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  1. skillett

    Saturday 7/11 Miguel

    FAT...nice fishin.
  2. skillett

    For Sale ready to be installed

    Is this tank still available?
  3. skillett

    WTB Need engine help

    I need new power. I have a 95 5.8 351w that needs to be rebuilt or replaced...what is out there? Willing to repower with a 5.7. I have a Dp290 behind it now, it willing to do a package deal if it's a good combo. TIA....Doug...
  4. skillett

    SOLD Volvo Penta 5.7 Gxi-N <40 hours. SOLD

    I'm interested in replacing my engine, presently a 5.8 Volvo Penta with a 290 DP. I rebuilt my engine but it still has an issue and the ford is a pain...I would be interested in having the motor installed. What kind of deal can we make for the engine and can sell the drive to the...
  5. skillett

    SOLD Offshore, Bait Tank, 30 gallons, like new. $300

    I'll take it...818 388 6637...if available. Doug....
  6. skillett

    For Sale Lewmar pro series 1000 windlass

    Still available???? Doug 818.388.6637
  7. skillett

    Bait in Santa Barbara

    I'm looking to fish Rosa, leaving out of Santa Barbara which I haven't been out of for years... Is 5here a bait receiver there, what are their hours of operation and what do they have to offer? Thank you in advance...! :)
  8. skillett

    Ventura Harbor Bait

    Look around Gina, the oil platform.
  9. skillett

    For Sale Parting out Skipjack 28 (1975)

    I'm interested in the windlass, ground tackle and the bow sprit...
  10. skillett

    My new to me blackman 26

    Easier to ask forgiveness than permission to raise the TV cables!
  11. skillett

    FS: Lewmar Profish 1000

    Im interested... Doug 818-388-6637
  12. skillett

    MDO 7/2/17

    Great video...thanks for sharing!
  13. skillett

    Channel Islands 20-21st

    Thats a little too far from Anacapa...but thank you!
  14. skillett

    Channel Islands 20-21st

    Looking for buy or catch, leaving Sat AM...Any help would be appreciated
  15. skillett

    Fishing Anacapa/Santa Cruz Wednesday

    Well, we tried the squid grounds for a couple hours for nada. Tried to buy some from one guy but he wasn't getting enough to cover his customer and of the two sets I watched, they got sqwat...hard fishing there... On to Anacapa for the morning bite, without live squid. We did have dead squid and...
  16. skillett

    Fishing Anacapa/Santa Cruz Wednesday

    If anyone is going out and wants to possie up and share info...Ill be launching outta Channel Islands Harbor and hitting the islands....Viveca II, channel 68/16
  17. skillett

    The sheephead are thick. Saturday 12/10/16 Long beach area

    Stick your finger in its mouth...if it feels like rubber, it's a cab...if your finger comes out shredded, its a short ling. You'll only need to do this once. Great day fishin...!
  18. skillett

    10-15-Lobstering so easy a 3,6,and 8 year old can do it!Also,found net.

    I really enjoyed your report, your pictures and your pride. Well done dad!
  19. skillett

    Farnsworth Bank 07/20

    Farnsworth is open to peligics, yellows are fair game. Don't have other game on board, they will write you up
  20. skillett

    7-23 Sat Farnsworth

    I was in the area of Farnsworth Saturday morning, I didn't fish it because the weather was more than I wanted to endure, but no one else was there. Saw a boat at China Pt , I believe he was selling bait...sorry, I don't know the boat's name. Not a lot of calm areas, chop wind and swells kept me...
  21. skillett

    San Pedro Green Buoy 7/18

    The skipjack, "yahoo"... 1970? I think that's my old boat. I owed it for 14+yrs. I loved that boat. Proof: I did a small glass repair to the port stringer end in the bow. Please send a pic of what she looks like today.. I'll share some early pics with you. I Noe have a 25 Skipjack Sportsman.
  22. skillett

    To keep, or not....SCULPIN.

    He did catch the sculpin with rod n reel...
  23. skillett

    To keep, or not....SCULPIN.

    I was inquiring for my buddy who caught one while hooping...I told him I would recheck for him, so he also very much appreciates your info...we both have reg books to reference, but that isn't always enough... Tight lines...
  24. skillett

    To keep, or not....SCULPIN.

    Thank you...did this come out as an addenem, or just online?
  25. skillett

    To keep, or not....SCULPIN.

    Ive seen posts saying the take of sculpin is restricted...true? The regs say open all year for southern cal...what gives? Any info is appreciated...
  26. skillett

    Just scored a 23 farallon

    Super score....see u at the islands...
  27. skillett

    2 firsts at Catalina 9/12

    I saw a turtle at Catalina last year....amazing
  28. skillett

    2yft ,1 Dorado ,5 new tires

    Im looking for a new case you snag one of
  29. skillett

    Epic Kid Fishing trip (Stoked Dad)

    Superdad...great trip, last pic says it all...
  30. skillett

    Condor with the Wife- I am So Blessed!

    What's with the eyes on ur brother rod? They look like ths spin around the rod??
  31. skillett

    O'side sunday. "that guy"

    That was Fn hillarious!...good friends=gteat times, no matter what!....
  32. skillett

    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    Just saw ur's she running? I'm headingfor SBI late friday night to fish saturday....launching from CI so we can drag some lures over the hidden bank on the way there n back...
  33. skillett


    Heading to SBI friday night for fishing saturday...anyone know what's happening there, or is going? Knothead and Blue Wave ch 72 hit us up and we'll share info...
  34. skillett

    Late Yellow Report

    Mmmm...glad you got one, central cali is a big area.
  35. skillett

    Late Kayak Mothership Trip Report

    Peaceful fishin...looks great.
  36. skillett

    Santa Cruz island. 6/13/15

    Take what tou can from the reports, give what you want to the reports....stop ur bitchin...some folks need the info, others take it with a grain of salt because they have multiple avenues for information... either way, as another plainly stated, "THIS IS A REPORT FORUM"... KEEP ON SHARING. BTW...
  37. skillett

    6/11 Santa Cruz Tail

    Ditto!....are listening?
  38. skillett

    Another 150 report

  39. skillett

    6/2 big whale and big tuna

    So, did those massive whales freak you out just a lil bit? Awesome, yes....but if he lands on your boat???..... Truly a fantastic day!
  40. skillett

    Looking to catch anything

    Bad choice of t-shirt color....great day and thanks for the report!
  41. skillett

    8June15 Monday YT at the 150

    .....don't drink the punch! Cool report.
  42. skillett

    6/6 Late in the Day 150 Score

    Come on now...BD fishermen don't lie.
  43. skillett

    Need help on side of road

    Great to see others rally tp help a fellow out...Glad you made it to the water amd caught some fish!....
  44. skillett

    Dana Point weekend yellows 5/23 - 5/25

    Great father/son adventure...very cool lookin YT too...
  45. skillett

    County line and anacapa

    Im going...Ill be somewhere around county line...."knothead" ch 16/68 or 72 if you make it...
  46. skillett

    County line and anacapa

    Two weeks ago there was YT caught in the gap...more birds wrkg then I had ever seen. They were eating red crabs and velella jellys. (The birds, all kind of bird....some Id never seen before) It was wild... I didn't get any fact, they have eluded me latley. Old news, yes....but life has...
  47. skillett

    County line and anacapa

    The best marks I saw was four grey whales, two mamas, two babies that rolled thru...Im 2 for 2 for trips/whales....both times very close. Im actually contemplating a trip for tomorrow morning...they're call for monster surf at the wedge to 20'.....I guess that'll reach la/ventura cnty line...
  48. skillett

    County line and anacapa

    Was there (cnty line) last weekend for assorted rock fshes and small but legal hali (released). May be there again Sunday...let us know how you do...
  49. skillett

    First time to Coronado islands need boat buddy to show me the ropes

    That's why I stay in US waters....just when you get all your paper work straight, they add or subtract from the's hard enough to keep up with the paperwork, regulations, closures, insurance....etc, to remain a law abiding sportsman here in the USA.... Enjoy your new boat....
  50. skillett

    Anacapa / Santa Cruz 4/19

    Got it....sometimes I need a lil help, thanks.
  51. skillett

    Coronado island Reds

    To me I see reds and starryeye rockfish...and a lot of tacos...good haul.
  52. skillett


    I just signed up for the site and received no password...nhow do I get in?
  53. skillett

    Fishdope Mobile for Android Tablet and Phone is live

    I just signed up for fishdope...the download was successful but I wasn't issued a password, or chose a password/ email, no do I log on/in, or register? .........confused/challenged....
  54. skillett

    Anacapa report??

    Good luck at Cappa...there were a few yellows off the lighthouse where the currents mix...that was a week or so ago. Red crabs around the corner by east fish the west end, seaward to 200' is also a good area to poke around....
  55. skillett

    1/30 LB hooping FTL

    Kinda like parking in an empty lot and some idiot pulls along side, so close you can't get into your You did the honorable move, sorry it didn't pay off...
  56. skillett

    Fishing Trip from heck, not quite from hell, but close

    Sounds like a great adventure!...I've had my fair share of those... :)
  57. skillett

    Newbie needs help with hooping

    Went hooping recently and was ticketed for not filling out the location and gear codes prior to fishing.(no pen on the boat)...anyone know what the fine is for this infraction?
  58. skillett

    Whale Fuckin' with US at Coronado Canyon on 11/16

    This is the story I remember...I was shocked at the time, not ever before considering that this could happen...turned my whale watching into whale worrying... He was on a Davis boat and the damage was great. Any other boat may not have stayed afloat.
  59. skillett

    Sonar/GPS Combo Suggestions

    I would avoid the lowrance elite 7's a good deal if it worked...look up "problems" or "stuck in start mode"....the update 4.0 doesn't recertify the problem of now, not the headache you're looking for!
  60. skillett

    In the market for new fish finder/gps

    Anything but the elite7 chirp!....PROBLEM CHILD!
  61. skillett

    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    One last...grind/file the end of the bolt flat, then ping a spot with a center punch to start ur drill....sorry if Im stating the obvious... Let us know if you gat to the water this weekend, Ill possibly be there myself n do some fishin! Good luck!!
  62. skillett

    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    Gregg, It's a exhaust header bolt....not the block. Worst case scenario is to replace the head...
  63. skillett

    1989 IMP 220 Sportsman

    Hey, REAL NICE SKIPPY!. I had a 24 fly for 14yrs, lost to a divorce...I loved my skipjack. Anyhoo...the Lowrance issue continues. I spoke with a rep from Lowrance and he told me to download an update from their site and upload it to the my unit and that should take care of any issues. I did this...
  64. skillett

    seeking channel island info

    Planning to spend some quality time with my.daugter this long weekend at the Channel Islands, probably anacapa/santa cruz...has there been any action up there?
  65. skillett

    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    Well, Im not sure about "wearable parts"....all wear at some rate. Starters, alternators and fuel pumps wear and the three should never be anything but marine grade...the other stuff just wont last....just sayin.
  66. skillett

    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    Looks like you'll be needing a 90 degree drill....the PB Blaster is still helpful. Also...are your spark plugs MR? The MR plugs are marine grade stainless that wont seize in the head. On all of your exhaust manifold bolts it's good to apply antiseize compound on the threads, this will save you...
  67. skillett

    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    Soak that bad boy with some PBBlaster for a day...heat it with a mapp gas torch (mapp isn't as hot as it once was) and either clamp with vice grips or welding a nut on it is a great idea (Rob). On the scupper issue....I have the same double hollow wall configuration. Im thinking a thru...
  68. skillett

    Direct drive steering and manuvering advice needed!

    That was neat....didn't know there was such a contest....
  69. skillett

    In the market for new fish finder/gps

    The 12" might be a lil over kill for.a!
  70. skillett

    1989 IMP 220 Sportsman

    Great news....My fish finder is up and running. On advice from Lowrance I downloaded an update to a thumbdrive that transfers the info to a micro sd card, then plugged the card into to unit and turned it on....30-40seconds of the start up screen and bing, its working! Lets see now how she...
  71. skillett

    Horseshoe Yellows

    There's about 20 boats on the shoe right now....all bunched up.
  72. skillett

    1989 IMP 220 Sportsman luck continues. The lowrance elite7 chirp I bought is defective. Apparently lowrance has issues with this unit and a couple others, they lock up on start up and won't respond at all.... I have to return the unit on my dime and await a replacement. IT DOES LOOK GREAT...LOL
  73. skillett

    1989 IMP 220 Sportsman

    That's the 5500...b-20-1....? Lol. Thats the one I had on my skippy...great piece!
  74. skillett

    1989 IMP 220 Sportsman

    The floscan deal didn't work out well and so far Im out the $$ and have a worthless gauge... I turned my sites to the much needed ff/gps/plotter. After much research and with consideration to budget vs. wants I went with a Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp. I got the best price from Hodges and the unit was...
  75. skillett

    $1,500.00 budget for a plotter / sounder. What would you buy?

    I just bought a lowrance elite hdi 7 chirp...680.oo delivered from hodges....with your bigger budget I would look at the simrad chirp line/side scan.....good luck, it toom me weeks to pull the trigger!
  76. skillett

    1989 IMP 220 Sportsman

    Hey Rich, Im sorry to hear that...elnino is forecasted til spring 2015 if that helps. I hope it goes easier than you anticipate and we all get a shot at a winter rooster! Keep in touch.
  77. skillett

    WSB? WTF?

    Great job...!
  78. skillett

    Diesel Flow meter

    If you're interested, I will look up the unit's # givin to me by Ed at Floscan....
  79. skillett

    Raymarine a65 fishfinder/chartplotter

    I waited too long....If it doesn't sell....I will buy. Thanks!
  80. skillett

    Slug Yellow off LB - 10/12/14

    All ya gotta do is have game on the boat, or be rigged to fish and pass thru these areas to get nailed....lines in the water and game on the boat and you are asking to be nailed. Im not comfortable....with my luck, I would hook a 60lb Halibut while Johnny Law was doing an but...
  81. skillett

    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    She's sweet...Im diggin the arch/bimini....that boat must be pushin 50mph?
  82. skillett

    Slug Yellow off LB - 10/12/14

    Im going 31#....great job! I don't think a sport boat would be fishin the Farnsworth Bank...isn't that MLPA? I gotta use three reference.books/charts and guides anymore and hope Im far enough from the boundries!
  83. skillett

    Raymarine a65 fishfinder/chartplotter

    Hello Josh.... Im really not familiar with this last was a lowrance hds5 and was a good unit. I now have another boat and am in need once again to know where Im at, the fish are and where to place my anchor and hoops.... :) Is this unit working well? Why are you selling? What's it's...
  84. skillett

    Diesel Flow meter

    I have a datalink by floscan for.the Cummins, not sure which Cummins... I bought it from a guy who told me it would work on my boat (gas), obviously it dosent. I spoke to Ed at floscan and he identified the parts I have to be for the Cummins. From what Ed said, the gauge is good, but the sensor...
  85. skillett

    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    Got it....thanks! I think I have the outter part on a shelf. Ill have to get the tube part that goes thru the transom...
  86. skillett

    1989 IMP 220 Sportsman

    Update on the floscan....I bought it from a guy on BD....I couldnt find out any info on the model#, he assured and guaranteed it would work for my boat....I called and got the scoop from Ed at floscan...not only is it not the right gauge, but the sensor and gauge aren't even compatible.. total...
  87. skillett

    1989 IMP 220 Sportsman

    That sucks ass...if its any consolation, I get to pull mine too. I don't have to do it immediately tho....I have drainage issues. Sorry to hear bout that!
  88. skillett

    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    Cobalt very very careful.
  89. skillett

    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    Cool....Ill have to see.them installed. Do you have a lil well in the corners against the transome on either side? My boat has had many owners.before me and I think none of them should have bought a boat....unfortunately I am repairing what others have fixed...
  90. skillett

    1989 IMP 220 Sportsman

    My buddy has a 22 cabin sea swirl that will be hitting the ramp this weekend too...he had to get his prop repitched....he was having trouble getting on a plane. He too has done an enormous amount of work to get.his boat going after 5 years out of the water. We will probably buddy.up as well...
  91. skillett

    1989 IMP 220 Sportsman

    I think they will...I believe that all number that I gave were on the low side....Im begining the layout for the floscan now...been looking at posts to learn what I can about ff combos. I had a lowrance hds5 on my last boat, it was good...but Im liking the chirp....but a good chirp is a grand+...
  92. skillett

    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    I don't have any! The water.on my channelled deck.goes into the bilge...I need to install scuppers!.....this boat even has fresh water wash down too....what were they forgetting??......duh. please post a pic of the flappers vs. the rubber
  93. skillett

    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

  94. skillett

    1989 IMP 220 Sportsman

    Ok, sorry...Im learning, My phone has been acting up today so you might get my response later... Ill respond here from now on. I bought this boat 3moths ago. It had been sitting along time. The last time it was registered was 1993. Nothing worked. I was able to crank the motor...
  95. skillett

    1989 IMP 220 Sportsman

    I replied by email...its not posted here...did you get it?....
  96. skillett

    1989 IMP 220 Sportsman

    I replied by email...its not posted here...did you get it?....
  97. skillett

    1989 IMP 220 Sportsman

    Ill get some more photos up soon....hopefully with bloody decks!
  98. skillett

    1989 IMP 220 Sportsman

    It's got a 4cyl 170hp/alpha 1. I bought it almost 3 months ago. It was completely covered in It hadn't been in the water since 93. There is some rot in the hulls short stringers/dividers. Ive done some glass work, engine work, electrical, drained the fuel tank, starter,lower unit...
  99. skillett

    1989 IMP 220 Sportsman

    Looks cool....let's see if I can get this pic to upload...
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    What is your post called in the check out my boat forum?

    What is your post called in the check out my boat forum?
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    2 batteries for sale 120.00

    Ouch....long way for me
  104. skillett

    How do I add a photo?

    How do I add a photo?
  105. skillett

    2 batteries for sale 120.00

    818.388.6637.....Ill take'em....85? Where you at?.....Doug.
  106. skillett

    WTB....bait bag

    I was able to get one in time for the weekend local....I appreciate the offer. I would be happy to buy you an 18pk just for the offer.....thank you!
  107. skillett

    Catalina West End 10/2

    Heading over tomorrow...thanks for the report
  108. skillett

    hoopin LB 9/28

    Good job looking at your picture it occurred to me that if you would have waited a little longer happy hour would have been over and more bugs would have left the bar (sand bar?)......lobster drinking Modelo was the first
  109. skillett

    WTB....bait bag

    Need a bait bag.....Doug 818.388.6637