all knuckle buster on me. I got my Lucky Craft back! Now what? It was going fine until then. It's not like...
  55. karlow

    Well my plans fell thru. Any offers out there?

    I have gear, ready to go. What do you have in mind?
  56. karlow

    Sat looks good for a boat ride!

    What do you think guys? It does not look like our options are promising, but the weather looks good. Local small rock fish, maybe butts, Bugs are a better bet. What do you think? What are you planning?
  57. karlow

    You know you could invite me out!

    I have all the gear! 5 nets lights an what ever length rope that you like 2 fish! There r bugs out there! lets go! Hook a brother up. I have a thing on Sat in the AM so I cant go then. But I'm good for the afternoon or all day Sunday just get me 2 the doc by 10pm. I have to work on Monday. I...
  58. karlow

    I'm not looking for bugs, I chassing butts out of Dana in the AM

    Who is up for a ride in a little boat? PM me. I can take one or none.
  59. karlow

    Tell me something, where did the Pusuit get 64 YFT today?

    Anyone one on that boat ride? I would love to be able to hunt for them this weekend!
  60. karlow

    Their back!

    Boy o boy o boy o boy. Mums the word! Shsss. See you on the water, but tell no one! Tight lines!
  61. karlow

    Fresh one Sat report

    I got Topless back on the water today after some engine work. We ran out of Davies picked up some dens from Noch around 7:40. We were heading for bull kelp. We stopped short on some bait for nada. As we approached the green buoy, we notice a mosquito fleet. We joined in the fun. As soon as we...
  62. karlow

    Sunday report

    I took the Whaler out with Mr BIG Fishes. Launched from Dana at 5:15. beat the cattle boats to the receiver!. Picked up a 1/2 scoop of crappy looking bait. U get 4 tiny passes using tiny nets. It was form locker 8. I guess that's where thy keep the crappy stuff. We ran out side for a while and...
  63. karlow

    WTB Volvo Y pipe

    Working on my skippy and my Y pipe is not in good shape. It's a 290 drive w a SBC. If you have one, let me know. I should be doing the engine swap next weekend w or w/o the upgrade.
  64. karlow

    What do you think?

    I just picked up a trailer on CL for my 20ft Skippy. It's a pretty decent pacific trailer but the brakes are shot. The MS is full of rust and the backing plate is rusty, shoes are only rust. I can fix it for about $200. The other option would be to add another $250 and I can convert it to Kodiak...
  65. karlow

    Looking to go hooping this weekend at the island.

    Ive got the right stuff. Let me know what u have in mind. The moon looks good as does the weather. Hook me up!
  66. karlow

    Volvo outdive test question

    I have taken my Skippy out twice with the same results. Water is showing up in my outdrive. I'm doing a snoop test on the drive, my question is how much air pressure do I pump the drive up to for the leak test. FYI, drain the oil, spray it with a dish soap pump it up with air and look for...
  67. karlow

    I could take my boat out Fri, but I would rather ride in yours

    I looks like I will be running solo in my little whaler Fri AM, unless I get a better offer! Let me Know if you have space on your ride. Current plan, making bait and Running toward the 209 at first light! See ya on the water/
  68. karlow

    Today on the 209

    Went with Mad Mike on his Parker again. We had a similar plan to the previous run. Run south out of Dana to the 209 and beyond This time, we were able to make out Macks! Thanks for the advice. Nothing worked at first. We moved out front where found a little skiff make bait and found some good...
  69. karlow

    Who is fishing on Friday?

    I will be out there on Friday on Chn 72. Most likely out of Dana. Most likely with Magic (AKA MAD) Mike.
  70. karlow

    What are we doing wrong?

    Last week we had no luck making Macks out of Dana. We fished a litter to the north near the breakwall, we tried near the inner break wall. I chummed some bread crums I tried some cat food. we baited out rigs with squid. I maybe got one bump. We were at it for at list 45 min until just after...
  71. karlow

    Any news out of Dana?

    I like what I see in the cattle boat counts. I'm thinking of heading down there on Sat. Any fish report out Dana? KP
  72. karlow

    Volvo outdrive help!

    It seems my Skippy hates me. It must be all that trailer time last season. I should have all the bugs out months ago, but no love.A little update, I have overhauled and installed a 305 SBC only to have the pan gasket fail big time! Near the end of last season, I rebuilt the trim cylinder on the...
  73. karlow

    Props wanted!

    I.m still looking for a good set of Volvo B3s for my Skippy.. I have a set of B4s to trade or cash! If you have B2s, I might consider it. Lets make a Deal!
  74. karlow

    Topless Shake down III

    I need to do another shakedown run. I have new props to test, the temp sensor R&R test, and the oil leak investigation. I have inspection cam installed in the engine bay, and I'm going to shoot some video on my lap top. My plan is the run out of Davies on Sat. AM run to Izors, or?. I'm in the...
  75. karlow

    WTB set of props for 290 Volvo DP

    If you have a set that you can part with let me know, I am over propped on my Skippy. What do you have?
  76. karlow

    Shake down II time

    On Sat. I planing to take my SkipJack out for it's 2nd sea trail. Where should I go form my 2nd shake down? 150, outer rigs, Issors, rocky point? It would be good to get some decent rock fish and bass. What are your recommendations? KP
  77. karlow

    Wanted, Vovo B3, or B4 prop set

    My Skipply seems over proped. 1985 20' Open 305, 290 duelProp. My current prop is B4 set that been reworked to B5. Thats what my notes say. What do you have? Cash or Trade!
  78. karlow

    Skippy Dudes! I have a Volvo DP question.

    I have a 1985 open 20. It has a 290 drive on it. I converted it to a dual prop some time back. I have never been happy with it's performance. This year I have re powered it with a freshly overhauled 305. Today was my first sea trial. After a lot of fun at the launch ramp we were off. For some...
  79. karlow

    Its engine swapping time!

    The replacement motor has been assembled and sitting around for a few months now. I need help, I'm in Covina and I need to find a high lift cherry picker (engine hoist)or ? to get her done. Any ideas? I did this once before, but I have no idea where I rented the hoist. Any Ideas ? Volunteers...
  80. karlow

    LB Fridays report

    I fished solo on Wet Ride on Friday. I made bait near Nachos. Great bait but not easy to make. I went 4 for five at Izors, and Zero for one near the green buoy. The YT were about 18 lbs, I also landed one bone head. At one point, I spotted a huge school of scooters. I didn't any bait for them...
  81. karlow

    Who is fishing out of LB on Fri?

    I will be out of Davies in Wet Ride! My plan is to run south and north to the usual spots. Give a shout!
  82. karlow

    alternator issue

    A few years back the alternator on my Skippy (1985) failed. it has a Volvo I/O. The replacement the OEM wimpy alternator was a single connection alternator 75-100 amps. It works, but only at higher speeds, 1500-2000 rpm or better. I recently spotted a similar alternator. its data sheet states...
  83. karlow

    alternator issue

    A few years back the alternator on my Skippy (1985) failed. it has a Volvo I/O. The replacement the OEM wimpy alternator was a single connection alternator 75-100 amps. It works, but only at higher speeds, 1500-2000 rpm or better. I recently spotted a similar alternator. its data sheet states...
  84. karlow

    Skipjack question!

    I have a 1985 20ft open.I picked up a Horozin 400 windless that want to install. My question is for those of you who have successfully installed self tailing windlesses on on Skippies. I know that our std anchor looker is not up to the task, I want to see know your mods to get it to work. I...
  85. karlow

    DP Friday report

    I went out to Dana with Mr BIG Fishies on Wet Ride. Arrived at 4AM to find a zoo, 40 min wait for bait. Picked up a good looking 1/2 scoop. We ran out to the pole to try for macks. No marks so we ran out at 210 at about 10knts. When it was gray we dropped in some trollers. I spotted the first...
  86. karlow

    I'm Looking for a boat ride on Friday

    Ho Ho Ho I want to go! I'm off on Friday and I'm looking for a ride. I have been fishing with Magic Mike and the blind squirrels, but he has 4 on board for Friday. Five is a crowd for tuna on a 23 ft boat. Share cost and kill fish! I was two for two on the 25 LB YFT last Friday. Hook me up...
  87. karlow

    Who is going out on Friday?

    I need to pull on something that pulls back! I'm looking to go out of LB, or Dana. I'm over here rigging gear with no where to go! Hook me up, I have gear, $$ and Friday off! I hate to fish alone so hook me up! What do you say? KARL Text me 626 353 2157
  88. karlow

    I have a simple SkipJack question

    It's that time again, my Skippy has two problems. Its a 1985 20ft open with a Volvo 290 outdrive. The first issue is the shift cable is shot again. I replace it when I picked her up o some many years ago. Do any of you gents know what PN I'm shopping for. I know it was an after market cable, but...
  89. karlow

    Todays B-canyon report

    I left from Dana right after the Sum Fun today. It was windy in OC on the way, but Dana was very nice. I ran down south at 22 knts in the little Whaler boat. There were whales in the distance, a great day! Outside Sana Ofree it all went to pot. Building seas killer wind. The wind had to be...
  90. karlow

    What's up for the weekend boyz!

    I could do tails or bugs. What's your poison! I have not been out in three weeks, but I have gear for bugging or the local tails. There are 20 Lb class tails 8 miles out of LB, who is up for this? LB bugs, who knows we caught a few last year. Can I get a boat ride? Else I will be out in the...
  91. karlow

    Who running a small boat out of SD on Sat?

    I have been trolling around here for a boat ride and I have had no luck. So time for plan two. I'm going to drag my little Whaler down on Sat. Who else is part of the mosquito fleet? I would like to buddy boat with you. I'm not planing to go more than 20 miles out, but it would be nice to have...
  92. karlow

    Who running a small boat out os SD on Sat?

    I have been trolling around here for a boat ride and I have had no luck. So time for plan two. I'm going to drag my little Whaler down on Sat. Who else is part of the mosquito fleet? I would like to buddy boat with you. I'm not planing to go more than 20 miles out, but it would be nice to have...
  93. karlow

    Ho to Go!

    I have not been out for the last two week guys. Soo I'm good to go! Fresh line, new hooks and stuff. Who needs a Ho this week? I need at lest one days notice to take off work. I can do Friday, or Sat what Thur. Who is up? Share cost, help out, gaff fish poorly, Run the boat, navigate, clean up...
  94. karlow

    O side bait report wanted

    Has anyone been out of oceanside recently? what do they have for bait? How large, and what are their hours?
  95. karlow

    Friday 8/8

    I'm looking for a ride boys for Friday. I am good to go. I can share cost, help out with the boat, ect. I hate to fish alone, and I suck at gaffing my own fish! Hook me up! I am willing to fish 20/20 to get bit!
  96. karlow

    Friday Friday Friday, on the water with Joe

    Hat Tric Three weeks on three consecutive Fridays we have gone out after the invaders from the south. For three weeks we have been successful! Today we went out of Dana and headed for the the 14. As usual, we don't actually head to the 14, it more like we head out for about three miles and...
  97. karlow

    Friday Topless on the water.

    Friday Topless on the water. I went out on my boat today with Joe and Robbie. After reviewing all of the intel that I could scrounge up. The plan was to head to the 14 by a route less traveled, get to the warm water and put in the jigs! The plan was to get bait before the cattle boats show up...
  98. karlow

    Looking to got fishing on Friday 7/25

    I'm looking to go on a tuna hunt on Friday. PM me if you are looking for someone to go. I can share in the expenses, and bring whatever we need, Troll gear, gps, kill bag ice, beer, lunch gaff... What ever it is, I probably have it laying around. Have rod, can travel. Karlow
  99. karlow

    Friday Friday Friday, fresh intel

    The plan was to getup ridiculously early to beat the cattle boats to the bait receivers in Dana. Run out to the 267 – 209. Catch limits of YFT, YT, maybe BFT, Dodos! Get home by 4pm. The report: We arrived at Dana about 4:30 and met the world famous Rubber Ducky at the dock. I was fishing...
  100. karlow

    OverNight on the Pacific Dawn 7/8 fishing 7/9 limited load

    This is my trip with Turners Rod and Reel club. They are a good bunch of guys. The dawn is a great boat, and they make the best fish tacos too! The date got moved and I can't make the trip. It's a $170 boat ride and I am taking best offers. They may have some other spots available at lest...
  101. karlow

    My boat ride is up for grabs overnight on the pacific dawn out of Ventura

    It's a limited load $170 boat ride with Turners R&R club. I'm taking best offer. The ride was blown out and it was rescheduled. leaving 7/8, fishing 7/9. That is leaving Monday fishing Tue. I can't go due to my work schedule. Hit me up with you offer @ [email protected] or PM. There may...
  102. karlow

    Did you find my trap?

    I went out with Joe to search for bug on Sat in LB. We managed to bag three bugs and four stone crabs. We came up short one trap around 9Pm. It's a flat trap with new cage. The light stick is inside a bottle. The float is the classic anti-freeze bottle. Who has my trap? We got run out of our...
  103. karlow

    13' Boston Whaler interior

    I'm looking for an interior for a 1985 13' whaler. I also need some parts for a mid 80 35hp Johson.
  104. karlow

    Wanted KILL bag.

    I'm still looking. I'm looking for a Reliable RF2048 kill bag dead or alive. I have cash, but not $200! So what cha got? Time to move up to biger sack right? Trade it in! I want that bag! What can you do for me? KP
  105. karlow

    Fixed it!

    Last week may fav. rock fish reel came up lame. It's the old school Jx 4.0. It was getting harder and harder to crank in those rockies. So I was going to send it in. It's $39 bucks now. It seems to me it was only $30 when I sent in my MxJ a while back. So I decided to take a look, yep the...
  106. karlow

    Where to launch in Vertura?

    Hey guys, I'm paining to bring my boat up to Ventura next weekend. I have never launched op there. Where do I launch and how do I get there. Feel free to add some info on where to go for some rockeys. We will be in my 20' Skippy. KP Thanks!
  107. karlow

    Where to launch in Vertura?

    The plain is to go next weekend. I have only fished from cattle boats up there. So where do you launch from and how do I get there? It's time to explore some new water. KP
  108. karlow

    Sat Mirage report

    I had booked a boat ride through Sportfishingreports with Jack at work. The trip had been sold out for about a month. He calls me the day of the trip and says he need to sell a ticket because his buddy can't make it. I called Bo, and then Joe. Joe TLC jump at the chance. He says he did not want...
  109. karlow

    I need help with a new calico stick

    I have a bunch of stuff, but not the right stick. My current go to stick is a Grafttech GIS90M. It's Ok if you are throughing 3/4oz swim baits or Deans with 1/2 oz sinkers. It's 8.5' long which is OK, it's got good power. The problem is it's tip is too stiff. I'd like the same rod if the tip was...
  110. karlow

    Johnson 40HP power trim wanted

    I need a power trim unit to replace the dead assist cylinder for my tracker. It's a 2 cyn 1990 40Hp engine. I need a trim unit from a 2 cylinder Johnson or rude from 1988 -1995 or so. TI think the engines are 40-55Hp. Thanks Kp 626 357 2489
  111. karlow

    Sat out of Dana

    I got off to a bit of a late start because Jack was a no show. I hooked up Topless and ran down south to Dana and met up with Bo around 7AM. We picked up a 1/2 scoop of nice chovies, and one squid (nice bait, no deans). We started the day near Dana. We picked up a few nice Calicos, some sandies...
  112. karlow

    A topless sat!

    Topless, a Midnight run It started on Tue. or was it Monday? I looked up the private fish report on Allcoast, and Bloodydecks. Thirty lb class WSB and YT! That’s it, I had to go, I mean if you are a private boater, how could you not go? It does not get any better. I do the math, it looks...
  113. karlow

    Catalina Weekend Who's up?

    I can't just sit by anymore. I'm planing to make a run to the island after work today. Look for us on Topless, a 20ft Skippy. Any info would be helpful. The current plan is to fish the 3 Vees area, and get there before 3AM. Sleep, what's sleep! I will likely get bait on this side, we are running...
  114. karlow

    Topless LB report

    The Hat-Trick, I took a week off for a little dirt bike riding. Quyen had been hounding me for the next boat ride since the last trip. We usually go for a few trips a year for Sandies. Monday’s plan was to run down south to O-Side and head to the 182. The water temp looked good. We were going...