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  1. blindpig

    Experienced Ho.

    Shameless boat ho offering up services for tuna tomorrow (fri) and/or tuna or hali on sunday. I've got gear and know how but no ride currently ready. @Nineball and @Mazu can vouch. Jonesing to catch a tuna this year. The stars have just not aligned.
  2. blindpig

    WTB- Pipe jigs/large scampi jigs

    Figured it wouldn't hurt to see if any of you might have some extra laying around you would be interested in selling. Thks in advance.
  3. blindpig

    Anyone know what happened with the commercial over-harvest of crab from last season?

    Curious if anyone ever got fined or if the commercials will have a smaller quota this year or??? I'm assuming we just get fk'd per usual but I was hoping otherwise and hadn't heard of anything coming of it. Considering the reports coming in I wonder if this doesn't have a bit to do with the...
  4. blindpig

    Anybody have a good skate recipe?

    I've done the browned butter with lemon and capers and it was good. Just wondering if you guys have any favorites? Maybe if a few get posted it could be moved to the recipe section...
  5. blindpig

    Like new condition 15' smokercraft

    15 hp Yamaha 4 stroke, electric motor, ff/depthsounder, scotty manual downrigger, rod holders, crab pots, trailer. Ready to fish and hardly used. 7k obo. 360 319 9656
  6. blindpig

    Fire then fizzle then dead. WP tuna 9/2

    Headed SW toward the numbers we were at a week before and confirmed by @tacklejacked just the day before. Our bait wasn't doing too well. Not sure if it was our fault or not as we heard a lot of complaints over the radio from other folks. Spotted some birds working just prior to getting...
  7. blindpig

    WTB Lowrance GPS antenna

    So finally got my lcx 26c hd running (yes it's very old I know but what I can afford) since a fine gentleman here had the correct transducer that I needed to replace. Everything worked great for a day and a half then turned on the radar (which I didn't have on the other boat this was on). Bam...
  8. blindpig

    Portable bait pump

    Wondering if anybody brings one of these along or knows of something good to use for a backup. I currently use a wye off of my washdown pump for the bait tank but would be nice to have something if it crapped the bed to keep the little guys swimming. Definitely not an easy spot to replace a...
  9. blindpig

    WTB Lowrance HST-DFSBL and NMEA 2000 parts

    If anybody still has these ancient things laying around.
  10. blindpig

    WTB: Lowrance HST-DFSBL and NMEA 2000 parts

    If anybody still has these ancient things laying around.
  11. blindpig

    WTB: Lowrance HST-DFSBL and NMEA 2000

    Figured it didn't hurt to ask if anybody has any of this stuff just laying around since I can't afford to upgrade to new electronics. I currently have a Lowrance LCX-26HD and a globalmap 5000C I'd like to network together with the NMEA and unfortunately some idiots at a now defunct marine store...
  12. blindpig

    Which Garmin Radar

    My buddy with his new boat is trying (with the utmost speed now that all these tuna reports are flooding in) to get a radar setup for the last needed equipment to safely head offshore. He's looking at the Garmin 18xhd or the 18 Fantom. Any thoughts or recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  13. blindpig

    Might just be time to quit this damn state!

    Fish and Wildlife Commission revises proposed license fee increase OLYMPIA – The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission is proposing a 15-percent boost in recreational hunting and fishing license fees for 2019 Nothing like decreasing all your opportunity and increasing the cost to do it...
  14. blindpig

    Lowrance lcx 26 hd transducer take 2

    Anybody have a spare one laying around? The shop that removed mine from the last boat broke it and looks like this is best option I have to install for now until I can afford a better electronics setup. The current gps/fishfinder in the boat has proven to be less than reliable and has fewer...
  15. blindpig

    Lowrance lcx 26 hd transducer

    I swear I had it in the main forum....sry.
  16. blindpig

    Late report. Westport Tuna 7/30, salmon 7/31

    8 tuna for us on saturday and i feel lucky for that from what we heard/saw. Fished 35/05 area all day with a bunch of other boats around. Hooked one on the troll shortly before noon and started working on getting a bait stop going. Got em feeding and hooked one but it broke off. Got a second...
  17. blindpig

    Tough weekend for tuna...good thing kings were open

    After all the talk over the last couple weeks, couldn't wait to get off work and head down for the weekend. Planned on hitting tuna on Sat, PSA meeting sat night to meet a bunch of you guys and then kings sunday morning and head home. Made the 65 mile run down to where everybody had been...
  18. blindpig

    Looking for info on Avet reel selection.

    I hear they are nice reels but I'm not sure what the best model/size would be for our Albies up here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. blindpig

    Buddy boat Westport Tuesday?

    Just wondering if anyone else might be planning a tuna trip on Tuesday and might like some company? I'll be heading down mon afternoon for some salmon in the evening and a full day of tuna on Tuesday. Or however long it takes to plug the boat.;)
  20. blindpig

    open tuna seats available

    Looking for one or two people available to go tomorrow, sun, or Mon. Depending on the response will decide the days. Full disclosuren I only have three trips under my belt and I don't have a working temp gauge. My gear isn't top notch either but we've done just fine so far. Pm me asap if...
  21. blindpig

    Throwing iron/swimbaits for tuna.

    This is probably in the wrong section but I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction as to what lures/baits to buy and how they are fished for tuna? Feel free to pm me or add it here if it doesn't get moved and thanks in advance. It's thanks to all of you that I am hopelessly...
  22. blindpig

    Couple new pics from 8/19 and a question.

    I am hoping some of you more experienced gents might be able to give me a weight guess on this fish. Definitely larger than all the rest we caught but we didn't take the time to weigh it before it lost it's head and I nver thought to try afterward. Guesses?
  23. blindpig

    Second trip...this time with porn. Westport 8/19

    Got me and my boats maiden tuna trip in 2 weeks ago. Weather was not the best and I was missing a temp guage which made things a little tough. Never saw a jumper all day and picked up all of our fish trolling. Managed to get 11 in the boat with a few lost. I think I kinda like this. It's 2...
  24. blindpig

    Have gas money...want tuna!!!

    Will be in Westport from thursday night to tuesday(or wed morning if need be) and would like to make my first tuna trip. I'm a tuna newbie but a seasoned fisherman with lots of smarts and can pick up anything quick. Just finished my second swiftsure trip of the year and want to supplement my...