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  1. Pupule

    22' Islander Sportfisher

    1985 Islander Sportfisher, originally sold by McWayne Marine Supply at Kewalo Basin. Volvo Penta AQ260 inboard-outboard sterndrive (Chevy 350 gas engine) with Volvo 290 Duo-Prop leg. New Michigan Motorz 350 Chevy marine (4-bolt main) engine with new Edelbrock 500 cfm four-barrel carburetor was...
  2. Pupule

    RIMPAC 2016 Will Run From June 30 through August 4.

    Twenty-two nations, with more than 40 surface ships and submarines, will be conducting exercises in Hawaiian waters for the next 36 days. How do you think our fishing will be affected?
  3. Pupule

    First Tuna for 2016

    Dex and I shoved off at about 6:15 this morning and headed straight for the pinnacle. There were a few scattered aku birds searching for breakfast as we made our way out. By the time we got to the pinnacle the birds were nowhere to be seen. We turned left and headed south for about 30 minutes...
  4. Pupule

    Waianae 4-21-2016

    Thanks for trying to start us up yesterday morning, Russel (Kato). Both of my batteries failed load tests yesterday. My brother (Ross) and nephew (Keanu), and I went fishing in Waianae today. This was my first day of fishing in nearly 20 months. Last went fishing in August 2014. Bringing the...
  5. Pupule

    If I'm Catching, Then You KNOW They're Biting!

    I had a rough start this morning when my boat engine wouldn’t run at any less than 2000 rpm, and even at that, it was running rough. I removed the air cleaner and saw fuel dumping out of the carburetor primaries. What the h_ll? Then I saw both idle adjustment screws sitting on the intake...
  6. Pupule

    Waianae 5/11/2014

    Left Waianae Harbor at 9:00 (late start today). Headed out in front of Kepuhi Pt. where FAD R is normally anchored, then set the lines. Weather was pretty mild as I headed further out then veered left toward the pinnacle. It got rough pretty quick. There was a north wind and clouds were...
  7. Pupule

    Cinco de Mayo at the Penguin Bank

    My weekend was booked solid with a wedding to attend on Saturday, and two cousins here from Los Angeles to entertain on Sunday. So, I took today off from work to enjoy the great weather on the water. Left Hawaii Kai at 5:30 and hit the first knuckle at 7:15. Right off the bat I saw a pile of...
  8. Pupule

    Penguin Bank 4/6/2014

    Aloha, gang! Haven't posted in while. Last time I went fishing was in August. My engine oil pan rusted through and I decided to wait until after the football season to fix it. Since the engine had to come out, I thought I'd might as well drop a fresh engine in there. So I ordered a new GM 5.7L...
  9. Pupule

    Newell Reels for Sale

    I have five Newell reels up for auction on eBay. Listings will end on 2/8/13 (Friday). If you pickup the reel from me (Ewa Beach, Oahu), I'll return the $12.35 shipping fee. C344-J5 with plastic bearing cap on the left side. No bearing cap on the right side...
  10. Pupule

    1-21-13 MLK Day in Waianae

    Hi, gang. I hadn't been out for a while due to work and some rough fishing weather, so I was looking forward to my first trip of the year. As I pulled into the Waianae Harbor I was a little disappointed to see just a few trailers in the parking lot. Woops....not biting, I guess. Headed out at...
  11. Pupule

    Waianae 6/30/12

    Congrats to all who've been boating those elusive yellow sickles. Been enjoying all the stories and pics/vids. Sorry to hear about the Navy exercises that appeared to shut down the fishing on Friday. That must have really sucked. I was disappointed to work through last weekend, but I had this...
  12. Pupule

    Waianae Mahi 4/28/12

    Left Waianae Harbor at 0600 and motored straight to V-buoy. There wasn't much happening there so we headed toward the Dog Mouth (25 miles at 85 degrees). We ran into a small pile of black birds on the 1000 between V and CO. Took five strikes within a half hour. Dropped two mahi and caught three...
  13. Pupule

    Waianae 1-28-12 (Thanks Pat!)

    I launched out of Waianae on a solo trip on Saturday morning. Headed out to the pinnacle where there were lots of small aku piles and scattered birds between the piles. It looked promising, for sure. Caught a 25 lb hebi in one of the piles, then a small aku a few minutes later. The birds started...
  14. Pupule

    Rates for Providing Canoe Race Escort Boat?

    What are the going rates for escorting canoes for the different Oahu races, e.g., Kailua to Hawaii Kai, Molokai to Hawaii Kai, Hawaii Kai to Nanakuli, etc? I was paid $500 to escort a canoe from Kailua to Hawaii Kai last August. That included my tow truck and boat fuel expenses. They provided...
  15. Pupule

    Waianae 7/29/2011

    After hearing word of ahi action on the west side, I was itching to get out there at the crack of dawn this morning, but prior commitments kept me at work until 9:30. After fueling the boat and buying a bento for lunch, I arrived at the harbor at 11:30. Wisebob and his partner were rigging up a...
  16. Pupule

    Waianae 7/16/11

    Went on a solo run today. I spoke with a few people in the parking lot while I was setting up and the news was not encouraging. It had been slow all week long. Bummer. Headed out at 5:45 for the pinnacle. Passed over it without any action then headed for the dog mouth. As soon as I got into...
  17. Pupule

    Waianae 7-4-11

    We motored out toward CO at 5:30 and dropped the lures in the water at the 10 mile mark. Passed by the buoy and headed out toward the Kaena Point pinnacle. There were lots of single birds out there once we reached 20 miles. We found a small pile of otaru at 26 miles. The port rigger came down...
  18. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai 4/23/11

    We heard that the bite was pretty good at the Bank this week, so we set off at 5:40, anxious to find some action. Dropped six lures in the water at the 13 mile knuckles and trolled along the edge. The place was loaded with single birds, both white and black birds, but no piles were to be seen...
  19. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai 4/16/11

    The 6 knot south winds came in and blew all the fish away from the Penguin Bank this morning. We left the dock at 5:40, charged across the channel at 16 knots and reached the Bank by 6:25. After following the 100 fathom line down south for 5 miles we took a knock down on the right corner...
  20. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai 4/9/11

    We left the dock at 6:00 and headed straight for the Bank again, doing about 12 knots. As we hit the 10 mile mark (still short of the Bank, in about 350 fathoms of water) we saw a pile of white birds circling a spot and dive bombing a school of long, skinnny flying fish. There were also iwa...
  21. Pupule

    Hawaii Kai 4/2/11

    We left the dock at 6:00 AM headed straight for the Bank searching for open schools of mahi. The bite was pretty good two weeks ago, so we were expecting much of the same or better today, since the calendar had finally clicked over to the month of April. The ride across the channel wasn't...
  22. Pupule

    Rough Day in Waianae 1/8/2011

    We got to the harbor at 6:45 to find that the west winds were blowing onshore at about 12 knots. Several boats were already parked in the lot, but almost everyone seemed to be standing around and "talking story". Launched at 7:15 and headed into the white water, headed straight for the pinnacle...
  23. Pupule

    Waianae 9/12/2010

    I left the harbor at 6:00 heading straight for the water barge and found six boats there, some trolling and some jigging. After making a few uneventful passes with the aku lures out, I headed out to the 1000 and turned north. Trolled all the way past Kaena Point without seeing a single bird...
  24. Pupule

    Waianae 8/26/10

    All week long I've had a bad case of the fishing bug, so I asked my boss for the day off today. Left the harbor at sunrise and headed straight for the pinnacle, then ran over it and kept going. At 17.5 miles and 62 degrees I found a big pile of black birds. It was pretty massive, but spread out...
  25. Pupule

    Waianae 8/7/10

    I left the harbor at 6:00 am on a solo run, turned right to troll along the 50 up to Makua, then did a 180 back toward Maili. As I passed Black Rock, I noticed a bunch of guys waving me down from their stranded boat. Ended up towing them back to port -- just a short 2 1/2 mile run. Back out...
  26. Pupule

    Garbage Dump

    Jump right in, kiddies! All who have negative things to say about others' fishing tactics or methods can have a centralized repository of comments, all to themselves...right here. Play here and stay here. Don't smear your excrement on other people's catch reports. Fork you very much! :rofl:
  27. Pupule

    Waianae 7/2

    We left this morning at 5:15 with storm clouds chasing us out to sea. Motored out to the V-buoy area, put out the lures at 5 miles and turned right, then saw the clouds over Waianae, Makaha, Makua and Yokohama Bay quickly closing down on us. Turned south to run away to a very small clear area...
  28. Pupule

    Waianae 6/30

    We got lucky again today, real lucky, this time in Waianae. We left the harbor at 5:00 and headed out to BO, where we found absolutely nothing. After making our way up along the 1500 back toward Waianae, Dex laid out a bunch of cushions and took a rest. After a few minutes, the left outrigger...
  29. Pupule

    Kaneohe 6/26

    Someone please throw me a bone! Hahah....the fishing wasn't great in Kaneohe today, where we were fishing anyway. We arrived at LL around 7:30 and saw the aku boat Nisei fishing around the buoy. We put out two tiny lures and did donuts around Nisei for 45 minutes until they called it quits...
  30. Pupule

    Good Luck Out There

    Just want to wish all the best to those in the Hanapaa Tournament. Have a safe, ahi filled weekend, and post them pics as soon as you can. Aloha!
  31. Pupule

    Great Weekend In Kaneohe

    In another thread, I said I'd post pic of yesterday's catch after we'd plucked it out of the fish box. It was the result of a double strike in the blind at 16 miles and 182 degrees from Heeia Kea; caught one lost one. The fish is still sitting in the fish box. Gotta chill two more....ended up...
  32. Pupule

    Waianae - Memorial Day Ahi

    Finally found a bit of luck. The last two trips to Waianae left us without a bite, so my fishing partner opted to pass today. I left the harbor on a solo run at 5:45, and ran between 50 and 100 fathoms down to Kahe Point. There was no action on the inside so I turned right and headed for "the...